Deer, Cousin Joe — Take mí out to Yellowstone

🎵 Buy mí a geyser with a zero–interest loan, Eye don’t care if the fuck’n Park goes dry.

—– it’s the 7th inning stretcher, and in Local Known News, Paris is about to go under Curfew, with a “Capital See”.

It has begun

It has begun .:. 052BD264-C445-4954-8E8B-456961FA570E 🧂Don’t shoot the messenger. 🍰 What would Mika do, if this “Crap” happened on Willie Geist day off?

Over in Rome, rumor is spreading like a “Bat Out of Wuhan” that if your sweet grandfather/mother is over 80 years–old, doctors are humming the M.A.S.H Unit Anthem that goes, “Suicide is Beautiful”, because FAITH ALONE —motherfuckers— won’t sustain u.s. Anymore.

Sadly, Mr. Trump (president) Time won’t accept the FED’s money; there’s a Bad Religion Thesis about this at U.S.C. Communications Wing of South Central El Ey.

The Wave is a coming

The Wave is a coming .:. CC035524-DA21-4E21-B310-FDB898D231B8 🦠🗺🌊 Eye cannot lie a tale.

In Hans Nichols updates, D.A.T. motherfucker is running High, according to Joe Scarborough, check it out, because OÜÏ don’t Lie, like that “Roberto” Pinocchio feller.

Cero—cero–cero point Tú! — El mezquino de Trump is happy

Bring in the Coast Guard… scratch that, bring in  the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps it seems, and drop the federal interest (loan) rates down, because that’s what is going to solve the real problem of Floridians without an employer that can provide heath coverage and a living wage.

Doughnut is closer that it appears

Doughnut is closer that it appears .:. 9D340E90-69DE-4E3B-BDA2-212CA55399AB Knot 🍕

Walmart, in real time, will have toilette paper on stock, so, to all the good people of Santa Teresa and Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino, there is no need to leave the good people of Ciudad Juárez without TP for the bunghole, especially now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled against South of The Border asylum seekers staying in the United States and, instead sending this peoples to Mexico; so, please listen to Walmart®️ and leave the Mexican toilette paper on Mexican shelfs, it’s bad enough that UTAH (HB19) is emptying the medicine stocks of Juarito’s, Tia Juana.

Good news for the Private Laboratory Industry. Thank’s to the incompetence of the Trump Administration, cronies and lobbyist will make a KILLING thanks to Donald Trump’s slow response to the the COVID-19 virus. Capitalism! It’s great when you are on the inside, and fuck the rest, just drop the Housing and Small Business loans and let them buy cakes to eat in their houses… and the GOOD commissioned people of the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps go: Tú–tuh-du Du–ruh Tú-tuh-du it was doughnuts, Hans Nichols, not CAKE, —motherfucker! Doughnuts*

* And by “not CAKE”, we [the staff] mean “not the Coast Guard”, Hans Nichols, —motherfucker. Öüï depend on an accurate forward-observer report, as we [the staff], do not always have visuals and depend on audio.

In no particular order:

https ://www .washingtonpost .com/politics/ courts_law/supreme-court-trump-remain-in-mexico /2020/03/11/ 7abd4b9c-62d7-11ea-acca-80c22bbee96f _story .html

https ://www .usnews .com /news/best-states/articles /2018-11-01 /utah-insurance-company-is-paying-people-to-pick-up-their-prescriptions-in-mexico

Previously on Carolina Mary — Wash your hands

The Whole Kimchi Enchilada with a side of Qabili Palau.

When Wax monoliths melt

When Wax monoliths melt with Ari Melber .:. PAPA DON’T TAKE NO MESS, and if you are down with The Rev, you know what this means.

Anygüey, Wax Model Moore:

HOY NO HUBO Jazz, but whatever happens, please relay to Cousin Joe that neither El Niño Luc (version) of an Ugly Mexican in Nueva York, or his more incognito (doppelgänger) here in Paris at fip Central Station (Aussi) should “retire” during the course of this most non–consequential Work-in-Progress blog.

Tráfico de influenza

Tráfico de Influenza .:. 3BA7A38D-43D8-495A-AF73-85D05E331E0B 🗣 KORNACKI: You WANT mí on D.A.T. Wall — You NEED Mí On D.A.T. Wall.

As a Matter–of–Fact, Morning Mika, öüï would like to see D.O.S. Two (beasts) “Dancing Cheek to Cheek” from See-two-Shining See. In the mean time John Oliver, “You Dit It!” You, you, you! Heck, you Australian–looking handsome Rosbif fella!!! We [the staff] had not realized that you had the ‘Bullfighter’ genie in you; you must be from Gibraltar.

El Próximo Toro le corresponde al Mando

Nice “Indulto”* on that toro from la ganadería de los Griffin, “matador”, NOICE Indulto with “El Toro Hardball”.

That Clipboard needs Mí

That Clipboard needs a dash of Mí .:. ACE99C07-96D4-451B-9642-903FFFCE8655  _—•!•—_ Coming up in The Programming LIVE from Panama Beach… avenue, in Austin Texas, —City Limits : hasta La Victoria, siempre.

… [D]itch the “Whataburger“, it’s got ‘gen•TRI•fication in it’s its ‘hamburgers in paradise’ hamburger helper®️ DNA/ADN, and besides, any self-respecting Midnight Ryder knows that SONIC is the In–n–Out of the Southwest, y Raquelito, please inform Chuck D, of the following:

Fuck Tommy Lee Jones and The Men in Black, Eye is —motherfucker— The Black in Men, coming to an At-The Drive Inn in Mars, or some Órbita 106.7 (2005) like D.A.T..


« It’s the Same Old Song » pero con un sabor diferente desde que tú te jüites, güero


La cuarta ( span* ):

🎶 We'll meet AGAIN...

🎶 We’ll meet AGAIN .:. C904E6EE-744E-43EA-8896-E9BD4A3AB273 🕉 … 🎵 don’t know When, don’t know Where—but we’ll meet again SOME day. —_•!•_— And, if you understand the parallel between “un mundo raro” and “un mundo de AMLO” is probably because if you, as a MEXICAN GOVERNMENT pitchman, are going to push fairy tales about moving to a “democratic change”, without holding the last President of México accountable for the corruption that you, as a newly elected Mexican president, then there really isn’t a real democratic change; EVEN IF, professor Ackerman, your wife’s boss sends a New Year gift to Florence Cassez in the form of Genaro García Luna, courtesy of the (backroom deal) for the NAFTA replacement capricious trade deal, where México sold the maquila workers to “GRINGO” work inspectors with diplomatic badges… or something like that. 💩 P.S.: Profesor Salmerón Sanguinés, ¿cuál pinche Revolución? pues.

Y sigue la yunta andando

Previously on, “A ver qué dice el marido”, con Juan Molino Campos–hombre:

Nuestro heroe, —sin acento— le dijo a la mujer, “vieja, tira paro y dile al pueblo —güeno— que el día 9 de marzo, me dan ganas de tirar güeva,” a lo que la ‘ñora del hombre responde, “’ora pues, viejo, nada más una cosa, ¿se las dejo ca’e de jilo, o suavecito?”

MSNBC 02/23/2020; Via The Guardian:

Cheap Trick!

Cheap Trick! .:. E5CE6455-53C2-4C60-AD69-0336C4CEE803 —^•..•^— La 🐄… Surrender but don’t “jump to conclussions” in your office space. 🧶 Hold it now, because we [the staff] have used Godwin’s Law with the frogs (a time or two) öüï are going to play Devils Advocate for the MAD Catholic  on our favorite punditry source, Phil Graham’s msnbc’s; once we [the staff] are done advocating for this rich Irish sonavabitch ÖÛÏ are going to go full Men–At–Work on the 19 hundred hour timeslot in Eastern Standard Time, so WITT D.A.T. in mind, “hang on to yourself” here comes “The Blitzkreig”  ISSY, —motherfuckers— it will be Dictated in “Oddball’s” woof’s! 🤠

Say it Ain’t So… “Let’s Play Hardball

🎶 Now, now, settle down my boy
eat your peas and gravy
settle down…
(Men at Work / Ron Strykert)

Teeny Tiny Cat approves

Teeny Tiny Cat approves .:. 8D98C017-3A7B-4D7B-812B-13A0AC799E94 —^. .^— The Cat Abides. Yesterday applies to 02/24/2020 in the Continental U.S., because in Hilo, Hawaii it is still Monday, February 24, 2020. Today is Feb. 25th, 2020.

But FOist,

Dearest, Heidi Przybyla, nevermind Bernie’s heart, nobody is perfect and nobody lives forever, and besides, that is what the Vice and the Speaker are for. By your standard, Christopher Reeve would have been a great president… until he got on a horse, eh!

Any güey, mr. Matthews, “as far back as Eye can remember,” the All Seeing Eye on the back of the U.S. Dollar bill has been the Cult that the republican party has Literally Worshiped, and now you are worried that someone who actually wants to walk closer to that imaginary GOD that you preach to, and stop Him (Your American Lord Jesus) from commanding little old ladies (like Cousin Joe’s mom in Alabama) to send in their money to the televangelist church so that the preacher man can buy a new jet airplane, you —motherfuckers— want to scare the Dick Van Dyke fans from voting for the candidate who wants to give that money back to the health care system that aunt Scarborough so desperately needs, really highlights what interests you are cable casting/streaming to, eh‽

Now that you have no choice but to talk about Senator Sanders, you chose to play the Senator McCarthy “red scare” card, c’mon now.

P.S.: Fuck strategist Rick Wilson and say hello, aussi, to James Carville in Louisiana.


Las fuentes de doña Vilma:

No Ti-Mec_tas:

El barzón (readjusted):
span = 22.86 centimeters
https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /cultura /2020/02/23 /john-m-ackerman-presenta-2018el-cambio-democratico2019-en-fil-de-mineria-8327 .html

ChrishardballMatthews: https ://www .theguardian .com /us-news /2020/feb/23 /msnbc-chris-matthews-sanders-nevada-win-nazi-invasion


The State of San Francisco congratulates Senator Claire McCaskill

Here Ye! Hear Ye’

It .:.

Ça .:. 5B7095F1-4847-4DD9-8DB2-D8BEB2523700 — Attention Battle stations! _ Attention Battle stations!… some Republican relays (Sputnik Network) are starting to refer to “the States” as “Federations” within the Union.

The Great State of SAN FRANCISCO hereby declares Monday, February the Third of the yer’ of our Lorde Lorne of Two thousand and twenty, D.A.T.:

In the Wager between Senator Boxer (D-SF) and, Senator McCaskill in last night’s Puppy Bowl XVI, Senator Boxer lost the “Left-Tittie” Showoff.


D.A.T. as the losing party, Senator Boxer must take a selfie, of herself; next to the water cooler and, with her left bosom in the style of Columbia’s cousin, Marianne; guideon optional.


Meanwhile, over at the Backyard State of Cuernavaca, (casi equina con el Edo. de Toluca) no pasa nada, —porque— nada pasa de la BOCA de Andrés para afuera. VIVA MÉXICO (sin acento).

El COLMEX* de los Caramba[r]s

El Colegio de México

* El Colegio de México y sus chingados, ¿Caramba, Ebrard‽ .:. 441014B3-1A98-4DF3-B43B-97051C6CE6AE —_•!•_— ¡Qué falta de respeto para TU país! Señor Ebrard, ¿así con ESE compromiso para los de a pie fue cómo usted coordinó la CAMPAÑA DE HILLARY Clinton en el 2016? Con razón, ahora empiezo a entender porque les pusieron falta en WISCONSIN. 


Nos vemos en el otro lado…

The tale of the Bureaucratic API’s and the memory of fish ladders in the X-Ray transfer industry — Just another Conversation on the automation of services and a basic income.

Aviso de ocasión y los clasificados de la bolsa de trabajo, pg. 3. Last Job Sources courtesy of NPR and Póle-EmploiUso justo de todos los medios. 

Réel Time and/or relevant late sources:

Michalski, J., on: HPR’s The Conversation. “The Last Job in Hawai’i.” Via, National Public Radio [s]: http ://hawaiipublicradio .org /post /last-job-hawaii?_ga =1 .118890378 .2076846185 .1487408510

Half-Time show

For the 1900 hour.
The Uptown Jazz Orchestra and Delfeayo Marsalis
RECLAIM the TITLE: Make America Great Again (2016).
In París, The Star Spangled Banner opened
“The” Club Jazz A FIP sessions.

…but not before reminding Dodgers Fans at least for ‘latinos’ [here] why America remains relevant in the Western World. History without the sour notes is PROPAGANDA.

A Donald Trump America would have you believe that a commercial track-wheel vehicle serves the same purpose of a Military Tank. In Donald Trump’s America industrial bulldozers receive the same honors of a military platoon. Personally, the staff would prefer that tanks, flight and water fighters; or the Millenials tools of today’s wars, the drones —didn’t exist. Anygüey, the past is past Donald, go to sleep. I need to focus on Enrique and the next Godinez que sigue al sur del Rio Grande… Right Now, on “the” fip’s, a Black President remains in effect. [and that’s a good thing].

El próximo tercio le corresponde a FIP and it is part of a series that the staff likes to call: “the” Don’t Shoot the Messenger section of this blog.

No le disparen al mensajero.

No le disparen al mensajero.

Mozilla sin Mozarella es como…

Una quesadilla sin queso
Un picasso sin su Jet ¹.

[Uso justo de todos los medios] Context follows.

[Uso justo de todos los medios] Context follows.

Yo no estoy en esa liga… pero el efecto resorte de la censura Le-Gi-Ti-matizada también afecta a el personal [en Inglés —el personal— quiere decir staff]:

Uso justo de las herres [la ache es muda].

Uso justo de las herres [la ache es muda]. Snapshots from Mozilla; fotos por Armando Segovia —SegoviasPixes— (2012 – 2016). CopyLeft; Creative Commons,  and ↑ above ↑  all viennoiserie-pastries, which [by the way] in Trocadero are A.K.A., simply as croissants.

Cascade follows… because …happiness is a Güarm Wan, —Yeah.

[Context follows].

[Context follows]. Uso justo de lo absurdo.

¿Te podrías imaginar a Billy Shears, bloqueado por la preocupación de utilizar el último trago de un pintor?

Fuck Trump Fuck… live on FIP!!!

Fuck Trump Fucklive on FIP!!! TimeStamp Time Now, the 20:00 hr Block; CET [Full disclosure, the staff here couldn’t possibly paint embody transgress a groove within this wordpress space without las Ocho_Sexy-voices_de-las-Sirenas_de-FIP]… en México, una sirena también es una señal de audio que sale de una o varias bocinas. Una sirena por lo general alerta al que le llega.

1. Billy Sheers is doing it again… vía: https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Picasso%27s_Last_Words_ (Drink_to_Me)

Continue reading

7/10 —2016… Public Service Announcement… Indio CA.

Issy, [en Español quiere decir, y si…]

Lo que aquí se plasma es un Uso Justo de los Medios.

“Sancho brought a message from the Fat Man ¹
“You [never] even call me by my Name ²”
mostly because
Polo³Polo ran the social studies program
[back] in the 8th grade.

Foto por Armando Segovia. SegoviasPixes (2011-2016). CopyLeft… Creative Commons… coma frutas y verduras, y si puede pues, —coja.

Foto capturada por Armando Segovia. SegoviasPixes (2011-2016). CopyLeft… Creative Commons… coma frutas y verduras, y si puede; pues, —coja.

Por aquellos días Elizabeth Aguilar le preguntaba a Sasha Montenegro si México entraba al GATT, o si el GATT entraba a México.

No se pierda:
Los hilos de Sasha y las tangas de Sharononly, por A.G.S. TV

[Conexto para KonfuPanda follows. TimeStamp: 0800  08:30 Bottoms Up! in the am. CET]

…y con la sombra de Technicolor™ al anochecer

We’ve just crossed the MidNight hour at the Metro stop Balard and witnessed small groups [or packs] de los Amigos de México en Francia that were still making their way to the Equinox.
Stick around more to come—we’ll be right back…

La perrada del Canal de Brozo celebra
el Día de Dolores [Hidalgo] en París.
cortesía del Método Trump para vivir.


[Context follows] Uso justo de un changarro de televisión que transmite desde el Norte del Rio Bravo en la escala de las K. Si Univisión se hubiese hecho famosa transmitiendo desde Ohio —por decir, La Memoria recibiría los paquetes en la escala de la W. En fin KMEX ‘el’ canal 34 [Shout-Out to Valenzuela] es una empresa dedicada a los medios de comunicación que el hijo del Tigre dejó partir… | Uso Justo también de Selene; el hecho de que el Presidente John F. Kennedy le “haiga” tocado el honor de decir que bajo su administración “los gringos” “haigan” ganado la carrera a la luna, eso no quiere decir que Selene le pertenece a Wall Street o a la EMI… pero d’accord; de cualquier manera: Vivan los Franchutes de la Sierra —y Camelia “la” Tejana, también. Que vivan.

 The  following  transmission  must  be  read  Out Loud  in  the  Voice  of el Lic. Brozo:

¡Õralé! La perrada allá en el Zócalo ya va a empezar a decir que uno trabaja para el sistema…

Lo siguiente se tiene que leer con la voz típica del Licenciado Trujillo saliendo del altavoz de un VoIP en Churubusco:

"Me perdona Señor pero vamos a un metting político—no a bailar La Bamba"… Bhom-Bha. | Uso justo de la época cuando Los Baby's eran rocanroleros.

“Me perdona Señor pero vamos a un metting político—no a bailar La Bamba”… Bhom-Bha. | Uso justo de la época cuando Los Baby’s eran rocanroleros. | Uso Justo de una repetición que los del staff [mismo que permanece de vacaciones] consideran como una joya de los interwebs en Español.

¡Estahhhhhhmos trabajando! Excelentísimo Señor, buenos días, con todo el respeto que usted me merece le comento que ‘el pájaro de la libertad’, SIgue agreDieNdo aL pers-oh-nal.

Breaking the news …it’s the 3 O’clock hour and the next President of the United States is gonna stop Raids and Round-ups. She is speaking to Hispanics, and that’s some serious… well —you know.


[Context is developing right now].

Ahora regresamos al balcón del desfile de mañana, Hoy… “con el tiempo y un ganchillo.” Cantaban Los Apson y otro grupo, —en Inglés.

Titulares de mañana. Uso justo de un reloj y el reporte de mañana. | …"Pero, ¿quiere más? Mañana en el Figure Eight de los Hermanos Rodríguez No te Puedes perder los arrincones entre los muchachitos del pelotón de Agallón Mafafas, contra la Brigada Móvil del escuadrón de los Jaguares.

Titulares de mañana. Uso justo de un reloj y del reporte de mañana. | …”Pero, ¿quiere más? Mañana en el Figure Eight de los Hermanos Rodríguez. No te Puedes perder los arrincones entre los muchachitos del pelotón de Agallón Mafafas, contra la Brigada Móvil del escuadrón de los halcones. |Uso justo de un cachito de los 31 años de La Jornada, vía el periférico exterior: http ://www .jornada .unam .mx /ultimas /2016 /09 /12 /todo-listo-para-el-desfile-del-16-de-septiembre

The 11th Hour is up; here in Central Europe nobody is going to care about Trump’s hair, it will be funny, and that will be that. The staff remains on vacation and contrary to figure 8 comments about Pineapples not being American, remember that Hawaii is part of a post manifest destiny [kind of deal]. And just as Hillary can sympathize with anyone who has had his or her emails hacked, Armando Segovia [he’s vacationing in Hawaii, and he just  ate  drank a pineapple laced drink] can sympathize with anyone questioning his California Apostille birth certificate. [Shout-out to Nicole: nice dress… and dear Mr. WaPo, i am now going to bed. Possibilities of catching you on ‘the’ Morning show… remote].