Dear, Alex Alter @ “The” NYT… part ii

lThere’s a most hypocritical phrase in Spanish that describes all that one—anyone—might have wanted to have for themselves, and it’s called “envidia de la buena”, i’ ll let my friend Gustavo translate that for you… i believe that he’s listed in your staff’s go-get-to staff, but for comma saving space, let it be known that i give my left nut for the opportunity to have “roamed the Met, marveling for hours ,” like Ms. Madeline Miller did as child, pero instead, the street were my gallery…

Fear and Loathing in Paris… nahhhh…

i (armando segovia) find it amusing for Ms. Miller to infuriate herself because Circe had to fuck the hero of the story as “conciliatory gesture”, because in modern times GENDER IS IRRELEVANT, alpha bitch or alpha dog are n par…


It’s a race to the top and fuck and suck who you need to; you must, albeit, it helps if the elevator that you arrived  in  was already set for the top floor… although, even at the top there’s a RAT race and flesh is the price; they just eat a different kind of food, to “make it to the bitter end.”

For the FNAC®️ record…

Sur les jupes de…la bruja de La Odisea.

…anygüey, the staff is preocupied witn a work in progress called Napoléon, so fuck the Greek, since the Romans prevailed, eh!  Mr. Macron?

Synapses Supremus… this is a work in progress, eh!

TimeStamp: 21 hundred hours in Central NATO Time.

Man in the box, eh!


Every once in a Blue Moon on a Chinese Dog of a Year…

Death and Taxes can go to hell… at least for another two more days, here’s why:

Because it’s motherfucking Weekend Edition, Colin Jost—that’s why.

Taxman calls on the 17th —this Dog Year.


<*/-—-~~~{ •¡• }~~~-—-\*>

P.S… at 22 hundred hours in Central NATO Time:

That’s right Colin Jost, we (the staff) WILL SEE EWE, and your ILLUMINATI tag alongs, AKA the World Thievery Corporation… « In Hell », and we can’t hardly wait, you little golfing Focker, You!

In the mean time, Napoléon and Josephine are getting ready to give us a Strategy class, in the next sketch.

Here’s a sketch in the form of apophenia of the Ol’Emperor himself:

Hard headed Emperor… context from « La Calculadora » à Malmaison, and her love for bankers, and power follows…

Laidies in Gemeni, con ustedes

« La Calculadora »

… but first un « petit » disclaimer:

If there’s one thing that we [the staff] love about The Frogs, is believe it or not, their spirit of self deprecation when it comes to the historical figures that make up the ingredients of their « pot–au-feu » (caldo en Castellano) palabra con la que una ex–amiga solía describir (en forma de auto-albur, por decir) a su propia madre, diciéndome que su progenitora (la de ella, no la de ustedes) era “una puta fea”…

!Va! y ni cómo contestar; porque aquí entre nos’ yo creo que mi ex-amiga se refería a que “la seño” estaba fea del alma, porque del cuerpo y cara, la señora tenía el consome suficiente como para armonizar con aquello que le da, “sabor al Caldo”.

Chepina la del Imperio… “La stratégie ça me connaît après la mort de mon premier mari, j’ai commencé a fréquenter des banquiers, PLEIN de Banquier, et je me suis peu à peu rapproché des Cercles de Pouvoir.”

Las fuentes del Hotel de Los Invalidos, follows, eh!

“No hay pedo, he won’t get far a pie”

TimeStamp: the new Latin Quarter on Siren Central Time.

… and the second rule of AA is? Actual TimeStamp: 21h00. Get–Up, now.

Drink Water and then call yo’Daddy and ask him
for a Diamond Ring, a brand new car, Caviar,
after all, it’s good to be born A Mason.”
by Julie London

Next Stop, at the movies with ad blocks and limited leg room at The Forum.

… and boy, we [the staff] hope that you take them 1000 bills from Mustachio Rivera, but sadly, let’s be honest because at the rate that the Muller investigation is going, and as that dark fellow on the Weekend Update on the SNL puts it [“Che” we believe that he goes by] does have a point when it comes to the Teflon®️ quality of Donald Trump, “if the daily McDo diet doesn’t get him,” what will?… anygüey, Guapo, what’s the status on that stupid show that we [the staff] pitched to you starting YOU, —wearing nanas dress—eh?

At the movies, en francés:

The Second Rule of AA is?…
that there is no such thing as a Second AA Rule—¡Salud!!!
And don’t Drink Da Water, because Fish like to piss and them creatures also like to Fuck in it, too.

Gracias por las flores… TimeStamp: 21h30 CET

Hey, Lety… para decir adios: un Poisson de avril

En primera persona.

”there are places i remember…”

The Gospel according to: Saint-Sir-George, Saint Paul… and of course: John.

i did mention that what follows is Fusion Fiction… o algo así, eh!

… anygüey, Comadre, al regresar les Copains d’Abord le quitan la corona de espinas al Super Estrella al son de Salsa africana, pero no piensen que es de “harissa”, porque esa chingadera no pica, en fin Comadre, a Chuy hasta unos cacles de polímero y poliuretano le vamos a prestar.

apophenia of footprints far from the sands… context follows…

Hey, chica, the following is a NSFW segment before the local news on page 3, of la semana que Philippe irá a labrar, que conste Comadre, que la entrada fue preparada en time-delayed mode, ¿ok, computadora?

Actual Time now, Johnny—is 16h54 … 19h41 on Fip Central Time con la comadre Lety on da’ controls!

Wait for it, Comadre… wait, wait just until it’s time for “The Nightlife” and then, make it hurt, one–mo’–again, S.V.P.


« For the leader; according to “Lilies.”* Of David. »

“Save me, God, for the waters* have reached my neck.”

Psalms, Chapter 69
Source: The Vatican Bible
Category: Fusion Fiction

[Canto de Sirena
en Versión Original con sub títulos en Castellano, no necesariamente —en Anglais o en Espagnol,]

— Sirena mayor:


In the written words of the “Mother” of all disclaimers: The Church of Latter Days Saints at the South Park —universe:

… all characters and events in this [show]… even those based on REAL PEOPLE – are entirely FICTIONAL…

TimeShift to May of 2001, “Mary Loves Scoochie: Part 1 and Two.” }—-~~~\*> Via: Third Rock From The Sun; at Mr. Peacock’s NBC… fair use of all media, Ms. Curtain.

and to Quote a “Guy” who Fucked a FISH Called WANDA, and even the Professor Slut (according to the newscaster Dan Aykroid) at the Research Center of the University of Third Rock From The Sun, [Seasons 3.23 and 6.17/18]:

… if you are easily offended, DON’T [Watch]

TimeStamp in Tucson, Arizona—it’s Calexico time on Fip Central Station Watch… 22h50

Yo soy tu padre y tu madre también:

Fair use del Canto de las Sirenas, vatos!

Las fuentes de doña Vilma y los enlaces del Dr. Liam Neesam, llegan en menos de un año de Luz en Issy–les–Moulineaux, eh.



3. Jane, you educated Slut; [Time–Shift, from the 70’s to 1996 thru 2001], via:

… etc., etc., etcetera.

Philippa*… and Helen** can Vouch for it

El Super Estrella era un Profeta, previo a su carrera de Icono Eterno, y La Magdalena (María, one–each) era bien JA-LA-DO—RA, ¡jaladora!, you hear? HaLaDoRah, para los que no speak–y the Spanish.

In any case Corazón, we [the staff] never thought that we’d make it this far, still, Sweetie Pi, hold that thought because we [the staff] have to say goodbye to March [womens month] in a Very–very, very special Weekend Edition of:

La semana que Philippa (y Elena) Labraron

[Voz de hembra
Miss March as Sarah Silverman]

But before we get along with today’s menu, here’s a preview of what’s coming in April; here’s a hint, it’s FUSION Fiction between La Femme Fatale and the Poisson de avril…

I Am The Walrus… context and source « you naughty girl » follows… saludos al “tumbador”… anygüey, this cunt of a creature is, in the words of “Over Mind TV (punto) com, nothing like “the little mermaid”, no Sir, “she’s a Man Eater. }—-~~~\*>. “Don’t belive the HYPE, is a Sequel,” and if you fall in love with a creature from the waters, make sure that it is a mammal, like a dolphin or a whale… a fish will stab you in the back, so if you must, Fuck’em and then Fry’em, or Stew’em, or turn’em into Soup… consider this a Public Service Announcement; you–are–welcome.

TimeStamp… is the « egg man’s » on Fip Central Station.

…in the Mean Time (20h00 CET) Saludos a Lety Delgado… for: “To Live and Let Die!”… do you do personal requests? Haw’bout David Allan Coe’s version of “You Never Called Me By My Name”, eh?

La Semana adelantada de El Mundo de Los Ecos del Pato Figaro de Le Monde… o algo así.

… aunque, Lety, este intercambio from you to me [TimeStamp: 19h56] in the cover melody of none other than “Phil…ippe A.,” is taking us nowhere, even if you’ve been given an extended “Ticket to Ride” [TimeStamp: 20h48]… context follows, Lety, pero lo bueno es que tus patrones, ni las Sirenas nos leen, eh.


Fuck… it’s 03h00 hours in CET and i’m way too fucking drunk to write let alone to continue, but for Bill Maher’s masturbation sake, check out this screen grab, it is right up his alley:

… context follows


Ahora, en time–delay y en Poisson de avril, aquí las fuentes:

1. Philippa y Elena:

« La Jaladora » … de Redes es cortesía de un tal Garth Davis en IMdB… uso justo de todos los elementos, es decir, Sirena: la bendita Agua.

2. El sitio de La Magdalena… en contraesquina hay una Revolución en Proceso y se llama TESLA… if you don’t have faith, Google Map It, ya’ Bum!

Los pilares en París son así… uso justo de todos los Diablos de Invierno, y las Cucarachas en FIP Central TimeStamp of 12h18.

3. Bonus entry para doña Vilma y para “su” excelentísima editora en el Salón del Libro en París… casí esquina con el culo de Technicolor en Issy–les–Moulineaux:

Pedro en versión NOIR, casi entrada con La Puerta del Puente Nuevo y la Rue de Cinema

Don Cartón is not a Cartoon… but you’ve gotta have FAITH!, dijo Saint George Michael (Q.E.P.D).

Fuck it Bill Maher… It’s Time for Grand Theft Barco

Classified/Personal ads
Edición Paname 75 SDF

🐏   Meeeeh: i was docked near Pont Marie with a near empty bottle of amber rhum by my side. A rock-a-billy band played next to an improvised stage catty-cornered to a city utility room that during summer of 2017 transformed into a bar, your transparent friend waved at me… me thinks that he was Kin to the near empty spirits bottle next to me, i couldn’t tell because my eyes got fixed on you. }—-~~~\*>   Ewe: Strolled erratically, screaming obscenities at something or someone that for regular passerby’s seemed to be invisible or that they simply ignored because not one got out of his/her way. You were wearing some rather beat up blue jeans and a black torn tee under what any qualified coiffeuse could call a month-long Keith Richards–binge ‘do… me thinks you were sailing on Vodka and pair of Vans, or maybe they were Converse… can’t remember, because my eyes were fixed on that cutest caboose that you have for bum bum cheeks that grace your ass.

Anuncio de ocasión:

Ladies in Gemeni, this is an intermission and an SSA (streaming service announcement) all rolled up into one passionnata procession. Please be advised that next Friday, BMRT (Bill Maher on Real Time) and BTSC (Brozo The Shady Clown) are going to be off the interwebs in order to observe The Passion of a thing called International Hygiene Week, we repeat: Bill Maher en Tiempo Real y Brozo El Payaso Tenebroso van a Cesar sus actividades por los interwebs para poder observar la semana de Poncio Pīlātus… el lema del tema será: que chingue a su madre el que no se lave sus manus.

[Voz de hembra
Miss March as Laughter’s Mom

… previously on:
“Another Lightning Round of Jeopardy
Alejandro Trebek”.

[Voz de hombre
Jeff Goldblum
recaps how Armando Álvarez, playing the role of Will Farrell gave an answer on what el Año de Hidalgo signifies to “People in the know”… like say ex presidentes like Vicente Fox]

— Will Farrel as Clown Penis:

Because in the last year of a Six-year Mexican presidential term the masses always shout: ¡NO NOS VAMOS A DEJAR!

[Voz de hombre
Alejandro Trebek

— Ok… but can you put that in the form of a question, Armando… i mean this isn’t the first time riding this horse, eh.

Here’s the thing Bill Maher, or rather a Mexican Maxim for you: DE QUE LA PERRA ES BRAVA, pues hasta a los de la casa muerde. Ask “the distinguished gentleman” from El Paso, BETO O’ROURKE TO TRANSLATE THE SAYING FOR YOU. Tell him that Armando sent you… anygüey, Bill, this cutline is within the context of your rather naive and silly question to Presidente Fox on whether he was worried about the Russians meddling in the next Mexican presidential election… Bill—You Dolt! Fox got it right when he answered to you that “We” [as in the Mexican political class, not we the staff] have our “own game”, our OWN COSA NOSTRA with El PRI; and Bill, here’s “thing two,” —YOU fucking Dolt!— Vicente Fox was the equivalent of the Russians in the last two Mexican Presidential Elections, he’s been cock blocking Andrés Manuel López Obrador since 2006… Vicente Fox is “the” VERBO TO YOUR USUAL SUSPECTS IN el PRI. }—-~~~\*> Bill — You Dolt! You hosted Keyser Soze disgused as a former Mexican President. You are worst than Kurt Russell on Tequila Sunrise.

… no se vaya, pero deteniendo y continue con nosotros por que al regresar:

[Voz de hembra
Sarah Silverman

“El Verbo” a.k.a. “Chente el Zorro”, alias Keyser Soze en El Yunque y en El Opus Dei… }—-~~~\*> Uso justo de HBO (hobo en espagnol) y Real Time con un Dolt.

… it’s part two of:
“Another Lightning Round of Jeopardy
with Alejandro Trebek, and it is Mario Vargas Llosa’s turn at figuring out what « El Año de Hidalgo » means to a Washington guard dog, eh.”

uso justo de los de la casa.


Las fuentes:

Lookin for Gemini:

International Hygiene Week: