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[Context on the future of Brasil is at play… happening right now, on 92.6 FM de Bercy, Juanito Guanabacoa está narrando el spot del Día de La Raza 2023. Algo con Re Trazo, Juanito anda buscando las raíces del Venado, o algo así.

1968Tommie Smith and John Carlos are ejected from the US Olympic team for participating in the Olympics Black Power salute.

In the mean, according to Wikipedia:

MATHS is the Word of God ∵ EYE says so.

… for the record:

1736 – Mathematician William Whiston’s predicted comet fails to strike the Earth… but only because The Kinks in his prophecy was taken from JOSEPHUS fables about JESUS and other assorted incest stories. I know this because Eye buried Titus… but that is etched on another SCROLL.

Je suis un antichrist et je suis analphabète   tout est écrit en grec Σ

[To They] is October 16, the 289th day of the year (290th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar; 76 days remain until the end of the year.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /October_16

In Paris, France, it’s 1793 and Mercury just witnessed the First Mouvement of Freddy’s queen as Marie Antoinettes noggin 🩸🩸🩸 hit the basket case of La Guillotine.


92.6 Tropiques FM… El Son de Juanito GuanaVAcoa…. Patrocinado por los hongos de la Sabina.

Ya se fueron las nieves de Enero ya
Llegaron los Hongos d’octubre…

No Sea Culo y fume mota, but keep a kicking distance from my SHRUMmmmms. Motherfucker!

Sha Lino sans Chez

🇲🇽 🎶

🎶 Quién iba’Pensar, quién iba’Pensar …
Que por una miada lo’iban a matar.

Arriba de Bercy
Matarón a un meco…
D’esos que’n LA Noche se salen
A miar 💦

Al regresar, “The Rest of The Story” avec Rachid Khimoune et « Crianças do mundo en Décalage”.

But FO’ist it’s NATIONAL SPORTS THEY at the CGT, y a Mí le consta de que Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was a ☢️ FAG.

1953 – Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro delivers his “History Will Absolve Me” speech, and is sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment by the Fulgencio Batista government for leading an attack on the Moncada Barracks.[14]

Yo quiero Taco Bell!

1962Cuban Missile Crisis begins: U.S. President John F. Kennedy is informed of photos taken on October 14 by a U2 showing nuclear missiles (the crisis will last for 13 days starting from this point).
1964China detonates its first nuclear weapon.
1964 – Leonid Brezhnev becomes leader of the Soviet Communist Party, while Alexei Kosygin becomes the head of government.

Issy, Señorita LAURA 🇵🇪, a Juanito GuanaVAcoa le consta que, en efecto,  🇲🇽“Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa foi DesGraCIAdo», and in the role of 🇨🇵 Captain Louie Renault, mister 🇺🇸 Antony John Blinken, he is shocked! Shocked, Eye tells Ewe, that there is kidnapping at the 19éme Around Botzaris in Paris… Texas.

I’m tellin’ Ewe… Io no tomo, Io arrebato!!!

Capitalismo efímero en décalage

Roadhouse Trucking… shithouse is at the end of the River, under a bridge 🌉.

The fuck you faggots know about Change?

Hocus what?

Vilma Fuentes, La Jornada, 10 julio, 2022:

Let’s check the numbers on that date, that 10/07/2022 must be from the new « epístolas » of Vilma Fuentes, that Waterloo episode sounds like an Old Regime entry in, “Nosotros ya no somos los mismos”, Pacheco.


https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/10/02 /politica /mar-de-historias-nieve-en-primavera/

https :// youtube .com/watch?v=52_3VCnKI8Y

And here is why, anybody can pick up the 1968 flag, particularly the Mexican edition of that year; I present as documented evidence, Dr. John Mill Ackerman and his nepotistic wife, generational social justice racketeers who in on October 02, 2014, tore their robes off to denounce La Matanza de Tlatelolco to a Parisian university audience, long story short, when López Obrador became president of The Mexican United States, Mrs. Ackerman was positioned in a cabinet position. The first thing that she did was to exonerate the “top federal cop”, currently in charge of the COAL INDUSTRY in Mexico, for his involvement in the torture and death of a Drug Enforcement Administration spook in Jalisco.

In Technicolor

And then of course, doña Eréndira Sandoval proceeded to appoint extended members of the SANDOVAL clan from Veracruz, to key positions in the Obrador regime.

https ://mexico .as .com /mexico /2021/06/21 /actualidad /1624304249_900211 .html


Sin embargo: this is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT, the store is hiring. La “suspención de garantias” no aplicán en Pôle Emploi, ask Florence Cassez, she took an ElBow Grease job with The Zodiacos in The México of Fox 🇲🇽, and she still got RSA en Puerto Vallarta when she was Johanna Gallo, en Cuernavaca de San Ángel.

Any how, HERE is the low-down on today’s programming during The Juanito Guanabacoa Show, but before that Spiel arrives, Öüï urges the good people in México, to go ahead and KILL A CHILANGO, I am Sirius, kill a fucking Chilango y haz patria, hijo de la chingada.

Long story short, the assassination of Mexican students in 1968, and as Johnny Guanavacoa mentioned on the Juanito Canales Show, in 1971 that tragedy would not have turned into a Palmolive™️ soap opera if those “little mexicans” would not have tried to be French in the first place.

As doña Vilma Fuentes, so fucking solemnly states: Only the French are allowed to have Liberty and happiness, developing Shithole countries should just be grateful for Tú Dollar/Euro/Yen discount stores. Note to editors, in recent weeks, the Sterling Pound has gone the way of Acapulco. In other words, The U.K. is about to start World War III once the owner of the Manchester United 👹 realizes that his precious Premier League ⚽ is about to have the same purchasing power as Los Gallo’s Blancos 🤌🏽 de Puebla (Querétaro, pues).



Mexican President is first to congratulate Roma

Do K.not try to adjust your settings, The Fall is in session, Silen.Zi.Oh!!!



Fig.uratively… Benito Mussolini was, according to mister Andrés Manuel López Obrador, named after Bomberito 🔥 Juárez.

Yada, yada, this is a draft, not a joke. This is, as Morning Maddow mention, “proof of concept for planetary defense purposes”, or something like that.


… to Ill.ustrate

Lit.erally …

Manuel “el loco” Valdés nearly lost Veronica Castro for making a mockery of Benito Juárez.

Intermedio entre colonias — Sapo Verde to Ewe (After Midnight)

A Diana… Got your Jara…


… and in Washington, it’s “qué Linda está la Mañana, en qué Martín Luther King (ahora en México)” is the second rey in the Naipes from Yesterday’s hand, which as THEE, honorary Mexican citizen that you are, Reverend Sharpton, you should know that is Spanish for —Lutero, as in LUTERÍA; del que maneja la madera para hacer liras, no de Lutero y sus profecías, ni de el Lutero, of every black neighborhood on the Boulevard of crystal and crack.

Estás son—los sapo verdes— que canta-Haba, El Rey David (that’s the 3rd King in Spanish), a todos los hijos de Sánchez…

Jump to Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, where it’s Porfirio’s birthday Eve:

“Con Ángeles y Flores…

To the Moon, Alicia! To the Moon! 🌖

Rigo es Amor and dis’ are his roots

Bola de putos 🇲🇽…

Good luck in Qatar during the Dictatorship’s  Fifa Cup, HO’id your Mesías Tropical is sending National 🇫🇷 Gendarmerie trained Babysitters to look after los Hijos de H. Sánchez, eh–wey‽

Note to France Banzaï at musique de la ventana (o sea, una serenata) : Phat Basterd’ has no corazón, puro buche. You have no heart  💃🏻… But Augustine Öüïöüï agrees, you got Soul, —frog.


Las Jaras : https ://forum .wordreference .com/threads/jara-las-jaras-del-indio-ad%C3%A1n-donde-pegan-dan-loter%C3%ADa.2462422/

BANG! — SoFy turned Cortázar en WaWa tibia.

11 de septiembre, 2022 ; 21h46 – Hilo, Hawaii,
Longitude: -157.949993
Latitude: 21.364889
Oahu, United States 

¡Bola de putos! Viva mi banda, mexicano… sin celery, ordenó sus “french tacos” en la rue del árbol viejo, don Epigmenio González 🇵🇭, comerciante traicionado por morena-francia en Saint Eustache de Les Halles.


Breaking Bat y Can… narrated by Cerf-🐆
Nº 3760
P.4, by 🖐🏻on Enblanco
20minutes [dot] fr 

A sido, nueva ArMa contra las ratas… page 3 “teaser” del “Patrimonio del « gran Colbert »”, o como dicen en la D.E.A.:

La machine à LAVER des métros de la LIGNE tú, todo un show.

… con ustedes, SoFy Velasco

This screenshot has been remastered.


💋 Sizzle and bubbles 💃🏻

Mí translations are the best… Funambulism de Crystal, but it’s not just any Crystal, it’s Crystal Meth! Coma frutas y verduras.

This is

 Breaking Bat y Can

How Do Ewe $£€€p?

In this NetFlix episode of SoFY Velasco Hydrodynamique Hero, SoFy plays the role of a recovering crack ho in Lille.

Synopsis, SoFY graduates from a correspondence course business school and secures a MGMT position with SODEXO. SoFy climbs up the poles and reaches a GM position. Short Story Long, SoFy secures la Plaza de Checoslovaquia and a Gwar between Denisa Kerschova and SoFy Velasco   follows… Hilarity ensues when Juanito Guanavacoa takes on the role of Gale wearing nothing but a Speedo®.

En passant par la Normandie… this podcast has not been posted, yet. On the other hand, it’s WABBIT SEASON in Nantes.

~. Kerschova grows a red beard and fights under the Alias: El Vikingo.


~. SoFy Velasco integrates toda su LATINIDAD into “La Mano Pachona”. 🖐️

Just say’n… you got Literary Ho’s Évry where, “Here, there,” and under Évry mattress-es-ese!

Vaya co doG, SoFy… tu también me enChinas la piel. 💋

Aout 31 / 1 de septiembre… BODY COUNT

Previously on VRAI KING BAT y CAN

https ://www .milenio .com /videos /milenio-tv /el-asalto-a-la-razonel-asalto-a-la-razon /criticar-guillermo-soberon-neoliberal-asalto-razon


Lo MISMO de Siempre

Efémerides :

Pre-1600 C.E.
12Caligula, Roman emperor (d. 41)


Your As Cold As Ice…

Season 2 / Episode 13

Los Sonrojados del Asalto… El Fondo es Forma y viceversa.

¡H.Ola MÉXICO! Mañana es el Primer Día del Cuarto cuadro de información, Sin Embargo, en HILO, HAWAII, son Las 17 horas, y como dice Carlos Marín: ¡POR PARTES, JACK!


1888 – Mary Ann Nichols is murdered. She is the first of Jack the Ripper’s confirmed victims.


And Zeppelin goes HERE

En cartelera, Gravity de Cuaron y CASINO ROYALE del 2011… “Ya Se Los Cargó La Verga”.


— 1895 – German Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin patents his navigable balloon.

Latte- drinkin’ Libérals … Where is my bucket of ChIkEN?

Liberal in France is not what you/s thinks it means

— motherfuckers… Bringin’ all this RUCKUS TO MY steps… GET OFF MY YARD —ewe HIPPIES!!!

… And yet they manage to fuck-up a wet dream.

Co-habitation vS Absolutism

Now, at 21h20 NATO time… Two white maddafuckers are fondling 33 1/3 rpm’s right in front of Mí… The Gall!!!

To quote Mel Brooks… “Isn’t anybody going to help that LP?”