French bashin’ part ii — Hubris en Espagnol: Fuck You François and Catalàn Boy.

ALL In, on Beggars Day.

There’s Something About El Peje:84C13A72-38DA-4958-A4B1-AD27DB79FD21 — Starring Diego [en] la Luna, as a W.Ö.R.M.

Gary and G.L.Ö.R.I.A. Sanchez productions

Musical Guest:
Sebastian Bach and Skid Row

Dear, Rachel Maddow:D89C6253-FCA0-498D-BB9F-2690E9C23461 •!• You are “the” MSNBC’s specialist on all things Uranium, right? We [the staff] understand that you and a squad of Richard Angles extracted all remaining Uranium in Toluca; but Öüï are not squared away on the intel that shows if you tried the local dish while engaged on that expeditionary coverage. BTW, Raquielito, you look great inside of a Plan Merida issued Hummer,

Starring: La Mano de Bernardo Gómez, in the R.OL.E. of Dick Cheney, and a V.E.R.Y. sedated Donald Rumsfeld orchestrating the Executive Position of Mexican President, Andrés Manuel L♥pez Obraveremos.

Act Önë: Le Ban des Indiens
Location: Mabillon ∴
inspired from the L.I.V.E. pages of
Roger Garry 1973’s Editon of:
Les Compagnons en France et en Europe
[for those TIMES when intentions get torn apart
brick by brick]

Please refer to Octubre Tenía Que Ser, and Una Comedia de Enredos on this most inconsequential blog.

… SEBASTIAN BACH told you so:

Faith healin’, superstition
Cold blooded criminal mind
Getting off on high position
Hey brother can you spare a dime
To get me off this slaughter line

Fourth verse after the 2nd Chorus Line of:
Skid Row’s 1991 Irak representation of
OPERATION DESERT FAREWELL/ operation desert calm
Livin’ on a Chain Gang
as interpreted by a fucking mexican on that fucking f.r.o.n.t.
so go ahead, “HUNT my HOUSE OF PAIN
and feed my Psycho L.O.V.E.”…
TOP SECRET: for your jeepers only,
Eye piss Depleated Uranium
before breakfast.

Ladies in Gemni,
Johann Sebastien Bach:

French bashing: patrimoine culturel immatériel de los Siete Mares

… and of course, patrimonio de l’humanite, or something like that.

How to see the ‘super worm equinox moon,’ the last supermoon of 2019:0BF8AE6B-1685-4B45-BD97-8022CEFAB42C •|• En Direct de Le G.R.O.S.S. Pomme aux Nantes

Anygüey, Suzi, previously on:
Las palomas de París.

It turns out that Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, the right-wing conservative pseudo pundit who, [along with a known cannibal and drummer boy on the Jon Batiste Jazz ensamble without a 📎] hijacked the real, Stephen T. Colbert, a debout meat-eating catholic on the Colbert Report, it turns out that Stephen a.k.a. “the lent meater
” didn’t get the N.O.T.E. on the scoop on Las Palomas de París and other birds of a’feather.

Famed cookie and the best worker on the face of the Globe, Joël Robuchon, is disgusted that stupid americans still call fried papas « French Fries”.

“It’s a fucking pomme, like your fucking Babylon 2, but in French, of course,” said Robuchon, who was breaking bread at Mabillon during an interview this afternoon.

Enter the Tactical “Polo”
and per
The Rachel Maddow Show request
Polo is wearing his trademark
Tan Suit…
pura puta providencia de Compagnon,
Just check out that Ops*

Things did not end there, dijo Polo, whose call sign is, Polo, of course, and proceeded to say the following about the Paloma ‘Sac–a–Dos’ experience, “es una puta abominación”, evidentemente, comenta el pinche viejo chistoso, esas pinches palomas estan algo tiesas del A.L.A. pero el Camu-Flash si les quedó chingón como el de mis jirafas,

CamusFlash:BDB27664-FD11-490A-94DA-F92D2A54D1A4   Ops, according to page 398 of, Connaissances des Hommes: Les Compagnons en France et en Europe; TOME PREMIER of the 1973 edition by Roger Garry & Cie., is part of the root found in Upsal, a Scandinavian city that is Sacred because it’s part of the happiest block on G.L.O.B.E..

¿a ver?, pregunta Polo, whose call S.I.G.N. is Polo, of course: let’s hear that fucking D.O.V.E. go, “Cu-cu-ru-cu-cu” sin echar pedos carnavaleros.

For Reference Use Only:E5F1970F-6A0F-4054-87C7-0D4607263166 •|• Tactical POLO

… gonna take a nap now.

So, Öüï take in a Stray, poo’thing is not perfect


It’s a despicable Bostonian. We [the staff] were doing our nightly Tour de Paname, the P.S.G. took the frog classic 3-1. Clint fucking Eastwood was jetted out on a pile of Studio magazines (2 boxes full), but the real crime was seeing all of the pages that clearly thought someone how to arrange a set of Keys on a piano from Peanuts to  für Elise, as a bonus, 4 tomes filled with the instructions on how to properly walk the Tour de France.

Update on the “https” issue at arrobajuarez

Banksters default on SEVERANCE PAY:7CB1C02F-98B7-4826-91F9-317FF375F6FF •|• CORPORATIONS ARE people too, my friend, said a Samoan mormon on the Bill Maher show. •-_!_-•  … dot times Three, “When Capitalism does it to our closest neighbor (south of C.A.N.A.D.A.) it’s not a crime”, dijo Donald Trump, citing Nixon.

North American Mailing Systems

Hey, Barnicle, does the president of “the” Bank of America use NAMS for their Credit Card junk mail needs?

Please respond.

P.s… Dear, Willie Gueist: there are no “little countries”, however,


Next thing Ewe know, they’ll take My Flash, —à Güey


… y ya sabén cómo le gusta gorgorear a “don Goyo”, hoy por ser día de San José, among other thangz’.

The Answer:43A6FEC5-6D68-4D14-8641-7B3DBC625C10… it depends on who is “pointing” the camera.

And in local news:

—The French Defense Minister Florence “War Mama” Parley, is set to travel to Washington D.C. this coming Monday, to meet an “acting” defense secretary.

With little hope that the Defence Minister can whisper any sense into the trumpian lackey, the French Defense Ministry wants to leave Washington (Reuters) with one clear understanding on the Pentagon’s War Daddy playpen:


La MARINE NATIONALE is in no way, shape or form associated with the nationalist Marine, and her Pen–pal friends in Italy.

Can Eye Play with Madness?:B9835B90-2FAF-4752-ACE6-35639C81F2A5

— In Europe, U.S. News is now calling it’s its “military Section”: Civic… unarmed sources rumor that the publication must be sponsored by Acura.

Hey, baby —


“Big legged woman ain’t got no SOL”.

Previously on, (Fucking) Matt Damon
and Musical Guest
Angry Impala:

So Eye dug The Unforgiven:232E2210-A2E5-4061-B270-E05EC0FDD435 •|•

Saint Patrick was taking confessions at Saint Sulpice when all of a Sudden, Will motherfucking Hunting walked into the Crystal Box and it was at that precise moment when Robin Williams went:
and this little tiger, is what a Smoked dela Croix smells like.

… y ya sabeís cómo se las gasta el Superestrella,
comenta San José.

In fact, dice el pinche Chuy, “Thanks Patty boy, Eye actually needed a bit of S.H.A.D.E. on the dust bunnies on these here Saint C.L.O.U.D.S.:7EFC25C6-C840-4D32-A78A-833A934B199F

—So, what now? said Will Hunting.

And Robin Williams responds:

—The invisible K.R.E.W. comes in,
That’s what.

—Just like that, like nothing happened!
If this was Boston, the place would be closed and the T.S.A. would have another reason to stick their creepy little I.N.D.E.X. fingers up all kinds of traveler’s behinds.

Gnomones SIDE of La C.R.U.Z.:355B0FFC-B545-4740-BDCC-A76DF2291058

—Advertisement rates triple during
“panic mode” Breaking News.
That’s Capitalism for you.

Dear, Eugene,
Get Well Soon.

Natalio Reyes Colas:2A8B87E5-04A7-4401-B8FC-6B5C1B655FCA •!• Cien Años.

Is the party over?

Coincidío que para el centenario del natalicio de Nat King Cole, el mundo estaba tan patas pa’rriba que hasta San Patricio se reveló se rebeló eh hizo su Fiesta de Saint Paricks Day, en Saint–Sulpice, chante de Delacroix y la iglesia antañamente conocida como “el seminario” que se mudó a Issy–Les–Moulineaux.

My nigga at le 6eme:FEFCA069-3D6B-4441-88DF-CC341E823973