Dear thank you for going Stasi* — Reach out touch Faith

*~. But most importantly, because this ain’t no disco, no C.B.G.B’s. (punto y coma) Eye ain’t gots Thyme for that now, —Ewe know.

It’s “like a Japanese CAT”, knot like a fucking horse.

In local news, The Our Lady of Los Ángeles ☄️⚾  Philharmonique is playing next to Marie-Ange’s Bagagerie, it’s a West(side)Story Engagement, nothing to see here, move along… and nevermind them police barriers at Sarah’s Théâtre.

The Devil is in a Sharp dressed man 👞 , never mind the details or las bienvenues et départs when Youse down and out near Montparnasse, and dear Marie-Ange Schiltz this is the slot where the dearly departed are always welcome, and where the “Mini-Madrina” snapshot from the other day comes in, unfortunately Denis Soula and Susana Pubeda hijacked my British-Queen bitch segment… any how here’s the TEA on that walkabout session that closes the Month of September. ENTER Alexander.

… continued from Schiltz’ « Daily homeless (W/OFA (güo’FA) » :

Alexander, mon cher Alexander, aux raisonnements incertains, au débit saccadé mâtiné d’un fort accent britannique, quasi incompréhensible. Anglais, je lui
trouve de la classe. Il fut professeur, dit-on. Alexander écume Paris, je marche
beaucoup. Nous nous sommes plusieurs fois reconnus du côté de Montparnasse.

¶5,  p.181

Fin de page

Stop making sativa sensi, sensei!

Is this not the Python moment you All were waiting for?

Très british, il tient la distance. Notre surprise explose joyeuse et sincère sur le trottoir. Comme toujours, nos interactions s’arrêtent aussi brusquement qu’elles ont commencé. Alexander reprend son chemin, moi le mien. On se retourne, on se salue. Nous n’avons rien verbalisé, et pourtant, je sais qu’il est aussi heureux que moi de la rencontre inopinée.
¶1, p. 182

Note to whomEva’ gots’ the control of fip dot fr right now:

Jesus will fix, IT!, for you.
Just like Jesus fixed
Louis “the just’s” 13th Hot Rod.

Enter the Rhapsodes… knot to be tied to°get°her° {nor} confused with Snoop Dogg’s rendition of Freddy Mercury’s “Murder Was The Case That They Gave Mí” because, d’Aubignac’s (and I quote) « [H]istory of archaic Greek performances justified his theory of THE STICHED-To°Get°Her° corpus³ ». In this sense, Sensei, the Iliad was a sort-of-middle-of-the-road, Frank Zappa kind of quilt in the form of ‘little poem tragedies’, not DRAMAS performed by actors but “hymns or canticles” that Greek princes had performed (JUST like the Just King at the beginning of Ken Russell’s THE DEVILS film) at their feasts³³.”


“And since they did not always have poets on hand for new works, they decided to take the episodes or detached pieces from those who had some reputation, and those who plied this trade were called Rhapsodes—they not only sang, but also danced gracefully and artfully expressing with their bodies the sense of the verse. …”,
Theiss, p. 85



I know where you get yer’ Chinks from now.

Rosbifs by the double-decker load — Your mother Should* Suck Dicks in Hell

Trapos neo-colonialistas? If and only if, there exists a backward difference between fertile African WimeN and the nymphomaniacs de Evaristo Galois en la rue Verneuil (Paris – 6émé).


Happy Birthday, Tin Tan!
1915 -1973
50th Any°Verse°Ari°

News Flash ⚡: Tin Tan will play the role of Évariste Galois, the most impulsive of them ‘Ol… the role was supposed to go to Cantinflas but Mario Moreno es puro rollo, y nada d’estilacho.

El exorcismo de Liêm…
¶ 5, Page 181:
Maybe I’ll bump into Liêm, a frail Vietnamese I met recently in a store on rue du Louvre. The news is dull. He has no social housing in the neighborhood. Looking defeated, still depressed, Liêm no longer dreams of a return to an ordinary life, a job, a home to call his own, a family. One [foot) in front of the other. Liêm is an avid bowler, and I’ve never seen him happier than when, on behalf of [la] Bagagerie, He organizes the Halles garden. I hope to see him smiling again the day I stroll down to the boulistes.

For those out of the loop, Germán Genaro Cipriano Teodoro Gómez Valdés y Castillo “Tin Tan” was not only The Fifth Element but people who know*, know that Tin Tan was also The Fifth Beatle.

*~. know, that Ewe knows, ELO.

And, Katty Kay:
Medieval WimeN… should know… Who am I to write a book.

In local news, today’s Word of The Day is:

Tea, as in… a noun that describes some kind of interesting or confidential information; gossip; news.

https ://www .dictionary .com /e /word-of-the-day /tea -2023-09-19

[News] THE EXORCIST returns to theaters for 50th Anniversary

In other events of the THEY (efemérides):

Horror en ortografía, y otras memorias del Cardenal Ximénez while visiting his French bitch, Cardinal Richelieu ♦️


— 1985¹ & 2017²
Sobredosis de cemento
On a day like today, a devastating earthquake in MÉXICO misinterpreted yesterday’s “Word of Day”, eggcorn, which as defined by any re°puta°ble dictionary it decodes into the following:

Un mot ou une phrase qui est une altération apparemment logique d’un autre mot ou d’une autre phrase qui semble similaire et qui a été mal entendu ou mal interprété, comme « conte de vieux sages » pour « conte de vieilles femmes en queues ».

Woman on the verge of a long-ass cue.

¡Viejas Feas!


This mono light orchestra is a work in progress, made in France; by Mí.


We now return to Marie—Ange’s “little hole on the wall”

Monday, 18 de septiembre del 2023:

Eye’m PopEye the sailor,  man;  and Eye’m an Antichrist 🇬🇧

The 🧷 Safety 🧷 Pins 🧷


For the benefit of King Rey Charles III.

Painted Black 🖤.


Famous Veteran: George Carlin… happy 76th Birthday U.S. Air Force, —you fags!

“BULLSHIT, Cornhole!”
Air Marshall George Carlin

Here’s the CATCH from ROME:

Notre volonté, c’est d’accueillir ceux qui doivent l’être, les persécutés politiques. But we absolutely must send home those who have nothing to do in Europe³.

Gérald Darmanin, Ministro del Interior en Europe 1Cnews, earlier To They, Monday, September 18th

Chips… she used to be called COLETTE.


Note to Mika Brezesinski… Mika, you don’t look a They over 40. Just sayin’. For a Polish vampire going-on her Third century youse looking Absolutely Fabulous, Dhag’ling.

In local news, French President, Emmanual Macron will not be bothering with the U.N. and it’s their silly little General Assembly summit, instead, Mister Macron will instead be kissing the ass of an irrelevant king, not sure if Camilla played a motivation on the president’s… como se dice, como se dice? Geriatric love for pomp and circoncision.

¶ 4, page 181:

Oh, boy!


Peut-être y retrouverai-je Liêm, frêle vietnamien, récemment rencontré dans une supérette du côté de la rue du Louvre. Les nouvelles sont ternes. Il n’a pas bougé de l’hébergement social dans le quartier. Mine du vaincu, un peu comme toujours déprimé, Liêm ne rêve plus d’un retour à une vie ordinaire, un boulot, un logement individuel, une famille, il fait aller en poussant les jours les uns après les autres. Liêm est un bouliste passionné, je ne l’ai jamais vu aussi heureux que lorsqu’il organise, au nom de la Bagagerie, dans l’ancien jardin des Halles, les concours de pétanque. J’espère le retrouver souriant, le jour où j’irai errer du côté des boulistes.

Marie-Ange Schiltz
WFA (whoof’Ah) — W/OFA (güo’FA)

On the menu, estofado 🍲 de Socle y Olive’s 🫒 Oil en su tinta con chile 🌶️ capeado al estilo Beaugrenelle con Citroën Squeeze.

Previously on, The unity of the Abbé d’Aubignac’s time of Homer’s place and the culture of the action on the Streets in Seventeenth-Century Paris*.

Page 79…
FRANCE 1632, reports reach Paris that Ursuline nuns were being possessed by demons in Loudun. Richelieu sent JEAN MARTIN, baron de Laubardemont, to oversee the trials that lead to the 1634 buning of

Page 80…
[P]riest Urbain Grandier for witchcraft. In 1637, Richelieu’s niece Marie Madeleine de Vignero, the dutches of Augillon, decamped from Paris to observe the spectacle of the possession for herself, She brought d’Aubignac along and commissioned from him a short manuscript report on the possessions… YADA, YADA, YADA, La NONNE Tú was re-hashed in REEL TIME.

Is Horror Back? ‘The Nun II’ and ‘A Haunting in Venice’ Exorcise the Box Office

*~.The Journal of the History of Ideas,
Volume 84, Number 1 (January 2023)

… submitted for your approval, you are entering the Bagagerie through Dr. Johanna’s fire exit door, and if the hook-up bracket of the fire extinguisher🧯on the first floor is any indication that something “fishy” went on last night after La Bagagerie was closed, just know that Le Socle may wrap up Pandora’s Box in with the tarp, but the love-flow is visible with a purple 💎 light and oh-boy 💜… please stand-by for a “shamanistic intervention” on-the-go.

¹~. Over on channel YOUNG, it’s bright Women:

Word of the They for 09/18/2023:
eggcorn, it’s like a word salad when you sing the misheard lyrics to Purple Haze, Medival Woman, or the Miami Sound Machina, “Dr. Fish”. Up next is the Talking Chimeras and their number Won Hit, “Psycho Thriller”.

https ://www .dictionary .com /e /word-of-the-day /eggcorn -2023-09-18/

Charm guarantees a visa in FRANCE, which is why the preferred method for securing, first the visa, then social security and finally the keys to you very own studio (or apartment if you are not a radio D.J.) is to book a European Vacation, the n° One Trick (and this is 180° from a Catch-22) is to arrive through Barajas in Spain, or from Fiumicino in Rome; spend a week or two in either of the two capitals and then make your way to Paris. The rest is up to the Associations that are in place since 1901 in France for you.

En revanche, as the French like to say; being a bona fidēs cantankerous observer of modern culture, such as the late FIELD MARSHALL George Carlin, well then that will only get you a locker room without a door and if you are a good-boy (or girl) two meal cards for the Restos de Marianne.

Not that I would ever repeat this experience again, ever, but IF I HAD KNOWN that I could have come to mister DARMANIN’s EUROPE as a mala fidēs charming boot-licking, eyes wide-shut and, willing ‘colabo’, and have access to all of the pussy that is willing to fuck, well then that would have been a different trip, but I am a journalist (string reporter) and if mister Interior Minister thinks that “CRITICAL Contestataire THINKING” is anti-French Republic, well then send me on another trip. I can go dark, and 180° on a bona fidē “talents et compétences” promise. 

Got depression? Get a “limpia”.

Peligro… MAL27

Intermedio entre Olympiades… all the Guerras that fit.


Previously en la Hidalgo… dirección Tasqueña 🚇, Mexican authorities ignore their own promises to provide mental health care for trauma victims, unofficially, first-hand witnesses overheard a public outreach agent from the Mexican National Guard recommend to a Post Traumatic Stress victim to seek the ‘charisma’ of the nearest “curandera” or, « Madame Ruth, you know, that gypsy with the gold-capped tooth » and, very important KNOT to forget to request a “clean energy” tax deduction receipt for a “limpia 🥚🥛🧄🧙🏿‍♀️ session,” period!

All quiet on The Berlin front.


Todos tus muertos:

Foto of Island by Roger Pérez. Just the facts, over…


Note to editors:

we [the staff] are experiencing signal interference from across la rue du NIL, and because Roger Pérez 🇵🇪 once witnessed that blood-curdling shriek 📡 blaring out of the FM freq’s on 📻 of the kitchen floor, when Pablo from Segovia, Spain, (no-less) went straight to hell, it happened on the very day that Pablo was about to be cremated. Little Ol’ i, (Armando Segovia) mention the artist’s name because of the “transmission” of that departure, however, i must be emphatically clear that this post is not about him (Roger, that…), it is nonetheless, about Lorenzo, dit Lencho, en Castellano del bueno.

Vamos pues, a hacer una “limpia” para la puta “causa »…

📡… Le hospitalizan, le escanean, le analizan y le dan medicamento de punta de lanza. La administración se encarga. El paciente, un tiburón, puede marcharse a su lamentablemente esquina en la acera insolentemente bautizada como la rue de Nil, la calle de moda del barrio, “salario medio 5.000 euros”. Elegante, rebelde y digno, Fabrizio es bien respetado en la zona. El bistró de enfrente sirve cafés especiales que pueden llegar calientes desde el otro lado de la calle. Stéphane _
Page 180 ; ¶ 4.

Fabrice, dit Fabrizio. Fabrizio l’élancé, le rasta, le séropo qui parfois refuse de se soigner. Il ne veut plus vivre, dit-il, plus passer ses journées sur un trot- toir. Il s’invective. Il se révolte. Le virus s’active. Il est hospitalisé, scanner, analyses, médication de pointe. L’administration administre. Le patient requin qué peut sortir vers son infortuné trottoir au coin de la rue du Nil, rue bobo du quartier s’il en est, insolemment dénommée « salaire moyen 5 000 € ». Élégant, rebelle, digne, Fabrizio est estimé dans les parages. Le bistrot d’en face sert des cafés spéciaux, capables d’arriver chauds de l’autre côté de la rue. Stéphane

Page 180 ; ¶ 4

A Closer Look… with all due respect.

s’installe souvent aux côtés de Fabrizio. Les nouvelles sont bonnes. Ils ont un studio en perspective. Ils ont fait leurs calculs, les aides, le RSA et les reve-nus de leur « travail » (faire la manche) : en partageant le loyer, ils assurent. Dernière conversation, dernière « mise à l’abri », Fabrizio décède à l’hôpital. Il ne s’évapore pas pour autant comme tant d’autres, au-dessus de sa place, son ombre s’attarde. Sur le mur, son portrait s’affiche, seules les pluies d’ouest auront raison de la photo.

Page181 ; ¶1

Page181; ¶1:
… a menudo se sienta junto a Fabrizio. Las noticias son buenas. Tienen un depa* en el horizonte**. Han hecho sus cuentas, los subsidios, los recursos de alocación solidaria (RSA, por sus siglas en Francés) y los ingresos de su “trabajo” (mendigar): compartiendo el alquiler, están a salvo. Última conversación, último “refugio”, Fabrizio muere en el hospital. Pero no se evapora como tantos otros, su sombra perdura sobre el local. Su retrato se exhibe en la pared, y sólo las lluvias del oeste lo borrarán.


Previously on Hemp stationary* for Victory… le comenta-ba a Alberto en l’IMER

💡 RIP (14 October 1878* — 1 August 2023)

Le doux Michel, le poète, l’acteur. Il s’allonge volontiers sur un mur avec un livre, prenant la pose d’un Alexandre le Bienheureux. Il tourne dans un film, Versailles, que l’on projette à la Bagagerie. C’est un gourmand, il aime le cervelas, la saucisse du chasseur, spécialité belge que je lui rapporte parfois. Michel s’investit dans la marche de l’association, mais n’est pas toujours net sur lui. Ce jour-là, ils ont, Marie et lui, rendez-vous avec nos édiles. Pour l’occasion, Michel s’est un peu ajusté, mais sans exagération. Soudain, j’entends Marie, agacée : « Michel, tu ne peux pas venir comme ça, tu sens trop le pipi. » Je ris sous cape et le bon bougre, la tête baissée de lui promettre d’être plus propre les jours de représentation officielle. Michel a trouvé un toit chez les Petits Frères des Pauvres. Tout le découragement du monde s’est abattu sur moi, le jour où j’ai rencontré Sébastien dévasté, pleurant son ami Michel. Si Michel n’a pas su garder son logement, c’est à  désespérer de toute action. Je téléphone à Marie, Michel va bien. C’est un autre Michel qui est mort

Marie-Ange Schilt’z (ibid.)
page 183, ¶3

*~. https ://patents .google .com /patent /US214636

WestºSteiºJjin productions in association with:
De Ceglia
… and of–course, Marshall and the Vico Scholarship, present, “A his°tory of ideas 💡  scratch that one, you may use a candle or even fire but you may not use Edison-grade focos.


Let’s Dew The Mat 🤼… Willie Geist stars as president Petro’s son, the Staten Island native has the CUNT-lips to match the Petro…da’llards, that’s for sure.

In Russia, Hemp is outlawed, and Alexei Navalny is sentenced to 19 years in prison.

https ://www .francetvinfo .fr /monde /russie /rusia-alexei-navalny-condenado-a-19-años-de-prisión

Red bud


… and Ana Cabrera, you look awesome in RED.

And, Luc Frelon, fuck you and Donnie Deutsch!
It’s USA, not USE… yor Sum of a bitch.
Get your vowels in order, Eh!
Ah is B4 the mirrored 3.

And futher MORE, eh!
Ewe know that USA is Present.
And, IT!, Should go without metioning,
that USE is the past participle of the Youse!

Me says Oh.


I can see for Davis, UC, check it our Marie-Ange Schiltz, below this here cutline you will find that same HOT-LINK from the opening obituary for an incandescent translation on this particular page, now then, are you ready to C (pronounced like the letter See, or Sea) « Fabrice, dit Fabrizio? »



Sweet Michel, the poet, the actor. He likes to lie on a wall with a book, posing like Alexander the Blessed. He’s immersed* in a film, Versailles, at the time on the screen at La Bagagerie. He’s a gourmet, and loves hot-links*, the hunter’s sausage, a Belgian specialty that I sometimes bring him. Michel is committed to the running of the association, but isn’t always neat about himself. That day, he and Marie have an appointment with our concejales. For the occasion, Michel tidied up himself a little, but without exaggeration. Suddenly, I hear Marie, annoyed: “Michel, you can’t come like that, you smell like pee.” I laugh under my breath and the good fellow, with his head bowed, promises to be tidier on official business* days. Michel found a home with the Petits Frères des Pauvres. All the dismay in the world washed over me the day I met a devastated Sébastien, mourning his friend Michel. If Michel hasn’t been able to keep his quarters, I lose hope* of any action. I telephoned Marie, Michel is fine. It was another Michel who’s dead.

*~. Some might say that them sausages are Swiss, but that is another story, para los muy belgas.

page 180, ¶3

If only the Paris Tourism Board had the fucking Imagination. And, Cousin Joe, please relay to your beau-brother In Poland, that I literally could not make fiction from this pulp if I wanted to, I mean what are the odds:

Digresión para todos los putos, y putas también, de GaBo’ en el IMER.

Y, Alberto… ni modo de decir, o reportar que a GaBo no le gustaba el brisket, o barbacoa culera de Texas, según La Juventud Venezolana (Association 1801 en París, Francia).

https ://norman .hrc .utexas .edu /gabrielgarcíamárquezan-inventory-of-his-papers-at-the-harry-ransom-center

Schtrukturation ingredients — La mezcla:
– 3 costales de cemento
– 2 kilos de WATT?
– 2 rebanadas de Shit-rock
– 16 toneladas de Vittorino.


— The corrupt nature of a sitting president’s son.

1. https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/08/03 /mundo /l’hijo-de-gustavo-petro-dice-que-dinero-ilegal-entro-a-campana-presidencial/

— A Polish-based C.E.O. in the coordinates from where Mexican Coca comes from.

2. … Dun-Dun-Dun 📕

— … And of course, Mika is a fucking android! But you are no ghaD-DamneD “blade-runner”, Congressman, fo’Phuks sake Joe, you can’t even roll the Benjamin’s into a straw [pole].

For those who see the news elsewhere

For those who see the news elsewhere

3. … It’s all Chinese ⌨️ to Mí 💰

I hate to say it, but Eye Gknew this.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip /club-jazzafip-du-jeudi-22-septembre-2022

Lacias las calabazas, Blandine³ — 47 a.C.: «Veni, vidi, vici»… J.C.

³~. Blandine Hugonnet is BFM’er TV’s, Vatican correspondent and the illegitimate basterd’ love-child of Cardinal Ximénez’s lust for lusitaniens en Lisboa.

On a They like To They… It’s OVER CAPACITY DAY.


🎶 Se suma un nuevo sonido a las orquestas del día:
in Rome, Pope Sixtus IV appoints Fray Tomás de Torquemada as Inquisitor General of Castile and León by bull, a position that he would extend to Aragon , Catalonia and Valencia (another bull) on October* 17 of the same year, and which would make him the first inquisitor general for all of Spain, next to Cardinal XIMÉNEZ, off–course.

The first bullfight is held in Pamplona. A Christian and a Moor, arriving from Zaragoza, fight and kill two bulls in the presence of King Carlos II of Navarra.

Across The Atlantic… “Nobody expects The Spanish Inquisition!³

John Hancock acts all French in Philadelphia.

The signing of the United States Declaration of Independence took place.

and in Washington, Mika Brzezinski could not stop stroking her Stylo… but Öüï has nothing to do with that. She’s Electrik, she’s in a family full of, you know, Varsoviennes from Poland.

Ladies in Gemini, please stand-by for Wednesday. Right now it’s another micro-segment of “Yup, it used to be called The School of The Americas” but after the Noriega incident at PANAM[E] in the ANTHROPOCENO the Academy just learned to better manage them Lethal Eras in one Military Center.

Brigadier General Moussa Salaou Barmou, was trained by the U.S., making the Nigerien coup the 11th in West Africa since 2008 to involve U.S.-trained military officers.

https ://www .democracynow .org /2023/8/1 /niger_coup


https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Anthropocene

Blandine’s Sopa de Flor de Calabazas Lacias


Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler becomes Führer of Germany following the death of President Paul von Hindenburg… and Zeppelin, don Alberto Nájar, —GOES HERE, maddafakka!

47 years in the future, in the month of October, “en octubre tenía que ser“, Ron “ramón” Quintana would inspire a young Reichskanzler to embark on his BLITZKRIEG over Europe.

But FO’ist, it’s been brought to our attention that aside from enabling thugs en las jacarandas de la EMBAJADA de Francia el “la Hidalgo”, Jean-Pierre there is also hooking that fucking “ardillo” up with full-retirement, medical, RSA, unemployment and a suite a with view to the Ambassador’s bathroom.

HEMP FOR VICTORYbut you better not smoke that joint, Bogart.


The Marihuana Tax Act is passed in The United States, the effect of which is to render marijuana and all its by-products illegal… including in 2021, THE CONSTITUTION³ of Them United States in América.

³~. 86 years later, President Donald John Trump*, the 45th U.S. President since General George Washington crossed the POTOMAC, would use that loop-hole to ride a legal defense on his TREASON indictment like a motherfucking LIGHTING working the EGGS BENEDICT buffet.

*~. Lest you forget, ANA Cabrera at 2 rue de SWAN SONG at Saint-Denis, France, that the U.S. Constitution was inked on stationary made from PULP FICTION.

With that on the background, we now return to another segment of the dis-articulation of Marie-Ange’s cadre on the Wall, and if your name is Roger Pérez 🇵🇪 please be advised that on tonight’s feature we (the staff of this most non-consequential blog) are going to be featuring one of your famous photographs, the one of “Fabrice” do you remember “Fabrice”, mister Peréz? Because if you do, then I would like to remind the A., that this post is not about you, but about that other 1801 association in France, I can’t remember the name but it’s the one that handles the graves 🪦 and etches the SDF’s names on a yearly balance sheet for La Ciudad de París… you know, just like Dr. Schiltz does for the CNRS.

https ://www .mortsdelarue .org/

In can décente pas le Prévert..



Iraq invades Kuwait³, eventually leading to the Gulf War. 

³~. At the time, dear ANA Cabrera, Öüï [the staff] were on our way to AUSTRALIA via Mazatlán, Sin-Aloha, but Destiny’s Child would have other plans for Mí, and the rest went all as Chech & Chong warned U.S., “Up In Smoke ».

Société de presse
News Corp utilise l’IA pour produire
3 000 reportages locaux australiens par semaine

https ://www .theguardian .com /media /2023 /aug /01 /news-corp-ai-chat-gpt-stories

… la del ESTRIBO:

GHW Bush: “I don’t care what the facts are»


(‘George Herbert Bush: «I don’t care what the facts are, I will never apologize for the United States»’), one month after the U.S. cruiser Vincennes shot down an Iranian civilian A-300 Airbus with a missile, killing its 290 occupants.

Sources: https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /2_de_agosto #cite_ref-1
Fuentes: https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /August_2

Yes, Öüï knew this – your farts smelled like tortillas

Header subject to change… you French Phucks 🍟

I love horse racing, period.


Silly Love Songs 🐏, it’s an El Ey thing, to understand you’ll need to consult The Frisco Kids:

But first… it’s Arthur Aitch (h) 👺💨


Eye is here fo’Yer soul, phuckers. Don’t fear Macario.

In the meantime, we now ketch-up with the CNRS Special Editions series, Los Clochardos de Doña Vilma–en Châtelet:

It’s like one-hundred Frida’s and all the mercado de abastos, and a French 🇨🇵 Ambassador 🤺 de pilón. No GASpil’age allowed.

Back to Sébastien. It’s springtime, and he’s putting down roots on the sidewalk. Sometimes I stop, sometimes I walk around him – the guy’s too wacky. Today is his birthday, fifty-something; all the suffering in the world is in him. He looks at his hands, turns them, shows them to me. His fingers are swollen, deformed by abuse, the street, misery. Sébastien cries out for his life, I can do nothing for him, I remain silent. He too, disappears. I see him again in autumn, lying on a metro vent on rue de Rivoli. He shares the grate with another companion in misfortune. I pass by. On our last meeting, breaking the rule, he hits me up for cash. I abandon my principles, I know what to expect. A few hours later, he’s slumped on the floor, two bottles of rosé by his side. Alcohol kills slowly, sometimes too slowly.


Tacos – Flautas – Gorditas – Sopes… just don’t drink the water.


¶2 p. 180

In Marie-Ange Schiltz’s «Rag time comedy hour »… It’s a re-play.

Tony Palma at La Bagagerie… please stand-by for María de Los Ángeles Schlitz

Two-ru Tango… Puerto Ricans not allowed, fuckers phuck up the “are”, period!

… In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s SATURDAY NIGHT, and Shopiane, (Sophiane) I know what you mean when you say , “whisky” or “vodka” or, when you infer that the Bagagerie has and/or needs a security guard…

I know for a fact that what it has is one of those mini-universes where a “dictator” first takes all of the “donations” to his palace and then he, (and it is always a man 👞) lets it’s his lowly subjects (formally French colonies) eat the crumbs.

It’s either a notice from the « omertà” …(or a vampire sleeps there).

If you need context, ask our new member Julian, he saw the entire SeqUanCE play in real time… so please don’t tell me that the pile was mostly “bread”.

Well… Ewe’ve ho’ID about the “Soup Nazi”It’s KNOT one of dos (2) 

Your receipt 🧾 is obsolete.

And, Shopian, I (Armando Segovia) want to remind the good people at E.S.I. Agora that I don’t select BFMTV’s 👄 beasts of burden, I am only a message sender. So I hope that Tony Palma does not use that new warning “the institution”, Scotched-taped on the main desk, against me, because dear Sir, I don’t select the cigarettes, I just smoke’Em#. 

Today is your birthday 🎂.

Happy birthday DJ. Love you.

La casa colorada de Pueblo, Colorado

Por partes, Jacques.

Yo tengo otras órbitas… Sergio Ávalos (presidente de morena-francia).


“Ntras. oraciones están contigo, 🙏 PACAZO.”

Searching for MAFFY.


“Todo arde si le aplicas
la chispa Ad°Eq°Uada”
Los Heroes sin acento en ORBITA 106.7
Marcianos by any other Maussan.


But FO’ist, Primera emisión con Alberto Nájar… Issy, ese señor llegó bailando el Cha-cha-cha. And mister Najar, dudo, —con DUDA de la buena— que aquí en FRANCIA (‘onde io ‘stoy) como en México, no todos cabemos en la “bendita” Radio pública… “¿qué diría papa GOBIERNO?”.


En estos precisos momentos a las 18h CET la transmision de Órbita 106.7 fm está siendo codificada… en Inglés del bueno se adapta como HUEVOS REVUELTOS (scrambled).

¿O a poco no, Prof. Quintana?

The careless proletariat
by: Jon Meacham
a real TROSTKY-ite
unlike Prof. Víctor Quintana Silveyra
en Ciudad Órbita, Chihuahua… Municipio de l’IHEAL, Francia.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2023/07/27 /opinion /017a1pol


In this section, the student will describe orally, the quickest route from Manchester (Europe 🇬🇧) to Durango (OASISamérica–Colorado 🇺🇸) and triangulate a portal onto Robert Zimmerman’s set en Durango (ARIDOamérica – Nueva Vizcaya 🇲🇽).

De Ribete los Asomos acorazonados³,… If youse out of Schlitz get a Foster’s mate™️.

³~. Not to be confused with acorazado, because that might summon Antonio Aguilar and El Señor de Zacatecas is chasing his mulas, vieja… vieja, —el becerro, vieja. El becerro se salió, vieja, el portón vieja… cierra el portón, que aquí no es una Bagagerie afrancesada, —el portón, Xóchitl³.

³~. Xóchitl es flor en las naguas, not las nagues nuages ☁️☁️☁️ de Nantes.

Aussie, you motherfuckers need to show your work. Or, ask Canijo Rabbit to draw you a picture, however, Herbie, you may not sub-sti-tute Watermelon institutes for Pineapple marihuana.

A todos los que quieren y aman a Fernando Schwartz — get that fucker some magick soin-atomizer for that pussy-hurt of his from the other They!

And, Chan-Chan… no cheating on the cuchi-fritas.

… Ai’ Tell Ewe All It’s SABOTAGE!

Now Youse Playin’ Dirty Pool.

… Oh the humanity..

The Dutch attacked FIRST and those navel orange broads successfully knocked the JIBS at the BOOM POINT down causing the UPPER SHEVE, and it’s 🪝 HOOK to colapse… an instant moment that WILL LIVE IN INFAMY, FO’shure.

Asvazadourian’s NapTime at The Acapulco. Let’s just hope that the Lusitanas 🇵🇹 don’t unleash their man-of-war on the pitch… those suckers sure are STINGy.


Lesson plan : re-petition (pa’nda-Lucía 🇪🇸)

Jabón del Perro Agradecido de la Calle Stanton en El Chuco, Texas, presenta a su Hartista ex-clusivo, Zeus, en:

Los Perros de La Cuauhtémoc

Lydie, la belle Lydie dévorée par le démon de l’alcool. Lydie, mère, jeune grand-mère, traverse encore et toujours le jardin des Halles, défoncée, vitupérant contre ses camarades d’errance. Depuis des années, elle contredit tous les pronostics de résistance à l’alcool, aux mecs et à la rue. Sa déchéance me fait peur. Je l’observe de loin. Que pourrais-je lui dire ?
¶ IV, p.179 Lydia

But first:

Previously on, el ballet 🩰 nacional de Churubusco en colaboración con La Maroquinerie de la mariconera de Frida Kahlo, it’s another Édition of, “I Wish They All Could Be Kalifornia, Barbie”.

Eat At Porky’s 🐕 🇰🇷

Hoy no hubo Marjolina en fip… it’s just another repetition from the ghost of Belafonte and the full-Monty, Alejandro.

Für Lydia (not that one, Marie-Ange)… ¶5, p. 179

https: // /cristinapapinm /s=20

Got Schlitz, Schiltz?… La VOX del narco en La Madre Patria 🇪🇸 ahora con mariachi norteño (a huevo que sí, majete.)

For the record, “Grabiel es el nombre que más odio en un pelado!”

El Chis Chas

México in the Caro Quintero years.

And in fútbol News, there’s a Woman’s World Cup getting it on as Öüí trolls his güey to yet another, Frida Kahlo elementary school 🎒 in Chapultepec, but Personne does not care because he’s Trinity by-any-other transfiguration, and Lionel Messi just scored his first g⚽l in The States.