Aussie… Eye is your huckle-tourist

Cuestión de enfoque — Háblele


El gran timo 


https ://www .bloomberg .com /news /articles /2022-07-21 /the-rupert-murdoch-of-france-has-a-12-billion-plan-to-take-on-netflix-disney

El multimillonario ‘French Murdoch’ está construyendo su propio imperio mediático de derecha

Öüï knew this Way Back When “la Semana que Philippe Labró” was a thing on the French Taco channel of Direct Matin.

Reality is a fairy, on the Morning Mika Show.

10 Yards!

Drafting is for flags! fucking spell checker!!


First Down… on the penthouse floor!

Janice’s outlook

Coma frutas y verduras. Consulte a su médico.

I hear you paint Houses?

Oh hey, Hallie Jackson! Eye do Windows also… abortions? Wait one…

Manita de Cat Stevens:

— Yo! Lt.! Is the Company in the Coat Hanger business?

Milo Minderbender:
As of Friday June 24, 2022 at 10 am in Eastern Standard Times, Irish.
The Company hooked up with a BUM in Beverly Hills who is playing Rasputin with the King of the clothes hanging industry. Best wire in the business, the wire-bending process throws in the sterilization for free.

¡Ay, Barbara Villancico d’Esbelto… You ain’t seen nuttin’ yet!

L’aristocratie du Quartier… en el bar, l’Échan de menos.

Resistiendo La Honte de hueso tricolore

After the break, Denisa Kerschova can only Count to Four 🎉

And, Cousin Joe… how’s the “take out in Taiwan?”

In this section³ the student is advised to go for “Cigarros A Hong Kong” vía la ruta NorDaka en Matamoros, Quintana Roo.

3. Ironía situacional²

³.~ AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL placeholder N°6:  https ://estamosaqui .mx /2021/11/10 /wendy-galarza-parte-a-europa-invitada-por-amnistia-internacional-para-exponer-represion-policiaca-en- {PARIS}-cancun-el-9n/

².~ Situational irony {Jagged little pill, 1995} not to be confused with its evil cousin, Jerry SineFeld; with chance or what’s worst, a bad case of bad luck… however, if someone at the Amnesty International MEXICO outlet should accuse me of jumping on Ms. Galarza’s bandwagon, Eye would point that the very definition of SITUATIONAL Irony is when someone (like say little ol’Mí) writes about police abuse and repression and then Amnesty International {LONDRES} goes to Narco Paradise to talk about, IT!; debate about, IT!; and then design{s} a tote bag and an entry on the STORE CATALOGUE to go with the donation. THAT, that would be ironic, — 🇨🇦 Alanisknot the fucking Fly on your chardonnay.

https ://www .bbc .com /mundo/noticias-america-latina…turismo de fiesta y narcomenudeo

With That In Mind: la fiesta brava returns to 🇵🇪 El Peru y EL PRÓXIMO TORO le corresponde a 🇫🇷 Médecines du Monde

That there is a novillo not a toro, but if the student can name ese Pase¹ you get an EY!, ese.

https ://www .thejakartapost .com /culture /2021/11/14 /ole-bullfights-return-in-peru-after-lengthy-pandemic-pause .html


Now that the COP Twenty-something is over and done with, what’s for lunch?

— Manna, according to Flynn…

N° V
Control information at home; misinform abroad


Michael Flynn says America needs ‘one religion under God’

Does it come in halal?

— Not in 🇭🇺 Hongrie.

But what about the profits?

— There’s a network for that… Flock to 🇮🇷 IRAN

N° X…
Learn and share « autocratic learning at LA Sorbonne », for matriculation register at the gift shop next to the IHEAL en Sciences PO. Mention the CODE John Mill Ackermann and get a 10% discount at the CROUS en Mabillion.

¿Is there a menu for that which explains The Platters… EWE great pretender, EWE!

https ://theconversation .com /so-you-want-to-be-an-autocratheres-the-10-point-checklist -125908

— Start with N° Five as an apértif and chase it down with a N° TEN… del verbo “tener”.

And, Cousin Joe, that is all for Tú They… over on our Twitter crutch Öüï ate an apostrophe out of the Wallace-es loins.

https ://www .rawstory .com /josh-hawley-plays-victim-savior/

“… [A]t one point, he {Senator Josh Hawley} gave a speech to a group of ministers where he talked about that it was the birth control pill and women discovering sexuality that caused sex trafficking,” said former Senator form Missouri, and current traveling cupcake sales person, Claire McCaskill.

And, Jonathan LeMire… what the hell do you know about Jokes at The White House and Infra°struct°u°ration Week! You son of a bitch!… Go, Dodgers.

The following is a Pubic… no wait, A PUBLIC {k} Service Announcement*

*._ Knot to be confused with a Marketing Campaign in France.

Señoras y señores, el mes de La Flor dcempasúchil or as The French call, IT!… Œillets d’Inde à petites fleurs { fleur aux vingt pétales } is about to make it rain at Xóchitl’s Flower Shops all over the Christian world. And for this reason, in the name of reason, on November the FO’ist, la biblioteca que se encuentra en los adentros del Centro Georges Pompidou will remain open until The Eleventh Hour, in Hilo, Hawaii {standard ticket to Paradise} 23h in Cetral ANTROS time, in order to welcome in the first honorees of LA fiesta de los muertos {y no chingaderas, en Montreuil}.


Zapatistas Viva Mexico productions presents

Wadrhistoire d’eau… with Musical Guest, QUIET RIOT

https ://www .infobae .com /america /mexico /2020/05/29 /asi-respondieron-cientificos-a-amlo-por-tacharlos-de-corruptos-y-recortar-el-75-del-presupuesto-de-investigacion/

Starring: Blanca JIMÉNEZ CISNEROS, PhD. (inge medio… ambientalista)

The Best WaWa in the Whole Wide World del Mundo de Le Monde

https ://www .muframex .fr /arrivee-ambassadrice-du-mexique-septembre-2021/

MUFRAMEX, it’s like Motherfuckers but with a Masters degree, or something like that… 

Synopsis… Agua pasa por tu casa meets Candil oscuro en Coahuila… CathéSISMO en EL Mundo de Le Monde on page one. And just to spite the locals in Paris… TEXAS! The ad man placed a FULL-PAGE  solidarity message to the women in Paris… Texas. ISSY, it’s begining to look a lot like They of the Dead (over yonder)

sponsored by Topochico®


https ://www .elsoldemexico .com .mx /mexico /sociedad /blanca-jimenez-se-va-de-conagua-pero-deja-conflicto-6611247 .html

El Fondo es CYAN… artist unknown or anoNYmous.

And still to come, last week Öüï brought you “The Ultimate FAKE Book, with over 1200 Trillion likes“, Knot this week Missy, today Eye is going to reveal to all Y’ah MUFRAMexas the way of THE LORDE (Amen) the WAY of the C-Section in, “The New REAL BOOK volume 3“… can’t make this up, it’s for Scientific Research. It’s Trou, —Doct’a.

It’s Eleven pm in Central Europe Times

The American Priest in Paris will Knot, and most ZO’itanly cannot let U.S. lie, because at 10h55 the bells of the church at Saint Estauche tolled for six minutes (punto y coma) and from Belleville to las Olympiades, all Asian food joints remembered their best customer, next to The Wu Tang Clan but youse got to factor in the fact that the Wu are a gang of madafakas (minus ODB) and the Biz was a sole customer 🥡 R.I.P. Biz Markie.

Año de Hidalgo — Good morning Sunshine

And in WaWa Land, Ali  Vittalli wakes up from her wish to sleep for the weak. Avi Velshi is by her side.

[Setting: a park in Pennsylvania, Ali Vittalli is in the front-leaning rest position, her tummy is pressed to the bench and her arms (2-each) hang like spaghetti from the lengths that make up the bench, Avi Velshi is on a smart phone display. Avi is yapping about the Commando 450 (showerhead) that he scored in Tucson, Arizona]

Ali Vittalli:
— What day is it? And why is my hair tied in a pony tail?

Avi Velshi:
— Saturday, probably because you’ve been, “[sleeping] in place and traveling through time”.
— Are you ready to do an exposé of what went on in your head?

La, con qui 'sta?

¿£a, con qui ‘$ta? Lo mismo se dijo de la plata. .:. FD16EDE0-1565-4C6A-89D5-53EA20196014 👷🏾‍♂️SITUATION 3, page 40 (Histoire… autre regard 👁:
La fermeture de la Houve : symbole de la fin de la classe ouvriere ?… Ask a Frog.

Ali Vittalli:
— Must I show the scratch-work that went into every plot?

Ali Velshi:
— You betcha, kid.

… [A]vi, I’ve just woken up after an entire week of sleeping on the planks of this wooden bench and every bone in my body is aching like a sonovabitch right now, so Witt D.A.T. in mind, let me turn to pages 12 and 13 of the CAP Cuadernoautre regard 👁” de la Situation n°1: l’exploration du continent américain—o como dicen los franceses, “entre chiles y repollos”.

Eye a.m. a Knight, mer walking at Dave’s Chapel

Dear, James…

It is pronounced:
BANG´or on MAINE Street

The Rush Bulletin

The Rush Bullet in .:. 2DE99488-439D-488D-B835-D836F55AE9A9 🏄🏽‍♂️ The Flight by Knight genie tried to warn y’all.

Hello, Sir. Buddy sends a tail wag your way. Listen up, Carville, IT!, is imperative [Witt a capital Eye] D.A.T. you relay to Willie Geist, that…

The secret is out, Avi Velshi is the Mole. DO NOT, Öüï repeats, Do Knot STORE Steve Kornacki into the MR. Garrison box!!!

[A]nd here is why:



Because it is pronounced, Le Nerd, Skinnerd… BECAUSE Tuesday’s Gone, yeah Buddy!

The promotion BOARD has already held its “promotion defense” process, that is to say, Drummer Boy, that the doD fight is on, and as a matter of Fact, nevermind the Marfa lights, it’s just Dave fighting UFO’s….

[O]r did you think that She began to sing “Wama lama lama Rock and “Role” is King » just out of the Blue?

Think about, IT!, m’aaaasn. Would you store your best Pathfinder in the middle of the Count… only if you change race horses in the middle of a RACE (war)… or isn’t that what the slogan is about?

Shifty, like The Cisco Kid

Shifty, just like The Cisco Kid, was a Friend of Mines… pronounced MINAS en Chile.

Sources close to “the Don done” relayed to Stephanie Rhule, that Avi Velshi infiltrated MAINE via Quebec, said our Nova Scotia new arrival, a bloke from the Isle of Skye, or something like D.A.T., the thing is, that thanks to Avi Velshi’s social media “message” about storing The KornackiCam before the Fat Lady Sings has given Senator Collins the lead in Maine, making that commonwealth the most Sycophant province in the Union… Eye mean, WTF Maine‽ What are you, cock suckers, because that is what Senator Collins is, for the ELITE. Is Maine an “exceptional” State like the CHRISTIAN version of Allah•bama?

Give me a fucking Break… MAINE. Eye wanted to move D.A.R.E… you know, to impregnate as many of the Susan Collins daughters’ Club.

Tennessee — The hotdog bun state

Don’t believe Mí… stand–by for picture, but FO’ist, Philippe Labró is now monitoring “The Show”, but as former Republican “capo de tutti” and Digital Underground MC, Michael Steele, says, it’s gratuitous because the Friday edition of C-News Matinée is already out.

Arrested development

Arrested development… Eye does not know where the parallel irony comes from, but [how do black people say, IT!?] —D.A.R.E. it is. 🌬💨 D8AA1D95-5EE5-4646-8BE1-DC4EFC8EA709 📣 Take me to another place, take me to another land

Witt D.A.T. in Mind, it’s time for the Kristen Walken dead, a show about a whiner and a guy screaming “get off my lawn”.

In Sumerian, and D.A.T.’s no pun —y’all know that Eye is loco for “algo de rhythms, and all-that-Jazz », Öüï is happy to relate that the staff of this most non–consequential blog SURVIVED the “KRISTEN WALKEN dead » only to wake–up to a low-down dirty trick played by Mitch McConnell on Chuck Todd’s Florida (and the rest of the Republic).

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/10/22 /ciencias /a02n1cie

… [B]ut can it match [mostly Mayan] kids to their parents?
And just like he did with Clorox

And just like he did with Clorox… Donald was hit with a smack of inspiration.

After the break of Matt Bradley’s unwinded timepieces, it’s a pre–Halloween Edition Show, ISSY, ISSA… Eye know’s what Mitch did last Summer.