And over at BFM’er TV, Fat Bastard is celebrating the day of the death…

… [O]r something like that, anyhow, Mateo Garcia, remember that guy that you told me about?

Context, dentils and, all that Good Stuff is coming up. Stick around Casper.

You know, Mateo, the one that was killed and dropped into the pretty little river that is getting “su manita de gato” luego de las lluvias? Ese, Cabrón, el mismo que tu amigo de barra* Pablo Gleason me ADVIRTIÓ afuera de su depa a un lado del Apartamento del señor editor latinoamericano de la Agence France Presse (2012) en el 13éme, al que iban a empujar (al vato que no callaba, no al esposo de la señora de Los Amigos de Javier Sicilia en la Iglesia de La Madeleine; mismo año, “postales milagrosas”) hacia las vías del metro de Paris, ese güey.

Mini•digression for Ashley Avalanche

Mais, oui: se hacía grandote — se hacía chiquito. EF22D11B-CCCC-4E71-8A95-CC41EAB80856 🗣🥑, After the break, it’s That Guy from the CFR:CCCC

Agua pasa por tu casa, Cate de algún Corazón, c’est quoi?

¿No? Doesn’t ring a bell? Well, worry KNOT because last night i received my very own membership application card for the « Morts dans la rue » club. A fellow from that Very Exclusively Open Club left the application (solicitud, en Español del bueno) at the desk for me, Armando Segovia, to find. Well, EYE found, and guess what Mateo, i post-it IT! — The number is 15, get in line.

Any güey, AP LaMire, fuck your Smirk! And Spit Kasie Out! SPIT HER OUT! Bad AP!

Attention all wire-stations, that guy with the dildo shaped patio doors, Isaac’s son, Walter! Eye believes that his name is, remember him? I know that on the previous edition (Una Comedia de Enredos) the staff paid a visit to his shrine. Any how, according to little Walter (Isaac’s son) there’s a new trend for Mardi Gras in Louisiana (bunch of LIBERAL Orleanists in proper French) houses, buildings, and other ill-reputed joints are being turned into floats. Claire McCaskil and Amy Klobuchar are already at the scene and it seems like they are going to be breaking yet another “shiny beads” contest.

https ://www .nola .com /entertainment_life /collection_ ea9ebdce-6fec-11eb-aa47-1785621414db .html#21

Dear, Fip = you are WonderFull

KALMUS, Kalmus, qué no Panda El?… Anyone, Perrine, Anyone?

Some Girls laughed when i suggested that the facemask would add D.A.T. “Tickle your Ass with a Feather” felling on the G-spot… [l]ook at #Em now, all quiet on the underground. Can’t even answer the Good-Good GUUUUUD Vibrations. Oh, the humanity. In the frame, Ashley Parker is going down on Perrine.

Y las antenitas de VYNIL 33 mexicano re vibran:

cunnilingus, profe.

Señora Sasha Montenegro, o como le decían en Los Coniferous de Chapultepec, Александра Аћимовић Поповић… los próximos hilos (EnCuaronados) van por usted.

El Corrido de Montemorelos, N.L. va aquí, para “La Tía Tati » en San peDro GArza GArcía; allí no’mas cruzando traslomita por La Fundidora del Obispado, en Monterey, California (UCSantaCruz^), a güevo que sí. 💋

El Chivo Lubezki is a fag, and here is why… lemme get that page about Jorge Rivero… wait for it, wait…


In Local News 🇫🇷: Spread #Em… 🦠 the mall is full, but i am the fucking problem, eh‽ AnyGüey, this place used to be called the François Roland Truffaut biblioteca, Jon Stewart, today it’s just another Young American’$ hangout 🇺🇸… this fuckers are just asking for the Nelson Mandela strain 🇿🇦… but i’m the fucking problem.

And in WaWa Land, Black Spy is wearing my favorite Shirt… DAT Motherfucker!

Now i told you fuckers (cabrones en Español del bueno) about Bikini Atoll, and Siren—it’s Knot one of those; this is Live from El Banco Chinchorro:
DangOnIT!  —_*!*_—  Anyway, Tiff Cross that bitch in the frame may or may not be the former FO’ist Lady Melania Trump, and that may or may KNOT be MAR-o-LAGO in La muy puta Florida. If you squint like a Japanese manga still you might be able to spot IVANKA at a distance enjoying the Sacrifice.

Still to come… Re qui?

Ladies in Gemini, the following is a kind reminder to all youse who are in on the Joke that way WAY güey before France24 made its move on Aguascalientes TV26, i was already explaining to SHARON there (during the Enrique Peña Nieto administration) what sort of tangas matched her earings.


^ USA School of Foreign and Domestic Lenguas; DOD, certified… par correspondance, indeed (1994)… ISSY, Dr. (Ph.D.) Ackerman, John Mill [One-each] i too know where The Lost Boys are from, as a member of The NEW Mexican Cinema del Estado Mayor de don Andrés en La Jornada de Tabasco… do you Doctor John, remember Andrés? The one that answered the question about Osorio CHONG during your first day at l’IHEAL because you didn’t do your Homework that particular WEEK of OCTUBRE—como tenía que haber sido, Câbrónsìsïmø cabrón.

Any güey, fip

… if you fuck with Mi, i’ll fuck you, eh!

Allá por Chicago, tú.

To the Tune of Love Unlimited’s 1974 1973 POPULAR hit, el himno nacional francés, o como dice Barry White: Love’s Theme; And Perrine…

He’s on Cloud 9 .:. 323447CB-5441-405F-B13C-74B22229BFD4 .:. A Dark Horse told me so, Siren… ISSY, i’m Down Here for your Soul.

The following is an adaptation of
The Shock Doctrine”…
m’ember the shock doctrine,
well let’s ask Mateo au Pied de Sacre-Cour.

🗣 Don’t-don’t—DON’T Don’t believe La Academia Mexicana de “lenguas” à l’IHEAL.

And this is why, you sexy ONCA on the BFM’er screen—you:


Because como dicen por allá en ROMA, DGO…
🐯 esa piel de Big Cat te va bien… 🐅
te ves Bien Perrona¹, Cabrona!
Neta que sí.

Are you a Tigr–essa, Jaguar–ette, o una Oceloteta?

anyhoot….  i love all cats, and PERRINE, did you eat the Wabbit ears that i etched last week on your desk?

But FO’ist… you are Knot Foolin’ anybody Luka Karamatic, because we know that youse the long-long-Loin Lost illegitimate son of James Coburn in the ROLE of Justin FAIRfax in the adaptation of The Hunter, ISSY, Mel Gibson, APOCALYPTO IS A FAIR representation of Los Amigos de Mexico en Francia y su escuelita  El Tecnologico de Monterrey—Campus Unesco/OCDE ».

Issy, Melle. Storme, ha’bout them Rafa’s corsicos, nada que ver con La Pérsica de Lencho de por allá en Cuéncame, DGO… pronounced “Doggo” and if you know who Doroteo Arango is, [DANGLING PARTICIPLE GOES HERE—and ZEPPELIN tú] los mexicanos del Cine De La “llamada” época de ORO* (🎥) le llaman a ese Estado, DUR•AN•GO, ALEJANDRO JODOROSKI became a CONTINENTAL GENTLEMAN there, en SAN JOSÉ de Las Panochas, —no less— and PAUL NEWMAN blew up  THE FIRST TEST of Phatman and Le Petit Garçon.

*nada que ver con el cinito mexicano en elDorado de SciencesPo


Anygüey, Marianne, about them Normandy scooters:

We [the staff] all rolled to Montgomery’s roundabout; it was mandatory.
ÖÜÏ saw.
Güi went: muuuuuh… did we happen to mention that Normandy cows are the happiest cows en la vitrina of your favorite butcher shop?

Pleya' Please

Pleya’ Please.

SitRep follows, after a word from the 35th Wing of democrats on the DeAnza road to Cupertino, way beyond them Escondido hills casi esquina con Arrogant Bastard®️ Drive, y General exiliado Calles de miramar.

Lorne, Ü rascal Ewe — part ii

It was Nine p.m. in Eastern Standard Time
and wouldn’t you know it,
The MotherFunKing W.I.N.D was ON
S.P.O.T. and on Target.

Coming up on La Rougeole de La Santé:6CEE5152-4716-4B95-82B9-CF4D5F50A262 •!• « Quand les boutons sont apparUS, j’ai Fippé! “. FRANCE!!! How could YOU!

It’s 9 o’Clock, in Central Europe Times.


We’ll bee right back after a tick con la cucaracha.

Dear, Marianne, in the mean time, while Trump continues to represent The Kremlin, at The White House, please feel free to look up and review our exclusive coverage of “El General”; and please, do recall that that particular fragment was the very same blog entry that paralleled your Brontis à la Prèfecture interview with the Film d’Alterite crowd, as a matter of fact just go straight to the source, that legwork of ours includes a glimpse into the presentation of a family portrait of Luis Napoleón Morones, directed by the great-grand daughter of modern Mexico’s first president: El General Plutarco Elías Calles.

El General y don Andrés a Cinéma Christine; pelotero a la bola mí Pitbull:66073916-D218-482E-AD27-3FAFE9AE8F77 •!• ¡VIVA LA TRANSICIÓN Y LA ALTERNANCÍA!

But first, Chrissy Haines, reminds us about that “guy” that drank anti-freeze while living just outside of Skid Row (2009/2010) in El Ey… and following that act, it’s: F.A,K.E. RASTAS on FRANCE24

Peter was a D.E.V.O. fanatic:A2625D79-4301-4090-85C9-7C6E030ED38C… never gonna give Ü up.

Here’s your “P.U.Ñ.E.T.A.”, Lorenzo… R.U.D.E. dude C.E.N.T.R.A.L. in-place… and just to B.E. CRYSTAL CLEAR:  Benjamin Netanyahu is Adolf Hitler reflection in a  M.I.R.R.O.R.  (Godwin’s Rhule invoked during the “All In with Chris Hayes” segment).

20 de noviembre — Dear, Prof. Salmerón Sanguinés

The Road to Escondido is not just a Clapton Tribute Album, it’s also the historicity after-action-review (AAR) of a Mexican Mein Kampf admirer, por ejemplo, in footnote n° 39 of Larralde & Griswold del Castillo; of The Journal of San Diego History, they note the following:

While reading Hitler’s Mein Kampf with interest and respect, Calles disregarded the Klan’s crimes against Mexicans as a frivolous matter. His biggest concern was getting back to Mexico.

… Context follows; TimeStamp: 23h45 in CET.

Contexto a seguir… momentito pour favor… I need to find an Arrogant Bastard®… wait one… Ahhhhh that was refreshing. Here we go: •—¡—•.  Dear, non-readers: please breeze over this blog entry using an Armando Álvarez voice… •—_—• Chapter ii: after the fall-out with La Casa de su Chingado Padre, and later with Gary Sanchez Productions, Mando “el ranchero” Álvarez enrolled in night classes at the Ron Burgandy Community College (RBCC) in San Clemente, California. “Mando” took this course of action in order to grasp a better command of the English language, and there after, apply for a job at NBC or at the Huffpost; but not, definitely not! He told himself every night, accept a desk with the god-damned Buzzfeeds logo on the back of the chairs… that would be like living the most productive hours of your day with a permanent “poisson d’avril”… palabras más o palabras menos, and as expected, Mr. Álvarez received a “B” for his final grade in Spanish 101. •—_—•. TimeStamp: 17h00 PST

Stick around..


Welcome to Time Machine Travel.
Your one-stop Agency consolidator for “the” asegovia3 exclusive brand of ‘Frequency Hop’ Historicity Tours.

Today is Veinte de noviembre de 1910, and our “Happy Birthday Revolution” special, includes an itinerary to 1936 and a mandatory train ride to ‘La Ruta al Exilio’ to witness the last surviving “caudillo” de la Revuelta Mexicana de 1910 who dubbed himself, “El Jefe Maximo de La Revolución Mexicana” as he dabbled in the KKK politics of SoCal.

Page IV… A funny tale developed on the way to The Forum —¡— Image courtesy of the spoils of Châtelet, and The former, “Direct Matin”.

Little did Amalia Almeida’s grand old dad know, that come November of 1945, the “interesting and respectful” leaders of Hitler’s struggle would be exposed for their thirst for power, but most important ~ for their crimes against humanity.

People of the 1920’s and 30’s knew him as: El General Plutarco Elías Calles… he alone embodied the bureaucratic and institutionalized Enemy N° 1 persona of La División del Norte; y de Emiliano Zapata, también.

Our journey for today also includes a mandatory overlay to the infamous North Atlantic terminal of 1994 where ya’ll will get to meet the inventor of ‘La Política Ficción’, a very real and present precursor to the “Fake News” teflon defense phenomenon of the two leading democratic idiocracies in the world right now, which of course are lead by presidents Enrique Peña Nieto (Mexico) and his very stupid counterpart Donald John Trump (USA).

Las fuentes:

BOX 25, File 1.
29 de abril, 1924.
De: Jean Perier
Para: A. Poincare.

n° 39: Lerralde, C. M., Griswold del Castillo, R., “San Diego’s Ku Klux Klan 1920 – 1980“; in The Journal of San Diego History. Spring/Summer 2000; Vol. 46, n° 2 & 3. Via: http :/www .san diego history .org /journal /2000/april/klan/

San Salvador Atenco and the Fake News, from NPR, according to Peña Nieto, as explained by El Partido Revolucionario Institucional… the ICC in Rome is not only “bullying” Mr. Peña’s past legacy as governor of the State of Mexico; but also his very few merits and accomplishments as the current president of the Mexican State. Vía:


Is that Professor, Pedro Salmerón Sanguinés… NO LO LEE.

… and of course, La Jornada:

Dear, Pedro Salmerón Sanguinés, de arranque, le comento que en lo personal (sin conocerle) admiro y soy lector fiel de su serial: Falsificadores de La Historia.

Sin embargo y como cambio de velocidad, le apuntó también de que yo [Armando Segovia] tuve alguna vez el mismo respeto por el trabajo de opinión del Prof. John Mill Ackerman, (hasta que en el 2014/15 yo lo vi correr en terreno abierto y pude comprobar que en lugar de ver a un líder, lo que yo vi fue a Otro Partidista Cierra Filas y, (faltara menos) timorato respetuoso al mismo tiempo, de los eventos del PRI en París en donde gracias a la cooptación de líderes de la izquierda, de los pacifistas y del mismísimo “colectivo” de Neo-Zapatistas! La Embajada y El Servicio Mexicano Exterior, con el apoyo del Hijo de El Santo y Sean Penn pudieron acarrear a dos que tres rijosos** para que “mejor” fueran apoyando en la puesta de eventos culturales —anexos, faltará menos— al plan económico y estratégico de Hollande/Peña Nieto (Florence Cassez)… (véase VISEUR/ Los Encuentros Cinematográficos Viva México ed. 2013-2016).

Entonces, don Pedro, ya con la tercera en caja y listo para meter la cuarta en pista plana, lo mismo pasó en el 2013 con su ex co legionario del gran estado grande de Chihuahuita; ISSY, don Pedro me refiero a el Prof. Víctor Quintana Silveyra, quién entre otras cosas vino a París para instaurar formalmente a una amalgama de ciudadanos, activistas, grillos y mapaches a lo que llevaría por “nomenclatura de grupo”, en la primavera de ese mismo año escolar (en La Sorbona) pero allá en el l registro federal electoral: Morena-Francia.

En fin, profe Salmerón, ya en quinta con el cambio y, con el pie empujando el acelerador listo para embragar el primer dual, le preguntó, ¿qué razón me da asté, Maese, de don Víctor? Dígame profé, o más mejor aún, ¿cuál es la interacción entre catedráticos con aspiraciones políticas que se cambian de partido político, cuando se les vuelve a ver las caras en algún simposium, cátedra, o sabático—se mandan entre ustedes— tarjetas de navidad?

Saludos, Profe; y lo invito a agarrar las curvas en puro Dual, y de bajada.

Su amigo,


30 de oct

Coulisses d’un cérémonie ≈ …es cosa del otro jueves


Oscar Emilo Californio de Kikapoo  ¿Cuántas analogías con México le puedes Exprimir a la portada de Trois Couleurs (ed. 5 de febrero)?

Respuestas (del que escribe):

(ɐun) ןǝʇoɥ ʇsǝdɐpnq puɐɹg
(sop) ʇınʇɐɹg
(sıoɹʇ) sǝɹɐɔso soן ǝp ɐןןınʇɐʇɐʇsǝ ɐן
(oɹʇɐnɔ) ɐɹqo ǝp ouɐɯ ɐן ʎ sɐuıןɐqɯɐq sɐן ‘uóıɔɔnɹʇsuoɔ uǝ ɐɹnʇɔnɹʇsǝ ɐן
(oɔuıɔ) 7161 ǝp oɹǝd ˙˙˙oɹǝɹqǝɟ ǝp oɔuıɔ ןǝ

1. Agatha, personaje de una película de Wes Anderson.
2. … pues a lo mejor no tan gratis, pero con las Reformas, como si lo fuese.
3. Emilio “El Indio” Fernández… El modelo de un Nacionalismo.
4. Las bambalinas, y el proceso del desarrollo usando ganchos.

»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» lista de los nominados: Continue reading