Coca cola bottle Sax ensamble presents

Los Van y Vienen and The Beers Neck Blowers productions, in collaboration with Daddy Yankee…

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Fig diggity giF, higos de la chingada, Daddy Yankee retires from the limelight, and Lupillo Rivera says, finally!

https ://monitorlatino .com /noticias /daddy-yankee-el-que-mucho-se-despide Quiere Más GasºlinA.

Todos t’US Santos — Todos t”US Muertos

Then and Now follows… Page 182, ¶ 2: 
Le revêche Zoran, sur sa chaise roulante, passe de l’entrée du métro aux sous-sols des Halles. Je l’interpelle par son prénom ; le regard soupçonneux, il me dévisage sans me reconnaître. Je me présente. Il se renfrogne, hoche la tête et décline le contact. Parfois, il partage son bout de chaussée sous l’auvent du métro avec d’autres compagnons³ et sa radio. Il vieillit vite. La dernière fois, il dormait, cassé sur le rebord de son fauteuil dans un sous-sol quelconque du Forum des Halles, à côté d’un ascenseur. Ne dort-il jamais dans un lit ? Comment fait-il pour vivre à la rue, prisonnier de sa chaise ? Ces questions s’ouvrent sur un gouffre que je ne me sens pas le courage d’explorer.


All You Need Is Love…

And if you are in an Hilo, Hawaii, Time Frame of Mind, then you know that Cousin Joe is getting the SIT-REP about the West Bank Settlers (extremely racist JEWS) who are beating up Christian-faith Palestinians.

Over at The Left Bank in Paris, France, Öüï ketches-up with Marie-Ange Schiltz and PERSEUS, of all myths, who just cut a cyst below the knees of a time-keeping floosy with a particular taste for the stamp of Lys, à Montpellier-de-Languedoc.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2023/10/06 /the-fry-attachment-rate-by-francois-a-la-patate/

Love Is All You Need…
Page 182 P2:
The surly Zoran, in his wheelchair, moves from the metro entrance to the basement of Les Halles. I call him by his first name, he stares at me suspiciously without recognizing me. I introduce myself. He frowns, nods and declines contact. Occasionally, he shares his patch of pavement under a metro awning and his radio³, with other companions. He’s aging fast. The last time I saw him, he was asleep, broken on the edge of his armchair in a basement next to an elevator in the Forum des Halles. Does he ever sleep in a bed? How does he manage to live on the streets, trapped in his chair? These questions open up an abyss I don’t feel brave enough to explore.

The last time that Öüï touched base with Marie-Ange, she was strolling along Montparnasse, and running onto Brits on the streets, just as HAMAS would was getting ready to bite back the HAND 🫵 IN 🇮🇱  ISRAEL, which created that particular terrorist group in the FIRST PLACE.

Good thing it’s Friday, and Medhi Hasan has a clause in his contract to put Joe Scarborough in his fucking place. And, Lt. Col. Peter Lerner of the IDF thugs, you fed that bitch (HAMAS) now try to tame it.

You Israel, are the pyromaniac who started the fire 🔥 and now you want to be treated like a victim from the Israeli families, which you burned to death.

… All To°Get°Her, now.

 Context follows.

PMCS, if you know you know.


In local news, Fenster The Copy Writer is trying to figure out if mister Ruffin’s “Made in France“ Krups coffee machine version, of the “Made in China” Mains Libres Cup–o–Joe spewer, gets to have a PMCS session Évry other day or, does the French Senate just orders a new “Made in France” Krups Coffee Machine from “the darty”, every time that the damn percolating element gets clogged-up with over-filled coffee grains?

What says Ewe, mister Ruffin? WHO DESCALES YOUR “Made-in-France” presumptuous caffeine dispenser, and how much do these hypothetical “descalers” get paid?

… It’s just a cup of Joe that Paul broke, that’s all folks.


Susana Poveda Strikes Back³… 🧜🏻‍♀️

³~. Ate‘ billion lesbos, or something like D.A.T.


For the record, the terrorists were training right next door to their targets for months, satellite surveillance shows, but your Israeli PEGASUS Spy vendors were way too busy selling gadgets to Latin American regimes³. But neither Ana Cabrera, nor José Díaz-Balart will tell you that, on MSNBC.

³~. And I have it from Dr. Alejandro 🇲🇽/🇺🇸/🇮🇱 Valenzuela in Paris (🇫🇷 Academia) that those Zionists even sell their gadgets on the SABBATH.

Son of Weisel


And, Mrs. Colter-Wunsh, you only have The Zionists among your house of worship to blame. You chose the most EXTREME to abandon those little hungry twins that hunt your dreams now.


https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Idolatry_in_Judaism #:~ NOAHIDE Laws


But first, son of 🇮🇱 Weisel… Netanyahu is The Nazi. He is in your house of worship. Deal with your Prime Minister first before you call pro-Palestine sentiment,  the WRONG TEAM.

Geldüberweisungen macht frei*… Just like in 1932 in Buchenwald, “el pueblo puro (y me imagino que bueno, también) no se percato del olor a pelos fritos y piel a°chicharrada … 🐂💩… 🙈🙉🙊 🐷📜

Palestine Did Nothing Wrong, period 🛫

And, son of Weisel, stop comparing the attack to the Shoah, it was more like an American Native enclave getting overrunned by MANIFEST DESTINY, 🪶.

Cold Cuts — Jalisco Holocaust

Navire en Grève, details at 9 on Hawaiian prime cuts..

De Cocula es el mariachi
De Tecalitlán los sones
De San Pedro su cantar
De Tequila su mezcal
Y los machos de Jalisco
Afamados por entrones
Para eso traen pantalones


And if you were part of The Mariachi Fest of this past weekend in Paris, France, then you probably heard Alicia Leos sing the following:

🎶 Y de Tlaquepaque los hornos°

The reflex… mirror 🪞 mirror 🪞 on the Wall 🧱…

°~. horno is Mexican slang for “asshole* and coward »… as in, no sea “horno”, fume mota.


Well, well, well.


Tan ta-rannn, tan—tan!

… Nav°Ire Ave°Near

The Poles in Equador are talking. And Admiral Stradivarius that ship ⚓ is right up The Jerusalem Post, but please explain to bible-thumping EvanGelikas that Table Twelve is not parable of them free-loading apostrophes, but a Live Fire Combat Exercise for tank warfare.


Cut Cold Front on the CGT, and mister Le Bon y Rey, it’s like your president says “there is no République without la biblioteca »… ❄️ 🚢

Don’t Fuck with The Beatles — It would be so, predictable

Yoko Ono and Mick Jagger called EM# “a four-headed monster”, period!

With that in mind, congratulations to the Arizona Diamondbacks 🐍 on their sweep of our beloved Los Angeles Dodgers.

October, what a surprise… you are begining to look like a bunch of Injun’s from Atlanta, here’s to you Spring of 2024.

https ://www .mlb .com /news /dodgers-regular-season-success-vs-postseason-frustrations

Gooooo, Dodgers ☄️.

And… Marjolaine Portier-Kältenbach*, are you busy tonight (?)

*Chilled Creek, if you would like to be an injun… in any case, Nicole Wallace does not look swell in Black, said Justice Thomas. Look it up! It’s trou! Justice Thomas is French’s Man and he Pitti the Foo’ who buys Heinz  🍅.

No, no, no… it doesn’t work like that 🪄 Take it off, Nicole, take it off!


Interference 🏴

Any how, Excmo., I’ve seen that swine before.



I can see, for Miles 🎺… Achis, hashish los mariachis.


… and Matt Elliott, don’t cry, Bay-bee 🎷  🎭 🎬 🎫 porque FLAUTAS, nada más ➕ las d’El Canario en Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México. Carretera Panamericana.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip-flautas-del-perro-agradecido

Y por eso, Manu Chau, si yo fuese Lionel Messi, sería tu pinche Cristo Redentor. Fuck Neymar, Viva 🇧🇷 Socrates (🎱), period!

Bienvenida, Tijuana.

Deer, “de la Soul” if that is even your wallet at El Segundo

“I been here before”, and I pity the fool who negates that Latin Jazz, and jazz… comes from Ah-Freak—Ah.

Mulatu Astatke

Good-bye to August.

Fuck you and the fip . fr — after party. Ewe cocksuckers remind me of the talent that graced Órbita 106.7 fm in Juárez, Mexico.

Hey, ha’Ya doin’?

For the record… Fuck you, at La Villette, Jazz is Dead3, bunch of national sport suckers 🐓… come next week these coq suckers are going to be on the streets like bums at the RSA 🎷🎺🎹🥁

Öüï the staff wood like, like would could — if a  would could Ever could — to disclose that Eye’ve just spent 17.5 h inside of the happiest place on Earth:


Entonces, señor Naja [IMER noticias], no es que no nos guste la lluvía, pero de cualquier manera, — ¡chinguén a su Madre!… No usted, sino las noticias.

Y aquí, le expresó por qué³

El Bongoro.

She insisted that Eye interact with them nipples. Don’t blame the messenger, just doing my job.

³.~. Porque ya lo expresé un chingo de veces.

With that in mind, now that the French are gone from your little happy tourist trap, WHAT DID YOU DO this Vacances.. did you get a pantalón y 30 pesos for yer’ cum?

A trade mark, of a cult organigramme, is to have IMER NOTICIAS to periquear AMLO’s message on LA HORA NACIONAL. !Viva Francia y sus pinches pobres del 106.7 fm!!!” IMER YUCATÁN… continuamos and for the record, it was Orbita’s DJ, Julio Guereka who said the part about “PRIMERO los pobres” not me (Armando Serrano~Prieto), further-more… CHINGUEN A SU MADRE LOS DE MOLOTOV³. Thanks for the double tickets for the show, but I don’t wanna go.

³~. Feliz Cumpleaños a William Briseño en Yucatán 92.9 fm… ya es 1 de septiembre.

… Freddy Cats en Montreuil (93) y sus pinches “Cholos Re-loaded”, guest star.

[ Infrastructure is missing ]


This , 🔼 is a college degree.

Or, no pun intended… Got your subsuelo sold to a Canadian mine 👹.

No siren no cry… Homer is as real as “Pinchy’s” tail

Previously on, Fo’:

Visa para locos… “con la intención de obtener mayores conocimientos en su formación turística.”

Note to self: I will never obtain Rebecca from Quebec, and Eye is not even allowed within 3000 miles from the biblioteca de la U.A.C.J. turning, by the way 50 in, ,with that in mind, got huitlacoche?

https ://i0 .wp .com /asegovia3 .com /wp-content /uploads /2016/06 /ahora_mismo_punto_com_punto_mx. jpg? ssl=1

page 84… reformulation: Homer was such a bad poet, he could not possibly have existed.
Theiss, ibid on the Illiad.

And, Avi Velshi, it occurred to Mí that this corn debacle, Eye reckons from my recon post—that is the same thing but in a different angle of that whole 13-year old who has to worry about Algebra and baby formula for her little bastard child. The treaty allows for the ‘safe Ing’n en astronomía’ clause, whereas the U.S. allows for wild huitlacoche on Évry tortilla.

P.S.: our hearts and minds are with the cocksuckers 🇨🇦 who have mined the fuck out of la panamericana 🔥

What has 4 eyes, 4 eses, 2 pies, and no incest laws… l’Ancienne Régime.


Mañana en La Hora Nacional:

https ://diario .mx /nacional /piden-a-amlo-intervenir-por-mexicano-desaparecido-en-canada

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the anti-BRUTEP chapter of la UACJ en Samalayuca, CHAMIZAL productions en Clandestinidad con Arturo RIPstein, y Flautas “El Canario” presentán:

GRUPO PESADO, telonero, Mozart.

People who know, know… that that there corncob is a tortilla en potencia.


Back to page 181, ¶ 3 of Marie-Ange Schiltz’

The imposing Felix crosses Les Halles from north to south. I cross from south to north. The meeting is inevitable. Cheerful, he leaves to join his bouliste friends in the Tuileries. He invites me to come and play with them whenever I like. He’s well, very well, it seems. Félix is perhaps the only person among those I’ve met living on the streets who has repeatedly had the opportunity to get out with a job [and skills], and has always returned to the streets. Félix can’t stand any constraints, especially not the feeling of being fenced in*. When he lands a job in the outdoors, in the South of France, near his daughter’s home, I think I’ll never see him again. An error of judgement, he couldn’t stand it, he let go of everything. Provençal pétanque was powerless to hold him back. Today, he’s in a hurry and I won’t know any more. One day, I’ll take a trip to the Tuileries. I know where to find the boulistes.

Inter-mission… Sobre Las Olas de ROSAS 🥀

Context follows.

Continuing with our IMER coverage… Ciudad Juárez’, Órbita 106.7 fm sound over the webs continues to experience gremlins, today’s NIGER coverage is coming out muffled out of the North so, we switched the freq’s to La Hermana Républica del Yucatán y la hija de Emilio Varela y otro doctor del Colegio de México (que es de España, but you get the point) on 92.9 fm… ­¡Mare!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/07/31 /politica /le-leader-des-zetas-en-europe-est-arrete-a-madrid

Los eruditos, la hija de Emilio Varela y el otro doctor del Colmex, explicarón como afecta el rollo en El Sahel a la romántica luz de París, o algo así…

France24 limousine driver:
— They say that it is because of the Uranium⁹² in Niger, that Paris has such beautiful Candilejas.

Bueno, al filo de las de ¡Ya! and after mentioning the poor-grounding on the Órbita soundbytes, Julio Guereka se puso las pilas, but not without revealing that there is no such thing as an Alberto Nájar en “La Mañanera” but rather, a collection of recorded tracks that are then structured in a Time-Delayed fashion over the collection or repeater-stations en el espectro de las historias del más allá, just like Mexico’s president speaks. Right now, Yucatán just finished thanking MagaRepublican Senator, Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) while Julio Guereka is still listening to AMLO talk about nuclear plants and Benito Juárez…

Eye don’t drink coffee I drink Tequila my deer.

Fenster the copywriter, in the role of RCQ³:

— I’m from Durango-fuckin’-Romance and you wanna show me the Uranium, huh? And what about the sun, does it ever shine around here?

³~. Rafael Caro Quintero

And, OHHHHHH Damn! Fray Tormenta turned into a Chubasco y dice el presidente que el reporte del tiempo climatológico se va a EMBARCAR en un buque de vapor… en una isla de El Senegal, “the point of no-return” or something out of Richeleau’s “code noir” en Nantes, —does anybody remember NANTES, Nancy?


Ladies in Gemini : la Doble U presents: Cocaine Shark

This post is approved by the big V de Vuitton.

V is for…
and off-course…
without forgetting

I’ll See You On The Other Side.

Meet Mí in Marseille, look up
I’m on the other side of the espectacular  

Espectacular de Plata
… continued from page 179 (If you are out of Schiltz’-es-ese) get a rosé:
_mange au lit. Autour, toutes les miettes, les paquets entamés. Un seul souhait : qu’il parte. J’ai peur de dire, j’ai peur de l’incruste. Je dis. Claude ramasse ses affaires et s’en va sans remerciement ni reproche, laissant ses débris derrière lui. Ainsi va sa vie. Claude a trouvé sa raison d’être à travers la Bagagerie, il en est devenu le président. Il se dit dans l’entourage qu’il aurait une retraite de La Poste, qu’il pourrait être logé en banlieue. Il s’accroche aux Halles. Claude est un petit homme, ses cheveux et sa barbe bien entretenue s’allongent, il prend des allures de vieux druide, style Panoramix.

Later in the programming team USA is charging against team ORANGE NAVEL, an A.I. flying squadron from the Nether-regions in the Benelux who could not cut the scene during the last World Cup in France 2019, champions without a cup by any other name, just like team USA who despite their Jaggernaut-status on the woman’s FIFA circuit, they can’t hold a “pay-check” to any of their male counterparts… meanwhile in Miami, Messi scored a double, and if futbol statistics were a slugger’s average, it would be safe to speculate that Messi is striking .400, period!


Lucharaaaaaaán, dedos a tres caídas sin límite de tiempo

Team USA will find out later tomorrow in CET if they are holding a pattern not seen since the Theys of Alexander the Great in Egypt or even that skull-fucker Khan in Yehuling. With all fronts being local, Team France hit a wall with Jamaica and as Ambassador Asvazadourian in Mexico knows, it’s getting harder and harder to get across the border, and in French Guiana « Las Bleus » will be trying to keep up with the Brazilian Havaianas at high-noon on Saturday the 29th in CET.


Behind the Crane in New York… It’s the legacy of baseball in the Negro League, Mick Jagger stars as Tina Turner… one last time, and rolls over to second on a WYmann Error. WYmann, a founding father of Her Satanic Majesty Players switched teams at the turn of the Twenty First Century (on FOX) and joined the Ted Nugent Michigan Molestors League where he is lounging on a .237 batting average. Wymann got distracted from Keith Richards throw from the Mound of Venus (the big V, for Vulva) when he set his base-line on the bat-girl who was only bringing Bill his fucking Louisville Slugger so that he could do his thing. Naturally, when you are a star, (some guy at the White House said it) the Commissioner let’s you get away with it… just like with French police administrators, —apparently.

Jumping Jack Flash… motherfucker hits the light switch and he’s on stage before the lights come on.
Over at chez Meacham in Tennessee, Jon is enjoying his “Adult Needs” time with some fresh new pornfantasy cinéma from the vaults in the cave de l’Excellentissime Monsieur Ambassador, JonStone Asvazadourian en la Colonia Hidalgo (knot de Paris) de Barcelonnette.


En México, La Lucha Libre cumple 90 años… ¡ARRIBA JUÁREZ!!!

Senado de la República entrega reconocimiento a leyendas de la lucha libre mexicana