Ladies in Gemini, disturbing news from California

Issy—the Exodus continues and Gov. Newsom… do you really think a set of spectacles and a new haircut from Claire’s contacts are going to hide that mug of yours?

Spin-Tumble-Dry: La Lavandería, is the rue in Paris and, a fancy restaurant in Clint Eastwood’s Carmel by the see:

Governor Newsom is running for President of La Île-de-France… who’s next? Let’s hope that it is not Mike Barnicle, —that motherfucker!

And in Washington, The NYT skipped a step on one of the bases of Metro Line 12

…[P]reviously on, Marcus MillerEwe Sun ov-Ah Bitch! Come At Mí with a boomerang full of Tickets to Jazz a Juan, (Sir*

And, Siren, Öüï kissed the good life away a long time ago… is that all there is 🔝 to “Ambición?”,  Let’s ask Morena-Francia and los amigos de López Obrador at The Bourse de Paris… so don’t make Mí crash The Arenas at Cardinale Lemoine.

Mika closes the post-cold war era tensions with a perfect impersonation of a “grown-ass” and soon-to-be unemployed Kate McKinnon, Cousin Joe on the opposite end of Mika’s left shoulder is getting better all the time at pegging the stupid face of the “Guy with a boat” character on SNL.

Fuck Ironman… Eye Am Groot!
🎵 Give peace a chance.

And still to come:

Badges!!! “I’m with Mel Brooks, Öüï don’t need no’stinkin Badges!

Over at The New York Times, the ol’ newspaper of record in the U.S. of A. is at it again, The NYT is taking “KurBall’s” information regarding Mexico’s Foreign Relations Secretary, Marcelo Ebrard, and his role in the collapse of an elevated metro line segment on a Mexican street… and his time while being exiled on Paris more « exclusive » Main Streets. This is going to get ugly.

Deer, Mothers of Invention 🇫🇷, page 2 (Supplement*


“Just the facts, ma’am », por ejemplo, the fact that on account that one can’t literally make this stuff up, the image above ⬆️ is a fair use of media to show, —not tale (Dr. Ruth* on page 4…. And Cerfie-p, never forget that this here blog is nothing but a draft, the whole Draft, —and nothing but the DRaft*

Sponsored by Claire McCaskill’s Super Cuts™️
—And Senator Claire, please relay to Eugene Robinson to not get all “batty” about what seems like an obsession with Kasie on Way Too Early. It is not. If, Alex Witt or, Lewis Burgdorff, or Yasmin Vassoughian was “manning” the « fountain » they would be the ones in Mom Mars Mars-es-es Mom place, ese.

“Just the facts, ma’am », por ejemplo, the fact that on account that one can’t literally make this stuff up, the image above ⬆️ is a fair use of media to show, —not tale (Dr. Ruth on page 4 (punto y coma) and Cerfie-p, Dr. Ruth is of off-course, in a MEXICAN imaginary place called BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR, better known as Bette (pronounced ‘Betty’, as in Ve-ti a la Xingada) Mildred, but Evryone Knew her as SAMMY. KNoT to be confused with Bette (Pronounced ‘Vete a la Chingada) Midler because that Rose is The ROCKET Queen on the LA Guns scene*

And Cerf-panthère,
the « P » in my Cerfie-p is a closed parenthesis, Ewe just have to think, move, and transfigure yourself between dimension, but yes, Cerfie-p, i dig cunnilingus… and Claire, it’s good to see you wearing your “therapist” glasses (sincerely… Lucifer*

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /1218 /reader /reader .html#! preferred /0 /package /1218 /pub /1105 /page /18

Tensions are high in at the Snack Machine Wars where Kasie and The Fantanas™️ are set to meet with the « spiritual père » of the haters club, Leny Parskeuuu!!!

🇳🇱 v. 🇺🇦

3️⃣       2️⃣

… “[O]h, The Humanity!*


Like the last Coca Cola™️ in the Fanta vending machine. When asked FOR COMMENT, “La Pecsi” shrugged (IT! off like a motherfucker * saying only, “what are you talking about?” in Cyrilic.

And in Brussels…


_ the Canadian Prime Minister is kissing-up to General Mark R. Naird of Space Farce fame on the msnbc’s… [L]ooks like Justin is trying to make a move on a young Kasie Hunt at the NATO Fanta™️ vending machines. For Context, this is part of season 6 where a Young Kasie Hunt is 23 and she is now the SODEXO®️ European Operations General Manager.

… Kasie secured the Fanta account after a successful merger with the Orange Crush™️ and now Prime Minister Trudeau wants to boost the Canada Dry brand with an orange boost.

Abra-CAD-CLAP this

This book has knot yet been rated.

Marcus Miller, you son-ovabitch, Eye is waiting, don’t make me CRASH the Arenas and remind a El Niño Luc, quién es su padre 🏄🏽‍♂️💀

… Fu¡! Di$c£o$ur€:

And Vania®️, “It’s Expensive being poor,” and Mika darling, Katty Kay is going to get a kick out of this. Quick story short… Mika Brzezinski, are you a Cougar? Or are you a lioness-es?  Philippe Labró wants to know, that’s all (Nº 2694; page 6, 30 factures… or as Antoine Compagnon once said, “here’s looking at you, Kid🍾”

🍾Donald Morrison

“Faites-nous réver », pages 3 ; 10-12… Reid all about, IT!, period. Or, you can switch it over to what used to be Nelson Mandela’s backyard, now it’s just A Monop®️ version of the “golden” corral… check it out.

Whatever might be the arrangement, take Eisenstein, please, take him to the parade¹ happening now (punto y coma) Sin Embargo, looking at Queen Elizabeth [the Seconds’] jolly COMMAND OF SOCIAL SIGNIFICATION, President Vladimir Putin could take a cue. And here is why:

Issy, before anything happens we are glad to announce that this portion of the They is being laundered by Saba™️Intima, pequeñin™️,Regio™️ and of course the good people at Essity, starring in A Band In Parts production of this SUMMER CINEMATIC caper de Cape Cod[o]:

And Congressman Scarborough, Eye bets your “dumb country-Lawy’r » script thought that THIS DRAFT WAS ABOUT YOU, eh!

Esto-es-El Colmo de un Clochard.

Featuring Vilma Fuentes, our favorite veteran from The “nosotras™️” clan of 1968, as the Crosseyed Connection between The Mexican Consulate situated just around the quadrant’s bend of to the left right anca of Ludovico Magno’s horses ass and The Préfecture de París, TEXAS… ask Major Pesquet, he’s got a clear-eyed view of The Red Cross between La AFP and Salma Hayek’s Bourse. Trou Story, wey!


¹.)_ “Happening now” Eisenstein uses “typography, the word “но” (but) is added to the title of the chapter (on the MSNBC…BS) which then animates and dissolves into an image of machinery in motion.[3][8] The administration is spying on the workers, reviewing a list of agents with vivid code names.

Say what’ever happened to that jet from the other They… [L]et’s pick up where with The Dutch going to Kuala Lampur were turned into smithereens.

And Cory Coffin… nevermind “el realismo mágico”, here comes “Le realismo psychologique de los Tolstöi’s-es y los DOStoïevski’s-es-es… “una disociación entre ACCÍON y CONCIENCIA². [Page 284, Dans La Production… The Birth and Life of Film. “Du Formalism ».

².)_ Chklovski, V., Textes Sur Le Cinéma ; Collection “Historia y estética del cine”, en colaboración con la Série « TRAVAUX ». 2011, Ed. L’Age d’Homme. Lausanne, Suisse.

After the break, Laurent Jullier asks WHY? [Pourqoui en Fránces] en tanto a las interpretaciones, especially the cultural ones, por ejemplo AVI VELSHI, page 184 of L’Analyse de Séquences (5th edition) asks:


2.2 ¿Hace falta hablar Japonés para analizar un film Japonés?

Previously on Robert Zimmerman is an old-fuck

FYI and context aside, Susana Poveda, your programming director was in the process of stepping up to the plate, and La Petrolera de PEMEX en France is on First…

And in the role of Sue Foley (the answer to the Lennon/McCartney’s “D.A.T’s What Eye Wants »), the one and only, Stephanie Ruhle, off-course!

Hilarity ensues when Donovan (of recent kissing David Lynch’s-es–eses ass fame) orders a Pabst Blue Ribbon at the DUNE drop-inn and sings a cover version of the Lennon-McCartney, “Yes it is true, he’s old as dirt”.

But FO’ist!!! Richard Lui walks into The Hôtel California, Captain Trips pulls out an Opinel™️, while “the beast” pulls out a Swiss Army AR-15.

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /nation /2021/06/05 /california-assault-weapons-ban-overturned/

Meanwhile at the Churubusco Studios en La Colonia Roma, la hermana República de El CaNaDa and the NARCOS are having a 🔫 Free Mid-TERM election 🔪 As that unravels, the Great State Of COAHUILA (home of The MEXICAN JUNETEENTH Celebración) is busy digging ♟’s (pronounced «pee-ons») from a Coal Mine, and Sixteen Tons of dirt later—the Song Remains The Same.

… [L]orem Ip Sumbitch, “and as a matter of fact,” says a Continental gentleman (El Topo) having a pair of Huevos Rancheros à la mode del Tostón d’Or, at the Sacred Mountain Lounge, “Robert Zimmerman está más viejo que los huevos del Doctor Fauci on the RACHEL BROADWAY Show.”

1942 this week World War II: The Battle of Midway begins. The Japanese Admiral Chūichi Nagumo orders a strike on Midway Island by much of the Imperial Japanese Navy… Dr. Fauci is sent back in time to remedy the Ninja Warriors.

As the A.I.D.S. si da situation developed in WaWa Land, Nancy Reagan and her actor president did everything in their power to delay the RACE for The Cure… Ask Rungis, France, also featured on this pasquín de moi. THE MORE THEY KNEW.

And Pablo, honey:

For this reason, The Republican Party must be turned into a political Relic, and the diaspora that left that fucking Tent in disgrace should start the Eye Am A Creep party 🎼📻

Yada Yada Yada … Aux Armes! etc.

Because you sure can’t live.

Uno de junio… and the weed report

How Eye learned to Save The WO’id and Burn The Beatles 💋 This are my credentials… And Chicano Batman (you motherfucker)… Freedom is Knot free, you French Son of a B….etter World. Dreyfus sends his regards, you fuck!

In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s the 11th Hour and … we remind McCarthy that Öüï began our journey on the first Saturday of 1991 in Kentucky, crossed The Atlantic to Heidelberg (Krautland) to get an Eight Up (pronounced Ate Up) Pathfinder patch, yada yada yada, and left Camp Casey (pronounced with a Capital K) with the John Lennon “Indian Patch”… That Is You’ve Got Ewe KNOW, Tune in but IT’s All right from Hope to Eternity… “It doesn’t matter much to Mí ».

No, no, No, Know!!!


“50 over Fiddy???»… Vice President Harris ca’int be a THEY over Thirty!

And Amb. Kennedy, don’t you forget that Australia is the Enemy… and Öüï is glad that you are no longer feeling Japanese.

And Katty Kay, June bug is the put a smile in your smack’er Month. And loss of signal, as usual is in full-effect…

Listen up Rolo Lemire, spit her out! Spit Kasie OUT!!! (you motherfucker)… and Willie Geist? Need Eye, refer you to all OF THE CRAP YOU LEARNED IN HIGH SCHOOL? Issy, Willie Geist, Eye did catch  you throwing them beads across the round table at the Mention of Mardi Grass, and it’s OK… say is Claire on the roster to they? If she show U.S. her carrot cake Öüï will show y’all of the boobs, starting with Netanyahu.

Witt D.A.T. in mind:

There he goes A Gain, Senator John McCaine is taunting Chuck de Gaulle, in this Stanza, The Maverick is dressed like the Original Nutty Professor.

Ladies in Gemini, THE ONE AND ONLY: JERRY Lewis… i swear this fucker came back as a Prefecture de Police (Cité) police officer on Metal detector duty… (Trenet knot Lewis) if time permits Eye will show you a picture of that SumBitch on account that very, very, very early on in the Process that gentleman got a kick of our Cinema (pronounced Kyrsten Sinema) at Cité.

Records and archives from March the First will show that the “hosto” houskeeping and other assorted front-line workers at the aforementioned Cochin are the backbone of the Georges Pompidou European Medical Mall.

MAKE IT ONE FOR MY BABY… and one for the good folks from the Medical Lab at Cochin who start the month in full NATIONAL SPORTS mode at the Rencontre Point á Châtelet (A B D coming from 4 14) the white coats demand that their medical instructions don’t be ignored at CITÉ (punto y coma AKA: Hôpital Dieu)

… And Katty Kay: it turnout that KNOW! Öüï cant just get along — they cut my headphones… gonna have to Ride a Buck, and fuck–Eye is Knot fond of the Rejoneador, but if you insist all that Eye asks (you motherfuckers) is to see me Face-to-face not that faggety shit you are good at… being punks.


Let’find out, FUCK IT!!! PABST BLUE RIBBON IS IN FULL EFFECT! And Ben Harper, Fuck your mr. iq.

And Sonny Boy, the answer is Know.

Know, it is not getting better for Fucks Sake!

https ://www .independent .co .uk /climate-change /news /greta-thunberg-twitter-video-b1853263 .html

NO INSISTAS SUSANA!.. pass the Salt.

After the break, Öüï liberates a El Fulanito pasando por ave… o algo así (punto y coma) in the mean time Eye goes by-the-numbers in a segment called, “Now you’ve seen how a Bill is killed on P S–it’s KNOT ONE OF THOSE–this here is how the best WaWa in the world is born”.

Hola Biches… don’t Ewe forget to Cross your Eyes and Dot your Tees

No insistas Suzy, but if you insist here is a Cuadro sin ConTexto, va por vos—Maja.

[Cutline holder:
Dot your Tee-s is CODE for Wet T-Shirt Contest at The Brasserie Bar and Grill]

It’s that time of the year to select this year’s cover for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special Edition* 🔰 Steph on the Left is wearing a Flock of Seagulls recycled silk maillot and, on the Right, Kristen gets a Walk home and is disqualified from the catwalk.

*.-) Iran edition

Öüï join our Exclusive coverage of The 1st 150th Anniversary of La Commune de Paris at the Bottom of the Second, and Ya Vi que los Piratas de Pittsburgh juegan al béisbol in the same fashion that the Andrés Manuel López Orador team purchases Old Relics in Texas to refine fossil fuel.

Deer, Adrienne Elrod… did you just called Mama Poule a chicken? This is why the locals here call French Fries: patriotic « allumettes ».

Deer, Mika… stop being such a Karen with mental health, and here is why, because Cousin Joe just passed that diamond from just a few pitches ago. It’s a beautiful rock, best diamond Joe’s ever passed.

Ashi Kagó Yow, knot to be confused with Ashi Kagó Zaratustra, because that’s over on the Roland Garros telenovela-Chow… pronounced for Ewe gringos : Show, as in show Mí your? … Anyone, “Show Mí your?”.

Oh boy… Steph is asking for trouble 👙… SI is up next, move over Kathy Ireland, Stephanie is shooting for 14 consecutive covers of Sports Illustrated (Muuua! Indeed Mua! Mua! Mua!)

¿Quesadilla sin queso, pues—mi Peje? No hay pedo, mi Peje, no hay pex, de cualquier manera quédese con el MUA!

Mua (Week 23)

A—men… after the break, Martha Stewart makes Pussy Guacamole using the secret utensil: El Molcajete…

And in Paris… The Notre Dame Project rejected our vision of Catherine Deneuve

📻🗣 This is what Ewe get…

The Green Mill: would have been a better re-brand, TOTAL, Vicky Carr, the location target is 4 mil 8 cent deux, Chicago, Illinois—like in… 1999 🎶 Two 1000 Zero-zero Party Over, or something like that.

And Eugene (not Robinson), in Hilo, Hawaii, it is still Wednesday, not Sunday morning, Sonny Boy.

Still to come, Los Presuntos Implicados cantan las canciones de Armando Manzanero, and over at The BBC, it’s “Give a Monkee a set of headphones and he’ll think that Manuel Valls es Miguel Bose.

… [A]nd in Paris, André-Gustave Citroën is obliterating vehicular singing with a Black Box in every car

 Vale por un Bono en Groundhog Day:

Mexican Lottery follows, From The Top—One’Mo A GAIN.


Deer, Parisien de Aujourd’hui…

I smelled Valls… no espera, es•pera Knot Valls, Manuel, scratch D.A.T. it’s GAZ, not Valls- whom I personally smelled dropping-in back in 2013 when The Mexican Embassy in Paris acted like what is being described by The Atlantic as, “transnational oppressor”, en Panamæ, sadly, the Unesco followed in 2016 when el hijo de don Porfirio, issued a “he not like u.s., real Mexicans à Panamæ” (punto y comieron) he’s from the side of la casa del Patrón (Bernardo Gómez) en Santa Monica, California, casi esquina con Univision [antes de la fusion con LatinUS].

https ://www .thelocal .fr /20130624 /france-considers-car-crash-black-boxes/?amp

In other Knew Knormal KNEWS, SPACE X Rocket launches are becoming as normal as gun shootings in Snowflakeland U.S.A.. I know, it’s a shitty comparison, but pundit, i don’t select the news i just play the hand.

https ://www .spacex .com /launches /index.html

And, Pundita… please relay to them Deadline producers that here’s the ticket, because a picture without context is like a bumper sticker, or a stupid tee-shirt slogan.

And willie Geist…

Eye got the moves, Mick Jagger.

And, Peter Alexander, never mind Pedro from Yesterday, It’s Alexandro’s fault… BALD POWER!!!

Look’y here, hippies, anyone who can turn wood pallets into an indoor barn door carries the sign of a wholesome specimen… pinto beans on the wall, what a heck is that? And Eugene, it’s Wednesday, not Sunday, sonny. Deer, John Heilemann, if you are  knot reading this: You Are Fired! Curly.

And Nicolle, if you want to go To Cuba, go… but the Yankees no cantan tan mal las habaneras. Adam Entous reports from the BETTER CALL SAUL big brother house… remember that character’s illness, [in] if you follow that series?

https ://breakingbad .fandom .com /wiki /Chicanery

Anyhow, Mr. Entous, fuck the University of Pennsylvania, if you want to get to the bottom of them brain injuries go to any Cuban clinic… they have the best doctors in the world… a U.S.-sponsored crippled system, but the best medicines  du monde. And isn’t it ironic—and Negrita, that’s what i am talking about… “Amarillo no me pongo, amarillo es mi color”.

“¡El avión! — El avión” ✈️ Mexican Lottery follows, From The Top—One’Mo A GAIN. 🏴 ♟

🎶 The beat goes on