Latte- drinkin’ Libérals … Where is my bucket of ChIkEN?

Liberal in France is not what you/s thinks it means

— motherfuckers… Bringin’ all this RUCKUS TO MY steps… GET OFF MY YARD —ewe HIPPIES!!!

… And yet they manage to fuck-up a wet dream.

Co-habitation vS Absolutism

Now, at 21h20 NATO time… Two white maddafuckers are fondling 33 1/3 rpm’s right in front of Mí… The Gall!!!

To quote Mel Brooks… “Isn’t anybody going to help that LP?”

69 rue Danois, Paris 13éme — A Brave New World³

En La Madre…with Perrine Storme
with Musical Guest:
Mommie Got a New Girlfriend 


Blur: Girls and Boys
Girls who want boys
Who like boys to be girls
Who do boys like they’re girls
Who do girls like they’re boys
Always should be someone you really love

followed by Mère jument, or as they say in Mexico the wife of “don Chente”, back in El Rancho Grande.

³~. The very French in Fréjus call this building “El Nuevo Mundo”, ISSY, c’est Paris… and KATIE Phangs, Eye swears that if you don’t spit Avi Velshi out I am going to take a snapshot of your shoes. I know that you ate Avi Velshi’s 2 O’clock hour.

The sad part of this incident is that Avi Velshi did say that, “he Tawt that he had taw a Puddy Tat,” but 911 thought that AVI Velshi was BULLshiting around.

Apropos de la apropiación cultural
Students are encouraged to not Wear MOCCASINS, or any other appropriated wardrobe that your grandparents got you in during their last vacation outside of the World State that they visited.
THOSE “Savage World” moccasins are not KOSHER but the Tony Lama’s are approved by la Palme d’or, de Eldorado Independent School District in Madrid.

… on the same vein (or calle with a different name) The “Real” UTOPIA Independent School District, is shooting its their most precious bugger eaters.

Castellano is spoken here.

“Little girls” are encouraged to take their “fuck pumps” off and go pied nu for the nice man with the Camera 📸.

Take Mi to the Pilot, Eye knows the Marble Man in Nice (06)!!!

Previously on, This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated — “Billy, they don’t like you to be so free”

And, Reverend Al, never mind, “Alias”…

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip/podcasts /club-jazzafip /100-ans-de-la-naissance-de-charles-mingus-4638906

From Nogales, Arizona
LIVE at The OK Corral gazebo
with special guest on The Battery:
The Cannonball Howitzers Obus ExtraVenganza

Here comes “Les Sans Dents wear Britches, Bitches”… and; Reverend Al, Eye don’t know what you had planned for To They on this beautiful sundown [in París] for MINGUS¹, who is confused with the location dictated by the digital content and audience manager for WDIV, at “Click on Detroit“, mister Ken Haddad.

Is that Thee Republic of Congo {or} The Democratic Republic of The Congo, mister Haddad?

"An unarmed Lyoya, a native of Congo,
was face down on the ground 
when he was shot April 4."

https ://www .clickondetroit .com /news /michigan /2022/04/22 /live-stream-funeral-service-held-for-patrick-lyoya-in-grand-rapids/

¹.~ Charles [100-each]

This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated.

{and} Reverend Al, nevermind Slim Pickens, he posseses WINGS experience, and right now he is under the ALIAS of MAJOR T.J. “King” Kong on a top-secret Mission with The Raiders there.  Major T.J. took the “one hundred dollars in gold; [the] nine packs of chewing gum; [that] one issue of prophylactics; [the] three lipsticks; [the] three pair of nylon stockings… « Shoot »”,  [that] fella’ is probably having a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff³.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0057012 /quotes /qt0454447


ALL ABOARD!!! 👶🧒🧑🧓🧑‍🦳🧑‍🦰👱🧑‍🦱🧑‍🦲

Ten y sí, roughly means, —have at it.

It’s Godwin’s They in Tennessee. Bad pussies all of youse. “No Soup For You!”****

The Sum of All Hate is SUGARCOATED ignorance.

Moving on, Eye seconds The Reidout’s maxim:

It’s no fun working The TRAPEZE without a safety net.

Trapecio de P U A S 🐁🐀

{memo for Memo… Via la rue Guillaume
75006 casi esquina con Le Basile,
and La Peña de Saint-Germaine des Près}

In the words of a baldheaded Irish monk with a cunt instead of a dick:
“It’s been…

Listen Up, Wallace…
At 1000hours in Pacific Standard Time, i boarded an Air France Transatlantic Jet Airplane with a ‘bon’ from the French Consulate on Route 66 in Los Angeles, California, in order to write an independent research project dealing with Mexican corruption, and the French dignitaries {at SciencesPo} that make it happen. Good morning, don Leo Orellana.

* WITH * All * Due * Respect

16:58 C.E.T. 2021

Earlier at known Parisian sundial

Eye followed the sun… A Dark horse encounter.

And, Éric Dupont–Moretti, Minister of Justice of the FIA at Concorde, Issy Aussie, of the rest of France³, también, sorry about misspelling your name but now that you can call yourself whatever Ewe want, putting a TEE on that pond of yours should only enhance it, anyhow, Mr. Minister, Eye catched that episode of your miniseries where you say that your cadre in France has no Fiber, let alone Optics; the sad result of following the libreto from The Paris Tourism Board, Öüï says, knot Mi.

³.~ Where thanks to La Île de La Reunion and other assorted “ultramares” the sun 🌄 never sets, so Gordon, 🎚️ Tráeme La Noche…



And of course: Festevus 2021 !!! it’s like The Matrix, but for Anti-dentites, y’all.

And, Amb. Kennedy, lest you forget, “Australia is the Enemy”, period, but really, Jackie, Ewe sure that you don’t want to give the “fries 🍟 station a try, Hun‽.





Mean, while at the Pablo Picasso exposition at the Grand Palais…

{What’s the Story} Track X

In Local news, let the non-reader know that not to be outdone by the planking of LE GRAND PALAIS, la llamada Plaza de La Concordía is wrapping THE OBELISK there with galvanized sheets. Unconfirmed reports relay that President Prime McCron is sending back the monolith to its place of origin in MEMPHIS for X-MAS. TROU Story.

The Isle of Wight… silly Wabbits.

Breaking News… Roland Martin didn’t Golf Today, Öüï repeat, Roland Martin is boycotting White (like yatching and golf and polo and of course THE WWF) Sports for Mexican Revolution Day… the reason, The Mexican Government and Carlos Slim are taxing all of the golf courses in TEXAS.

AND in U.S. FRANCE relations, Eye has to relay to Errin Haines that VP Kamala Harris has not contacted staff… ISSY, Öüï, understands that “She’s Electric”, AUSSI, Mí knows that she’s in an administration full of eccentrics… y por si sobrara menos… « She’s done things I’ve never expected », just like ELECTRICITY, which off of its course, is INVISIBLE.

Bpi Nouveautés à remettre au bureau Presse. —_!_— Actual induction into the SERVICE des PERIODIQUES, 19 NOV. 2021, because the 20th of November is el cumpleagnos del Patrón, antés era la antesala a la REVOLUCIÓN, which COINciDENTally celebrated the on-going Birthday celebrations of General Porfirio Díaz’ which he, COINcidentally, charged to the ACCOUNT of the first Centennial of Mexico’s INDEPENDENCE… from Spain. NOW, in 2011, the Current MINISTER of Foreign Relations for the President of Mexico, MARCELO EBRARD, wanted to do the same. It failed the first time it failed the second time; EL VIEJO RÉGIMEN is BACK.

Morning Glory

— A CAMPAGNE supernova, silly, that’s what.

[A young Robert Di Nero intejects]

Wadda ya’think was gonna’ happen when Ewe forgets to bring the baby carrots and to SEND the INVITATION to Guernica.

And, Tiffany Cross… never mind https ://www .society-magazine .fr /matthew-mcconaughey/… and That is All that Eye is Going to Say!!! INSTEAD, Mr. Roland Martin, I am going to GET BACK and review the ANTESALA to the JEFF KOONS tulips in THE GARDEN of Julieta Venegas and Natalia LaFourCade (Paris 2011) AT the TIME, Marcelo Ebrard was letting CARLOS SLIM group take 3 rebars  for every ten laid, and 100 Kilos of CEMENTOS CRUZ AZUL for every ton spread on LA RUTA 12 que se derrumbó. And now, well now it doesn’t matter because AMLO is presidente and don Carlos ya no es parte de la MAFIA del PODER, don Carlos is now the official sponsor of PAN y CIRCO en el BOX y LA FIA en París.

https ://www .espn .com .mx /video /clip /_ /id /9538462

‘Canelo’ Álvarez logra unir al Senado de México

« El boxeador mexicano desató la locura y los senadores se juntaron oara* [sic] buscar una fotografía ».

*.~ para

For contrast, the only other CELEBRITY who’s had that effect at San Lorenzo was Canadian Prime Minister Justin Beiber… no Wait WAIT Wait!!! Justin Trudeau, not Beiber,

https ://www .quien .com /espectaculos /2017/10/13 /pese-a-criticas-periodista-consigue-su-foto-con-justin-trudeau

https ://elpais .com /internacional /2017/10/13 /mexico /1507915584_282517.html

Over at the Grand Palais de-Construction review:

Now you’ve probably already HO’id about how, “The grand old painter died last night… and about how Dave Dee is no longer with us. But Mickey and Tich and I would just like to carry on the good work that’s always gone down in [studio] number two.”

And, fip à Sirène j  i zz… wait scratch that latin EYE!
{Change to}
And, fip à Sirène jazz

Eye told you that I was going to bury Paul in the next segment, lo and behold, and NOT TO BE UNDONE by the DE-Construction of Le Grand Palais, the Bpi is featuring at its “bureau Presse”:

I Me Mine

YET ANOTHER Mythique portrait With The Beatles
page 38, When The Royal Family Adopted Beatlemania for Thé{e}.
Numéro 01, “Mythique”, France Quotidien and some fellow named ÉDITO, or Something like that.

LEARN WHAT LENNON THOUGHT ABOUT LIVERPOOL [page XV]… Please, Please, Please, la locura!

« J’ai grandi à Hambourg, pas à Liverpool »

Those Fucking immigrants!!!

And still to COME, One fo’My Baby and ONO for the Road.
https ://www .beatlesbible .com /1960/11/20 /live-kaiserkeller-hamburg -48/

Over in ROMA, Sophia Loren sang the Mexican National Anthem {version Pérez Prado} and so NEVER mind Amarillo BY Morning… Gotta Go Now Baby if I Hurry I can Still Make Cheyenne.

103 years ago… Sgt. Pepper call the band to play

That is not even a real taco.

To commemorate the occasion, la bibloteca pública de información Georges Pompidou will open it’s its doors today at 11, 11, 21… just like all of the stores and the pre-holidays sales, banks however, are closed.


With this being the first time in like 5000 years that The United States of America is not at war, the Mexican president goes to Times Square to see the good folks at Wall U.N. Street Rock. — The photo featuring the ADIDAS « basket shoes » brand is courtesy of LA JORNADA at the Melle. Pitch EMMAÜS award… or something like that.

Flashback for context, but most importantLY, our interptetation of LA QUINTA Républica and la Cuarta Transformación en Nueva York:

https ://www .lefigaro .fr /politique /le-scan /insolites /2014/04/11 /25007-20140411ARTFIG00124 -la-mano-dans-la-mano-apres-l-anglais-hollande-massacre-l-espagnol .php

La nueva MANO en la MANO… in honor of Gral. Charles De Gaulle (iglesia en la mesquita) 51st aniversario luctuoso del creador de la Francia de Hoy.

And that {is} all for today. Have a nice day.

https ://eu .usatoday .com /story /opinion /2021/11/10 /kyle-rittenhouse-cried-during-his-trial-dont-fooled-his-tears /6373345001/

At the movies: Starring as Jonathann Daval, Kyle Rittenhouse in the role of crocodile tears… Gary Oldman takes on the role of a problematic prosecution lawyer.

https ://www .telerama .fr /radio /sur-arte-radio-le-cirque-mediatique-de-laffaire-daval-decrypte– 6990324 .php

P.S… Cousin Joe… your coat matches Le Mire’s tie…and the stripes on those awful lapels are making Mí dizzy. Put a little red flower on that hollow chest of yours to break them ugly lines. And, Step°hanie Rhule… nice collar you got there, it goes real well with them cuffs, and the RED, oh the red… the best, a nice contrast next to that Alabama rube. C’mon, Cousin Joe! Pin a little red flower on.

https ://www .cnews .fr /france /2020-11-12 /11-novembre-quest-ce-que-le-bleuet-de-france -799422

And Morning Mika… fire is shooting out of your eyes, tell you personal assitant to run over to the nearest hardware store in Times Square and get that sexy dress a pair of welding glasses. And last but Knot least, The Willie Geist Show:

Recreates the Forrest Gump scene at the NATIONAL MALL, but the producers of Morning Joe do, IT!³, with a real Medal of Honor club member… Eye literally can’t write (or make) this shit up.


It’s TROU!!! The Bpi à Pompidou plays no *LIES

Breaking the NEWS… The Reverend Al Sharpton just renamed the Secretary of Department of Homeland Security, his name is now Alejandro MARAKAS. In other news:

4 173 en vente à partir de 0,34 €… look, IT! Up, it’s TROU motherfuckers! TROU Eye Tells EWE.

“I used to love her, but I had to KILL HER — I knew I’d miss her — So I had to keep HER — She’s buried right in MY BACK YAaaaaaaaa-ah’RD 🎶

And Avi Velshi our prayers were answered, and today it was FISH TACOS… it’s always FISH TACOS in France, it does not matter if they serve the Fuckn’ LAMB.

Anyhow, Avi Velshi this is Last Week To THEY and Öüï is going to draw the lines on them Circles (not to be confused with Venn’s diagrams), and Eye begins with Hallie Jackson’s dearly departed dog*.


In context, a CAUCASIAN (by CENSUS standards) went missing in the Great State of WHY-Oh-Ming, her lover, a guy by the name of LAUNDRY³ or something like that is the main suspect (punto y coma) yada, yada, yada, the CAUCASIAN’s deteriorating corpse was found in the middle of nowhere (as Eye mentioned the attention and FOCUS on this CAUCASIAN’s case develops in the STUPID state of Wyoming)… in this MEDIA CIRCUS process, a reality TV star who goes by the name of DOGG the Bounty Hunter (or something like that) was spotted yesterday knocking at the Dead White Chick house, and word at the GEORGES POMPIDOU public information Library is that even MAJOR THOM at the International Space Station is on the lookout for the DEAD CAUCASIAN’s lover, who might Öüï add, IS… on the motherfucking LAMB!

³./ Öüï might have mispelled her lover’s name— but Eye does not speak French and, Fenster The Copy Editor is on vacation with Bob Costa in Florida.

ANYHOW, Chet le Boulanger, Track 6 of Abbey Road is basically the same song that IGGY and The STOOGES recorded on TRACK 6 of RAW Power and Track 6 of Georgia Peaches.

Harrison titled his, “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” while The Iguana went with the more needy (pardonner la Re-don-Dance):

You won’t find any G-n-R on stock at the Pompidou Juke Box, but GEORGES surely stocks the STOOGES* en Juke-BOX
Track 3: Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell
(Originally titled “Hard To Beat”)


https ://www .discogs .com /fr /Guns-N-Roses-G-N-R-Lies /master /9480
R-Side 1988
Track 3: Used To Love Her
… bonus
track four: The Éric Zemmour National Anthem



TODAY in History, 1969—ABBEY ROAD is recorded/released, it would be The Beatles last and the ART depicts the FUNERAL of “the cute one


Meanwhile at the Daily Show with Comedy Central

… I thought that my Drunk Uncle would be Playing Golf, and there he is, living the High Life at the Stephanie Rhule with Avi Velshi reunion.

Anyhow, it’s 2001 and now that Tuesday is gone, Mercredi Addams in the Role of an adult Hallie Jackson³ stars in TAPS… 📯 🎶 with quivers down the backbone.

On a day like Yesterday, New York City had an election, —if Ewe can cross your Eyes on That fact— and BLOOMberg followed. Heck, both sides of the U.S. Legislative part of the Constitution sang Öüï are the WO’id, or something like that (punto y coma) and get this, Rudolph William Louis Giuliani [the] III was a respected regular @therealFOURSEASONS, if Ewe can believe Me, spelled m-e, me.

³;… ) https ://justabouttv .fr /actualites /wednesday-de-quoi-parlera-la-prochaine-serie-sur-mercredi-addams-signee-tim-burton/

CC1DD0A4-2E0E-4737-ACDC-1F8E4339F398 A NEW WORLD ORDER (song) Love Vigilantes.

Across The Atlantic, “You’ve got mail” and at Ground Zero, Avi Velshi is counting helicopters, THE HUMANITY!

And, Rev. Al, please relay to Juanita Bonita to not go hating on Cleto Reyes and Evander Holyfield. ‘Member now, Tyson is the bad guy, and AUSTRALIA is the Enemy; those fuckers just stole France!!!

[Cutline before the snapshot]:

LIke Brazil, Australia is one of the main nations responsible for Climate Change (South of the China SEA)…  France, on the other hand, remains committed to providing comfort to a dying World.

https:// www .brisbanetimes .com .au /politics /federal /france-could-access-australian-military-sites-as-countries-look-to-boost-ties -20210909-p58q7j .html

In Hilo, Hawaii, las manecillas around The Arizona just marked High noon, and in América con Menendez sin acento, her doppelgänger from La Havana, Alicia Menéndez is hearing voices.

And before i call, IT!, “colorín Colorado, este cuento está Registrado©️”, Öüï is going to bring Andy García back on the set. Andy is Alicia’s drunk uncle.

¹.) Note to editors:

Öüï decided to stay clear of Franco-Australian politics on account that Eye did not come to France to criticize French politics, it was supposed to be about “La Mano Pachona de Bernardo Gómez” and then something straight out of the promotional pages of the FO’ist try at Frank Herbert’s DUNE (movie) happened. Heck, BRONTIS was turning all Gorilla in Paris, (En DONDA?) in Paris and that is all that Eye is going to say about Jay-Z, and his friends at François Hollande’s presidential campaign in 2011).

🎶 Sergeant Pepper’s lonely.
Sergeant Pepper’s lonely.
Sergeant Pepper’s lonely.
Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
We’d like to thank you once again