And just to piss-off Leonardo DiCaprio, La Kerschovas played Great White🔥

Over at the Five Continental Concepts…

Like Napoléon in Rag


— Oakies squat an abandoned villa en las faldas de Fréjus… Bobby DiNero is not a muse.

In local joints, Öüï now returns to our Translation in Interpretations and a small Adaptation of our colleague at The Place Where Évry Body Knows a “quidam – pro quo” .

And, Phat Basterd’, did your Phat-ass just got E-victed from Natalie’s place? Oh, the humanities… anyhow Marie-Ange Schiltz at the CNRS… “Con su permiso, dijo Monchito ».


Apparently, all of a sudden, Évry body wants a spiral, now… Oh, the lack of Imagination.

Eye knew La Pompadour, bitch owes Mí a Clef de Sol en la’Scale de G, man, de G, hombre de l’Ombre.


If only the Paris Tourism Board had the Palancas.


Hey, Mary Poppins, that’s French for “Hey, motherfucker³”

Time-d’LAi $¢₹€€N grab à Châtelet:


Shop now…60 Years of friendship is about to go the way of DISPOSABLE HEROS.

In Paris, France, Metallica just earned another $TREAM€R for their Metal Militia Campaign flag, i was not there, but the Friends of the infamous Musée de Visites Guidée de la Préfecture de Police at the Bagagerie had a special all-access PASS* and, motherfucking Cheetos© to go with their Sorrow for Harvest.

*~. 3 rue de la Cité, casi esquina 📐 con Marie-Ange Schiltz at the CNRS.

Hit the lights and shut the door.


https ://twitter. com /SegoArma /status /s=20

Anyhow, every They in the month of May feels like Sunday, even Fridays. With that in mind, this is weekend edition and Denisa Kerschova had the day off. It turns out that after hearing the deep fake opening remarks of a certain U.S. senator from the Great State of Connect-i-cut, La Kerschovas decided all on her own to call-in her Friday edition of thee Allegretto d’aujourd’hui.

Any how, Frank Fig Lucie, I borrowed your last name, but only to cover a French obscenity on Lucie, who just so-happens to be Mary Poppins booty-call when Lilith is at The Gorge in George.


Si vous avez fermé les yeux au début de l’audience, vous n’auriez pas pu dire que nous jouions un clone de ma voix en introduisant l’audience,” said the itinerant radio host from an undisclosed location in her penthouse at La Maison de La Radio.

https ://www .politico .com /news /2023/05/17 /blumenthal-ai-deepfake-recording-senate-hearing

Chapter 3, Salmon rush only to die… pass the Sal and them biscuits, please

Violator, on the other hand is in El Monte… three time zones looking East, Le Pen Club America gala was crashed by a one-eyed Salmon, or something like that, but that has nothing to do with our on-going translation draft for submission to the good people at Le Pen Club de France on rfpp . net.

https ://www .nytimes .com /2023/05/18 /arts /salman-rushdie-pen-america

Eye tell you what mister Salmon, if Leguizamo didn’t make his way to The Natural History Museum near Cypress Hill then Agent Vazquez is loco en el coco… Insane in the brain.

It’s 1995 and Pandora box is about to be opened, at the time, Yakima,  Washington… three hours west from Spokane 🍎, next to Idaho 🥔, was more than training grounds for tank units around Pushtay point; it used to be Squaw Tit on an Indian Reservation plan… but that’s only because, “[S]ome linguists have suggested that squaw is a French corruption of an Iroquoian vulgarity for female genitalia.”

☂️… https ://azdailysun .com /state-changes-name-of-hill

In the words of Josephus, to Mika La Vag’:



Ewe throw a softball 🥎 like that at the plate and, indeed, Denisa, Eye’s gonna eat it.

Tangas or G-string? Which one is it, Mme. Macron?

It was bound to happen, following the sexual harassment law suit coverage of former White House resident, Donald John Trump in the Manhattan Burrough of New York City, New York, KATIE PHANGS moved to Paris, where she is now in the process of selling sketches for the mock trial tribunals de La Sorbonne. It’s like The American BAR, except that instead of Bud Light™ the esquires drink mimosas for breakfast.


You know, Jacqueline Ale-many, they* say that playing shrink to heads of state is the fastest way of getting old, Romanian dermatologistes-es advice that if listening to peoples problems is your thing, then the shrink doctorate candidate should veer into onto the comedy track, clowns and drug addicts keep them “patas de gallo³” away.

³~. Crow-es feet.
Remember Jacqueline Ale-many, always remember that Australia, Australia is in-deed the enemy!

Öüï tried to warn Jackie, but the Dough is just too sweet! BEHOLD what a ten-hour shift does to a head of state shrink, BEHOLD! JACQUELINE turned into Mic Jagger, at thi$$$ rate, Jackie is going to end up looking like The Fed’s Wife, Madame Andrea Mitchell.


For comparative purposes, just look at Jennifer Palmieri boobs on The Circus, sources close to John Heileman say that “Jenni” was the muse behind NOFX’s “New Boobs” in the sand, 36D or something like that.

Any how, Mme. Macron, how about that fucking chef, eh? Who would have thought that Putin’s chef was a fan of Burton (not that one, Summers), Anastasia pulling theet 🎻…

Cursos de civilización francesa con Jorge Saldaña
y jabón del perro de agradecido presentan:

En contexto, jump to mañana, no se vaya, El Alternativo con “las embajadoras” de Jorge Saldaña los espera en la rue de Fouarre con díagonal de las Trois Portes en La Maub.


de cualquier manera señora Macron, it’s not likely that YVELINES PRIgozhin is ever going to take over Sodexo™️ at MINER PETEs student cafeteria, bar, grill, and table-dance at The University of Texas at El Paso, but that son-of-a-bitch did take over Mali and the Places In BURKINA FASO, that only Sarah Chayes and Susan Powers dare to talk about at the gazebo on la rue GRABIEL next to 🏎️ Checo Perez human resources offices at the F.I.A., PROST, Alain, Prost MADAFAKA 🍻.

Sprechen sie Deutsch?


Hawaiianas, yes, Mme. First Lady, Hawaiianas. Why Hawaiianas, you might ask… because after six years of pointing out the ⏳ reciprocal ⌛ difference in the sand clock of Time Zones (12 hours-each)* the Paris Septième Art Board just discovered Pineapples and SASHA.

Meanwhile at El Carnal de Las Estrellas 🤩 Los de Molotov, ¡chinguen a su madre!


*~. During European Heure d’été time; however, during the Winter hours, Parisian clocks are in-synch with The Ukraine girls, (Back in the USSR).

⌛~. Go ahead, Roger Pérez, you may use that useless fact on your next vernissage.

Members close to Tele Lois pondered about how Charline will laugh herself to the Sixth Republic in the comfort of her own place.


Bal en plein AIR follows:


Of course, you have to be French to snap a picture and get it published, or you can just do the same things that PUTIN’s chef minions do to the journalists (in France) and SODEXO will give you a suit to wear with your French sponsor at the opening of your gallery, we, ES DECIR, Roger 🇵🇪 / 🇬🇧 Pérez, yo Armando Segovia 🇺🇲 /Armando Serrano 🇲🇽 Prieto lo hé visto en la Pelocula película mexicana: Nuevo Orden. 



De coup, Mme. Macron… never mind the “salamander”, period!

I’m tellin’ ya Dom 🎻, we have to stop meeting at Franche Musique chez de toi… I’m working, deer. But if Lula puts that little bird from your region at the 15éme de París, on one of his Cruzeiros it’s the end of América. Not to mention, Wonder Wimen’. The Universo, young lady, is not as big as Jupiter makes it out to be. I been around, IT!, At least a dozen times… Issy, Dom 🎻, Eye Still Haven’t Found Dépêche Mode.

https ://www .radiofrance .frz /fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip /carte-blanchea-dom-la-nena-2903658

Issy, Señora primera dama, I don’t think that the next character needs any introduction, heck just mention the code Mme Nyssen [Ministère de la culture / Actes Sud] and the pompous extravagance of La Kerschovas in rags [complete with Tatibags] appears smacked in the middle of the zebra crossroads between Lagrange and Monge at The Maub.

Working at the car* wash

Yes, HARTISTASÖüï-KNOW-dis, some they say even have the gall, The Gall, France! The gall of going full Sumo wrestler in full John Belushi regalia at LA Lucha Libre next to that fucker, The Cardinal Lemonade, next casi esquina con La Diagonal to La Sorbonne.


Anyhow, Señora Macronista⁸, as l’ancienne wife {no pun intended} of the former mono 🐵  in charge of the Ministry of Economics 🙈, Industry 🙊 and Digital Affairs 🙉 under el mapache catalán, Manuel Valls 🦝 during the Hollande 🦤 administration of México 🇲🇽 in France 🇫🇷, you really didn’t think that the spectacle of The Year of Mexico in France whole purpose involved the economic and cultural development between l’Élysée and Chapultepec³, now did you, Mme. Macron?

Courtesy of Les Publivores 🐶 🍝 🐺 y El Alternativo de La Nueva República (05/2011).

Advertisement for pub:


Grab Him By The Monedero 👛…

Pink monederos… from the CREATORS of  « The Spanish Inquisition »  and “The Life of BRYAN” comes the story of  MONY KA.


And, Roger Pérezno pun intended, but I bet you a real beer that tonight or tomorrow morning, the FAG patrol at “La Bagagerie” are going to be mentioning the code, “Mony Ka” because that is what they are and that is what they do. Them fello’s parrot what their *padrino tells them to utter when I am ear-shot distance from their un_happy life, una bola de putos, en toda la extensión de la palabra, y eso no tiene nada que ver con su sexualidad.

for the record, friends don’t let Foxes drink “piss water”, anyhow.
In another Phantasy Island, Alexi Maccamond is the new host of Montalbán’s old gig, Willie GEIST method-shrinks into a French midget.

Pilot Episode:

The Plane! Ms. Rourke, the plane!


Reinheitsgebot 🍻 PROST! Alain, prost! MaddaFakka 🍻.

This segment was paid-for by PABST BLUE RIBBON.


Entonces, Mme. Macron… El Camino (The Mexican³)

With all due respect… wanna know what rhymes with Rancy?


³~. 2001Brad Pitt tries to smuggle a weapon across Mexico… fast-forward to 2023 when the U.S. Ambassador to México re-hashes the FAST and FURIOUS gun-walking program with Aquaman at the wheel (punto y coma) the new Start-up is titled: The Last Mile, but the TRAMA is not about guns, but about the latest drug of choice for the Nephews of Sam 🇺🇸.

Breaking the news, for Ewe, deer Emilio: en el otro SANTIAGO de 🇨🇱, la voz de Pinochet is back.

From El Mundo de Le Monde en l’AFP, de l’EFE y, de l’APRO:

Ultra-right march in Paris: the prefect of police of Paris the Paris prefect of the policeLaurent Nuñez, assumes [la responsabilité por] not banning the parade. According to the senior official, the procession could only have been prevented by proving the existence of a clear risk of disturbing public order.

https ://twitter .com /SegoArma /status / dear AFP Sorry for your loss /sin celery: ARMAN {do} S.  =20

Sources close to Armando Segovia on this most non-consequential blog relay that the senior official ‘s balls (aguacates in Náhuatl) at the préfecture de Cité only grow when Mexican Wetbacks disturb the local hartistas en le Quartier “latino” de La MAL 27 del Festival de Jazz de Saint-Germain-des-Prés when these talented SAPOS, en el Barrio latino of The Paris Tourism Board do the good work of France ⚜️ Culture.

Le Monde avec La Bendita AFP 
Posted yesterday at 7:43 p.m.
modified at 4:21 p.m..

Gaslighting with gas stoves and Russian gaz.

⚜️🖌️… and Roger, ahora píntame uno de tus French présidents junto con les clochards, go ahead, it’s ok. It’s part of the Melle. Pitch Award 🧏

I was en proceso, recordando aquellas sabías palabras del artista Roger Pérez:

³~. Based on the Tale of Antoine Compagnon and some guy at SciencesPo moonlighting as Time Magazine man of the « ᖌ ᕮ ᕮ ᖇ », period!




Now That is What Eye calls — Gobbledygook.


But first, … :

it’s the weeping Frenchman aux Champs-Elysées… a tangent that reminds the non-readers, that History does not repeat itself, it echos and rhymes, but it doesn’t repeat. That would be a glitch in the matrix, and the Conseil d’État would simply not shot itself on their foot 🦶🏾.

I tell you what, Marie-Ange Schiltz, it’s a damn shame that Monsieur Malraux forgot to send an invitation to Pablo back in the ‘they’, but then again if that fickle fucker, Malraux pas Pablo, would have had the balls to send the invitation to Pablo, then the “creator” of the so-called Fifth French Republic would have had to cancel his subscription to The Sacré Sinarchist en Tierra Mojada.

The Oval pussy… it beats the Socks out of The Clinton’s Cat.


Tierra Mojada by the way is Guadalajara, in Spain… Eye has never been but “they³” tell my that the Madre Patria is going dry, like beef jerky dry. Guadalajara is where Emilio’s granddaddy wrote Cielito Lindo for Televisión Azteca, which of course is a subsidiary of fip . franche, period.

Charlie, the Donald Trump of The Estévez Clan… how do you think that D.A.T. nigga D.A.R.E. caught SIDA? By being shy? —C’mon now! Charlie got AIDS because he didn’t wear a glove while he grabbed them between the legs… I bet Donnie Deutsch thought that I was going to bring Mika’s big Fat Pussy [cat] into the den, eh, Donnie Deutsch? Didn’t ya’?

Mika’s Satellite Sealing. Viewers discrétion, ad VICE!


Pago en especie…

Previously on Fake Schadenfreude — God Save The King

Breaking… Canelo is playing dirty pool, mister Álvarez taunted the Brit with a taste of chocolate Abuelita™ to ringside.

And to commemorate the occasion Perrine Storme, de BFM’er TV, dons the JALISCO colors, which are a lot like the Ukrainian colors, with the exception that the flag of Xalixco was dedicated in 2011, the very Year of Mexico in France, and it is worth as much as a PERUVIAN flag 🇵🇪 at Mains Libres in Paris, Farce.

With All Due Respect, no se vaya… deteniendo.

In Context, and with the exception of Osler Amaro at Paris Fréquence Plurielle whom I’ve personally met, and discovered that Osler Amaro is just a guy like Ewe and , the difference between an Ukrainian flag and a Peruvian flag is that the Uk’s will dig a hole in the ground and fight Russian tyranny, as opposed to the Peruvians at l’Académie française who will suck a French cock for a “job well done, ”… roger that!

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Flag_⚜️_Jalisco

Lucky nº 7… Interesting NATIONALIST anthem* that opened the Bout, CRISTERO propaganda before the new U.K. soundtrack, which gave Güey to the blandest rendition of Nuno’s ballad {or} maybe it is because, it seems to Mí, anyhow—that the in between the Vicente Fernández sound bytes, which by the way replaced the CaRd GO’ills segment, Eye noticed that Öüï is like Julio PRECIADO, old.

*~. State of Jalisco  official canto. Inspired by Andy García and La Luz del Mundo Productions in, “For Greater Glory”.

Lay-Di’s in Gemini!

Live from Guadalajara, JA-MX… it used to be called, “Guanatos”, however, that only confused las momias de Tecalitlán con las del Cervantino.

Capitu what?


Ley de la ventaja… Jalisco nunca pierde, y cuando pierde, Tepito arrebata.

How convenient, I think I’m feeling Japanese.

Pistolero Crêpe — A la conquête de l’Ouest 🤠

Cut! It’s 16h in CET and, motherfuckers … Here comes the Sun 🌞.

& Julietta… please stand-by for Mia from BrUTEP!

In a world… where Julietta Capu…Leto didn’t swallow the poison, and the gun was a real prop, unlike that Rust-ridden rosco from The Tombstone set with the Baldwin mayor, comes the story of Shakespeare, the pornographer.

And, Juliet… after the break i will send “the list*” to Heileman, & Katty Kay, never mind The Wager in La Patagonia, I know a “lord of the flies” place where Évrybody knows your name, néanmoins you have to be a Tenure Diplôme del CNRS to tale tell the tale, you know the protocol, first, 🇵🇪 Mario Vargas Llosa at l’Académie française has to have the preliminary DRAFT translated so that he can then send it over to Grabiel At-All at The Ministry of FeedBuzz at l’Élysée.

*~. /r/nsfw/list


From the producers of Once Upon A Spaghetti with The Boss, and “Dancing in The Darkhouse”, comes the story of how Buzzfeed died. But FO’ist, it’s 14h in CET and TLALOC just started to piss, on a crowd that is about to hit Bastille.

You are welcome, Agent Angle… it is now 14h26 and TLALOC sent the rain a-Wey. Carry-on.


Once Upon A Time on The Buzz Feed De France á SciencesPo… and Cousin Joe, if the Buzzfeed Obituary page-feed was a grave, Loki would be dancing on It’s its epithet.

³~. Unless of course, the aforementioned “buzzfeed”, didn’t uncover the lead, and was in with a 🇲🇽 NARCO-STATE 🇲🇽 at the Unesco to black-ball me (back in 2016)  just for “funsies”, as the now-bankrupted media “giant” puts it, on one of its “Tic Toc™ time pieces”🪶.

Previously on the habitude de une ADF

Marie-Ange Schiltz was pouring over her working process for the CNRS:

Also, I am used to work with a reality altered strongly  by the fractioning of categories that I then enumerate. Then follows the choice of the statistical treatment, which, far from being neutral, involves a different loss of information in accordance to the technique of analysis implemented.

Venn Diagramming the situations followed by cutting your potential losses, perhaps?

Introductory synopsis of  Schiltz’s opening Sesame into SKID ROW in Paris France… with a time-delayed perspective as seen from an American asshole in France.

El primer torero porno strikes, —A-Gain!


Le Havre, France… 🎶 👄 well, Ewe Ho’id about Leone’s whistle while you WO’ik FO’ A Few d’Allas More (Pum!) It’s not one of those, this here is the story of a lonely Jeanne d’Arc next to Regina-en-Face aux Louvre.

Ladies in Gemini, una de vaqueros, starring La Vache qui rit 🐮 y los siete enanos toreros de Barcelonnette… Moooo!


& GO’ill de Niza, Old Nick is an Angel. Just because “the devil” was deported from paradise doesn’t take away his so-called essence, motherfucker remains as much an angel as any of El Patrón sicarios from Above. And isn’t that what all angels are, assassin for God? Except for Grabiel, that motherfucker is Baby Jesus’es dad-ese. God may be omnipresent like John Heileman on my adult needs history, but God is also impotent, which is why God is so merciful with VIAGRA and a total prick with abortion needs.

https ://theguardian .com /world /2023 /apr /27 /spain-bans-decades-long-tradition-of-dwarf-bullfighting

Looking for new frontiers The Snow White Show relocated their circus to the Normandy region of the HEXagone. The scheme of them French snowflakes of the RN, for Reaccionarios Nacionales (por sus SIGLOS en Francés) is to “re-conquer the west” and to troll the next runner-up for the position of Administrator of the VIéme République Française, Philippe Édouard.

And, Katty Kay, what says your RN’s over on Rosbifs land?


Leonardo Montagua has been vanished to the mound

Hee-haw re-cap, last week to they:

If la sociology is a combat sport, politics is the motherfucking art of GWAR.

Julieta was a HO, according to the Playbill on the P.J. Club… it used to be called “the morjo sho”, or something like that.


El hábito no hace al Shogun…
Pierre Bourdieu* en:
María de los Ángeles Schiltz’s-es
« La Jornada de un Quotidien… », a wetback’s Transliteration for the PEN 🪶 Club France
algo así con las manos libremente atadas.

Oldies but Goodies.


Ladies in Gemini, i honestly couldn’t tell you if Miami, or the rest of that land aberration for that matter, has any particular dish that those assholes (if and only if³) can claim for their neck of the ties. Except for alligator chitlins or swordfish in guano sauce i can’t think of anything, so I, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto, am going to fix some Lenguiza de Iguanas Ranas en-sobacadas de Guanabacoas en Brisket de Cleveland, Texas.

³~. Like Sevilla does 💃🏻 according to El Duende that slayed Rodrigo y Gabriela on fip dot live earlier on the scroll of Daniela Pierre-Bravo on BFM’er TV..

Unbuckle your waistband and … 🛴 curb your patín del diablo 👮🏿‍♂️ ‘cus Öüï’s gonna need a bigger pot to melt the Schlitz for Schiltz, so grab your political compass 🧭 pol’que Vamo’ pues al Newseum-sur-Potomac.

Nevermind Venice… Hoy es el día del Niño. It’s trou 🕳️ Hoy es el Día del Niño, and Julieta Eye ho’ID, IT!, through the MorjoSho that The Globe (those motherfuckers) have Ewe and Dark 🕶️ Brandon sorry-ass re-hashing the PAC(t)S.


My scientific habitus*, which has essentially practiced on the side of quantitative sociology did not prepare me for this exercise. The practice of statistics is more less a succession of controlled losses of information: to eliminate dregs (scoria) to highlight “the” structure.

Introductory synopsis of  Schiltz’s opening Sesame into SKID ROW in Paris France… with a time-delayed perspective as seen from am American asshole in France.


It’s 16h time in Hilo, Hawaii, in April in Paris, France, it’s already the dawn of The Sunday Show before the May Sees Parade à La Bastille.

Page 177

Où en suis-je, à présent, avec les personnes à la rue ?

On the next segment, “Jane, you ignorant slut!” Mika talks shop at Know Your Value in Yellowstone.

>> You know the drill, little ol’ i don’t select the weekend recaps on the Morjo Empire, which is only one they away before landing a spot on the Sunday Show, —m’Watch out Jonathan Capehart. What Eye can relay, however, is that even after Mika’s Arabian Peninsula magick carpet ride last month, the rest of the féminas on that gig are wondering why Willie GEIST, Mike Barnicle and Donnie Deutsch make twice the salt that Sonny Carneiro saca de pura pachanga en-Sevillada.

https ://twitter .com /BFMTV /Jusqu’à 40°C attendus autour de SévilleJusqu’à 40°C attendus autour de Séville

Previously on the Nantucker Hillbillies… Cousin Joe was about to take his fancy shoes off.


Fuck YOU, David… what are you, French?

M.G. 1914 – 1987

Morena-francia presente

Morenafrancia presente… con voz de pito y a La VOIX de PUTO el que no baile con Claudia en la línea 3 del Metro CDMequis: ¡Eh, puuuuuutoh!

Send me your CASH Machines and fuck your children on the streets. It’s what The System does best, so don’t blame justice. JUSTICE, that bitch is blind. If you’ve ever wonder why Señora Igualada is so fucking FAT ⚒️🛠️⚒️🛠️⛏️⚙️🔨⚒️🛠️⚒️ just take a look at La CORRESPONDENCIA con Los YNDIOS BERDES de “La SheInBaum”, porque cuando ella caga se siente FRANCESA cómo Georgina Moreno,  —la muy populista.

And, Nathalie my love, thanks for the cadeaux. Pero hoy no puedo because hoy yo no Tango porque hoy no Tengo Cha-cha.

28 de abril, 2023_ San José de Las Panocha

Breaking News… Water Breaks, pink falls. And oh, Pink Flamingos🦩on NPR, La Kerschovas just confirmed that Monk Fish and Wood would are part of the 12-Course Orson Wells Martian dinner. On the course, French President Emmanuel Macron is … 🔽

South of El Bordo de El Bardo… Just hit ▶️

# Mexican Senate endorses reforms to the Mining LawLet the coal bonanza en Piedras Negras begin, as an APPETIZER on the MENU Claudia Sheinbaum suggests Agua Chile de MAZATLÁN 🦐🍋, ROSALÍA’s favorite dish-discovery, since the invention of rice and beans.


https ://www .elfinanciero .com .mx /food-and-drink /2023/04/04 /cual-es-el-origen-del-aguachile-platillo-que-enamoro-a-rosalia/

But FO’ist, I am not sure if Cousin Joe is going to stick around to speak to my Uncle Oliver, he’s like the Real Stone, you know. Uncle Stone knows where Heaven is, Uncle Stone made a documentary about it, a real one not like the faggety ones from The INA[H] en la Maison de l’Amérique latine in Paris. Bunch of fake “Che” Guevara’s with PACHANGA on their mind at l’Olympia.

In Context: apparently, there is now a “global north” and a “go fuck yourself South”… crédit card only, no coins accepted. It’s micro charging with a friendly face, never mind the service charge, it won’t accrue if you pay the full amount at the end of your retirement, 🎶 many years from now. And you can forget Valentine’s.


And not to be outdone by My Uncle Stone, Emmanuel and Joe ; the président and the congressman, invent “The Global North” and los Globos del Sur en Tacubaya.

Naturally, following the IPSEC Security HUEBEX Interview with Cousin Joe, Seth Macron (Emmanuel is in New York) closed down Saint Denis so that his doppelganger-ass can enjoy the “La Franche Finale” of Soccer housewives.

At the Global Citizens Lucha Libre Dinner, NPR just called out Denis Soula and his Fip Siren Chant. And Mr. Xavier Ray at the Pompidou, now you know what I was lining up last year, when your goons dragged me out; it’s nice to witness that you now allow bums (and students alike) to LOUNGE on your bendito museum of modern art, with a restricted library on the 2nd Floor. We all need a new Cafeteria with microwaves for all, and not just for the concession stand, and what da’fuck is up with the vending machines only accepting FMI and World Bank Credit Cards. What are you, a K Street American Vending machine racket? Coins motherfuckers, coins!


Anyhow, Mika, FRIDAY I’m IN Love 😘. But not with you, because Natalie Piolé is the love of my life, she’s desértica–you know, nothing like Susana PuBeda who required all kind of care.

So help me Jesus. It’s the birth of a Crazy Diamond.


Quotidien, sans domicile fixe (SDF)…

Cotidiano, sin domicilio fijo, con domicilio fijo
Durante ocho años, me he ocupado, en calidad de CDF (con domicilio fijo), junto a los que designan con el acrónimo de SDF (sin domicilio fijo), de la instalación y funcionamiento de La bagagerie Mains libres… 

Proselyte Conflict — MOvimiento REgeneración NAcional. Quieren mais o les guiso un Huevo de JOYA 💎?

Marie-Ange Schiltz


Un-botton your Dungarees ®️ it’s going to be a 12-course Orson Wells meal with Six Wine Bottles [each] from Oliver Stone, —motherfuckers.

Coming up on Morning Joe, it’s how to take CHAYOTTE from France, an immersion course into the brown waters of European politics and American exceptionalism. If your name is Roger Pérez, here is context for your motherfucking bums:

Seasons on The Euro Rail — Last Train to London… Context from the Bikini Bistro aux City Hall follows.


… and by bums, estoy hablando de tu Alta Sociedad.

But FO’ist, motherfucker, let me show you the context to Emmanuel Macron’s caricature on MSNBC, and Cousin Joe, remember what Willie GEIST told GRABIEL At-All :

Correspondencia con Indios Verdes


Ewe son of a bitch
Is the god of
Eye don’t gives a Phucks,


¡Ah cabrón, qué putos diantres con ese Inter°mezzo, Em°i°lie Mundera‽


Over in Wisconsin, La Kerschovas crash-landed in the boonies and got sucked in through a Wabbit hole with a direct line to Sydney, Australia, where our correspondent The Tasmanian Devil learned that Émilie Munera is in fact, a mother°efin°marsupial, with pochette and ‘ol.

With a name like Bruneau-Boulmier next to Rodolfo, you know that Rhodo is a sort-of, middle of the roadkill hybrid between a Reindeer, a duck, and judging by his feet, a frog. In-deed Rodolphe is the French Outre-mer platypus version from Bretagne, Champagne, or Reims, pehaps even Orange… Eye, has already noted the Cerf-panthére hybrid on the Pause de 20 minutes at the metro stop. So trust Mí on this one Mika, Joe is indeed Mediocre, that bum would be nothing without Willie GEIST and his dead-pan puns… button your pants, Rubee Tuesday. You look like a 🪙 Florida 💵 chayote 💰 on cable news. You are TUCKER CARLSON with an indignez-vous script… and Cousin Joe, immigrants for Ronald Reagan were just a prop. Just like your sweet grama was for the Evangelical South

Chayotte in red letter on the Greatest Story Ever Told: Les New Apostolique Miserables de Alabama


But first, sad news from Birmingham. Our godfather in Metal, Ozzy Osbourne is on his way to Kaboul. Mister Osbourne had just quit El Ey following the wonton violence unleashed by that nigga Nygaard in the Perry Mason track of the number 7th studio album, of the Seventh wonder of the world titled: Ozzmosis, Juan can’t literally make this shit up, Miss Schiltz.

…if youse out of Schlitz, youse Schiltz out of luck:

American Pi … 3.1416, etcétera, etcetera, et ζ RA! — It’s Friday’s Eve at The Ana Cabrera Show.


Any how, Don’t call this a “biting the hand that feeds Ewe”, example. For the 1001 Thyme, “thank’s for the bolony sandwich,” Eye really means , IT!, Really-Reuily. But if your Institutions are starting to ‘experience’ the Netflix line-out (or was it Line-out?) from LA MANO DE BERNARDO GÓMEZ films, then don’t blame Mí for quoting Flaubert, mi estimado Tavo.

Sources close to Mickey Mouse, in Chessy-sur-Marne, relay that the Paranoid customs officer tasked with checking the Rock icon’s visa as he returned from a trip in to Paris could not understand a word that Ozzy spoke at the entry point. Ozzy was still wearing his 1001 Aladin Nights with La Kerschovas rags and the ignorant border cop immediately decided that Ozzy was in fact an Afghan Wing militia member and off-to the Midnight Express to Talibanlandia it was.

Ozzy tried to get Perry Mason on his deportation Speedy Gonzalez-like trial on a Banana Court, like the one dealing with ABORTION and Gun Laws in The United States in América, however, Perry Mason was sent to Chino, California, to play on the Frontierland Pinto League, for defending Mexicans in El Ey.


Breaking Le Parisien news 📰

… We interrupt this programmation to bring you the latest from our man in The Highlands with a OVNI directional view of all the pretty little Belle Ville (plural) of the whole wide world.

In Edinburgh it’s Romantic Thursday but in Hilo, Hawaii, Allegretto Junior remains in effect for another 15 minutes. With that in mind…ALARMA, AL ARMA LA de tos.

Las Estúpidas Calaveritas (2011) de Freddy Cats y su noche de los Narcos, o algo así.

Some say that the kids are all right, but this one is straight out of one of Freddy Cats “cholo” characters from the borderplex between Montreuil-sous-Bois and la Belle Ville de Vincennes. Pat Patrouille and un Guignol from Mexicali, BC, in Aztlán are on the trail of little Rose-Izabella .