Vamos (pues) a coger al Jurado, Katy


🇳🇮 Martini 🇬🇧 JAGGERmeister they… This is my Generator.


 —1985 – 🇳🇮 Sandinista, Daniel Ortega 🇳🇮 becomes THE CULT LEADER of 🇳🇮 Nicaragua 🇳🇮 and vows to continue the transformation to socialism WESTERN STYLE EVANGELISM² and an alliance with the Soviet Union VLADIMIR PUTIN and Cuba NICOLAS MADURO; across the 🇲🇽 Río Bravo, 🇺🇸 American policy continues to support the Contras in their revolt against the Nicaraguan government.

²~. 🇧🇷 Pare de Sufrir… It’s a 🇮🇱 FESTIVUS MIRACLE!!! 🇺🇸 A NEW SENSATION, 🇦🇺 Aussie.

I’m telling you, ask any of the following, Tony Miles, Lansford Penn or, Timity Gordon Newton, all of Em# presbyters from Methodist Central on the 🇬🇧SW1, go ask Em#, give them the code, “David Icke” and then inquire what would The World del Mundo de Le Monde have had printed, if the first General Assembly (of Fifty-one flavors) at the United Nations, had assembled at ∴ Freemasons Hall ∴ instead of 😇 Methodist Central ⛪?

“Cons Piracy news”, y hastaen negritas— para Mick Jagger! That is what The World del Mundo de Le Monde would have printed on Page One of the MOTHER JONES SHIP Almanac if the first General Assembly (of Fifty-one flavors) at the United Nations, had assembled at ∴ Freemasons Hall ∴ instead of the 🇬🇧Brits answer to the 🇧🇷 Pare de Sufrir de los cariocas.

Avocados, get your avocados with the Avocat.

1946 – 🇺🇸 The United States Army Signal Corps 🎌 successfully conducts Project 🏹 Diana, bouncing radio  waves off the Moon and receiving the reflected signals.

If and only If:

JAIR BOLSONARO, remains in Florida by the time that The Sun is Out tomorrow,


you’ll Never Know, “How The West Was Won”.

🥊 49 BC – Julius Caesar crosses the Rubicon, signalling 🎺 the 🎺start 🎺of 🎺 civil war³.

³~. Which is WHY, Natalie Piolé, why Eye hates 🇬🇧 The Sixties 🇬🇧, but especially that Phucker, GRABIEL and his little Tú-tu_to—TOO…Tooth, ISSY 🧷 JE 🧷SUIS🧷 UN 🧷ANTI-Dent🦷ite, period!

From A to Z…

Piolé, is a fickle mistresses.

It’s just good COMMON SENSE:

1776American Revolution: Thomas Paine publishes his pamphlet Common Sense.

The Constitution over the cult.

https ://newyorktheater .me /2023/01/07 /rep-hakeem-jeffries-abc-of-american-values-the-constitution-over-the-cult-freedom-over-fascism-maturity-over-mar-a-lago/

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-Babylon One)

Emilie Munera… el próximo Requiem le corresponde al Senado de César, with musical guest, if you think Eye is Rod Stewart, –sexy, c’mon Cross The River with your Jeep™ers creepers, Babe… and let Mí, know.

But FO’ist! Öüï ketches-up with last night’s Phat Basterd’ Show, where JOSEPHUS is mappin’ his TAPS out of The Lion’s Den, the Barney Bigard Sextet is doing its thing and, GO’ill Denisas:

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /open-jazz /classic-black-white-jazz-sessions -3681313

🌬️ 🪕 Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone

INTERMISSION — Luna sets West on La Défense…

Hilo, Hawaii, our 50th State just got the news at the Stroke of Midnight in Maui, 11 am at the Île-de-Franche, that:

1959Charles de Gaulle is proclaimed as the first President of the Franche Fifth Republic

2023 – Supporters of former Brazil president 🎱 Jair 🇧🇷 Bolsonaro 🕣 storm the Brazilian Congress.

One Hundred Years After The Year of Mexico in France.

The Sun (Also) RISES
aligned with
The TORCH of Mercury
at l’ancienne BASTILLE.

Túpelo, del verbo TUPIR: “this is no time for siesta”…
1. tr. Apretar mucho algo cerrando sus poros o intersticios. U. t. c. prnl.
2. prnl. Hartarse de una comida o bebida.
3. prnl. Cuba y Ven. obturarse.


1973 – Wa Wa gate scandal: The trial of seven men accused of illegal entry into Democratic Party headquarters at Watergate begins.

With this in mind, Öüï dared to ask, just how much influence could a man from Tupperware, Mississippi, fit into the White House, if a man from Tupelo, Mississippi could, and it turns out that a man from TuPelo could fit enough influence on a Wa Wa House to bring back a JET from the runway.


If and Only If

Professor Johanne Grazia Poisson
Dr. In géRIAtre…


You of all MEDICAL interns at a PENN UNIVERSITY toxicomane center behind the ancienne INTERNATIONAL HOUSE IN 2008, knows exactly how to complete “The Pale Blue Eyes” code.

Note to editors, please relay to Évry Guan , that:

This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental, with actual persons listed ‘on-the-record’ in the files of “The Talents and Skills Affair ».

In any case, or marquesina en Châtelet, I, Armando Segovia don’t select the Bale’s or the murciélagos en WEST Point 👉🏻, or in Philadelphia, but that doesn’t matter because tonight Öüï is touching base with Christian, in BALTIMORE, [Raven goes here]… based on the title of an movie starring “The 🦇 Dark 🦇 Knight”.

The Tell-Tale Heart, by IMd

Coincidentally… upon discovering Io en Europa on the Second Day, GALILEO GALILEI died and went to Heaven, thank God that Galileo repented and The Pope in Rome did not have to Knot-into the TALE, the expertise of Cardinal Ximénez, from The 🇪🇸 Spanish 🇪🇸 Inquisition.

1642 – Galileo Galilei, Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher (b. 1564)

Anyhow, LEA Marquesina², Eye just thought that you should know that RABIS is back and Ewe knows that the Black Plague is not far, from the immune response to the little mice’s-es that Ewe killed for Lo’Real.

Got Wood, Holly?
And Holly responds:
Ewe got the Wrong Babylon, Hun… GO WEST.

Une fille meurt mordue par une chauve-souris à Oaxaca

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2023/01/08 /estados /025n1est

Deuxième mort, dans l’État de la rage… LA RAGE, LEA MARQUESINA!!! — The Rage.

It’s A Small World After All — ••• Matt 19:24

5 Theys To Go, on Deadline… And who ate Gilbert’s GRAPES 🍇 in Arizona?



Now, PanCake Pete, you might know who cracked that Egg in Arizona, but do you know WHAT came First? Who’s on NEXT?


⚾ … Never mind (Nirvana) it’s a ☄️ no-hitter in Houston.


Why, Is Where?

Of course you don’t, you people believe that T-Rex 🦖 opened up for Nazareth 🇮🇱.


Cousin Joe, Eye has seen SECRETS IN PLAIN SIGHT, and behold, —motherfucker!


And again (cocksuckers) I say unto you, It is easier for an Elephant (nevermind a camel) to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.


Procurator Buffon’s Ball



… and what’s D.A.T. over D.A.R.E.?


https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Axe_historique_de_Paris


No Fucking Jesus here, only fox’s hoes 📐 — EWE know, the kind that will steal Ewe’r Egg Nest, and those HOES are Évry Ware… Behold ⬇️



The Fox that holds the Egg… If you break it, don’t go crying to your little LaMent(ira) WALL 🧱.



{and} MAGNUM (📷) if youse knot reading US, fuck you too!

nº 352 – aout – septembre 2022

Seriously folks, still a HEAD, and a hand, and an upper torso, —and a mandibule.

And, Sam Stein, admit it! You are the illegitimate Anchor Baby of Eli Wallach, but most important, what Tony Plohetski did for the Austin American Comrade is no different than what Assange, and that other boy turned girl did for the NSA. Admit it!

I can see for miles and miles.


Hola, in case you are new to this blog, then it should come as no surprise that it ain’t nuthin’ but a thing for US to draw a straight line between a guy named WEBB and a fucking photograph. But FO’ist, my favorite “China” is on right now, and wouldn’t you know it, president Biden did use the López Obrador playbook, how many points in that list of demands were there?

And starring as Camelia La Tejana: Apolline de Malherbe


Salieron de San Isidro
procedentes de Tijuana
Traían las llantas del carro
repletas, —de hierba mala.




The WETBACK edition and a side of frijolitos con cristianos 

Day, want to kill Americans?



gallo pinto en blanco y negro

Lyle: I meant a song. A real song. something like:

Tomorrow is another Groundhog They… Across The Seine, Valérie Pécresse exited politics and joined the ranks of The Crazy Horse broads. Valeria (her stage alias) Audition with The Poles while David Guetta [that pointy-narco boots fashionista motherfucker]  mashed “Looks That Kill” with the Mago de Oz classic, “Mujer Amante” en Belfast on a Sunday Bloody Sunday at a Tijuana Taxi back alley DENTIST CLINIC.

But First, earlier today, in Central Europe Time, right around Prime Time on Broadway, The Electric Light Orchestra beamed Avi Velshi from our look-out post at Saint-Eustache de MANDELA, the message:


morning dump {knot} “morning joe”.

Paloma Negra del cu-cu ruco en Garibaldi o MISMO en le Quartier Général de Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Previously on… Las Palomas de París.

And, Madame Kerschova, en Paris, tout—Eye_SAY—TOUT!!! Les Columbas Rupestris shit on Galatea and Pygmalion doesn’t care.

After the break, Master Will, stars as the producer at le Promenade de Dowton♠ Abby en Nice-sous-Alps, and Galatea del Río takes on the role of Lili Von Shtüpp and in THAT position, Galatea finally gets to deliver the Wilder line, cut from the Original “Promenade des Anglais”:

I’m RICK JAMES, Bitch!

And she says in her German accent, ‘Is it true what they say about you people?’ And Cleavon says, ‘I hate to disillusion you, ma’am, but you’re sucking on my arm.’

Note to The Producer’s, in this RENDITION of Blazing Saddles, Lili Von Shtüpp, [alias] Galatea, has been given the Charisma of speech, but that cunt is blind as a shithouse bat on SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY. 

https ://groovyhistory .com /blazing-saddles-quotes

Count Basie stars as Geoffrey “the butler”.

♠~. All apologies if Eye mispelled your “Crest ».

https ://seinfeld .fandom .com /wiki /Joe_Bookman


Hoy no hubo Denisa… 🍍

If you are just joining this monologue, and think that my beef is With “el patrón” at Emmaüs PARIS, [Dangling Participle*] you (little tigre 🐯) would be forgiven for being a dumb-ass, and here is why:

International Free Press Day… in Hilo, Hawaii it’s still Tuesday, Alicia… mi Querida, Alicia.

*.~ Dangling participles are part of the original Venn Diagrams of this blog. Dangling participles are not compatible with this outdated WordPress theme, but if you, our mostly appreciated non-reader, are in on the joke, then you know that you are probably standing gobsmacked inside the regions of a Vesica Pisces.

Well Eye be dammed- una golondrina de primavera. 🥸 “Get higher, baby—Get Hig🔋er, Baby—GET Higher, BAby— {and} Don’t Never Come Down ».

The Chickens have come HOME to Loué… and, Madame Hidalgo, it’s like they say in The Ozarks, “pick your god and pray” in Monaco, “pick your god and get ON THE GRAVY TRAIN 🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃.

And starring as THEE Madd Hater {not} hatter, Manuel Valls… Denisa Kerschova is saCHA in Parisian News {and} Christophe Dilys is turned into an Anna! GET IT? —An Anna? Annaba? Anyone, an Anna, Une Anna por el amor de dios! Une 🍍please 🧢🧢🧢, said Manuel Valls.

And, Cousin Joe… Aguas de Mars {zO}

Samba con Bajo Sexto de Guadalupe, Perros Bravos… Nuevo Lyon, y Monaco, —aussi.

So, yeah, NEVERMIND THE POLACKS – here comes the Sax Cuetes.

For those not versed en las cosas del amor, a “cuete” can either be a « pedo¹ » or, UN saca pedos. And by ‘pedo’, Öüï is of course referencing una Bronca (not a chiva) but a skirmish, if youse versed in plomazos, not to be confused with PALOMAZOS, because that’s nothing but a Jam.

¹.~ (Ese güey y’anda Bien PEDO! Ya no le sirván otro Ale, Jackie.)

Anyhow, long story, short:

El Bajo Sexto is like a 12-string guitar, but with a lot of character, kind of like the TOLOLOCHE that untrained ears think, that is just your regular Paul McCartney bass. TROU Story, Gordon Sullivan told Mi.








The 2021 TIME Person of The Year on The ReVVie Awards in New York


Johnny Utah was a fag! And TRIXX are fo’4 non-blodes, Neo… If that’s a real Pill… and the Answer is, “No”, Melle. Tsirkin. No, you can either be Daphne, or you can either be Velma.

Live from The Park of La Nouvelle France

Ladies in Gemini, let’s cut through the chase, this year’s winner of the TIME Person of the Year on The ReVVie Awards in New York City goes to…


She Can Pitch.
She Can Knock the ball out of The Ballpark.
She Can Run, she can hustle, and steal 2nd like nobody’s business
and Alex, the Witt of this pussycat can also take care of the Right Field, square away the Left and just play Centerfield the way Fogerty intended that position to be played in… 33 1/3 are-Π-emes~es~else

Based on a Trou ReVVolution

LOUISE MICHEL … “yeah fuck it”.