“French Girls Blowing Trumpets”

Saturday, April 29th 2017


Paris, France_ A reader who never followed this blog recently told us [the staff] that “in a time when media manipulation is rife with political agendas,” we [the staff] should take a position  on  the  non-linear*  content featured on the virtual pages of this blog.

*  Shout-out to Duncan Bridgeman…
y como dijo Phillipe Marinez:
“La tercera guerra mundial será Social ²

So here it goes. We [the staff] are not French; so we [the staff] won’t be voting in the up coming election, however, we [the staff] agree with Monsieur Jean Luc Mélenchon when he declares that “he is not a guru¹“. We [the staff] believe that if he, as the bonafide guidon bearer of the French Left, does not want to give “his blessing” to any of the Right Wing candidates, then the political pundits [in France] should praise his resolve. Back in 2012, we [the staff] received a lot [and we mean, a lot] of flack from French voters at the polls when we [the staff] asked who they were going to vote for. Personally, we [the staff] found out that it was easier getting to know when someone lost their virginity than finding out who they voted for.

…but anyway, al regresar:

Ladies & gentlemen:

Les Muses Tanguent.

  La  Marcha  de  los  Ni-Ni’s  via youtube.

TimeStamp 08h30 CET.

Context in the form of a video [for Fact Check 101 purposes] follows —|— Uso justo de Ezra Klein… this melody sounds a bit like what Jim Morrison said about going to seminary school… You Cannot Petition the Left with a Rotschild [period]

Red line sources:

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  2. Source follows… wait for it.

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