14 juillet, 2018… 23h45

context follows… because it was actually 23h37 in CET when the fireworks display came to an end.

[ no picture follows… description, maybe].


… if we [the staff can find some vino in the land of wine it will most definitely be a long 48 hours.

Stick around, Weekend Edition continues.

Viernes 13 de julio, 2018

Freddy can try, but be advised that fully awake “el agua” le hace a Jason lo que una Meadalo que Meade le hizo a AMLO.

It’s Weekend Edition…

— Despenalización del aborto
— Despenalización de la mota
— … reforma energética y Nuevo Aeropuerto supuestamente siguen con el plan ya trazado.
—… ¿y la reforma educativa? esa queda por definir; por mientras, AMLO se toma tres días de descanso para ver el desfile de La Marsellesa (por televisión) y luego un partido de fútbol.

Cousin Joe también se tomó tres días de asueto,
sin Embargo,
Dice Mand…zukic
¡que Chingues a Tu Madre!!!
¡Ha, Ja, Ha!

The Big Kat is in and now that the British lads are out of the picture; until tomorrow, anygüey, when they play for bragging rights agaist Russia, she is going to narrate the tale of the tape of the one–on–one between the American bitch (Donald Trump) and his handler, and later on the programming, BABY TRUMP serenades Mika Brzezinski while Joe is away.

So stick around, because EWE WERE ALWAYS ON MY MIND with a helium infused Donald Trump voice follows; it’s the funniest SPECTACLE in the World.

TimeStamp: 12h20

су́ка [ˈsukə] “bitch
            … (SOO-ka)
This word translates to “bitch, slut.” It may be used for female dogs, women, [f]or even men! There is also the diminutive form, су́чка, which has the same meaning. You can also call a man “son of a bitch” with: су́кин сын.
Закро́й свой рот, су́ка! Shut your mouth, bitch!note from Fenster the Copy Editor, the bracket emphasis is ours, not from the Russian Blog,eh.

TimeStamp: 14 hours in Central NATO Time.

… Stick around,
‘cus… we’ll be right back.
we need 2-relax-a-bit.

Russian Cusswords are courtesy of the Whole Wide World of WordPress:

  1. https://therussianblog.wordpress.com/2012/03/01/russian-swear-words/

TimeStamp: 20 hundred Hours in CENTRAL NATO Match

minuto 0’
Los Francos 0 — Los Belgas 0
Oh… The

TimeFowardStamp: 22 hundred hours:

A la copa… 22 hours in Central EUROPE Time.

Let’s Dance
minuto 5’
Hey Oh— Let’s Go!

minuto 19’… susto para los franceses

minuto 21’
Francis 0 — Belgica 0

minuto 30’
Marianne 0 — La Belga 0

minuto 38’
Francia 0 — Belgica 0

minuto 43’
TIRO libre Francia
Francia 0 — Belgica 0

minuto 45’
Half Time

The News of the day.

Still to come…
The Bitch and his Handler…
of course Ewe fuckers in the midWest
know that this sneek peek is supposed
to be read in a
STEVEN Segal voice, eh!

Sufferig Suchetash!!!!
the million dollar stands, eh!
Francia 1 — Belgica 0
minuto 51’

Francia 1 — Belgica 0
minuto 67’

minuto 75’
Francia a 15 minutos de enfrentar a Croacia!!!

Minuto 81’
Lloris gets yet another statue in Nice.

minuto 90’
France moves on to collect € 300,000 [each]… except for the player that is DONATING HIS EARNINGS for charity.

…Francia 1 — Belgica 0

TimeStamp: 20h00 in Central NATO Time

BRASIL 0 — Belgica 0

We [the staff] heard it
through the GrapeVine…

Is running for

Following his successful guard duty, Teeny Tiny Cat decided to take the reigns into his own fucking tiny cute paws and reform this motherfucking Spectrum… full discousure we[the staff] have no fucking idea who CHARLES is, but we admit this is a nice cover… BELGICA 1 — Brasil 0

minuto 14’
Belgica 1 — Neymar Jr. 0

…minuto 22
Los Flamencos bailando Samba con los cariocas
oh…. the humanity!!!

minuto 30’
Belgica 2 — Brasil 0

… Ohhhh, The Humanity!!!

nota de la redacción :
por alguna puta razón el marcador agrega un punto al equipo que va a la deriva… nuestras disculpas.

minuto 40’
Mika’s team 2 — Everybody else’s favorite 0

Segundo Tiempo


minuto 50’
Belgica 2 — Brasil 0

No te olvides de que Donald es una sanguijuela.

minuto 75’
Belgica 2 — Brasil 1

Seis minutos para ver quién se mide con FRANCA!!!

minuto 90’
NEYMAR Jr… go back home… to Paris.


RED DEVILS Vs Blue Devils


… on a personal note: c’est la vie

… the staff made it to another round at The Préfecture. Yup! We [the loosers] get to move up to a different bracket. The good thing about this most inconsequential blog is that Brontis à la Prèfecture, does not read it.

Stick around, context follows, right now it’s Brasil vS Belgica. In Reel Time, Ewe’all!!

We [the staff] are supposed to go and meet,
(Ewe Would not guess it)
some sort of SIREN!

TimeStamp: 15 hundred Hours in Central NATO Time

One hour until Kick-off

Mika speaks French, so she rooting for Belgium.

Sauce Béchamel Vs Chimichurri Salsa

… but first:

The biggest Trade War since the West India Company  opium wars get on it’s way, and UNCLE SAM is pulling a Japanese style targeting with Latin American soldiers among the U.S. military ranks.

U.S. betrayal.

TimeStamp: 15h15

Simulacro de una premonición

Wait for it… wait

Sin comentarios…

17 hundred hours
Central NATO Time.
Sookie Sookie (Steppenwolf)
“Let it hang out Baby”.

… and the Best Actor is: Neymar Jr. EWE’ALL!!!

In other news, Real Motherfucking Actors rage at people watching FAKE ACTORS at the WORLD CUP, ewe’all:

Stage actors rage at audience members watching World Cup on phones

Screen Capture follows via #Beyond100Days with The Big Kat and a Brit with a tie.

Source… the motherfucking BBC, of course: