Bcc: Victoria DeFrancesco–Soto — La Venganza de “el bolillo”

Time Now: 3 a.m.’ish in Pennsylvania Avenue
20500 Time (CEDEX)

En fin doña Tati:

"Válgame Dios"

“¡Válgame Dios!” … ¿Quién lo diría? context from La Casa de México en CU (París) febrero 2012; follows, y ni modo que mi A.M.I.G.A. Berenice lo vaya a negar…

Dear, Jon Meacham, bee advised that this is Split-Screen, that is to say, you’ve got to go to the entry up–⤴️ to get the full-dinner menu for Cousin Joe’s “white Cloth” supper. meet us at Abbe Road; 32 rue des Bourdonnais. So with that in mind, professor dearest, Eye needs to address some—NOT ALL— of the staff at “el patroni” Agora at the 75001.

Look here mis Negros, —you know who you are— you can’t play the cordial card one day, and the dismissive Silent–you–stink NAIPE the next… to put it bluntly, you of all of the 1901 Clubs in France who had the pleasure of shutting–this VIAJE down KNOW why your Vessel became my Vedette de La Seine, so, with that en LA muy gastada MEMORIA:… and against the advice of my Legal Assistant (by appointment on Mondays, when the STRIKE does not get in the Güey) be advised that on the same week when the Jewish people have their time to remember it is somewhat dissonant that some in the Abbé’s staff would push me not once, not twice, but Three times of of the Internet machine when:

Dear, Non readers, We The Staff are experiencing MAJOR TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES OPENING OUR BLOG, since the express, written expression of: FUCK Vladimir Putin. As we (the staff) type this note the good people at wordpress are trying to fix the Gremlins. Please wait for further content on today’s topic; thank you.



¡Hey, Negrita! — One güey or another

Dang it! You play dirty pool, Ms. Reid. Nothing good can come out of Boston!!! Except for the Wahlbergs and of course:


#baldnation .:. A44F588D-2868-4417-85A7-FD5E217F3D9D 👨🏼‍🦲 Eye don’t know which ‘Baldwin’ said it, probably —McManus— in any Case and/or FONT, that dang–on Baldwin said it well:
Ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have. – James Baldwin #AMJoy, and of course, Phil Griffin is a fag! #theusualsuspects ; #theReturnofFensterTheCopyEditor

Futuro Pelo @ Fip

But speak of the Devil, sources close to those dang–on Sirens at Radio France all agree, beefour there was a Coachella Rock Fest for the VoBo’ Americanos, D.A.R.E. was:

The Kucheza Blues and Sunday Afternoon Saxophone Jamz Sessions up in the Sky

Real Men Watch puppies play Foot Bawl

Real Men Watch puppies play Foot Bawl .:. 9FC6A78F-5985-4546-AA01-0865F810E37E 🐾  Fuentes close to doña Vilma can confirm that Eye watches exclusively for the Kitty Half-Thyme Show, this year’s musical guest is Pussyfer López, —MEAOW!!!

You have WON this round, Miss Joy (if that’s your real name) but fo’ The Record, that Floribama Blind Choir Boy is Barred, —You R.E.A.D.‽— BARRED from using “Puppy Bowl” snapshots come Feb. the THIRD, in Miami (armpit of the World) Ef-el-Ey.



Under extreme cuteness and other assorted adorable disarmament, öüï switch it over to Donald Trump’s guardian of the Peace on the Southern border of “the backyard” with Guatemala:

Dear, AMLO

Señor presidente, el señor Ted Danson siempre está en espera de un “company jet” en los NBC-esos, según lo que dice Sienfeld (Season 4; Episode 3), ahora bien, hijo de la gran Chingada, en caso de que mr. Peacock compre su chingada Cruz de Peña, le advierto que habrá un 15% de comisión para MÍguel. Así que ya sabe, sobre ganso no hay engaño… puro Foie-Gras. ¡Viva México!

¡Y Arriba MORENA–Francia (20122018)!

We [the staff] would Leica®️ to remind our non-readers

📷 Ladies in Gemini, from the same Gen ex’Ser’s that  who « Brought You Wood“, and from “Les Producteurs” who TriAnglulated Vilma Fuentes “Libertad de tragar”, en el Teatro de los Bofos del Norte; “The Nazis à Montmartre y también en Cheesy-Chessy sur Marne”, at the Disneyland~Paris Frontière Land Destiny mega guignol stage,

Chacun son processus

Chacun son processus, y cada cual su Gestión .:. 42AC20AD-393F-46A1-BD2B-7D4779635D3A “What more can Eye, say? », HEAR YE! HEAR YE! The return of Kasie to the peacock streams and, the shameful cock-gobbling of Congressman Dan Crenshaw’s penis by former Floribama Senator and, current co–host of the Morning Mika show, Charly Joey Scarborough, forced u.s. [the staff] to suspend the Hoboken ZEPPhyrs vS. The Metropolitan Stewarts game series, and split the banana into two separate buckets of content; one being this entry for today Saturday 18 of January, 2020, and this other post already in–progress and published on 01/13/2020. 🎙 Today’s post is the daily dose of content that we, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano PRIETO chunk-out every day, just for the motherfucking record and in case WE need to attach it to “the” mémoire, at a future Trial of u.s. against the Civil Court in Paris (Tribunal Administrative, or something like that), while the other entry, D.A.T. one is a WEEK LONG Special Edition covering the return of Kasie DC after she gave birth to The God of Gwar y’all: MARS; ISSY, ya lo sabemos doña Vilma, está Marciano el asunto.

comes the story of Antebellum [in French, —of course] directed by Radio Farce, a subsidiary of Air Farce and of course, the trusted name in French style “OhMyGod, Becky” news: BFM’er TV 📸.

Alice's daughter

MUSICAL GUEST: Alice’s daughter cultural ChaiNZ.

PLAY Dixie for~the~ME part, in NATO Times


Las fuentes de doña Vilma and a MASON’s Jar:

In RER News

In RER news:
Good news for Line A and B .:. 91094966-66A5-4068-A544-6134C3D66364 🚈 La Défense de Chessy–Sur–Marne… in local news, Eddy Currents will be at a normal peak now that the RATP’s have sorted out a truce in the public transportation Network strike; over at Disneyland–Paris Studios, Nicholas Cage hides in Plain Sight.

Previously on Inter bandas with WokeAF Moodie–Mills

There's a dead hooker back D.A.R.E

There’s a dead hooker back D.A.R.E, in D.A.T. racehorse harness .:. 8BC23A01-0F86-47C1-95AA-9B0A39B0904F 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ Rick Wilson, from politico, is a party animal, apparently… [A]t the same time that Alex at the controls of Studio 3A at Peacock Central learned this from Mr. Wilson, Alex just went ahead and ruined yet another set of expensive microphones at the MorJo control room. Oh, the humanity… you know, Rick Wilson, that hooker was somebody’s daughter and she was not “hooking” she was an Independent womin’ fishing for sport, at the Everglades, and she liked Depeche Mode, so she liked to dress in sexy black outfits. All that womin’ ever “hooked” Rick Wilson, –if that’s your real name…was probably a cold from the last Brooklyn hipster visiting the grand parents at tbe retirement ranch; and then Mr. Wilson, that fellow George Zimmerman showed up with his anti-hoodie brigade (wearing some kind of Spanish hoodie from some kind of religious order [a cult for cultists]  and the rest is history, Ricky boy. Mr. Zimmerman thought that since he [alone] epitomized the current United States President poster face for the Executive’s dog whistles, he was entitled to dump the young “African Diaspora” hoodie-wearing sport fishing enthusiast, behind the DONALD JOHN TRMP racehorse harness backseat.

Patty Chamois was on the trail of The Continuing Story of the Historicity of Mongo, on the road through Pueblo, and of course, Durango, Co•lo•ra•do, just so she could learn the Ruhles of BASEketBALL, as explained by the good people of FloriBama en Nueva Yol’.

This segment is sponsored by

This segment is sponsored by Canon®️  .:. Still to come, “African Diaspora”… a Spike Lee joint, or something like D.A.T. —_•!•_— 4DDBF0EF-B516-4D40-91A1-6ED07BE04C3E ⚾️ Pictured in the frame is an agitated Mika, pushing the “grab Cousin Joe testicles—when one of his ‘drinking buddies’ forgets that he is not with Cousin Joe’s super hero persona on The Rachel Maddow Show.” Alex at the control room , at the same time, is having to reshape the last Four MINUTES of the CONCUSSION of Morning Joe to distract Phil Griffin from the dark corner that Rick Wilson “jumped to conclusions” and sunk that metaphorical 8-ball in a very dark Corner of the Morning Joe Show. Regardless if DONALD JOHN TRUMP in fact killed a prostitute at his Bed-Bug ridden hotel.

https ://www .msnbc .com/morning-joe/watch/why-parnas-interview-was-a-political-earthquake-76889157690

Meanwhile, as The Rachel Maddow Show was “hiding In–Plain–Sight” on the morning Mika Show, D.A.T. dumb small town country LAWyer, and former Senator Joseph Scarborough from that dump of a State called “Floribama” pretended that TRMS and Morning Joe are not the same Corporate Person in one brand, Kent Clarkson reports.


Sheriff Bart's Legacy

Sheriff Bart’s Legacy .:. 2C294B24-D3D2-4718-B548-F99A4CF50764 —_•!•_— Context follows… We Didn’t Leave, We Got Robbed; literally, except that We were the object in the desire of the TRADE of them THEYS.

And Starring as the “Black Motherfucker”: Quentin Tarantino  and  with Luc Frelon as The Eight-ball.


In Multilateralismo Eficaz news

Eye Can’t Drive 55

The Red Rocker’s been telling you Frogs all along, Way Back since “the” Time when Then Economic Minister (or something like that) of President François Hollande, and Today’s president of La France, Emmanuel Macron, deregulated la Lucha Libre en el estado de Cuernavaca and, the Greyhound/Trailways bus lines, en La Sarthe:

La semana que Philippe Labra

La semana que Philippe Labra .:. CCFEDA57-62CF-434A-9222-112A2367BF14

Inter Bandas with Luc – Deer, Danielle Democratish

Up and At’em!

It’s Dr. Martin Luther Kings birthday

and in 1541, The French take it upon themselves to invent CaNaDa.

Woke as Fegluzzi

Woke as Fegluzzi, Frank Fegluzzi .:. 07E8F345-0680-48B6-B934-C1DAE6ACA064 ~_!_• Meanwhile in the You Crane channel, Rachel Glasses interviews an Eastern European plumber versed in the fixer Arts.

You think you Woke?
You best see what the best sleeping-bag paper filling in France is projecting for the next Five years, before Donald Trump follows in Vladimir Putin’s simple chess strategy to remain in power and even flip the Queen while he is at it… Oh, the humanity. As  Donald celebrates his China deal, China just moved–in on the Auto Manufacturing in Macuspana, Distrito Federal.

Öüï consider this

Öüï, Monsieur le rédacteur en Chef at the Préfecture de Paris, We Armando Segovia (Anglophone) / Armando Serrano PRIETO* (Castellanoparlante) considers the European Union announcement a personal milestone for u.s.,  considering that in one of your observations to kick me (yours truly) to the curb, —motherfucker— you went ahead and officially stated that we [the staff] never showed “cause” or “proved by showing” that, indeed (motherfucker) we were journalists; this Monsieur YANNICK, after your entire LAW-of-the-LAND apparatus Tapped danced to the tune of Ray Charles the fact that a VERY French general consulate in Our Lady of Los Angeles, California (more-of-her–fucker) delivered to your colleagues’ desk at the Bobigny (93000)  préfecture, my motherfucking Credentials; including one from the first French Syndicated news outlet a.k.a., AFP.

In 1870, a political cartoon for the first time symbolizes the donkey (“A Live Jackass Kicking a Dead Lion” by Thomas Nast for Harper’s Weekly). that The Reverend Al Sharpton will ride until Kingdom Come; source: ibid.

* Deer, Reverend Sharpton, this little green Hasterisk "PRIETO" means that Eye is BLACKER than any "latte colored Latin Socialist" and of course just as Black as you; after all Reverend Al, we both agree that "el amigo de Bill Maher", el presidente Vicente Fox is at his best a dumb–ass, and at his worst, a pedophile and/Or fascist Organization frequent donor (Legionarios de Cristo).

Öüï have NOW!, caught up with the Start of a Brand-spanking new Circus…

Wabbit holes from Brooklyn

Wabbit holes from Brooklyn .:. BB88C619-DA50-4982-9AC6-8FB879F44B65

Senator Crenshaw is on stand–by while we [the staff] drop a “el niño” Luc at the Club de los “antiguos” algodoneros de Harlem.

Al regresar...
Ventaneando con Patty Chamois
Season: Summer Thyme
Ep: Soul


Patty Chamois picks up the trail of “The Continuing Story of the Historicity of Mongo”, in this episode öüï find Mongo discussing and explaining a new sport to a young PRIista en Saltillo, Coahuila. Mongo was fresh from a river rapids trip (literally) at the Poudre in Fort Collins, Colorado where our hero saw the Harlem Globe Trotters vacationing and eating for the first time, the local dish from a neighboring hippie town called Boulder, the meal à degustar: Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Any güey, Mongo was telling the young politician from the then ruling party, El PRI, about this pair of fags who were on a mushroom trip trying to play baseball using the Harlem Globe Trotters basketballs. Mongo never knew what happened to them two, except for a rumor that told of those two South Park fags joining up with a cult known for not drinking coffee and a ‘flair’ for Knocking on Doors in Heaven’s name, or something like D.A.T.

Dear, Cousin Joe… int-er… esting

The following is Time–Delayed entry:
15h00 in “this is no time for Siesta” times.

It's Showtime comes Spring training

It’s Showtime come Spring training .:. 2320A35D-EC04-40DF-A714-13B9A7314597 👊🏼 Screen capture courtesy of the MorJo Show 15/01/2020

— Senator Sanders, what went through your Mind and Spirit when the CNN debate modera-trice ignored your response to Senator Warren’s ‘cartucho’ and then proceeded to frame her ‘LeadinG’ questioning like a Texas County prosecutorial civil servant?

[ 🏅] And Bernie goes, “It was Gold, Jerry Mandarin, G.O.L.D.!

Right after Donnie Deutsch, got punched on the Morning Joe Show.

++++++ Öüï now return to yesterday’s self-service station on any given democratic debate screening-show +++++

Let mî go and jerk-off, and then öüï will get back to Special Seal Dangleberry and his apologist ways; by-the-guey, Cousin Joe, “Let Mî go and Jerk-off” is the new Book from the The New Pope, John Brannox, on the “C+Canal-NewsMatin, que Philippe Labró »… in other news, John Heilemann gets high on Camel–brand toes and he also likes weed. “He also likes weed” is also Phil Griffin’s new pilot on the peacock network, “He also likes weed” airing this Martin Luther King weekend after the new Purple Pundit’s midnight lecture: There’s Something about You-Crane.

It's all downhill from here

It’s all downhill from here .:. EFFAB409-D5E9-4576-90E7-1F69FFF6B154 👋🏼

11 de el Mañana en hora Central de la OtanMO

M2–Bradley Fighting Vehicle

Monumento a la estulticia


BATTLESTATIONS — BATTLESTATIONS 🚶🏽‍♂️4FE2B2CF-5D49-446E-BA37-899568718E75 —_•¡•_— Attention battle stations, the following must be read in a Professor CHAOS voice (South Park, episode 6, season 6).

Kasie Dc and Senator* Dan

“You gotta give it to Trump, when he is right,” dice Senator Dan, he is cleared of any person’s collateral damage/murder, trespass, abuse of power, and pussy-grabbin’ that he commits.

The thing, Senator Crenshaw is that what really really, really really reely gets my coconuts^* Down-under, pointing North, is the Venn diagram argument which you went ahead and spieled-bite©️ during the F.O.ist part of your Sunday night interview on the Em#es@EnBeeSee, because it {sets} your cavalièresque eye patch  of  {scratch D.A.T.} on the “The earth is flat and Eye believe  that even scientists are entitled to « their” opinion” camp.

https ://www .msnbc .com /kasie-dc/watch/rep-crenshaw-when-we-talk-about-all-the-intel-out-there-I-WAS-THE-GUY-COLLECTING-THAT-INTEL-76567621632

^* As described by:
Chick Hazard, Private Eye

Thyme delayed screen-grab

Thyme delayed screen-grab .:. 5DEFE247-9380-4759-995A-103B116EF926 🥥 Dear, Senator Dan “dingleberry” Crenshaw, the good thing about this most non-consequential “Cartucho” is that your CONGRESSIONAL powers don’t read u.s., because if you “collude” with San Antonio, —por decir— you could make of our lives [at staff] a living hell even with one eye closed.

Of course, Senator Crenshaw, our point of view comes from a perspective that goes beyond “Las HONDuras” of what an « Economic Hitman tag team » such as the one made up with the likes of a Madison Avenue “Jarhead” Kushner and the Evil SuperFresa (and “art” collector) Bernardo Gómez of “los soldados del Nuevo presidente” fame. Any güey, Senator Crenshaw, the Evil live Duo del Consejo Mundial del la Triple “TEE-Mecs” is in need of a “referee” para « el pancracio », qualifications for this BlackBooks mission is that you keep one eye closed when Madison Avenue Kushner and SuperFresa Gómez somersault their way to “El Museo de Los Museos” y no chingaderas, como el Louvre… in the ME part [suggested by Trump] for the North Atlantic Treaty Org.

Time stamp: 18h00  15/01/2020 in Central Europe Time; High noon at Fip Central Station.

Time now

Time now in Hilo, Hawaii is 0100 hours on January 16, 2020 .:.

… [A]nd we are off to them races, sort of, so let Mî direct your attention to the direction on this Güey we call the President of the United States, Senator Crenshaw and, establish the Venn circle, which {sets} yet the SAME “fondo” as them old Mexican politicians used to say, to go ahead and give “FORMA” to the thing that worries Western Style Democracy because of the politics of “El Libro Vaquero”… TIMEstamp right now is THE 11th Hour of DAY 1092 in a New York Minute of the official swearing–in of all the ACTUAL Senators in Washington, D.C., which makes it Day 1093 for Mí, in the Trump Era (of Vladimir Putin) —in Paris, France, as Eye, —motherfucker— relay: The Rest of The Story.

The school as a backdrop

The school as a backdrop .:. 6E2909F2-3E67-4DAD-B5F4-BA4AD0ED9773 🎒 Just like the time that the little “Texas” arbusto CEO got the news that his Administration was being attacked by SAUDI ARABIA, punto y coma

Also, in Australia, R.A.I.N. began to fall on an Australian Open (range) no word if any fauna is left to see the Beetles show. Just don’t mention it to Gov. Rick Perry because that dumb horses-ass sonovabitch might actually buy tickets (with W.I.C. funding) to have Bettsy DeVoss brother (the Prince) go see about that S.H.O.W.

Timestamp is Friday, and THANK GOD for Brazil, Senator Crenshaw; because MUCH LIKE TEXAS it’s a land larger than LIFE, and you know —motherfucker— what THEM “sonofabitches” SONSOFBITCHES (como usted comprendra) at the White House say about LIFE, “they” say that LIFE IS STRANGER THAN ANY French theater director INVENTING God’s (Mel Brooks) FICTION for them Frogs.

It's TEN p.m. in Hilo Hawaii

It’s TEN p.m. in Hilo, Hawaii .:. BD120F57-97AB-4346-A111-3CF96F89F975 🗺 … [A]nd in Paris, France, it’s 09 hundred hours in NatoME thymes.

And even as öüï, “run a little bit Hot tonight”, said a little angel on the cover of VH’s 1984 Paname album, we [the staff] can’t get over what seems to be a coordinated effort by Mr. Sorkin and Phil Griffin (that motherfucker) to kick Bernie Sanders to the “he is against Women, camp”. In any case Rolling Stone®️ wrote it best when they transliterated professor Melissa Harris–Perry’s “eye is not your Mammie”, just before she was silenced by Cousin Joe and « the » Studio 3–A crowd on the Morning Mika show… what–a–JOY, sista’. What a JOY, now; may Eye, please have another round of “unlimited PANcakes” from the Manifest Destiny/elDorado corral, S.V.P.‽

https ://www .rollingstone .com /politics/political-commentary / january-democratic-debate-2020-cnn-bernie-sanders-elizabeth-warren-938365/

Are you Phil's mammie?

Are you Phil’s mammie? .:. 32212A85-F660-4A17-9ADB-973B42D81929 ♟You know, Sista Reed, body language experts (under controlled conditions) are as reliable as a Lie detector in a Guantanamo Bay cell, with blood-thirsty Navy Seals doing the controlling; if, Sista Joy, the Reverend Al Sharpton knows what Eye means… 🧘🏽‍♂️ Nice “pull”, that you wearing in D.A.T. frame ⬆️ above, SAY there Sista’ are you wearing it as a TRIBUTE, or as a “subliminal” shout-out to the Senator who likes to wear–out Daphne’s Scooby–Doo trademark COLOR? Perhaps you are just happy to See u.s.? Which one is it Sista Reed?


The following is a Time–delayed entry, Time-now:

En Francia

… [Y] en Francia, hoy martes 14 de Enero del 2020 (this is a Thyme-delayed entry), también “salió El Sol”.

Coming attractions:

De los mismos productores que retiraron personal castrense (entrenado por la afamada gendarmería francesa, y diferentes escuelas de Las Américas) en la carretera Casas Grandes – Agua Prieta y, “El trenecito Maya”:

Llega una actualización paralela y en harmonía con, “Las fuentes de doña Vilma”.

So What!

So what! .:. B36FCD52-1488-41CC-A11A-C07F5A47AF30 —_•!•_— Si no son oficiales, son parte del Show; venga una “Estela” del pueblo bueno, pues.

… [Y] bien, para eso están, y en contexto, el monumento de la manzana de la captura de arriba responde a las demandas de Javier Sicilia y El Movimiento Ciudadano con Justicia y Dignidad de la semana que Kasie Hunt se perdió durante su gira artística por las maternales, –o algo así.

Lo cierto es

Por aquéllos días; 2010 para ser exactos, la Ruta Centenario y Bicentenario fue adornada con marcadores conmemorativos (fantasmas de la carretera) que señalaban el kilometro y la carretera por dónde se transitaba .:. 14E27079-3314-45E0-90C4-2250069B1C01

Timestamp: 09:20 in Central OtAnMí
15 de enero del 2020
— The following is an Ap Date in reel–thyme, right now and just to BEE perfectly clear (as Gabonese crude oil) the frame below es un patrón de lo prometido por El Presidente nuestro de todos los Díaz, —en tierra apache, yaqui, menona y, también mormona:

Carretera a Casas Grandes

Carretera a Casas Grandes .:. 8BE2338D-45B2-48B5-9655-C5AB55D20E97 🛣 Imagine D.A.T., {if, and also if} “them” people under Mitt Romney’s TEE–MEX for Canucks can get away and bamboozle “We The People” in El Ey! Imagine what an Official U.S./Canada Consular inspector might be able to get away with once inside Recursos Humanos en cualquier maquila and/or Inglés Sin Barreras call center in Senator Bonilla’s (Morenista de San Diego, California) Mexicali — Tijuana tittie joint.

… Estimada, doña Tati, por favor espere señal de humo, desde “El País”:

Hora actual: 22h23 Hora de Europa Central; 20/01/2020

En contexto, la nota que iba a entrar en este espacio, reservado para “El Racismo que Mexico,” según los tíos de El País “—no ve”, fue sacada de la pista por no tanto, —apunto— por ignorancia; ni tampoco ingenuidad de parte de la diputad federal por el partido de el actual presidente de Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, —sugiero— que es más bien algo así como una inercia institucionalizada o pereza profesional para el puesto que algún politico suele ocupar, check it out doña Tati:

El joven, Edgardo —@edgarberit— le recordó a usted que durante la campaña del entonces candidato a presidente de México, “A•bo•gó” por una supuesta estrategia de seguridad nacional, y por eso, siendo que usted es traductora de textos, no haya entendido el contexto de la queja de un chavo que no debería de estar preocupado por la violencia alrededor de su entorno; al parecer, señora diputada, si Diego Luna no protagoniza una novela de narcos con doña Kate, o mismo con el sr. Sean Penn, entonces “las siglas” no son detonadores como para discernir de lo que se está tratando en equis tema, —por ejemplo— yo, armando segovia me pase parte de la mañana de el pasado sábado tratando de entender a CUÁLES PINCHES BOLETOS, usted se refería en el tweet que provocó la ira de @edgarberit, no fue hasta unas horas después, cuando armando serrano prieto vió de reojo LA INSOLITA y Reverenda estupidez de rifar el avión “de Peña”; lo primero que el staff de este tan intrascendente blog pensó ante un reflejo de usted en el retrovisor fue lo siguiente, PINCHE “TATIS”, ¿de a cuánto sale la tenencia por un avión de semejante envergadura en San Pedro Garza García?

Memo¹ (pp. 15*/318^) To: Mme. la alcaldesa de París, Francia

“Mas que nada”… Hoy no hubo Jazz!

Desde 1686

BLAMING THE JOYSTICK – Desde 1686 .:. DBEBE463-7E47-45B8-943F-68C989B378B9 🕹  It wasn’t until LOS TEEN TOPS introdujeran “la plaga en 1720, when the French went ahead and invented the TALISMAN in Marseille para LOS FIELES… or something like that!

* Vía: La Jornada en El Siglo de Torreón: DETENTE, “Today is the day”, period, —Full Stop by the Agence France Presse.

Estimada, Señora Hidalgo;


Una vez más el staff de este tan intrascendente blog le pide una disculpa por tener que posponer una vez más la cróniquesca historieta de gacetilla sobre el llamado “multi•lateral•ismo eficaz” entre los gobiernos de Francia y México, resulta, Sra. alcaldesa, que [AQUÍ] se puede hacer un copia/pega del memo² that öüï sent just a few hours ago to Professor Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, over at the LBJ School of Public Policy, however, doña Anne, eso sería una falta de respeto a la pro•xi•midad de esa magnanimidad que usted nos ofrece [a los « Clochardos de Vilma Fuentes »] cada noche invernal de las cuales 1 de cada 5 se vuelve más y más tropical; aunque no por las mismas razones de Lat•IT•udes y Lon•GI•tu•des [🍌] sino más bien por cuestiones Cli•ma•to•ló•gi•cas [🌬🌪🌊].

AMIGos del Chingado MONOAUREO 
(en La Jornada):
Me encanta su manera de cortar con ironía histérica, ese pedazo de pastel llamado MEGXIT...
https ://monoaureo .com /2020/01/10/harry-y-meghan/2020/01/10/harry-y-meghan/
... “Muchos dicen que es porque Megan es plebeya; a pesar de que Meghan, Duquesa de Sussex, es descendiente del rey Eduardo III de Inglaterra y por tanto de casi todos los reyes Plantagenet, además de Felipe IV de Francia y todos los reyes Capeto. También de Fernando III de Castilla y los reyes de León, Portugal, Galicia y Asturias. Y no se cree princesa o indigna de seguir trabajando como actriz...”

En fin, Mme, Hidalgo… entre la triangulación con el ex patrón de la Ali•an•za Nissan-Renault, la caída de un avión a causa de la reacción Iraní contra un “Vendedor” de mercenarios (idiots in Uniform, under Emperor Don John Trump) un niño de primaria en EL NAZAS reaped on the “benefits” of a “Fast and Furious” program; An Exchange that among other AXIS, such as the Florence Cassez (Zodiaco) scoop, and the Ins•ti•tu•tion•AL•ized nepotism of la “Tierra” del profe. John Mill Ackerman y su esposa, la Duquesa de Perote, Veracruz, Irma Eréndira Sandoval Ballesteros de Santa Barbara y Berkley. , deposited me, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto, inside of an “archive” en LOS Sótanos de Cité, Metro Line IV,  [donc, Mme. Hidalgo] nosotros en el staff de este tan intrascendente blog tuvimos que postponer ese mentado multilateralismo “eficaz” en las duchas municipales, —una vez más³.

So, Mme. Hidalgo, we hope to catch-up with you after you decide (or not) to run for the Leadership of the most beautiful city in the world even when seen from the Ratatouille supply side of the dumpsters. Personally, Mme. Hidalgo, you should just say fuck it and run for The Élysée. But what do öüï know, we never EVEN visited SiencesPo.


Las fuentes de doña Vilma sin pies ni cabeza:

From the desk of John Mill Ackerman, unofficial spin doctor (Ph.D) to the Mexican president’s desk:
https ://www .jornada .com .mx/ultimas/politica/2020/01/11/rapido-y-furioso-operativo-de-los-sotanos-de-eu-y-mexico-amlo-1781.html

³ El patrón de todas las “cancelaciones” de último minuto: James “the man show” Kimmel… BRING BACK THE TRAMPOLINE!!! … context; « La “querelle” de 13 ans entre Jimmy Kimmel et Matt Damon est de plus en plus drôle »

Memo² (pp. 15*/317^) to Prof. Victoria DeFrancesco Soto

* N° 2511 DETENTE, San Guillermo; a.k.a. Bill, Billy, [Willie] Mac, Buddy, or Memo².

Strange forces at work

Profesora Victoria, usted ha de disculpar el retraso con nuestro ‘Simulacro de Correspondencia’ pero resulta de que luego de la pasada entrada ya en archivos, esa en dónde el Estado francés celebraba la llamada ‘libertad de expresión’, y misma en dónde el staff de este tan intranscendente blog le presentó a usted al tal Charlie y, en dónde desde El Paso mandamos a Chingar a Su Madre a ‘El Alamo’, pues resultó que después de que el mundo comenzó a resentir los efectos, “no atribuibles”, del eclipse penumbral de ayer por la noche, comenzando con el derribamiento del Buque Lusitania en El Mar Central de Irak… el hundimiento de un Jet comercial ucraniano en las CALLES de Teherán, y luego con la siesta de Donald John Trump, hoy resulta que los TALISMANES del presidente de México no sirven para ninguna puta indulgencia, pero sí, para cantar el Chingado “Cielito Lindo”  .:. A7B77758-03E9-4CDA-8C23-7E18BD28BF97 🕰 As for your pretty little pendant, Ms. FOX, page 4 of LES CLES DU JOUR breaks it down on the section, A BON SAVOIR, apparently, and according to a TRIangulation with the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, your last name in the Grand Academy of Francophonies is a direct translation to the term « LASCAR », sooooo, let’s skip the formalities and let u.s. just go ahead and Jump To Conclusions, “Señorita ZORRA” (if that is your real name): WHEN AND WHERE DID YOU GET THAT HEART-shape pendant, Ms. FOX? Perhaps, Ms. Fox, from a jewelry box at The Apollo, eh?

It’s High Noon at Châtelet–Les Halles. Eddy Currents are in Full-Effect (3 in 5 Blue RERs to Cheesy/Chessy are the RATP’s plan B from Bercy)… please Stand–By [Mí] for content, but to kick things off, the following must be read in a Nicolle Wallace’s S.C.O.R.N.E.D. scar tissue voice:

Hey, Negrita... our 🖤 goes out to P.R.
And that is all Eye is going to say, Senator DAN.
In the meanwhile, öüï now return to our regular programming:
« Just the facts, Ma’am »
It was a Vanity snatch

It was a vanity snatch, wasn’t? .:. 6BBF8E7D-EACB-4967-A831-5003E625DD64 ⚾️ … [A]nd don’t you dare blame it on the PAGAN innings.

Hey, Emily Jane fox,
Ella Fitzgerald called…
Kudos on that heart
resting on the upper part of your chest.


Los Memos:
https ://dle .rae .es/?w=memo#otras

Them Zorros and Zorras:
https ://rss .cnews .fr/pdf/NEP/20200110


Hoy no hubo eclipse… Dear, Senator*. Crenshaw (R–TX)

The Moon in Paris went on S.T.R.I.K.E.

TimeStamp: 20h10 in CET

Everybody's wondering

Everybody’s wondering, not just “How high the Moon” but where did it go? .:. Baldy Velshi has all the shapes figured out and Emmanuelle just added color to that script. .:. 28882945-E233-4CA1-8FD0-36BFB7C5F82C —_¡|¡_— MSNBC… the place for hot nerds.

Our “Color Shapes” verification reporter has the Details and, a Hot Nerd in Red the coordinates on the missing moon. It appears that a disgruntled Romanian fogged the Parisian night sky on account of a Short Supply of Red Red Wine… scratch D.A.T., “a” Short Supply of Red Red Blood.

Still to come:
Saturn steps into the Space of Capricorn, which stands for the “Order of Things”, the “Don’t you dare Ask Why?” the die that casts Authoritative regimes; lucky for u.s. there’s a Moon in between, and contrary to the “fake news” the Moon is the little rock that could, “lunatics” is a misnomer for regular people. Whitout Without the Moon, Mr. Hayes, this fucken planet is off of it’s RAILS, starting with D.E.M. Waves.


TimeStamp: 22h12 CET; in Paris, Texas, it’s the 3 oh–Clock hour.

Digresión (Fuck The Alamo)

First off, Senator Crenshaw, (in this most non-consequential blog, Sir, there are no representatives, down here, all of you motherfuckers are Senators; right now it makes no sense that the Senate is an extension to a wanna–be Caesar) nice patch, where’d y’get it?

White Wabbit

Actually, Sir, that recalculation about how Iran deals with u.s., was brought upon when Trump took it upon himself to dismantle two-step[s] forward on account that Melania has a “thing” for Obama .:. 22E53245-21CB-45FA-A332-D17E1B706A49 🕊 And with regards to sending troops as “security details”, or something like that, please be adviced D.A.T.:
“One pill makes you Larger, and One pill makes you small —•!•— and the One that MIKA gives you, don’t do anything at ALL

Go Ask Alix, when she’s ten-feet TALL”.

Earlier in ‘the’ programming we [the staff] had a brief window of opportunity to get a visual of your Morning Joe appearance. Right now, our logistics and supply chain are a lot like “the” raccoon comercial of a well-known insurance company, literally; so when it comes to WiFi access the signal comes and goes, right now (because of the Metro strike in Paris, France) “the” Eddy Currents are at a low, not so during Morning Joe, during that time slot the RATP releases a volley of trains just to keep the natives at-ease. Morning Joe for me is High-Noon Pepe and for the French it’s lunch–time and so, trains run almost normal, add to that, that my hole-underground is right next to the Disney®️ Rail (Line B to Cheesy–Chessy) so consider the fact that that line, is working close to normal. Sooooo, this in part (Eddy Currents) is the reason that i only caught the part where you seem to justify the (Mike Pompeo’s horse’s-ass whisper) attack on Iran.