Öüï now continue our continuing Coverage of Hola Guapa…

And Willie Geist, did Eye mentioned that Öüï can put the toothpaste back in the tube and, just exactly what type of plan is Ewe talking about? Let Mí know and don’t forget to send your contribution to the Sacred Church of the Underground Mall of New Jersey in Paris, France.

Breaking News: Frogs at the Poquelin Lounge bar and grill are already clamoring for the great Stephanie. And that’s a fact. How’bout sending a fucking beer my way, you fags. 🙊 Gonna put my headphones on, so “just talk among yourself »…

Advertisement for the Law Offices of Scarborough and Melber (Family – Criminal – Workmans Comp. Law) Floor -4 at the mall.
Media Squatting One-Oh-One, with Sthephanie Ruhle.
They call her “resilience with a smile,” in no small part because after losing her office space at msnbc, La Pundita, found a corner with WiFi access and USB power source to take care of business at a local mall… pay no attention to the fellow taking a nap opposite of your 45°, Stephanie,  because “It’s probably me.”

Coming up in local motion news, Elise Jordan is set to hold a rally in the bobo’ist part of la Île-de-France and if Major Pesquet 👨🏻‍🚀 pulls-off a base, then Elise will be at the plate.

And oh, the humanity, France just re-instated the institution of “bullet holes in/on the Cemetery walls,” or so you would think, it remains to be seen what the punishment for slapping a ruling president in the face will be, lo bueno es de que este güey ya no va poder fusilar a nadie:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/06/08 /mundo /hombre-abofetea-a-macron-durante-visita-al-sureste-frances/

And in Washington, D.C., former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill is now officially a MARXIST, field reports relay that the politician turned pundit (and carrot cake aficionado) was captured by The Reds and she was turned into a Marxist with a simple belly rub.

https ://www .mlb .com /news /reds-win-third-straight-game-vs-cardinals

Camisole enters the Charts at N° 1, but don’t let that distract you from the real fashion statement—a pair of cuban-heeled Chelsea slippers (punto y coma) and nevermind The Beatles-inspired collarless blouse under them ridiculous set of spectacles. Shoppers can find Claire’s leisure rags at The Mall’s 3rd floor, next to “Shit people buy”.

https ://hotcasarecords .bandcamp .com /track /camisole

Sources close to Marx relay that once the flashback rearranged the plot from the “formalists¹”, that is to say, after the farce, Marx was heard saying:

I never forget a prairie blouse, but in your case I’ll make an exception.


¹.)_ Turim, M., FLASBACKS IN FILM Memory & History; Routledge. London, 1989.

Kendis… stop being a dick—LEAVE LINDSEY ALONE!

Pathfinder, eh?

Tell Mí, Moore, what says Ewe? Ha!

And, Lindsey:

Guess Watt?

It’s morning in America, which means that nothing out of the ordinary happened last night, Space X is getting ready to launch another payload into space and another governor is going to give his condolences to another batch of “well-armed militia” victims.

While that develops, former Representative (With a Capital Erre) and fiend* of this blog, Beto O’Rourke is trying to tell The Nation that what happens in the Texas LegisCature  is usually the result of “the other” Texans (punto y coma), Ewe know, the ones on the side of the Florida Man family tree.

* Know algebraic formula is needed for this Whattaburger meal: an “Erre” was simply Subtracted (with a Capital Ese) to add that little extra roar in the post involved.

Right now, after Child support (witt a Kapital Ch.) and other assorted taxes Öüï could care less about a trajectory of tejas that Eye kind of been telling y’all about on this Tangent (whit a capital Tee) on account that it is Laundry They and that stupid SumBitch (Eye) left our Weed Rations (with a Qapitol Wrrrrr) inside of the dirty little pocket of Mí’s raggedy-ass blue jeans… THE FUCKING HUMANITY, of IT!!!

And in Paris… Good news from the Cecily Strong camp, because Knot-to-be-Out Matched by our editorial outrage of Strong losing her job at SNL, the Parisien went ahead and found another gig for Strong. Starting yesterday, Catherine Deneuve stars as our favorite down-and-out mistress of the skids and resident dingleberry vamp, the one and only: Cathy Anne… hilarity ensues when an Alien joins the set.

Previously on, I think that Avi Velshi is turning Japanese. Eye seconds D.A.T.

Tuesday, May before Memorial They:

Deer, Little Nicolle Wallace*, Little Gary K showed up to play “don’t eat the Bishop”, so; knowing that John Heilemann (that little motherfucker) has been out of the picture for the Spring semester, Öüï thought that ‘Curly’ would appreciate a little CONTEXT on the “Cuba Segment Cancellation Call” which, EVRY Body watching last night heard you say before the start of the BREAKING NEWS, that you had got my TWO-Minute delay warning about Trump’s Inc. and their Russian buddies. For the record, and you will see on the next Check, that i saw The Washington Post “wire” before your little producers ever even thought of Fidel beaming “hang over-grade headaches” from the Havana Hilton. Get It? Habana Hilton… What’s Next: The HUGO CHÁVEZ’ “little Sean Penn” youth-sapo brigade?

Hilo Hawaii Stranded Thyme with a Bucket of She-Ken

After the break The Atlantic talks about Transnationals and the “democratic hosts” that misunderstood Dem.

With Bibi’s delight’s in the rear-view mirror, Colbert out of the game and, Constantine at the plate (punto y coma) one out—no strike, a score of 3 and Oh for the home team and Henry Salvador edging to steal second, Öüï hits the ground running with a new pickle in the Knot so friendly skys:
and… our neighbors in Samoa.

Deer, Donnie Deutsch, don’t laugh, but… James CarVile will agree with me: Republican honcho Michael Steele (that sucker) is the epitome of American bandwagonism (Punto y Coma) i mean, James it is knot as if i enjoy seeing a jar-head on the 11th Hour, but the nerve of that fucker to wear a baseball cap without little Lincoln on his back. Lincoln—like Britney and, Eye might add, CUBA did knotting wrong. NOTHING.

https ://euobserve r.com /world /151927

A.I. technology cannot and will never match straight in your phase Reidouts. And STEVE KAPLOWITZ at El Paso Inc., here’s why get your 🍿 palomitas (i’m Sírius, ask Quentin, knot Tarantino)… you might not recall that a few Theys ago Eye noted that Michael Schmidt had been swallowed Whole by part-time Times Square street character actor on the Morning Mika Show: fat bastard. Rachel eyebrows are a dead give-a-wey that Rachel has Michael Schmidt in her tummy and she’s about to pass a 💎diamond.

https ://youtube .com /watch?v =WqSTXuJeTks

TALK about UFO’s
or TRUMP’s Inc. Grand Jury Injunction

And, Nicole Wallace:

how’bout those DOJ memos to convict Trump Inc. Guess what? Them “memos” got lost in the Post Master’s General mail room… and not to compare that with The Shoa, but you [Donnie Deutsch] are correct. This is how it starts, that is to say when everybody is in on the joke and they make the conscious option to stay quiet.

Any hoot, never mind the obstruction of justice in WaWa land, because if it’s Tuesday, it’s Last Week to They.

“I love you Honey Bunny”… Ef One Fidy

All right, everybody be cool, this is a robbery! »…

Previously on, Life on Mars, the workers on page 8* have struck for fame (devant l’Assemblée National)
‘Cause Lennon’s BENZEMA’s on sale again
See the mice in their million hordes
From IVRY to the Saint-Ouen Docks
Rule Britannia is out of bounds… AND LIVE FROM MARSEILLE it’s another edition of 🎶 Sapo Verde to Ewe, sapo verde deer Légion d’Honneur… Sapo Verde—🗣to: Ewe… Today’s recipient of France’s highest honor goes to “Revenge Porn” entrepreneur and Crack de fútbol: Karim Benzema .:. 015BBFA8-D84B-48EC-A59F-3B6FB51044F9 🌬 Fans of KB9 lined up outside a footwear store in Paris Centre to purchase the immediate release of the new NIKE LIMITED EDITION “gotcha” sneaker signed by Mathieu Valbuena.

Amanda Plummer in QT’s pulp fiction classic: “Pulítica Facción”.

Any of you fucking pricks move, and I’ll execute every motherfucking last one of ya!

Con información de:
and of course: L’Obs*, and Mí.
.:. 5330D6EB-1C9D-45FC-809A-7C4E3C06C2A8 🔋🐇
But seriously, l’Obs… 12 hours! What are you, like in Little League baseball?

https ://www .nouvelobs .com /medias /20210518.OBS44140 /on-a-passe-12-heures-devant-cnews-et-ce-n-est-plus-vraiment-une-chaine-d-info .html

Oh, happy Theys!

Yes indeed, yes in•deed, it’s Wednesday afternoon in Paris, France, and all of the Little Boys and Girls schools closed early today to partake in what BFM’er TV is calling, and eye quotes, “The liberation of liberty », or something like that.

Coincidence? Only if it was a Tuesday.

https ://old .reddit .com /r /france /comments /nft1k0/whats_prout_and_whats_with_all_the_prout_memes/


P-2 Technology… es en realidad, como dicen en Santa Qtarina, Nuevo Lyon: OTRO PEDO*, wey.

Mika wants a Truck… and because we’ve seen Mike Barnicle’s movie before, might we suggest the Chef’s Special:

It’s really the best of both Worlds and, Julia Roberts agrees.


Avi Velshi is turning Japanese. I really think, —so…

And Jonathan Lemire (AP Lemire/ Rolo) because Eye knows that you are in, like a Capitol Hill TOURIST   in on this joke, listen up you SumBitch, take it from Pete the Rooster and don’t TRUST the AFP, if the Radio France International source (Raphael Morán de la APRO aussi) is correct, French roosters are required BY THE CIVIL CODE to keep an open channel with The Prefecture de Cité (Punto ¥ Coma) and as EVRY Body at the PARIS, France AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL [A.I. placeholder] Siege knows, The Préfecture de Police à Cité favors the GOVERNMENT OF ISRAELand the AFP is in cahoots with The Mexican Government Foreign Service at The Hôtel Colbert.

Don’t Worry, B⊕… Bee Happy.

https ://kfor .com /news /teens-civil-war-reenacting-roosterfound-in-alabama-after-escaping-at-a-cracker-barrel/

B Pos.

No relation to the Sheen brand or, that Mar-a-Lago crap.

Primera Caída sponsored by Midnight Bourbon 15-year special Grand Reserve.

Avi Velshi joins forces with El Solitario y se van por Cigarros a Hong Kong… hilarity ensues when the Agence France Press offers SANCTUARY to the Associated Press in GAZA

Tale of The Tape

Coff—Coff… now Evry body knows that Avi Velshi is an International Spy-master, but very few initiates realize where “The MAN” recruited Avi Velshi from (punto y coma) here is a list of the timeline from when Avi (real name: SATORO SAYAMA) was just a lovable cub, before Velshi reached his sexual preakness… and turned into a Killing Machine, although Avi’s biographer would add that Velshi was not to proud of his stint as Sammy Lee with them Brits.

Attention Camp:

The following must be read in an Andrew Yang voice:

It’s INTERNATIONAL World Super Bo Bun Bowl Weekend at the Avi Velshi Show in Hong Kong…  Now I know that the Filipinos are not going to agree but, believe me when Eye tells you that “Pac-Man” is with Canelo Álvarez on this one… THE THRILLA IN MANILA cannot, EYE says A Gain: cannot be a part of the INTERNATIONAL World Super Bo Bun Bowl Weekend at the Avi Velshi Show in Hong Kong because Imelda Marcos (FRAMES—… get it?) marcos… is His Panic, period.

Satoru Sayama (debut – 81)
Sammy Lee (Inglaterra, 80)
Tiger Mask (04/81 – 08/83)
Tigre Enmascarado (México, 11/82 – 06/83)
El tigre (UWF-Japón-, 07/84)
Súper Tiger (UWF-Japón-, 08/84 – 09/85)
Satoru Sayama (94 -)
Original Tiger Mask (94 -)
King Tiger (97 -)
Súper Tiger (2005)


Pabst Blue Ribbon is for fags, BIBI’s got the “Evian Gel Ikæs”… or something like that, King James 🏀 hook 33 🛒

Salty French Fries and Kentucky Bourbon… the Vest. It’s funny because the Sirens are working overtime.

http ://luchalibreespectacular .blogspot .com /2012/12 /satoro-sayama-tiger-mask .html?m=1

We begin The Ascension in Washington… where else, eh?

And, Willie Geist, you SumBitch:

It’s The 11th Hour, y’all can take your Masks Off.

With regards to the new actors in the war on V

The Mexican Embassy emailed the Unesco, the Unesco issued an alert and then the GAS PIPELINE WAS SHUT. Buzzfeed answered and the rest was chicanery*.

* … [A]nd of course you know that the parallel here, Mr. Labró, by my count anyway—dates back to the time that you started that Company, the one that delivered desks to the Future Doh-K’tors in Malawi, or some exotic place like that.

Randy Whiteness Tour, starring REGINALD DENNY direct from the L.A. Riots in 1992. On the bill, scene 4 where the violence in the Holy Hollywood Strip spills from State actors and onto the Masses, the MASS above ⬆️ Mimics  THE BALLAD OF “The L.A. FOUR” on the corner of FLORENCE and NORMANDY. Note to editors: Loss of Signal and Lack of Sleep is in full-effect.

And remember Willie Geist: Loki is the god of? Anyone… JERUSALEM, Loki is the god of? Anyone?

Festivus update — May They! May They!

For the record, in Hilo, Hawaii, son Diez después de las Nueve de la noche, y en París, en París it’s the Top of the FO’ist and Louise Michel connected with Anne’s fastball, which she caught at the waist striking a pose and that’s the Second Empire’s Out, just in Time for Cinco de Sasha Montenegro, en Roma… and we’ll see you from NAPLES as George Méliès steps up to the plate With Placido Domingo—Siempre en Domingo, of Course.

In Louisiana, the Burrowing Carville un-stuck his head out of his ass and like a Bourbonic (20) Washington elite Woke the silly French at Sciences Po.

For the record, Carville (Car Vile) is not the first to sound the alarm, an ancient Sciencespo professor and Time Magazine traveler who went by the name Donald Morrison seem to have touched a nerve with a similar observation.

In LoKool Newport Salem‘s news, i can personally relate with Faros®️ a la distancia on my rap sheet, that Virginia is just way too Slim to handle the PCH on PCP… y los Delin-cuentes son muy pinches Delicados™️ for that Trip D.A.R.E…. Thank You For Smoking… yeah Buddy*.

PCH = Pacific Coast Highway
PCP = Phenylcyclohexylpiperidine (aka)
Angel Dust.

And Jason Johnson… Eye needs a hand and Öüï is going crazy trying to figure out what to do with all this dang-dong Essential Quality (14) Elephant Anesthesia and a trailer-load of Marlboro©️ Greens.


In Locos known news, Tweedy Bird is in awe.

You did, Tweedy Bird! You did see a “Lindo-Gatito”, but what you don’t KNOW (mi querido Piolín) is that Diego LUNA spiked that menthol cigarette with PCP, and that is why you are seeing “Chuchos” in the trip.

“That’s malarki!” — Once in a generation is a recipe for where we are today

And, Jason Johnson… allow Mí to break it down for repentant Reaganites in the Catholic Church; and Willie Geist, never mind the pope in Rome, Francisco is just going through the recommended steps listed on “the kit” to rid the Holy See (i told you so) of « Petty Corruption » which has just been capped at 48 € per hour.

BUT FO’ist! Breaking The News for Ben Rhodes.

Благодарю за всë внимание, оказанное мне во время визита в Москву. Большое спасибо, надеюсь скоро вернуться!

Marcelo Ebrard
Foreign Relations Secretary
for The Mexican United States and, former Voto Latino operative for María Teresa Kumar…
Oh, The Humanity.

Hey, BEN RHODES! Ben!!! BEN Rhodes

And Katty Kay, please relay to Willie Geist that Öüï continues to ketch-up with last month’s news today (punto y coma) por ejemplo, “Who Is Making Sure the A.I. Machines Aren’t Racist?”… Eye tells you what, Katty Kay, the Artificial Intelligence of a decade ago is going to be the Artificial Intelligence of the next quarter, aussi. —_—

https ://www .nytimes .com /2021/03/15 /technology /artificial-intelligence-google-bias .html

Any how, Doris… how much did Barnicle pay for that comparative tijera* between the Firestone Chats and the Goodwin blimp in the sky. I tell you what, Joe Biden [President one–each] if you build back better, with no scheduled maintenance for the next 70 years of drama and, without specifying WHO IS SUPPOSED to fix it, then the next dirt road that gets a facelift in ten years might get the Ciudad Juárez public works contract.

… and Willie Geist, please be advised that it is nearly impossible to find out what a resurfaced dirt road in Ciudad Juárez looks like because the Mayor there only gets to rule for three years and the resurface process, well that drama there, takes four years to complete, —thus allowing the incoming administration to resurface the same road project starting of course, with a new budget.

Gaining knowledge the Boston Way… with Cash. Cold Hard Cash. (In-State tuition knot factored in).

And Agent Angle, in case you are wondering, this is the kit, “you literally can’t make this stuff up…

TM 9-2350-264-10-1


W/Ch-ch-ch Changes.

_mostly because? Anyone?
“You literally can’t make this stuff up, mostly because?”…

And, Willie Geist… the only thing worst than bad rock and roll is Country Music —In French

In French… it reminds Mí of the day that a fake hillbilly who ran with some guy named “Beto” in that West Texas Town of El Paso killed a pretty good rock and roll song titled, “on the move again”. Willie Nelson would rehash the tune to, “on the road again” and the rest is his story.

anyhow Mika, hoy no hubo noticias… but KEEP IN MIND (4) that your best bet to Rock Your World (15) is on number 11, the one known twice as the Dynamic One.

And, Walter Isaacson… all of a sudden everybody wants to see Broadway from the inside of a Blue Whale (punto y coma) how convenient, eh! All of a sudden everybody wants to be a Jonah now a days… and here’s the path before the Belmont Stakes:

If De Blasio opens the Big Apple before the 4th of July then Bill might make SAINTHOOD (5) before the next election. Don’t laugh, unless you take a hit of HELIUM (12) FO’ist or, don’t think of chilling now ‘cuz if you do you will miss that Midnight Bourbon (10) shot at a bar.


And, Loss of Signal… it’s the geo-positioning

The clear Choice: BioPower!

Así Habla Mussolini.

Over in Washington, D.C. is having trouble reckoning with the fact that The Evergreen State has the copyright to call its territory, Washington State, period—Full Stop.

It’s no secret that back in 1889, D.C. was against naming the 42nd State, Washington. During the incorporation of the Northwest into a most imperfect Union, D.C. used to scream at the top of its bullhorns slogans such as, « Say no to “The State of Washington », “There can be only ONE Washington on the Dollar Bill”, and the anti-Yukon moniker, “At this rate they’ll let Alaska in”.

At The Sherman Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes it’s the Top of the FO’ist and Anne Hidalgo is about to find out if Louise Michel is going to opt for a designated hitter or if the mother of all things Communard (in France) is gonna do like López Obrador do(es): peloter@ a la bola 🎶

Previously on, The Ancien Regime: Prisons and the metaphors who love them.

Still to come: Eye Knows how to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

… [A]nd of course, Loss of Signal, you know i love her, but she too is going to have to give it up. Come on give it up for Azz… formally went by Jazz.