El Cluny en los huevos rancheros de EAST L.A.

What’s good for FOX is good for Arkansas

Well since my baby left Mí—

La Cía de Jesús
M&M Enterprises

But FO’ist! It’s another Public Service Announcement, dedicated to SFR at Le Jardin De Anne, Franck!

SFR might be hep at la rue Jean Lantier, but their G5’s don’t FLY OVER THIS GARDEN:

Signal problems?
You need to learn Ebonics and throw a little Caló in that guacamole mix.

It’s Age Appropriate

³~. https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Rue_Jean-Lantier


It’s ah Hell~Leer, Leer está historia
In the voice of José Díaz-BalArt.



Évry body at the OCDE (México) à Paris knows that it was Milo‘s idea, it went a little something like this:


A secret that nail salons don’t want you to learn. Mis aguacates are integral part for your Huevos Rancheros. Ask Vilma Fuentes, she knows the ‘good’ people at the Anahuacalli en La Maub and at the place where La Mairie de Paris buried The RBG… rue de Cinéma y rue du Jour à Les Halles de heller.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Milo_Minderbinder

Merry Melodies from Mí to Ewe.

Stop the presses… it’s FOWL Balls on Donna Perino

All Apologies, but there’s a Mexican Suitcase under the Weight of that Mexican Elephant femur.

I swear that Capa is not going to mind, trust Mí, I slept at a Holiday Inn.

Sponsored by The TFN Group Facility Management Services… as Holey as a Slice of Swiss Cheese.

Enter Franck Julien

Eye am Gru.

N° 13 — Adriana LARA, p. 112 | 113
Art Film 1: Ever present yet ignored, 2006
MEXICO 2000 / 2012

And, madame La Députée KeKe, Eye hears you, and if Cochin Hospital (FEB 2021) was a token, then maybe that would be proof that I am not jumping on your bandwagon so, with that out of the way, LET’S TALK about ATALIAN, , and now that you have access to SECURITY CAMERAS, mark last night’s date as the day that you need to ask about for visual-aid sake’s, and here is why madame La Députéé:

Follow My Lead

🎶 Tus Ojos Mexicanos Tuyos… watch out Delphine Deau et Camille Maussion at FRANCE Musique, ERIC THEUTIL is a peepin-tom, Phat Basterd is trying to get near your bathroom WINDOWS with the WORN-out excuse of auditioning your “singing voices”, watch out, Éric is recruiting Sirenes for his sinister buddy, Denis ‘the guppy’ Soula.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /open-jazz /nefertiti-quartet-cadrage-et-debordements-4145136
be read with an African Accent

For the record, “fuck SciencesPo” and thier ‘SciencesPolitas”.
Aussi, madame La Députée, I ain’t no fortunate son. Why last night as you where celebrating your victory, like say, before 21h45 in G-20 rue de Louvre time, an ATALIAN goon was exercising his “PROFILING rights” by denying me the use of a microwave oven, which I wanted to use in order to re-heat the discounted anti-gaspillage chicken legs that I had just purchased. I know. Because I have seen all kinds of people use that same microwave at the time that I wanted to use said microwave, so the excuse of “you can’t use it because it has already been cleaned”… is a perfect example of a Dangling meal.

If anything, IF THE STORE IS OPEN, and the cashier just took my money to pay for the motherfucking chicken legs, THAT IS THE LEAST that YOUR BLACK SUIT wearing ass can do for a customer.

To be clear, because according to BFM TV and La Députée Annie Genevard (LR) whom some fellow named Tousaint interviewed just before Julie Gayet (PS) was celebrating the Wrench thrown on the French Republic, with the Pizza Delivery Girl at France Musique, that’s what Laura Haim (from SciencesPo) is SUPPOSED to speak like, when speaking to José in Andalusia de los MSNBC’s, madame Haim is supposed to be clear when words come out of her pie-hole.

To be clear, according to msnbc Haim, the retirement age reform is the biggest challenge for the changing landscape of The France. “Going to the beach”, in Haim’s words, is the biggest challenge for —The France.

Training Wheels for “Yellow 🎗️-wearing ” buddy fucker Gregg.

TO BE CLEAR, I guess the French are “clear” when they speak in Astérix mode, never in any other ‘themed’ park setting, or so it seems.

Arré, pue… and if Jim Cohen is reading, fuck the IHESS aussi

It worked for mister Ferrer… say no to Cathode Ray Tubes and BRING ON THE PLASMA.

After the Juneteenth Célébrations, Turner covers The Stones.
Right now it’s time to check with our favorite chayotines on the BFMer set, where the Baby’s In Black, Apolline de Hierbasmalas, reports a 46% at the polls rate, on this pole, Abstentionism took the majority.

After the Jazz a fip the French à Guadeloupe will find out what happened at The Lido and at The Crazy Horse.


Sadly, the good people at the Georges Pompidou Bpi won’t be able to find out the results on account that the LEGACY LCD system MONITOR lizzards of the “ART Gallery Section” censor La pornographie on BFMTV… unless it involves Belle Bottom and Gru with a suit. The Viscious 6 (there it is again) guest star in the role of the WuTangoClams, featuring Kleen Shiny Mutt voiced by the late ODB° in VOSTF, note to Apolline at BFMTV, Coluche dubs Steve Carrell for Évry French.

°~. Ol’ Dirty Bastard

“…[D]e haute vol » .

Entonces, I know that either youse gonna think that this post is about Ewe {or} … el señor HERNÁNDEZ en el ESPEJO DE LAS PRINCESAS de La JORNADA de doña Lira-SAADE¹ still does not get it, it is notFAROL of THE STREET” señor HERnánDez², se dice, —según la señora de la CALLE que comienza en la PLACE MAUBERT y que termina en la CALLE de LAS RATAS, a un lado del Hara-Kiri y el tal CHARLIE HEBDOSe Dice: ILUMINADO de la Rue des Trois-Portes … consulte a “sus” FUENTES³.

¹~. https ://www .jornada .com .mx /pages /quienes-somos/
²~. https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Rue_des_Trois-Portes
³~. https ://www .actes-sud .fr /node /34067

Jiribilla para principiantes, with musical guest, Ol’ Dirty Bastard:

{Ooh nigga I’m burning up}
{I said Ooh nigga I’m burning up}

En Colombia, Carlos Vives y SHAKIRA are getting down…en LA BICICLETA… ♠ playing cards, period, MAYA WRITINGS reports from GALVESTON, Texas.

But first, starring as la doña de Las Tres Puertas en La Maub de La Sorbonne en Actes-Sud…de Las Américas:

She’s a Metallo House, bricks are for ghettos.

Aunt G.L.O.R.I.A.

From los putos del Courrier International…

But first, a word from Jesus Christ de CA_aux


Koko Rico is Flying High again for a fellow biker who buys lunch all of the time, comes rain or shine, but Eye would knot know a thing about the fellows at n⁰ 8 rue Santeuil… and, Chef, Eye swears that Öüï ain’t making this shit up, we just wear the cape in the direction of the little Texas Tornados in La Mancha de los Calvados… Rafales, the French call these.

where’s my bucket of chicken 🍗?

Told y’all not to worry about the rain 🐝… https ://www .bfmtv .com /societe /les-images-du-coup-de-vent-meurtrier-en-normandie-qui-a-fait-un-mort-et-cinq-blesses-samedi-soir _VN -202206190094 .html

Jump to page DUNE, with Alejandro Jodorowski.

N° 2601, page 23… Lindsey Reiser takes on the chores of Santa Monica

FOREWORD by Philippe Labró.

“Going Back To Cali”

The Sun also sets… and the tolls ROCK THE BELLS 🔔🔔🔔

La IDA del “Pledge Allegiance”
on Livestock medecine, “and coma.

From televangelists to TELEmedicine

Page 13, CNEWS matinée de la rentrée … Well, you’ve heard about “la persiana americana,” — It’s knot one of those, this here is the Bein Le Monde de France TV version of the Babylon Garden’s French Windows, « la pérsica franca » Anti-Terrorism Summit IRAK 2021, featuring, the former “collaboratrice”  now « organisatrice » of that new take on Terror: The France.

https ://kiosque .cnews .fr /player /?q= NEP&d= 2021-08-27 &c= CNEWS

If you ever plan to motor west,
Travel my way, take the highway that is best.
Get your kicks on route sixty-six.

Anyhow, Santa Monica… it ends with, qué? If you say it Three Times in French. Now, if you were to ask one of them pachucos at the end of I-10 on Ry Cooder’s side of the tracks they will tell you that the Beach is called SANTA MO’rica.

The West is The Best.
And Rachel Engle, did the current president not have the option to ignore Trump’s agreement with the Taliban, and have the Supreme Court strike that decision down instead.


Over on HoBO Max, Santo “El Enmascarado de Lilas” takes on the Théâtre de Paris… Quasimodo and Vilma Fuentes lead the pride of licántropos de la SalpéTRIère. Hilarity ensues when Alejandro JODOROWSKI joins a el Blue Demon at the Museum of Modern Art¹ which oh, by-the-Güey, happens to be right next to the House of The Rising Sun next to Trocadéro PLATZ.

¹.) Resisting the Present, Mexico 2000/2012
Mr. JodoroWski  presented a series of comic strip planchas; one of these was about a Sleeping Tiger and a politician who complainted and complained about how the tiger was going to eat him (punto y coma)… at the TIME, the fellows from a still to be formed MorenaFrancia began to splint from the cult-like followers of El Movimiento por La Paz con Justicia y Diginidad. KNOT that the followers of then presidential contender Andrés Manuel López Orbrador didn’t act like the popular kids in Sa Majesté des mouches.


https ://leplus .nouvelobs .com /contribution /576731-yo-soy-132-les-etudiants-mexicains-veulent-en-finir-avec-la-corruption .html

responsables de la coordinación en Francia y otros comités extendidos en Europa y países nórdicos.”

https ://vanguardia .com .mx /noticias /nacional /2781488- yosoy132-se-hace-presente-tambien-en-paris– FWVG2781488

En transito… una de mi calle me ha dicho que tiene un Amigo torero que dice que tiene un ex compañero de trabajo que inventó un aparato para desarticular A la democracia

From “El País”:

KURWA Munch!!! The Brzeziński’s are back in the Wisła Riviera!!!

Via la capilla de Aguascalientes TV canal 26 en Notre Dame¹ de Issy-les-Moulineaux

https://www .france24 .com /en /live-news /20210804- biden-taps-brzezinski-son-as-poland-ambassador-amid-reported-row

Photo credit: El fotógrafo de la película que trata sobre el aborto en España y sobre los dilemas de El Primer Torero Porno.

••• Over at the Ketch’up Channel on El Camerino de Aguascalientes TV, the MSNBC’s Cuban connection is asking those fucking CANUKS and MEXICANS who won the soccer game? Knot because the Miami duo cares about the match, their sport is baseball. And Mr. José DÝAZ-Balart and Dr. Eye didn’t catch your name, never mind the approach, but please do stop calling out the 60K-plus soccer fans who are going to be flooding Cousin Joe’s Redneck Riviera and Little Havana’s COVID clinics and hospitals. BUT HEY! Ask the FED’s Wife! The match provides a good morale upboost for the mining industry Proprietor / Modern-day indentured asalariado relations.

For comparaciones para Madame Truska² at Le Cirque du Freak here’s Chicago’s interpretation of what Eye is talking about, el asalariado on the graph below is of course in TEAL, Mr. HAYNES, it’s always in TEAL, (unless el asalariado is a complimentary color) didn’t you watch El Huachinango del Sr. del TORO, —not to be confused con el pescado del Sr. Benicio.

² L’assistant du vampire: https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0450405 /?ref_=vp_back

Related topic from WaWa Land… Post-Jimmy Hoffa era union leader boss dies at the young age of 72. Who’s looking out for your Health Care Plan at your union busting job? In the picture, the Mexican Delegation of LA INTERNACIONALE SOCIALISTE, El P.R.I., mourns the passing of Mr. Dick Rich Trumka.

https ://wvmetronews .com /2021/08/05 /labor-leader-rich-trumka-dies/

After the W.A.K.E., ÔÜÏ travels back to 2012 to meet “El General” who is going to Rob a Burger and fire un CAÑONAZO de $50.000 U.S. at CinÉma Christine in PARIS (75006)… or something like that. 

Resisting [ 💉 ] the Present (🦠) : Mexico 2000-2012
Yes, MAM! it’s a past Évènement with Blue Demon as Master of Ceremonies.


Benchmarking The Bourse

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Take three of these:

🎶 Zúmbale mambo pa que mis gatas prendan los motores •••

and then Drink a Whole entire complete full liter of Clorox®️ or better yet, 50ml of H2O2. and call me in Theafter life.