sEgovie not Segovia, bartolomE not Bartolomé


Pleased to meet you…

1918 – Russian Revolution: Bolsheviks executed Tsar Nicholas II and his family at Yekaterinburg.

And, Madame Hidalgo… “isn’t anybody going to help that PO’h Man, Bam-Man Watta Bam-Bah! —_*¡*_— Eye said it once, and AY! Says, IT! A-gain the rEgie thinks that he has an imagination… the RéGIE DOESN’t. 🛶 Eye calls this snapshot: Grafiti EnSabHanado. 

“Are we supposed to google in the solo”

🎶 And the colored girls go:

That depends, Stephanie Ruhle.


Eye means, it depends if little “Frida Sophia’s” FAKE sobredosis de Cemento means anything to Ewe, I mean, Stephanie Ruhle, ‘member that very real anguish that you felt upon seeing all of that rubble on the kids?


Now i know That Camus said this, but under the circumstances (in real time, not after half of The Vatican relocates to La Argentina after the Parisian Velodrome incident), i think that i am saying this best: … “ context for The American Priest in Paris, follows », even if Saint-Eustache has a hair up their EAR DRUM 👂🏼. Hiccups for freedom!




https ://elpais .com /mexico /2021-07-14 /condenado-a-208-anos-de-prision-el-director-de-obra-del-colegio-rebsamen-desplomado-en-el-terremoto-de-2017 .html

Let It Be Sympathy FO’ lumiEr, pues. _*|*_ Last week today witnessed the removal of the statue of Yosemite Sam from the Anastasia memorial in Yekaterinburg, but what this week here to They might be unaware of is that Mr. montes d’Eco here [ironically] got the idea to “coin” the term, « l’Ur-facisme » from non other than “el sacerdote rupestre”, primitivo y esencial dijo la hache que por cierto, Carla Bruni, es muda como la de Umberto.

Public Notice. Washington, D.C.


The Reverend Kasie Hunt ceased operations as a pundit and will now operate under the title of Dr. Hunt, M.D… hilarity ensues when Brazilian President gets a marathon case of the HICCUPS.

1945 – Winston Churchill, Harry S. Truman, and Joseph Stalin (all pictured), leaders of the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Soviet Union respectively, met in Potsdam to decide what should be done with post-war Germany.

https ://www .reuters .com /world /us /charlottesville-remove-confederate-statue-center-deadly-2017-protest -2021-07-10/

A KINDER Gentler Hitler.

🎵 Killed the Tsars and his ministers
Anastasia (sin anestesia) screemed in pain

And, Pierre, please relay to Clementine that, yes, yes, yes; with sugar on top, —La Tour Eiffel est lA.

Así es, Pablito… Jean de La Fontaine (1621-2021) is a fag!

400 years del futbolista le plus fabuliste… it’s on page 56_oh L’Humanité Nº spécial 23222 (Dimanche).

COPIEUSEMENT IGNORÉ PAR louis xiv, and here is why, mr. Pérez… Page 9, nº 23222 de L’Humanité:
Let’s hear it: “This is the problem. All the literature of the seventeenth century has given a magnificent description, which perhaps corresponds to the glory and pride of French royalty, but not in the least to the state of France.” J. Giraudoux¹

¹.)– NOTHING, and as a matter of fact, remarks Jean Giraudoux, “on the  misery, the poverty, the anguish, and the exhaustion of the nation…” And if, “The first BIG OPERATION of State propaganda succeeded it was thanks to Molière, Racine, Boileau and consorts…”, page 9/10 ibid.

… Four (stars) Out of Five:

July 16–24, 🚀 1969 was the spaceflight that first landed humans on the Moon. Establishing Aussie, the first Hotel and Casino on The Moon! ON the MOON ALICIA! El La Luna.

🎶 Advertise in imaginative ways,
start your free trial TODAY.

Hey, Mairie de Paris Tourism Board bearded Monkees listen to The Arctic Monkeys. It’s for your own good for it appears, judging from the Stars, that they have read Rosecrans Baldwin’s very funny look at Melle’s Pitch pub world in, “Paris, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down”, and check it out, there is a chapter in there that explains why there are only Four and not Five stars at Major Thom’s Tranquility Base circumventing The Globe.

Anyhow… Tiff Cross just turned 25 and she wrote an essay, —silly Cross! Nobody reads in El Ey. But Eye tells you what Girrrrl, that Charlemañe fellow has a point, It’s hot up in this Mutah*…third district.

* mUTAH’s third district is of course, the UTAH Jazz (gremlins are in fully engaged, Tranquility Base was assaulted via ipSEC protocols and what should have been published last night 10 pm CET has to be salvaged from ruins and completed in HAWAII Standard Time)

Should have registered the trip as a relic bounty delivery to La Bourse district.

Apollo 11 in Black: A small jump for Man kind, a raised fist for L’Humanity 🖖🏼 but FO’ist! Don’t You (izquierda en Paris… including the neo-Zapatistas de Ayotzinapa de Saint-Denis en Jour et Nuit de La Fuente de Saint-Michel) forget that–This–is–HOW the Mexican foreign service works. Just like Old Cuba, but then Mexico never got a Sin Embargo point of view embargo.

Coincidentally, to They in History:

1954 U.S.A. “Operation Wetback”

1954 : Operation Wetback” is launched by the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to remove about four million illegal immigrants from the southwestern United States, with a focus on Mexican nationals. The operation began in California and Arizona sweeping northward through agricultural areas with a goal of 1,000 apprehensions a day.

Let me guess, it was because of a fucking, “Guioncito”, right?… más hipócritas, only los Amigos de don Poquelin en La Bourse de la AFP.

This blog is fueled by MARIHUANA

Just like New Heaven, Connect-i-cut

Even better than the Real Thing

The Real Thing, Ewe2

_ and the occasional Shroom.

INDIAN SUMMER is in Effect.

… do knot try to adjust the refrigerator’s settings.

María Sabina is in Control… bola de putos.

Rock en Vivo, Track 6 (punto y coma) Hurbanistorias… una imagen en el aire de un pintor apresurado 🎶 El sacerdote rupestre estuvo presente justo cuando Jim and The Doors (tribute band) arrived to the barricaded area to pay their respects, and lemme’Tell y’all—Jim Never looked better.

… I’m telling Ewe, Cruella de Ville—D.A.T. Boy

If you are just joining U.S. you have gotten here in the perfect Passé Composé, or as Anthony Bourdain called the Reservation:

It was 50 Years Ago to THEY that Marianne, “always” Faithful, kept her lips shut and her tongue pressed to the palette.

And to celebrate la antesala del Unknown Soldier (1776) Led Zeppelin decided that it was time to remove The Dixie Flag from all U.S. Federal Building urinals.

And Ali Vitali, please relay the Rally in Sarasota that the removal includes them little piss freshness with Confederate paraphernalia and/or regalia.

And Marianne, it’s a damn crying shame that in order to smoke a joint or drop some acid next to Jim, you have to break the Law, not Once, no ma’am, but Twice.

Pour bien apprécier le goût des champignons tu dois presser la nourriture contre le palais.

… Lucky for U.S., across from this handsome fellow [below] just about a block from Jim, there is a BAIL family available in case you make it to “the house of detention”, but really Marianne, why is Jim’s grave barricaded like a petty gas pipe renovation joint-job?

In•deed, Fiona, “the Devil wants to know”, what a fuck is up with the barricade, Frogs? Eye am Shreck and my compadre Groot approves this message.

Aussi, if you should want to contraband yourself after the tourists have gone back to wherever tourists had planned to go and squeeze Paris into their agenda, remember the following, a night infraction from the vigils is about half the price of a two-bit no-star hotel in Paname.

“I want you to know, that this will go down in your personal personnel’s record”, said the Violent Femmes next to the King’s Guard keeping an eternal Eye on Jim. Note to tourists, the King’s guard is in front of Jim’s plot, this handsome fellow [above] is behind Jim’s grave, and right about ground level to Mr. Mojorisn… don’t belive Mí? Get the sonar.

And, Lindsey Reiser… “Y tu mamá también », meets a Cherokee Chief singing “in la Île-de-Hawaii » is Music They Eve

FLORENCE, si puedes tú con Diego hablar… comunícale que “Si Yo Fuera de lugar, Maradona… in the mean time, it is 21h50 at the 5ème and as Promised…1 🌬2💨and it’s a 1/4 to the Eleventh Hour, 🎵 You don’t have to go home, but you got’z to get a fuck out of the Arena and into the pavement, hit the road Frogs!

Dentils for that ⬆️ follows…


RUDO WAS A FAG, and CURSI was off-course, PUTOoooooh!

Dear, LORDE! Senator McCain is trolling Vercingetorix at Les Arènes de Lutèce.

Like a drunk baby wearing only a piece of hide (probably from a stag) for diaper The Maverick is screaming at The French King if he (that motherfucker) is Knot Entertained❗️

Still to come, Reino Aventura, starring Gerardo Ruiz Esparza (q.e.p.d.) in the role of Philippe de Villiers, the Kute Koch brother en Francés.

Francisco de Rozenzweig won’t let me, armando segovia, tell a lie, period on account that YOU MIGHT NEED A ‘post-graduate’ degree from the ESCP Campus Paris to know who the INFRASTRUCTURE secretary in Mexico was, when Florence Cassez was released en un ARREGLO BI NACIONAL  🇫🇷 y 🇲🇽 (2012-2017). Note to Thomàs “¡Qué feo estás! »…  🌕🌞🌝☀️🌬The Very French version of Richard Gere in the role of Mexican Secretary of  “infraestructureichon,” Gerardo Ruiz Esparza is brought to you by the only paper in France que “Ne Peut Étre Vendu Séparément » , from THE WALL STREET JOURNAL ( punto y coma) pas La Jornada de lOpinion Nº 2033 date: 18/19 juin, 2021… and of course, Los Putos de 20minutes… pas las putas de Gabriel García Meh! AND THOMÁS PESQUET… you are at the plate! Get a bat, motherfucker! To The Moonnnnnn!!!!

La bici de Cleta pasa… based on a reel Caravan, trou story… [A]nd AP LeMire, i don’t think that you are using “Slaughterhouse 5” terminology correctly, unless of course [🗯] if by « so it goes, » you mean that the Eastern Conference of Major Baseball Leagues is dead as Disco in the Era that Reagan’s life was spared… TRIPLE PLAY ON THE HASS beans follows.


To They in His-tory:

Rollin’ Stone of the Blogs… les “inrockuptibles… are fags, period full stop, unless Cerf-panthére wants to close the quote.

Eye Blame Jodie Foster—D.A.T. Bitch!

Wait, what? When did Guadacanal became “Guad”?

¡Julieta!!! ¡Julieta! Con una chingada… see what happens when the LatinEx get creative with their names! C’mon MANnnnnn! What ever happened to ‘LUPE’, Guad? You make Guadaloupe sound like Armand, without the, Oh—my goodness.

Actually, Gov. Newsom (D-CA), the “Honorable” Roger T. Benitez has a point, the “Assault Rifle 15” is kind of like a Swiss Army Bank, yeah buddy, that tool is neutral and only cares about filling its $AFES. —_*•!•*_— Judge Benitez: MY MIDDLE FINGER SALUTES YOU… pronounced like this: 🖕🏼 Goooooooo, Shoe-Leatherman™️

Hay te MANDO un saludo, Guad… from The Empty Stands at this Baseball Memorial Field at the HHC and Headquarters of The Île–de–France, Knot “La France,” but “de—France ».

Take it from Mí (that motherfucker) “When You’re a French Director”, Evry body is a Weed, man! —•!•— Take, Luke, for example, unlike his brother he refused to drop the “ke” and [thus] turning his first name into a “Luc” (punto y coma) Owen on the other hand, didn’t have a problem going to bed with “Woody” and changing his nomenclature to OUEN… pronounced: Oh-When! With an exclamatory point blank in Paris.

— ¡Julieta!, Come quick, June (wife of Jupiter) is being a dick at The Golden Corral, and if you are in on the Joke, “you get a massage, you get a massage, you get a massage, etc, etc, etc,…” Aux J.J. Arms.

Hola, Guapa, i bet you think this Post is about you, eh? But in the paraphrased words of Gael García Bernal on an interview with the guy from The Faber Book of Cinema, “the closest that this post is going to get to Hollywood is Tijuana,” no⁉️ La verdad, Julieta, es de que nos colgamos de tu visita a Francia en el 2011, only to remind our non-readers that Öüï is not jumping on any “band wagon” when it comes to covering the visit of Vice-President Harris to Chapultepec.

“Genial” mis huevos rancheros de Fauci… What’s next don Calderón… pots and pans translations for those en La Vereda Tropical, because if IT! is, then my favorite black musician is “Toña La Negra”, just don’t tell the good Rev. Al Sharpton or that motherfucker is going to want Mí, to paint him Angelitos Negros.

ESPECIALLY, Julieta, if Eli Guerra considers that “the guy” who paid your trip to la rue de Saint Germain-des-Prés”, and “not Andrés Manuel López Obrador,” [Jorge Harmodio dix it] turned out to have the same sort of spine that is required to make it in the Swiss Army Knife industry.

Witt D.A.T. in mind, Julieta, and before i switch IT! over to the good people of Aguascalientes (France24) TV, please be advised that Fenster the copy editor is going to narrate the Bottom of the Second, next at bat is the fip . fr programming director… but just who in the Monty Python Flying-fucking Circus is this fucking “programming director?”, well, here’s a picture of the actor who is going to interpret that SumBitch:

Ladies in Gemini, the one and only, Ed Harris.

Yada yada Yada and Amnesty International [place-holder follows.]

… [A]nd ALICE Meléndez… thanks for going with Alicia, now jump to June the 7th.

Penta-Namas-t’esta con Adela Micha

Previously on, ACAPULCO: this is no time for Siesta, en Roma…

The Minister of zEducation in The France got the CLEP Test.

https ://study .com /academy /goal /transferable-credit /credit-by-exam /clep-exams-college-level-examination-program .html?src=ppc_adwords_nonbrand&rcntxt=aws&crt=318281655593&kwd=clep%20test&kwid=kwd-379725720&agid=63515012836&mt=e&device=m&network=g&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4caoj8_f8AIVgQWiAx0_wAcVEAAYASAAEgLJI_D_BwE

Televisa presenta… A Band in Parts (literally) en colaboración avec El Ave María y Los Toreros Muertos, y por supuesto, in the role of El Espíritu Santo: JAVIER.

The ruling party candidate reveals that she too was conceived through Immaculate Conception, and that “El Espíritu Santo” is her dad.

But FO’ist! Live from an Island where i hang around, Eye wants to remind Republican Honcho, Richard Steele, that son of a bitch, that the next time that a peacock makes reference to a Banana Republic do not forget that these were all made possible by diligent Black Ops and of course, International Spy Masters like Avi Velshi and, average fisgones such as Malcolm Nance, of Black Spy fame… at the plate empty seats wonder where in the fuck is Voltaire? Word has not reached Vincennes that previously on this same blog: se volaron a Voltaire, and that motherfucker remains at-large.

It’s all Greek To Mí… CORRE Y SE VA!!!
To the Moon Day, Monday…
and YURI! If you are listening
ay T’va este CASCABEL para celebrar el mes más francés en Roma (colonia).

Sin Embargo, para no perder “el tino”, the Holy See, Eye told you, designates CONSTANTINO as the next at bat.


PAS D’Ticket… Eye is an Anti-christ, and Eye quotes: an anarchist! BRUSELAS ES MÁS “belga”, Siren.

Se Volaron a VOLTAIRE

ATTENTION  https ://www .theproutschool .org /arts /music BEE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR ASPIRING “High School French Horns” seeking admission into your music Academia. 

Intelligent REPORTS relay that them filthy frogs can go by the name of Gonorrhëa, or STD. Fuck with said γονόρροια ουσ θηλ at your own peril [imagine a Period here]


21 de mayo, 1871… page 3: Deer, Nicole Wallace

ISSY, Ewe don’t have to die and go to heaven, or hang around to be born A Gain… Eddie Gloude Junior. And that’s all that i am going to say for the moment, On Deadline… you fuckers don’t know the half of it and the other [half] is fucking deaf (punto y coma) probably from using Gwyneth Paltrow’s product… On Deadline

I am Groot!

Breaking the Hue’s… Heidi Pryzbyla has been evicted from her Nana’s house. It’s another Sign of The Times, grannies need more breathing space. For 365 days, freeloading reporters moved in to their grannies basements where said correspondents hoarded and squatted the extremely ornate living-rooms of their nana’s to do their “reporting”. Sources close to Heidi’s granny relay that Heidi just wanted hot chocolate on a regular basis without the latte-liberals in the same coffee shop.

Any hoot, Heidi, no pressure… but speaking of abuelitX (see how stupid nana looks in LatinX mode) meet Mí on the other side of Whit Sunday and Eye will tell you about the year 2003 when abuelitas and abuelitos in France went on a permanent vacation to celebrate Solidarity They.

Trou Story, swear to Gad, Emaleh.

En està rumba, Heidi… Vale Todo!!! El pedo es un Son montuno,

ISSY, Nicole… you’ve lived a lie. A Republican lie.

By British standards, you’re a dumb Cunt!

And by South Korean standards it’s To The Moon, Pundit! To the Moon!!!

But Eye’s love you. Eye really Does, and never mind Charlie Sykes, that fucker is French.

It’s the top of the first with Two outs and re-broadcast of The 1st 150th Anniversary of La Commune à Vincennes is being hi-jacked by Major League Baseball… those motherfuckers. Here’s an Hartist representation of Hidalgo’s hit to Colbert to the face, that sucker had enough spin to put a smile on Méliès face for all of the cheats in life, in this frame, Thomas Alva Edison gets his MAN ON THE MOON moment courtesy of N° 71… the most philosophical of all of the Numbers… do the math, says The Count: 7 + 1 is Eight, or as They say in the 11th Hour: Eternity, baby, y-ter-ni-Tee.

… [E]ye wants the best of both worlds. And for those just tuning in from The Reconstruction of the Dixon/Mason Line pay no attention to The Golan Heights, it’s as they say in Denial¹: just, “an Eminence Front”, it’s Netanyahu’s put on.

https ://worldhappiness .report /ed /2021/

Just the facts, ma’am.

Any how, 150 Years ago today, all of the French, not only the previously mentioned “very French”, but also the unDeNileably French, mais aussi the unquestionable Frogs would lay the foundations of The Morrison Hôtel à Père Lachaise where don Napo’s vision for eternity became a little green space next to the most heavily guarded tomb at that Pantheon. Eye would show you an aerial view of that area but GoogleMaps (those motherfuckers) blurred the coordinates to protect the 3rd Republic and The XX Arrondissement.

In Local News, Joy Anne Reid’s dress is a trippy one, it is Knot funny, it is trippy. I’ll tell you what’s funny, —the way that weed is demonized (punto y coma) yes, Negrita, De•mon•ized here in France, which as a political topic it is just like Dick Cheney’s daughter in WaWa Land. And yes, öüï know that Representative Cheney is not the devil, her dad is.

LSD really does open your mind: Psychedelic drugs ‘rewind’ brain functions making it easier to ‘unlearn normal perception’, new study finds

https ://www .france24 .com /fr /france /20210420 –cannabis-récréatif-emmanuel-macron-enterre-tout-projet-de-légalisation


¹.) And isn’t IT, ironic, that the U.$./¥sraeli Weapons Defense System is cooled down by the Rafales de la bendita Marseillese?… only if you live by the Banks of The Nile in Geneva.

Any how French Loterie, à Hilo, Hawaii it is still hour Birthday, so there is only one thing left for Mí to Do:


The Japanese hold all of the right to the traditional birthday Anniversaire song, but you get the idea: 🐸 Time is in CET currenc¥.

Top of the FO’ist and Colbert steps to The Plate

Unlike Ari Melver’s fantasy Jet City Wee’men baseball team [for] our coverage of the first 150th Anniversary Softball Tournament of La Commune de Paris, Öüï base[s] the plays on Historicity and real characters of an already established universe. Whereas, Ari (that motherfucker) bases his plays on whatever is good for the gander, and of course, the motherfucking goose.

Et Cerf-panthère, the motherfucking groundhog took a peek outside from La Grotte et a vu un panneau qui disait : le mimétisme est la forme la plus sincère de la flatulence

¿Así de que, qué pedo con ese pedo?

LA OLALA OLALA, allí está. Fresh off a Mil-Spec Space–A flight from The Hanoi Hotel is none other than “The Maverick » and he is performing a shimmy dance to the call of The Supremes who asked the former Panamænin and Arizona Senator to entertain the empty stalls at the Pershing Memorial Baseball Field á Vincennes… Charles de Batz de Castelmore d’Artagnan (that SumBitch) is of course, playing “bad cop” and just informed The Maverick that his shenanigans will not be tolerated while Mr. Colbert is at The Plate.
The Maverick, being The Maverick begins to strip and in this ESTablished UNIverse, The Good Senator can raise both ARMS above his shoulders.

… [A]nd Willie Geist, of course you all know that it was the Very Mexicans who went ahead and invented metachronal rhythm

Another advantage of knot reading our coverage of the most dynamic game in the vicinity of The French Olympic Siege à Vincennes is that our cast of characters are ridiculously fresh y excitantes.

After the break it’s, 9 Nasty WO’ids N°3: “la torita”… [A]nd Glady’s, could you please frame said “torita” in LatinX form?.

Take Colbert for example, he lies just in front of The Nelson Mandela Garden at a “well known” soup kitchen, heck! Eye just took a pee (right in front of Mr. Colbert) at one of the outhouses municipales, not the ones from Mr. D’orin… AND DEER LORDE JESUS!!! The loo’s are brand-spanking KLEAN (pronounced with a sea) and by brand-sparkin’ Klean, Eye means brighter than the whiteness of the Home Team uniform… (note to editors: Eye could have gone with pointy white bedsheets with elaborate crosses but that was already done on January the 6th of the year of our Lorde 2021.)

Still To Come : TBD

In the mean time (Di María) here’s Mr. Pancho Negro y CIA.

“Qué chula es Puebla”

… Efemérides with musical guest, The Cult.

Genesis 2:18*

And God saw that after Adam (El Pueblo) put a nomenclature on all the intelligently designed creatures at The Garden, none —including Ewe, sheepish cabrona— was an “appropriate” helper for the FO’ist man on the Phase of this Earth, and so there was only one thing that God could do, and that was to SCRATCH that first draft where The Holy Spirit thought that it would be a good idea to give the Sheeple a voice.

* Sans LILITH Cheney.

April 4, 1968… To They in History

To They in History U2 will sing a song, and it goes a little something like this:

The Hilltop (1971) .:. D1A056DF-B83C-46CB-86C0-7970867BBDA6 🌬 “Quisiera al mundo darle hogar y llenarlo de amor (en perfecta armonía)”

… To celebrate the START of a “New Generation” around the Hill, this message of course is being brought to you by the spirits of G. Gordon Liddy, Vice-President Richard Mulhouse Nixon, and of course the King of Pop, with the taste of “Pecsi*”…

En fin, what would be of this blog if Öüï, y tu mamá también, forget to explain where that there see in between the Pe and the si wearing a Crown comes from, sin embargo, no me es necesario porque el diccionario de mexicanismos define una finca como un conjunto grupero en donde el compadre del llanero solitario se avienta una rola bien perrona al final de un documental de música popular dominguera pero así como quien dice—sin un Raul Velasco.


*_ and, Jonathan Capehart, if NBC “Latino” knows what the sound of “Pecsi” denotes in the Mexican vernacular < then and only then > can the good people at VOTO LATINO may perhaps begin to understand why a “Colombia” approach to the Mexican backyard is not a plug-n-play solution to our Legacy problems, but go ahead don’t let Mí warn you. Go ahead and drop another Mérida Plan in the pockets of leaders like this handsome fellow:

CONSTANTINO KANTER (morena, candidate)

[Bucket of Chicken image goes here]


Victoria and George where having a conversation. It went like this:
— But, but, but…
— C’mon!
—Isn’t the knee on your neck sufficient enough to see how fucked up that entire situation was?
— I tell you what?
— What?
—Let me pray with you!

And so, with that in mind let’s check with our friend Jonah and see what that sumbitch is up to, eh? And if you are in a RUSH to go to church this morning, relax, “They” have taken care of everything while the pandemic rages on and besides, Jesus hit the snooze button to the Resurrection.

The thing to remember here is that even if that there Constantino Kanter is real, i mean, ask any Frenchi hippie who’s been to Chiapas, the only one who hunts the original peoples from that jungle  is the State (and associates).

https ://www .chiapasparalelo .com /noticias /2021/03 /constantino-kanter-de-cazador-de-indigenas-y-campesinos-a-candidato-de-morena/

And no para-lelo me v’andar diciendo that a Syndic or it’s equivalent in Guatemalan stolen territory is going to act all Ancien Regime allá por los parajes del Peje… pos’ que La Chingada.