Dear, Ivanka Trump: in all seriousness —pretty please!

Where are you on this issue? Why are you so quiet on this “New Formula” from THE WHITE HOUSE on separating children from their parents? Was it not you, princess, who took charge over family issues and motherhood? At least, that is what Mika at Studio 3A at Rockefelon Plaza claimed on streaming T.V., anygüey.

By The Güey, princess— we [the staff] sincerely hope that your precious little bundles of joy gave your “expendable” husband a most memorable Father’s Day. }-—-~~~\*> Happy together—Unhappy together.

TimeStamp: 12h43 in Central Europe Time.

¡Si se puede, Princess—Yes, your big fat lying father can end that cruel and unusual punishment of separating asylum seeking families for the sole purpose of POLITICAL GAIN! Si se puede, Ivanka—Yes you can… make it happen.

Corazón de vidrio…

TimeStamp: Río Collective, with Barbara Monica María Alejandra, quien tuvo la fortuna de haber nacido en Trump Tower y nunca en su puta vida se hizo ni un puto té… featuring Blondie at 14h35 in Siren Central Time.

Mo_news from nowhere at 15hours in CET

TimeStamp: 21h33 CET

Sad sight Under The Skirts of « La Dama de Hierro » porque ya no se puede cruzar libremente por debajo de sus putas cuatro patas… Los putos terroristas han ganado.

Baby… i’m coming up!

« All i need is a little Patience »… gotta keep those, vibrations, vibrations — etcetera, etcetera. ETCETERA.

« Patience—just a little patience ». TimeStamp: “Yam Yam”, NO VACATION. 22h06 CET.

In the mean time, The Monkees are rambling something about opportunistic princessesess’ or something like that. And Baby, the good thing about this blog is that the Frogs don’t have a NATIONAL Public Radio, eh… puro AU TOUR DE ROCK.

Nope, no Flavor Flav inside this cover Brigitte Nielsen… puros changos, eh!

“PATIENCE… just a little patience.”

Just a little patience.

… TimeStamp: The 11th Hour in CET.

El Segundo Piso…

For the Record: yes, yes, and YES*!… it’s 16h20 on an “All The president’s [wo]Men” Weekend Edition

… according to a Vanity Fair, Fox, responding to an MSNBC fox, because of the Flood of bitching and complaining coming down from the snowflakes living inside of the Donald Trump and Ted Nugent snow dome known in the Red States as the Fox and Friends morning show.

Selecciones del Reader Digress… CONGERIES is a noun and it just so happen to be the “lucky” word of the day at a site called dictionary [dot] com… meanwhile at FOX and Friends, the ultra conservatives are a little bit upset with the purple pundit (Nicole Wallace) who aside from being a self-described “non-practicing Republican” is for the most part “free from reservation, disguise, or subterfuge… [in other words] straightforward**“.  Heck, some might say that  the former Sarah Palin intellectual and current affairs groomer is one candid critic who just so happend to have dressed the part and walk the talk in the purest tone of SNOWFLAKE WHITE (just like the “First Daughter’s whiter shade of pale”) when she (wallace) asked Emily Jane Fox, one of those ‘senior reporters’ at Vanity Fair, what was up with all of the president’s women around the White House and most certainly behind the walls of Trump Tower.  As far as the “First Daughter” goes, Vanity Fair’s Fox described her as being a “masterful compartmentalizer,” and able to detach herself from what is happening outside of her wonderful Sunday morning picture photo op’s with her precious and lucky little Thaddeus… or something like that }–—–~~~\*>  …  fair use of all media and, oh—but of course: all art forms.

** as defined by dictionary (dot) com—Y’all.

Sources—for the Record—follow.

TimeStamp… Long Daddy Green on Central Siren Den time, « he’ll show you the Sun » then grab Ewer pussy and run. 19h33 CET…

Standing on Shakey Ground — The President’s Right to Assassinate

TimeStamp in Calexico it’s Nine in the Morning…

Drama at the Carolinas and the rest of the 48 should follow… aunque como Trump ya lo aseguró: Puedo Matar A Quién Sea en La Quinta Avenida, and there ain’t a God Damned thing you Two Bitches and that Georgia and the two Virginia Cunts can do about it. “I am The President of The United States!!!”

Brian Williams:

—Well put me on a helicopter and call me silly, but earlier in the programming I think that I’ve might have caught a glimpse of “Oddball” playing the role of a young Tank Commander, Donald Sutherland and he seemed to be “standing on shakey ground” with Sarah Chayes, just as a band of gremlins breached the outer perimeter of the parade field; one can only wonder what that most certainly « odd » pairing could have been talking or engaging about, but before Command and Control at Rockefeller Center demotes me again I am going to get the details of that conversation and relay it back to Ewe’all.

Kasie Hunt is live at the guests of honor tent and responds to Chief Warrant Officer 3, Brian William.

Ewe do that Chief, and while Ewe are at it, Chief, “Keep Ewer Eyes Open” for Lt. Col. Frank Slade, eh! We [the staff] have been told that he is supposed to be arriving along side with Boy Wonder, in the role of Chris O’donnell.

—Once you get your footing on the story “Don’t Ewe Forget About Mehhh,” Chief.

TimeStamp: Eighteen Hundred Hours in Central NATO Time.

Oddball’s Walkabout… The Breach.

TimeStamp: 20hrs… and the rumor around the Mill is that  a “little” agro business (killer) is about to disappear, a motherfucking little German pill is going to scrap the name Monsanto, but we [the staff] are not sure if the practices of that “little” agro business (killer) are going to remain or be scrapped. Is it a purely “Editorial” move, eh??? Or a sincere move to scrap that genetically modified tomato with the same feel of a fake boobie.

Anygüey, we now return to the full-dress parade ceremony in honor of Tennie Tiny Cat for Properly Standing his Post until properly being released, and the following must be read in a Cousin Joe voice.

“We’re Fed Up”… Bayer promises that no fake tomatos will be introduced in Europe, ok Herr, Bayer–Bayer what about over on the other side of the Atlantic, eh?

Over at fip it feels good, eh… and it’s a Blackest Joy at almost 21h45. And with this, BriWi is back with the Oddball and Sarah Chayes update, let’s hope Mika—that he’s not loaded like last time, ‘cus it looks like after this parade he’s going to go the way of Sid Barrett, or whatever that hippie’s name is.

Mika Brezezinski:
Oh Joe, stop it and pop a few of your mommie’s little helpers now.

Cousin Joe:
—I will, but only if “Ewe Lay Across My Big Brass Bed”.

From the western part of the parade perimeter, the cameras focus on the bustle-rack of an M1-A2 Main Battle Tank  straight out of Ohio where Chief Warrant Officer 3, Brian Williams, redeems himself from that most unfortunate —and fictional— helicopter ride.

The following must be read in a Brian Williams Voice:

In Central Europe it’s the 11th Hour with the Sun down, but to tell you the truth MorJo, when Ewe ride on the basket of one of these bustle racks, next to the munchies and barbecue logistical supplies of these wheel-tracked warriors time really-really seems to disappear. It is the next best thing to what R2-D2 might had felt if only that Resistance Icon would have been something more than just wires and a cold motherboard wrapped up in space-age alloys.