“One more time”… in the voice of Count Basie

And in Washington:

It’s time for an Encore Edition of
DIPLOMACY with the Tumbling
Tumbling Weeds…

The "Good" is overrated

The “Good” is overrated .:. D83C6C77-0102-46C1-9CBB-7DD17451134C –_•!•_– And you should forget about the Ugly; Eye reckons that he’s nothing but a Beast on a daily politics site.

Now, That’s Entertainment!
Better than any POLARizing
news-byte from the Bush Two

… [O]f course, DOÑA CARMEN LIRA DE SAADE, para que el doctor Cueli, (D.D.S.), pueda hilvanar esta historieta sería necesario repasar la respuesta de Nicolle Wallace (Deadline Washington 02/01/2020) al párrafo n° 22/23 de su ensayo ¿quienes somos?, en cuanto al “estilo lamentablemente inconfundible“, diría Jorge Saldaña, sobre el asunto de la Segunda Guerra de Irak, y de la manera cómo el hijo de Bush gobernó bajo la consigna y la “charola*” del n°43 en  La Casa Blanca.

* Charola = Stinkin’ BADges

"Up yours nigger"

“In 25 years you’ll be able to shake their hands” –The Cisco Kid .:. C87764AF-685F-4A09-894B-00E7CBCB79DD •|• Happening right now, one of the two Castros is getting ready to de-brief  the C.H.O.I.R. on The Rachel Maddow Cult. Peter Falk,  stars in the role of Columbo, who of all things, “hold[s] this thread” as he [Castro] walks away.”… Musical guest: Weezer.

… This has been,
With Steve Kornacki

On the T.E.S.T.:

Persian Made-guy taken out

Persian Made-guy taken out .:. EFADBE86-2292-4C69-AF0D-B1FBF82A5594 •|•

— Remember that the purpose of every fund-raised cent is spendability that dough is SUPPOSED to be Spent. In these section, the student must Ela•Bor•Ate who, and/or what entities receive that money spent. Extra point if the student explains how that money trickles down to the broadcasters.

AMERICA: “What a country!”

Previously on: BriWi’s Big Bang Theory

It is what it is“… Trump’s poor little rich girl, dix it.

El respeto al moche aneno

El respeto al moche ajeno .:. 637A7687-34A8-4811-B3AE-B031BEEE3A38 —_*_— … [E]s pura felicidad, feliz — MAX.

1er Encuentro de Jaraneros
en Europa (03/2014)
Casa de México
Ciudad Universitaria
75014, París:

Of course, professors Jim Cohen and Antoine Compagnon, Ivanka’s cold-as-ice voice must be read in John Mill Ackerman’s nasally agitated voice.

Niño LUC… 4433

Deer Niño Luc, Eye will bee making a stop by your DEN in the coming days.



Please inform the receptionist so that s/he does not FREAK OUT… ASTA el rato pues, y recuerda Niño Luc, que la Hache en HASTA, en efecto: es MUDA.

Amarillo no me pongo

“Amarillo no me pongo…”.:.CD95E9A4-B8A4-422A-9204-610CC9EE5163 •|•
« Amarillo es el color de mi M.O.S.* »… Blue, of course is for “the queen of Battle”, Infantry.

Mean, while Phil Griffin sleeps, la comandante zapatista Rhules Pasa–Montaignes, subversivamente se dedica a lanzar mensajes a los traidores de L’armée Libérateice de Général PATTON, and in this segment the TARGET is the U.S. Secretary of State, and former D.A.T. officer Michael Richard Pompeo.

For the record

For the record, Purple Pundit.:. Eye is not a freelance, Eye is a motherfucking Spearhead, check my DD214. Just ask Black Spy… anygüey Chuck Todd, Eye hates to sound like Donnie Deutsch Grandpa, but: You’ve Come a Long Way, Virginia, did you lose Weight last night?

Sir, you have successfully relinquished PARIS to Stalin’s little Legacy. Congratulations.

Dear, President, sir:

All Tankers are born in Kentucky; American tankers, anyway.

The Circuit and The Current War – by Dr. Sleep

Dear, Pedro Panadero (Peter Baker):

liberty, liberty, — LIBERTY

The chickens of Malcolm X

The chickens of Malcolm X.:.E3028289-2E87-49CD-8D84-8FF53BB0FBB4 •|• American pride paid in cash, by the Russian mob. Oh, it’s morning in Russia, now.— Watch that Little space in “The Middle,” because the White House is about to say: FUCK THE THIRD BRANCH OF GOVERMENT (Judicial Branch).

With all due respect, Sir,
nevermind Mr. Matthews “panty raids”
and let’s hope that them MAGA republicans don’t go “streaking”;
anyway, Sir,
did you relay our message to
or did you send it the way of the current
Sec’y of State?

Bienvenida, Tijuana.

Bienvenida, Tijuana.:.DA04B383-E195-4800-8E35-35F190A08F21… Scum of the British Queen

Anyguey, for the record, Mr. Matthews, please be advised that we [the staff] began hinting at Mr. Marco Layera’s “closing of the Amigos de Mexico ranks” before the French Historia magazine posted their salute to Mr. Kissinger, which we [armando segovia/armando serrano prieto] warned you about it in 2016 from the Lafayette Commercial Center.

In Washington, D.C. abuse of Power is now a Legal Tactic at The White House.

The Paris Photo curator

The Paris Photo curator… is a fag, period

… [C]oming up on The Chuck Todd Republic, Ben Franklin’s idea for the National Bird: a Fucking Turkey. Oh, the Irony.

Helicopter Chuck

Helicopter Chuck.:.997553B8-21A4-447F-80F8-69740F43DDF0

… Oh, hey Hallie Jackson nice cover. Please relay to Chuckles that it was the Ali funeral that enraged Erdogân. Whomever blocked him from paying his respects to The Greatest shares a piece of David Ghuptta’s weekend dunkin’ doughnuts. Just sayn’.

Oh, François Hollande, youse such a Righter!

Today Eye discovered that…

Today in LA

Today in (the key of) LA: Psycho Head Killer weed sans pesticides —[•]~[•]… in the frame, The Purple Pundit sports a Special Limited Edition of Bill Clinton’s broken spectacles. Retail €300.99 SHOP GNOW!

Line 70 (RATP) from HdV to Radio France has a Secret Garden route, vía Longchamp.

… and in Cousin Joe‘s teleprompter, the Script has no TEXT and The president of Vladimir Putin’s United States of Trump Castle[s], Donald Trump, is using the Rising Sun flag (2–Each) as a pair of Balls for his Old Glory guideon.

The 700 hundred perfect club

Fuck Jesus Christ and Kingdom Come, here comes the Young Turks, thanks to “them” Young Americans… only on the The 700 hundred perfect club… Dear, Ellen DeGeneEres: Please Inform Nicolle Wallace that her former boss said the following, “Nicole, brain farting at the end of a spectacle segment is no way to greet Chuck Todd,” that will bee 5 Hail Mary’s and one Our Lorde’s prayer iced tea, Aussi.

That trip was 12 hours ago, right now, well right now Jonathan Swan [2] is just opening his spectacled eyes to the fact that the 45th president of the United States of the Peoples Republic of the Putinesque Empire lets his helicopter (paid for by The Peoples taxes) do the talking for him.

Les Danglin’ Towers on the Conflict of Interest (hasteRisk), in other words, “Eye does not search, Eye finds,” dijo Picasso.

Reminder: Trump Has a Massive Conflict of Interest in Turkey

2. Twelve hours ahead in Central Europe Time, both Yesterday and, of course, Today, period

Oh, boy

Oh, boy! Did Jud’ol gknow that it was the French who invented the Martial Arts in Brasil, indeed. •|• Thyme Gnow: it’s the 11th Hour in Grown–up clocks… catch you laters’ at the 22h; and for Jamaica’s sake, Wallace, take some Purple Beeno for your brain. 

“Whatch the way Eye Navigates »


Las fuentes de doña Vilma

Las fuentes de doña Vilma, Internal Affaire.:.DBB45F66-5442-40FC-B729-00B7D66A8328

Oh, hey Hallie Jackson, say hello to Phil Griffin and, here’s an “Almost Live” text that won’t make your frequency on account that it was not a “terrorist’s” attack; do say hello to the Welk.

Fucking, Canucks

Eye did tell y’all that there was a Motherfucking KNIFE in that Lot:

Internal affairs

Internal affaire… let’s play Hardball, dear former Senator Claire McCaskell à Saint Louis, Misery; listen here, we [the staff] don’t choose the deck, nor the cards, not even the rhythm, öüï just ping-pong the news back to you, —ma’am, just the (tip) of the facts.

day 3, Month 10, Year 2019 C.E.
TimeStamp 14hrs CET

Context is developing

Context is developing on the Way to Le Tribunal de Clichy, only, On The View.

Transmission cut. We repeat, transmission cut.

Earlier in the day:

Forward Observation Report from Centerfield and the description of the Bowi™️; On The View, with Chelsea Maddow’s blow-out Special; Oh, The Thyming, Matthew Mac Con Augustus Jey*, which brings U.S. to that Donnie Deutsch “dead president” brand of performance that leaves Climate Change deniers feeling “good” about their dead presidents monthly-payment “BeeJeeKohls“.

 Bank books courtesy of

Bank books courtesy of: Crédit Lyonnais 1904 – 1911. Now, when the Ancien Regime slapped a couple of tin stick-ons on a Grand Livre (aprox. dead weight: 15 kgs. one–Each) they were not thinking of Smoke and Mirrors, for the record, the Bowi™️ probably makes the weight at 3 lbs. (American, not Imperial) and can probably store a couple og Giga Cubic Tons of the dried calligraphy in them LOGS there; and Vladimir Putin has copies of each and every motherfunking bit in his “Superb” server, named after Matthew McConaughey*

Metadata and Metaphysical dimensiones of the Obsi™️ follow, but FOist, the Bill on el adorable clima de Finlandia…

Ya llegó Nikki Lauda

Ya llegó Nikki Lauda.:.88178C4C-6835-4E42-831A-F6E8B0C6BE0F •|• Y su MXT Mastretta de Limón, de que Color lo va a querer, you “lazy, feckless, flatulent oaf,” period


… and in Washington, trascendió que los llamados “Gnats” fly in clouds…. GOOOOOOOO, Dodgers!

Live from the Westfield®️ Giuseppe Pepito Sports Complejo

Take Mí Out to the Ball game

Las ColapSOlogías de Las Fuentes

Las ColapSOlogías de Las Fuentes

Rachel Maddow stars as: motherfucking Clint Eastwick:

International Reality

International Reality, because THE Galaxy, —never mind THE Universe— ever thought that WE humans would make it this far, period

Welcome to another edition of the Sports page, narrated by the American of them U.S. ambassador to those Mexican E.U., the one and only Country Fried HIStorian:

Maestro Jon meacham


La Ruptura de Got Ham?

La Ruptura de Got Ham Travel… en Londres, Thomas Cook, el Cocinero de BoJo Brexit quebró los platos de la COCINA y deja a 21,000 sous-chefs sin trabajo; y a 600 mil comensales con indigestión. Liberty, Liberty, Liberty: PAY ONLY FOR THE TRAVELERS INSURANCE THAT YOU KNEAD, punto y aparte

— It’s the middle of the Eight y la Primera caída de Tres sin–limite–de–Tiempo (it’s 8 a.m.) in Central Europe Thymes and Mme Christine Lagarde is standing next to “los tecnócratas” on FOist; Justice Soto-Mayor is at the plate and, Camilo Cienfuegos is pitching a no–Hitter.

Fucking Canucks

Fucking Canucks.:.FCDD9E87-7B5F-4CC0-83F8-990921052AC6 •|• …[N]ot to BEE outdone by the Canucks in Ottawa, las palomas de París inventaron el “bronze face” para una mascarada contra encabellada, plus the D.O.V.E. looks swell sporting the Afro in that frame, eh.

At the top of the 14 hundred hours at Rockefeller Center, Cousin Joe went on STRIKE and took his set into a Swedish sauna, mean, while Trump is about to get a big RED EYE on his presidential legacy. Over at the gazebo, Mika just went [along] for the Ride.

Not to bee outdone, by Mika’s gazebo and Cousin Joe’s Swedish sauna, Chris Matthews went outdoors.


— Here’s an After Action Review of that pop-up to Centerfield where Gene Hackman in the role of a French “rock star” Lawyer just shamed a House into seating next to each other, in the House that the Red Rocker built:

Live feed on SCOTUS

Live feed on SCOTUS, here’s how the Pop-up went, Camilo pitched a parábola to Justice Soto-Mayor and on her reasoning on why John Heilemann can’t produce a “Circus” from the Bench… Camilo noticed Mr. Noa Noa agreeing with   Sonia’s (with–all–DUE–respect) point of not seeing a live feed of herself from the inside of her courtroom, –of course, a Talking Head would say that. En resumen, la Tremenda Sonia culpa a los avances in both the field of COMMUNICATIONS (Ones & Ceros, Input–Output, AC⚡️DC) y a el ramo de la Comunicación (Signs & Symbols, Inverted Pyramids, KC☂️DC) y no a los representantes de una República, here’s the argument…

For the record, Mel Brooks never billed himself as a simple Prophet; a King? Jew betcha!

Release Alexi!!!

Release Alexi!!!.:.BB05A1DB-1926-420F-AA5C-382F640C0DF6

Release the Macammound, Sonia MabRook!!!
You are not foolin’ any of your non-reader CNEWS Matin followers*, eh.
RELEASE Alexi Axios, right now!!!

Dear, Marianne — The Night Bee four.

[Delayed entry goes here… wait for it]

The bird in this Segoviaspixes capture is not the Holy Ghost… besos para E. Jordan:E2095B11-0C02-4BBF-9AA4-A841C032E852… Got Sancho?

Esta Paloma no es el Espíritu Santo. Esta paloma es el hermano del Sancho (Sánchez) en Amazon… and no, Siren, eye don’t practice Santería, Eye ain’t got no crystal ball, etc., etc., etc… and yes, Ari Melber, the Black Dot on the top is a “Black Hole Sun”. And, Chris Matthews, a Black Hole Sun” is not in any way, shape or form related to the “Masshole”, a.k.a. the “season ticket” holder for the very stupid and ugly Boston baseball team. Listen, “good Will” if your team won the Series it is because the fucking Dodgers betrayed the workers that clean their dirty laundry when they (El Ey) visited your clamy chow-chow city. Rumor has it, that Cambridge wants out. Fucking boston sucks. Below is picture of the type of bostonian that ÖÜÏ are referring to, a truly despicable talking monkee.


Dear, Brontis à la Prèfecture. Please accept my sincerest apology for the delay of our next dish, for you:
“the” meatloaf.

La Vache!!!:91516A91-96CD-4507-B038-05EC1809C946 •\../•  Porno for M∴söns. StripTease FOR drafters, THE SEXIEST SQUAT EYE EVER SAW! — It’s been recorded, that during Winter Warfare cows made wonderful sleeping bags, pero eso sí, only after the Tripas were ripped right out of La Vacheeeee!!!

We [the staff] promise to respond to our previous exchange at Cité, before the end of this week; and for the record, please be advised that we [the staff] actually whipped up an answer to your instructions, on that same day, and with the same reflex that Forrest Gump ping-spanks a pong ball [right back to Elise Jordan*] but then, the “train of Consequences”, which you, Marianne, derailed back in September of 2014, finally took a turn for the haywire, and that, —mi apreciada instigadora— is a good thing because now most of crossroads, the avenues of approach, and the circles (or glorietas) on this journey have finally paired up into a bunch of little Venn Diagrams, which will eventually group together a more cohesive narrative about Mexican corruption in France…

* got your flowers… Issi, Elise, the quiffs out—them Vulvas sure have a Sting on every Cent… so don’t stand so close to me, y “hay Amor, ya no me quieras tanto”

And Clapton Went: Knock, Knock?
… and the “Chief Commander” goes:
—The Zimmer, man.
… and Clapton, complains: but Eye haven’t even asked?
And the Cheif Commander says:
—Ain’t no sunshine without Cocaine, get busy with them riffs’.

So, without further ado:
Enjoy the rest of the “FOOTNOTES » of a funny thing that happened on the way to Les Halles, and Eye will see you on Monday, February the 18th.


[Defragmentation goes here]


10.49 in CET—buddy come on’Down!!!

[Filler goes here]

[Argument follows]

Why Knot?:ED140447-71BC-47D3-AA1C-E50426EAD8F6 . • . It’s Black History Month‽

Dear, Malaysia: hoy no hubo noticias.

Como cualquier día, salió El Sol.

Ebrard: al mejor postor/a, que para eso es la politik. Hoy, Putin, ayer Clinton, mañana… mañana es 12 de septiembre y punto… todo sea por el poder y que sea para pagar la educación de los retoños en Europa; 75000 á Saint Germain-des-Pres.

… mientras tanto, Hillary y María Teresa Kumar: https://adnpolitico.com/presidencia/2018/09/10/lopez-obrador-se-reune-con-el-embajador-de-rusia-y-con-el-nuncio-apostolico

Coming up: the French Connection… in Central Europe Time, motherfuckeeeeeeeeer.

ISSY, doña Tati, usted Señora, es en patre responsable de las promesas incumplidas de parte de don Obrador, por ejemplo, doña Tati, lo siguiente:

El cabrón todavía no empieza y ya subió y bajo sueldos de gente que VIVE DE LA POLÍTICA.

… sí se le puede llamar, cabrón, —a López Obrador?