Top of the FO’ist and Colbert steps to The Plate

Unlike Ari Melver’s fantasy Jet City Wee’men baseball team [for] our coverage of the first 150th Anniversary Softball Tournament of La Commune de Paris, Öüï base[s] the plays on Historicity and real characters of an already established universe. Whereas, Ari (that motherfucker) bases his plays on whatever is good for the gander, and of course, the motherfucking goose.

Et Cerf-panthère, the motherfucking groundhog took a peek outside from La Grotte et a vu un panneau qui disait : le mimétisme est la forme la plus sincère de la flatulence

¿Así de que, qué pedo con ese pedo?

LA OLALA OLALA, allí está. Fresh off a Mil-Spec Space–A flight from The Hanoi Hotel is none other than “The Maverick » and he is performing a shimmy dance to the call of The Supremes who asked the former Panamænin and Arizona Senator to entertain the empty stalls at the Pershing Memorial Baseball Field á Vincennes… Charles de Batz de Castelmore d’Artagnan (that SumBitch) is of course, playing “bad cop” and just informed The Maverick that his shenanigans will not be tolerated while Mr. Colbert is at The Plate.
The Maverick, being The Maverick begins to strip and in this ESTablished UNIverse, The Good Senator can raise both ARMS above his shoulders.

… [A]nd Willie Geist, of course you all know that it was the Very Mexicans who went ahead and invented metachronal rhythm

Another advantage of knot reading our coverage of the most dynamic game in the vicinity of The French Olympic Siege à Vincennes is that our cast of characters are ridiculously fresh y excitantes.

After the break it’s, 9 Nasty WO’ids N°3: “la torita”… [A]nd Glady’s, could you please frame said “torita” in LatinX form?.

Take Colbert for example, he lies just in front of The Nelson Mandela Garden at a “well known” soup kitchen, heck! Eye just took a pee (right in front of Mr. Colbert) at one of the outhouses municipales, not the ones from Mr. D’orin… AND DEER LORDE JESUS!!! The loo’s are brand-spanking KLEAN (pronounced with a sea) and by brand-sparkin’ Klean, Eye means brighter than the whiteness of the Home Team uniform… (note to editors: Eye could have gone with pointy white bedsheets with elaborate crosses but that was already done on January the 6th of the year of our Lorde 2021.)

Still To Come : TBD

In the mean time (Di María) here’s Mr. Pancho Negro y CIA.

“Qué chula es Puebla”

… Efemérides with musical guest, The Cult.

Genesis 2:18*

And God saw that after Adam (El Pueblo) put a nomenclature on all the intelligently designed creatures at The Garden, none —including Ewe, sheepish cabrona— was an “appropriate” helper for the FO’ist man on the Phase of this Earth, and so there was only one thing that God could do, and that was to SCRATCH that first draft where The Holy Spirit thought that it would be a good idea to give the Sheeple a voice.

* Sans LILITH Cheney.

April 4, 1968… To They in History

To They in History U2 will sing a song, and it goes a little something like this:

The Hilltop (1971) .:. D1A056DF-B83C-46CB-86C0-7970867BBDA6 🌬 “Quisiera al mundo darle hogar y llenarlo de amor (en perfecta armonía)”

… To celebrate the START of a “New Generation” around the Hill, this message of course is being brought to you by the spirits of G. Gordon Liddy, Vice-President Richard Mulhouse Nixon, and of course the King of Pop, with the taste of “Pecsi*”…

En fin, what would be of this blog if Öüï, y tu mamá también, forget to explain where that there see in between the Pe and the si wearing a Crown comes from, sin embargo, no me es necesario porque el diccionario de mexicanismos define una finca como un conjunto grupero en donde el compadre del llanero solitario se avienta una rola bien perrona al final de un documental de música popular dominguera pero así como quien dice—sin un Raul Velasco.


*_ and, Jonathan Capehart, if NBC “Latino” knows what the sound of “Pecsi” denotes in the Mexican vernacular < then and only then > can the good people at VOTO LATINO may perhaps begin to understand why a “Colombia” approach to the Mexican backyard is not a plug-n-play solution to our Legacy problems, but go ahead don’t let Mí warn you. Go ahead and drop another Mérida Plan in the pockets of leaders like this handsome fellow:

CONSTANTINO KANTER (morena, candidate)

[Bucket of Chicken image goes here]


Victoria and George where having a conversation. It went like this:
— But, but, but…
— C’mon!
—Isn’t the knee on your neck sufficient enough to see how fucked up that entire situation was?
— I tell you what?
— What?
—Let me pray with you!

And so, with that in mind let’s check with our friend Jonah and see what that sumbitch is up to, eh? And if you are in a RUSH to go to church this morning, relax, “They” have taken care of everything while the pandemic rages on and besides, Jesus hit the snooze button to the Resurrection.

The thing to remember here is that even if that there Constantino Kanter is real, i mean, ask any Frenchi hippie who’s been to Chiapas, the only one who hunts the original peoples from that jungle  is the State (and associates).

https ://www .chiapasparalelo .com /noticias /2021/03 /constantino-kanter-de-cazador-de-indigenas-y-campesinos-a-candidato-de-morena/

And no para-lelo me v’andar diciendo that a Syndic or it’s equivalent in Guatemalan stolen territory is going to act all Ancien Regime allá por los parajes del Peje… pos’ que La Chingada.



🎺da-da-da—Da-da-da•Da-da-da•DAH—Da-Da-Da- TA-Da-Dahhh-CHARGE!!

🎺 🥎 TA-Da-Dahhh- 🐎 da-DAH-DA CHARGE!!

Please kneel for the singing of The National Anthem

TELEVISA PRESENTA: “It was necessary to ‘invent the nations beyond an anthem, a flag, and a currency’ ». So we re-invented The Year of México in France at the House that The Second Empire built in Puebla (on rue Bolivar, 75018). 📰 Fair Use of N° 31 of Usbek & Rica, “PANIQUE DANS LA PUB”; dépôt légal: Janvier 2021. Note to editors: the name of the empires have been changed to protect the Umpires.

🎺TA-Da-Dahhh- 🐎 da-da—DAH CHARGE!!

I’m SIRIUS, please kneel for the singing of the National Anthem… puto el/la que no cante en su Chante… because of the Coronas et. al.

Veuillez vous agenouiller pour le chant de l’hymne national 🌬 11C19473-F20E-43CF-A87B-05E7720FD8E5 🥎 “More cowbell! ».

Welcome, to the first 150 Year Anniversary Softball Tournament commemorating the first Metropolitan War in recent historicity. Home team advantage is awarded by default to some, Knot all, of the French luminaries that form part of the illustrated pictures at every elementary school in France. The Away team is composed of the current political figures that WHO, for better or WO’ist–are part of history in the making (punto y coma) with all due respect here is the line-up:

Centerfield: Serge “Lucien” Gainsbourg
Right field:
Left field:
Third Base: General Charles “Chuck” de Gaulle
Short stop: Vincingetorix
Second Base: José* Napolèon III
First Base:
Pitcher: Louise Michel
Catcher: Napoléon Bonaparte

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Napoleon_III

And… in TROU French fashion, WHO’s on First is waiting to find out What party is going to fill the Left and Right Field, while that gets settled please welcome the honorary “first throw Pitch” celebrity hero into the Pershing Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes, ladies in Gemini, straight out of Alesia,  Heeeeeeere’s Julius Cæsar!

The First 150th Anniversary of The Paris Commune Softball Tornament Tournament is brought to you by NIKE for those who speak Greek and, by Victoria if you are in La Colonia ROMA.

WHO is Afraid of THE PUB?

🎺TA-Da-Dahhh- 🐎 Da-da—DAH CHARGE!!

Selma, Selma, Selma… Ewe Two

Of course,… the Irish think that this song is about them.

Moments ago after Joe broke a glass, Francis Uno landed in the area that had NOTHING to with the downing of a jet airliner on the same WALL of then Secretary of WAR, Donald Rumsfeld, at the Pentagone (punto y coma) the Pope’s visit to Iraq comes after President Joseph R. Biden [U.S.A.] full-filled the God-given destiny in the Manifest of the first 100 days in office, which of course is the “testing” of the Boom-Bang. It’s the CHRIST and IAN thing to DEW!!!🎷🎷🎺🎷🥁

And, The Edge shreds: if you look at the record, our (European) potatoes are analogous to your (Southern) watermelons.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Sunday_Bloody_Sunday [please scroll-down to THE RECEPTION section for non-sectarian glorification].

Dear, Chivo Lubezki… unforeseen, yet expected circum-navigations will prevent me from covering the photography of Gabriel Figueroa’s opening shot for Anthony Quinn’s rendition of Jesús Sánchez in Oscar Lewis-es “AVOCADO” opinion, delivered WAY-Guey–Way before the Super Bowl Half-Time Show was a thing on abc’s World Wide of Sports.

Based on the screen version of “Los hijos de Sánchez” opening shot and transition to the mass rite .:. D6214EF4-7464-4BF8-975E-0C4A3A9FBA2A 🎚 Paper trail is part of the Editoral board at the « revue » STYLIST . fr (N° 296) on the SITE of the statue of some guy named Haussmann Boulevard, or something like that.

https ://mozzoviewer .publishingcenter .net /dist/ [link to Stylist]

…Still to come, Ayn Rand, Oscar Lewis, and Joseph Gobbles walk into bar, hilarity ensues when Mel Brooks orders a Tequiza®️

… Context for another They goes here.

When in ROMA… diles que “no hay”.


Hoy no hubo historia — Año de Hidalgo

Previously on:
Tata est fatiguée

Sing u.s. a Song— Piano man

Sing u.s. a Song— Piano man 🤶🏻 A99DB88C-3BDC-482A-A203-809999AC798A 🎅🏻 Oh, oh, oh 🎶🎶🎶

And in Washington, Kasie Hunt celebrates an Entire YEAR on “Way too Early—Don’t bee Late”. On today’s episode Phil Griffin lets the lipgloss show Kasie’s one-year teefies, meanwhile at the state department, it’s The Twilight Zone…

White Humor

White Humor .:. 5746B8B6-8D3F-47FE-90B9-3900AB4A85A2 .:. D.A.T.’s what She said.

Dear, president Trump:
Being number one at anything in the military is KNOT mutually exclusive from being a suck-ass, which happens to be the acronym for SYCOPHANT, and/or TOADIE.

The category, yet another little ol’Veteran of an American Theater of War… good God y’all— What is it good for?

Number one

Number one… at smoothly sucking cock! Captain… Happy Remembrance Day, you asshole… note to Republican Honcho Michael Steele: this cut_line must be read in a Ken Dilenian voice.

… A tale of Two (each) second-hand fiddles con cuerda de fideo (vermicelli strings) al dente, “you’ll know it’s ready when it STICKS to the WALL”, Jason Johnson swears that, “she’ll love it too”.

… Over at the Fountain Building at the Rockefeller Center, NBC fat cats at the RainBow Room vow to continue with the yearly sacrifice of a big ol’tree for the sole reason to impress a fat jolly guy… or is it jolly fat guy?. The move this year prompted Brazilian president to stock-up on gun powder because if anyone is going to sacrifice trees, regardless if these are from Norway, it’s going to be Brazil.

https ://m .dw .com /es /amlo-y-jair-bolsonaro-unidos-en-su-silencio-sobre-joe-biden /a-55534186

Anyhow, we [the staff] had already factored in the fact that Alaska was just one pork-barrel bridge too far… so it’s up to you Georgia! This is no time for Siesta*, R.E.M..

This is The They of the dead… as Öüï know it

Eye voted for Dr. Fauci… and Eye feels fine.

[B]ut nevermind the They, just remember the 44° Due EAST, at 48°5136” N and 2°2111” E, to be precise because later in the programing Öüï will re-count a Chat he had with Picasso, en dónde el “cubista” le dijo a Mí:

Hoy no hubo Jazz

Hoy no hubo Jazz 🥁6D7B46B9-EF98-41C1-AA1E-37C3A86760EE 🗳 Issy, East on D.A.T. D.A.R.E. longitude, but on the opposite corner, facing Brancusi, someone whispered that Blue, is Knot in another dimension [and off–course Öüï is paragliding with that phrase] “Bleu is its own Dimension,” or something like D.A.T.. Yeah, Buddy!

“Yo no busco—encuentro”.

The only thing D.A.T. is missing is the doG… wait for, IT!, wait…

Lorem I.P. Σ Dolor es LoLa — phasellus purus odio, mollis ut ipsum sit amet, commodo facilisis quam. Maecenas nec scelerisque augue. Praesent ac gravida risas. Mauris viverra est mi, at dignissim odio bibendum eu. Suspendisse porttitor dui non blandit laoreet. Duis venenatis venenatis quam at finibus. Nulla id dignissim neque, quis sollicitudin massa. Aenean maleducada in dolor ac aliquam.

There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain…” 🕸 B01BB593-358A-4DF7-962A-7E926BECBB04 🦚 La señal de La Rhule supersedes “La Señal de La Cruz” … A–men!

The Exception to the Rhule


My fellow Americans

My fellow Americans, D.A.T. D.A.R.E “pause” icon on Olivia Troye is really the Roman Numeral Tú en “gorditas” .:. 1358ECE0-7752-4A1A-B438-1A648D4CA730 🗣

But FO’ist, “IT’s Election Eve”.

Synopsis: Peacock central Betts on Donnie Deutsch-es-es “streaming” coverage of the Finale episode of Election Knight. Starring certified “slave-free” correspondents, reporters and —off-course— sexy-ass pundits in one place called, Madame Hunt’s Detention Channel.


Deer, Marianne...

Deer, Marianne, don’t go losing your head over the missing star on that Cock, Öüï borrowed, IT!, to remind the great State of Georgia, that indeed we all miss Sweet Melissa .:. 0D2D2815-72AB-4094-90E2-04FC766E647F .:. Go hug a fucking Cow, or other assorted farm animals, but please stay away from The Circus beasts.*.. bunch of Monkees in that fucking crowd y’all.

* https ://www .fip .fr /rock /les-rolling-stones-exhument-leur-premier-live-de-sympathy-devil– 18498

It’s–ah—gonna bee a long week, and just in Case [i] forgets, Öüï would like to remind Lorde Lorne D.A.T., yes, indeed, with an Apple on top: Eye ❤️ N.Y..

Hey, Georgia! Got peach spread for D.A.T. D.A.R.E. Pain Perdu[e]

THREE DAYS! October 31st… coincidence? Knot if you know that when TUESDAY IS GONED.A.R.E. CAN BEE ONLY ONE!

To Live and Let Die

Musical guest: to live and let die 🎶 65425FB7-12D3-4E9E-BE18-BD4CD44AE3EB 🔫
Reading is a multifaceted process involving word recognition, comprehension, fluency, and motivation. Learn how readers integrate these facets to make meaning from print. Reading is making meaning from print. It requires that we: Identify the words in print – a process called word recognition.

https ://www .readingrockets .org /article /what-reading

In ancient Times, Avi Velshi, JASON chased “the golden fleece” with the help of a Georgian peached-bottom blues niece of Circe,  and they succeeded! However, this plot is Knot one of those, on account that in modern times the “colcha dorada” de Colchis, —look it up— was replaced por la máscara plateada de Santo… it’s TWUE!!!

https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Golden_Fleece

https ://www .foxnews .com /politics /georgia-sen-perdue-pulls-out-of-final-debate-after-bitter-clash-at-previous-face-off

Courtesy of Chuck Biscuits

Crimson Ghost is superimposed with the permission of Chuck Biscuits and Count Chocula, yeah Buddy!!!

But FO’ist!

It’s Last Week right fucking now y, como decía Lino Quintana: 🎶 esto tenía que pasar…

“You expect me to talk?”

No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.

…after the Break, it’s the continuing attenuation of Bjork, from TROY[e], it’s TWUE!!! Look, IT!, up.

Right now:

Eye see what you did there, Siren

Eye see what you did there, Siren… The Prodigy with “SMACK* my bitch up” follows.

We pick up the evening portion of tonight’s Man on The Moon, in Athens, off–course, where Andy Kaufmann is Alive and reporting from The Sky doG Tavern. It appears that Shinny Happy Scottish accenteded People all agree:

If you believe DAY put a WaWa on the Moon, it’s probably because you think that it is always Sunny in Philadelphia.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /ciencias /2020/10/27 /confirman-la-presencia-de-agua-en-la-luna– 3296 .html

Later in the programming, you want Change? You can’t handle Change, but if you insist, don’t forget to fall back when the Marfa Lights get Sync’d with the Aurora Borolas now shining just NORTH of PRESIDIO and SOUTH of ALPINE, Texas, and in the Snaefellsnes peninsula in over Iceland.

But speaking of Iceland, where the legend of JOHN BRONCO never dies, real men in that island (not the TESLA driving fags) weep for the loss of the manliest man that ever wore a fucking SKIRT!!!

In San Diego, Ron Burgundy and his more manlier doppelgänger, don Armando Álvarez can’t begin to be consoled, and them two are living it up with George Clooney and his gay brother Ritchie inside the comforts of The Titty Twister just outside of that West Texas Town of Socorro, New Mexico… just beyond the BadLands of Horizon, Texas.

And in Paris, Matt Bradley (Cooper) is recycling our VERY own SEGOVIASPIXES-es-ese from the underground… get your own weirdos, Mr. Bradley. And stay away from my yellow dragons.


12 de octubre – “I saw my baby on the creepshow »

Hit me with a shovel ’cause I can’t believe that I dug you.

Previously on Eye can Sí for Miles:

Quick recap

Quick recap .:. 7B3F6322-1E14-47C2-A9AB-C644A673D7FA 🧶 So how about D.A.T., former secretary of defense, “The honorable” William SEBASTIAN Cohen*, has IT! been 25 years since the last mayor boom of military-contracted movers for the AFN/PAL region freq’s.? —_•!•_— Boy, Eye tells you, it sure feels like such a long-long time ago, and “there you go again”, U.ncle, scaring the bee-gee’Sus out of my favorite cum-bucket town: Vilseck. \_•¡•_/ Fast-forward to Last-Week today, Sir, and Lemmy tells you that you —motherfucker— are not fooling any single swinging dick DOWN RANGE with your ambiguos musings about being a “little bit BIDEN, and a little on SUSAN COLLINS (R–MAINE) pay roll”… and did Öüï mention that Susan Collins is a prosthetic C.unt for the Donald John Trump re-election movement?

Issy, no pun intended Cousin Joe, but to misquote Mel Brook-es-es “Robin Hood”:

Unlike other Americans who arrived on The MAYflower, Eye can speak with a real* Hispanic accent

and for the record, senator Cruz (R-TX), when your boys mention the word “RAZA”, Eye must tell you, –Sir, that Eye does not think that it SIGNIFIES, what those dumb sons-of-bitches think that IT!, illustrates… with D.A.T. in Mind, Alicia Menendez (sin acento):

Viva Las Vegas, Movement N° 499 en El Vez sostenido mayor.

… Alicia Menendez, sin acento –off course– is Hallie Jackson, en Inglés —of course.

If the photo fits

If the photo fits

https ://www .salon .com /2020/10/12 /susan-collins-wrote-legislation-that-made-millions-for-her-husbands-lobbying-firm/

Hoy no hubo Jazz.

Previously on The Rock that shaded Mars

Deer, Chris Rock:



Take a closer look, Sir… you know what else ne marche pas le mardi?

— Bars in France.

To which a bunch of Rosbifs (and some Scots) suggested that they change (convert) the name of all Frog dives to P.S.I..

This has BEAN a CaramBAR joke.


What would Jimmy do?

Efeméride para Juan Pablo

Efeméride para Juan Pablo — IT’s an Ideology, not a CULT  .:. 88EA0399-B879-4FE7-8965-EB5FB0333EEC 🎥 D.A.T. D.A.R.E. is quite a COIN•Sí•DANCE, Rolo Lamire, what’s D.A.T.? Last Tango on your Wall‽

It was 40 years ago, the show that asks Mika Brzezinski what the 39th President of the United States would do if instead of a Pole, a Gaucho had visited Washington, “all those years ago”.

Misheard quotes over the known news.

Maybe I’m a muse”, said Donald John Trump upon learning that Jimmy Page is immune to any copyright lawsuit.

— COINcidently on that STAIRWAY (which now has been named after Herr Goebbles) to the Truman Balcony, at “the peoples house” in Washington, D.C., and where Donald gave the entire Universe a Masters Class in Propaganda, “There’s a (first) Lady WHOs sure, all that glitters is Gold,” and she SURE IS fighting The COVID’s on account that if she goes, she’s not getting anywhere near the gates of heaven… Yeah Buddy.

And Kasie DC, must öüï remind thee that Zeppelin goes here‽.

Y En Chiapas

Y En Chiapas .:. BFC54581-857F-491A-9A08-015A75F6A183 👞🥾👟👠🥿👡 Los ZAPATIsTAS se ponen flamencos con La Unión Europea.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /politica /2020/10/06 /iremos-a-europa-a-encontrar-lo-que-nos-hace-iguales-ezln -7445 .html

[COINcidence, Cousin Joe?… only if it’s Joe Cuba, from el barrio, just ask our Left–of–CNBC representative in the eastern part of the Bronx, portions of northcentral Queens, and Rikers Island in New York City]


With D.A.T. in mind, öüï now return to the FT’s accurate assessment of Latin America’s newest strongarm. But to be fair, the proposal for a referendum that asks the Mexican electorate if past presidents of “the backyard”, as “the company” calls Tamaulipas and the rest of the federation that makes up “El Plan Mérida” and other assorted “dirty wars”, should be subject to accountability under a Mexican court of law, —which, by that güey— in the case of Mexico that particular referendum is not necessarily a despot’s move, again, in the case of México, what was strange about that whole incentive was the wording concocted by John Mill Ackerman and delivered by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, WHO, by that güey happens to be the Ackerman household maternal unit’s spiritual leader and, boss…