A todo negro presente… El Puma called: ha’Ya like them apples?

Platypussies… earlier at chez Saint–Louis, a kind reminder that Thanksgiving is just around La Pinta.

🎵 Numerao’, numerao’¡Viva la numeración!¿Quién ha visto matrimonio?¿Sin correr amonestación?


Resisting The Present : El Año de México en Francia.


José Luis Rodríguez, “Pavorreal”

Any how, latitudes and platitudes had a baby, poor thing looks like an ugly duck, sin embargo it does feel like a big brown beaver, “Viejas Feas” follow, only on TeleUniMundoVision.

Öüï begins of course with the platypus.

Franklin, our first ambassador to Babylon, wanted a turkey as the national symbol, instead we got a bald eagle. In Constantinople, Erdoğan wanted to change the image of the first thing that comes to mind 🦃 when this flag 🇹🇷 pops up… and all that Türkiye got, [drum roll followed by badum-tisch]…. A GREC Kebab.


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