Lights in Paris came on at 2:213 pm

… [T]hat’s 16:13 hours in Harlem ; in Paris,
the A train à Châtelet is under repairs. Make nothing of it RATP, i can’t sleep anyway and construction machinery soothes my SOIN.

Take line one

Take line one to La Défense, and keep the noiZe down because we [the staff] literally rest our heads next to the wall where that dude on the A Train Rails is directing traffic.

MeanGüail, at the Stewart Channel:

les repas de Paul

les repas de Paul

It’s 4 o’Clock at El Nopal in Paris, France

De la redacción:

Just the facts Sandra, Sandro (de América) just the facts y [ya] deja a la Rosa de Guadalupe en paz… en las penumbras de Octavio Paz.

Aviso Oportuno / Clasificados pg.19–20.

El fichado amarillo

El fichado amarillo

– Se solicitan bailarines de danza tradicional Argelina para el MATCH de fútbol asociación en Egipto (vía la parada del metro LINE 6* de Bir–Hakeim).

* INDEED, Katty Kay (n°6)
In–Deed, the Brexit clan “recula”,
así como dicen los muy franceses,
and at Boulevard Grenelle (75015)
It’s a Ben STILLer world,
but it wouldn’t bee nothing
without a Woman on the Key of Sol.

[Attention Layout team:
There is an unsold space for the classified section of today’s Edición Vespertina ; Scratch the Usual FLUFF and instead, issue a public service Announcement for our non-readers (of this most inconsequential blog) in Samalayuca, Chihuahua; the spicks … the SPEC’s for this public service announcement, instad of the usual fluff are as follows]:

White Background margin on a very thin Black Line that serves as the perimeter for an opaque Yellow rectangle with the PSA announcement in Red Helvetica fonts… Size of SPEC ADD should be: B-4.

All of the Thyme: Trombone!!!

Wanna see what a “Bushy–Bushie hair-do looks like?


Deadline WaWaLand

In this section, Gael García Bernal, arrives a la Gare de Lyon, en Monterey, California y… se da cuenta que el distribuidor automático de boletos, irónicamente no reconocía la “redundancia” de las ERRES.

On the MsNBC screens at the terminal the action showed Porn and on The Times, right next to the obituary page (on the Left margin), the Labor Department announced a wanted ad for general labor starting at 15 dollars per hour. Nobody Cared, Porn was on the screen.

Consenting adults

Consenting adults

Dear. John Heilemann : Calendar what? If them “calendar” girls were Brown, the Mexican Consul at Donald Trump’s wingman Paris Mansion, would not hesitate to call these women “putas”, there is a video about that TOP-down behavior from “La Consul Peyorativa” de Los Amigos de Mexico en Francia on this most inconsequential blog, they did not say it, but they did push Manuel Valls to send ME back. Just Sayin’.

Just the facts, LeChat

—Why did she join, Sgt. LeChat?

— She’d always dreamed of doing the entire casernes and their big “Bals des pompiers”, that is all that the gnow SergeAnt Major Jordan said, and something about a RAND corporation… now get out of my office you fucking pig. and go save the Axolotl.

— Don’t you worry about the Axolotl, LeChat, if that is your REAL name?

Note to editors: Sgt. LeChat’s name is reserved per Sprit de Corps, or something like that*.

… y ya sabén cómo es mamón el pinche Axolotl:

Fucking salamander

Fucking Salamander!!!.:DCB80B32-B423-410F-89A3-6F5831F6A73F … •|• Eye am on to Ewe Salamander ; EYE GKNOW THE tepocates And you, Rand Paul are no champion of the People. You sir, is nothing but shit.

Kick out The Yamz, Motherfucker!!!

In Paris, France; Lemmy loves his Work at Radio Gallito (Metalo Shop)


Sucker, don’t shoot the Messenger ; shot Nike… Swoosh! I love Amerikkka because it Gabe Gabriel CAPITALISM at a Texas University Camus Campus.

French People Have no reason

Live from the Cinema Paradiso Louvre, where the French just re-invented at the Drive–In, but without the fucking Ford Fairlane. And of course, in true French Fashion, these fucking frogs are not letting anyone In… it’s Apocalypse NOW!!! on Top Fuel Funny Carz, of Course.

They broke his intentions apart

“They broke my [HIS] intentions apart briquet by briquet”. In MANDATORY Empty Outdoor Theaters this Summer.

Speculation runs HIGH now that LeChat, Sgt. Philippe LeChat confirmed that Elise Jordan has been inducted into the French Foreign Legion. RuMoor has it, that Elise Jordan, now a SergeAnt Major in the French Foreign Legion, will AIR-Assault the Empty Louvre “cinito” with a squad of Bare Naked Ladies [in Stilettos, of course] and they will re-invent the Sit-in.

Kick out the Yamz, Motherfucker!!!