The Fry Attachment Rate, by François a la patate


Now in the lexico del campo glosario of the BISTRO sphere in Paris, the names of the bricks, like the ideology of the BISTRO clientele’s IDEOLOGY might change, but the physical address stays the same, —unless there’s like a major REGIME change, in which case, the streets, the avenues and of course, its boulevards change the heros and the events.

It used to be the BoBar
continuing with page 181 of Marie-Ange Schiltz’ “cajonería³“, this is the final paragraph (V) of page 181 and it adapts a little something like this:
Alexander, my dear Alexander, with his uncertain reasoning, jerky speech and thick, almost incomprehensible British accent. English, I think he’s a class act. He used to be a teacher, they say. Alexander scours Paris, I walk a lot. We’ve met several times around Montparnasse.—
End of Page, jump to page 182


³~. … not to be confused with “co°jo°nes° because La Bagagerie’s setup is basically a collection of cajones; but yes, baggage is reason for those cajones to be;

Whoooop*, there it is 🍟 FRENCH GIRLS BLOWING TRUMPets:

It’s DINAH thyme 🎺

https ://asegovia3 .com /2017/04/29 /french-girls-blowing-trumpets/

Page 182, La Jornada con y sin chinches, y se adapta así para Primero Mis Huevos y luego, y luego mis Hot Cakes:
So British, he goes the distance. Our surprise explodes joyfully and sincerely on the sidewalk. As always, our interactions end as abruptly as these began. Alexander goes his way, I go mine. We turn and greet each other. We haven’t said a word, and yet I know he’s as pleased as I about this unexpected encounter.
¶1, page 182.


https ://asegovia3 .com /2017/04/03 /glosario-y-campo-lexico-spectacles/

*~. Sorry if I dismembered your jingle… got Ketchup?

After the break, it’s The Exorcist, ISSY, your mother sucks Coq at La Maub del Cardenal Elmonje de Lemoine en El Anahuacalli… HOY POR SER, día del reparto de tierras del Tata Cárdenas, te venimos a cantar. Ejido Sies de Octobre, —presente.

It used to be Le Maubert, now it’s just another place to suck Coq. Rumor°Osa calims that the coq is not even French, Kosher or dare EYE say, Halāl! Sources close to Vilma Fuentes en las Tres Puertas de La Maub relay that el gallo is none other than the infamous “GALLITO INGLÉS”, aunque usted no lo crea.

16 de septiembre, 2016 ∴ hoy marchan

Les frescos de la salle de garde, secret Patrimonio in plain sight, today Öüï begin to by re-visiting Saint–Louis, 1 Av. Claude Vellefaux, 75010 — CED_EX, for more reasons than the orgy which, began to take shape on a tour bus that departed from there, —no less.

Ma sorcière bien aimée, ISSY, ¡Viva México, ratones!

“They’re just the interns”

Meanwhile at Longchamp, I’ve seen that movie Aussi, Alix.

Gaviota, el son de Georgina y Alix.

Si yo fuera Lionel Messi, metería de materia un gol por la puerta de Dios.

Who wore it best* — Paris Fashion Week

*~. Katty Kay did, but Mika made that pole 💈 look sexy as hell. It’s strip tease at The Karaoke Bar next to Mika Brzezinski’s Penthouse on Third Rock.

Dyerville para Chile and chile for your CORN…
𝄆 Mariposas amarillas, Mauricio Babilonia snippet 𝄟 comes courtesy of Indian poet, Varghese Kuncheria³.


³~. https ://www .poetrysoup .com /poem/im_a_timid_butterfly _1286613 in:
Butterfly Child Abuse Poems

And, Cousin Joe, I’ve been to the desert on a horse with no name called 🏞️ ATLAS RANGE 🏜️


For A Few Dollars More… Penthouse Stories now with music by Maricones 🤠

Claudia Sheinbaum sings all the whacked themes of Houston’s crack House… that’s her prerogative.


🕯️… must be the lighting.

Most beautiful lighting, —in°deed. And it’s all because of them 9th month abortions in East Rutherford, New Jersey… JET!


Any how, with September 11 out of the frame let U.S. re-focus on the one thing that Eye has no control of, and that off-Course, is Stanley Kubrick and the musical Morricone-es-es who closed their jeepers Wide Open during the orgy scene at Victor Hugo’s miserable abode on the north eastern corner of Place des Vosges, and if your name is Professor Johanne Grazia Poisson, well then you might remember what an unhinged Ferrari door-job looks like, of


what a classic Jaguar suspension lift feels, —when you are down and out on the periphery of La Bastille.

Répétition to the left followed by Sandwich 🥪 a la tetona.

Intermission with Rosemary’s Baby 🍼


All the fits that’s news. By : Douglas Winston Adams Lennon. In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Le Beaubourg… Ewe cocksuckers are going to like the Güey you look, —Eye Guarantees, IT!


Is America a cult?

— Only the Fire Woman 👠 part, it’s a “relativa³” de Marianne, a French floosy who makes the new Balompie Champions of The World look like las guardianas de la veladora de la castidad en el Toledo de un S-Mart. One Schokolate-au-lait, S.V.P. 💃🏿

Previously on Special Delivery for El Museo de La Lucha Libre en la hora feliz. It’s Quetzalcoatl.

³~. Tin-Tânīsmö del Anglosajón, relative, a kin to someone, pues.

Note to non-readers, las micheladas corren por cortesía de  Huitzitl, y la cuenta de Xóchitl en el Electrik Cue.

Katty Kay narrates. And Katty Kay, this is Julio Guernacas cue to whip-out his copy of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Samalayuca! Es más, Dan, a feeling.

By Joe Scarborough.

Answer: yes it is. But it’s a good cult, period!


After the break, it’s Florida Politics… who gives a fuck, in México, we are burning books, just like communists warned about fascists.

For context, math errors on school books is no reason to burn books, that is what a shredder is for, because as the IMER morning edition chiapaneco says, “where books burn, people often follow”. And if you are from Aguascalientes, would it make the Archbishop there feel better if instead of a penis, a fucking banana was used to show your future SICARIOS how to wrap their Johnson?

She’ll start gushin’, period!


It’s strategic not religious

Got depression? Get a “limpia”.

Peligro… MAL27

Intermedio entre Olympiades… all the Guerras that fit.


Previously en la Hidalgo… dirección Tasqueña 🚇, Mexican authorities ignore their own promises to provide mental health care for trauma victims, unofficially, first-hand witnesses overheard a public outreach agent from the Mexican National Guard recommend to a Post Traumatic Stress victim to seek the ‘charisma’ of the nearest “curandera” or, « Madame Ruth, you know, that gypsy with the gold-capped tooth » and, very important KNOT to forget to request a “clean energy” tax deduction receipt for a “limpia 🥚🥛🧄🧙🏿‍♀️ session,” period!

All quiet on The Berlin front.


Todos tus muertos:

Foto of Island by Roger Pérez. Just the facts, over…


Note to editors:

we [the staff] are experiencing signal interference from across la rue du NIL, and because Roger Pérez 🇵🇪 once witnessed that blood-curdling shriek 📡 blaring out of the FM freq’s on 📻 of the kitchen floor, when Pablo from Segovia, Spain, (no-less) went straight to hell, it happened on the very day that Pablo was about to be cremated. Little Ol’ i, (Armando Segovia) mention the artist’s name because of the “transmission” of that departure, however, i must be emphatically clear that this post is not about him (Roger, that…), it is nonetheless, about Lorenzo, dit Lencho, en Castellano del bueno.

Vamos pues, a hacer una “limpia” para la puta “causa »…

📡… Le hospitalizan, le escanean, le analizan y le dan medicamento de punta de lanza. La administración se encarga. El paciente, un tiburón, puede marcharse a su lamentablemente esquina en la acera insolentemente bautizada como la rue de Nil, la calle de moda del barrio, “salario medio 5.000 euros”. Elegante, rebelde y digno, Fabrizio es bien respetado en la zona. El bistró de enfrente sirve cafés especiales que pueden llegar calientes desde el otro lado de la calle. Stéphane _
Page 180 ; ¶ 4.

Fabrice, dit Fabrizio. Fabrizio l’élancé, le rasta, le séropo qui parfois refuse de se soigner. Il ne veut plus vivre, dit-il, plus passer ses journées sur un trot- toir. Il s’invective. Il se révolte. Le virus s’active. Il est hospitalisé, scanner, analyses, médication de pointe. L’administration administre. Le patient requin qué peut sortir vers son infortuné trottoir au coin de la rue du Nil, rue bobo du quartier s’il en est, insolemment dénommée « salaire moyen 5 000 € ». Élégant, rebelle, digne, Fabrizio est estimé dans les parages. Le bistrot d’en face sert des cafés spéciaux, capables d’arriver chauds de l’autre côté de la rue. Stéphane

Page 180 ; ¶ 4

A Closer Look… with all due respect.

s’installe souvent aux côtés de Fabrizio. Les nouvelles sont bonnes. Ils ont un studio en perspective. Ils ont fait leurs calculs, les aides, le RSA et les reve-nus de leur « travail » (faire la manche) : en partageant le loyer, ils assurent. Dernière conversation, dernière « mise à l’abri », Fabrizio décède à l’hôpital. Il ne s’évapore pas pour autant comme tant d’autres, au-dessus de sa place, son ombre s’attarde. Sur le mur, son portrait s’affiche, seules les pluies d’ouest auront raison de la photo.

Page181 ; ¶1

Page181; ¶1:
… a menudo se sienta junto a Fabrizio. Las noticias son buenas. Tienen un depa* en el horizonte**. Han hecho sus cuentas, los subsidios, los recursos de alocación solidaria (RSA, por sus siglas en Francés) y los ingresos de su “trabajo” (mendigar): compartiendo el alquiler, están a salvo. Última conversación, último “refugio”, Fabrizio muere en el hospital. Pero no se evapora como tantos otros, su sombra perdura sobre el local. Su retrato se exhibe en la pared, y sólo las lluvias del oeste lo borrarán.


Tuesday’s Gone, the Atomic TupperWare Commission³

“Nothing less than catastrophic…,” dice, Jim Henson 🐸, but first here’s another fragment of Mains Libres, ‘a place where Évry body knows your name’.

Dans le jardin des Halles, il y a une vieille dame effrontée et facétieuse, Marie-Louise, je la connais bien. Elle verse son rouge dans une bouteille… ¶ 6, fin de la page 178.

Coke, IT!, is...

In the garden at Les Halles, there’s a cheeky, facetious old lady, Marie-Louise, I know her well. She pours her red wine into a bottle…

¶ 6, end of page 178.


Across the pond, The Reptilians found themselves in a pool of sweat 💦 and that’s just the way that the conservatives want it.

Stop the press-es-es, Ese! Los amigos de Raphaël Morán are pulling a JUANITO GUANAVACOA on their Champs Élysées P.R. review:

https ://www .rfi .fr /fr /ameriques/20230709mexique-un-journaliste-du-grand-quotidien-la-jornada-assassine

On this blog….the Great Raphaël Morán, and his colleagues “tactical” reporting for El Palacio de Hierro, en Matignon, is always a reason to take a nap and dream about AWE, Ewe, and off-course Mí.

Atomic WEAPONS Establishment

With All Due Respect, stop the press-es-es, Güey.

Oppenheimer gets the last laugh on a pussy-ass United State Senate, and in the words of The Talking Heads:

Same as it, Eva was.
Same as it, Eva was..
Same as it, Eva was…

O.N.C.E. in a Lifetime, there is water underground.


Sex with your Parents… and Coach, it says here that you engaged in fornication with your children —in Alabama, where the sky is blue,


³~. Amsterdam smoke-shops are now fair territory for the consumption of MARIHUANA by U.S. military personnel at The Bulldog in Holland, —it’s the law of the land— just like reproductive rights for U.S. military personnel are now the law of the land of Congressman Scarborough’s home, where female personnel stationed in Alabama can go to jail if the birth-vessel even thinks of stopping a pregnancy while being mobile in Montgomery, or experiencing that SEINE NET EXPERIENCE in the Gulf of México.

Oh, the Krispyness… and what a way to play lip-service on the Morjo Show, what’s the matter Joe, are you afraid that GOV. Krispy will close the Turnpike to Nantucket, and seal the doughnut pantry for you, you son of a bitch? Stick around, I have Ambassador Porfirio Thierry Muñoz Ledo Chevannier’s dad here, on his way to El Averno.


https ://www .nbcnews .com /politics /congress /general-brown-prévient-que-l-armee-americaine-perdra-des-talents-a-cause-du-blocus-du-GOP-sur-les promotions-that-tuberville-is-blocking-rcna

Go Ahead, France24… go to Aguascalientes TV (MX) and get your little ketch-up packets, —go ahead, I’ll take care of the news that your talking heads will be talking about tomorrow morning on BFM’ER TV.

Tangas or G-string? Which one is it, Mme. Macron?

It was bound to happen, following the sexual harassment law suit coverage of former White House resident, Donald John Trump in the Manhattan Burrough of New York City, New York, KATIE PHANGS moved to Paris, where she is now in the process of selling sketches for the mock trial tribunals de La Sorbonne. It’s like The American BAR, except that instead of Bud Light™ the esquires drink mimosas for breakfast.


You know, Jacqueline Ale-many, they* say that playing shrink to heads of state is the fastest way of getting old, Romanian dermatologistes-es advice that if listening to peoples problems is your thing, then the shrink doctorate candidate should veer into onto the comedy track, clowns and drug addicts keep them “patas de gallo³” away.

³~. Crow-es feet.
Remember Jacqueline Ale-many, always remember that Australia, Australia is in-deed the enemy!

Öüï tried to warn Jackie, but the Dough is just too sweet! BEHOLD what a ten-hour shift does to a head of state shrink, BEHOLD! JACQUELINE turned into Mic Jagger, at thi$$$ rate, Jackie is going to end up looking like The Fed’s Wife, Madame Andrea Mitchell.


For comparative purposes, just look at Jennifer Palmieri boobs on The Circus, sources close to John Heileman say that “Jenni” was the muse behind NOFX’s “New Boobs” in the sand, 36D or something like that.

Any how, Mme. Macron, how about that fucking chef, eh? Who would have thought that Putin’s chef was a fan of Burton (not that one, Summers), Anastasia pulling theet 🎻…

Cursos de civilización francesa con Jorge Saldaña
y jabón del perro de agradecido presentan:

En contexto, jump to mañana, no se vaya, El Alternativo con “las embajadoras” de Jorge Saldaña los espera en la rue de Fouarre con díagonal de las Trois Portes en La Maub.


de cualquier manera señora Macron, it’s not likely that YVELINES PRIgozhin is ever going to take over Sodexo™️ at MINER PETEs student cafeteria, bar, grill, and table-dance at The University of Texas at El Paso, but that son-of-a-bitch did take over Mali and the Places In BURKINA FASO, that only Sarah Chayes and Susan Powers dare to talk about at the gazebo on la rue GRABIEL next to 🏎️ Checo Perez human resources offices at the F.I.A., PROST, Alain, Prost MADAFAKA 🍻.

Sprechen sie Deutsch?


Hawaiianas, yes, Mme. First Lady, Hawaiianas. Why Hawaiianas, you might ask… because after six years of pointing out the ⏳ reciprocal ⌛ difference in the sand clock of Time Zones (12 hours-each)* the Paris Septième Art Board just discovered Pineapples and SASHA.

Meanwhile at El Carnal de Las Estrellas 🤩 Los de Molotov, ¡chinguen a su madre!


*~. During European Heure d’été time; however, during the Winter hours, Parisian clocks are in-synch with The Ukraine girls, (Back in the USSR).

⌛~. Go ahead, Roger Pérez, you may use that useless fact on your next vernissage.

Members close to Tele Lois pondered about how Charline will laugh herself to the Sixth Republic in the comfort of her own place.


Bal en plein AIR follows:


Of course, you have to be French to snap a picture and get it published, or you can just do the same things that PUTIN’s chef minions do to the journalists (in France) and SODEXO will give you a suit to wear with your French sponsor at the opening of your gallery, we, ES DECIR, Roger 🇵🇪 / 🇬🇧 Pérez, yo Armando Segovia 🇺🇲 /Armando Serrano 🇲🇽 Prieto lo hé visto en la Pelocula película mexicana: Nuevo Orden. 



Pistolero Crêpe — A la conquête de l’Ouest 🤠

Cut! It’s 16h in CET and, motherfuckers … Here comes the Sun 🌞.

& Julietta… please stand-by for Mia from BrUTEP!

In a world… where Julietta Capu…Leto didn’t swallow the poison, and the gun was a real prop, unlike that Rust-ridden rosco from The Tombstone set with the Baldwin mayor, comes the story of Shakespeare, the pornographer.

And, Juliet… after the break i will send “the list*” to Heileman, & Katty Kay, never mind The Wager in La Patagonia, I know a “lord of the flies” place where Évrybody knows your name, néanmoins you have to be a Tenure Diplôme del CNRS to tale tell the tale, you know the protocol, first, 🇵🇪 Mario Vargas Llosa at l’Académie française has to have the preliminary DRAFT translated so that he can then send it over to Grabiel At-All at The Ministry of FeedBuzz at l’Élysée.

*~. /r/nsfw/list


From the producers of Once Upon A Spaghetti with The Boss, and “Dancing in The Darkhouse”, comes the story of how Buzzfeed died. But FO’ist, it’s 14h in CET and TLALOC just started to piss, on a crowd that is about to hit Bastille.

You are welcome, Agent Angle… it is now 14h26 and TLALOC sent the rain a-Wey. Carry-on.


Once Upon A Time on The Buzz Feed De France á SciencesPo… and Cousin Joe, if the Buzzfeed Obituary page-feed was a grave, Loki would be dancing on It’s its epithet.

³~. Unless of course, the aforementioned “buzzfeed”, didn’t uncover the lead, and was in with a 🇲🇽 NARCO-STATE 🇲🇽 at the Unesco to black-ball me (back in 2016)  just for “funsies”, as the now-bankrupted media “giant” puts it, on one of its “Tic Toc™ time pieces”🪶.

Previously on the habitude de une ADF

Marie-Ange Schiltz was pouring over her working process for the CNRS:

Also, I am used to work with a reality altered strongly  by the fractioning of categories that I then enumerate. Then follows the choice of the statistical treatment, which, far from being neutral, involves a different loss of information in accordance to the technique of analysis implemented.

Venn Diagramming the situations followed by cutting your potential losses, perhaps?

Introductory synopsis of  Schiltz’s opening Sesame into SKID ROW in Paris France… with a time-delayed perspective as seen from an American asshole in France.

El primer torero porno strikes, —A-Gain!


Le Havre, France… 🎶 👄 well, Ewe Ho’id about Leone’s whistle while you WO’ik FO’ A Few d’Allas More (Pum!) It’s not one of those, this here is the story of a lonely Jeanne d’Arc next to Regina-en-Face aux Louvre.

Ladies in Gemini, una de vaqueros, starring La Vache qui rit 🐮 y los siete enanos toreros de Barcelonnette… Moooo!


& GO’ill de Niza, Old Nick is an Angel. Just because “the devil” was deported from paradise doesn’t take away his so-called essence, motherfucker remains as much an angel as any of El Patrón sicarios from Above. And isn’t that what all angels are, assassin for God? Except for Grabiel, that motherfucker is Baby Jesus’es dad-ese. God may be omnipresent like John Heileman on my adult needs history, but God is also impotent, which is why God is so merciful with VIAGRA and a total prick with abortion needs.

https ://theguardian .com /world /2023 /apr /27 /spain-bans-decades-long-tradition-of-dwarf-bullfighting

Looking for new frontiers The Snow White Show relocated their circus to the Normandy region of the HEXagone. The scheme of them French snowflakes of the RN, for Reaccionarios Nacionales (por sus SIGLOS en Francés) is to “re-conquer the west” and to troll the next runner-up for the position of Administrator of the VIéme République Française, Philippe Édouard.

And, Katty Kay, what says your RN’s over on Rosbifs land?


Leonardo Montagua has been vanished to the mound

Hee-haw re-cap, last week to they:

If la sociology is a combat sport, politics is the motherfucking art of GWAR.

Julieta was a HO, according to the Playbill on the P.J. Club… it used to be called “the morjo sho”, or something like that.


El hábito no hace al Shogun…
Pierre Bourdieu* en:
María de los Ángeles Schiltz’s-es
« La Jornada de un Quotidien… », a wetback’s Transliteration for the PEN 🪶 Club France
algo así con las manos libremente atadas.

Oldies but Goodies.


Ladies in Gemini, i honestly couldn’t tell you if Miami, or the rest of that land aberration for that matter, has any particular dish that those assholes (if and only if³) can claim for their neck of the ties. Except for alligator chitlins or swordfish in guano sauce i can’t think of anything, so I, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto, am going to fix some Lenguiza de Iguanas Ranas en-sobacadas de Guanabacoas en Brisket de Cleveland, Texas.

³~. Like Sevilla does 💃🏻 according to El Duende that slayed Rodrigo y Gabriela on fip dot live earlier on the scroll of Daniela Pierre-Bravo on BFM’er TV..

Unbuckle your waistband and … 🛴 curb your patín del diablo 👮🏿‍♂️ ‘cus Öüï’s gonna need a bigger pot to melt the Schlitz for Schiltz, so grab your political compass 🧭 pol’que Vamo’ pues al Newseum-sur-Potomac.

Nevermind Venice… Hoy es el día del Niño. It’s trou 🕳️ Hoy es el Día del Niño, and Julieta Eye ho’ID, IT!, through the MorjoSho that The Globe (those motherfuckers) have Ewe and Dark 🕶️ Brandon sorry-ass re-hashing the PAC(t)S.


My scientific habitus*, which has essentially practiced on the side of quantitative sociology did not prepare me for this exercise. The practice of statistics is more less a succession of controlled losses of information: to eliminate dregs (scoria) to highlight “the” structure.

Introductory synopsis of  Schiltz’s opening Sesame into SKID ROW in Paris France… with a time-delayed perspective as seen from am American asshole in France.


It’s 16h time in Hilo, Hawaii, in April in Paris, France, it’s already the dawn of The Sunday Show before the May Sees Parade à La Bastille.

Page 177

Où en suis-je, à présent, avec les personnes à la rue ?

On the next segment, “Jane, you ignorant slut!” Mika talks shop at Know Your Value in Yellowstone.

>> You know the drill, little ol’ i don’t select the weekend recaps on the Morjo Empire, which is only one they away before landing a spot on the Sunday Show, —m’Watch out Jonathan Capehart. What Eye can relay, however, is that even after Mika’s Arabian Peninsula magick carpet ride last month, the rest of the féminas on that gig are wondering why Willie GEIST, Mike Barnicle and Donnie Deutsch make twice the salt that Sonny Carneiro saca de pura pachanga en-Sevillada.

https ://twitter .com /BFMTV /Jusqu’à 40°C attendus autour de SévilleJusqu’à 40°C attendus autour de Séville

Previously on the Nantucker Hillbillies… Cousin Joe was about to take his fancy shoes off.


¿Tacopina?… never ho’id of Em#, pass the Salsa

Tacos Al Pastor… los tacos 🌮 que llevan piña 🍍, you betcha! And if youse gonna pay, pay with cash, I’m serious, unless you want your next charge to arrive from Romania.

https ://insightcrime .org /news /romanian-mafia-atm-skimming-mexico/

After the break, ¿What’s next for Philippe Martinez? Talk show host at BFM’ER TV? Maybe, or maybe he goes to Mexico on an expedition tour.


And oh sweet Poisson d’avril, doña Vilma is Air-b-N bein her La Jornada column space to a pedagog evaluator, but don’t tell her that there is a new “dog” with a bone at the CGT via DEADLINE Wallace, who coincidentally is a bone with a bitch.

Paris burns and Macron stokes the fire
Tatiana Col

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2023/03/31 /opinion /022a1pol

… Eye gotcha!