2 de febrero… from The Mercury Theater

What if Tyre had not run into them fellas who murdered him like a piñata?

Black History Month — “The question of time, present, past, future, is fundamental both in our daily existence and in our mental perception.” Writes Paris correspondent, Vilma Fuentes in the role of  Albert Einstein 🇺🇸, details at 9 when Öüï shows you how to listen to the SILENCING of them Words.

In this section, the student will fit La HuesudaPatas de CatreCatrinaNiña Blanca, o simplemente, muerte.

— 1851 – José Guadalupe Posada, Mexican illustrator and engraver (1913)

Answer: Mr. Nichols would probably be celebrating New Amsterdam’s Birthday, Hic!


Maybe Mr. Nichols would be weeping at El Chamizal Skate Park.

1848MexicanAmerican War: The Treaty of Guadalupe~Hidalgo is signed.

And with that in mind, let me unscroll the part where Eye tells y’er sorry-ass how to navigate this bitch.

For starters, Willie Geist, to avoid any further insult to the injury and vice-versa, please be advised that the phrase “this here nigga” will be superimposed with the indignez vous–la vie en Rose friendly:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/08/09 /cultura /el-silencio-de-las-palabras

these/this/those/them “fellas ».

Following the I Told yo’ sorry-ass clause, Öüï would like to continue with the following segue:

« C’était “Can You Dig It?” de Georgie Wood. Et maintenant nous aimerions jouer “Hark, The Angels Come” »

At the movies

At the Movies, it’s “I’ve Seen This Movie Too”, it’s the one when the 🇨🇵 French form the 🇲🇽 Rencontres Cinématographique Viva 🇬🇧 Mexico à 👄 Paris (2013).

Never mind, Mother Mary, here. Let It Be is not an option, because the LP is Rotten.

1909The Paris Film Congress opens, an attempt by European faggots to form an equivalent to the MPCC cartel in the United States.

… and Mr. Jodorowski, senior, not the one from the fip . fr “generation” if your old-ass is keeping the score, that there date is the One-after-909, by the aforementioned Georgie Would.

… and niño Luc, you know the drill: Phuck Ewe Tú!
Enjoy your crêpe, you sonobavitch!

Verbatim from Mom: it’s an assignment from God.


And Reverend Al… Please inform Willie Geist that La Kerschovas was abducted in the Vicinity of MADONNA’S Empire Records shack at Saint-Merri on la rue de la Verrerie.

When he’s 64… Double Retirement from The FOX.


Preliminary feedback from the Eye in the sky next to the Thai massage parlor and the all-you-can-eat (3 plate limit) Chinese buffet, show 🛸 that the abductors came from a Black Planet. The Fear is imminent.

… [A]nd Eye quotes:

un flux littéraire limpide et brûlant


De la terrasse d’un café de la place Maubert, nous l’avons vue accomplir les deux pas qui la séparaient de son logis. Souriante et vive, oeil et cheveux noirs, graphiques, comme échappée d’une toile de Kirchner dans le Berlin expressionniste.

via: “Être soi est déjà un miracle » en
https ://www .humanite .fr /node /413312


Sources close to Vilma Fuentes, along with them Usual Suspects, are rounded-up and context should follow.

But first, here’s an update on Them Monkees, the Church Lady found this mustachioed changos hidden in a closet. SOURCES close to Bernardo Gómez and Pantelion films en El Netflix relay a clear infringement on the son-in-law of Don Porfirio and them other 41 Monkees of The Fight Club on the MoreJo Show. Donnie Deutsch stars as Mafalda on Fifth Avenue.


And just to show you that I’ve Got The Moohs¹ Like Jagger, here’s Mick celebrating his 84th birthday, by the look of them granites, Mick don’t look a THEY older than the Light arriving to Cambridge² from a White Draft, details at 9, with La Kerschova’s who just shacked inside of a fucking Tesla playing Life On Mars on a mothefucking loop.

²~. https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/02/01 /cultura /el-inah-con-84-anos-de-cuidar-el-legado-cultural

¹~. https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/02/02 / astronomers measure mass of white dwarf directly for the first time



Over at The Beat³ : WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN’ GOIN’ ON (1957)

³~. …  [B]ut that’s only because Katie Phang is at The Piano.

Open up, a-honey, it’s your lover boy me that’s a-knockin’ 🎶


First, let U.S. check[o] them Poles… and confirm what the Director of The Lincoln Jazz Festival Comparsa predicated at the Albóndiga de Granaditas, and which is that, “El jazz es una música de comunicación“, dice Wynton Marsalis » :

Just add ketch-up.


As predicted by the Italian Unicorn outside of Le Cluny yesterday morning, Sergio Pérez positioned THIRD after the Ferraris of CARLOS ROMERO DESCHAMPS.

And in SONORA, the Mexican president spread KETCHUP on his carne seca. Meanwhile in Francia, Berlin and Paris told Joe Biden to go fuck himself.

https ://www .politico .eu /article /france-and-germany-find-ground-on-a-common-concern-u-s-protectionism/

It’s his job… [👌]ROM Dusk To Dawn.

And justice For WASP

https ://www .radiofrance .fr. /francemusique /podcasts/etonnez-moi-benoit /etonnez-moi-benoit-du-samedi-25-juin -5321697

And starring as Kahn… Ricardo Montalbán… The Plane! the plane… It’s Fantasy Island at la rue Verneuil… O algo así.

Deer, Jean-François Kahn… Don Leoncio Orellana³ at LA MAL217² S-G-P¹ won’t let me lie: You Must be French to start a magazine in France. Ask Phat Bastard, guy tryies to play some Jazz on the Vonnegut freq’s and THEY switch it over to “Elevator music” on France Music with a funny hat.

³~. Orden de La Legión de onorH ‍ ‍∴  arquitecto encargado.

²~. Maison de l’Amérique latine, 217, BD SAINT-GERMAIN 75007 PARI


Previously on, “tar and feathered wiimin’
In The USA”

Mai – Juin 2022

Plaza de Armas en El Kiosko de Torreón… “Hot Chile Peppers in The Blistering Sun”.

… Over at the Pompi Square:

Éric D’uThill is a Pat Smear fan… In Utero… In Local News

In Local News, some old fucker on the Saturday Morning CarTunes just found who the culprit of the Doughnut Bun in Hamburg is… Of Course, it’s Click and Clack!!!

Paris, https ://www .npr .org /podcasts /510208 /car-talk wake up.

If it’s Mardi, in LA France… 👅 Et Métaphysiques

Well, you’ve HO’id about The Rolling Stones… it’s exactly like one of Those.

PG. 190… « l’autre 👅 », o como dicen los franceces, “Heidegger and the 👅 of être / being”, or something like D.A.T., period!

And in Washington… 
Upon learning that The Greatest Speakers Set of a rock and roll band was to celebrate their 60th Anniversary in France, WILLIE GEISTmade an early start making sure that he is not late,” and set Sail To Le Havre. For the occasion, Mr. Geist invited a handful of his Nantucket buddies to sail on his Mega YATCH. An all-inclusive trip, but following the announcement of a Frenchvodka embargo” those free-loadin’ motherfuckers were advised to B.Y.O.V., period!

{and} according to Los Presuntos Implicados, the biggest Circus trick that Mick Jagger ever pulled, as a tanker in a general’s rank, was convincing Brad Pitt that peaches, bring bad luck… silly, Jagger, Megadeth ☢️ is not superstitious, when asked about the “peaches theory” Mustaine responded in Standard Operating Procedures³, “ha-ha I ain’t superstitious, under the ladder I go…”

³.~ S.O.P. is our newest endeavor, the task involved hones in on the persuit [chasse, en Francés del bueno] of calling a Spade a Spade and a a Hoe a Hoe.

If {and only} if…

Then … Jump in the fire on page Tú of the American copy of “my abuelita’s favorite magazine, “¡ALARMA! on the MSNBC’s, any hoot, to the little old, ol’GRAMA in The Ukraine… who feels sorry for Russian President Vlad Poutine mom’s, “With all due respect…”

WAS THAT “BASTERD », with an ‘A’ instead of a War Daddy’s ‘E’?

“Just the facts, ma’am.

https ://www .theguardian .com /law /2022/mar/14 /cia-black-site-detainee-training-prop-torture-techniques

6 card poker.
According to La Jornada of The Guardian report, “interrogators at the site, known both as Cobalt and the Salt Pit, went beyond the CIA’s guidelines in torturing Baluchi, [a Kuwaiti national] using two techniques without approval: using a stick behind his knees in stress position that involved leaning back while kneeling, and dousing with ice-cold water [yada, yada, yada]”.
The enhanced torture “technique” is apparently called « WALLING », The Guardian goes on to note on La Jornada that said ” BLACK SITE” technique, “involved placing the detainee’s heels against a specially designed plywood wall “which had flexibility to itand putting a rolled up towel around the detainee’s neck.

Edward SNOWDEN goes here.

Source: Musixmatch

“If the RAIN comes…” don’t forget to bring a towel. The “paperback {wards} writer” on D.A.T. .45 is going to appreciate keeping things dry.

Knot to bee (🐝) outdone by the birthday musings of Cerf-panthère, Mick Jagger decided to celebrate, at “Their Satanic Majesty’s Request”, Brian Jones’ 60th Anniversary of SATISFACTION, in France.

Los Ejes De Mi Carreta
Denisa Kay



Eye is Sirius… “Don’t Rise” up. This is only a “BORESIGHT” Procedure” per 2350-264-10-2021 W/Ch-ch-ch—CHANGES.


Los chucos de Charle Magno El Moreno

Imagine that… Charle Magne El Moreno… you Black motherfucker!
how Can U.S. Move Forward, Paul?…
or was D.A.T. a Öüï all along?
Eye mean, look at that SEA there…
It’s missing it’s “BRIDGE” and IF!
IF! Kamela Harris, “Vice-President”

IMAGINE (1971)
…preceded by:

*.~Joe Manchin (R-not really a “D” in West Virginia)
IF, ÖÜÏ keep calling Senator Manchin a “Democrat”,
Then, Kamala Harris, Vice-President,
Then youse gonna have to start calling
José Antonio Kast in CHILE, Jimmy Carter
or Something like that.

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /world /2021/12/18 /chile-elections-what-to-know/

And, thank God! Lindsey Reiser spitted~ed Avi out. And that is a good thing. Somebody, anybody! Öüï needs a Powerpoint© presentation on “Something, something, something.”

Rue BaRbette (making a « T » with Rue Elzévir (Punto y coma) yada, yada, yada*,… If you know what negrita is wearing, then and only then, Lindsey Reiser, will Ewe, get a bucket of 🍗.

Huipil de Morena equals Sincretismo en pillows.

*…people WHO know carnal knowledge call it an…, Anyone?

Anyhow, over on at 91.7 fm Josephine Baker is choreographing a Polka in Colombia… Tune in, find out.

or Knot… invest instead on:
Avi Velshi to the tune of Chano Pozo


And, Katty Key… sorry that Eye mispelled your name, “La Xingada” follows

Ladies in Gemini, this is a Time delayed overview of Caracas

And in Hollywood,

https ://asegovia3 .com /2021/04/19 /downtown-inset-scheduled-stops/

Where’d ya’say that Quinta was located at?
Le Mexique est un pays d’une classe modeste très foutue […] qui ne va pas s’en sortir. Pour la télévision, c’est une obligation d’apporter du divertissement à ces personnes et de les sortir de leur triste réalité et de leur avenir difficile. La classe moyenne, la classe moyenne inférieure, la classe moyenne supérieure. Les gens riches comme moi ne sont pas des clients, parce que nous, les riches, nous nous n’achetons rien”, Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, El Tigre.
Traduit avec http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (version gratuite)

“See what happens when a dirty bum meets the filthy rich.”
https ://www .infobae .com /america /mexico /2021/05/07 /el-dia-que-emilio-azcarraga-dijo-que-hacia-television-para-jodidos/

And, Katty Kay, meet Lucía, Anda, meet Lucía, why don’t you, y de Paso, here’s another name for Aristegui:

I Told you so, pinche Frida.
https ://monoaureo .com /2021/11/30 /andy-y-su-fabrica-de-chocolate/… Ketch~Up, kid.

In Local News, Spain brings the Flamenco to Les Halles and there is nothing that THE PARIS TOURISM BOARD can do about it.

Anyhow, Adrienne Elrod, KNOT to be outdone by Antonio Banderas and the Andalucía Tourism Board next to Frida’s Tangas Shop at Châtelet on La Rue de Cinéma, Willie Geist (hello Sir) is bringing out don jamón~jamón in the Role of Lucie’s crutch for his Little League Sunday Show.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt4995540/ Being The Ricardos

Or… as Noelia Gregorio Fernández in LA RIOJA says:
Knot another pinche CHOLO con una pinche GÜERA moovie

Just like the good’Ol THEYS of La GUAYABERA Blanca… Horacio-en-milenio comes courtesy of el monoaureo _ ese.

The news of Bardem playing the Cuban card on the Mambo Kings channel threw Banderas off the charts and so Antonio had only one thing that he could do and that was to squat the dang-on Rotunda of The American Style Mall in Saint Eustache and now po’SANTA is outside in the Cold-Cold Quad.

The gypsie caravan released a flyer stating that “El Duende” would be appearing next to LOS HILOS de ARIANNE for like the next two days. And that Pablo Picasso would be manifesting sometime before dinner time on the aforementioned Rotunda. And he did… that motherfucker passed right next to Los Hilos de Arianne.

With that in Mind, let Mí remind Monica AlBa that Eye is not Xicano… but according to La Rioja, Ewe is³additionally Öüï should never-ever-ever call Mí “His~panic”, and Chuck Todd better not call “cholo”.

1 to 8
3 .Bandit Mexicain.
4 . Equivalent a bandido
5 . Fait ici référence aux bandits mexicains installés à la frontière entre les États-Unis et Le Mexique
6 . Jeune Mexicain venant d’un milieu pauvre et vivant aux États-Unis à la fin des années 1950, souvent rejeté par la société à cause de sa manier de parler, ses coutumes ou encore ses habitudes vestimentaires.
7³ . Terme péjoratif identifiant une personne d’origine mexicaine vivant aux États-Unis.

Cinémas d’Amérique latine #29

El humor en el cine chicano contemporáneoParodia y transnacionalismo en la trilogía de El Mariachi de Robert Rodriguez
By: Noelia Gregorio Fernández (universidad de Alcalá, docente investigadora de La Rioja).
Witt special mention to PAGE 119;
and of course Raphaël Morán’s neighbor, the one and only, Freddy Cats

Originally published on 22 Nov, 2015: —!— Arte plástico en Montreuil-sous-Bois, 2012. Exposición adentro de una “panadería de pan”. En el contexto del tiempo y del espacio, se tienen que considerar dos puntos de vista, uno siendo el del artista plástico y su manifiesto sobre el concepto artístico, ‘Noche de los Muertos #3’; y dos, la de las noticias que salían de Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua durante el sexenio de Felipe Calderón Hinojosa. || Foto de la calle, capturada por armando segovia / segoviaspixes… you can keep the photo, no license is being claimed.

3 . Mexican bandit.
4 . Equivalent to bandido … {and isn’t that redundant, pues}
5 . Refers to the Mexican bandits living on the border between the United States and Mexico… {like FREDDY CATS-es-ese figurines???}
6 . Young Mexican from a poor background living in the United States at the end of the 1950s, often rejected by society because of his way of speaking, his customs or his clothing habits. {Ah, for FuCkS sake, if you change Young for Old that is Mí in Paris, France!}
7³ . Pejorative term identifying a person of Mexican origin living in the United States. {Let’s stop for a second here and Let ALICIA MENENDEZ deconstruct this one for both of us, Eye don’t think that that word means what you think it means}.

Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Notes de Traductrices de Master 2 du CETIM de l’université de Toulouse Jean Jaurès sous direction de CAROLE FILLIÈRE
Pg. 114Éléments Parodiques Dans La Trilogie El MAriachi : Le Personnage Masculin En Tant Que “Bandido/Greaser
La notion de masculinité latina sera, yada, yada, yada… 3 stéréotypes liés a cette masculinité parodiée (et la criminalilté) chicanal mexicaine : le bandido fronterizo5, le pachuco6 et le cholo7(3), tous ces clichés associés d’une façon ou d’une autre à l’archétype du bandido latino.

https ://www .theolivepress .es /spain-news /2020/06/05 /andalucian-government-invests- e22 – 5- million -in-promotional-campaigns-to-attract-tourists-featuring-hollywood-star-antonio-banderas/

La négritude de los chicanos, episode Tú

And, Nikole Hanna-Jones, it’s 19h in Hilo, Hawaii and 7 am at Orly, and pay no attention to the Allies tanto en la popa como en la proa del perimetro “PRATTICO” del Grand Palais.

Paisano oriundo de Roma, colonia, casi esquina con Sanborns

… Think i’m lying? I mentioned “prattico” no porque la forma arquitectónica of the Big Palace is shaped like a FIXED-WING{s} aircraft, after all the fuckn’ place first Expo was of airplanes. No big surprise there. Anyhow, we last left La Place de La République with the Vision of a Big ol’V behind Marianne. Chuck De Gaulle was about to give his big ol’Speech proclaiming the end of a series of Spaghetti Republics that had plagued France with Banana Republic hopes which only benefited the Opus Dei and the future uncomfortable friends of this guy called Zammour in 2021.

desfile3… 111 {years} and Eye quotes: One and One and One is Three; Come Together now, do the maths. —_!_— Needs banana for size.

Naturally, this being France “El Fondo también es Forma” y viceversa, como el horario entre Paris y Hawaii. Think of George C. Scott asking Kentuckians what it was that they were going to tell thier Chinese overlords in 2026 when they asked of them, where were you when LEADER McCONNEL secured for you a future in the shit shoveling trade industry? Or something like that.

CENTO giorni (1966)… after the break how UNA CALLE DE PARIS invented LAS TELENOVELAS in Churubusco… and all because of the fuckn’ Grand Palais and this Malraux guy and his “wing man” Reynold Arnould. PERRO EN “EL PÉRIPH” follows.

En fin, the resolution/denouement of the Mexican version of Blazing Saddles, titled “LAS FUERZAS VIVAS” (Ora Agora Mandas Tu… in Portugal) arrives to the same predicament/opportunity that André Malraux had when Chuckles asked of him to take care of EL FONDO for him at la muy mentada Plaza de La República.

Niezniszczalne sily in POLAND… Can you spot the “V” shape beween the prolétariat and das kapital? For the record, Susana Puveda, ARMANDO SILVESTRE is just a redundant outdoors complement. Screen Grab is courtesy of the interwebs and the creators of the cartelera en cuestión.

… https ://www .filmaffinity .com /es /film 765812 .html

Coming attractions:

Que pase el desgraciado — What Ewe see is what Ewe get

El Tigre de Santa Julia starring the President of Mexico as Mi-Nino Roto.


Previously on, “abiertamente blindado” on PBS (Pabst Bleu Sceau)

Seaux = Knot hallmark… and Lindsey Reiser, that’s a lot of Ewe’s with Debbie Wasser{iel*} from your co-host… sniff — sniff… i smell baby carrots.

https ://www .liberation .fr /politique /presidentielle-la-chasse-sur-les-chemins-de-la-campagne -20211119 _VXJHYHOPPVEV5PF4ZX4J5WVMHQ/

— “Ehhhhhh, what’s up Doc? »

Check your barrels at the door.

Breaking the news, In KEnoSha, Wisconsin, Ellison Barber froze to ice, The McLaughlin Blonde is putting on the gloves. The events outside of the Rittenhouse Memorial Courthouse, in KEnoSha, Wisconsin, have triggered Parisians to move out to the so-called “CAMPAGNE” to join HUNTING CLUBS… Adrianne “Elmer” Elrod Fudd reports.


Baby Carrots In American Politics

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2021 /nov /15 /sacre-bleu-french-flag-changes-colour-but-no-one-notices THE FIRST WOMAN OF COLOR taking over the FREE WORLD for 85 New York minutes.

Coma frutas y verduras and “consult your urologist if you wonder what your manhood should look Likeuse small carrot for size comparison with Senator Kevin McCarthy.

I took the wrong turn at Saint Malo but don’t look back {when} in Angers… she’s in a family full of excentrics 

*.~ per Le Robert new standard on Sociétal Reconnaissance in the French flag.

And, Kier Simmons, guess what? — It’s WeekEnd Edition


And Ellison Barber… you are out of uniform, it’s casual Jackson THEY, like whatever! C’mon, Ellison, take off them gloves… it can’t be less than -3° Celsius Clay. 

And Hallie Jackson, lemme jump in… ‘member when “tumbler” had a different whiff in the news?

ISSY, “whiff” is the proper noun… and it’s part of a Social Order, Monica Alva {33:3 EST same spot where the Turkeys Guajolotes yesterday were taking selfies}.

A young William Barr {RACINE,WI ; 13:58 UTC –6} is doing the after party at the rittenhouse Scot free trial… go home, Mike Richards. That’s the law… sorry if Eye mispelled your name.

And in local news, it’s last week to they and 300 pastors {Ministers, pues}… all of them honorary Mexicans on REVOLUTION rememberence day… in Canada, why Cànàda, Ambassador RICE? Mauricio Garcés will explain, IT!, for you.

But FO’ist, the Bobs {knot the boobs} are neck deep on in The Oval Office and Öüï is not even talking about WaWa Gate. In the ART world this is called ART DECO. Art Deco, like Mexican pre-columbian art is Tax Free at CDG, ORLY and NICE… and you know that can’t be bad.

Courtesy of LA JORNADA in PROCESS{o}…
2021-11-18 Reunión de el presidente de México- Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador y el primer ministro de Cànada  Justin Trudeau.


In Paris, it’s incest rememberence day, and Mika, i {armando segovia} knows what Charlie Sykes is thinking of in Oh-hi-hO… his grandchildren in France had a better future in West Virginia [Banjo{s} duel goes here] and that’s a catch phrase for Carmela Soprano’s new and improved Au Pied du Cochon in Saint Eustache.

And Susan Page, does Eye really need to smack Cousin Joe in that big noggin of his to make him spit the Philippe Labró source? You got it leather Queen…

The heart of Rock and Roll is in D.C..

Page Eight, baby, EL OCHO… of N°2625 of Le Matin Cnews Direct…

But FO’ist, it begs to be a beggar to ask the question: WHY? Why in the FIRST TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED, expresso-drinking, croissant-dipping, truffle diggin’ Puériculture world at Le Jardin des Plantes would France need a plan against fucking children? Why?

And then the International Infant Day was invented at Le Grand Palais… note to non-readers at the Morning ‘comrade’ Joe Show: The Big Palace at Place Clemenceau is under de-Construction and so the Infant Day rememberence ceremony is hereby moved to Le Parvis de La Mairie de Paname en Paris.

And, Susan Page {knot the RICE} New Jersey called, La Pundita wants her look back… and Heilemann, of course you know that this must be read in an Andrew Dice Clay “london calling” leather jacket look.

Note to non-sponsors at MONOPRIX®… let’s roll, Eye will bring the Rock.

TimeStamp: 3 minutes ’till Bpi Shutdown… Fuck The Police… by Joey Starr, or some Frog like that.

And… she’s back — A closer look at the situation

Curly Heilemann is such a bootleg orthodox, bringing out The Rock to talk about mañana… and on Deadline, that “Sumbeetch”.

En fin, tocayo, all that Öüï is saying, is that looking back at the WINGS that fell from the sky, —literally inches from where my Sac-a-Dos goes— earlier today, is that Öüï sure is happy that it wasn’t the Ebony and Ivory rendered in this screen-tribute from “Tacho de Tachotitlán” vía el monoaureo below ⤵️