Le baiser de paix — Page 111, Lectures de Proust

Meanwhile in Monaco… Checo takes a dive with FeCal. In Spain, Peña Nieto moves to Madrid, and in Sinaloa, en Sinaloa no pasa nada, except that in Acapulco, “AMLO’s” GOOD GUYS, are eating the heart right out of their rivals chests. It’s CANABALISM 101.

El reporte del tiempo, and of Symon’s Times.

Hoy por ser día de tu madre… to the question: “what is the height of Misery for you?”, a young Proust, dice Rafaël Enthoven, en la voz de un psicoanalista llamado Michael Schneider, that Marcel would respond:

Toxic masculinity… The Savage World, the year is AM* 40033, in Huxley’s Brave New World, the year is AF 2540. The ‘AF’ stands for After Ford. AM stands for “After Molière”.


ser separado de Mamá

And there is a reason for that and it has nothing to do with “…d’infantilisme”, as Rafa Enthoven described on page 113.

Fayard and FRANCE CULTURE published this excerpt in 2011 as part of a series that Enthoven called, “The New Paths of Knowledge,” and as a STARVING communicator³ (La carte de séjour « compétences et talents ») I can relay to FRANCE CULTURE —in 2022— that those “nouveaux chemins”  are eeriely similar to Huxley’s BRAVE NEW WORLD, and a particular research that has turned into PAIN PERDU.

³~. As it pertains to this blog’s section called Una Comedia de Enredos, and A Funny Thing Happened on The Way To The Forum, I can now tell officer BRUNO, clerk Menou, and the PREFECTURE de Police at Cité that a LEADING Cause for my homelessness is rooted in the philosophy of Mexican Politicians in FRANCE (during the Year of Mexico in France 2011 and 2015) starving journalists to death, and of course THE ∴ freemason ∴ on la rue Cadet, Paris 7éme.

Knot that there is anything wrong with it… unless mommy’$ Lawyer argues for sole custody and uses nice “replacement theory” to cover up a clear case of Parental Alienation Syndrome.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/05/24 /politica /a-periodistas-hay-que-matarlos-de-hambre-alejandro-moreno/


Katie Phang, I would hate to be on the wrong side of the court-room from where you sharpened your COLMILLO (pronounced fang en Inglés del bueno) and here is why, the problem with that “masculinity” segment that you closed your weekend with is that like Judge Veronica Castro at the Walmart in Cielo Vista (El Paso, Texas) I get the feeling that you put all MEN on the other side of FAMILY LAW that you are defending in the same BALDE (bucket) of Ted Cruz in Cancun.

Les journalistes “doivent être affamés***“: Alejandro Moreno

Note to editors: Listen to Marble Man in Nice, France…
https ://apnews .com /article /uk-court-reject-johnny-depp-appeal-wife-beater-ruling 6802370 f6e080c19cbdac 50a244a5e2d

***~. And, Judge Castro, as you know, “affamé” is a false friend of « afamado ».

And, Jonathan Capehart — I am going to fuse you with that overall-wearing Jasmin in Uvalde because she raised a point about “mommy’s” new boyfriend, in the process I am going to shorten that fucking SENDERO para los luminosos de FRANCE CULTURE… “Si nos dejan“.

Over at The Whiteness of Wealth Channel, it’s Death and Taxes, Cutie!

“The Mouse is family”… Walt Disney, French entrepreneur and creator of The Beatles.

And in Washington it‘s NATIONAL New Jersey THEY!
Narrated by Stephanie Ruhle in the Role of Elvira, Mistress of pundits.

Paul’s broken a glass… a glass that fucking Mouse, broke… and Willie Geist, how’s the Freaky Feedback in REEL TIME? “You need Mí on THAT WALL! »…

For the record… on The Underground Garage© it’s the story of Mojitos on The Run… The Lost Havana Sessions of The Beatles. SILVIO DANTE, head consiglieri at AU PIED du COCHON, a joint at THE BORDER LIMITS of Les Halles and Montorgeuil acquired by Carmela Soprano.

You’ve been had! Bamboozeled! Suckered into the Theme Park beliving “that The Walrus was Paul »… YOU FOOLS!!! The Walrus is a Mouse dressed for The Halloween Mystery Tour at Disneyland® Paris™.

The View

And over at the Yesterday channel… 19:17 to be, it’s Cherokee, Nation… as seen by The Epic / Volume 3
https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /club-jazzafip-du-mercredi-13-octobre-2021

Indeed, Saint David Ignatus… indeed, why would the Admin treat friends like that

Ladies in Gemini, the plane has landed.
Please remain seated while the plane makes its way to the EM•barca•Dero en Trocadero.

And Bob Costa… if you could save time in a bottle, what would you talk about when you open it up, —you Sum’bitch?

Eye tells you what Mika Brezezninski would talk about, if she would be like say, be chillin’ à la Côte d’Azur… she’d be talking about the SYNDROME Cannabinoïde:

https ://www .cnews .fr /monde /2021-09-19 /syndrome-cannabinoide-quel-est-ce-mal-qui-touche-les-fumeurs-de-cannabis -1127773

or some po’American Girl missing (RIP)in the USA. Word in MARS is that the po’bitch turned into a Cow, or Mickey Mouse. In WORLD KNEWS, if you believe that the Marines who expired at an airport in Kabul, died protecting children then DISNEY most definetly needs to make a feel-good movie about it, and leave out all of the context in that plot. YOUNG AMERICANS.

In local news, NANCY REAGAN’s “Just Say No” campaign is making a comeback at the TWO Théâtres del Pueblo de París³ (en Châtelet), of course, to get the details on this fucking musical rfi International needs to stop shooting at Mí, the messenger.

³… backward difference, page 2, N°2608, Friday, September 17, 2012; CNEWS matin:
L’Œil de Praud

…[L]e 18e arrondissement, est un
symbole de ce qu’est la France
aujourd’hui : Yada, Yada, Yada. Les
Jardins d’Eole sont un scandale
français. Il renferme tous les maux
de notre société : immigration,
violence, drogue, mais, surtout,
je le redis, impossibilité, impuissance à régler le problème.

In other words (literally): COMO México no hay DEUX

https ://kiosque .cnews .fr /player /?q =NEP&d =2021-09-17&c =CNEWS

… [E]l distrito 18 es un
símbolo de lo que Francia es
hoy: Yada, Yada, Yada. Los jardines de Eole son un
escándalo. Contiene todos los males
de [su] sociedad: la inmigración,
la violencia, las drogas, pero sobre todo,
Repito, la imposibilidad e impotencia de resolver el problema.

Over at Telemundo… Cousin Joe is reviewing a new show called “Las Más Cabronas” starring Kamala Harris.

Breaking the News At the Emmys:
Stephanie Ruhle won All Of The Daytime Emmys.

Deer, Stephanie Ruhle… Öüï has already established that the Vice-president is not going to touch HAITI in Del Rio (Texas) with a 10-foot pole (punto y coma) the VIP is busy with Doña TATI² in BAJA!!!

².) Mexican secretary of the economy

Que diriez-vous de ces vagos*, eh

Que diriez-vous de ces vagues, eh? Perdón, Perrine, quise solamente decir, Hola Maja! You look swell in kaki. HOW’eva, you sexy morning muse, the face on that big Wave is not that of Neptune, Neptune is a fag; Eye have it on the Highest of Authorities that the face on that Vague is non other than LOBITO¹.

L’Œíl #731; Fev MMXX, page 131: Un Si Fabuleux Destin… “and Amelié will like it too!”

… [A]nd, Avi Velshi, i don’t know if the signal reaches over yonder, but it looks, from Mr. Mat RivRin most FANTASTICAL snapshotf, that Lobito is wearing a… how should i put it‽ How should i put IT… a YES! A charreada sombrero, and riding a Seahorse, —Buck.

Over on Le Menu National, pg. 19 of nº 3609, on 20minutes dot france:
CARNE ASADA para GIGNAC and HOLY SHIT!!! The French just invented The motherfucking SUPERBOWL… Oh, SNAP! —+— The Humanity!!!

We begin today’s transmission from The Instituto Nacional de Geographi’a y las 7 mares o en dónde ‘asté quiera Perrine, but FO’ist:

Something, something, and then something in French .:. 016909B8-4E51-41FE-B5D3-51865FCC779A .:. ¡Aguas, Stefan! This BUD is for you, you French WaPo you. And Perrine, please be advised that we found the spot behind La École Superior de Journalism (casi esquina con Rue National—La Commune 75013/1871) where you used to Stand [there]. The shrine to your mémoires remains intact, although COLOMBO at Nº 3 Impasse National is a bit ticked’off on account that Les MELVILLES, a tribute band of the original Puget Sound, The motherfucken Melvins, cut the stream to Lindsey Reiser, o en su defecto, that Coffin dame. Anyhoot, 8DAN+ 1 LIVRET, Trucking follows.

I honestly never thought that i would get to see the news report that framed The Michelin Guide como un vil puchador* de platillos y bebidas clandestinas.

And this here, Bocuse is where Öüï Beguine to feature the INSTANT REPLAY on how ANTHONY motherfucken BOURDAIN went down (£it€ra££¥) à Pari$.

Inspired by the Spaceballs Rick Moranis helmet, That Etcheverry fellow, the one that hangs on Perrine como pulga de circo francés, he is now just trying on the latest look, it’s a look inspired by the Baywatch shack. Check it out:

In the role of Pvt. Benjamine… 🎶 football


Stefan Etcheverry is the long lost kidnapped son of Jefferson and Marcy d’Arcy… the young Etcheverry was kidnapped by, wait for it, wait… there she is, Christine Lagarde, yeah Buddy, that’s Buck pissing on the LifeGuard’s post.

1. Manuel “El Loco” Valdés.

Con el permiso* de Marianne Millon** : AVERTISSEMENT

This post has not been rated. but the real question is, does it rhyme with chacha’s tangas?

Let’s ask Don Goyo… and Thank You For Smoking.

I saw you closing the joint down when Luther was in town shooting Season 2, three floors above La Biblioteca de Babbel .:. AF64D841-B427-47A2-A362-98E79BA612EA 🎬 Action!

* With all DUE Respect.
** No pun intended it’s just the Wit missing a “tee” ¥a’££. Provided first that one actually believes the National (helicopter) Review.

It’s just another part, of another process, and Mateo García can’t let me tell a lie, before he flew over to Baja to shoot “Desierto” we spoke on the record, about life, music, weed prohibition, an old French truck —a relic really— that needed tweeking, and most important about Sir David Frost. The Larry King version for The Brits had died something “Like the Night BEFORE”, Avi Velshi; the knight before… get it? The Knight before .:. 937BEE98-FAE8-4137-89A4-BFF9444701E8 .:. IMdB won’t let me steer you the wrong way, un tal Jonás Cuarón está registrado como el co-autor d’ese rollo, detalle que nos aproxima a la guarida del inspector 🇨🇱 Óscar Peluchonneau… y el Venn Diagram de Pablo Gleason, Amigo de México y neoZapatista por la paz en Francia, o algo así.

Witt DAT in mind, pues… what’s up, Doc?
It’s 15h32 in Mother Mitch’s Mom, Issy,
i got your message; hav’at it,
Let the record show that if i wake to what i woke this morning at 02h30 in CET somebody is going to get shanked, i expected this at the underground, not at “el patrón’s” shack. Y no, it’s not my life, it’s just the horror part of the script.

I say good-bye to the 31 flavors of enero from (not to) the Parc des expositions Paris… allí mero en Technicolor™️ where preliminary hypotheses-es reveal that a lo mejor, tal vez maybe peut être que Perrine Storme knows how to rock a pair of button-fly’s DeNîmes, [well worn, Melle. Storme… well worn, indeed] on-the-fly néanmoins, let the record show that… the quickest güey entre dos tierras, son Los Heroes (así sin tildar) del Silencio. So with that “pequeño carnaval ambulante” you may loop-in with LUPÍN (el hijo ilegítimo del BRONCO Esparza, —en París) por aquí:

Más claro que el agua pa’chocolate
Deer, 105.1 FM please explain to your fellow Frogs that this entire rodeo around the Perimeter of BFM’er TV is all about the Pussy… cat named Teeny Tiny Cat, and here is why:

Lorem Ipsum:

Original text translation, pg. 9, Victus Barcelona 1714; Sánchez Piñol (ibid.)

Certains lecteurs de la première version m’ont interrogé sur l’authenticité de mon récit.

“Yi-eh ya le dijo así »:

… [J]e répondrai simplement que je me suis basé sur les conventions habituelles du ROMAn historique, qui stipulent de respecter les faits avérés tout en tolérant la fiction dans le domaine privé.

“Ay, jarai-ja-rai-jai_jarai-ja-rai-jai… Jarai—ja—y, Hi ».

Toutes les dates et tous les événements mentionnants des personnages historiques ou des éléments POLITIQUES (quién dijo “patatas bravas”) o militANT€$ sont exacts.

And it only took 7 decades; one for every Siglo de Torreón 🌬 9490CFFC-F75F-4469-8740-D2150DCA454A 🎥 Of course, if you are going to criticize Robert Rodriguez, first you Have To Be the Director son of a Mexican Ambassador to France just so you can tell Gabriel Figueroa that “Bobby” is not Mexican (1er Encuentros de Cinematográficos Viva México; Octubre 2013, Cinéma Lilas—75020 … Emilio Maillé, así con doña tilde, cabrón).

Par chance, les chroniques de la ¥ada, ¥ada de Barcelonette 2011/12 y Barcelona 1713/14 abondent et permettent d’entrer dans les jeans de Perrine à La Maison du le Mexique en La Ciudad UNAM de París (75014) if she let u.s. in.

IT”s A GLORIOUS Day, Miss Tyson — Oh Happy Days, In•Deed

And you know what they say about Glory, Miss Sícely¹

Exile on Main Street — Palabras tristes

Now, you might have the “Moo–ves” like Jagger (check), but I can see for Miles (eh!) and i”ve got the Hits like Tyson, Love (🖤) ain’t got nothing to do with, IT!

It’s the first Weekend of the rest of whatever, because (Kasie Hunt) “qué será, será” is all about the bass. And Jim Axios… i chose CRUSH! All the way.

And, Geronimo in Rome (F.A.O.²) this is your cue to Ketch-up! Get it? Because i am opening the line to Los Amigos de Chile en Nice… with musical guest:

Y tu mamá también / El espinazo del diablo

Page 97, or ‘dirty dancing para principiantes

89E3FAAB-83F3-462B-A9D4-2C3417008FF1 🛬 Page 98, The Faber Book of Cinema; Carlos Cuarón (writer/director):
It’s about context and México as a character… or about BACKBONE, or some feature that was missing en El Cinito Mexicano de París (2011-2016)… “Y tu mamá también” is a GOAT Film, period. The ideals of the greatest generation of filmmakers (according to Emmanuel Lubezki, since everything before him was shit) described in Jason Wood in 2006 proved to be a bit hypocritical (ask me why) but only because of the implications of the Year of Mexico in France, i am sure that all of the “burned bridges”, pg. 41, that Mr. Alfonso Cuarón burned with El P.R.I. had been fixed by the time THAT BERNARDO GÓMEZ stuck his hands into the Mexican Elections of 2006, 2012 and the most recent one in 2018³

³ There is an « hasterisk » on this one, néanmoins.

En contexto para don Cuarón, (unconfirmed U.N.C.L.E. of Mateo at Cinema 21 Christine)… you know that song, Mr. Cuarón? That creepy Police song that used to be played at Every (other) Fucking Wedding in the late 80’s? It’s exactly like that. 

… [Y]a sé, ya sé, Ya Lo Sé, Marco Antonio, “it’s probably Mí*”, but Eye can assure y’all that it’s KNOT ONE OF THOSE. Si no te hubieras ido sin despedirte (corriendo tras el culo de Jonathan Lamire at The AP) sabría usted instead:

PRCB 📣3410606C-9C68-494A-9252-C4B1EABF41A6

* Adios guayabera mía (si Los Baby’s fueran Los Yoniks)

Trascendió, que entre otras actividades, el año de 1989, previous to my career as a Tanker me encontró trabajando el rol de Ballroom Server en un Clarion Hotel on the foothills of La Sierra Nevada; proximity Mt. Baldy (it’s True) parallel to Route 66 entre SAN DIMAS and San Bernardino, now the difference between a Ballroom Server and a table waitress/waiter is VARIOPINTA. For starters, the tips for the Ballroom Severs is agreed upon before the engagement and, that cut is independent from the agreed upon hourly wage, which i can assure you that in 1989 in the Great State of California it was well above a waiter’s minimum wage. And then there were The Orders.

The difference between




The Rest of The Story. 


1 The name of the dearly departed has been modified to drive a…. Anyone? To drive a? Perrine, Ashley, JOHANNE GRACIA Poisson? ANYONE?

2 Food and Agriculture Organization. ROMA, Italia.

Programming Note: Jump to page Tú, cabrón.

*for the record, it’s not a personal issue; it’s a matter of public record, at least all of the parts worth mentioning. Today is the 10th anniversary of my arrival to CDG Airport. For the record, i was advised (through official channels) to: número Uno, collect all evidence that proves that indeed, i have been for an entire decade in France; numero Dos, …

Deer, John Mechum… please relay to NICOLE WALLACE, that pundit! That SHOWBOATING the Roman numeral 3 on the black mirror is no way to remind Mika, that she is Cousin Joe’s n° iii, and Brian Williams, first Blow me, with the Devil You Know (Del Toro may care) but that is just the CUE to 2015 (you know) when Nicole would not mention MY Name.

And for the record, Franck Figluzzi, or whatever your name is, the 3 that follows my callsign comes from my UTEP student account, and also because if you do the numbers, my birthday adds-up to the Number Pi, you know, “a finger in every pie”. 

No pun intended .:. 756657BD-C8B4-4253-8B34-7318AFF480BA Milk Follows… albur de amor… and of course, Perrine, you know thatRegina” is going to like it too! PERO COMO DICE “however do you want Mí–how’EVA do you knead Mí », it’s back to life, back to reality, o algo así, because JASON WOOD says that DIEGO LUNA invented “chilango”, which in the movie, Los Amores perros de Tu Mamá, tambor…🛎 is the vernacular used by Gael Bernal de Chabelo.

And about The Time in Hawaii, well, like the Moon last night, it’s the perfect meta to reach the Dark Side of the Moon on account that it is 24 hours on the inverse of a Sand Dial… but that is not it, no Sir, THAT IS KNOT IT, fucker, because for that surface you need to send your DEA hounds to AGUASCALIENTES Tv 26 and ask SHARON there if she figured out who SASHA Montenegro was, and what sort of HILOs she wears.

Now about those “Nike” AirMax… i am Moore of a Reebok and Vans kind of cowboy now. OUTLAW? You’betcha Bitch!

A quick programming note, the hotel at 32 rue Bourdonnais did not play BFM’Tv, and so i leave you with this other NOISE.

Watch this Space… it’s going to send a laser beam straight to that HOLE where the Sun don’t Shine, and it’s for a GOOD CAUSE, it will clear your dingleberries… Wit Fire, notwithstanding.