Fuck you, Matt Dæmon! Now that youse in Marseille head over to Nantes³

Not That I Would Do It Again… but if Eye ever did do it A-Gain, Yoya no en°GRAS°hARIA los ejes de tu Carreta. Al fin que Ami, pues a Mí le gusta que suenen, —pa’que los quiero En°Graciados.

³~. You son of a bitch! The Poles are blocking and the grain 🌾 keeps a’Rollin all night long!

Top 🎩 o’The Morning, Mika. And mister Avocado Hass, never mind the Smoke in The Water, it’s all about them mines on the WaWa. Admiral Stradivarius reports.

Thanks, Obama… A-Gain!


Across The Seine, King Chuckles III visited the French Assembly Line and word from Bordello is that The King is going to be talking about Ketching-Up with global warming. Lucky for U.S., French journalist Ariane Lavrilleux, I have the right ingredient for this skillet, and that’s Kerry’s 57 Var°i.e.°Ties Ketchup.

And with that, Britannia said farewell to Marianne, it’s ∴ symbolik ∴ of course. The most relevant image from this three-THEY trip came at 15h18 when the king drank red-red wine; fucker got tipsy and then his Highness was forced, precisely at 14h46, to take the tram. Camilla Queen was not a Muse(d). I’d tell Ewe all more about the rosbif/frog affaire…

But first, it’s the exorcism of French Culture and the apostasy of François a Là Patate. Remember now, it’s the XVII Century in France and yesterday was Ground Hog Day!

Continued from page 82… “— Phil!

The comparison of nuns to traveling Italian acrobats, [or mexican mariachis³] meanwhile, alienated d’Aubignac from church officials. On the last day of his visit, a document circulated, allegedly a letter written by one of the demons. According to d’Aubignac’s own account:

³~. Emphasis on the mariachi is mine.


[T]his letter asserted that Madame the duchess of Aiguillon had with her a magician, and though it did not name him it described him well enough that it was easy for all who knew me, or had seen me in Loudun, to realize that it was me.

“— Told you, call me Bronco

https ://www .google .com /search?q=bill+murray+birthday&rlz=1C1GCEB_enFR1076&oq=bill+murray+birthday&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i19i512l3j0i19i22i30l6.7035j1j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

“— Sorry, Bronco

The magic that d’Aubignac was accused of performing was in fact a form of disenchantment: THE EXORCISM OF DEMONS THROUGH THE COMPARISON OF SACRED AND PROFANE BODIES³. When d’Aubignac exorcised the corpus of Homeric poetry from the priesthood of scholars, change the scenery to that of the street [MANIFESTATION], and the demon—the author³— vanishes.

³~. Clearly, d’Aubignac was a fan of Ricardo Garibay y su estilo lamentablemente inconfundible para enoblecer lo vulgar.
https ://data .bnf .fr /fr /11904147 /ricardo_garibay/

³~. O mismo un mariachipffft!

Warm up your lertover popcorn, Medhi… you ISIRI… are my favorite Devil, next to  Avi Velshi, off-course, but don’t quote Mí on, IT!, because like Lavrilleux, Eye does not like to disclose the sources, it’s not only unbecoming for a journalist, it’s kind of fascist for a POLICE INSTITUTION to demand these. Especialmente, y como TU, Alicia Leos, comprenderás cuando los sapos¹ de la administracion ( HOLLANDE y luego MACRON) eran los de la manifestación.

¹~. Informants if they have a SciencePo connection, snitches if they were GOY.

French police release journalist arrested for reporting on alleged France-Egypt spy operation

Amnesty International’s secretary general Agnes Callamard said: “It is deeply chilling that, almost two years after the revelations that France was allegedly complicit in the extrajudicial executions of hundreds of people in Egypt, it is the journalist who exposed these atrocities that is being targeted, rather than those [Juanito Guanavacoas*] responsible.”

Agence France Presse, vía France 24 . fr

*~. Emphasis from the staff.

If youse just joining the transmission,

Nobody seemed to know Mí, Évry’s body passed Mí by 🖕🏼


🥔 🤡 🍟🎈

Évariste Galois, literally a victim of his own success

“This pupil is sometimes obscure in expressing his ideas, but he is intelligent and shows a remarkable spirit of research.”

Hermès was just another figment of Homer’s Imagination.

Galois’ maths instructor at the prepa.

For context, or lack-there-off, please refrain from making one or many logical leaps of this draft as these might just baffle you and then Ewe (that motherfucker) will hold, IT!, against Mí… Issy Alicia Leos, I am looking at Jorge Harmodio.

One more again, I neither select the psycho-history nor the ‘psycho-news’ of the day and I continue to affirm that there is no such thing as a Mexican state called BCS or Baja California Sur, and you can take that to Texcoco, the most imaginary of all of the Aztec states. 

Pycho-history… fast-forward to October, 2014. That’s around the time when the Mexican (chose your favorite injustice) manifestation popularity shifted from Javier Sicilia’s son and “Las Muertas de Juárez” to the mother of all Mexican political manifestations in France: la bendita Noche de Iguala. And here’s the thing about that “siniestro”, I wonder where the different leaders of all of those different groups, which formed their own off-shoot of the Mexican protest scene (again, in France) are right now. I know where at least on of them is at, mister EXCMO. Asvazourian, as for the rest you might ask, mister Ambassador? —Well, let’s just say that Stephanie Menou’s supervisors (all the way up to minister Valls) wanted to make sure that I could not keep up³.

³~. Not that I would do it all over again, but if I had just been a little more “vivo”, I would have followed Pablo Gleason’s advice to join or start-up a Law of 1901 Association in France, —that’s the way you do it, let Mí tell you! Them guys ain’t dumb.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Psychohistory _(fictional)

The roots, you ask? I know a guy, wait one… but don’t tell that Abbott fellow, the Cardinals ♦️ won’t appreciate it, but that is only because The Monk keeps insisting that he can double (³√2) The Cube (1) using only a compas 🧭 and a straight edge 📏.

Yup, that there is a synthetic diamond 💎 and it’s time for the 7th-inning stretch.

Jump to los HILOS DE KATE y los mecos de SEAN PENN

https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2023/9/20 / amlo-se-rendra-a-badiraguato-apres-l-extradition-d-ovidio-guzman

To paraphrase the psychohistory of former President of the U.S.in A., Donald John Trump, but in the voice of the current Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López de la O:

Yoya Hubiera Ya Sol°Uzi°O’nado lo de los 43.

But FIRST, the president has to go and pay his respects to to “el ratón’s” grandmother in BA°Di°RA°Guato de Mota.

Ruby Tuesday… used to be Freeman in Georgia

Mary Mary, it’s Madness 🕴️

Well…. I did tell y’all that Them Majas were INSANE!!!

💃🏿 18 💃🏿

Salma Paraguas awaits Australia or England at the 2023 FIFA World Cup… “let’s get Physical”, Olivia, get that 🦐 out of yer’ Barbie because here come Katty Kay’s “lion-esas”.

En las EfEmérides de Julio ConWuerkas:

 —Día del Cinito Mexicano, Pepe “el toro” era el padrote de “Las Poquianchis”, el actor dirigía sus operaciones desde la Dirección de Tránsito, hoy en día, el esquadrón de la movilidad. Eso es neta, Ernest.

Last year to they:

https ://mexico .as .com /tikitakas/dia-nacional-del-cine-mexicano-origen- y-por-que-se-celebra-hoy-15-de-agosto

Tuesday’s Off.


La Mano Pachona de Bernardo Gómez in collaboration with Los Amigos de Georgina Moreno en Francia, and mexicana de télévision:

El Partido Colorado de Peña en Paraguay.


If I tell you I’ll have to kill you. So instead, the producers would like to revisit la Carte Vitale (c. 2012) de la agencia amarilla del Seguro Social en Aulnay-sous-Bois, casi esquina con Salvador Allende y Charles De Gaulle 🛫, and conduct a comparative analysis with a thing Öüï likes to call “Catch-22³y los Hijos de Manuel Valls en Bobigny (Picasso’s place).

³~. Conflict of interest, con los organizadores de El Cinito Mexicano en Lilas, just a spit-a-güey from Le Cirque Électrique du 20eme… allí nomás cruzando la rue Borrègo.


En la radio 📻 pública de López Obrador en la Colonia Azteca de Samalayuca también cabe Paraguay, y hoy por ser día de la Asunción, Santiago, te comento que ni Molino³ crypt en la iglesia de Father James en Châtelet lo podría trian°gul°ar° mejor:

I like to Leave in a.m., Erika.

³~. Poquelin’s crypt, dit Molière.



Ladies in Gemini : la Doble U presents: Cocaine Shark

This post is approved by the big V de Vuitton.

V is for…
and off-course…
without forgetting

I’ll See You On The Other Side.

Meet Mí in Marseille, look up
I’m on the other side of the espectacular  

Espectacular de Plata
… continued from page 179 (If you are out of Schiltz’-es-ese) get a rosé:
_mange au lit. Autour, toutes les miettes, les paquets entamés. Un seul souhait : qu’il parte. J’ai peur de dire, j’ai peur de l’incruste. Je dis. Claude ramasse ses affaires et s’en va sans remerciement ni reproche, laissant ses débris derrière lui. Ainsi va sa vie. Claude a trouvé sa raison d’être à travers la Bagagerie, il en est devenu le président. Il se dit dans l’entourage qu’il aurait une retraite de La Poste, qu’il pourrait être logé en banlieue. Il s’accroche aux Halles. Claude est un petit homme, ses cheveux et sa barbe bien entretenue s’allongent, il prend des allures de vieux druide, style Panoramix.

Later in the programming team USA is charging against team ORANGE NAVEL, an A.I. flying squadron from the Nether-regions in the Benelux who could not cut the scene during the last World Cup in France 2019, champions without a cup by any other name, just like team USA who despite their Jaggernaut-status on the woman’s FIFA circuit, they can’t hold a “pay-check” to any of their male counterparts… meanwhile in Miami, Messi scored a double, and if futbol statistics were a slugger’s average, it would be safe to speculate that Messi is striking .400, period!


Lucharaaaaaaán, dedos a tres caídas sin límite de tiempo

Team USA will find out later tomorrow in CET if they are holding a pattern not seen since the Theys of Alexander the Great in Egypt or even that skull-fucker Khan in Yehuling. With all fronts being local, Team France hit a wall with Jamaica and as Ambassador Asvazadourian in Mexico knows, it’s getting harder and harder to get across the border, and in French Guiana « Las Bleus » will be trying to keep up with the Brazilian Havaianas at high-noon on Saturday the 29th in CET.


Behind the Crane in New York… It’s the legacy of baseball in the Negro League, Mick Jagger stars as Tina Turner… one last time, and rolls over to second on a WYmann Error. WYmann, a founding father of Her Satanic Majesty Players switched teams at the turn of the Twenty First Century (on FOX) and joined the Ted Nugent Michigan Molestors League where he is lounging on a .237 batting average. Wymann got distracted from Keith Richards throw from the Mound of Venus (the big V, for Vulva) when he set his base-line on the bat-girl who was only bringing Bill his fucking Louisville Slugger so that he could do his thing. Naturally, when you are a star, (some guy at the White House said it) the Commissioner let’s you get away with it… just like with French police administrators, —apparently.

Jumping Jack Flash… motherfucker hits the light switch and he’s on stage before the lights come on.
Over at chez Meacham in Tennessee, Jon is enjoying his “Adult Needs” time with some fresh new pornfantasy cinéma from the vaults in the cave de l’Excellentissime Monsieur Ambassador, JonStone Asvazadourian en la Colonia Hidalgo (knot de Paris) de Barcelonnette.


En México, La Lucha Libre cumple 90 años… ¡ARRIBA JUÁREZ!!!

Senado de la República entrega reconocimiento a leyendas de la lucha libre mexicana

Style vS Substance — Reality vS Ratings

🎪 Welcome to another edition of:

We will always have la rue Borrégo… as°párt°ame° una “BOTELLITA” de DIET COKE, Marie-Louise; anyhow, here is the start of a new page in the adaptation of « If Youse Out Of Schlitz, Youse Schiltz Out Of Luck, Luc » … [O]f Coke, mocking: “Passers-by are nicer,” she says. I often come across her and her “Coke”. ¶1, fragment from the top of page 179.

https ://www .wsj .com /articles /aspartame-health-riskslaspartameestilmauvaispourlasantecequilfautsavoirsurlingrédientcleducocalight

Across The Atlantic it’s “Fuck You G.I. Jane”, Colour Mí Bhaaaadd, because OSAMA BIN LADEN and SAUDI ARABIA are celebrating like the French tonight, but with real powder, not with fire CRACKERS.

Over at the Électrik Big Top, Metro L11 à Lilas:

SUSANA PUBEDA tries to say “Oh, mon dieu” and all that came out was, “ah mai gad” and she sounds bhaaaad.
TimeStamp: 19h13 in Fip Central Time… “Oh, the stanza,” Susana was in “the chamber taking care of her business, when all of a sudden Thomas “el corbillón” walked in and got a whiff of Susana’s pa’ellas special discharge… cualquier parecido with our segment, “her farts smelt like green onions” es pura CausaLiDa‘.

🌬️🎶 Soldiers keep on GWARING


French on Parade


Los Indios de Ceylán, not to be confused with los indios de Celaya ni con los Indios de Juárez (those fuckers had the Spotlight in 2015).

And Reverend Al… let’s give it up for the Coloured Fellows on the Capitol Show.

Lisa who?


Appointment of United Statesian³ to key EU post sparks controversy

³~. https ://france-amerique .com /fr /americains-ou-etatsuniens/

And Katy Kay… I am not going to talk about masculinity on this blog, that’s too toxic for feminists, and it’s bad for politics. Artificial insemination is taking too long to market. Which is where Donnie Deutsch comes in, hilarity ensues when George Constanza becomes the Perfect man.

https ://www .sciencespo .fr /usfoundation /content /benjamin-haddad-i-do-today-kind-job-brought-me-sciences-po-first-place

But First, following the successful dick-swinging of BIDEN’s—nato (otan en Español del bueno, no en el de la flacida Falange franquista) trip to the UK,  LITHUANIA, and FINLAND leave it to France (happy National Holiday, by the way) to act all flamencos de ALABAMA in Brussels, AND TO ANSWER mister Benjamin Haddad (23 october³ 1985) of the Rennaissance party:

https ://www .lesechos .fr /monde /enjeux-internationaux /la-nomination-d-une-americaine-a-un-poste-cle-de-lue-suscite-la-polemique 

³~. De octubre tenía que ser este cabrón, —también!

— NO. No motherfucker, your Immigration Minister de Outre-Mer, or something like that, abolished all  “compétences requises” for your European Union post in Brussels, all you have from the pool is « talents » but they have not the competence nor, LA PERSEVERANZA to save democracy.

BONUS Jeopardy Round… for a life-time supply of iPhone charging cables, don’t complain about CONFLICTS of INTEREST with the GAFAM³ Lobby, when you can’t see past your “little movie-festival-industry noble persons” at the préfecture de police en Cité.

³~. Google, Apple, facebook, Amazon, Microsoft.

and by the way, mister Haddad, nobody seemed to have had a problem when your Sciencespolitaass spent some time in SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, at that RAND racket called the HUDSON INSTITUE, and isn’t that convenient

Haddad felt there was little understanding of the European Union as an actor when it came to trade, digital issues, environmental issues, or engagement to shape common norms and standards between the United States and Europe. “These issues were really under explored [sic], if explored at all,” Haddadsays. “That is what brought me to work on them, first at the Hudson Institute and the at the Atlantic Council.”


FemmeNazies and Diet Coke, like a Chevy Nova, it’s a bad marketing strategy in Spain.


Pocket pussy with Évry comment.

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /opinions /2023/07/10 /christine-emba-masculinity-new-model/

Unrelenting Constanza. It’s a Festevus miracle.


Costanza nf (Città tedesca) … perseveranza n … Issy, John Scofield (you son-of-a-Route—66³ denier) “tedesco” is French for schatzi-pot.

Gnomes are fags!!! – dijo un Duende con “la Doña”

Chorizo 🍕

Frontside³ to the revolution, that’s for arm-chair socialists from la —ñ— en , en el ruedo los quiero ver… bola de putos!


Y ansina’Rranca el primero Dedos at Rescaídas, donde las doñas, Irma González e Irm’Aguilar arrived to the land of Canek, a place by the way—muy próximo to the infamous “finca de La Chingada », allí a un lado de la tal “pensada” de los Guanavacoas from the Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM) en Ciudad Juárez, ShyWaGüa.

Suéltate el léotard, Gremlins™️ follow | Dedos at Rescaidas sin limite de Léotards en Lerdo (en El Nazas) con Valente Arellano ✴️ 🏍️


Las Irmas (González y Aguilar) se enfrentan  contra Alushe y El Chupacabras por el Título Intercontinental de Lucha Libre. Fans of Santo “El Enmascarado de Ag⁴⁷” gathered outside of the HACIENDA Coliseum to pay their respect to El Solitario, La Parka anda por allí y El Espectro no anda burro.



³~. “frontside” is a Temp-holder because right now don Lorca me’agarraó a de las KERSCHOVAS. Es decir, ese, que no me acuerdo del título del tomo del heredero de la gaso ⛽ Libre Ria en El Segundo del Chico… ejem! De el tiroteo en El Chuco, —señorr. Roco².

Le Tigre (9/15)

En fin, aquí en las calles de don Hausmann®… allow Mí to pull this trademark out, Öüï is going to direct you to your seats. RELAX! radio Franche (rƒ) has got it all engineered ✴️ 🚂…

²… La Maldita de Duncan Bridgeman en Siempre son Los de Lilas en el 20eme de Cascades y el Studio del Ermitaño.

… Same as it Eva’ was.

Breaking the news: La délice du Ministère est déshabillé

In Hollywood land, it’s The Triumph of The Automatons, starring Denisa Kerschovas 🦎

But first, it’s Phat Basterd’ dans le courtage, check it out:

Write me a postcard – drop me a line …

Mr. Poisson, i don’t select the news, nor the cycles, not even the events. After the break i promise that i will never mention your ShitBag™ again, but in the next 36 hours or so, i will try to explain to you how the little mermaid got into this blog.

And then you can do what French people do.

Glass Onion meets Layers Cake…


And in Palestine, OhHi, Oh… Train Derailment Units are measured in optimism snapshots on the Morning Mika Sho’… The Hace of ♠️’s, la ache es muda.

With this in mind… Mr. Poisson 🐟, the last time you pointed your camera 🤳 at me… your excellency wanted to know what your little princess identification card was doing in my prefecture “sleep-cover” folder 📁 at the Prefecture.


It’s rather really simple, and never mind that from Day One of the French Talents and Skills Visa (Dec. 2010) a certain Nice address that you might know was used as, shall we say, ‘the anchoring’ address to secure A CERTAIN “six-year investigative project” orbiting around, The Year of Mexico in France; Mexicans in France, and/or Mexican corruption in Europe; and the monitoring of a then triple presidential process, which as you might remember in 2012, lined up France (Hollande), U.S. (Obama) and, Them (El P.R.I. in Mexico).

∴ underneath those pillars ∴, I had already cemented a foundation, which in 2017 culminated, or rather coincided with, the announcement of the start of the journalistic and publishing career of one of the main characters in my investigation, and no, Mr. Poisson, it is not Johanne of whom I am referring to, but rather, —Florence Cassez.

Any how…


_ by the time Öüï got to Jurançon (Eye forgot the year) the man and/or∨ woman in charge of Stephanie Menou’s chain-of-command at the préfecture Cité had already sealed my fate for that September day of 2014…

∧ if ∧ only if 

You remember September, love… You would not have been in this picture 🖼️ BUT FOR the fact that it was you who insisted that our correspondence (from me to you, and viceversa) be turned over for review by ‘the reviewing’ authorities at the Dépôt section of the Ministry of The Interior at Cité.


lest you forget, it was also you, love, who insisted that “we” should forget about the first (of several) 60-day notice to appeal the dépôt section’s décision, in lieu of what Bruno³ recommended as a recourse, after his superior offered you an apology in the hallway outside of the dépôt section employee’s doorway.

³~. … hacer un, ¿cómo se DiCheee, cómo se DiCheee? You know, that sort of contract concluded between two physical persons who have reached the age of majority, for the purposes of organizing their life in common.

And finally, Mr. Poisson, there was a time-period between 2012 and 2013, when yours truly, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto, had the means, the opportunity and, the resources, which is not the same as ‘the means’, to move-out and conduct my research outside of your precious Octopus Garden (sort of speak), but you are not going to believe who developed a case of “you can’t move-out, love! There are way to many nymphos at Jour-et-Nuit!”… and isn’t that ironic 😼, my dear Titus?

Haderslev, Denmark. AS3_ From the Vikingos who brought you “The Little Mermaid” and “Only a Fiddler would say that to Neptune », comes the story of Your Cheese ain’t Shit, —en Venezia! It’s TROU 🕳️, ask, “il Capone de la mafia”, it’s right there in them Ombres G tracks from Madrid, if Ewe should need directions ask Burt Lancaster, he knows how to get to Rome from Antony.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki ~ wiki /The_🐧_New_Clothes

🧭 “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is based on a true Folk Tale, the names of las ⚽ putas ⚽ however, have been changed in Order to protect 🇧🇷 Progreso.

∴ ; for the record:

It takes Tú to be in ❣️ Solitaire ♠️… unless youse like “Rainman”.

∧ here is “Y”.

DOFC meets TCFH³

Charlie Update:

… and, Charlie Sykes, you’re so French, you probably think this post is about You, at the Bullwark, but it’s not.

The Bullwark in French.

It’s about Eye Ran.

In Sports News, the year is 532 in Constantinople… 🐴

Timeloop in real time


TAILED, TRACKED and HARASSED by the FBI, Aaron Swartz marked the history of the Internet. Four years after his suicide, a book bringing together his writings was published (in 2017) in France. Swartz was 26.

https ://www .lemonde .fr /pixels /article /2017/03/23 /quatre-ans-apres-son-suicide-l-esprit-d-aaron-swartz-plane-toujours-sur-le-web_5099539_4408996.html

🎺 🏇🏿🏇🏾🏇🏽🏇🏼🏇🏻🏇⚽🛬🛫


2013Aaron Swartz, American programmer and activist commits suicide after an overzealous Frank Figliuzzi (of MSNBC 🦚 fame) and his F.B.I. “buddies” bullied Swartz to an early grave 🪦 (b. 1986)

En revancha, Mister Swartz is wreaking havoc at The Federal Aviation CLAN “Notice To Air Missions” 🛬🛬🛬. And can Ewe, blame mister Swartz? Not when nepotism and cronyism has plagued the High Brass and its federal commissioners.

Over at The New York Times, depression is making the rounds, more on that when Öüï square the VENN DIAGRAM that the Unesco, Morning Joe, and La Juventud Bolivariana de Botzaris en Cité is.

https ://nypost .com /2023/01/10 /new-york-times-columnist-blake-hounshell-dead-at-44/

Yup, Öüï told you so… it’s primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, and in Local News, CAVAILLON Hospital is manifesting syncopated episodes of ras-le-bol with The New York Nurses Union, meanwhile, Bigotes Martínez is about to whistle the first National Sports THEY.

³~. Pantera, “Cowboys From Hell”, Album (1990), Groove Metal.

Brief recapitulación de cotejados, pormenores, y por supuesto, antecedentes:

Lorem ipsum, but FO’ist! Please be advised that following the SLAUGHTER of all Them Juniors in Nazareth, today’s procession will not be slotted for die Kinder, instead, Kerschovas is about to open up a Box of Animal Crackers™ at 🎺 Grabiel’s 🎺  version of The Cave³ in Ciudad Juárez ¿Vamos al Noah~Noah?

David might be an Alligator 🐊, but Kerschovas is a the Mother of all Giraffes. Musical Guest, The Walrus et Les Prolétaires.

³~. Really a “Room Full Of Goys” en El Puerto de Liverpool, Scotland.

Of course, non- readers will note that the “no-me-diga” regarding Vilma Fuentes opinion column’s remark is in no way challenging Madame Fuenteses opinion column about Donald Morrison thesis, which were featured in La Jornada, all that I am saying is that 10 years ago, when I brought it up (under the auspices of a professional immigration visa) i was ridiculed, banned and eventually stripped of whatever dignity that I never had.

For the record, and as much as I am the un-official Clochard of los Amigos de Francia en CHILANGOLANDIA, Vilma Fuentes is the official Mexican Correspondent of a thing called, México Siglo XX, but with the mannerism of the attaché delegation of the French Second Incursion into Veracruz, and Vilma Fuentes, you can take that to La Batalla de Camarón… I happened to have lived on that street, way back when Évry thing was closed on Sundays in Paris (except for churches and whorehouses… such as the now extinct Bobar at the MAUB).

Lucky for me, I can pass the mirror test, and that’s more dignifying than what passes for dignity in this place that is called ⚜️ France Culture 🚽.

And Zeppelin Goes Here

Cambio de Tercio

1, 2, 3, 4, … Political Director for Hire

That’s not a Llama, Gumby! That’s a fucking GUACAMAYA, and you can double check THIS fact with Pablo Gleason, cousin of course of Miguel, the only Mexican in France allowed to write about MEXICANS ABROAD, and brother to the greatest Torero en Saltillo, Coahuila, y en Merida Yucatán, “El Glison”.

The chapel of the Pétètes | Ecrins National Park (ecrins-parcnational.fr)

My first Vernissage.

It checks out, pinches petetes son muñequitos de Piedra en una tal porte de La Chapelle… for context, to avoid getting an OTQF from the préfecture a Cité in 2014, all that I, Armando Segovia, had to do was give up the names of my sources, both here and in Mexico. 

Who knows, maybe if I had listened to Raphaël Moran, Pablo Gleason and el mono with the “PEPITO” hat below, jaraneando in a NICHO of anygiven banlieu parisina, pues a lo mejor [SoFy Belascoarán] ahorita sería también un HARTISTA en FRANCIA!!! como los integrantes de la Banda del Carro Lleno de La Embajada de México en la rue Longchamps.

El Charrito Pemex, con beca del CoNaCyT en la Comisión Federal de Electricidad y Bienes Raíces de Manuel Bartlett Díaz. Uso Justo de todos los GAMBI y los Petetes también. COPYLEFT, but not the Mexican LEFT, porque se ENOJA la Mujer de Nicolas.

Manuel Bartlett Díaz — Wikipédia (wikipedia.org)

Not to be outdone by DAVID GUETTA, French ghetto artist and Llama lover, GAMBI (Gumby) joined forces with a former JARANERO from the JUANITO GUANAVACOA ranks at the NARCO CONSULATE SECTION of the Mexican Embassy in the 2eme Arrondisement to bring you a new vision in future FANDANGOS at the MEXICO HOUSE, inside of the perimeter of Cité Universitaire de Paris at the 14eme Arrondisement en GenTilly, laced with la porte d’Orleans in la FRANCE.

de mexicanos en fandangos de FRANCIA

¡Mesa, mesa, mesa al que más aplauda! Con ustedes, el hijo a-francesado de Juanito Guanabacoa en Francia, knot the one from CANADA: ALAN GARCÍA, no relation to the Peruvian ex-president who, par hasard, is also a Llama lover.

Yup, that’s an eight!

Any how, never mind that pink-shade lizard face profile looking at rebmevoN on the B-Side of the “Dark Side of The Moon”, just in case you FORGOT who Pink was, and same as it Eva’ Was, the fak remains the same, it’s that dirty-old aging cajun mix between a Gray and a little gator, James Carville.

Now, across the Gulf of México from the Louisiana Swamps (Orleans, Fr.) in Tabasco, the Olmecas thought of the relief on the face of the moon as a ‘rabbit’ but as the pink moon close-up clearly reveals, the big’ol James Car Vile reptilian profile-looking face is there. The ears that which are, “supposedly” a wascaly wabbit doing a backflip is actually, Car Vile’s little gecko-like body.

It’s right D.A.R.E. in plain sight for all to see. Behold, motherfuckers:

It’s a pink elephant in Florida.


And, Mika can Eye have that pink elephant over Perth?


Petete Pedotes, featuring Gumbi

Who needs FOX News when it’s all Greek to Marc.


The Truth about Elon Musk… Musk is a fucking lizard Man like that Car Vile guy.

Don’t forget the Ca-Junes-ese 🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎


So, yeah… Marc pinned the hammer on Piggly wiggly. Marc’s segue into the Pelosi affaire in San Francisco, California, might just be the runner-up to this year’s edition of the Alanis MorriSète Award.

… ∞

In local news, “Leave the Gun, take the cannoli »…

1, 2, 3, patada y cod 🐟🐠🎣

Café Tacuba before the Hawaii Incident, the fire 🔥 thank doG, was put out with Chinese Spaghetti on The Democracy of the Guns.


After the Break, the Al Freddo Salsa Ensamble shows you how to tie 👔 a knot 🪢 with your 👅, right now Öüï catches up with “la argentina” whereboludotook the cannoli and jammed his gun. I Literally–Can’t–Make–This–Shit–Up.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr/francemusique /soupcons-de-liens-entre-placido-domingo-et-une-secte-le-point-sur-l-affaire -3388022

Try the elitists AP courses, o {¡háblele!}.


Across The Atlantic, current Vice-President Cristina Fernández 🇦🇷 refused to sleep with the fishes. And in the U.S. of A., scholastic achievement in Math and English dropped but on the Bright Side of death, all students from K1 to K12 are experts at hunkering down under their desks just like their great–grand parents did with “The Bomb”.

Based on “El Cuarto de La Rocha” y “El General de Natalia Almada”, brought to you by France Culture, anciennement du cœur.

Dear, Mediapart, this 🕸️ is what a Newfont looked like in 2013, i just didn’t have the technology to show Raphaël Moran what Los Amigos de Francia en PUEBLA LOOKED LIKE.

https ://www .space .com /james-webb-space-telescope-odd-ripples-image


Squircular rings for Victory!!!

And now, it’s time for Something new for The Préfecture de Paris, and Katty Kay, here is why, because back in 2013, the good ‘fonctionnaire’ in charge of STONEWALLING my process, could not get–IT!, into their dossiers PARA étrangers, that the technology of the THEY was not adequate enough to show

In SPANISH, the Mediapart scoop is only HALF of what López Obrador is doing with JUANITO GUANABACOA’S last EMPLOYER (la policía judicial) before he had to move to Japan!!!… and besides, the SOURCE is OLD, simón—que–$í.

to the Very French, what the election of 2018 in Mexico was going to look like, ESPECIALLY when the new and improved FRENCH gendarmerie had just secured a contract to train the Mexican fédérales. That particular package included a couple of COUGARS, both from the Alliance Française 👯 and the “concurrencía” 🚁 at the War College in West Point.

Any how, the task involved was never to predict who the winner of the MEXICAN election would be (Bernardo Gómez of Televisa Déportées), in ALL of the exchanges which followed I ran into the MAIN stonewall hindering my journalistic project, which in France, only good little Mexican bastards from El Tecnológico de Monterrey at SciencesPo or Sorbonne could engage in… I am of course name-dropping Raphaël Moran from rfi, right here, and that’s all that I am going to say, because the THEN neighbor of Pablo Gleason at La Placé d’Italie was the head honcho of the latinoaméricanos en la ‘bendita’ Agence France Presse at La Bourse, esquina con Vivianne, COLBERT and, The French Society of Photography (magnum) y Reporters Sans Frontières.

In CyberNews… Twitter is about to GET ON MY draft groove.