Allegretto at chez Los Feliz in El Ey… Ji, ji, ji⁸

It’s Primetime in Hilo Hawaii, Oh-nine 45 a.m. in La France

Musical Guest, Kurt 🎩 While.

So, it’s National Sport’s They in France, and to begin the transmission, why not knot actual sports affected by the reform at hand and how the 2024 Olympics IN Paris, France,  will do absolutely nothing for the SPORT ASSOCIATIF & BÉNÉVOLE* of those ghetto buildings on the North Side of Marseille, but that’s just me not believing about tomorrow, but about today.

In any case, this blog is not appropriate enough to feature in here what I have seen in the past decade, or so. So, meet me on the next page. In the mean time here is a teaser for The Melle. Pitch Award at Emmaüs:

If you are a French student struggling to read this message, in English, no less… know that it is the old fuckers in your Hex’a-gone who are making the most noise to secure your future, in any case, good luck on your BAC results, it’s not like you have it made like Vanessa Paradis, who, I am sorry to say Johnny Depp, does not deserve the shit she gets, but that is just me.


And if you don’t believe me, ask the fellow bum busting my balls for doing what I do best, which is getting the facts to relay to You French Motherfuckers what is happening under your Stupid fucking noses.

As you were.

Fuck you, Donnie Deutsch! Fuck you, fuck your brand, and fuck your firm. You and Donald Trump are the same, you just haven’t got caught, like that Juanito Guanabacoa in France… which brings us back to LAST WEEK to THEY, motherfuckers.

In fact fuck all advertising firms, especially the ones in France. But don’t take my word for it because one has to be a pasty-cracker in France to bash Marianne, like the guy who wrote “Paris I Love You, but you are a fucking CUNT!”, or something like that, from one of those pretentious Café (plural) in France, and I mean the entire HEXagone… knot just at la Place des Vosges.

Excellent articulation, Luciano, keep playing Constance, just don’t slay the Keys, least you want to piss-off Émilie Moreau.

This segment is being brought to the Service du procureur de la République (in France) courtesy of Mr. Griffith J. Griffith, in the Los Angeles Basin of the Pacific Tectonics Plate near Mount Baldy and Rancho Kukamonga.

Act IX… Where Were You While We Were Getting High?

—Ewe Basterd’, Eye asked for a fretless bass, not for freckles on that bass! Who’d the fuck did Ewe send on this mission, that Niño Luc without a Kay? Jesus fucking Christ! Ewe people, what are you, like reptile worshipers or something like that?


https ://mobile .🐦 .com /SegoArma /status /?s=20

« En raison d’un appel à la grève de l’ensemble des organisations syndicales portant sur le projet d’évolution des locales de Fip, nous ne sommes pas en mesure de diffuser nos programmes habituels. Nous vous prions de nous en excuser ».
La Croix
July 2017 

https ://www .la-croix .com /Economie /Medias /raisons-greve-Fip2017-06-27 –RAVACHE

I don’t practice Santería because it is all about the Base. Consider this 🌬️ draft a COTEJADO for Brontis à la préfecture.


And, Roxanne (not that one), have you seen the bridge? It’s a sight to see at about 500 theys, if you walk.

I’ll tell you what, Father James, nevermind that .300 average, I’m feeling like a .406 in 1941, and just to make it perfectly clear to that “fake master of indignation,” Joseph Charles Scarborough… the next spit-ball that you hurl at the plate is going to take you all back to the future of 2015, which is to say that I am not correlating what happened during the occupation of the Grand Palais to the “por menores” of le Grand Palais Éphémère at Champ de Mars.

Here comes the pitch…

After the bail-out it’s La Pundita Bonita Guignol Show.

Nice desk, if you can get it… in the U.K., eh!


Radio what?

— Head, motherfucker, radio head.

That’s FASCINATINGLY fascist. Thank doG, that Katty Kay, the BBC reconsidered.

Los monitos fait les Rulhes:

Live from Monterey (not that one)

Cherchez la femme, ‘Drew, cherchez las Rulhes.

Jump from page 171 — Night of January 16th³

³~. In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s The End of Yesterday, because in Paris, France… Son las cinco in CET.

Deer, Deputy Éric Ciotti,  Alpes-Maritimes, FRANCHE:

Like, Max “Guitar” on the Juanito Guanavacoa Show likes to sing (or murder your Rosbif tocayo’s version² of “Before You Accuse Me“) please be advised that I am only referencing you from today’s  FACE-à FACE Show on BFM’er TV because your rhetoric does not match with the PROMISE that your political party founder, President SARKOZY made to me… via the Talents and Skills Visa program. You are all rotten, the whole lot of you fuckers, except of course Carla, she’s alright.

Here, you probably have heard of this fellow before, he was a Mason, a good one, not like the fake political-parasites of today:

Most of our citizens, are scattered in the rest of Europe and the world, they live and die far from the “fatherland” […] I know that we are forced to go far away to look for the resources that our land denies us; and we could hardly subsist if we were to remain enclosed.


Letter to d’Alembert, 1758…
Page 15 of Chapter I
Le « roman familial » in,
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, en son temps.
M. & B. Cottret
PERRIN, 2005

²~. Eric (sin acento) clap, clap, Clapton;

And starring as Billy 🎹 Preston, The Fifth RHUTLE 🦃.


Now these old fucks can steal all they want
And they can go and pass laws saying you can’t say what you want
And you can’t look at this and you can’t look at that

False Friends in Translation follows… 🌬️ 🎶 When they looked into their lovers eyes they sawmomSex With Your Parents.


And you can’t smoke this and you can’t snort that
And me baby – I got statistics – I got stats
These people have been to bed with their parents

And today Öüï, the staff, introduce you to the MOTHER of all coincidences and ironic calques, for starters, let’s ask the only reliable source in the Universe, Wikipedia, what a CALCO in Lenguiski’s is:

Armando Segovia:
— Wikipedia, what in the Wide World of BFM’er TV is a CALCO?

Champagne, Foie Gras, Caviar, SKI LODGES, et. al., are all GATEWAY HOOKS for cooptation, which ENDS in Corruption.


—In Lenguiski’s, a calque or loan translation is a word or phrase borrowed from another language by literal word-for-word or root-for-root translation.

Armando Segovia:
— Wikipedia, could you please illustrate for the REPUBLICAN PARTY on both sides of The Atlantic, S.V.P.?

Go ahead, mister AlpesMari❇️times , send your “private investigators” like your FreeMASON∴brother did, this time, however, bring send the HOUND DOGS aussi, why don’t you, la préfecture de Cité and the Place Where Évrybody knows my name knows my location all of the time, you capitalist Welfare Queen.


— Indeed, meet me at the geriatrician’s corner à la rue Eliane Jeannin-Garreau at la Porte de Issy-les-Moulineaux.

1945 – World War II: Adolf Hitler moves into his underground bunker, the so-called Führerbunker.

17 de enero del 2013
FIREfire H*E*A*T*

In Ukraine: it’s Sobredosis de cemento 💥

Meanwhile at Fort Knox, Lima is getting a warm and fuzzy… and in GERMANIA, the WAR FIGHTING CENTER at Grafenwöhr in The Upper Palatinate region of Bavaria is getting ready to welcome Ukranians, just like the neighboring Bayreuth did in the Upper Franconia region after Hitler was fetched out of his little fucking bunker, on a THEY like YESTERDAY in 1945.

Pegasus follows, sponsored by BUZFEED and Morning Joe (2016). Happy Alabama-King LEE-They-in Mississippi,  starring Colonel Poulet Bourbon as Chicken E. LEE.

… Well, well, well, look what The Birthday Song brought in (layers cake), and if Dr. Alejandro Valenzuela, is reading, he will probably deploy the plausible deniability mode at SciencesPo.

Jump to Phat Basterd’s wet dream in a General’s Rank… Heavy Armor is knot taboo, Evermore.

Previously on, “las nereidas de los valencianos”… en Jour et Nuit

En contexto, that, which was supposed to be a “Youth Center for « the French arts »” on la rue SERPENT 🐍, CASI ESQUINA con el boulevard de San Germain-en-Près, turned out to se métamorphose into a motherfucking NBA 🏀 Store.


Here’s an update from the tragic news of that 2001 cold-ass March morning, in Argenteuil:

Caveat emptor, it is PAY-wall, this “Local” racket, so if you are one of them Canadian spawns of Juanito Guanavacoa in France, please be advised that the link below  is only a draft 🌬️ a reference, pues, pinche BELMONT.

The Cisco Kid was a Friend of Bart 🤠 and Count Basie 🎹, indeed.

French teens on trial over killing of former schoolmate

ARTE – RETA… I’m your Huckleberry {and} that is no Bull³

How to bury a lead.

Still to FLY, “La Golondrina”… with musical guest:


Arvide – derivA… Detalles, mena’More sin conocerla.

It’s a long Güey to The Top…

³~. That is actually an i grec in French, and ARTE,  that is no 🐂, ask the WaWa man ♒.

¡Pregúntame! y si gustas, hasta te acomodo en dibujos animados.

The Lives of Others en un Airbnb…

That DARE there Λ is the 11th letter in Greek alphanumeric Logic {or} a Wavelenght if youse into Wikipedia. In any case scenario if you knew Mí back in my “cotton-pickin’ picker” days, that was the first constellation that caught my Eye, even before the obvious Dippers.

https ://youtube .com /watch? v=mztaLaZgM1U &feature

Deer, Alex d’Util (punto y coma) “desorientado” tu chingado TANGO!!!

¹~. For context, Mexico City is prospecting the possibility of allowing one of the “collaborators” of the KIDNAPPING, TORTURE, and CONSEQUENTIAL MURDER of Enrique Camarena (a U.S. Drug Enforcement Agent), the possibility to rent his girlfriend’s apartments to FRENCH cyber-nomads.

How to bury a lead… ask the Unesco à Paris.

…. so, for the Record ⏺️ mister, señor, présidente de La “chingada” Francia, cualquier parecido with the MAL PRÁCTICA on Albertine Sarrazine’s kidneys à Saint-Roch en Montpellier, is not a far reach from what The Paris Préfecture and your Bendito Tribunal hizo conmigo, no es ninguna chingada coincidencia. ¡Viva México, cabrón!.


Houston… You have a problem ⚾

I am going to take break now, see you 🙈 when I see you 🙉.

2013 – 2017… La desfachatez de los copetes d’esos BELMONT, false verse como “ANVERS” FRANCIA y COCAINE, ask Ozzy, Eric Clapton just bamboozled SHARON into “knot” believing in Jesus fucking Christ, for sakes cunt or some sort of Rosbif tradition learned from Molière en El Cervantino de, Duda Mel… Aunque Usted, —no lo crea.

Here’s Wizz Dom, fucker is from the Cetus barrio in the galaxy and Wizz Dom, a Phish, is guilty of pissing in the WaWa… Gordon Sullivan sent the Police, hilarity ensues when… Guy Cuevas confunde a Vagues con Vagos.

Spoiler Alert: now Öüï knows why Öüï is alone in the Universe.

Santo… ¡Yo soy tu padre!… dice Blue Demon, Jr.

Mercredi de Addams… It’s a COVER with musical guest “siñor BeeKeeNee!!!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/10/19 /cultura /familia-de-carlos-colorado-gana-el-nombre-de-sonora-santanera-tras-20-anos/

Live, from La Catedral de La Lucha Libre en la Maub de Vilma Fuentes (madame Fuentes is juarense) it’s a Cover of El Santo contra las momias de La Préfectura de Cité, en Paname, it’s El Santo’s birthday, INNO! NO ESTAMOS HABLANDO de su padre, si no más bien del Hijo, que también es licenciado en communication… Bola De Putos!

Note to my current girlfriend Nathalie Piolé :
Listen, Babe, don’t wait for Mí, this Guy, fell in a Cueva and Eye is going to get that Güey out through La Barranca… del Cobre.

For context, no es lo mismo ni mucho menos es igual, pero por ‘AY va… Unfortunately for Nora Patricia Jara at “Antena Radio” in ChilangoLandia, this blog is not appropriate enough to get into a ROLLO about “cumbias” at the Préfecture de Cité and the conflict of interests en Dolores… de Madame Hidalgo.

Conexión Esta°ble°cida (sin EstablishMent)…

With All Due Respect: Dolores en Paris… [Y] Lola, Lolita… Welcome to Juaritos, en MONTREUIL-S/Bois C.2011 AD. Freddy Cats is the Master of Ceremonies… ask THE CHOLOS at BOTZARIS and Juanito Guanavacoa for references.

My name is “El” BLUE DEMON, and EYE approves this message.

Good luck to the Republican Party… Make Hitler Great Again.

TimeDelayed message to YESTERDAY’S eavesdropper with my conversation with My Peruvian connection from the Vatican in Paris. Read this supplement from TODAY’S Le Figaro, nº 24 311 (jeudi 20 octobre 2022… France Métropolitaine “uniquement”

Le siècle des dictateurs

Fuck it, let it all burn.

Ketching-up with Wallace… Say my name

Per your request, Ladies in Gemini ♊ Eye bring Ewe, the Q~vo, cabrones, told y’all that the Cue is knot 🪢 what Ewe thinks, D.A.T. IT!, is son… ask the Redd Fox, “Elizabeth, oh Elizabeth.”

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /quincy-jones-give-me-the-q

This is totally unrelated to Kier Simmons’ grief. Seriously. I’m Sirius and are you are knot 🪢.

How conVENNient, Évry body wants to be a Spearhead. Meanwhile at The Louvre, LADY BALANCE is on VACATION.

… And Justice For All (1979)

Say hello to my little friend

Al Pacino.

Nothing can save you
Justice is lostjustice is raped, justice is gone


The Cloak Room

The ultimate in vanity
Exploiting their supremacy
I can’t believe the things you say
I can’t believe
I can’t believe the price you pay
Nothing can save you

https ://www .metallica .com /songs /song-34650 .html

Oh, hey, Nicolle… ha’bout that, remember when you used to scream at your teleprompter, “delete your account!”, Eye knows, Eye knows, your recommendation was directed at the then candidate Donald John Trump, but are you going to continue to deny that your Google monkees came to this blog to get you Amp’d up?


Öüï knows, Öüï knows, allow me to explain, IT!, to Katie Benner. It all started with Joe Scarborough when he found a nude sketch of Mika smoking in “the boys room”, indeed. Fast ⏩ too, to to they, and the “dark web” consultant on the Peacock’s payroll who is describing the new MAGA mouvement outreach on the inner webs as a musical review of Gregorian Chants, or something like a church service led by David Icke and the abominable beer gut.

And pundit, if you are in on the JOKE, like the Dépôt bureau at the Cité Préfecture, then you might remember what I told the people close to me before the Ayotzinapa students incident… happened at the Gate de Lyon:

~. Some might say it looks 🚂 like a high-speed 🚬 low-drag 🕳️ train ‡‡‡‡ station .

If I write ✍️ my stuff before the Election I am going to give political opportunists a playbook on how to troll the opposition. 

So, no, Cerf-panthère (i know that you copypasta today’s horoscope while thinking of Mí) it’s not like that, and i am definitely not trying to keep my project a secret, the Administration of Manuel Valls did.

Αny hoot 🦉… if your name is Sergio Ávalos y usted es el líder del Frente Amplio de Izquierda mexicana en el mes de febrero del 2012 (en La cocina del Salón Juárez en La Casa de México en Cité Universitaire de Paris 75014) then you might recall when Pedro from ENSENADA and his lover Mauro, mocked me, Armando Segovia, for suggesting that among one my lines of questioning, WAS the cult-like fervor of the Mexican protests in France, against EVERY body that was not a Javier Sicilia or Andrés Manuel López OBRADOR supporter in EUROPE. Don Ávalos…

¡Bola de putos!

Here’s the rest of that chapter at the Desk of the bureau of Stephanie Menou’s [👮] supervisor BRUNO³ at the Préfecture de Cité 75001 and 04, but Évry body among the stars knows that is the Cité, is the Cradle of Paris, known as L°U°T°E°C°E°

³~. Officer Bruno would not tell me his name during our titre du séjour renewal interviews, but Dr. Johanne Poisson MD of the Geriatric school of nurses at Marie et Pierre Curie section of The IHEAL does, in fact there is a paper trail of that exchange (via e-mails) which were logged on the system on the day after the Ayotzinapa students and a little league soccer team was gunned down in Iguala, cradle of the Mexican Independence mouvement for Criollos y Criollas de l’ Ancien Régime de La Nueva España, —hoy Le Mexique.



La Négritude de La Semana Que Philippe Labró

Négritude, as seen through the lens by Ms. Ginny Stroude, and here is why, because Eye is going to add some Goya®️ sazón [🇪🇸/🇵🇷] to that African sauce on your Gumbo:

Ms. Ginny Thomas.

‡~. ¡Ojo!, la llamada Négritude del primer congreso de La Presencia Africana en La Sorbona was not seen through the eyes of Ms. Ginny Stroude, but rather, the eyes of  Ms. Ginny Stroude saw through the lens and here’s a sneak peek:

‡… verbatim from TDM in the UK 

Parliament-Funkadelic presents… la Négritude de George Clinton… narrated by Niel deGrassi High—Tyson.

CE MOMENT EN AMÉRIQUE, des hommes noirs purgent la vie pour possession de marijuana. Les jeunes noirs sont plus susceptibles d’être condamnés et de purger une peine pour leurs délits et leurs arrestations liées à l’alcool. Pas plus tard qu’en 2016, les jeunes noirs étaient 8,5 fois plus susceptibles d’être jugés à l’âge adulte que les jeunes blancs.

Ce que les enfants et les communautés blanches considèrent comme des farces inoffensives ou un comportement d’adolescent rebelle pourrait signifier un changement complet du parcours de vie de leurs homologues noirs.

Note to Philippe Labro, I am not fond of anything Facebook®️, but since you are a fan of Kris Kristofferson, I’d thought that the ‘token’ in Dazed and Confused would be fitting to describe the difference between “My Niggas in Paris”, and “99 problems, but that bitch ain’t one of #Em!”.

Happy birthday to la llamada toma de La République, o algo así. 🎊💥🔥🥐🥖🍷🍾🛴🚲🚞🚎🚄🛸🗼🎪

All the news that fit to mask 😷… but, FO’ist!!! Öüï, öüï, güi, it’s another special hors-série edition of “Sophie Marceau, pourquoi on l’aime tant? », a young Bedichek Middle School goer by the name of Mike Newhouse³ thinks that he’s got the Answer, and it has got to do with licántropos 🐺

³~.  https ://www .grahmsguide .com /dazed-and-confused -1993

And in the role of the French foreign student:

Ms. Ginny Stroud: Okay guys, one more thing, this summer when you’re being inundated with all this American bicentennial Fourth Of July brouhaha, don’t forget what you’re celebrating, and that’s the fact that a bunch of slave-owning, aristocratic, white males didn’t want to pay their taxes.

Julie Delphi.

Ladies in Gemini :

Öüï begins The Bastille celebrations with a Dry-run of La Banda Municipal de Paris {Texas} “Peditos franceses” on their way to the Arc of Triumph, or some motorcycle brand from the local Indians on Peugeot’s Drive.

Might As Well Jump


An in-kind reminder that I did not select the order of the plywood history planks guarding the perimeter of The CDG museum in front of ‘The Toad’s’ little palace on the Alexandre/Élysées bridge.

And in case you missed our Santiago de Cuba Spécial, the band began, as Sergeant Pepper (en Chile) noted, and Eye quotes:

Just the facts, Ma’am

“at ten to six
When Mr. K. performs his tricks (apparently) without a sound…

_Porque estoy hecho tierra y si me tiran agua,
Ya tu sabes que me vuelvo fango
¡ay! ¡ay! le zumba el mango
Que una gota de agua me vuelva fango… »


WaWa no Enemy Pint gets.

Musical Guest:
Sir McCa and Fela on The Run…
If Eye Eva get outta Here.

Canal 26 RyTA presenta…

Breaking the news:

Page 44, “La Solución Somos Todos”.

Now is not the time to talk about John Lennon’s happiness giver.

America’s Legacy 2022 éditiOn.

Gas prices in the U.S. of A. are really going to put a toll on the TAG to drive a pregnant 10 year-old rape victim out of the Great pretender state of Ohio and over to “them Indiana boys” on the Petty line, —Tom.
🧅 Happiness is a warm gun… The Beatles.

Oh say can you see?

Previously on “El Camerino”

Note to EDITORS:

The following is a FAIR USE of the Government of LOZANO en AGS³, and a rear-view mirror look at one of the veins, an artery really, which I believe was ruptured by the Paris Préfecture de Police, because of my professionally certified, signed and delivered curiosity into the SIX-year term of the winner of the 2012 presidential election in the United Mexican States.

³~. “El Buen Patrón“, Carlos Lozano de La Torre
https ://www .lja .mx /2021/10 /carlos-lozano-hizo-de-las-suyas-y-no-lo-han-tocado-senala-reynoso-femat-que-se-investigue/

Symphaty for the Dedos

Plank No. 5, rue de Lobau (del mar*)

*.~ Contraesquina con ©️Celine VILLEGAS 🇨🇵/🇨🇱 who just happens to be dancing ☔ along the Street of Rivoli enfa{n}ce au $ommet £a $uisse.

Espace publicitaire

Still to come: Ewe can’t handle the CAR TUNES

Now, it’s back to Chanel N°5 at rue Lobau (Paris, Centre) where our “Strings with Character” correspondent is going to make a nose-dive 🛩️ on the very reason that little ol’Armando Segovia could not, Öüï repeat, COULD NOT complete the SIRENE fomulaire requested by La Bendita Prefectura de Policia en Cité; long-story short, ACCESS DENIAL of my dossier in order to provide proof of purchase.

And, Armando Serrano-Prieto, quotes:

Strings theory

SOFIAN , lycéen (ciado)

But first, perhaps you’ve heard about SKID ROW’S “Quicksand Jesus“, or maybe you are one of the privilèges few WHO has seen a los mentados ” Peces en el río“… anyhow, Baby Jesus, “it’s Knot One Of Those, [boom]” this motherfucker here is called:


Uso justo de los {pastores} alemanes.

Salvation 🪦 is not como DER SPIEGEL 🇩🇪 la pinta.
… 🎵🎵🎵 and I think to myself
WATT a Wonderful WO’id.,

Now, the one about the APOCALIPSIS en el País de Ana Anabitarte en El Universal de La Jornada, now that MOTHERFUCKER is right on target.

Over at El Pais de Ana Anabitarte… that “experiment” in Celestial Snookers that NASA sent a few weeks ago is showing positive results… next time, however, USE A BANANA FOR SIZE comparison.

Scientist find perfectly preserved Rocky Mountain Oysters¹ while De-constructing Le Grand Palais 🛩️… and Ale~many, Mucha~cheve follows, with Sarah, knot Silver~man.

¹.https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Hu%C3%AEtres_des_Rocheuses

https ://www .theguardian .com /science /2021 /dec /21 /scientists-find-perfectly-preserved-dinosaur-embryo-preparing-to-hatch-like-a-bird

Ran out of Bananas, Bobino, here’s “a güevo,” for size comparison with The Guardian at Le Grand Palais de GANZHOU, China.