September 27th, 2020 — The abc’s of CMYK

Previously on the Musical section of this most non consequential gacetilla en forma de blog-PRESS, The Fab Four were in the middle of their Set, “Fuck The Squares”.

… “What Eye gots, you gotta Take IT! Put IT in Ewe”

Televisa Monitos presents:
The Sunday Funnies

Here’s an idea, with the challenges of a date so close to Nov. 3, 2020, it would probably BEE BEST to reach a compromise with the whole Enchilada at the SCOTUS dinning hall, Hear MÍ out Sean Penn:

A lot of talk is going around this talk of adding seats to the SCOTUS MESS Hall, our position on this is the same as when visiting a food festival: go with less.

Öüï suggested, and the staff agreed that the number of Supreme Court Justices in America sin acento should be 7 and not 9, and here’s why Dario Moreno (de Francia).

Let’s talk SHOP with Avi Velshi, pues, and since the fucking Country (we are talking AMERICANA code here) is set on the SAE Standard and there is no such thing as a 5/4 OPEN END wrench in Stanley’s toolbox, Then it seems to u.s. that CLICK & Clack would go ahead and recommend A 3/4 socket to your face.

“… [4] D.O.S.E. of you who still drive.”
Individualone” on:

Eye did tell y'all

Eye did warned y’all, —Yesterday— that a Hex was coming your WAY.

With that most infallible logic then, Öüi also suggested, that contrary to unpopular belief, D.A.T.  D.A.R.E  are no loose screws under our hood, because as y’all can SEA fo’your selves on the SAE chart, a 3/4 wrench is the proper Tool to a adjust any 1/2 that is in need of a TWIST.

Natural sounds (obviously) then went ahead and asked Eye, “WHO then, should be removed from the bench in order to properly torque America’s half for the sake of the whole?”.

… [A]nd Eye mused, “how about Öüï selects from a random set of little Balls (like in AMLO’s Lotería Nacional para la asistencia de la VENTA de un puto Avión) and a set of Boobs,” so hear Mí out, Jennifer López.


Yeah Buddy! After the staff clears the Carpool lane on the Eschatological Highway to Porcelains Bowl, Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo se va pa’l Pueblo, where a cover Trio of “Los Panchos”, called “Los Velshi’s” are going to headline the Chilli Fest in that damn Colorado town, just North of Truth and Consequences on Eye25 in New Mexico, —off course.

September 21st, 2020 — Watch her folks…

In•Deed, it is Knot!, Alicia Menendez, the FO’ist time that a certain Republican femina from Maine gets all of the Peacock segment of the cable news programming all hopeful about that bitch voting for the correct side of history, and instead, Senator Collins goes and votes for the Right’s side of the agenda, just sayn’.

¡Sí Se Pudo!!!

Dear, Sen. Harris

Dear, Senator Harris, the staff of this most non-consequential blog left a message that öüï (that basterd!) knows that Alicia Menendez is Knot going to read .:. A7AF06AD-6AFB-4C42-887C-BA150993B25F .:. Senator Harris:
you had u.s. at the mention of Bootsy Collins and Parliament Funkadelic.


An American Milestone… in Kilometers it translates to “un chingo y dos costales”.

200,000 Died. We Are N° 1. (Thank You, President TRUMP). WE ARE N° ONE. Yessssssss! And it is not even HALLOWEEN Yet! Can’t hardly wait for Christmas, neta que no, Alicia Menendez, neta que no.

Any güey, Alicia, September is “Hispanic Memory Month” and isn’t it Bee-Fitting D.A.T. the Great State of Georgia would get the distinctive parallel referente of Colonia Dignidad, in Chile‽ And you know, Alicia Menendez, that distinction would not have been possible if Augusto Donald Trump had not been installed by a foreign nation (Russia) using America’s favorite Company… In•deed.

Can't make this up

Can’t make this up .:. 26B8A733-77EF-4F93-A4D4-96AB28C74878 .:. Eso sí, Alicia Menendez, no se puede.

Anyhow, gonna binge-watch Lucifer (2015 Season One), it seems that the synopsis of D.A.T. show is that the Devil himself, no–less, develops emphatic feelings for us talking Monkees, something that the orangutan (our apologies to King Louie) in-charge can’t possibly figure out.


Lunes 14 de septiembre, 2020 — A Tale of Two “cachitos”

Cambio de Tercio with KC/DC

… Ladies in Gemini, remain seated, there is no need to panic, a few moments ago gremlins got in the way of our nap, and Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo inserted the wrong pre-recorded zinger on the Certains l’aiment with Susana Puveda [slot].

Skip the middle man

Fuck the middleman, that’s what Marco Rubio and “little Havana” are for .:. 3F037D89-4A38-4ADF-AD49-17A03337B5F6 📰 … [A]nd in Washington, Avi Vittali single handedly “MURDERED” the « She Session » on the KC-DC time-slot.

With D.A.T. in mind, please note that NATalio Reyes Colas, and KNOT, Nat•King•Cole, is under the jupes de Suzi… aussi, dichas « jupes » no son de Suzi, dichas “ JUPES” son de una tal MABEL! —But everyone knew her as Kasie, said a guy next to Faul.


Over at Ashley Parker’s penthouse:

A show about NADA

A show about NADA… and it came to pass, that at the start of HisPanic Heritage Month (in Florida) Kasie DC was short-circuited by a swift Way To Early AC jolt from “CACHITO” N°1.

The Plant
— Deer Lorde, Ashley! Did you get a hair-doo?

Ashley Parker
It’s for the dîner gig at the Community Theater.

The Plant:
The one with the Nazis from Natchez?

Yup. I got the role.

The Plant:
What’s the waitresses name?


[Pre-recorded track for the 19 o’Clock timestamp of 09/14/2020 in CET]:

La fiesta ya comenzó

🎹 La fiesta ya comenzó .:. 50EC46FF-60E6-4249-A45E-377556B27FFA


In the Today Eye Learned nuggets:

Dear, Joe Biden

Dear, Joe Biden .:. 2A1E69BF-8ADC-4D7C-BCDD-79EEE3BAC63F .:. Hello, Joe. Let’s pretend Trump is ousted in November, tell Mí, what’s fake and what is true in this RT-by any other name–report, aussi, this is “cachito” n°2.


It appears that from the perspective of a note left here at the controls, Mayor Bloomberg is a “Latino leader”, according to the news coming out of CACHITO N°1…

In the words of a Tennessee historian from the Willie Geist neck of the Woulds: It’s a–gonna–bee a hell of TEST on the well lit porch of Ivy Leaguers, or something like D.A.T..

Adventures in Transliteration and Interpretation

Tonight’s Jazz Hour is sponsored by
D.A.T. Old Western Texas Town of El Chuco, yeah buddy, Day took er yerbs and our spaiz!

Note to Siren:
Copying from a Nereid will constitute an order of Sopapillas to go!

https ://www.fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /club-jazzafip-du-samedi-08-aout-2020

For 99% of the grade the Siren will transliterate the following Establishment’s motto, just South of Paisano Dr. and adequate, IT!, to today’s INTERNATIONAL DAY OF LE CHAT(a).:

“Para burritos: El Burro Medallas”

Yes DAY is!

Yes DAY is! .:. 0EE1713D-AFD4-479B-8C8E-10F5CA05CE36 🐭 Attention shoppers, is your Doggie acting funny near your Puss? Did you know that D.A.T. little pussy of yours could very well bee a Coronavirus host! Yeah, Buddy, so don’t forget to pick-up a Hydroxicloroquine test kit from LABORATORIOS CAMACHO en la calle STANTON, and find out if your pussy is compromised or if Buddy just wants to play with fluffy… and don’t forget to Grab a Barr of: Jabón del Perro Agradecido.

1% of the grade if you eat it.

Aspersions on my cilantro

From the burritos that brought you .: 5F6192A0-B564-4841-B9A1-E8300027C182:. Aspersions On My Cilantro and, MENUDO, comes this ensamble de La Nonna del Claustro… Can you smell what my finger tips are cooking?

 * Vide… del verbo “ voir ”, not to bee confused with the sense of sound, which as the good people of the Festival Internacional del Norte, Poesía en Tránsito (pero por los interwebs) know que tiene que ver con synapses que detonan a partir de La Oreja de Van Gogh. Y ya mejor ni nos metemos con los sentires transitivos del olfato porque doña Vilma se nos puede poner excited.

Yo lo vide
¿Tú lo vitez?
Ella y Él lobieron
Nosotros semos ciegos
Ustedes sordos’tan
Ellos y Ellas ni cuenta

And oh, Snap! Over at the 10 am in EST Baby Blue Cross’ got a Yellow Maxwell on her tail. On that circuit, a Siren screamer is casting spells on Cassandra… you are not foolin’ anybody Dr. Garret, Eye saw them hand gestures at le théâtre de la Ville in Arthur Miller’s « Les Sorcières de Salem ».

YoHo! Yoho!!! Congressman YoHo.

Social Control vs. Social Investment… we [the staff of this most non-consequential blog] will get to that. But FO’ist, now that the “F–word” and the “B-word” have been entered into the official Congressional Record, the following is a message directed to White House Spokesperson, Kayleigh McEnany.

The color of A James Carvile oilpainting

The color of a James Carvile oil painting over a DSL land line on Dial-up [modem sound goes here] .:. 0D5C3A09-C125-47E1-9784-008F6E662F00

KayLeigh! If you are going to Fuck the Nation by lying and constructing avenues of Coronation for the current wanna–be–king, then Eye must insist in engaging in crude and passionate intercourse, in other words Kayleigh McEnany, as long as you continue to break your promise of not lying to the audience in front of you (KEY WORD audience) then we [the staff of this blog] must insist in on doing the things (with your sexy ass) that Stormy Daniels did with your current boss. We’ll go mattress shopping on a non–National Holiday Weekend; Eye will even lead you by the Vulva.

So with that in Mind, Kayleigh McEnany, Let’s Fuck, Bitch! C’mon K–hey’Lee, there are 100 and Two Theys until the next General Election and your boss is trapped into speaking as if it was early March in order to sound reasonable to the American people who like to scream: America, love it or leave it. So Time is running out for You and Eye to engage in making Whoopee without the consequences of Child Support and Parental alienation, —Yeah–Buddy.

And in Washington, It’s Take Mí out to the ball game with Willie Geist and the Evil Empire… those motherfuckers!


In publishing news, a judge told Donald Trump’s personal Attorney General that he could not prevent a person from writing a book about CORRUPTION, even if that person is a convicted felon and a close personal friend of Donnie Deutsh.

Fair Use of Publishers

MEDIA MATTERS .:. 6005FFF7-441C-4662-A50F-9AA455915D38 ⚖️ Fair Use of ALL Publishers “Aquí y en China (Nuevo León) », https ://www .leparisien .fr /politique /nicolas-sarkozy-publie-un-nouveau-livre-sur-le-debut-de-son-quinquennat-23-07-2020-8357433.php

In a Parallel universe, it seems, but we Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto are not sure until the month of September rolls around, if the French Republic understands what the concept of Freedom of Speech is.

Right now, in the month of July 2020 we know that a foreigner can be convicted WITHOUT EVIDENCE and without the accuser being in the same hearing room. This modus operandi, is not tolerated by the French Empire when French citizens like Florence Cassez break the rules in “shithole” countries like The Mexican United States.

There are only Three Rules: The François Hollande European Biomedical Research Center

— No Privacy
— No Monogamy


This series is sponsored by Vania®️ female sanitary pads and SOMA pharmaceuticals.

… [C]ualquier parecido con eventos, personas, o lugares de los últimos 10 Años es pura puta coincidencia, —o cómo dicen los franceses:


A 7 mercenaries productions en Colaboración con Corporate Criminals, and of course, a Band in Parts.

Music by Young Niles:

🎶 Be on my Side or Be on your Side

“There are more important things than life” in Texas

Dear Mount Rushmore:

Donald Trumpscovich

Donald Trumpscovich .::. 5D35D426-F75F-4653-8F21-56636300E036 .::. Our first Russian president.

Remember The Alamo

… and D.A.T. is tonight’s last word in Hilo Hawaii, where TIME NOW is Oh–Four–TWENTY in PST (punto y coma) in New York it is pineapple time with Steve Schmitt.

🎶 What the world needs now
it’s [some] accountability
Short of D.A.T.
a Kamakazi Helicopter pilot

It’s the bottom of the second and Seth Meyer is at the plate

Over at the Ozarks, Elise Jordan is playing tea party and serving Johnny Cash and El Che Guevara like Colin Jost serves tea to his pretty little dolls.

Line drive to shortstop

Line drive to shortstop .:. CED04560-64C0-4C20-9FB8-A34A5FF5BE7D 🚣🏽‍♂️ … banjo playing Martin picks up the ball but fails to get Mr. Meyer out, runner on FOist.

Over in Washington, John Bolton is playing the Role of Kellyanne Conway’s wife. What a patriot. Looking out for number one is the title of his next mémoire, a political thriller that asks the fundamental question, is aged beef better, Jack?

Paul McCartney, of Death Cab for Cutie’s fame doesn’t thinks so, but The Walrus is willing to bet Lucy’s diamonds and swear on a Gideons bible that aged cabbage is.


In•deed, Michael Steele of republican fame is at the mound and he just rubbed the palms of his hands like a 6th grader trying to get the ink to flow down to the ball-pin tip of his pen .:. C87003FA-C4F5-465F-9981-6E838A0ECC54 🎟 Our station signal’s identification disclaimer is forcing us to relay to our non–reading audience that all images from third-party screen-grabs are a Fair–Use–of–Media in the study of current events for educational purposes.

An old rookie playing with a funny sounding nomenclature just got called–in from the farm, Josie Duffy Rice, a mac and cheese hater just mimicked “El Bambino” pointing the tip of her Louisville Slugger to Centerfield. Seth Meyer on first is giddy like a tea-party hostess, Duffy Rice taps the plate con el tolete, Steele sends a fastball, Duffy-Rice swings and that motherfucker is sent into orbit. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Neil Gorsuch coaching from third base sends a signal to the mound; it’s the tip of the hat for a pitch well sent, as the Washington Supremos just scored two runs against the Comcast Rockefellos.

The furlough

The furlough, after Duffy Rice’s homerun, Brians William was given a pink-slip by the republican Richard Steele for failing to complete el ceviche campechano de autores en el libreto de la Jordan de los Ozarks.

And just to close June 18th with a proper bang, stay tuned for, “It’s the bottom of the first” after today’s double header between Los Supremios contra Los Rockefellos. On tonight’s episode Mr. Schmitty answers the age-old question: what do you get when you mix the African diaspora with a tribe of chichimecas, apaches, y criollos?Is it possible?”

TimeStamp: 20h in HST with 138 days before the next power check, Meanwhile in Paris at 20h in CET it is now a mere 137 days before öüï learns if NATO is going to go the way of disco under a Motor City Madman ax and bow.

Cooking on 3 burners — Deer, San Judas Tadeo meet “el patrón” del coro, los ciegos y, Los Calvos

Sentaos… imperativo afirmativo del verbo: sit the fuck down!


Saint–en–Hervé .:. 77368AF5-1725-442E-B07B-D5AEA8CB2944 🎙🎚🎛🧭⏳💶 CNEWS Matin Nº 2546. Mercredi 17 juin, 2020 — “Hybarnion, pieux et chaste”…  Erveo is the Patron Saint of bards and singers, invoked to cure eye diseases, to disappear fears and to heal horses, he also relieves anxieties and nervous depression, and puts demons to rest.

[Note to editors: the following Liturgy of the Word, o como dicen los franceses, La Liturgia de la Palabra, must be read in a Father Guido Sarducci voice; the background for the actor playing Sarducci is that this is an “origins” story for “The Americans” who watch the Seth Meyers Show.]

From our political reporter at l’Osservatore Romano in Roma Texas, Estado de Durango, —México.

Dearly beloved,

Before we dive into the merienda de las 18 horas en Central (extinguishing) NATO times, we would like to say that we, the staff [of this most non consequential blog found the little “blue” bag. If you want it back; including the 100 reasons to feel free in , IT!, please let u.s. know… much obliged.


Mariachis & Cowbells

Mariachis & Cowbell… motherfuckers!

Moving on, we are now going to test the system… we would hope to be right back.


From the creators of “Resources y recursos humanos” comes the sources from las fuentes, Chato. De arranque, in Hilo, Hawaii it’s the 11th Hour.

El Tenampa para principiantes

El Tenampa para principiantes .:. 3306F17C-8052-4834-A60B-B4DBA502F29C 🎺🎻🥁
Galerie Frederic Moisan, (75006)
Alfredo Vilchis Roque
Pintor del barrio.
Fotos por armando segovia, segoviaspixes (2020).

Roma Texas: the desert NEVER lies!
https ://en .www .inegi .org .mx/app/mapa/espacioydatos/default .aspx?ag=100130103

Por allí pasaba un tren

Por allí pasaba un tren .::. 04C26E40-034A-4B10-A27D-D0CCC94BEC5F 🚂 Indeed, the ruckus from D.A.T. production case woke “La India Durmiente” just West of the GERMAN ruins at El Puente Colgante de Ojuela… In•deed, Eye was D.A.R.E., period

—. Sainete–en–Hervé:
Génolini, D., “Le Saint du Jour”, vía N° 2546; CNEWS . fr, https ://rss .cnews .fr /pdf /NEP /20200617