Jar of flys — Hoy no hubo noticias

14 de diciembre, 2017

today there are no news to piggy-back and report on because all of the flys on the wall have been trapped inside of an empty  and unmarked Jar of Jam left as bait on the edge of a porch.

La ironía que ya se había venido llegar desde hace un buen rato. —•— Uso justo del NYT.

… y en México, se dice que ayer y hoy salió El Sol; o algo así.

ReuTers… the other Rt in the news. Anygüey, after a few modifications, including the one about FUCKING THE SHIT UP of activists during manifestations (2 de Octubre no se olvida), the Mexican “Homeland” Security version that sets Permanent Military BOOTS on the streets has one more hurdle to pass in the Mexican Congress… Viva México “Volvido” una realidad aún más distopica.

Lo bueno es que el duo dinamico del Club de Amigos de Bernardo Gómez ya entro en Acción. ya nada más que llegue Armando Álvarez de la casa de su chingado padre y todo va a estar color de perlas.

Captura cortesía de una admiradora de Diego Luna…. ¿Diego, qué Rol Pronosticas que Jugará  BERNARDO GÓMEZ de Pantalion Films en la próxima/actual CAMPAÑA del sr. Meade?, ¿Consideras que en la anterior campaña (del 2012) el sr. Gómez jugó el rol que Steve Bannon protagonizó por detrás de las bambalinas para Donald Trump en el 2016 en loe EeUu?

Sources follow, por mientras aquí unas moscas en cautiverio:

Sarah’s “Slow Motion Nightmares”


So, Rachel, we [the staff] recently learned from a redditor called “Thecoller,” what a slashed “s” (/s) stands for, we did so after reading an incendiary comment that was posted on the comment section
of an NPR story that covered one of the many American issues that really tick-us–off; so there… it’s a good thing that our Rotulista Extraordinaire, “Sego Arma” took his chill pills on that particular day, and only wrote two paragraphs, as a response and not his usual scroll… /s.

Entonces pues, doña Sarah (Chayes) we [the staff] would like to segue into today’s entry by probably anticipating what the “geniuses” [/s] at Morning Joe are going to say about our continuing follow-through of those —your—recurring “Slow-Motion Nightmares” that have been unfolding since January 20th of this, our Chinese Year of The Rooster and, its similarities with many backwards countries forms of Corruption and Institutionalized Graft, which according to you —Ma’am— “it’s SO Familiar from HONDURAS, from Azerbaïjan, [and] from Afghanistan“.

Our educated anticipation [/s]… tells us that given the upcoming Alabama Governor’s Mansion race, Cousin Joe is going to say that Now is Not the Time to question him about that iPhone X, and neither is it the moment to bring back the folly of the 2009 U.S. Backed Coup in Honduras, against President Zelaya’s pajamas.

Foto cortesía de La Jornada [de] Mme. Secretary Rodham-Clinton… en el 2009.

To which we [the staff] would answer to Willie Geist, that we actually wanted to re-take this angle about recurring Slow-Motion Nightmares —particulary South of Tijuana— because [Dr. Chayes] during your brief conversation with Dr. Maddow (October 20th, 2007, TRMS) you explained to Maddow’s audience how the banking scheme in Azerbaïjan is spearheaded by the “president’s” immediate relatives; and, how in Afghanistan the government backed construction industry is colluded with opium drug lords who also control the Portland Cement distribution racket industry, however; Dr. Chayes, will you deny that during that Voice of America segment on The Rachel Maddow Show you forgot to bring out the corrupting variable —that is So Familiar [/s]— with latin American elections since the days that .: Benjamin Franklin :. was flying kites during his “Missionary Work” [/s] —in France… which brings us to a lighting round of our Daily Double Jeopardy segment of… Of Course You Know That It Was The French Who Invented…

– – Your Categories Are:
• French Legacies
• French Patrimonies
•French Glory

– – FOR $5000, which of the French King’s is Responsible for the portrait on the Federal Reserve’s  $100 Bill 

-Contestant presses the annoying buzzard button, and hurries his answer:

— The Martyr King of L’Ancien Regime

-Alejandro Trebek responds:

– – Can you phrase your response in the form of a question?

-Contestant, Armando Álvarez responds:

— “Who is The Martyr King of L’Ancien Régime, King Louie XVI?

Anygüey, Dr. Chayes, pending what the other Sarah, of our Dreams, Silverman has to say on tomorrow’s show we [the staff] would like to take this opportunity and try to “fill in the blanks” of that particular Honduras void that you left empty during your Raquelito interview… AMAZING C.V. that follows you, by-the-way [/respect].

Yes we know that given Trump’s crumbling presidency, it’s not “kosher” to talk bad about former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s role in the Zelaya’s pajamas affair, but you know what, Dr. Chayes, We The Staff Did TAKE A LEFT IN ALBUQUERQUE during the Bernie Sanders run, and as a matter of fact, world events don’t just stop because The United States of America is having an Emotional Meltdown, geo politically speaking, —of course… “¡HASTA LA VICTORIA, SIEMPRE!” And, Merry X–Mas, Revolution!


https ://www .reddit .com/r/mexico/comments/7gdvdm/mexico_struggles_to_integrate_foreign_students

Sarah Chayes on TRMS:



20 de noviembre – Capítulo 4; chingada madre PIT* II…

*Paco Ignacio Taibo, Jr.

Contexto del mes de octubre de 2015, a seguir. Y sí don Paco, es un rollo paralelo a la visita de John Mill Ackerman en el 2014 a París… momentito por favor, porque tiene que ver con la pregunta que le hiciera una voz femenil al minuto 53 con 55 segundos en ese mismo foro, y con su respuesta a ella en el contexto de Marx Vol. 2; y sí don Paco, la cuestión giró en torno a, “¿quién escribe el presente, para mejor ubicar el pasado Sin Divisionismos ni Sectas Partidistas?  •—_¡_—• Captura de pantalla cortesía de La Brigada FIL hashtag — o alguna chingadera del tuítter que más o menos se escribe así.

ECONOMICS REPRODUCTION as explained by a Washington commentator: sarcasm, or exceptional cynisim… Andrea Mitchell decides.

… yeah, it’s like MONOPOLIES with restraints… right, Timmy—my boy? Alex can we [the staff] get a hell yeah? With a special Kasie Hunt thunderbolt?

Hey there Cousin Joe, we [the staff] are a bit confused with this fellow named Timothy Carney, a commentary editor at The Washington Examiner; maybe it was sarcasm or maybe it was the bratty ways of yet another one of America’s favorite exceptional kids who equates the US debt, as one of those “to big to fail Scams” that come with an $85 Billon Dollar Bailout tag and, as if that wasn’t enough, Carney gets his kicks by pouring some salt on a deep-cut wound, es decir, Mika, by aluding to your audience [the staff included] that there is no such thing as a Citizens United Supreme Court decision; has that law been repealed? Senator McCain (R – AZ) has not sent the memo about that aberration being scraped from the books.

Bad troll—no cookie.

BTW.—you guys! Good job! Kudos to the MorJo Hearing Impaired Team for CENSURING out that particular comment about Citizens United made by Mr. Free Enterprise above, for those with difficulties inside the ears, here it goes:

Corporations aren’t people, they don’t actually pay TAXES—they COLLECT IT [sic]…

Where is Barnicle when you need him, wonder what Mrs. Barnicle at B of A would comment about trolly mcTroll comments above.

Willie Geist most definitely approves of that digital white-out… tell you what, Cousin Joe, please have the one and only Andrea Mitchell talk to the ex FED Chairman and ask her to please instruct Ol’fountainhead Greenspan to place a complimentary phone call to Janet Yellen, and have the current FED Chairperson  print out a couple dozen wads of brand spanking new Steive Mnuchin $100 Dollar bills, wrapped up in $50 dollar sheets, please ensure that the Secretary’s signature is showing… Fuck it: We Are The United States! — Not Sean Penn’s Venezuela!

… TimeStamp: 03h00 CET

Katty, my Dear, you ask for context?—we don’t need no Stinkin’ Context!

… al regresar,
Marco teórico mis huevos;
marco los de los cuadros
o algo así —según PIT II.

Hey, Cousin Joe, the next time you have the urge to book presidente Fox on your morning show, please go ahead and book Paco Jr., no seas una burbuja; o como decía Young Karl Marx: un circuito cerrado de Información Reproducida en amplitud bien modulada… and Cousin Joe: no te sigas haciendo pendejo con ese iPhone X, ¡ya mándalo Güey!

Exceptional Sources via:


PIT II vía Pit Salmérón en una FIL:

20 de noviembre, 3ª parte — v3.1; ShyNa*


Hay quienes ven este vaso medio vacío; pero hay quienes lo ven, como un vaso medio lleno… verlo así —es pensar  joven“, o algo asi es lo que predicaba un anuncio del Concorde disfrazado de información déspues de las caricaturas de La Pantera Rosa, con El Tío Gamboín,  en el Canal 5, durante toda mi niñez; entonces pues, sin esta parte de la variable en la fórmula   de asimilación —apreciados chilenos, peruchos y cariocas— no se puede entender en su totalidad a Roberto Gómez Bolaños. •—_—•  Uso justo de Le Journal de Paris… www . leparisien . fr/75


Not actually workers on the Canadian Co. payroll, but only collateral victims in a collective bargaining dispute… y al rato van a decir que no “estaban muertos, andaban de parranda”, o mismo que andaban en malos pasos… Viva México.

… context follows

… and of course, —faltara menos— Dr. John M. Ackerman (Ph.D) is going to interpret the following post in all the wrong fucking ways; but the good thing about this blog is that Johnny only monitors The Economist.

Johnny, my Boy… Context follows!

I don’t blame China. After all, who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country for the sake of its citizens?“‎

⇑⇑⇑  President Donald “liddle Jhon” Trump while in “ShyNa*; and who, as quoted by the BBC, has a history of being a fucking hypocrite, because he is “nice in person and immediately reverting to [his white nationalist demagogic] form once he leaves”.

This mother-fucker used to get his kicks by taking advantage of other countries. Fuck him and the President who appointed him into the Foreign Service… Uso justo de la historia de los Estados Unidos Americanos.

Las Fuentes de El Show de La Pantera Rosa: https ://youtube .com /watch?v=7r8h-I_GPPA

“🎶 and he’s a Gentleman, a Scholar—he’s an Acrobat!”

1. https://www.eleconomista.com.mx/empresas/Muertos-en-mina-de-Guerrero-no-eran-empleados-de-Torex–20171122-0049.html

2. Trump in ShyNa!*… https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/business-41924797

3. … Johnny, my Boy: https://mobile.twitter.com/johnmackerman/status/930078102302097408

4. El Heraldo de México: https :// youtube .com/watch?v=mcW45ojph74

20 de noviembre — 3ra parte, “despierta ya, mexicano*”

Anuncio en La Semana que Philippe, Labró: “Just the facts Ma’am”.

“ShyNa!” Context follows… No tiene la culpa el indio, sino el que compadre lo hace, dijo don Ignacio López Tarso (un soldado del PRI). —¡— Uso justo de todos los medios.

Pobrecitos los canadienses, méndigos huelguistas estropeando sus acciones allá en la bolsa de Toronto… a ver que día doña Kate del Castillo y don Sean Penn “corrigen” ese asunto con una novela con un documental en Netflix.

Contexto a seguir… It’s Weekend Edition.


Attention non readers, this is an other edition of After Action Reviews (AAR), our segment dedicated to check the facts —to the best of our reach and abilites— and correct wrongful information that we [the staff] took for granted in the news cycles of the Media.

Good news from Ciudad Júarez, Chihuahua, the city that once-upon-a-TimeStamp was the murder capital of the world, a notorious distinction that won the city’s newspaper of reference (El diario de Juárez) a lucrative partnership with The New York Times. Like the Left-leaning Libération in Paris, once per week, El Diario gets to reprint a collection of The NYT’s news and opinion articles in the middle of their bloody pages … excuse us, we ment to type: in the middle of their brilliant pages; the bloody part, is another chapter of El Diario de Juárez, story.

… anygüey, good news for the Mexican side of the labor force of the Borderplex at Paso del Norte, because our news contact at El Puente Negro y La Nota Nostra has some-what confirmed General Browkaw’s overjoyed terrain observations (as seen from El Paso, Texas), of maquila factories providing housing for their employees in hopes, or rather, as a solution to bringing down the unecessary, yet consecuential cases of child neglect and femele homicides in that region. The dilema faced by the mexican side of the labor force in the afore mentioned Borderplex is to accept grave-yard shifts and travel long distances to where the assembly plants are located, or face a day without food on the table.

Opting for the night-job is a decision that often takes precedence over family safety matters because the Mexican Social Fabric of the government does not provide child care for families in the most precarious or difficult of situations. Parents in these circumstances are forced to leave their grade school children alone in the middle of the night so that they (often single-parents) can provide for their young ones… the good news about that scenario is that the Mexican labor force just received a significant .30 cent rise in the Minimum Wage, —Just-In-Time— for “El Buen Fin,” or Mexican Black Friday (be advised that in Mexico, every Friday is a Black Friday; with a murder being committed every 15 minutes, black Fridays-through-Mondays are a N’Importe Quoi kind of deal; Dime-a-Dozendiría, a lo mejor don Jorge Saldaña imitando a don Antonio Aguilar.

[statistic follows]

Say no to Darkness“… Atte: El WaPo punto com. •_• AP/arrobajuarez/el diario sources follow.

Las Fuentes, que los lectores de doña Vilma no leen:

Nahomi, 12 años

El WaPo

El diario de Juárez