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100 Años de ¡Silencio!!!

CATSUP is code for? —Anyone? Ketch-up is code for? — WESTERN UNION? — VIGO?… any one of you SonsOfBitches? CATSUP is code for? REMESAS of course, ¡HIJOS DE LA CHINGADA? ★remesas Bip~bip.

Ok, in the first place, what were you doing at a dark corner of a French café, and as a matter a fact…

At the Umpire’s abode, Mrs. Umpératrise is throwing heat at Mr. Umpire.

Flore Umpératrise

— Yeah, I saw you earlier today! 👮🏻‍♀️

Marcel… Flip the page.

Nancy Umpire

— You don’t say. Hey, your lips are salty 🧏

Efémeride for a SOUVENIR, starting Chabela  Huppert as the boxer’s main MILF.

In World Series News:

abanicar :

According to the Real Academia Española, abanicar extends beyond the four definitions below, but a good example in real time is the above screen-grab of congressperson Scarborough STRIKING OUT with Mika after the Floribama lawyer whoop his love letter to Eddie Murphy* out on the set. The behavioral reaction of Cousin Joe was worthy of a Napoleon Dynamite même🤹.

*~. https ://www .imdb .com /video /vi683391513 /?playlistId =tt0086465&ref_ =tt_ov_vi

💃🏻. tr. Hacer aire a alguien o a algo con el abanico u otra cosaU. m. c. prnl.

2tr. Taurom. Agitar ante el toro el capotede un lado a otro.

Sympathique… Pink Martini 🐸 is knot a muse.

3intr. Cuba, Méx., Nic., P. Rico y Ven. Dans le jeu de baseball, ne pas frapper la balle après avoir fait un effort.

4. prnl. No hacer casomostrar indiferencia ante algo 🇫🇷

★World Champions, as in THE ASTROS (Houston) are, per the logic of The American Priest in Paris, the North America ⚾pennant holders, where as Japan’s national baseball team is the 2023 World Champions.


Don’t Shoot the mime 🤹, it’s not his fault; instead here’s an American Version of a French piñata, which of course Ewe all know, the piñatas were invented by The French at 🦁 SciencesPo 🦊, those motherfuckers!

From the top 🎪 🎩

🎼 … In other words 🎶

In this Section of Thee BAC, the student should not confuse La Gymnastique with Les Gymnopédies.

Travlin’ Band — mime version 🤹 🃏🎭


But FO’ist!
In this section of The BAC(H), the 18 year-olds will demonstrate their Physical Training and Sex Ed know how… “Gymtimidation” will not be tolerated on the excercise machines or, in the gadget and/or tool sheds.

Subject: Tarahumara Cisco League

In this section the student will DO THE HOMEWORK for JUANITO GUANABACOA’s son and in the process, sacrifice a 2-years of their pension to fund Juanito Guanavacoa’s retirement in France.


Ils trouvent “El Chueco” sans vie, le meurtrier présumé des jésuites à Chihuahua

naturally, the elected Mexican cultist who moonlights early in the mornings as the Executive of that enterprise took all of the credit for the self-policing or, as French people say, “le président s’est attribué le mérite du maintien de l’ordre dans la région

The student will explain how baseball is played in the Sierra Madre regions of La Chingada and provide an example of what an “OUT” is code for when the umpires of the game cover the tracks and sweep the homeplate:

https ://www .liberation .fr /international /amerique /au-mexique-trois-morts-dont-deux-pretres-apres-un-match-de-baseball20220624

Material… because what else is a fucking Mexican in FRANCE good for if not to carry your fucking load, unless he’s or she is enrolled at SciencesPo or la bendita SORBONNE. With this in mind, Ari Shapiro… please do not, EYE SAY AGAIN, please do not confuse your Melle. Pitch award TYPES with the PITCH Black political elements of Évry motherfucking benevolent enterprise* in FRANCE, but that is only because SOLIDARITE on the SPOTLIGHT of BFMer TV has not discovered and/or invented whistle blowers yet, but then again, EYE already explained how the COOKIE MONSTER (7) lost his way for the love of DOUGH.

*~. Keyword “enterprise“.

Sinaloa Cartel Leader Hunted After Killing Priests, Baseball Players and US Tourist

Extra Credit: Provide an example of how MEDIAPART is now into the tales of “El Libro Vaquero”. Warning: must have receipts, or the President of the Court will sentence THEE to, —death by Guillotine™.

The West, is the best — Mount Baldy League

« La mellieure OPINION de soi-même est quand on a mellieure opinion des autres ».

A COW… 🐄

Riech Chancellor ⛸️  Adolf Hitler to le Maréchal 🩰 Philippe Pétain, según el mayordomo de🩱 Eva Braun Hitler, on Le Point, nº 2640; jeudi 9 mars.

Michigan 1881:

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Etiwanda,_Rancho_Cucamonga,_California

Next Stop: MURRIETA’s Grove


Eye was on my way from ONTARIO to Lake Superior where Eye was supposed to Ketch-up with a White House leprechaun who coincidentally was riding on top of a GREYHOUND 🚍 en-route to meet with the mitten-shaped governor of that watery Union State baptized as MiChiGan, —when all of a sudden! I took the wrong motherfucking left in FONTANA, and Eye needlessly ended up in ETIWANDA.

¡Viejas FEAS!!!… SAY CHEESE 🐐 🧀 this is Django’s SWING de París.


And, Marouane (not that one), “Thanks for going ARMY”, in a few frames 🎞️ Donnie Deutsch-France, a subsidiary of World Media in YOUR Casablanca mug at Châtelet and of course, The Paris Tourism Board, will re-interpret that maroon P.T. sweatshirt to the lovely Roxanne and Father James.

… Over at The Easter décalage with Francisco Belmont: Öüï continue with SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica 🇨🇷, but that’s only because FATHER James knows that it is a Saint Joseph Weekend at the O’Kbras pub en SAINT-MICHEL 🗡️.

Ahora sí, Negra:

Sambo Leprechauns with Fuscas from Senegal.

Sambo Leprechauns with Fuscas from Senegal, BATMAN! SoFy Velasco is sailing en un barquito de papel, y yo quisiera ser un pez en origami entre un carnaval.

¿Dónde están mis barbas…?
¿Mi galera de felpa…? ¿Mi largo bastón…?


¿Dónde están mis lentes,
mi camisa a rayas y mi frac pintón…?

And, Willie GEIST… It’s the bottom of the ninth and the Empires are out.

Who’s on Short?

https ://i-d .vice .com /es /article /pak938 /artista-jr-picnic-frontera-mexico

As these eyes across TECATE, or the Xicali bordo were being shot, Mme. Gayet’s Hubby was undermining the autonomy of them Eyes on Ewe, that the U.S./México Border was trying to portray … nice recognition, but only if you ARE French, and abroad 🧏 and that’s because a French person can take a hot steamy shit 💩 and the good Mexicans at the ESCP or SciencesPo and the IHEAL will gladly put a ribbon 🎀 on that crap! Hypocrisy is part of the D.N.A. infraSh-Truck-ture at Professor Alain Rouquie’s institutions at Saint-Germain-des-Prés.


Wayne is 🎷… now pass the fucking beans, JR… you 🇨🇵 entitled 🇨🇵 Son Of A 🐩!

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip/podcasts /club-jazzafip /hommage-au-saxophoniste-wayne-shorter-8449244

Une porte
entre ici
et là-bas
is not just a Pizza!

Talk about Synchronicity and The Police! … any hoot, here’s the Beat Sequence: Synchronicity I is played at 99 Beats Per Minute (Andante), or 33 Measures/Bars Per Minute. Time Signature: 3/4… goooooo, Dodgers!

… or a Calzone
if you fold that 🍕Napolianian 🇮🇹 bitch, just don’t call it AN 🇦🇷 “Em#PANada.

In local news, Los Rieleros de Nantes have done it again, those fucking heathens, —the whole lot of Em#!

Mother Mary can go to Hells Kitchen, this is not the Bronx, said Sister Aghata³, adding, “we are not the Texas Rangers”.

https ://www .leparisien .fr /loire-atlantique-44 /deux-religieuses-quittent-nantes-a-cause-de-linsecurite-nous-ne-sommes-pas-des-franciscaines-du-bronx-02-03-2023

And starring as Sister Aghata:

Julie Gayet

³~. La Hache es muda.


And, Donnie Deutsch:

Fuck you… and those IVY League pretentious faggots ⚾ who forget what a bucket of Chicken Looks like! For starters, gravy was « a volonté » and honey 🍯 packets WERE available on-demand at no additional cost, because it was the Bees pleasure to drench that thigh in sticky sweetness.


But, Willie Geist, that’s not even the gist of it, in case your producers are keeping count, because if youse a fan of, Tinieblas³, Duendes, and of course, the best Major League Baseball team, The Los Angeles Gentrifications and the Dodger fans who a’Door Em#, then you know that Nathalie Piolé loves Mamba.


But pay no attention to that because Chaka Khan can, it’s like Shuga’ but Eye would know nothing about that, or those  Capitol Hill Catholic Spies, like Ewe ⚾ do. Find out about it on Capitol Hill if youse think its hyper BOLA ☄️.

[ Know that Öüï will be right back ]


Sue Merce’ pásele, pásele, de qué le damos? Pescado y camarón en polvo desidratado y almejas en su tinta! Pásele, pásele Güerita. Nomas no me pregunte por Las Tortillas que Julie Gayet no es la Señora de Peña Nieto, aunque sí, la ‘ñora también es actress-ese. Pásele, pásele 🪰.

The Meat slaughter .. 🐂  brought to Ewe 🌭 by Farmer John®

P.S. Phuck Ewe, period! Also, Willie Heist, go Dodgers, you son of a bitch!

Romance in El Chamizal… SIX DEGREES of Adolfo López Mateos


— “Qué bonito reloj, señor Presidente ».

Anne Marie Mergier* to former Mexican president, Manuel Àvila Camacho

John 🇮🇪 Fritesgerald 🇺🇸 Kennedy to his homologous homeboy south of Paisano 🇲🇽/🇺🇸 Drive :

Adolfo López Matón
Mexican Constitutional C.I.A. agent.

https ://www .excelsior .com .mx /opinion /mario-melgar /2013/05/07 /897765

December 1, 1958 – November 30, 1964


³~. Programa Nacional Fronterizo, the Original “FRONTCHI” license plate de la calle STANTON, en El Paso, Texas..

Note to professor Alain Rouquié 🇫🇷 :

Ni modo que Víctor Manuel Quintana Silveyra me deje mentir, el profesor por muy mocho y PANista que se haya convertido is from Chihuahua, and Chihuahuitas as loud as they bark, are not liers liars, Chihuahuitas are LEGIT little fellows¹, any how, professor Rouquié, that’s a solid enough reason of why “El Vic”, as his then political colleagues referred to Dr. Quintana could not let Mí lie,  but mostly because I sat through his Cátedra about the Mexican Political PANorama of 1850 to 2012, designed for BoBos at la bendita’ Sorbonne’s Annex², which happens to be in front of Sciences Po at the IHEAL, casi esquina con Le Basile.

Wit D.A.T., in mind…

Live from Torreón, it’s Ciro Gómez LerDo, starring, yet again, The Pinche C.I.A. and “All The President’s Peoples”… Ojo, Rapha Moran, because Eye can link in less than THREE BEATS a “El Moro” ÁVILA con el présidente mexicano (MANUEL) que le otorgó “la palanca” a tu madrina* en la APRO (proceso magazine) when she was a recent arrival from La Alliance Française à CHAPULTEPEC.

*~. Anne Marie Mergier


[Fester the copy editor, redacts]

— By the time that the AP correspondant had figured out the charm of Hueco Tanks, the French dame who used to peddle the Ciudad Juárez’ “maquiladora twin city report” for The El Paso Times had dropped her sleuth instincts and traded them for a benevolent pay check at a local NGO foundation who looked out for the health and legal well being of undocumented border crossers.

Over on Texas Drive, the wife of the U.S. Border Patrol’s Chief of Communication was their star reporter, and of course the 🇪🇦 EFE 🇪🇦 string cheese reporter at the El Diario de Juárez hub in Samalayuca-en-Dunas.

It’s 2005 and the CONNECTION to LEE HARVEY OSWALD is locked-up in a Border Patrols holding tank on the Road to Horizonte and Hueco Tanks on Montana Avenue and I am the AFP string 🧵 in your HILOS ‘fly on the WALL 🧱’.


Note to RFPP 106.3 fm Paris:

Dear, communists del consumerismo solidario afrancesado (Emisión AMERICAS and the Juanito Guanabacoa SHOW) please relay to your Spanish broadcasters to feel free to COPY my text for their sometimes “political” and sometimes “es_pecta–culos” show en, “Aquí somos, aquí estamos” de SoFy Velasco.

³~. Listen up Coqsuckers 🇫🇷 at radio france international:

Let Mí Take Ewe Down
‘CUS!!! Eye is going to
Strawberry Dunas…
🌯 En Villa Ahumada.

🌬️ I bet Freddy Cats didn’t think that Öüï, that motherfucker, could re-load his, Freddy’s not mine, little boulangerie cholos of 2011 á Montreuil–sous–Peaches Fields 🍑.

Breaking news 🗞️ Sustainable political Systems


Fish and Chips, bad teeth, cup O’tea, The Queen, and of course, Burt Lancaster: Rosbifs.

The Pink Panther is a heroic, moral cartoon cat with pink fur and the manners of an English aristocrat.

We are experiencing motivational difficulties and our staff is wondering if there is any point in continuing with this project.

Lo Bueno del Regreso del PRI es que ellos si saben como gobernar — A.R.³ 2013 at SciencesPo

³~. Alain Rouquié (1986).
²~. http ://www .iheal .univ-paris3 .fr /fr /actu /une-heure-sur-le-mexique

Nothing is going to change, God bless Charles Manson… because the only truth in life, is found within the ropes of a Lucha Libre match 🔥💥🎊🕳️

Welcome to my nightmare.

After the break, it’s “Henry Mancini and Faith No More, a Christmas Special in July”, featuring Alice Cooper and Alain Rouquié’s MILLION DOLLAR BABIES from El Golfo de Tehuantepec. And later on Black Friday 2022, we are headed towards « God’s Time », according to KEN SALAZAR’s boss, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Hey Bulldog 🤹🏻‍♀️ This is all politics. That fuckin’ dog is hideous, hideous like them East India Company lizard-like creatures, the next level of Circus Animals.

Right now, it’s the land of OZ.

🎶 You’ve got your mother in a whirl
She’s not sure if you’re a boy or a girl
Hey babe, your hair’s alright…
Doo doo doo-doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo-doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo-doo doo doo doo doo


Las fuentes de Las Cruzadas de doña Vilma

En Francia… en Francia no pasa nada, Marianne:

We don't do facebook, but

Öüï does not do the facebook, but given the occasion and being the THEY after “Black Friday”, we said, fuck it .:. https ://facebook .com /brut officiel /videos /132768011709329/?

“And one day, sans la moindre raison, les Français elected Marine Le Pen”
Via: /r/france

After all it was IN•deed, the very French who went ahead and invented “The Crusades”, the most recent one was of course lead by Professor Alain Rouquié in 2012, WHO can forget his welcoming words to then President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto:


*Hasterisk 🇫🇷 5F5D5A25-4ADA-4EA6-B978-4836E15CAD73 🇲🇽 *CON NOMBRE: FRANÇOIS HOLLANDE, President of The 5th French Republic.

Lo bueno del regreso del PRI, es de que ellos sí saben como gobernar.
Sciences Po

Feb. 1, 2012 2013 (perdon)

Quick programming note, Leoncio Orellana (arquitecto de profesión, y capataz del profesor Rouquié en La Casa de América latina en Paris, 27 Blvd. Saint Germain-des–Près) warned me about it when he gave me his blessing to conduct interviews at the most navel-gazing place for Latin Americans in Paris, he told me (Armando Segovia) after commending me for embarking on such “sueño guajiro” as uncovering Mexican corruption in France could prove to be:

The Sad Part

https ://monoaureo .com/2020/11/27/mananero/ .:. 46418EE0-CD60-4C94-981D-090507014F64 .:. The sad part about this Cartón Político is that back in February of 2012, at the Mexico’s House at Cité International Universitaire de Paris, the MORENA–Francia founding committee members; at the time called, “El Frente Amplio de Izquierda mexicana” laughed me out of the Benito Juárez (kitchen hall, not the actual hall) when I suggested that people were starting to notice their CULT-LIKE behavior. Y mira, —can EYE get an AMen!

Be careful, because journalism is not always about “the poor.

and as Tabasco went under water after a recent Greek-alphabet letter hurricane, it turned out that “el buen Leo” was right. It’s about saving the president’s PET PROJECTS, such as a refinery instead of the underprivileged citizens in Tabasco, which happens to be the Mexican President’s home state. LIKE his outgoing superior in Washington, Donald Trump, president López Obrador hates his home state… look it up, with Governor (NY) Cuomo, Andrew [Oneeach].

Mean while here at doña Vilma’s neighborhoods, and as far back as 10 minutes in France are concerned, recording someone without their permission or knowledge has been a crime against FRENCH ETHICS, just ask President Hollande’s predecessor, Nicholas Sarkozy, WHO IS CURRENTLY undergoing legal proceedings for inventing the French Talents and Skills Visa.


https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /First_Crusade

https ://monoaureo .com/2020/11/27/mananero/

Anexo a la 8ª de Diderot

Monday October 16th, 2017

1. La Galería #22.

y porque La Galería de El Mañanero tiene patrocinador, el próximo viernes Brozo se va ir a chingar a veinte ¡a caray! perdón, perdón—se nos cruzaron los pulgares— y a lo mejor por eso se nos enchuecó el sintagma nominal del calendario, déjeme, licenciado, enderezar el boletín para que el anuncio se entienda mejor: … y porque La Galería de El Mañanero tiene patrocinador, el próximo viernes Brozo se va a chingar el día veinte. “Ria—TaTa–prau–prau.  —__—  De cualquier manera, licenciado, sirva este recorte de La Galería #22 como relleno para el próximo viernes, 20 de octubre cuando asté marchantito, agarre ese viernes como puente.  —_—  En el cuadro, el minuto 52 con 41 segundos del segmento de la programación de La Galería #22 del pasado viernes 13 de octubre cuando, el licenciado Brozo, pide que por favor “le den Champagne.”  —¡—   Vía: https ://m .youtube .com /watch?v= Y12YGh9n3Mc

2. Laughter’s mom Promised Land

Dear Sarah, interestingly enough as a serendipitous calendar marker for the month of  ‘pumpkin spice’ —on October the 6th, but of 1973— the 4th modern round between Ishmael and Isaac took place, a short conflict that lasted only 19 days but that would have lasting political consequences and traumatic effects, but speaking of short engagements, a day later on October 7th, but of 2017 —your old Alma Matter, SNL— featuted WONDER WOMAN, no less, to mark Lorne Michaels debut on the Holy Land [and probably on its occupied territories as well]… and wouldn’t you know it, dear Sarah, just last week Israel and The United States decided break the pact that they had with the UNESCO, i wonder why?… https ://nytimes .com /2017 /10 /12 /us /politics /trump-unesco-withdrawal .html [2]. 

Canadian Heritage via Excellon mines en el Ejido de La Sierrita follows.

El  regreso de Alain Rouquie*. A PERO COMO NO LE VA A DEBER México, MUCHO AL P.R.I.  [3] sin ir tan lejos, ellos fueron los que minaron y han explotado el Art. 27, y por eso esta industria canadiense en el marco de arriba puede presumir que es La Dueña al 100% de lo que no le pertenecía al pinche PRI. —_—. En el cuadro, Excellon (TSX:EXN / OTC:EXLLF) presume de que doblaron su producción gracias a un nuevo sistema de extracción de recursos del sub suelo en “seco”, los cabrones en Toronto y Ottowa citan “la histórica” sequía de la región, sin embargo Amigo Chuy, a los inversionistas se les olvida mencionar de que si bien La Zona del Silencio es semi- árida, ellos ayudaron a chuparse muchos litros de las reservas de agua en la región. Viva México y que Chingue a su Madre el Secretario Meade.

3. ¿No me prestás tu nariz de Payaso?

José Antonio Meade de quién sabe qué Y de quién sabe d’onde. Por mientras a todos mis amigos y conocidos de San José de Las Panochas, Municipio de La Zona del Silencio, les convido un Cadillac, porque de cualquier manera, el saqueo y sobre todo la función les va a gustar. Viva México.

Annoteded sources follow.

TimeStamp: 2100 hrs. CET

TimeStamp: Tuesday morning, 0800 hrs. CET

El Chupacabras es por cortesía del ´Dedazo’ de el papá del actual secretario* de Turismo: Miguel de La Madrid Hurtado. —_—. Carlos Salinas de su chingada madre es por cortesía de los moneros en La Jornada… Uso Justo de Todos Los Medios… Viva México.

Lo bueno del regreso del PRI [2012] es de que ellos si saben gobernar.

Según, Alain Rouquié.
Le Mexique Apres L’Alternance:
état des lieux et perspectives.
Colloque de 31 janvier
et 1er février 2013.

* SECTUR: Enrique de La Madrid Cordero.