“If left unanswered,”… it’s a Dictator’s TRIfecta

Wednesday, December 4, 2019.

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Candidate Michael Bloomberg asserts that China’s authoritarian “constitutional” president Xi Jinping is not a dictator… and in Washington:


Chains.:.0BF68EC2-2613-4315-AE2D-66BE732EDBF4 •_¥_• 🎼 My baby’s got MÍ locked up in CHAINSand they ain’t the KIND, that the Attorney General of the U.S., mr. Richard Barr can break.

And still to come… CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE, with a guy who wishes he could wear a badass chain as a necklace, “Oh, the humanity!”


Deer, Sam Stein… you are ugly

Liberty, Liberty, —library:

"Ya me canse"

“Ya me canse”, but not of what you expect Mí Two.

https ://www .msnbc .com/morning-joe/watch/is-michael-bloomberg-invested-in-the-common-good

The entire Ukrainian universe knows that you are an Ugly Mexican, but PLEASE!!! That Stephens guy from The “holy” New York Times need not go beyond the quintessential “back yard”, to call the Trump administration a full-fledge CONDOR, if you follow Bolivian bombines, and their national dictionary.

And in WaWa Land

And in WaWa Land, Senator Tulsi Gabber (D-HI) turned El WaPo into a coat… AND BRET STEPHENS, “pluts are gonna plutear” JFK’s money was BLOOD Money, just saying. His fortune (The Kennedy’s) was reaped with “prohibition” deaths. Mr. Bret, your response to Mr. Giridharas was out of step, but what the heck do öüï know about Plutocrats being Plutocrats, Look at Carlos Slim, privatizing Water in México. Just sayin’. IF, in a future of Hamburgers in Paradise the grandson of “El Chapo” could change the COURSE of a recent past “FAST & Furious“, Eye would prefer an alternate universe where MONSANTO did not drive Mexican Farmers to work for Diego Luna and “El Mayo” Zambada.

Deer, Willie Geist, please relay to El WaPo (Bob Costa) that once Chile finishes using our “Macuspana” Tabasco hot sauce, Bob Costa can put Joan Manuel Serrat’s “Pare” memories in it, and then place that same bottle on his PBS gig, which takes U.S. back to page 4 of N° 2492 of Lundi 25 Novembre 2019 of La Semana que Philippe Labrara, avec “L’ŒIL DE… Romain Desarbres” and his Cles du Talents inexplotes, BOUM!


1867.:.2919AA9F-9C16-49DC-A2E5-EEC5933D4AA7 –_!_– Alfred Nobel inventa el Premio Nobel para que en Abril de 2017, Robert Allen Zimmerman pudiese codearse con Gabo… uso justo de todos los Jay Jays.

Put a candle on that Cake, and eat it too.

“BOUM”… Deer, Marlene Shiappa

Efeméride in the middle of a French strike “en los medios de comunicación”, and to celebrate Korean culture in France, the Siren Den is hosting a Japanese tanda at the top of the 1400 hrs., in Soju drinkin’ Thymes… D.A.R.E.’s even a glitch on the Mamas & the Pappas, “All the leaves are Café”, you can intro that beat Twice, INDEED.

Attention Camp

Attention Camp: the following must bee read in a Cpl. Walter “Radar” O’Riley’s VOICE: AS OF LAST NIGHT, just before midnight in Eastern Standard Time, The United States Code of Military Justice is no longer valid in the American Theater of Operations. Starting at ZERO hours in Central Europe Time all proceedings regarding Sean Penn’s “Casualties of War” and or trespasses at Guantanamo Bay (Cuba) or more recent events where The Navy Seals step beyond the Ruhles of Engagement, and murder combatants ONLY TO BE ABLE TO TAKE A “selfie” with the inanimate corpse are now relegated on a Case–By–Case basis to The 45th (and last democratically elected) President of them united states of america. Today, November 25th of 2019, Our Dear LEADER Donald J. Trump just made America great again for the Fascist Consortium of the World… and now here’s Neil Young, in the voice of former Mayor of Babylon Two, Michael Bloomberg interpreting “Keep on Rocking in the Free World“.

sin embargo, el próximo TORO va en honor a la Primera fémina reconocida como médico cirujano en Francia; pais que invento el oath de hipócritas, ¡ah CARAY!, scratch that doctor, öüï meant to note, “The Jurançon de Hipócrates” y no el juramento de hipócritas; de cualquier manera doc, forget the Bull, ¡la faena entera va por ti, “princesse”.

En razón de una huelga

En razón de una huelga en el sindicato de La Radio francesa, no nos será posible (al staff de este tan intrascendente blog) de meterles l’intégrité de notre programmation, néanmoins nuestro reto es apuntar lo que pasa a nuestro lamentable alrededor, y por eso hacemos Hincapié en el hecho de que Eugène Delacroix just got SLAPPED por un pintor de “brocha gorda” que está –en estos precisos momentos— echando a perder una Columna en la entrada a Saint–Sulpice. LLAMARLE UN trabajo a esa “cachirulada” sería como justificar el “jale” de la señora española que “mejoró” a Ecce Homo de Borja, en Zaragoza, España… “Oh, The Humanity!”.

ISSY, monsieur Yannick, this here “bisbiglio*” es parte de una memoria para la querella.


Fair Use of $15 USD media. As relegated by the use of Dyn~O~MITE under the: U.C.M…

Good Thymes, indeed

Good Thymes, indeed.


Efeméride — 22 de noviembre

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Ask not what the RATP can do for You

Ask not what the RATP can do for You, but what you can do for The RATP.

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Zeppelin goes here

Zeppelin goes here.:.8373CF8E-57F8-4834-AAFF-CB79BD5E1A44 •|• « NE PAS FAIRE DE QUARTIER », by Laurence FERRARI de Ford. Also on p2: “los nombres de las calles de París se «Féminiser», a razón que los “apellidos” no son reconocidos por la sociedad establecida.

1963; 12:30 hours in Central Standard Time…
Dallas, Texas; Main Street (U.S.A) at Dealey Plaza within ear-shot distance from Texas School Book Depository…
Senator Ted Cruz'(R–TX) father and Venezuelan terrorist on the C.I.A. payroll, Luis Posada Carriles did all they could do for Russia (a.k.a. the U.S.S.R.) a little bitch called “Laika” wiggled her tail from “Sputnik”.

En un día de noviembre como hoy — no hubo Jazz

Las efemérides meets una tal elegía.

la tele

la tele.:.77795F87-8BC5-4A5E-AB42-21BFDAB029D2

La destitución de Donald John Trump, por el otro lado de El Atlántico, sin embargo, puso a cantar a los guardianes de El Tío Sam. At one point during the hearings, Team Republicans (who are in favor of turning “the” Republic into a Федерации) equated “truth” in the same way the U.S. Supreme court describes P.O.R.N.


Uso justo de todos los WaPos

Uso justo de todos los WaPos.

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People trafficking is closer than you think

Art Activation.:._”People trafficking is closer than you think”, dijo The Fresh Prince of Belleville. Uso justo de la semana que Philippe labrará.

Art Activated on the MoJo Show, after the break, it’s: Who stole the days on that “collection” D.A.R.E.? Either someone at “sea knews” forgot a Zero on that purple bar there, or someone is holding a 10…

And still to come:
Life imitates Art, when “the” Jack Ryan Season Two installs a presidenta on a Banana.

Synopsis: Wait for it, after “la quinceañera de la sobrina” scene.

Cher, rédacteur en la 11va oficina de Paris – 2da parte

File photo not available… but this bitch will Do:

Hello, moto

Hello, moto

Anygüey, mr. record holder, please stand-by for the first bull of the tarde, bee–cause in Central Europe is A.M.Joy, right now.

Keep on rocking in the Free World

Keep on rocking in the Free World.:.733EF607-567C-4ADF-9C2C-70C224947AC7

In the mean time, while the holiday shopping season starts on la tal Paname, we switch it over to Radio France, where a piece of Slav … where a piece of slab stands guard as a reminder of what happens when the Frogs go running to other side.

Deer, Emmanuel Macron, Monsieur le President, please don’t be a Vichy, Donald is going down. The Trumps all–of–em!