“Oswald was a fag”… The Usual Suspects

It’s Napoleon’s opening they in France.

To The Préfecture and beyond Cité… I owe it to myself to take apart Les Invalides. And I am going to start at the Siege in front of Bonaparte’s ash-receptacle, la unesco 🕊️.


In local news, there’s a new rage in the small communes in France, it’s call “The Freddy Cats” shuffle, and critics are rating it as « l’ensauvagement » of the Hexagon, said France’s Interior Minister, Gérald Darmanin.

 https ://www .telegraph .co .uk /world-news /2023 /11 /20 /crepol-drome-southern-france-village-fete-teenager-killed/

Bloodbath’ at French village [party] as youths from deprived suburb kill 16-year-old

“A new threshold has been penetrated,” said the National Rally leader, Marine Le Pen, sources close to the wanna-be Milei de Neuilly-sur-Seine relay that as soon as she becomes the next President of La France (that bitch) she will immediately bestow a Légion of Honor Chevalier de Tout medal on the artist Freddy Cats for having the vision to steal “des milices armées” like the sicarios from Ciudad Juárez that amused polite French society in Montreuil-sous-Bois in 2011.

After the break it’s “Fixing a grifo³ in France”, it’s square dancing for the little towns in Crépol (Drôme).

³~. grifo adj … in Bukele’s, El Salvador, and in López Obrador’s Mexico lindo y querido, a grifo is slang for, stoned, wasted, or just plain high.

“There Ewe Go Again,” it’s another edition of Reefer Madness, now in VOSTF.

The good thing about all of this savagery is that according to the Paris prefect, mister Lolo Nuñez-Belda, “there is no such thing as a crack cocaine epidemic,” in his lair.

And in Washington National, sappy movie creator of When Sally Fucked Harry fame turns JFK’s conspiracy theories into a Happy Days episode and makes Arthur Fonzareli the most wanted fugitive in Wisconsin.

Fonzie has an alibi, Arthur was shacking Joanie Cunninham while Marion and Howard were out at Al’s Thanksgiving dinner at his diner.

… thanks for watching. Happy Turkey Day across The Atlantic.

Being used — Rape me³

Broken News for Prime time in Hilo, Hawaii:

https ://www .reuters.com /world /middle-east /least-500-victims-israeli-air-strike-hospital-gaza-health-ministry-2023-10-17/

Sin título | Dessiner à l’infini, by El Primer Torero Porno… el próximo toro “MALRAUX³” de Domecq 🐂, le corresponde a Pablo Picasso.

³~. Bestia de 16 toneladas.

Mercury Rising at Saint-Merri (75003)

Mother’s seekers update from last sunday’s transmission informing about the cremation ovens discovered by a collective of women searching for their sons and daughters in COMALA

Pega°sus re°cortes con en°grudo del bueno.

… in LOMAS de SANTA MARÍA, JALISCO, the son of one of the mother’s that form the collective Mother’s Seekers (Madres Buscadoras) was kidnapped in front of his family when he stepped to the door after someone knocked (or rang, or called his name) at his family home.

They no longer search for JUSTICE nor TRUTH, only MERCY.

La Jornada


~. “A living hell on Earth,” not to be confused with “el Pueblo bueno” del estado que está a un LADO de Jalisco, allí en donde los Nazis en México se asentaron (en La 🦉 U. 🦉 A. de 🦉 G. 🦉.

In local News, Alexei Navalny is never getting out of jail, unless Ukraine crushes Russia into The Palestine age.

Over at FIP central, Denis Soula painted Marie, all black and if you don’t believe me visit the old C&A, now gutted corner near châtelet, you’ll see 🙈.

And, dear Marianne, for a country who brands itself herself* as a Hex with no resources, but big ideas, you sure have a lack of imagination. Now give those SAPOS full RSA and the fucking Legion of Honor to that Chechen fellow. That Islamist did nothing wrong, Manuel Valls did, though.


“Momo Mogouchkov had been followed by the DGSI « since the end of July », according to Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, through wiretapping and physical surveillance measures.

France 24

*~. Sorry about that, Marianne, I keep forgetting that youse a cunt, despite the cock. Issy-major-Pasquet, I learned many, many—many Sandía moons ago (through a cat named Freddy de Montreuil-sous-bois) that one has to be French in order to go through this world “Sans Gravité.”

Now, you might think I’m Crazy, but Marianne I’ve done told you that you can Drive my car, but you may only go where I direct your fickle ass… .

Issy-Su-Sana Pubeda, “¡Ay, qué lio!”…

Lost in Translations… False Friends in interprétation; expirimir lo que sea necesario, or as needed if you are French.


https ://www .legifrance .gouv.fr /jorf /id /JORFTEXT000045785228

Y simón que sí, Ministro FETET, you might think that an undocumented clochard like me has no business or, D À.R.E. Eye say, le droit! The right, Mr. Fetet, to lay these lines, but then a-gain, I calllee remind, Melle. Stephanie Menou, that it was her conflict-of-interest with the promexico crowd at the Cinéma Étoile de Lilas that put me here in the first place. So, yeah, I am well within my lane and on the broken white lines side of the road.

The right side of history, right?

Exprimir, as in:
Netanyahu EXPRIMIÓ a su pueblo de Israel, por ZIONISTA que él es.


To be continued… What did Netanyahu know, and when did he first learned of the ATTACK.

What if I was Romeo with a suit case?

Some time from now you’ll bow to pressureSome things in life you cannot measure by degreesI’m between the poles and the equatorDon’t send no private investigator to find me please‘Less he speaks ChineseAnd can dance like Astaire overseas(Okay)

No Myth
Chanson de Michael Penn

Las Noticias de México vistas desde Estrasburgo… con esos Primos, no se necesitan Tan°Gentes.

Ils trouvent le corps du Dr Ali Jasel dans une valise à BCS ; le collectif prépare des marches

FEMINICIDIO en proceso.

… https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /estados /2023/9/19 /hallan-el-cuerpo-de-la-doctora-ali-jasel-dentro-de-una-maleta-en-bcs-colectiva-alista-marchas

The Police report stated that:

I’d invite you back to my placeIt’s only mine because it holds my suitcaseIt looks home to me alrightBut it’s a hundred miles from yesterday night

Freddy Cats from Montreuil-sous-Bois has already been comissioned by the Maison des Associations to whip-out an action-sized figure inside of a Suitcase in the middle of a Queen-size bed.

¡Viva México, ratones!

Suicide Solution — AOC para Chile y Chile para AOC


Here I am bay-bee… hello from just another locker in France, follows.


Just the facts ma’am. Are Ewe sayin’ that 🎶 A orillas del Río Bravo, hay una linda mujer descuartizada en una fosa del señor gobernador?


NORDAKA: HOMENAJE a Marcel Marceau (19232007)
https ://www .jornada .com.mx /notas /2023/08/29 /espectaculos /le-culte-de-la-personnalite-ne-me-motive-pas-c_est-plutot-le-culte-du-travail-qui-me-motive_jaime_lopez/

International Day of the Disappeared
featuring the Hartistry of Fredy Cats in France.

70 AD, Titus ends the siege of Jerusalem after destroying Herod’s Temple. And the story of JESUS CHRIST begins to be get drafted by a Roman-Jewish “madrina” who went by the name of Flavius Josephus.

… y aunque no te de, —La Ghana. This is, Last Week (Aug 4, 2011³) To They… because whether the good-people at the Agence France Presse remembers or not, “[B]etween 2001 and 2008, the organization of the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas was collectively known as La Compañía (The company)”.

Le Gabon, El Mali, and The Niger. Wuah-güa—WA.

1960 RosalinoCHALINOSánchez Félix sees his first “Flores de mayoin a ranch called El Guayabo in the state of Sinaloa.

https ://www .axios .com /2023/08/28

And later in the programming:

— 2014 Charles Clyde Bowden (b. July 20, 1945 – August 30) was an American non-fiction author, journalist and essayist based in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He was best known for his work documenting violence on the Mexico-United States border, especially in and around Ciudad Juarez.

Trafficking defendant: I was a DEA informer
and Next Year, this happy fellow is going to be moving to FRANCE, where Amnesty International is already scheduling his domiciliation appointment with one of the many welcoming associations of the French Law of 1901.

³~. https ://www .chron .com /news /article /trafficking-defendant-i-was-a-dea-informer

Osiel Cárdenas Guillén is a Mexican drug lord and the former leader of the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas. He is currently imprisoned canned at a prison in Terre Haute with a release date of 30 August 2024.


And so Öüï begin in Gabon, but first, if you are keeping track you might recall that all that Öüï wants is for Florida to sink down Bermuda way, and right now it‘s Primetime in Talla°has°see° 🌬️🌀🌊 and the perfect storm to surgically cut Florida from the Mainland has made landfall 🌪️⚡🌧️🌪️. Our thoughts and prayers are with y’all; R015.

https ://www .euronews .com /2023/08/15 /ecowas-military-leaders-to-discuss-niger-coup-at-ghana-summit

After the Eye of Idalia passes by the I-95, Governor De Santis will have to shake President Biden’s hand, photo-op which, the governor then will will then use as a PR ad in a PAC ad.

*~. https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /August_30

The Morning After : animation

El llanero de las flores and other assorted transliterations.


The they would arrive when Mexican basket ballers became a doppelganger version of aspiring French Musketeers in at King James 🏀 Court, inversely proportional but in another PROFILE, a French 🏀 talent is learning the talk that Eugene Robinson 📰 at El WaPo gives his black children when they get behind the wheel of a Large Auto 🎱 Movil and any given Sheriff 🚓  pulls the car over.

96 hours of subs on the floor… 96 hours of, yeah they all are sleeping with fishes, 🎵 and in The End, the plunge you take is equal to any refugee who sunk in the coast of Greece.

I Shot Susana Poveda, but I did not shoot the United States Academy, which was part of América.

And, Ambassador with a difficult name to write… me da güeva escribirTe-te-te, sin embargo it’s time to thread the news of today, with things that I wrote about before, and in particularly, Excmo. Ambassador Asvasadourian, that little weapons smuggling operation from the creators of WACO, Texas, and Ruby Ridge.

But don’t take my blog (word) for it, you sir have the authority and the right to review my motivational letter to the French Consulate in Los Angeles, California, dated November of 2010, in one of the paragraphs you might perhaps maybe notice the part about the weapons smuggling that would come to be known as the “aspersions on Louie Gomer’s asparagus,” have your Twitter®️ Monkees look it up because it‘s as trou 🕳️ as a Whole in on the ground 🎨.

And this is where Mariana X. Rivera comes in… spoiler alert, Mariana is only a note 🎶 on this composition, a thread in the Gleason’s “Films d’altérité”  and of De Obeso’s “Rencontres Cinématographiques Viva Mexico” huipiles y guayaberas.

Eye does knot follow the knews 🇬🇧, said the the Peruvian 🇵🇪 president, according to Osler Amaro en rfpp before he was stopped on his way to Mexico’s güey. Trou 🕳️ story. Plunge in.


And… Apolline de Hierbamala, ever been to Durango?

I mean, you have to be here to see, IT!… because Venus and her Clam Vessel is [currently] on top of the Eiffel Tower… Riding on  Cancer’s left turbulence… Look it up, but just don’t ask the good people at The Beaubourg because their maps walk backwards just like that god-damned Crab 🦀🦀🦀🦀.

I’ll take you there, if you D.A.R.E., but most importantly, if the director of The bendita Ópera de Paname foots LA BOURSE for the “process”.


https ://www .bfmtv .com /replay-emissions/l-interview/face-a-face-jerome-pierrat-02-06_VN-20230602

And, Natalie my love… Nevermind Betty’s Harvest Moon, VENUS is at it’s Brightest tonight in CET., I will be thinking on your mound when I see her Shine up there… it will be Early tomorrow morning in CET., Primetime in Hawaii.

Six in the morning… I’ve ho’ID that rap too.

🎶 Baby what Öüï had was just GREEN 🌽 CORN.


I am 12 years old and I, Armando Serrano-Prieto approve it.


… i’M looking through Ewe

Over at Radio France-farfelue… It’s a Knight at The Opera

Colors mixed with Candela… a little to the left, please. Anyhow, Apoline de Hierba mala… tell Jérôme to tell me one about Bandidos “cachanillas” who recreate La Muerte de Pancho Villa en tiempo real.



Knight at The Opera, featuring Rodolfo Brownwater-Bowlmier and The Viagra Boys.


NORDAKA Y Malesherbes productions, in collaboration with BFM’er 📺 welcomes its exclusive artist… exclusive “bandidos” expert Jérôme Pierrat.

SEGURIDAD 🇲🇽 x $20 pesos mexicanos
Baja California:
Narco y política,
tras la masacre en San Vicente Ferrer

https ://www .sudouest .fr /justice /attaque-a-l-explosif-d-un-centre-lgbti-a-tours-un-catholique-integriste-de-17-ans-en-garde-a-vue

Previously on Cigarros A Hong Kong con el asesino del tal ARANGO.

… Ahora sí, marmotas de Barcelonnette, ya llegó su Zopilote, y traigo carne de carroña para Pierrat y J.R., does anybody remember J.R.? 😆😆😆😆 His trip to 👁️ Calexico 👁️ was sponsored by the directeur de l’Opéra de Paris Alexander Neef.

Eye can do this all They.


Today’s QuéSaco answer: Eye see nothing por el ojete de la Fuente de Stravinsky, menos por el de don Edgar… 🎩 not sure if The Devil is in the details, Maistro 🪄

Over at The Heart of The Orchestra it’s “Now, now, Christian Marlins, let’s not bring in Ms. Elle Gansa into the reflection de France Musique”… with regards to The Maistro del Sistema.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /au-coeur-de-l-orchestre/actualites-de-l-orchestre /démission-de-gustavo-dudamel

I wanna ROCK right now!


“I Want To Have Big Fucking Failures and still rise³”

Oh, my Deer, precious.

Cannes abajo.

³~. John Leguizamo, $eason Won; EP 6. Los Ángeles de HollyWoudn’t Wood, Gwenn.

https ://www .telemundo48elpaso .com /noticias /local /arrestan-a-presunto-reponsable-de-lanzar-bombas-molotov-en-centros-comerciales-de-ciudad-juarez

Flics arrêtent une personne présumée responsable d’avoir lancé des cocktails Molotov dans des centres commerciaux à Ciudad Juárez, XiWaWa. No baguettes, nor panes franceces-ese, were found around “el puente al réves”. Sources close to Les Nazis à Mexique relay that the so-called, “Killgore,” is in no way associated with Oddball 🎱

La Nuit Blanche… I’d tell yoU, Brayant, but you would not understand, the parody was cast in la PUTA lengua de Molière en Montreuil-sous-Bois in 2011 for La Noche de Los Putos Muertos,  o algo así, an Hartist who PEN his name “Freddy Cats” thought that his art would look swell on a bakery shelf, on top’O macaron, and next to the Tradition 🥖.


Un homme accusé d’avoir placé des cocktails Molotov dans un cinéma de Chihuahua a laissé un message avec un symbole nazi, sources close to, 🥖🥖🥖 nevermind.

… but whatever Ewe dew, do put some cheese on that quesadilla, don’t be stingy at Robespierre ((M-9)).

Reefer Madness with Denisa Kerschovas

Part won of tú.

Who killed The Phantom? Let’s ask The New York City Mayor… Di Blasio, not the other guy… he’s our prime suspect on this case, the Mayor was last spotted braggin’ about how he gave “The Keys” to the city, to the fellow who pulled the curtains on The Phantom. I smell a rat tsar on this one, and it is not pretty. Knot pretty at all, and I mean each and Évry last one of Ewe pretty-motherfuckers!


The following is a Public Service Advertorial… and Reverend All, I do mean ALL of you, because that feeling that Mika Brzezinski has about Gun Violence in America sin acento right now, rings true to what Mexicans on the receiving end of those “western union remesas” have been feeling since the Merida DRAFT in 2006.

En Contexto for Le Pen Club Grand Prix de Traduction 2023, en France:

You have to head East from La Parole Errante towards Vincennes… in 2011, because that is where Mika’s observation intersects with the artistic expression of the artist known as “Freddy Cats” and his ‘cholos re-loaded’.

Note to disqualifying judges  :  this is a motherfucking adaptation, not a direct translation, on account that that particular body of work was killed by the Préfecture de Police at Cité and proxico… just the facts, Stephanie Menou, —just the facts, madam. And Stephanie, do say hello to Talía “saltamontes” Olvera, por favor³.

Negrothis is exactly what I am talking about, no sooner did Benny Blanco from The Bronx put out his vision of América and the no-good Paris tourism board in collaboration (no less) with Denis Soula (that motherfucker) both reacted by eating the GO’ill de Niza and a motherfucking GREC! Le Culot, Susana Pubeda! La audace, Aussie, el descaro. What’s next MONY-MONY?, that Lionel Esparza is going to dish out to they—hoy, a François “Comme d’Habitudewith Rosa Parks’ “My Wey“? No imagination whatso-fucking Eva! None… have a seat, rookie.

Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at California State University-San Bernardino… https ://www .theguardian .com /us-news /2023 /mar /14 /us-hate-crimes-2021-fbi-data this article is more than 1 month old

Öüï find La Kerschovas at chez Los Feliz, in at Grifo’s³ Park in El Ey, where a notorious smuggler heir, —hier soir— delivered the goods to La Kerschovas in Réel Temps de Cerise 🍒.

La des°fach°a°tez franco-romana de France Musique.


[³~.Word roots for Ugly Mexicans at politico dot com with a conflict of interest WITH MARK ZUCKERBERG go here for the purpose of the contrariant resolution of The Pen Club 2003 Transliteration and Adaptation Grand 🏎️ Prix  para el trono 🚽… ]

³~. Very well, Alex Dutilh, let Mí introduce you to my little friend, PRUDENCE… and just to set the scene for the good people of Montreuil-sous-Bois, and especially Marie-Laure Coulmin at the Club de Mediapart, the president of PENCLUB français³ was right, it takes a little more than an internet application to translate a text, “to do it right child,” just as the one who is called the “Quiet one” said, —all those years ago.

³~. So sorry if I did not catch your name last Saturday, April 15th at La Parole Errante

So, with the aforementioned in mind, let’s connect the dots, because I am not about to start pulling SHIT out of LA CAÑERIA without knowing how to fix LA TUYAUTERIE. De arranque what does un ¹grifo, un ²segundo nombre, and a ³tap have in common? Anyone? —what does un ¹grifo, un ²segundo nombre, and a ³tap have in common?

Bueller? —what does un ¹grifo, un ²segundo nombre, and a ³tap have in common

— That’s right, Ferris, these things are FALSE FRIENDS when it comes to TRANSLATION and INTERPRETATION, but ol’Number Two (no pun intended, mister President) just got back to Del Aware and that crafty son-of-a-bitch stole a leprechaun’s lucky coin so let U.S. bring in Luigi Mario from 1993, not the one from 2023 to make a MAGICK circle with the 30 years celebrated this past week, which of course is our common-base to bring in the other circles and join these to-get-her…


— see what each MANDOrLA on a vesica piscis is going to reveal. Perhaps a song, or a tree, who knows! CA3422 en PANtone.

Later at 20h CET it’s a New Edition of:

Screen-grab courtesy of Kirk Lazarus Talent Agency.


What da’Hecq! Let’s go 20,000 leagues down El Toledo. By Victoriano Hu…Go.

Wait one for The Phantom’s autopsie from a French morgue… I have the murder weapon.

Circle forward to part Two. And didn’t I tell Ewe Yesterday that it was going be a Ghost Note? Didn’t Eye?

PANAMÆ ! — Late… from La Parole Errante

Loaded 45… el otro extremo de “La Internacional”, y para muestra, un perucho como botón:


With that audio from Freddy Rojas en Américas Errantes por el 93 de la Île-de-France, o algo así, arrancamos desde el año 1968 en Churubusco-Bienvenüe.

The Most Disturbing Performance ofChabeloin a Bizarre Ghost Movie
October 9, 2020

Chicago, Il-y-Noice  Route 66
Well it winds from Chicago to L.A.
More than 2000 miles all the way…

En-route³, ladies and Gemini at La Paloma Errante de Osler Amaro allá por la región del Cuzco-sous-Bagnolet, La Catrina en Auriol, allí en face a chez-GLEASON, was the chosen place by Macario López Tarso and La Tigresa Serrano in order to wait for that motorcycle ridin’ Foo, Xavier López, dit « Chabelo » to arrive 🪶.

³~. Es decir, Juanito GUANAVACOA and Christophe à Mains Libres, on the way, San Bernardino and Cucamonga are a must see attraction 🧲.

Pah! Z’a—JEROS!

Pero mientras eso pasa por la noche del sábado 25 en Hilo, Hawaii—⌛—mañana del domingo 26 en París ⏳, here’s a thought for your bolony sandwich, o como dice Mel Blanc en Cucamonga : thoughts for your little copperton Lincoln’s.

Miguel Gleason… el próximo toro le corresponde al presidente del Segundo Imperio Congreso de Federaciones de mexicanos en la Ciudad Universitaria del 14eme de Alésia.

In Montreuil-sous-Bois, Freddo Santa Croix popped the champagne cork 30 minutes late, en décalage con 🇫🇷 Petro y Francia 🇨🇴.

Go ahead, Alicia. Go right ahead and misunderstand what Ewe sees, it’s getting hard to be Nobody but it all squares out It doesn’t matter much to Mí.


La Émission Américas se puso las pilas luego de nuestra cobertura a ese teatro en enero, y sin embargo, la frequencia 106.3 no logra estar en internet, la señal se CALLÓ, del verbo caer.

Once la señal returned, Freddo Santa Crux is marching with Chairman MAO, he ain’t gonna make it with Freddy Cats —anyhow— because Freddy Cats is a Capitalist entreprise for the Dead.

En tanto regresa la señal, pasemos pues al plato principal en Texas:

[For the record, 20 minutos después la señal de Freddy Santa Te minúscula regresa al 106.3 de fm]

Tell, Mí More. Tell, Mí More. Tell, Mí More. Tell, Mí More… but Eye 🤹 ain’t got a Centenary 🎪 to give.


The “Hey Jude” / “Revolution” single was issued on 26 August 1968 in the US, with the UK release taking place on 30 August. Two days after the record’s US release, violent scenes occurred at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, as police and National Guardsmen were filmed clubbing Vietnam War protestors. 

Happiness is a Warm Culture Wako.
https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Revolution_(Beatles_song)


Sans Öüï, the year of Mexico in France would have been a hitch. That’s all that I am hammering here for, Ag, SILVER, kimozabi.

https ://www .c-span .org/video /?526950-1 /president-biden-prime-minister-trudeau-joint-news-conference

Opposition viewpoints: salon anticoloniale et antiraciste, La Parole Errante – Montreuil, 25 – 26 de marzo 2023.