« Peut-être n’est qu’un simple hasard… » — It’s The 11th Hour

Paris, France_ Place de Goldoni, right next to the Pathway of D.A.T. Deer Stag, 75002. And in case you accuse me of misinformation, the “Fake” Marie Stuart would not let mí lie.

En castellano quiere decir hola

En castellano quiere decir hola .::. 2C688527-8A73-4CDE-8B9F-B9BC40796ABA 🌞 O algo así.

Puede que sea una simple coincidencia, pero en Hilo Hawaii son las 23 horas del lunes 6 de abril del 2020 y, existen 12 horas de diferencia con París, Francia… dicho de otra puta manera, Brian Williams, Eye can See for Miles and Miles*.

* The WHO.

Breaking the Kube’s: 

We the staff knew that he had it in him, (the honorable thomas modly*) and maybe with coincidence being the theme of the day we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] agree with prof. meacham’s take about normal human (partisan) relations and the greek tragedy that is unfolding on the 45th presidential administration of the united states; this is to say, that under pressure a normal person will make 20% of the right corrections for the good of the order, something that Donald John Trump in not capable of doing. Coincidence or not, it takes guts to APOLOGIze and, most important Huevos (for men) or almendras (for las feminas) to resign after dropping the ball

* Acting Secretary of The U.S. Navy.

… [B]ut speaking of “pelotas” and “how the shutdown is affecting the planet” of El Mundo de Le Monde (at 11 pm in no particular Time Zone) here’s another edition of Adventures in Translations and reading the signs on a wall at this green space ⤵️


Raíces .::. 514D003B-3A3D-405B-842E-2AF84327123D ⚽️ On raconte que les vibrations des aux ballons lancés contre ce mur peuvent réveiller des racines d’arbustes qui sommeillaient sous la terre depuis parfois des siècles.
Puet–être n’est-ce qu’un simple hasard, mais lorsqu’ils atteignent les traces laissées par les ballons qui leur taille adulte.
Certains, au contraire, cherchent d’autres points de repère pour avoir une raison de grandir encore un peu.

Se dice que las VIBRACIONES de las pelotas lanzadas contra esta pared (del espacio verde de goldini) pueden despertar raíces de arbustos que han estado latentes reposando bajo el suelo durante siglos.
puede que sólo sea una coincidencia, pero llegan a los hilos (marcas) dejados por las pelotas que las hacen crecer.
Algunas, por otro lado, están buscando otros puntos de referencia para tener una razón para crecer un poco más.

And in Washington, it might might be a small coincidence, but Donald John Trump sure the fuck sounds a lot (true to form) like a guy who sold grown up Jesus for 30 shares of a Big Pharma hydroxichloroquine maker. Every time someone resigns or gets fired the president of them united states of america tells THE WORLD that he (alone) is selling in reel time.

In Local Motion News, it’s Nice to know, yet hard to realize, that Charlie Sheen’s blood is not —ÖÜÏ Repeat— it is not immune to the batshit crazy maladie!

https ://www.nicematin.com/sante/coronavirus-nous-avons-deja-du-interrompre-le-traitement-de-hydroxychloroquine-azithromycine-au-chu-de-nice-489118

It's official now

It’s official now .::. 0E61146A-C445-4993-A3CA-D5459228F1B8 🦇🐅🗣😷 America bought a Zoo(ological) curse. 🏄🏽‍♂️ Meanwhile, at BFM’er central, SANOFI, the maker of the panacea that Donald John Trump is trying to sell to the world claims that the blood sucking empresarios are ready to roll out little doses of hydroxychloroquine*… conditions apply. DEER NICEMATIN, the screen grab above ⤴️—motherfuckers— es un uso justo de todos los medios, in the style (you could say) of all of the rich mega yatch owners that dock at your port for that “beautiful” free health care that Marianne offers them, without charging them (too, also) a fucking Euro.

And inside of the four walls that hold the acoustic ceiling of the press room at the White House, it might be a small coincidence but that there nose of Donald John Trump sure the fuck (comme d’habitude il va sourire) grows by the letter like a little Italian fantasy wooden boy air intake branch.

Texto anónimo, snapshot by Segoviaspixes — CopyLeft and fuck The French Gauche

Texto anónimo, snapshot by Segoviaspixes — CopyLeft and fuck The French Gauche .::. B468EC8D-ACA9-4BEC-BFFC-2B377E8466AE 🥑 Señor Jean–Luc Mélenchon, por favor mantenga su línea abierta para el contexto, de arranque, MORENA–Francia y los latinoamericanos que los acompañan, la mayoría son unos RACISTAS.

Back at the Goldoni green space, we [the staff] insist on juxtaposing a SIGN ON THE WALL with the news IN the language of some guy named Molière:

On raconte que le cris des enfants jouant sur cette place (GOLDONI; 75002) peuvent réveiller de minuscule larves d’insects endormies dans ce mur de leur trou et partent à la recherche du cri qui leur a rendu la vie. Peut-être n’est qu’un simple hasard, mais généralement, le chemin qu’elles parcourent forme des lettres qui, si on les prononçait suffisamment fort, prolongeraient étrangement les cris et les Chants des enfants

FAROS A LA DISTANCIA — relapso a las cavernas

The “Silver lining in this,” is that hand sanitizer is being used.
En México no pasa nada.

En México no pasa nada .::. F0D62F97-29B4-451D-8F57-B23A47B9A60C 🧮 Today’s front page photo of La Jornada. According to PELÁEZ, BOLAÑOS, GONZÁLEZ y QUINTERO the man with subdued hands and his mouth covered by a dirty rag is a person in a homeless situation WHO, despite his social stratus takes the precaution of using “hand sanitizer” before he becomes yet another statistic of the NARCO Violence that NEVER ceases to cede in its astronomical numbers of victims; breaking yet, another record from last year war on crime collateral deaths. 🦠 Aussi, Australians have snatched yet another DISCOVERY from The French, according to the expelled nation of Rosbif ex-cons, AUSTRALIA just discovered THE MAGIC ELIXIR OF THE AGAVE plant: TEQUILA for cars! VIVA MÉXICO, cabrones.

VIVA méxico.

Lo bueno de la temporada es de que México finally Catches up with The Times. Spring forward started today at 02h Mexico Time. The mentality of president Andrés Manuel López Obrador however is in PAR with the Donald Trump administration’s to deregulate environmental protections and who instead of taking advantage of the CLEAR BLUE SKIES which resulted from the past month–long work–from–home and subsequent empty roads across mayor cities in the world wants to put carbon emissions back to the pre–Barack Obama days, just to show Melania that he [Donald John Trump] can.

Ray Bones

“They say the Fucking smog is the Fucking reason you have such beautiful Fucking sunsets.” .::. 457371E1-3658-40B2-B9A9-3BB598A9E03C 🕶
Ray Bones (Dennis Farina) in Get Shorty.

… [B]ecause Trump can’t drive: FIFTY FIVE!

In theaters November 2020.


Rumors and a “master’s class” in American exceptionality

Hey, Mr. Schmitty, ‘member them wheelbarrow Theys in Irak part ii? If your floppy disc is cloudy, worry not, Los Hilos de Armando will thread the souls of U.S. Army issued combat desert boots to go with your kakis and rolled-up dress shirt.

D.A.T.'s the Power of Lub

D.A.T.’s the Power of Lub ($) .::. 17987B2C-E813-4760-9DA5-341AD8977367 🍟 Some assholes call it “the hand of the invisible market”. Donald John Trump, in his failure as president of them united states of america claimed last night during his MOB BOSS rally, that it is “a beautiful racket” —_• !_— And, lest(er Holt) you forget, FUCK You, Mike Barnicle.

Note to editors, BFMers, and of course, former REPUBLICAN congressman Charles Joseph Scarborough:
the following is follow-up to a BFM TV report that we (Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto) witnessed in real-time on a “Thompson assembled” flat screen hanging inside of a Kebab shop, which reported claimed that France was “making” several tens of thousands of “cubre bocas”, as the online version of La Jornada (en México) calls these. In context, the AFP reported yesterday that « The U.S.A. » was deploying the former leader of the 2003 Iraq Coalition Provisional Authority Lewis Paul Bremer III, STRATEGY, in order to “hijack” the French shipments of face masks from Chinese manufacturers.

“Day don't act with much Honesty”

“Day don’t act with much Honesty” .::. 2B0BED75-DBDD-4434-BBE5-9B5FBE89509E 🖕🏼Fuck the average American, WHO do DAY think D.A.T. DAY are, Mesopotamians‽

We, the staff of this most non–consequential blog, « pray » that all you motherfuckers don’t shoot the messenger and instead ask the leaders of the free world how it is that your motherfucking first responders came to depend on China to save their asses‽Provided, of course, D.A.T. the AFP’s wheelbarrow loaded–with–cash rumor report is true.

In the absence of Ruhles, Jazz follows

Öüï now continue with:

More American Graffiti

Indeed. — Rachel Maddow — Indeed. It’s Morning in America, and the Massachussetts governor should trust in the “Invisible Man” in the market. After all, isn’t D.A.T., congressman Scarborough, what being a “Red–blooded American” is all about?

Time now is 0200 hours in Central NATO Times, and reception is botchy at best, but it doesn’t matter, Chris Hayes got on board a DMC DeLorean and went cruising across The Atlantic to learn how this post–existential moment (remember the navel gazing jokes, don’t you forget about them Mike Barnicle) is going to end.

Happening right now:

In the “We are Number One”, country in the world, rumor has it that ESSENTIAL HOSPITAL WORKERS are now, unofficial mannequins for a famous American trash bag company. Indeed, because of the leadership of “great americans” such as Republican Senator, Susan Collins (MAINE), Registered Nurses are having to wear actual trash bags as protective equipment, in part because Your President failed to prepare for the pandemic that he was warned about, great!!!  Donald Trump’s type of leadership managed to steal the look of the homeless in the rain, for the “greatest heath system” workers in the world. They do look “cute”, a Mötley Crüe with looks that kill, indeed.

The Modesto Examiner
All The News D.A.T.  Fit to Print

Page 2

“Page 2” .::. 6BA641FB-0E99-41AE-8731-7BA9FB8595D4 🎙… [F]rom “The Rest of The Story”… mr. president, i love you, but YOU ARE WRONG.

Coming up in the programming, Revisionist history and the outlets that help’em, but FOist:

 All the quotes that are fit to print

— Wolfman Jack:
Pardon me, is your name Collette?

—Woman at the other end of the line:
Sir, this is the operator with a collect call for the Wolfman Jack.

— Collett, are you French?

— I’m the operator, are you Wolfman Jack?

Of course you know

Of course you know .::. BEFE7CEB-C40B-4C02-B8B2-9E3263CBF459 📻 … [T]hat all of the above must be read in a Mork’s voice, Mindy.

Dear, Leader: the Secret Service hotel tab covers your salary

The Day after “the” Sunday pep–rally.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead .::. FDCEAD4E-B4F9-4C71-8ACD-C65E6912CB34 🧟‍♂️ Life in the “checkmate” State.

Aussi, mr. president, the USAF re-routed trips to your golf courses and bed-bug infested hotels put a pretty penny in the dollar count of your undeclared income; not to mention, siR; Ivanka’s secured trademark deals with SHYNA, —with SHYNA— mr. president. And, your excellency, let’s just forget about the donors to your political freak–show in exchange for a position in your FOREIGN Services Corps and/or cabinet posts. In Conclusion mr. Donnie McScroge, you are a fiscal whinny bitch. And congratulations on the Llama extraction from Lima, Peru, however, mr. commander–in–chill,

https ://en .wikipedia .org/wiki/ Otto_Warmbier

why did you wait so long to extract D.A.T. North Korean hostage (Otto Frederick Warmbier) who died in a vegetative medical state soon after his release in 2017?

In addition, dear, Leader, why are you still in office, please, please, please, PLEASE! Work out an immunity deal for all of the negligent and criminal trespasses that you have committed while in office for you and the vice-president, Mike Pence and, motherfucker, RESIGN.

Coming up on Stephanie’s Ruhles:
La “hache” es muda…
except of course,

Hombre sin hache es una sombra

Hombre sin hache, —en Francés— es Solo una sombra .::. CE8A5062-CAA9-417E-9191-789D50A37730 ☕️ La hache en Inglés (del bueno) se pronuncia a todo Volumen, just ask any “Ho” on the streets. 

en Anglais del bueno.

The FOist 100 (in the u.s. of Donald John Trump)

18 de marzo, 2020
(Edición vespertina)

Americans want more of the same.

C’mon, Jack Dorsey… get hospital workers some Protective Excuses for Nº 45. Aussi, Ivanka Trump, could you please send a Tweet®️ to your daddy and inform him, pretty please, that from “dead patient” nº 101 and until the end of Governor Cuomo’s PREDICTED WAVE of KNOWN CASUALTIES are will be on Donald John Trump’s WATCH 🦠⚙️🌊🏄‍♀️ Happy Surfing, bitch!

Lorem Ipsum

« Lorem ipsum .::. dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum ».

And in Washington, Nicolle Wallace drowned in a pool of an 8 year–old’s coodies. Nobody could have predicted D.A.T.!!! The good news is that Curly H. took David Gura out of the break-box and as expected, the Show Must Go On.

Dear, Donald Trump Junior, please send a Tweet to your daddy, and explain to that DRAFT-DODGING coward that he is no “war time” president, D.A.T. title belongs to his French counterpart Mr. Emmanuel Macron. And besides, Donald Trump Junior, your “daddy” can’t even get the Army Corps of Engineers to un-hurry up and stop waiting for instructions to jump into action, Jack!

In Racing news:

ANYGÜEY, Chuck Todd, Americans want more of the same, —it seems— because Donald is not being asked to resign, by people who DO NOT NEED $1000 checks; people like you, Chuck! Anyhow, Chuckles, the good thing about this most non–consequential blog is that you don’t get our memo’s, but in the absence of Nicolle, you take the cake, just don’t eat it, fucker.

“Are you not ENTERTAINED? — The Spaniard*

* Full Disclosure, not a Spaniard, actually an Aussi; ISSY, Australia is the enemy. AND MILWAUKEE, CARMEN IS A FUCKING COMEDY, ya’bums! Just like Life is. Aussi, what’s on Monday?

Responding To Coronavirus Closures, Metropolitan Opera And 92Y Livestream Performances Free, Starting Tonight .:. 95BF8130-44B1-4870-B73D-A88A33D7B303 Dear, Matteo Renzi… don’t bee stingy! Open Carmen to All!!! —•— Sincerely, Mayor Bill DeBlasio, best Mayor in the World, next To Hidalgo, in Paris.

Oh, hey A.M. Joy!
From the makers [the staff] of
Armando la noche, comes the show you’ve all been waiting for:
Early afternoons with Morning Mando.
Critics agree, It’s Like Suguar.
Good enough, to eat, said a Black Panther code name Chaka Kahn.

Meanwhile in Paris, all the shops (except for chain-food markets) are closed, the 15th day of March seems like New Year’s Day, with the exception that it’s a God Damned beautiful day and the crowds are all in the parks or along the River Seine. Eye tell you, be it the fucking Daesh/ISIS caliphate who dare threaten this hub, Parisians really-really REALLY love the Sun.  “Just the facts, Mme!”, because Eye is the King of Bongo, baby in Saint-Cloud 9.

Inner City Blues

Inner City Blues .:. 9EBB79DE-50B1-4627-8C85-AF1F7361181C 🌞 In French, of course.

A ver si así como se requeman, VOTAN!
Or will you filthy Frogs
play the rotten Rosbif Ballot
What’s it gonna’bee?
Find out tonight at 9
Only on:
Armando la noche

In the meantime Corona Fest (Vive Latino—muere abuelito) Mal Bicho! Followed by “Matador”. Vicentico invita.

Un hombre Al–Ado

Un hombre al lado .:. 054FC791-D49B-4F6E-9EB7-D96A59CDCBEE 🔥 … 🎶 extraña, La Tierra.

This film has no Title — Yet

Team Perrier villains pit crewmen at Local Car Men n°5, James Car Vile:


Previously on, “The Sky is Falling” witt Santiago Carvile:

Lizard man doppelgänger, and Cajun Gridiron cult follower (it’s confirmed now) of the Church of LSU is now, after a very Clear and Present meltdown on Super Mardi,  —in Cajunspeak, bien sûr S.V.P. — supporting Joe “how many bull-it rounds” Biden, following the vice–president win in Motown.

In Local News:
F.U.C.K. Kong LeBrin (23) James
“Here, D.A.R.E., and EvryWear”.

The following must be read in a Koby (24/8) Bryant voice:

Brother James

Brother James .:. 23913ACD-5844-4977-9BF1-963B34B883F1 🏀 if his majesty (Kong) has “i’s” to see, which öüï know that he does, because we [the staff] put these D.A.R.E., perhaps his highness will notice the bleu line extending into darkness? Eye asked, because one of the earliest and certainly the most indelible images of a sporting arena arrived through one of those blue cables, except that in them days, the mic cord would most certainly be in black because IBM and Xerox were still in charge of the presentation design of all things Hi–Fi, any güey, Kong James, Eye was not in Detroit at the Time, but Eye was aware (at that time already) about Kiss’ “Destroyer” LP cover,  so Eye guesses that in this particular context, your excellency, Eye was tuned–in, really tuned in to “Sony” Alarcón’s other end of the speaker wire that delivered EVRY round of the bout between José “pipino” Cuevas and the Motor City Cobra, —Tommy Hearns.

—Now then, Mr. James, Armando Segovia (hear) speaking, right now:

Little ol’mí was a witness of how grown men were consumed with anguish during the prizefight, then i saw these same people that i used to look up to, weep for what some called the “waterloo” of Hidalgo, México.

Who's to say, eh‽

Who’s to say, Bonham was not at the Joe Louis Arena, eh? .:. 4B39746A-95F0-4547-9202-8A434151C4E4 🥁 _ but we’ll get to that later, Mr. Lebron James, at the time, because at the time September the 25th was still a moon away.

That night, after the bout, i climbed to “la azotea”, a few minutes later the neighbors joined mï, we still had a couple of full moons to know what pubic hair would feel like on top of our wee–wee’s, so we were not allowed to roam outside the block after supper time and if you have not been reading this most non–consequential blog then, and only then, will you register this memorex®️ in the Lepes Section of the timeline of this trip.

Entonces pues,

Outside of baseball and boxing there were few things that the next-door neighbors and yours truly had in common, probably because the parental units of them huercos were PANistas, and Eye, well I was already listening to Kiss with a bachelor of Arts in Beatlemania. Be this as it may, and being the pre pubertos que éramos cuando con los hijos de los vecinos de enfrente (carniceros de oficio) y yo tuvimos la oportunidad de ver también desde la azotea de su casa las olimpiadas without U.S., in the U.R.S.S.. we could care less of the politiks, the eldest of them carniceros fell in love with Comaneci during the 76′ Olympics and as far as i can remember, Comaneci was all that we were condition to talk about.  Ahora bien, on that particular azotea we did not care about baseball or boxing, and topics on that ledge were open, but that’s another story. What is important, Brother James is that although us LEPES were not in either Detroit or Moscow in 1980, it did not mean that part of our imagination, in different ways, i guess, were not reached by the chronicler in REAL TIME… even on the Spring of the 40th anniversary of that title bout.

Por ejemplo, King James

Por ejemplo, King James .:. 04591A06-8328-4160-8DDE-4F4579E65B73 🧮 The guy at the mic proposes that if you knew, because apparently you don’t, and because apparently you are ignorant about the fact that the underage workers that bring in the money for your sponsors bottom line don’t get to  dictate the terms of their “performance” schedule, you sir, would probably find it in the bottom of your Blue Blood Noble and Regal heart to please shut-the–Fuck up and play for the CAMERA, Bitch! Just like you do when the Marketing Gurus shutterbugs tell you that you are God’s gift to L.A., BITCH, EVRYbody knows that IBRAHIMOVIĆ held and still holds that title.

Any güey, Hilo, Hawaii, is preparing the 11th Hour News at 10 pm just as Fukushima celebrates the opening of RADIOACTIVE in France by catching a WAVE instead of a Corona®️ at the beach; page 2 below is a work–in–progress.

Segnor, Philippe Labró

Segnor, Philippe Labró .:. D4A0D080-92E1-4CDE-9319-EC155CD55497 🍤 Öüï, the staff of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. do not [we repeat] öüï do not chose the Vagues that armando decides to ride on.

“Well they call Mï the hunter¹”


1.Dead Wrong:

And Starring as Larry David: himself

The good thing about this most non–consequential blog is that Johnatan Swan —pretending to be a Rosbif on Last Week Tonight on HoBO TV— does not read u.s… but speaking of AX iOS body spray for the Frogs:

His Truth is MARCHing on

His Truth is MARCHing on .:. “his” truth is MARCHing on.

GLORY, Glory, Hallelujah
Mike Allen’s soul left his
“Happy Friday” body spray
when he learned that Roger Stone
is one of the Born–Again criminals
next to Jesus on the Cross.

The Gospel of greed

The Gospel of greed .:. 8DE8CA97-358C-406C-B077-97A9B4C98A7B 🙏🏾 PROSPERity GOspel “You get a Bentley! –You get a Jet Airplane! — You get a Mansion!!!”. A–men. 💎 Silk & Diamond sulfates courtesy of El WaPo and Colin Jost at NBC Studio 8A, a.k.a., the church that George Carlin blessed.

Praise The Lorde! — Praise his « Lard »*.

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /opinions /2020/02/28 /trump-reckoning-has-come/

* _D.A.T.’s “MANTECA,” in Santo Domingo’s School of The Americas, Spanish.

It’s 10 hundred hours in Paname

Hi, purple pundits, in London it’s 9 a.m. and this a recap of yesterdays news:

The goodwill files

The goodwill files .:. D3C491C1-AF4E-44A6-A679-DFDC8FCA8314 🚶🏽‍♂️In South Carolina, Uncle Joe gets the support of an influential black man and John Heilemann straightened up his “chinos”, and if you know what a Mexican curl is, you’ll get the reference. NAMASTE.

En cartelera:

A French Apart production

… in collaboration with:

The Invisible Man


La Nueve de Tchad




CHUCKY My Frog… this is no time for Siesta.
Du fond du cœur,
Sergeant Gilberto Bosques Sadwing;
Chef de la section pénétrante à pied.
Pelotón Aquiles Serdán Saldivar


Madame Le Pen, Eye can assure you and the rest of the pure people (your people) of France D.A.T.:

Agua corriente

F l i e ß e n d w a s s e r or, EAU COURANTE… source, o como dice doña Vilma, “las fuentes” son del Direct•C+Plus•Matin, N° 2532 JEUDI 27 FÉVRIER 2020.

1. Youse all really really really need to test your theories abroad, you really really really need to expand your latitude (in the geographical way, not the physical kind) and test your theory, ask a fellow gala (o sea francesa) like say, Florence Cassez to see just how far the French will go in protecting their priorities, the French.

2. Nine Inch Nails (tourniquet)