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Foreword to my favorite French Gendarme:
Louis de Funès

Fall Semester 2020

Fall Semester 2020 .::. B5BD6CD7-DC9F-4964-90EE-6BB0E8117C85 🐤 BRANDING 101 with: professor Tom Friedman… don’t bee late.

For the record, as stated on the « Fiche de Mise a Disposition » with a timestamp of May 25, 2010 at 16h10 in Central Europe Time, please be advised that i, Armando Segovia, (California, U.S.A.) never set foot on La Place de La Concorde; no Sir and/or Madame. The exact place where the gendarme from the 45th Regiment 7th Platoon handcuffed me was at the corner of The United States Embassy 2 rue Gabriel (75008).

Dear, Mr. Dorsey

Dear, Mr. Dorsey… fip called, they want their Logo back!

Technically, La Place de La Concord begins when one sets foot and/or wheels on the traffic circle which, AS EYE HAVE stated previously on this most non–consequential blog, was designed to MIRROR our Solar System in The Milky Way (ref. Scott Onstott) with the traffic mimicking the planets going around Louis XV. This little piece of annotated evidence is important (for the arrest record) given that my CALL TO ATTENTION TO the mocking that Donald John Trump made on Memorial Day weekend of All WHO Made The Ultimate Sacrifice in all of the different fields of battle, including the ones that might be forgotten, like the little SPANISH incident which inspired Mika Brzezinski to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, and Metallica to write FOR WHOM THE BELLS [A]TOLL, was made on AMERICAN SOIL and not on French grounds.

Dear, Jack Dorsey

Dear, Jack Dorsey… stop acting like HENRY FORD, your blind EYE towards Donald John Trump (the citizen) is analogous to Mr. Ford’s support of the Third Reich; and you give my favorite radio station a bad name, you Son of A BItch! Please place a burning piece of Iron where you tagged “fip” on your body and scar yo’self… motherfucker.


Must show Bright Side of Life section:

Banjo! Only an Idiot would take on The Banjo!

Previously on 6th Grade Late Night French lessons:

La Mémoire… 🚬
So you are saying that

So you are saying that you support the Frog Scene? .::. B567EDEE-4487-4156-8188-B4C39CF304E2 🎲🍾

Öüï, Mr. Meyers, öüï indeed.
Rien de mémoires,
rien, (del verbo REIR) por supuesto, es lo que esperamos del siguiente sketch…
and D.A.T., Sethy Boy is another translated
HAPPY segue to Patton Oswald!
BUT FOist, meet me at the “troll cabinet”.


Must show related reference, and not just pull segues out of Kumail Nanjiani’s ass (punto y coma) the nerve of that motherfucker to call King James, “James”.

Sethy Boy, Eye tells you, those fucking immigrants. Next thing you know they will go around calling heads of state by their last name only. Heck, even the lowest rank in the military is addressed by his rank, PRIVATE. Eye once knew a guy who called President François Hollande by his “American” call sign, FRANCK, sometimes this here motherfucker removed the “e” in D.A.T. president’s last name just to irk the Filthy Dutch, but then again, Sethy Boy, President Holland had his Catalonian version* of Rand Paul relay to the Paris Préfecture de Police to give Mí hell for daring to knock at The French Consulate’s doors in Los Angeles, California on the eve of The Year of México In France;

…what did President Obama do to Kumail to deserve the title of Commander-in-Chief to be dropped from his (Mr. Nanjiani’s, not “Obama’s”) comedy routine?

Cinco de May0 Marathon

We [the staff] continue to Catch–up with May3 observances and today, to Celebrate the gringo’s take of Mexican Independence Day, öüï… first remind Saint David Ignatius at The Washington Post, that The Paladin* over at LATINUS, working as a contributor for El WaPo, conspired with a known NARCO operative in U.S. custody, in addition and FOR THE RECORD at the Administrative Tribunal in Paris, the target of THAT KNOWN Conspiracy (Florence Marie Cassez) was one of the subjects that I, Armando Segovia, requested to follow in an independent journalism project filed at the French Consulate in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (filed Nov. 2010) and under the auspices of The Skills and Talents French visa program. … just saying.

Anyhow, Willie Geist, on a day like May3 of 1957, your favorite team, the EVIL EMPIRE, aka The New York Yankees, celebrated with Champagne, —no less— the Brooklyn Dodgers owner’s decision to accept a plot of land just West of Lincoln Heights, in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, situated on TOP of a hill known as “the Chavez y Chavez Red Mexican Greaser RAVINE”, and move what would ironically would become my favorite Baseball team… San Fernando Valenzuela (n° 34) would seal the deal.

* Carlos (el paladín del gobernador de LA Hermana República de YUCATÁN) Loret de Mola


Yup, Eye hates to say, it! But it’s probably Mí .::. 25048730-F537-4943-B73C-791BFA76D674 ⚖️

AND IN WASHINGTON, also on May3, but in the year of our Lorde 1802… Washington, D.C. se transforma en ciudad, algo así como El Distrito Federal, pero en Inglés y sin castillo; eso vendría después en 1847, cuando el profesor John Mill Ackerman viajo a través del tiempo y él mismo envolvió a “los niños héroes” (Melchor, Gaspar, y Baltazar) en la bandera mexicana y los lanzó al precipicio de Chapultepec.



Le président de la République Emmanuel Macron s’exprimera s’est exprimé à 13 heures ce mardi 5 mai

https ://www .msn .com /fr-fr /actualite /coronavirus /le-président-de-la-république-emmanuel-macron-sexprimera-à-13-heures-ce-mardi-5-mai 

Monsieur ou Mme. / La ou Le President du Tribunal Administratif de Paris:

With all due respect…

Gooooood morning, Florence Cassez

Gooooood mooooorning, Florence Cassez .::. 4CFA0472-5B8E-4421-A529-F8BE7BE95B58 🎵🎶🎶🎶 Cinco–de–Mayo • Cinco–de–Mayo…
öüï must now start from Scratch!
Cinco–de–Mayo • Cinco–de–Mayo…
this is not the

—_•!•_— The above must be sang in the same fashion that LA CUCARACHA is sang in bars.

Merci pour la suppression de mon brouillon, heureusement Le gros titre de la journée ne laisseront pas mon argument mourir; le tribunal pourrait le tuer, mais les actualites le justifieront.

For the record, we [Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto] learned just a few hours ago that our draft for the Administrative Tribunal in Paris has been suppressed. For the record, the notification only gives us [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] a chance to do it all over again, —and from the top.


Must show work section of The Test:

— https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/05/04 /cartones /3

Dock D.A.T. pundit a day’s pay for leaving BriWi on his own

When öüï return, Agent Angle is going to give Rosie O’Donnell the night off, in the mean time, Mr. Meyer, you are not fooling anybody, we have it on good authority that Annie Karni is your fraternal twin, and you are the Prime suspect in the case of the fragmented dentils of D.A.T. D.A.R.E. dame, but first, we are going to take a nap. “Take it a güey” on deadline, Nicolle!!!

Lorem Ipsum

LOREM IPSUM .::. FE9BADA0-F0AB-4C7A-9F34-103E23171EE6 🕰 “Many years ago, around 1987, I put forward some equations that I thought might become my thesis in the Harvard department of mathematics and they were disallowed for a variety of reasons…


April's fool

We say goodbye to April 2020 with a scene from Oxford (2013) and a theory of parallels’ universe, and wait for it, wait… providing resources to starved academia departments. .::. 09DCEDE5-BACF-47A8-AB41-756C54E9AB19 🏫 April’s fool and the fire that starts itself.

Two Minutes Frenchy.

… para tod@s aquell@s
que lo dieron todo,
y ni siquiera las gracias les dieron.

fernando delgadillo

“no me pidas ser tu amigo”.

—Intro to a 36-hour day 101:

This is not a watch

This is not a watch .::. 0558BE12-2CD4-4695-AF34-835D2A3C0F36 🕛 Not to be outdone by Bill Gates composite marble chimney, Donald John Trump went Bigger and Blacker to give his version of the pandemic situation in the United States of Corporate America.

… oh, hello, Mr. Meyers, in all seriousness, before we [the staff of this most non consequential blog] continue with the sketch parody of your show, in which you are the star (of course) we would like to reveal the portal that lead us to your show; and it has to do with a recent interview that you gave to a pundit on the MSNBC network, and where your kids came running out of a pantry in your simulated studio attic, that particular sequence of the sketch served as a gravity assist or “slingshot effect” to propel our most non–consequential narrative (of the TIME MACHINE) onto “the kids” table, which is where the Institute of Latin American Studies in Paris (IHEAL), sent us when i, Armando Segovia, began to cross-examine the actors in a play called: The Year of Mexico in France (2011).


Dear, Seth Meyers… meet Susana Poveda

Text, context, subtext… did ya’ get all D.A.T.?


The Student will

SECTion 3 .::. 5AB3C7E7-09B7-4022-92DF-78B2CAD5B235 🛎 In this section of the TEST, the IHEAL Student will find the gathering where Professor John Mill Ackerman assumed that everyone in that SEMINAR, knew who his “cuñado” was; AUSSI… to celebrate 4/20/20 Extra credit will be added if the student provides Professor’s Ackerman views during that same seminar regarding pot smokers in France.

[Moore to come] https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/04/21 /cartones/2

SHEET = Pliego; as in: todos los pliegos de papel de envoltura para regalos de navidad (en esta foto) no serán suficientes para envolver las Coronas del COVID-19 en el Invierno 2020/2021.

Dear, Susana Poveda, meet Seth Meyers, and to quote that Tweeter fellow who tagged himself with a fip logo tattoo, mr. Meyers just pulled one of them I was just thinking about that, and there you go playing a song to go with that vibe; of course, i, armando segovia just paraphrased one of the biggest Donald Trump’s enablers, but then somewhere in your (fip) archives, mr. Dorsey is on the record saying something like D.A.T.

This is a frame in progress

This is a frame in progress…

 Case in point, mr. Meyers, and to paraphrase the voice of Brian Williams on last night’s The 11th Hour in New York, New York (05h i Paris, France), how does it feel, to be relegated to the Kids room*? For the record, in Hilo, Hawaii, it is still EARTH DAY, and to observe the occasion please be advised that —indeed— Eye plated a seed, heck to put it metaphorically, Eye spread several hundreds of thousands of seeds on the ground! An that is “thing one”, but before we [the staff] move on, öüï are going to take a nap. 

Dear, Susana Poveda: happy Earth Day; intermission continues

Exercise 2.

Instructions to student

Instructions to student .::. DDECC285-64B3-4498-9977-5D4BBEE2A7D6 🌎 In this section, the student will identify… N° 1, what the CHRISTMAS gift wrap paper on the frame is [🦠] for?; N° 2, what “la moral” on the lower right blue square of “Today” in French is, in a Mexican* context?; N°3, JOHN MILL ACKERMAN debe explicar las razones por las que él, —y su marido, la encargada del despacho de la Función Pública en Méxicoseserenarondurante su cátedra en el Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Latinoamérica, en París. Francia (ref: Sandoval escribió en su cuenta de Twitter: “Serénense, artistas. 1) Es un hecho histórico que Salinas (Peña Nieto) creó el Fonca (Asociación de mexicanos en Europa) en marzo de 1989 (2013) para mitigar las críticas al fraude electoral (Año de México en Francia, versión François Hollande).

* La moral, en México, es un árbol que da moras.

NoSeSiCreas las extrañas cosas
que ven mis ojos
tal vez te a’sooooooooooooo

A bundle of Joy, Indeed!

A bundle of Joy, Indeed! .::. 94F9E128-EE83-4010-B2BA-9A5892F7307E 🐇 Straight from the Bright side of The Moon.

… Yos’toy tranquilo porque a fin de cuentas, pues yo Llame’spiné LA mano y naiden me lo platicó, ni tampoco lo obtuve de “terceras Fuentes”, Issy, la Tuna’stuvo muy buena; también supe en dónde salen buenos nopalitos y, desde  dónde  se EXPORTAN Repúblicas bananeras. Indeed, Chuckles, a huevo que sí, —it’s on my C.V..

Eye also happens to know

Jiribilla 2304 .::. F9F87E0C-FD03-4628-B6F9-4A9D37BF0F1E 🇲🇽 … “and all the Rhodes D.A.T. lead u.s. D.A.R.E. are Winding”. Jiribilla 2304 is a Master-level course in interpretation; pre requisitos incluyen saber preparar agüita de limón y saber en dónde se dan buenas piñas para complementar eso que los muy franceses llaman “figues de Barbara”, o figues de BarbeRIE.

In other News, Mr. Klobuchar, clean your basement! Ya’Bum!

Men are from Mars

Men are from Mars .::. 09898414-A7FF-4B96-A027-00732876FCDF 🍲Women are fucking crazy, probably because they come from Venus.

Dear, Susana Poveda — This is an interMission

La Terraza mexicana… sponsored by:

El oriente de Sophie

El oriente de Sophie está por supuesto, al otro lado del poniente .::. 07DA4FD4-F9AF-483E-92B4-14FAEEE1FAB1 🗣 Dear, Susana Poveda, por favor comunica al “maistro” Soula, que agradecemos el hecho de que su colega Raphaël Morán (Radio Francia Internacional) no nos lea, porque de leernos, he could reconstruct from the clips on this most non–consequential blog that, he can go and fuck PABLO GLEASON y a los “neo zapatistas de París”, y viceversa; THAT IS TO SAY, tune in but it’s alright, that is EYE THINKS that PABLO GLEASON can go fuck Raphaël Morán y a sus ”Amigos de México en Francia”… bola de putos, punto

El Nopal*

Dedicado a la secretaria de La Función Publica en México, y a su esposa: John Mill Ackerman.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas/cultura/2020/04/20 /indigna-a-artistas-el-triunfalismo-de-funcionarias-ante-futuro-del-fonca-639 .html


The student will prepare a CAMPECHANA using as ingredients “los caminos de la Libertad” de las diferentes Asociaciones civiles y Movimientos políticos y sociales de mexicanos (and of Mexican lovers) in France. This exercise will count for 1% of the final grade, however for it!, to be able and be added to the other 99% of the grade, which consisted of SHOWING UP to the actual gatherings of said « chemins de La Liberté », the student must show his work, —including the scratches and drafts. 

Por Ejemplo, you (the student) do not have to do clippings, as it might upset some, instead, you (the student) could present a Link and ScreenGrab for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES (on Deadline).


la terrasse de la france

la terrasse de la france .::. C4C9FA32-378C-4D31-AED3-6CD25C3668D2 📰 https ://www .journal-laterrasse .fr/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/la_terrasse_285 .pdf


* Teaser: extrait; algo así Susana Poveda como quien dice en Francés, d’un film, d’une série, vidéo.

* El Nopal:  if you (not you Susana) are Mexican then ya saben que todos y todas (siendo hijos e hijas de La Chingada) llevamos un Nopal en la frente; ¿o a poco no, Salma Hayek?

Foreward: Télérecourse citoyens, réponse au rappel concernant la requéte non finalisée — ^Actialité des pièces complémentaire au juge

Monsieur ou Mme. / La ou Le President du Tribunal Administratif de Paris:

Uploaded on: April 17, 2020

Uploaded on: April 17, 2020 .::. DD1D1381-8BA2-4587-BA5B-E4654A1EF8BF ⚖️

Je (Armando Segovia) fais vous communiquer que sans avocat, je ne peux pas finaliser le brouillon de mon requête sur le site Télérecours, et c’est pourquoi qui je vous en prie de ne pas supprimer mes informations.



Señor, Jean–Luc Mélenchon, « Peut-être n’est qu’un simple hasard… », Maíz! usted tiene que ver esto

“It Don’t Mean a Thing…

Deer, Chris Hayes

Deer, Chris Hayes .::. 00E4E839-1E60-477E-B37A-A83CC66FC7B4 🌚 You know, Willie Geist, it’s a good thing that the All In crowd FINALLY understands the role of D.A.T. “dead chunk of rock” that it’s up D.A.R.E. in the sky; that is to say, Chris Hayes, öüï are glad that your network is finally FOLLOWING on Ozzy’s instructions: BARK at The Moon! — Motherfucker!

_if it ain’t got the Sioux (Anishinaabe).

Brief context, I, armando segovia/armando serrano prieto know that you remember me*, Mr. Mélenchon, y como un cambio de tercio, le aseguro que mi pedo no es con usted, as a matter of fact Eye likes you, it is just that among your “pueblo parisino” y algunos negritos, there seems to be the RACIST notion that they are immune to the COVID–19 spread, which öüï [the staff of este puto y tan intranscendente blog] believe that it is a ridiculous notion, just like the John Mill Ackerman nation.

* Jean–Luc Detonando:
« Descending angel
NSFW pero,
la lumière est Capitale »

Previously on: Aventures in interpretations

Previously on: Aventures in interpretations .::. E4F200D2-A7FA-4B85-A4D4-75BE4C770300 🗺 « It is said that the cries of children playing in this square wake up tiny larvae of sleeping insects in this wall of their holein this hole in their wall and go in search of the RUCKUS that gave them back their life. Perhaps it is merely a coincidence, but generally, the path they travel form letters which, if pronounced loud enough, would strangely prolong the SHOUTS and Songs of the children ».

Now, Mr. Mélenchon, with regards to this motherfucking context, nosotros aquí en el staff rogamos que su antiguo representante latinoamericano en su antiguo partido antes de transformarse en un insumiso, tenga en cuenta de que nuestro tan intrascendente contenido en este puto borrador al que la Prefectura de París nos relegó abarca desde el mes de febrero del 2011 hasta el mes de septiembre del 2015.


Dreams .::. 0034EFD8-D5EE-48A3-B97C-6BB5D915967A 🎧 Don’t Dream it’s over.

Breaking the news. Destiny drops Bernie out of the Race, and Trump’s future despite all of his failures gets the All Clear for another four more years. The Rockefeller Center is now in celebration mode since no matter who wins in November of 2020 Wall Street and Big Business WINS. Reached for comment, former Florida congressman, Charles Joseph Scarborough said that, “the Bernie Sanders blackout on the Networks paid off big time for my bottom line”, adding that the 40 year-old virgin and, BIDEN Whisperer, Mike Memoli was finally going to get to attend his first communion, “after tonight’s Deadline Washington with Nicolle Wallace, Mike Memoli will no longer be known as the 40 year-old virgin”, said an exuberant Cousin Joe to a giddy Willie Geist.

WHO Watches The Watchmen?

WHO Watches The Watchmen? .::. 1570F43F-2A9F-4FB8-ADBA-94D4B6247D23 🗳 The wives club, of course¹.

Context will continue to follow, but FOist! It’s 4 O’clock in New York, and Mike Memoli is having his “primera comunión”.

1. Juvenal Satires. https :// /wiki /Quis_custodiet_ipsos_custodes