Did you know that it was the French… who invented the Vikings.

15 de noviembre 886/7 C.E.

… somewhere between Le Havre and l’Île de La Cité, westbound on the River Seine.

Las efemérides… contexto de SoliDaridad y lo “bueno de saber” en cuanto a los apellidos de “las buenas familias”, por parte de CNEWSMatin:  a suivi… wait one, S.V.P.


Yes indeed, oh but oui. You see folks, way way way way way, before Brother Àndre and Brother Èdouard strategized a way to compel [1] old consumer Conrad into driving Armand’s Type 3 “horseless buggies” in search of the best hôtels and restaurants around France, and later the entire globe, Paris was already attracting far away travelers onto l’Île de La Cité in order to get a taste of La Seine, l’Île de La Cité, Chartres, Le Mans and other parts of La Loire; and as a matter of trivia beyond the tales of Charlemagne by Charles The Bald and Charles The Fat, it was right around this week of November, but in 885/7 that the French (back then called “Los Panchos” or “Les Francs”) were about to invent The Vikings.

Pero hablando de catálogos especializados en placeres caros…

A review of that epic poem about The Michelin Guide is coming right up, but first we’ve got some Eric del Castillo breaking news! By the Spirit of Saint-Germain-des-Pres.

It seems that the first actor, a Mexican Viking in his own right, but with Quetzal feathers instead of horns sticking out his hair dress, suffered yet another heart attack.

… Pobre don Eric, como sufrió.

Yes indeed, ¡ah pero cómo rechingados de que no! No por nada los putos de Molotov (antes de que vendieran las nachas a Heineken; ¡ay pero que puta ironía…) le dedicaran un corrido a los estudios de Televisa aludiendo a finales del Siglo pasado sobre un catálogo exclusivo para clientes ejecutivos (compradores de “tiempo” aire) para disfrutar de suculentos platillos de camarones en el hoyo, y bizcochos rellenos de la leche que Miguel Bose, “confunde con leche Nestle”, o algo así, según el Rollo del puto de Alejandro Lora.

Pobre don Eric, como sufrió con los destapes de doña Kate (de mi Corazón… H20). Eric Eduardo del Castillo tenía un chingo de años, igual que el “Loco Valdés”, don Eric rozaba ya la edad de Matusalén. Que en paz descanse.

Michelin Guide context follows… but first.

El “Rollón” de la invención de Normandía.

Pinson, U., “L’INVENTION DE LA NORMANDIE”  n° 33 : Le Figaro Histoire; Aout–Septembre 2017; Imaye Graphic (Juillet 2017). www. lefigaro. fr/ histoire

— Efemérides del 15 de noviembre, vía CNEWSMatin: http://kiosque.cnewsmatin.fr/Pdf.aspx?edition=NEP&date=20171115

11 de noviembre


On the 11th Hour. On the 11th Day. Of the 11th Month… and counting.  —_—  In the background: Marie Curie, happy Sesquicentennial Anniversary… Sweet radioactive Dreams, and good night, you’re looking good at your ripe old age… “Here’s looking at you” on a big screen, Kid .

TimeStamp 11h00 CET.

Espíritu Arrasador y sus fuentes

Fodongeando La Noticia, con Cousin Joe y Ondina “Mika” Brezezinski  •—_—• The new norm in the way that sports journalists are going to be predicting who the next World Series Champions are, is going to be by using the Brad Pitt’s algorithm movie method. It’s as boring as an old fashion waiting room with no Playboy issues available, and it also kills the wonder right out of the park just like e-cigarettes kill the toxic mystic right out of a cigarette, but since multi-flavor vapor seems to Curb “Cancer’s” Enthusiasm and, after seeing the Astros take the pennant, then boring has definetly got an edge over big tobacco and algorithms over  the old way in which, Willie Guist buys peanuts and Cracker Jacks® . •—_—•.

Virginia has become the first rough-Draft of  Trump’s impeachment, “You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby”, but there’s still some rolling hills to cross over; in the mean time,  let’s take a pause and head over to Brazile… La Xica mais linda.

Political pundits, however, are still fixed on using the esoteric AnAgRam in all of the wrong fucking ways to try and predict the next political leaders. Take for instance a recent Commentary made by the elements “digging” over at the control room of Studio A3, at the mines of “the” msnbc’s, during the Oct. 27th edition of the MoreJo show:
Hey, you guys! Jack just crunched the Lt. Governor’s name and it’s just two-letters away from being a perfect match to that Commentary Magazine guy.
>> Is that a fact, Alex? Or are you just trying to get out of extra duty for coming in to work without shaving?
Of course not, Ma’am. I swear by this autographed KC DC “laser-rock” t-shirt that the hex is legit.
(Cousin Joe, analyzes the internal-mic conversation between the Gnomes and the Gold hair Undine to his right, and he goes for the Swing).
Hey, Noah! Alex and the rest of the fella’s over at the control room just informed us that Ralph Northam is ‘only’ 2 letters away from being a perfect AnAgRam for Noah Rothman, but of Course they need to “Curb Their Enthusiasm” because “it’s all Fake News”, because the Sylph that’s double-timing thru the Jupiter quadrant, he just got wind that not only are those fucking Gnomes Full of Shit, they should know by the missing letters N + O, that if you subtract the Noah Rotham from Ralph Northam, the remaining three letters add up to Republicans Lose Priority… at least in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Sources follow…in the mean time:


Blue colored cuff of a White Collar Capitol cop… 
 “Let’s Play Hardball“. Earlier during this Robert F. Kennedy: A Raging Spirit, book advertising review, we [the staff] relayed to all of the good people that don’t bother knocking on this portal, that the tale of Mr. Matthews begins to unfold as soon as the potential reader sets his or her eyes on the “Dust Jacket”, or —DJ— for short. •—_—• We [the staff] have also already commented on the elements of the Front Cover, and… “an interesting thing happened on the way to the Forum,” midway between La Rue d’Oculus and La rue de l’Arc de Ciel, we [the staff] stumbled upon the limitations of what Konstantine, the author of the template that asegovia3 chose to use way-back-when, as an aspiring reporter, fired up this rather non-consequential blog. It turns out that for a long-winded entry such as this advertisement book review, that we [the staff] found ourselves struggling with “PUBLISH,” which is what Konstantine chose as a name for this theme (or template), the issue boils down to a frozen screen every time that our graphics capture team tries to load an image at the very bottom of long pentry; that is why you, as a reader that never visits this blog, gets those annoying part i, part ii, part iii, etcétera… anygüey, Colonel Matthews, il dorso context of the “DJ” of your take on  the, once upon a time young and galant hero of The New Camelot clan, follows below, and then we “promaïs” to insert the sources, after that… even if we have to PUBLISH a part iv on this theme about your in-house advertisement book promotional tour, Mr. Matthews.

Après les traces de Diderot 9éme entrée

Con voz en este capítulo

Goooooooood Moooooorning, President Woody “Baines” Harrelson, did you know that it was actually the French who invented Vietnam, but most important, Cousin Joe, are you aware that an insecure Corsican invented the idea of honoring your fallen soldiers? It’s true… of course, Willie Geist, como tú bien sabes, a fucking Military Academy Toy Soldier, like that ‘NAM skipper: Donald John Trump, will never fully appreciate the sacrifices made by fallen warriors for two reasons, the first is because if Donald Trump had been a soldier, he would have been too preoccupied with not getting his uniform dirty; and two, BECAUSE HIS DADDY [Fred] bought everything for him with the fortune that he made by $hort-changing Uncle Sam’s war veterans out of their housing awards.

A lo mejor Tommie Smith y John Carlos en su momento de gloria no lo sabían —o igual no se dieron cuenta— pero en un día como hoy —pero de 1968— ambos con ese puño en alto en protesta por la ausencia de legislación en favor de las garantías civiles [principalmente para los negros] en el Sur de los Estados Unidos Americanos, también representó un puño en alto a la masacre perpetrada por el entonces presidente de México, Gustavo Díaz Ordaz y su secretario, Luis Echeverría Àlvarez, 15 días antes, en La Plaza de Las Tres Culturas.

… TimeStamp: 1800 hrs. CET

Hey there, “Chief”… It’s <<military protocol>> if that was to be the case. Didn’t you learn that during your “tour of duty” in the ‘NAM era, while you played Toy Soldier in that private military academy.

Later at the movies:

Rob and Woody take a shot at portraying the events that lead two olympic athletes, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, to rise their clenched fist up in the air, while solemnly dropping their chins to their chest, while the Star Spangled Banner played at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

* Earlier in the day:

Según el presidente de los Estados Unidos, es un error notificar a las familias de soldados caídos en combate; OF COURSE, mr. Toy Soldier himself is once again confusing his Procter & Gamble battleship strategy “experience,” and actual military protocol. Hey, Donald, here’s a rule of thumb to go by, if the troops fall while engaging in an illegal war, like the one that the “Old Gipper” was fond of, perhaps you should keep it hush-hush, but if the mission is legitimate under the Geneva Convention doctrine, then you, as Commander-in-Cheif should at least show some fucking respect and learn how to properly present a triangulated flag.

Sur les traces de Diderot – Edition ExceptionnellƎ*

* Feliz Cumpleaños — ЯevolucióͶ

Dear, editors… please be advised that in order to Comply With The City of Angels new decree, we [the staff] conscientiously objected [in real time] in making any reference to the man for which the country of Colombia was named after. Instead, we chose to Implicitly celebrate a man who WE Now KNOW had both of his hands “Censured,” in order to satisfy the ego of a man on the payroll of the CIA, just before he was dumped in a shallow grave on a spot in the mountains of a country named after Simon Bolivar. Entonces, pues, yesterday, October the 12th, we [the staff] chose instead to celebrate Ernesto Guevara (the man) as opposed to the historical marker of October the 12th that is celebrated by the “LIDDLE” Havana thugs in Miami… anyhow, please be aware that this is a Time-Delayed entry. —_— Image capture is courtesy of the Angelino City Council. TimeStamp 10h32 on Friday, Oct. 13th 2017.

Jeudi, 12 octobre 2017
Francia: +33 55 55 SIN-cordón
TimeStamp: 00h32 CET

50 years early. +¡+. Los “Documentos” del Proceso llegan por cortesía de la Nación de doña Katrina vanden Huevel… Fair use of the Nation, however, the 1:32 Nation’s timestamp is from Tuesday time, and Tuesday’s Baby, well; TUESDAY Gone.

Our leader he was young
Gallant and divine
It was the age
Of blood and ЯomancƎ.
“Happy Birtday ЯevolutioͶ”

Verse Nº 3, after the Chorus.
By: The Levellers.

Dear, Katrina:

Corazón, with all due respect please, Baby,—i love you, but i’m begging you— edit the headline DECLASSIFICATION for what it was: an assasination, an execution, a cowardly murder by “LIDDLE” Havana Thugs from our Nation’s gift to América latina: The School of The Americas at Ft. Bragg, Georgia…  Viva La Raza (and context on that subject, you fucking tiki torches Race Supremacists… is sure to follow).

In the mean time Rachel,  would you like to learn how to square a circle by solving unknown radicals by using the Amy Goodman quadratic News equation? Send me a line (if NBC let’s you—and with a bottle of vodka i’ll chalk-it up for you on an old fashion pizarrón)… “You Know My Name, pick up the number”, and if you can’t find the reference, Liam the lad is a Beatles fanatic, he’ll square away that line for’ya to find my section, Govr’ness.

TimeStamp: 32 minutes after the hour.
————-  —¡=

Previously on In Search Of Diderot

It was late Friday morning on October the 6th, Comandante Guevara, when we [the staff] witnessed how the shipping containers installed at le Parvis de l’Hôtel de Ville—75004 were being dressed up with their respective ‘motifs’*.

Digression as We gently drop out, after trying to tune in:

*… as the propaganda themes of the CHTO DELAT ? installation were later explained to us [the staff] by Sophie, not her real name (and not part of the Russian CHTO’s) but definetly one of hundreds of Nuit Blanche 2017 installation guides, “who in addition to being serious and competent is a nice person to look at, as you gently phase out” [3]. If you feel that this was a sexist remark, please check the reference, and remember: that this is la France.

Anygüey, Corporal Che, the pile of rocks, which serendipitously complemented our [in-house] commentary on the Canadian silver mining industry [or, Excellon] in Northern México were still neatly bundled in their synthetic costal [one–each] or, if you prefer, a new technologies burlap sac.

Everyone on the other side of the security fence was working in double-time, i asked a security guard standing next to the a conveyor belt assembly (a rental, i gathered; because of the rental enterprise sticker) if he had any inside details or information of the installation in front of us, he replied that it was part of the Nuit Blanche and that a special preview for the Presse was set for that Friday night… Impeccable, was my response.

El Cascajo Al Lado de El Comandante Ernesto Guevara. —_— Contenedor capturado, empaquetado, y transnacionalizado… foto Clandestinamente Capturada por  armando segovia / segoviaspixes El 6 De octubre del 2017 para la “ocasión” de la Noche Blanca en París — Hôtel de Ville. COPYLEFT.

Sources for Liam:

1. Kornbluh, P., “The death of Che Guevara Declassified”. Via: https://www.thenation.com/article/the-death-of-che-guevara-declassified/

* The Levellers… CAKE follows:

Issy–NICE–CAKE you’ve got there: Feliz Cumpleaños en PANAME, perdón-perdón quisimos felicitar a PANAMA, no a PANAME porque eso es orta cosa, pero no importa, because it is 20h32 in CET and this is a Time-delayed entry for our Exceptional Weekend Edition (update)… enjoy your CAKE (You’re Never There).

“I’m standing here, watching the world fall a part”. Via: https ://m .youtube .com /watch?v =LVGSJQ52sOc

3. Welty, R. H., “Life as an Art Form in Joie de Vivre: Secrets of Wining, Dining, and Romancing Like The French“. Chapter, Savoir–Vivre. (St. Martin’s Press)… via: Perspectives; on the LOOFE “a manual for life in l’hexagone (that’s France); edition 2017/2018. LOOFE is a FUSAC.fr advertorial publication.

The Map Legend on this Frame is courtesy of Codex Urbanus –¡— Photo capture is part of the collection: The Street is My Gallery… foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2017 —CopyLeft

Please STICK around because our Next Entry is dedicated to those who dwell on the banks of Le Fleuve Clandestine at  l’Isle de l’Art Libre... and if you are guessing that a very Exceptionnelle segment of The Street is My Gallery is next, you would’t be off the grid.

El Reflejo De Un Trofeo En Forma De Una Conyugue Reflejado En Un Farol De Fin De Semana En París —!— Foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2017. CopyLeft.

In Search of Diderot, 6th Entry — Yo, Che!

Saturday, October 11th 1975
New York City, USA—10112

Archive is courtesy of the Rainbow Room at 30 Rock in New York City… and of course: IMdB.

Wednesday, October 11th 2017
Paris, France—75001

Active Around The Rim on a night like tonight, but of 1975, Saint George Carlin was the opening act of a show featuring a troupe of stand-up comedians that made the big debut on ‘the’ NBC Saturday night block.

Yo, Che! This screen grab is brought to you by Chevy Chase… “As You Were” and carry on, CPL. Che.

Using Rachel’s Reciprocal Property for the News Division, practice the following variables by plugging them in the divisor fraction, use SNL/Sketch as the dividend fraction.

First Variable: the Thomas Rebound.
SNL / RapeSketch ➗ Clarance Thomas / Anita Hill

DateLines are courtesy of the Associated Press, via The New York Times archives, and Liam, “I can call you Betty, and Betty you call me—you can call me… Al”, anygüey, Liam: As You Were.

Second Variable: The Hollywood Harvey Hush-hush.
SNL / RapeSketch ➗ Weinstein, Affleck, et. al. / Rose, Ashley, et. al.

Dear, Liam: i caught you on the rebound of your Reddit stunt on ‘the’ Ask Me Anything channel, listen Chap, if you want to Chase the source on the quote that calls you Betty, please watch the second episode of SNL’s Season ONE, i think that the name of that “guy” is Paul… or Simon… or Jesus H. Christ, just ask Lorne… please read this in Senator Stewart Smiley’s (D-WI) voice.

Third Variable: The 1st rule of Reddit is, ALWAYS LIST YOUR SOURCE.
See if you can set your own set of News division fractions in the style of Rachel’s Reciprocal Property for the News Division. Here’s a screen grab as a Source to the IMdB search field:

Yo, Govn’r! THE LEVELLERS SOURCE follows.

“I’m Chevy Chase,” and Liam Gallagher is a fag.

Tras la huella de Diderot 5ª entrada Rachel’s Reciprocal

Dear, Rachel:
Today is national sports day in France, meanwhile, we [the staff] are still on the trail of Mr. Diderot and as a result we are still “accomodating” the “Last Week in History” segment; anyway, we happened to catch your live broadcast early this morning (0300h CET) and found that given Sen. Bob Corker vociferous opinions about POTUS 45, your “Silent Movies” segment was an perfect match for the following “Last Week in History” segment… i call it Rachel’s Reciprocal Property for the news Division (context on that follows, right now i’m late for my Colombian shrink appt.)… Besos.

October 6th, 1927: “The Talkies” are born and it wouldn’t be until 2011, when  “The Artist” a French film, would try to re invent the movie mime mode into films. Although that fad did not caught on, “George Vale” did take 5 Oscars for his  work as a mime. —_— Uso justo del Siglo de Torreón.

Still to come: 5.4 million French public servants are called (to go on strike) by their respective workers union, this according according to Le Monde. The last time a match like this took holds of the streets was in 2007, according to Canal Plus morning news.

TimeStamp: 2300h CET

Los franceses y ‘ese’ su poder de adquisición… —_~. Uso justo de Anne Sinclair.

Mientras tanto allá en los Estados Unidos, Puerto Rico va de mal en peor, y mientras ese territorio se colapsa, Donald Trump se la pasa jugando golf.

En California, la región al norte de San Francisco, así como que yendo a Napa Valley; y también en Anaheim, la situación literalmente: arde.

Y esta semana, ¡por fin! se confirma lo que Barack Obama sabía, cuando él todavía era el presidente de los Estados Unidos: que Facebook es un peligro para la nación; pero a lo mejor igual como con los bancos y con Wall Street, esa industria es muy importante, influyente o grande como para dejarla colapsar. O explíquenos, Raquelito, de que otra manera se puede explicar que no exista un proceso en contra de Mark Zuckerberg y el resto de Silicon Valley, que colaboró con los rusos para convencer a las legiones de lectores del genero ‘fake news’ a que votaran por Donald Trump.

Sadly, as much as we would like to get angry about the whole Google -Facebook – Breitbart fake news debacle in the Rusian Gate swamp, we can’t; it’s just a bitter pill to swallow, our guess is that Sen. Sanders must feel the same way. He, (Mr. Sanders) didn’t stand a chance against the stubborn desire to get the first woman as president into the White House, even if it meant weeding out the best candidate (Bernie) who could take who could have taken back a good chunk of undecided Donald Trump votes. So now, even with all them great AFTER ACTION REVIEWS from The Daily Beast and the WaPo’s findings about google’s involvement in the Circus of an Election of 2016, it’s too late. If it’s not, why then is Trump not in jail yet?

So Now Rachel, we just have to wait “un momentito” and see on which side of the face all of them 56 cards on the deck are going to land, because Donald Trump’s second act of treason was when he called on the Russian president to use all of his intelligence resources to bring Hillary Clinton’s emails —into the open.

Question: If the past administration KNEW, that Mark Zuckerberg’s platform was being used to DUPE “innocent racists” and “closeted biggots” of the “Make America Great” bumper sticker consumer crowd, why exactly was it that the former FBI director, James Comey, didn’t spring into action in the same fashion that he did during the last stretch of the election, like he did with the “Carlos Danger*” connection with Mrs. Clinton?

* Former Congressman (NYC) Anthony Weiner

It’s too bad Rachel, that from Nov. 2015 to Oct. 2016 no one read my blog, except of course, the Donald Trump machinery, because sweetie i can humbly write that throughout that time I was your the anti-Breitbart syrup and Cousin’s Joe Super-Beta-political pundit Donald Trump eliminator… i just couldn’t compete with Your Fuck’n distant cousins, The Buzzfeed’s.

In hindsight, Cousin Joe, stop being a tight wad and send that new iPhone. There’s a Mexican election coming and this guy nicknamed “El Bronco” wants to be Donald Trump’s “hombre-cuete” and play measure–my–wee-wee with Trump, come 2018.

En el marco del licenciado Brozo, el actual gobernador del Estado más norteño de México (Monterrey, con 2 “erres”, Willie Guiest) Jaime Rodríguez Cordero.

And now: the Rachel Reciprocal of the the news Division.

1. TRMS [over] Donald’s Words = a Silent Film.

Donald’s Pathological behavior [over] Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) comments = a logically upset U.S. Senator… so:

Frame is presented for educational purposes.

TRMS / DWords ➗ DPathos / Sen. CorkerComments [use standard division reciprocal property] and you get:

2. TRMS / DWords ✖️ Sen. CorkerComments / DPathos = any George Carlin “TALKIE” recording at Madison Square Garden. NOW Rachel, don’t forget to use this  “HUBRIS” reference marker of A Day Like Today, but in 2002, to “account for your known unknowns”.

HUBRIS… starring Donald Rumsfeld.

Yours Truly,

armando segovia.