En contexto, we never thought that we’d make it this far

Issy, Avi Velshi-ing, off the Florida Keys, there’s a place called Kokomo… or something like that, and that’s where a young Cornell West takes over the programming at AM Joy.

Boy! Look At The Time, Jason

Boy! Look At The Time, Jason. 🥅 In the frame(ing) above 🔝 A firemohawk stylin‘ Avi Velshi and the bass player of the trio, “ Machete”, check out the venue before the gig, Chuckes, the drummer is seen in his normal state, which it is fidgeting with his smartphone while wearing a hoodie… fucking Criminals, Eye tell ya!

… Eddy and his motherfucking currents keep dropping the visuals so we are going to take a nap now, Isaias. Bee good now. But FO’ist it’s time fo’Coming up in Future Shock, the Biden Campaign selects a running-mate, on DeadLine… off–course!

It was a Glorious time

It was a Glorious time… and DEM Sirens won’t let Mí Lie.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/08/01 /capital /031n1cap

And then it’s time fo’All D.A.T. Jazz, and our brújula (at capital ⬆️)  is taking us all the way to Nigeria, via Jiménez Chihuahua, where The President of Africa is having a conversation with our Favorite (opinion ⤵️) professor à La Sorbonne: Hello–Hello—Hello, a mulato, an Albino, a Muskito—my libido!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/07/31 /opinion /019a1pol

T’o ba fe lo we omi l’o ma’lo
If you wan’ go wash, na water you go use
T’o ba fe se’be omi l’o ma’lo
If you want cook soup, na water you go use…

En fin, muy buena función que nos brinda el profesor Víctor Quintana S.*, no por el saqueo de agua de pozo en la zona que El Bolsón de Mapimí bautizó como « la puerta a La Laguna: Ciudad Jiménez”, no. Buena [función] más bien por rol antagónico que nos brinda El Ratón Vaquero, patrimonio nacional de Veracruz, y narrador del siguiente evangelio según San José  de Las Panochas, … amen!


¡Aguas! Fray Tormenta y El Profeta vS. Los Come–de–Nuez de Los Filtros… only on pay-per-view, o en la cervecería de la esquina.

… [S]in embargo, SAM STEIN at The Daily Beast, in Hilo, Hawaii, the time now is 8:30 pm and fip (dot] fr just took a hair sample from Avi Velshi’s fiery mohawk to sample the word of the They:


“We will always evolve, but our basic principle of financially-disciplined opportunism will never change…”.

https ://www .iac .com /about /overview

Mission Statement of IAC, “builder of companies” and owner of Sam Stein’s media vessel baptized as “The Daily Beast”.

but speaking of UGLY MEXICANS, one thing that the staff of this most non-consequential blog cannot say, LET ME RE-WRITE D.A.T. for all of the non-reading Sirens, one thing that the staff of this most non-consequential blog cannot say is that Professor Víctor M. Quintana S*., does not respect the rules of La Lucha Libre, unlike his off-again/on–again co•rre•li•gion•ario, John Mill Ackerman (entre otros) Ph.D.

So, Avi Velshi, before Eye continues to put on the line that fiery mane of yours (the mohawk in flames in case the good people at the IHEAL ibid missed it) against El Vic’s mask, please be advised that Luck^, favors a well-rounded an informed mind.

What would Nina do?

What would Nina do?… Find out after a nap!

^ Full disclosure, we [the staff] don’t believe in Luck, Charms, or other Artifacts, but öüï digs, IT!, as a literary crutch.


Note to editors monitoring: öüï is going to switch it over to Aug. 2 in CET, after a break. So if you are taggin’ along for the ride on the other side of the little black mirror, enjoy the inter•mission.

TimeStamp in Hilo, Hawaii: 10 p.m.

And in the role of Wednesday Addams: Alicia Menendez

Civil War and The Colonel’s secret recipe.

The 1 %'ers

The 1 %’ersnigga please! .:. E505D41B-3297-4548-8E0C-0BA12BE5557E 📰 Page 4, Le Parisien politique: l’operation Nuit blanche gets a stain and Mme. Hidalgo’s political majority cracks under pressure from the kiddie porn watch. “A militant feminist background”, or something like that wanted blood and it appears that they succeeded in gettin it by way of the resignation of the Paris culture deputy, Christophe Girard. Girard, “the inventor of  the 12–hour art marathon” known as Nuit Blanche is accused of the crime of being summoned by the police in a criminal investigation that he did not commit. Page 8, histoires d’été; Les Mots de Chez Nous (6/6): Se Faire Un Dej À Répu Avec Les Kids = to have breakfast with the kids at the Republic neighborhood in Paris / Page 4 photo background; « … [T]’as les colleuses au cul » = ordinary slogan at protests, usually written with a thick marker on a  cardboard and meant as an insult to authority… it’s what the French call dissent, it’s in their DNA. —_•|•_— Across the street, at Churchill Downs, the 3 %´s (a group of right-wing supremacists of a Whiter Shade of a pale horse) are laughing their asses off.

In Local News:

Tropical storm Daniels is on stand-by and getting ready to tag a El Huracán Douglas while Hurricane Hanna stokes the crowd with an “ember attack”. The « catch » has turned into relevos australianos.


Don’t be shy, SIRENE, bring Marianne with you

Let’s pretend that it is Domino Park, casi esquina con La Calle Ocho, and we’ll ask la gente bonita de Ayotzinapa por París to rotate La Calle Trece.

Musical Guest:

Musical Guest:
Residente and Big Bunny .:. 908A96FB-9244-4CA9-8DEB-58A1EFD7B2EB 📐 … [O]r can you think of better music to have you dancing, Keyleigh McEnany, on that podium at the White House?  Eye means, D.A.T if youse already not wearing any close, like that DeSantis fellow at the Governor’s mansion in Little Havana, you might as well dance for all the Suburbs and Banlieues of the world.

Anyhow, come Tomorrow the trump administration will stop counting in Triple digits it’s current reign (KeyWord: i = of P/R) of racist ineptitude and eternal regrets because come Monday it’s time for another edition of “99 bottles of beer on the wall”.

Someone to watch over Mí

The Big “P”

— C’est Bullshit (C’est n’importe quoi) .:. 56E53C84-D271-445E-9353-39E0F27B38F8 .:. The BigP”, also known as, “the fo’ken Lexique Régional” del chingado Le Parisien n° 23607… and of course, Joachim–du–Bellay is spinning in his grave at Chez Quasi; Reid about, IT! Find out about, IT! — … “Avance Connard” (Insulte ordinaire au volant).

Mientras tanto allá en El Rancho chico de La Maub, La Lucha Libre sigue en cuarentena pero eso no significa que allá en las Fuentes de doña Vilma, la hydroxicloroquina no insista en una tercera caída sin límite de angustias:

And in the role of Camazotz… Part Two: the batphone

M. Ghosn, vous en faites trop !
La Comarca Lagunera (Torreón, Gómez, y Lerdo) lo saludán… besos hasta Bayrouth en Líbano.

Previously on The Tower of Babel

Previously on The Tower of Babel .:. 28D6FDE0-D2C0-4DAA-803A-8A14AFE4169C 🗼🗺🗿🗽 Rosecrans Baldwin, author of “Paris I Love You, But You Are Bringing Me Down” echoed a former TIME Magazine and Communication profesor at Sciences Po, on how the French Ministry of Culture will lasso themes across platforms to drive, suggest or promote any given message. It’s not propaganda, it must be said if the “text” whispers are for the good of the order… Eye guess.

Among the tools of the Maya “Batman” (not pictured on his bat-cape) is of course a bat–phone:

— Ring,… Ring,… Ring,… ☎️
— 📞 Yelllll–ow?
— Yes, is my nigga there?
— WTF! My nigga who, nigga?
— My nigga in Paris, of course, Sir!
— Ah, yes, hold on a second…
[Receiver is heard screeming at the top of his lungs while covering the implanted microphone on the 📞] FRANÇOIS DURPAIRE* it’s for you, motherfucker!

https ://www .leparisien .fr /international /crise-de-larmes-propos-revisionnistes-kanye-west-peut-il-aller-jusqu-a-l-election-20-07-2020 -8355903 .php

In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s 21h or 9 pm if you are historian, a specialist, and probably a fag like the lucky *Fellow on the above link to Le Parisien, because despite of calling-out the circus-like quality of Mr. Kardashian above, the article gives Kanye an air of political importance that should be unwarranted, however, since the U.S. of A. decided to become the laughing stock of the develop world, öüï [the staff, of this most non–consequential blog] salute him in all of his croakiness Gloire.

Public Service Announcement — Aviso al Público

“A Republic, if you can keep it.”
Sponsored by:
Ópticas Franklin


Ladies in Gemini, con ustedes “El Niño Luc”, sin Sirena pero eso sí, hijos de Benjamin Argumedo, con bosal pa’no empapar… “Take it A–Güey!”, Luc, and nevermind D.A.T. Nereida on them Seine Waves, because over at the neighbor’s rock house the Deepest Purple Pundits of America are riffin’ “Child in Time”, as per regulatory regulations… That Little Devil is in the Samaritaine’s dentils.

Banksi is a Fag, yes he is:
🎶 Out on The Streets
D.A.T’s. where öüï meet

In Hilo, Hawaii

Time over yonder: It’s The 11th Hour in Hilo, Hawaii, yes it is.

https ://www.fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip-du-mercredi-15-juillet-2020

Still to come:
America, D.A.R.E. is template for it!
Run-on Sentence in the key of Jazz

Deer, Willie Geist, please inform Studio 3–A at the peacock Center D.A.T. this here is what a Run-on Sentence looks like in the Key of Jazz (America’s best import, ever), period .:. E8BD413B-C202-4E4B-AB04-4F8A5EFF9901 𓂈 For additional information please head on over to https:// www. old. reddit. com /r/ bitch, 𓂀 is a BUS!

Anyhow, Niño Luc, aren’t you glad that your Evil half, Luc Fregón, does not work for The Guardian at the BBC?

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /economia /2020/07/15 /bbc-recortara-520-puestos-de-trabajo-en-la-seccion-de-noticias-1595 .html

In any case, Luk’y Boy, stop playing the prophet, what are you, Nostradumbass? Stick to the Sensory Business (radio) ‘cus if You lose, It!, you’ll lose a Good Thing—motherfucker!


And in Washington, did John Donald The First just pulled the favorite move of aspiring Hitlers on the “How To Be A Better Despot On Your Way To a More Perfect Tyranny” book, by way of CENSORING COVID–19 related data from the Center and Diseases Control in Atlanta, Georgia?

Breaking The News

Breaking the News… Justice Ginsburg just trolled The Nation (again)… and in Washington, Nicole Wallace just went “Top Gun” by having her breath taken away on Deadline by the REVELATION that if things don’t start to change in real time, there might not be A United States of America on January 2021, even with REGIME Change. Chew on them beans D.A.R.E., Columbia.

And WOIST!!! Did Jared Kushner’s mating partner just pulled an “indirecta” on the good people of Puerto Rico with her choice of Goya Foods product for her illegal corporate sponsorship of Beto Unanue from an official Executive Branch media resource? YOU BETCHA, motherfuckers, it’s a play from that same “despot cookbook”.


In Signs of the End of The World is Near news, Charlie Sykes just introduced the peacock crowd to a place called PORN HUB… oh, The Humanity.

Freud was a motherfucker

Freud was a real motherfucker, and an uncle to all of the Donnie Deutsch-es–es of the world.

Robert Downey Jr., meet “The one with Water on his face”

El De La Máscara De Agua

Sincretismo en Noir

Sincretismo en Noir
.:. dedicado a Vicente Fox Quesada (la parte azul de Andrés Manuel López Obrador).

https ://arqueologiamexicana .mx /mexico-antiguo /axayacatl-el-de-la-mascara-de-agua-1469-1481

Anyhow, Iron Man*, please be advised that in Hilo, Hawaii, 14JUL2020 is still in effect, porque en efecto don Beto, allá son las 11 de la noche.



Estimado público que no nos lee, rogamos que en las próximas Jornadas en este than intrascendente blog, ustedes no cometan el error de Diciembre (2005) y relacionen a IRON MAN con el doppelgänger Americano del gran Jose García, actor franco-español interprete de “Le Mac”…

… “don Beto”, by–the–Guey, is Robert Downey Jr.

IRON MAN, como todo mundo lo sabe, es el vocalista de BLACK SABBATH, el mismo que nos re interpretó la balada revolucionaria mejor conocida como “El Corrido de PERRY MASON”


Previously on La Cónsul Peyorativa

Previously on La Cónsul Peyorativa .:. F33E7655-1242-4589-97B9-D52769C5D204 🗣 Corre y se va! El Presidente; La Rosa; La Bandera; El Negrito… BINGO!!! —_•¡•_— ** FAKE INFORMATION AU PUBLIC ** Dear, Mexican Ambassador to La France, por favor no sea soflamero, IF and ONLY IF, there was such thing as a « mandatory holiday » on the French calendar, your Excellency, THEN THERE would not be any African Brothers working the façade (or Windows) of a little unpretentious Building situated on La Rue de Rivoli (75001) called “Samaritano” on National French Fiesta Day, or something like that! Now would it? —_•!•_— Dicho de otra PUTA MANERA: if you fuckers (o culeros, whichever fits best) wish to take a Day Off, take a motherfucking day off, but don’t put the responsibility of that decision on the French, like you Sons’of—Bitches did with Florence Cassez.


TELEVISA Presenta:

In Memory of “Frida Sofía”
narrated by Florence Cassez

P.S.: FUCK Alejandro González Iñárritu and his Birdman, aussi.

Weekend Update… Killa Mike, Watt’up nigga? Catch this Vase ⚱️

Paris, France
7 June, 2020
from the Underground *

Saul [Murphy]

—. What about Rocky Marciano? 🥊 … What do you know from funny, ya bastard[s]? 🥋 “Someday in Jerusalem” with Bill Maher, follows.

My fellow Africans, especially those caught-up in what Mr. Lee, Spike [one–each] refers to, as « the African diaspora », and so, in-step with what the President of the state of New York, Mr. Mario Cuomo. a.k.a. “the fuckn’ Governor”, proposed Yesterday during his teleLatin courses, I have instructed Field Marshal Carlin to blast and deploy to y’all, D.A.T. the “American construct”, hereby referred to as “nigga”  applies only to the peoples who’ve been around da’block a few times —or M.o.o.r.R.E.— in The United States of America and all of its territorios (punto y coma), NOW if you have any questions with this “American construct” please refer to Bob Marley’s Chant Down in Babylon, and express yo’self with some N.W.A., in other words, Killa Mike: don’t break the mirror.

Fela Kuti
President of Africa

TimeStamp: 13h45… and the beat goes on, we now return to Double Jeopardy, with John Malkovich.

Down on Mí

🐎 Down on Mí .:. 47B956F4-51D0-4364-99EF-F24EC6ED1DDE 🚷 There’s a bitch on that sand. ISSY, Joshua Johnson, Eye knows that this snapshot will be interpreted in the worst possible way. Anyhow, how ’bout them Compton Cowboys, eh?  Eye could insert a MEL Brooks reference here but, Eye is not gonna gun-ah! Doo-dah, Doo-Dah… Santa Anita Racetrack’s Five miles long — Oh doo dah They.

[Dr. Adrian Mallory]

O.k., now that the issue of dealing with a word that earned hard core Hip-hoppers world-wide recognition, not to mention a shitload of U.S. Dollars and bucketloads full of cash, perhaps [maybe], Reverend Al Sharpton, we [the staff] can move on WITT our programming, after all, Eddie Gloude Jr., it’s not as if Eye was shouting at the Reverend Al —to go home— and using the “N” word as emphasis.

Two different contexts, Mr. Cobb, Jelany. So, Rev. Al, Eye liked how you melted the Purple Pundit’s heart with the story of the little girl from Minneapolis who tug-a-pull on your coat. SIN EMBARGO, mi estimado reverendo, might you let Mí, pull on your Lavalier mic and request that you touch base on how LAW ENFORCEMENT already has the power to treat you like a terrorist, even from ‘mere’ allegations stemming from say, a Civil Court case. Do you, Reverend Al, want Mí to draw you a picture of what Eye is talking about? —OF Course Not, because you would not be caught reading the content within this WordPress.

Just sayn'

Just sayn’ .:. 8F77BD9F-31CB-4A15-97E9-42CB57488C13 🎙So, Rachel Maddow, do you madam, hold a taboo on this issue, also? Eye knows that Mika Brzezinski does.

🎶 Y las causas
Lo fueron cercando
Cotidianas, invisibles
Y el azar
Se le iba enredando
Poderoso, invencible

Causas y azares

Silvio Rodríguez

For the record, A.M. Joy, there is no random intention in the set-up to this curve, check Mr. Sharpton’s transcripts from last week’s Dateline excuse me, DEADLINE sessions, we [the staff] are only following up and expanding on his concern for the Bush 43 law that allows judges to FILE one’s life for all branches of Law Enforcement to treat any given defendant in a pending trial outcome like a terrorist (punto y pruebe LA S.O.P.A.), especially if that defendant is labeled as an M&M (male and minority).


🎶 Ahhhh—y

🎶 Ahhhh—y .:. FC4E67B1-6608-4D64-9810-BB7968079337 〰️ Check the date. And, Avi Velshi, you —motherfucker— better than anyone should know that we [the staff] love Professor, Eddie Gloude Jr., so don’t you casually throw his name in the bullring debate of “bad cop, no doughnut”.

* Correction, as of 10h15 the police sent a canine unit to clear u.s. from our position at the Paris Underground; this is no coincidence, after the incident at the gates of The United States Of America embassy on rue Gabriel (75008), a myriad of “thing’s”, Alicia Menendez, have rain down like artillery salvos in a fire-for-adjust volley, so, regardless if your guest last night has “use” for any of our “black boxes” or not, the reality is that the blocking of my American bank account on the night of May the 25th, the resurgance of “friendly” characters that had been away from the scene for the past 3 and 1/2 years and, the aforementioned “canine unit”, is far from being a motherfucking Coincidence… so, Killa Mike, hold on to D.A.T. Vase so that Eye may break-it down to the Brother “charlemañe the god”.

Intermedio before the Seth Meyers Show — hoy no habrá Jazz

So, Mr. Meyer… Eye bet you did not expect to find your drum boy Moonlighting as a The New York Times front page editor (punto y coma) now did ya’? You Sexy cotton picker picker ad mannequin.

Anyhow, how’but them Vikings! We only mention, IT!, because we happen to be stranded in a place where actual vikings plundered a Kingdom until they got the Normandy that they (those Valhalla-seeking motherfuckers) deserved, which of course as the entire G7 Nations know, was recuperated from HITLER by them damned Canucks at G.O.L.D. Beach while Them O.M.A.H.A. boys were jerking–off, BEcauSe, Mr. Sethy Boy, if all that those fighting men… and Eye guess some “women from Michigan too”, died for was to see their names falsely and HYPOTHETICALLY dragged through Donald John’s Trump voting–by–mail propaganda, then they might as well have stayed back in Kentucky “Shoveling Shit”, as General George C. Scott suggested at the opening of the PATTON Oswalt interview, last week on your Late Night Show.

—. https ://old .reddit .com /r /worldnews /comments /guo8u2/canada_does_not_support_russias_return_to_g7/

—. https ://www .dailymail .co .uk /news /article-8376453 /UK-VETO-Donald-Trumps-bid-let-Russia-G7 .html

But speaking of fights:

It’s the UFC 244 Title Bout
—By The See
Caged Follies

For the Follies Islands Championship of the Docks .::. D5AD78ED-B363-4FFA-8AE1-1E2C782BA2B3 🏝
Baby Booty Rash Cheeks
Mugsy One-finger Subtle Salute Brit Boy

Sponsored by:
The Phantom of The Panther*

Deer, Eddie Gloude Jr., the following snapshot is a reminder to The Alexis Axios on HoBO TV’s of what an ONCA cat looks like (in captivity) this particular specimen ⬇️ was “shot” by yours truly, armando segovia / armando serrano prieto*, on October the 18th of 2012, Eye titled, IT!, “sadomasoquismo sincrético” under the heading, « I’m your Huckleberry”.

Segoviaspixes copyleft

https ://asegovia3 .com /2014/10/12/12-de-octubre/ .::. 689AE084-1970-416F-89A7-BA9C23479C6E 🐆Eye was a Jaguar before the “leopards” were even a political thing. CopyLeft.


* WHO you gonna believe, Eddie Gloude Jr., your lying jeepers or your hearing creepers? Previously Eye had told you that Eye, armando segovia, am an ONCA cat, now if you happen to be a Black Panther be advised that there is no separate gene between You, Mí, and those filthy Def Leppards (punto y coma) You just happen to have a thing that cats around the block call: a melanistic specimen of the genus. We are all the same under the skin. ISSY, melanistic specimens lives matter.

Let’s Do It! — Just phone it in

Chi-qui-ti-ta… doc’D.A.T. Channel 4, 11 O’Clock newsman a week’s pay for dropping the “ti” on Cher.

Page 2

Page 2, with Joshua Johnson .::. 20D54A13-77EC-4921-839F-40DFF3B50486 🎼 W[H]oooooO, Baby, BABYsome fun tonight. 🦠🗺 INDEED, Alicia Menendez, in•deed, La Hache es muda; yes Ma’am. Now, Chuck might have been the big shiny Automobile there, and just for – continuity’s + sake, let’s assume that Richard was the Alternator that charged the Battery, so, youse Right, Ms. Menendez, Little Richard was not the spark that made the belt go’round and round on that there Big  Pink Cadillac D.A.T. öüï call Rock and Roll… although, as Evry body knows, it was The French who went ahead and invented Rock and Roll.

So, Mr. Lorne … it’s all re-runs from here on, on —eh! Well, Eye just has one request to make and  Eye hopes that it is not to much from Mí to ask… say, do you think that The Producers can find it in their kind heart to let u.s. have that belt which Michael Che failed to properly wrap around his neck? We promise to keep the untimely choker a secret and say that it was a swarm of W.A.S.P.–es–es on horseback that did him, and not the Suicide Blond that got’em… and oh–by–the–güey:  “The Way Things Are Going,” when D.A.T D.A.R.E Wigg wakes up in September, the country will be ripe to have the Thanksgiving and Christmas Special  phoned -in from Pete Davidsons basement… again, Debbie Downer, said so.

For the record

The American Graffiti (1973) SOUND WAVES COME FROM MEXICO… just like the NOURISHMENT that the braceros and chicanos that put food on america’s tables during world war two, and most recently, during the wet-bat pandemic… bola de putos!

AND IN WUHAN… (the originator not the inventor 😚 of a more unfortunate VIRUS) COVID–19 is: BACK!!!



Indeed… go to sleep, mr. Lorne… .::. 57D532E5-8F02-4237-884C-16ECAAF229F2 🧜🏻‍♀️ Go to sleep you little baby
(Go to sleep you little baby)
Go to sleep you little baby
(Go to sleep you little baby)
You’re mama’s gone away and you’re daddy’s gonna stay
Didn’t leave nobody but the baby
Go to sleep you little baby 🎶🎶🎶

deer, sarah kendzior, please give my regards to seth meyers and, relay to mr. Rather to not shoot the messenger (punto y coma) in the mean time, that’s a hell of a bookshelf that you’re flashing, it goes reel well with the magazine rack to the viewers right and your left from that webcam. Check it out, youse gonna get uninvited from the cocktail parties in mitch mcconnell’s rallies in D.A.T D.a.R.E. big heartland WHERE THE CALL SIGNAL SHIFTS from La “doble u” a la “Ka”.

Any how, Alicia Menendez, we [the staff] are about to take a nap (punto y coma) öüï should be back at, IT! Before that “last week tonight” feller tells you in Hangul: it’s not over until it’s over: