Hey Evry body, it’s 4 O’clock in New York — Hellooooooo, Mike Memoli.

It’s far from being a “premature” primera comunión for the 40 year–old Virgin doppelgänger on “the” msnbc’s, after all, Evry body knows that the U.S. Presidential Political Stump Show it’s been kept alive for far too long, are öüï happy with Bernie’s drop? Fuck no. We [the staff] are not. And that is all D.A.T. Eye is going to say about that.

So have at it, Cousin Joe. Rejoice at victory of Biden on the democratic ticket. As for you, America sin acento, enjoy that “used car” smell on the Road to The White House.

On the menu: Hamburgers in paradise have been replaced by Fish fillet sandwiches.

Slim Virgina… you’ve regressed long time, bay–bee

Musical Guest:
SIMONUCI and Funklegarbe

SIMONuci & Funklegarble

El zopilote pasa .::. FD5AAF0D-694C-4825-996D-C893E2001DAE 🗺⚰️

A Brief history of The United States Navy in the voice of Captain Jack Sparrow’s dad, and yes, Sparrow’s dad likes big butts and he cannot lie.

— Now this might seem ironic, but the U.S Navy was born out of a need to defend against the Tripoli Pirates in the late 18th Century and here öüï is, in the 21st Century not only acting but behaving and engaging like pandemic profiteering pirates, hijacking medical supplies from U.S. allies and, acting like complete savages with the people of Cuba.

https ://www .ctvnews .ca /health /coronavirus /cuba-u-s-embargo-blocks-coronavirus-aid-shipment-from-asia-1.4881479


En el ruedo

🎵 Marchando una de piratas…
Larga vida y gloria eterna.
Para hincarles de rodillas
Hay que cortarles las piernas.

Joan Manuel Serrat

[Right now, 16h in CET, it’s Siesta Time… please check listings]

… [Yawn]

EPA* honcho

As an EPA* honcho, Thomas Moldy… Modly was an inspiration to former Texas governor Rick Perry before taking the reigns of Donald John Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency.

It’s 4 O’clock in New York and not that we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] wish to listen to what the entire news business (including FOX) industry call, “The daily Donald Trump word salad complement in the U.S., to the Mexican huevos rancheros breakfast briefing of López Obrador”, but the motherfucker, (o sea Donald John Trump) can’t even be punctual to his own fucking Sporths Authority fantasy show. In any case, we now return to, A Brief History of The U.S. Navy.

Cast of characters:

Pedos tristes y Soplados blandos

Pedos tristes y soplados blandos .::. B92D8A72-5A8A-4DA2-AF1A-F1419AD4CED8 🌫 For the Castilian speaking market Sean Hannity is, PEDOS TRISTES and Jesse Watters is SOPLADOS BLANDOS. “—LET IT RIP!.

Thomas Jefferson is portrayed by “The Red Rocker”, Sammy Hagar.

Una de piratas

Por un quitame esas pajas te pasan por la quilla.
Pero en el fondo son unos sentimentales
Que se graban en la piel
A la reina del burdel
Y se la llevan puesta a recorrer los mares.
… “Una de piratas”.

• The Acting Secretary of The United States Navy, the honorable Thomas Moldy… Modly is represented by Walter Peck (William Atherton), a pompous EPA delegate in New York City c. 1984.

“He’s a well respected man about town…

… [N]ot to mention, mr. Sambora, “A dedicated follower of Fashion”.

Öüï loves them heretic republicans

Öüï loves them heretic republicans .::. B549B00F-FC45-4F00-ACA8-22AA8E459466


And over at AXIOS TV, HoBO TV is keeping woman in the kitchen, no word if they get to wear shoes to–goat it! Barefooted.

Virgin Kitchens

It’s another edition of: Virgin Kitchens on Axios TV .::. A5C35091-96FE-4148-9ED0-EBEE10763E3F 🚰 Nice carnations after the break, —Aussi.


https ://www .theguardian .com /world/2020/mar/28 /JOE-BIDEN-SEXUAL-ASSAULT-ALLEGATIONS-WHY-HAS-MEDIA-IGNORED-CLAIMS

And in other Nine–Eleven para lelos, Cousin Joe, here’s another “I’ll be there for you” moment from the personal Attorney General of Donald John Trump; so listen up Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and don’t pretend that you don’t Give Love a Bad name, —enabler.

• Are we advocating domestic violence against woman?

– NO. No we are not, we are just asking that any claim made against a “guy”, that it is not railroaded in the family court circuit just so that a County Judge Does Not, —we repeat— so that a county judge does not lose an election because of the women, but not necessarily the Soccer Mom, vote.

• Are we saying that in the military, female soldiers are not abused?

— NO. No we are not, all we are pointing to, Sen. Gillibrand, is that the same S.O.P. at county courts transfers to the chain of concern, for the benefit of some, in the chain–of–command; all we are opining on, ma’am, and to flip a quote of a democratic candidate for the Commander–in–Chief:

If you are going to start off with the presumption that what a woman is claiming is true, then you better be prepared to punish with the SAME ZEAL when those same claims are proven to be false, especially if there is a paper trail of evidence that proves them claims otherwise.

Anygüey, Senator Gillibrand, if you ever would care to take the time to not read this most non–consequential blog, then you would not find out why i, armando segovia (not armando serrano prieto) get a hard–on when issues like these are up for a vote (for punishment against men) to become law [that is to say] the law of the land. But Eye will tell you, about D.A.T. on the next episode of: The Ozarks.

First time in the kitchen

With the stay–in–place suggestion from New York’s governor (Matilda’s favorite son), former Sen. McCass finally listened to Rodney Dangerfield’s advice (given to her husband) and she went on VACATION to her Kitchen, —a place she had never been to. .::. ”Eye tells you, Willie Geist, Eye gets no respect around msnbc! Why the other day Eye asked Nicolle Wallace for a tip, and she wouldn’t even call Mí, by me name! No Respect, Eye tell ya.



Indeed .::. 56F671FD-1DBE-4DA1-8707-9B44994515B6 ☠️ You can just say “Thank you” to « el kommander–in–chief », Donald John Trump: the arsonist who started the fire and wants credit for the piss in the bucket to try to extinguish it out.

In Entertainment news, Radio Times suggests that if you mix them American Narcos with a Kick Ass soundtrack, you might begin to understand what a Mexican Radio programming was all about before la chingada “quebradita” began to compete with “Siempre en Domingo”, that is to say, tune in to get the latest on The Ozarks from the least visited site in the Whole Wide Web: us!

And in The great state of Missouri — Sen. Claire burns her bras

And now… The Rest of The Story with Paul Harvey.

Got Beads?

Got beads? .::. C7C7F03B-EADB-491B-A2A7-FC4481339B27 🗣 Sen. McCass, stop using them Gideon bible pages for your “Wacky Tobacki” and show those blind Alabama Chior Boys how to properly protest, just like a Red-Blooded American! —_•!•_— Aussi, Senator Claire, Grandpa Jones wants you to listen to the Radius.

Previously on,
“If Eye were the Devil”
in the voice of Brian Williams

Calls from the Nether Regions of Ireland, and the Rosbif’s sector of Liverpool prompted the Warrenton police to arrest nephew Cody for bragging online about his store-licking escapades. Nephew Cody, of the Pfister clan in the St. Louis Metropolitan “statistical” Area whose city motto is “A City For All Seasons” lived up to that moniker after nephew Cody answered a D.A.R.E. from the president of them united states of america, after Donald John Trump declared on the World Stage that the White House press briefing room is, that KOI Fish supplements are a cure (like té de Tila is for the president of Mexico) for the Current COVID–19 pandemic.

https ://riverfronttimes .com /newsblog/2020/03/24 /missouri-walmart-coronavirus-licker-charged-with-terrorist-threat

In related Make America Grim Again news and, with no pun intended here, because as the MISERY poster behind Rob Reiner stated on this weekend edition of AM Joy: WE REPORT THE BLACK HUMOR NEWS AND MAX BROOKS DECIDES IF HE LAUGHS.

March Madness with Metallica

March Madness with the ‘Tallica .::. 2888D7A5-6A83-4688-80C6-023ABD895AED 🦇🌎🌍🌏🦇👩🏻‍⚕️👨🏻‍⚕️👩🏼‍⚕️👨🏼‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️👨🏽‍⚕️👩🏾‍⚕️👨🏾‍⚕️👩🏿‍⚕️👨🏿‍⚕️🥽🚨🏥☎️🦠🧻📈☣️
You just stood there screaming
Fearing no one was listening to you
They say the empty can rattles the most
The sound of your voice must soothe you
Hearing only what you want to hear
And knowing only what you’ve heard
You you’re smothered in tragedy
And you’re up to save the world

Bad news travel fast, but pandemics travel at the speed of light. Up north, in The great state of Wisconsin a novel way of protest against the “unfair and unbalanced” attacks against “The” donald on the Just The Facts Ma’am News Networks is hitting supermarket surfaces. Sources close to Rocky Raccoon, reporting from The Great State of Minnesota relay that the protester, an unidentified FOX News surface–licker might be the one responsible for infecting sensible Mid–Westerners with the COVID–19 virus.

https ://www .newsweek .com /wisconsin-woman-licks-grocery-store-freezer-handle-protest-coronavirus-1493354

The surface–licker, “a 53 year old Marshfield woman” stated that although she had never used “this method of protest” before, she was a pro at bra-burning in the Mid–West when she used to protest the Bush era wars with a Ho named Magill, —WHO called herself Lil—, but everyone Knew her as Nancy.

20h00 in Central Europe Time

ADF’s (those with a window to the street) honored FRENCH hospital workers with a One Minute Round of Applause.

Meanwhile in Florida

Meanwhile in Florida (The Checkmate State) .:. 73542C9E-8FB5-4D85-8B5B-22412CCC2104 Spring breakers continue to honor Vice-president Mike Pence and his excellent handling of making sure that all of the medical staff behind his daily COVID-19 briefing don’t make funny faces when Donald John Trump steps up to the microphone.

*ADF: avec domicile fixe

Over at the Government Accountability Office, Eugene Louis Dodaro, the executive bureaucrat at that “gig”, kept in line when “the” gwar–thyme president   Donald John Trump said that the Oval Office is not a shipping company. When asked why the United States of America was not SHIPPING supplies and life–saving ventilators to HOSPITALS in the America that “he” and he alone MADE GREAT for Vladimir Putin and SHYNA!, Gene Dodaro said that the USPS is reserved for Amazon and Apple shipments. Mr. Dodaro suggested that if American Hospitals were in DIRE need of ventilators, state governors should go to “America’s Store”: KMART.

🎶 Everybody’s moving,
Everybody’s moving,
Everybody’s moving, moving, moving, moving
Please don’t leave me to remain .::. CE8C871F-6DBF-4D17-AD7F-ADF4EB994E95  👨‍⚕️

* Dr. Fugazi

Deer, Susan Page, meet Vilma Fuentes

19 de marzo, 2020
March Madness day 3

Previously on The Cure:
To kill an Arab… ISSY, BFM’er TV, öüï don’t chose Opinions, we [the staff] just relay these —motherfuckers*.

Far away eyes

Far away eyes .::. Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord.

* As an in–kind reminder
« motherfuckers », in the CONFINES
of this here most non-consequential blog,
must be read in a Lou Reed voice…

Anyhow, Susan Page, please relay to Cousin Joe, D.A.T. that motherfucker’s smile during his take of the tally between Joe and Bernie is a CARBON COPY snapshot of Moscow Mitch when asked about seating a SCOTUS justice, ‘member that giddy smile that Mitch gave to that private audience? Well, cousin Joe, every time that you have suggested that Sen. Sanders should drop-out of the race, you make that same giddy face. It even makes MÍ feel as if you are happy that a global pandemic got in the way of the stupid primaries, which as stated before on this most non–consequential blog, only benefit the bottom-line of ad revenue of Media conglomerates. If Bernie drops, it will be Four more years of what the U.S. has already experienced before. But then again, motherfucker, after the COVID-19 dropped it’s LOAD like a Blitzkrieg on the Frogs and the Rosbifs, it’s “A brave new World” the one D.A.T. öüï are all heading into. So, motherfucker, how do you like your rat on a stick prepared? With or without mayo?

The Walter Reed Medical Conservation Society, presents:

Live, from The John Haskins Center en LA MESA puesta de El Centro de Inteligencia* más grande de Los EEUU, it’s the match you’ve all been waiting for:

https ://diario .mx /juarez /paseños-compran-en-juÁrez-papel-sanitario- 20200314-1639873 .html

El Necio if you are his Wife

El Necio if you are his Wife .:. EF934582-55D1-42B5-8FF6-DE88C6882962 🧻🧼🦠💊🍵 ISSY, “La Corona”, así También como los bancos pudieron haber sido propiedad de españoles, pero la materia, prima Vera, es del Suelo de Juárez.

Vamo‘a—Ver Quién se muere primero…
sponsored by
Laboratorios Camacho
en la calle Stanton
de El Paso, Tejas, period

… [P]ero!!! 📎 ¿QUIERE MÁS? 📎

En el mismo espacio, porque de allí es:

Eris you shouldn't have

Eris, you shouldn’t have .:. EB7D1917-6848-49EA-83E1-1DC40BACAF78 🍎 2666 — La parte de los críticos; Manuel Espinoza (El feo) :

EL COMPLO’ de doña Vilma y “La Odisea”…
La Odisea, —El Centro Nocturno idóneo para “La Gente Bien, y Bonita”.
La Odisea, en La Avenida Lincoln, casi topando con El Puente Libre de “Las Américas” en Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.
La Odisea… si ven un (pinche) naco es porque alguien les tiene que servir sus (putas) Coronas®️

Las Fuentes de doña Vilma

Estimada alcaldesa Hidalgo — LeBrin James (23) is a fucKING ignorant player

In local soon to be known news
by: Mamba (24/8) Bryant

No Two min. Delay here

In Reel Time .:. 3A324859-D548-4B36-9A81-03307AE0254E 🔦 No Two min. Delay here, pundit, however, nothing under King Louie (Suns) will convince u.s. that a former president of the French (V) Republic (with a Mexican army at his command*) does not moonlight in the role of John Oliver on Monday mornings in reel–time east of Lisbon. As a matter of fact, nothing can convince u.s. that Mr. Hollande is not in fact, Australian.

Paris, France_ Events and tribulations continue to delay the continuing testimony of Dexter from the Municipal showers at the Beaubourg, in recent days as “öüï are here — as you are he — as you are Mí… etc., etc., etcetera; anyway Mme. Hidalgo, a more clear and present danger was unleashed by the Rosbif central at HoBO TV and the “Last News Tonight” with Australian doppelgänger, John Oliver, so we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] have to postpone that big jam in Paname, in the mean time, öüï will continue to March into Madness (in brackets].


Los Angeles, California_ Superstar basketball player, Lebron James lost an O in the character form of his first name to the letter “i”, from now on, the most entitled player in the NBA will be known as LeBrin James, also, as an ironic retribution for abandoning his Fans in Ohio, LeBrin will lose the “i” in his Call Sign and as of this moment King he shall be no more; Ladies and Germs, EYE gives you:

You are wearing my number

You are wearing my number .:. 33CED878-BDB3-4CE8-B56E-9973E4E5C543 🏀🗺🦠🔬

ACTS i, ii, and iii from the Kong LeBrin Bible

But FOist… we [the staff] regret to inform our distinguished non–readers of this most non–consequential blog that tonight’s Jazz session will not be available, Sumo Wrestling and Aikido warriors are having a showdown at the forum, y eso quiere decir:

Fast>>Forward to 2020

Fast>>Forward to 2020 .:. 7650BDDE-7936-49D3-9F71-9D79AA7E9B92 🛎 Deer, Cousin Joe, please have the lovely Mika translate the following, and then Time-delay the effects to this morning’s medical assessment of “quarantining” the contagious 48… the 48 contiguous States in the Union; it’s a funny thing, especially in French… « We are 10 days from getting Cream in the hospitals », said a medical expert in the United States, to which Mr. Bourdieu, a martial arts practitioner replied, in a Bernie Sanders voice, “On nous dit: vous n’êtes pas drôles. Mais l’époque n’est VRAIMENT PAS DROLE ! Vraiment il n’y a pas de quoi rire”.

Hoy no hubo Jazz…

Over at the “little girls” room, coodies are at an all time high, and Nicolle Wallace is now transmitting in a time–delayed fashion so as to not contaminate the time zones east of Iceland.

It's like a gated community

It’s like a gated community .:. 3AD367E1-D9A8-4ACE-B807-71C0C8A51973 ⚒🛠 _with Armed Guards, infra red with het–seeking CCTV, German Shepard X breeds; THE WHOLE NINE YARDS!!! C’mon America, don’t believe the hype of the Big Great Junior Showdown, that’s only “entertainment”, while that happens you won’t even feel the moment when MARTIAL
LAW (curfew) sets in because we the Sheeple have been conditioned for this specific (National Crisis Scenario) since the THEYS of “We are The World” was were saving Bob Geldof.

Over at the Car Men distict, Dave Mustaine was blatantly plagiarized!

“Next thing you know,

THEY’LL take Mî Guns Away!”

And, over at Manchester City, the sport that brought you the “magic spray” for pussy–ass Premier League fútbol players is now suggesting that fans suck it up, and get to the stadium to get their DOSE of Corona Especial.

Sin comentarios

Sin comentarios .:. 37F7F14B-C934-42ED-8EF8-E6C8039A96FF ⚽️🦠🚑⚰️ Puhto 🎶 Puhto 🎶 ♾,♾,♾…

Oh, hey there Brian Williams — Live from Babylon III: It’s Saturday Night (today)

How’bout them Lights staying on and the Kornacki cam at 22% at the 04:11 in Seattle, eh!? And, oh boy! That is to say —You know— you will not be forgiven for changing the TIMESTAMP template and Quality feed of the Sanders campaign stop “in that Old West Texas town in El Paso,” because as you know, the Devil, —motherfucker— is in The Dentils, and James Carvill in the details.

Dear, A.M. Joy

Dear, A.M. Joy .:. D9549049-6F74-4A49-A14F-25129BF8111E 🧗🏼‍♀️ Yow cannot —you cannot— eat popcorn and do journalism at the same time, PUNDITRY, —on the other hand— requires truck loads of Palomitas en El Chuco.

But never mind the purple pundits, our focus right now on is the little mixed martial media things that can make or break a candidate, like say that midwest MINER daughter in the last demo-debate when Telemundo tried to take her down on a momentary lapse of reason, but as the entire Mexican nation (except those in the Tlatoani cult) know, AMLO’s name went into the same Venn diagram of CSdG, and —motherfucker— the so–called Latino X’ers from NevaDA could be forgiven if they don’t know who “los innombrables” that sent their parental units out of their hometowns south of the Bravo are, and if you call that river “grande” then you will know why the template on that El Paso timestamp matters.

Dear, Vanessa Hauc, Las Puertas están abiertas

At Le Mirage it’s 10 hundred Hours in “Latino X” Times, whatever that might mean.

Robin X

Robin H .:. F332F8C3-3226-4866-89BF-4671E6FE74B7 🏹⚾️ Sponsored by La Soupe at Saint Eustache, 75001.

En México, pues en México la hora es lo de menos, doña Inti, en Mexico son las horas que el presidente de México quiera, y si él (cacas) quiere, ahorita son las horas que don Andrés y John Mill Ackerman se les hinchen, y cómo dice José Díaz–Balart en Telemundo: ¡Arriba El Yunque!

Eye gknew it

Eye gknew it!!! .:. E998DD20-BCAA-4B95-A2F4-6FAF2681375B — Dear, Vanessa Hauc, let’s pick it up a notch, do you, Señora, know the name of la seño’ del  presidente de México? — Fea no es, and that is all the clues that America Ferrara is going to leave in this here, cuadro.

Anyway, Hallie Jackson, Eye hopes that the Lights in Vegas stay on all night, and we [the staff] send a shout–out to José Díaz–Balart, who just revealed that he’s been a U.S. citizen since like 1985. Of course, you would be forgiven if you went through the Telemundo programming believing that Ms. Vanessa Hauc is from Peru, or from Colombia, or from sud América, when in fact, Ms. Hauc is from AUSTRALIA!!! AUSSI, Brian Williams, no more “caucusing”.

Aussi, Bernie Sanders is in El Chuco!!! In Real Time del bueno, y no chingaderas.