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Less than zero…

— Mercado en plena expansión, apertura comercial:

From the publishing house that brought you

From the publishing house that brought you, “The Death of French Culture, during the Year of Mexico in France” and The Person of the Year [cover] comes the story of Austin Pemex, narrated by ESCP-Europe Business School Professor, Florence Pinot.

“El hecho aquí, déjenme decirles, que comparado a Brasil, México aparece infinitamente más fácil, ¡ah!”

Florence Pinot


8 Nov, 2014

Sunday funnies — los monitos domingueros

… Over in Washington, Donald Trump’s personal finance go–to–guy fellow, Larry Kudlow took it upon himself [this past weekend on the Sunday funnies show] to transliterate Professor’s Pinot preOdebretch quote, but in his own particular inflection and drunkard tone, “Everything is booming, everybody is purchasing cars”, said the cabinet member to a nation watching the U.S.A. go the way Ford wanted her (America) to go… North: https ://edition .cnn .com /videos /politics /2020/07/26 /larry-kudlow-economy-employment-sotu-tapper-vpx .cnn

TimeStamp: 17h11 in EST — Dear, ARI VELSHI

POTUS takes a cue from the president of México, except that instead of forcing the Nation to “adore” his ignorant ass at 07h, POTUS prefers to deliver his word salad at 10 past the HOUR!

Today Marks 15 Weeks
'Till The November Election


Deer, Ari:

Don’t call it “America is being Pinocheted,” good £orde!!! No, no, no — No! América is being Kissingered! In the words of Rachel Maddow:

You Are Knot Foolin’ Anyone
Mark Landler, Eye Can See D.A.T.
You Are Trying To Play The Role of A Young Henry Kissinger…
May Eye please play the role of:
a young Bob Evans trying to pass as a bullfighter?

You Magnificent Basterd! Get Mí The Head of Jesús Domínguez! No wait, you got @Taserface16 last night; scratch D.A.T.! Get Mí The Head of Sarah what’s her face on the Deadline Show. Eye had an entire Wednesday morning prepared for TUESDAY’s GONE! But, nooooo! You JEST had to drop the Mother Lode, ISSY, Mr. Velshi: Zeppelin Goes Here.

Pinochet as a Verb:

Instructions for use, the student will conjugate or turn into action with the AID of a Spanish language Gerund, or as öüï say on this space, ARMANDO (para la memoria).

Mr. Velshi, do you, Sir, know what the good thing about this most non–consequential blog is? Well, Mr. Velshi, the good thing about U.S. taking advantage of Mr. Sarkozy’s Talents and Skills Visa program in 2010 (when i, Armando Segovia requested, IT!, alas—and Armando Serrano Prieto being Spawned) is that I, unlike “La CIA. Resentida” de Marco Layera and every Chilenean of my generation (Generation Ex) that comes to France, I actually have a MEMORIA for the Président du Tribunal Administrative* au Pont Marie (just above the Kiss Bridge) Reid About It! Find out About IT!

* That is you know – You’ve got to
Tune–In but it’s alright
That is Eye Think D.A.T. our trip was not made in the style of
“an on–again•off–again”
3-month tourist visit…
and I know that Monsieur Le Préfet de Paris knows what the fuck I am Talking About. And we thank you for not putting u.s. in Solitary Confinement.

Night and Day, baby! — Jour et Nuit, cherie!

Catching up with the Rodrigues–es–esos … and of course Michael Steele

Not to invoke the voice of any-given 1940’s newsreel voice anchor in the Trump era, but to succinctly encapsule the past three years:

At the movies

Things are changing by the hour” .:. D909C1C5-20F6-4030-8D78-943771DF520C 🛂 FAIR USE OF PERPENDICULAR CUSTOMS.

and since we Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto “got in good trouble” with the good people of the French Gendarmerie standing guard on Donald John Trump’s beautiful French flowers, on Memorial Day 2020, öüï would [have to] recalibrate and correct for Kentucky Windage (it’s a thing, look it up) [on account] D.A.T. the local motions are developing as some say (a former Eagle, perhaps) inside of the Observation Deck of The Rockefeller Center:

“In a New York minute”


Drummer boy

⌛️ C0BFCD0B-6AEB-4644-BE27-3912011EF0AA 🧭 This is not your standard tier “Dirty Laundry” Hotel California news channel… “This is El Ey”.

Here’s a recap… “[K]etchup, —get it?”

Time-Check and Station Identification:

and in Old London Town, it’s high–noon in Mean Greenwich Times or, as the Mutt Island Rosbif’s on the HoBO TV call, IT!: British Summer Time.

Page 3:

Movi[e]ing On, if you stop counting the recently departed Americans who died because of the ineptitude of “Individual one” at places such as the various Trump bug–infested hotels, Trump golf courses and “The Resolute DeskRetail countertop” at the Oval Office, then Donald Trump is not a negligent criminal Commander–in–Chief.

Page 3:
Espectáculos with musical guest

Dionne Warwick and The Chicago Jazz Philharmonic… “A’zuk-Ar” .:. E8C06D7B-4A11-4626-9A0F-5CD12BB25D01 🎫 Con información recortada de La Jornada.

Page 3:
News Business 

Supermajor Oil Giant BP [British petroleum] sues “The Resistance” for infringing on the the pm side of the brand.

Accustomed and conditioned to think that the Sun does not set at their mini markets, Amoco Corp, wasted no time in sending the motion straight to Delaware, where Karine Jean–Pierre, a former Kamela Harris bodyguard and current Democratic candidate Joe Biden cheerleader, works.

Joy-Ann Reid, a former am weekend pundit sounded like a siren over former Republican chairman, Richard Steele, howling “Deny, Deny, Deny”, a low point, said the panel next to her on the Hollywood–like squares.

The Wailing Underground

The Wailing Underground 📌B99C8125-C3CB-4C95-926E-F187019EB1F9 This is not a Time-delayed screen grab, no Sir, this here be your 9 o’Clock wake up call from Hilo, Hawaii… [I]n–motherfucking–deed

Looks like it’s going to be a never ending story, after The Ari Melver Show.

Page 3:
Health and Culture

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /espectaculos /2020/07/19 /tributo-a-medicos-cubanos-que-combaten-la-pandemia -2936.html

Revolutionary documentarian and film maker, Michael Moore escaped his captivity from the Ari Melver Newshour. The Flintstone took advantage of Ari’s absence while Aymen Mohyeldin was covering the bases and headed straight to Havana.

Phil Griffin, a captain of the 30 Rockefeller gang issued a search for Michael Moore, and Mr. Focker promised to be on the lookout to a departing PM Joy.

Great moments in: Eye was Shocked that would Happen!

LIVE from the Oklahoma Governor’s Mansion, but FOist! Dear, Edward LUCE, don’t be a bitch, don’t pussyfoot around the issue, Sir: fuck the Gâteau, Let Them Eat Frijoles!!!

Layer CAKE

From the Archives:
It’s what some, at the Latin-American Higher Learning Institute (IHEAL for it’s French initiates) at Saint Germain-des-Prés (75007) might call, a “flashback” .:. 2B23CDD5-8979-453C-A4C2-F1FC100E0E09 🌬 https://asegovia3.com/2014/10/11/11-de-octubre/

… [A]nd dearest, Mika: don’t run throught D.A.T., but rather, Run With D.A.T..

And Zeppelin goes here

And Zeppelin goes here .::. 9B7AD594-41B5-45AC-BA03-8A859A6791F3 🎂 The Layers CAKE effect.

Here’s your snapshot, Willie Geist… enjoy!

Them POLES are talking

Deer, AP LeMire, glad you’ve got your LeAudio back, listen up dick weed, please forward the following warning to Monsieur Le Président du Tribunal Administrative à Paris:

Televisa Presenta

Televisa Presenta .:. 59F3B803-CFEE-447F-A097-0DAB1D1A7931 💨 a Pantelion Films production from Santa Monica, California. — Music arreglos  by: Ry Cooder.

NOW that you grammar nazis figured out D.A.T. the U.S. President’s son–in–law is running the 2020 Republican Presidential Campaign, please let The Nation on the other side of The Atlantic know that “la mano de BERNARDO GÓMEZ” is not far sous les jupes de Ivanka Trump… and nevermind D.A.T. image on your LeBrain because John Donald The First said D.A.T. it WAS FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! Yeah, buddy.

https  ://www .lapoliticaonline .com .mx /nota /124795 –exclusivo-los-acuerdos-de-bernardo-gomez-con-la-4t-que-detonaron-la-salida-de-loret-de-televisa/

After the break, it’s Dangling Participles at The Rachel Maddow Show.

Deer, Cousin Joe: Eye really hopes that your sniffles are rescinding by now and, that you are not one of the Blind Alabama Choir Boys who sent bit coins to the Russians; but, if you are –indeed– one of them kind-hearted sucker souls don’t you forget Cousin Joe, that öüï are still awaiting D.A.T. iPhone 11… —motherfucker.

« It is knot dying »

« It is knot dyeing — It is Knot Dyeing ” .:. It’s just “the Color of Change,” Bay-bee.

It’s “Two of U.S.” in Central NATO Times
and in Washington
son las Ocho del Mañana
on Do, IT! Again, —Jack.

🎶 Sweet Masked ALABAMA
Where the COVIDs are Real
Sweet Masked Alabama
Lord The Hindenburg goes HERE.

“¡Viva 🎶 La Raza!” — The best calcos


It's Pragmatics, of course

It’s Pragmatics, of course .:. 5D1CB479-DFA8-45F1-9053-3C2128A3F3F7 🗣 Implicature in real time and how to read a newspaper 101; summer semester 2020… o como dice una interpretación de Horax en los milenios por Televisa en monitos¹: reunir varias noticias del día, encontrar posibles puntos de unión y conectarlas con un doble -y hasta triple- sentido en el mensaje.

To understand it, one must be fond of roots, origins, —you know— the things that make up patrimony, which is a vase filled with heritage, legacy and, as professor John Mill Ackerman (the Third, of course) revealed para los pobres políticos of el partido político of don Andrés: entailments.

¹ Televisa en monitos (monoaureo . com) présenta:

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum + Patri•monio equals Σ Fair Use of All Media … and [Quote… 9 casas por casi 60 millones de pesos, construído en menos de una década. Y si bien él salió a quejarse de que “se haga público” y señaló que parte es “donativo de sus padres” que están preocupados “por el bienestar de sus nietos”, y afirma que son datos inflados… también eso se explica por qué no pudieron encontrar nada irregular en las más de ochenta propiedades de Bartlett, los departamentos no declarados de Sánchez Cordero, el casi millón de pesos que cobró este año Durazo por asesorías -que tiene expresamente prohibido hacer-. Es como el COVID: son corruptos asintomáticos, porque son SUS corruptos. Y mientras a una persona “normal” le toma 30 años pagar un crédito hipotecario para hacerse de un departamento de 90 metros cuadrados, un político puede comprar 9 bienes en 9 años sin mayor problema y “es normal”. Algo NO está bien. Al menos hacen aparecer incongruente a la Cuarta Transformación, a lo más son corruptos, aunque no lo acepten. (Para referencia, el edificio del último cuadro es la sede de la Secretaría de la Función Pública). Alarcón en El Heraldo. .:unquote] divided by Patri•monio.

… Coming up:

The “shield and the sword” meets “la charola y el fuero” in the pilot episode of Los Happy Days de la familia Burrón™️, critics at The Orange County Register call the sketch, “the cultural mash-up whose time has come.”

For the record, Monsieur Le PRÉSIDENT du Tribunal Administrative à Paris

That Gap!

That Gap! .:. 8CE86FB9-EF75-449C-85CF-ACC2DC5C4C57 🕵🏽‍♂️ There is a reason for it, and at L’Académie Rabelais the process involved se le denomina: Mar•i•nar.

This blog exists in its current “rapid-fire draft form” since October 2014 because of the fact that the government of President François Hollande did not want me, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto, to:

  • gather newsworthy material from the Mexican community in France (ay, Raza)
  • find tangents in the sociopolitical and cultural fabric of the Mexican diaspora in France
  • connect these with a double –and even a triple– sense in the message, just like the good people of Televisa en monitos¹ reflect in today’s “appropriated” sketch from Grupo Milenio®️.

and as this particular sopa de letras began to be served, Fat Elvis donned the Mexican Sundial Suit (his last mis–en–scene suit, by the way) and closed the year of 2014 for u.s..

And if you, [MONSIEUR LE PRÉSIDENT DU TRIBUNAL ADMINISTRATIVE À PARIS] are not a reader of this most non–consequential blog, then perhaps you missed the descent of an amalgamation of a Fat Elvis (at his worst in 1977) moonlighting as Alabama governor George Wallace in 1968, here’s the rendering of that menu in REAL TIME, not taped last week in a Hollywood lot.

Uncle Andy's Rice

Uncle Andy’s Rice .:. CFF27FE7-1F3A-4421-8296-DC64650E7745 🗣

… https ://monoaureo .com /2020/06/24 /temblor/

The Best People — Señora

Last Week Today:

If you are going to Beguine

If you are going to Begin the Beguine, begin by wearing a mask .:. 176303AD-1CEF-49E5-9FF2-719B87C624A7 🦠🏝🥬🍉🌽🍍🥥🥝🥔🌶🌬💨 Sunday June 21, 2020.

7 Theys across the 7 Sees, today

France won’t ‘erase’ history by removing colonial-era statues, president Macron says

—. From France24 and Aguascalientes TV (Canal26). Unusual for a French leader, Mr. Macron reckoned that someone’s “address, name, color of skin” can reduce their chances at succeeding in French society, and called for a fight to ensure that everyone can “find their place” regardless of ethnic origin or religion. He promised to be “uncompromising in the face of racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination”

so long as pinches “Chicanos*” don’t fuck with the Year(s)of Mexico (2011/15) in France.

* … for the record, Mr. Castaner, in 2012-14, your counterpart at The Ministry of The Interior got it all wrong, for starters, yo, Armando Segovia no soy “chicano”, i am a POCHO, not a gringo, a pocho. Please stop asking RICH Mexicans at La Sorbonne and at the OCDE to define for the French what the Mexican Transnational experience is all about.

Just sayn'

Just say’n .:. 44221E13-7A72-45DA-A8FC-DD582AC3E9D8 🌬💨 Following the Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth’s facelift, Columbia Records issued out a statement to Uncle Ben stating that as of last week tonight, all of the logos are free to listen to “Satchmo” at will. —_•!•_— Now if you are wondering what this logo at Saint–Germaine des Près has to do with México, you just wait a few while we turn the page back to Feb. 17 of 2011 when Mexico’s ambassador to France stormed out of a French Senate ceremony, on account that a French representative from the district where Florence Cassez parents cast their votes dedicated the Year of Mexico in France, during the installation of a month on the official French calendar, —mind you—  to celebrate Latin American cultures in France, to Florence Marie Cassez, at the time serving a sentence inside of a Mexican prison for kidnapping rich Mexican children. 

https ://www .univision .com /noticias /noticias-de-mexico /embajador-mexicano-se-retiro-de-senado-frances-durante-discurso

To put it in anthropological and gastronomical pages, YOU PEOPLEthe very French—, have been learning to cook Mexican cuisine from CIA spies from the Cold War Era, monsieurISSY, señor, D.A.T. D.A.R.E. includes doña Salma y su bendita Cannes Connection.

Another One Bites The D.U.S.T. with Juliannie Tatelbaum

🃏 Hey, I’m gonna get you Too!


Smile 🙂 Key word here is A DIET en Inglés y, DIETA en Espagnol… and this Cousin Joseph is our Pilates episode of: Adventures in Anagrams, which the staff titled “Contrology”. Episode One focuses on Fiscal Transformation… ISSY, I’D EAT D.A.T., indeed, S.I.R.E.N.E., in–deed.

In Local news, según El Mundo de Le Monde, mientras los EEUU se desgarran las prendas para retirar la SUBVENCIÓN de equipo y herramientas de GUERRA a departamentos de policía en los Estados Unidos de América, La France is looking into the SUPER RICH (portfolios) to strengthen the social fabric of Marianne.

publicidad no solicitada for
The Rachel Maddow Show:

As read on “the front page of the Internet,” a.k.a., reddit (point) com/r

In Case you missed, IT!

In Case you missed, IT! .::. 7485C04D-91D2-4C56-A061-97A34EA9604A 🗓 yy-ddd* = 20163 ⏳, and you can thank Donald John Trump for the shift in calendars, for the record, IT!, happened when POTUS 45 order the 82nd Airborne from The School of The Americas (Ft. Benning, GA) to cross the Potomac… or something like D.A.T. —_•!•_— As for the “Arts & Entertainment” chain of events that lead The Nation to have a moment of reckoning with it’s its violent past, the vast archives of Reality TV in the vaults of FOX and A&E, will now become prospective evidence on how to KNOT play “policias y ladrones” on national SYNDICATED entertainment Chains… back to you Alice.

Le journalisme est une science humaine, c’est pourquoi nous apprenons à reconnaître nos erreurs

… dédié au personnel de l’ambassade du Mexique en France, et aux bonnes personnes du groupe des 6ème et 7èmes dêpot à la préfecture de Cité (bureau).


Of course, Susana Puveda, tienes que tomar ese calendario ROMANO con un granito de SAL, or as Julius César told Vercingetorix: CAVEAT EMPTOR, « if you break it, You Buy IT! ».

9 minutes (years) of pleasure

9 minutes (years) of pleasure .::. FD142E18-F6E7-4B05-942E-0D76E1DE1FF8 🇦🇺 Moi, Aussi! “Eye Come From A Land Down Under, the Rio Grande 🇲🇽/🇺🇸.” Yee–oh soy Mantequilla! _ζ*-~-~-~-~ξ

Law & Order — Special Favors Unit

Los Zodíacos
Season 14, Episode 9


In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. The police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.” .::. EE22EFD7-0BAC-4875-B611-D74D64BB9322 💵💴💷💰⚖️ Righhhhht. What can « pago en especie » do for you?

Synopsis: The purple pundit was fresh out of detention for spreading subliminal messages with the visual aids of Nick Confessore, and twue to form, Nicolle went right back to the little naughty girls room for revisiting “Shithole Countries” last night after Zulu Time, meanwhile, in the span of those 23 days as the U.S. was fast approaching the most-consequential victim of the COVID-19 contagion (lucky 100,000) the world saw how America entered its “white shame” phase, and it appears that the U.S. will never be the same. Those particular events, [a virus and a disease] put a hold-it-now moment on all other tangents that bisect our Venn Diagrams… does anybody remember Venn Diagrams? Of course KNOT, the story, as that 11th Hour whipper snapper says, “changes hourly”. Lucky for the Administrative Tribunal in Paris, we’ve got you motherfuckers covered.


Deer, Claire McCasskell:

Listen up Senator, D.a.R.e. is no such thing as a “phony” bible; only false believers. And, just so D.A.T.  my better Atheists don’t get their panties up in a bunch, not believing in God, or an Architect in this most non-consequential Universe does not make a false believer. It’s better to show your faith or lack thereof, than to be a racist hypocrite like the current White House “resident”.

Don't look up

Prettiest bookcase Eye ever saw… Deer, Chris Hayes, don’t look up, there’s a Pharaoh above ya’!

Any güey, Senator: Eye Am An Antichrist! And Eye Am An Anarchist. But Eye can dig the gospel, it’s a CRAZY science fiction TOME.

… we now play Catch-up with Los Zodíacos, via Israel and the court, but FOist, we had to play shut-eye after The John Oliver Show, which followed The Nicolle Wallace Spectacle; right now as we W.o.K.e, we see that The Lawrence O’Donell Sitcom is on. TimeNow is 33 minutes before The Brian Williams Recap sessions and taking our cues from the Shift-to-Black screen of The John Oliver Show, we’d like to re-adjust:

Dear, former Senator Claire McCaskill, please nevermind the liberties that i take with your last name, it’s part of the program and we have a slight feeling that if you knew that i existed, you’d probably get a kick out of it, just like Cousin Joe gets a kick out of the AP’s Jonathan Lemire’s “campagne house”, anyhow, Senator McCaskill: sorry about the “White Shame” spiel of the paragraph above, we meant to RIGHT, “White Guilt”, because nobody should be ashamed of the color of his/her skin color.

Gooooood Morning, Paris.

This is a Public Service Announcement:

Dedicated to Stephanie Menou

Dedicated to Stephanie Menou à la préfecture de Paris y para todos sus Colaboradores del gobierno de México en Francia (punto y coma, con Manuel Valls) No Es Lo Mismo – Pero si, Sí es igual.

From the outside looking in.

Ladies in Gemini, this is Sirous, because this is CONTRAST for Last Week to They… courtesy of “All The News That Fit To…”, resign.

https:// www .bbc .com /news /world-us-canada- 52959856 New York Times opinion editor resigns amid article row

Coincidence Vase

Plotting coincidences and other assorted Online Hook-up’s… Now, Eye don’t want to say that this here move by the Trump administration was a political move; let it be known that Florence Cassez will be the first to acknowledge that a Free Get Out of Jail Card, is always a welcomed move, especially when it is thrown from the highest places on Earth. Now, Susan del Percio, Eye is not saying that the two Diplomatic exchange negotiations are the same, the “goods” in exchange for a researcher, and those thrown for the benefit of A Military Dog, Pony, and Mexican brown eagle parade  during Bastille Day are in different leagues. Let Mí, break-it down to you Madeleine Peyroux, after the 15 hundred hour Ruhle screen-shot of The MSNBC’s… it’s symbolic, —of Course.

Starring, Buh-Weet Murphy, singing his number one honky-tonk crossover hit: Wookin’ Pa Nub in Aww Da Wan Places.

https:// www. fip. fr/emissions/club-jazzafip/specialemadeleinepeyroux-8004

End Eye Wan

🎶 End Eye Wan, Eye Wan So Fah Ague —_!_— Fair use of media for the parody of current events which illustrate political intentions in times of General Elections. This screen-grab is sponsored by MUTUAL LIFE… “because you could die tomorrow”.

Lorem Ipsum text follows…

15h in CET

Amarillo no me pongo

Amarillo no me pongo — Amarillo es mi color, period


Dear, Franchutes and Gringos*… meet Susana

*Note to editors: you know who you are, but if you are still confused just guide yourself by the check boxes on the U.S. Census, this includes you Tim McGraw, even if you and your crew are Indian Outlaws, “in other words,” the “other” box does not apply, even if your Home Depot™️ paint hue falls inside of this palette: 🦶🏼🦶🏽🦶🏾🦶🏿… “in other words,” it’s more of a Latitude/Attitude kind of thing, you know, a north/south kind of thing like the way that a tomato or an onion is sliced, but if you still don’t get it, —Karl Malone (Utah Jazz) might be Black—but aside from being a “redneck”, The Mailman still falls under the check the Gringo box. So, let these drawings below ⬇️ [TWOEach] sink in, before we [the staff] continue with part-two of Leslie Jones “Sledge hammer” sessions… ISSY, Lesley Jones, you too Hun’ go ahead and check the Gringo box.

Ladies in Gemini, Exhibit One:

Mamma told me not to go

Mamma told me not to go .:. C0648B19-7136-4413-8E78-9BC47BD8BC83 🔃 Dear, Senator Harris, in another life, as an investigative photojournalist in France, “Eye was D.A.T. little girl,” or at least it sure does feels like, IT! Official context in the form of a written letter to your office follows, because we know that you do not read this blog.

En Contexto… and for the record, Yasmin Vassoughain, be advised that we are cooking on Three Burners, so first the already Known Knews (punto y COMA); Donald John Trump is Obese (with a Capital Oh), so that is not really a new Discovery feature, now is it? And Willie Geist, how about them placebos for POTUS, eh! Remember, champ, there’s no supernatural mumbo-jumbo going here, there’s only better than average forecasting, that’s all—and Cousin Joe, the only spin going on here is the spin on the sack with that Keyleigh McEnany, YAUSA! Does Keyleigh know thay CYAN is my go-to-fuck color? C’mon Keyleigh, let’s throw the Barry White on the Miami Spin Machine and let Mí tell you what Eye dreamt last night.

https ://www .sbs .com .au /news /donald-trump-spress-secretary-sayspolice-who-attacked-australian-journalists-had-right-to-defend-themselves

Anyhow Leslie Jones be advised that öüï got a kick out of you and Kyle Mooney, so just to get the JAY–Z reference out of the way, let’s CLEAR the coincidences OUT of the way; to DO D.A.T., Eye needs you to put this Egyptian Vase ⚱️in the back of burner N°3, Eye will ask Seth to pick it up from Michael on the next segment, for now, Lesley Jones, let’s get back to JAY-Z…

You know Leslie, it might seem like a coincidence ⚱️that for Episode 828, Lorde Lorne had the writing team at SNL sketch a work-place love triangle (punto y coma) you know the formula (more like INTENT):


Venus as a boy

Venus as a boy .:. DAACC83C-88E3-416F-B714-F57775691B30 🙀 What’s new pussycat?

so, Les•Lie(s), it’s kind of as if in Season 43, Lorde Lorne didn’t do a follow-up of yours and Kyle’s sketched reconciliation, because as JAY-Z told Seth on your Tuesday Night (afternoon) interview:

I got ninety-nine problems but a bitch ain’t one”.

So, Leslie with a Fishbone hairdo Jones, if you can’t see the resemblance with Mr. Know•les, that’s on Lorne, because Eye is not drawing you no motherfucking sketch.

Exhibit Two:

Fe se fue de frívola

Fe se fue de frívola .:. 6782C834-EDEA-4D49-A2F3-BE6FB7EE51E3 🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🗣

En Contexto and for the record: Kasie Hunt… you’re up, get that attitude on the Time Machine, and you are not foolin’ anyone … wait for it, Wait! FOist we have to give Shannon Pettypiece the Michael “shield”, and Cousin Joe, if you watched John Travolta play an obese “ARC•Angel” then you know that our Eyes are on Keyleigh McEnany and not on Ms. Pettypiece, unless she wants to… but we [the staff] rather not. ISSY, ⚱️talk about coordinated colors and CYAN coincidences, eh, Willie Geist‽

Context, context, context

Context, context, context, and more context, period

Musical Guest: The 8G Band; a.k.a. The Big Band

https ://snl .fandom .com /wiki /May_13, _2017

After the break: Mr. Know•les, Dr. West, and some Brit, on the subject of: Why Context Matters.