Being used — Rape me³

Broken News for Prime time in Hilo, Hawaii:

https ://www /world /middle-east /least-500-victims-israeli-air-strike-hospital-gaza-health-ministry-2023-10-17/

Sin título | Dessiner à l’infini, by El Primer Torero Porno… el próximo toro “MALRAUX³” de Domecq 🐂, le corresponde a Pablo Picasso.

³~. Bestia de 16 toneladas.

Mercury Rising at Saint-Merri (75003)

Mother’s seekers update from last sunday’s transmission informing about the cremation ovens discovered by a collective of women searching for their sons and daughters in COMALA

Pega°sus re°cortes con en°grudo del bueno.

… in LOMAS de SANTA MARÍA, JALISCO, the son of one of the mother’s that form the collective Mother’s Seekers (Madres Buscadoras) was kidnapped in front of his family when he stepped to the door after someone knocked (or rang, or called his name) at his family home.

They no longer search for JUSTICE nor TRUTH, only MERCY.

La Jornada


~. “A living hell on Earth,” not to be confused with “el Pueblo bueno” del estado que está a un LADO de Jalisco, allí en donde los Nazis en México se asentaron (en La 🦉 U. 🦉 A. de 🦉 G. 🦉.

In local News, Alexei Navalny is never getting out of jail, unless Ukraine crushes Russia into The Palestine age.

Over at FIP central, Denis Soula painted Marie, all black and if you don’t believe me visit the old C&A, now gutted corner near châtelet, you’ll see 🙈.

And, dear Marianne, for a country who brands itself herself* as a Hex with no resources, but big ideas, you sure have a lack of imagination. Now give those SAPOS full RSA and the fucking Legion of Honor to that Chechen fellow. That Islamist did nothing wrong, Manuel Valls did, though.


“Momo Mogouchkov had been followed by the DGSI « since the end of July », according to Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, through wiretapping and physical surveillance measures.

France 24

*~. Sorry about that, Marianne, I keep forgetting that youse a cunt, despite the cock. Issy-major-Pasquet, I learned many, many—many Sandía moons ago (through a cat named Freddy de Montreuil-sous-bois) that one has to be French in order to go through this world “Sans Gravité.”

Now, you might think I’m Crazy, but Marianne I’ve done told you that you can Drive my car, but you may only go where I direct your fickle ass… .

Issy-Su-Sana Pubeda, “¡Ay, qué lio!”…

Lost in Translations… False Friends in interprétation; expirimir lo que sea necesario, or as needed if you are French.


https ://www .legifrance /jorf /id /JORFTEXT000045785228

Y simón que sí, Ministro FETET, you might think that an undocumented clochard like me has no business or, D À.R.E. Eye say, le droit! The right, Mr. Fetet, to lay these lines, but then a-gain, I calllee remind, Melle. Stephanie Menou, that it was her conflict-of-interest with the promexico crowd at the Cinéma Étoile de Lilas that put me here in the first place. So, yeah, I am well within my lane and on the broken white lines side of the road.

The right side of history, right?

Exprimir, as in:
Netanyahu EXPRIMIÓ a su pueblo de Israel, por ZIONISTA que él es.


To be continued… What did Netanyahu know, and when did he first learned of the ATTACK.

Katia ROUX of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL is shocked, Alicia Leos, shocked³!!!


The trick(le) Alicia… is to show your Work.

³~. That there’s gambling going on in the HOUSE.

Yes, Öüï knew this, know that staff knew.

Disclose said that French authorities under the presidencies of President François Hollande and President Emmanuel Macron were “constantly informed” of the developments by staff at “several military departments”, but that their concerns were ignored.

French reporter arrested over leaked secrets

4 hours ago

The count is Three and Oh!


And, Ayman Moelhaldi³ it’s another Édition of the Captain Louis Renault Award.

³~. Sorry if I dismembered your last name

And here’s another thing that is conspicuously curious at el bendito Boulevard de Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Alicia Leo’s, not that someone who told Ana Anabitarte that she, meaning you was a journalist in the great state of Chihuahua, México, would care 💅…

That place that used to benefit from the Gutenberg Press(e) mile marker in Paris, France (knot the one Texas) is about to turn its internal bowels into a “networking” store, and Alicia Leos, not that you would care 💅, but that corner del Boulevard de las putas viejas de Gabo used to be called The SciencesPo School of Journalism, and here’s the kicker Mike Barnicle, —you son of a bitch! That used to be The New York Times Ivory Tower for their Paris correspondents. Haw’Bout that, COLUMBIA University, how about that! You coq sucking Sons of Bitches.

Sexenio³ en E.S.I. Agora (La Samaritaine)

Enter Moniquethis one is right up your alley, mister Paterni, and because I know for a fact that you won’t read this or any other of the fragmented paragraphs of this most non-consequential blog, (I won’t email you a copy either, sir) I must inform you that I neither select the news cycles, the eviction notices, nor the gospel* of E.S.I. Emmaüs. I just re-adjust priorities and roll with your changes in policies ‘tailored-fit’ for a bum like me. It’s not the first time, I have it on good authority that important changes to your immigration written law have been made with me, as the ‘visa incident’ that should have never been allowed to happened… in mind.

https ://www .rfirfi .fr /en /france /20230717 –farrightfrenchmayor-introduces-dogpassports-in-canine-mess-clampdown

For context, just know that for both your current Macronist, and previous Hollandaise 🐄  French Administration, I have been both the gypsy-jew-faggot of the Mitterrand years (during Vichy’s regime) and the sand-monkee-nigger of the Mediterranean. Néanmoins, mister Paterni (and Tony Palma knows this) I wear your Good News* like the ‘legion of honor’, really. I wear your official notices during France’s current transition into the policies of the Extreme Right, like the campaign ribbon 🎀 of that unknown soldier que ustedes (es decir, los franceses) enterraron por debajo del bendito arco de los triunfos de Joaquin Comodus Phoenix 🃏 Guazón… what’s the matter 117 Dujardin was not available to play the role of Bonaparte?

Wag The Dog… the system does not work. SUPPORT your local dog catcher 👮🏿‍♂️ …
Page 179, ¶ before Lydia’s snapshot from the pen of Marie-Ange Schiltz follows below 👇 the belt.

*… and isnt it ironic.

from a Canadian songwriter

And now, this:

_from the editors of, “a book with no page numbers³”  and the word smiths of “AvantPropos“, comes the story of, “Chinguen a su madre y tu mamá también”.

Gawd made me funky, —Dawg, I’m a Pathfinder, knot a Headhunter, but Öüï dig’Em# too.


*~. Gospel And this is why, ain’t nobody hittin’ the Rhoades, because if yo’Colonialist interests at the Préfecture broke, IT!, you bought, IT!… or Dye Eye will blow you a-güey.

³~. *lucky for me, I have the motherfucking book in my hands and I can count them pages, Susan.


[Page V; 10]
Flor Garduño | Canasta de luz | 1989 

Beyond Ebony & Ivory… Viva La France, and its colonies en el Golfo de Cortés, —Aussie.

Page 11, from 1935 c.e.
« Es probable que en este momento la foto en negro ya vivió como (difunta*) en el cine mudo »
*~. aura vécu de Jean Vétheuil en: consideraciones sobre la evolución de la ‘photographie’. Arts et Métiers graphiques, numéro spécial, p. 123

Réunion des musées nationaux
Grand Palais; 08/04 au 06/07 2020

Dear, Susan Page, USA TODAY, please relay to AP Le Mire, that his frustration with the rise of Donald John Trump is analogous (in a bizarro world, of course) to the bump of Francisco Belmont’s Summer Extravaganza Blues³ 🇨🇵 with Maxim Guitar, or some really-really bad Rock and Roll player from France 🇨🇵… or something like that.

Mr. Asvazadourian ⚜️ 🇨🇵 … Öüï see your “fauno” en La Zona Rosa, and Eye raises you a read square with a Sinaloa icon on the area.

Historically, the French 🇨🇵 have always rewarded collaborators [Nazi flag not available in This Fifth 🇨🇵 French experiment before their latest ‘Regime’ or, republic goes “tits up”, just like RATS on a Leonardo DiCaprio, flic] which is no surprise for me —Armando Segovia— on this trip, señora BIRKIN, step right in, don Porfirio Muñoz Ledo is awaiting, the fat-fuck wanted FRANCE GALL but she killed herself when she learned that don Porfirio³ had been granted a French slut to accompany him to El Averno.

³~. Muñoz Ledo, q.e.p.d.

sorry, about that Ms. Birkin, I don’t ink the manifest, I only transport you out of that shell that you were hibernating in and suplex the fuck out of you into  the Juanito Guanavacoa’s Cypress Hill Extravaganza on RFPP, so without further to do and mitigate, in some way the MARGINILADIAD of Juanito’s version of Freddy Cats’ “cholos re-loaded” here’s some Mariachi Jazz for from señor Tony Palma at Paris DOMICILIATION… in Comala-de-un-Bocado, VERGA INSURANCE in Nice (Côté d’Azur) follows.

So blame your  InStiTúTions

Si Nos Dejan

And, Kurt Burdella, or whatever your Asian heritage might be… ask Susan Page, she knows, it’s all in a famous last name, but Nevermind… 📻 It’s all about them Dead Kennedys and Prohibition.

the process

³~. En contexto para Raphael Parenti³, if you, or the good people of l’abbé Pierre at Agora ever should read this ¶…  I recommend a “botellita” de Coca for a better amusement; so stick-around, and I will show your French Ambassador in Mexico [Asvazadourian] how to “white-out” an indésirable « spick » en Châtelet and most importantly, how to make Cat-sup out of his little pussy, Diego.

³~. Counselor 2020-2022 at E.S.I. Agora, for context please check back on Monday, July 24th.

Have a Nice vacation 🪓🪓🪓

in memoriam… immigrants, and the first generation of Ukrainian immigrants to France who loved them.

Breaking News : LOS MOTONETOS de Juanito Guanavacoa

Breaking the news:

These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You.

Viva México… en el Sur de Francia, and if you are just finding out that the Indians en Ceylan have nothing in common, or rather, nothing to do with the Indios de Celaya, worry-knot young BuckStars de Botzaris, because in the next paragraph Eye will “flirt” with the Celestial hypothesis of Serrat’s “Tío Alberto” and it’s its alignment entre “Esos Tipos y Yo” y lo « bonito que caga, el señor ».

https ://www .publimetro .com .mx /nacional /2023/07/12 /journaliste repond-a-amlowhenquestionne-sur-la-politique-et-l-absence-d-ethique

Da todo lo que puede darSu casa está de par en parQuien quiere entrar tiene un plato en la mesaPero no os cambia el cielo porLa orden de la Legión de HonorQue le dio la República Francesa 

i.m. 🛎️

After the break it’s Serge Gainsbourg and his precisely relevant wordiness of a Wordsmith and his Muse.

https ://www .bbc .com /news /worldeurope

Jane Birkin: Artist and style icon’s life in pictures

Tío Alberto, tío Alberto… I still remeber the days in 2013~2015 when Francisco Belmont, in the role of Juanito Guanavacoa at Raul Velasco’s Gallery, shaded “American -gringo- Music”, Évry time that he, and all of the other “FLAKY-Left” motherfuckers saw me around.

Juanito GuanavaEmE Mala Fe.

… fast-forward to today’s editon of “Aquí somos, aquí estamos”, all-of-a-sudden, Juanito Guanavacoa is a, “picking-cotton-picker” for profit, —off-track.

So if the regular-vacationing French persons wonders why the world hates you it’s because you provide MAMUNIA to criminals who used to wear a badge in thier respective “shit-hole” countries.

For the record:
Mamounia means “safe haven” in Arabic.

https ://www .indiegogo .com /projects /hard-soil-the-muddy-roots-of-american-music#/


… and as predicted last month, from a trend picked_up last year during FRENCH vacation, the Juanito Guanavacoa Show is left to his own devices at Frequence Paris Plurielle (106.3 fm) and naturally, now that the flaky-left in FRANCE is on vacation and the good~people at Alain Rouquié house is not listening, Juanito “profits” from the calamities in Mexico, which he off-TRACK, helped to create.

… for the record, “SoFy Velasco and her tales” are missing from Juanito’s Sunday show, not sure if she’s not among the colaborators there any-more.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Mamunia

Florence Cassez Strikes A-Gain 🖖 Mano Manu

Tommy Thom, Baby Small and middle-of-the-road tactial members del Club de La Mano Pachona; Pointer, Tall, and Ringo… meet our Muppets syndic Mano Manu and his wife Mais-non Mais-non.


https ://www .politico .eu /un-doigt-coupe-a-ete-envoye-au-domicile-de-macron-selon-le-procureur

And Starring As Thom Hanks, el présidente Macron.


Ladies in Gemini, with the annual mandatory vacations at France Public Radio and the on-going Hollywood Land strike, Öüï the staff have no other course of action than to look up into the dark sky and, watch the Zodíacos do their thing in the confines of, The motherfucking Twilight Zone.


But first, Eye wants to touch base with Marie-Louise’s coke, Eye has some weed, perhaps Öüï could roll a primo. It’s a pushpull kind of high, or 👇 if youse know what Eye means. Personally, They say that Frosted Flakes is where it’s At, Beck.

At the same time, but in another institute, other pendejadas were taking over the stage. I mean, how can I compete with those three little witches? They are fucking adorable you son of a bitch, —but not in a Donald Trump/Ivanka way, o.Kay?

³~. July 12, 2023, @AsvazadourianJP… say hello to Diego, nice Pussy you’ve got there J-P.

Must be the season of the Witch, pues, mister Embajador Azvazadourian.

Marie-Ange continues:
Dans le jardin des Halles, il y a une vieille dame effrontée et facétieuse, Marie-Louise, je la connais bien. Elle verse son rouge dans une bouteille de Coca, goguenarde : « les passants sont plus gentils », dit-elle. Je les croise souvent, elle et son « Coca ». Par un jour lumineux, je la sens inquiète. Après plusieurs hospitalisations suivies de mises à l’abri temporaires en maison de repos dans la région parisienne, les services sociaux lui proposent un hébergement, loin, du côté de Compiègne, le transfert est imminent. Entre inquiétude et soulagement, elle a sur elle les photos du lieu, une grande bâtisse dans un parc. C’est majestueux, il y a de l’espace, mais que deviendra sa vie sans son « Coca » et le secteur des Halles, qu’elle écume mollement pour répondre aux besoins du jour. Dernier échange, havre, liberté, perte d’autonomie, je ne sais, l’histoire s’arrête.

BREAKING KNEWS… wait for’Em#

Ladies in Gemini, as the good mechanic in the Role of a Life Time in the Asteroid City quadrant of our Milky Way Galaxy, “Évry thing is connected but nothing is working”, JUANITO GUANAVACOA is projecting his “estado fallido”, ahora hasta con MOTONETOS, and considering that it was with “motorcycles” that Juanito Belmont “alias” Guanavacoa started his career as a goon for old CHARROS in Mexico it’s not unusal that he gets a FRENCH RETIREMENT and a performers VISApaid for by that FRENCH “I.V.A.” and Euro-taxes.

MORALEJA, Excellentissime ambassadeur, and to quote McCartney’s lyrics, “no es lo mismo, no seas mamun-IA, que AI-mamón”:

The next time you see L.A. raincloudsDon’t complain it rains for you and Mí.

Allegretto at chez Los Feliz in El Ey… Ji, ji, ji⁸

It’s Primetime in Hilo Hawaii, Oh-nine 45 a.m. in La France

Musical Guest, Kurt 🎩 While.

So, it’s National Sport’s They in France, and to begin the transmission, why not knot actual sports affected by the reform at hand and how the 2024 Olympics IN Paris, France,  will do absolutely nothing for the SPORT ASSOCIATIF & BÉNÉVOLE* of those ghetto buildings on the North Side of Marseille, but that’s just me not believing about tomorrow, but about today.

In any case, this blog is not appropriate enough to feature in here what I have seen in the past decade, or so. So, meet me on the next page. In the mean time here is a teaser for The Melle. Pitch Award at Emmaüs:

If you are a French student struggling to read this message, in English, no less… know that it is the old fuckers in your Hex’a-gone who are making the most noise to secure your future, in any case, good luck on your BAC results, it’s not like you have it made like Vanessa Paradis, who, I am sorry to say Johnny Depp, does not deserve the shit she gets, but that is just me.


And if you don’t believe me, ask the fellow bum busting my balls for doing what I do best, which is getting the facts to relay to You French Motherfuckers what is happening under your Stupid fucking noses.

As you were.

Fuck you, Donnie Deutsch! Fuck you, fuck your brand, and fuck your firm. You and Donald Trump are the same, you just haven’t got caught, like that Juanito Guanabacoa in France… which brings us back to LAST WEEK to THEY, motherfuckers.

In fact fuck all advertising firms, especially the ones in France. But don’t take my word for it because one has to be a pasty-cracker in France to bash Marianne, like the guy who wrote “Paris I Love You, but you are a fucking CUNT!”, or something like that, from one of those pretentious Café (plural) in France, and I mean the entire HEXagone… knot just at la Place des Vosges.

Excellent articulation, Luciano, keep playing Constance, just don’t slay the Keys, least you want to piss-off Émilie Moreau.

This segment is being brought to the Service du procureur de la République (in France) courtesy of Mr. Griffith J. Griffith, in the Los Angeles Basin of the Pacific Tectonics Plate near Mount Baldy and Rancho Kukamonga.

Act IX… Where Were You While We Were Getting High?

—Ewe Basterd’, Eye asked for a fretless bass, not for freckles on that bass! Who’d the fuck did Ewe send on this mission, that Niño Luc without a Kay? Jesus fucking Christ! Ewe people, what are you, like reptile worshipers or something like that?


https ://mobile .🐦 .com /SegoArma /status /?s=20

« En raison d’un appel à la grève de l’ensemble des organisations syndicales portant sur le projet d’évolution des locales de Fip, nous ne sommes pas en mesure de diffuser nos programmes habituels. Nous vous prions de nous en excuser ».
La Croix
July 2017 

https ://www .la-croix .com /Economie /Medias /raisons-greve-Fip2017-06-27 –RAVACHE

I don’t practice Santería because it is all about the Base. Consider this 🌬️ draft a COTEJADO for Brontis à la préfecture.


And, Roxanne (not that one), have you seen the bridge? It’s a sight to see at about 500 theys, if you walk.

I’ll tell you what, Father James, nevermind that .300 average, I’m feeling like a .406 in 1941, and just to make it perfectly clear to that “fake master of indignation,” Joseph Charles Scarborough… the next spit-ball that you hurl at the plate is going to take you all back to the future of 2015, which is to say that I am not correlating what happened during the occupation of the Grand Palais to the “por menores” of le Grand Palais Éphémère at Champ de Mars.

Here comes the pitch…

After the bail-out it’s La Pundita Bonita Guignol Show.

Nice desk, if you can get it… in the U.K., eh!


Radio what?

— Head, motherfucker, radio head.

That’s FASCINATINGLY fascist. Thank doG, that Katty Kay, the BBC reconsidered.

Los monitos fait les Rulhes:

Live from Monterey (not that one)

Cherchez la femme, ‘Drew, cherchez las Rulhes.

Jump from page 171 — Night of January 16th³

³~. In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s The End of Yesterday, because in Paris, France… Son las cinco in CET.

Deer, Deputy Éric Ciotti,  Alpes-Maritimes, FRANCHE:

Like, Max “Guitar” on the Juanito Guanavacoa Show likes to sing (or murder your Rosbif tocayo’s version² of “Before You Accuse Me“) please be advised that I am only referencing you from today’s  FACE-à FACE Show on BFM’er TV because your rhetoric does not match with the PROMISE that your political party founder, President SARKOZY made to me… via the Talents and Skills Visa program. You are all rotten, the whole lot of you fuckers, except of course Carla, she’s alright.

Here, you probably have heard of this fellow before, he was a Mason, a good one, not like the fake political-parasites of today:

Most of our citizens, are scattered in the rest of Europe and the world, they live and die far from the “fatherland” […] I know that we are forced to go far away to look for the resources that our land denies us; and we could hardly subsist if we were to remain enclosed.


Letter to d’Alembert, 1758…
Page 15 of Chapter I
Le « roman familial » in,
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, en son temps.
M. & B. Cottret
PERRIN, 2005

²~. Eric (sin acento) clap, clap, Clapton;

And starring as Billy 🎹 Preston, The Fifth RHUTLE 🦃.


Now these old fucks can steal all they want
And they can go and pass laws saying you can’t say what you want
And you can’t look at this and you can’t look at that

False Friends in Translation follows… 🌬️ 🎶 When they looked into their lovers eyes they sawmomSex With Your Parents.


And you can’t smoke this and you can’t snort that
And me baby – I got statistics – I got stats
These people have been to bed with their parents

And today Öüï, the staff, introduce you to the MOTHER of all coincidences and ironic calques, for starters, let’s ask the only reliable source in the Universe, Wikipedia, what a CALCO in Lenguiski’s is:

Armando Segovia:
— Wikipedia, what in the Wide World of BFM’er TV is a CALCO?

Champagne, Foie Gras, Caviar, SKI LODGES, et. al., are all GATEWAY HOOKS for cooptation, which ENDS in Corruption.


—In Lenguiski’s, a calque or loan translation is a word or phrase borrowed from another language by literal word-for-word or root-for-root translation.

Armando Segovia:
— Wikipedia, could you please illustrate for the REPUBLICAN PARTY on both sides of The Atlantic, S.V.P.?

Go ahead, mister AlpesMari❇️times , send your “private investigators” like your FreeMASON∴brother did, this time, however, bring send the HOUND DOGS aussi, why don’t you, la préfecture de Cité and the Place Where Évrybody knows my name knows my location all of the time, you capitalist Welfare Queen.


— Indeed, meet me at the geriatrician’s corner à la rue Eliane Jeannin-Garreau at la Porte de Issy-les-Moulineaux.

1945 – World War II: Adolf Hitler moves into his underground bunker, the so-called Führerbunker.

17 de enero del 2013
FIREfire H*E*A*T*

In Ukraine: it’s Sobredosis de cemento 💥

Meanwhile at Fort Knox, Lima is getting a warm and fuzzy… and in GERMANIA, the WAR FIGHTING CENTER at Grafenwöhr in The Upper Palatinate region of Bavaria is getting ready to welcome Ukranians, just like the neighboring Bayreuth did in the Upper Franconia region after Hitler was fetched out of his little fucking bunker, on a THEY like YESTERDAY in 1945.

Pegasus follows, sponsored by BUZFEED and Morning Joe (2016). Happy Alabama-King LEE-They-in Mississippi,  starring Colonel Poulet Bourbon as Chicken E. LEE.

… Well, well, well, look what The Birthday Song brought in (layers cake), and if Dr. Alejandro Valenzuela, is reading, he will probably deploy the plausible deniability mode at SciencesPo.

Jump to Phat Basterd’s wet dream in a General’s Rank… Heavy Armor is knot taboo, Evermore.

Previously on, “las nereidas de los valencianos”… en Jour et Nuit

En contexto, that, which was supposed to be a “Youth Center for « the French arts »” on la rue SERPENT 🐍, CASI ESQUINA con el boulevard de San Germain-en-Près, turned out to se métamorphose into a motherfucking NBA 🏀 Store.


Here’s an update from the tragic news of that 2001 cold-ass March morning, in Argenteuil:

Caveat emptor, it is PAY-wall, this “Local” racket, so if you are one of them Canadian spawns of Juanito Guanavacoa in France, please be advised that the link below  is only a draft 🌬️ a reference, pues, pinche BELMONT.

The Cisco Kid was a Friend of Bart 🤠 and Count Basie 🎹, indeed.

French teens on trial over killing of former schoolmate

ARTE – RETA… I’m your Huckleberry {and} that is no Bull³

How to bury a lead.

Still to FLY, “La Golondrina”… with musical guest:


Arvide – derivA… Detalles, mena’More sin conocerla.

It’s a long Güey to The Top…

³~. That is actually an i grec in French, and ARTE,  that is no 🐂, ask the WaWa man ♒.

¡Pregúntame! y si gustas, hasta te acomodo en dibujos animados.

The Lives of Others en un Airbnb…

That DARE there Λ is the 11th letter in Greek alphanumeric Logic {or} a Wavelenght if youse into Wikipedia. In any case scenario if you knew Mí back in my “cotton-pickin’ picker” days, that was the first constellation that caught my Eye, even before the obvious Dippers.

https ://youtube .com /watch? v=mztaLaZgM1U &feature

Deer, Alex d’Util (punto y coma) “desorientado” tu chingado TANGO!!!

¹~. For context, Mexico City is prospecting the possibility of allowing one of the “collaborators” of the KIDNAPPING, TORTURE, and CONSEQUENTIAL MURDER of Enrique Camarena (a U.S. Drug Enforcement Agent), the possibility to rent his girlfriend’s apartments to FRENCH cyber-nomads.

How to bury a lead… ask the Unesco à Paris.

…. so, for the Record ⏺️ mister, señor, présidente de La “chingada” Francia, cualquier parecido with the MAL PRÁCTICA on Albertine Sarrazine’s kidneys à Saint-Roch en Montpellier, is not a far reach from what The Paris Préfecture and your Bendito Tribunal hizo conmigo, no es ninguna chingada coincidencia. ¡Viva México, cabrón!.