Issy, an “apple” à They, keeps the doctor a güey.

🌬️🎶 And Eye Ran 🇮🇷, I Ran Is Going back Home.


This post is not political ATOL… Öüï is only here to ZOMBIE-OUT with the SPIC-tackles. In local news, The Filthy French remain an obstacle.

God bless the group leader.


Goooooo, Shepples.

¡En la madre! », over at the Elena Poniatowska channel at La Jornada, GEORGINA MORENO, portavoz de morenafrancia is:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2022/11/28 /cultura /a08n1cul

Yup! That Dere is a Carrousel, Joan Manuel, y Trae todos los tordillos de vuestras estrofas.


https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2022/11/28 /opinion /024a2pol

“There are at least five antidotes against the communication manias of individualism and mercantilism infiltrated in some of the “left”, or progressivism”:

Fernando Buen Abad.

Strawberry remittances for Eva.


1. ¿Nuestra más grande debilidad?
Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez*

Lasso ➰ this, Wonder Wimen’.

2. Notre plus gros point faible ?
Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez*


3. From five US states, 60% of remittances; California is in the lead
Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez*.

*~. Talía OLVERA. “Los mexicanos que se van a los EEUU no son como los mexicanos que se vienen en La Francia.

ARMG 101 — 6 Cr. Hrs… NYU / CUNY stews need not apply

I swear, the nepotism of The Ed Luce Show… for context, asegovia3 is closing “the work week⅜” with American Imperialism, Ed Luce, was born in Great Britain, Issy, Ed is the illegitimate cosplay of Greg “animals are great” Gotfeld. Ed, believe it or not was sheltered from the Mighty Zeppelin by the Imperial Order of Maggie Thatcher and the grace of the dearly departed, Mother of C3-Pee-Oh… but Évry body calls him King Charles. Any hoot 🦉,  Batman, mister Luce didn’t get to discover Kashmir until recently, when he started writing about the love affair between Dr. Jalife-Rahme from Da’Hood, and Dr. Zbigniew “big Kazhimier’z” Brzeziński, on the Morning Mika Show.

Note to my current girlfriend, Nathalie Piolé ⛏️

Those Sirens 💃🏻 meant nuttin’ FO’mí.

No Insistas, Susana Pubeda, mi corazón es de Natty Le Pío.

In local news, either Madame Hidalgo is getting into the ‘Saw A Women in Half‘ business, or that there booth below 👇 is about to be filled with water 💦…

Drop The Chocolate Drop 💧 African dodger involved an African-American man sticking his head out through a hole in a curtain and trying to dodge balls thrown at him. Hits were rewarded with prizes. People were sometimes seriously injured or reportedly even killed after being struck.[2]… In Atlanta, a former running-back All-Star is reviving that piece of “Americana”. The Republican Party re-branded African dodger, with Drop The Walker.

South of the border, more specific, over at La Jornada… Alfredo Jalife-Rahme Barrios summoned Jean-Christophe BERJON to the Canal Once Embassy at the 13éme arrondissement. Mister Berjon, the original drafter of the Carol d’Obeso Show was asked to explain why Mister Macron is sending boom 💥 booms to the clown. Meanwhile, at la Place d’Italy, all gas ⛽ stations are starting to look like US during the Argentina World Cup ⚽. TOTAL.

Note to editors, the following is a time-delayed BFM’er TV ketch-up:

https ://www /economie/carburant-un-retour-a-la-normale-prendrait-une-semaine-en-cas-de-deblocage-des-raffineries_AV-202210100235 .html

This is, Last Week Tú THEY ⚾

Armageddon 101, pre-req:

Blame it on COVID, students in a falling state are not making it easy for higher education. But enough about La Sorbonne in Babylon II, right now the Maker of this blog just crashed with yesterday’s front page cover of Libération in France. And the death of French Chemistry, or something like that.

1 900 at RFPP… Philos for fags

Circo Wagner, starring the funniest man in Mexico.

33 year-old searching for PACS, only serious franco-phones need apply…”

FFW to minute 45:45 out of 58:29

https ://audioblog .arteradio .com /blog /173276 /podcast /191365 /vivre-avec-le-vih-temoignages-sur-les-antiretroviraux-long-acting-en-injection

Probably a rerun… rfpp does not provide replays, those coq sucker’s are like a Tunisian kebab shop. You get what they serve no returns, no refunds and definitely, —no Xchanges.


Your source for cheap Kerschovas… Right now it’s Salvador Dalí’s take on The Tour de France, it was a DRAFT that never grew roots… I swear, rfpp must be a Satellite of talent for the Paris Tourism BoArs…no fucking imagination, what-so-Eva’, Phat Basterd.

Note to editors gardening with my current girlfriend, “la chica del tendedero”… Nathalie Piolé reminds me of That Grateful Sticker on a Cadillac song, “Dirty Laundry”… hanging on a wire.

And the Salvador Dalí sketch on rfpp’s Terrain Vague, which is French for undefined territory is not available on account that the newest podcast available of that programming is from August, 08 [https ://terrain-vague .simplecast .com/] but knowing how Juanito Guanabacoa operates, —like a fucking Russian field unit— the Salvador Dalí parody about the Tour de France radio skit won’t be available until Baby Jesus makes a comeback… like Disco did.

Snarky Puppy says keep, IT!, in your mind!

🎶 Tour de France, Tour de France 

Dear, Media Part… you French cocksuckers, madddafuckers

And, Madame Hidalgo, Zeppelin goes here, and Ewe know My Heart Would Know that Hawaii is always blue 💙 ask The King, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss .. Goooooo, Dodgers.

Viva Las Vegas. En cartelera… Los Misterios de Iberia a un lado de Barcelona, en la rue de Temple, off–Course.

Now, in the previous segment Eye relayed to y’all motherfuckers that this was going to be a double header, and with that in mind…

Dedicated to Fey (sorry if I misspelled your name) at Emmaüs… I know that you want my Dick in You.

Fey, by the Way, is short for Viejas FEYas!

This chapter is called, pena ajena, or how I Learned to love Misha y sus mexicanos en Saint Merry…

En contexto, México is burning… It’s February of 2011 (Spring to be exact in time-delayed magic 🪄) and the Barbara Carol de Obeso’s show had just been scratched. Tunisia, was effervescent, but most importantly, Phat Basterd, a fellow by the nomenclature of “Juanito Guanabacoa”, of faggety FPP fame was not in the Seine.

Your pussy, my rod… bring Melle. Pitch.

First Sunday in Paris. It’s cold as fuck, and not a god-damned supermarket is opened, and the Arab shops don’t accept credit cards, just like the taco shop at Cinéma Mexique. To make things worst, I’ve just ran out of Tramadol®️ and the weed is a pipe dream in Montreuil, hash is plenty, but fuck, nigga! Where’s the grass? Are you not Like the COOLIO³ of this motherfuck? Long story short, it took nearly a year to secure good weed, and when I ran out, the dealer grew a revolutionary heart and he flew back to Mali. I never heard from him again. But if you are in on the JOKE, IN 2015, Dr. Poisson’s colleague from the LAB moved next to that cat’s studio in Levallois. Of course you have had to be getting stoned that night with me, in order to appreciate the funk that would grow out of that soirée.

³~. To The Moon 🌚 gangsta, to da Mun… 👻

Got Coke?

Across The Atlantic, Dario Moreno lost weight in Ukraine, the phenomenon is known as a reverse Chappelle. Send your contributions on Deadline, to Avi Velshi cycles and garden. Avi Velshi needs his baby fat, please contribute.

Got Tacos? – Blame it on the British £ibra €sterlina

And, Natty Piolé ⛏️

No insistas, Suzi! My Δ🖤 belongs to the girl en el tendedero.

In local news, my current girlfriend, Nathalie Piolé, is being a Pasionaria in Ivry, not sure if she’s in IVRE., over at the Siren Den (those fucking Capitalists 🧐) it’s business as usual with Charlotte ans some faggety bourgeoise on the microphone. The Nerve of those Sirens. EYE tell’ya.

This year’s edition of Barbara’s 🇲🇽 Fest coincides with this date, 13 janvier 2022, Métro Line 4. 2022 The Year of las Barbaridades.

For context let Mí show Ewe all how the Shawarma ain’t nuttin’ but an order of Tacos Al Pastor of the🎖️ OBE 🇬🇧 in Irak… Issy, the 👻 OBE after eating an order of authentic Arab tacos, not them faggety French tacos from Grenoble, is out of sight, some describe the Tacos Al Pastor experience as un vaso medio vacío de Cerveza de barril… 🇲🇨 nada que ver con Chicken & Rice… Issy, all I need is a pint a day!

OBE – Out of Brexit Experience

After the break: la Mano de León Is nuttin’ more than a Celosia argentea, but Évry body in France calls it a cockscomb because it looks like a male chicken crest… “amarillo no me pongo”:

Con cebolla

OBE – Out of Body Experience

https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Celosia_argentea# /media /File%3ACelosia.JPG


Buongiorno, yo sono il greco Zorba³


Over at The Cinéma Luxor, it’s “Mexican Prietos”.

³~. En México, mis hijos son Sánchez… Ricardo el de los tobosos (Tlahualilo, DGO.) es el padre de los de Monte Albán, Ricardo’s tribe used to have Apaches for breakfast.

With all due respect. I don’t select the events, only the spin, and senora LeGrand, if the Paris Tourism Board (/S) does in fact get that Mexican Filmos all up and running, please be advised that I will be on the lookout for Mr. Rodriguez² and his Mariachi; in case you are not versed in the Theory of Bacon, the degree of this spin stops at Canal Once en México, with Emilio Maille².


But enough about, Mí, what’s up Doc?

And by Doc, of course I am referring to this section of Les Rencontres Cinématographiques Viva Juanito Guanabacoa en La Porte de Lilas, an integral part of a healthy breakfast.

https ://www .viva-mexico-cinema .org /edition-2013 /manifestations /le-metier-de-chef-operateur-2

Cinéma Mexico in France presents:

Dangling participles y Los Gerundios de Gerónimo (Arizpe, Sonora; 16 de junio de 1829)

²~. When asked about Robert Rodriguez during a workshop about Gabriel Figueroa by either Mr. Battista or Mister Garcia, at the mulligan run of the Year of Mexico in France film festival in 2013, two years after it’s its cancellation, señor Maillé (no link available, ironic, I know) señor Maillé shrugged with cringe.

When señor Maillé was reminded that like him (with my limited French that’s what I understood) Mister Rodriguez was a Mexican también, mister Maillé shrugged again, as if saying, it’s not the same; the implication here, of course, el mestizaje de ambos cineastas.

If you don’t believe me, ask this handsome frog²ª to review the Tale-of the-Tape of that taller.

²ª~. https ://www .viva-mexico-cinema .org /edition-2013 /invites /jean-christophe-berjon

Fletch, for fantasy… 🏀  It’s the Story of a ravine ⛰️ that became a Police Academy 👮🏻‍♀️ and a fucking Baseball Field ⚾, “my great-great Uncle used to live where Third Base is at!”, don’t believe me? Ask the Buena Vista Santa Monica Cooder Click, —for certification.

Objects on bookshelfs are closer than THEY appear.


An update from Elisabeth LaGrande
Legrand… sorry if I misspelt your name.

And LIVE from Paris, el 13éme de Emma! It’s Denisa Kerschova in New York 🎉

Uso justo de París — Not sponsored by The Paris Tourism Board, nor Pare de Sufrir.

Dear, Olivier Compagnon*, are you hiring?


Hola, profesor. You probably don’t remember me, i’m the asshole that kept the secretaries busy when Dr. John Mill Ackerman (Ph.D.) and his Mexican Cabinet-level wife, Dr. Irma Eréndira Sandoval graced your students on how to be the perfect Mexican, or something like that. I stopped going to Dr. Ackerman’s classes after the first three sessions because i didn’t think that the secretaries deserved being treated like “viles halcones” at a Mexican ghetto every time that i walked in (punto y coma) i mean, to have them stop what they were doing and run into the classroom to whistle-in un, “Ay’ viene” was just not worth the hassle (for them, not me). Anyhow, profe, regurgito:

Carlos Romero Deschamps, dirigeant du syndicat des travailleurs du pétrole de la République mexicaine, a annoncé hier sa retraite, ce qui signifie qu’il n’est plus un ouvrier… Vía: el monoaureo (punto y chinguen a su madre🏀 👋🏼) Uso Justo de Todos los Medios y de todas sus mañas.

🏀 En Mexico, todo/a persona que vive y transa allí, por decreto presidencial es hijo de la finca del Señor don Andrés López de Santa Anna en Chapultepec o, en tiempos corrientes (for current cartoons) del Señor Pastor, don Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Are you hiring? Because if you are i have the perfect candidate to lecture all of the future political class of Mexican politics.

* Professor Oliver Compagnon is no longer (according to the director of The Higher Learning Institute of Latin-American Studies in Paris. In 2015 he helped the laborer depicted in the cartoon secure at least 26 Ferrari’s and a fortune to last for at least three iterations of French Republics… allow me to explain.

Jump 🏐 to page 153


https ://www .franceculture .fr /personne-olivier-compagnon .html

🎺da-da-da—Da-da-da•Da-da-da•DAH—Da-Da-Da- TA-Da-Dahhh-CHARGE!!

🎺 🥎 TA-Da-Dahhh- 🐎 da-DAH-DA CHARGE!!

Please kneel for the singing of The National Anthem

TELEVISA PRESENTA: “It was necessary to ‘invent the nations beyond an anthem, a flag, and a currency’ ». So we re-invented The Year of México in France at the House that The Second Empire built in Puebla (on rue Bolivar, 75018). 📰 Fair Use of N° 31 of Usbek & Rica, “PANIQUE DANS LA PUB”; dépôt légal: Janvier 2021. Note to editors: the name of the empires have been changed to protect the Umpires.

🎺TA-Da-Dahhh- 🐎 da-da—DAH CHARGE!!

I’m SIRIUS, please kneel for the singing of the National Anthem… puto el/la que no cante en su Chante… because of the Coronas et. al.

Veuillez vous agenouiller pour le chant de l’hymne national 🌬 11C19473-F20E-43CF-A87B-05E7720FD8E5 🥎 “More cowbell! ».

Welcome, to the first 150 Year Anniversary Softball Tournament commemorating the first Metropolitan War in recent historicity. Home team advantage is awarded by default to some, Knot all, of the French luminaries that form part of the illustrated pictures at every elementary school in France. The Away team is composed of the current political figures that WHO, for better or WO’ist–are part of history in the making (punto y coma) with all due respect here is the line-up:

Centerfield: Serge “Lucien” Gainsbourg
Right field:
Left field:
Third Base: General Charles “Chuck” de Gaulle
Short stop: Vincingetorix
Second Base: José* Napolèon III
First Base:
Pitcher: Louise Michel
Catcher: Napoléon Bonaparte

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Napoleon_III

And… in TROU French fashion, WHO’s on First is waiting to find out What party is going to fill the Left and Right Field, while that gets settled please welcome the honorary “first throw Pitch” celebrity hero into the Pershing Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes, ladies in Gemini, straight out of Alesia,  Heeeeeeere’s Julius Cæsar!

The First 150th Anniversary of The Paris Commune Softball Tornament Tournament is brought to you by NIKE for those who speak Greek and, by Victoria if you are in La Colonia ROMA.

WHO is Afraid of THE PUB?

🎺TA-Da-Dahhh- 🐎 Da-da—DAH CHARGE!!

The Testing Roulette — on Deadline, with Dr. Lippy Roy

Full Disclaimer:
Eye is no doctor, but he did sleep with one at a Holiday Inn. With that in mind, this is, Adventures in Paraphrasing.

Testing is a diagnostic tool (🌡) not a preventive recourse (💉💊🧼) to treat COVID-19, with D.A.T. in mind…

A Closer Look

A Closer Look .:. 28D07618-1F5E-4FC5-AE00-63CEB388F4A3 ⚒🛠🔨🛠⚒🔧⚒🛠⛏⚒🛠🔎

if, you are the leader of an organization that employs and/or contract at least one person in addition to your immediate family members and…

Re encuentros Cinematográficos Viva Gael García Bernal

Re encuentros Cinematográficos Viva Gael García Bernal en la casa de Cuarón en Montmartre 🎥 27D4D8E0-14E5-4DAD-9780-6D2261E022BA 📽 Never mind the financial times, John Mill Ackerman, because you know that on the VERY DAY that you started your 2014 Fall/Spring 2015 semester at the Higher Learning Institute of Latin American Studies at Saint Germain-des-Prés and SciencesPo, Mister Jean-Luc Berjon was complementing your classrooms with doña Barbara Carol de Obeso’s volunteers for her Mexican Foreign Service film outreach in France.

Caveat emptor: the source is a paywall… https ://www .ft .com /content /ae1f61d8-d421-4b70-97a1-891a5e9d34b1

if, you are depending on the most recent Coronavirus test as a strategy for next week’s work week, then…

you might be playing Russian Roulette with your payroll.

“I put a bullet in the Chamber, six-to-one I’m gonna Make It, one-in-six I’m gonna die.”

13 de Septiembre — Objective Tere

Do you feel it?

Rigo Tovar:
– Indeed, I feel it, but Eye feels it in a different way.

Las Fuerzas Vivas
¡Viva la Revolucinco de Mayo en Septiembre!

Issy, Mr. Berjon, as the Sirens properly recorded previous to the 19 hundred hour Hoy No Hubo Jazz session, Eye might bee, “A bug on a rug in a building,” but that building was the Cinéma Étoile en el 20eme, and the occasion fue la antesala de lo que sería el llamado “Año de México, en la Porte de Lilas”, yeah, Buddy, –it’s a Trilogy.

Check it out, Mr. Berjon, and never mind Duncan Bridgeman on the congas, here’s what öüï are going to arrange, it’s–A–goona bee a rumba, and keep the “hache” out of it until after the show.

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /certains-l-aiment-fip /africa-mia-la-fabuleuse-histoire-de-las-maravillas-de-mali

People W.H.O. know

People W.H.O. know, know .:. 6481FCA1-7A37-43B9-B946-C7C6FE8994E4 🇲🇱 l’incroyable épopée du premier groupe “afro-cubain”, dicho d’otra manera, cuando Guantanamo era otra cosa en un mapa mundi.

Right now, Mr. Berjon, and for the next hour you will be the right-hand on the piano’s keyboard. Got it, Frenchy? Eye is going to make you part of the motherfucking soundtrack, meet Mí below at the 19 “hache” timestamp for details on who your left-hand in the bass quarters of the piano will bee. And no, Eye knows that Sabina Bee thinks that it is probably going to be her co-host. Pero, no. Aquí no es así.

[Pre-recorded track for the 19 o’Clock timestamp of 13/09/2020 in CET]:

Page 13

Page 13 — 6EDDA4D7-0CCF-4D75-8B08-A8F9F98BA123 — Featuring Nat King Cole sur les jupes de Susana 🎞📽 Comme chaque dimanche.

… gonna take a nap now, y si nos dejan, pues entonces habrá rendez-vous ce soir como a eso de las 3 de la tarde en Hilo Hawaii.