Goooooo, Dodgers. — La Honte, Mika Brzezinski!!! La Honte (5-0)

Dear, AP Lemire, i tried to be nice with that Bridge that i promised you when LA dropped SF, but what Mika foresaw at the close of the Friday edition of The Morjo Show, D.A.T. was just cutthroat. Ouch!

https ://www .lequipe .fr /Baseball /Actualites /Houston-qualifie-pour-les-world-series-en-mlb /1294008

Moving on…  HoDO’… HOdo’ ADD ah Nom… ADD AH NOM!!!
And make it REAL…

NOW, I don’t know if Médecins du Monde realize the following, after all, AVI VELSHI, the hardest realization that has assured my failure in FRANCE in the lapse of this Investigative Report on Mexican Corruption in FRance is that  Everybody knows EVRY one and everyone goes to bed with each other smelling the VAPORS at what the French call “Le Vernissage,” or something like that.

Deer, Tara Palmeri at Politico… nice plant you got there. I am Sirius and Avi Velshi is a Bald Supremacist. Clear “Warning Signs” of an international spymaster “who vacations in Mississippi,” with the Nazis from Natchez. And people WHO color outside of the lines claim that AVI VELSHI is a Houston Astros fan. Avi learned to play baseball in a golf course, that’s how Avi Velshi rolls. Avi Velshi still calls baseball “Cricket”, but that’s because he’s from like Vancouver or, some Canadian hellhole like that.

http  ://www .subzin .com /quotes /M106811c5d /Fletch+Lives /We%27re+the+Nazis+from+Natchez%21

Over at Au Pied du Cochon… Carmela diversifies her portfolio

Season 885, Episode ONE {MASS* with The BEATLES… Let It Be³}

Sponsored by The Soggy Bottom Claire’s,
The Official Kiss XX22 Européen Tour
HERE, THERE, and of course EVRY Güera can depend on

Claire’s Soggy Bottom CHONES
so dependable
you can forget about the Rules (la regla).

I’m Still Loving Ewe… True-to-Form CERF-Panthère uses the CODE used by gangsters all over the WORLD del Mundo de LE MONDE to issue the “FRENCH VERSION” of a journalistic FATWA on our blog: il est inutile de douter de tes capacités, d’autres s’en chargent volontiers… exactly WHO are these so-called VOLUNTEERS², Cerf Panthère?

².— Translation of CERF-panthère’s CHANTAGE on page 6 of N° 3671 of 20minutes dot France:

There is no need to doubt your abilities, others will gladly take care of it.


Synopsis: Carmela gets in on the organ trafficking gravy train. Having complete control of the CDG booty headquartered at the Aulnay-sous-Bois corridor, Carmela struck a partnership with the Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal Robert Ballanger {boule de colère}, the “dispensary” as the Au Pied de Cochon gang called it is where la Île-de-France runs conducts its ventilator benchmark trial runs tests (punto y coma) the hospital uses the CLOSEST human genomic DOPPELGÄNGER, Nicolas Cage {PIG} as the, —PARDON la redondancele COCHON d’Inde.

I’m Sirius! Ask Al Gore.

https:// www .nytimes .com /2021/10/19 /health /kidney-transplant-pig-human .html

“Leave the chitterlings take the pig’s kidney.”

Louka Brassi

³.( Over on our Twitter crutch Mika connects the classic Let It Be cover and bridges the gap with the White Album)

*.¡ Mass will feature the Little Piggies squeeling choir, lead of course, by Father Donnie Deutsch, “Happiness is a Warm Hallelujah… or some mass tragedy like that ».

Over on our twitter feed: no habrá perdon para Powell

Got a problem with D.A.T.?

Collin Powell was Washington’s Dog, so says 5-foot-five inches Charlemagne at MSNBC, General Stradivarius*… or Something like that… and they can say whatever they want about the Good General, at least he was not an Iguana.

*Admiral J. George Stavridis, who was caught quoting General Powell views on canines and in particular, his “friends” at The Capital… look it up, it’s part of The Matrix.

“En 36, si nous avions eu le même matériel, nous aurions écrase FRANCO [in 2016].”

Los Hilos de FILS
Let Mí tell Ewe how it Will Bee:
the FO’ist thing about the aitch is that LA HACHE es MUDA, just like the Artificial Intelligence of the “ele“, —ese— of Los Hijos de Fils.

Guadalajara, Guadalajara
https ://www .24-aout-1944 .org /Des-tanks-aux-noms-de…
hueles a puras dunas mojadas
starring El Hijo de Alejandro Jodorowski and Dhani Harrison

INSTRUCTIONS… walk over to the North-Star Entrance of Perè Lachaise, which as Gambetta knows RUnS parallel with la rue des {Help Mí} Rondeaux and it is perpendicular to la avenue du Perè Lachaise.

@alagraphy… calling ALAgrApHY… Öüï is wondering if your “CHILDREN of The Cloud” are on the same MATRIX (rows and columns) as CLOUD NINE at Père Lachaise?… Eye know that if you take THAT TRIP you will find that to George’s left is a WINGED one and to Harrison’s upper end is ROBIN.

https ://alagraphy .com/

And Cerf-panthère… if you break, IT!… FRANCE buys it. But that is another story (punto y coma). RIGHT NOW you might be wondering what George Harrison has to do with the passing of General Colin Powell, well… let’s start with Nicaragua³ and PUNDITA {}… that tune is over on the Rolling Stones channel, and here is the Tangent for the CNRS Advance Systems:

³. Esa Morena Blanca es medio Bri{🇬🇧}TANicara{🇳🇮}Güey~enEN{🇬🇾}se, ese.
≅. https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /Olivia_Harrison

  1. “All we are saying,” is give PEAS a chance. And say what you will about General Powell but Eye’s guess is that you rise through a position of power with THE RUMSFELDS that your are assigned and KNOT the Cheneys that come with STINGERS attached.

Dear, David Icke… big fan of “Rowdie” Roddy Piper here

Mermafrodito… context follows, eh:



The smile of Val Resnick – The Re-Count

And Lindsey Riser, wait one and Eye will show you that El Caballo de Troya no es como lo pintan.

Note to all of our non readers:

“Güil Guork For FUD”…
Of course you know, it was The Very French who invented Capitalism, right?

Over on our Twitter parking space, STAFF is currently going over Paco “El Reforma’s” Calderón anti-Cuban spiel… y como dice Funky Ella, and Paul McCartney quotes, “One, and one, and one is”, anyone, “one, and one, and one is”, Johnny? “One, and one, and one” is? Anyone… Ringo “One, and one, and one is”, Harrison, “One, and one, and one is?”… and Mick Jagger (that motherfucker) goes: El Tri.

Blackbird learned to RIDE.
Öüï saw him horse whispering them horses with LAS CALACAS back in 2011.

Break on through (to the Pompidou)

Ladies in Gemini, Öüï has a percée…

Jump to PAGE 6 where a smirky Richard Hass explains BLACK MEXICAN Emmanuel Macron’s rage against THE UK SUBS.

And, Siren… slow your French down
and please, don’t shoot the messenger.

Page 311, Chapter 31
What do you do for your money honey, in "The Last Highway; BonScott", by Jesse Fink. « Castor Music » Le Castor Astral                                              

and for the Record, @segoarma is keeping up with the DENTILS, and Ewe already know what an AntiDenti Eye is.

the DENTILS, ‘cus Ewe know, it’s FRIDAY’s Eve at the Rachel MaddoW ShoW.

… and Fellows, do remember, your sorry ass can only beat me if you:

Rhythmstick (1991) Dizzy G.

  1.  CHEAT
  2. CHEAT
  3. and of course… hold the monopoly of power.
  4. Not an “entry” but how does it feel?

About that Wrong TO’in in AlbuhQ’oiKi

And, Pundita… you will not believe the Incredible View that Öüï’s been affoi’dead (punto y coma) The Mocks ( George & Georgette) will concur with the very funny Dreyfus-es-esos… Grazia is the ONE responsible fo’D.A.T. Wrong TO’in in Las Cruces.

Belmondo himself could KNOT prop-this-UP!

Anyhow, GO’il, it’s time to bring you back to the MORRISON Walk of Fame… 🎶We hope you really enjoyed The Show.

Over some fkn river… forgot the name, Betty Roche is reminding, September, que el Che!—no es como lo pintan. In any case, box and/or scenario, if you speak Castilian, or it’s one or more of its 32 flavors 🧭 west of Portugal🇵🇹, then you know that en Español 🇪🇸 ( and tambien Tagalog🇵🇭, Aussie🇦🇺) Septiembre es la antesala al mes de la RaZa. Bola de putos.

Any how NOHEMI GONZÁLEZ (Long Beach, CA / Paris), como diría Jorge Saldaña:

A M E R I C A N  🇺🇸  F O L K
Nohemi González  🇲🇽  (1992 – 2015)
—_!_—  Anyhow, Ms. G., you and the other Ms. G., THE ONLY American of the attacks that placed you here also happens to be a FKN Mexican… y como diría ISABEL Vargas 🇨🇷, SALMA HAYEK 🇫🇷, los y las mexicanas entramos (nacemos) y nos vamos por donde nos da la chingada gana.
In any case, both of youse have Bebel to guide you back, Show that Frog the way to the other side.

Avec le style lamentable de l’actualité.

In Local news, truth and consequences with the new Mexicans on American Voices, or something like that.

Les universités d’été du RN

Not to be outdone by the Taliban, the very French allowed their Wïïmen to go to Community College. In the South of France, next to Mika Brzezinski’s vacation chalet, Marine Le Pen took aim at France’s ‘Talibanised’ zones and, get this, « narco-housing estates »… Freddy Cats action figurines go here, Mr. Bardella.

https ://amp .ft .com /content/2ba16c7d-dcb0-497e-8c4d-9e03d44a38c0

Page 8; September 8 — Año cero

Issy… Ewe brings the Woodpecker and Eye will bring The Would, Alicia Menéndez.

Oh, hey 🇺🇸 Negrita, Eye sees that your producers have FINally discovered the 🇧🇷 Bossa Nova and the playbook of Donald John Trump in BRAZIL… 🎶 Choo–Shuu 🚂 but have you HO’id the latest out of Palacio Nacional-dot–🇲🇽 ?

The Nuremberg Trials¹ (slight return in Paris via IsIs) just in time for TEXAS to act like the Very French neighbors of the occupation à La Villettewhy do you think that The Architect designed that music hall to look like the Helmet of Rick Moranis on Space Balls?

¹;) https ://www.payot-rivages .fr /payot /livre /nuremberg-la-bataille-des-images -9782228928045

Enter through the Candy Shop.

[photo link goes here]

FO’the record, Cousin Joe, please refer back to the Mexican re-hash of Luis Buñel’s “Los Olvidados” at el cinito mexicano de Porte des Lilas … et Cinéma Christine ⇒ keyword for the Library search, AP LeMire is:

Viva Villa, —palomas.

Over at the nomination process, Small Time Shit reminds the Big KaKa at Issy-les-Moulineaux that:

In current times it could be read in the voice of any Republican Party politician like say, Ted Cruz, or the former VIP, a Mr. Pence, —yo pienso.
“No sé qué hacer. No lo sé.
Si voto contra la línea del partido ya puedo despedirme de la política, y si no lo hago me quedo sin partidarios de mi línea.
… ¡porque las cosas [CLAIRE] no son tan claras!
Lo cierto es que no sé que hacer.
Porque también hay la posibilidad de VOTAR EN CONTRA, la cosa de vuelta, otros me sigan Y PASE DE TRAIDOR A héroe.”

Öüï continue to truck our nomination of El Primer Torero Porno into the Unesco Heritage List under the sub-section of cybernetic artifacts.

And, Willie Geist, if Blazing Saddles is the benchmark settings for a by-gone pioneering era, then El Primer Torero Porno was the visionary Hidalgo that brought you WOULD, Alicia Menendez; as in, what WOULD happen to the World as Öüï knows it if the “electro magnetic ink” sold to businessmen actually delivered GEORGIA to Donald Trump.


to exhibit an important interchange of human values, over a span of time or within a cultural area of the world, on developments in architecture or technology, monumental arts, town-planning or landscape design;


En los tiempos del General Arrollo the place was called, Fort BLISS (punto y coma) and, PAUL McCartney is Knot going to believe this, just up the entrance to Ft. Bliss on Loop 375 you can find the place where The Sergeant Major got HIS WINGS, his wings Faul, —his Wings… and because it is Texas, there is no “suffragette” Mr. Walrus.

After the break, if the system lets us, FRIDA HAYEK jumps* on the Street Vagrant bandwagon, this time around the Tijuana outlet Amazon turns Serendipity into “Chavelita Cybernetics”… nothing is real—And nothing TO get Hung (on a window, or a show) about, —when nothing is Something.


*._ And Eye quotes, “we are sorry, we are experiencing technical difficulties », unquote.

Deer, Siren… the name of the horse is “7 leguas”, Always®️—Vania, Siete Leguas

Recordando a Palomas, Chihuahua, y a los mormones de Salt Lake.

Andy García guest stars as el cristiano entre los moros 🦇.

Dune follows… it’s Labor They meets The Press:


On Deadline, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-from Hell, Missouri) bastardized Mike Barnicles’ outrage from The Bench. Somehow, asserts Claire, the democrats are going to fuck up the next Supreme Justice nominee and the Republican reptiles will seat another Supreme Court Judge. Watch That Space.


Also on Deadline, Claire McCaskill was caught texting an old boyfriend, across the cheese factory in Wisconsin, a young Amy Klobuchar screams at Claire, “Back Up!” McCass! And pass the cup cakes, said Claire’s ex-boyfried, and a young Amy said, —amen.


On Deadline, if you ever wonder why America sin acento celebrates Labor Day in September, go no further than MAY DAY, Issy, the reason dates back to when “America” started to kill Mother Earth and (aborted) stopped the spread of  Communism.

And who better to carry that “alt” flame than Orange County’s own, Nicole Wallace. Indeed, David Brooks, —FO’sure— to celebrate the CHICAGO labor movement of 1886

BABA64BB-7D9F-4EF6-ABF4-EC22970C8946 —_!_— El primer torero porno (1986).

_CLEVELAND (knot Ohio) the president BASTARDIZED the FO’ist 8-hr WO’ik day in the Galaxie, in the Galaxie, Nicole Wallace, In the Galaxia.

Naturally, Nicolle worked the entire 36 hours instead of taking the fucking day off… like a regular capitalist torero–PIGS do.

What a difference a They makes…

In local news, Belmondo was not a stranger on the set of “El Primer Torero Porno”, he’s right there on the poster… as a TRIBUTE, Manuel Valls (yup, that Manuel Valls… that motherfucker) is going to be taking on the role of “La Invención del Primer Torero Triple X“. For the occasion, Mr. Valls quit his Consigliere post in the imaginary land* of CATALONIA.

*,] Like Baja California Sur, in El Mar de Cortés.

Uno de al-lao… Torero Triple X, the rest of the story, starring Miguel Bose as, “don Diablo”.

Inspired by the “Lightning FAST” approach that the Spanish VOX is taking not only in Méjico, but also en La Copa América, the Valls team put out their Conquista Propaganda.