John Mill Ackerman, ¿falso su Ph.D???

Por: Pedro Salmerón Sanguinés


Foreward to doña Elenita Poniatowska:

https ://monoaureo .com /2020/07/14/las-casillas-de-ackerman/

El Apalancado

El Apalancado de La Nomenklatura de morena–Francia .:. 113C1A7B-715D-463C-9619-91102BE5E64F 🥜 Ackerman, “no tiene licenciatura en México y que uno de sus títulos doctorales parece falsificado, que no es elegible para ser investigador del Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas de la UNAM por no ser abogado -pero logró la plaza por tráfico de influencias de su suegro, líder histórico del STUNAM…”, con recorte del monoaureo . com (a.k.a. Televisa en monitos).

Lo Cortés no quita lo bailado en La Sorbonne

A ver, a ver, doña Poni, ¿cómo re chingados estaba eso del “gran luchador social” que le presentó al “profesor” John Mill Ackerman?

Law & Order — Special Favors Unit

Los Zodíacos
Season 14, Episode 9


In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. The police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.” .::. EE22EFD7-0BAC-4875-B611-D74D64BB9322 💵💴💷💰⚖️ Righhhhht. What can « pago en especie » do for you?

Synopsis: The purple pundit was fresh out of detention for spreading subliminal messages with the visual aids of Nick Confessore, and twue to form, Nicolle went right back to the little naughty girls room for revisiting “Shithole Countries” last night after Zulu Time, meanwhile, in the span of those 23 days as the U.S. was fast approaching the most-consequential victim of the COVID-19 contagion (lucky 100,000) the world saw how America entered its “white shame” phase, and it appears that the U.S. will never be the same. Those particular events, [a virus and a disease] put a hold-it-now moment on all other tangents that bisect our Venn Diagrams… does anybody remember Venn Diagrams? Of course KNOT, the story, as that 11th Hour whipper snapper says, “changes hourly”. Lucky for the Administrative Tribunal in Paris, we’ve got you motherfuckers covered.


Deer, Claire McCasskell:

Listen up Senator, D.a.R.e. is no such thing as a “phony” bible; only false believers. And, just so D.A.T.  my better Atheists don’t get their panties up in a bunch, not believing in God, or an Architect in this most non-consequential Universe does not make a false believer. It’s better to show your faith or lack thereof, than to be a racist hypocrite like the current White House “resident”.

Don't look up

Prettiest bookcase Eye ever saw… Deer, Chris Hayes, don’t look up, there’s a Pharaoh above ya’!

Any güey, Senator: Eye Am An Antichrist! And Eye Am An Anarchist. But Eye can dig the gospel, it’s a CRAZY science fiction TOME.

… we now play Catch-up with Los Zodíacos, via Israel and the court, but FOist, we had to play shut-eye after The John Oliver Show, which followed The Nicolle Wallace Spectacle; right now as we W.o.K.e, we see that The Lawrence O’Donell Sitcom is on. TimeNow is 33 minutes before The Brian Williams Recap sessions and taking our cues from the Shift-to-Black screen of The John Oliver Show, we’d like to re-adjust:

Dear, former Senator Claire McCaskill, please nevermind the liberties that i take with your last name, it’s part of the program and we have a slight feeling that if you knew that i existed, you’d probably get a kick out of it, just like Cousin Joe gets a kick out of the AP’s Jonathan Lemire’s “campagne house”, anyhow, Senator McCaskill: sorry about the “White Shame” spiel of the paragraph above, we meant to RIGHT, “White Guilt”, because nobody should be ashamed of the color of his/her skin color.

Dear, Jennifer McNulty — Share this update on your UCSC Alumna story

30 de Abril, 2020
Día del Niño (México)
Plaza Se Sebó.

It's the impunity, stupid

It’s the political impunity, stupid! .::. A05DA529-C270-4DBC-88C2-5FB2DBEF57A7 🏰 Sure, political corruption is a problem, but because we’ve seen nepotism at all levels, and in practically all sectors of an economy (on both sides of The Atlantic) it is easier to control a vermin infestation (in the PUBLIC SERVANT/Lobbyist sector) than to eradicate the corruption of RATAS. It’s not symbolic, it’s not sarcastic, it is Visceral (of course) Eddie Gloude, Jr..

Digression for Princeton University, La Sorbonne, and El Paso Community College:

Anyhow, professor Gloude, there is a reason why your name is invoked, but this is not the Act nor the scene to spill the beans…. spoil the beans on that trope, instead, if you ever make it to The Rachel Maddow Show, please relay to her that Eye kind of get goose bumps when she covers the meat processing stories coming out of the places where more than HALF of the population of little Mexican towns such as, San José de Las Panochas, Durango, (por decir) emigrated to, but then Eye remembers that Tyson, in Gómez Palacio, Durango was, in the early 2000 using the soil where COTTON FIELDS once rotated and flourished along with GRAPE, cantaloupe and watermelon fields, to dump the chicken blood and used chemicals that were spent in the industrialization of Chicken Nuggets, and other assorted chlorinated poultry. ANYHOW, Eddie Gloude, Eye cannot, öüï repeat, Eye cannot summarize 80 years of systematic deterioration of the Mexican (time and space) fabric; let alone explain all of the Quarks … explain all of the Quirks and dangling particles that have delivered this most tragic scene on that dare South of The Border terrain, and for the Record, don Leo, this is what the very French call, “de-constructive criticism”:

Coming up en la pendeja....

Coming up en “la pendeja” .::. 5B86DB9A-186D-400B-84BB-DA211C5AB1B6 🚂✈️🏍🔫
—_•!_•— 🎵🎶🎵🎶
Esto es un asalto chido
Saquen las carteras ya
Bajense los pantalones,
Pues los vamos a “basculear”

El profeta de el nopal.

https ://old. reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /gaee5h/trabajadores_que_entregaban_despensas_en_irapuato/


This section is reserved for University of California (system) students who might come to Paris, France, (like in 2012) to study “Mexican Calaveras” and other assorted CHICANO rarities abroad (Night and Day, baby; Jour et Nuit —75015)…

Issy, OCTUBRE tenía que ser

PAGO EN ESPECIE —Issy, negro Corazón, OCTUBRE tenía que ser… Santa Cruz (The Lost Boys) la tenía que exportar: SANTA MUERTE meets Surfer Calavera! Heck, Showtime even did a mash–up of the CHÁVEZ Ravine struggle with “La Santa Muerte”; antropólogos de la Universidad de Moreno Valley (Kalifornia) trazaron los “hilos” d’ese show a un estaquillo de parafernalia de “La Niña Blanca”.

RELAPSO A LAS “Estupidas Calaveritas” (2011-2012) de Freddy Cats, en Montreuil–s/Bois (93100) y el “alcance” del brazo de los agentes de la Embajada de México en Francía.


… [A]nd in the role of Diego Luna, General Michael Flynn

14 de febrero, 2014… Deer, Rick Wilson: you (motherfucker) look like a caricature of my Right-side ball (testicle), and them Vans that you are wearing with that Johnatan Lemire “tie” is for the “age–es–Ese”.

Watch’em folks, the guy with the ugly tie has a pattern of waking up after a holiday weekend with a “dead hooker in his truck”, check the MorJo files, It’s all D.A.R.E. in black and white for the Purple Pundit’s eyes .:. FAF529C6-C8D2-49EC-B668-8655FEE18194 🧶 In context, for Mister Larry David in Yada, yada, yada LAnd, it is a good thing that our Lorde Lorne took and/or sent the “subjects“ —ALCAHUETES— by any-other–name (andavedile… for the ASTURIAS chefs) on a holiday weekend just in time For CARNIVAL Cruises, otherwise Mister Rick “i hang a shotgun on the back seat of my pick-up truck” Wilson would get away with being a “PepsiLight” version (on the MSNBC’s) of “COKE ClassicRUSH” on the « Make America GrEAT AgaIN”. That is to say, tune in —join former Sen. Claire Mcacaskill on the professional Ronald Reagan punditry circuit, which happens to be just in front of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and just one step–behind The Fountain of Miss RAND.

We begin in WaWa land, where President Trump has vowed to “cuddle” any Department of Justice findings (trumped–up or otherwise) and use these to benefit his “romance” with despotism in the land of the FREE; Happy President’s Day, Senator Susan Collins, you, madam, are the MainE sex blow–up doll in the 45th Administration of them United States.

Alcahueta principalE

Alcahueta principalE .:. D11C69A4-9B17-42D1-9604-C6E0FDDE39F4—_•!•_— I am Armando Segovia, and Eye approve this message… Bernie Bros. friendly… as long as Millionaires, just like NARCOS and MEXICAN politicians can buy votes with COLD–HARD–CASH and with PAGO EN ESPECIE (In-kind payments for those in The Liberal Arts Fields).

Moving on…

Over on the Deadline hour, the Purple Pundit is fixated on patterns. Now, because Nicole Wallace is color blind, our trademarked tridimensional Venn Diagrams would do wonders for our favorite pundit, next to Rachel, and Mika, and Elise, and Stephanie, and Joyce, and Alex, and of course Jasmin.

in other news, Ugly Mexicans should not be allowed on Television/Streams; especially the ones from Connec•i•cut, or Del•A•where, or Balt•y•Moore, or one of the Yankee states.

Meanwhile, on the Rachel Maddow Show, a Federal Judge admits that We The People are living in the Realm of a Banana Republic.

Híjole, doña Tati… como se ve de que en Chiapas nomas los chicharrones Verdes truenan

Frequency hop
Channel: 2018
Network Satellite:
The Ozarks (Latin America edition)…
in collaboration with
Gloria Sánchez Productions… o algo así.

Na-na-na_NAH-NAH-NAH“: Arriba los chicharrones Verdes y los ‘usos y costumbres’… sin olvidar, doña Tati, a LOS JUANITOS en versión chiapaneca.

TimeStamp: 18h20 in CENTRAL SIREN TIME.
Keep singing.

… and of course, Morena, as Ewe well know: la hache, —¡LA “H” ES MUDA!!!

Got References? — La Monnaie de Paris

iLL Communication” in VOSTFr*
AHHHHH!!! I can’t stand it
i know you planned it!

16 de febrero, 2018
Sabbatical Day N° 43
“2da Edición”
French Theory en La Tierra del Nopal

This capture needs more JPEG… please stand by. TimeStamp: 1800 hrs. CET

Context Follows…
porque al regresar, Cristina Ruvalcava meets Spuds Mckenzie. Neta… Fuck Budweiser and Diego Luna, but i promise you, there is context in the following entry… BY THE GÜEY Diego, dieguito, LUNA de mi corazón!!! Con subtitulos en Español y toda la cosa, ¿qué crees? la prefectura me pide referencias para que Brontis, el conecte de Pablo Gleason, me pueda renovar la puta visa francesa;¿ cómo vides wey, tiras la esquina o vais a ser como el puto de Brozo? y te me vais a fruncir, eh?

Las Fuentes para Conseguir una Referencia de Doña Vilma:

Les Rendez-Vous de La Mairie du 6e Arrondissement: 6 SCOPE, Février & Mars — N° 68. Via,

Latino Rebels: “Twitter Users Wonder Why Would Budweiser Even Sponsor The “César Chávez” Movie, via:

Wait for the JPEG, wait… just Wait:


Lo bueno de Actes-Sud… según doña Vilma

Viernes en víspera del Pentecoste

Les comentábamos; de que lo bueno de Actes-Sud, es de que su Directora Editorial —y nueva ministro del aparato cultural francés— Françoise Nyssen, no va a permitiir, según doña Vilma— que las llamadas ‘Maisons de la Culture’ sean utilizadas por PARTIDOS POLÍTICOS como moneda (pagos en especie/recompensa), como fue el caso (según nuestros archivos) en la pasada administración del Presidente Hollande y su par mexicano Enrique Peña Nieto… “lo bueno no se cuenta”, dice en sus discursos el señor Peña allá, en Chapultepec.

RATP: Convention/Lecoubre

La situación se puso más difícil y era de esperarse. Por tercera vez nos desalojaron. Aparatos de bits & bytes así como nuestro escaso acervo de libros se fueron a la basura. Era de esperarse, y ya lo veíamos venir. De cualquier manera, nos queda un mendigó teléfono celular y un mes de tarjeta con Interwebs ilimitada; y por si fuera poco, acceso para recargar la batería del puto celular en cada pinche parada de autobús metropolitano de la Región Parisina. Gracias RATP.

Context follows


Las Fuentes de doña Vilma:

  1. http ://www .jornada .unam. mx /2017/06/01 /opinion /a04a1cul

21 de junio (Día de la música — Pago en especie)

Ain’t no God in Mejico.

Ain’t no comfort in the Kin,

when you’re down in Matamoros_

getting busted by the Man.

Billy Joe Shaver.

Pago en especie

Mères meras migrantes. Fair Use of Media.

Yeah i woke up this morning
got the Crossroad on my mind.

Yeah take a walk and—see;

everything. Everything, everything, everything……….

It’s gonna Work out Fine.

Junior Parker


Fair use of PROPAGANDA/Media.

Material para la e-cartulina: Vatz Kant Danz.

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The Doors. Mystery train. Written by Junior Parker. Vía:

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Parker, Junior. Mystery train. Vía:

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