wait for it.

Is that you, John Jon “H.” Stewart?

la Lesbiana invisible:F6C78F58-21E7-4136-A8EE-EBC938BACC4F — meets Bradley Cooper in a smokin’ tux.
and Roger Stone (R.S.) goes:
—You look like a Penguin.
and then the R.S.Circus Coro(um)
say, “all together now”:

Now, Eye know that y’all have heard
of El Viejo Lesbiano
(Vicente Fox)
… it’s not Önë of “doze ».

F.U.C.K. the police, Gordo.


You want Magik?
Please exit through the gift shop
of the Bank at the ski lodge.
“Where Eagles D.A.R.E.”.

Take Five — Then Shake it Up! Slim.

AF54698A-5412-4CE3-8529-9F98171B484F • • • Big Ol’ JET Airliner… FOR SALE in México, STILL like NEW. — Para más información contacte a AIRBÜS o pida datos Con La Tía TATIana en San Pedro de “los Putines” Ackerman García, Nuevo Léon.




Equals TRES:03AFA6C7-9006-4014-ACB9-9AF6F1AF3AD7 • • • 7 + 5 = 12; 1 + 2 = TRES

Fuck it, DO it in the Dark.
“Let’s face the Music”.

¿Putinismos? John Mill Ackerman,
mejor me hago una puñeta
pues al final, eso es también
un ejercicio mental
mucho más saludable,
que el Thought Control de Catemaco,
o mismo las misas de Macuspana.

A la chingada, John.
R.T. That! Bitch.

Eye don’t practice Santería, as read by Bri–Why.

Eye am a Nigromante,
but Ewe knew

Right, Mrs. del Percio?

18 with a Bullit:F3E2A386-A808-4B41-95EA-AA3C50417620 —•— URGENT MESSAGE TO THE MUSIC UNION:
It appears that there is an UNDOCUMENTED TWIN working the Piano of The Colbert Report… if that is their real Flag, on that Bass Drum.
Anyway, the “illegal” key stroker was last seen sportn’ a Fly AQUAbleüe suit on the 100th episode of that particular “Gig”.  Bee vegüi BEGÜI careful, the piano player has a posse of bad-asses following him…

Details on this D.R.A.M.A. will follow, after a musical break.

Anygüey, Brontis à La Préfecture, we [the staff] have not, we repeat: have not forgotten about the drawn–out–of–a–HAT “requirement” that your agents hanged next to my fuzzy balls on that motherfucking Rear–View mirror of this ride.

However, you, sir, of all instances know that the reason for DRAFTING this recourse, or blog, was for future reference BECAUSE under the authority of an Interior Minister (a French Presidential candidate himself from the “left” who is now using his “immigrant experience” to cuddle with the DERECHA ESPAÑOLA) you sir, asphyxiated my hypothesis about Mexican Institutions and the corruption of those institutions in France. And you sir, did it while collaborating with the apparatus that neuters dissent at The Mexican Embassy in France.

1D97F960-28BC-48CA-BFDD-251AABF7CF0F — It’s like Jerry Lewis for the French, but in Japanese… Kabuki Theater continues, after a word from the Drafts. Musical Guest: The Fly and the Words on the Document.

So, no, MARIANNE, that round to meet “the requirement” remains on the S.I.N.G.L.E. and it is in on reserve for The L.P.. See you Monday.


All right, Rocket. You get a GO.

Now, Ewe, you just wait Önë second there, “Starlord”.

Una Diana para el güero:0827E28A-B177-481C-9747-FF04E183E8CD

And yes, niño Luc, Black History Month continues.

ÖÜÏ DO shadows Töö:B4958243-8497-4CD0-A35E-8CB66C750EA4 — Ah, que don Fregón, “Luc”_one—each. The Michael Jackson beat-it section was relocated to El Ecuador, where local authorities switched Lucy’s Diamond, for some “Lucky Charms”. Instructions for this Agua Clara spell is inside Arepa2000, there’s a “session”, o algo así allí.

Torches of Freedom, with Donnie Deutsch

Dear, Donnie Deutsch (if that is your Real Name):

Of course you would go there… “I’m your Huckleberry”. •_!_•  Nice Tie! and Eye buried Titus*, not Paul.

Breaking the news on Reagan Central, and Morning Joe.

You know, Cousin Joe. ONE cannot channel and Engineer the motherfucking Amazon to Babylon ii…  Al Paso del Norte, is the perfect AND natural way to let the Waters flow. Make that Rio Grande, BRAVO Again.

Guns are for Yellow Bellies like Donald Trump.

Zat You,Eugene:C293DEB9-E979-42F9-A332-55AA1224D444

And, Susan, do you really need another “verguiza” ?. Meet , outside of The Fountain of the Chicago Boys room… and leave your Ninja Turtles with Mitch.

But First, ÖÜÏ switch it over to
Trompas de Eustaquío News,
just in case La Propreté de Paris
tenga que jalar overtime.

Is that you, SciencesPo?:C8B68C35-E637-4916-BEE8-C25C65AE53D0… Don’t get caught making fun of DeadMöüsë • EYE put a SPELL ON EWE.

Wagon Wheel and the transforming Creedence Revival en l’Agua.

Musical Guest:
Alex and the dumb Country Alabama Blind Club Agenda, featuring a dumb Country Lawyer named Joe… sponsored by Deutsch Inc.
Deutsch Inc. The corpo/person that Transformed all them Virginia Slims into votes for the Clepto-Oligarchy of the TRUMPS. Fuck You Ed Barneys. And Fuck Donnie Deutsh as well. With Sugar all the Way to the motherfucking Bone.


Now, Susan, my dear. Where the fuck did ÖÜÏ left you?

Ahhh, yes, you and Cousin Joe were kissing Bezos loaded ass.


Why not, Bezos? Beto’s Father-in-Law and ELOY BALLINAS already gentrified the viejitos de El Paso. C’mon, Jeff — Stick It to da’Man! Re-build El Paso and Why knot, The Guadalupe Mountains, También, —Jeff.