So, Donald John Trump, chief. What are you going to do?

Are you, mr. president, done making america great again? You’ve done it, mr. president, america is number one. It’s too bad that The Great State of Georgia won’t get the news for at least another month.

Young at heart

Fairy tales can come true
It can happen to you
If you’re young at heart…

In Central Europe Time it is:

In the NAVY


The Eleventh Hour, indeed.

Eat a peach and shut the FUCK UP

Motherfuckers! This is GEORGIA.
Georgians are God fearing people!
Why would God give Corona’s to Georgians?
Why, president Trump? Why?

[EAT A PEACH — In The Navy]

In the NAVY

We’re living in a bad dream
They’ve forgotten all about mankind
And you were the one they backed up to the wall .::. A04E23D8-7434-462C-B2F3-F0C5A2FA308A ⚓️🦠 “In the NAVY”.

Why? President Trump, why? You told u.s. that the COVID-19 was a hoax… Why, president Trump? Why?

Dear, Senator Gillibrand (D–NY):
Are öüï saying that domestic violence does not exist?

Unless you are Johnny Depp

Unless you are Johnny Depp .::. CD4DFC19-4024-429B-94DE-1756E8D71F59 ⚖️ The blind bitch of justice will hang you by–the–nuts. BY THE NUTS! Willie Geist.

— of course not,
All öüï are sayin’ is that the law of the land in Texas says that the only proof to get rid of a significant other from the family Album is to be the FIRST ONE to make the claim; after that, SENATOR GILLIBRAND, the accused will be treated under the GEORGE BUSH era terrorists laws.

Please, president Trump, address this betrayal on your next WHITE HOUSE press briefing RALLY, —you SonOfA Bitch!!!

For the record Wonder Woman, öüï can’t IMAGINE shit

Öüï does not know what eclectic 🐰 means.

Santo encadenado

Suplex japonés para “tod@s l@s que wuieren y aman el pancracio".

Lucha Libre! .::. A8E45EFD-2011-4C45-9075-E17795A3AD03 😇 You are not foolin’ anybody Demon, el Santo’s eyes are irreplaceable, that is you know: you cannot replace’em with your MASK.

In local news, El Hijo de “Santo” a sido secuestrado. Pistas preliminares apuntan a que “el” Blue Demon lo apañó. Reportes periciales arrojan datos de que el siniestro fue tramado en un Puto cinito mexicano en Les Lilas (casi esqina con el Veinte de París) y la guarida para guardar al Santo (el enmascarado de plata) se dio en un chingado “Hotel de Dios”, al lado del EsQuat de un tal, Quasimodo.

And now: stupid human tricks from New York 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Issy, Mujer Maravilla, esto es un méndigo intermedio en technicolor®️.

Fuck'n Cucamonga

Fuck’n Cucamonga

And at Nicolle’s Basement — Still to come, The Hawaiian Pistoleros


Thank God!

Nicolle goes Commando on deadline .::. CD650A12-600A-4B34-97EC-AFC6D80FCF0B 🚿

The Nicolle’s husband household scored a Commando 450 from “the” USPS!!! Yeah. Meanwhile in Washington, the lack of preparedness from the Donald John Trump administration is now turning the American Image of “exceptionalism” into a GOODFELLAS scene at La Guardia Airport, in SHYNA! IN SHYNA!!!

Capitalismo Salvaje 101

Capitalismo Salvaje 101 .::. E5D4B0EC-A5CC-49D8-B4B7-D801EC7BF31F 🦆 Stop lying, Mr. Trump. Stop saying that, “the free market is a wonderful thing.”

Wet market, free market, heck any unregulated market, it is just bull puckey… Dear, AFP: nice prop that the AP sold you there.

Time now in Hilo, Hawaii is the 22 hundred hour of the They and according to sources close to them Hello Goodbye’s, D.a.R.e. are more Clouds than Sun for the Day ahead, but D.A.T.’s ok because, “Survey Says”:

Indeed, hombre

Indeed hombre! BEACHHHHHH! .::. 53B99917-D8DA-4741-88FB-14BECD3F7473 🏇🏼“Sombras nada mas”. •

Jack Nicholson is a fag, dijo “El Guasón”. 

Eye has The Feelies D.A.T., Jon Bon Jovi* is a fag… Groucho Marx

Anagram con teclas mecánicas:


It’s from ANONYMOUS .::. FB6F919D-7740-416B-9AE8-582D84E4BF05 🚶🏽‍♂️ «SHE », being la puta máquina de escribir, of course… and not, “the one D.A.T. you are with,” as heard from The Flaming Lips of Cousin Joe on The MoreJo Show^

… [M]eanwhile in Washington, Donald John Trump, is holding the nightly National Rally with “the” doctors as the opening act. In the European Theater of Pain it’s already “FISH” day and in EL EY it’s the 1600 hours in Pacific Stranded Time.

Over at Mr. Schmitty’s living room, Steve is trying on a different look, but he’s not FOOLING anybody, stop it, Steve! You are only encouraging Ali Velshi to start sporting that Disco Stu afro in the next segment. And besides, you should not shower with you wig on, Mr. Schmitty.

C'mon, Steve!

C’mon, Steve .::. 9887AB8E-31DB-4E87-A6F5-F2F0D9E04C38 🚿 You are not fooling anybody, Steve. Öüï all know that you took a no pressure shower on D.A.T. D.A.R.E afro wig that you are covering your noggin with. Admit it! Mr. Schmitty, you are guilty as charged.

… timestamp in Hilo, Hawaii is
TUESDAY, March 31st of 2020
at the 20th hour of the THEY,

Earlier in the transmission:

Deconstructed American Anagram

Deconstructed American Anagram .::. 1ECCB979-2F37-4E51-8FF9-2D6EA36720A5 📈 Assume, says you? Ass (out of) U (and) Me, provided Little Havana has a say on the “Stay–the–fuck out of la Calle Ocho”.

the devil is in the dentils,
Rachel Maddow is going to,
“Survey says?”

Porta italiana estrema

Deer, Alicia Menendez — Now D.A.T. öüï is with The Ozarks

Don’t join “The Runaways”, and don’t, for one second think that öüï missed a beat last night when you gulped after covering Candidate’s Biden on your weekend show.

The re-adjustment

The attitude re-adjustment .::. 601D73FA-E0BC-4A98-B65A-416B50C197ED 🦌Episode where Willie Geist suggests that Phil Griffin should not BLACK-OUT the coverage of The Bernie Sanders Campaign, and where Elise Jordan gets to treat Willie Geist as a non–conformist Jonas Brother. 🎟 Trivia: Elise Jordan was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club and was trained by Mickey (🐀) on how to properly hit someone with balls, in the balls.

And starring as Willy Geist:
Frank Cosgroves, Jr.

In triangulated Local news…
🎵 Now you’ve heard about the… toilette paper raids; [break]

From Reuters, vía La Jornada (de el staff) .::. 6BDDD52C-AEB2-4179-B85A-EA9BE91CF3EE 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ Covid-19: Mayor productor de condones del mundo alerta sobre escasez. —_•!•_— President TRUMP Suggests to the Trojans at USC if it would be possible to reuse them “capotes” after use, just like the face masks, —you know

it’s not ONE of THOSE.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /sociedad /2020/03/29 /covid-19-mayor-productor-de-condones-del-mundo-alerta-sobre-escasez-9462 .html

Deer, Ari Melver

Deer, Ari Melver .::. C43C4754-9375-41FD-A3CF-968E0A45C240 💦 Please remind the good doctor, D.A.T. öüï never ever – ever ever fake the content, nor look for props, —and D.A.T. öüï, will most definitely keep our droplets. —_•!•_— Fake, it! Go ahead, Try it.

And, you probably heard about how the Atlantans from Atlanta went ahead and suplexed the heck out of the “applause in unison” for the hospital workers during the COVID–19 epidemic… but! And it’s a big but, New York City would have none of it and one of them “peacock” news producers had to “document” how those dang–on city slickers HAD THE GALL, to take from France what appears to be a wave of appreciation for Medical Care issues; at this motherfucking rate, Robert Costa…

How about that Yamiche, eh!

How about that Yamiche, eh! .::. E3B52D4D-E930-4279-9F25-105D7FF87AE2 🗣 Eye will not spread coodies on you or the Fed wife; however, eye will shower you both on the Sanders blackout on “the” MSNBC’s and, Cousin Joe, the spotlight on “the” VP. —_•!•_— Listen man, if the best choice to replace Trump is a used car salesman, then so be it, but all öüï are saying is that if The best option was a person who tells “the moment” what it wants to hear, we the people are going to be stuck with the same system which allowed The Tea Party to flourish and… Beto O’Rourke said it best: Biden would be great for his father–in–law’s bottom line.

Americans might just go ahead and opt for D.A.T. D.A.R.E universal health care option at the ballot box next November. It’s too bad, Andrea Mitchell (our favorite FED’s wife) that the Trump administration is already working for that “special place in Hell” for both profiting out of the COVID-19 crisis and, for working the beta–phase machinations to hijack his second term in office, Oh, the motherfucking humanity, Cousin Joe! The motherfucking humanity.

And at Nicolle’s basement:

It is now evident, that the Wallace husband’s household shower head has no pressure. For reference please check with NEWman at the United States POSTAL SERVICE; for reference, please check with Mr. Schdmitty, or just watch the syndicated reruns:

Deer, Alicia Menendez — we now return, to The Ozarks

Previously, on The Ozarks:

“Let it rip…”

Paul Simon in the role of
Dr. Fauci
formally, Dr. Fugazi

Come get some

Come get some
Ozark, S03; Ep1
Elise Jordan adjusts Willie Geist‘s attitude regarding the Bernie Sanders coverage on “the” msnbc’s.

The producers of D.A.T. D.A.R.E American narcos show forgot to refresh the memoryof the previous season to the fans of that little casino nazi manager with the crooked little midwest accent, Ruth Langmore, luckily for our the non–readers of this most non–consequential blog, öüï have got your bases covered.


BREAKING THE NEWS fron The Rose Garden:

The President of them united states has rearranged the ORGANIZED GRAB ASS SESSIONS at the white house. In an attempt to catch–up to the decision–making that Donald John Trump failed to take into consideration BACK IN THE MONTH OF JANUARY, the president is once again learning what he he should have known all along; that the Army Corps of Engineers can build beds, because the entire fucking world WHO does not live under the circus tarp of a Trump MAGA rally know, China can build hospitals in record time (One Week).

BREAKING THOUGHTS and breaking wind

Harrumphing with “the” Donald

Harrumphing with “the” Donald .::. E155DC87-DF3B-42ED-AA0A-519A32A63C25 🎪 Based on a true story… from The City of Rockridge.

Dear, Ivanka Trump,
here’s an innovative idea for the genius who said on National TV that he would probably fuck you (check the E–News), why not suggest to his dumb-ass that instead of getting in the way of the grown–up’s in the clinics and hospitals, perhaps his excellency should focus on the design process of the god damned medals that the health care and medical profession should receive when this fucking WAR that the president of France (not donald trump) declared on this “hoax” that the POTUS avoided for two months. Maybe… just maybe, Mrs. Kushner, it would restore the value that the PMF lost when your step-mother rested it on Rush Limbaugh’s neck.

The makers of this most

Intermedio con El Monoaureo — You get one Chance, Negrita (no mulligans)

ISSY, don Calderón, ya lo dice un viejo refrán en una Heroica Hemeroteca de monitos:

Lo siento Giacometti

Lo siento Giacometti .::. 1C7840A8-5949-43C9-9393-AF811ED70114 📰 … [P]ero en el llamado “USO JUSTO DE TODOS LOS MEDIOS”, con fines, o para propósitos de recabar datos (llámese también « captura de información ») para la posteridad, o mismo (si las hay) futuras generaciones, fue BORRADO POR LOS MEDIOS “originales” y, por si sobrara menossolapado by complacent newspaper archives, which —with all due respect— defeat the purpose of an INTERNET MACHINE; don’t ya’Think so, sir? dicho de otra manera, sobre aviso no hay “perjuicio”, por citar a un juarense michoacano. Así que, ¿cuál herida (querida)?.

“Aunque algunos cartones ya los hayan borrado los medios originales, quedarán los textos. Click sobre la imagen para agrandar”.

In any case and/or scenario, Chuck Todd, that there Chris Hayes was about to blow up last night, wasn’t he, until someone or maybe himself caught the outrage before speaking to the governor of New York; Matilda’s favorite son according to CNN; anygüey Chuckels, you were right on target last night, that is to say —tune in— and there still remains an ELECTION PROCESS to complete.

The Ozarks on MSNBC

The Ozarks on MSNBC .::. 6DCAE07E-389F-48C3-83A8-8A12438D70C2 🔫💣🧨 My friend of Missouri… DYN–O–MITE!

Which brings me, a most non-consequential bum to ask the following question before getting on the A Train (M-11) and back into the underground, under the underground, —literally.

Why, sir, is CNN not covering the sexual assault allegations against the former Senator of Delaware? Eye knows that Nicolle, if given the opportunity to speak with the former vice-president of the United States of America (again) she would waste 10 minutes of her time slot shmoozing with the candidate of DEM D.A.R.E choir boys in the American South. On the flip-side, Senator Kristen* Gillibrand, there is that there thing that we [the staff of this most non-consequential blog] mentioned on this space, —that you most certainly, would not take the time to read— about women making complains about men. Do you, madam see where we are going with this? If not, continue like Chris Hayes not getting “All In” en el contenido de este tan intrascendente blog, because it is one thing to (listen up monoaureo):

[* beg your pardon^ Senator, KIRsten]

get one’s feeling hurt, and quite another to get one’s physical body injured. [1A]

In Empire News

In Empire news .::. 49B81AE9-044F-451B-98A8-AA7EBC2F2502 🚪 “Jump” to page 3. New York State. — Like the American health system, WHO some, like Death Cult Republican representative for the Savannah congressional district in Georgia, Earl Leroy “Buddy” Carter, think that it is the best health care system in the world, another victim of the times and the misconception about The United States of America is the perception of its doors. For decades, The Doors (of L’America) were thought of around The Globe as some of the coolest , perhaps for some (except for Frank Sinatra WHO had a notorious distaste for the American Doors) the best.  Not so anymore since the lockdowns in several major cities have shown, that Americans (except for Steve Rattner¹) have a pretty insipid taste in their doors, pretty much all American doors are framed in the same color and style. Eye suggests, that as soon as this on–going crisis is over, and people have the opportunity to go out and shop again, Americans should change them uniform–looking doors. Perhaps that’s why Jim decided to follow in CARL’s steps and move to a different country where the perception of it’s Doors remains with character.

^ also, Reverend Sharpton
the signal corps are under attack,
and so we’ll pick it up tomorrow,
spectrum permitting.

In any case, Rachel Maddow, one (or those with a broad audience) should not get to cherry pick which #metoo movement allegations should get air time. Eye mean, Kasie Hunt, what kind of coverage would Candidate Bernie Sanders receive if he was to be accused of raping Fidel Castro, eh‽


1. Steve Rattner is an American investment asset specialist, under the Obama years he bought a whole bunch of junker cars to stimulate the automobile industry. Currently, he is the go-to guy when subliminal graphs and pie charts are needed on the Mornig Joe Show in order to describe an a national economic trend an/or outcome; in THE DOORS context above, Steve Rattner is… FAST–FORWARD to the year 2049 where:

https ://imdb .com /title /tt1856101 /trivia

Wood is rare and valuable in the movie Blade Runner 2049. Steve Rattner’s home studio for MSNBC goes beyond having character, as a matter of fact, some might say that Steve Rattner’s office space for MSNBC veers on the opulent side of the spectrum; it’s as if Steve Rattner would understand and would want to emulate the villainous character of Niander Wallace’s taste for WOOD and, D.A.T. his house is made almost entirely out of wood to show how wealthy he is… D.A.T. motherfucker!

1A. With regards to gender-biased legislation please stand by for context, because this comparison is specific to yesterday’s monoaureo comment on Horax’s political cartoon about the Mexican State of Puebla governor and his take on the COVID–19 response under his watch. Time now in Hilo, Hawaii, Senator Gillibrand is:

Sunday Morning.

And in New York City is

And in New York City it’s .::. DFB70FD9-80E6-47DE-8394-96BE0D219D1A 🗣 SATURDAY NIGHT

And at n°10 Downing Street — The Fantasy of Easter

Breaking the news:

La ironía se pinta sola

La ironía se pinta sola .::. E6A1C291-B27E-42B1-904F-DA37DB823A27 … did you mean, monoaureo, to addinjuryto insult? —_•!•_— Dile NO a los «falsos amigos », a los de dos patas y a los de la tarea de una “traducción” y re interpretación.  EFEMÉRIDE francesa and Google Doodle of the THEY: https ://www .google .com /doodles /celebratingthemarinière

In WaWa Land:

Ashley Parker is a “guadalupana”, but unlike the “aspirational” fantasies of populist governments who want to be open for business by the end of “la cuaresma”, or WOIst, the ones WHO assure their population that because they “happen to be poor” (apparently like the ENTIRE State of PUEBLA de Zaragoza) they won’t get hit by 100,000 cases of coronavirus victims, The Washington Post reporter appears to be advocating for science and data to measure the oncoming Tsunami of funerals expected in the “former greatest country” in the mind of gringos.

Just the facts Ma'am

Just the facts Ma’am .::. A3E20EB0-D716-4D30-B071-DD2FB9BA5A1F 🛵 Previously, on American Patchworks: it’s a true story, but in a different universe, not in this surreal world D.A.T. öüï are living through in the third month of the twentieth year of third millenium of the Common Era. The story, according to the Rastafarian face under the grassy plant over Ashley’s left shoulder, is that as a teen (again, in a different Alternate reality) she used to love riding in Hot Rods, which she called « really really boss cars » or someting like D.A.T.; in this universe, Ashley is an undercover Guadalupana. Indeed.

Across the Atlantic, —from Atlanta:

Brexit has come up with a case of the coodies, symptoms are mild, and sources close to them Rosbif’s say that the PM is sitting comfortably numb on an Olde English leather couch, —a lover of ROMANs, and their Empire— Boris Johnson is feeling right at the Lorem Ipsum side of the fence.

Wendy Byrde stars as Mika Brzezinski .:. 04437C4D-1058-4305-A5F6-727F20CB0108 ✍🏼 Season 3; EP 1 opens at a SORIANA shopping mall in Coahuila de Zaragoza.

Over at The Atlanta, Georgia (dome),  Brian Williams has just reported (12 hours ago, approx.) that in a surprise overtake of humanity, Atlantans in high-rise containment units have invented the Parisian sound of unison applause of appreciation for medical workers and other trades and occupations WHO remain active in the service of their community. The move, which CATCH enthusiasts called a “suplex japonés al estilo Lucha Libre” is a bold move in the pride of Parisinas, WHO normally hold the ©️, the ™️, the patent and, the ®️ trademark on inventions and discoveries under D.A.T. D.A.R.E “Old Lucky Sun”… OHhhhh, The Humanity, Mika, The—Humanity.