Weekend Update… Killa Mike, Watt’up nigga? Catch this Vase ⚱️

Paris, France
7 June, 2020
from the Underground *

Saul [Murphy]

—. What about Rocky Marciano? 🥊 … What do you know from funny, ya bastard[s]? 🥋 “Someday in Jerusalem” with Bill Maher, follows.

My fellow Africans, especially those caught-up in what Mr. Lee, Spike [one–each] refers to, as « the African diaspora », and so, in-step with what the President of the state of New York, Mr. Mario Cuomo. a.k.a. “the fuckn’ Governor”, proposed Yesterday during his teleLatin courses, I have instructed Field Marshal Carlin to blast and deploy to y’all, D.A.T. the “American construct”, hereby referred to as “nigga”  applies only to the peoples who’ve been around da’block a few times —or M.o.o.r.R.E.— in The United States of America and all of its territorios (punto y coma), NOW if you have any questions with this “American construct” please refer to Bob Marley’s Chant Down in Babylon, and express yo’self with some N.W.A., in other words, Killa Mike: don’t break the mirror.

Fela Kuti
President of Africa

TimeStamp: 13h45… and the beat goes on, we now return to Double Jeopardy, with John Malkovich.

Down on Mí

🐎 Down on Mí .:. 47B956F4-51D0-4364-99EF-F24EC6ED1DDE 🚷 There’s a bitch on that sand. ISSY, Joshua Johnson, Eye knows that this snapshot will be interpreted in the worst possible way. Anyhow, how ’bout them Compton Cowboys, eh?  Eye could insert a MEL Brooks reference here but, Eye is not gonna gun-ah! Doo-dah, Doo-Dah… Santa Anita Racetrack’s Five miles long — Oh doo dah They.

[Dr. Adrian Mallory]

O.k., now that the issue of dealing with a word that earned hard core Hip-hoppers world-wide recognition, not to mention a shitload of U.S. Dollars and bucketloads full of cash, perhaps [maybe], Reverend Al Sharpton, we [the staff] can move on WITT our programming, after all, Eddie Gloude Jr., it’s not as if Eye was shouting at the Reverend Al —to go home— and using the “N” word as emphasis.

Two different contexts, Mr. Cobb, Jelany. So, Rev. Al, Eye liked how you melted the Purple Pundit’s heart with the story of the little girl from Minneapolis who tug-a-pull on your coat. SIN EMBARGO, mi estimado reverendo, might you let Mí, pull on your Lavalier mic and request that you touch base on how LAW ENFORCEMENT already has the power to treat you like a terrorist, even from ‘mere’ allegations stemming from say, a Civil Court case. Do you, Reverend Al, want Mí to draw you a picture of what Eye is talking about? —OF Course Not, because you would not be caught reading the content within this WordPress.

Just sayn'

Just sayn’ .:. 8F77BD9F-31CB-4A15-97E9-42CB57488C13 🎙So, Rachel Maddow, do you madam, hold a taboo on this issue, also? Eye knows that Mika Brzezinski does.

🎶 Y las causas
Lo fueron cercando
Cotidianas, invisibles
Y el azar
Se le iba enredando
Poderoso, invencible

Causas y azares

Silvio Rodríguez

For the record, A.M. Joy, there is no random intention in the set-up to this curve, check Mr. Sharpton’s transcripts from last week’s Dateline excuse me, DEADLINE sessions, we [the staff] are only following up and expanding on his concern for the Bush 43 law that allows judges to FILE one’s life for all branches of Law Enforcement to treat any given defendant in a pending trial outcome like a terrorist (punto y pruebe LA S.O.P.A.), especially if that defendant is labeled as an M&M (male and minority).


🎶 Ahhhh—y

🎶 Ahhhh—y .:. FC4E67B1-6608-4D64-9810-BB7968079337 〰️ Check the date. And, Avi Velshi, you —motherfucker— better than anyone should know that we [the staff] love Professor, Eddie Gloude Jr., so don’t you casually throw his name in the bullring debate of “bad cop, no doughnut”.

* Correction, as of 10h15 the police sent a canine unit to clear u.s. from our position at the Paris Underground; this is no coincidence, after the incident at the gates of The United States Of America embassy on rue Gabriel (75008), a myriad of “thing’s”, Alicia Menendez, have rain down like artillery salvos in a fire-for-adjust volley, so, regardless if your guest last night has “use” for any of our “black boxes” or not, the reality is that the blocking of my American bank account on the night of May the 25th, the resurgance of “friendly” characters that had been away from the scene for the past 3 and 1/2 years and, the aforementioned “canine unit”, is far from being a motherfucking Coincidence… so, Killa Mike, hold on to D.A.T. Vase so that Eye may break-it down to the Brother “charlemañe the god”.

Intermedio before the Seth Meyers Show — hoy no habrá Jazz

So, Mr. Meyer… Eye bet you did not expect to find your drum boy Moonlighting as a The New York Times front page editor (punto y coma) now did ya’? You Sexy cotton picker picker ad mannequin.

Anyhow, how’but them Vikings! We only mention, IT!, because we happen to be stranded in a place where actual vikings plundered a Kingdom until they got the Normandy that they (those Valhalla-seeking motherfuckers) deserved, which of course as the entire G7 Nations know, was recuperated from HITLER by them damned Canucks at G.O.L.D. Beach while Them O.M.A.H.A. boys were jerking–off, BEcauSe, Mr. Sethy Boy, if all that those fighting men… and Eye guess some “women from Michigan too”, died for was to see their names falsely and HYPOTHETICALLY dragged through Donald John’s Trump voting–by–mail propaganda, then they might as well have stayed back in Kentucky “Shoveling Shit”, as General George C. Scott suggested at the opening of the PATTON Oswalt interview, last week on your Late Night Show.

—. https ://old .reddit .com /r /worldnews /comments /guo8u2/canada_does_not_support_russias_return_to_g7/

—. https ://www .dailymail .co .uk /news /article-8376453 /UK-VETO-Donald-Trumps-bid-let-Russia-G7 .html

But speaking of fights:

It’s the UFC 244 Title Bout
—By The See
Caged Follies

For the Follies Islands Championship of the Docks .::. D5AD78ED-B363-4FFA-8AE1-1E2C782BA2B3 🏝
Baby Booty Rash Cheeks
Mugsy One-finger Subtle Salute Brit Boy

Sponsored by:
The Phantom of The Panther*

Deer, Eddie Gloude Jr., the following snapshot is a reminder to The Alexis Axios on HoBO TV’s of what an ONCA cat looks like (in captivity) this particular specimen ⬇️ was “shot” by yours truly, armando segovia / armando serrano prieto*, on October the 18th of 2012, Eye titled, IT!, “sadomasoquismo sincrético” under the heading, « I’m your Huckleberry”.

Segoviaspixes copyleft

https ://asegovia3 .com /2014/10/12/12-de-octubre/ .::. 689AE084-1970-416F-89A7-BA9C23479C6E 🐆Eye was a Jaguar before the “leopards” were even a political thing. CopyLeft.


* WHO you gonna believe, Eddie Gloude Jr., your lying jeepers or your hearing creepers? Previously Eye had told you that Eye, armando segovia, am an ONCA cat, now if you happen to be a Black Panther be advised that there is no separate gene between You, Mí, and those filthy Def Leppards (punto y coma) You just happen to have a thing that cats around the block call: a melanistic specimen of the genus. We are all the same under the skin. ISSY, melanistic specimens lives matter.

Let’s Do It! — Just phone it in

Chi-qui-ti-ta… doc’D.A.T. Channel 4, 11 O’Clock newsman a week’s pay for dropping the “ti” on Cher.

Page 2

Page 2, with Joshua Johnson .::. 20D54A13-77EC-4921-839F-40DFF3B50486 🎼 W[H]oooooO, Baby, BABYsome fun tonight. 🦠🗺 INDEED, Alicia Menendez, in•deed, La Hache es muda; yes Ma’am. Now, Chuck might have been the big shiny Automobile there, and just for – continuity’s + sake, let’s assume that Richard was the Alternator that charged the Battery, so, youse Right, Ms. Menendez, Little Richard was not the spark that made the belt go’round and round on that there Big  Pink Cadillac D.A.T. öüï call Rock and Roll… although, as Evry body knows, it was The French who went ahead and invented Rock and Roll.

So, Mr. Lorne … it’s all re-runs from here on, on —eh! Well, Eye just has one request to make and  Eye hopes that it is not to much from Mí to ask… say, do you think that The Producers can find it in their kind heart to let u.s. have that belt which Michael Che failed to properly wrap around his neck? We promise to keep the untimely choker a secret and say that it was a swarm of W.A.S.P.–es–es on horseback that did him, and not the Suicide Blond that got’em… and oh–by–the–güey:  “The Way Things Are Going,” when D.A.T D.A.R.E Wigg wakes up in September, the country will be ripe to have the Thanksgiving and Christmas Special  phoned -in from Pete Davidsons basement… again, Debbie Downer, said so.

For the record

The American Graffiti (1973) SOUND WAVES COME FROM MEXICO… just like the NOURISHMENT that the braceros and chicanos that put food on america’s tables during world war two, and most recently, during the wet-bat pandemic… bola de putos!

AND IN WUHAN… (the originator not the inventor 😚 of a more unfortunate VIRUS) COVID–19 is: BACK!!!



Indeed… go to sleep, mr. Lorne… .::. 57D532E5-8F02-4237-884C-16ECAAF229F2 🧜🏻‍♀️ Go to sleep you little baby
(Go to sleep you little baby)
Go to sleep you little baby
(Go to sleep you little baby)
You’re mama’s gone away and you’re daddy’s gonna stay
Didn’t leave nobody but the baby
Go to sleep you little baby 🎶🎶🎶

deer, sarah kendzior, please give my regards to seth meyers and, relay to mr. Rather to not shoot the messenger (punto y coma) in the mean time, that’s a hell of a bookshelf that you’re flashing, it goes reel well with the magazine rack to the viewers right and your left from that webcam. Check it out, youse gonna get uninvited from the cocktail parties in mitch mcconnell’s rallies in D.A.T D.a.R.E. big heartland WHERE THE CALL SIGNAL SHIFTS from La “doble u” a la “Ka”.

Any how, Alicia Menendez, we [the staff] are about to take a nap (punto y coma) öüï should be back at, IT! Before that “last week tonight” feller tells you in Hangul: it’s not over until it’s over:


« Peut-être n’est qu’un simple hasard… » — We now return to Las Pelotas de Goldoni

ÖÜÏ INTERRUPT our “normal” synchronicity programming to bring you an update on the Trafficking of Commando 450 Showerheads… We [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] have it on good Authority to relay to y’all, that Lady Gaga is the “Ring Leader” of this most notorious showehead trafficking ring. It is clear that Lady Gaga adheres to the Number One ruhle of Traffickers: don’t use your own product, which is why Lady Gaga is wrapping her curls with a rubber soul band… Oh, the Humanity!

Mexican Pink (#E4007C)

Mexican Pink (#E4007C) .::. ISSY, fip Siren, you might not GKNOW, it! But D.A.T. D.A.R.E. “pink” in your “logo” and inside the chimney room of Ambassador Rice (N°44; not N°43) es un Rosa mexicano… g’ahead, FIP SIREN, you may wave  it! whenever you want in your Balcony as long as you remain SOLIDAIRE, eh!

Indeed, Willie Geist, please relay to Goliath to please stand–by within the confines of Mutt Island while former Congressman Charles Joseph Scarborough (R–FL) does his shimmy dance in celebration of the secure death of Universal Health Care in them United States.

Just add apology

Just add apology before saying “ey” .::. 65E791F1-0661-4EFB-960B-9AEC1B6FE120 🇨🇦🦠〰️

Mean, while Donald John Trump cycles his Tommy–Gun through the World Health Organization and other assorted LEADERS who are actually mitigating his fucking failures as a breathing carbon-based organism (because it is now clear that the son of a bitch has no humanity) former Senator Claire McCass (D–MO) is sending signals that WAR–like PROFITEERING with medical protective supplies is happening behind your local McDonald’s parking lot.

Aussi, Mika Breez, there is a light signal shining from the other side of D.A.T. D.A.R.E green screen lake behind you, but That is not the Issue here, nope, the Issue is that Kasie DC’s background just doesn’t fit her, nope, not at all. D.A.T. D.A.R.E. Pink on Black is, on the other hand, bad ass and sweet at the same time.

Later on the show, Condoleezza breaks in though Susan’s chimney room and places a questionable sofa on that very loud wall paper scheme… for the love of G.U.M… CHANGE THE GREEN SCREEN! CHANGE D.A.T. D.A.R.E. GREEN SCREEN. 

Coincidencias con Condoleezza

Coincidencias con Condoleezza — ¡Arroz!!! diría el buen Mauricio .::. just say’n.

But FOist, the following segment is brought to you by CARAMBA Bar. Caramba bar, öüï don’t serve drinks but our bars will give you a Giant sugar high.

Dad jokes in the voice of Cousin Joe

¿Qué le dijo Goliat el filisteo a David el hebreo?

Güey, ¿Qué honda con esa piedra?

… [Y] el puto de David le respode:

Culero, no es una piedra, !caramba! Es un saca muelas. Try it out.

Deer, Cousin Joe — Take mí out to Yellowstone

🎵 Buy mí a geyser with a zero–interest loan, Eye don’t care if the fuck’n Park goes dry.

—– it’s the 7th inning stretcher, and in Local Known News, Paris is about to go under Curfew, with a “Capital See”.

It has begun

It has begun .:. 052BD264-C445-4954-8E8B-456961FA570E 🧂Don’t shoot the messenger. 🍰 What would Mika do, if this “Crap” happened on Willie Geist day off?

Over in Rome, rumor is spreading like a “Bat Out of Wuhan” that if your sweet grandfather/mother is over 80 years–old, doctors are humming the M.A.S.H Unit Anthem that goes, “Suicide is Beautiful”, because FAITH ALONE —motherfuckers— won’t sustain u.s. Anymore.

Sadly, Mr. Trump (president) Time won’t accept the FED’s money; there’s a Bad Religion Thesis about this at U.S.C. Communications Wing of South Central El Ey.

The Wave is a coming

The Wave is a coming .:. CC035524-DA21-4E21-B310-FDB898D231B8 🦠🗺🌊 Eye cannot lie a tale.

In Hans Nichols updates, D.A.T. motherfucker is running High, according to Joe Scarborough, check it out, because OÜÏ don’t Lie, like that “Roberto” Pinocchio feller.

Cero—cero–cero point Tú! — El mezquino de Trump is happy

Bring in the Coast Guard… scratch that, bring in  the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps it seems, and drop the federal interest (loan) rates down, because that’s what is going to solve the real problem of Floridians without an employer that can provide heath coverage and a living wage.

Doughnut is closer that it appears

Doughnut is closer that it appears .:. 9D340E90-69DE-4E3B-BDA2-212CA55399AB Knot 🍕

Walmart, in real time, will have toilette paper on stock, so, to all the good people of Santa Teresa and Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino, there is no need to leave the good people of Ciudad Juárez without TP for the bunghole, especially now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled against South of The Border asylum seekers staying in the United States and, instead sending this peoples to Mexico; so, please listen to Walmart®️ and leave the Mexican toilette paper on Mexican shelfs, it’s bad enough that UTAH (HB19) is emptying the medicine stocks of Juarito’s, Tia Juana.

Good news for the Private Laboratory Industry. Thank’s to the incompetence of the Trump Administration, cronies and lobbyist will make a KILLING thanks to Donald Trump’s slow response to the the COVID-19 virus. Capitalism! It’s great when you are on the inside, and fuck the rest, just drop the Housing and Small Business loans and let them buy cakes to eat in their houses… and the GOOD commissioned people of the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps go: Tú–tuh-du Du–ruh Tú-tuh-du it was doughnuts, Hans Nichols, not CAKE, —motherfucker! Doughnuts*

* And by “not CAKE”, we [the staff] mean “not the Coast Guard”, Hans Nichols, —motherfucker. Öüï depend on an accurate forward-observer report, as we [the staff], do not always have visuals and depend on audio.

In no particular order:

https ://www .washingtonpost .com/politics/ courts_law/supreme-court-trump-remain-in-mexico /2020/03/11/ 7abd4b9c-62d7-11ea-acca-80c22bbee96f _story .html

https ://www .usnews .com /news/best-states/articles /2018-11-01 /utah-insurance-company-is-paying-people-to-pick-up-their-prescriptions-in-mexico

Previously on Carolina Mary — Wash your hands

The Whole Kimchi Enchilada with a side of Qabili Palau.

When Wax monoliths melt

When Wax monoliths melt with Ari Melber .:. PAPA DON’T TAKE NO MESS, and if you are down with The Rev, you know what this means.

Anygüey, Wax Model Moore:

HOY NO HUBO Jazz, but whatever happens, please relay to Cousin Joe that neither El Niño Luc (version) of an Ugly Mexican in Nueva York, or his more incognito (doppelgänger) here in Paris at fip Central Station (Aussi) should “retire” during the course of this most non–consequential Work-in-Progress blog.

Tráfico de influenza

Tráfico de Influenza .:. 3BA7A38D-43D8-495A-AF73-85D05E331E0B 🗣 KORNACKI: You WANT mí on D.A.T. Wall — You NEED Mí On D.A.T. Wall.

As a Matter–of–Fact, Morning Mika, öüï would like to see D.O.S. Two (beasts) “Dancing Cheek to Cheek” from See-two-Shining See. In the mean time John Oliver, “You Dit It!” You, you, you! Heck, you Australian–looking handsome Rosbif fella!!! We [the staff] had not realized that you had the ‘Bullfighter’ genie in you; you must be from Gibraltar.

El Próximo Toro le corresponde al Mando

Nice “Indulto”* on that toro from la ganadería de los Griffin, “matador”, NOICE Indulto with “El Toro Hardball”.

That Clipboard needs Mí

That Clipboard needs a dash of Mí .:. ACE99C07-96D4-451B-9642-903FFFCE8655  _—•!•—_ Coming up in The Programming LIVE from Panama Beach… avenue, in Austin Texas, —City Limits : hasta La Victoria, siempre.

… [D]itch the “Whataburger“, it’s got ‘gen•TRI•fication in it’s its ‘hamburgers in paradise’ hamburger helper®️ DNA/ADN, and besides, any self-respecting Midnight Ryder knows that SONIC is the In–n–Out of the Southwest, y Raquelito, please inform Chuck D, of the following:

Fuck Tommy Lee Jones and The Men in Black, Eye is —motherfucker— The Black in Men, coming to an At-The Drive Inn in Mars, or some Órbita 106.7 (2005) like D.A.T..


« It’s the Same Old Song » pero con un sabor diferente desde que tú te jüites, güero


La cuarta ( span* ):

🎶 We'll meet AGAIN...

🎶 We’ll meet AGAIN .:. C904E6EE-744E-43EA-8896-E9BD4A3AB273 🕉 … 🎵 don’t know When, don’t know Where—but we’ll meet again SOME day. —_•!•_— And, if you understand the parallel between “un mundo raro” and “un mundo de AMLO” is probably because if you, as a MEXICAN GOVERNMENT pitchman, are going to push fairy tales about moving to a “democratic change”, without holding the last President of México accountable for the corruption that you, as a newly elected Mexican president, then there really isn’t a real democratic change; EVEN IF, professor Ackerman, your wife’s boss sends a New Year gift to Florence Cassez in the form of Genaro García Luna, courtesy of the (backroom deal) for the NAFTA replacement capricious trade deal, where México sold the maquila workers to “GRINGO” work inspectors with diplomatic badges… or something like that. 💩 P.S.: Profesor Salmerón Sanguinés, ¿cuál pinche Revolución? pues.

Y sigue la yunta andando

Previously on, “A ver qué dice el marido”, con Juan Molino Campos–hombre:

Nuestro heroe, —sin acento— le dijo a la mujer, “vieja, tira paro y dile al pueblo —güeno— que el día 9 de marzo, me dan ganas de tirar güeva,” a lo que la ‘ñora del hombre responde, “’ora pues, viejo, nada más una cosa, ¿se las dejo ca’e de jilo, o suavecito?”

MSNBC 02/23/2020; Via The Guardian:

Cheap Trick!

Cheap Trick! .:. E5CE6455-53C2-4C60-AD69-0336C4CEE803 —^•..•^— La 🐄… Surrender but don’t “jump to conclussions” in your office space. 🧶 Hold it now, because we [the staff] have used Godwin’s Law with the frogs (a time or two) öüï are going to play Devils Advocate for the MAD Catholic  on our favorite punditry source, Phil Graham’s msnbc’s; once we [the staff] are done advocating for this rich Irish sonavabitch ÖÛÏ are going to go full Men–At–Work on the 19 hundred hour timeslot in Eastern Standard Time, so WITT D.A.T. in mind, “hang on to yourself” here comes “The Blitzkreig”  ISSY, —motherfuckers— it will be Dictated in “Oddball’s” woof’s! 🤠

Say it Ain’t So… “Let’s Play Hardball

🎶 Now, now, settle down my boy
eat your peas and gravy
settle down…
(Men at Work / Ron Strykert)

Teeny Tiny Cat approves

Teeny Tiny Cat approves .:. 8D98C017-3A7B-4D7B-812B-13A0AC799E94 —^. .^— The Cat Abides. Yesterday applies to 02/24/2020 in the Continental U.S., because in Hilo, Hawaii it is still Monday, February 24, 2020. Today is Feb. 25th, 2020.

But FOist,

Dearest, Heidi Przybyla, nevermind Bernie’s heart, nobody is perfect and nobody lives forever, and besides, that is what the Vice and the Speaker are for. By your standard, Christopher Reeve would have been a great president… until he got on a horse, eh!

Any güey, mr. Matthews, “as far back as Eye can remember,” the All Seeing Eye on the back of the U.S. Dollar bill has been the Cult that the republican party has Literally Worshiped, and now you are worried that someone who actually wants to walk closer to that imaginary GOD that you preach to, and stop Him (Your American Lord Jesus) from commanding little old ladies (like Cousin Joe’s mom in Alabama) to send in their money to the televangelist church so that the preacher man can buy a new jet airplane, you —motherfuckers— want to scare the Dick Van Dyke fans from voting for the candidate who wants to give that money back to the health care system that aunt Scarborough so desperately needs, really highlights what interests you are cable casting/streaming to, eh‽

Now that you have no choice but to talk about Senator Sanders, you chose to play the Senator McCarthy “red scare” card, c’mon now.

P.S.: Fuck strategist Rick Wilson and say hello, aussi, to James Carville in Louisiana.


Las fuentes de doña Vilma:

No Ti-Mec_tas:

El barzón (readjusted):
span = 22.86 centimeters
https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /cultura /2020/02/23 /john-m-ackerman-presenta-2018el-cambio-democratico2019-en-fil-de-mineria-8327 .html

ChrishardballMatthews: https ://www .theguardian .com /us-news /2020/feb/23 /msnbc-chris-matthews-sanders-nevada-win-nazi-invasion


The State of San Francisco congratulates Senator Claire McCaskill

Here Ye! Hear Ye’

It .:.

Ça .:. 5B7095F1-4847-4DD9-8DB2-D8BEB2523700 — Attention Battle stations! _ Attention Battle stations!… some Republican relays (Sputnik Network) are starting to refer to “the States” as “Federations” within the Union.

The Great State of SAN FRANCISCO hereby declares Monday, February the Third of the yer’ of our Lorde Lorne of Two thousand and twenty, D.A.T.:

In the Wager between Senator Boxer (D-SF) and, Senator McCaskill in last night’s Puppy Bowl XVI, Senator Boxer lost the “Left-Tittie” Showoff.


D.A.T. as the losing party, Senator Boxer must take a selfie, of herself; next to the water cooler and, with her left bosom in the style of Columbia’s cousin, Marianne; guideon optional.


Meanwhile, over at the Backyard State of Cuernavaca, (casi equina con el Edo. de Toluca) no pasa nada, —porque— nada pasa de la BOCA de Andrés para afuera. VIVA MÉXICO (sin acento).

El COLMEX* de los Caramba[r]s

El Colegio de México

* El Colegio de México y sus chingados, ¿Caramba, Ebrard‽ .:. 441014B3-1A98-4DF3-B43B-97051C6CE6AE —_•!•_— ¡Qué falta de respeto para TU país! Señor Ebrard, ¿así con ESE compromiso para los de a pie fue cómo usted coordinó la CAMPAÑA DE HILLARY Clinton en el 2016? Con razón, ahora empiezo a entender porque les pusieron falta en WISCONSIN. 


Nos vemos en el otro lado…

The tale of the Bureaucratic API’s and the memory of fish ladders in the X-Ray transfer industry — Just another Conversation on the automation of services and a basic income.

Aviso de ocasión y los clasificados de la bolsa de trabajo, pg. 3. Last Job Sources courtesy of NPR and Póle-EmploiUso justo de todos los medios. 

Réel Time and/or relevant late sources:

Michalski, J., on: HPR’s The Conversation. “The Last Job in Hawai’i.” Via, National Public Radio [s]: http ://hawaiipublicradio .org /post /last-job-hawaii?_ga =1 .118890378 .2076846185 .1487408510