Romance in El Chamizal… SIX DEGREES of Adolfo López Mateos


— “Qué bonito reloj, señor Presidente ».

Anne Marie Mergier* to former Mexican president, Manuel Àvila Camacho

John 🇮🇪 Fritesgerald 🇺🇸 Kennedy to his homologous homeboy south of Paisano 🇲🇽/🇺🇸 Drive :

Adolfo López Matón
Mexican Constitutional C.I.A. agent.

https ://www .excelsior .com .mx /opinion /mario-melgar /2013/05/07 /897765

December 1, 1958 – November 30, 1964


³~. Programa Nacional Fronterizo, the Original “FRONTCHI” license plate de la calle STANTON, en El Paso, Texas..

Note to professor Alain Rouquié 🇫🇷 :

Ni modo que Víctor Manuel Quintana Silveyra me deje mentir, el profesor por muy mocho y PANista que se haya convertido is from Chihuahua, and Chihuahuitas as loud as they bark, are not liers liars, Chihuahuitas are LEGIT little fellows¹, any how, professor Rouquié, that’s a solid enough reason of why “El Vic”, as his then political colleagues referred to Dr. Quintana could not let Mí lie,  but mostly because I sat through his Cátedra about the Mexican Political PANorama of 1850 to 2012, designed for BoBos at la bendita’ Sorbonne’s Annex², which happens to be in front of Sciences Po at the IHEAL, casi esquina con Le Basile.

Wit D.A.T., in mind…

Live from Torreón, it’s Ciro Gómez LerDo, starring, yet again, The Pinche C.I.A. and “All The President’s Peoples”… Ojo, Rapha Moran, because Eye can link in less than THREE BEATS a “El Moro” ÁVILA con el présidente mexicano (MANUEL) que le otorgó “la palanca” a tu madrina* en la APRO (proceso magazine) when she was a recent arrival from La Alliance Française à CHAPULTEPEC.

*~. Anne Marie Mergier


[Fester the copy editor, redacts]

— By the time that the AP correspondant had figured out the charm of Hueco Tanks, the French dame who used to peddle the Ciudad Juárez’ “maquiladora twin city report” for The El Paso Times had dropped her sleuth instincts and traded them for a benevolent pay check at a local NGO foundation who looked out for the health and legal well being of undocumented border crossers.

Over on Texas Drive, the wife of the U.S. Border Patrol’s Chief of Communication was their star reporter, and of course the 🇪🇦 EFE 🇪🇦 string cheese reporter at the El Diario de Juárez hub in Samalayuca-en-Dunas.

It’s 2005 and the CONNECTION to LEE HARVEY OSWALD is locked-up in a Border Patrols holding tank on the Road to Horizonte and Hueco Tanks on Montana Avenue and I am the AFP string 🧵 in your HILOS ‘fly on the WALL 🧱’.


Note to RFPP 106.3 fm Paris:

Dear, communists del consumerismo solidario afrancesado (Emisión AMERICAS and the Juanito Guanabacoa SHOW) please relay to your Spanish broadcasters to feel free to COPY my text for their sometimes “political” and sometimes “es_pecta–culos” show en, “Aquí somos, aquí estamos” de SoFy Velasco.

³~. Listen up Coqsuckers 🇫🇷 at radio france international:

Let Mí Take Ewe Down
‘CUS!!! Eye is going to
Strawberry Dunas…
🌯 En Villa Ahumada.

🌬️ I bet Freddy Cats didn’t think that Öüï, that motherfucker, could re-load his, Freddy’s not mine, little boulangerie cholos of 2011 á Montreuil–sous–Peaches Fields 🍑.

Even Flow — What A Difference A Day Makes

La memoria de tus mamadas en Costa Rica un poema de mi tío, Rafael Caro Quintero, para Sara Cosió:

El Año de México en Francia presenta: la memoria de tus mamadas y los hilos de Sasha.

Ciudades Hermanas

You’ve been Tagged by Amandititititita (2011)
Les femmes s’en mêlent festival… sponsored by The Year of Mexico in France {and} of Course, priméxicoproxico.

Un día 28 d’enero … 🛫

Cómo me hiere’SA fecha

Let the jury in Jura know that EVEN THOUGH, even though, our most-esteemed copy-editor and gambling-foo’Extraordinaire, Fenster Fo’fingers Quintero GUZMÁN, is slotted to go the WAY of Genaro Garcia Luna in New York City, this imminent FRONT extradition of Benicio Del Toro will not hinder in anyway THE FUNK that Eye is about to bring upon thee, on that silly Île de la Cité.

_Un hombre fuera de séries… (2017)

yada, yada, yada,

platicando con su concubina

él estaba descuidado…

Número cinco:

Where the streets have no name.

And in Washington: it’s Day Two of Hoy No Hubo Jazz

Hell froze over, and the Talking Head working at the Laundry Room sent us to FOX NEWS after a request from our favorite Orange County [California] purplest pundit, Nicolle Wallace. Öüï can now confirm what an Italian by the name of Dante pictured in his little book about Circles in the Underground: “Fair and Balanced” tastes like a cold Subway’s®️ sandwich… it’s boring.

Cousin Joe's new book

In a nutshell .:. A6B3A8FB-18CB-4A8E-9B9D-8E14E9E5E6B9 .:. Cousin Joe’s new book; pages from Foreword to Appendix.

And in Washington, former Flori-Bama Congressman and current Blind Alabama Dumb Country Baseball pitcher coach, Joseph Charles Scarborough the Third (off-course) just wrote a book, it binds together 1000 pages and they all echo what this handsome fellow once said on Free Speech Tele Vision: It’s An Eminence Front over at the 45th version of the White House, “it’s a put-on”, or something like that.

And isn’t, IT!, ironic… over at Deadline, Arizona, the F.B.I. Wey is not talking, at least not inside of one of Nicolle’s frames, true to form on this section of the peacocks, Frank Figluzzi just went ahead and phoned, IT!, in over a “tapped” telephone line.

For the record

Page 37 of M, “le supplément au Monde n° 23514/2000 for Saturday, August 15th of 2020 “Screens on the edge” features something about how French cinema is adding pigment to its fabric and updating its codes. 🎬 4E8C417C-FE52-451F-8FA4-F44526107C7B 🎥 A quick search for the word “inclusion” embedded on any given dictionary returns this little pebble from a quarry: a body or particle of distinct composition embedded in a rock or other material.


For the record, öüï would like to relay that it is 2 in the morning in Central Europe Time and, that the devil did not make him do it. On the contrary, and as a matter-of-fact, the files from the Bobigny préfecture won’t let Mí lie, the task is what the Latins used to call, Propter Honorem, as in for the pleasure that the task brings, or something like that.

https ://www .yucatan .com .mx /mexico /cinco-periodistas-de-la-mananera-reciben-doctorado-honoris-causa

La reproduction d’un entre-soi, or as the “Brave New World” citizens of Le Goût [page 57 of M n°465, 15/08/2020] call it: the exclusiveness of a gated community.

Now, before we [the staff] thank Clémentine Goldszal for not reading us, we would like to remind le Directeur de la Création_ at el mundo de Le Monde, that because we happen to agree with the producer at 50/50 Collective, Laurence Lascary, we could not pass on the opportunity to relay to all battle stations that the issue of discrimination in France is not, we repeat:

the issue of discrimination in France is not on account of racism, but rather a reproduction of exclusiveness…

with that in mind, if any of our non-readers should knot-knead to cross-reference the above transliteration with our coverage of “el cinito mexicano en París”, enter the CODE: Rencontres Cinématographiques Viva Mexico.

Happening now at the convention, Sen. John Kerry is delivering one liners from Nantucket… Ketch-up! Get It?

Ándale, ándale – Chínguele, chínguele


“Con su permiso, dijo Monchito,” señor Yorch Ramos en Univision… but the following cutline must be read in Paola’s voice .:. 84312FDD-C95C-4CCD-B1CE-6C903F13DAB4 🌬 So! In Mean Greenwich Time it’s still 11 O’clock, and behind Vero la congresista is a subliminal message from The Justice League (at DC monitos), as you can appreciate from the pose on the littlest Superman (or Supergirl) on her Mommy’s LEFT ARM, it is not the muscle flex pose, but rather a “fist to the shoulder” it’s an ancient Maya body signal which means, and Eye quotes, « ‘inga tu madre Donald John Trump”.

Yada, yada, yada, —Say D.A.R.E. El Paso, is D.A.T. there a REZIZTE* jornalero original flexing muscle behind you (on the wall), but anyhow, let’s pretend that the Parisian nooner has not cleared the Central Europe Front and remind ourselves that in Hilo Hawaii it’s still “Saved by the Bell” time.

Armando Segovia à Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris (Exhibit « M »)

Objet: Réponse au préfet de la police à propos de ma situation en France, et qui complète le section II – DISCUSSION préfet de la police à propos du L’article 3 de la CEDH.

Ref.: Le courrier envoye par le chef de la section rédaction 11ème Bureau, Monsieur Yannick ALLAIN, du 31 du octobre, 2019.

P.J.:Non applicable jusqu’à ce que je parle à un avocat.

Para la memoria, IHEAL

Para la memoria.:.0D7D631C-3BF8-46B9-8786-4820F7C04FA9 •_¥_• “El proceso de la transición a la democracia”, en el Instituto de Altos Estudios Latinoamericanos, Saint Germain–des-Prés, 2013.

Para la memoria, es necesario, señor Allain, pero muy necesario, recordar que la introducción de la SECCION II en su DISCUSIÓN sobre los articulos L.313-10 3°, y R.313-16-2 de la llamada CESEDA (Código de Conducta y de la Entrada y Residencia de Extranjeros y el Derecho de Asilo… por sus siglas en CEDH o, en El Convenio Europeo sobre La Protección de los Derechos Humanos y de las Libertades Fundamentales, en FRANCIA) asume que yo, ARMANDO SEGOVIA avait demandé une pétition de permis de séjour temporaire auprès de “entrepreneur/occupation libéral, en effet, l’exigence de la profession libérale m’a été imposée par le 7ème bureau et puis, ils m’ont eux-mêmes refusé de comparer les copies de mes certificats professionnels dans les archives de la Préfecture de Paris avec les originaux que j’ai livrés au consulat Français à Los Angeles en Californie, afin que je puisse obtenir les permis nécessaires et répondre aux exigences du 7ème bureau… This here, Monsieur Yannick is the VERY definition of a CATCH–22.

Now, about that ARTICLE 3 de la CEDH
(o los llamados “derechos humanos“)