Memo to Memo [Brut media] : go to Lagrange near the Oldest árbol on the 5éme

The first quaestor of the Assembly has finally enlightened us : the boss would run a multinational company underwater… [in Australia, later during the Fall of 2021, maybe.]

No such thing as “redemption songs” for fallen Swan Songs, nonetheless Öüï has to fullfil the book… and CLEO LAINE (1957 via Cerf-panthére N° 3699), regarding your REAL GONE label and your song, “T’ain’t what you do (It’s the way that Cha do it)” on the Sunday afternoon fip dot ef er programming, please be advised that La Ruffin Corporation Inc., is aware of your persuassion² to encourage your janitors to be motivated by “Passion” rather than “that slippery slope” called « greed ».

².~ Fakir n° 97, page Tú “Les Petites Mains“, via Le SPMF, short for: small handed mother fakirs. Fev. 2021.

In Local news, LA CATEDRAL del JAZZ en París, TSF JAZZ 89.9 just jammed with The Floyd in Pompeii, en horario nocturno de Hawaii… it Ain’t Over till IT IS Over.

https ://www.tsfjazz .com /programmes /chateau-gardot /2022-01-17 /18-00

To celebrate the occasion, Ewe Tú, motherfucker, are going to have to Ketch-Up with ROCKY and his Picture Show at La Maub.

But FO’ist!

It’s another edition of WHO IS MOVING TO PARIS?

Yup, it was just a matter of time, Ari Melber, of “The Ari Melber Show” is moving to Paris and that sumbitch just changed his name to KALIFA en Domingo, or something like that.

https ://www .hollywoodreporter .com /wp-content /uploads /2017/07 /charlamagne_tha_god_and_ari_melber_-_split_-_

The Beat with Émily Lonesome. Avi Velshi reports.

For the record, Öüï does not select the doppelgängers, Eye simply shows you La Jornada de L’Aurore on ‘the beat’.

—- And now, a new segment, Climate Change Stole Avi Velshi’s Nostalgia for Tornados, Shitty Weather and National Parks.

Anybody got popcorn?

With THAT! In mind, amigo Guillaume de Brut media, it was a real treat to see you shoe leathering³ the place Where Évry body knows your name, KNOT to mention [your mentioning] that you are in no way associated with l’Âme des Camps [version] Melle. Pitch Awards during El Año de Hidalgo de La FRENCH election of 2022. Nice to know that LOS OLVIDADOS remains the top LIENZO when it comes to a thing that little ol’Armando Serrano-Prieto dropped on the porno-loving aristocrats 🎩 de Saint-Vincent-de-Paul en el 6éme.

Tú Tú 🎊🕛 Hawaiian Standard Time

Eye knew it!!! The Alianza Francesa—esa,could not let Les Franchutes del  Cerro Gordo be, man!!! zO, Öüï had to go back to the pentagram

Eye knew it!!! The Alianza Francesaesa, could not let Les Franchutes del  Cerro Gordo be, man!!! zO, Öüï had to go back to the pentagram 🎼 📻… Figaro Figaro Figaro.

Bugs Bunny.

FUCK!!! Lorem IPsum, a gain.

FUCK!!! Lorem IPsum, a gain.

TROU Story

Bart, it’s 🕳️, it’s 🕳️!!!

Lonely Ave. on TSF Jazz. (Hello, lovely).

zO, a blind man walks into a wall… That’s it.

I can see for Miles, and Miles aussi, Aussie.



A bunch of Pharm Animals!

Now, you’ve Ho’id about… El Arco del Triunfo de Ntra. Ñ’ora de las Victorias 🇲🇽… It’s knot one of them arrondissements.

La Ñ,… The Paris Tourism Board is Getting BETTER All The Time.


Entonces… “La Chingada” is on the line en la corte suprema de los EEUU

Hola, Beba, feliz navidad, aprovecho el perno flojo de don Carlos Slim para dar un repaso a aquél tu comentrio del penúltimo día del año 2016, lo recuerdas? Trataba de como en tu colonia Roma los impuestos que tu pagas no se ven reflejados en Obras, asi como en El Grand Palais.

Paul Stanley’s dad. Uso justo de François Mitterrand.

https ://www .discogs .com /fr /release /14018526-V%C3%ADctor-Trujillo-La-Beba-Galv%C3%A1nAl-Desnudo

Anyhow, Gorda, here’s some Ketch~up for your pinche twin brother, whom Eye ran into just the other day {Öüï forgets the exact They} in August of 1944. Pinche payaso, tu hermano Brozo está de dizque ‘maistro de ceremonias’ en El Palacio de La Des~cubierta.

https ://gallica .bnf .fr /ark: /12148/btv1b105160493.image

Choices, Öüï has choices…
this section of the BLOG is sponsored by Whitemen Hangers
See what happens when a dirty bum meets the filthy rich.³

³.~ https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0090966/ Le Clochard de Beverly Hills

And as Eye was telling that part of the abortion that the LYSOL® infusion did not kill for your dear mamá, it kind of sucked that el hijo del amigo artista de Pablo Picasso would abort my “Year of Mexico in France” project… Heck, piche botijona, you, better than anybody at “PRIMERO NOTICIAS” knows that if La “bendita” Fundación Televisa (see “La Mano de Bernardo Gómez” saga for more Ketch~up) and Raphaêl~illo Morán would not have gotten in the way, I, armando serrano-prieto would have told you (BACK IN January of 2017that in 2021, the Guardia Nacional del Presidente de Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, AndrésBenitoManuelMussolini LópezIl DuceObrador, would be acting like a CHINESE DEMOCRACY incident on My Spaghetti Baker.

https ://www .smithsonianmag .com /smart-news /lysols-vintage-ads-subtly-pushed-women-to-use-its-disinfectant-as-birth-control -218734/

and I quote from The Smithsonian Mag.: Vintage ads can be both hilarious and shocking, yada, yada, yada, “hooks and hangers”…
These ads aren’t frightening women into thinking their genitals smell badly. According to historian Andrea Tone, “feminine hygiene” was a euphemism. Birth control was illegal in the U.S. until 1965 (for married couples) and 1972 (for single people). These Lysol ads are actually for contraception. The campaign made Lysol the best-selling method of contraception during the Great Depression.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wik /Xavier_Valls

En fin, funda del Tigre Ázcarraga, you better than any PUTA knows that it pays to be “un soldado de TELEVISA”, Y MÁS if you pull a SASHA MONTENEGRO with the Media Mogul, like Sasha did with JoLoPo, —your mansion at the 16e arrondissement is in tip-top shape, the City just installed like free heated water to all of that block.

La Nave del Avión… and Eye quotes:
Il Faut La Nuancer avec La Noblesse de Spectacles Équestres, between the Camps.

Over at the HÉLICE of our representation of The Perimeter of Le Grand Palais the sequence goes a little something like this:

https ://asegovia3 .com /2016/12/30 /intermedio-para-morena-francia/

In this section the student will re-collect that the spectrum of 9-11 is situated directly to the right of The Berlin Embassy at: https ://www .google .com /maps /place/H%C3%B4tel+Le+Marois/@48.8658… in front of Le Palais de La Décoverte. TROU location, y’all.

https ://www .nbcnews .com /news /world /russian-troops-mass-ukraines-border-west-worries-isnt-last-time -rcna7203

1980 : Manet battra Monet (Plank n° 20 from Southern Main Gate)
1983 : Renoir battra Manet
2004 : Gauguin battra “tout le monde*”
2011 : Monet écrasera tous with the cool spectrum of 911
(Plank n° 25 from Southern Main Gate; n° 08 from Northern Main Gate)
And in 2020 the Corona virus shuts the whole operation down.
* del mundo de Le Monde, aussi, 1980 : Reynold Arnould dies.

Over at the SCANDINAVIAN Studies section of The Ukraine, Andrea Mitchell takes Stock from Holm’s, but that has nothing to do with The Fed. It’s all about the power formula on the circuit board.

…If you Want to Destroy my Sweater:

In Three days, Americans will have a lot of Burned Bridges to fix,
because in the next TWO days, those who can—Will Vote.

[REFERENCE for TRMS from a “GoGo Penguin“…
may be scooped up fromPage 42 “Témoignages” of Society Magazine¹.]

It’s Tercera y Gol
But what about our Flanks, Sir
Vincent Vega as Willie Geist
[during the ‘lost’ aerial shots in: Clint Eastwood’s Heros]

Later, This Week: the staff discovers that the good folk’s of NOVA Radio and Le Figaro, team up on the Right side of the River Seine [on a CrossRoad’s Hall, to concur with Chez FIP] but only on the fact that This, most peculiar American Election is a Three Ring Circus Show. Context of this screen grab will change in a few. With All due Respect: smile… because in the end,  “you know i will, you know i will”.

Good Morning P.M. Joy—missed your Special, sorry…
but i did see the last few minutes of your A.M. bits from a kitchen counter.
Give my regards to the folks at the Controls.


on this same BroadcastThe Rick James Show.
With your host Eddie Murphy [Brother].
Right now in Paris it’s the first five minutes of the 4 am hours,
and in NY there’s still time to change [the time-Line] you’re on
and fall-back in…
Unless of course: YOU want to make America Great like in the Oprah Winfrey Roots© days Again.

Right now, its 5:45 in the a.m. Dials and “the Game is On,”
…Right now, General Colt wants to take over the HAM radio.

Happening right now at 6:08 p.m.,  in RENO 911
Donald Trump is trying to takeover the :08minute Armando Segovia TimeStamp
…People are losing their shoes and “the Press is leaving Chris…

—of Course Mike, you know that The Press did Not leave and that “OLD” is a Euphamism for “LEGENDARY”… and in Conclusion: You are welcome Tom.

[Mr. Hanks picture follows… staff continues to search for the Mr. Hanks picture show. In the mean time please enjoy this take on the Church Lady and Dr. Strange on ‘the’ SNL].

Sinatra entre Candilejas —pero en Francés… “now go get your shoe-shine box and OBEY”. Must be read to DONALD TRUMP KKK-neo-NAZI observers at the voting stations in a JON STEWART voice, or Joe Pesci slang, which ever flank you select is Fine. | This are 3 TIME-delayed screen-captures plus 2-each [Fotos de Armando Segovia, en Alesia… and oh by the Way Church Lady, at Alesia Vercingetorix was riding a Tank into Trump Land… and he was going to Fuck his Tigers UP… starting with that Kris Chrispy gov’n guy. | TimeStamp: One-quarter after the 3 o’Clock Hour Central Europe Time… and no, the screens in this frame are not another take on BEN, or FIP, or the movie industry for that matter, the stills in the overall frame are just the content that was floating through the air… laters’.

TimeStamp: 06:25 in CET…
Right now tomorrow: it’s DETROIT ROCK CITY.
and the Detroit Tigers will not play, will not PLAY
on Monday Night Football.

Right now we leave Young Chris with the Daily Beast… See you guys in a few, gonna look for that “cartulina” de Mr. Hanks.

Meanwhile, en B.California, México
un aficionado de la Musica del que no puede manejar según el limite de velocidad
se encuentra algo triste porque la mejor parte
de Van Halen iba a apostar por los Tigres de Detroit… [Uhmmm—detroit; chicago? qué sigue: Culiacán‽‽‽ ]
Vicente, tú que eres el más latino de algunos colombianos… ¿a dónde va este Albur; amor].