Mean while in Singapore, part two

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Posverdad”, “youtubero” y “populismo” optan a palabra del de Fundéu BBVA… as published by “los y las” EFE’s de Madrid on 23–12–2016

Ewe kind of remind me of what happened to Dave Chappelle… might ewe have been a victim of the Illuminati? If So, call the Law Offices of Jenny Craig and Richard Simmons, for a free review of your case.

Anygüey, “Robert Costa” if that is really Ewe! Then Ewe, sir, will have no problem WhatSoEver remembering the reference that Ewe, sir, made about an environmental anthem penned by Joan Manuel Serrat, which we [the staff] featured on December the 27th of 2016… we are most positively certain that Ewe, sir, made a snarky comment about one of the verses of that poem within 24 hours of our post on The MorJo Show; now we [the staff] don’t have access [yet] to Mr. Peacock’s archives on “the” NBC’s, but we darn–well know that General Chris “colt” Matthews [playing the role of Carroll O’Connor] does.

Donc, if You are in fact “El WaPo,” as MSNBC claims that Ewe is… then you will have no problem recollecting the song from the great Jim Croce, which the real “El WaPo” mashed together with Serrat’s song.

Mientras tanto en España… “El Acuario” pasará por ahí, la razón fue porqué “la” Place d’Italie se quedó muda al respecto y el gobierno de derecha en Italia y el de Malta pegarón de gritos y cerraron sus puertos.

TimeStamp: Hitchcock’s “Ley del Silencio” on the 60’s and 70’s High Way of “the” Siren’s Den… ISSY, Kasie Hunt, that’s of course in Central Europe Time.

Sgt. García: llévale mi canto — Demasiado Corazon (sin acento)

El Fondo:

Right now at the Parade field (yes the very same one where Teenie Tiny Cat is being celebrated for properly standing his post until properly being relieved) is animated by an outfit of “Cubanos Postizos” and Don Quijote who are dancing with Demasiado Corazon (sin acento).

Private Property de La Mancha.

The following must be read in a
Brian Williams voice

Brian Williams:

Well plug a 9Volt up my ass, strap me to an Abrams Main Battle Tank and call me “aRTooDito,” last weekend Sergeant First Class Craighton “oddball” Australius III and the remaining misfits from B Company from the 3rd Brigade 321 Armor Division successfully engaged and destroyed an enemy squad just ouside of the Eastern perimeter Front, where all is quiet now.

It wasn’t an easy skirmish by any means and as a priviledged witness I can bring back the testimony of the loss of the legendary tank crew of SFC Don “wardaddy” Collier, who was guarding the Eastern perimeter Front just as last week’s portion of the parade was welcoming Sarah Chayes from the Afghan front, and who at the time, was scheduled to deliver a speech about corruption and graft by chicken hawks who’ve never set foot on the battle front. The “lonesome” tank crew known as “Fury” was hit right in the ass by an enemy RPG team just as SFC “oddball’s” track was clearing a grassy knoll; needless to describe you can imagine the volley of coaxial M240 and M2 .50 caliber machine gun rounds that (literally) shread the entire enemy RPG team to a pulp.

TimeStamp: The Year of The Cat… “Aprés l’Amour” in night and day à Paris —Corazon… because “the ARmy” keeps rolling along.

…she was last seen just ouside of Saint Sulpice (75006) under the poets canvas marché speeding on a red muscle car and heading Westbound from Paris towards Le Mans in La Sarthe.

Stick around because coming up on the programming, John Heilemann gets all “straightforward and candid” in “Real Time” and gives us [the staff] a SitRep on Sgt. García’s progress in finding the trail of « Lightning McQeen ».

… TimeStamp: 0600 hours in CET.

Dear, Morning Joy: please give our regards to the ´Purple Pundit ‘.

It’s an « ALL THE PRESIDENT’S [wo]MAN » weekend on asegovia3… so, SFC Wallace, ewe already know how to respond to ewer sitrep SALUTE: FIRE–fire—HEAT!

ISSY, dearest Sirens, ‘The Army’ keeps rolling along, and in honor of ‘Ewer’ 10 O’clock dedication, here’s another interpretation of « El Tumbador »… wait for it, Wait[s].

TimeStamp: dos para las Once de la mañana en Central Siren Den, eh!… and right now, en raison d’un « malaise voyageur » trafic perturbé… or something like that — translation… probably a suicide; c’est normal.

ISSY, pinches Sirenas, à « el mal viaje y à las malas viejas », i survived—for now…


Ladies in Gemeni: PENELOPE CRUZ

  1. Everybody knows…


Penelope… lo bueno de este inconsecuente blog, es de que tú no lo vais a leer, pero de cualquier manera, y antes de pasar a los pormenores, pues maja, te propongo lo siguiente, escucha por favor… pasa de ser una “jamona” y abre la puerta para ser “la madre de todas las hijas y los hijos de la Chindada”… mira, originalmente nosotros [aquí en el staff] consideramos el rol para La Hayek, pero, Penelope, pues—no se puede ser “Fridita” y “La Chingada” a la vez, i love you Salma, as Serendipity but we [the staff] are fed up del “Godínazgo Institucionalizdo” y, mismo que con el señor “Canelo” Álvarez, pues hay que buscar otras avenidas y horizontes, y por eso, PENELOPE, te propongo leer mi libreto sobre “La Malinche”, mejor conocida como “La Chingada”, eh?.., pero lo bueno, como te comentaba, tú no lees este puto Blog.

TimeStamp: “mother Mary” on Siren Den Time.

Blind Willie… that fucker’s got a Sixth Sense.

Sin Embargo, maja, mientras loco—n—cideraz, nosotros [en el staff] nos vamos a Barcelona… ¡BARCELONA!

… con Dino, of course and Volare… Hey Chris Matthes, are Ewe ready to play some Hardball, eh? nel blue de pinto del blue: Go Dodgers!

“Submitted for Ewer Approval” — American bad asses

Staff Photo at the « tianquiztli » de Poésie á Saint Sulpice (75006) follows… wait for it, Wait!

In the mean time, PENELOPE, here’s a prospect for the project that we [the staff] will be announcing for our “short” Shortly, eh! Con el permiso de Javier, we think that he is perfect for the Role.

Fenster the copy–editor.

… while, You, Penelope, think about it—we [the staff] switch it over to Steph, whose trying to take over the “purple pundit” role, and Private—what’s his name— qué nos van a traer los pormenores desde Des Moines, Iowa.

Say there, Private “what’s your face”, have Ewe seen the little piggies at the International Porky Pig Fair?

In Calexico, it’s 08:45 in PST.

… pero aquí en París ya son las 18 con uno y lo que sigue es una Tangente Interesante colgada de las anécdotas de MARCUS MILLER y su trayectoria con MILES DAVIS, and it revolves around that time that he (Miller) was told: come on over, and get your lesson… or something like that.

Sin animo de ofender…
esa oportunidad que Marcus Miller recibió no nos fue [al Staff] posible de recibir, NI DE PEDO, pinche BROZO!!! Ni-De-Pedo, porque para nuestra buena suerte el encargado (o uno de los putos –encargados– del escritorio “de los paises que hablan Español en La « bendita » Agence France Presse resultó ser el conyugue de una de las activistas “lideadas” en la llamada protesta mexicana en París, por nuestro “AMIGO” Pablo Gleason; contraproducente resultó también –por si faltará menos– de que dicha familia compartía edificio –eran vecinos, pues– de nuestro espion neo Zapatista: Mr. Gleason… Viva México—Vive La France!!! 

… dear, Brontis á La Prefecture, because we [the Staff] have another dance with Marianne, the following snapshot is dedicated [from the bottom of SEGOVIASPIXES heart] to EWE’All at the 6émé dépôt.

Anygüey, Brontis; before we [the staff] submit for Ewer approval that most unfortunate snapshot, we [the staff] insist that said photograph is posted Sin animo de ofender…

Right now, however… we are going to take a break and a bottle of some kind of Alcohol, so wait for it, Wait…

Dr. Gonzo, in the role of Fenster “the copy editor“:
As your attorney, I advise you to take a hit out of the little brown bottle in my shaving kit… [before you post that most unfortnate snapshot] you won’t need much, just a tiny taste.

TimeStamp: The Saxophones and, Mysteries Revealed.