Garcetti’s concern — Causette’s resolve

January 14, 2018

La voce delle immagini
The power of suggestion [1]
y por supuesto:
Natalio Reyes Colas
(Zach a güanderful Zting)

[Man’s voice
Brian Williams]

When we last met, a brigade of gremlins cut-off our transmission and then moved on to bigger and better things, like say, making a Pineapple island paradise emit the siren sounds often heard across the Olive Oil fields of The Holy Land.

In a New York Minute we will return to the Tale–of-the–Tape between Ali Velshi and María Hinojosa, but first, Marianne’s regulations require that we begin our segment by covering the French Press brief, and so, our next presenter “needs no introduction”, here’s your host, Gael García Bernal in the role of the one and only Alex Trebek.

The Spanish Anagram -•_!_•- Debo, no niego — Pago, no puedo. –•_!_•- Welcome, to another edition of Jeopardy, with your host, Alejandro Trebek… and a Daily Double speed Round: The gobbledygook looking title of the newly released “ebdo” magazine is also a Spanish language anagram to the present tense verb of the word “deber.” For $100 name the anagram that can be morphed from the title ebdo. —•_!_•— [ “Be Do” comes out of Armando Álvarez pie-hole after he buzzes in the request to response ]. -•_!_•- Mmmmh, it seems that you’ve got your Spanglish wires crossed, “Be Do” is the English language anagram for Engagement, not the present tense for the word debt. Better luck next time Armando. }–~—\•>  [Off camera and live on-air, from the background noise of Armando Àlvarez hot-mic, a long and pronounced snorting sound can be heard, followed by a discreet: God–damn! That Shit is Good! ].

Anygüey, dear ebdo crowd:
do you like chocolate?

Para que lo que sigue no parezca un Copy–Pasta, debo dar credito a publicaciones XXI, y su nueva aventura en los kioscos de periódicos en Francia; debo tambien anunciar que en otras noticias de la French Press, “la clitoris” de los kioskos, la Revista CAUSETTE, dejo por unos momentos de ser estimulada, y a lo mejor por eso parece que la revista dirigida al mercado de feminas curiosas y abiertas había sucumbido en la Guerra por el Espacio en los kioskos de revistas en Francia; sin embargo, un juez falló en favor de las Causettes y el tribunal dictó que la revista de las hijas de Lilith continue divulgando la libertad y la expresión sexual de las mujeres en general, eso sí, con la consigna de que esa empresa resuelve cómo liquidar deudas. En otras palabras TOMA CHOCOLATE Y PAGA LO QUE DEBES.


[Man’s voice
Paul Harvey… “Good Day”]

And now, page two:

[Woman’s voice
[María Hinojosa]

— As i was telling you, Ali, this is very painful to say, but Immigration officers are over-stepping their bounds and jurisdiction by policing the streets like cops.

— When they engage in that fascist fashion they are no better than the corrupt cops of L.A. in the 1980’s. I mean, before Rodney King became what we today know as a “hashtag—name—your—Cause”, at the time the L.A. cops took it upon themselves to form their own little “clicks” to solve the Crack Epidemic that The Ronald Reagan Administration dropped in on The City of Angels to pay for his illegal war.

context follows

— Which as everyone now knows, gave us the urban phenomenon of the “maras” that Donald Trump now wants to profit from.

Courtesy of Latino USA.

— You know Ali, last year at the 25th Anniversary of the Rodney King verdicts, Eric Garcetti, the Los Angeles, mayor, he told me that his biggest concern about the on-going rhetoric and response from federal law enforcement agencies on municipal jurisdictions is that people on the streets are getting fed-up, Ali… “ya están perdiendo la paciencia”, Ali… D’ya know what —the Staff is Saying? Or do you want a Copy/Paste Scenario of the “gremlins” that are about to surface on the whole of Elvis’ “Promised Land”?

[Man’s voice
Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo]

Anyway, Ali, it’s MLK’s Birthday’s Eve… enjoy a Chacha con un Cha-Cha… or a Chacho if that’s the way that your paddle board veers, in any case —It’s a MLK weekend; and to celebrate, here’s Natalio Reyes Colas…. Raza!

1. With regards to the Power of Suggestion:

If Victor Burgin, and my intro to Phenomenology credit hours at BrUTEP sorry, Zita, at UTEP ever thought us [the staff] anything, is that An Image Is A Virtual Event occurring between Material Realities and Psychological Spaces… in other words, after all it’s said and done all that remains is a picture and a cutline, if you as a non reader (not you, Zita) are still wondering what this motherfucking explanation means, i give you, Valérie Maveidorakis, (Burgin’s Translator) who pegs the analogy as the musical chords of say an ukulele, to the lyrical chords in a song; so, whatever lays in between those two sensorial manifestations (the Material Reality and the Psychological stimuli), which your ear drums perceive is what will remain for posterity, es decir, —a virtual event. Think of it like this: those who are not willing to copy and paste the CONTEXT of HISTORY are condemned to repeat it… or something like that.

[Man’s voice
Jeff Goldblum]

— … but speaking about how the Devils (and monsters) are in the details, the staff returned to their Sabbatical, and both The lovely Sarah Silverman and yours truly, return to measure The Shape of Water with an image that suggests that the Axolotl and the janitor had a baby girl and this is her shape:

Courtesy of The Front Page of The Internet.

Magenta Moon

1 de enero 2018

Once in a Blue Moon a Full Moon turns Red, and the last time that this happened was 150 years ago.

Luna Llena para comenzar el año y Luna Azul para despedir a enero —¡y hasta con Eclipse, Corazón!— para recibir a el mes de febrero; ambas son Super Lunas, fenómeno celestial que sucede cuando un satélite (en este caso: Selene) se arrejunta en el transcurso de su órbita al Cuerpo que orbita (en este escenario: La Tierra). •—_¡_—• Uso justo de todos los almanaques y las Lunas Azules Rojas.


Ginger vS. Blondie; ROUND Three

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready to punditttttt.

As promised last Friday, Rockefeller/Peacock Productions, brings you the long awaited argument on the Democratic Party debacle on the Sen. Stewart Little grab-ass affair.

Wait for it; wait…

Meanwhile on the stands, as we [the staff] get ready to see two pundits go at it, a fight breaks out:

Context on this one, continues to develop…

La Muda de las noticias… they put the “C” in Change.

December 4th, 2017.

Cero y van Tres… “Ch–ch–ch–ch–chu—Changes!… must be the Martians, doc. •—_!_—•  Context follows.

… we are experiencing technical difficulties and, as if that wasn’t enough, Cousin Joe remains upset because Alabama lost the Iron Skillet of an American college football game, or something like that. As a result, he keeps delaying the delivery date for our iPhone X; sure, sure Cousin Joe, it’s because of a football “game”, sure… we can dig it. We can dig that it has nothing to do with wild hair up POTUS45 ass and his attempt to try and pin a murder on you, but hey! Cousin Joe, what does that allegation have to do with the delivery of our iPhone X: nothing that’s what.

Of course, Rachel dearest, when we pointed out the Elvis Presley–Nixonian “imitation game” that this fucker in the screen-grab was performing during the 2016 Campaign, y’all just huddled in your little bubbles and pretended to be better than the foul-mouth blogger sphere, and now just look at your Today host; and we’re not even going to go to Michigan… know what we [the staff] mean, doc? (context follows).

Anygüey, Willie Geist, while we [the staff] try to figure out just what kind of Gremlins are involved in shutting off our connectivity, we will continue with The Michelin Guide review.

…when we return, it’s Sports! With Ari Melber. •—_!_—• In thes episode, Ari shows us how to tan a pig skin into an oVoid shaped toy for jocks.

… in the mean time,
enjoy some ‘Cambios’
From “a Man who Fell to Earth”
by: David and the Martians

… but speaking of Changes, Katy_my–Dear, might you have done something to your Goldie Locks? There’s something about your early evening look, and you’re not even sporting your afternoon Spectacles! Anygüey, Big Kat: Fish & Chips and all that good stuff. Cheers! And carry on.

El Chavo, little Socorro —y el coco…

Anuncia Hollande el regreso de Año de México en Francia… Milenio diario; c. 2014.

Context and sources of mashup follows…

Context Follows…. TimeStamp: 23h55 07h00 …


ISSY.. pero sobre todas las cosas, haciendo referencia al ganador del Gran Premio de Humor Político para el 2017; allá en Los Altos del Sena —en les-Moulineux, casi esquina con el culo de Technicolor® (92130)— “Le Mec du 2015” is a Fair Use of “El Chavo del Ocho” and former French President, François Hollande.

Full disclousure

Our interpretation of the ear flapped hunters hat and the signature stripes t-shirt, —all decked— with a set of suspenders over his left shoulder is courtesy of Vanessa Arendt, at DiviantArt; while the mug of Mr. Holland, however, that sketch arrives courtesy of some guy –dit– Lascar, —and MediaPart.

Anygüeys, the combined rendition of Chespirito’s most memorable street urchin is a freehand mashup from the pen of SegoArma, our own nomad signwriter/painter, and well-rounded Rotulista Extraordinaire–at-large.

The context that makes SegoArma’s free-hand version of the “Holland/El Chavo del Ocho” mashup a Fair Use Of All Media, is a proposition that is loaded with the properties of Apophenia [or, the human ability to correlate both images and shapes, with data and/or information] in order to interpret or tie loose ends; and, in this particular case, as yet another reference to (a) Florence Cassez Affair, (b) the Peña Nieto [State Invitation] visit to La Place de La Concorde on Bastille Day 2015, (c) “The Year of Mexico in France,” which of course if you never read this blog, followed the next year in 2016 in the form of cultural events, which (d) celebrated the economic and strategic accords signed in 2013 between Los Pinos y El Eliseo… ceremonial circle jerks (e) at the National level of both countries [that’s our take] designed to whitewash the ever-growing numbers of murdered journalists, students, young brown skin women, and regular citizens that get in the way of a turf war for control and power, which we [the staff] would argue (F) that goes beyond the “Kate del Castillo” and “Sean Penn” Rolling Stone® Extravaganza…

Digresion for the sake of the Environment

Dear, non-reader: ask yourself, the following two questions: do I really need to have this last reference about doña Kate annotated at the end of this entry?”… Do I need to waste extra lines of typed fonts on a sheet of paper?

Fuck no, you don’t! You don’t need that reference noted once again because it would be a waste of ink and paper, and besides (Kid) that particular reference already exists in the form of a Next Generation Netflix telenovela, which —as everbody knows— caused the death of Mr. Eric del Castillo (pobre don Eric, como sufrió). Viva México.

… still to come: fritangas on the go, and the Michelin Guide; time to get new soles for them “Old Brown Shoes”.

Print Worthy Sources:

— Page 8/13 (France/Cinema) is courtesy of CNEWS Matin, via:

El apoyo ciego


Hey, Sarah…

You make them pair of glasses, and L.A. look really swell.

Sarah has a case of digital Stigmata. —_—. According to Sarah Silverman, and not counting Larry David, —and Jesus— Jewish people account for only, “1/5th of 1% of the entire world population.” However, in a totally and unrelated statistical figure, women also account for at least 80% of stigmatics [3].

This BTW is an intermission before the next Vikings in Paris episode.

P.S. You are really really really really edging into moving to that spot that my favorite jew currently occupies.

… and you know it! Yes indeed, this is another case of a Fair Use of Media before the FCC sits down to take “your” Internet away. •—¡—• Sources follow.




… When we [the staff] return, we review the case of the Anabaptist offshoot in northern Mexico, Chihuahua!

Los Vikingos, 3ª parte — Orson y sus Lindas Menonitas, bonitas.

“¡Qué bonito es Chihuahua¡”…

🎶 No soy Abraham, ni Píter, ni Jacobo… so, Take Only What You NeedFrom Me. —_—.  Context follows.

 La Seine et l’Yonne…

… TimeStamp: 04h20 CET (It’s WEEKEND EDITION).

Managed Sources:

“We were fated to pretend,” and all because of the MGMT.

MGMT: Kids. Vía: https ://youtube .com/watch?v=fe4EK4HSPkI