It’s TROU!!! The Bpi à Pompidou plays no *LIES

Breaking the NEWS… The Reverend Al Sharpton just renamed the Secretary of Department of Homeland Security, his name is now Alejandro MARAKAS. In other news:

4 173 en vente à partir de 0,34 €… look, IT! Up, it’s TROU motherfuckers! TROU Eye Tells EWE.

“I used to love her, but I had to KILL HER — I knew I’d miss her — So I had to keep HER — She’s buried right in MY BACK YAaaaaaaaa-ah’RD 🎶

And Avi Velshi our prayers were answered, and today it was FISH TACOS… it’s always FISH TACOS in France, it does not matter if they serve the Fuckn’ LAMB.

Anyhow, Avi Velshi this is Last Week To THEY and Öüï is going to draw the lines on them Circles (not to be confused with Venn’s diagrams), and Eye begins with Hallie Jackson’s dearly departed dog*.


In context, a CAUCASIAN (by CENSUS standards) went missing in the Great State of WHY-Oh-Ming, her lover, a guy by the name of LAUNDRY³ or something like that is the main suspect (punto y coma) yada, yada, yada, the CAUCASIAN’s deteriorating corpse was found in the middle of nowhere (as Eye mentioned the attention and FOCUS on this CAUCASIAN’s case develops in the STUPID state of Wyoming)… in this MEDIA CIRCUS process, a reality TV star who goes by the name of DOGG the Bounty Hunter (or something like that) was spotted yesterday knocking at the Dead White Chick house, and word at the GEORGES POMPIDOU public information Library is that even MAJOR THOM at the International Space Station is on the lookout for the DEAD CAUCASIAN’s lover, who might Öüï add, IS… on the motherfucking LAMB!

³./ Öüï might have mispelled her lover’s name— but Eye does not speak French and, Fenster The Copy Editor is on vacation with Bob Costa in Florida.

ANYHOW, Chet le Boulanger, Track 6 of Abbey Road is basically the same song that IGGY and The STOOGES recorded on TRACK 6 of RAW Power and Track 6 of Georgia Peaches.

Harrison titled his, “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” while The Iguana went with the more needy (pardonner la Re-don-Dance):

You won’t find any G-n-R on stock at the Pompidou Juke Box, but GEORGES surely stocks the STOOGES* en Juke-BOX
Track 3: Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell
(Originally titled “Hard To Beat”)


https ://www .discogs .com /fr /Guns-N-Roses-G-N-R-Lies /master /9480
R-Side 1988
Track 3: Used To Love Her
… bonus
track four: The Éric Zemmour National Anthem



TODAY in History, 1969—ABBEY ROAD is recorded/released, it would be The Beatles last and the ART depicts the FUNERAL of “the cute one


Meanwhile at the Daily Show with Comedy Central

… I thought that my Drunk Uncle would be Playing Golf, and there he is, living the High Life at the Stephanie Rhule with Avi Velshi reunion.

Anyhow, it’s 2001 and now that Tuesday is gone, Mercredi Addams in the Role of an adult Hallie Jackson³ stars in TAPS… 📯 🎶 with quivers down the backbone.

On a day like Yesterday, New York City had an election, —if Ewe can cross your Eyes on That fact— and BLOOMberg followed. Heck, both sides of the U.S. Legislative part of the Constitution sang Öüï are the WO’id, or something like that (punto y coma) and get this, Rudolph William Louis Giuliani [the] III was a respected regular @therealFOURSEASONS, if Ewe can believe Me, spelled m-e, me.

³;… ) https ://justabouttv .fr /actualites /wednesday-de-quoi-parlera-la-prochaine-serie-sur-mercredi-addams-signee-tim-burton/

CC1DD0A4-2E0E-4737-ACDC-1F8E4339F398 A NEW WORLD ORDER (song) Love Vigilantes.

Across The Atlantic, “You’ve got mail” and at Ground Zero, Avi Velshi is counting helicopters, THE HUMANITY!

And, Rev. Al, please relay to Juanita Bonita to not go hating on Cleto Reyes and Evander Holyfield. ‘Member now, Tyson is the bad guy, and AUSTRALIA is the Enemy; those fuckers just stole France!!!

[Cutline before the snapshot]:

LIke Brazil, Australia is one of the main nations responsible for Climate Change (South of the China SEA)…  France, on the other hand, remains committed to providing comfort to a dying World.

https:// www .brisbanetimes .com .au /politics /federal /france-could-access-australian-military-sites-as-countries-look-to-boost-ties -20210909-p58q7j .html

In Hilo, Hawaii, las manecillas around The Arizona just marked High noon, and in América con Menendez sin acento, her doppelgänger from La Havana, Alicia Menéndez is hearing voices.

And before i call, IT!, “colorín Colorado, este cuento está Registrado©️”, Öüï is going to bring Andy García back on the set. Andy is Alicia’s drunk uncle.

¹.) Note to editors:

Öüï decided to stay clear of Franco-Australian politics on account that Eye did not come to France to criticize French politics, it was supposed to be about “La Mano Pachona de Bernardo Gómez” and then something straight out of the promotional pages of the FO’ist try at Frank Herbert’s DUNE (movie) happened. Heck, BRONTIS was turning all Gorilla in Paris, (En DONDA?) in Paris and that is all that Eye is going to say about Jay-Z, and his friends at François Hollande’s presidential campaign in 2011).

🎶 Sergeant Pepper’s lonely.
Sergeant Pepper’s lonely.
Sergeant Pepper’s lonely.
Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
We’d like to thank you once again

And, FRIDA… breast reduction is no way to fit them suckers in THOSE pots

A los galgos del Galgódromo de Ciudad Juárez…


Mientras tanto, o como dicen los franceses: That’s going to be an interesting BREED (punto y coma) a Chihuahua and a motherfucking Lévrier!!! Then again, Mr. Biden, Le XOLOitzcuintle might just get a HAIR for Dog’s génome from PERSIA. From the PERSIA!!! Yasmin Vassoughian; From PERSIA.

And, doña Andrea… my name is Inigo Montoya and “[Eye] don’t think that word means what that chick think that it means ». And, please! Ewe knows very well that Eye is an anti-dentite but that does not prevent Mí from recommending Mexican odontology, so if Texas wants to start paying people to act like the very French during the nazi occupation* (snitches, bounty hunters, and chismosos) have at it! Texas should be sent back to Mexico.

³.) Or, like N° 5260 of Le Canard Enchaîné

And SUSANA PUVEDA…Check this Squared Circle turn into a TRIANGLE

1 de febrero Día de San Ignacio… [A]nd SERENDIPITY, Eye does KNOT know if it’s mere COINCIDENCE but February the 1st is also the day that “The Situation Room” was inaugurated but in 1954… Y no, Suzy, you do not have to be Orthodoxe to believe Mí, you can just be… you know, —Ewe.

Meanwhile, across la rue Honoré (75001) next to le passage de Lavandières (Sainte-Opportune) Philippe Labró is celebrating Charity at “El Patron’s²” house (same ZIP)… no word if doña Justicia (For All) made a cameo.

Truth be told, Mr. Labró is a closeted Metallica freak and a keen Texas Observer. Take today’s CNEWS Matinée cover. It’s a tribute to The Frayed Ends of Sanity (The FES) the last track on the Album that brought you Lady Justice in full Republican party regalia.

Heck! The kid in The FES is seated in a “hanging man” position. And if you don’t know what the Hanging Man represents on the tarot, then you should stick to UNO cards.

².\ N° 2602C’est Arrive
L’abbé Pierre fonde Emmaüs

At The Movies… Frida Hayek stars in:

In local news, France outlawed brest reductions. Fringe and sketchy methods of booby shrinkage are on the rise.


SIM[s] Patricio 🕺🏽 Moniqué 👩‍👦Bio[s]

It Was 16 Years Ago To They…
Sergeant Pérez thought Billy how to use them SHEARS!

Just the facts, Rush.

*,) Limbaugh

https ://www .thenation .com /article /archive /messing-mother-nature/

Does anybody remember Jodorowski’s Dune sketches? It’s kind of sort-ish like Lynch’s Oasis but with the imagination that the Tourism Board of La Ville de Paname lacks:


And, Alex Witt, you can check with Charles De Gaulle’s dad (punto y coma) the man was a history teacher (back when the West was Being Won).

And Heidi Przybyla you can check the page, it’s the same one from the other They; anyhow, Alex, the General’s father used to tell his students that History Has a way of sneaking up on Civilization, but seldom in the same manner as it did the first time that it reared it’s ugly Tail:

… [A]nd here’s another thing for y’all — The White Truck was Velshi, knot —Paul!!! And his callsign was La Ojiva Negra.

Blasts rock Kabul as US drone strike hits ISKP bombers

https ://www .aljazeera .com /news /2021/8/29 /kabul-airlift-enters-final-phase-us-warns-of-more-attacks-live

And then History goes… never mind Arbusto en El Alamo, here comes Katrina’s big wet 🌬💨🌊BUSH… with Musical GUSTS in the form of Ring-oh’s in The Sky:

You’re Sixteen—You’re Beautiful… and you’re 40 Miles SSE from the Grand Isle… knot the ⚜️ Île, Louis.

And the French Quarter goes: AVI!!! AVI VELSHI!!! Come In—You magnificat batard.  “Can you hear Mí now?” Velsh!!! This is Eye and Öüï is at la Rue Honoré trying to get a hold of “The Green Machine” at “Crescent City”, while that happens over on the Sunday Show it’s another editon of don’t forget to top-off your “Go — Go Juice“.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /List_of_CB_slang

And The French Quarter responds:

Kathee Drahl grade levees (second hand, fourth generation; solid. Sold “AS-IS” no refunds).

Not so fast, en está IDA Öüï got U.S. a Dutch master’s Zeppelin-Grade levee [from La Ancienne ⚜️ Place ⚜️ des Regrattiersthat which promise not to break 📶↪️… Öüï even had the good taste of adding a ROMA reference in the form of a ∪ƒ⊗ disguised as a SUPERDOME ⚜️ … and knot to rub, IT!, on the American Priest in Paris, but the motherfucking Saints play there… but never when Katrina is on the IDA (visitor) schedule.


Dig it… on the set with The Masked Singer

Like a Rolling Stone
Like a Rolling Stone
Like a Rolling Stone

Tattoo You, Track 5 and SIX:
V._ Black Limousines, PAGE 248, [ibid., TOURNOUX ’64] ; “Dans la voiture personnelle du Führer”.
SIX._ Neighbors, to the East « les boches » to the South, “les grenouilles contre les grenouilles.”

Like the FBI
And the CIA
And the BBC

Just the facts, Sirene Claire. S.v.P… So Pena de que “tus labios” se te hagan ChiShahRron.

B.B. King

BBBFEA74-F8DE-4011-A894-5E019701BD89… Deer, Rachel Maddow, “Watch this space ».

And Doris Day…
Matt Busby!

… [A]nd Katty Kay, of course you know that Sam Stein is strained through the Reyes bloodline, right? What do you think makes of Sam an Ugly Mexican, an Espontáneo knot a Sachverständiger, “or whatever.” 👄 Page 252 [ibid. Tournoux ’64] AND SALMA HAYEKSam Stein was not expecting your role in Mayor Pete’s “Oscar Meyer” infraSchtrucTuraTion solution for people WHO never Walk in El Ey!!!! Gooooo Dodgers! 🥋🥋🥋

Dig it
Dig it
Dig it
Dig it
That was “Can You Dig It?” by Georgie Wood
And now we’d like to do “Hark the Angels Come

Tops… people WHO know, know that Tops is a leftover corrido de “Les Cailloux” from CATHERINE DENEUVE’s « Little Coco’s Head Soup ». In the frame the inspiration for Black Limousine, a fuckin’ Mobile (Alabama) heißes Würstchen 🌭


Track 8; TOPS.

🥁 Watts 🔭

Like A Rolling Stone and Le Hôtel Britannique presents:

Infâme République…
based on a Trou 🕳 story

by: M. HenRi de Gaulle
légitimiste, monarchiste de arrepentimiento…
possibly an Early Model—T enthusiast.

Power’s out. Chapter One, where a botanist fellow from the Lamarck clan avant-proposes his dirty french fingers onto the pages of PÉTAIN & DE GAULLE … in the process, H. Taine introduces Science (capital EsE) to the oldest profession in academia (lowerCase Ahhhh!) HISTORIa.

PAGE 15_Prèmiere Partie

Tout Recommence à Paris

Featuring: Unser Mann in Stone [s] henge

Joe Friday:
Lorem ipsum… yada, yada, yada just the facts Mr. Crowley, leave “las marrulladas” para los « canallines » y para el « MALO » de La Jornada.


https ://heraldodemexico .com .mx /tendencias /2020/7/24/ quien-es-ricky-riquin-canallin-por-que-se-volvio-tendencia -195175 .html

https ://jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/08/24 /politica /amlo-anaya-un-marrullero-que-no-me-eche-la-culpa/

Rudolph ⚒ Hess 🔮

Dedicated to the tanks of the Second Armor Division (LA NUEVE)… porque no es lo mismo cruzar por La Dronne, que tener que andar lidiando con un, ¡la Dron, eh!

La metamorphosis, o algo así (same Yardbird on page 15):

« Un historiador podrá actuar como un naturalista: miraba [Mr. H.] mi tema como si estuviera mirando la metamorfosis de un insecto³ », said the Celebrated Mr. H., while HenRi the Horse dances the waltz.

³.) Hippolyte Taine.

And, Cousin Joe… should The S’tates S’tart a Y’ank F’oreign L’egion

… like French Dee-Jays Do? It’s Easy, all you need is a batch of sketchy immigrants, and the promise of citizenship after they go to Hell and back. It’s a Win-Win. It’s Gold, BEDINGFIELD, AU!!!

You are never going to guess what’s inside of N° 33, As[k] Mí.

But seriously, I am Sirius, —and you are Knot!

https ://www .thoughtco .com /finding-gold-on-the-periodic-table– 607644


Anyhow Mr. Molla G, what you don’t know is that ALL OF THAT TREASURE TROVE mitt WEAPONS is laced with the FAST and FURIOUS —Nextel/PEGASUS— tracking devices… and besides those 5.56 mm /.223 in shooters are not Halal. If you butcher any living being with’em you will not get any of the 72 or so, virgins… that are apparently promised by your religion when you die. So there’s that. 

The joke’s on you 🖲 Talibanes!

In Local News, on the opposite side of the CET hours (HST) it’s the Third Friday in August:

Among the contributions that The 50th Star has given the United States of America, por ejemplo, — el presidente Donald John Trump can boast that HIS predecessor, President Barack Hussein OBAMA (Jr.)was BORN in HAWAII, Aussi(e), pineapples… And Australia, you are not foolin’ anybody. Do you really think that the AXIOS bunch is KNOT going to notice the SIDNEY in BOBB, that’s Code FOR Shrimp in Barbie 3X!!! At least you had the common courtesy this time of shining the light on a fucking LIBRARY. Trou Story. Ladies in Gemini, the Australian truck incident outside of the Library of Congress is retribution¹ for that Time that then-president Donald John Trump wanted to do a DEMONIC RITUAL outside of a WASHINGTON Church… ‘member how that INIDEL flipped the BIBLE upside down? Blasphemy at the Highest Levels of Corruption!!! 


… And Alicia Menendez, what’s up with the beaver?

sEgovie not Segovia, bartolomE not Bartolomé


Pleased to meet you…

1918 – Russian Revolution: Bolsheviks executed Tsar Nicholas II and his family at Yekaterinburg.

And, Madame Hidalgo… “isn’t anybody going to help that PO’h Man, Bam-Man Watta Bam-Bah! —_*¡*_— Eye said it once, and AY! Says, IT! A-gain the rEgie thinks that he has an imagination… the RéGIE DOESN’t. 🛶 Eye calls this snapshot: Grafiti EnSabHanado. 

“Are we supposed to google in the solo”

🎶 And the colored girls go:

That depends, Stephanie Ruhle.


Eye means, it depends if little “Frida Sophia’s” FAKE sobredosis de Cemento means anything to Ewe, I mean, Stephanie Ruhle, ‘member that very real anguish that you felt upon seeing all of that rubble on the kids?


Now i know That Camus said this, but under the circumstances (in real time, not after half of The Vatican relocates to La Argentina after the Parisian Velodrome incident), i think that i am saying this best: … “ context for The American Priest in Paris, follows », even if Saint-Eustache has a hair up their EAR DRUM 👂🏼. Hiccups for freedom!




https ://elpais .com /mexico /2021-07-14 /condenado-a-208-anos-de-prision-el-director-de-obra-del-colegio-rebsamen-desplomado-en-el-terremoto-de-2017 .html

Let It Be Sympathy FO’ lumiEr, pues. _*|*_ Last week today witnessed the removal of the statue of Yosemite Sam from the Anastasia memorial in Yekaterinburg, but what this week here to They might be unaware of is that Mr. montes d’Eco here [ironically] got the idea to “coin” the term, « l’Ur-facisme » from non other than “el sacerdote rupestre”, primitivo y esencial dijo la hache que por cierto, Carla Bruni, es muda como la de Umberto.

Public Notice. Washington, D.C.


The Reverend Kasie Hunt ceased operations as a pundit and will now operate under the title of Dr. Hunt, M.D… hilarity ensues when Brazilian President gets a marathon case of the HICCUPS.

1945 – Winston Churchill, Harry S. Truman, and Joseph Stalin (all pictured), leaders of the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Soviet Union respectively, met in Potsdam to decide what should be done with post-war Germany.

https ://www .reuters .com /world /us /charlottesville-remove-confederate-statue-center-deadly-2017-protest -2021-07-10/

A KINDER Gentler Hitler.

🎵 Killed the Tsars and his ministers
Anastasia (sin anestesia) screemed in pain

And, Pierre, please relay to Clementine that, yes, yes, yes; with sugar on top, —La Tour Eiffel est lA.

Así es, Pablito… Jean de La Fontaine (1621-2021) is a fag!

400 years del futbolista le plus fabuliste… it’s on page 56_oh L’Humanité Nº spécial 23222 (Dimanche).

COPIEUSEMENT IGNORÉ PAR louis xiv, and here is why, mr. Pérez… Page 9, nº 23222 de L’Humanité:
Let’s hear it: “This is the problem. All the literature of the seventeenth century has given a magnificent description, which perhaps corresponds to the glory and pride of French royalty, but not in the least to the state of France.” J. Giraudoux¹

¹.)– NOTHING, and as a matter of fact, remarks Jean Giraudoux, “on the  misery, the poverty, the anguish, and the exhaustion of the nation…” And if, “The first BIG OPERATION of State propaganda succeeded it was thanks to Molière, Racine, Boileau and consorts…”, page 9/10 ibid.

… Four (stars) Out of Five:

July 16–24, 🚀 1969 was the spaceflight that first landed humans on the Moon. Establishing Aussie, the first Hotel and Casino on The Moon! ON the MOON ALICIA! El La Luna.

🎶 Advertise in imaginative ways,
start your free trial TODAY.

Hey, Mairie de Paris Tourism Board bearded Monkees listen to The Arctic Monkeys. It’s for your own good for it appears, judging from the Stars, that they have read Rosecrans Baldwin’s very funny look at Melle’s Pitch pub world in, “Paris, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down”, and check it out, there is a chapter in there that explains why there are only Four and not Five stars at Major Thom’s Tranquility Base circumventing The Globe.

Anyhow… Tiff Cross just turned 25 and she wrote an essay, —silly Cross! Nobody reads in El Ey. But Eye tells you what Girrrrl, that Charlemañe fellow has a point, It’s hot up in this Mutah*…third district.

* mUTAH’s third district is of course, the UTAH Jazz (gremlins are in fully engaged, Tranquility Base was assaulted via ipSEC protocols and what should have been published last night 10 pm CET has to be salvaged from ruins and completed in HAWAII Standard Time)

Should have registered the trip as a relic bounty delivery to La Bourse district.

Apollo 11 in Black: A small jump for Man kind, a raised fist for L’Humanity 🖖🏼 but FO’ist! Don’t You (izquierda en Paris… including the neo-Zapatistas de Ayotzinapa de Saint-Denis en Jour et Nuit de La Fuente de Saint-Michel) forget that–This–is–HOW the Mexican foreign service works. Just like Old Cuba, but then Mexico never got a Sin Embargo point of view embargo.

Coincidentally, to They in History:

1954 U.S.A. “Operation Wetback”

1954 : Operation Wetback” is launched by the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to remove about four million illegal immigrants from the southwestern United States, with a focus on Mexican nationals. The operation began in California and Arizona sweeping northward through agricultural areas with a goal of 1,000 apprehensions a day.

Let me guess, it was because of a fucking, “Guioncito”, right?… más hipócritas, only los Amigos de don Poquelin en La Bourse de la AFP.

This blog is fueled by MARIHUANA

Just like New Heaven, Connect-i-cut

Even better than the Real Thing

The Real Thing, Ewe2

_ and the occasional Shroom.

INDIAN SUMMER is in Effect.

… do knot try to adjust the refrigerator’s settings.

María Sabina is in Control… bola de putos.

Rock en Vivo, Track 6 (punto y coma) Hurbanistorias… una imagen en el aire de un pintor apresurado 🎶 El sacerdote rupestre estuvo presente justo cuando Jim and The Doors (tribute band) arrived to the barricaded area to pay their respects, and lemme’Tell y’all—Jim Never looked better.

… I’m telling Ewe, Cruella de Ville—D.A.T. Boy

If you are just joining U.S. you have gotten here in the perfect Passé Composé, or as Anthony Bourdain called the Reservation:

It was 50 Years Ago to THEY that Marianne, “always” Faithful, kept her lips shut and her tongue pressed to the palette.

And to celebrate la antesala del Unknown Soldier (1776) Led Zeppelin decided that it was time to remove The Dixie Flag from all U.S. Federal Building urinals.

And Ali Vitali, please relay the Rally in Sarasota that the removal includes them little piss freshness with Confederate paraphernalia and/or regalia.

And Marianne, it’s a damn crying shame that in order to smoke a joint or drop some acid next to Jim, you have to break the Law, not Once, no ma’am, but Twice.

Pour bien apprécier le goût des champignons tu dois presser la nourriture contre le palais.

… Lucky for U.S., across from this handsome fellow [below] just about a block from Jim, there is a BAIL family available in case you make it to “the house of detention”, but really Marianne, why is Jim’s grave barricaded like a petty gas pipe renovation joint-job?

In•deed, Fiona, “the Devil wants to know”, what a fuck is up with the barricade, Frogs? Eye am Shreck and my compadre Groot approves this message.

Aussi, if you should want to contraband yourself after the tourists have gone back to wherever tourists had planned to go and squeeze Paris into their agenda, remember the following, a night infraction from the vigils is about half the price of a two-bit no-star hotel in Paname.

“I want you to know, that this will go down in your personal personnel’s record”, said the Violent Femmes next to the King’s Guard keeping an eternal Eye on Jim. Note to tourists, the King’s guard is in front of Jim’s plot, this handsome fellow [above] is behind Jim’s grave, and right about ground level to Mr. Mojorisn… don’t belive Mí? Get the sonar.