The Fry Attachment Rate, by François a la patate


Now in the lexico del campo glosario of the BISTRO sphere in Paris, the names of the bricks, like the ideology of the BISTRO clientele’s IDEOLOGY might change, but the physical address stays the same, —unless there’s like a major REGIME change, in which case, the streets, the avenues and of course, its boulevards change the heros and the events.

It used to be the BoBar
continuing with page 181 of Marie-Ange Schiltz’ “cajonería³“, this is the final paragraph (V) of page 181 and it adapts a little something like this:
Alexander, my dear Alexander, with his uncertain reasoning, jerky speech and thick, almost incomprehensible British accent. English, I think he’s a class act. He used to be a teacher, they say. Alexander scours Paris, I walk a lot. We’ve met several times around Montparnasse.—
End of Page, jump to page 182


³~. … not to be confused with “co°jo°nes° because La Bagagerie’s setup is basically a collection of cajones; but yes, baggage is reason for those cajones to be;

Whoooop*, there it is 🍟 FRENCH GIRLS BLOWING TRUMPets:

It’s DINAH thyme 🎺

https ://asegovia3 .com /2017/04/29 /french-girls-blowing-trumpets/

Page 182, La Jornada con y sin chinches, y se adapta así para Primero Mis Huevos y luego, y luego mis Hot Cakes:
So British, he goes the distance. Our surprise explodes joyfully and sincerely on the sidewalk. As always, our interactions end as abruptly as these began. Alexander goes his way, I go mine. We turn and greet each other. We haven’t said a word, and yet I know he’s as pleased as I about this unexpected encounter.
¶1, page 182.


https ://asegovia3 .com /2017/04/03 /glosario-y-campo-lexico-spectacles/

*~. Sorry if I dismembered your jingle… got Ketchup?

After the break, it’s The Exorcist, ISSY, your mother sucks Coq at La Maub del Cardenal Elmonje de Lemoine en El Anahuacalli… HOY POR SER, día del reparto de tierras del Tata Cárdenas, te venimos a cantar. Ejido Sies de Octobre, —presente.

It used to be Le Maubert, now it’s just another place to suck Coq. Rumor°Osa calims that the coq is not even French, Kosher or dare EYE say, Halāl! Sources close to Vilma Fuentes en las Tres Puertas de La Maub relay that el gallo is none other than the infamous “GALLITO INGLÉS”, aunque usted no lo crea.

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