“Un laurel parta ti, de Victoria…”

Bolivarianicamente speaking, consider this un Sin Embargo 🇨🇺

Full circle on the square dance:

No insistas, Susana PubEda… mi cucharón es d’esta güera en F24 👅, pero no se lo vayas a mencionar a Natalia.

You might recall, Ricardo’s first rueda de prensa, with a newly installed, présidente López Obrador, skip that to a gentler time in Churubusco songs.

What a feeling, —eh, Puto!

Dialogue :

https ://elchavo .fandom .com /es /wiki /H%C3%A9ctor_ Bonilla_visita_la_vecindad_1

It’s gold, Jerry!


Héctor Bonilla walks into a vecindad, hilarity ensues cuándo “Benito Bodoque” asks for his “Cocol”, la Criada Bien Criada 🇦🇷 follows after the tent REVIVAL of the cult 🇲🇽 de López Obrador.

AMLO avanza por, Madero. Of course he is.

Tale of The Tape — ATTAL v. HIDALGO

“Vamos pues, a construir una escalera”… ¡Sancho Panza, —Los Maderos!


La biblioteca pública de La Información de. Georges Pompidou does not allow “social media” sites such as, YouTube or, the pain in the ass Facebook or It’s pimple–in–the nutsack pop-up, Twitter.

The reason, i been told, it is on account of the “fake news” and disinformation technology farms, or something like that.

Truth be told, the Paris Tourism Board has never been known for originality, let alone, vision. If they want to hear 🙉 Españolerias en tiempo real, coja usted UN tour de los patrimonios de París, en Castellano 🇪🇸,  y note usted mismo la proposición española en Francia (¿pochos, pues?) de el porqué hay mucha renovación de edificios en todo París, y luego vaya a visitar a Patti Smith en el SOCLE del Beaubourg.

Now the key here is, after the answer comes ( whatever the answer might be) the espontaneo will ask, if s/he dares, to ASK the following snippet:

— And where might the funds to fund such endeavor come from, the coffees of Colonialism, or the gross from the movie about Notre Dame on fire?

A Closer look


¡gRrrraBiel! Ese es el nombre que más odio en un pela’o.

El Chis-Chas at Ringside.

La tradicional pelea de Acción de Gracias a sus Mercedes is not a figment of Our imagination, just ask Saskia, she just came by accident!

Here’s how that improvisation went:

The 4 Seasons ain’t nuttin’ but a TimeStamp next to ShyWaWa.


— [ΩΩΩ… ] It’s not Greek! It’s interference on the RESISTANCE!!!

Publicité :

Producciones Pura Pantalla y Pablo Gleason present, a su Hartista exclusivo, Gael Luna Bernal del Diego García, en la continuación de la manifestación del documental de Natalia Aldama, “El General” — Y tú mamá también en Le Socle de Zacatecas.

Sunday! Sunday, Sunday! Los Acarreados del Socle y Los Franchutes de La Meseta en el Zócalo. Los Tigres del Norte no podrán asistir a razón de que el llamado “jefe de jefes” tendrá que reTacharSe a su celda.

Publicité :

Dear, Nathalie Piolé… I don’t know who Mozart in The Jungle is but he can go stick an ARIEL up his DESIERTO con Jon Stewart.

Interference… no knock down, FO’ist Down!

FIRST Round_Draft One
First and TEN.

Stripes in spandex — Metal Health

Key Leighhhh Makaninni !!!

Viva Bill Barr!!!

Surrender, you look like a Mexican Lamborghini Countach from 1986. ¿De qué sabor vas a querer tu nieve de limón 🧊?

And Starring as a Mexican Countach, Carlos Cavazos. Eye can see KeigLee from Carlos’ Lamborghini Dashboard.

… Funny how the FOX cycle, period!… goes, the Animals Are Great guy is complaining about some guy named Greg not covering the Chinese Cigarette Exercises in Hong Kong.

Mean while, 🦿shaving They did the laundry on that 70’s Show on FOX. Trou 🕳️ story, after the Break, Geronimo breaks Judge Pirro’s 🖤.

Repent, Keyleigh McKenanny, the church of Trump is a Jesus Christ Pose; ask GUTFELD what the last line in that Song Says.

A todo negro presente… El Puma called: ha’Ya like them apples?

Platypussies… earlier at chez Saint–Louis, a kind reminder that Thanksgiving is just around La Pinta.

🎵 Numerao’, numerao’¡Viva la numeración!¿Quién ha visto matrimonio?¿Sin correr amonestación?


Resisting The Present : El Año de México en Francia.


José Luis Rodríguez, “Pavorreal”

Any how, latitudes and platitudes had a baby, poor thing looks like an ugly duck, sin embargo it does feel like a big brown beaver, “Viejas Feas” follow, only on TeleUniMundoVision.

Öüï begins of course with the platypus.

Franklin, our first ambassador to Babylon, wanted a turkey as the national symbol, instead we got a bald eagle. In Constantinople, Erdoğan wanted to change the image of the first thing that comes to mind 🦃 when this flag 🇹🇷 pops up… and all that Türkiye got, [drum roll followed by badum-tisch]…. A GREC Kebab.


The best water, comes from Santa Qatarina, Nuevo Lyon

GACHUPINES con GUAYABERA in CUBA and VERACRUZ follows (fascism for the good masses), period!


Los Hilos de Sasha en las bragas de Hidalgo… and before mister BARBOSA misinterprets, please be reminded that when Antonio Aguilar crooned the first ever “Rancho Grande” over satellite communications, en el ‘supremo gobierno’ de los EEUUMM, Gustavo Díaz Ordaz commissioned Antonio’s calzones to el ‘tiro’ en El bunghole★ del ranchero tejano, Lyndon Baines Johnson’s.

★~. 👖entrejambe

Sponsored by the Agence France Presse and The Mexican consulate in Paris, France.

Ask yourself, if you follow the CitÉ poliTicks at l’universite de Paris, why did the JALISCO ambassador stay in office at Longchamps after “el peje” won the populus ELECTION?

The Answer My Friend…

Is Blowing in CARLOS SLIM’S 💋 lips.


With All Due Respect to San Ignatius de Los WaPos goes here, ISSY—context for Jamal Khashoggi’s wife goes here.

Step right in Eye has Six of these babies in stock ready to quench that Canicula³ like a freezed-damped WaWa lingette through le ARC de Triomphe².

Drink Beer or Die
… motherfuckers hijos de puta
… et al.

Sponsored by ScienesPo and Alain “GATT” Rouquié.

Alain Rouquié is on VACATION and could not be reached for comments, Latin American culos cocked blocked the encounter… and then they INSTALLED a kool-aid guru in Pemex to quench LA INTERNACIONAL SOCIALISTA thirst for POPULIST POWER



If-and-Only if you call now in the next HAAB¹ you will also get a Topo Chico with Lime.

https ://www .mayaarchaeologist .co .uk /public-resources /maya-world /maya-calendar-system/

In case you missed it, our blog centers in México [wit acento en LA eh], however, it would mean NUTTIN’ if the issues that I raise, would not affect the whole of humanity, —and la bendita Francia también.

WaWa Wars…
now infused with Narco Gwar supplements.

Must be a gear head to participate. Restrictions apply. Coma Frutas y Verduras.


Naturally… 🥑 ∆ 🥑



Officially, Florida Gates is a dick… Viejas Feas rock


Peep Ol’s Try To Put US Down.


[Context for, it rhymes with… goes here]

¹~. https ://www .eluniversal .com .mx /nacion /sociedad /asi-surgio-la-frase-haz-patria-mata-un-chilango


Stop the presses… it’s FOWL Balls on Donna Perino

All Apologies, but there’s a Mexican Suitcase under the Weight of that Mexican Elephant femur.

I swear that Capa is not going to mind, trust Mí, I slept at a Holiday Inn.

Sponsored by The TFN Group Facility Management Services… as Holey as a Slice of Swiss Cheese.

Enter Franck Julien

Eye am Gru.

N° 13 — Adriana LARA, p. 112 | 113
Art Film 1: Ever present yet ignored, 2006
MEXICO 2000 / 2012

And, madame La Députée KeKe, Eye hears you, and if Cochin Hospital (FEB 2021) was a token, then maybe that would be proof that I am not jumping on your bandwagon so, with that out of the way, LET’S TALK about ATALIAN, , and now that you have access to SECURITY CAMERAS, mark last night’s date as the day that you need to ask about for visual-aid sake’s, and here is why madame La Députéé:

Follow My Lead

🎶 Tus Ojos Mexicanos Tuyos… watch out Delphine Deau et Camille Maussion at FRANCE Musique, ERIC THEUTIL is a peepin-tom, Phat Basterd is trying to get near your bathroom WINDOWS with the WORN-out excuse of auditioning your “singing voices”, watch out, Éric is recruiting Sirenes for his sinister buddy, Denis ‘the guppy’ Soula.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /open-jazz /nefertiti-quartet-cadrage-et-debordements-4145136
be read with an African Accent

For the record, “fuck SciencesPo” and thier ‘SciencesPolitas”.
Aussi, madame La Députée, I ain’t no fortunate son. Why last night as you where celebrating your victory, like say, before 21h45 in G-20 rue de Louvre time, an ATALIAN goon was exercising his “PROFILING rights” by denying me the use of a microwave oven, which I wanted to use in order to re-heat the discounted anti-gaspillage chicken legs that I had just purchased. I know. Because I have seen all kinds of people use that same microwave at the time that I wanted to use said microwave, so the excuse of “you can’t use it because it has already been cleaned”… is a perfect example of a Dangling meal.

If anything, IF THE STORE IS OPEN, and the cashier just took my money to pay for the motherfucking chicken legs, THAT IS THE LEAST that YOUR BLACK SUIT wearing ass can do for a customer.

To be clear, because according to BFM TV and La Députée Annie Genevard (LR) whom some fellow named Tousaint interviewed just before Julie Gayet (PS) was celebrating the Wrench thrown on the French Republic, with the Pizza Delivery Girl at France Musique, that’s what Laura Haim (from SciencesPo) is SUPPOSED to speak like, when speaking to José in Andalusia de los MSNBC’s, madame Haim is supposed to be clear when words come out of her pie-hole.

To be clear, according to msnbc Haim, the retirement age reform is the biggest challenge for the changing landscape of The France. “Going to the beach”, in Haim’s words, is the biggest challenge for —The France.

Training Wheels for “Yellow 🎗️-wearing ” buddy fucker Gregg.

TO BE CLEAR, I guess the French are “clear” when they speak in Astérix mode, never in any other ‘themed’ park setting, or so it seems.

M’ember now… before you run to the door

Petite Ceinture de Paris

… previously on “El General” de Natalia Almada:

Originaire de Tampamolon Corona, San Luis Potosí, Gonzalo N. Santos (1896-1979) -célèbre cacique de la Huasteca Potosina- était un membre fondateur du parti officiel. Comme beaucoup d’autres hommes qui ont assisté à la fondation du Parti national révolutionnaire à Querétaro en 1929, Santos avait les “” qualités “” nécessaires que le nouveau parti exigeait : des origines révolutionnaires, un jacobinisme manifeste, mais surtout, une volonté d’utiliser “” Chicanas “” et “” marrullerías “” dans la politique nationale. (Auto-Translation provided by Grupo CARSO).

La Moral también sirve para una CHINGADA.

LOS HILOS de QUÉRETARO en horario de Hilo, Hawaii. ICI C’EST MADRID.


Originally from Tampamolon Corona, San Luis Potosí, Gonzalo N. Santos (1896-1979) -famous cacique of the Huasteca Potosina- was a founding member of the official party. Like many other men who attended the founding of the National Revolutionary Party in Querétaro in 1929, Santos had the necessary “”qualities”” that the new party demanded: revolutionary origins, manifest Jacobinism, but above all, a willingness to use “”Chicanas“” and “”marrullerías“” in national politics.

Over at la rue Vivianne (in London TOWN), SOLD!!! To the gentleman with the funny mustache.

https ://www .theguardian .com /uk-news /2022 /mar /09 /russia-oligarchs-uk-art-market-legal-loopholes

While the company announced it was donating the full net proceeds of the auction – £5.8m – to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society it continues to be challenged.”

Victoria… is a fickle cunt. Like a Gold Digger, nigga. And those tanks lined up like Ducks in-a-row, EYE is tellin’ EWE, Chuck Todd, if the freezing cold don’t snap them Russian dicks right off, that MEXICAN tree (La Moral) will.

Zelenskyy addresses the Russian military:
You can still save yourselves. Go home

https ://www .pravda .com .ua /eng /news /2022/03/9 /7329721/

But hey, both Napo and Adolf are having a nice warm LATTE at a McDo in the Twilight Zone.

A they in the 13éme

“Glen Grant, a senior defence expert at the Baltic Security Foundation, said a tank ‘is just a fridge {freezer not fridge} at night if you are not running the engine’ something the Russians simply cannot afford to do given the fuel scarcity.”

https ://www .dailymail .co .uk /news /article-10592463 /Stranded-Russian-troops-face-dying-tanks-40-ton-iron-freezers-20C-cold-snap .html


MeeSur y, pronounced like MissIsIpPi, but with acento en la Sur-ah.

En transito… una de mi calle me ha dicho que tiene un Amigo torero que dice que tiene un ex compañero de trabajo que inventó un aparato para desarticular A la democracia

From “El País”:

KURWA Munch!!! The Brzeziński’s are back in the Wisła Riviera!!!

Via la capilla de Aguascalientes TV canal 26 en Notre Dame¹ de Issy-les-Moulineaux

https://www .france24 .com /en /live-news /20210804- biden-taps-brzezinski-son-as-poland-ambassador-amid-reported-row

Photo credit: El fotógrafo de la película que trata sobre el aborto en España y sobre los dilemas de El Primer Torero Porno.

••• Over at the Ketch’up Channel on El Camerino de Aguascalientes TV, the MSNBC’s Cuban connection is asking those fucking CANUKS and MEXICANS who won the soccer game? Knot because the Miami duo cares about the match, their sport is baseball. And Mr. José DÝAZ-Balart and Dr. Eye didn’t catch your name, never mind the approach, but please do stop calling out the 60K-plus soccer fans who are going to be flooding Cousin Joe’s Redneck Riviera and Little Havana’s COVID clinics and hospitals. BUT HEY! Ask the FED’s Wife! The match provides a good morale upboost for the mining industry Proprietor / Modern-day indentured asalariado relations.

For comparaciones para Madame Truska² at Le Cirque du Freak here’s Chicago’s interpretation of what Eye is talking about, el asalariado on the graph below is of course in TEAL, Mr. HAYNES, it’s always in TEAL, (unless el asalariado is a complimentary color) didn’t you watch El Huachinango del Sr. del TORO, —not to be confused con el pescado del Sr. Benicio.

² L’assistant du vampire: https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0450405 /?ref_=vp_back

Related topic from WaWa Land… Post-Jimmy Hoffa era union leader boss dies at the young age of 72. Who’s looking out for your Health Care Plan at your union busting job? In the picture, the Mexican Delegation of LA INTERNACIONALE SOCIALISTE, El P.R.I., mourns the passing of Mr. Dick Rich Trumka.

https ://wvmetronews .com /2021/08/05 /labor-leader-rich-trumka-dies/

After the W.A.K.E., ÔÜÏ travels back to 2012 to meet “El General” who is going to Rob a Burger and fire un CAÑONAZO de $50.000 U.S. at CinÉma Christine in PARIS (75006)… or something like that. 

Resisting [ 💉 ] the Present (🦠) : Mexico 2000-2012
Yes, MAM! it’s a past Évènement with Blue Demon as Master of Ceremonies.


Benchmarking The Bourse

Jump to mañana/hoy on Page Tú!

Take three of these:

🎶 Zúmbale mambo pa que mis gatas prendan los motores •••

and then Drink a Whole entire complete full liter of Clorox®️ or better yet, 50ml of H2O2. and call me in Theafter life.

And Juanita Toliver, here… have-at-it

And Joy-Anne Reid 🤹🏼‍♀️🥇🤹🏼‍♂️🏆🔤🔠… anyone? 🔡… Miller? 🔡… e, f, g? Anyone?


https ://okdiario .com /andalucia /abascal-manifestacion-vox-sevilla-alguien-daria-pan-vecino-antes-que-hijo– 7268314

And MARÍA TERE KUMAR, not to be outdone by The Zapatistas, who are currently playing HOMER across The ATLANTIC, the extreme right from SPAIN is going on a TROJAN tour across Europe looking for nazies like them:

Dear, ReidOut Crew… Ted Cruz rides a Toyota to México, while Eye is actually on a motherfucking BLAZING SADDLE… and RACHEL MADDOW, can your graphics monkees spot the difference?

Once again, Öüï is going to have to WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW, during the Avi Velshi (International Spymaster Hour) to review ZAPANTERA ROSA and  Los Zapatistas de la Línea Once del Metro de la RATP, on account that El PAN (nuestro) de cada día tiene CONEXIÓN con la propuesta de CANONización de ABASCAL. En México his name was CARLOS and in SPAIN he works for VOX.

Diputado panista se alía con la extrema derecha española

Vox, tercera fuerza parlamentaria en el país ibérico, impulsa plataforma contra los gobiernos de inspiración comunista

Armando G. Tejeda
Periódico La Jornada
Sábado 31 de octubre de 2020, p. 11

As far as Öüï is aware, Vice-President Kamala Harris has never been to Cataluña. Madame V.P. therefore, has not experienced “las patatas bravas” en La Moncloa. Anyhow, Juanita Toliver (i borrowed  a letter Ti, for administrative purposes)… EnTonces pues, Juanita, now Eye knows that with a name like yours and at your age you know the difference between them Washington Red apples (from Cuauhtémoc) y las limas exportadas a París.


And over at BFM’er TV, Fat Bastard is celebrating the day of the death…

… [O]r something like that, anyhow, Mateo Garcia, remember that guy that you told me about?

Context, dentils and, all that Good Stuff is coming up. Stick around Casper.

You know, Mateo, the one that was killed and dropped into the pretty little river that is getting “su manita de gato” luego de las lluvias? Ese, Cabrón, el mismo que tu amigo de barra* Pablo Gleason me ADVIRTIÓ afuera de su depa a un lado del Apartamento del señor editor latinoamericano de la Agence France Presse (2012) en el 13éme, al que iban a empujar (al vato que no callaba, no al esposo de la señora de Los Amigos de Javier Sicilia en la Iglesia de La Madeleine; mismo año, “postales milagrosas”) hacia las vías del metro de Paris, ese güey.

Mini•digression for Ashley Avalanche

Mais, oui: se hacía grandote — se hacía chiquito. EF22D11B-CCCC-4E71-8A95-CC41EAB80856 🗣🥑, After the break, it’s That Guy from the CFR:CCCC

Agua pasa por tu casa, Cate de algún Corazón, c’est quoi?

¿No? Doesn’t ring a bell? Well, worry KNOT because last night i received my very own membership application card for the « Morts dans la rue » club. A fellow from that Very Exclusively Open Club left the application (solicitud, en Español del bueno) at the desk for me, Armando Segovia, to find. Well, EYE found, and guess what Mateo, i post-it IT! — The number is 15, get in line.

Any güey, AP LaMire, fuck your Smirk! And Spit Kasie Out! SPIT HER OUT! Bad AP!

Attention all wire-stations, that guy with the dildo shaped patio doors, Isaac’s son, Walter! Eye believes that his name is, remember him? I know that on the previous edition (Una Comedia de Enredos) the staff paid a visit to his shrine. Any how, according to little Walter (Isaac’s son) there’s a new trend for Mardi Gras in Louisiana (bunch of LIBERAL Orleanists in proper French) houses, buildings, and other ill-reputed joints are being turned into floats. Claire McCaskil and Amy Klobuchar are already at the scene and it seems like they are going to be breaking yet another “shiny beads” contest.

https ://www .nola .com /entertainment_life /collection_ ea9ebdce-6fec-11eb-aa47-1785621414db .html#21