Special Prime Time Edition for Hilo, Hawaii

It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year, if you are not, I repeat, if you are not into oligarchs, tyrants, and the occasional “generalissimo” show.

“A todos los que quieren y aman el fútbol”, Ángel Fernández just issued a special jersey to Antonio Helguera (punto y coma) the “franela ⚾️” has the initials DR and like a campaign ribbon on a dress uniform, or as in the staff’s case, a French Fourrager*, it represents the name of foward-advance  campaign, in Helguera’s case is the TASK OF DELIVERING Donald Rumsfeld to the lowest pit in HELL [sin embargo ☝🏻it serves also a a double entendre for “Honoris Causa” for delivering the Architect of THE Misery the last quarter of the XX Century and the first 20 minutes of el siglo 21. Today marks the withdrawal of Yankee exceptionalism from Afghanistan, a war that Donald Rumsfeld designed from the TOP-down. Born in The U.S.A. goes here, to usher in The Weekend, and off-course, The 4th of July and it’s follow-up: BASTILLE THEY!

* These are my credentials.

Primos y Primas, it’s 21h in Hilo, Hawaii, and in TV Land that slot is known as Prime Time, cuñado.

Coming Engagements:


Necessary reading material from this “que’s-que pasquín” sin lectores.

Marcos was a Fag, pero eso no es lo que importa, Comandante Galeano, mi pregunta es si su movimiento usa las mismas pantaletas COMO LAS QUE USabAN los abogados de Los 43 de Ayotzinapa y PABLO GLEASON– allá en El Rancho Grande junto con JOHN MILL ACKERMAN y Los Amigos del profesor JIM COHEN en El IHEAL*

Mientras eso pasa, en Palacio Nacional o mismo allá en La Chingada, el presidente de México celebró como un viejo alemán, “The Triumph of the Will” ❗️of the people, claro‼️ así  igualito com lo hizo don Porfirio Díaz con el pueblo Yaqui, mientras que los herederos de Tierra y Libertad, —es decir— los agropecuarios de la agricultura del narco despojan el agua de los pinches indios.

Leni Riefenstahl sure would have been proud and General Porfirio Díaz is impressed with the shifting of the date for “El Informe” version of The State of The Union Address, i mean, all that don Porfirio Díaz ever did besides innovating The Samaritaine ‘de raya’ was to starve and then, slaughter a El Pueblo Yaqui and of course,  the shifting of Mexican Independence Day so that the date of that historical event would fall on his birthday.

* El rancho grande of course makes reference to the time D.A.T. little ol’Eye showed up at La Gare de Lyon to meet the traveling Ayotzinapa committee para “las europas” (punto y coma)…

Loss of signal and dangling participles are in FOO effect! Pero por mientras, since this here is a Live Blog, we Ketch-up with Marcus Miller:

Sir, canceling your way through Vienna is no way to get to Juan (pronounced: Yu'An). Tell you what though, you stay clear from dissing Route 66 like that Schofield son-ovAvitch, and i promise to knot, i repeat, kNOT fuck with Cagnes.

De cualquier puta manera, Comandante Gleano, ahorita lo alcanzo, en estos momentos es hora de cubrir La Hora Local, y Comandante, todas las noticias son locales en este pinchurriento but beautiful Mundo de Libération.

We begin with CaNaDa… those motherfuckers!

…para sacarme a mi, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano PRIETO, de la puta jugada… y, “qué bonita jugada”, diría otro Galeano viendo un partido de fútbol.

Jump to page tú, but Before the Rachel Maddow shows goes to the Soup [nazi] Kitchen, Mehdi Hassan, take a look at the sky just before you turn it over to the last hour, because thar reddish kind of deep apricot peachy color on the Half moon is Zerlina’s Wack-a-Mole board… they (🐘) are half way there.

And over at BFM’er TV, Fat Bastard is celebrating the day of the death…

… [O]r something like that, anyhow, Mateo Garcia, remember that guy that you told me about?

Context, dentils and, all that Good Stuff is coming up. Stick around Casper.

You know, Mateo, the one that was killed and dropped into the pretty little river that is getting “su manita de gato” luego de las lluvias? Ese, Cabrón, el mismo que tu amigo de barra* Pablo Gleason me ADVIRTIÓ afuera de su depa a un lado del Apartamento del señor editor latinoamericano de la Agence France Presse (2012) en el 13éme, al que iban a empujar (al vato que no callaba, no al esposo de la señora de Los Amigos de Javier Sicilia en la Iglesia de La Madeleine; mismo año, “postales milagrosas”) hacia las vías del metro de Paris, ese güey.

Mini•digression for Ashley Avalanche

Mais, oui: se hacía grandote — se hacía chiquito. EF22D11B-CCCC-4E71-8A95-CC41EAB80856 🗣🥑, After the break, it’s That Guy from the CFR:CCCC

Agua pasa por tu casa, Cate de algún Corazón, c’est quoi?

¿No? Doesn’t ring a bell? Well, worry KNOT because last night i received my very own membership application card for the « Morts dans la rue » club. A fellow from that Very Exclusively Open Club left the application (solicitud, en Español del bueno) at the desk for me, Armando Segovia, to find. Well, EYE found, and guess what Mateo, i post-it IT! — The number is 15, get in line.

Any güey, AP LaMire, fuck your Smirk! And Spit Kasie Out! SPIT HER OUT! Bad AP!

Attention all wire-stations, that guy with the dildo shaped patio doors, Isaac’s son, Walter! Eye believes that his name is, remember him? I know that on the previous edition (Una Comedia de Enredos) the staff paid a visit to his shrine. Any how, according to little Walter (Isaac’s son) there’s a new trend for Mardi Gras in Louisiana (bunch of LIBERAL Orleanists in proper French) houses, buildings, and other ill-reputed joints are being turned into floats. Claire McCaskil and Amy Klobuchar are already at the scene and it seems like they are going to be breaking yet another “shiny beads” contest.

https ://www .nola .com /entertainment_life /collection_ ea9ebdce-6fec-11eb-aa47-1785621414db .html#21

GOOOOOD MOW’rning, PErrine. You look as cool as:

And in the role of “Anything but The Girl”… Laura Kalmus.

Dentils follow, but you are not foolin’ anyone, Laura, i know that you are the Run-away younger sister of Irma Eréndira Sandoval [de] Ackerman.

“They say that the best Fucken Way to see London is from the top of a Fucken Double-decker bus”.[1]

KALMUS, Kalmus que no panda el cúbicus… [A]ll Öüï is saying is that if Perrine was a motorcycle, Steve McQueen would ride her from here to Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, and then die. Turning with That!, a esa güila en otro Vehiculo “choco-latte”. And with that, i am going to tell you the Story of How La Prefecture (Bobigny; then Cité) could not allow me to ride my Horse here in France; even though, a treaty between the State of Texas and The Entire French France stated that i could. For the V…ery French, only Johnny Halliday can ride a fucking Big MotorBike outside his homeland, “little fucking Mexicans from Santa Cruz or San Bernardino” can only ride scooters.

Viva Andrés Calamaro, Paloma. — Johnny Halliday was a Fag, period.

Aussi, only BFMTV is allowed to recreate a ROAD TRIP con Tu Mamá También, “al lado del camino”.

ASEGOVIA3 now returns to, Buscando a Pedro en Santa Cruz, Estado de México.

But FO’ist!!! Here’s a quick programming note:

L’envers du décor — Nos « amis » journalists
p. 104; ed. Albin Michel 2020

… [C]es quelques liens ne sont rien comparés au carnet d’addresses d’Hollande, dans les médias. C’est bien simple: il connaît tout le monde! Il a vécu toute sa vie avec les journalistes. LES TRANSCOURANTS ont pu exister grâce à ses nombreuses relations. Sa renommée auprès de la presse joua en faveur lorsqu’il fut désigné premier secrétaire du PARTI socialiste.

Well… you’ve heard about The Centre Pompidou closing for like the next Century or so; and being that the Canopée library is also closed for bums like U.S. my review of Roberto Bolaño’s posthumous work of 2666 had to be postponed on account of a fucking pandemic… if you can believe that. Sin Embargo, Diego Luna, como tu comprenderás, eso vale verga, porque Los MELVILLES del 13 se discutieron con una edición para leer, EL DETALLE radica en que ya sabes como son de militantes los mecs d’ese barrio, así que primero voy a tener que repasar mi Hồ Chí Minh, you son of a bitch, para poder seguir con el drama de Manuel Espinoza y los detectives bárbaros.

Page 105 of former French OCDE representative, Jean–Pierre Jouyet’s “The Other Side of The Decor” … [T]hese few links are nothing compared to Hollande’s media rolodex. It’s quite simple: he knows everyone! He has lived all his life with journalists. LES TRANSCOURANTS could exist thanks to his many connections. His fame in the press played in favor when he was appointed first secretary of the Socialist Party. .:. 24798403-7A66-49EE-92C7-4E100EE8E1F4 🐃 🗺 And now I Know what Raphaël Moran’s (rfi/apro) role was, and why Pablo Gleason could get away with being a Zapatista/Anarchist and, a TELEVISA cultural outreach « agent » with the Mexican Left in France

A venir: Les COURANTS de l’opinion 


Premios “Lo Suyo ».

On The Radio

Let It BLeeD… sponsored by Vania

Hoy no hubo Black Panther. ONCA follows, and at La promenade des Anglais in Old Nice, a certain MARBLE MAN with ties to the best built chimneys in the PACA region cannot LET Me tell a lie, because it’s TROU!!!

The following is a public service announcement:

Puzzle piece N°: 697A8214-49FE-4012-90A5-0F6800B2EF2B 🔊 Deer, Residents of WAKANDA, nevermind the Hype, and in advance of today’s Goncourt’s book feature, All Apologies, because Eye has seen this movie aussi³. it played at THE JAZZ FESTIVAL à La Défense (2014), when A Certain SAX player from Ciudad Juárez (Chihuahua) México was awarded the Keys to the City.

And in Paris, Virginie is trowing away the White Scarfs, and the abandoned daughter of Jewel is pulling all the Stops on the Presse with a Sports coat on the frame. In Washington, Brian Williams can check Öüï whenever it is deemed appropriate.

Listen Up, OHIO, 🗣 Without FELA KUTI there is no such thing as a “RAM on The RUN”.


Hey, Hot Scarf… all i need is a PINT a They!

🎶 …[N]eurotic to the point of 🗣🔊

Dear France, the only way that you can beat me is when i fall a sleep, when YOUR “V…ery French” minions cheat on the « test », or when you pull the MONARCH effect. I sincerely hope that it is not the latter, because you will unleash the IRE of “el Patrón”, i guarantee it. But, yes, if you play like in 1934 you will crush me, allowing with that move that a new Hitler appears and finishes the job that Will Make You Look “V…ery” Good without me. Have-at-it, Marianne, you too have seen that movie before. And then you wonder why some « paysans » in Alsace believe that “Lizard People” exist.

And, Cousin Joe, lest you forget that incident where the Buzzfeed crowd from February the 5th of 2016 (now “collaborating” with The New York Times) at The Unesco, then you will forget how the “intermezzo” poster was used by then Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump to jump onto the stage. Witt this in mind, please do consider the following:

The only good thing that came out of the Trump mini-series is that The Lincoln Project POLITICAL ACTION commitTEE collaborators became “V…ery very rich” in that process.

But then again, you dumb blind country lawyer, don’t forget that “Loki is the god of mischief”… Willie Geist told you so.

_ am I just paranoid, yada, yada, yada, hope you had the time of your life 🎵🎵🎵

Y tu mamá también, with Mateo García and Gastón* Robles follows, but If-and-ONLY “If”, continues and/or remains at the Side of The Road, con don Andrés… CALAMARO! Cabrones, knot “con el otro güey” dizQue “Obrador ».

* Some of the actors names HAVE BEEN CHANGED to protect the cast of characters from the shade of El Chivo Lubezki

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Germán_Robles


Joaquín Murrieta era mexicano. Walt Disney turned his life into the Scripts for “Zorro” and Pablo Neruda es puto…  y los detectives salvajes are a bunch of fags, period and Holà.

In Paris, France: If, and ONLY IF, BFMTV would follow the historicity of JOUR et NUIT* and La Mairie de Paris (2011-2015) from the bottom of the Eiffel Tower to the back of The Statue of Saint-Michel, then, mi querida « Hot Pants » BFMTV would understand the difference between an abandon PUBLIC BUILDING and a Home Alone.

* Alejandro “Saga” Salazar and his wife Morgana, the proprietors of Jour et Nuit Espace Culturelle, will and CANNOT, let me tell a lie. Los TRAIDORES de México used to play there and even they, stopped playing FANDANGO when Sergio “el bailador » y su comadre Georgina moved in…to the Gilberto Bosques abandoned house in MARSEILLE.

BUT FO’ist… i don’t think BFMTV knows what the term “squattors” means, what they think that the term Squat means, but then that’s their fucking job. Here’s a proposition, the Germans that occupied the homes of French citizens when The “V…ichy French*” looked the other way are not squatters, hence the term “occupied” used in this paragraph as a KEY delimiter; The Spanish Resistance who squatted abandoned buildings were filling-in necessary SPACES on the scene of La Seine.

In case you missed it, here’s a Note to non-readers, the “V” in the “V…ichy French” of course delimits those that i refer to as, The V…ery French.

Karma Police — Los Hilos de Sasha and the crotchless speedo de Lubezki

Horse meat and a Deer-panthére goes here:

Reminded me of that time that Homer Simpson gave “pinchie” a hot bath 🦌319876A3-755C-42A1-9DAF-87020FF91773 🐴  Does ANYBODY remember Pinchie? Because if Michael Steele (that Republican honcho) doesn’t then ROCK LOBSTER goes here 🦞 🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎸🎸🎸🎸🎬

https ://old .reddit .com /r/ facepalm /comments /l4gby2 /new_york_times_already_set_for_facepalm_of_2021/

But FO’ist!!! — Can you dig it, and Ma’am… can you please pass The Grey Poupon?

In Ontario (CA) they call these culottes Chaffey High Girls, as for mí, i am nothing but a JaGuaR-do… ISSY, that’s an Anagram… And PARIS, you KNOW—that I make that cold–ass “DAME de FER” look good, period 🐆 FB19BE20-E18A-4147-A34E-7B634AF093A7 🐅 ISSY, Mary Shelley, this is just another addition of that fuck doll that i told you that EYE was going to piece to-get-her.

✍🏼 the following was written on toilette toallas de papel… courtesy of the best shopping mall in the entire universe, de Paris (Centre I – IV).

The same was said about “Mexican Tacos” by Mexicans Abroad in the 70’s – 80’s and part of the 90’s; HEIDI PRZYBYLA, of peacock fame, described the same phenomenon with her Polish roots; in other words… they were ashamed of where they came from. In those THEYS, in El-Ey, and because i wore cowboy boots i was nothing more than “a chuntaro”, and i still am MIGUEL Gleason, just like you are Chichimeca del estado de Cuernavaca en Saltillo…💋 MEXICANOS EN EL EXTRANJERO follows.

Now, Claire (in the commercial) you probably think that i am being a complete PIG with Perrine, but then you are new here, so i’ll progressively let you settle in as i do another Triple Play, check it out; because in the role of progressive Claire is of course, her doppelgänger on the weekend beat; meanwhile Claire McCaskill is on Second, and Michael Steele is at the mound… that motherfucker! He just got out of Seminary school… Mitch McConnell is at the Plate… and Cerf-panthére, Öüï is Knot sure if youse a Boy or a Girl ⚡️but you are not going to guess who is playing CATCH-er:

La más cabrona, my AUNTIE Irma… yeah Buddy!

Y como dice Schopenhauer: HUSSERL was a fag.

In Hilo, Hawaii it’s 3 pm and on playback, Rachel Glasses is out of uniform, and if you are a viewer of that Show then you know that outside of the Studio, Machel Raddow (pronounced MAY•Shell RÀ•d’Eau) must wear eye glasses least KEnt CLarkson’s secret is revealed.

Head over to page 2 for “the rest of the story” with Paul Harvey, “Good They”.

Dear, Fip = you are WonderFull

KALMUS, Kalmus, qué no Panda El?… Anyone, Perrine, Anyone?

Some Girls laughed when i suggested that the facemask would add D.A.T. “Tickle your Ass with a Feather” felling on the G-spot… [l]ook at #Em now, all quiet on the underground. Can’t even answer the Good-Good GUUUUUD Vibrations. Oh, the humanity. In the frame, Ashley Parker is going down on Perrine.

Y las antenitas de VYNIL 33 mexicano re vibran:

cunnilingus, profe.

Señora Sasha Montenegro, o como le decían en Los Coniferous de Chapultepec, Александра Аћимовић Поповић… los próximos hilos (EnCuaronados) van por usted.

El Corrido de Montemorelos, N.L. va aquí, para “La Tía Tati » en San peDro GArza GArcía; allí no’mas cruzando traslomita por La Fundidora del Obispado, en Monterey, California (UCSantaCruz^), a güevo que sí.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sasha_Montenegro 💋

El Chivo Lubezki is a fag, and here is why… lemme get that page about Jorge Rivero… wait for it, wait…


In Local News 🇫🇷: Spread #Em… 🦠 the mall is full, but i am the fucking problem, eh‽ AnyGüey, this place used to be called the François Roland Truffaut biblioteca, Jon Stewart, today it’s just another Young American’$ hangout 🇺🇸… this fuckers are just asking for the Nelson Mandela strain 🇿🇦… but i’m the fucking problem.

And in WaWa Land, Black Spy is wearing my favorite Shirt… DAT Motherfucker!

Now i told you fuckers (cabrones en Español del bueno) about Bikini Atoll, and Siren—it’s Knot one of those; this is Live from El Banco Chinchorro:
DangOnIT!  —_*!*_—  Anyway, Tiff Cross that bitch in the frame may or may not be the former FO’ist Lady Melania Trump, and that may or may KNOT be MAR-o-LAGO in La muy puta Florida. If you squint like a Japanese manga still you might be able to spot IVANKA at a distance enjoying the Sacrifice.

Still to come… Re qui?

Ladies in Gemini, the following is a kind reminder to all youse who are in on the Joke that way WAY güey before France24 made its move on Aguascalientes TV26, i was already explaining to SHARON there (during the Enrique Peña Nieto administration) what sort of tangas matched her earings.


^ USA School of Foreign and Domestic Lenguas; DOD, certified… par correspondance, indeed (1994)… ISSY, Dr. (Ph.D.) Ackerman, John Mill [One-each] i too know where The Lost Boys are from, as a member of The NEW Mexican Cinema del Estado Mayor de don Andrés en La Jornada de Tabasco… do you Doctor John, remember Andrés? The one that answered the question about Osorio CHONG during your first day at l’IHEAL because you didn’t do your Homework that particular WEEK of OCTUBRE—como tenía que haber sido, Câbrónsìsïmø cabrón.

Any güey, fip

… if you fuck with Mi, i’ll fuck you, eh!

Allá por Chicago, tú.

To the Tune of Love Unlimited’s 1974 1973 POPULAR hit, el himno nacional francés, o como dice Barry White: Love’s Theme; And Perrine…

He’s on Cloud 9 .:. 323447CB-5441-405F-B13C-74B22229BFD4 .:. A Dark Horse told me so, Siren… ISSY, i’m Down Here for your Soul.

The following is an adaptation of
The Shock Doctrine”…
m’ember the shock doctrine,
well let’s ask Mateo au Pied de Sacre-Cour.

🗣 Don’t-don’t—DON’T Don’t believe La Academia Mexicana de “lenguas” à l’IHEAL.

And this is why, you sexy ONCA on the BFM’er screen—you:


Because como dicen por allá en ROMA, DGO…
🐯 esa piel de Big Cat te va bien… 🐅
te ves Bien Perrona¹, Cabrona!
Neta que sí.

Are you a Tigr–essa, Jaguar–ette, o una Oceloteta?

anyhoot….  i love all cats, and PERRINE, did you eat the Wabbit ears that i etched last week on your desk?

But FO’ist… you are Knot Foolin’ anybody Luka Karamatic, because we know that youse the long-long-Loin Lost illegitimate son of James Coburn in the ROLE of Justin FAIRfax in the adaptation of The Hunter, ISSY, Mel Gibson, APOCALYPTO IS A FAIR representation of Los Amigos de Mexico en Francia y su escuelita  El Tecnologico de Monterrey—Campus Unesco/OCDE ».

Issy, Melle. Storme, ha’bout them Rafa’s corsicos, nada que ver con La Pérsica de Lencho de por allá en Cuéncame, DGO… pronounced “Doggo” and if you know who Doroteo Arango is, [DANGLING PARTICIPLE GOES HERE—and ZEPPELIN tú] los mexicanos del Cine De La “llamada” época de ORO* (🎥) le llaman a ese Estado, DUR•AN•GO, ALEJANDRO JODOROSKI became a CONTINENTAL GENTLEMAN there, en SAN JOSÉ de Las Panochas, —no less— and PAUL NEWMAN blew up  THE FIRST TEST of Phatman and Le Petit Garçon.

*nada que ver con el cinito mexicano en elDorado de SciencesPo


Senator Sanders, this is an inter•mission

Dear, Mr. Sanders, please stand-by while Chuck, zaca la Rocha… [W]hile that happens, please be aware that in local Known News, Gael García Bernal brings me, Armando Segovia /Armando Serrano Prieto, back to square one, or 360° with the already established context of this picture (*) below ⬇️

Señor Gael García Bernal, meet International Super Spymaster Avi Velshi, because, señor García, The Velshi has a point, and I am going to break IT!, down to the neo-Zapatistas living la Vida en Rosa ➿ 5B03F977-5B5C-4CE8-8055-B391AF72152A 🔊 VOTE VELSHI before TUESDAY’s Gone in HILO HAWAII!!!

with your recent effort to sand-down (no pun intended) Capitalism for the consumers that created yet another generation of multi-billionaires. Spoiler Alert, you are fighting MONGO from Blazing Saddles (sponsored by Vania®️) the wrong way.

* De las Lunas, Diego, the ones from the month of October are these:

2010 -2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2020, 2020–202?

478F4E62-F865-401A-94C6-5EB020A080F0… Ahora cuéntame una de Flamenco’s Alley à Buzneval (M-9)

So chew on that, mi querido Padre Amargo, while i do the Rounds with The Failed DUNE files.

And George Harrison tells Brontis Jodorowski:

—He’s given Mí, Wa-Wah.

Brontis responds:

— But of course, he HASS, silly Wabbit, HE’s the Water Bearer that follows a G.O.A.T. on L.S.D., D.A.T.’s what HE Do!

—_φ 不 φ_— Breaking El Tres de Enero —_φ ㄓφ_—

With that in mind, Senator Sanders, across La Mancha, the Rosbifs are mixin’–and–matching CORONAshots with their Beefeathers… Ahhhhh!!! The nerve on them dogs, Lindsey Reiser, and you are Knot there to report on IT!, Lindsey.

https ://www .irishtimes .com /news /world /uk /uk-allows-for-mix-and-match-covid-19-vaccines-in-rare-circumstances-1.4449014? mode=amp

And Lindsey, Eye does Knot want to hear a “well, no one told Mí, about her” because off-course you know what this means, eh?

Off-course you do, Senator Sanders, this is how Canucks got mutated into the mix. Eye warns that if the Queen’s health ministry continues to be so doGDamn cavalier the world is going to see another batch of Australians, and you can Forget about new Kiwis for Easter with this new RAVE mix.

“How can you have any [Kiwis] if you’re going to Mix’em‽”


El Comandante Pink,
O.N.C.A. Special Services

Witt moore on D.A.T., Senator Sanders, Melissa Villaseñor’s evil cousin “the SotoMajor” from the SotoMajors of the Marianne Clan reports from the thorny side of the Senate.

Over on the Tennessee scene, the long-lost illegitimate grand-son of Nakatomi Tower failed base jumper Hans Gruber just had a “Sheer Heart Attack” after the Coffin showed a Clip of how the Brave Melissa extracted Dolly Parton from the FOX PLAZA Nashville (Hours) before The Big Christmas Boom Blast.


Sanding-down Capitalism with Sanders: https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021 /01 /02 /politica /imposible-domesticar-el-capitalismo-hay-que-darle-fin-ezln/

Cueros de rana $ 931 Billion stronger: https ://eu .usatoday .com /story /money /2020 /12 /01 /american-billionaires-that-got-richer-during-covid /43205617/

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized

Section “J”, Page One:

Water con Creedence Revive

Water con Creedence Revive .::. 7B3002A9-87C7-4B44-A6DE-3BEF1D1BC45F 🚬

Deer, Captain Sparrow… i, armando segovia, am your Huckleberry*, Chato!

* “Allí está el detalle… yo soy el acusado”.

_+ Off course, Alicia Menendez… what Cousin Joe and Christopher Dickey, and Los (tres) Amigos de México en Francia* could probably relay to Joshua Johnson is that when you protest at Embassies without an Entourage, the first thing that happens is that you get BlackFaced. And being “blackfaced” is of course, another way to BlackList a person from reporting what–a–fuck has been going on (punto y coma) in the past two General Elections in the lower part of the former NAFTA sector, and what Eye MEANS TO motherfucking SAY, Reverend Al, is D.A.T. if you, —Sir, being an honorary LatinXer— have been keeping up with the parallels of the Mexican president (down under The Rio Grande) with his boss, the POTUS 45 of them united states (above el Rio Bravo)?

https ://monoaureo .com /2020/05/31/ vanitas-vanitatum/

Membership is Paramount

“El que se mueve no sale en la foto” .::. BD831176-80BA-429A-8865-291F698DB436 🎞 Indeed, Joshua Johnson, “Membership” is Paramount to even watch the motherfucking picture.


—. https ://vanguardia .com .mx /articulo /johnny-depp-es-admirador-de-cantinflas-si-hacen-una-pelicula-en-ingles-sobre-el-ya-tiene

“Submitted for Ewer Approval” — American bad asses

Staff Photo at the « tianquiztli » de Poésie á Saint Sulpice (75006) follows… wait for it, Wait!

In the mean time, PENELOPE, here’s a prospect for the project that we [the staff] will be announcing for our “short” Shortly, eh! Con el permiso de Javier, we think that he is perfect for the Role.

Fenster the copy–editor.

… while, You, Penelope, think about it—we [the staff] switch it over to Steph, whose trying to take over the “purple pundit” role, and Private—what’s his name— qué nos van a traer los pormenores desde Des Moines, Iowa.

Say there, Private “what’s your face”, have Ewe seen the little piggies at the International Porky Pig Fair?

In Calexico, it’s 08:45 in PST.

… pero aquí en París ya son las 18 con uno y lo que sigue es una Tangente Interesante colgada de las anécdotas de MARCUS MILLER y su trayectoria con MILES DAVIS, and it revolves around that time that he (Miller) was told: come on over, and get your lesson… or something like that.

Sin animo de ofender…
esa oportunidad que Marcus Miller recibió no nos fue [al Staff] posible de recibir, NI DE PEDO, pinche BROZO!!! Ni-De-Pedo, porque para nuestra buena suerte el encargado (o uno de los putos –encargados– del escritorio “de los paises que hablan Español en La « bendita » Agence France Presse resultó ser el conyugue de una de las activistas “lideadas” en la llamada protesta mexicana en París, por nuestro “AMIGO” Pablo Gleason; contraproducente resultó también –por si faltará menos– de que dicha familia compartía edificio –eran vecinos, pues– de nuestro espion neo Zapatista: Mr. Gleason… Viva México—Vive La France!!! 

… dear, Brontis á La Prefecture, because we [the Staff] have another dance with Marianne, the following snapshot is dedicated [from the bottom of SEGOVIASPIXES heart] to EWE’All at the 6émé dépôt.

Anygüey, Brontis; before we [the staff] submit for Ewer approval that most unfortunate snapshot, we [the staff] insist that said photograph is posted Sin animo de ofender…

Right now, however… we are going to take a break and a bottle of some kind of Alcohol, so wait for it, Wait…

Dr. Gonzo, in the role of Fenster “the copy editor“:
As your attorney, I advise you to take a hit out of the little brown bottle in my shaving kit… [before you post that most unfortnate snapshot] you won’t need much, just a tiny taste.

TimeStamp: The Saxophones and, Mysteries Revealed.

Ceremonial award y un jaripeo para el gatillo

pTimeStamp, doña Tati, it’s HighNoon in CET…

Context for Circus handlers (and foreign relation counselors… or someone like that) on Cousin Joe’s morning show, with a most special engagement from the hip with Jean–Christophe Berjon (Chroniqueur from the French Embassy à Mexique) follows, for Ms. Dior… of course:

… yo también me llamo Francia.

Antecedente interesante para doña Tati antes d’abordar, sin rienda y a pelo, en esta entrada :

Tengo bien presente el mes, porque octubre tenía que ser. Y fue precisamente, doña Tati, durante la apertura general del primer encuentro cinematográfico Viva México cuando tuve la primera oportunidad de rosarme los codos con una de sus hermanas, aunque yo, le confieso doña Tati, que por aquellos días no me percataba de que ella tambien era hija de su legendario padre, no obstante, fue por conducto de Miguel Gleason (hermano de un torero rompe esquemas) cuando en otro evento de cine y, que coincidentemente era el fruto de otro Gleason (primo de los últimos dos mencionados y representado aquí en el recuadro de abajo por el individuo ubicado entre el cura del margen a la derecha y “La Doña” a la izquierda) cuando Miguel me preguntó si yo sabía con quién estaba platicando… anygüey, doña Tati, en aquel primer encuentro yo pude ver una sonrisa en su hermana como las que usted muestra cuando pela los dientes por el aparato éste por donde a veces me la encuentro—en los interwebs— por cierto, le comento que dicha sonrisa, genuina, y de los labios de su hermana salió cuando yo, ingenuo que siempre soy, le pregunte a ella si de casualidad trabajaba en el cosulado mexicano de Nuestra Señora de Las Victorias (así se llama la calle donde pende el Labaro Partio de lunes a viernes, pero solamente en días hábiles) aquí en París.

Enamorada (1946)… Happiness is “La Doña” with a Warm Gun. Vestuario es cortesía de  la herencía francesa de Miss Dior… o algo así; Modelo Colt 1911 (The Tankers choice) es cortesía de Uncle Sam; los dos individuos en el fondo son cortesía del Capitalismo y de El Vaticano.

La cosa doña Tatí, es de que yo me di cita en ese evento para poder entrevistar al señor Jean–Christophe Berjon, agregado de la Embajada de Francia en México y coordinador de los fallidos intentos del Año de México en Francia en el 2011 para homenajear la obra de Grabiel* Figueroa. Sin entrar en tanto detalle este antecedente viene al caso porque entre las brevísimas cosas con la que pude abrir esa entrevista, fue con el vestuario de Beatriz Peñafiel, en el rol de María Felíx en Enamorada (1946). Desafortunadamente por lo breve de la entrevista y el hecho de que Berjon partía de regreso a México, ya no hubo tiempo para conectar las cosas, las ideas, y los artefactos que nos han dado pa dentro… perdón, que nos han dado patría.

* Gabriel para los que no son del Valle de Juárez.


NATO chief to Russia: admit BLAME for downing the MH17 COMMERCIAL PASSANGER Airplane with one of your missiles, OR—motherfuckers— EXPECT A COCAINE EMBARGO from our man in Colombia, eh!!!

¡Ehhh Putin!

¡Ehhhhhhhhhh, PUTIN! Puto el que no lo grite.

TimeStamp: King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizard in Central Nato Time… “The Streets is Where People Live”, Y’all.

…16h45 Central Europe Time: DOWN THE SINK… coming up: Can i Kick it?

… We interrupt el Jaripeo y las ezcaramusas de Ms. Dior, because it seems that “Seaside Rendezvous” has been hijacked by Some jazz lovin’ Vikings, transmission from Ocean central reports that Scandinavian autodidacts are taking over the waves, and the first thing that them waterway raiders demanded was “Black Coffee”.

Yo’ circus handler, diversify Yo’Bonds! The Man’s Werehouse guarantees that you will have impeachement and cabinet convictions in less than six months— i Guarantee It!

Meanwhile at Rockefeller Center, the two talking heads up above can’t figure out how to beat the ‘Apprentice’ master… at his own Game. Ironically, the laid back suit on the left margin of the frame ignores what the mantra of the collective that covers his laptop brand told the Comedy Central world: Diversify Yo’Bonds, Bitch! and that double-latte ain’t gonna keep Ewe going —brother, drink Sarah’s “Black Coffee”, eh!

TimeStamp: 20 hundred hours in CET.

Amarillo by morning, up from San Anto’n
everything that i’ve got on
it’s just what i’ve got on…

Let me give it to Ewe, Strait:

We now return to Ms. Dior’s cultural appropriation of the ‘Rodeo’ experience in order to blurr the cultural barriers between two completly different animal handling activities, listen up “Quartzy” fucks, when you attach the word ‘rodeo’ to an ‘ezcaramuza’ you imply that a fucking clown is included in the presentation.

Martin le dice a José:
no te pongas amarillo,
vamos a robar el tren que viene
de San José de Las Panochas…
o algo así.

Fragmento de “los dos amigos”… o algo así,
de Los Cadetes de Linares, de Nuevo Leon.
!A huevo que sí!
Pariente-profesor de Culiacán.

Nirvana follows: Turn Off your mind relax and flow downstream, eh!


For the record, “el gatillo” is not Teeny Tiny Cat, we [the staff] are still conducting a full-dress rehersal to honor the top Puss in this blog, eh!

Ladies in Gemeni: el gatillo de Xicali, via El Instituto del Sonido Mexicano y asociados.

”Don’t believe everything that you read”
Beck, dix it.