21 de marzo — Feliz Cumpleaños Juárez!!!

¡Qué tal, don Beno!!!
¿Cómo chingados se la está pasando, Sr. Presidente?
… [S]on los* mensajes de don Max, hoy por ser, día de tu chingado Santo!

Expand your latitudes to The Max

Expand your latitudes, to The Max .::. 2FCF0F51-6067-4D49-8C5E-B42A412EA5D9 🌵 ISSY, don Beno, lo que son las pinches cosas, eh, —digo— porque aunque usted no está para estar dando puras putas vueltas en su chingado (benemérito) hemiciclo de los ilustrados, [o algo así… ⚰️] la llamada “esperanza de México*” acaba de sellar con amuletos «la reforma » que según los chingados libros de texto gratuito nos habría de haber inculcado la tutoría de la muy mentada S.E.P. (public secretariat of education, by–güey of its Castilian —not Spanish— acronym). En fin, opio para el pueblo, y té de Tila para los Amados “Nervios”.

Context for the recently joined, between Church and State, in Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, in reel time, follows.

In the meantime: ¡VIVA doña CARLOTA!!!!… no por nada, siempre nos han gustado las locas, en el sentido de libertad, no en el sentido del “partido acción nacional”, and if you are familiar with what chihuahuita’s governor Francisco Barrio (responsible for minimizing “El Brote“ de los feminicidios en Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua [México] in the 1990’s) said aboutlas locas”, then —motherfuckers— you should know that our take on “La Raza de Bronce” does not cross onto Vasconcelos’ “cosmic race”, and Eye does not care what Santana says.

Oye cómo va:

https ://en .wikipedia .org/wiki/Bronze_(racial_classification)

Come fly with Mí

Come fly with Mí .::. F6BB4464-7FF6-487A-8543-976DDBFE860A 🛸 Come fly a güey 🗿 Any güey, like the current president of México, don Andrés Manuel López Obrador, —Rev. Al Sharpton— öüï here at asegovia3 hope that you [Sir] don’t get the concept of the Separation of Church and State mixed up with the notion of Freedom of Religion. We [el equipo de éste tan intrascendente blog] trust that you and D.A.T. Blind Alabama Choir Boy, Joe Scarborough, will be able the separate the Limas in O•H•I•O (where MBT’s^ are forged and assembled) from your llamas in The Andes (where the gods shape forms). So, Rev. Al, meet u.s. on the next segment of this most non–consequential blog to follow-up with Los Hilos the Sasha and, —motherfucker— we [the staff] hope that you need not reminding of what motherfucking TIME it is, —in Hawaii, eh‽ 🦙 … [B]ecause here at the Paris underground it is 13h30 of a Sunday afternoon in Central NATO Times.


* Deer, Alicia Menendez, please relay to the Revered Al Sharpton, D.A.T. Eddy currents (also called Foucault’s currents) are at a Maximum today, not to mention, the toxicomanes that are running up and down the underground and, WHO are making us have Band On The Run on our playback like a mother… so nevermind the Type–O-negatives and, the run-on sentences, keep in mind Willie Geist, that this is only a draft, it’s just a draft in the Web.

For the record, Alicia Menendez, and with regards to the separation of Church and STAGE, öüï can’t be certain if this little shoe–shine boy ever apologized to our favorite « L•O•C•A•» (next to Sosa and Parra) Sinead:

New sources

New sources that challenges the 297 deaths under the watch of the Great State of Georgia (on the Velshi Show, in real time) .::. 1DB4F818-9428-4726-BEF0-35CF2F4131E2 📈 https ://www .worldometers .info/coronavirus/ 🧾 For the record, Congressperson Earl Leroy “Buddy” Carter (R–GA) is the Susan Collins of the Health INDUSTRY lobby.

Todos tus muertos — Oh, hey Fake Rasta, s’D.A.T. you over the intercom?

March madness day 1


Battlestations—Battlestations .:::. 2EBA45C8-51DA-412C-AC36-3F744C63CB63 🔊 It’s O.K. America, you may use GODWIN‘s LAW and compare the CORONA VIRUS (covid-19) to “The Blitzkrieg”, because the Germs have overran our DEFENSES.

Tu vuo’ fa’ ll’americano
Mericano, mericano
Ma si’ nato in Italy…

Starting right now, the 11th not the 23rd hour of the THEY in New York, Paris  is  under light (phase–one) curfews. Aussi, PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP, please inform the FOX NEWS RUSH limbaugh “Spécial Report” that his « buddy » Mr. Emmanuel Macron, the president of The French Republic, froze all utilities, including Rent, as opposed to lowering interest rates or figuring out how SHYNA! Will pay for an American recession à l’italianna.

Indeed, indeed öüï are

Indeed, indeed öüï are .:. 45B1C90C-634A-4D95-9F8C-95B96CBF6566

Over at the MoreJo Show… « picture » Donnie Deutsh musing with Steve Rattner how if AMERICA could tax Sunlight, they could make a killing! And Eddie Gloude Jr., goes, “if Americans believed in solar power”, adding, « you greedy bastards, always thinking about ‘the green’”.

Happy San Patricio They, ya’Bums!

(Whisky and soda e rocchenroll
Whisky and soda e rocchenroll
Whisky and soda e rocchenroll)

No-no-no-NO NO!!! Mika, NO!
Call it:
“Illegal Infections”
What a fuck is an “undocumented” infection? WE Americans are so quick to call imaginary threats “illegal”, but when death is threatening your step-son, WE Americans now are sensitive with selfish millennials who get to HAVE their CORONA – 19’s and drink’em AUSSI. If a person is thinking D.A.T. it’s “Five o’Clock Somewhere” and walking with a Spring Break state–of–mind, THEY are wrong and THEY should be considered ILLEGAL, period

… [A]nd Professor John Meacham went, “hey Willie Geist, please relay to the AMERICAN MEDIA to not mix your wild–oath hypocrites with your oath–taking Hippocrates.”


Previously, on: “All Öüï are sayin’,” Reverend Al Sharpton is:

Next Friday, is the 13th of the month; and in Espagnol, Reverend Sharpton, its transliteration onomástica is El Martes Trece, now because youse an honorary Mexican on this here little wordpress®️blog, a most distinguished Mexican, not like that Santa Ana fellow who gave The Avengers of a bunch of SLAVE Traders (p. 4 of 25 N° 2537) the Lone Star State or Texas, (as the Very French named it, just to Taunt them Criollos)…


Remember to go and

If you do go [to El Alamo] then DO REmember and in FA Solo LA meas una vez, ? .:. A42094CC-1F8D-4705-AD2D-BD9634C7E739 🦇 Just Like OZZY did.

öüï here are going to say a Little Prayer for you before Crystal Waters “puts on her make–up” and tells your congregation how “She’s homeless” is the continuation of Aretha’s pseudo gospel* and veritable Canto de SOULBABY! G.L.O.R.I.A. a CHUY!… al Prieto Chuy, because el Güero Chuy is not my Cousin; los Prieto Sí.


And in Washington, we [the staff] are going to have to put Stephanie Ruhle on hold, she appears to be on a wardrobe malfunction moment with the white house* so we are going to have the Reverend on hold and for the record, we welcome A.M. Joy to this weekend’s timeline.

* one of the two, Nick Mulvaney or the Ruhle is going on stage naked. Meanwhile, the First Lady ya anda en pelotas, jugando al tennis en La Version gringa de Santa Anna pensando que ella es Maria Antonieta en La Casa Blanca, “WHO”, the Steph asks:

thinks that having the First Lady en pelotas, (that’s birthday suit, for nakid) y jugando al tennis was a good idea???

… and King Louie, goes:

Deer, Steph

Deer, Steph: öüï know that your Lavalier mic is n°3 .:. 7D65C111-E9BC-4554-ACEF-5C114653FA61

15 to the Left.

http ://nightflight .com /mel-brooks-1981-hit-made-him-the-first-white-artist-to-land-a-rap-song-on-the-rb-charts/


So—for the record

So, for the record Ms.Reid, in the beginning, “the congregation“ was going for BLOOMBERG, eh? .:. 34CDCC25-4057-427D-8858-E67384729FEC ⛪️ So basically, the « congregation », measuring from your recollection of how the ViP seating arrangement was FiXed at Brown Chapel, WE THE PEOPLE are to believe that the entire POLITICS NATION is still chasing the 40 acres and one mule promise? — Well, darkness, let Mí, introduce you to the new Cherokee Jeep, it’s like a Cadillac; but you can live inside of one if the Biden booster-shot doesn’t deliver after MICHAL BLOOMBERG, and the usual established political deities (santos del día) prove to be more of the same carpet-bagged grits. 🕊 All we are saying…

Oh, hey Negrita, regarding that pseudo gospel* from Aretha, Eye really needs you to not read the following non–consequential commentary because it will aim to reach the gods of PARODY, not necessarily the titans of punditry.


Efeméride: who would have known, that the same siege that cemented Manifest Destiny (Gral. Santa Anna’s ALAMO PROJECT) for them United States would one day, under the RULE OF A NAKED EMPEROR wannabe, sink that ship like the explosion that marked the beginning of the end of The Spanish Empire, ISSY, Purple Pundit, tell u.s. more — tell u.s. Moore, about Donald Trump’s “Alamo project” of 2016, por favor… “You know my name, pick up the Number”.

Dear, Philippe Labró, meet the Reverend Al Sharpton

Issy, mr. Labro you may call Marte in any language that you wish to call Mars in, you May call Mars Nikki, or Volta, including AUSSI: en la lengua de su chingada maternelle… pero no se lo vaya usted a decir a doña Vilma Fuentes, because she’s got Friends in High places. Eye guess what i is saying is that Frenchys are gonna French, so… have at it, Philippe, you crazy « américanologue », you.

Anygüey, mr. Labro have you met my Man at Politics Nation, the Reverend Al Sharpton? He happens to be an honorary Mexican on this here most non–consequential blog. With that out of the way, let u.s. gather here (Rue Bolivar^; antes Rue Puebla*) and —no pun intended— Bliss this Mess, AMen, CarMen.

^ p. 78, just Below Rue Bolero
* p. 605

Lorde, we ask that you allow, our Sista Maddow to invocate Between Two Ferns and that our Cus’, Rachel Glasses, is allowed to take the contenders out of the TRMS studio. A–men… Car–men.

With prayers out of the güey, mr. Labro, öüï call upon el Niño Luc’s Soul Brother and overall ‘ugly Mexican’, Samuel Stein, to read from the letters to the Marianne Faithfuls to reflect on the false equivalent of making parallels across imaginary lines (drawn on the sand), por ejemplo, Aunt Scarborough:

Dear, Rev

Dear, Rev .:. 7D79D777-27C3-4A5B-BFB2-233121E2634F ⛪️ Now we are not drawing parallels between kiddie porn peddlers like SAY, the good pastors at The Light of The World church in Jalisco, México, and any given Baptist congregation in say, SELMA, Alabama. 🕊 “All Öüï are sayin’,” is

Attention battlestations
Attention battlestations

Öüï the staff has identified the culprit in the “The” Biden rise, Güï repeats:

Dirty Cher

You’ve heard of “Dirty Diana”, it’s not one of D.O.S.

Öüï the staff has identified the culprit in the “The” Biden rise… it was the cher. D.A.T. D.A.R.E. bitch, wait scratch that! insert witch instead, first took care of “domingo” and then she went straight to Mardi like a Tree on Sonny.

Las rues:
Stéphane, B., « Dictionnaire des Nomes de Rues”. MÉNGUES 1977–2005. 75002 Paris.

La Semana que Philippe Labro:
https ://www .cnews .fr /monde /2020-03-06/https://www.cnews.fr/monde/2020-03-06/ la-semaine-de-philippe-labro -le-rebond-de-biden-les-sauts-de-halsman-933542

Líneas para lelas:
https ://elpais .com /internacional /2019/05/28 /actualidad / López-Obrador-La-Luz-del-Mundo-y-la-agenda-evangélica.html

The Third Amendment… no talking head shall:

3.1 No talking head shall find Quarter in any living room set during Election Cycles.

Places restrictions on...

Places restrictions on Nº 42 deregulation of The Son of General Colin Powell and Media Conglomerates, like « La Silla Rota » de Mayor Bloomberg  on  in the Mexican markets.

3.2 No talking head shall “let the They’s* go buy”, any election or governmental job.

* Singular possessive

Eye can't stand losing

Hear mí out Franck .:. 38A5E457-851A-4551-B1F5-9D368D8E6037 🐙 Eye can’t stand losing “la concha de Catherine Denueve”, en el sushi roll de Cecily Strong. Now, because ÖÜÏ the staff of this most non–consequential blog never thought that we would make this far and, because öüï know that the official logo for THEM  National Reconnaissance Officials* is an Ian Flaming Lipsoctopussyand, just like D.A.T. Ministère de La Culture en Francia, its tentacles touch EVRY ‘motherFunking’ Organ of a Carbon–based life form — öüï covered it, Indeed. —_•!•_— Aussi, we (Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto) have it ON GOOD (peered–reviewed) MEDICAL Authority that Sushi CONSUMPTION while exploring the Parisian (restricted) underground below Rennes and Denfert-Rochereau will give you [ÖÜÏ repeat] will give you the shits… go with the Monop’ Chicken Sandwich instead.

* NRO Launch 39
Mission Type:
RADAR (love) Imaging
Launch D.A.T.E.:
Taxi Type:
https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /USA-247

3.3 No talking head shall tank the Economy in the name of « our Lorde Trump ».

Friends without the “Eye”

A misfit in all the Wrong Güeys

A misfit in all the Wrong Güeys .:. A90E3D5D-837F-4820-97B7-B5F6E31429D6

This amendment prohibits any sitting U.S. president from reaping the Economic benefits from his or her predecessor, and then SINKING these like the 45th president of them United STATES of America did with Barak HUSAIN Obama’s exiting Budget.

3.4 No talking head shall blame De Blasio for luggage lost on the way to the forum.

Blame N° 43 and his color coded Ridge

3.5 No talking Head shall raise politically dead Vice’s in Carolina’s Mary… wait for it. Wait.

… and last but not least:

3.6 No talking head shall imagine a:

chicken in a heaven
“Full of roosters and plenty of corn
And God is a very old rooster
And eggs are like Jesus, his son”.

The Third Amendment for an American Utopia
With musical guest:

The Call of Ktulu and It’s a Fort Knox Life.

Any güey, Ragin’ Cajun meet John Mill Ackerman

Efeméride: Ash Miércoles.

Cenizas Wednesday is when All Mexicans, of All faiths, or lack thereof celebrate the end of the Carnival Season, because if there is one thing that Mexicans can do, is celebrate their sorrows with a “little t” smacked right between their Ojos Mejicanos Lindos, qué, valga la mención, solos no se miden Ellos.” — uh’Nah, nah, nah—nah NAH-nah• NAH-nah-nah-nah NAH ah-Nah Ah_Nah ah ahAh.

Did you know that it was...

Did you know that it was… the very French WHO* went ahead and invented Ash Wednesday? .:. 5ED68451-63D9-4DA0-AC29-AF704AACA78B 🗺 * World Health Organization 🍷Indeed, the French went ahead and invented Ash Wednesday, mr. Carville, for the sole purpose to plant what Mexicans, and Spaniards call: La Vid… aussi, those same « goddamn » ashes are the secret ingredient in Goat Cheese.

Meanwhile  on  at Columbus Ave. in Babylon 2, Cousin Joe does his “prohibition” stint, and Avi Velshi can’t help himself, calling on Sue Herrera, to show what a fat plane looks like when it lands, or something like that. AVI VELSHI! Stop D.A.T., you crazy diamond (trader). Nicolle Wallace, on her set, is a bit “ashy” tonight.

local known news
sponsored by:
49.3 fm

Not Rush, but Merle

Not Rush, but Merle on a Trumpian promise.

… wait for it: Trump hires COLLEGE kid to run the TOP Working Office in the U.S. Federal Government; they call that kid, wait for it… The Working Man:


Meanwhile, in “The Real, Indias” Two Nationalists celebrate the birth of the nazi party

The following must be read in the voice of Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor:

Coming up on the Amazon Network

Coming up on the Amazon Network .:. 19649F30-8A82-4FF6-BB9E-83063925A9EA 🇧🇷 The Boys from Rio.

Page 4; N° 2530
The French discover « Radioactivity »…
If Jew, see something, SAY SOMETHING

Those glasses ain't fooling Kent Clarkson

Those glasses ain’t fooling Kent Clarkson!

24 Horas con Jacobo Sable d’oquis — A tale of two Fuentes

Deer, Jason Johnson at The Root, please stand at attention for the French Pledge of Allegiance:

Bernie dix it
on the All In, — NOW.

King Arthur was right all along

King Arthur was right all along, His Majesty was just way ahead of his time .:. In context from The Holy Book of Armaments, chapter ii; verses 9 to 21: Towards the end of the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975), the character of King Arthur repeatedly confuses the number five with the number three. ♒️ Instructions: by-pass the year of our Lorde 1502 – when  Isabella I issues an edict outlawing Islam in the Crown of Castile, forcing virtually all her Muslim subjects to convert to Christianitythen, skip to “a continuous body of land contained within Water*”, and witness the planting of El Chile en el año de 1541 por un “gue” de nombre Pedro “el picoso” Valdivia; thereafter, Tora! Tora! Tora! your way, like a Parasite to the year 1593 –when the Japanese invade Korea, in a lightning, lightning, lightning strike; get out of D.A.R.E. and S.L.I.D.E. over to 1733 and Eat a peach! Ask Georgia to give it up, them 13 Colonies won’t mind; fly–by–night and nevermind the Terminus Café, it’s 1894 and Anarchy outside of the U.K. blasts a boom in Paris; Break for Jazz in 1909 – The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People(NAACP) is founded… and improvisation would never again skip a beat.

… [M]eanwhile in Washington, retribution, retribution, retribution. Other than D.A.T., today the U.S. did not have any new knews, except for the vanity christian neo-cons [wearing ”brown shirts**”].

Nothing to see here

Nothing to see here .:. 81308306-7EE3-4C3C-8CCE-3200BCC91DC1 7️⃣ They’s in February • Wow Guau Jo—Yippy Je Yippy Je, Wow Guau Yippi Yo Jeep y Ye.

Nothing to see here .:. 1999 – United States President William Jefferson Clinton is acquitted by the United States Senate in his impeachment trial.


* Water. “Is Russia a European or Asian country?”. QUORA: https ://www .quora .com/ Is-Russia-a-European-or-Asian-country

FOUR SCORE AND SEVEN YEARS AGO… (It was Twenty Years Ago Today)  happy birthday Abe. https ://en .wikipedia .org/wiki/ February_12

Deer, Nick Confessore — Say, Helloooooo! To John Mill Ackerman

Señor, Nick:

Please give my regards to Bloomberg, and please cut back on the “Cough Medicine”, you know damn well that you are not foolin’ that D.A.R.E. Purple Pundit, eh! So just go ahead and go F.U.L.L. Brokaw.

La Mafia de Macuspana

La mafia de Macuspana .:. 074CC4E3-A547-4F3E-B3FE-22B2E4C12B61 — Translation courtesy of a most non–Consequential CALIFORNIAN Vibration: … [B]ut members of his inner circle seem prone to wrongdoing. Electricity sector head Manuel Bartlett failed to report nearly two dozen luxury homes (1he owns in Mexico City worth more than $40 million. Senator NapoleónNapitoGómez Urrutia, a former labor leader, now travels by private jet (2), while his son posts YouTube videos of his Mercedes, Porsches, Land Rovers and other luxury cars (3). And despite his son’s lack of professional experience, he’s jumping into the mining and energy businesses, economic sectors that his father oversees. The head of Lopez Obrador’s political party (Citlali Ibáñez Camacho*) claims to have “made an accounting error” when filing her 2013 taxes, one that saved her $850,000 (4in the process.

For the record, Gin is odorless when it mixes with human taste buds, so have at it, this is NOW the AGE of go’ahead: smoke’EM if you got’EM.

[1]. Propenso a Irregularidades

Official OBServer

Official OBServer .:. 4181D71B-D808-4E5C-95C4-2020F9FCA51C 🧶 “… [E]l jefe del sector eléctrico Manuel Bartlett no reportó casi dos docenas de casas de lujo (1) que posee en la Ciudad de México por valor de más de $40 millones.”

Trollie McTroll

PS.: Deer, Nick; please be advised that following last night’s expected virtual blow-job to the Virtual Monarch (isn’t it IRONIC; Stanley Kubrick) of them United States of america, Senator Gómez Urrutia’s translation will appear later in the Programming on part ii of: Deer, Nick Confessore – Say helloooooo to John Mill Ackerman’s bread winner. TimeNow, High-Noon of the morning after 5 de febrero) Mexican Constitution Day at CAPITOL HILL

V is for Veremos — La Semana que Philippe Labró

— {Knock, Knock} …

Well you've heard about ...

Well you’ve heard about the… .:. 614141D9-918D-4F32-88D2-324E431E2235 “It’s not one of those”.

— Who D.A.R.E.?

The One after M.J.

— The Gloved One?

Na’ Nigga! AIR!!! ♒️

V is for Viaje

V is for Viaje .:. D20CBBD4-E184-46FE-97F2-2E59D83F4A8E

— Ah, ÖÜÏ oui, youse D.A.T. jersey from the West Coast. Man, Eye tell’ya that Cuban is letting everybody in [por el lado de dallas] next thing you know, Fi’ty Cent is gonna be playin’ The Alamo!!!

— Mec, Fuck The Alamo. YOU must really be HIGH on that Cloud 9 of yours, lest you F.O.get, Nº 8 was already there when them Santa Anna winds reshaped the Voting map with Civil War losers like Ted “Bowie” Cruz.

We, the staff say Goodbye to The U.K. and, say hello to BLACK HISTORY MONTH:

Here's to all Hostages of Hope

Here’s to all Hostages of Hope .:. D74FEB72-3A3F-48A8-A217-A0F660F8E1B2 🐴 Cory Booker meets… wait for it, wait, wait; in the meanwhile, Brian Williams, “V” is for Truth en Espagnol.

Eat a Peach!


8 second SOURCE, follows: