Dear, Cousin Joe (Scarborough)… The Gipper never met a Legionnaire

Full Disclosure: and Brontis á La Préfecture de Paris wont let us [the staff] lie, we did not come to France to become French… having stated that, if a foreigner is willing to put his or her life on the line for a Frog, or for France, Marianne will not let him or her down, unlike Columbia and her “manifest destiny” who betrays her foreign soldiers, especially the Hispanic troops.

Still ahead in the programming: The French Connection

With that in mind: FUCK Laura Ingraham and the WHITE SUPREMACIST MOVEMENT in Minnesota, and other assorted States in OUR American Union.

America (sin acento) I love You, but sometimes  you make your better Angels feel like a motherless child.  The “Gipper’s” re-quote is courtesy of Cousin Joe, and in the Grand Scheme of Things, the time line is from January 19, 1989. For more on Reagan’s quotes go to or follow the link at at the source section of this most inconsequential blog.


Dear, Melania Trump,

Congratulations on your parents, naturalization; Hurray for Chain Migration, eh!

TimeStamp: 13 hundred hours in Central NATO Time.

Mientras tanto en la UACJ… el beneficio de la duda continúa

Lo único que el que en unas horas recibirá su constancia que lo acredita como el ganador de las pasadas elecciones del 1 de julio le pidió a los presentes en el auditorio de la Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juárez es de que los diálogos, y los reportes de seguridad a las seis de la mañana  no resulten en un simulacro, como el BANCO del hermano del actual rector de la universidad anfitriona, o mismo el HOSPITAL de ESPECIALIDADES que nada mas sirve como fondo para películas o anuncios de publicidad… Screen capture courtesy of a thing called PINTREST, o algo así.

Anygüey, a ver que escribe mi amigo Ramón (a quién no le gusta el fútbol) al respecto. Según él, una púndita, o pundit en Inglés —y de quién no vamos a mencionar el nombre— ella dice “it’s the economy, Stupid”, pero obviamente, en Español, eso se traduce a, “es la corrupción, pendejo”… o algo así.

El fondo…

Veremos, Vero.

Something’s Coming… and Ewe Know it.

TimeStamp: West Side Story…
in Central Siren Time,
it’s the 7 o’Clock Hour
y No, Sirens…
La puta Puerta, Corazón esta abierta.
¡A Huevo Que Sí!

Something’s coming… ahhh, sí! La Puerta, is what’s coming.

Coming Up:

L’aigle et le serpent
… did Ewe know that it was the French,
who, who—well, Ewe Know:

Wait for it, Wait!

… context follows.

You See, Cousin Joe, here’s where Ewe –motherfucker– is Wrong.

… your jubilee celebration about the Koch brothers recognition that they fucked up when they chose political partisanship over Country, along with Generalissima’s Jordan assertion that those two motherfucking oligarchs “know” how and “where” to place their money on a political campaign is EXACTLY —motherfuckers— what has landed america (sin acento) on the sacrificial boulders of the Houses of The Holy… sort of speak; because Ewe, —motherfucker— of all people should know that the pretty pink babies butts on that album cover are nothing more than the sacrificial blood for a system that does not give a flying fuck for the future of humanity.

Full disclosure, we [the staff] don’t believe in God, still, we respect those who genuinely do.

So, Cousin Joe, respectfully, we [the staff] believe that when you cheer the two motherfucking oligarchs, a.k.a. as the Koch brothers for re-directing their blood–money for the next election, well, fucker, that is kin to celebrating  a Federal U.S. Judge order to release “MANY” but not ALL of the detained asylum seekers that were administered “psychotropic drugs on its wards.”

Nice start, but those motherfucking DRUGS should be illegal in the first place, —motherfucker— tell me otherwise? It is because of YOUR very SPONSORS, the big pharma industry, that those Dangerous Drugs are o.k. with the Federal DRUG SCHEDULE.

If we [the staff] didn’t expressed this sentiment before, let it be known:

… and
as well, Ewe’ALL!


… context continues to develop.

Fuck it…
Let’s Play HARDBALL:



Religious attack my ASS!

JEFF SESSIONS, the attorney general is a motherfucking CULTIST. FUCK HIM and his backwards faith movement.

… oh, the  GNOME in action.