LA Roma casi esquina con USC

Instant Replay:

https ://www .mlb .com /amp /news /clayton-kershaw-gem-mookie-betts-catch-lead-win-vs-padres .html

For our Puerto Rican non-reading audience at Al Día on Market Street in Philadelphia, please be advised that Teeny Tiny Cat went ahead and adjusted for the Erres at La “Loma” stop… please check “the inset” at the Top of The First Inning of the First 150th Anniversary of La Commune de Paris Softball Tournament at The Sherman Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes for transdigitalización* of the Catch of the They.

https ://aldianews .com /articles /politics /mexican-american-woman-becomes-one-latest-victims-aapi-hate/64041

“The woman, identified only as Becky, was heading to Vons market to do some shopping for her granddaughter. She was getting ready to get off the 81 bus at La Roma Road(2and Figueroa Street when she was attacked ».

Synopsis, John Wayne takes on the role of a lifetime, for the record, the artistic name “John Wayne ‘Gatsby’” was already registered to another facebook account, and so there was only one thing for Mí to Do# and that was to baptize that ‘pilgrim’ with the name “John Wayne ‘Gacy’”, period!

En fin, never mind the Green Berets, here comes the cadre from Academi, formally known as the Blackwater Total Intelligence Solutions Worldwide.

In “I wish they all could be California girls” news, Charles Manson wanted to benefit from a race war between blacks and whites while he (and the family) lounged like lizards in Death Valley, California, (you know, where Burbank filmed the “moon landing”) but i bet that sure as Charlie don’t surf, Charlie could care less if the war was started by urban blacks who attack Filipino-looking Mexicans… let’s pray that Japanese-looking Peruvians are not confused with “cholos” de San Dimas, ese.

I mean, for starters, Becky is American by default even before there was a Ken Salazar in the picture or a Martin Sheen in Vietnam, man!

https ://www .milenio .com /politica /ken-salazar-perfilado-embajador-eu-mexico-axios

… [I]n my next segment, Eye will recap the Bottom of The FO’ist and Mí will give an update on that deal that Julius César (that motherfucker) struck with Serge Gainsbourg while The Legion skirmished Centerfield during the opening act, lest you forget (if you are just joining) —I Buried Titus.

Page 6 from La Croix… on the Twilight Zone

Over at a random avenue… Groot’s cousin was helping the elephant get through a screening process.

Page 6, Nº 41972* Enjoy the macarons and file that Occupational Illness claim under, “your cancer illness must be on its terminal stage in order to qualify at a 100% of benefits”. For context, The French Version of a President Biden jingle (for the Vatican), La Croix, alleges that the greatest healthcare system in the Hexagone is playing CATCH-22 with its heros.

And if you read this link, well then never mind the dates because page 6 of N° 41972* is only an update from a previous daisy-chain of archives where the Vatican’s editorial lobby [yes, it’s a thing] whisper news articles to Le Élysée (punto y coma) por ejemplo, Rachel Maddow, the September 2020 date on the above mentioned Emmanuelle Réju news article is just a bead on the Rosary to remind Mr. Macron, that he had made a promised to streamline the ridiculously “absurd gravity criteria” of decrees set by the French government before someone even qualifies to make a claim, let alone receive benefits.

To put it in LAYMANS (literally) like lay on the fucking ground terms, here in France, if someone (like say, a base-head) ATTEMPTS to burn a 100% synthetic pop-up tent, with say, a camping enthusiast wrapped up in a cozy 100 % synthetic fart sac and sleeping inside of said abode, the police report will TRY AT ALL COSTS to file the report as “Damage to property” without ever mentioning on that particular police report header about the possibility of some “mec” burning, asphyxiating, or just being “aggravated” by some kind of 3rd degree burn.

https ://www .la-croix .com /Economie /difficile-reconnaissance-Covid-19-maladie-professionnelle-2020-09-10-1201113219

… and in Washington, puff! There is no such thing as a color purple, and if you see purple your brain is lying to you, and never mind that French nurse “left behind” on the rearview mirror because that’s « professional illness », or something like that without a prescribed oxygen tank.

https ://www .grantsonnex .com /why-purple-doesnt-exist/

French Ice Skaters are going the way of les nippones-es-ese. Aunque usted, no lo crea.

Purple is a kind of ungreen


Saturday’s morning car-tunes

Must be read in a Lee Treviño voice:

In Washington, violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders continues in rampant mode and, Lindsey Reiser is pulling a double header (covering the bases for the Vassoughian) and brandishing a new name for her morning show, the  guy next to her is still the same, though… not sure if her contract covers overtime, but maybe the honchos over at peacock central should hire some Extras.

Something, something, something, “en la feria de Cepillín”, 🏌🏻‍♂️ Who’s a sexy motherfucker? — Medhi is, yes he is.

“Medhi Hasan does get paid overtime… and Rachel Maddow can keep her ‘sleep number®️’ cupons in her portfolio”*

* For context on The Rachel Maddow’s Sleep Voucher number you must be tuned in to the peacock scene (punto y coma) in other words, it is meant only as a referential timestamp of a Very Low Frequency communication exchange with the Squelch in the ON position.


Page 3 Sports

You are going to need a bigger stadium.

Öüï last touched base with the situation developing at the Sherman Memorial Baseball Field at Vincennes during Julius César’s hasty attack on objective Centerfield, where Serge Gainsbourg was trying to figure out how to properly fit a glove, and not to be outdone by her dad, Charlotte turned into a fluffy gray cat and CLAIMED that she too, —aussi— can play Centerfield, and so there was only one thing to do, and so Charlotte got High (Rocky Mountain High) and she took the field, one thing that can be said about Charlotte is that at least she knows what color scheme to wear as part of the visiting team.

But WAIT!!! There’s more Lindsey in 14 hours as soon as the clock strikes High Noon at the Sherman Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes, where Anne Hidalgo is first at the plate and Louise Michel is at the mound… [I]t’s the bottom of the FO’ist!


Previously on, Million Dollar Babies – Stanley Kubrick was finishing a nightmare

And if you think that the those Eyes are looking at you, just wait until You see what Nancy chose to wear for the Very French… it’s March 🏀 Maddness and Jane Fonda just can’t get enough of the Vietnamese Library at la Sección Popular de Choisy. Stanley Kubrick guest stars.

But seriously, over at el Mundo de Le Monde, the locals are pondering if children should get into the vaccine pool, and the way things are going, Harisbo and Carambar better get Playmobil into the pit.


El error de Karol Józef Wojtyła — Part 3.1

We had asked who, WHO thought that rape couldn’t be funny and France Inter Radio responded:

And in the next segment, fip is going to laugh about it. Our Zamunda affiliate is on the beat… remember now, Sean Penn was filling the role of Jonah, and Michael Keaton was… wait, what in the fuck was Michael Keaton starring as, fuck!!! Those Dang on Pericos are a hell of a Byrd.

Anyhow, Dick Hertz is on rue Watt and according to Very Low Freq relays, fip . fr is now quoting Russian President, Vladimir Putin’s response to POTUS 46, with a “Sticks and Bones” bullshit and, using a known ROUTE 66 denier to do it. Which is our cue to say: FUCK YOU Jon Schofield!!! Route 66 is alive and paved… ya’Cunt!

= la ache es muda

Ladies in Gemini, Eye can’t really tell what in the Whole Wide World of Sports is Ah-Going-on, first an earthquake in the Land of The Rising Sun, then Bjork gets pissed-off (probably on account of the fucking elf’s) and activates a 6000-year dormant volcano and now this:

Previously on La Restauration de París and other assorted patos

For those just joining the thread, the following segment is placed next to a Polish Pope (in ROME) and The Underground Cantinas for the French elite in Tiempos de COVID… or some bat-shit pandemic like that.

Contexto Descuartizado

It’s like Wet Paint.

Congregations of all denominations in and around la Île-de–France wasted no time upon hearing that the Rockefeller (comcast) Crowd was drafting plans to descend en El Campo del Marte (at the feet of La Bendita Torre Eiffel) to sing “We Are The World” to the good people adhered to the CGT (page 17; 20minutes .fr)

After the break, The Devil is in the Dentils, with Victoria deFrancesco al Dente…
and across the Chunnel, Cerf-Wabbit reveals the number of the Beast + guest.

N° 3613 Veinte minutos en Francia 🦌 3F509AF1-DA10-4A7F-8A79-AF2434F4646D 🐇 Note sur la composition de l’ouvrage is based on Bolaño’s InterpéRies (p. 527 of Œuvres Complètes III), dicho d’otra puta manera, el orden cronológico en que aparecen las piezas en las secciones diferentes d’este chingado blog es parte del Show, mismo que me permite recordar que puto tema de actualidad política, social o cultural que me interesa —como a Bolaño— en cada puto instante (coma).

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /504 /reader /reader .html# !504

Over at The Théâtre de La Ville and its evil twin, Le Théâtre de Châtelet, César began to melt his silly little Columns in an effort to prepare for the American (media) in Paris affront to La Commune… oh, The Humanity, if only a few Neandertals would have been spared (conserved) from the great extinction, but no! Fucking humanity had to intervene and give The World a Coke… or some fucking stimulant like so.

Over at Les Temps de Cerises (rue de la Butte aux Cailles), The Fantômes de La Commune descend on the XIII éme a bit confused by the new $ky£in€ overlooking Bercy, Ivry and “la bendita” Porte de France.

It’s like Wet Paint.

Hilarity ensues when “the communards” are taxied by BFM’er TV shuttles to The Sherman Memorial Baseball Field where Louise Michel is warming up the crowd as the former primary school teacher and, pre-cursor to “El Che” is getting ready to get the bottom of the FO’ist started. Emmanuel Macron, is at the plate and so far (bumble bee) “there’s no R.A.I.N.”.

Mika’s yearly South of France vacation

Our network continues to experience technical contradictions, context on the previous symmetrical collusions is marinating with subtitles for Katy Kay. Hilarity ensues when The Mighty Mighty Mika traveling entourage arrives to the Brezezinski’s Villa overlooking the Mediterranean at the Cliffs of Fréjus.

https ://francetvinfo .fr/societe /video-islamo-gauchisme-le-gouvernement-a-raison-de-reclamer-une-enquete-a-l-universite-estime-jordan-bardella _4307833 .html

Insider elitists at the CFR report that Mika fled the U.S. when Professor of Political Contrasts at the University Of Texas, Victoria Defrancisco Fresco, informed The Nation on The MorJo Show that children literally froze on/in their mommies backyards in Texas. Mika could not believe that she actually lived in a shithole country for at least the past 4 years. Upon arrival, Donnie Deutsch (bad acting mayordomo) discovered that the Villa had been ransacked by the vagrant sons of the Very French, a violent gang known by the The French Connection as « les Fréjusiens ».

Internal time-delay phenomenon. It happens. — It could happen to you, if you confuse the The French Touch with French Bashing or WO’ist, The French Hate.

Over at FranceInfo, it’s GOP TV for the masses; starring everybody’s favorite cult of personality: The Trump Show.

For the record, shame on you if you confuse the inverted (¥) Japanese Eiffel Tower with the Identity Generation cut-off peace sign.

Adventures in Translation: false friends… sponsored by Vania®️

Deer, Mika: your daddy says to remember the old adage:

That which is below is as that which is above, and that which is above is as that which is below…

with this on the rearview mirror, that just makes you “the current (i) one,” in the power formula. Por ejemplo, Willie Geist, i am going to put you in Yogi Berra’s playing position (fat lady optional) and i am going to play the role of Camilo Cienfuegos on the mound, and never mind the signals. So with that in mind, let’s crossover The Hill(s) and the Atlantic to the first time that “God Damn” was used in comparative analysis.

So, yeah—dig this: en Español del bueno, ese mismo que se habla en México, un « tampón » es eso, a RED collector. En anglais, c’est la même CHOZA, raza = un Tampax ®️ para todas aquellas que no usan montura durante esos malditos días del mes; en francés*, Mare, un tampon es muchas cosas más, y sin ir muy lejos un tampon higiénico se puede usar para COTEJAR documentos ‘en rojo’ en La Préfectura de Cité (Paris, Centre). HOW? You may never care or wonder, but Eye is going to tell you why on the next  set of pitches—bitches.

https ://www .discogs .com /Les-McCann-Eddie-Harris-Compared-To-What /master /328070

And in Washington, in Washington ya no pasa nada, and i am going to leave it at that since today is Little Wednesday’s Addams turn, and Tuesday’s Gone.

This gives us time to answer one Happy caller three from the 13éme in Paris, poor guy, his girlfriend just got ran over by a parked snowmobile, or something like that, poor Happy, he really-really loved that Chinese woman, but Happy found love at a hypnotist show at Le Cirque Electric in the same arrondissement. Good for that hypnotist, Happy, whomever she might be.

… and then she was hit by a lightning bolt ⚡️ Lucky for Happy, Vice-President Harris knew that Chinese woman.


And, OH! Snap!!! Perrine, it’s Lindsey closing in

The interwebs gods would not let U.S. down, Lindsey is Knot going down without a fight.

“Come at Mí, Perrine…”, said Kendice Peacock.

… Yeah, Yasmin, this is just another track on the Wacky Races to find the cure to the perfect cruda, but FO’ist! The most important game in the history of the entire Wide World of Sports, The Puppy Bowl.

Indeed, Perrine, tomorrow morning the Ashleys may or may not be talking about the OM vS the PSG, or the Kansas City reds vS the Tampa Bay malos.

One thing that is for sure is that little Mary Anne from Team Fluff is one heck of Sailor Knot maker; Argos from Team Ruff did’t stand a chance.

And another thing that seems to be fit to print, is the lead that the abandoned daughter of Jewel (remember Jewel?) just rediscovered her neighbors around the Technicolor Block.

… Back in BARCELONA 1•714:

Chapter Two, p. 25/26

Décrire le charm de cette créature n’a rien de facile. N’étant pas poète, et pour resumer, je dirai que comme femme, elle était tout ton contraire. Yada, yada, French words… Je ne dis pas qu’elle étaient irréprochable. Sa mâchoire inférieur, énergique et anguleuse, lui conférait trop de personnalité pour un femme. Mais, tant qu’á pécher, que se soit par excès : ton menton fuyant fait de toi un parfait modèle de crétinisme facial.

We know return to the Wacky Races currently in–progress:

🎙 Hot Pants follows 🏎, not to be outdone by the msnbc’s Hot-wheels, BFM’er TV unleashes their secret weapon: the fucken’ Reporte del Tiempo girl, it’s a winner… BUT WAIT!!! Oh–SNAP!!! Hot Pants was deflated by fratricide!!! Some Person, yes, it is spelled just like that, Some Person just took Hot Pants out of the loop. Bill Karins rejoices in WaWa Land, as Person just brought a Cold-cold, very cold wave to the better part of La France.

And in India, SHIVA just rolled out its latest Bollywood Action/Tragedy: Le Glacier.