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SoFy Belascoarán is belly dancing in Guanatos, the DJ (David Shalynillo Guetta) selected the Mambo Nº 9; long lost, now resurfaced in an Iraki looted convoy. El mambo número nueve was formally known at PALACIO NACIONAL (1936) as “El mambo de la shiquilla iraquí”. El mambo Nº 9 is interpreted by ROCO PACHUCOTE y los Leones Negros de Juanito Guanabacoa.

https ://disclose .ngo /en /article /ikea-subcontractors-resort-forced-labour-in-belarus-prisons

Tank and Popek… and that’s no Bull, SoFy Velasco, that’s what a REVOLUCIÓN INSTITUCIONALIZADA looks like, igual, never mind the bear, it’s from Ikea.


For what is worth, i don’t select the props, i only point 👉🏻 and shot … 🧸🚽

Öüï, last left our hero, Joan Manuel Serrat, at the Albóndigas de Granaditas where El Cervantino was ringside, at El Cabaret del Furo, when all of a sudden, a pair of old leonenses from Lyon, France, not from Santa Qtarina, en MonteCeMeX bring news from Them Springses un cuento ‘Colorado‘🩸💀.

The Why on The Bull 🐂

Hilarity ensues when “El Primer Torero Porno” replaces the centurion that Juanito Guanavacoa killed in a gentrified vecindad de la Colonia Roma, en Polanco.

For the record, the third episode of Belascoarán, lleva un crisantemo de Serrat in the form of a verbena for la maldita Vecindad, en Siempre en Domingo… Música Guerrera comisionada por el CEO de SonyMusic x-change. It’s what hot air sounds like when Duncan Bridgeman screams, “Viva Mecxico”… hoy se celebra el día de La Revolución.

Siete Leguas en las estrellas, Siete Leguas, el caballo que Villa, —mas estimaba. Pegasus just couldn’t hang… and that’s no Bull 🐂.


Música Guerrera y El CIRCO de La Maldita Vecindad y los hijos de Elton Tierra y Libertad.

Arrest made in attack on couple in Dodger Stadium parking lot after Elton John concert

https ://www .dailynews .com /2022/11/20/

³~. Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la América Latina, Cátedra AR, con Víctor M. Quintana (2013).


https ://diario .uach .cl /francia-incentiva-a-docentes-a-realizar-ctedras-como-profesores-invitados/

Jump to page, tú, where mister Belmont (CDMX; antes de “Juaritos”) knows, exactly! —what Duncan Bridgeman was talking about: México, México, Ra Ra Ra.

Música Guerrera, un film de Duncan Bridgeman y Bernardo Gómez… echó en México.

The French Mistake… With Fox AND Friends

But first, a message to José Díaz-Balart:

It’s my blog and I will speak Spanish if I want to.

With all Due Respect to Liz Cheney, you madam, are the punchline to President Bush’s remarks concerning the Russian invasion to the European 🏰 Union.

Is You Is, all öüï got? So you are not your daddy, ok… What qualifies you to save the very things that your Prime Time dinner table discussions destroyed?

Por ejemplo, Bannzaï GO’ill, I bet you can’t tell Mí when the next 6 Jan. investigative committee is happening, eh? —It’s on Monday, following a 3-They weekend. The PRODUCERS in FranceTV came up with that idea. As sure as nobody walks in El Ey, nobody works on the weekends in France, except the public workers; somebody has to pay for all of that RSA that you (check una comedia de enredos tab) took from . God forbids somebody calls out corruption when SOMEBODY WARNED YOU (Marianne de Proust) that HE would see it… Issy-Éric–d’Util, your French ‘Madeleines’ taste just like those  Mexican ‘mantecadas’.

“…[D]el mineral del Parral, yes’cuchen todos señores… », Yo QUIERO Taco 🌮 Bell 🐇.

En Contexto, this blog is not big enough to get into the Hôpital Sainte-Anne chronicles, suffice to say, in 2017, madame Frappesauce (if I am not butchering her name) informed me that on account of Stephanie Menou’s supervisor at The Préfecture á Cité, who instructed me to ditch my American insurance and instead, get a French Social Security number, which of course implied getting taxes taken out from a paycheck, that I qualified for UNEMPLOYMENT insurance and RSA… i respectfully declined the aid for two years³ until it was not possible for me to pay child support and feed myself without stealing from the French, like most French people do…

³~. At the time, I was still hanging on to the idea of not becoming a burden on the APHP… silly Me, i should HAVE ASKED FOR A PARDON.

Any how, Dr. Poisson was a witness, and she corrected the arm-chair counseling from PABLO GLEASON, IN 2011, when he (Gleason) informed me that in France, if one is over 50 years of age, and arrive as an immigrant, the French will award he or she a small retirement as if you had worked your entire useful years at Renault, or something like that.

Any how, again, this blog does not have the necessary tools that would allow me, Armando Segovia, to get into that pickle, without having to rip the head of off somebody’s shoulder 🗣️.

https ://nortedigital .mx /teto-marcelo-chela-lilia-serrano-garfio/

I mean, it’s to too bad that your colega Gentleman on the opposite side of the US Senate in West Virginia has to be such a conservative, and that Cunt, up in Maine, a perfect balcony ornament for the remainder of the Koch Brothers, eh!

Notwithstanding, o como dicen en el rancho “Los Dos Cachorros” de Samalayuca, Chihuahua__Sin Em#bargo__ …

Just sweep it under the Rug, mister Lallement… or whatever your name is, Sir.

Sin Embargo, Liz, the reason for the low turnout in California, and in your ‘backyard’ también, perhaps is directly related to how “we” don’t look like “US” in the news… i mean, “an Instagram addiction”—THIS IS 1984!!! Crack Mi a River.

Perino Hazings – Glad Tidings … From Russia With LOVE. Russia, if you are listening: FUCK YOU, and your little ACKERMAN on RT/IHEAL/EHESS/SCIENCESPO circuit (not shown in this picture)… It’s over here*

Hey, Bacardi Boy, what’s up with your doppelganger on Fox and Friends, is he even Cuban?

At the Moo-vies

And, Cousin Joe… You will never be as Special as this horse… Keep the bitch.

GOOOOOD MOW’rning, PErrine. You look as cool as:

And in the role of “Anything but The Girl”… Laura Kalmus.

Dentils follow, but you are not foolin’ anyone, Laura, i know that you are the Run-away younger sister of Irma Eréndira Sandoval [de] Ackerman.

“They say that the best Fucken Way to see London is from the top of a Fucken Double-decker bus”.[1]

KALMUS, Kalmus que no panda el cúbicus… [A]ll Öüï is saying is that if Perrine was a motorcycle, Steve McQueen would ride her from here to Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, and then die. Turning with That!, a esa güila en otro Vehiculo “choco-latte”. And with that, i am going to tell you the Story of How La Prefecture (Bobigny; then Cité) could not allow me to ride my Horse here in France; even though, a treaty between the State of Texas and The Entire French France stated that i could. For the V…ery French, only Johnny Halliday can ride a fucking Big MotorBike outside his homeland, “little fucking Mexicans from Santa Cruz or San Bernardino” can only ride scooters.

Viva Andrés Calamaro, Paloma. — Johnny Halliday was a Fag, period.

Aussi, only BFMTV is allowed to recreate a ROAD TRIP con Tu Mamá También, “al lado del camino”.

ASEGOVIA3 now returns to, Buscando a Pedro en Santa Cruz, Estado de México.

But FO’ist!!! Here’s a quick programming note:

L’envers du décor — Nos « amis » journalists
p. 104; ed. Albin Michel 2020

… [C]es quelques liens ne sont rien comparés au carnet d’addresses d’Hollande, dans les médias. C’est bien simple: il connaît tout le monde! Il a vécu toute sa vie avec les journalistes. LES TRANSCOURANTS ont pu exister grâce à ses nombreuses relations. Sa renommée auprès de la presse joua en faveur lorsqu’il fut désigné premier secrétaire du PARTI socialiste.

Well… you’ve heard about The Centre Pompidou closing for like the next Century or so; and being that the Canopée library is also closed for bums like U.S. my review of Roberto Bolaño’s posthumous work of 2666 had to be postponed on account of a fucking pandemic… if you can believe that. Sin Embargo, Diego Luna, como tu comprenderás, eso vale verga, porque Los MELVILLES del 13 se discutieron con una edición para leer, EL DETALLE radica en que ya sabes como son de militantes los mecs d’ese barrio, así que primero voy a tener que repasar mi Hồ Chí Minh, you son of a bitch, para poder seguir con el drama de Manuel Espinoza y los detectives bárbaros.

Page 105 of former French OCDE representative, Jean–Pierre Jouyet’s “The Other Side of The Decor” … [T]hese few links are nothing compared to Hollande’s media rolodex. It’s quite simple: he knows everyone! He has lived all his life with journalists. LES TRANSCOURANTS could exist thanks to his many connections. His fame in the press played in favor when he was appointed first secretary of the Socialist Party. .:. 24798403-7A66-49EE-92C7-4E100EE8E1F4 🐃 🗺 And now I Know what Raphaël Moran’s (rfi/apro) role was, and why Pablo Gleason could get away with being a Zapatista/Anarchist and, a TELEVISA cultural outreach « agent » with the Mexican Left in France

A venir: Les COURANTS de l’opinion 


Premios “Lo Suyo ».

On The Radio

En contexto, we never thought that we’d make it this far

Issy, Avi Velshi-ing, off the Florida Keys, there’s a place called Kokomo… or something like that, and that’s where a young Cornell West takes over the programming at AM Joy.

Boy! Look At The Time, Jason

Boy! Look At The Time, Jason. 🥅 In the frame(ing) above 🔝 A firemohawk stylin‘ Avi Velshi and the bass player of the trio, “ Machete”, check out the venue before the gig, Chuckes, the drummer is seen in his normal state, which it is fidgeting with his smartphone while wearing a hoodie… fucking Criminals, Eye tell ya!

… Eddy and his motherfucking currents keep dropping the visuals so we are going to take a nap now, Isaias. Bee good now. But FO’ist it’s time fo’Coming up in Future Shock, the Biden Campaign selects a running-mate, on DeadLine… off–course!

It was a Glorious time

It was a Glorious time… and DEM Sirens won’t let Mí Lie.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/08/01 /capital /031n1cap

And then it’s time fo’All D.A.T. Jazz, and our brújula (at capital ⬆️)  is taking us all the way to Nigeria, via Jiménez Chihuahua, where The President of Africa is having a conversation with our Favorite (opinion ⤵️) professor à La Sorbonne: Hello–Hello—Hello, a mulato, an Albino, a Muskito—my libido!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/07/31 /opinion /019a1pol

T’o ba fe lo we omi l’o ma’lo
If you wan’ go wash, na water you go use
T’o ba fe se’be omi l’o ma’lo
If you want cook soup, na water you go use…

En fin, muy buena función que nos brinda el profesor Víctor Quintana S.*, no por el saqueo de agua de pozo en la zona que El Bolsón de Mapimí bautizó como « la puerta a La Laguna: Ciudad Jiménez”, no. Buena [función] más bien por rol antagónico que nos brinda El Ratón Vaquero, patrimonio nacional de Veracruz, y narrador del siguiente evangelio según San José  de Las Panochas, … amen!


¡Aguas! Fray Tormenta y El Profeta vS. Los Come–de–Nuez de Los Filtros… only on pay-per-view, o en la cervecería de la esquina.

… [S]in embargo, SAM STEIN at The Daily Beast, in Hilo, Hawaii, the time now is 8:30 pm and fip (dot] fr just took a hair sample from Avi Velshi’s fiery mohawk to sample the word of the They:


“We will always evolve, but our basic principle of financially-disciplined opportunism will never change…”.

https ://www .iac .com /about /overview

Mission Statement of IAC, “builder of companies” and owner of Sam Stein’s media vessel baptized as “The Daily Beast”.

but speaking of UGLY MEXICANS, one thing that the staff of this most non-consequential blog cannot say, LET ME RE-WRITE D.A.T. for all of the non-reading Sirens, one thing that the staff of this most non-consequential blog cannot say is that Professor Víctor M. Quintana S*., does not respect the rules of La Lucha Libre, unlike his off-again/on–again co•rre•li•gion•ario, John Mill Ackerman (entre otros) Ph.D.

So, Avi Velshi, before Eye continues to put on the line that fiery mane of yours (the mohawk in flames in case the good people at the IHEAL ibid missed it) against El Vic’s mask, please be advised that Luck^, favors a well-rounded an informed mind.

What would Nina do?

What would Nina do?… Find out after a nap!

^ Full disclosure, we [the staff] don’t believe in Luck, Charms, or other Artifacts, but öüï digs, IT!, as a literary crutch.


Note to editors monitoring: öüï is going to switch it over to Aug. 2 in CET, after a break. So if you are taggin’ along for the ride on the other side of the little black mirror, enjoy the inter•mission.

TimeStamp in Hilo, Hawaii: 10 p.m.

¡Mission Cumplida! Disc II — Florence Cassez está en libertad…

El-Oh, guapa… Paris Calling:

Ode to El Deforma… cortesía del Monoaureo, y por supuesto, the One–and_Only: don Calderón, vía El Reforma. }–~~~•> Uso justo de todos los monos.

The Ultimate in Vanity…
According to the Gospels
of the Apostles
James, Kirk, and Lars.
In the book of:
And Justice For All!

ISSY, mi estimado licenciado Brozo*:
Florence Cassez is free, but this does not mean [we, the staff repeat, Esto C’est Ne PAS Significa] that she is innocent**.


Independientemente del Lamentablemente, Lambiscón y Penoso fallo en favor de La Soberanía de Francia, perdón, perdón… el penoso, lambiscón y lamentable fallo en favor de Florence Cassez, personaje a quien el ex presidente François Hollande no ha querido recordar desde marzo del 2013, y a quien la mismísima Doctora Olga Sánchez Cordero de tal y tal, ex ministro de la Suprema Corte de la nación, no considera que la susodicha sea inocente; cosa que obliga, pues, ENCORE a demandar, ¿si entonces el fallo, falló por parecer incongruente? }–~~\•> ¡Qué va, Mano! —But do hold on to that particular thought…


porque la propuesta por el partido MORENA, de Andrés Manuel López Obrador, para que la mujer más Alfa de todas las Alphas mexicanas, después de Isela Vega, mi tía La Tigresa, la Otra Olga, y Sasha Montenegro de López Portillo (por supuesto), al fin todas ellas son de la misma camada, —pero de diferente stock, eso sí— tome el mando de la Secretaría de Gobernación; o de el ministerio del interior para los que hablan Francés, y pues eso sí que puede resultar un poquito mejor que ‘pior–es–nada, porque como ya lo aseguró El Excélsior de México (ahora también por Télèvïsión) la ex ministro dicta Sentencia de que Fueron los Mismísimos franceses los que Inventaron a los hippies, y no Phil Graham and the post Beat Generation que se mudarón de los caféceses de Tánger, a los parques públicos de Frisco Bay, casi esquina con: Haight y Ashbury.

Brozo… chingas a tu madre, y por ser época de posadas y todas esas cosas que van con navidad, pues, saludos también a tu compadre.

Así de que, pues, ni que decir porque la ex ministra sí tiene tregua de haber sido un buen elemento y puede resultar prometedor su servicio a la Nación; es más, Francisco, te apuesto La Orden de La Legión de Honor del señor Alain Rouquie, y el culo nicaragüense de nuestro mutuo amigo, Mano el majete, a que SI el profe VÍCTOR QUINTANA SILVEYRA NO SE HUBIERA BRINCADO de el PRD a MORENA—para terminar en el Extremo De la Derecha de EL PARTIDO Acción Nacional (allá en Chihuahuita) ahorita de seguro él estaría allí como ratón vaquero, listo para ser el alguacil mayor de la nación, y por eso, pinche Kiko; ahora visto todo desde Un Retrovisor, los re acomodos interpretados por los cartones periodísticos comienzan a darle un poquito de sentido a toda la incongruencia de las alianzas que lograron MEZCLAR EL AGUA y El ACITE (políticamente hablando), cosa que, mi querido Gustavo, nos debería llevar a Sentenciar:

… sin comentarios, ahorita, porque por seis años ya los estuvimos planteando en el foro politiquero, mexicano, de París… uso justo de todos los medios.

What a Difference a REVOKED
“TALENTS et Compétences Visa”

Ain’t that Right Melle. Stephanie Menou, et Señor Bruno, à Chez Depot 6 du La Préfecture de Paris… casi esquina con Cité.

The birth of “le French Hippie”, and of course, it had to be in the Form of a fucken D.A.T. (Distinguished Armor Technician). Viva La FRANCE! •—_!_~• Screen-Grab of the Original “Oddball ” Hippie, is Courtesy of Kelly’s Heros… Oddball’s French context follows, and it will be Specially wrapped for “la doctora”, as a Christmas… ¡ex-Más! Como un trinche regalo de Natividad.

… en fin, pinche Brozo

“Volvido” de nuevo al asunto de aquél arreglo de octubre de 2012 entre el licenciado con tesis universitaria apócrifa, Henri “Monster” Peña Nieto, y Pancho el Holandés, mejor conocido aquí en Francia como Monsieur le ex President, pues, ya ni pex con lo de la Affaire Cassez —ni hablar ni que agregar— con el French Touch, porque en los sets de Televisa**, y en los foros del Tribunal de Justicia Mayor así es La Justicia para una nación Libre y Soberana como La France (con razón lo decía doña Lencha Cassas), y la jalada más hipócrita del sistema (todos) se puede ver en las estatuas de mármol en dónde se muestra el rostro de Madame Justice con los ojos vendados (así como Israel —amante de Florence— de seguro vendaba a sus víctimas para torturarles; Cassez por cierto —así lo declaró una de esas víctimas— les presumía a los secuestrados por la banda criminal “Los Zodiaco”, de que Ella no necesitaba ni cubrirse su rostro, ni el de las víctimas ya que como bien Lo Aseguraba la secuestradora para que todos en la guarida la oyeran, si a Los Zodiaco los apañan, a Ella, por ser francesa —ojo, Salmerón— el Gobierno y La Justicia “mexicanita” le harían lo que “El Aire Le Hizo A Juárez”… o algo así.


Apathy their stepping stone
So unfeeling…

[Ibid]… And Justice For All!

Que cómodo para la ex ministra Sánchez Cordero, decir que “Sobre los responsables y diversos actores que tuvieron que ver en el caso, precisó que no es posible, ni constitucional ni legalmente, que la Corte se haga cargo de ellos.”

De seguro aquél primer viaje del entonces presidente “electo” Enrique Peña Nieto, en Octubre del 2012 a la OCDE aquí en París no tuvo nada que ver con la sorpresa de enero del 2013 cuando la Doctora Sánchez dio su fallo…

Which Begs The Question:

… de perdis, Señora, ¿recibió usted una d’esas Ordenes de La Legión de Honor de las que El Tío Alberto [de Serrat] no cambiaba ni
por el mismísimo Cielo.

No se vaya, porque al regresar, sigue Pedro Salmerón Sanguinés y el VoBo de Irma E. Sandoval.

Glosario de asteriscos:

*. https :// youtube .com/watch?v=kVLovlBGlkQ •—_¡_—• Brohzhoooooo, como de costumbre: ¡chingas a tu madre! porque así mero, tengo por entendido que con esos Cariños es como los engáfetados de “El Tigre” Milmo podían medir el barómetro del temperamento del dueño del Segundo imperio de Televisa. Dicen los que por aquellos sets y foros pasaron sus armas, de que si Emilo II no te bajaba de culero, —o ‘milmo***— de Hijo de Chingada, a lo mejor hasta podías correr el riesgo de que el magnate de la SEÑAL EXCLUSIVA DEL PRI, te obsequiase el Rolex de su muñeca… su muñeca izquierda entre brazo y mano, Pinche Payaso, no el Rolex que él les regalaba a su “muñeca” de ocasión, porque licenciado esos eran de otro stock.

Donc, you fucking Clown, si nosotros aquí [en el staff] te la mentamos es porque te dejaste caer en tu pinche emisión del viernes, no tengo Rolex por obsequiar, pero mendigo barrigón ahorita es, o más mejor,  ya son Cinco después de la Hora Cero en estos pinches Tiempos de la Regresión; faltan doce para que arranque una nueva Forma de Represión… dicho de otra puta manera, aún hay tiempo de cambiar las reformas del PRI porque faltan seis para la Votación.

** That’s right Mr. Gómez, Bernardo [one-each], Florence Cassez gets to live in Liberty because of your EXECUTIVE DECISIONS at Noticieros Televisa, but you know what, Sir, SHE IS NOT INNOCENT; and this is coming out of the very loud Speaker of the very same Supreme Court Minister who released Cassez. In hindsight, Mr. Gómez, you play an excellent game of political chess… touche, Sir, touche.

*** … como diría Brozo, haciendo por supuesto alusión de El Secretario De Gobernación, Osorio Chong, en su programa La Galería por sus huevos en youtube, o algo así

20 de noviembre — Dear, Prof. Salmerón Sanguinés

The Road to Escondido is not just a Clapton Tribute Album, it’s also the historicity after-action-review (AAR) of a Mexican Mein Kampf admirer, por ejemplo, in footnote n° 39 of Larralde & Griswold del Castillo; of The Journal of San Diego History, they note the following:

While reading Hitler’s Mein Kampf with interest and respect, Calles disregarded the Klan’s crimes against Mexicans as a frivolous matter. His biggest concern was getting back to Mexico.

… Context follows; TimeStamp: 23h45 in CET.

Contexto a seguir… momentito pour favor… I need to find an Arrogant Bastard®… wait one… Ahhhhh that was refreshing. Here we go: •—¡—•.  Dear, non-readers: please breeze over this blog entry using an Armando Álvarez voice… •—_—• Chapter ii: after the fall-out with La Casa de su Chingado Padre, and later with Gary Sanchez Productions, Mando “el ranchero” Álvarez enrolled in night classes at the Ron Burgandy Community College (RBCC) in San Clemente, California. “Mando” took this course of action in order to grasp a better command of the English language, and there after, apply for a job at NBC or at the Huffpost; but not, definitely not! He told himself every night, accept a desk with the god-damned Buzzfeeds logo on the back of the chairs… that would be like living the most productive hours of your day with a permanent “poisson d’avril”… palabras más o palabras menos, and as expected, Mr. Álvarez received a “B” for his final grade in Spanish 101. •—_—•. TimeStamp: 17h00 PST

Stick around..


Welcome to Time Machine Travel.
Your one-stop Agency consolidator for “the” asegovia3 exclusive brand of ‘Frequency Hop’ Historicity Tours.

Today is Veinte de noviembre de 1910, and our “Happy Birthday Revolution” special, includes an itinerary to 1936 and a mandatory train ride to ‘La Ruta al Exilio’ to witness the last surviving “caudillo” de la Revuelta Mexicana de 1910 who dubbed himself, “El Jefe Maximo de La Revolución Mexicana” as he dabbled in the KKK politics of SoCal.

Page IV… A funny tale developed on the way to The Forum —¡— Image courtesy of the spoils of Châtelet, and The former, “Direct Matin”.

Little did Amalia Almeida’s grand old dad know, that come November of 1945, the “interesting and respectful” leaders of Hitler’s struggle would be exposed for their thirst for power, but most important ~ for their crimes against humanity.

People of the 1920’s and 30’s knew him as: El General Plutarco Elías Calles… he alone embodied the bureaucratic and institutionalized Enemy N° 1 persona of La División del Norte; y de Emiliano Zapata, también.

Our journey for today also includes a mandatory overlay to the infamous North Atlantic terminal of 1994 where ya’ll will get to meet the inventor of ‘La Política Ficción’, a very real and present precursor to the “Fake News” teflon defense phenomenon of the two leading democratic idiocracies in the world right now, which of course are lead by presidents Enrique Peña Nieto (Mexico) and his very stupid counterpart Donald John Trump (USA).

Las fuentes:

BOX 25, File 1.
29 de abril, 1924.
De: Jean Perier
Para: A. Poincare.

n° 39: Lerralde, C. M., Griswold del Castillo, R., “San Diego’s Ku Klux Klan 1920 – 1980“; in The Journal of San Diego History. Spring/Summer 2000; Vol. 46, n° 2 & 3. Via: http :/www .san diego history .org /journal /2000/april/klan/

San Salvador Atenco and the Fake News, from NPR, according to Peña Nieto, as explained by El Partido Revolucionario Institucional… the ICC in Rome is not only “bullying” Mr. Peña’s past legacy as governor of the State of Mexico; but also his very few merits and accomplishments as the current president of the Mexican State. Vía:


Is that Professor, Pedro Salmerón Sanguinés… NO LO LEE.

… and of course, La Jornada:

Dear, Pedro Salmerón Sanguinés, de arranque, le comento que en lo personal (sin conocerle) admiro y soy lector fiel de su serial: Falsificadores de La Historia.

Sin embargo y como cambio de velocidad, le apuntó también de que yo [Armando Segovia] tuve alguna vez el mismo respeto por el trabajo de opinión del Prof. John Mill Ackerman, (hasta que en el 2014/15 yo lo vi correr en terreno abierto y pude comprobar que en lugar de ver a un líder, lo que yo vi fue a Otro Partidista Cierra Filas y, (faltara menos) timorato respetuoso al mismo tiempo, de los eventos del PRI en París en donde gracias a la cooptación de líderes de la izquierda, de los pacifistas y del mismísimo “colectivo” de Neo-Zapatistas! La Embajada y El Servicio Mexicano Exterior, con el apoyo del Hijo de El Santo y Sean Penn pudieron acarrear a dos que tres rijosos** para que “mejor” fueran apoyando en la puesta de eventos culturales —anexos, faltará menos— al plan económico y estratégico de Hollande/Peña Nieto (Florence Cassez)… (véase VISEUR/ Los Encuentros Cinematográficos Viva México ed. 2013-2016).

Entonces, don Pedro, ya con la tercera en caja y listo para meter la cuarta en pista plana, lo mismo pasó en el 2013 con su ex co legionario del gran estado grande de Chihuahuita; ISSY, don Pedro me refiero a el Prof. Víctor Quintana Silveyra, quién entre otras cosas vino a París para instaurar formalmente a una amalgama de ciudadanos, activistas, grillos y mapaches a lo que llevaría por “nomenclatura de grupo”, en la primavera de ese mismo año escolar (en La Sorbona) pero allá en el l registro federal electoral: Morena-Francia.

En fin, profe Salmerón, ya en quinta con el cambio y, con el pie empujando el acelerador listo para embragar el primer dual, le preguntó, ¿qué razón me da asté, Maese, de don Víctor? Dígame profé, o más mejor aún, ¿cuál es la interacción entre catedráticos con aspiraciones políticas que se cambian de partido político, cuando se les vuelve a ver las caras en algún simposium, cátedra, o sabático—se mandan entre ustedes— tarjetas de navidad?

Saludos, Profe; y lo invito a agarrar las curvas en puro Dual, y de bajada.

Su amigo,


Dear, John Mill Ackerman… Dr. (PhD) One-Each.

Dear, John Mill Ackerman… Dr. (PhD) One-Each.

Happy 4th of July. You Ol’Gringo—You! —|— Fragmento de un derecho a réplica… Uso justo de todos los medios; context follows.

… a 3 minute story is still to come, full-disclosure, it’s really nothing more than a review of a “short edition” romance that we [the staff] recently picked up (we shit–you–not) in receipt paper format at the waiting area of La Gare d’Austerlitz (right before the SNCF security detail kindly asked us [the staff] and a Roma tribe to vacate the premises).

This “short edition” romance in receipt paper format, is courtesy of La Gare d’Austerlitz and shortédition… at shor-edition . com —|— Fair use of all available forms of Comunication.

Anyway, John, the 3 minute story is really a romance novel about the imaginary nostalgia of an Ol’Vespa scooter reminiscing about the love affair of an express delivery guy and his Ol’Flame… oh, the memories of that first ride together.

A bust of a “little princess,” and the “new” reflection of where Jour et Nuit (a free-form mixed cultural space, and squat) used to be. Rue de Saint Charles, vicinity Métro Line 10 [75015]. Foto por Armando Segovia… te la regalo, Princesa, desde lo más profundo de mi corazón.

So, Johnny, while we [the staff] buffer up that trip into a post, we need to ask: have we mentioned —yet?— that the French flags, which usually —all by their lonesome— decorate the main windows at l’Hôtel de Ville [75004] have, for the past few days, been flanked by a bunch of Stars and Stripes?… GOOD THING Marianne stills considers the U.S. of A. a friend, because apparently the Party of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, no longer does.

Mixed signals… or something like that. —|— Uso justo de Mme. Sinclaire and her HuffPost at Le Monde.

We [the staff] think that we’ve made that observation already; but just in case, let it be known that the main square of the Parisian City Hall, along with its all-purpose garage, which we might add it is Also Known As ‘the’ Pavillon Circulaire, both are practically littered with standing Coca-Cola refrigerators right behind what seems to be draft beer dispensing bars; or something like that… the only thing in terms of Americana paraphernalia that is missing there right now, apreciado Juan Molino Campos-Hombre, is some Good Ol’Fashioned Rock and Roll music, but we reckon that that is why the big all-purpose stage is there for.

Our guess is that any day now the Anhauser-Busch or the Coors Brewing Co., or maybe even Walmart (why not?) are going to be sponsoring all kinds of community outings here in France.

Of course, John, as recently as six years (and six months) ago, when we [the staff] would note to francophiles everywhere (and to the French people, too) about the rapid growth of chez Ronald McDonald’s [1], or about the wide spread of Seattle’s own [2] “twin tailed mermaid,” overtaking the French bistros or those famed cafes along the Left Bank, we [the staff] would get a bunch of One—Eyed raised eyebrows with a side of puffed up lips spouting ‘petit’ farting sounds, garnished with a graceful Red scarf*, as a reward for our observations regarding the future landscape of business establishments [popping up] in front of the perimeter, of say, Le Cluny Muséum or along the cafes and comptoirs along the district known as Beaugrenelle.

* these accessory items are worn around here in much the same way that dudes in Tennessee don a Resistol or a Stetson cowboy hat… sometime, but not always, the good folks in Tennessee, they can even ride a horse.

AnyGüey, professor Ackerman, as the MORENA high-brass militant, which You have clearly claimed to be, our guess is that in order for You to get the full whiff of what we [the staff] here are trying to pass, as far as this opinion post goes, You [my friend] would first have to reference our previous observations on social and political happenings at Le Cinema Christine or at The Trocadero Plaza, and especially the one about the tale of Víctor Quintana Silveyra, Dr. (PhD); One-Each** when he, as a member of Morena, and with instructions from the big boss (AMLO himself) Dr. Quintana legally constituted and integrated the Parisian chapter of El Frente Amplio Mexicano into ‘the’ Morena-Francia branched hierarchy of Ándres Manuel López Obrador’s politically trademarked tribe.

**… One—Víctor Quintana Silveyra for El PRD; One—Víctor Quintana Silveyra for Morena and, One—Víctor Quintana Silveyra for El Partido Acción Nacional… as a side note, Dr. Quintana arrived to France in 2013 being the equal of the (hard Leftist) Jean-Luc Mélenchon, and he exited France, later that same year from La Sorbonne, only to arrive to his home State (in Chihuahua, Northern Mexico) as a cabrón, perdón—perdón, quisimos escriBir CARBÓN Copy, not CABRÓN copy, of France’s (hard Right politician from La Sarthe)  François Fillon.

Any which way you want, John, what i am trying to say is that when we [the staff] tried to have a conversation or an interaction with your lemmings at El Frente Amplio Mexicano en Francia,  in order to transparently discuss ideological inconsistencies —or JUST PLAIN CONFLICTS OF INTERESTS— within the political Left of Mexicans in France, all that we [the staff] got from your militants were a bunch of One—Eyed raised eyebrows with a side of puffed up lips spouting ‘petit’ farting sounds, garnished with a graceful Red scarf*** with a side of GTFO (of here).

*** these (at times) pretentious clothing items are worn around here in much the same way that “cheros in Chihuahuita” don a “güaripa” of the Resistol or Stetson brand, and sometimes, on rare occasions, them folks, too —much like the dudes in Tennessee— they also know how to ride a horse.

So, Johnny, it is not that we [the staff] wish to side with the New Macronian France, but when you try to pair Enrique and Emmanuel in the same dissing of your La Jornada OpEd, you just might be reminded (like right now, You Ol’Gringo—You) that maybe it was the ‘close ranks’ strategy, as opposed to an ‘open door policy of independent discourse’ in that so-called “Frente Amplio Mexicano” that ended up giving EPN the win in 2012; and in a parallel universe, similar strategies were used by the Democrats in the U.S.,  or here at Trocadero with the Socialists in France, giving both Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron a clear victory over Bernie Sanders and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, respectively.

Context continues to follow. —|— Fair Use of Media and of all the French New[s] Stands.

In any case, Yes, John. You Ol’Gringo—You:

¡Zapata Vive!… la lucha, on the other hand, ustedes mismos la apagan…

Neta que sí.

Recibe un saludo, Juan.
Atte: El Staff.

Full diclusure: this post was written using a Starbucks hotspot, and latter (somewhat edited at Forum Les Halles… our equipment remains confiscated and or locked up at our former hide-out at Issy-Les-Mx… so, hurray for Globalization… fuck it.

Ackerman Source follows:

Live from the Sam Donaldson Center…

It’s Performance Argument
for Lomas de Poleo.
Musical Guest: The Violent Femmes

[Nota en proceso, context follows]. | Uso justo de todos los medios.

[Nota en proceso, context follows]. | Uso justo de todos los medios.

Good Morning.
Today is Wednesday 16th, 2016.
Ciudad Juárez —and Chihuahua— have a new set of politicos in charge. At the Border-Plex level a communicator became City Mayor. Over at the State capital, [en Chihuagüita], a party-shifter_behind-the-scenes académico has the ear of the Mexican Right… In Paris, he has the solidarity of the populist left—go figure.

The Big SURPRISE on this end, is a positive one. El nuevo alcalde de Ciudad Juárez, [al parecer] inicia sus actividades en Aguascalientes, es decir, el Licenciado Armando Cabada busca alternativas y diálogos al Sur del Bravo, y pues eso parece que pinta bien. Aguascalientes al parecer, es el único de los Estados donde imperó el PRI, y pues parece que en el esquema general de la rendición de cuentas, hasta el día de hoy, no se sabe de ningún robo del erario, o robo de los presupuestos, o malversación de prestaciones, o de otras muchas cosas que le pertenecen a la población y no a los integrantes de algún* partido político.

* el que sea
PRI, PAN [PRI-AN], PRD, MoReNa, Alianza [la que sea],
etc., etc., etc…

La gotas de una fuente fronteriza: 

1. “Carne barata“. Vía:  http: //arrobajuarez .com /masgotera .php?IDNOTA =45831&IDSECCION =Gotera&IDREPORTERO =De%20la%20Redacci%F3n

2. The Sam Donaldson Center for Communication Studieshttp: //academics .utep .edu /Default .aspx?tabid =67023

3. Quintana-Silveyra, V.M., en “Palabra Mayor”; Vía: http: //arrobajuarez .com /notas.php?IDNOTA =45315&IDSECCION =Palabra%20Mayor&IDREPORTERO =V%EDctor%20M.%20 Quintana%20 Silveyra

4. XHIJ-TV Canal 44. Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México.

Coming Up: Thanksgiving Watch

The countdown just crossed the 12 o’Clock mid-day edition of EL Heraldo de CHIHUA g ü i t a… Alex Trebek and Agent Angle morph into Francis Bacon because it’s TIME to [surprise!!!] Play Jeopardy: DESIERTO edition.

[Morphing is now in progress…] Uso justo de los newSStands.

[Morphing is now in progress…] Uso justo de los newSStands. Foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes (2011—2016). Creative Commons—te regalo una captura de nuestro FreeJack ride.

EN FRANCIA, a sabiendas de que EN MéXICO la periodista CARMEN ARISTEGUI fue fustigada legalmente por una corte mexicana, el staff entiende que hacer paralelos entre LAS RAICES DEL POPULISMO AMERICANO y las de los movimientos socio-politicos—y—culturales de las comunidades mexicanas en Paris, pues son pura coincidencia, y nada más. A continuación el recorte, que abajo de esta obra en curso sigue, nos cuenta la historia del Ratón Vaquero; la del Primo del Torero, y luego la de MORENA-Francia y los Yo-soy_132-academicos-con_hashTags-en_EL REFORMA DE PARIS…. Saludos a las Asociaciónes Paco Bosques y a también a la de Gilberto Calderón. ATTE: un californio.

Lucha en Relevos Australianos

El Raton Vaquero, El Primo del Torero, y el colectivo: MoReNa-Francia y los Yo-soy_132-academicos-con_hashTags-en_El Reforma de París. […breath, Rachel_breath]



Hello Moto… te invito un Whisky Escocés allí mero en un Pub Irlandés, si tú gustas puede ser ese que se encuentra a un costado del Circo Eléctrico, directamente enfrente del Jardín de don Sergio Gainsbourg… [Metro, Porte des Lilas.]. | Uso justo de todos los medios… y de un reloj.

Hello Moto… te invito un Whisky Escocés allí mero en un Pub Irlandés, si tú gustas puede ser ese que se encuentra a un costado del Circo Eléctrico, directamente enfrente del Jardín de don Sergio Gainsbourg… [Metro, Porte des Lilas.]. | Uso justo de todos los medios… y de un reloj.

Good morning.  Earlier in the transmission the second half of the 3 a.m. rounds of “the” CSPAN-like related news, was in effect. CSPAN [of course] is the acronym in New Mexico for Cable Shows and Punditry in American News.

[internet fluff and fillers follow]

In Europe, it’s 68 days before the next Turkey-day judge is sworn into office. Journalist, protestors, civil right leaders and this blog wait for Naomi Klein to make the morning shows. Please invite Paul Krugman to sit next to her…
in the meantime, Agent Angle is next. [note to self… Richard Engel is just doing his job, and in 2016 reporting is not a Crime; in 2017—who knows.]

[Context should follow] Fair Use of all Media.

[Context should follow] Fair Use of all Media… and by BOLD, of course we mean Aljazeera; Shout-out to Willie Geist!!!

[Note to self… remind Cousin Joe that there was a time when some experts (at General Electric) got all giddy when they heard Bernie Sanders introduced as “The jUNIOR sENATOR fROM Vermont”… [context should follow. In the meantime the staff remains sited on a dirt floor —band aid supplies ran-out a_Long-Long-Long_Time-aGO].

[Note to SELF]:
around the world, breaking the news to Americans
usually arrives at the 0300 hours,
regardless of Parallels…
and oh_By-the_Wey:
Did the STAFF happened to mention
that we are Fans of “Ramones” everywhere?