… and in Paris, France, Denis Soula is exponentiating, as Öüï speaks, Chlamydia

Happy Father’s they… It’s Juanito Guanavacoa’s Refugee Day.

Casablanca — March³ of 1976… Destroyer. Side one, track Three… It’s a magick nombre even in French.

Breaking in Paris: The Sky… and Susana PuBeda, what Tati is youse talkin’Bout? In any case scenario stay away from Denis Soula, that there motherfucker’s got Chlamydia.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /certains-l-aiment-fip /rencontre-avec-macha-makeieff-autour-des-b-o_dejacques-tati

{and} the

Trou 🕳️ to form, that motherfucker… nevermind, i forgot. Eye tells Ewe Dough, you Flamby Basterd’… Denis Soula’s got Chlamydia, that’s FO’ schu’Shugga.

Des-bo_de, is Boricua speak for des-boR-de, as in Overwhelmed.

Que no le digán...

Que no le digán… y que Susana no le cuente, there are only one {set} of Tati’s on this blog and them Tati’s belong to La Kerschovas.

https ://www .unhcr .org /events /world-refugee-day-2023 followed by Mercredi’s Own Music Party all over the HEX.

En la madre! Shugga Howlers!!! The Spaniards are going to Lu’Ziana, en ⚜️ Orleans. Mercy Black Cats are just a figment of your superstition.

Why Francisco Belmont only hangs around with South Americans with German last names from Chile and Argentina is a figment of Adolf Hitler’s emancipation. (Blank, Krantz and Ka)

And SoFy Velasco… all réfugiés are USEFUL IDIOTS, pass the Ticket-resto and leave Jako Pastrami en un rap facho en de rfpp.

Page 176 ¶’s 3 and 4… Mon Incontinence, continued:
From the petition¹, I retained “daily life, homelessness, WOFA, and me the WFA“, the observatrice² who carries around her norms, her inclinations, her aversions, her fears. No matter how many « and / or’s  » I’d insert between these three entities, I couldn’t construct the object, I didn’t know how to cope with the “vastness” of these nobodies³ that follow one another in the ordinary course of life. I spy on the snippets of my daily life that cross paths with people on the street, and all I perceive are a multitude of incoherent moments that follow one another and escape from the social field where, for a second, I thought I could pin and thread them down⁴ without even saying between two categories, but simply between the mentionable and the unspeakable.
To dodge the obstacle, I could take refuge in the production of statistics on the 150-plus people that I dealt with⁵ in the association during my eight years as secretary: gender ratio, mortality rate, average age… sadly, such was not the request!

Faltas de ortografía es un chinga a tu madre… If youse a grammar Nazi on the Juanito Guanabacoa Show.

https ://lyricstranslate .com /en /yaco-conspiranoico-lyrics .html

Hoy por SER día de los padres, China tu madre, Juanito Guanavacoa… ISSY-los-générales chinos son como los L’usos³ 🇵🇷 Valen Verga tú y los que allí están.

De la demande, j’ai retenu « quotidien, SDF, et moi l’ADF », l’observatrice qui trimbale ses normes, ses inclinaisons, ses aversions, ses effrois. J’ai beau insérer des « ou » et des « et » entre ces trois entités, je n’arrive pas à construire l’objet, je ne sais comment affronter la « vastitude » de ces riens qui se succèdent dans le cours ordinaire de la vie. J’épie les bribes de mon quotidien qui croisent des personnes à la rue, je ne perçois qu’une multitude d’instants incohérents qui se succèdent et qui s’échappent du champ social où j’ai cru pouvoir, l’espace d’une seconde, les épingler, pour se faufiler, je ne dis même pas entre deux catégories mais simplement entre le dicible et l’indicible.

Pour esquiver l’obstacle, je pourrais me réfugier dans la production de statistiques sur les plus de 150 personnes dont j’ai géré la présence dans l’association pendant mes huit années de secrétariat : rapport de genre, taux de mortalité, âge moyen… mais telle n’est, hélas, pas la commande !

Page 176 ¶’s 3 and 4

En el espacio de información, Francisco Belmont narra sus experiencias en la frontera entre México y Guatemala donde él cogía y violaba a voluntad, sus palabras de él, y no las de Mia. Y esa, señoras y señores a de ser la razón por la que Amnesty International y las naciones unidas (según él) lo adorán… a él.

Llamar a Francisco Belmont un sicario institucionalizado sería caer en una cubeta Conspiranaca de cangrejos tamaulipecos en Guatemala.


³~. Rusos if youse from the Extreme Extremos de rfpp . net… Bola de putos Manda’lin, y hoy por ser día del padre a lo mejor hasta MANDILONES los muy hijos de María Félix en el rol de JUANA POULE.

Ladies in Gemini the following is a public service announcement.

The Shameless Inn…


Chlamydia. It’s an old word Öüï knows but if youse gonna dump papi at some cheap old afternoon jazz joint please bear in mind that Chlamydia is the number one number {set} on this senior home holiday, which is why Öüï advocates for sex education courses at all senior retirement centers dives in Paris, Texas

En fin, the Paris Prefecture allowed Juanito Guanavacoa to put on his RUSSIAN  PROpaGanDa ON the French dime. (¢). The fact that the Marianne fund (we now know) … funds misinformation on rfpp is just part of the puto Bartabras “Mozart” on a horse 🐴… show (en el Facebook®️).

Don’t call IT!, a Requiem, so pena que Serge Gainsbourg sucks a Con’s dick.

And, Susana PubEda… Ewe don’t wanna see these graphics. Ewe is in it. Eye is Sirius… Denis could not handle these, what with his Chlamydia and Ow’ll.

And in the role of Doctor Didier Raoult, Francisco Belmont, en forma de rap con un cangrejo 🦀 que marchapa’tras… O algo así.

Breaking the news: La délice du Ministère est déshabillé

In Hollywood land, it’s The Triumph of The Automatons, starring Denisa Kerschovas 🦎

But first, it’s Phat Basterd’ dans le courtage, check it out:

Write me a postcard – drop me a line …

Mr. Poisson, i don’t select the news, nor the cycles, not even the events. After the break i promise that i will never mention your ShitBag™ again, but in the next 36 hours or so, i will try to explain to you how the little mermaid got into this blog.

And then you can do what French people do.

Glass Onion meets Layers Cake…


And in Palestine, OhHi, Oh… Train Derailment Units are measured in optimism snapshots on the Morning Mika Sho’… The Hace of ♠️’s, la ache es muda.

With this in mind… Mr. Poisson 🐟, the last time you pointed your camera 🤳 at me… your excellency wanted to know what your little princess identification card was doing in my prefecture “sleep-cover” folder 📁 at the Prefecture.


It’s rather really simple, and never mind that from Day One of the French Talents and Skills Visa (Dec. 2010) a certain Nice address that you might know was used as, shall we say, ‘the anchoring’ address to secure A CERTAIN “six-year investigative project” orbiting around, The Year of Mexico in France; Mexicans in France, and/or Mexican corruption in Europe; and the monitoring of a then triple presidential process, which as you might remember in 2012, lined up France (Hollande), U.S. (Obama) and, Them (El P.R.I. in Mexico).

∴ underneath those pillars ∴, I had already cemented a foundation, which in 2017 culminated, or rather coincided with, the announcement of the start of the journalistic and publishing career of one of the main characters in my investigation, and no, Mr. Poisson, it is not Johanne of whom I am referring to, but rather, —Florence Cassez.

Any how…


_ by the time Öüï got to Jurançon (Eye forgot the year) the man and/or∨ woman in charge of Stephanie Menou’s chain-of-command at the préfecture Cité had already sealed my fate for that September day of 2014…

∧ if ∧ only if 

You remember September, love… You would not have been in this picture 🖼️ BUT FOR the fact that it was you who insisted that our correspondence (from me to you, and viceversa) be turned over for review by ‘the reviewing’ authorities at the Dépôt section of the Ministry of The Interior at Cité.


lest you forget, it was also you, love, who insisted that “we” should forget about the first (of several) 60-day notice to appeal the dépôt section’s décision, in lieu of what Bruno³ recommended as a recourse, after his superior offered you an apology in the hallway outside of the dépôt section employee’s doorway.

³~. … hacer un, ¿cómo se DiCheee, cómo se DiCheee? You know, that sort of contract concluded between two physical persons who have reached the age of majority, for the purposes of organizing their life in common.

And finally, Mr. Poisson, there was a time-period between 2012 and 2013, when yours truly, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto, had the means, the opportunity and, the resources, which is not the same as ‘the means’, to move-out and conduct my research outside of your precious Octopus Garden (sort of speak), but you are not going to believe who developed a case of “you can’t move-out, love! There are way to many nymphos at Jour-et-Nuit!”… and isn’t that ironic 😼, my dear Titus?

Haderslev, Denmark. AS3_ From the Vikingos who brought you “The Little Mermaid” and “Only a Fiddler would say that to Neptune », comes the story of Your Cheese ain’t Shit, —en Venezia! It’s TROU 🕳️, ask, “il Capone de la mafia”, it’s right there in them Ombres G tracks from Madrid, if Ewe should need directions ask Burt Lancaster, he knows how to get to Rome from Antony.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki ~ wiki /The_🐧_New_Clothes

🧭 “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is based on a true Folk Tale, the names of las ⚽ putas ⚽ however, have been changed in Order to protect 🇧🇷 Progreso.

∴ ; for the record:

It takes Tú to be in ❣️ Solitaire ♠️… unless youse like “Rainman”.

∧ here is “Y”.

Luna Park, Domingo 23 de enero — Synopsis de “aquí somos aquí estamos »

Mieux ask Kiko Belmont about Meaux and the RER.

But FO’ist, lo que el jueves le hizo a Jupiter :

🌬️ 🎶 Now when Eye talked to goD… many hairs ago when Eye was young going on 64, Eye knew doG would understand.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/01/23  /mundo /aprueba-francia-reforma-a-pensiones-pese-a-rechazo-popular/

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /False_friend

Extra-extra, Important News follow:

https ://letterboxd .com /film /important-news/
… actually a “SHORT“, not a “film“, but who’s watching anyhow, eh!

1570 – “Jimmy” Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray, regent for the infant King James VI of Scotland, is assassinated by firearm, the first recorded instance of suchbut now is not the time to talk about GUN Control.

And what’s more, ladies and gentleman of the jury, it’s been brought to the this commission’s attention that James Stewart is a HomoPhone that goes by the name of Jefferson Smith, Stewart (if that is even his real name) is also a frequent guest at Senator Joseph “the paine” Scarborough’s speakeasy joint next to La Casa Blanca, in Washington D.C., called “The Renault”. It should be noted, ladies and gentleman of the jury, that at said dive³, both James Stewart and Senator Joseph “the paine” Scarborough co-opted The Spirit of Saint Louis into speaking favorably about the MARIAS MASSACRE and, ladies and gentleman of the jury, —other assorted holocausts.

1941Charles Lindbergh testifies before the U.S. Congress and recommends that the United States negotiate a neutrality  pact with Adolf Hitler.

³~. Antro in Mex., night club in Polite Society

Who’s who and what’s what? — … and Phat Basterd, youse not gonna believe who’s singing 🎂 Sapo Verde? Sean Penn³, off-course.

³~. Emmet Ray: You got a terrific body, you really do. Round. I like round. And I don’t mean fat! You got some heft. Makes a fella³ feel like he’s been someplace.

1910Django Reinhardt, Belgian guitarist and composer (d. 1953)

In 20minutes . fr, cerf-panthère nos muestra una foto del Hospital Europeo Georges Pompidou en El Parque Citroën, capturada por El ex-policia judicial federal de Tijuana, Baja California (Norte), Francisco Belmont.

After the break, “botones” follows… y ni María Eugenia 🇨🇱 o mismo ni los andaluzes 🇪🇸 Paco RG y Salvador lo pueden negar, Juanito Guanavacoa es todo un jamed pack estuche de monerias, however, the following Blues session is not in the Key of Delta, what follows is an URGENT signature shred³ from Jeff Beck. Vocalists need-not apply; so you may keep the Blues Harps in your holster, Kiko.

³~. Sign on the … —— ↓:
https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /John_Hancock

1737John Hancock, American general and politician, first person to ever be known to sign a document with GUSTO, Hancock was also notable for becoming a Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1793).

The Doors of Perception en
Los Alpes de Kerschovas

ISOLA 2000 is just a Shot, a güey…


Lorem Ipsum check on Ewe.

DOFC meets TCFH³

Charlie Update:

… and, Charlie Sykes, you’re so French, you probably think this post is about You, at the Bullwark, but it’s not.

The Bullwark in French.

It’s about Eye Ran.

In Sports News, the year is 532 in Constantinople… 🐴

Timeloop in real time


TAILED, TRACKED and HARASSED by the FBI, Aaron Swartz marked the history of the Internet. Four years after his suicide, a book bringing together his writings was published (in 2017) in France. Swartz was 26.

https ://www .lemonde .fr /pixels /article /2017/03/23 /quatre-ans-apres-son-suicide-l-esprit-d-aaron-swartz-plane-toujours-sur-le-web_5099539_4408996.html

🎺 🏇🏿🏇🏾🏇🏽🏇🏼🏇🏻🏇⚽🛬🛫


2013Aaron Swartz, American programmer and activist commits suicide after an overzealous Frank Figliuzzi (of MSNBC 🦚 fame) and his F.B.I. “buddies” bullied Swartz to an early grave 🪦 (b. 1986)

En revancha, Mister Swartz is wreaking havoc at The Federal Aviation CLAN “Notice To Air Missions” 🛬🛬🛬. And can Ewe, blame mister Swartz? Not when nepotism and cronyism has plagued the High Brass and its federal commissioners.

Over at The New York Times, depression is making the rounds, more on that when Öüï square the VENN DIAGRAM that the Unesco, Morning Joe, and La Juventud Bolivariana de Botzaris en Cité is.

https ://nypost .com /2023/01/10 /new-york-times-columnist-blake-hounshell-dead-at-44/

Yup, Öüï told you so… it’s primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, and in Local News, CAVAILLON Hospital is manifesting syncopated episodes of ras-le-bol with The New York Nurses Union, meanwhile, Bigotes Martínez is about to whistle the first National Sports THEY.

³~. Pantera, “Cowboys From Hell”, Album (1990), Groove Metal.

Brief recapitulación de cotejados, pormenores, y por supuesto, antecedentes:

Lorem ipsum, but FO’ist! Please be advised that following the SLAUGHTER of all Them Juniors in Nazareth, today’s procession will not be slotted for die Kinder, instead, Kerschovas is about to open up a Box of Animal Crackers™ at 🎺 Grabiel’s 🎺  version of The Cave³ in Ciudad Juárez ¿Vamos al Noah~Noah?

David might be an Alligator 🐊, but Kerschovas is a the Mother of all Giraffes. Musical Guest, The Walrus et Les Prolétaires.

³~. Really a “Room Full Of Goys” en El Puerto de Liverpool, Scotland.

Of course, non- readers will note that the “no-me-diga” regarding Vilma Fuentes opinion column’s remark is in no way challenging Madame Fuenteses opinion column about Donald Morrison thesis, which were featured in La Jornada, all that I am saying is that 10 years ago, when I brought it up (under the auspices of a professional immigration visa) i was ridiculed, banned and eventually stripped of whatever dignity that I never had.

For the record, and as much as I am the un-official Clochard of los Amigos de Francia en CHILANGOLANDIA, Vilma Fuentes is the official Mexican Correspondent of a thing called, México Siglo XX, but with the mannerism of the attaché delegation of the French Second Incursion into Veracruz, and Vilma Fuentes, you can take that to La Batalla de Camarón… I happened to have lived on that street, way back when Évry thing was closed on Sundays in Paris (except for churches and whorehouses… such as the now extinct Bobar at the MAUB).

Lucky for me, I can pass the mirror test, and that’s more dignifying than what passes for dignity in this place that is called ⚜️ France Culture 🚽.

And Zeppelin Goes Here

Cambio de Tercio

Breaking Bat y Can – Ya Encontré Mi Ojo de Venado

To the Moon

Producciones BARDO may lick my aguacates y No Hay chileno 🇨🇱 Que Aguante Un Cañonazo 🇪🇺 de 50,000 Vernissages.

15 de abril, i forgot the year🔥maybe 2024

Tonite on the Way to The Dark Side of The Moon

Issy, Flaco, lemme’ tell Ewe how it will be, Honoré is going to SHOW you cunts that Eye is blacker than Youse, Issy–Lagunero-Soy.

Corrupción Actualizada

El hermano de La Negra Tomasa


Avi Velshi, did you know that Erasmus was a fag? Erasmus in 2022 is the patron Saint of Vernissages à Paris, and Texas, —aussi.

Note to Santiago… de Chile 🇨🇱:

Full Disclosure: the staff of asegovia3.com is UNDER the impression that Chileneans from the 1970’s Generation en Viña del Mar no saben lo que ES la Diferencia entre FORGET and Érase³ que se ERA.

Just dropped in to see what condition, my condition WAS in.

³~. Borrar according to Sophie Velasco, en rfpp.

If You Can Erase this… you might be a NAZI

Ni perdón ni olvido… Narrated by Henry Kissinger.


Stripes in spandex — Metal Health

Key Leighhhh Makaninni !!!

Viva Bill Barr!!!

Surrender, you look like a Mexican Lamborghini Countach from 1986. ¿De qué sabor vas a querer tu nieve de limón 🧊?

And Starring as a Mexican Countach, Carlos Cavazos. Eye can see KeigLee from Carlos’ Lamborghini Dashboard.

… Funny how the FOX cycle, period!… goes, the Animals Are Great guy is complaining about some guy named Greg not covering the Chinese Cigarette Exercises in Hong Kong.

Mean while, 🦿shaving They did the laundry on that 70’s Show on FOX. Trou 🕳️ story, after the Break, Geronimo breaks Judge Pirro’s 🖤.

Repent, Keyleigh McKenanny, the church of Trump is a Jesus Christ Pose; ask GUTFELD what the last line in that Song Says.

1 de Septiembre — Los Hijos de Sánchez “Feels So Good »

Season 2 EP 11; Fast track to the

Los Lunas Pinto League.

Starring, Denisa Kerschova as “Santanico Pantimonio”, catch’er after Dusk en El Cinito Mexicano, casi ESQUINA 📐 con La Tuna, en AntonyTexas.

Attention, camp:

Producciones Georgina Moreno y FRANCIA TV presentan: Eye sees your CoCorocos and Öüï raises you “The Chicken who Came Home to Lille”, roost back at’Ya! Bitches!

El primo de Miguel Gleason²… ISSY, you must RéMember these, and also, Raphael Morán at —proceso de radio france international— without forgetting about “las embajadoras de Jorge Saldaña en Francia”, because the Three Eh-jez on this journey are:

— Presunto Culpable
— L’affaire Cassez
— Corruption en La Alternancia democrática de Los Amigos de Jean-Luc Mélenchon

With that in Mind, hoy no hubo Jazz, puro asalto en la terraza Puebla, Paris 19, allí no’mas subiendo por Bolívar (sin acento) y bajando por Botzaris 🚅.  Al otro lado de la colina está la guarida de Juanito Guanavacoa, el muy sujeto optó por refugiarse a un lado de Miguel Y Costilla de Hidalgo.

Yeah, let Mí, tell Ewe how “l’Abondance” llegará con los PeriStroikas¹ mientras Atlas Shrugs.

¹~. AKA Los Hijos de Sánchez en Longchamps de Las Víctorias.

En este informe de la cuarta transformación, El Parquecito de Buttes-Chaumont sera la cede del Campeonato de béisbol de Andrés Manuel López Obrador en donde el equipo triunfador entre Los Lunas Pintos y los Chinos Felones de Diamond Bar se medirá las medias y los « cleats », pronounced like (así, así, ay’Haaaaa 💋) con Las Tunas de San Antony de las panochas.


Tailored fit anaconda included… but the clientèle must be in Hilo, Hawaiian Twilight Time.


This is September’s Bulletin Board, 🎵Do Ewe, Member, Mi? It does Knot Matter ♻️… Thermodynamics is a pré-requis for a little PINK Card de Séjour at Cité, with Alejandro Jodorowski’s son, Bruno BRONTIS³ starring as the fellow behind the desk and the fingerprint Güatcha’madge-ig—IT!

³~. Agent Stephanie Menou’s superviseur at The Process of the préfecture.


Even Flow — What A Difference A Day Makes

La memoria de tus mamadas en Costa Rica un poema de mi tío, Rafael Caro Quintero, para Sara Cosió:

El Año de México en Francia presenta: la memoria de tus mamadas y los hilos de Sasha.

Ciudades Hermanas

You’ve been Tagged by Amandititititita (2011)
Les femmes s’en mêlent festival… sponsored by The Year of Mexico in France {and} of Course, priméxicoproxico.

Un día 28 d’enero … 🛫

Cómo me hiere’SA fecha

Let the jury in Jura know that EVEN THOUGH, even though, our most-esteemed copy-editor and gambling-foo’Extraordinaire, Fenster Fo’fingers Quintero GUZMÁN, is slotted to go the WAY of Genaro Garcia Luna in New York City, this imminent FRONT extradition of Benicio Del Toro will not hinder in anyway THE FUNK that Eye is about to bring upon thee, on that silly Île de la Cité.

_Un hombre fuera de séries… (2017)

yada, yada, yada,

platicando con su concubina

él estaba descuidado…

Número cinco:

Where the streets have no name.

Öüï now returns to… The dismantling of The Bpi’s temporary Elevator

Happy Birthday France /s/

23h11 Fireworks start… From my point of View, even the Fireworks were trimmed to the Eight Floor.

Regrets? Eye had a few, but then Again! Eye is Shocked, shocked that there is gambling going on! 🤷🏼

Dear, PÔLE EMPLOI, the EDITH PIAF satellite won’t let me [Armando Segovia] tell a lie, and for context, in the motion picture soundtrack of Good Well William Hunting, the janitor was smarter than all the cadre put together.

So, señor Macron, at the time, when Manuel Valls was running the show and you were opening the roads to [the] charter bus [industry], the Préfecture had the GALL, France, THE GALL, eye’tells Ewes! To inform me that I no longer qualified for a “pink card” renewal on account that my job, had nothing to do (selon an Agent named BRUNO) with what my CCT³ project was all about… and mister Macron, yesterday as today I say the same:

I beg to differ, but then again, the French are not known for thinking outside the box, the French are only concerned about “the specifications” on the packaging.

And yes, mister président, yesterday as Today one just has to cross the street to find a job, but in MY “expat” experience you have to be a French collaborator if one is to succeed.

La C.E.A. won’t let Mí lie, mister Président le Jupiter, albeit you being an EconoMini’ster – and The Mexican Foreign Services in charge of issuing out the silly “work” pink-cards; mine was a Talents and Skills MULTITASKING VISA, which of course you Coq Suckers at La Cité, had no idea what it was because at the TIME:

At the Time… 2011-2014.

Manuel Valls had not invented IT, yet.


https ://www .bfmtv .com /politique /elysee /traverser-la-rue-pour-trouver-du-travail-macron-considere-que-c-est-encore-plus-vrai-aujourd-hui_AV-202207140362 .html


You didn’t think that a National Holiday would get in between time-and-a-half CDI in overtime, now did ya’!

Hallyday, “Just one day out of life”.