Previously on, “Ahora Cuéntame Una de Vaqueros”

This film has Knot been rated, yet… Sin Embargo, in an effort to extend our outreach to Cerf-panthère at the 20minutes dot France Fake-Off Editorial Desk, Öüï would like to dismiss the CLAIM that ENRIQUE PEÑA NIETO was not purchasing burritos at the Mexican Taco Shop at Les Halles (Rue de Cinéma, Level -3, 75001… just below Au Pied Du Cochon)… non-readers of FAKE-OFF may request the VIDEO FEED from the authorites at The American-Style Mall framing the FEED from FRIDAY, OCTOBER the 8TH.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/10/10 /politica /pillan-a-lozoya-en-restaurante-de-las-lomas/

Coincidence??? Ask the Mexican Film Fest organizers to confirm… And here is why(¿NO?): Fake Knews and Knowns relay that the best president that PROmexico ever had was enjoying a French Chimichanga in front of Le Forum des Images, now known as The Westfield MAll Image ForumAsk “les fibres (not las fiebres) de ARIANNE, that cyber-bitch recorded Mr. Peña Nieto fibers (sans perruche or blonde bombshell from Bruxells).

The WESTFIELD MALL has a 72-hour policy that states that you (any French Citizen, regardless if you are an Indian or not) can review the CLOSED-CIRCUIT SECURITY FEED from any of the comercial areas in the formerly François TRUFFAUT concession stands. TimeStamp to look for the former BERNARDO Gómez gallo is between Noon and Three in the afternoon of Octubre del Ocho, chavo del toro.

Memo to: Cerf-panthére… “early in the morning don’t [Ewe] step on my Blue suade Choose »

Deer, Panterita-ciervo:

If Phillipe Labro (Nº ☯️👨‍👦‍👦 ) is already savoring the spoils of the French colonies then you know that what you are reading right now is Time-synched to the only Colony that the U.S. recognizes, which of course is Hawaii (punto y coma) Alaska was a purchase, and all the rest of the territories, except maybe for the Virgin Islands, —are backyards/outhouse… WASHINGTON, D.C. is the Pentagon’s bitch.

Pedro Navajas is a fag!
… but He’s not a faggot, period and the green HasteRisk is set to Los Hilos de Sasha Montenegro, —en Hawaii, güey.

Witt, Alex in mind, i remind all of the people who talk behind my back (those are the cowards) o mismo those who wear a mask on under the sanitary one that covers the domain of a medical field called otorhinolaryngology, that i, armando segovia, can read past your innuendos (those are the faggots)… with a double “g” porque son Bien PuuuuuTooooos.

Denis! Denis Soula! Zat’Ewe—you slut… you feeling sexy esta tarde en Vienna?

Don Guillermo wishes to know, inquire and why Knot demand from your « Sixième Science », page 22 of Nº 3644, if that chorizo del Toro comes with Rocky Mountain Oysters?

“A todos los que quieren y aman el fútbol »

Benicio, our copy editor is curious if the dish is kosher, or SIN cuir Session?

With that in mind, we now turn it over to Zapantera Rosa en Télégraphe M 11, where our correspondent, Heracles Tempest is interviewing a mini mi version of (wait for, IT!, wait…

Any güey that Cerf-panthére looks at it, tonight’s feature presentation is brought to you by El Chamuco. Long story short the match went to penalties and leave it to Spain to finish what France  (alone) could not.

_ and Jonathan AP… i don’t mind you’re your sorry Boston ass taking over The KC Orioles, but Pleeeeease, stop reading the teleprompter with the signature Zerlina Williams, –pause… and stick to bashing Willie Geist.

In Umpire/Empire News:

Previously on Louise Michel gets ejected from the mound at the Pershing Baseball Memorial Field à Vincennes (punto y coma) Julien and the other two chicks are at the mound and Edith Piaf replaced Michel. —_*!*_— The Yankees (those motherfuckers), being the fucking Yankees that they are immediately signed Little Louise… and ss far as the Italy v. Belgium match result …

In hopes to beter understand Baseball and its Ruhles, the French sent a little girl from the 50’s to infiltrate the King of Sports. Yeah, Buddy, that there is Champ, but pay no attention to the pedigree, he’s a mutt and that pastor is going to keep an eye on that bitch.

Still to come, Aussi… let’s knot take it too far, Sidney.

Special Prime Time Edition for Hilo, Hawaii

It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year, if you are not, I repeat, if you are not into oligarchs, tyrants, and the occasional “generalissimo” show.

“A todos los que quieren y aman el fútbol”, Ángel Fernández just issued a special jersey to Antonio Helguera (punto y coma) the “franela ⚾️” has the initials DR and like a campaign ribbon on a dress uniform, or as in the staff’s case, a French Fourrager*, it represents the name of foward-advance  campaign, in Helguera’s case is the TASK OF DELIVERING Donald Rumsfeld to the lowest pit in HELL [sin embargo ☝🏻it serves also a a double entendre for “Honoris Causa” for delivering the Architect of THE Misery the last quarter of the XX Century and the first 20 minutes of el siglo 21. Today marks the withdrawal of Yankee exceptionalism from Afghanistan, a war that Donald Rumsfeld designed from the TOP-down. Born in The U.S.A. goes here, to usher in The Weekend, and off-course, The 4th of July and it’s follow-up: BASTILLE THEY!

* These are my credentials.

Primos y Primas, it’s 21h in Hilo, Hawaii, and in TV Land that slot is known as Prime Time, cuñado.

Coming Engagements:


Necessary reading material from this “que’s-que pasquín” sin lectores.

Marcos was a Fag, pero eso no es lo que importa, Comandante Galeano, mi pregunta es si su movimiento usa las mismas pantaletas COMO LAS QUE USabAN los abogados de Los 43 de Ayotzinapa y PABLO GLEASON– allá en El Rancho Grande junto con JOHN MILL ACKERMAN y Los Amigos del profesor JIM COHEN en El IHEAL*

Mientras eso pasa, en Palacio Nacional o mismo allá en La Chingada, el presidente de México celebró como un viejo alemán, “The Triumph of the Will” ❗️of the people, claro‼️ así  igualito com lo hizo don Porfirio Díaz con el pueblo Yaqui, mientras que los herederos de Tierra y Libertad, —es decir— los agropecuarios de la agricultura del narco despojan el agua de los pinches indios.

Leni Riefenstahl sure would have been proud and General Porfirio Díaz is impressed with the shifting of the date for “El Informe” version of The State of The Union Address, i mean, all that don Porfirio Díaz ever did besides innovating The Samaritaine ‘de raya’ was to starve and then, slaughter a El Pueblo Yaqui and of course,  the shifting of Mexican Independence Day so that the date of that historical event would fall on his birthday.

* El rancho grande of course makes reference to the time D.A.T. little ol’Eye showed up at La Gare de Lyon to meet the traveling Ayotzinapa committee para “las europas” (punto y coma)…

Loss of signal and dangling participles are in FOO effect! Pero por mientras, since this here is a Live Blog, we Ketch-up with Marcus Miller:

Sir, canceling your way through Vienna is no way to get to Juan (pronounced: Yu'An). Tell you what though, you stay clear from dissing Route 66 like that Schofield son-ovAvitch, and i promise to knot, i repeat, kNOT fuck with Cagnes.

De cualquier puta manera, Comandante Gleano, ahorita lo alcanzo, en estos momentos es hora de cubrir La Hora Local, y Comandante, todas las noticias son locales en este pinchurriento but beautiful Mundo de Libération.

We begin with CaNaDa… those motherfuckers!

…para sacarme a mi, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano PRIETO, de la puta jugada… y, “qué bonita jugada”, diría otro Galeano viendo un partido de fútbol.

Jump to page tú, but Before the Rachel Maddow shows goes to the Soup [nazi] Kitchen, Mehdi Hassan, take a look at the sky just before you turn it over to the last hour, because thar reddish kind of deep apricot peachy color on the Half moon is Zerlina’s Wack-a-Mole board… they (🐘) are half way there.

Deer, Florence Cassez, hoy no hubo Genaro

MaMA M.I.A.!

What a difference a They makes

No farce intended .:. 97F246EE-05C4-45A5-A815-7D85ED965F7B 🚁 What a difference a They makes, eh‽ EN EL ROBO DE LOS MEDICAMENTOS DE cancer NO SE SABE SI LA CHINGADA MEDICINA YA IBA DILUIDA, o si los “insiders” la van a diluir en VERACRUZ.

A ver, haber[?] ¿Cómo está eso del pinche penacho* al papa? Neta que después de andar dando LASTIMA con el equipo forense (de Austria] para identificar basureros… o algo así, ahora no son ni para OBSEQUIARLES esa reliquia, qué poca, [madre) Ackerman.


* penacho 🦚 (tratar de avergonzar a alguien) juego de titulares (o sea, Johnny M’Boy, las palabras en las Jornadas 📰 Headlines) vistos por un transnacional californiano producto de la S.E.P..

por eJEM… “Ay, Su Santidad, qué PENA, con este pinche viejito, disculpe usted las pendejadas que John Mill Ackerman le dicta a ese pinche OLMECA, pero ya ve usted que don Andrés no habla como los otros presidentes de México, excepto Fox, a lo mejor,” mándele decir a ese CABRÓN con SU SEÑORA (la de don López Obrador, no la suya don Bergoglio) que rece 3 Aves Matildas y nueve NOVENARIOS.


The following is a ”DETÉNTE, Cabrón!” presentation:

For the record Michael Steele, let the record show D.A.T.:

Número Uno:

El golfo¹ encargado d’este tan intrascendente blog (Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo) no eligió al golfo² representado por la estela en el Du
with that in mind, Öüï is merely pointing out that doña Gutiérrez Müller can’t possibly be expected to have the gall to BEAT THE OLD Moctezuma’s headdress trial when Parisian galleries (Millon, Casa Durot, et. al.) ignore the calls from these handsome diplomats to stop trafficking artifacts   such as these:

Deer, Juanita Bonita

Deer, Juanita Bonita .:. EE52B8DE-1F14-490F-891B-4365D908C43A 🗿 Let Mí, organize the silhouette behind the monolith on the urban ultrasound in this frame: It’s A BOY!!! One can tell from the big balls that the stèle is fondling. 


Subasta de la fuente del Capitan Dreyfus:

https ://www .rfi .fr /es /americas /20110322 –record-en-la-subasta-de-200-piezas-prehispanicas-en-paris

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /cultura /2020/01/09 /anuncian-en-paris-nueva-subasta-de-piezas-arqueologicas-son-20182018fraudulentas20192019-muchas-inah-4783 .html

https ://en .unesco .org /events /presentation-fight-against-illicit-trafficking-cultural-goods-central-america-meeting-red

JUMP from: La Jornada del día de la labor

Dear, John Mill Ackerman’s wife:

Señora Secretaria de La Función Pública, excelentísima doña doctora (Ph.D.), Irma E. Sandoval, might them stakes discovered inside of the commission for human rights in Mexico, be Trump Stakes®️?

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /politica /2020/09/07 /tribunal-deja-firme-nombramiento-de-rosario-ibarra-en-cndh-3027 .html

Ahora bien, mis queridos CHILANGOS con palanca de sus queridos padres, —todos— no queda la menor duda, de que fueron luchadores sociales y en toda la extensión de esa frase, “sin Bargo”, como redacta esta nota de La Jornada aquí abajo, será verdad que doña Chayo* Stone también sea una iluminada por La Santísima Orden del nepotismo ilustrado? 

Note to Julianna Tattlebaum², you look great in green, period, you bring out the clorofila in all of the chaparros inmaduros¹ at the pond:

Tampico Surf & Turf

Tampico Surf & Turf 🥩 B937E687-739C-41F3-8CB8-071D9D23EA89 .:. Well, you’ve heard about Steak & Lobster… it’s KNOT one of those, Willie Geist, this here, Sir, is the Mariposa Elementary School Menu for Tuesday, September 8th of 2020…

… [A]nd in Washington, Mika goes to CHARTRES on a fact-finding mission, with musical guest:

On Technique and Tyrannies.
Jazz is so overrated

Inter•mission: JAZZ IS Sooooooo Overrated 🎺 7A761B00-841B-4BF8-85EB-62BBFFDD6011 Atentamente: La Pulpa.

1. Los Enanitos Verdes, not to BEE CONFUSED, Florence MARIE Cassez, with the Little Green Men on The Rachel Maddow Blog because that would BEE like mixing The Nazis From Natchez with La Santísima Orden del nepotismo ilustrado.

2. And starring as Florence Marie Cassez: JULIANNA TATTLEBAUM!!!

Beto Costa y su perla del Sur

Beto Costa y su perla del Sur 🦀 0D2583A8-CBE8-4D42-BF74-456BCE12DC94 🥩 … [F]eaturing The Washington Post’s guapo, Bob Costa, as Carlitos Loret de Mola, Yeah Buddy!

To: Leo Orellana (Casa de latino América, París, Francia)

Cc: Los Amigos de México en Francia, Ciudadanos de Javier Sicilia en Trocadero

Bcc: Monsieur le Président de la Court

En contexto para la banda

En contexto para la banda .:. 33F81364-0496-4488-8393-0C662C57A853 🗣 Adventures in sentence structures and other assorted savings. —_!_— Sponsored by:  Western Azteca Orlandi Elektra Union.

“Los mexicanos que se van a los Estados Unidos no son como los mexicanos que se vienen a Francia¹”… o algo así.

En Contexto:
la frase se remonta al periodo formativo de Morena-Francia cuando los ciudadanos por la paz con justicia y dignidad (o algo así) aún no sabían si eran YoSoy132, YoSoy132-académicos, o miembros pasivos del aparato de alcance [ciudadano] del Servicio Exterior Mexicano en Francia (2011–2015).

Testimonio Propio:
por aquellos días, Sheryl Crow, it would make sense to revisit Yesterday’s MorJo Show, which by-the-guey on the drums,  featured a story on your same time-slot, no less, about a disgusted C.I.A. founder that found himself outnumbered [from the-get-go] by “citizens” of the old Stalinist guard all across Europe… the tale is called “The Quiet Gringos”, or something like  D.A.T…

This ain't no Bistro

This ain’t no Bistro

Case in point:
https ://www .proceso .com .mx /644963 /amlo-se-sube-al-avion-presidencial-para-promover-la-rifa
for the old Mexican political guard protesting the Merida Plan at Trocadero Square the closest thing to the Arab Spring tailwinds of 2011 (which at the time, the Frente Amplio Mexicano and The Mexican Friends in France were staging) were the “DESAFUERO” protests against the man who refuses to fly on the motherfucking plane that he was ISSUED, and not the commercial airliner of his choice.

Watch Out Kay n°6!!!

Watch Out Kay n°6!!! To celebrate Mexican Independence Day (knot!) a Televisa Deportes se les escapó una Defensa, Oh The HUAWEI’s.:. 727C5E84-24EF-4815-B6DA-5EB75637800A ⚽️ “Para los que quieren y aman el fútbol,” Estefanía 1ª de La Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza llega por la retaguardia, ¡vayan preparando sus pasteles, porqué aquí va a ver hasta elefantes* de los que los Franchutes de La Sierra no van a poder ni tocar!.

* Deer, Q-ano-n, don’t you go relating my Alp-Crossing elephants with your fake-ass republican pachyderms, because our cute little Dumbos can be traced back to Cartagena… and not the  San Diego Zoo, Yeah Buddy!


And in Washington, we [the staff] have to apologize to Professor at Princeton, Eddie Gloude Jr. —the third, because Morning Joe will not bee able to fit Jimmy on/in the show.


Over at the Justice Department of Donald John Trump, the “top” lawyer in the country just revealed to the entire world (del mundo de Le Monde, off–course) that “the” BARr exam is a sham.

Meanwhile, in Central Nato times… Sarah Palin can see Russians from her backyard

🎶 Nah, D.A.T. ain’t working
D.A.T.s the way you do it
Money for nothing
and your Chicks From Loué

When FOX News Charmed DW

When FOX News Charmed DW T.V…

Up next: John Wayne stars in The St. Petersburgo Green Berets. Synopsis, Colonel Mike Kirby feels that the U.S. is becoming way too big of an empire, SO JOHN WAYNE COLUDES WITH RUSSIA in order to put Washington in-check.

On The Real World Channel: America is under attack, de Algeciras a Estambul, off–course, after first behaving like a little bitch who got mad and took his “PROFESSIONAL Toy Soldiers” home from the European theater of operations. A fleet of B-52’s was bitch-slapped by Russian fighter jets and all that Mike Pompeo could say was:

Paid for by...

that’s it, that’s the spot, knead that knot D.A.R.E. sweetie, press on it, use your elbow 

for context, the U.S. Secretary of State was busy getting a massage followed off–course by a happy ending from an unidentified slave sex worker in the U.A.E..

En Once TV

En Once TV… “Comediante ! Tragediante ! », pláticas con John Mill Ackerman .:. E87218DB-F17D-414B-A1BD-500391637E6A ⚒🛠⚒🛠⚒ Season 1, PILOT EPISODE; Los Cuentos de Pio “el obrador”.

Entonces, Rusia:
Dr. Ackerman, if your boss is going to use his office to censor the critics of his nation-building project, by way of meddling into what amount to scholarships or research proposal grants, then maybe you and your spouse should return all of the foundation grants that you have received, didn’t you used to get funds from George Soros, mr. professor? Or was that just a bullet on your memoire?

Rusia y RT T.V.:
and then of course there’s Larry King, you know Dr. Mill, i never docked you a They’s Pay for getting a paycheck from RT T.V., heck Dr. Ackerman, i reckoned that if Leni Riefenstahl could be allowed to move-on, so should you, just don’t call yourself a journalist, Sir, because you are more of a propagandist who proselytizes within the academic lecture circuit precisely with the same kind of monies (foundations and scholarship funds) that your spouse is sanctioning, now that you two are living la vida en Rosa.

Rusia y RT T.V., y John M. Ackerman:
“Et Tu, Brutus”, ¿en qué tamaño vas a querer tu «marca REGIstrada»?
https ://www .infobae .com /america /mexico /2020/08/27 /amlo-marca-registrada-el-presidente-de-mexico-y-su-esposa-buscan-reservar-el-copyright-de-sus-nombres/


https ://elpais .com /mexico/2020-08-21 /el-gobierno-de-mexico-sanciona-a-la-revista-nexos-por-un-supuesto-documento-falso-en-un-contrato-celebrado-en-2018 .html

https ://www .jornada /ultimas/politica/2020/06/28 /cndh-critica-dichos-de-ackerman-contra-periodistas-687 .html

https ://www .eluniversal .com .mx /nacion

It’s 19h in Central NATO Times [Stop] All That Jazz

And on the 999th presidential golf outing…

Not to be outdone

Not to be outdone by the CJNG .:. 3B78F62A-DC15-41E5-9234-3CC2BC2A8D3B 🎶 Oh, happy Theys, oh happy Theys…

What a wicked game,” Deana.

https ://edition .cnn .com /2020/07/18 /opinions /portland-anonymous-security-forces-mark-of-dictatorship-ghitis /index .html

Meanwhile in Méjico:

Coincidencias de la industria

CoincidenCIAs de la industria .:. 5D80FED1-0022-4367-9039-3D44043B62BE

Oh, the humanity… on account of losing his presidential pension, former Mexican president and friend of the Morning Joe Show, Vicente FOX is selling his “personal greetings” for $5000 pesotes mejicanos (each).

https ://www .theguardian .com /commentisfree /2020/jul/18 /portland-oregon-federal-officers-trump-department-homeland-security

To show her solidarity with the Mexican “pelele*” for that time that the Fox team got a former president of the FORMER United States of América, Nicole Wallace (a former press lieutenant for Bush 43) order a dozen greetings from the Boot Empresario^ for her staff on Deadline… her 8 year–old was not amused; “and so it goes”, across from The Atlantic.

Mist be read in a

The following greeting must be read in a Vicente FOX voice .:. 85AA5200-D4BA-4413-B0FA-28291CA7EDB7

Page Two:

Good news for the CAR rental industry. The federal government is bringing much–needed mullah to this niche market following a drop in rentals due to a pandemic that the Trump administration is unwilling to eradicate control like most of the CIVILIZED world has done. The ACLU, those motherfuckers! Are promising to rain on yet another “Make America Great” promise fulfilled by the best non–pro–golfer in the despotic world.

Over at Hotel–6, a disgruntled beaner was heard shouting at the TOP of his lungs, “KAYLEIGH, KAYLEIGH!!! Drop that cheat–sheet folder with answers to the White House Correspondents corps AND LETS FUCK LIKE SAVAGES!!!”. The poor and horny bastard was shot on sight.

SAY ANYTHING and nevermind The Boom-box

https ://www .thelocal .fr/20190129 /france-in-numbers-police-violence-during-yellow-vest-protests

And starring as

And Starring as Jérôme Rodrigues 𓀎 28E3E5A6-9E3D-4B24-BA5A-688810B6ACA8 🏌🏻‍♂️ Donovan La Bella.

https ://www .commondreams .org /news /2020/07/18 /end-unconstitutional-nightmare-aclu-sues-trump-administration-over-use-secret-police

John Mill Ackerman, ¿falso su Ph.D???

Por: Pedro Salmerón Sanguinés


Foreward to doña Elenita Poniatowska:

https ://monoaureo .com /2020/07/14/las-casillas-de-ackerman/

El Apalancado

El Apalancado de La Nomenklatura de morena–Francia .:. 113C1A7B-715D-463C-9619-91102BE5E64F 🥜 Ackerman, “no tiene licenciatura en México y que uno de sus títulos doctorales parece falsificado, que no es elegible para ser investigador del Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas de la UNAM por no ser abogado -pero logró la plaza por tráfico de influencias de su suegro, líder histórico del STUNAM…”, con recorte del monoaureo . com (a.k.a. Televisa en monitos).

Lo Cortés no quita lo bailado en La Sorbonne

A ver, a ver, doña Poni, ¿cómo re chingados estaba eso del “gran luchador social” que le presentó al “profesor” John Mill Ackerman?

Del 6 al 13 de julio es National Awareness Frida Theys… Shop NOW!

Previously on, Las Tangas de Frida…

Pour un poignée de dollars
La Fea

La Fea .::. 1BA25328-49A1-4C8D-8417-5409D5B4A81C .::. Starring: Tiffany Cross as the girl from the Blue House over Yonder, —in Coyoacán.

Sponsored by La Casa Azul of Princesse Tam🧶Tam or something like that.

Over at the Washington St. (75008) kiosk, Louis Vuitton just snatched the “V” from George at Champs Élysées, poor George. Over at La République, it’s 2015 and there is nothing to see here.

… [I]ndeed, John Mill Ackerman, in•deed, the mere street setup for the upcoming post Covid-19 Bastille Day celebration, which it is coming up in the programming, following Frida’s day of the dead celebration on July 13, reminds me of that time when Los Hijos de Astérix broke into the Tuileries Garden during France’s version of the Disneyland MAIN STREET Parade on July 14, 2015, when —you guys— sheltered inside of a little theater to watch documentaires about “The Man”. What a güey to herd the sheeple to be heard.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2015/07/15 /15-de-julio-la-placa-de-gilberto-bosques/

Tell Mí Moore

Tell Mí Moore — tell me mo’

… Across The Atlantic, it’s time for Humor and Irony with Willie Geist and just in case you have not heard the News Today, en La Jornada de HOY the News are just like in the Wild Wild West; In•deed Willie Geist, now pass the Ketch-up for them Spaghetti~O’s, Aymen, and give our regards to “La Pundita” who is off today celebrating Frida Day 🦴🦴🦴🐶 in Coyoacán.


El AMLO .::. 7C71FA3F-CB6D-4D7C-9739-DACFBBD8EADE … Aquí no hay ningún BUENO, Blondie, y para colmo allá en El Norte, —puros “Bounties”.