Ahora sí, from the top: CIELITO 💥 LINDO

A Closer Luc.


🎶 Un par d’Ojitos lindos
Cielito HERMOSO, que Luis se roba
💃🏿 Ay, ay, ay, ay
Qué quieres que haga
Porque besando se roba,
Cielito Lindo los escenarios.

We now know why Luis Rubiales stole a kiss from Jenni Hermoso in Australia. Here’s why, but first:

     Just The Facts, Ma’am!


Source: Luis Rubiales @ https ://rfef .es /es /noticias /

Exhibit 11 — MEN AT WORK… It’s a mistake. Luis Rubiales, el hasta aún presidente de la Real Federación Española de Futbol se equivocó de jugadora, y en la foto del la entrega de los abrazos se ve claramente que “la tuza” Jenni del Pachuca porta el 10 de Alexia. It’s a clear example of “Wardrobe Malfunction”. Case dismissed.

 1        Tell  U.S.  Commander, Misa
 2          What do you think? O. Batlle
3            Cus’ we all know Teresa
       4       that you love all that power Paredes
 5 Ivana
6              Is it on then, Aitana
 7         are we on the brink? Irene G.
      8       We wish you’d all throw in the towel Mariona
 9 Esther
10                         It’s a mistake  J. Hermoso
11                         It’s a mistake       Alexia
12 Oihane
13 Enith
14 L. Codina
15 Eva Navarro
16 María Pérez
17 Redondo
18 Paralluelo
19 Olga
20 Rocío
21 Zornoza
22 Athenea
23 Cata Coll

It’s time for Grease… not to be confused with Manteca because that is Dizzy’s weed, knot Crisco Cream, bay-bee. Grease is the word. But seriously, Let’s play hardball.

Arriviste viste nu de Ivy League, o como dice la letra del Bolero de Raquel, “🎶 Pues desde que te fuiste no he tenido, Media Luna 🌓 ».

— Did you, or did you not cut those matress-es labels?

https ://nowiknow .com / pourquoi-les-matelas-sont-liveres-avec-des-etiquettes-de-advertissement

In case of hurricane, break the glass on the Emergency “hugs and doughnuts” kit.


… to the Moon, en SEE Chord#

To the moon, Alicia Leos! Meanwhile in Mexico, “las autodefensas” que tanto inspiraron a los co optados del Frente Amplio de Izquierda mexicana, y al “gran” corresponsal de radio france international, El Gran Raphaël Morán, cumplen 8 añotes de andar forjando MERMAS.

Orion goes here (Metallica)… because Zeppelin is for fags.

4 Billion Dollars (US) towards MARS, and the one thing that the WORLD needs to start assimilating right now, before the Planet decides to kill all carbon-based life forms, is that in SPACE 🌌, there won’t be any democracy, this is to say, that a day in MARS will make all of the Arabian Peninsula regimes look like a day at any-given Disney World.

KEY WORD —co optación institucionalizada.

And, GO’ill de Niza, it seems that Cerf-panthére is trying to move in on your Allegretto fo’Kids brand, I mean, can you believe that Cerf-gato (Pantera, mis huevos) is asking, “when is parents day?”… coincidentally, all the little black kids at underprivileged learning institutions in-and-around the French ghettos, are asking the very same question, “when is my parents day”, on account that those little fuckers parents are too busy raising the “Lazy Figaro’s” bobos children in France.

To The Moon, Alicia Leos. To The Motherfunky Moon!

I’m tellin’ Ewe!… To The Moon, GO’ill de Niza, to the Moon.

Twenty minutes is not an appropriate medium to relay my context, let alone this post. So, Juanito Guanabacoa, inform your pinches esquincles that this Blog is only a DRAFT, not a Maison de l’Amérique latine conférence for faggots.

… (Context goes here) And, Alicia Leos, ya tu’sabe que don LEOncio 🇨🇱 en la MAL27 no me dejaria mentir, “Caminante No Hay Camino”, y con todo el respeto que tú senora madre me merece, Saludos Hasta, Cuauhtémoc, ShyWaWa!


Check… You know what happened, right?


El OchoYour place for Darts. No inception for the recipients.

2014 ~ 2022

Boot Time, it Checks. My random act of kindness for to They is an Avocado for Cousin Joe.

Lunes 26/9 23h40 CST / 06h40 CET 27/09

Sur l’autoroute Iguala-Mezcala, un camion transportant l’équipe de football amateur Avispones a été abattu, car il a été confondu avec l’unité dans laquelle les normalistas  voyageaient. Trois personnes sont mortes dans cette attaque : Mme Blanca Montiel ; Le joueur d’Avispones, David Josué García, et le chauffeur de camion, Víctor Manuel Lugo.

Numbers… 44, 45, y 46: On the Iguala-Mezcala highway, a truck carrying the Avispones (Hornets) amateur soccer team was shot at, as it was mistaken for the unit in which the normalistas were traveling in. Three people died in this attack: Mrs. Blanca Montiel; Avispones player, David Josué García, and the truck driver, Víctor Manuel Lugo.

I’m Sirius…

El Charrito Pemex and L’ami Y’a bon productions presents:

Ciao 🥖 Cacao
and other assorted slogans.

Ciao Cacao con manouche vegetariano… Alicia Menéndez comes courtesy of The Maze Runner and The Death Cure.


“no de dos patas o de dos piernas, sino metálica”.


Vicente Fox Q.
Presidente Constiticional de los EEUUMM

The year is 2006 and across The Atlantic and beyond La Sierra Nevada  (there is no “sierra morena” in Mexico, that was all propaganda from Mel Brooks in Paris) en Mazatlán las lavadoras de “patas prietas color de llanta” ain’t got a veladora 🪔 to shine on the colonial experience as part of a nutritious breakfast.

“… pero si alguien lo interpretó así, alguna mujer de quienes me están viendo, le pido disculpas, pero amplísimas, amplísimas, con el tema de las lavadoras”


Nayarit for Size. Me dijeron que no.

Juanito Guanabacoa of course, mora con Aguascalientes en Playback, desde Nayarit. Según Juanito Guanabacoa, Nayarit quere Decir en CORO: HIJO DE DIOS ENTRE EL SOL Y EL CIELO, ES DECIR, FREDDY, Mercury.

And not live, as Juanito Guanavacoa had promised last week, but he did manage, however, to put himself on the side of the artists, con compromiso con La Préfecture de Paris. Ciao 🥐 Cacao… Musical Guest: Las piernas de tu mamá, Godoy, con i griega of course.


La Razón por la que el resto del mundo odia a La República Francesa.

Símbolo Autóctono de la policía judicial de la época de Oro de La Guayabera Blanca y los guantes negros, el Papá FRANCISCO reporta desde Québec Alberta Cánada.

Wednesday is independence they… Tuesday you vote or DIE, and Monday? Monday i’m in Love With Ewe and of course, Zeppelin Goes Here.

Residente, el Jamiroquai de Ayotzinapa.

Ya me cansé…. https ://www .bfmtv .com /international /amerique-latine /mexique /etudiants-disparus-au-mexique-l-ex-procureur-general-arrete-64-policiers-et-militaires-recherches _AD-202208200022.html

The incarnation of Tomás de Torquemada if France would have awarded him a Radio Slot on rfpp… and since Juanito GUANABACOA started today “calentada” with un TAJO en Argentina, let me, Armando Serrano-Prieto, show you what Argentina looks like without a ‘water bearer’:


https ://www .nuevatribuna .es /articulo /cultura—ocio /politica-hidraulica-franquismo /20220712084502200495 .html

Un tajo en Durango es un canal hecho a pico y pala y que se nutre de una presa, Juanito Guanabacoa, no una tajada de la prefectura de François Hollande.

Find out, but if-and-only-if Eye doesn’t fall ‘asleep in the next tumbona de las playas de París. Updated after the Paraná River fires, en La Argentina.

But first, JUSTICE!, at the Katie Phang Show is a relevant Thang, and here is why, in The prosecutorial U S. of A., the only thing that matters is what side you are on.

Aire acondicionado with Évry postre.

Sixty six essays and then some, now Öüï knows how many Knots it takes to tie-down the USSR

Secrets in Plain Sight  

It’s like The Spanish Inquisition, but in Cyrillic.


Greek in Cyrillic

Banania for size

Context para Pepito’s biscuits

This is why Jupiter wants the Lithium, stamina wise it’s a Gas Giant… puro pedo, pues. And, Major Thom, Eye knew that you were compensating for fip. fr during your excursion to the ISS… what’s that you got there under them panels of yours,?


You ain’t nuttin’ but a Puff fish.


Deer, French people, you are all a bunch of hypochondriac hipócritas

Hoy no hubo “actualités de « Américas » ”, only noize.

Sin celery, L’ami Y’a bon.

FPP presenta: Juanito Guanabacoa kidnapped Osler Amaro.

Stay tuned for details…

Telemundo et IHEAL productions present

Telemundo et IHEAL productions present : la rue de Cascades and Siempre en Domingo, con Raúl Velasco y los putos de México.

For starters, you suck coq.

En contexto, los neo-zapatistas, pre cursores de la pantera rosa y los Black Panthers de la Placé des Fêtes, Metro line 11, the Brown Ligne, fueron los ofendidos por mi incursión a la Gare de Lyon el mérititi-ti-to día que Omar y la comitiva de los 43 recibiera su recibida en Francia. Para estas fechas, morena-francia ya no era parte del club de la Pájara Peggy.

Sponsored by San Judas MD

If only the Montpellier Tourism Board was as naive as their Parisienne counterparts.

The best water, comes from Santa Qatarina, Nuevo Lyon

GACHUPINES con GUAYABERA in CUBA and VERACRUZ follows (fascism for the good masses), period!


Los Hilos de Sasha en las bragas de Hidalgo… and before mister BARBOSA misinterprets, please be reminded that when Antonio Aguilar crooned the first ever “Rancho Grande” over satellite communications, en el ‘supremo gobierno’ de los EEUUMM, Gustavo Díaz Ordaz commissioned Antonio’s calzones to el ‘tiro’ en El bunghole★ del ranchero tejano, Lyndon Baines Johnson’s.

★~. 👖entrejambe

Sponsored by the Agence France Presse and The Mexican consulate in Paris, France.

Ask yourself, if you follow the CitÉ poliTicks at l’universite de Paris, why did the JALISCO ambassador stay in office at Longchamps after “el peje” won the populus ELECTION?

The Answer My Friend…

Is Blowing in CARLOS SLIM’S 💋 lips.


With All Due Respect to San Ignatius de Los WaPos goes here, ISSY—context for Jamal Khashoggi’s wife goes here.

Step right in Eye has Six of these babies in stock ready to quench that Canicula³ like a freezed-damped WaWa lingette through le ARC de Triomphe².

Drink Beer or Die
… motherfuckers hijos de puta
… et al.

Sponsored by ScienesPo and Alain “GATT” Rouquié.

Alain Rouquié is on VACATION and could not be reached for comments, Latin American culos cocked blocked the encounter… and then they INSTALLED a kool-aid guru in Pemex to quench LA INTERNACIONAL SOCIALISTA thirst for POPULIST POWER



If-and-Only if you call now in the next HAAB¹ you will also get a Topo Chico with Lime.

https ://www .mayaarchaeologist .co .uk /public-resources /maya-world /maya-calendar-system/

In case you missed it, our blog centers in México [wit acento en LA eh], however, it would mean NUTTIN’ if the issues that I raise, would not affect the whole of humanity, —and la bendita Francia también.

WaWa Wars…
now infused with Narco Gwar supplements.

Must be a gear head to participate. Restrictions apply. Coma Frutas y Verduras.


Naturally… 🥑 ∆ 🥑



Officially, Florida Gates is a dick… Viejas Feas rock


Peep Ol’s Try To Put US Down.


[Context for, it rhymes with… goes here]

¹~. https ://www .eluniversal .com .mx /nacion /sociedad /asi-surgio-la-frase-haz-patria-mata-un-chilango


Somewhere over the Rainbow… En Chihuahua

Warning ⚠️ Slippery 🩸 When 🩸 Wet 🩸…
Musiques des films qu’il faut avoir vu avant après 14 ans, in Allegretto en Las Alturas, Municipio de Cerocahui en La Sierra Tarahumara.

Trou 🕳️ story, ask Musicopolice… the only france musique disc jock who can play rock and roll:


For the record ⏺️
Víctor Quintana Silveyra (2013–2014 IHEAL / morena-francias godfather, —literally, not philosophical, despite his PhD*) once asked of his Sorbonne Annex students what all of the information that they (Masters-level courses, o algo así) compiled from social media was for? What good, the professor asked, was scrolling and scrolling through the internet in the end?

Cat Soup… Get it?


If the good Profe could see U.S. now, and if Eye could recreate that sticky early-evening class setting, Öüï would tell him that all that scrolling is the Harmony in la pianola, après Le MIDI®️

Full disclosure:
… at the time, I only scrolled the interwebs for porn, on CSPN, of course, and occasionally on the Buzzfeed.

Living on a prayer now with Mariachis and Low Riders, verda’ d’Dios Que Sí. A Huevo Que Sí³.

³~. A huevo que sí 🇲🇽 = 🇫🇷 bien Sur 

Behold! Yo soy del mero Chihuahua y Yo Quiero Taco Bell.

Sources close to Las Dunas de Samalayuca y El Rancho “Los Dos Cachorros” relay that over at Taco Bell Central (The Great Sovereign State of Chihuahua en Las Galaxias) the body count for the month of June just topped 60 souls, and in the following section, our Brad Pitt puerto riqueño, FENSTER the Copy Editor, will figure out just how many GRAMS, collectively they weight.

Ladies in Gímenez… JESUSITA en Chihuahua no es JESUITA, and she fucking hates YODA!

Mientras tanto, allá en la Diocèses de Molière, Colbert was breaking the rules of The Temple. Trou 🕳️ to form, Colbert sent his sicarios to pound on the doors. May God help us all and bay bee 🐝 Jesús keep U.S. on his baby 🐥 prayers.

Living on a prayer and Taco Bell.
🎶🎸 We’ll Give It A Shot!

Not to rub, IT!, in… Stéphanie Menou, but you helped bury those bodies

And, agent BRUNO, that was no fucking FISH sending you an email in 2015:

For Tan Gente sake, check the date on this “most non-consequential” blog… It’s going to strike a Chord on that radius³.

this is me, Armando Segovia, telling your boss that, IT!, was a Six-Year investigation, not an OSCARS ceremony “wrap-it-up” Mickey Mouse-Disneyland probe.

Congratulations, Manuel Valls, you did it!… here is a circle so your MERCEDES can get a bird’s eye view of half of a Venn Diagram; get your ruler.

{and} Monsieur Dupond… “prise illégale d’intérêts³”, WOW! Wow.

Live from HILO, Hawaii, it’s another edition of madafakin’ PRIMETIME, featuring “Little George Strait” and his Number WAN hit! :

Straight out of Loué

Track Tú: F.A.Q. The Police (punto y coma) followed by, To They is your Birthday and tú, morro, is April FO’ist on your TRAPEZIUS.

And, Niño Luc… Stop shakin’ that ass, it’s unbecoming.

In 2015, I, Armando Segovia [two-each, if you count Armando Serrano-Prieto] was told by the boss of BRUNO and agent STEPHANIE MENOU at the dépôt section of The Paris Préfecture that no such word/concept had been INVENTED by the VERY FRENCH, yet.

Freedom just around the corner for you
But with truth so far off, what good will it do?

Raphaël Moran (rfi) was not silly. The first stop of a Paperboy in France is the newsstand at Cité.


Jokerman 6:19

Track One; Infidels (1983)

Robert Allen Zimmerman, dit Bob Dylan

https ://www .francetvinfo .fr /politique /eric-dupond-moretti /soupcons-de-prise-illegale-d-interets-eric-dupond-moretti-entendu-ce-mardi-matin-par-les-magistrats-de-la-cjr _5051158.html

From the bottom of the CREATOR of the La carte de séjour « compétences et talents », Eye thanks you for finally inventing the concept of “CONFLICT of INTEREST³” in the French system. To tell you the truth, mister Minister of The Seals, it kind of made sense to me, PERSONALLY, at the time anyway; i mean, the motto is Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité. After all I do reckon —personally— that there is no JUSTICE in that stamp.

³.~ Archives — Immigration professionnelle.
https ://www .immigration .interieur .gouv .fr /Archives /Les-archives-du-site /Archives-Immigration /Archives-Immigration-professionnelle /La-carte-de-sejour-competences-et-talents

Know, as i was telliing BRUNO back in 2012:

I was on my way to Australia and made a pit-stop at Liberty Hall in Philadelphia, when all of a sudden, this little French-Canadian tramp got off of a Greyhound Bus coming from Quebec, this off-course happened right after the decapitation incident², in 2008. Eye was FRESH out of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México.

².~ https ://www .cbc .ca /news /canada /manitoba /greyhound-beheading-10th-anniversary -1.4760074


Of course, Monsieur JOSEPH Ghosn³ — Infidels (1983) Track One

¡BOMBA!… y dice don Obrador, que chinguen a su Madre, si es que tienen¹… “México is a safe and peaceful country…”, for Old Gringos y Franchutes de l’Académie de Dervez.

³.~ It has been my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE on this JOURNEY, that you have to be FRENCH to be able to dream while in France, otherwise you are just a fuckin’ STranger.

Eye will put that to the Test… “Shaken, knot stirred ».

Season 1, Episode 14
Eye did tell y’all that Brett had The Ace of Spades, and that the Evil Twin was full of shit. Stream the episodes, see for your~selves, “i have a small straight, to beat your ‘nines’.

It’s an episode about the Members Only Fellows club and the Workers Rights Activists, this episode features the twist of an Evil and a Lame twin brothers trope. In this episode, FRANCE MUSIQUE dressed the GO’ill the Niza as the illegitimate niece of the evil twin uncle, and she’s a Helluva Shot! —Aussi… The Lone Ranger cameos as Bow and Arrow extraordinaire, Memo Tell.

Poker Game at Le Barbier de Séville’s place after Évry body votes on April the 10th à Dammarie-les-Lys. Trou fact, ask Denisa Kerschova, she’s right across the Spaghetti Factory Saloon and the Oper–ah buffa theater.

Over at the MELLEVILLE Theater 🎭 Will Smith just rearranged the SHIT OUT OF Chris Rock’s fans.

And, Justice Thomas, are you the WILL SMITH at The Supreme Court? {and} Is “Ginni” Thomas your Jada Pinket in a Whiter Shade of Pale?

Over at the Oprah Winfrey’s Show, Jezebel is telling RUFUS to start healing and “Do The Right Thing”, which of course is to lay down in the fetal position and sing:

Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child

¹.~ https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique¹ /podcasts /la-quatre-saisons-n-est-pas-qu-une-pizza /emission-en-compagnie-de-christophe-chassol-sur-le-theme-les-meres-8977665

“In West Philadelphia born and raised…”, that’s bullshit, Will SMITH is the epitome of what being, “Very French”, is all about. And for the sake of comedy, his wife is the Poster Child of HOUSTON’s own, BALDHEADED HOeS, baldheaded HOeS.