Lyle: I meant a song. A real song. something like:

Tomorrow is another Groundhog They… Across The Seine, Valérie Pécresse exited politics and joined the ranks of The Crazy Horse broads. Valeria (her stage alias) Audition with The Poles while David Guetta [that pointy-narco boots fashionista motherfucker]  mashed “Looks That Kill” with the Mago de Oz classic, “Mujer Amante” en Belfast on a Sunday Bloody Sunday at a Tijuana Taxi back alley DENTIST CLINIC.

But First, earlier today, in Central Europe Time, right around Prime Time on Broadway, The Electric Light Orchestra beamed Avi Velshi from our look-out post at Saint-Eustache de MANDELA, the message:


morning dump {knot} “morning joe”.

Paloma Negra del cu-cu ruco en Garibaldi o MISMO en le Quartier Général de Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Previously on… Las Palomas de París.

And, Madame Kerschova, en Paris, tout—Eye_SAY—TOUT!!! Les Columbas Rupestris shit on Galatea and Pygmalion doesn’t care.

After the break, Master Will, stars as the producer at le Promenade de Dowton♠ Abby en Nice-sous-Alps, and Galatea del Río takes on the role of Lili Von Shtüpp and in THAT position, Galatea finally gets to deliver the Wilder line, cut from the Original “Promenade des Anglais”:

I’m RICK JAMES, Bitch!

And she says in her German accent, ‘Is it true what they say about you people?’ And Cleavon says, ‘I hate to disillusion you, ma’am, but you’re sucking on my arm.’

Note to The Producer’s, in this RENDITION of Blazing Saddles, Lili Von Shtüpp, [alias] Galatea, has been given the Charisma of speech, but that cunt is blind as a shithouse bat on SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY. 

https ://groovyhistory .com /blazing-saddles-quotes

Count Basie stars as Geoffrey “the butler”.

♠~. All apologies if Eye mispelled your “Crest ».

https ://seinfeld .fandom .com /wiki /Joe_Bookman


Hoy no hubo Denisa… 🍍

If you are just joining this monologue, and think that my beef is With “el patrón” at Emmaüs PARIS, [Dangling Participle*] you (little tigre 🐯) would be forgiven for being a dumb-ass, and here is why:

International Free Press Day… in Hilo, Hawaii it’s still Tuesday, Alicia… mi Querida, Alicia.

*.~ Dangling participles are part of the original Venn Diagrams of this blog. Dangling participles are not compatible with this outdated WordPress theme, but if you, our mostly appreciated non-reader, are in on the joke, then you know that you are probably standing gobsmacked inside the regions of a Vesica Pisces.

Well Eye be dammed- una golondrina de primavera. 🥸 “Get higher, baby—Get Hig🔋er, Baby—GET Higher, BAby— {and} Don’t Never Come Down ».

The Chickens have come HOME to Loué… and, Madame Hidalgo, it’s like they say in The Ozarks, “pick your god and pray” in Monaco, “pick your god and get ON THE GRAVY TRAIN 🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃.

And starring as THEE Madd Hater {not} hatter, Manuel Valls… Denisa Kerschova is saCHA in Parisian News {and} Christophe Dilys is turned into an Anna! GET IT? —An Anna? Annaba? Anyone, an Anna, Une Anna por el amor de dios! Une 🍍please 🧢🧢🧢, said Manuel Valls.

And, Cousin Joe… Aguas de Mars {zO}

Samba con Bajo Sexto de Guadalupe, Perros Bravos… Nuevo Lyon, y Monaco, —aussi.

So, yeah, NEVERMIND THE POLACKS – here comes the Sax Cuetes.

For those not versed en las cosas del amor, a “cuete” can either be a « pedo¹ » or, UN saca pedos. And by ‘pedo’, Öüï is of course referencing una Bronca (not a chiva) but a skirmish, if youse versed in plomazos, not to be confused with PALOMAZOS, because that’s nothing but a Jam.

¹.~ (Ese güey y’anda Bien PEDO! Ya no le sirván otro Ale, Jackie.)

Anyhow, long story, short:

El Bajo Sexto is like a 12-string guitar, but with a lot of character, kind of like the TOLOLOCHE that untrained ears think, that is just your regular Paul McCartney bass. TROU Story, Gordon Sullivan told Mi.








The 2021 TIME Person of The Year on The ReVVie Awards in New York


Johnny Utah was a fag! And TRIXX are fo’4 non-blodes, Neo… If that’s a real Pill… and the Answer is, “No”, Melle. Tsirkin. No, you can either be Daphne, or you can either be Velma.

Live from The Park of La Nouvelle France

Ladies in Gemini, let’s cut through the chase, this year’s winner of the TIME Person of the Year on The ReVVie Awards in New York City goes to…


She Can Pitch.
She Can Knock the ball out of The Ballpark.
She Can Run, she can hustle, and steal 2nd like nobody’s business
and Alex, the Witt of this pussycat can also take care of the Right Field, square away the Left and just play Centerfield the way Fogerty intended that position to be played in… 33 1/3 are-Π-emes~es~else

Based on a Trou ReVVolution

LOUISE MICHEL … “yeah fuck it”.

Later on Forbes Magazine, the power of BHO

Hey, he made a Billion happen for The Boss!

Feliú – Feliú – Feliú ∆ La Vox… [no pun intended] of la Nueva Trova was heard from at least 100 lawmakers of the democratic wing of WALL STREET. No word if Bruce Springsteen was among the NEW “Öüï are the World„ cucharada de Hummus con Sandwich de Chorba.

Welcome to a special edition of:

IT’S THE ELEVENTH HOUR IN BHO’S HAWAIIAN GLORY THEYS, in Paris it’s already Saturday Morning Car Tunes


And, Stephanie Ruhle, that Robert Plant is a mystical fellow, but Alison, so is FRANK BLACK… you hillbilly SURFER ROSAEwe. By the way, “SS” on grill is short for SuperSport, garçon.

But wait!!! There is Moore!
Eye is SIRIUS not Syrian,
It’s TROU—BHO brought U.S. closer to Moore.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/12/16 /mundo /democratas-presionan-a-biden-para-normalizar-relaciones-con-cuba/

If los Moros y Cristianos were Judías Blancas Estofadas
esos moros y cristianos would not be facing an “Embargo”…
just ask José Díaz-Balart, he is a major STOCK holder for Bacardi, and General Dynamics.

And, Stephanie Ruhle, if ISRAEL has control of the AIPAC in Vegas; and, if ISRAEL had control of DONALD TRUMP, then tell U.S. Stephanie Rhule, WHO HAS Control of Joe Biden? Never mind THE UKRAINE.

If you are just joining PLANET EARTH, The NATION of ISRAEL was the result of the greatest GENOCIDE in 100 years of looping around HELIOS.

The aforementioned NATION is in turn based on a Multi-millenary FOLK TALE about a SNEAKY, CHEATING, no-Skill, CONIVING, BACK-Stabbing, son-of-a-bitch who’s mother TRICKED her Husband (by DIVINE DESIGN) into bestowing the Earth (The Promised Land) to her “shepard son” instead of Jacob’s Agricultural Engineer half-brotherESAI MORALES.


ISRAEL (Jacob’s Mom) invented CORRUPTION and impunity.

THE IRONY in that FACT, —if you are listening— is that The Nation of ISRAEL turned slowly but surely into a “pompous cosplay” of the very FINAL SOLUTION that promised a 1000-year empire and the end of all Broadway and Hollywood galas… not to mention those very annoying “French Vernissages“.

And Stephanie Ruhle, “Évry body knows that the GAME is rigged”, the reason that medicines are “fabulously expensive” in FLORIDA is because U.S. lawmakers make a lot of WaWa vessels and Jet Airplanes, because they violate the STOCK ACT, on accont that an 8ight-FIGURE violation only costs $200 U.S. or a slap on the CARTIER-armored wrist.

Fisgon is nosy en Castellano —!— https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2021/12/16 /cartones /fisgon .jpg

You know what else costs 200 U.S. Dollars to violate?
That’s right, Stephanie, An ELECTORAL COLLAGE vote.

And, Katty Kay… Can you believe that Clown in The Ukraine!

Cecil V. De Mille Presents… an MGM – Cesar’s – Paris – Montecarlo – AIPAC production

Boosting Trump’s Legacy in Nazareth
https ://www .timesofisrael .com /liveblog_entry /ukraine-says-it-recognizes-jerusalemas-israels-capitalwill-open-embassy-there/

Starring Matthew McConAugHey! as David writing the Psalm{a}s
willie geist is the mean bodybuilding giant with a media platform

This film has not yet been boosted! But knot to be outdone by Mika’$ Racing $tripes… 20 minutes later in Central Europe Time:

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /1914 /reader /reader .html #!preferred /0 /package /1914 /pub /1801 /page /26

Deer-copy Kat… Bennifer 2.003 called.

Page Tú: Since Ewe only gave Mí, your “funny paper”…

Revolution (Parts 3 & 4)
Osama Bin Laden:
Chapter IV
In, Laurence Bruce’s introduction to Michael Mann, man!

The Audacity of Hope en Castellano… What the fuck is “Español” anyway?… and Eye quotes, “Despite the religious rhetoric and the bloody means, [yada, yada, yada] … there is a SIMPLE reason why he [Bin Laden] attacked the U.S., etcetera, etcetera, Dim-Ah-long-Ah-ding-Dang,” Michael Mann of Incoherent Empire; true story.

L’Esprit en Images meets El Error de Descartes
Bpi : 3 7504 10251456 7

The following is a Time-Delayed comment.

Literally TWO FUCKING HOURS later on the REUTERS:
A Two Minute read… check the time stamps.

https ://www .reuters .com /world /asia-pacific /no-punishment-us-troops-involved-deadly-kabul-strike-pentagon -2021-12-13/

No punishment for U.S. troops involved in deadly Kabul strike- Pentagon

Hoy por ser día de tu santo… Hoy no hubo Jazz, Lupe.

BEHOLD! Latin ex~ers… the one name that does not need to be put into any SEXO category: GUADALUPE³

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /certains-l-aiment-fip/les-musiques-de-leonard-bernstein


Vocal Score: América (West Side Story)
Page 72, 73, 74, 75 (Tempo de Huapango, fast) 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81,82, 83… 88 (7a, America to Drugstore; Change of Scene; Instrumental, tempo de Huapango —fast.), 89.
Based on a conception of Jerome Robbins

Au Mexique, la mort de Vicente Fernandez, idole de la chanson populaire, bouleverse le pays (

7. America (Anita, Rosalia and Girls)
Cue: ROSALIA: That’s a very pretty name: Etcetera
Moderato; Tempo de “Seis” (repeat, ad lib; under dialogue until cue.)

Boosey -n- Hawkes 2000
Bpi: 3 7504 00242333 1

Eye See CHANO, Lupe.

And, أيمن محيى الدين²… Youse Knot foolin’ any PINTOs, baby, Oh-là-la, vato

³.~ Unless you happen to be “GUAD” Venegas on at msnbc public relations GUAD; Guad what, motherfucker? GUAD~alajara, WAD~ALA_Xara?


².~ Égypto-américain Radical, and former BFM’er TV intern, Ayman Mohyeldin, want proof °? What’s your poison?

Adventures in TRANSLATION {false friends} INTERN in SPANISH is the equivalent of a prisoner, or what Charlie Sheen calls, THE CALIFORNIA RAISINS PINTOS

I see Chano, —CHANO POZO.
Chano de América con acento.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /The_California_Raisins

And, Kier Simmons… what did Willie Geist do to Eddie Gloude Jr.?

And, Claire McCaskill, you fucked Satan³, right?

https ://madame .lefigaro .fr /celebrites /jr-son-nouveau-projet-xxl-dans-une-prison-americaine-sous-une-tension-extreme- 240820- 182065

JR as SEEN from Above after he left (XICALLI/Calexico) to pursue an MSNBC career -—_!_—- « Je reste peu de temps, mais je crée une tornade », JR on Figaro’s M.

Eye mean(s), look at that Three-layered pie stand beneath your cupboard… enticing… and Claire, Mrs. Clause appreciates that memorial for Mr. Clause at your kitchen table… so sad, The World del Mundo de Le Monde still can’t come to grips for Santa’s unfortunate accidental shot-down at Yvré-le-Evêque.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/12/10 /politica /lamentan-la-desgracia-los-presidentes-de-mexico-y-guatemala/

https ://www .nytimes .com/2021/12/08 /nyregion /fox-christmas-tree-fire .html



N° 450… Beaux Arts, December 2021:
Quand l’enfer devient le divin… or,
as That Sign at the Entrance of HOTEL CALIFORNIA, says,
“HELL Freezes Over”… and Eye quotes from our correspondent at The National Cathedral in WaWa Land:

Lorde… you promised el cielo al ladrón who repented… Let Bob into your Divine Comedy… and the Colored girls sing: “Doo do doo do doo do do doo…,” o como dicen los católicos, “Aleluya, aleluya, aleluya”. It’s 13h in EST, Amen.

².~ Mystique et Architecture: SYMBOLISME DU CERCLE ET DE LA COUPOLE, by Hautecœur at 82 rue Bonaparte… 1954, or how I learned to stop worrying and learned to tolerate baby-boomers.

But speak-of-Ewe-Know-WHO…
Chapter IV (page 76)
Les Édifices Circulaires Romains²

Whatever it was that Willie Geist did to Eddie Gloude Jr., Öüï hopes that he does not, in turn, do to Secretary Clinton… the world is not ready for sarcasm out of the mouth of Hillary.

And in Washington, it fuckn’ figures… Cousin Joe’s favorite U.S. President is that guy who got shot at the Théâtre. And, Doris, here is why*:

SPONSORED BY GOYA and The Journalistic opportunism of MSNBC at THE MEXICAN BORDER during TRUMP’s WAR on MEXICANS… or a Timed Delayed PAPER and GLUE version of Le Grand Palais in VICHY’s times titled, « L’Âme des camps», or Plank 32 at Le Palais de La Découverte on FDR Ave., Paris France… ISSY, Context for The Artist JR follows.

Estampa n° 8

Estampa n° 18
Estampa n° 23
Estampa n° 26
Estampa n° 28 … POPULISM
Estampa n° 32² … ¿Por qué?
².~ Identified as n° 26 on: Atlas or the worried cheerful knowledge [ibid.]
Estampa n° 35

*.~ Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-FLA) actual words, knot mine.
Exactly what a “babyback rib eating, shasta cola drinking, Redneck Riviera and Ronald Reagan voting lawyer” would say:

  1. He failed in life (previous to becoming America’s Sweet Sixteen)
  2. He failed at work (previous to becoming America’s Sweet Sixteen)
  3. He was killed, before he finished his presidential term.

Dear, Artist “JR”: This is what happens when someone that IS NOT FRENCH (like you) GOES to a DIFFERENT COUNTRY to try to give the WORLD a Fuckn’ COKE… y llenarla de amor, which is Roma en un espejo.

México, tan lejos de Nueva York y tan cerca del Grand Palais…Gilberto Bosques está dando vueltas en su tumba. Uso Justo de la “llamada” Madre Patria (which sounds like a politacal hermaphrodite if you mix Mom and Dad in one body)… Los Desatres de la Guerra is a set of 80 aquatint prints created by Francisco Goya in the 1810s.
Plate 28Populacho.