Bcc: Tatiana Clouthier —La venganza de “el bolillo”

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If you must "cheat", then CHEAT for the good of The Order.
Record the jurors for U.S.

Record the jurors for U.S. — Wear a “Spy Camera” if you must, or bring the old CAMcorder if you are B.O.L.D. .:. 099BD381-6ADF-4D20-9D6C-84D9AEADC714 Take a SELFIE when the republicans are going into private “rooms” while the “freshman” Manager for the Congressional Team, makes his or her presentation. But most of All, motherfuckers, be original.


This is not a Slaughter House

This is not a Slaughter House .:. 929E0FD7-6863-4931-86A9-CF97E4F398A8 ✍🏽👁 Dear, Radio France: is this all that we (the staff) are to you? CIRCUS FLEAS? That is to say, you know, so “Egalitarian” of youse, giving u.s. “sound bytes” and « double entendres »  as the “food and lodging” provided by “The Animal Trainer” in Charlie Chaplin’s voice. Let me, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto remind you that when Bruno at the 7th Dêpot Group confiscated my  Talents and Competence card, it was because I would not give  you  them a list of the people in France whom I had interviewed with regards to Mexican “institutionalized” corruption, as VIEWED FROM FRENCH soil and, the effects that this would have on the Mexican presidential elections of 2018*. I know that somewhere on the postings of this most non-consequential blog i went ahead and ‘noted’, that on that sunny September   of   afternoon of 2015, when I became (for the first time in France) a SANS PAPIERS, the outside walls of the Préfecture de Police à Cité; Metro Line 4, were “accessorized” with snapshots of « notes » taken from the Jewish people that the French at the Préfecture in those dark days had collected from regular French citizens who had happen to be neighbors, or with proximity to the people that CNEWS is commemorating today. Now D.A.T., Reverend Al Sharpton, is what the competent Gypsies call: Poetic Reverence, because in REEL TIME, there is hardly any justice to celebrate.  🎛 AUSSI, Monsieur, Philippe Labro, to MATCH©️ the Disneyland®️ Advertising of today’s CNEWS™️ in France, be advised that if you ZOOM on the “brightest” WINDOWS on the cover of n° 2518, Mickey Mouse©️ can be seen waiting by them TRACKS… COINCIDENCE, only if you take out the 67,000 French visitors who went ahead and visited the “site”; my source you ask? PAGE 3 en Plus.

📜 Hear Ye! Hear Ye
Our Lorde, Pluto (area code 714; formally of Ontario, —Aussi) hereby declares that; despite the Age of Camelot in Anaheim, which is rumored to top Mike Barnicle’s candles on his most recent birthday cake; and the unfortunate breaking of “la Lame” de Excalibur, Disneyland Paris reserves the right to recognize “the improvised” ( Sam ) mentioned on page 2 of Cheesy–Chessy’s Direct CNEWS BFM’er Matines, as THE SECOND KNIGHT, promised by, say, a most non–consequential blog. 📯


BRIAN! Here’s an HasteRISK for what Eye means; in REEL Time: Check it out, Purple Pundit, Thyme Now in Bob Costa’s stolen Joan Manuel Serrat’s bottle is, 18h23 in Central NATO Times… of course, when we tell you T.H.I.S. in Real Time, we are always given the Bruce Hornsby lyrics…

Must be read in a

Must be read in a .:. 4E03363A-FB51-43D3-AA36-3486FEF0FADF ⚖️ Raphaël Morán, Anne Marie Mergier, Vilma Fuentes choir voice:  🎶 Say hey little kid you can’t play where the OTHER kids play 🎵…” —_•!•_— …[B]ecause you are not part of their C.L.U.B. —_•¡•_— Pictured above the media dentils: Puro TALENTO apto para el Instituto Francés en la CDMX, en SciencesPo París y, por supuesto en el “bendito” IHEAL (el sótano) de La Sorbona en Saint Germain–des–Pres; casi esquina con el “Studio” de Mr. Johansen, Colin, —one each.

Here’s a Time Stamp, para la memoria de los Encuentros Cinematográficos Viva México en el IHEAL.

Tenga su MeloTone

Tenga su MeloTone, coming to theaters in 2040; here’s an excerpt:
— What are you doing the rest of your life?
— Waiting for Death Cab, cutie; what else is D.A.R.E.?

https ://www .reddit .com /r/mexico/comments/escr7v/cuando_te_preguntes_cómo_se_coluden_los/

N° 2517 CLES DU JOUR — L’ŒIL de Derek Zoolander

Thought of the T.H.E.Y.:
Pg. 15 … [E]ye never met a Vin, that Eye, never liked, —except one.


https ://rss .cnews .fr /pdf/NEP/20200122


Mannequins are human, Aussi

Mannequins are human, Aussi .:. 7F92E5B6-86C3-4B3B-9970-EE96A885EB80 💋 Not content with appropriating all sorts of indigenous people’s cultural patrimony for the “exclusive” benefit of SWEATSHOP owners in “shit hole” places like New York City in the United States of Ivanka Trump, the very French took it upon themselves to appropriate the sad situation of  the  her “daddy’s” asylum detention Centers along the Mexico/U.S. border.

In an unprecedented move not seen since the invention of the number three, the French take it upon themselves to invent the « Trifecta », and of course gambling addictions would never be the same; also, on a day like today, the Swiss arrange the security detail for the Pope in Rome.

En Hilo, Hawaii (96720) es Una antes de la medianoche, and on the Russian part of that archipiélago, doña Tati, —It’s the 11th Hour of Wednesday the 22nd of January, n°2517 of CNEWS-matin. In LOCAL Motion news, Eddy Currents are expecting a low flux beginning tomorrow, Thursday, January 23 beginning at 02h00 in Central Siren Times. Sources close to Oliver Benkemoun report a BLACK FRIDAY on both the Metro 🎱 and RER 🚆 network of rails of the Panamenian underground.

Meanwhile, at the American Embassy in Jerusalem

Meanwhile, at the American Embassy in Jerusalem .:. 36285F56-8EF0-4527-9C13-B0E4D0406D41 🕍🛤⌛️⚒ Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo sends news from SAN JOSÉ, Dylan’s Telegram reads: Tocayo, please relay to Vampire One that Mexico is in the bag. Good news, for the Trump administration, Mexico (under AMLO y su Karnal MARCELO) is now our greatest Migration Policy Proxi.
P.S. Tell the big Golf Ball sucker that the non–invite for the Shoah commémoration is a “blessing” in disguise as it gives the Supreme Vampire, Our Lorde Vlad, the opportunity to Shine in the Spotlight.


* The sources of Robert Zimmerman’s telegram to Sam.gov@u.s./dept-of–state/israel/jerusalem:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/01/22/politica/004n2pol

Unnecessary roughness — Deer, Amb. McFaul

Día de descanso… hoy no hubo Jazz

Las "blag-o-netas"

Las “blag-o-netas” .:. 2500939C-B8C4-4DD3-87F0-3C5DC1295660 🎹 Respuesta: Una mala nota.

Mientras tanto en La Laguna:

… [A]s read on the inside wrapper of a CARAMBAR Bar, and transliterated by staff

It's not silly

“Y, cómo dicen los franceses: it’s not silly,” .:. 10DD2BC5-1A87-4ABB-88FE-B5914CF5FC28 🕵🏼‍♂️ Adelaido Flowers is on the right trail, except for the Home Entertainment options that the “pistolero” had at home (with his ABUELITOS). No mention of Bullying by the state authorities is a DE•SERVICE to not only La Comarca, but the entire “territorio Telcel®️”… “¡Llámele!

Una pianola le pregunta a su hijo, el piano, al regresar de la escuela.
— ¿Porqué esa cara hijo?
— Ask the preacher man in the Frame up above.


MOVING ON… and this is a true ANECDOTE, eye shit you not, sir.


AMERICA .:. 30811A07-CA27-4083-81C5-C1AC66ABFE02 —_•!•_— “America is not good at predicting Revolutions (civil wars)”, Indeed, professor ; we (U.S.A.) are great at starting them, though.

But F.O.ist, let mí, give you a “shout–out” for delivering some Historical truth about U.S., and let it be known that öüï don’t believe in coin•cidence, so when the L.O.C.A.L. AMERICA magazine poners in French, if WE (the people) of the United States have a « Thing » for G.W.A.R., and your Excellency, you just motherfucking H.I.T. the nail in the Head ; if Eye onlyhad a hammer“, Ernest Hemingway would be rollin’ in his grave because Eye just used a “semi–colon” next to his name, —IndEEd.

Dear, Victoria DeFRANCEsco Soto, meet Charlie

Fwd: Yannick ALLAIN—Chef de la section rédaction du 11éme Bureau

Bcc: 6éme et 7éme Bureau de la prefectura de París, en la Île-de-Cité; 75004.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /List_of_terrorist_incidents_in_France

En Francia, los franceses hoy celebran el Día Internacional de la Libertad de Expresión and because we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] seen the immediate aftermath, or could physically touch persons affected by at least EIGHT of the 33 known terrorist attacks of the Second decade of the 21st Century on French soil, —we covered it.

… Please stand–by for context, because as you will not see below the plus marks öüï don’t choose the “tunes” or the news thrown at u.s., we just play’em.


Goo’Day! Today is Tuesday, January the 7th and America’s Faith (no more) is Falling to Pieces after that D.umb A.ss T.anker, Mike Pompeo (a disgrace to Distinguished Armor Technicians) sold Magic D.U.S.T. to “the americans” as a strategy to divert the attention of sycophant Senator Marco Rubio (R–FL) and other Vladimir Putin american allies.

Dear, Katty Kay

Dear, Katty Kay .:. 3629F68B-6BB9-453B-B877-DE48ABF8BFF7 👌🏽 Un Tango en milonga “It’s never enough”, period 🤘🏽And, Cousin Joe, get your OWN quotes, ya’Bum. Por Ejemplo, Willie Geist: Don’t call it a comeback, Bernie was never Gone; Witt Kasie, Sanders’ Strikes Back, —motherfuckeeers!— Lightning Bolt Optional. ✍🏽 Any güey Kasie D.C., bee careful, bee vegüi, vegüi CAREFUL, Eye has it on good authority that Cousin Joe eats babies, furtherMOORE, he relies on Michael (Steele) to bamboozle MorJo Boomers.

In other news, Ozzy Osbourne walked on the Yellow Brick Road, and then he watered the Rats at The Alamo. VIVA OZZY, fuck his stupid dumb wife…

Sincerely: IRON MAIDEN

Episode Önë

Episode Önë: She turned in a Martian .:. CED53404-8F33-4936-8BBA-9EEC7461A54F -_•!•_- All that Cousin Joe could see, was how “chunky” Baby Martian was… musical guest: The Misfits.

and in Washington, Cousin Joe is blowing a fuse and the Alabama country LAWyer is taking it out on the lovely Mika and po’Boy Willie Geist, stand-down Blind-Boy!!! —_•!•_— EYE said, “Stand Down,” boy!

Dear, Eddie Gloud, Jr. — Mamma don’t let your babies grow up to be Trump boys

Don’t you, professor, forget about Mí.

Mientras tanto

Mientras tanto allá en el mercado, The Wings were about to meet the President of Africa,

The Honduras Republic

P.s.: Enjoy that Doughnut.
Negritas (plural) follow, ‘cus öüï like it in BOLDface, and that D.A.R.E. as it should, is supposed to leave some consequential hondura on any MEMO.


In París, sources close to the Pentagone (Porte de Issy-les-Moulineaux) report that Froggy “what’s the title on that Frequency” Kenneth just returned to his post, öüï repeat: the Frenchy who handled, the “C’était quoi cet TITRE? Just returned to the Siren Den after a set of organized grab-ass outside of La Casa de La Radio; a un lado de un molde réplica de la estatua de La Libertad.


And in DOHA Santa Qtarina, Nuevo Lyon, the U.S.O. is sending in Sen. Mitch McConnell’s constituent children of fighting-age to DIE FOR his lord and Savior, Donald John Trump. As usual, Donald Trump‘s kids of drinking age will go hunting in Montana with Ted Nugget’s grandchildren.

And Witt D.A.T., the following is a Purple Colored Digressión… en negritas, —of course.

To: Antena Radio; Radio La Nueva República; Latino U.S.A.; Voto Latino; Elrod Strategies, Manuel de Jesús Clouthier "del Rincón" daughters (in the public domain)
Cc: Nora Patricia Jara; Ana Lilia ...; María Hinojosa; María Teresa Kumar; Adrienne Elrod, Tatiana Clouthier
Bcc: Victoria M. DeFransesco Soto; Rúben Luengas

Señoras y señor;

De antemano y, como una especie de prólogo, ¡que chingue a su madre Rúben Luengas!, el saludo se han de preguntar (si algún día sus lindos ojos llegasen a leer este tan intrascendente blog) es porque ese hijo de la gran Chingada en una entrevista con Ana Lilia (mona lisa) en Radio La Nueva República, el muy cabrón se robó mis manzanas de Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, —el muy perro.

Arriba Santa Qtarina

Arriba Santa Qtarina .:. 09ABFF55-A705-48F3-84EA-4AD4EC08ABD7 ⚽️ Nuevo Lyon.

Y ni modo de negarlo porque existe un audio de aquélla transmisión, que si mal no recuerdo, conmemoraba uno de los aniversarios luctuosos de Jorge Saldaña (México, 5 de enero de 1931; feliz cumpleaños; chingado viejo cascarrabias, el staff de McDonald’s, edificio en dónde tu habitaste en París, –según las fuentes de por aquí– extraña tu Nostalgia).

En contexto, para los que tengan el tiempo de copy/pasta esta tan sin importancia informay•shion, —dijo un pocho en el tono de Enrique Peña Nieto as an ESL student por correspondencia. 

++++++++ continued on the next scroll segment
Ah-Bob ⬆️

Las Fuentes, —in no particular order— para doña Vilma y Mme. Mergier:

— https ://www .arabnews .com /node /1508061 /media

— https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /Jorge_Saldaña

We now return to: Masterpiece Toons — It’s the”Terror” not the “ism”, stupid!

The Day The Earth Stood Stupid

The invasion came vía Hawaii

Just the Facts, Ma’am.:.3E952557-1B4B-4D49-8F8E-A990780E19F4 •+• The invasion came vía Hawaii, The Dolphins were on T.V. (Monday Night SuperBall) Howard Cosell was in charge of the Audio; not by choice, but vía Destiny, child. •|• … [A]nd not to BEE SUPERSTITIOUS (SIREN) but, the killer had a Previous reference, Jack! The Mark is from Forth Worth, Camelot’s Last Stop before the Library Incident in Dallas.

Narrated by John Winston Lennon
a.k.a. “The Egg Man”

April's fool

April’s fool.:.1550C4DF-D807-4F62-A1C1-81898FBF1E50 •|•

Scene Two, in where “Conflict in Journalism” is on a Greyhound to Amarillo by morning… up from Sanan Thon. Hilarity ensues, when a special “Fry’d” brain boards the bus in KooooooUhuhUhl El Paso.

Meanwhile, in The Redneck Riviera…

Coming up

No Arrest — No Reply


“If left unanswered,”… it’s a Dictator’s TRIfecta

Wednesday, December 4, 2019.

https ://www .reddit .com /r/ HongKong/

Candidate Michael Bloomberg asserts that China’s authoritarian “constitutional” president Xi Jinping is not a dictator… and in Washington:


Chains.:.0BF68EC2-2613-4315-AE2D-66BE732EDBF4 •_¥_• 🎼 My baby’s got MÍ locked up in CHAINSand they ain’t the KIND, that the Attorney General of the U.S., mr. Richard Barr can break.

And still to come… CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE, with a guy who wishes he could wear a badass chain as a necklace, “Oh, the humanity!”


Deer, Sam Stein… you are ugly

Liberty, Liberty, —library:

"Ya me canse"

“Ya me canse”, but not of what you expect Mí Two.

https ://www .msnbc .com/morning-joe/watch/is-michael-bloomberg-invested-in-the-common-good

The entire Ukrainian universe knows that you are an Ugly Mexican, but PLEASE!!! That Stephens guy from The “holy” New York Times need not go beyond the quintessential “back yard”, to call the Trump administration a full-fledge CONDOR, if you follow Bolivian bombines, and their national dictionary.

And in WaWa Land

And in WaWa Land, Senator Tulsi Gabber (D-HI) turned El WaPo into a coat… AND BRET STEPHENS, “pluts are gonna plutear” JFK’s money was BLOOD Money, just saying. His fortune (The Kennedy’s) was reaped with “prohibition” deaths. Mr. Bret, your response to Mr. Giridharas was out of step, but what the heck do öüï know about Plutocrats being Plutocrats, Look at Carlos Slim, privatizing Water in México. Just sayin’. IF, in a future of Hamburgers in Paradise the grandson of “El Chapo” could change the COURSE of a recent past “FAST & Furious“, Eye would prefer an alternate universe where MONSANTO did not drive Mexican Farmers to work for Diego Luna and “El Mayo” Zambada.

Deer, Willie Geist, please relay to El WaPo (Bob Costa) that once Chile finishes using our “Macuspana” Tabasco hot sauce, Bob Costa can put Joan Manuel Serrat’s “Pare” memories in it, and then place that same bottle on his PBS gig, which takes U.S. back to page 4 of N° 2492 of Lundi 25 Novembre 2019 of La Semana que Philippe Labrara, avec “L’ŒIL DE… Romain Desarbres” and his Cles du Talents inexplotes, BOUM!


1867.:.2919AA9F-9C16-49DC-A2E5-EEC5933D4AA7 –_!_– Alfred Nobel inventa el Premio Nobel para que en Abril de 2017, Robert Allen Zimmerman pudiese codearse con Gabo… uso justo de todos los Jay Jays.

Put a candle on that Cake, and eat it too.

“BOUM”… Deer, Marlene Shiappa

Efeméride in the middle of a French strike “en los medios de comunicación”, and to celebrate Korean culture in France, the Siren Den is hosting a Japanese tanda at the top of the 1400 hrs., in Soju drinkin’ Thymes… D.A.R.E.’s even a glitch on the Mamas & the Pappas, “All the leaves are Café”, you can intro that beat Twice, INDEED.

Attention Camp

Attention Camp: the following must bee read in a Cpl. Walter “Radar” O’Riley’s VOICE: AS OF LAST NIGHT, just before midnight in Eastern Standard Time, The United States Code of Military Justice is no longer valid in the American Theater of Operations. Starting at ZERO hours in Central Europe Time all proceedings regarding Sean Penn’s “Casualties of War” and or trespasses at Guantanamo Bay (Cuba) or more recent events where The Navy Seals step beyond the Ruhles of Engagement, and murder combatants ONLY TO BE ABLE TO TAKE A “selfie” with the inanimate corpse are now relegated on a Case–By–Case basis to The 45th (and last democratically elected) President of them united states of america. Today, November 25th of 2019, Our Dear LEADER Donald J. Trump just made America great again for the Fascist Consortium of the World… and now here’s Neil Young, in the voice of former Mayor of Babylon Two, Michael Bloomberg interpreting “Keep on Rocking in the Free World“.

sin embargo, el próximo TORO va en honor a la Primera fémina reconocida como médico cirujano en Francia; pais que invento el oath de hipócritas, ¡ah CARAY!, scratch that doctor, öüï meant to note, “The Jurançon de Hipócrates” y no el juramento de hipócritas; de cualquier manera doc, forget the Bull, ¡la faena entera va por ti, “princesse”.

En razón de una huelga

En razón de una huelga en el sindicato de La Radio francesa, no nos será posible (al staff de este tan intrascendente blog) de meterles l’intégrité de notre programmation, néanmoins nuestro reto es apuntar lo que pasa a nuestro lamentable alrededor, y por eso hacemos Hincapié en el hecho de que Eugène Delacroix just got SLAPPED por un pintor de “brocha gorda” que está –en estos precisos momentos— echando a perder una Columna en la entrada a Saint–Sulpice. LLAMARLE UN trabajo a esa “cachirulada” sería como justificar el “jale” de la señora española que “mejoró” a Ecce Homo de Borja, en Zaragoza, España… “Oh, The Humanity!”.

ISSY, monsieur Yannick, this here “bisbiglio*” es parte de una memoria para la querella.


Fair Use of $15 USD media. As relegated by the use of Dyn~O~MITE under the: U.C.M…

Good Thymes, indeed

Good Thymes, indeed.