Deer: Purple Pundit, “is it possible?”

… [A]nd in WaWa Land, Tim O’Brian was abducted by the Ancient Bloomberg, and Donnie Deutsch got his Trident today, that’s the new standard, the Navy Seal Trident pin is now worth the same as an Old Glory lapel pin on a republican party senator’s suit.

For the record, Tim O’Brian, it’s two issues that were brought up by the guy to your right, not just the T.S.A. approach on minorities in Babylon Two. The guy to your right also brought up the fact that Mayor Bloomberg also endorsed The Guantanamo gig in Cuba*; of course, that’s Taboo with the Wallace. Also, mr. voice doppelgänger of the Ancient Aliens “could it be” guy*, Mercedes Benz and Higher End Luxury vehicles don’t do “bumper stickers”, they only do “valet parking” tickets.

* …[I]f you endorsed N° 43, you endorsed the entire “you go to WAR with the Army you have, and not the Army you wish you had”.

* David H. Childress
“Likes big stone balls”,


Ladies in Gemini: The Paleface Collection

Live from La Avenue MONTAIGNE

It’s time for another edition of:
Appropos Nation

The Beautiful Ones

The Beautiful Ones.:.BD5FDEDF-364C-4C93-A79E-591E4C2AE618 •|•

In Colabos with
https ://www .icareifyoulisten .com/2019/11/call-for-articles-new-series-cultural-appropriation/

In other TRIPS, Black Spy is about to predict the news that Senator Maxine Waters (D–CA) is reading right now, and yes Negrita, to Mí, all representatives are Senators.

Deer, Lorde

Deer, Lorde… Rachel Glasses WON THE WEEK.

Today Eye confirmed that everything that Eye thought Eye knew, is still WRONG. When a civil servant (John Bolton) can slide to the Bank, and the U.S. Congress cannot compel that motherfucker to stop sucking The Attorney General’s cock, “we the people” now know that not all people are created EQUAL.

In Tycoonville knew News, former Babylon Two Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is officially in the 2020 Ruhles… scratch D.A.T.; is officially changing the rules an the Media mogul just cockblocked the Democratic ticket. The New York City millionaire made no mention about the biggest threat to American “Exceptionalism”: Vladimir Putin… but he (Bloomberg) promises jobs, lots of jobs for the middle fucks; scratch D.A.T., lots of jobs for the middle–CLASS >>> The middle–class, not the middle fucks.

Question: What is the starting yearly salary for the “middle–class”?

Deer, rédacteur–en-chef à Rennes…

Corrigez-nous si Öüï, —the staff of this most non-consequential blog— estamos en un ERROR, but whatever killed BARBARA was a French inspired thing and/or feeling… are we wrong?

Hoy no hubo Jazz

Hoy no hubo Jazz

… et TOI, Siren, do you feel like listening to a Crying Song, or are you just happy to see me wear Pink on the Dark Side of The Moon?

FYI Radio France, your Real Time song listings are not working in REAL TIME, in order to find out what “jinggle” played before “the current track”, Önë has to refresh the player. Now then, because Öüï know that them Sirens don’t read us, this entry therefore Wont Mean A Thing, because if the Blessed in their Hearts French don’t “bestow you with Swing” then it’s nothing more than una pinche MANUELA. Ask a Mexican.

And Siren, nevermind the Keys, öüï know The Combo.

It’s Gold, Jerry—GOLD!!!

… [Y] ni siquiera hablamos japonés!

¡Arriba La China!!!

¡Arriba La China… poblana! — Y que chingue a su madre Tim 🍏 y “Winnie” the Pooh.

Taka–taka, sí [lo masticamos] pero japonés, nada mas cuando comemos cacahuates.

Ladies in Gemini...

Ladies in Gemini, we regret to inform our non–readers that the Chinese government is censoring our frames. The Media gulag is nippin’ the top and bottom of our non-consequential screen–grabs and sending them SIRENES [on the “A TRAIN” no less] to Tijuana when every self respecting Chinese gourmand knows that it is in Mexicali, where the real Chinese are all at!

Y no insistas, Comadre Letty, My General Tso‘s chicken noodle belongs to Suzi… even if her tocadiscos está rayado: Eye am so in LOVE with you… bring back Obama, even if he hires Mr. Holder, again.

… [B]ut you can do something in V-Tween”

It’s 11 o’Clock in Central NATO Thymes…
adventures in Transliteration:

El trono de Frankie

El trono de Frankie, quality toilettes. Order Now! It’s a “pendulum” thing…  only on the Rachel Maddow show… no “Sub-peanuts”.

Suzi, as you know, our heart belongs to Suzi, but do you know what it sounds like in American InglÉs? p.1


Ontario, CA Class of 89; indeed a Jaguar, in more ways than Le chef d’redaction at the Paris Le Pen Prefecture can ever conceive from the template that his boss tells him to TYPE.


THIS IS MY GENERATION, and donald trump gave it A güey to Russia:

The Who is not a boomer

The Who is not a boomer… Australia is the enemy.|• and Eye saw TROTSKI SMILE THAT DAY. Indeed. Communism is not the Enemy, men with little Cults of Personality are, period.

End of Anuncio 

It sounds like This:
No insistas, Elise Jordan, my heart belongs to HEIDI, period… Heidi, Eye loves you, even if you are Polish. Kurwa Munch, or something like that.


It's Au, Jerry! Au!

It’s Au, Jerry! Au! Ah–Uhhhhh! Jerry!

In Yesterday’s knews News:

Deer, Bill Maher,

Have those fucking Spicks at El País have some news Knews for you, you see (you fucking Werewolf) Marat did not have a Virus; it was a Fungus!!! Just like Saint George C. predicted, white coats and Guess Work.

It’s a good THING D.A.T. your fucking Games of Thrones producers do not read U.S. abroad… bunch of fags.



Deer donald trump, this is what a quality plumbing job looks like

Mean, while Mayor Bloomberg cockblocks the democratic ticket, Willie Geist, does not approve, in his, more human than human Thyme, he says that “George” needS more work. Copy?

Still to come, Cousin Joe’s secret while Mika takes the morning off. Oh, the Humanity… zeppelin goes HERE.

Anuncio: Donnie Deutsch licks balls, for $52 billion quids.

Dear, Joe Scarborough,

for the record, Mika is pretty, beautiful, and lovely; you on the other hand…you sir have a questionable noggin.

Dear. Yannick Noah:

Australia is the enemy

No insistas, hija de Astérix… mi corazón es de Suzi

Issy, comadre Letty, esas niñas d’Alesia son bien… Adrenalinas, y mejor ya no digo nada porque se enoja el señor “pelos de Vermicelli”, dijo Catón.

K & S... come together

K & S… come together — Over Mí 🎶 (Twice). And never mind The Runaways, it’s just a cold play on Words, on all–kinds of Thyme zones… now just to bee inclusive, Comadre Letty, you too May come along and join “the” Kristen and “the” Suzi, but not before Astérix Daughter gives a “Thank You Yeezus” to the guy a.k.a. “The little Cesar helper” at a place called D.C., punto y aparte

In HILO, Hawaii, it’s the 1600 hours in GMT+10
and Coming Up in the programming:

It’s another edition of Calaveras de Jalowin

Now for the people who think that Chicago is the Second City, (the nerve of some niggas) let Mí explain it in simple terms and you May Do the Maths later on the latter days. Number One is of course Parisis/Lutece–Paname–París; then comes Angoulême/New Amsterdam/New York; and of course AZTLÁN/Nuestra Señora de Los Ángeles follows, in–no–particular ORDER. Now as far as Chicago goes, Chicago es la ciudad de las DOS necesidades.

Bring back Obama

We miss Barry, even if he became a Chicago transplant… Champagne & Asparagus, and if you have never read this most “intrascendente” blog, you know that we are not casting a spell on them aspersions, (Rep. Louie Gohmert).

In other news, according to President Trump, the leader of IS (Daesh) went out in the same way that Ted Nugent got out of serving his “beloved” country during Vietnam; which according to president Trump, Al-Baghdadi “cried, whimpered, and screamed (there were even underaged dragged with him)”_

File photo of IS leader not available

File photo of IS leader not available, however, here’s a close equivalent on the opposite side of the “coward run–for–your–life” Spectrum.

… [N]o word if the monster shit his pants, like the most coward man in Rock history did when asked to serve the country that he claims to love.