Aún hay más 🤏🏽 Siempre en Velasco, con Raúl en domingo

And, Cerf-panthere, i see your message to Capt. Rat, and Eye raises you Los Hilos de Sasha en Hawaiian Punch QWARTZ:



Efeméride: It was 70 years ago that Queen Elizabeth entered the “throne”, the Queen has been hoggin’ the “throne” ever since… her MONOPOLY of The THRONE is driving her subjects crazy after all these JEERS!!! In no small part because those fucking PLEBEYOS have to use the OUTHOUSE downunder, if you know her Witt.

Queen Consort and all that Jazz

🎶👉🏼🎩 Short-Cut Tú Di End…. Mhmm, mhmm, mhmm, mhmm — y mesa’l que más aplauda.

Retired BBC Panorama director, 76, found with 832 child abuse images gasps in shock as he avoids jail after judge
https ://www .dailymail .co .uk /news /article-10402929 /Retired-BBC-director-76-832-child-abuse-images-gasps-shock-avoids-jail .html
said his ‘poor health’ would make prison ‘particularly challenging’ during pandemic

Total! Si no tengo tus Bezos…
https ://www .dw .com /en /uganda-french-and-chinese-oil-giants-launch-megaproject /a-60627764

And, GO’ill de Niza, you {DO} realize that our METER is like a TAXI on STAND-by, eh! Anyhow, I bet you can’t spot the fish on them pavés? Here, allow {} to show you the guards that the TOTAL lawyer knocked out at Victor Hugo’s quad. Focus now:

Let’s use the LEFT guard cylinder on that pretty DOOR as our y=f(x) (0,0) starting point.

Clerance Thomas, Associates in Justice, Bush Community College.

So, with that information in Hand, here is the plot to that SILVER belly TUNA but as usual, IT DON’T MEAN a THING if you don’t Show Your WORK:

( – 5 , – 7 )

Uganda es infinitamente más fácil que Senegal.
Florence Pinot

ESCP Europe’s academic cooperation with Latin America
(transliterated from Spanish)

🎶 HAPPy birthThey, Mr. Président… in the Voice, of Marilyn Monroe (Doct.)

Goooooooooooold MORNING, Mr. Président!
Now, Sir, before Öüï begins the beguine, i am going to give Sammy Davis Junior a little time to really, really, Really—Really fill in, that girl from BARCELONA, CHRISTina… or was her name Mademoiselle Johansen, —Javier?

SHOW Nº 1794, feedback from SPOT FIVE at the Stairway to the de Medici’s Agro Bolsa Building à Les Halles .:. E00BA42F-39C7-478A-A67E-18E7BF46F200 🗣 Deer, Tiff Cross, consider this my FO’ist WRAP ALBUM Draft for the title: Undercover brother — cover of the Night.

And Bardem goes:


¡Majo! Pero como jodes con esas patatas en Bréves à la mode de Ketch-up! ¡Ya os dije que yo no me llamo Javier, coño!!!

In case you haven’t noticed Leslie Jones, it’s an “Anniversary Themed” birthThey for Mr. Macron, and we begin IN NORMANDY on “D-Day” or as THEY say in this motherfucking dimension, “the begining of the End of a War”, SO, i guess what i am saying, Avi VELSHI, is that anybody can draw a parallel with tonight’s alignement with CHRONOS, but Velshi… you better show your receipts, work, and most of all, motherfucker, your WITT!!!


Show #1791
Episode 6 / Season(ing) 46
Dave Chappelle (Monologue)

Deer, Congressman O’Donnell, there is a FESTEVUS desk sale in Nigeria, shop now ’till Epiphany arrives… sources close to La Soupe Popular say: 🎶 Wish You Were Here.

Come get your nigger lessons
Dave Chappelle
November 7th, 2020
Studio 8A, 30 Rockefeller* Center
New York, New York.

Musical Guest:
The President of Africa
Opening Score:
WaWa get No Enemy

 France Culture 2021
(intro to La CHAPPEllE* on SNL)
When: Winter 2020 – Summer 2021
Where: All over the Hexagone and all French territories.
Hours: depending on SigNal.

* For this course, the student must show proficiency in parallology, tangentology, and of course inter-dimensional  traveling (Without Moving). NOW, it is very important for the student to show their work, lest you run the risk of being-in Sports and accused of racism… por ejemplo, Leslie Jones, did you happen to catch our strategy to fill your “shopping cart” à Paris?

OF COURSE, with Leslie Jones and her “shopping spree show”, now on the backburner, i must tell you Mr. President, that after 10 years of trying to tell a story that is now beginning to unfold (that is part of the reason that you former boss’ colleague, president Enrique Peña Nieto, is laughing on the dentils of recent snapshots in this blog) and part of that reason includes BERNARDO GÓMEZ’ instructions to DUNCAN BRIDGEMAN, director of “Hecho en Mexico”, to end “his fuck-you-mentary” (in true TELEVISA STYLE: para la gente jodida en México) with a version of EL PERRO ANDALUZ anthem, which happens to be titled “What are you aiming at, when you dream, —mexicano”.

This why, Mr. Macron, i know realize that one must be French (or something like that) to reach one goals when the aim is exposing INSTITUTIONALIZED CORRUPTION. But yes, i prefer child surfers, as opposed to child soldiers, and that is all that i am going to say, about that, before your boys in blue pick me up masturbating à La Concorde.

¿A qué le tiras cuándo sueñas africano?


Later on The Last Desk, with Congressman Lawrence O’Donnell:

It’s plural because each dimension has its own Constitution and ANAtomy, and Rachel Maddow, if they thought you “Phenomenology of The Spirit”, like the French used to do —in fucking high school— then you’ll know why the Brits don’t mind showing their faces in public, i mean the teefy’s on them rosbifs, good Lorde!.

Caption: “I wanTWObe a DOCTor”.

Cooking on 3 burners — Deer, San Judas Tadeo meet “el patrón” del coro, los ciegos y, Los Calvos

Sentaos… imperativo afirmativo del verbo: sit the fuck down!


Saint–en–Hervé .:. 77368AF5-1725-442E-B07B-D5AEA8CB2944 🎙🎚🎛🧭⏳💶 CNEWS Matin Nº 2546. Mercredi 17 juin, 2020 — “Hybarnion, pieux et chaste”…  Erveo is the Patron Saint of bards and singers, invoked to cure eye diseases, to disappear fears and to heal horses, he also relieves anxieties and nervous depression, and puts demons to rest.

[Note to editors: the following Liturgy of the Word, o como dicen los franceses, La Liturgia de la Palabra, must be read in a Father Guido Sarducci voice; the background for the actor playing Sarducci is that this is an “origins” story for “The Americans” who watch the Seth Meyers Show.]

From our political reporter at l’Osservatore Romano in Roma Texas, Estado de Durango, —México.

Dearly beloved,

Before we dive into the merienda de las 18 horas en Central (extinguishing) NATO times, we would like to say that we, the staff [of this most non consequential blog found the little “blue” bag. If you want it back; including the 100 reasons to feel free in , IT!, please let u.s. know… much obliged.


Mariachis & Cowbells

Mariachis & Cowbell… motherfuckers!

Moving on, we are now going to test the system… we would hope to be right back.


From the creators of “Resources y recursos humanos” comes the sources from las fuentes, Chato. De arranque, in Hilo, Hawaii it’s the 11th Hour.

El Tenampa para principiantes

El Tenampa para principiantes .:. 3306F17C-8052-4834-A60B-B4DBA502F29C 🎺🎻🥁
Galerie Frederic Moisan, (75006)
Alfredo Vilchis Roque
Pintor del barrio.
Fotos por armando segovia, segoviaspixes (2020).

Roma Texas: the desert NEVER lies!
https ://en .www .inegi .org .mx/app/mapa/espacioydatos/default .aspx?ag=100130103

Por allí pasaba un tren

Por allí pasaba un tren .::. 04C26E40-034A-4B10-A27D-D0CCC94BEC5F 🚂 Indeed, the ruckus from D.A.T. production case woke “La India Durmiente” just West of the GERMAN ruins at El Puente Colgante de Ojuela… In•deed, Eye was D.A.R.E., period

—. Sainete–en–Hervé:
Génolini, D., “Le Saint du Jour”, vía N° 2546; CNEWS . fr, https ://rss .cnews .fr /pdf /NEP /20200617

Chère Marianne — From the top*

Merci beaucoup, tout ce que nous avons besoin et demandons est de recevoir la même courtoisie que la France a exigé pour Florence Cassez alors qu’elle était au Mexique.

Après tout (ou rien du tout) c’est le même concept dans la jurisprudence, non? Un conflit d’intérêts ou une incarcération par étapes à des fins politiques est la même chose ici et en [LA] Chine, vrai?

Cinco de May0 Marathon

We [the staff] continue to Catch–up with May3 observances and today, to Celebrate the gringo’s take of Mexican Independence Day, öüï… first remind Saint David Ignatius at The Washington Post, that The Paladin* over at LATINUS, working as a contributor for El WaPo, conspired with a known NARCO operative in U.S. custody, in addition and FOR THE RECORD at the Administrative Tribunal in Paris, the target of THAT KNOWN Conspiracy (Florence Marie Cassez) was one of the subjects that I, Armando Segovia, requested to follow in an independent journalism project filed at the French Consulate in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (filed Nov. 2010) and under the auspices of The Skills and Talents French visa program. … just saying.

Anyhow, Willie Geist, on a day like May3 of 1957, your favorite team, the EVIL EMPIRE, aka The New York Yankees, celebrated with Champagne, —no less— the Brooklyn Dodgers owner’s decision to accept a plot of land just West of Lincoln Heights, in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, situated on TOP of a hill known as “the Chavez y Chavez Red Mexican Greaser RAVINE”, and move what would ironically would become my favorite Baseball team… San Fernando Valenzuela (n° 34) would seal the deal.

* Carlos (el paladín del gobernador de LA Hermana República de YUCATÁN) Loret de Mola


Yup, Eye hates to say, it! But it’s probably Mí .::. 25048730-F537-4943-B73C-791BFA76D674 ⚖️

AND IN WASHINGTON, also on May3, but in the year of our Lorde 1802… Washington, D.C. se transforma en ciudad, algo así como El Distrito Federal, pero en Inglés y sin castillo; eso vendría después en 1847, cuando el profesor John Mill Ackerman viajo a través del tiempo y él mismo envolvió a “los niños héroes” (Melchor, Gaspar, y Baltazar) en la bandera mexicana y los lanzó al precipicio de Chapultepec.



Le président de la République Emmanuel Macron s’exprimera s’est exprimé à 13 heures ce mardi 5 mai

https ://www .msn .com /fr-fr /actualite /coronavirus /le-président-de-la-république-emmanuel-macron-sexprimera-à-13-heures-ce-mardi-5-mai 

Glosario y campo léxico: SPECTACLES

Al regresar en El Cuatro de la BBC:

“Non-linear” mariachis with Duncan Bridgeman,
desde la Plaza del Periodista
en Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua…

Issy…  this is a flashback to  2007  or  2008; maybe  2009,  anygüey, somewhere inside the glossy pages of  a  trade magazine  covering the the advertisement industry*  there lies  [as in being buried]  an article where an El Paso Times marketing director [it was one of the two Robin’s there] was quoted on the reasons why, the ‘newspaper of record’ in the “Sun City” was not covering in a more determined and/or emphatic manner the narco related news stories that were developing just across the street, literally.  In paraphrasing the marketing executive’s written statement, her reasoning went something like this: it’s to bloody, nobody cares about those stories…   —|—  El uso del material de la BBC, de wordreference . com, y de un fragmento del periódico español: El PAÍS es un uso justo de todos los medios de información. La aparición de imágenes en este blog se utilizan con fines educacionales sobre una situación que muchos medios [en su momento] optaron por no darle su debida dimensión. —||—  *DESAFORTUNADAMENTE, EL STAFF PERDIÓ los privilegios de cuenta PARA PODER ENTRAR A LEXIS-NEXIS, Y PUES, la fuente a la cita clave [de una de las dos Robin’s, que laboraban, en el “marketing department” de El Paso Times durante los años citados] pues se va a tener que dilatar un poquito a razón de que no hay recursos inmediatos para continuar… atando cabos.

[Non-linear video about spectacles follows]

Stick around.

… Good Morning.
Today is Monday, April 3rd 2017.

Foto de archivo, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua —México. Imagen capturada antes de emprender en la Ruta México del 2010—Año patrio del bicentenario de la Independencia, y el del centenario de la  revuelta de unos caciques que le dieron el poder a El General Plutarco Elías Calles… La Revolución aún no se ha televisado.  —|— Foto por armando segovia, CreativeCommons-Share-alike-attribution-nonCommercial International License 4.0.

Y en el Norte de Chihuahua, un medio tuvo que cerrar.