Young African Americans… and that’s all Eye is going to RoAR

Hoy no hubo noticias, puras chicanadas.

Hoy no hubo Gospel

Hoy no hubo Gospel

It’s A.M. Joy, and this is an early edition of an InterMission, SILENZIO!

Hoy no hubo fip

Hoy no hubo fip… Goodbye to you too, Siren.

Fuck that other anniversary, it’s Billie’s Centennial and John Denver’s Birthday… y cómo dijo Pavarotti: yo soy El Que Pone Las Caguamas, en Venezia, –Of course:

12 de octubre
Un día como, Oye

in MY Rear view mirror

in MY Rear view mirror, photo courtesy of El 1er Ayuntamiento (de Veinte) en París, Francia… en Venezia.

– note to EDitors, this week’s PIN is The New Domino’s Pizza special for TAKE–OUT:

That's a Wrap!!!

That’s a wrap.
Louvre street gallery.
Frame is courtesy of Nicolas Henry et Whitecolor Productions… Oye Negrita, one cannot, öüï repeat, one cannot make this scenario up.

The Kurdish burrito, some call it a wrap, others (like el IS o Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi) say it’s an actual platter.

Fuck your Stanglehold

Fuck your Stanglehold, sincerely, Kurdish Burritos à La Porte de Saint-Denis… Oh, hey there Black Spy, nice to C you. Long Time No C.

El General Envuelto* follows, here mí out, A.M.Joy… it’s made for a SDNY movie, or something like that.


6th Arrt. à Cloud Nine.

… or SOMETHING like that, punto y Let It Bee! Maaaaaan !

You never gave Mí your Money

“You never gave Mí your Money…” you, only gave mí your funny “ViSa” papers, punto y ven y JÁLALE, aquí en el Perímetro.

For the Record:

The IMS (Mexican Institute of Sound) in his B.E.S.T. « barquito musical » wished that he had the RubberFunking elasticity of this most non Consequential tribute… y de paso, desde Juaritos y El Chuco:

Que Chingue A Su Madre Alejandro TOPOrowski.

Oh, the humanity… the arrogance of the French, at an opera venue, of all places, what’s next, Monterey Jazz Festival à Nuevo Lyon, Francia? And then what? A motherfucking show about Doctors!?

… text follows after La Carga, God-damned French just invented Cali, o ALGO así. La cosa es de que hasta el chingado Limón de Merengue pusieron en el menu del aperitivo de l’Opera nacional de fip.




Happy Birthday, Mr. President (26 de septiembre, 2019)

Upon hearing of the passing of former French President, Jacques Chirac, the replacement U.S. President, Michael “Dick” Pence, quickly dressed up as Marylin Monroe and sang “Thank God I Am A Country Boy” as a gesture of Goodwill on such a momentous occasion.

32 Degrees of The Dark Horse and a Country Boy

32 Degrees of The Dark Horse and a Country Boy .:. https :// i.pinimg .com/736x/d0/9e/bd/d09ebdc2cc408129512bdf37f6b240c2–george-harrison-cowboy-hats .jpg

The ARTIST “JR” dedicated a métisse memento for the occasion, and French Chef Marc Veyrat, who just got FUCKED by the MICHELIN MAN, prepared a CHEDDAR souffle to send the ex French President in “True” SAVOYARD Style, because, PURPLE PUNDIT, Chirac told your Cowboy boss to stay OUT OF IRAQ‘member that memorable speech by de Villepin?

… today’s segment of ABBY’s imagination is being brought to you by the color PURPLE, —of course:

TRACK 9 Abbey Road

TRACK 9 Abbey Road, before The End, and of course, “God Save The Queen’s” belly full of Wine.

Efeméride: 1985, la muerte del Ete de Pancha

34 años…

The 11th hour

The 11th hour

Las causas de los decesos:
Sobredosis de cemento.
Fuentes: (No insistas fip
vete a besar a tu Flamenco.

Coming up in the programming

Coming up in the programming, Bulls on Parade, con las SeVillanas de Sam Stein, the ugliest Mexican en la cuadrilla. —•!•— …[O]ver on the Disney/Miramax Channel, it’s Four non-Blondes and their One Hitter, “Everybody Gknew”. •¡• fip over to the Quentin Tarantino Channel an it’s another edition of “No Service for Viejos feos“, starring Vicente Fox, in this episode, el siempre divertido, “VIEJO LESBIANO” protects the waters of “El Rey”, para USO EXCLUSIVO de sus benditos potrillos. }—~~~\,,,*>  Deer, mr. “Last Word”, beefour “The Eleventh Hour”, just before MidNite: PLEASE BEE ADVISED that “El Soplapitos was not watching The Rachel Maddow Show, however, Eye was.

Oración a los Saint–Ignatius de los WaPos, las WaPas y, por supuesto los soplapitos and early-warning AGUAS GÜEY de todos nuestros benditos imperios del Concejo Mundial de La Lucha Libre en el pancracio del Nuevo desOrden global…

… [A]nd for the record, Camilo Cienfuegos just granted a walk to FOist to Mme. Lagarde, y los técnicos de ayer head on over to Second, where Madge tag-teams Cindy Lauper who just happened to be “bopin” along with The Go-Gos on FOist with a “pinball wizard”, or something like that, and while that Circus–Circus spectacle develops, Justice Sotomayor steps up to the plate… y en las ondas del Sena en parís, La Comadre letty sigue de armada, insistiendo; pero no, comadre lety, el corazón de Camilo le pertenece a Susana sin sus sepultureros, period

LUNDI 20 MAI, 2019. N° 2420

Europeean Vacation at The Poles

Europeean Vacation at The Poles, with Rusty Griswäld. •|• From d’ASource: Ema’s Bleues and Amandine Henry at Quinze heures PARIS trente; Rue de Caire et Blvd. Sebastopol (75002) AZUR, of course, by the motherfucking “Queenie”, Clearance C.O.D.E. W2019E60179, en DIAGONAL à LES COMPUTER GRRRLS, who happen to bee En F.A.C.E. à Square ÉMILE–CHAU(d)TEMPS, 1858 et,  “dessiné à la française”, es decir, “como un Espacio Verde”.

—– M.O.O.R.E —–

Dear, Trevor Noah:

Pole positions

Pole Positions

Meet, La Semana que Phillipe Labró, c’est G.R.A.T.W.E.E.T. motherfucker, which in the language of Armando Álvarez, playing the role of the legendary Sunday Driver in the K.E.Y. of “El corrido de Bobby O’Rourke », means, “¡De A Grapa, Güey! ».

—– MORE —–

Welcome, to another edition of JEOPARDY, with your host, Alejandro Trebeck.

Hennything can happen tonite...

Hennything can happen tonite… with your host: The Ladies Man, V.s.O.P.

We [the  staff] join the Circuit,
already in Progress.

[Voz de Charolastra
modulada por un butt-plug

— It’s another Daily Double*, for 1000 Dollars, and a fist-full of Heidi… up Magic Mike Pence’s Ass:
Who is Driving through El Diagonal de las Reformas del presidente Emmanuel Macron, on page 6 of “the” CNewsMatinPlusHoBO?

* now in its Third representation.


—— more —– pg. 43 GEO N° 129… Recette de poudre d’Caracol pour vieillir jeune

… [P]reviously on:
Appendix i — Travaux Patrimoniaux
Cahier: El hallazgo del dinamismo circumflexado
en la troisiéme âge de un tal Voltaire.
Ícono: San Fulberto de la unidades de quemados
Ocasión: 1954, Los franceses inventan el I.V.A. para los franceses;
1970, Yoko Ono broke Sir Paul’s pussy and then, when the
other three members of the “Fab Four” were busy playing
grab-ass, the one only known as, “@therealpaulmaca” broke a fucking
glass. Yes he did. Indeed, he did; 2019, « Mazel Tov
pero a l’envers » en Israel.

Once again, we [the official team] inform the non–readers of this most inconsequential blog, that we will no longer be posting any non–existent interaction with the news of the day. In any case, or sarcophagus, on page 139 and The empire of los jeroglíficos, with your host, doctor Champollion Bonaparte.

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La Quinta de Benjamin?…