And now, La Duda de Mel ♒ Los Hijos de Emmaüs by Oscar Leguas

Ok… On three. TWO tree FO’:

Wot do soldiers die for? Let US ask the French.

Devil in a sleeping bag.

Pente-cost A Lot… and yer’ First-born Evangelical Normand de La Manche.



Siete Lenguas, el caballo 🐎 que AMLO más Es-Timaba.

Today is your Birthday! Happy 100th to El Amigo de todos los niños chilenos, el padrino de Augusto, and the inventor of Love Potion nº9, the one and only, Dr. StrangeKissInLoverGer.

Cualquier parecido con Antony Quinn is on account of Mr. Sánchez CARRYING ITALIAN CINEMA on his big bare Raramuri back.

Heck, ask Los Hijos de AMLO, su pinche padre is the reason Benito Mussolini liked those beautiful remesas so much… in The 1940’s they where were called “braceros”.


“Potential difference multiplied by Coulombs equals The Ultimate Aphrodisiac”.

Henry Kissinger.

And if Armandine at Emmaüs is familiar with The Anarchist Cookbook, then maybe, just maybe, she will get what Agent Vazquez in Waco was all “giddy” about, but please remember that causation, Armandine, does not equal any subsequent correlations, but thanks for the Bolony Sandwich and the Domiciliations, nomas no tem’Exaltes, Nena. One step at a time. Tell you what, it’s Memory’Al Weekend:

Adolf Hitler believed that Kilroy could be the name or codename of a high-level Allied spy.

🎶 Let Mí take Ewe Down, ‘cus I’m going to… The Grand Palais, where the 2nd Salon de l’outre-mer has just been SCRAPPED by Phillip Petain to make way to The Evangelists European de France… 🍓

Over at Stravinsky’s Fountain shop, concordia no necesariamente es armonía, or something like that, but harmony always has melody 😁… The first is a French invention called diplomacy and the second one is a John Lennon song.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/05/25 /politica /recibe-amlo-cartas

The Day The Music Died 🎶🪞… over in Chapultepec, AMLO receives credential letters from Zhang Run the new Chinese ambassador to Mexico.


It didn’t take long after the ‘maistro was on his way back to El Ey, vía Maracaibo, for mister Nuñez La’Rent to round-up the Usual Suspects, our most discreet copy editor, Fenster, was there and our most esteemed Boricua witnessed first hand how the Paris Tourism Board’s photographer sent the tortellini thugs to get him off of the Beaubourg steel cross beams as he recorded, “The Caging of Kerschovas and the Passion of the Clé de Sol”.

Objects in cage are closer than your mirror image

In local news.




And, Mme. Macron, meet Chi Chi



L’ascension, o como dicen en BFM’er TV, « Con Los Pies on The Rooftop »:

But first, don’t forget to bring a towel.

Where is my Juan BRANCO Melle. PROCURATOR? Issy, les griffures ⚖️  are not necessarily ‘grifos’, but Eye is sure, Shugga, that some sure Bogart that joint.


Random Access Mémoire

And, Brigitte, it’s the month of May, el mes de todas las madres, and by the power vested in Mí by The Producers of Mel Brooks in France, I hereby address yo’ass by your first name on account of my view from the top of The Hard Rock Café³, donc, Mme. First Lady, let Mí tell Ewe, how it will be:



Jump to mañana, Australia’s been put on hold and Bali, never mind Bali, it’s under water already.

Indos VERDES³ — Belleville¹¹

Paris, France_ It’s 1889 and the Universal Exposition is about to go down at the Trocadéro and Champ de Mars. Over in Chapultepec, the Ministry of Public Works of Mexico asked two cats, Peñafiel y Anza¹ to smelt some bronze and cast some Aztecs for the pavilion of Mexico, but Öüï will get to that on the next stop, right now however, our correspondent Catalonio Barcelonetto de Peralvillo is at the old dairy farm that is now a pharmacy next to a flower shop at the Place du Mexique en el XVIéme casi esquina con Chaillot.

So, a funny thing happen on the way to The Orient via The Western Union Express, it appears that Colón took a wrong Spring Break in The Bahamas. That lucky nigga!

From the creators of The 🇨🇱 Chicago School comes the story of a little robot that couldn’t. It’s The Chicago Supply Chain ⛓️ Expo. Even the robots can’t keep up with the AMAZON warehouse pace.


🤠 Dock that machine a shelf to be stored in for nappin’ on the shift.


Blazing Saddles

1973–WB Ranch.

¹~. https ://arqueologiamexicana .mx/mexico-antiguo /quien-representan-los-llamados-indiosverdes

Note to editors: I don’t select the trajectories, it’s not my fault that the two Tlatoani statues didn’t make it on the S.S. Ypiranga to Havre, heck long story hexed, a gang of Guardia Nacional Mexicana loyal to Florence Cassez kidnapped the statues before those two could even make the weigh-in manifest in Tampico, Tamaulipas… problem was that those two where way too ugly for any ‘afrancesado‘ at El Paseo de Reforma (o en La Roma) to care enough to pay for The Zodiacs ransom.

It’s not Saso Porcel anymore… it’s ‘‘Ron’.

Right now, Edison is all giddy about his phonograph but spoiler alert, dat’ fucking tower is going to be the Center of Attention. Anyhow, next stop it’s is Emperadores Mexicas, con dirección France Travail at the old PIAT satellite, en París XXéme.

And in Chicago, Illinois, Louis Pasteur is obliterating AI and automated robots are dropping like scabs on a supply chain gang, which brings us to our segue, last week to they.

Twenty-four — Reefer Madness with Denisa Kerschovas — Part FO’

Being for the benefit of Morning Starr… Baguette bitches! Baguette 🥁. And, GO’ill de Niza, I am not being facetious nor Hyper-diaBolic when Eye Tell Ewe that i practically dwell in a “niggaloo”, but that is only because French ex-president François Hollande and his Barcelonnette crew designed the cardboards.


🤸🏻‍♀️  https ://edition .cnn .com /travel /article /travel-warnings-other-countries-us-violence /index .html

“God Bless, the U.S.A.”
Sincerely, Lucifer (a.K.a) “el diablito
…🏀 now get off my fucking YARD.

🤸🏻‍♀️ https ://www .bbc .com /news /worldus /two-texas-cheerleaders-shot-after-one-gets-into-wrong-car

🎶 Oh, Mickey you’re so fine
—Hey, Mickey. Hey, Mickey.


Ruby Thursday, because Tuesday’s gone… and how about The Rust on that set, —eh? “Pleased to meet, you. Hope youve guess my name.” Eye did warn you about “Drawing the line ».  Here is the arrow ⬆️.

Previously on, —a New Edition… today we find La Kerschovas pissing along with The Tasmanian Devil in Australia on the Trail of the 🇨🇦 Chaffey brothers who after snatching the Fountain ⛲ from the Californios in Kukamonga left to found the settlements of Mildura, and Renmark, Australia… those motherfuckers.

“So it goes… ». God bless The USA.

But first, we switch it over to Niggaloo Reef… er, where a hybrid Eclipse just served as The Great Gig in The Sky, it was really nothing more than them Venn Diagrams that I have been writing about for the past six or seven years.

Of course, MONEY is also a track on this jam, and on today’s edition of AUSTRALIA IS THE ENEMY, them Aussie’s are doubling-down on their government’s travel advice to The United States, in América.

It used to be, as early as the month of January, just two and a half months ago, that Australian travel advisories to The United States, in América, used to note to their ex-con citizenry that “NRA sponsored Gun Violence” usually left tourists alone, but now those same ex-con government officials in Perth, have updated their warnings to include car rental car-renting tourists on account of the recent spike in murders on driveways and Shopping Center PARKING LOTS.

https ://www .urbandictionary .com /define.php?term = Niggaloo

And, Eye quotes:

Yheeeeea, Bark at The Moon… Um-uh, um-uh, —yeah. Bark at The Moon. Ah-uuuuui!

The Other Side of El Mundo de Le Monde

Pineapple Express News presents: it’s the  4/20 edition 2023, the dawn of the 6th Republic in France.


Synopsis : Charly Brigante walks into the Pôle-Emploi, at the C.V. island Saso Porcel is looking for ‘chamba’ sin ganas de encontrarla, Benny Blanco is waiting in cue and Florence Cassez is wondering if her Pôle-Emploi royalties are going to transfer to the new France-Travail.


https ://www .lexpress .fr /economie /emploi/droit-travail /france-travail-qui-remplace-pole-emploi-quest-ce-qui-va-changer

Eye say Do Ewe SPIKA my language?

My dear, fellas, here’s the sequence for context, say Cheese 🧀  Mighty Mouse.

Who’s Siciliano now?


The events and characters depicted in this [blog] are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Now Mighty Mouse, my dear Fellas …

Time 😎 , “you need me on that wall », Mr. Nichols, my name is Macario, and please don’t touch my Turkey 🦃 .

The FO’ist Rhule of the MorJo Sho’ Fight Club is that Y’er sorry ass is not to mix Apples with Oranges, because Öüï is an SFR traveler…

… in HALE~Bopp We Trust 🔔 ☄️

Walk like an Egyptian on an mechanical escalator (sans piss) as if it was a MaRiMba.

And Cousin Joe, never mind the Minority Leader and menstrual periods, Earth is a planet Rhuled by the rhythm of The Moon. THE MOON!!! But most importantly do you know what those Monkees are doing to them TO’itolls?

Any how, this entire sequence is not even about the AiDF employees and their vulgar display of vanity, believing for an Île-de-France minute that the picture snapped at la rue de Verrerie was about them. The gall of them fellas, eh!

I sincerely wonder if those two fellas would have reacted in the same way if a white tourist walking out of Saint-Merri would have snapped a picture of the second-hand garment store in front of them, I honestly think that the fella on FRAME 1, the one who is getting ready to receive the wood beam which he will cross into a “T” on FRAME 2, before he looks in my direction, on FRAME 3, and eventually lead, seconds later, into the incident with the two BLACK fellas in front of the all-you-can-eat (3-plate limit) buffet, THAT fella, I do believe that he would not have said a motherfucking thing, ese.

In all actuality this sequence is a thing I’d like to call, Arbitrary Solidarity and Other Assorted Cult-like Behavior.

I Left My Wallet In El Segundo… i gotta-get it, Eye, I gotta get it

It’s National Sports Day in La Franche, festivities got to an early start at la rue de Ravioli, and just around the corner, Willie and The Po’Boys just got ran out by a horde of derelikt fashionistas, later in the show it’s another edition of, “The Kids Are All Right.”

Happening over on the other hemisphere, Los Amigos de El Perú en Francia festejaron a lo grande las manifestaciones en Lima, desde aquí, en La Bastilla Al LADO de Georgina Moreno, y morena-francia.

Across El Sena, Susana Pubeda is setting up a bad example to RadioFranche, infidels the whole lot of Em#.

En estos momentos, como a sido costumbre desde los días de Ollanta y Sicilia en la Plaza de Trocadero en El 2011, ya están comodamente adentro de algún bistro parisino disfrutando de un bueno vinito, o algúna champagna. ¡Salud! Proceres de NATION.

And with that, don’t forget to take a pair of cheap eye goggles to the retirement protest today, because that French retirement ain’t going to do anything for you if youse blind as a bat (sans Radar) when youse Sixty FO’.

Capture-$hare…and list ten.


… [M]eanwhile, over at la rue Victoria, la Kerschovas failed the FitoZooSanitary inspection and off she went, along with her tent, un OMNI (objeto musical no identifiable) filled with strange looking multicolored freaks hoovered over the so-called “Dernier Bar Avant La Fin… », du El Mundo de Le Monde, and it should go without SPORTS, … It should go SAYING, —without Franche Culture, Aussie.


If and Only if… Youse in Paris XIIIème, it just started to snow, lightly though, but non-the-less it is, Eye Reckon, —Sno❄️

The snow didn’t last long, but the cold, at least for today is here to stay.

… Over at The Circus, Jennifer was, you know, looking like the Host with Rusty Eyes 👀… in reel time, and with low-hangin’ boobs, such as that lawyer who can’t even pronounce his last name (Se-BAH-YO’S) it’s Truth and Negligence, New Mexico.

Note to Danny Esquires, from Ceballos, Durango, entronque a La Zona del Silencio por l’Arteria de La Panamericana entre Torreón y (Ewe guessed it) Ciudad Ximénez, named after The Spanish Inquisition’s lead Cardinal at The BBC.

Meanwhile at Saint-Cloud, Manu Chao no podía encontrar el norte, y menos la carretera Panamericana 🪘🪘🪘 🐒

Any how, New Mexico,  Cunt…ry music 🎶 played on the radio when Bugs Bunny took that I’ll fated wrong turn in Albu’coiqué after departing from Cucamonga, on the foothills of San Bernardino Mountains at Mount Baldy, but that’s only because at CARLSBAD, it’s all BADLANDS… there’s enough guano under there to drive a Po’Bunny inSane.

A View from my office sliding door… GET OFF MY HEAT EXHAUST!!!

Issy, if Ewe has never been, the entire New Mexico State is almost like the SAN BERNARDINO, California, REDLANDS, but filled with a bunch of faggots with loud pipes… heck, in some Nuclear areas the Sands are whiter than the hard-core Fat Elvis fans at The Needles, in Vegas.

In Local news, Kanye West, or whatever alias he is going with after placing all his chips on Hitler, was spotted next to La Place Saint–Opportune opening his boutique for all the innocents around Châtelet… motherfucker is so Avant-retaguardia* that he drinks his champagne with Oreo cookies and Flintstones Vitamins for brunch

What A Difference a putsch 🍻 makes

15 de enero en Hilo, Hawaii : 🦃 FREE BIRD 🦃 Night of January 16th

(Pronounced ‘Lĕh-‘nérd ‘Skin-‘nérd)

🪘 Chano 🪘 Pozo 🪘
Went the way of Morrison in Paris.

😇 2003 – Adriana Hernández, 🇲🇽 rhythmic gymnast 🇲🇽.

In 🇪🇸 la Lengua de Cervantes 🇲🇽, it means “Gym Teacher Who Hates Long-hair and rock and roll”.

🎠 1605 – The first edition of El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha (Book One of Don Quijote) by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra is published in Madrid, Spain.

🇵🇷 Puerto Ricans 🇵🇷 need not apply³ because born To They, for FLORIDIANS at La Calle Ocho in 1901, is  🇨🇺 Fulgencio 🦇 Batista, 🇨🇺 Cuban colonel and politician, ninth President of 🇨🇺 Cuba 🇨🇺( d.1973).

³~. And, Reverend Sharpton, pay no attention to what Osler Amaro is going to say in two weeks, when Juan Lázaro plays back la Emisión Américas and doctors the script to his 🇵🇪 CAUSA 🇵🇪 con Champagne en el “🇨🇵 93 🇨🇵”, Öüï the staff feature Batista as a kind reminder for the José Díaz-Balart crowd that 🇨🇺 Batista, —has been dead for 50 years this year.

😇 1948 – 🛩️  Ronnie Van Zant 🛩️, 🇺🇸 singer-songwriter 🇺🇸 (d. 1977)

It’s 16th January in Paris, Franche, and in Hilo, Pineapple Express time, it is the end of Yesterday on The 11th Hour, with Denisas Kerschovas en el “16“.

From the makers of The Fountain en Fontana, and the Atlas at Mika’s penthouse at the Overlord Comcast fiefdom in Babylon II… comes the story of Bacardi en Saint-Denis (93).

(Pronounced ‘🚽She-cagó 💩)… es la ciudad de las dos necesidades y de Al, que pone las chelas* en la mesa.

*~. Chela, if fémina is short for Isela or, definitely maybe, perhapsquizas, Arcelia, sin embargo, if the alcohol level is measured in degrees, then la chela es una birria, but definitely not at LA POLAR.

Over at the Morjo Show, John Heileman is bathing in meth, or baptizing some pipe en la pila. In any case SCENARIO, Donnie Deutsch can lick my balls [ ⚽ ], Eye has a “el chapulín ❤️ colorado” en ESPN, “THE OCHO” on my side, and never mind the time Donnie, you suck 24/7 en Hilo 🍍 and in 🏈 Dallas, aussi.

Before there was a “Spearchucker Jones”, came the inspiration for “Mad Max” in the form of Spearthrower 🦉 Hibou.


Over at the 🦿 Santos 🦵 Institute 🦿,  “J’aime tes genoux”, featuring El Orgullo del Nepotismo de Alejandro Jodorowsky, el tal “A~dan”, Natalia Lafourcade cameos as “la eñe“.

16 de enero de 1924¹ 

Happy Birthday 🎂 on The National Action Commission.

🇺🇸  National Religious Freedom Day 🇺🇸
Hail, Hail Rock and Roll


¹~. 🤠 Katy Jurado, alias Mrs. BOULANGER, 🇲🇽 actress 🇲🇽 (d. 2002)… killed by JAMES COUBURN, “Alias” was there, James changed his name to Pat Garrett… and if Congresman Scarborough buys that, have Eye gots the perfect chambre en un Hotel de La HAVANA with a WINDOW to AMBOS MUNDOS.

If Ewe books now, Donnie Deutsch will lick your balls [ ⚽ ].

Jump to page 171… CHANO POZO ( Chico & Rita 2010 ) en:


Quillevéré, Marcel. Cuba: une histoire de l’île par sa musique et sa littérature. Paris, FR:  Albin Michel and France Musique, 2022, —PERIOD!

!~. Note to KERSCHOVAS, do you really wanna go to Chicago? Because if Ewe does, The Chicago Manual Of Style (∴ CMOS ∴) specifies that you end your bibliographies with a period, —ya’ see.

Breaking Bat y Can — They All Speak Mexican

Flecha y dirección …

“And what if, like, all of the equipment is uh, in Mexican instead of English?”

Jesse Pinkmann

Coming up, Emmanuel Macron 🇨🇵 takes on the role of La Pasionaria 🇪🇸, “No Pasarán,” ¡Berlín 🇩🇪, Me cago en l’Ostia de Málaga 🌍 que no pasarán!

Ladies in Gemini, Sugar Ray is at Ringside

FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR. KITE… You’ll be brain dead, too.

Gutfeld got ran over by a reindeer.

Laura Ingraham is in The Belly of The Breast Beast Mattress SALE Event concession stand; D.A.R.E., you May Find the Best SHEETS.

Sheets only available in White.

Sugar Ray Leonard and Evander Holyfield star as “The Colored Girls”, Tú Tu Du —DO.

La Banda de Los Zodiaco will begin at { Ten to Six } read the NATIONAL Prayer: Santa Cassez.


Sheets only available in White… Louisiana Zydeco.


Take a walk on the Wild Side 🏌🏾