{and} Reverend Al… this is why Öüï is not invited to parties

Does anybody remember, “Mission Accomplished!” ?.

It’s kind’ah sort’ah like D.A.T. but wit, Eye might add (before, IT!, is outlawed) “The Audacity of Hope” en La France de Gall.

After THEE 7th inning stretch, Futuro Pelo meets Futuro Media en Rivoli.

{and} Rev. Mara, maybe Eye saw a twisted angle on that frame when attorney Crumb went on a riff and demanded to put FORTH the PROPOSITION, that Willie Geist can petition Bill Murray with P.R…. petition, Bill Murray, with P.R…. PETITION BILL MURRAY WITH P.R.

EWE CANNOT PETITION BILL MURRAY WITH PUBLIC RELATIONS. And here is why, newly ordained Deacon(esse) Gay, check it out:

Rock – Paper – Wood.
To really get the feel of Mister Petty, you have to play the video with the volume all the way up. To get your blood boiling, hear the kid scream in terror.

Because Eye believes that Doña María Hinojosa on the Jonathan Sunday Show¹  is not silly when she noted that The Administration had the chance “to go and hug Haitians” in Tijuana, instead, El Paso, Texas, was graced with Mme. Vice-president visit to University Drive ⛏️, period 🐰

And, Santísima Mara de Los Times, all that Eye is observing is that while all of our thoughts and prayers go to the Ukrainian resistance en Saint-Germain des_près, please be advised that Öüï is aware of them “editorial redlines” on The Reverend Al Sharpton Show.

When Ewe Wished upon a Star.

What a way to extinguish 🧯 a parallel! GawDDamned. Mi is most certainly impressed and must note that that Mehdi Hasan on the All-In Show before The Rachel Maddow Show is on to something bringing out the Censorship of Quadratic Equations in Texas. Eye mean look again, Mara Gay, the good Reverend Al extinguished a parallel between what continues to happen in America when x = black, and all the power is on Police Unions.

What’s wrong, Mara Gay, with the riff that Attorney Crumb was juxtaposing when he borrowed any given Ukrainian and placing s/he, in the front-leaning position under the weight of an American police officer and a bullet to the back of his {or} her memory pack?

¹.~ https ://www .msnbc .com /the-sunday-show /watch /democrats-are-having-second-thoughts-about-president-biden-ending-title-42-137903173588

French C[o]unts agree on this one… Now get off of my guacamole 🥑

From The Farmers Almanac:

For the best buds of Junebug, your weed should be pollenized, NOW!

Support your local growers.

Dear, Denis Soula … FYI:

18:55 | 19:56
89 | 90
That’s Two Pairs right there… According to Hoyle

Please relay to your web dev’Monkees that the old ‘titres diffusée’ allowed for a Specific timeframe to search for JOSÉ ALFREDO JIMÉNEZ.

FIP . fr’s “updated playtracks*” SUCK!!!

Go ahead, check the sequence in THREE Days and tell, Mi, how much fun it was wasting those additional (50) scrolls to get to the bottom of The Black See!

Our pledge at asegovia3 is to bring you only FACT CHECKED information from “the experts” {and} Öüï begins in Los Angeles, California, because that is where this trip³ (towards 2030) started.

Maldito José Alfredo… ya me hiciste chillar.

Experts : les États-Unis pourraient chercher des avocats au-delà du Mexique

³. However unbeknowst to US, at the time…
https ://cryptofireside .com /welcome-to-2030you-will-own-nothing-have-no-privacy-and-life-has-never-been-crueler– 3ff87dc129c

https ://www .latimes .com /espanol /eeuu /articulo /2022-02-17 /expertos-eeuu-podria-buscar-aguacates-mas-alla-de-mexico 

WELCOME, to Breakfast in America.

{and} ZEPPELIN GOES HERE: Ten Jeers GoneKeep on rocking on la rue de San MEMO 75006 … in case anyone is wondering what the initials I.H.E.A.L. stand for, Eye tells Ewe, it is KNOT for “ESTUDIOS SUPERIORES” en Francés, and Professor Leo Orellana at the LAtin AMerican House on Saint-Germain des Près will probably agree with little ‘ol me, Armando Segovia, when Eye tells Ewe that IHEAL stands for CUBANOS POSTIZOS {not} I heal… SANA SANA colita de rana¹.

¹.~ It’s what the oligarchs in MEXICO tell their little princes and princesses when they (for whatever reason) get a boo-boo, which is what LOUISIANA natives say to their ‘chirrin’ when they scrape their knees or manage to injure themselves in a not-so harmful way. The Mexicans across the street from the IHEAL can explain this one to the Fifi BoBos at Jack Dorsey’s Parisian hang-out.

And, GO’ill de Niza, as you search for them huevos, please be advised that Öüï did warn that guy spinnin’ Jazz on your freq’s right between the hopelessly GüannaBee punk rockers at RFPP (París) and the Fifi BoBos at Jazzafip, D.A.T. on this sábado de GLORIA, “les Pâques »… son de a KILO.

https ://www.marianne .net /societe /education /cetait-flippant-des-militants-dextreme-droite-interviennent-pour-lever-le-blocus-de-sciences-po-a-paris

Ladies in Gemini, the age Old question has been answered, Jesus Christ is a funky chicken, knot a ‘fuckin” chic(Ken) but a Funky Chicken 🍗.

From the Urban Dictionary pages:


Spanish for damn (used as an adjective. Not to just say “damn”). Can also be maldita for feminine nouns.

Si crees eso, eres un maldito idiota.
If you believe that, you’re a damn fool.

by PaQueSepas April 2, 2019

Dear, WASP and other assorted shades of Americans³

Ladies in Gemini, ASEGOVIA3 is proud to present to you a CLEAR and PRESENT BACKGROUND, in case anybody is wondering what The UCRAINE, in Ucrania of course, has to do with what happens in MEXICO, and as all EWEs know already, this motherfucking blog is about the things that happen in MEXICO, via las afueras de La Bendita Sorbonne y Science[s]Po.

In local news, Hoy No Hubo Jazz… some bum is gettin’ all nostalgic en “L’oscure²” with the Charbonne.


Is that a Topo Chico next to that Ale? Or is that cupcake just asking for, IT!?

².~ Ahour apologies for mispelling your name, Pedro Panacea,
o como dice, Gignac en Monterrey:
Pierre Lescure.

³.~ Especially the ‘kind’ with an Opuntia cacti pad on the forehead.

Unlike Poker this is a game of chance… ask Rachel Maddow, she’s the msnbc TOLUCA-PEMEX connection on the Give Up You Nuke technology program from the PENTAGONE.
In the mean time, EUROPE, don’t be such a WUSS, cut that RUSSIAN oil supply. Show some backbone you Coq Suckers, Ewes.

https ://www .reuters .com /world /americas /mexico-suspends-subsidy-gasoline-border-region-with-us- 2022-04-02/?utm_source=reddit.com

Remember, “the alamo“?
or was it,
América, love it or leave it!“???

{and} Mr. NATO Secretary, nevermind the GALL of those “frontier” PATRIOTS crossing into México in order to mitigate the FUEL crisis.


Stupid Americans, what they don’t KNOW is that what they save in that FULL GALLON of Unleaded, they spend in EUROS because in México, “los litros no son de a litro”. Look it up, or ask those “local” EL DIARIO de JuárezNew York Times vetted-reporters guides, they know all the “CLAVES”.



And, Kelly Covachita… En Once TV, “Pobres de Los Niños”

Breaking NEWS:

Disclaimer: Esto es un Simulacro de Tensión con “los enanitos verdes”…

https ://old .reddit .com /r /ThatsInsane/comments /td7ocf /ukraine_releases_edited_video_of_mock_attack_on/PARIS

LE BRANLY HAS LEFT THE QUAI… Palace de Justice à Saint–Ouen is Shattered.

The Mexican Army just bombed PANAME.

So, Kelly, the Putinescos are pulling a BORDERLINE NARRATIVE… coincidentally, this post is sponsored by El Jabón del Perro Agradecido y La GASOLINERIA de elDorado del Segundo Barrio, casi esquina con Concordia y las dunas del Poleo.

Fandanguillo de Turina.

And, Kelly CobiElla, (sorry about mispelling your name) anyhow, this is not a theme and any of THEE events described on this blog, even the one’s from that Old West Texas Town of El Paso, Ciudad Juárez and, Yavoriv — are entirely based on the Fictional Characters of the Original “South Park”, ese, called “El Chamizal”

En proceso n° 2367:

Our Gang — The Little Rascals… producto de El “Bienestar” de Ándres Manuel López Habra-Door.

Well, you’ve HO’id about “Alfalfa »… It’s Knot one of THOSE, this here is ‘Our Gang’ in Chiapas, and that’s PASTOJO in Bleu.

https ://www .elfinanciero .com .mx /nacional /2022/03/11 /amlo-admite-que-escribio-comunicado-a-parlamento-europeo-no-pueden-faltarnos-al-respeto/

https ://www .wordreference .com /enfr /bleat

The following text was transliterated from BLEAT, which of course as Évry body knows is the sound that sheeps and goats make, —in English. For the Spanish TRANSLITERATION of this most important BÊLEMENT to the MEXICAN president just add an “ES” at the end of the BALIDO, as so: BLEATes.

“(¿Usted redactó este texto?) 
, en el viaje (a Chiapas). Con Jesús y otros compañeros”, 
reconoció AMLO.

https ://www .wordreference .com /es /translation .asp ?tranword =BALAR

Copia y Pasta³:
THE BIG PREMIERE, de gauche à droite, George ‘Spanky’ McFarland, Darla Hood, Robert Blake, (présenté comme Mickey Gubitosi), Shirley Coates, Carl ‘Alfalfa’ Switzer, 1940.

³.~ https ://fr .alrm .pt /here-s-what-happened-kids-from-little-rascals -2020

MALOnna squeezes lunches from the little indian kids, from whom THAT MOTHERFUCKER drew the INSPIRATION to write his « Sheeple » manifesto to Strasbourg.

Hoy no hubo noticias — Snap your fingers

https ://www .thepigsite .com /news/2014/04 /

“Historically during this season (Catholic Holy season) the slaughter price dropped between 20 to 25 per cent compared with December due the consumption reduction.”


El pedo de los porros en Banderilla_Veracruz

{and} Of course Why ask Why with Yon from la Liga MX:

A DNF formula is in full disjunctive normal form if each of its variables appears exactly once in every conjunction.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Disjunctive_normal_form

Economics 26:15 Inflation at “potters field“.
Instructor: Matthew Zacarías

Por 300 pesos, empresa de seguridad contrató improvisados para el Querétaro vs Atlas

This course takes on the mystery of how much are Thee 30 silver coins used by Judas Iscariot to purchase “Potters Field”, in today’s MEXICAN PESOS.

The Problem with Yon, a new variant of that Juan.

Commitment to Excellence… CORTÉS-Y-A de MILENIO Diario.

https ://www .milenio .com /deportes /futbol /yon-luisa-presidente-fmf-condena-rina-estadio-corregidora

KNOT to be outdone by the irony of a period turned into a DISJUNCTIVE latin “i”, the PRESIDENT of Mexican soccer returns from his “Pied de Cochon-Place Vendôme promenadeing afternoon brunch-eating » to see what in the Whole Wide World of Sports is happening in the pork slaughterhouse capital of the world, Querétaro.

Intermedio con Rickie Lee Jones… and Mongo Santamaría’s Shirt in COOPERSTOWN!!!

Houston (STREET) Öüï has a problem; get your basic maths Paraphernalia ready.

https ://www .ctvnews .ca /canada 
-study -1.5753990

And, Eye, quotes from page 17 of the little essay below the quotes:

An example illustrates the situation well: it is the theory of faisceaux (sheafs). It shows that this relation to abstraction depends on each mathematician, on the professional choices s/he makes, and on the use s/he has of the objects in question…

« A implique B » … page 9, “Faire des Mathématiques” [CNRS de Vive Voix].

Logic plays a mathematical role, por ejemplo, in Dixie Fried Politics. Take Imani Perry, who just took Eddie Gloude’s segment by explaining the classic problem,

DeXtroMéthorphane… In large quantities you may hallucinate…

‘an elite Virginian leaves Mecklenburg County in South Carolina at 3 pm on Friday to vote on legislation for the cotton-pickin’ pickers industry, which is to be voted the following Monday at 8 am in Washington, D.C.’

Logic dictates that,  “A”, the gentleman from Virginia would promote having the center of power near his town, and “B” keep the cotton pickers from voting, of course.

With D.A.T. in mind, Öüï continues with the basic maths Paraphernalia of page 17 (Abstraction)


[A] bundle is an object used in topology, this branch of mathematics deals with the notion of continuity, voisinage (proximity) or limit…


https ://globalvoices .org /2022/01/25 /georgian-pmgifted-his-wife-part-of-a-state-owned-forest/

Keep the shirt, drop the stinky Socks.

But FO’ist! Elise is the best lookin’ Tammy Faye Baker for my cup of joe.
— Lemire, however, has got to go; he’s no Jimmy Stewart.

https ://www .hopitalpourenfants .com /infos-sante /pathologies-et-maladies /ces-ados-qui-abusent-des-medicaments-contre-la-toux

All That Rage because of The Rag time… Sponsored by Vania™️, period!

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Jimmy_Swaggart

With fake télÉvangelists out of the güey, Öüï now continues with:

basic maths Paraphernalia of page 17 (Abstraction)


…[T]he definition of a bundle is of an « ensemblistic³ » nature, which is not surprising since, at the beginning, the main notions of topology are ensemblistic: the openings, sub-sets which define the topology, or their complements, the closures, must satisfy a certain number of axioms. Thus, the definition of a topology is ensamblistic

³.~ LEICA gerund, —pues.

Fire to adjust ; fire—FIRE-H.E.A.T… and all that JAZZ!!!

Quai d’Orleans, PARIS CENTRE _ In a blatant disregard to https ://www .actualidadliteratura .com /fondo-y-forma-en-literatura-lo-que-decimos-y-como-lo-decimos/ Rickie just settled for a concrete LEICA™ lawnmower and a parking lot space at Le parvis de Le Roi Merlin.

Or Something Like That… Eye is done with Castor, AMA

“They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot,” blame it on Joni Mitchell.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /AMA

And if youse got the last LEICA™ joke… then you must know what this symbol  , on PAGE 17 means :

[L]‘utilité de la notion de faisceau apparaît dans des situations mathématiques tout à fait concrètes où les objets ne sont pas globalement définis

https ://www .the guardian .com /world /2022 /jan /26 /ukraine-and-russia-to-hold-paris-talks-in-latest-effort-to-ease-tensions

Via: Reddit.Com/r/DadJokes

In CONCLUSION (page 17 18):

One can think of an object in pieces that comes with an instruction manual that explains how to put the pieces back together. A beam would be an object that we cannot, for very good reasons, put together
(jump to page 18)

_raisons, décrire par sa totalité, mais que par ses morceaux.


And, Cousin Joe… “Happiness is a warm 120mm smooth bore MBT Gun »

Put it on a bumper sticker: Ian Brzezinski is of course?

La “bagnera” del Palacio de La Descubierta… O Algo ansina, para sus Mercedes… Enter through the Torture Shop… Sponsored by the ILLEGITIMATE brother³ of German Blitzkrieg Stickers: FARFEGNUGEN!

³.~ AUDI Murphy.

https ://www .eonline .com /news /1314186 /wheel-of-fortune-receives-backlash-after-contestant-loses-a-car-on-a-technicality

C’mon, Cousin Joe, your cuñado is of course…?
That’s right, Scarborough, Ian is of course, a fag.
The answer is always, — check your local listings, and…
and of course, ask your USUAL SUSPECTS.

No insistas Susana… Mi corazón es de May Ball knot El de Petra Garza Benavides; puro Ham & Eggs!!!

Even fip* is in on this one, WITT Natalio Reyes Colás!
El Mariachi de Tecalitlán
followed by Three Cool Cats
doing a cover of REVOLVER

“… en Tamaulipas nacido
en Río Bravo crecido » —!— Natalio Reyes Colás (Nat King Cole)
¨:¨ 13h36 CET
Las mañanitas (with mariachis)
ALBUM : Cole Español (1958)

CAR MEN, but if Ewe insists let Mí see about HI-JACKING Two Senators over The Cookoo’s Nest. And Mika, Eye Swears D.A.T., IT!, is not making this Shit Up… Öüï is not French, ∴ Öüï know knot how to prepare ONION SOUP.

Eugene Robinson torea con UN chivo on msnbc

La Chèvre, with Depardieu as “El Chivo” and Vladimir Putin as PIERRE RICHARD is now in theaters.

Ian con El Bajo Sexto… It’s a TROU doppelganger! Ewe fuckheads at msnbc think that Eye is making this up!… behold, fuckers:








Last Week To They X~mas edition at La Place de La Concorde

Previously on our exclusive coverage of Nayel Zeaiter’s recollection of The American Red Cross-es-ese² « L’Âme des Camps and other assorted Slaughter house recollections » in front of the Berlin Embassy on la Ave. FDR (75008)… Eye swear, STATE DEPARTMENT, Öüï is Knot making this up.

Banana for scale… Putaux (pronounced PutOus) watch from the top of the Grand Arche à La Défense.

Jukebox Ref:
A joyful process
Funkadelic (1972)
ALBUM : America eats its young* (1972)

*;~Yes, yes she does.
It’s TROU!!!

FIP (105.1) your source for authentic huachicol francés, period… Lorsque ce mot a été utilisé en France, il est devenu « gouache » et a conservé son sens, bola de putos.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Huachicol

Note to Mr. Mark Caputo¹… Sir, the recent installation of the American Ambassadress in Paris is going to require a relinquisment of the FO’ist two letters of your last-name in order to Identify the Birthplace of the diplomat-in-charge at 2 Ave. Gabriel (75008).
 ¹.~ Armando Serrano-Prieto is ten years~old and he finds this funny.

The Washington Monument as a banana for size comparison with the Luxor Obelisk. Andrea Mitchell confirms, she (The Fed Wife) is the closest source to all things that start with: PAY TO THE ORDER OF, yada, yada, yada.

Entonces, Señor Camilo Lara, Öüï wish you a Merry Christmas and Eye hopes that the invocation of your BRAND is not by design, I don’t believe in coincidences and so it must be cuestión de enfoque en aquellas cosas que van pegadas con Truth and Consecuencias.

Plank 75/76 on FDR Avenue at Paris 8th.

¿O a poco va usted a creer que La Piscina de Joséphine Baker,³ a un lado de las bañeras of Le Petit Bain, está allí nomas porque sí? Chepina fue la que me dijo que le diera una repasada al “barquito musical” to see the History of MéXico at Le Grand Palais… and about the origin of them “bañeras” that accessorize el muelle de ese local, Issy, Señor Lara, there is a Plank number for that at the plywood scroll wrapping Le Grand Palais.


https ://www .google .fr /maps /place /Piscine+Jos%C3%A9phine+Baker/@48.8360826,2.3673042,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x47e6723d17a9c251:0xff0ed3fd6a408a7!8m2!3d48.8360829!4d2.376059

Devil inside, Devil inside… Évry single pundit² (except for STEPHANIE Rhule) has the Devil inside. And in TEQUILA, Jalisco—in Tequila, Jalisco, BOMBERITO de Tala sparks a forest, on fire.

².~  Évery SINGLE Pundit: Elle (LA tal OxiAmbassadrice des États-Unis en France, Denise Campbell Bauer) a d’abord travaillé comme productrice pour la chaine de télévision KCBS-TV News, puis pour la chaine australienne Nine Network dans les années 90… NINE NETWORK, Stephanie! Coincidence? …

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/12/21 /estados /dan-5-anos-de-carcel-a-bombero-que-incendio-el-bosque-la-primavera/

In local news, The Bpi got an early start at removing the Christmas decorations from the premises, the removal followed the cancelation of the City’s New Year’s celebrations, meanwhile, not to be outdone by Italy’s pay-it-forward to Greece, which followed after New York City returned 200 stolen antiquities to Italy, France just installed the State approved Ribbon that decorates the shipping crate of The Obelisk on it’s way back to {The} Luxor… in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A., and in return Sheldon Adelson sent a brand new Times Square-style, Donnie Deutsh neon-looking Espectacular to replace the Egyptian monolith.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /JCDecaux

Our Grand Palais Foreign Correspondent caught the official Grand Palais Biplane hovering over La Place de La Concorde as the Ribbon installation was on display. Semolina Pilchard was nearby and congratulated Prime Minister Macron for the Just-In-Time lease next door with The Americans.

https ://www .connexionfrance .com /French-news /Meet-Denise-Campbell-Bauer-the-new-US-ambassador-to-France


DISPARATES “Read That Which Has Not Been Written” — Page 9³

Behold, the inexhaustible…

³.~ … [O]r How Eye Stopped Worrying and Love the role that IMAGES play on our Knowledge of that Thing Called History.

Coming up later this week on the Thomas Corbillon Channel:
Remain in Sorry Eye Mispelled your Name, but La is not your best Key.
Peter Cat Recording Co
ALBUM : Bismillah (2019)
LABEL : PANACHE {de Saint-Osé}


³.~Let U.S. double check that nueve de nouveau:
Sq Root. of 9 is off-course like 666 but upside-down
“that is you’ve got to…
like multiply 9 x 9 x 9,
to Get Back and Eye Shit Ewe knot
and circle back to the motherfucking NINE!
… [A]nd Eye, quotes:

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast… already established; look, IT!, up…side-down

9 x 9 = 81 {8+1 = 9)
81 x 9 = 7+2+9… Entonces…
That equates as to: YOU HAVE {got} TO BE FRENCH to PLAY
And This Is The Reason why Eye Can’t Pay Bills,
Chris Jansing, in the Role of THE FED’s WIFE
Dole Witt This: Fuchs You Too!

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /live-a-fip /concert-live-fip-tour-a-bordeaux

Georges d’Di-Huberman



Full Revelación: Our promise is to never deliver expired Lampooning and/or, WO’ist, —Fake Parodies. And, Katty Kay, Georgina Moreno might see the lower part of 20 minutes in France as the unmistakable shape of Le Grand Palais en Champs-Élyséés-ésé… but Benzino Napoleoni*, named after one of the many Mercedes-Maybach S-Class en el HANGAR de Napoleón Gómez Urrutia allá en la HERMANA Monarchie constitutionnelle  parlementaire  fédérale du CaNaDa !Can’t be fooled!!! That shape on the canvas covering “La Honte” de Philippe Labro, —en MATCH— is nothing more than one of JEAN~PAUL GAUTHIER’s so-called “BOULONES”, which as the STORY NEVER TOLD GOES, were sold as “authentic Made in France shinny bolts” to el GRUPO CARSO and The Government of La Ciudad De México (CDMX).

*.~ Benzino Napoleoni :
https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Parodie# /media /Fichier :Dictator _charlie6 .jpg



Nota bibliográfica:
1.~ C’mon Man! Didn’t you get the message? What do you mean “Who You Gonna Call?… Ghostbusters {in VF} motherfucker, that’s who… check n° 3684 of Cerf-pantère. Ketch~up, RNC Steele.

It’s 1938 and time for the symbolic fall of LIPCHITZ’ Prometheus in Paris

“People WHO know— jump to page 3 (troop)

Pacific telephone
Papooz (2019)
ALBUM: Night sketches (2019)

Knot to be outdone by EDWARD BERNAYS… CALIFORNIA is not going a GODDAMNED Place Joni Mitchell (1971) and for the record, my skin is  brown by default, and I have never been to Spain, but they tell me that the LADIES THERE…

The dress clerk is dressed in Black
Well if your baby leaves you… where you be so lonely
you’ll pray you die

RHULE for size

Something like D.A.T. in the 32 AR REG (KOREA)
3rd AR DIV.
Check the DD-214
just ask AXL’s
left~Arm tattoo.

And Sirène, you can do anything but,
—motherfucker— Go,Go,Go! BUT
Don’t Ewe Step on Mí’s Blue Suede Shoes.

The heart of Rock and Roll is in the Elevators knot the Fuselage… People WHO KNOW, know that AEROSMITH headlined the FO’ist Two International Airshow EXPOs at Le Grand Palais de La Place Clemenceau.

https ://www .kipaero .com /aero-documentation /wwi-terminology/

Histoire globale (et inédite) de la publicité
Bpi N° 3 7504 00457440 4
Salma Hayek is reading page 442; Chap. 18
“à l’hôtel Martinez,” with some « euro-trash »… or Something like that

Ladies in Gemini, Öüï last left The Paris Tourism Board in front of Gordon Sullivan’s lute reference at Le Grand Palais (right in front where the Lipchitz’ « Prometheus and the Bird » middle-finger to the NAZI PARTY in France once stood.)

It’s 1938 and LE FRONT POPULAIRE just rendered their resignation papers to the “Good People” in charge of the France de Vichy’s biggest publicity stunt, A sort of, kind ah-looking fuzzy feeling for the Concentration Camps with the “JONES-es-esos” next door in Poland and München, the stunt would develop like AUTOBAHNs in the U.S.A., or Madison’s Avenue feel good propaganda that still reverberates today in the FORM of D.A.R.E. EYE say it, Mlle. PITCH?—Nahhhh, hold that thought for Mí’s “Amnesty International” placeholder… wait for, IT!, WAIT.

Witt, that in mind we now return to LE Palais de LAdécouVerte where Denis Soula is using his THEY OFF with “The rooster with a hat {D.A.T.} is watching TV”… and for the Record, The Bpi does not keep any GUNS and ROSES tracks inside the confines of its Big TYMPAN jukebox… Knot even the 88′ Classic: LIES. 

Tungate, M. “Le Monde De La PubHistoire globale (et inédite) de la publicité. DUNOD, PARIS 2009, pour la version française… Chapter ONE: Les Pionniers de la persuasion (sans percussion).