Breaking News: Cousin Joe ousted The Maddow

There can bee only one.

La cumbia del aguacate

To celebrate Little Havana’s acknowledgement of the Biden Campaign Ticket Victory, the 11th Hour at The BriWi Club broke out with a rendition of La Cumbia del Aguacate 🥑 18938ADE-414B-4A17-9034-C9A47E9B1F67 🦞 Over at the Telemundo Siege, Amanditititita was a Rock Lobster.

Tuesday morning, Paris, France __ The consequences of a “pm version” of the Morjo Show are now main streaming across the programming, and for all of those who do not read this most non-consequential blog, bee advised that in this arc, Rachel Maddow and Joseph Charles Scarborough the Third, are one in the same but on different meridians, Joe gets the “leggo-my-ego” morning section of the hours, and Rachel gets everything past the Deadline episodes of Nicolle.

JOE Scarborough’s incursion onto the primetime election coverage hours on a known American cable news network is causing havoc on the The Rachel Maddow bloc.

Cap studies

Red Cap Studies:
How to go from Comparative Adjectives to Superlative Adjectivities in less than 60 Seconds 🥑
Featuring : from Worse to Worst, becauseThe Curecan’t be worse than the remedy.

Still To Come
The Peter Cat Recording Company
with their breakout hit:
right now is Vile for Kurt,
or some backasswards consequence like d.a.t.

Historians from Tennessee all agree that the last time that a take-down like this happened, it did ruffled a few feathers at peacock central. Keith Theodore Olbermann was not available for comment.

Persea [na] americana

Persea [na] americana … o como dice don Francis “el Che”: Youse Mí Wonderwall

IN AgroNautical news

Mexican variety of avocados (haass) are arriving with “Strings Attached”, this can only mean one thing Eugene Robinson. Find out about, IT!, after a word from our sponsors.

For palette contrast, the regional varieties of MonteZuma’s variety of green oysters (from Spain and Morocco) are not stringy, but are a bit on the insipid side of the color scale, and while the Chilean and Peruvian are a better option/versions of this fruit, them aguacates spoil as soon as Wind gets beyond the skin.


You should see the back of their Milk Cartons…

Why are you up so early, Carol Anne?

And Carol Anne tweets:

Adventures in hypokoristikós

Adventures in hypokoristikós: Esperanza = Pera.

“I’m searching for Pera, Buddy.”

Good morning, Sunshine. En Francia hoy no hubo noticias because BFM’er TV spent all night pounding on the table and wondering if Noël is going to be a go, or a No Go. En América de los Estados Unidos, it was a small launch for Humanity but a great landing for the LIBERACIÓN de las rutas fleteras a la Estación Espacial Internacional HOTEL & Casino.

In On this episode, the American Version of “Ironman” cannot attend his most valued achievement, find out what, IT!, is after a message from our sponsors: the internet.

Solitaire setup provided by Las fuentes de doña Vilma y CDG Airports

Still to come:
Hells Kitchens, episode 45:

Santa y Fe, la addition a Daniel, S.V.P., and a Sopa de letras A.S.A.P..

Mientras tanto en Tabasco…

https ://www .independent .co .uk /news /world /americas /mexico-floods-homeless-hurricane-eta-b1723627 .html?utm

En Tabasco la villa está hermosa.

En Tabasco no pasa nada… pass the Ketchup.

Año de Hidalgo — Lo suyo de Lo nuestro

— Polka, you ask?

Said the man behind the counter, where Ashley Parker was auditioning for yet another hospitality industry job…

— Eva’höïd of “El hijo de Su”?

Again the man behind the counter.

— O nada más que esa del Jailbird at Folsom Prison and his boy named Sue?

Dear, Mika… turn, IT! UP!!!

O como dicen los franceses, “la 3ª es la Chingada… perdón, es La Vencida”.

https ://www .madmagazine .com /blog /2020/04/09 /rip-mort-drucker-1929-2020

Because when Öüï return, Eye is going to make a Match Striking Strip out of a crosswalk to SHOW that “parody” knot “imitation” is the sincerest form of flattery… or something like D.A.T..

And starring as “El Puma”, Brian Williams

Live from the beautiful Costco Islands at the luxurious PavoReal Room it’s Citizen Dating, and still to come, the Pilot Episode of the next rollercoaster thriller-drama:


Öüï begins today transmission by playing catch up, with Ari Melber because that is his Beat, Ari is always playing Ketchup .:. 92056071-A4E5-4B51-A7DB-0BBBD3770F08 🍅 … [B]ecause as Ali Vittali knows once you go Hunt’s the Kraft sale sobrando. To play CATCH UP 101, the student must show understanding of how Venn diagrams work in this dimension… No Se Vaya _ deteniendo.

and yes Ms. Equilbey… öüï is here.

And there is really no point in looking back, but if Mitch McConnell is going to be sending people WHO want to get smarter to his twiiter account, Öüï is going to fLiP the pages of Le Monde and try to make an arrangement for the Senate majority leader.

Digresión en Contexto:

Now that it is looking more and more like Le Parisien will be following, one Front page at a time, the arrival of Candidate Biden and Senator Harris to the White House, Senate Majority Leader, Moscow Mitch, is saving face when it comes time to answer for the current president’s behavior which announces the Second Act of Donald Trump’s dance with The American Experiment, by hunkering his comments deep in the Trenches of a Race War… started off–course, by the racist wing of the GOP.

So, witt D.A.T. in mind our picture sorting monkees will bring you Last week today, with Richard Lui making a move on Steve’s big Screen… this can only mean one thing: We Got u.s. another doppelgänger INSIDE, this is going to be one « big mastodonte » to orchestrate, but if Hamilton could do it with an “are” impediment when rolling with the “erres”, Eye trusts that Öüï will get to the bottom this “chef-d’œuvre¹ »… in KNOW Time.

Well… Eye did warn y’all about d.a.t. mastoDonte on Morning Joe… Dear Lorde, does Cousin Joe have something against Stephanie Rhule or is he just covering for Avi Velshi?

Doppelgänger Rhules

Meanwhile at FOX News, ancient mummy and former MSNBC collaborator, Dr. Laura Ingram, appears to have taken a cold shower and EYE did not know that Dr. Ingram was a practicing catholic, judging by the Cold Gin that she is drinking right now.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham advises Trump to accept defeat with ‘grace and composure’ in unusual messaging shift

https ://www .businessinsider .com /fox-news-laura-ingraham-advises-president-trump-to-accept-defeat -2020-11?r=US&IR=T&utm_source=reddit .com


Habemus POTUS


Indeed… Habemus POTUS

Pitch perfect

Pitch perfect entry…

1. Laurence Equilbey, ENTREtien[e]. Le Monde n° 23511; 27/28 Sept., 2020

Ladies in Gemini, the following is a Public Service Announcement from the Brown Cloakies (a.k.a. “la banda de los panchitos”) at The Soup Kitchens near The Vatican.

My fellow Americans, don’t be fooled, bamboozled or otherwise, TAKEN… by the fake “Catholics for Trump” signs, because these “catequistas” are as authentic as the “Gypsies for Hitler” and the more than 6 million Jews that WHO Voted for the Third Reich
and here is WHY,
Mr. Mattlock!

Real catholics are alcoholics

Hear Mí Out, Franck!!! 📣 C2505A25-5988-4232-A820-779E48C100E0 🔊 Real catholics are alcoholics… real catholics SPIKE their Water and wear facemasks… yeah, Buddy, that’s coming straight from the SOURCE at Eugene’s Joint on la rue Palatine.


Eye told you DOLT’s not to Store the Steve…. FUCK!!!

It only took a Siesta. D.A.T.s all it took for Steve Kornacki to turn into a “pilar of lego” after he went ahead and listened to Avi Velshi’s suggestion to drink the warm glass filled with milk… or something like That.

Later in the programming

Later in the programming… Öüï runs out of RGB refill pixels.

Coming up on Hoy no hubo jazz…

Mundo de juguete

We begin with an apology to the following sources, but given the timing of today’s sequence of events Öüï had no other choice but to commandeer your products; it’s for the Good of The Order and all that Jazz.

Over on the Meet The Kids stream:

https ://www .dailymail .co .uk /news /article-8910217 /Children-young-EIGHT-investigated-France-supporting-terrorism .html

Now y’all have heard about The Walrus, —it’s Knot one of those.

It was inevitable, eventually Bandas de niños would begin to amalgamate given the circumstances. At The Rockefeller Center it was Nicolle’s and Steph’s little brats who terrorized the rest of the Kids in the Hall.

In Local Motion News, it’s 4 p.m. in Hilo, Hawaii, and in the City of Brotherly Love, the Trump camp is Sweating Bullits, in Paris, night delivery and take-out is postponed until further notice. And that’s a good thing.

From “la mañanera” and twiiter:
En México NO hay emergencia por pandemia, no habrá confinamiento ni se cerrarán establecimientos comerciales, ni aplicaremos medidas coercitivas: AMLO
Confiamos mucho, mucho, mucho en la gente. No hay alarma porque una cosa es Europa y otra nuestro país“:

Everyone at democracy plaza was fed up with those two, the Security guards (rent–a–cops) knew them as The Wallrhuls.

They called'em Canallas

French authorities caught these two plotting mischief wherever ice cream was being dispensed, they were hooked on Carambar’s sugar high. This is the reason why the French police came up with the “vigiPIRATE” patrols across McDo’s.

Still to come… It’s always sunny at the Voto Latino Siege

When we return:


El Sol Sale Para Todos

Y luego, en aproximadamente 8 horas (de las buenas) “Los Ricos También Lloran”… veremos, pero mientras eso pasa, we are going to try and catch some Zzzz’s.

9th Dream in an Elevator, hosted by Mr. Schmidty
with Musical Guest:
Hey, hey we’re The Monkees

Objects in rear-view mirror

Objects in rear-view mirror are closer to Circuses Animals 🐘 A044BF33-54D1-4782-ACA0-CBDA0F931EF0 🙈 … [T]hen they appear.

And… still to come, it’s way too Early in Kalifornia, but don’t be late Witt Brad Lee Pitt… a cousin of the Coopers in Georgia. In WaWa land is the 3 am on the Little hand on the (Shut Yo’Mouth) Dial.

C'mon, Cousin Joe

C’mon, Cousin Joe! ⏳0AF94173-818E-4D42-B0C4-D6ED7CFFA9F1 ⌛️ Get your little minute marker ready, it’s Eazy–E, the one “nigger” WHO didn’t get burned by ICE, but he cheated ’cause D.A.T. “Nigga” D.A.R.E. he got a bunch of different A.I.D.S. — FUCK THE POLICE if they don’t protect the Voters, period in plain Black and White… y en “negritas” S.V.P.!

“I’m Talking ’bout SHAFT! ».


Happy Birthday, PATRIOT ACT!!! — Yeah… take your fucking shoes off!

Tonight on Deadline, Italian pistachio ice cream for all… the locked-up kids.


Because doG so loved the world
D.A.T. She gave her only green-colored pup…
not to mention Kasie Hunt,
—asteroids the size of refrigerators—
and of course, the aforementioned:
escaped cloned female mutant crayfish that took over the Belgian Père Lachaise.

Because Green is the color of Hope, the “migra” agent at the check-point.

Still to come:

And Kate McKinnon replies to Jay

And Kate McKinnon replies to @ Jay Pelaer 🛎 728B2D28-B707-4B29-B5C7-5ED90F3E13BB 🙈 … ”Ah, yes, the mountains”.


Previously on, “My honey went to Mount Kilimanjaro and all that I got was this shower cap”…

Replying to

Mountain climbing while Joe was eating fast- food after 3 days of silence was the funniest thing I ever heard. HAHAHA!!!!! I love you two

Still Wawa, o como dicen los franceses

Current or not, do we really–really need another presidential debate?

“Hydro-sonic” technology

Tele-transporter, now with “Hydro-sonic” technology 🚰 5E7C2EFC-30A3-49C3-AD82-8F43A6AA4180 🗣 All water dispensers are benchmarked to mil-specs with our patented Spectrum Oscillators from Iceland.

… Dear, God,

We [the staff of this here most non–consequential blog] ask of Ewe to please pot put a hold on D.A.T. D.A.R.E. work order to sink that worthless wart on the Continent called La Florida until the El Ey Dodgers finish the series that starts tonight.

Witt D.A.T. in mind, Ladies in Gemini the following is a special presentation of:

Manual Oportunista López Android

Manual de Oportunistas López Android, Change 2.1 ⚾️ A0AD1BAC-577B-45C4-B90B-F9ACA2D73803

SAVING MEXICO re-loaded, oportunismo obrerista

Issy, John Mill Ackerman, ahora regresamos a la época cuando Los Franchutes de La Sierra inventaron a los Mayas y luego, dej’pué, a los Olmecas.

En re cuento, and this is no hyperbole en la parabólica, Chata, para el mero día cuando El Patrón, Emmaüs convocó a una cuadrilla de los llamados “sin techo”, [PAOLA Reymos] para asistir a la inauguración de Los Olmecas en el museo de Jacques Chirac, yo, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto ya había husmeado al “representante” de la Embajada de Mexico en Francia que el Servicio Exterior Mexicano en Europa envió, o más bien, destacó en la callejuela Jean Lantier del 01 en el 75… if Ewe know what Eye means, Siren.

The team at 32 rue des Bourdonnais (same quadrant of the Châtelet Constelación), know what Öüï means so in case that any [Matt Bradley] would want to verify the facts, since there is a trail [and a trial] left behind in that hall.

Witt D.A.T. in mind, [Irma Eréndira SanD•oval] rogamos que el resto de sus emparentados [en la lista del pre•supuesto, por•supuesto] no se vayan a empapar… ¡Aguas! Porque este nuevo agente (destacado en la rue Jean Lantier) nos llega directamente desde la Ciudad Eterna, ROMA, y pues como Johnny Depp [en el rol de Cantinflas] diría: Allí Está El Detalle.

De cualquier manera, esperemos, Sr. Don Andrés, que sus esfuerzos de recolección de datos e inteligencia en el Exterior de su República logren obtener lo que andan husmeando.

In other words, Paola Ramos… please relay to Don Señor Marcelo Ebrard (your old colaborador en El Paso, Texas… when y’all used to sell HAMBURGERS IN PARADISE), D.A.T. he knows My NAME, pick up the Number; motherfucker!

Descubriendo lo perdido… o algo así con Hermann Bellinghausen

Con todo respeto… Eye hopes that you are up now, Cougar follows.

The devil is in the details

The devil is in the details .:. 960F133F-70C7-4CE2-8527-2D68010B2553 👩‍⚕️… full-disclosure for Willie Geist, Eye is not a Juris Doctor, but Eye has been royally fuq’d by a few, and Mika, i remind your beau on the MorJo Show D.A.T. Eye did sleep with a couple of medical doctors and nurses on pup-tents, KNOT at the same time, and off-course, sometimes at a Holiday Inn… Tea—for the Lady, s.v.p..

in Hilo, Hawaii it is 11h40 on a Monday night, and Eye is up to wiTTness different Scripts Play Out. Goooooooooo, Dodgers, it’s just the opener, no pun intended stay fresh, at 101° F. Aussi, this time Yesterday, Kasie Hunt was spotted stalking a French Poodle’s tail on-line. Are You Awake Now

The history of America is under a radical remodelación.”

And Eye is not even talking about Caracas, which has been erased on from a map by NBC in New York.

Deer, Nicolle Wallace, i’m so high right now, D.A.T. Eye is wondering if William Shatner would have made a better president, i mean, with all the bullshit he (Donald) peddles… jeez, U.S.! It’s a no brainer.

Think about it, Pundit, Captain J.T. Kirk  is at least a better pitchman… you hear D.A.T.? Of course not, Nicolle Wallace does not read u.s..


Attention special FX shoppers

Attention special FX shoppers, looking for a bigger Bang for your prosthetic phalluses-es needs, search no Moore because Uncle Kim Bang Industries in North Korea just paraded the new line of prosthetic intercontinental penis-es 💥 2EEE257B-2E36-4AFC-8641-B1DD4AC9D4C5 🎲 Created with only ONE market in mind, and from Europe, those big screen BestBuy customers don’t use PAL.

Anuncio: Py on G y Ang (ie) LTD.
Jingle: Now with only a 3 Minute Delay

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /cultura /2020/10/12 /la-caida-de-cristobal-colon-hermann-bellinghausen– 3076 .html

— So, the confirmations hearing for yet another of Trumps (confirmation) judges is going through the motions, and the Mexican style playbook from the past 100 years, is at play. Why in California, of all places, dummy mail-in drop boxes are popping up along the scorched sun shine State. Perhaps that is why we never received an answer from the Registrar’s office, my ballot request probably ended up going into a fake post-office, or something like that. No Biggie.

Los Amigos Invisibles

Los Amigos Invisibles de LeClerk.

Still to come:
Really, it’s No Biggie, it was all reduced to a failed experiment,
“but don’t you”
call my Civic masturbation A Jack-off Show.

Anyhow, one of those paid contributors on the pundit sphere, you know the kind, Hallie Jackson, “experts”, navel gazed at her spy camera and pondered, “that IF Donald Trump would have incurred the charges for his visit to Walter Reed he would have been bankrupt,” which is complete horse puckey, or horse shit if you happen to be from Nicolle Wallace’s home turf: Orange County, California, and here’s why:

1. All republicans from California, including the ones walking around in shame with their political version of a “Scarlet letter” stamped on their chests, are from Orange County in the same way that all Distinguished Armor Technicians are from Kentucky, including them dumb ass tankers like Donald’s Secretary of State. Dumb ass tankers are know to be part of a treasonous group within the U.S. Army that goes by the acronym FTA (no periods) , and which should not be confused with the illustrious order that shares the same letters but with periods between each glyph. FTA stands for Fuck The Army (like Mike Pompeo is doing right now), while F.T.A. is of course Future Tankers of America. The FTA fuckers can be found throughout all Military Occupational Specialties, especially with them “grunt” and/or the jar head types in uniform, while F.T.A. elements can only be forged at Fort Knox, because the Future Tankers of America are worth their weight in Au (pronounced like a Howl, Jerry) because D.A.T.’s GOLD Jerry! Gold. 60 Tons of it for every squad, plus the weight of each of the four operators that make that beast go, BOUM🗯.

2. If Donald Trump had to pay for his visit to the Army’s hospital it would imply that Hillary would be president right now, and Donald would be a civilian, WHICH, by way of logic would cancel that paradox (if Eye may call, IT!, D.A.T. being that every fucking little thing qualifies as an IRONIC example in the Trump Administration) because if Trump would have caught the COVID-19 in the same way that HE CAUGHT SEXUAL TRANSMITTED DISEASES during his convalescent exemption from D.U.T.Y. in Da’NAM, then Donald would be a dead motherfucker, because there would have been no experimental cocktail of medicines for him to take (punto y coma) even if Hillary would have kept the COVID numbers to NEW ZEALAND standards… come to think of, IT!, what if the wholeDonald Trump tested positive for COVID-19,” thing was STAGED?Like the issue with President Obama’s birth certificate reality show fiasco, eh? A fake REPUBLICAN PARTY affair.

What if Trump FAKED DAT he had CoViD-19, Pundit? Eye mean, D.A.R.E. is no proof that he caught it, all that the AMERICAN PEOPLE LYING EYES SAW was a fucking clown (our apologies to C.L.O.W.N.S.) put on a military med•evac show just like a fucking dictator would do or, a failed President, such as Nixon would be forced to engage in.