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Érase que s’era
The Wobblies on peacock

The Wobblies on peacock 🧟‍♀️ B4C3C32F-BBCC-46B2-ABD5-17EAB311587D 🧟‍♂️ Election night on an already saturated Spectrum.

Now for those of you WHO have not been keeping up the 2020’s programming might recall, totally, that Halloween was announced early during BLACK HISTORY MONTH by the BBC and by March’s madness, DRACULA was already looking to stow-away a few of the “undead” on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line… yeah, Buddy! Öüï even selected a few dentils to show how the VIRUS, spreads through the AIR. (Look, IT!, up, Little Nicole, because it’s probably going to come up during tonight’s feature of:

The Kristen Walken Dead

🧛🏻‍♂️                   🌚           🌞                 🧛🏻‍♀️

When Öüï returns, we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] don’t know what’s going to develop, and D.A.T. is the Way Eye Likes, IT!.

And in Washington, Donnie Deutsch goes as Velma for Halloween

Issy, Issa… Donnie sure looks like “el glande” in purple drab, Puerto Ricans on Donnie’s payroll are stipulated to call that prick “El Grande”, but that’s like asking the president of Mexico to stop eating “eses”.

… [A]unque sea como tomarse un tafil, me van a estar escuchando a mi, que no hablo de corrido y me como las “s” y ofrezco disculpa”.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador

After the break on the black mirror on the other side, or something like that, Issa Rae reveals her Halloween costume, which she is already wearing, and Eye betts that you won’t guess WATT it is*, here’s a hint Michael Che, D.A.R.E. is a formula for that.

* Answer: The UniCycler


Intermedio… with Donovan Piggot

Cigarros Faros

… [A]fter the break, Cousin Joe interviews former Vice Lady Lynne, from the Dakota pole line Happy Whore House Union.

Indeed, upon learning that the great Avi Velshi had liberated the Stetson on Sunday morning cable television, Lynne Cheney, wife of former DARk LORDe and vice-president of The United States of George W. Bush, kicked ol’Dick in the ass and sent his ass to Hollywood to audition for the Role of Lee Iacocca in the sequel to the smash biopic tale of John Bronco.

Sources close to REUTERS on the way to La Madeleine reveal that upon hearing the news, BJÖRK threw-up in disgust… yeah, BUDDY!

The Icelandic diva was heard screaming and howling to a pitch never heard before, the spectrum oscillator (which interprets Björk’s gobbledygook) rendered an apocalyptic negative that was translated as:

Dick Cheney has done more to kill Iceland than any other oil baron from the Arbusto years in Houston.

And in the role of Björk, Olivia Troye, off-Course!


Check all that apply

El estuche

El estuche ⚰️ E368FD80-C9C6-4597-964B-7510791E7565 ⚱️ Remember, John Heilemann:
A casket is like a “quema cocos” because the lid is detachable, while the coffin has a hinged capote… 🧢 with that in mind, a casquette is a hat without the wings.

Chapeau… Deer, Chuck Rocha (hijo de tu chingado Sam Houston)

Meat, Avi Velshi, a transnational from The Canadian All•Jazz•Era Broadcasting Company.

Zonas Áridas
La Zona desértica del Silencio

Breaking Kate

“Así si la riego o no, no me preocupo… » 🗣 0DCF75EA-67A2-46E7-8170-6BEB8E0492AF

… [P]ero que sea desértica, —Dessert tica*”.


Still to come on the BBC, Kyle Mooney takes on the role of Jackob Sobberoff en Palomas, Chihuahua. But FO’ist, our Hero Avi Veshi goes undercover as the Presidente Municipal de Samalayuca and joins Mayor Regina Romero in Pima County for a summit to vote Trump out of el Yermo que ha sido Washington [in the last 3 years, Mr. Rocha… hijo de tu chingado Davy Crockett).


We now return to Chapeau, Chuck Rocha (hijo de tu chingado Jim Bowie knife) with your host, Avi Velshi starring as Rocky “sand dune” Zaragosa Fuentes de Terrazas, the Presidente Municipal de Samalayuca, Chihuahua.

Dear, Bob Costa… El País called: told your boss to fuck-off

Eye knows D.A.T.'study

Eye knows D.A.T.’study .:. A79D3691-486D-429F-B55C-744D0EAEDF36 (therefore) You Are Fired, mr. president.

¡Sí Se Puede!

Meanwhile in Washington, The Apprentice is back on NBC… and Savanna Guthrie was fired.

Next week's guest

Next week’s guest: Jack Dorsey .:. C0B2686B-4579-4C1D-9C4A-90D0FEEC72D6 .:. followed by Bill Barr.

Masterpiece Theater meets Le Guignol at Capitol Hill

Son marionetas… and they play 📎

… [A]ussi, Öüï apologizes ’cause hoy no hubo Creep Show, puro Jazz… WITT strings attached [laughter track goes here].


la huaXtèque


https ://www .eluniversal .com .mx /nacion /amlo-pide-gutierrez-muller-insistir-austria-para-traer-penacho-de-moctezuma-mexico

Côte du Golfe, Mexique
1100 – 1400 après J.C.
Hauteur : 118 cm.

Collection Privée, Paris.

TimeStamp: 11h55 CET

Deer, Corey Booker, you have just fucked America sin acento with you soccer mom approach. Thank you, Sir.

Pussyfootin’ is no Way to defend Chuck Todd’s Republic.


Novena anti Carismática — Coincidence?

*** Note to editors:
Je ne suis pas un astronaute.

[Science frame goes here]


COINcidence? .:. 7D9338CA-9A89-4FF4-87A5-1D08E22E8E15 .:. … [O]nly if you FACTOR IN a visit from Mexico’s non-First Lady to L’Elysée, for a cup o’té de Tila with her French non-First Lady host in France, during the first hours of Dr. Molina’s departure. BELIEVE, it! Or Knot.

Eye is telling you guys, öüï has no say-so on the plot selection, but Eye guarantees, IT!, it’s not magick, it’s just a proper knowledge of the terrain y “sus animalitos”.

RUTA México 2010

RUTA México 2010 🧩 9595DCA5-F40D-417A-BA5F-4FAB5220E84A 🔫 El retorno de Florencia la francesa, in theaters now.

En Contexto: el regreso de Camelia La Tejana… scratch D.A.T., it’s been done before, Öüï suggest to go with what you think that you might know up until NOW.

Novena anti carismática — Rest in Power

It’s a Catholic thing, Donnie Deutsch from Deutsch Inc., in Tamaulipas they forge this bunch a punta de yunque y dogma.

Meanwhile at Old Creek Bridge, in Alabama… https ://eu .usatoday .com /story /news /nation /2020/09/29 /people-praise-tied-amy-barrett-knocked-treatment-women /3573879001/


After the break, it’s another episode of Sink Florida, and here’s another reason why:

One thing is fo'sure

One thing is fo’sure, and mark Mí words .:. 82CD436F-9B20-4CDF-BD42-DBD3F9A57FCD 🦉Eye prefers a WORLD that reads CODE, than a Globe that listens to preachers that speak in tongues… and yes, Beto O’Rourke, Aaron forgives your sins—In•Deed.

Revisionist principals, “not everyone believes that the Holocaust happened”… or that an Aaron Swartz ever existed on the redditsphere, for D.A.T. matter.

https ://apnews .com /article /west-palm-beach-school-boards-florida-archive-the-holocaust– 4a4cfb252606ea114912600453fa5f06

From The Top: Octubre tenía que ser, y’all!

Page One:

Se volaron a Voltaire

¡Recorcholis!!! Jean-Luc Berjon, ¡se volaron a Voltaire!

Dear, Eddie Gloude Jr., Eye apologizes for not being able to fit that Dang-on “Jimmy” segment, Em#pero, the entire Jazz Magazine section of La Seine stopped dead on their 8-tracks upon learning that Florence Cassez returned to a life of crime, this time in La France, where freedom of speech y la llamada “Liberté de exasperación” where invented, off-course.

Meanwhile in Washington, it’s Donald’s White Knights

Not to be outdone by the French, president Trump issued a dog whistle to FOX News upon learning that the City of Paris was deploying the misfits of La Nuit Blanche Battalion to search for the missing Voltaire along the inner barrios of the périphérique.


Newsreal presents

Newsreal presents: great moments in doppelgänger memories .:. F6887FAB-A2B4-41DC-9438-528AD6566881

… [a]nd in Virginia’s Fairfax watch, the more things change the more DAY stay the same