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Issy, El Chavo hizo su entrada en 1971… diez días después de que mi tocayo Lenin Armando Salgado capturase aquellas épicas fotos en Blanco y Negro del “Jueves de Corpus”, el 20 de junio de 1971, « pero no sé lo vayas a decir a nadie » porque LA HISTORIA OFICIAL de Azcárraga en TELEVISA dicta que “El Chavo del 8” just turned 50 years of syndication. ISSY, “ONLY A FOOL, would say that » IMAGINE THAT, Johnny-boy.

More Time than life, and Alexis was a fag, and that’s a Phact!… After the break it’s La Épopée d’Un Américain en La France.

🎶 They’ve seen his face before…
Nobody was sure that he wasn’t
From the House of Rey Zambada,

Chaves… it’s 1936 and Brazil’s favorite wheels are about to hit them Volks, it’s as if Adolf Hitler knew that his FUSCA would fit like a lego® block with the “Brazilian Miracle” of the 1970’s thanks to the POISSON d’avril ditadura militar of Magalhães Pinto, Pereira de Barros, and of course Werneck de Lacerda, of 1965. Una batucada militar que aguantaría hasta 1985, and that’s no lie, ask The Santos ⚽ in Brazil, not that George in Washington on the frame below.

The Cult of Personality… In Living Colour… y 🕛 de pronto … 🕧 … 💥 Flash! La Chica del Bikini Azul.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2022/12/30 /⚽ /Murió el Mozart del futbol, pero su leyenda pervivirá

1936: en Alemania, Adolf Hitler implementa un nuevo vehículo, práctico y de bajo costo: el Escarabajo³, de la fábrica Volkswagen (‘vehículo del pueblo’). En México, pero por aquello del año del 2023, Andrés López invites “The Führer” to install his “VOCHO” factory in Puebla de Zaragoza.

³~. Quick programming note, according to the IMdB trivia sector, both Chiquinha  and Chaves   are BEETLE fans all the way to the break-up of esa Maldita Vecindad.

Last Week To They, reprise de Yesterday en RFPP 106.3 fm

Over at RFPP, JUANITO GUANABACOA has been cleared by the 🇨🇵 Ministère de Culture to FINALLY give his three-cents over the 📻 waves on the recently concluded trial of Genaro García Luna. The AUTO-censorship displayed by Juanito Guanavacoa during the ENTIRE month of January and part of February is 🎼 Pathetic, if not unfortunate but clearly Knot Ironic.

Öüï, the staff, can only begin to speculate as to what could have been the reasons why, “le regie” of l’émission hebdomadaire of Décalage Horaire would, pretty much, like Joe Scarborough on the Morning Mika Show, not touch the Genaro García Luna trial coverage with a 3145 km pole.

One thing is for certain, better safe than sorry. Why bring up something that might implicate any given French official in the García Luna’s Rolodex® before the judge delivered the findings from Genaro García Luna’s peers and quite possibly, Genaro García Luna’s customer base en la Ciudad de Nueva Yorky París, aussi.

Getting back to “Ordem e Progresso

1973 . Au Mexique , pour la première fois (after the ORIGINAL Pilot, which aired in 1971 on an independent station) un chapitre de CHAVES est publié en La Fundación Televisa.

1935Adolf Hitler orders the Luftwaffe to be re-formed, pasándose de esa manera a Led Zeppelin by his Rocky Mountain Oysters during The Paris International Pharm Expo, and thus violating the provisions of The Treaty of La Porte de Versailles.

Over at the ESCP*, Alma Mater⁸ of Mexican President Francisco I.Madero, The Echos of la profesora Florence Pinot-Girafales are sounding like a “patheticMozart tune, when she sentenced during an elDorado conference:


*~.« Apprendre à oser », The HEC (hautes études commerciales) is also part of the network of business schools (ESC) of the CCI Paris Île-de-France with ESSEC and ESCP Business School, forming the group of “three Parisians”. Like the ESCP Business School, the HEC Paris is a consular institution of higher education (EESC).

México is infiniment plus facile que le Brésil

Florence Pinot de Villechenon
Le Mexique, un elDorado Retrouve ?

https ://www .gemdev .org /infosgemdev /?p=6738
Jeudi, 7 novembre 2013
ESCP Europe (salle Europe)
75011 M-3 Saint-Maur


The best water, comes from Santa Qatarina, Nuevo Lyon

GACHUPINES con GUAYABERA in CUBA and VERACRUZ follows (fascism for the good masses), period!


Los Hilos de Sasha en las bragas de Hidalgo… and before mister BARBOSA misinterprets, please be reminded that when Antonio Aguilar crooned the first ever “Rancho Grande” over satellite communications, en el ‘supremo gobierno’ de los EEUUMM, Gustavo Díaz Ordaz commissioned Antonio’s calzones to el ‘tiro’ en El bunghole★ del ranchero tejano, Lyndon Baines Johnson’s.

★~. 👖entrejambe

Sponsored by the Agence France Presse and The Mexican consulate in Paris, France.

Ask yourself, if you follow the CitÉ poliTicks at l’universite de Paris, why did the JALISCO ambassador stay in office at Longchamps after “el peje” won the populus ELECTION?

The Answer My Friend…

Is Blowing in CARLOS SLIM’S 💋 lips.


With All Due Respect to San Ignatius de Los WaPos goes here, ISSY—context for Jamal Khashoggi’s wife goes here.

Step right in Eye has Six of these babies in stock ready to quench that Canicula³ like a freezed-damped WaWa lingette through le ARC de Triomphe².

Drink Beer or Die
… motherfuckers hijos de puta
… et al.

Sponsored by ScienesPo and Alain “GATT” Rouquié.

Alain Rouquié is on VACATION and could not be reached for comments, Latin American culos cocked blocked the encounter… and then they INSTALLED a kool-aid guru in Pemex to quench LA INTERNACIONAL SOCIALISTA thirst for POPULIST POWER



If-and-Only if you call now in the next HAAB¹ you will also get a Topo Chico with Lime.

https ://www .mayaarchaeologist .co .uk /public-resources /maya-world /maya-calendar-system/

In case you missed it, our blog centers in México [wit acento en LA eh], however, it would mean NUTTIN’ if the issues that I raise, would not affect the whole of humanity, —and la bendita Francia también.

WaWa Wars…
now infused with Narco Gwar supplements.

Must be a gear head to participate. Restrictions apply. Coma Frutas y Verduras.


Naturally… 🥑 ∆ 🥑



Officially, Florida Gates is a dick… Viejas Feas rock


Peep Ol’s Try To Put US Down.


[Context for, it rhymes with… goes here]

¹~. https ://www .eluniversal .com .mx /nacion /sociedad /asi-surgio-la-frase-haz-patria-mata-un-chilango


It rhymes with Abdul, Carambar!

Fuck you, Jon Stewart… sincerely, Agent Orange.

Contemporaneous³adjective, as in: Pythagoras 🇬🇷  was contemporaneous with Buddha… 🥢 at the White House ☎️ line.

³ ~. 🇸🇦

The following is sponsored by the Be All That You Can Be Council on Foreign Revelations

But Wait! If you join NOW you’ll get a bucket of Kentucky’s Own Depleated Uranium reticles for your SPECTACLES and birth control glasses for the rest of your life.

S9 birth control glasses, the only authorized tool to prevent pregnancies in the Ranks and Files. Join now and get a special Texas case for your Birth Control Glasses.

Fight fire, Wit Fire – Jump In The Fayah

Any hoot, Señora Rima, it’s a good thing that your Culture Monkees Club does not keep tabs on on this Never Ending Scroll, otherwise you might be wondering why our special Daily Show Edition is dedicated to your Ministry, but for that you would have to ask your ELDERS (from 2011) at la rue Saint Honoré (currently PARIS Centre°), the request was a full-schedule of the Mexican Spectacles crossing over The Atlantic to tell the French “How Mexico, is a lot easier than Brasil”.

Naturally (in 2022) I now realize that when EVERY block of your institutions is in one way or another, connected with the CLUSTER of associations of the Law of 1901, it doesn’t matter how “charming or competent” the person in charge of the reception floor might be, and never mind the “elegance”… Auréline Garcia (3 weeks ago on Google Maps), when the VENEZUELAN (from Guadalajara, Jalisco, México) and PERUVIAN intelligentzia at the Unesco have their fingers all up in The Latin American (air conditioned) Bureau desk of the Agence France Presse (2011-12-13 and 2014)… ISSY, “Alerta que camina, la espada de la recepcionista de BOLIVIA).

https ://www .google .com /maps /contrib /114322233227326323035 /place /ChIJnygmRANu5kcRvCBK2eVEsYY /@45.6814764,2.3386125,6z/data=!4m6!1m5!8m4!1e1!2s114322233227326323035!3m1!1e1?hl =fr

Available also in Viejas FEAS model.

La Austeridad Republicana de Mohammed ben Salmane ben Abdelaziz Al Saoud en Francia

From the Soul, así no se puede hacer mon¥.
Unless you are “La Hija de Silvia Pinal”³.

³~. https ://www .albumcancionyletra .com /corregir_abuso-de-autoridad_de_el-tri_letra__ 181258.aspx
°$ubstitute, “la Hija de Silvia Pinal” por « la sobrina de Marcelo Ebrard ».

Well, if freedom fighters fight freedom, what do fire fighters fight? That there is a suplex on a George Carlin’s masters class dealing with a word salad called: “€uphemisms”.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Suplex

Wonderfoule… or whatever your stage ID is, please be advised that Eye fears no Talking Heads.

Still to come, Brad Pitt

Aún hay más 🤏🏽 Siempre en Velasco, con Raúl en domingo

And, Cerf-panthere, i see your message to Capt. Rat, and Eye raises you Los Hilos de Sasha en Hawaiian Punch QWARTZ:



Efeméride: It was 70 years ago that Queen Elizabeth entered the “throne”, the Queen has been hoggin’ the “throne” ever since… her MONOPOLY of The THRONE is driving her subjects crazy after all these JEERS!!! In no small part because those fucking PLEBEYOS have to use the OUTHOUSE downunder, if you know her Witt.

Queen Consort and all that Jazz

🎶👉🏼🎩 Short-Cut Tú Di End…. Mhmm, mhmm, mhmm, mhmm — y mesa’l que más aplauda.

Retired BBC Panorama director, 76, found with 832 child abuse images gasps in shock as he avoids jail after judge
https ://www .dailymail .co .uk /news /article-10402929 /Retired-BBC-director-76-832-child-abuse-images-gasps-shock-avoids-jail .html
said his ‘poor health’ would make prison ‘particularly challenging’ during pandemic

Total! Si no tengo tus Bezos…
https ://www .dw .com /en /uganda-french-and-chinese-oil-giants-launch-megaproject /a-60627764

And, GO’ill de Niza, you {DO} realize that our METER is like a TAXI on STAND-by, eh! Anyhow, I bet you can’t spot the fish on them pavés? Here, allow {} to show you the guards that the TOTAL lawyer knocked out at Victor Hugo’s quad. Focus now:

Let’s use the LEFT guard cylinder on that pretty DOOR as our y=f(x) (0,0) starting point.

Clerance Thomas, Associates in Justice, Bush Community College.

So, with that information in Hand, here is the plot to that SILVER belly TUNA but as usual, IT DON’T MEAN a THING if you don’t Show Your WORK:

( – 5 , – 7 )

Uganda es infinitamente más fácil que Senegal.
Florence Pinot

ESCP Europe’s academic cooperation with Latin America
(transliterated from Spanish)

And, Lindsey Reiser… “Y tu mamá también », meets a Cherokee Chief singing “in la Île-de-Hawaii » is Music They Eve

FLORENCE, si puedes tú con Diego hablar… comunícale que “Si Yo Fuera de lugar, Maradona… in the mean time, it is 21h50 at the 5ème and as Promised…1 🌬2💨and it’s a 1/4 to the Eleventh Hour, 🎵 You don’t have to go home, but you got’z to get a fuck out of the Arena and into the pavement, hit the road Frogs!

Dentils for that ⬆️ follows…


RUDO WAS A FAG, and CURSI was off-course, PUTOoooooh!

Dear, LORDE! Senator McCain is trolling Vercingetorix at Les Arènes de Lutèce.

Like a drunk baby wearing only a piece of hide (probably from a stag) for diaper The Maverick is screaming at The French King if he (that motherfucker) is Knot Entertained❗️

Still to come, Reino Aventura, starring Gerardo Ruiz Esparza (q.e.p.d.) in the role of Philippe de Villiers, the Kute Koch brother en Francés.

Francisco de Rozenzweig won’t let me, armando segovia, tell a lie, period on account that YOU MIGHT NEED A ‘post-graduate’ degree from the ESCP Campus Paris to know who the INFRASTRUCTURE secretary in Mexico was, when Florence Cassez was released en un ARREGLO BI NACIONAL  🇫🇷 y 🇲🇽 (2012-2017). Note to Thomàs “¡Qué feo estás! »…  🌕🌞🌝☀️🌬The Very French version of Richard Gere in the role of Mexican Secretary of  “infraestructureichon,” Gerardo Ruiz Esparza is brought to you by the only paper in France que “Ne Peut Étre Vendu Séparément » , from THE WALL STREET JOURNAL ( punto y coma) pas La Jornada de lOpinion Nº 2033 date: 18/19 juin, 2021… and of course, Los Putos de 20minutes… pas las putas de Gabriel García Meh! AND THOMÁS PESQUET… you are at the plate! Get a bat, motherfucker! To The Moonnnnnn!!!!

La bici de Cleta pasa… based on a reel Caravan, trou story… [A]nd AP LeMire, i don’t think that you are using “Slaughterhouse 5” terminology correctly, unless of course [🗯] if by « so it goes, » you mean that the Eastern Conference of Major Baseball Leagues is dead as Disco in the Era that Reagan’s life was spared… TRIPLE PLAY ON THE HASS beans follows.


To They in His-tory:

Rollin’ Stone of the Blogs… les “inrockuptibles… are fags, period full stop, unless Cerf-panthére wants to close the quote.

Eye Blame Jodie Foster—D.A.T. Bitch!

Las fuentes de Las Cruzadas de doña Vilma

En Francia… en Francia no pasa nada, Marianne:

We don't do facebook, but

Öüï does not do the facebook, but given the occasion and being the THEY after “Black Friday”, we said, fuck it .:. https ://facebook .com /brut officiel /videos /132768011709329/?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fold.reddit.com%2Fr%2Ffrance%2Fcomments%2Fk2rnhx%2Fmanifestation_%25C3%25A0_paris_un_crs_au_sol_se_fait%2F&_rdr

“And one day, sans la moindre raison, les Français elected Marine Le Pen”
Via: /r/france

After all it was IN•deed, the very French who went ahead and invented “The Crusades”, the most recent one was of course lead by Professor Alain Rouquié in 2012, WHO can forget his welcoming words to then President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto:


*Hasterisk 🇫🇷 5F5D5A25-4ADA-4EA6-B978-4836E15CAD73 🇲🇽 *CON NOMBRE: FRANÇOIS HOLLANDE, President of The 5th French Republic.

Lo bueno del regreso del PRI, es de que ellos sí saben como gobernar.
Sciences Po

Feb. 1, 2012 2013 (perdon)

Quick programming note, Leoncio Orellana (arquitecto de profesión, y capataz del profesor Rouquié en La Casa de América latina en Paris, 27 Blvd. Saint Germain-des–Près) warned me about it when he gave me his blessing to conduct interviews at the most navel-gazing place for Latin Americans in Paris, he told me (Armando Segovia) after commending me for embarking on such “sueño guajiro” as uncovering Mexican corruption in France could prove to be:

The Sad Part

https ://monoaureo .com/2020/11/27/mananero/ .:. 46418EE0-CD60-4C94-981D-090507014F64 .:. The sad part about this Cartón Político is that back in February of 2012, at the Mexico’s House at Cité International Universitaire de Paris, the MORENA–Francia founding committee members; at the time called, “El Frente Amplio de Izquierda mexicana” laughed me out of the Benito Juárez (kitchen hall, not the actual hall) when I suggested that people were starting to notice their CULT-LIKE behavior. Y mira, —can EYE get an AMen!

Be careful, because journalism is not always about “the poor.

and as Tabasco went under water after a recent Greek-alphabet letter hurricane, it turned out that “el buen Leo” was right. It’s about saving the president’s PET PROJECTS, such as a refinery instead of the underprivileged citizens in Tabasco, which happens to be the Mexican President’s home state. LIKE his outgoing superior in Washington, Donald Trump, president López Obrador hates his home state… look it up, with Governor (NY) Cuomo, Andrew [Oneeach].

Mean while here at doña Vilma’s neighborhoods, and as far back as 10 minutes in France are concerned, recording someone without their permission or knowledge has been a crime against FRENCH ETHICS, just ask President Hollande’s predecessor, Nicholas Sarkozy, WHO IS CURRENTLY undergoing legal proceedings for inventing the French Talents and Skills Visa.


https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /First_Crusade

https ://monoaureo .com/2020/11/27/mananero/

Aquilatada, Vilma Fuentes… ever heard of a “guy” called PINK FLOYD?

Issy, doña Fuentes, a lo mejor su colega doña Poniatowska, ella con su sangre azul, sí ha oído hablar d’ese güey, SIN Embargo, doña Lira Saade; en caso de que estos dos patrimonios del Instituto Francés en la colonia ROMA, no sepan quién chingados es ese cabrón del FLOYD, pues el señor monero Helguera registró una “caricatura” que hace ECO con los “Cherokees” de Paname, ‘ora verá doña Fuentes cómo RIGO, —señora—, es AM♥R.

Anagrama grama bobana

ROMA, —Señora— un giRo .:. 750CCA09-EA01-4FC3-8D84-451151B395B5 🧶 Ana Ana Bobana Ana Grama Banana Bobana, ¡Ana!

MI MATA•MOROS QUERIDO, Nunca Te Podre Olvidar.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020 /08 /27 /politica /011n1pol — La banca de desarrollo financió con 9 mil mdp planta “chatarra” de fertilizantes •
Se hizo cuando un hijo de De la Madrid era director del Bancomext; participó el hoy gobernador del BdeM  


The NAFTA In The Backyard

Eldorado reloaded

Gama de un Fragmento Fronterizo es cortesía de La Nota Nostra y arrobajuarez [punto] com —_— Contexto sindical en tres tandas a continuación.

Tale of the tape:

Contexto de un sindicalista con los pies en la tierra a seguir…. —_~ Uso justo de todos los canadienses y de todos los medios también.

“Trade openness: the fact; and let me tell you that, compared to Brazil (Oderbretch) Mexico (PEMEX) is—FOREVER—easier, and that is why Mexico is top exporter…[1]” yada, yada, yada*.


Source: https://asegovia3.com/2014/11/11/11-de-nov-2/


Apertura comercial: el hecho; aquí déjenme decirles que, comparado a Brasil, (Oderbretch) México (PEMEX) es In–Fin–i–Ta–Mente más fácil, y no por nada México es el primer exportador [1]”… yada, yada, yada*.

* Tangente interesante with a Sean Penn** bonus:

Did you know that former white house strategist, and current nativist Steve Bannon gets a bit richer everytime a Seinfeld episode airs around the world? It’s true, the biggoted white nationalist might foster a hatred for the Tribe of Abraham, but he sure like them syndicated royalties.
Source: http ://www .nme .com /news /tv /larry-david-steve-bannon-seinfeld-2058390 

Fair use of “los bad amigos” de Steve Bannon y su ex jefe: Donald John Trump. ~_~ Uso justo del monoaureo y “el fisgón”.

** Ehyyyyy—who gave this Bolivarian bastard access to El Chapo?El PRI, Steve Bannon, el PRI y el PAN that’s who.

ProMéxico Advert promo for the bout:

¡No, no, no! CANADA, con una chingada, en México la prole le tiene que Chingar; más, y màs, e infinitamente más!” dijo en una traducción [transliterada] el presidente del Consejo Coordinador Empresarial.  Por si fuera poco, aunque por otro renglón en el mismo pliego de información, Gustavo de Hoyos Walther, presidente de la Confederación Patronal de la República Mexicana (Coparmex), calificó de “utópica”, la noción de igualar quincenas en Saltillo o Monterrey, por decir, con las de Toronto o Vancouver. Por supuesto, eso se traduce a que: en Saltillo o Monterrey (dice el chinguetas de la Coparmex) los maquileros y las maquileras están pendejos; y por demás pendejas, si creen que la delegación de la Copramex salió de viaje a negociar el NAFTA 2.0 —en su favor.

Don’t miss
The NAFTA In The Backyard
brought to you

ProMexico, “Dime–a–dozen“… because labor laws in Mexico: are easy.

and by:

Sean Penn productions.                             A mockumentary about Sean Penn, directed by the PGR***.                            In theaters June 1, 2018.

Nunca habíamos oido mencionar a ningún Jerry Días, pero falta—mucha falta que hace en el discurso del NAFTA 2.0 una voz como la de él. En fin, para la gente bonita de Buzzfeed, la transposición del fragmento del cuadro de arriba, transcrito por M. Merlo (corresponsal) quiere decir lo siguiente: … En México, (como en Buzzfeed [punto] com) no hay con quién hablar; todo elemento en esos organigramas (de la CTM, por decir) solamente siguen la horma del pariente o el padrino que les legó el puesto. —_— Fragmento cortesía de lapoliticaonline [punto] com y M. Merlo… Más contexto a seguir.

*** Procuraduría General de la República; Mexico’s Attorney General                      and its armed “hounds”

En fin Lic… todo [en] México es análogo al fút:


Fragmento de la nota de Eduardo Torreblanc Jacques en El Financiero [punto] BLOOMBERG .com —_— Context follows. Source: http ://m .elfinanciero .com .mx /opinion /salarios-el-coco-de-las-pymes-ante-nafta .html

Frequency hop: We now return to our regular deProgramayshión.

… mientras tanto en el Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Industría Petrolera en TULA (Hidalgo) una maquina desessndía descendía el escenario de don Emilio Lozoya y el consorcio Oberbretch:

Deux–ex—machina… fragmento de la toma de una pompa de gasolina eléctrica (análoga) de los años 90’s en los alrededores del Parque Choisy, 75013.     —_~  Context follows.

entre los otros “aguas” que también se van desarrollando del otro lado de “el sueño americano* de Adam Conover, también está nuestra pesadilla diaria de cada fin de semana:

el fút como Circo y reflejo ordinario de por qué estamos como estamos.

Y por esa razón, pues en la próxima entrada de este su pinchurriento blog, [el staff] hace un CrowdSource:

especialmente dirigido a mi amigo Gustavo (que no nos lee) y a Kat Rampell del WaPo en msnbc (quién no nos pela)

sobre una crónica fronteriza que se llama “La Nota Nostra” del Lic. Ramón Quintana Woodstock; y una opinión desde el “Universo de los pymes” de las teclas de Lalo TorreBlanc Jaques.

Bueno, Gustavo… quedamos péndulos con Lo de ‘los’ Buzzfeeds y el “encuentro” el la sede de la UNESCO, así de que: context follows, ahorita regresamos, eh, vamos primero al escusado—a tirar la masa.

… al regresar:

Jerry Días (Sindicalista Canadiense)


Juan Pablo Castañon (Presidente del CCE** – Mexicano)

Órale… Uso justo de Brozo xmiwebs. Lozoya es del mero Chihuahua, del mineral de Parral, y escuchen todos señores, que es corrupto* ñoño y… Y como en México no pasa nada ya verán que hasta absuelto sale d’esta… (* según El Globo, un cotidiano de Brasil).