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Issy, El Chavo hizo su entrada en 1971… diez días después de que mi tocayo Lenin Armando Salgado capturase aquellas épicas fotos en Blanco y Negro del “Jueves de Corpus”, el 20 de junio de 1971, « pero no sé lo vayas a decir a nadie » porque LA HISTORIA OFICIAL de Azcárraga en TELEVISA dicta que “El Chavo del 8” just turned 50 years of syndication. ISSY, “ONLY A FOOL, would say that » IMAGINE THAT, Johnny-boy.

More Time than life, and Alexis was a fag, and that’s a Phact!… After the break it’s La Épopée d’Un Américain en La France.

🎶 They’ve seen his face before…
Nobody was sure that he wasn’t
From the House of Rey Zambada,

Chaves… it’s 1936 and Brazil’s favorite wheels are about to hit them Volks, it’s as if Adolf Hitler knew that his FUSCA would fit like a lego® block with the “Brazilian Miracle” of the 1970’s thanks to the POISSON d’avril ditadura militar of Magalhães Pinto, Pereira de Barros, and of course Werneck de Lacerda, of 1965. Una batucada militar que aguantaría hasta 1985, and that’s no lie, ask The Santos ⚽ in Brazil, not that George in Washington on the frame below.

The Cult of Personality… In Living Colour… y 🕛 de pronto … 🕧 … 💥 Flash! La Chica del Bikini Azul.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2022/12/30 /⚽ /Murió el Mozart del futbol, pero su leyenda pervivirá

1936: en Alemania, Adolf Hitler implementa un nuevo vehículo, práctico y de bajo costo: el Escarabajo³, de la fábrica Volkswagen (‘vehículo del pueblo’). En México, pero por aquello del año del 2023, Andrés López invites “The Führer” to install his “VOCHO” factory in Puebla de Zaragoza.

³~. Quick programming note, according to the IMdB trivia sector, both Chiquinha  and Chaves   are BEETLE fans all the way to the break-up of esa Maldita Vecindad.

Last Week To They, reprise de Yesterday en RFPP 106.3 fm

Over at RFPP, JUANITO GUANABACOA has been cleared by the 🇨🇵 Ministère de Culture to FINALLY give his three-cents over the 📻 waves on the recently concluded trial of Genaro García Luna. The AUTO-censorship displayed by Juanito Guanavacoa during the ENTIRE month of January and part of February is 🎼 Pathetic, if not unfortunate but clearly Knot Ironic.

Öüï, the staff, can only begin to speculate as to what could have been the reasons why, “le regie” of l’émission hebdomadaire of Décalage Horaire would, pretty much, like Joe Scarborough on the Morning Mika Show, not touch the Genaro García Luna trial coverage with a 3145 km pole.

One thing is for certain, better safe than sorry. Why bring up something that might implicate any given French official in the García Luna’s Rolodex® before the judge delivered the findings from Genaro García Luna’s peers and quite possibly, Genaro García Luna’s customer base en la Ciudad de Nueva Yorky París, aussi.

Getting back to “Ordem e Progresso

1973 . Au Mexique , pour la première fois (after the ORIGINAL Pilot, which aired in 1971 on an independent station) un chapitre de CHAVES est publié en La Fundación Televisa.

1935Adolf Hitler orders the Luftwaffe to be re-formed, pasándose de esa manera a Led Zeppelin by his Rocky Mountain Oysters during The Paris International Pharm Expo, and thus violating the provisions of The Treaty of La Porte de Versailles.

Over at the ESCP*, Alma Mater⁸ of Mexican President Francisco I.Madero, The Echos of la profesora Florence Pinot-Girafales are sounding like a “patheticMozart tune, when she sentenced during an elDorado conference:


*~.« Apprendre à oser », The HEC (hautes études commerciales) is also part of the network of business schools (ESC) of the CCI Paris Île-de-France with ESSEC and ESCP Business School, forming the group of “three Parisians”. Like the ESCP Business School, the HEC Paris is a consular institution of higher education (EESC).

México is infiniment plus facile que le Brésil

Florence Pinot de Villechenon
Le Mexique, un elDorado Retrouve ?

https ://www .gemdev .org /infosgemdev /?p=6738
Jeudi, 7 novembre 2013
ESCP Europe (salle Europe)
75011 M-3 Saint-Maur


In Local news — Vivaldi is a fag year’round


— SOLD!!! To the Gringos with the barras on his 🎩 top hat 🥳.

1904: en Panamá, 🇺🇸 Estados Unidos gana el control del Canal de Panamá por $10 millones de dólares.

Futuro tacos®️


“Is it possible…” in the form of a question, “that is the question”, dice Memo.

1903 – 🇨🇺 Cuba leases Guantánamo Bay to the United States “in perpetuity” 🇺🇸.

Any how, the following section is an active intermission in reel-time and while the EVENTS, The Peoples, and The Places are real, the content  dealing with the “ZONE of SILENCE” on the “Cosmic Impacts” episode of season 19, are for the most part as real as SATURN according to David Icke; that is you’ve got you know tune in to learn that Saturn is not what you think it is.

1836Texas Revolution: The Siege of the Alamo (prelude to the Battle of the Alamo) begins in San Antonio, Texas 🇲🇽.

Fantômes sin brújula en Mapimí… Mais non tonton, no Phat Basterd’ singing here, must be all that magnetism getting shut by the people that “apparently” rose from Yermo por aquello del kilómetro 33 en la 49D.

1847MexicanAmerican War: Battle of Buena Vista: In Mexico, American troops under future president General Zachary Taylor defeat Mexican General 👯 Antonio López de Santa Anna 👯 while he practiced (according to the good people’s of Coyame-del-Bolsón) Listening Silence in a Zone of Tolerance.

https ://goo .gl /maps /TuD2dnuJMNrnU3uHA

Eye tells Ewe what though, in another era i roamed all that region, from Cuéncame to La Laguna de Los Frailes, allí a un lado de Los Americanos, and I never saw such espectros, except under the influence of peyote, maybe?

Chupacabras, perhaps, doctor?


A lo mejor, Dr. Birnes, the confusion lies on the map used by the producers of Episode 6 of Season 19 of AA. That there map on the post d’Ayer seemed to Mí to be from the time that LOS TOBOSOS (those fuckers used to grill apaches for their “discadas”) amenizaban en Escalón… allí existía en otros tiempos una “zona” but it was not one of SILENCE, as a matter of PHACT ☄️, that zone 💃🏻 was of 👯 TOLERANCE… “Congal” creo que le llamaban al lugar ese.

Anyhow, Giorgios Tsouka los Frajos, where’d you get Ol’Gringo Bill from, —Cucamonga?  🐰 Eh, what’s up doc?  🥕🥕🥕🐇 Did ya’Take the wrong turn 🚀 in that “dive” in Alamogordo from UTAH?

C’mon now, doctor, SUELTA LA SOPA, you ended up in Escalón because you crossed-over to las Dunas de Samalayuca, didn’t Ewe? Fess’Up Maddafaka! You wanted to try la plancha de pescado frito 🐟 en Los Filtros 🎣 de Camargue!!! Didn’t Ewe, you 👾-lovin’ son-of-a-bitch.


La Tanga de Pancho† … Calzónci de Xuan³

Fandango :

Le BemBe de Nemo, by Julio VerNe

For the record, in Hilo, Hawaii it is Primetime on Valentine’s They, in Paris, France, it’s CHAYOTE en TECHNICOLOR, pero sin ColoRanTe… Only on BFM’ER TV.

Any how, today it’s our Sixth ANNIVERSARY of me, living in the Streets… It’s not symbolic, it’s not a whim, it’s a COLLABORATION between The French Préfecture de Police at Cité, France Culture (the MINISTRY, not the music chain) and my SpoonSOR en France from 2010 to 2017, Dr. Johanne Grazia Poisson M.D./Biologist; and Mr. Poisson, i reiterate: it was never about “fucking your daughter”, she is the one who fucked me, ISSY-even-at-a-Holiday Inn, if you have any questions, ask Bruno’s boss at Cité (Sept. 2015).

Dear Nathalie, Eye understands that your little story of corruption at the École del Conservatoire National de Malesherbes en El 17éme will keep you busy all night, if not for the entire week. Courage, love!!! Suck’em Dry and don’t forget your vitamins.

https ://www .diapasonmag .fr /

Note to non-readers: the events depicted below are based on a true story, the names of the laboratories and their purpose have been changed to protect the nymphomaniacs at the Georges Pompidou Européenne Make-up Laboratoire.

a-la-une /trois-professeurs-du-conservatoire-de-milan-mis-en-examen-pour-corruption -34237 .html

Exceptionnel? You bet.

In Hilo, Hawaii, un Étranger is lynched by a mob of Maui locos enforcing the Locals Only surf policy at the beach.

 1779 – James Cook 🇬🇧 is killed by Native 🏄🏽 🏝️ Hawaiians near Kealakekua on the Island of Hawaii.

From The Ministry: Freeze-dried opinions… Just add WaWa.


Across The Atlantic, the Legislative monkeys are on vacation, and on their yearly trek to Santiago de Compostela, or to The Mediterranean, or on Safari, but definitely, most definitely NOT in their districts when the NATIONAL Rifle for White Supremacy is paying their PER DIEM. Just ask Senator Ted Cancun.

Palais Garnier, home of The Phantom of the Opera, is now on Airbnb.

And Emily Munera, now that Öüï knows you like sex, Eye happened to have some left-over chocolate from the 12-theys of X-más, wadda’ ya say you get the fresas and we both take the opportunity to open up a bottle from Champagne 🇨🇵, or from Asti 🇮🇹 and send the cork over to Stein at Politico™.

In Colaboration with Heir, Bee and, Be at l’Opera Garnier.


³~. TangaJuani _ PhellEau que arma fortresses… The One With Good Teeth, o como dicen en Francia, an “AntiDentEye!!! ».

By The Numbers:

And Ms. Palm🌴er🌴,  per your request today’s running numbers 🔢 are:

February the 14th is the 45TH THEY in them United States, and the winning lotto combo is as follows:

67 house divided between a 45 and a hard place is


Told’ya all that there was pizza behind the Alien Shield.


— FIGHT!!!

It’s another edition of The Saint Valentine’s MASSACRE in A Brave New World.

In local news, Nathalie Piolé uncovers a “homework” cartel at the Paris Musique Conservatoire de Malesherbes…


Em# y Ly(s)… My love Nathalie is going to be working overtime at the lab, the orgy is going to last for at least a week, so now is your chance, unless, If You Want My Body and Ewe Think, you know… I’m Sexy go for it.


6 de febrero Reagan International Arrivals/Departures

Two of U.S.:

In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s los hilos de Sasha en El Universal de Ana-Ana_BoBaNa 🍌-Nah-Na BoBaNa de México en La Madrid de los Hombres G:

Indiana (32 AD)

3ra Jornada de Huelga General.

Ana Anabitarte:
— ¿Técnico en mantenimiento? ¡Eso no existe!


Today is BOB MARLEY DAY and if you are in Mexico, you get to have a PULQUE with your herb… Higher Power, Donnie Deutsch? We don’t need no stinkin’ ARIZONA TEA in our Church’s®, Chicken!!! Now “Pass The Dutchie“, JERK!

🌬️ 🇯🇲 Jah sitteth in Mount Zion, and Ruhle’s all creation on the “psychedelic churches” of the MSNBC’s, —ese!

Ooh, yeah! All right!
We’re jammin
1945 – 🇯🇲 Robert Nesta Marley, assasinated by a C.I.A. spook 🇺🇲 on “the gipper’s” payroll in 1981.
I wanna jam it wid youWe’re jammin’, jammin’,And I hope you like jammin’, too

Immigrants and faggots, they make no sense to me
Axl Rose, on Track 8, the B-Side of “GN’R LIES” titled “One In A Million”.

1962Chinese Democracy Frontman, Billy Bruce Bailey, sees his first light in a town named after a French aristocrat and friend of General Washington, in Indiana.

2000: in El Ejido ( Almería ) thousands of Spaniards violently attack immigrants living in the region.

Diversity divides people

Ron DeSantis
Former Guantanamo Bay Prison
NAZI counselor on Torture Tactics, and current governor of that “DICK” on the armpit of Them United States of 1984, which of course it is, “Florida, Florida, Florida”.


1983 – in 🇧🇴 Bolivia , The Police arrest the genocidal Nazi Klaus Barbie , who will be transferred to the 🇨🇵 Montcluc fort ( France ) to be tried as the author of the crimes against humanity committed by German forces under his command in the Second World War .


What does the Dodo 🦤 bird, Donnie 🦤 Deutsch and Zsa Zsa 🦤 Gabor (19172016) have in common?

Prostitution, that’s what, the second-oldest profession in the world, next to shooting-down hot-air balloons, according to a former C.I.A. spy on the msnbc payroll.

I Gotcha 👊! … 0 Reviews
L’affaire Bomarzo est une histoire de censure : la censure, par la dictature 🇦🇷 argentine en 1967, d’un opéra d’Alberto Ginastera et Manuel Mujica Lainez, accusé de « référence obsessionnelle au sexe, à la violence et à l’hallucination ». Ainsi, Bomarzo reste å ce jour l’emblème des persécutions idéologiques de la dictature militaire. D’abord soutenue par le général Onganía lors de sa création å 🇺🇲 Washington, cette œuvre de musique contemporaine est, quelques mois plus tard, brutalement exclue de la scène musicale de Buenos Aires par ce même régime. Ses auteurs, pourtant plutôt conservateurs, sont rejetés, condamnés, traités de pervers. Aussi haletante qu’un thriller, la chronique de ce scandale nous fait revivre l’ampleur et la complexité du débat suscité par l’interdiction, et interroge le rôle de 🇻🇦 l’Église et de 🇦🇷 l’État comme régulateurs des rapports entre l’art et la morale. En observant le comportement des artistes et des intellectuels pendant ces années sombres, Esteban Buch dévoile les engagements et les compromissions de l’ensemble de la société argentine et, plus largement, éclaire les rapports entre musique et politique au xxe siècle.
« Less … Via Google Books.

1945 – 👹 Elba Esther Gordillo Morales, 🇲🇽 Mexican face of corruption in the SYNDICATE of Public Education (S.E.P.) and the manifestation of 👺 Carlos ROMERO Deschamps (PEMEX) without a dick in the Mexican Senate.

— Wrong Answer, Chief! Prostitution is like n° 10 on the list of professions. The Answer, according to the best pitcher in the history of this most non-consequential blog, 🇪🇸 CAMILO CIENGUEGOS 🇨🇺 (1932 – 1959) after a narrative-interview with 🇺🇲 Pamela Anderson… Eye feels so “exposed”, it’s a good thing i perfomed self-love earlier in the trajectory.

1984 – 👯 DAISY MARIE, Mexican/Filipino/U.S. 👯 adult entertainer🐰.

Cherchez la femme, pardieu! Cherchez la femme!, from « Les  Mehicans de París » by Alejandro Dumbass… a film by “L’Homme Qui Aimait Les Femmes³of the Reagan Years ».

³~. 1932François Truffaut, French BAY WATCHER ( 1984)

Answer: ⚾  Ronald Reagan (1911 – 1999) fucked them all, and then Eva Braun (1912- 1945 ) was born… which was bad news for the Dodo bird, because in 1936, Wilhelm Frick, the reich’s Interior Minister issues out a “racial biological inventory” and it turned out that the Dodo bird was Kosher to eat until 🦤 extinction.

In related Ronnie “City on A Hill” news:

1974 – the island of 🇬🇩 Grenada becomes independent from the 🇬🇧 British Empire, setting the course for a MOTION PICTURE location plot for CALIFORNIA governor, Ronald Wilson Reagan. The Movie would of course start its SHOOTING in OCTOBER, como tenía que ser, but of 1983… 🇵🇦 PANAMA would follow and ROCK and ROLL would never be the SAME as I listened to History in a classroom in 👼🏽1984 🚬.

1956 : in the United States racist protests are realized by the entrance of the first black student in the University of Alabama… Gooooo 🎈 Tide!


Ladies in Gemini… “Nobody expects The Spanish Inquisition”, as re-counted by Cardinal Ximénez of Seville, Espagne, via the 🇬🇧 BBC.

1482 : in Sevilla the first auto-da-fé of the 🇪🇸 Spanish Inquisition 🇪🇸 takes place… it’s like a 🇮🇳 SALMAN RUSHDIE’s 🇬🇧 PhatWa, but for people who like to wear crosses on their chests.

GNRChorzow090718-76 (30169034758).jpg

https ://www .bbc .com /news /entertainment -arts- 64537770…sir salman rushdie speaks for the first time about ‘colossal attack’/

1934 : Fourteen people are killed in the 🇨🇵 Place de la Concorde (in Paris) during a demonstration by far-right leagues.

Good morning Latino USA this is, The VOA (1942)

According to Wikipedia :

Still to come, the illegitimate bastard lovechild of Governor Lepetomane and Brian’s mom. Only on The Apolline de Hierbamala Interview.


February 1 is the 32nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar; 333 days remain until Silvestre.

We begin today’s transmission in 1865 with the abolishment of Slavery in America (sin acento)… across the Atlantic, where the “Code ⚜️ Noir” was instituted by Molière’s representative at La Comédie Français, the Very French (1793) 🇨🇵 La Franche, those motherfuckers, déclare Gwar on them 🇬🇧 Rosbifs and them filthy 🇳🇱 Dutch.

But FO’ist! A word from our sponsors, Wikipedia, if you cocksuckers are going to ExPloRe, start here, you miserable Phucks… that goes for Ewe Too, Slick Willie⁴².

Over at France Musique, La Kerschovas showed her TROU COLORS and killed SEAN CONNERY, starting the 100-year Gwar between The BBC and La Maison de La Musique on Kennedy Avenue in Paris, Franche.

Blame it on Roger, ese hijo’ePuta!

1327 – The teenaged Edward III is crowned King of England, but the country is ruled by his mother Queen Isabella and her lover Roger Mortimer.

Battle Stations lining up against the Brits and Dutch.


Öüï now returns to his regular Voice Of America programming:

The response is immediate, Terry Jones (1942) in the role of a Nazarene mom sends his son, BRIAN, and Cardinal Ximénez, no less, on a Holy Crusade to counter-taunt them croaky Frogs and show these coq 🐓 suckers how to properly taunt an Empire.

In response, BFM’er TV sent a decoy Daphne Blake in the role of Vercingetorix’s daughter, named Adrenaline de Sousbielle. Her first task was to replace the monolith-carrying sidekick role, from the Gerard Depardieu who defected to Russia to crawl under les jupes of a Souvenir Russian Doll 🪆.

Adrenaline de Sousbielle’s first task, which she accepted with gusto al dente, was to infiltrate the Riskiest ⚒️🛠️⚒️🛠️ Ruskies (those child molesters) via Stephen Segal’s sexual appétit for Saturday Morning Cartoons, which Lorne Michaels (that faggot!) turned into a midnight ritual at the Rainbow Room and re-named, IT!, SNL.

Öüï interrupt this program …

⁴²~. 1996 – The Communications Decency Act is passed by the U.S. Congress.

Eye did Knot have Sexual Relationship with D.A.T. Woman, DeNiza Kerschova’s!

William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd Président of U.S.

Repeat as follows, unless you are from Andalucía.

… and GO’ill DeNiza, never mind the 13 because the Troisième Arrondissement is not just ONE Hot MINUTE past the 11th Hour in FRANCISCO Franço’s Coucou Clock… in HEX, you will find Nº 44 (a Hawaiian Pholk).

Disjunxit Hoy Tomorrow Really Congunget³ — Los Hilos de Sasha Birthday Bash

Stargate (1994)… actually, SPADEer there arrives more like at the climax of 🏺 Aquarius ♒, which should be around the 7th, but I know jack, about Mr. Grey, ask his secretary, she likes to read the horoscope…🦯


Or something like that… People are People, dice David Franche from THEE Poly Tick Institute.

Context goes here for ‘PREMIUM SUBSCRIBERS…

 — 2019 – The first Supermoon of blood, an astronomical phenomenon, according to Wikipedia en Castellano, was followed by total lunar eclipse in Mexico, and the rest of América, Aussie.

However, if you are on the 🇲🇽 JUANITO 🇲🇽 GUANABACOA 🇨🇦 Canadian Stream Plan, worry KNOT because Öüï, the staff, have content to fill for Theys and fluff the news of today specifically for Ewe, because on a They like to They, the passing of the baton between a fish-tailed goat named ♑ and the fellow que siempre l’ANDA regando ♒ is taking place, notable on this brief junction before the disjunction of tomorrow was the CUSP between FINAL SOLUTIONS, on both sides of the 🌎 Atlantic 🌍 , “get it while you can”, Juanito. 

💨🎶 BECAUSE THE HOOK brings Ewe baaaaack ♑… Eye ain’t telling Ewe no lie.


Note to editors, if Ewe, motherfuckers, think that the French translation of Christopher’s job interview with 🇪🇦 Fernando y su vieja 👑 Is a run-on EFEméride, then you probably forgot TO FACTOR, like Cerf-panthère at 20minutes . fr often does, that little period when the French language had to join their ‘beautiful language’ in Ten kilometers intervals before a space 🌌 can be left blank between words, like them Krauts do.



Pico de Gallo courtesy of Mme. Du Moulin, née Antonia MORENO; 1885-1981. PARIS XX.


… And, Willie Geist, Ewe of all Peep’ol… Should know that Mika, does not approve of Centerfolds™️.

Here Öüï GO! Preach, Cousin Joe, Preach… You Mormon Chameleon, Ewe!

Any how, happening at Radio Franche later, in the PROGRAMMING is the Louis XVI They at la Maison de La Radio, to celebrate THE NUPES de colores is staging an over-time rendition of Thursday’s National Sports They Celebration. Jean-Luc Mélenchon y los Amigos de morena-Francia en Botzaris invitan.

Lovefool — “Eye” has a dream³… and Mr. POQUELIN is not in it

El Son de La NEGRA

1947 – The Black Dahlia murder: The dismembered corpse of Elizabeth Short was found in Los Angeles.

Concierto a sombrero

Starring, 💀 MACArio 💀 :

😇 1925 – 🦃Ignacio López Tarso 🦃, 🇲🇽  Mexican 🇲🇽, actor

🌬️ 🎶 Qué alegría cuando le dijeron (a COLBERT) vamos al bautizo de Molière, ya están tramando el complot, su UMBRAL es el Vaux-le-Vicomte 🥬

Schwarzkopf follows:

… but my 🇺🇸 General 🇺🇸 wore a pink feather on his chocolate chip issued sombrero, I would tell you his name, but then it would be way too easy for THE SON OF JUANITO GUANABACOA, en 🇨🇦 Canadá 🇨🇦, to just copy-paste the General’s name for his “thesis”…

🪖1991 – The 🇺🇳 United Nations 🇺🇳 deadline for the withdrawal of 🇮🇶 Iraqi 🇮🇶 forces from occupied 🇰🇼 Kuwait 🇰🇼 expires, preparing the way for the start of 🪖 Operation 🪖 Desert 🪖 Storm.

😇 1938 – Estrella Blanca, 🇲🇽 Mexican 🇲🇽wrestler ❄️… Black Warrior, on the other hand, extinguished his flame this Past Weekend in TORREÓN.


Excellon announces agreement to acquire past producing mine in Mexico,  from Dalu S. … (the “Seller”), an entity owned by an investment fund managed by Orion Resource Partners.

La Negra Mine
(“La Negra”)
located in Querétaro State, Mexico

https ://excellonresources .com /news /details /index.php?content _id= 341

No Myth, I am an Anti-Christ, ask Aquiles, el de los pies ligeros.


… but it’s just like Republican congressman Joseph Charles Scarborough III, from Florida says, “Tú Things Can Be Trou 🕳️ at The Same 🪄 Time!

Why just a few moments ago, Avi Velsho, formally known as VELSHI Show, was navel gazing the prospects of the abolishment of the U.S. Electoral College and the creation of a Federal Electoral Institute, to which Eye says, look no further than Mexico to get a template of all of the “different outcomes” of a system like the Comisión Federal de Vigilancia Electoral/Comisión Federal Electoral/Instituto Federal Electoral/Instituto Nacional Electoral… and whatever the Current president might deliver before his sexenio expires.


Anyhow, happy Birthday (sort of) Canada, today is the first THEY of the rest of 1541. On this day, la FRANCHE issues some fellow by the name of “ROBERval” the « commission » to settle La Provence of EXCELLON RESOURCES and provide the CONTAGION or spread of the “Holy Catholic faith »…

Jump to 2001… A Space Odyssey, courtesy of the one and only:

🎉 2001 – Wikipedia, a free wiki content encyclopedia, goes online 🎂🧨🎇🎆🪅📢

Versos locos con “El Chis-Shazz »

[Context on the future of Brasil is at play… happening right now, on 92.6 FM de Bercy, Juanito Guanabacoa está narrando el spot del Día de La Raza 2023. Algo con Re Trazo, Juanito anda buscando las raíces del Venado, o algo así.

1968Tommie Smith and John Carlos are ejected from the US Olympic team for participating in the Olympics Black Power salute.

In the mean, according to Wikipedia:

MATHS is the Word of God ∵ EYE says so.

… for the record:

1736 – Mathematician William Whiston’s predicted comet fails to strike the Earth… but only because The Kinks in his prophecy was taken from JOSEPHUS fables about JESUS and other assorted incest stories. I know this because Eye buried Titus… but that is etched on another SCROLL.

Je suis un antichrist et je suis analphabète   tout est écrit en grec Σ

[To They] is October 16, the 289th day of the year (290th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar; 76 days remain until the end of the year.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /October_16

In Paris, France, it’s 1793 and Mercury just witnessed the First Mouvement of Freddy’s queen as Marie Antoinettes noggin 🩸🩸🩸 hit the basket case of La Guillotine.


92.6 Tropiques FM… El Son de Juanito GuanaVAcoa…. Patrocinado por los hongos de la Sabina.

Ya se fueron las nieves de Enero ya
Llegaron los Hongos d’octubre…

No Sea Culo y fume mota, but keep a kicking distance from my SHRUMmmmms. Motherfucker!

Sha Lino sans Chez

🇲🇽 🎶

🎶 Quién iba’Pensar, quién iba’Pensar …
Que por una miada lo’iban a matar.

Arriba de Bercy
Matarón a un meco…
D’esos que’n LA Noche se salen
A miar 💦

Al regresar, “The Rest of The Story” avec Rachid Khimoune et « Crianças do mundo en Décalage”.

But FO’ist it’s NATIONAL SPORTS THEY at the CGT, y a Mí le consta de que Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was a ☢️ FAG.

1953 – Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro delivers his “History Will Absolve Me” speech, and is sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment by the Fulgencio Batista government for leading an attack on the Moncada Barracks.[14]

Yo quiero Taco Bell!

1962Cuban Missile Crisis begins: U.S. President John F. Kennedy is informed of photos taken on October 14 by a U2 showing nuclear missiles (the crisis will last for 13 days starting from this point).
1964China detonates its first nuclear weapon.
1964 – Leonid Brezhnev becomes leader of the Soviet Communist Party, while Alexei Kosygin becomes the head of government.

Issy, Señorita LAURA 🇵🇪, a Juanito GuanaVAcoa le consta que, en efecto,  🇲🇽“Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa foi DesGraCIAdo», and in the role of 🇨🇵 Captain Louie Renault, mister 🇺🇸 Antony John Blinken, he is shocked! Shocked, Eye tells Ewe, that there is kidnapping at the 19éme Around Botzaris in Paris… Texas.

I’m tellin’ Ewe… Io no tomo, Io arrebato!!!

Capitalismo efímero en décalage

Roadhouse Trucking… shithouse is at the end of the River, under a bridge 🌉.

The fuck you faggots know about Change?

Hocus what?

Vilma Fuentes, La Jornada, 10 julio, 2022:

Let’s check the numbers on that date, that 10/07/2022 must be from the new « epístolas » of Vilma Fuentes, that Waterloo episode sounds like an Old Regime entry in, “Nosotros ya no somos los mismos”, Pacheco.


https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/10/02 /politica /mar-de-historias-nieve-en-primavera/

https :// youtube .com/watch?v=52_3VCnKI8Y

And here is why, anybody can pick up the 1968 flag, particularly the Mexican edition of that year; I present as documented evidence, Dr. John Mill Ackerman and his nepotistic wife, generational social justice racketeers who in on October 02, 2014, tore their robes off to denounce La Matanza de Tlatelolco to a Parisian university audience, long story short, when López Obrador became president of The Mexican United States, Mrs. Ackerman was positioned in a cabinet position. The first thing that she did was to exonerate the “top federal cop”, currently in charge of the COAL INDUSTRY in Mexico, for his involvement in the torture and death of a Drug Enforcement Administration spook in Jalisco.

In Technicolor

And then of course, doña Eréndira Sandoval proceeded to appoint extended members of the SANDOVAL clan from Veracruz, to key positions in the Obrador regime.

https ://mexico .as .com /mexico /2021/06/21 /actualidad /1624304249_900211 .html


Sin embargo: this is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT, the store is hiring. La “suspención de garantias” no aplicán en Pôle Emploi, ask Florence Cassez, she took an ElBow Grease job with The Zodiacos in The México of Fox 🇲🇽, and she still got RSA en Puerto Vallarta when she was Johanna Gallo, en Cuernavaca de San Ángel.

Any how, HERE is the low-down on today’s programming during The Juanito Guanabacoa Show, but before that Spiel arrives, Öüï urges the good people in México, to go ahead and KILL A CHILANGO, I am Sirius, kill a fucking Chilango y haz patria, hijo de la chingada.

Long story short, the assassination of Mexican students in 1968, and as Johnny Guanavacoa mentioned on the Juanito Canales Show, in 1971 that tragedy would not have turned into a Palmolive™️ soap opera if those “little mexicans” would not have tried to be French in the first place.

As doña Vilma Fuentes, so fucking solemnly states: Only the French are allowed to have Liberty and happiness, developing Shithole countries should just be grateful for Tú Dollar/Euro/Yen discount stores. Note to editors, in recent weeks, the Sterling Pound has gone the way of Acapulco. In other words, The U.K. is about to start World War III once the owner of the Manchester United 👹 realizes that his precious Premier League ⚽ is about to have the same purchasing power as Los Gallo’s Blancos 🤌🏽 de Puebla (Querétaro, pues).