Cinco de Mayo… behind the scenes with la mano de Pachón Bernardo

And, Eye quotes:

Starring: Bomberito Juárez as the President of Paso del Norte, Front. Chih

https ://siete24 .mx /mexico /bernardo-gomez-de-televisa-me-dijo-que-gane-en-2006-y-que-me-defendiera-amlo/

“Felipe Calderón (former Mexican president ) suggested to Bernardo to leave the country, because most probably for sure THEY recorded the call.”

In Person, Live on Spanish streaming… only on Televisa Univision (fusion). — Happening right now, it’s last month to They… musical guest: 🎷Blackhawk Down and the Miles Davis Belles🎺

AMLO (current Mexican tlatoani/pastor supremo de Chapultepec)… vía 7/24.

Downtown Inset – Scheduled stops

No word if the Train will run on time… it’s MLB ON THE EURO LEAGUE… boom chaka-LA-calaka it’s the U.K. Premier League move to Saint Louis, Missouri, —just to complement the London Bridge in Arizona.

A screen shot here, a screen shot there. It’s not capricious because that would be as unpredictable as having the one once deemed as a “clear and present danger for The Mexican United States, of América”  posing next to a very big ol’tree with “El Capone” de telmex in between.  PREDICTABLE WOULD BE, brothers in Siestas, to have ese “peligro para México” throwing a Pi al líder de la llamada “mafia del poder”, but these (two) are KNOT predictable times, instead once again you have La Mano de Bernardo Gómez stirring that Té de Tila a don Andrés… “Are You KNOT entertained?”, niño Luc, perhaps you wish to have the next Manchester jersey painted black.

Issy, Roger Bennett, y sí: Eye seconds Qatar as the 2nd Worst Idea in Fútbol history. Told you about MLB sanctions yesterday, and about King James and the Red Devils and, in today’s known news Öüï learns about the J.P. Morgan super liga league.

Most Loaded Billionaires. Killing Mí softly with Jazz.

But seriously, why is the Biden Admin going to scrap/renege — surrender the college debt campaign promise when ÖÜÏ NOW KNOW that the Univision/Televisa remarriage is going to pay like a bunch of taxes (in Mexico anyhow).

A single contribution from “La Rosa de Guadalupe” alone would pay for half the loans East of the Mississippi… Sábado Gigante (en Domingo Siempre) would take care of the western college stations.

In Telemundo news, President Biden orders “la migra” to stop calling non-mexicans in Tijuana « illegal », the new nomenclature is “non-nationals” pro-dodgers fans, period!


Hit the lights.

P.S.: Deer, Victoria de Francisco Sota… is your lamp fluctuating in current or is your office happy to see Mí? — C’mon, Katty Kay! Don’t let the BBC catch you with your lamp off. — That’s the spirit AP Lemire, keep the light on and don’t forget to charge your cellphone.

When presidents meet

But FO’ist… The Green Berets are a bunch of fags, it turns out.

https ://thehill .com /policy /defense /548792-secret-fb-groups-of-special-operations-officers-include-racist-comments-qanon

And in Russia, en Rusia no pasa nada.

One thing fo’sure is that Joe is feeling Japanese—i really think so… i just hope that the Secret Service don’t leave him alone for a second, just look what happened to this Mexican lady who was confused with a “China Poblana”, John Wayne* beat her to a pulp… that racist motherfucker!

https ://dw .com /en /ksk-german-special-forces-company-dissolved-due-to-far-right-concerns /a-54386661

* John Wayne stars as a disgruntled African American woman… because the irony about racism is that the social illness (intolerance) is color blind.

No word if “la abuelita” was wearing a Yellow Ribbon at the time.

Mujer policia… meet me at camera two on The Daily Show

Attention camp:
The following transmission of The First 150th Anniversary of La Commune de Paris Softball Tournament from The Sherman Memorial Baseball Field is made possible by the support of Rock of Ages Ace Supply Stores where you can start your holiday shopping in April on La Rue de Rivoli.

Eye knows Teeny Tiny Pundita, Eye knows. The following is going to sound anti-feminist, but Steph it has come to Mí’s attention that if one says the word « progressive » around La Commune de Paris, ‘Liberals!!!’ (those motherfuckers) will cajole you into the Mussolini-Franco front of the political spectrum, so Mike Barnicle, it is not enough to know what the difference between a “liberal” and a “progressive” is, in fact —old timer— you must know how to time shift between Central Europe Time and a Zulu time-stamp.

—Full Transliteraterlation—

The tag “liberal” is benchmarked in S.A.E. Imperial Crypto Units of Burbank, California, with Senator Bernie Sanders taking the 10 unit’s art and knot—EYE REPEATS—knot the technocratic Le Figaro metric bleeding hearts of the French touché… the French touché (btw) would include anyone south of La Porte de Versailles in March of 1871.

Now about that police gal, under any other scenario, and i mean any other scenario before a court of law the mare fact that she is a first responder, —a 26-year veteran first responder no less— would give her like extra points before the presiding judge. And yes, Reverend Kasie Hunt, of course i am talking about blind favoritism (punto y coma) the kind that exceptional citizens shower white supremacist veterans with when Texas politicians pander to them.

Ladies in Gemini: el gran señor zopilote

Featuring the Spanish Harlem Orchestra:

!“Señora”! — Llámele. Utilice  su código “Build back better »… bananas.

Dr. Buen Abad… que dice el señor Jorge Saldaña que por favor le cheque usted aquí, y que de paso le salude usted a “la juventud bolivariana” en Táchira.

… uso justo de Monalisa/Analilia:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/04/06 /cultura /serrat-elabore-buenas-canciones-gracias-a-poetas-como-machado/

And now: the rest of the STORY .:. 13E38B83-9E3E-40E1-B884-3776F60E370B ➿ Pinche Paco, he took a play straight from the “I’m a lover not a fighter, Michael” playbook. For context, check who’s estate owns The Beatles catalogue and how Bubbles ended up “Fixing a hole”… anyhow— the same thing happened with the greatest song ever written (Cantares). Paco Ignacio Taibo II (that motherfucker) purchased the Serrat catalogue and hired a bunch of buzzards to deliver the news.

Still to come, “Ustedes los agropecuarios y aquellos los artesanales”

CHAMUCO TV con @FBuenAbad ¿Qué es el Plan Cóndor mediático?

Go ahead, shoot el aura—why don’tcha, go ahead. Laser-guide a tomahawk right through that wingspan. Go ahead.

Deer, Lindsey Reiser, never mind Guatemala

Indeed, Lindsey, WHO cares about what Guatemala has to say right NOW when you’ve got a charismatic Nayib Armando Bukele in El Salvador snubbing The Veep! Send Ayman Mohyeldin down to San Salvador to see what’s brewing on that spot of La Nueva República.

… https ://thehill .com /policy /international /americas/547176- el-salvador-president-refuses-to-meet-senior-us-diplomat-report

Last month to They… tonight! I am going to phone it in

Ladies in Gemini, eschatological indigestions are kicking our ass our [energy is spent] but lucky for us, La Semana en el ojo que Philippe Labró is just catching up with yesterday’s tidbits and insignificant trivia which provide a sort of, kind of, almost segue into the known knews.

Witt that in M.I.N.D. please note that the following I TOLD YOU SO files are rendered with a time delay factor of April’s fool.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2020/11/29/🎶-whippit-good/

I told you back in November about a growing trend in the chic district of Scarlett Johansen, it took four months for the Direct matines to feature a police public relations bulletin, the ironic part is that the trash can on this snapshot was captured by segoviaspixes in front of the Sciences Po school of journalism… and now you know, how investigative journalism works in France, the police give you the tips when the seams have already burst .:. B3C05B30-A4E5-487F-930C-22FB8B53E370 .:. For context, please check out the link below ⬇️ of N° 2583 of CNEWS Matin; vendredi 26 mars, 2021: HARO sur le gaz hilarant.

“Si yo fuese Maradona”, Manu Chao…

It was just a hunch, that’s all.

Dear, George… meet Victoria

Hola, Victoria. Pásale a lo barrido, check it out, CON TODO EL RESPETO que me mereces, déjalos que hablen, ladren y valga la chingada Co-IN-ciden-cia, que canten.

… Attention camp: Eye wants to draw your attention to the following programming note (punto y coma) from now 22h32 in CET 1600 in Washington D.C. and until the end of MARS, all cumbias and kumbias will be conducted by PHIPP dot Efe Erre—ese!

Coming up… ⚾️, but FO’ist 8’46” goes on trial

It’s 23h in CET, across The Atlantic, the U.S. of A. is about to find out if The Russian Federation President Vlad “no soul” Putin response to President Biden (blacks and indiens) is on target or, if the U.S. will remain stuck in her past like a cargo ship on The Suez Canal. Will the country ’tilt’? Or will the ship turn.

See you Mañana, “six minutes, six minutes, six minutes,” Six Minutes, Minneapolis youse on.


Full Selene for Selena with Alicia follows. In the mean while, Öüï’s gonna catch some 💤…

Turn the page ➡️

“I’ma bring it to you like this” — Support DiMíTru fo’President of the College of SDF-es—es@

“Jésus, built my Car. It’s a love affaire,
mainly Jesús and my Hot-rod”.

For further context, read the Sports Page, or ask Sister Emmanuelle and The Sisters of Mercy on the latest edition of Rock & Folk .:. 46AECA55-4201-4B17-A081-913F0B45AE94 🛎 ✔️ please!

Pg. 18… Numerique
N° 2583 Cnews Matin¹

… [A]nd, Cousin Joe, it’s like La MaiRie de Paris advertises-ese, “WaWa is Capital*”, which is why if you are going to go into Phase Two, in which Sister Jean get her oaths… you need to flip to page 59; tip # 73 of Sarah Brown’s microwave-able tricks, which states, and if the WI-FI connection allows Eye quotes:

Ewe must! Ewe must suppress that gawd-damn Fish smell

* And, Marianne, before the French Foreign legion gets any ideas about how this paragraph is an opportunity to score some sycophant points with the Prefecture de Police, let me remind the non-readers that today’s SPORTS PAGE paragraph is about last night’s Breaking News that announced the State of Georgia’s (South East, USA) efforts to deny Water to black people wanting to vote… or something like that, let me repeat—Permettez-moi de répéter, c’est en référence aux nouvelles de la nuit dernière concernant la suppression des électeurs dans l’État de Georgia, and not about the Greatest Water fountains in the World.

… [A]nd of course, about Mr. Andrew Yang joining the race for mayor in the 2nd Greatest city in the World.

Drop a three pointer from the corner like swish 📐 2AE3E37A-6371-410D-9DF3-C42ED001F50B 🗑
Four chicken wings with shrimp fried rice, that’s good
{*scratch: “Egg foo yung”*}
Beef and broccoli with a little white rice, that’s good
{*scratch: “Fried one time”*}
Chicken chow mein with a little white rice, that’s good
{*sample: “Mix it mix it up nice”*}
I need a couple of egg rolls in my neighborhood, that’s good!

The Ministry of The Butthole Surfers

It all Makes perfect sense, Cerf-panthère, previous to his career as a superstar rapper, Biz–Mark was a mother-Funkin’ viking… and please Cerfie-cerf, leave the Passive Aggressive predictions to the condemned long-hauler acid trip powersolo writers like Mí, why a Fortune-Teller like you is an essential service provider en el mundo de Le Monde, La Croix de Dimanche needs something or someone to entertain their anxieties with, heck it BEATS a gambling addiction, just don’t start asking for “donations”, why with a salary and the French State benefits that you surely receive—would reveal a charlatan behind the Crystal Ball.


Las Fuentes de Viernes (Robinson-Line B)

1. Just in time to test Mexican State Union retired boss Carlos Romero Deschamps 26 Ferrari’s, the FIA à Concorde opened up “les qualifications” for the E-Sport competizione driver academy at Invalides.

Fair Use of Philippe Labro’s CNEWS plus… a microwave.

… FIA = Federación Internacional del Automovilismo… o algo así, la cosa es de que la FIA hoy no fia, mañana Aussi.