National Awareness Frida Theys — The Super Supper

Monsieur le president du Tribunal Administrative à Paris… please stand–by for service at La Maison de l’Amérique latine.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/07/10 /economia /024n1eco

TeleAzteca con visa presenta

TeleAzteca con visa presenta .:. A2777A89-BBE1-4340-BCEF-26641698DB48 🥁 Reservior Dogs. 🛰 Chapter III 🧱 IMMURED SECTION 🧱 Drawing Imagining Building: Embodiment in Architectural Design Practices. By Paul Emmons.

Deer, Rick Tyler, nice backyard… but tell me Sir, where the ponies at? Anyhow, mr. Virginian, nevermind the “room raters” or Orthographs in a world of Iconographs, be wary mister, of the Scaenographers.

https ://en.wikipedia .org /wiki /De_architectura

Fair use of media

Drawing Imagining Building: Embodiment in Architectural Design Practices. By Paul Emmons. .:. 0AA6F823-3FED-41B1-BD4C-525F1B856858 🧱⚒⛏⚒⚔️⚒⛏⚔️🏛

Now then, Sir, before öüï [the staff] knock on mr. Pollio, Marcus, V’s. door, please be advised that if you have any questions regarding the word scaenae to describe Theatrical SCENERY, please head on over to n° 217 at Blvd. Saint Germaine–des–Prés (75007) where Señor Leo Orellana can break down [an Egyptian Coincidence Vase filled with] SCAENOGRAPHIA as painted scenery, which BTW, Andrea Mitchel, it presents an ILLUSIONARY World where Human Habitation is not possible.


Lotería Nacional para la asistencia pública

Corre y se va

Corre y se va .:. 8B5362B9-BF16-43EE-97C1-A89C11916136 .:. El Catrín; La Dama; El Diablito; El Borracho…


National Awareness Frida Theys — No se compara

“[Y]o hasta ofrezco disculpas al pueblo español, al pueblo francés y a todos, porque esto no podemos estarlo comparando.”

Lic. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, on the occasion of México’s pole-position in the eyes of the Dead, and his visit to them United States of Columbus.

https ://www .animalpolitico .com /2020/07 /amlo-reclamo-conservadores-muertes-covid-paises/


It turns out that there was no such thing as “La Nueva España”. It is clear now that his excellency John Donald the First cleared it for all the world to hear, Christoper Columbus discovered America [sin acento] para los americanos, and you can thank “Adam Ruins Everything” for planting that ridiculous statement… Evry body knows that Columbus discovered Colombia… Duhhhh! It’s Right D.A.R.E. in the name.

Adam ruins Rubén’s search for América

… Archive is courtesy of The Brian Williams Self–Quoting Peppers Club.

Not to be outdone by Bill de Blasio…

Paris, France_ Et Si…

Courtesy of msnbc

Courtesy of msnbc .:. 7F96EBB6-6598-4F68-8033-77FC9608B881 .:. A Hamburgers in paradise productions.


True to form, Donald John Trump is complaining about a “Black Lives Matter” mural in front of the hotel where the current president of the United States hinted that he would someday, —could shoot a person and get away with it.

Happy Birthday, America

Happy Birthday, America! .:. 9F4039C4-10BE-45DF-A553-99C6EFEA309A .:. The African Diaspora and a band apart VOSTF presents: La Semana Que Philippe Labró… in association with: don’t you D.A.R.E. Shoot The Messenger productions.

At Champs Élysées, the French have already started to promote a “What if” documentary on the history that öüï go through life with, and not the history that some would hypothesize about.

At Avenida Reforma casi entrada de la Embajada de los EEUU, pues allí nomás (marchantita) nomas no sigue pasando mas que una chingada y pues para muestra un David Brooks, en Versión Original Sur con Tratados Forzados (en la letra “chiquita*”).

https: //www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /economia /2020/07/02 /trump-el-t-mec-es-201cmi-triunfo-politico201d-anuncia-visita-de-amlo -5548 .html

… but never•mind the Brooks–es–es—esos, because we [the staff] are just getting to the part of John Mill Ackerman’s Russian Television opinion spin regarding the sub-servant relation of the President of Mexico, on the occasion of being summoned by the president of them united states of America.

Fair use of all media

Fair use of all media in the overhaul of a political spin .::. 5138A7DC-8E32-4FCB-8A56-5BBF82074BD1 .::. * Dear, John Mill Ackerman, your opinion on paragraph 4 (referenced below under the Fair Use clause) leaves me wondering if you remain an American citizen or, if you just went ahead and Jim-it by going ahead and canceling your subscription to that Ivy League (☠️) heritage of yours, —doctor?


AMLO y Trump, ¶ 4:


Trump será muchas cosas, pero no deja de ser el presidente constitucional de nuestro principal socio comercial*. Mantener una buena relación diplomática con Washington, de respeto mutuo y sin subordinación alguna, es esencial para la fortaleza de la economía nacional y las relaciones internacionales de nuestra nación.

John Mill Ackerman

Deer, Cousin Joe… the phone is ringing

Dear, Sen. Scarborough… remember when the entire Brian Williams “network” shut-Mí Down, before “the Wallace” even conceived the idea of an 11th Hour, [way back]when Eye questioned what professor Eddie Gloude Jr., calls “the lie” of Exceptionality?

As the “network” toasts professor Gloude’s new book, please say hello to the Buzzfeed crowd as them little bubbles tickles your vocal chords.


Volare… nel Frank, no Disneyland~Paris for you, period

Meanwhile in Brussels: what a surprise, “it’s like, nobody knew it could happen”, with Donald Trump and Apocalypto López Obredor. Directed by Mel Gibson.

Anyhow, Congressman Joe, please stand-by for July… in the meantime Katy Kur is wondering if the postal service is going to be able to deliver the voting–by–mail election forms to the voters and, will the turnaround of the properly completed forms to wherever these need to go? Who knows, that’s still developing.

Over on Deadline White House, Nicolle Wallace just revealed that no one can voodoo the voodoo
like Heidi can do. Sincerely : The Leakers!

The unmentionables

I’m seeing a nice lady who works the unmentionables counter at Macy’s…”, cancel the breakfast.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /espectaculos /2020/06/30 /muere-el-comediante-de-eu-carl-reiner-a-los-98-anos-8171.html


Tres — Intermedio con el Bote, Joshua

El Tres in the USA Today.

Comparative reaction bait

Comparative reaction bait .:. 3D1DE326-D0E6-4940-92F3-AEC1D7DA1B4B 🦠🦠🦠 Stop the presses–esas and hold your copy-paste legal filings GANNETT, the scren capture of Mr. Bote es un uso justo de todos los medios para poder medir la reacción de Donald John Trump.. wait for it, wait, wait,… Lorem Ipsum.

Coronitas en la unidad de partos, that’s the way to do it, top that! Donald Trump! Yup, you’ve got to corral them in the womb, in the WOMB, Donald. In the womb.

The Best People — Genie Jeannie out of the bottle

… [B]ueno, to be fair, the bottle was more of an Egyptian flower vase, the catch–when–rubbing the side of dicho florero, a French femme named Florence and, in the role of “My Favorite Jeannie”, Lætitia Casta.

Well would you look at D.A.T.

Well would you look at D.A.T. .::. 1A39C695-04B5-4183-934A-4FFDB5E6C8A3 🇫🇷⚖️🇲🇽 Now, S.I.R.E.N.E., if you wish to reference Bubble I and Bubble II, you will have to cross reference the entries for El Instituto Cervantes and Eli Guerra/Julieta Venegas at La Maison de la Amérique latine, and El País de Ana Anabitarte, respectably on the “tags” of this most non–consequential blog.

Now if you are wondering what the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador (assigned on 9 December 2016) Lætitia Casta is doing on this week’s edition of:

Well, Frank*, Ain’t D.A.T. a motherfucking coincidence D.A.R.E. on that gate? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t!

https ://asegovia3 .com /2014 /10 /03 /octubre-tenia-que-ser/

One thing that we [the staff] can promise you is that back in October of 2014, and then again at a later date at the gate below the fémina fronting the old Justice Palace —at Cité— was your pretty client’s mug, you may check paragraph 3, which archives that particular instant in REAL TIME, also Aussie at Axios, please relay to Chris Hayes and The Nation that further down that rabbit TRAIL not a rabbit Hole, from paragraphs 22 to 29 they may also reference the arrival of the two lovebirds on don Calderon’s “Johnny Chistos” stinker-toon, which i, armando segovia, chronicled a year later aussi, —fuckers. You are welcome.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2015 /09 /29 /29-de-septiembre-segundo-acto/

* Frank BRETON, Attorney for Mme. Cassez.

https ://www .animalpolitico .com /2014 /10 / florence-cassez-presenta-una-demanda-contra-los-autores-de-su-detencion/


Ponte al día

Ponte al día… at the time, in the summer of 2008 i, armando segovia, skipped a meal with the publisher and the rest of the U.T.E.P. summer internship program at a weekly that catered to the Latin American community of Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, —you know— the kind that are readily available where people gather, like say, a metro station, a nightclub or at a shopping center, anyway, Frank*, the Unicef Goodwill ambassador on the gate above was, at the time [probably] celebrating the very story that I was about to cover. At that particular time I was on my way back to the office, before i left the shack at the International University dorms, i happened to notice on the screen that Ingrid Betancourt had just been released from her captivity in Colombia 🇪🇨 Now, hear me out Frank*, because with the aid of a 1600 cc Kawasaki parked next door, at a hotel’s parking lot, it was quicker for me to hit the Northside, snap a few photos and get a few quotes from the Colombian diaspora regarding the release of Ingrid and be back next to City Hall before anybody noticed that i was in–and-out of the building, you know, because “that’s what reporting is all about” however, Frank*, at that particular time as i was getting off of the highway, i notced that i had missed call coming from the cell phone of the office boss; five minutes later i was informed that Hernán, the publisher, was taking the interns for a snack…or something like D.A.T. .::. 93123D20-4613-4A10-844D-69D76A8A7686 🧮 to be continued.

you will have to tune in to find out.

In the meanwhile, hoy no hubo Deadline, puras piñas, de cualquier manera here’s don Calderon’s comprehensive sketch:

Los ricos también hieden

Mexican–American Trilogy — El Vez

Dear, Secretary of The Army, Ryan McCarthy:

🎶 porque en East El Ey .::.

🎶 porque en East El Ey .::. 0321436F-08A4-42E1-83B1-8A4EB7CFE2C6 🗣

Let’s compromise, Sir, Eye proposes to go ahead and rename Ft. Benning, home of the The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly the US Army School of the Americas, near Columbus, Georgia, to “El Fuerte El Vez”.

TimeStamp: 21h10 CET

Deer, Eli Stokels… nobody, and Eye means, not even Frank Figluzzi can get away with forgiving anyone for forgiving to forgive anything unless you are Brians William, —ese! Having stated D.A.T., Eye cannot believe that the dang-on stupid jarheads at Camp Pendleton, —or the wannabee M1A1/A2 marine tankers— have more sense than the Army when it comes to removing the Confederate reminders of the Flag that could not be.

In local motion news, France backs away from the choke hold, and as a bonus, French cops will now sport taser guns (punto y coma) as soon as France opens up the national sport events again it will be interesting to see the police interactions with the Yellow Jackets and other assorted misfits.

Over at La Maub, doña Vilma has finally noticed how BFMer TV and other assorted French shows conduct the daily show, Evry day.

Coming up on C.O.P.S. — a new format, directed by Judd Apatow

Live from Atlanta, Georgia, if you thought that Live P.D. and the long running C.O.P.S. were off the air, you probably haven’t been keeping up with Avi Velashi on the MSNBC’s.

At The Drive Thru

At The Drive Thru .::. 3FA00902-81B3-4DC7-9BB0-5FBC615F393A 🗣 Ladies in Gemini, please be advised that the following DATELINE episodes* below this frame have been scratched from the MSNBC’s after hours programing in Lieu of —Richard Lui— covering of the news out of Atlanta, Georgia.

* Scratched Dateline Episodes:
02h —. A Crack In Everything
03h —. Broken Bonds
04h —. The Night of The New Moon
05h —. Betrayal of Trust

It’s rollin’ coverage of police interactions ‘all they, and all of the knight’. Anyway, Rachel Maddow, please be advised that we [the staff] remain committed to watching your show as long as The Peacock lets you, madam, keep rolling, IT! As for the Seth Meyers Show, let’s just say that as soon as Lorde Lorne returns that gig to the Comcast Building we’ll be out of his pretty-looking hair doo.

Oh, Reddit

Oh, Reddit, you rascal… sometimes you are better —much better— than the Time Machine… Dear, Lorde Lorne, does anybody remember Steve Forbe$$$$$?

Notwithstanding, don’t you go forgetting that in the absence of “Bulls on Parade”, —on account D.A.T. “Nothing Compares to You”— Rachel Maddow, that we here at Asegovia3 made of, IT!, a point to jumble up and select bits and pieces of memorabilia (mostly from reddit . com) for the beautiful MARISA TOMEI, so that she can go ahead and shove’em down Joe Pesci’s throat… and if you are a fan of SNL, then you know what öüï is talking about.

for the record

For the record, “Shock Therapy” is manufacturing consent in Reel Time .::. C7CB1008-4B27-4B94-B0C3-0911B71C4575 🔫 Octubre tenía que ser.

But just in case you happen to be on the same wave of the Spin Doctors, —Tim Robbins— like the Democratic Chairman of the donkey party in 2020, please be advised that as the Race Relations riots don’t seem to slow for the foreseeable future, please DO relay to Adrianne Elrod and her El Paso team, that as your campaign most certainly stays away from reading this most non–consequential blog, the trumpians up North in the Wolverine state are already burning MAIL-IN voting applications, a move that is taken straight out of Latin American elections, not to mention the dick move that Trump just made against Women who could care-less if their Biological reproduction clock stops ticking, a move taken straight out of ultra-conservative circles W.H.O. tend to support fascism… but keep on politicking with the Young generation, would you, Mr. Tom Perez, Sir… like u.s. [the Judd Apatow* generation] to move to another planet? —FRANCE is out of the question! And Europe, well Europe is “Falling to pieces”, not that öüï don’t have any Faith No More, patience on the other hand is hanging on a shoestring.

* On account that Mr. Apatow claimed the Mudhoney generation after the demise of the Green River killer… or something like that.

Sin Titulo:
Starring Christine Baranski in the role of Jerry Orbach. Ice-T guest stars as Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison.

This here be an inter• mission:

A glitch in the settings

A glitch in the settings .::. C7A26385-DD82-4751-BD80-634AC5B079E2 ⏱ … INDEED, Seth Meyers, if Eye told you that D.a.R.e. is a glitch in the Clock you would tag Mí as Paranoid.

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