I Left My Wallet In El Segundo… i gotta-get it, Eye, I gotta get it

It’s National Sports Day in La Franche, festivities got to an early start at la rue de Ravioli, and just around the corner, Willie and The Po’Boys just got ran out by a horde of derelikt fashionistas, later in the show it’s another edition of, “The Kids Are All Right.”

Happening over on the other hemisphere, Los Amigos de El Perú en Francia festejaron a lo grande las manifestaciones en Lima, desde aquí, en La Bastilla Al LADO de Georgina Moreno, y morena-francia.

Across El Sena, Susana Pubeda is setting up a bad example to RadioFranche, infidels the whole lot of Em#.

En estos momentos, como a sido costumbre desde los días de Ollanta y Sicilia en la Plaza de Trocadero en El 2011, ya están comodamente adentro de algún bistro parisino disfrutando de un bueno vinito, o algúna champagna. ¡Salud! Proceres de NATION.

And with that, don’t forget to take a pair of cheap eye goggles to the retirement protest today, because that French retirement ain’t going to do anything for you if youse blind as a bat (sans Radar) when youse Sixty FO’.

Capture-$hare…and list ten.


… [M]eanwhile, over at la rue Victoria, la Kerschovas failed the FitoZooSanitary inspection and off she went, along with her tent, un OMNI (objeto musical no identifiable) filled with strange looking multicolored freaks hoovered over the so-called “Dernier Bar Avant La Fin… », du El Mundo de Le Monde, and it should go without SPORTS, … It should go SAYING, —without Franche Culture, Aussie.


If and Only if… Youse in Paris XIIIème, it just started to snow, lightly though, but non-the-less it is, Eye Reckon, —Sno❄️

The snow didn’t last long, but the cold, at least for today is here to stay.

… Over at The Circus, Jennifer was, you know, looking like the Host with Rusty Eyes 👀… in reel time, and with low-hangin’ boobs, such as that lawyer who can’t even pronounce his last name (Se-BAH-YO’S) it’s Truth and Negligence, New Mexico.

Note to Danny Esquires, from Ceballos, Durango, entronque a La Zona del Silencio por l’Arteria de La Panamericana entre Torreón y (Ewe guessed it) Ciudad Ximénez, named after The Spanish Inquisition’s lead Cardinal at The BBC.

Meanwhile at Saint-Cloud, Manu Chao no podía encontrar el norte, y menos la carretera Panamericana 🪘🪘🪘 🐒

Any how, New Mexico,  Cunt…ry music 🎶 played on the radio when Bugs Bunny took that I’ll fated wrong turn in Albu’coiqué after departing from Cucamonga, on the foothills of San Bernardino Mountains at Mount Baldy, but that’s only because at CARLSBAD, it’s all BADLANDS… there’s enough guano under there to drive a Po’Bunny inSane.

A View from my office sliding door… GET OFF MY HEAT EXHAUST!!!

Issy, if Ewe has never been, the entire New Mexico State is almost like the SAN BERNARDINO, California, REDLANDS, but filled with a bunch of faggots with loud pipes… heck, in some Nuclear areas the Sands are whiter than the hard-core Fat Elvis fans at The Needles, in Vegas.

In Local news, Kanye West, or whatever alias he is going with after placing all his chips on Hitler, was spotted next to La Place Saint–Opportune opening his boutique for all the innocents around Châtelet… motherfucker is so Avant-retaguardia* that he drinks his champagne with Oreo cookies and Flintstones Vitamins for brunch

What A Difference a putsch 🍻 makes

15 de enero en Hilo, Hawaii : 🦃 FREE BIRD 🦃 Night of January 16th

(Pronounced ‘Lĕh-‘nérd ‘Skin-‘nérd)

🪘 Chano 🪘 Pozo 🪘
Went the way of Morrison in Paris.

😇 2003 – Adriana Hernández, 🇲🇽 rhythmic gymnast 🇲🇽.

In 🇪🇸 la Lengua de Cervantes 🇲🇽, it means “Gym Teacher Who Hates Long-hair and rock and roll”.

🎠 1605 – The first edition of El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha (Book One of Don Quijote) by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra is published in Madrid, Spain.

🇵🇷 Puerto Ricans 🇵🇷 need not apply³ because born To They, for FLORIDIANS at La Calle Ocho in 1901, is  🇨🇺 Fulgencio 🦇 Batista, 🇨🇺 Cuban colonel and politician, ninth President of 🇨🇺 Cuba 🇨🇺( d.1973).

³~. And, Reverend Sharpton, pay no attention to what Osler Amaro is going to say in two weeks, when Juan Lázaro plays back la Emisión Américas and doctors the script to his 🇵🇪 CAUSA 🇵🇪 con Champagne en el “🇨🇵 93 🇨🇵”, Öüï the staff feature Batista as a kind reminder for the José Díaz-Balart crowd that 🇨🇺 Batista, —has been dead for 50 years this year.

😇 1948 – 🛩️  Ronnie Van Zant 🛩️, 🇺🇸 singer-songwriter 🇺🇸 (d. 1977)

It’s 16th January in Paris, Franche, and in Hilo, Pineapple Express time, it is the end of Yesterday on The 11th Hour, with Denisas Kerschovas en el “16“.

From the makers of The Fountain en Fontana, and the Atlas at Mika’s penthouse at the Overlord Comcast fiefdom in Babylon II… comes the story of Bacardi en Saint-Denis (93).

(Pronounced ‘🚽She-cagó 💩)… es la ciudad de las dos necesidades y de Al, que pone las chelas* en la mesa.

*~. Chela, if fémina is short for Isela or, definitely maybe, perhapsquizas, Arcelia, sin embargo, if the alcohol level is measured in degrees, then la chela es una birria, but definitely not at LA POLAR.

Over at the Morjo Show, John Heileman is bathing in meth, or baptizing some pipe en la pila. In any case SCENARIO, Donnie Deutsch can lick my balls [ ⚽ ], Eye has a “el chapulín ❤️ colorado” en ESPN, “THE OCHO” on my side, and never mind the time Donnie, you suck 24/7 en Hilo 🍍 and in 🏈 Dallas, aussi.

Before there was a “Spearchucker Jones”, came the inspiration for “Mad Max” in the form of Spearthrower 🦉 Hibou.


Over at the 🦿 Santos 🦵 Institute 🦿,  “J’aime tes genoux”, featuring El Orgullo del Nepotismo de Alejandro Jodorowsky, el tal “A~dan”, Natalia Lafourcade cameos as “la eñe“.

16 de enero de 1924¹ 

Happy Birthday 🎂 on The National Action Commission.

🇺🇸  National Religious Freedom Day 🇺🇸
Hail, Hail Rock and Roll


¹~. 🤠 Katy Jurado, alias Mrs. BOULANGER, 🇲🇽 actress 🇲🇽 (d. 2002)… killed by JAMES COUBURN, “Alias” was there, James changed his name to Pat Garrett… and if Congresman Scarborough buys that, have Eye gots the perfect chambre en un Hotel de La HAVANA with a WINDOW to AMBOS MUNDOS.

If Ewe books now, Donnie Deutsch will lick your balls [ ⚽ ].

Jump to page 171… CHANO POZO ( Chico & Rita 2010 ) en:


Quillevéré, Marcel. Cuba: une histoire de l’île par sa musique et sa littérature. Paris, FR:  Albin Michel and France Musique, 2022, —PERIOD!

!~. Note to KERSCHOVAS, do you really wanna go to Chicago? Because if Ewe does, The Chicago Manual Of Style (∴ CMOS ∴) specifies that you end your bibliographies with a period, —ya’ see.

Breaking Bat y Can — They All Speak Mexican

Flecha y dirección …

“And what if, like, all of the equipment is uh, in Mexican instead of English?”

Jesse Pinkmann

Coming up, Emmanuel Macron 🇨🇵 takes on the role of La Pasionaria 🇪🇸, “No Pasarán,” ¡Berlín 🇩🇪, Me cago en l’Ostia de Málaga 🌍 que no pasarán!

Ladies in Gemini, Sugar Ray is at Ringside

FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR. KITE… You’ll be brain dead, too.

Gutfeld got ran over by a reindeer.

Laura Ingraham is in The Belly of The Breast Beast Mattress SALE Event concession stand; D.A.R.E., you May Find the Best SHEETS.

Sheets only available in White.

Sugar Ray Leonard and Evander Holyfield star as “The Colored Girls”, Tú Tu Du —DO.

La Banda de Los Zodiaco will begin at { Ten to Six } read the NATIONAL Prayer: Santa Cassez.


Sheets only available in White… Louisiana Zydeco.


Take a walk on the Wild Side 🏌🏾

Page 96 and 97… if the shoe fits you get a Talent and Skills visa to France (2010)

Cue, Mí, in


Context for Blue Cowboys in Alésia (2010)

Well, I beat the drum and hold the phone
The sun came out today

What are the odds that…
A). Denis Soula interprets this snapshot of an upside-down lábaro patrio, for a. Cliché about La Violence En Musique; DISPONIBLE – 780.51VIO
Niveau 3 – Musiques et documents parlés.
B). This is a Public Service Announcement.
C). Just another Ferris Bueller’s They’s Off.

https ://www .alamy .com /us-secretary-of-state-hillary-clinton-l-loses-her-shoe-as-she-is-welcomed-by-frances-president-nicolas-sarkozy-at-the-elysee-palace-in-parisjanuary-29-2010 -reutersphilippe -wojazer -reuters -tags-politics –images-of-the-day -image380408264 .html

Ok, being that this post in, is for the Benefit of Mr. Kites Morgan on the London Pier, we (los hacedores d’Este pinchurriento blog) take a look at what was happening in Paris, one year before, [to-the-date pile-poil] Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto landed at the CDG on a frigid January 29 morning of 2011, in case la maestra de la Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa on the “Juanito Guanabacoa” Show begins to think that Öüï, that motherfucker, is an « espontáneo » cubriendo CENTERFIELD like Fogerty on Green River.

Kathy lick it convert er… like The Five, Eye is 11 years old and this is funny to Judge Pirro. Go ahead Judge Pirro, take Mí, to your chambers.

After the break, It’s Only Been 66 Years Out Of Like What, a couple a’fuckin’ millennia, Tiberius?

Paris, Texas — La Colonia Roma…
Amitié, o algo así… aquí o allá.

French Romans.

{and} Reverend Al… this is why Öüï is not invited to parties

Does anybody remember, “Mission Accomplished!” ?.

It’s kind’ah sort’ah like D.A.T. but wit, Eye might add (before, IT!, is outlawed) “The Audacity of Hope” en La France de Gall.

After THEE 7th inning stretch, Futuro Pelo meets Futuro Media en Rivoli.

{and} Rev. Mara, maybe Eye saw a twisted angle on that frame when attorney Crumb went on a riff and demanded to put FORTH the PROPOSITION, that Willie Geist can petition Bill Murray with P.R…. petition, Bill Murray, with P.R…. PETITION BILL MURRAY WITH P.R.

EWE CANNOT PETITION BILL MURRAY WITH PUBLIC RELATIONS. And here is why, newly ordained Deacon(esse) Gay, check it out:

Rock – Paper – Wood.
To really get the feel of Mister Petty, you have to play the video with the volume all the way up. To get your blood boiling, hear the kid scream in terror.

Because Eye believes that Doña María Hinojosa on the Jonathan Sunday Show¹  is not silly when she noted that The Administration had the chance “to go and hug Haitians” in Tijuana, instead, El Paso, Texas, was graced with Mme. Vice-president visit to University Drive ⛏️, period 🐰

And, Santísima Mara de Los Times, all that Eye is observing is that while all of our thoughts and prayers go to the Ukrainian resistance en Saint-Germain des_près, please be advised that Öüï is aware of them “editorial redlines” on The Reverend Al Sharpton Show.

When Ewe Wished upon a Star.

What a way to extinguish 🧯 a parallel! GawDDamned. Mi is most certainly impressed and must note that that Mehdi Hasan on the All-In Show before The Rachel Maddow Show is on to something bringing out the Censorship of Quadratic Equations in Texas. Eye mean look again, Mara Gay, the good Reverend Al extinguished a parallel between what continues to happen in America when x = black, and all the power is on Police Unions.

What’s wrong, Mara Gay, with the riff that Attorney Crumb was juxtaposing when he borrowed any given Ukrainian and placing s/he, in the front-leaning position under the weight of an American police officer and a bullet to the back of his {or} her memory pack?

¹.~ https ://www .msnbc .com /the-sunday-show /watch /democrats-are-having-second-thoughts-about-president-biden-ending-title-42-137903173588

French C[o]unts agree on this one… Now get off of my guacamole 🥑

From The Farmers Almanac:

For the best buds of Junebug, your weed should be pollenized, NOW!

Support your local growers.

Dear, Denis Soula … FYI:

18:55 | 19:56
89 | 90
That’s Two Pairs right there… According to Hoyle

Please relay to your web dev’Monkees that the old ‘titres diffusée’ allowed for a Specific timeframe to search for JOSÉ ALFREDO JIMÉNEZ.

FIP . fr’s “updated playtracks*” SUCK!!!

Go ahead, check the sequence in THREE Days and tell, Mi, how much fun it was wasting those additional (50) scrolls to get to the bottom of The Black See!

Our pledge at asegovia3 is to bring you only FACT CHECKED information from “the experts” {and} Öüï begins in Los Angeles, California, because that is where this trip³ (towards 2030) started.

Maldito José Alfredo… ya me hiciste chillar.

Experts : les États-Unis pourraient chercher des avocats au-delà du Mexique

³. However unbeknowst to US, at the time…
https ://cryptofireside .com /welcome-to-2030you-will-own-nothing-have-no-privacy-and-life-has-never-been-crueler– 3ff87dc129c

https ://www .latimes .com /espanol /eeuu /articulo /2022-02-17 /expertos-eeuu-podria-buscar-aguacates-mas-alla-de-mexico 

WELCOME, to Breakfast in America.

{and} ZEPPELIN GOES HERE: Ten Jeers GoneKeep on rocking on la rue de San MEMO 75006 … in case anyone is wondering what the initials I.H.E.A.L. stand for, Eye tells Ewe, it is KNOT for “ESTUDIOS SUPERIORES” en Francés, and Professor Leo Orellana at the LAtin AMerican House on Saint-Germain des Près will probably agree with little ‘ol me, Armando Segovia, when Eye tells Ewe that IHEAL stands for CUBANOS POSTIZOS {not} I heal… SANA SANA colita de rana¹.

¹.~ It’s what the oligarchs in MEXICO tell their little princes and princesses when they (for whatever reason) get a boo-boo, which is what LOUISIANA natives say to their ‘chirrin’ when they scrape their knees or manage to injure themselves in a not-so harmful way. The Mexicans across the street from the IHEAL can explain this one to the Fifi BoBos at Jack Dorsey’s Parisian hang-out.

And, GO’ill de Niza, as you search for them huevos, please be advised that Öüï did warn that guy spinnin’ Jazz on your freq’s right between the hopelessly GüannaBee punk rockers at RFPP (París) and the Fifi BoBos at Jazzafip, D.A.T. on this sábado de GLORIA, “les Pâques »… son de a KILO.

https ://www.marianne .net /societe /education /cetait-flippant-des-militants-dextreme-droite-interviennent-pour-lever-le-blocus-de-sciences-po-a-paris

Ladies in Gemini, the age Old question has been answered, Jesus Christ is a funky chicken, knot a ‘fuckin” chic(Ken) but a Funky Chicken 🍗.

From the Urban Dictionary pages:


Spanish for damn (used as an adjective. Not to just say “damn”). Can also be maldita for feminine nouns.

Si crees eso, eres un maldito idiota.
If you believe that, you’re a damn fool.

by PaQueSepas April 2, 2019

Dear, WASP and other assorted shades of Americans³

Ladies in Gemini, ASEGOVIA3 is proud to present to you a CLEAR and PRESENT BACKGROUND, in case anybody is wondering what The UCRAINE, in Ucrania of course, has to do with what happens in MEXICO, and as all EWEs know already, this motherfucking blog is about the things that happen in MEXICO, via las afueras de La Bendita Sorbonne y Science[s]Po.

In local news, Hoy No Hubo Jazz… some bum is gettin’ all nostalgic en “L’oscure²” with the Charbonne.


Is that a Topo Chico next to that Ale? Or is that cupcake just asking for, IT!?

².~ Ahour apologies for mispelling your name, Pedro Panacea,
o como dice, Gignac en Monterrey:
Pierre Lescure.

³.~ Especially the ‘kind’ with an Opuntia cacti pad on the forehead.

Unlike Poker this is a game of chance… ask Rachel Maddow, she’s the msnbc TOLUCA-PEMEX connection on the Give Up You Nuke technology program from the PENTAGONE.
In the mean time, EUROPE, don’t be such a WUSS, cut that RUSSIAN oil supply. Show some backbone you Coq Suckers, Ewes.

https ://www .reuters .com /world /americas /mexico-suspends-subsidy-gasoline-border-region-with-us- 2022-04-02/?utm_source=reddit.com

Remember, “the alamo“?
or was it,
América, love it or leave it!“???

{and} Mr. NATO Secretary, nevermind the GALL of those “frontier” PATRIOTS crossing into México in order to mitigate the FUEL crisis.


Stupid Americans, what they don’t KNOW is that what they save in that FULL GALLON of Unleaded, they spend in EUROS because in México, “los litros no son de a litro”. Look it up, or ask those “local” EL DIARIO de JuárezNew York Times vetted-reporters guides, they know all the “CLAVES”.



And, Kelly Covachita… En Once TV, “Pobres de Los Niños”

Breaking NEWS:

Disclaimer: Esto es un Simulacro de Tensión con “los enanitos verdes”…

https ://old .reddit .com /r /ThatsInsane/comments /td7ocf /ukraine_releases_edited_video_of_mock_attack_on/PARIS

LE BRANLY HAS LEFT THE QUAI… Palace de Justice à Saint–Ouen is Shattered.

The Mexican Army just bombed PANAME.

So, Kelly, the Putinescos are pulling a BORDERLINE NARRATIVE… coincidentally, this post is sponsored by El Jabón del Perro Agradecido y La GASOLINERIA de elDorado del Segundo Barrio, casi esquina con Concordia y las dunas del Poleo.

Fandanguillo de Turina.

And, Kelly CobiElla, (sorry about mispelling your name) anyhow, this is not a theme and any of THEE events described on this blog, even the one’s from that Old West Texas Town of El Paso, Ciudad Juárez and, Yavoriv — are entirely based on the Fictional Characters of the Original “South Park”, ese, called “El Chamizal”

En proceso n° 2367:

Our Gang — The Little Rascals… producto de El “Bienestar” de Ándres Manuel López Habra-Door.

Well, you’ve HO’id about “Alfalfa »… It’s Knot one of THOSE, this here is ‘Our Gang’ in Chiapas, and that’s PASTOJO in Bleu.

https ://www .elfinanciero .com .mx /nacional /2022/03/11 /amlo-admite-que-escribio-comunicado-a-parlamento-europeo-no-pueden-faltarnos-al-respeto/

https ://www .wordreference .com /enfr /bleat

The following text was transliterated from BLEAT, which of course as Évry body knows is the sound that sheeps and goats make, —in English. For the Spanish TRANSLITERATION of this most important BÊLEMENT to the MEXICAN president just add an “ES” at the end of the BALIDO, as so: BLEATes.

“(¿Usted redactó este texto?) 
, en el viaje (a Chiapas). Con Jesús y otros compañeros”, 
reconoció AMLO.

https ://www .wordreference .com /es /translation .asp ?tranword =BALAR

Copia y Pasta³:
THE BIG PREMIERE, de gauche à droite, George ‘Spanky’ McFarland, Darla Hood, Robert Blake, (présenté comme Mickey Gubitosi), Shirley Coates, Carl ‘Alfalfa’ Switzer, 1940.

³.~ https ://fr .alrm .pt /here-s-what-happened-kids-from-little-rascals -2020

MALOnna squeezes lunches from the little indian kids, from whom THAT MOTHERFUCKER drew the INSPIRATION to write his « Sheeple » manifesto to Strasbourg.