Eye sees your stupid little “CiviliSAtions”, Cardinale ♦️ Lemoine³

³~. And I, Armando Segovia, raise you la rue Mouffetard and all of the bitches playing Strip Bingo there.

15h30… That’s only the fourth hour of my cocoa puffs news hour siesta in CET.

But first… It’s the jungle necessities of the book, or something like that 🍯 any how, it used to go by the BoBar, and then—I forgot what Vilma Fuentes called that joint, but for François a la patate’s sake, we have already established it as just another coq en París.

https :// the coq bar .com /asegovia3.com /23 /10/ 06

On Tú They’s Menu


I swear that I don’t choose the Mothers of Frank’s Invention, I just Zapp’em.

Ladies in Gemini: El elefante de Beaubourg


And in local news, hoy no hubo jazz.

The Fry Attachment Rate, by François a la patate


Now in the lexico del campo glosario of the BISTRO sphere in Paris, the names of the bricks, like the ideology of the BISTRO clientele’s IDEOLOGY might change, but the physical address stays the same, —unless there’s like a major REGIME change, in which case, the streets, the avenues and of course, its boulevards change the heros and the events.

It used to be the BoBar
continuing with page 181 of Marie-Ange Schiltz’ “cajonería³“, this is the final paragraph (V) of page 181 and it adapts a little something like this:
Alexander, my dear Alexander, with his uncertain reasoning, jerky speech and thick, almost incomprehensible British accent. English, I think he’s a class act. He used to be a teacher, they say. Alexander scours Paris, I walk a lot. We’ve met several times around Montparnasse.—
End of Page, jump to page 182


³~. … not to be confused with “co°jo°nes° because La Bagagerie’s setup is basically a collection of cajones; but yes, baggage is reason for those cajones to be;

Whoooop*, there it is 🍟 FRENCH GIRLS BLOWING TRUMPets:

It’s DINAH thyme 🎺

https ://asegovia3 .com /2017/04/29 /french-girls-blowing-trumpets/

Page 182, La Jornada con y sin chinches, y se adapta así para Primero Mis Huevos y luego, y luego mis Hot Cakes:
So British, he goes the distance. Our surprise explodes joyfully and sincerely on the sidewalk. As always, our interactions end as abruptly as these began. Alexander goes his way, I go mine. We turn and greet each other. We haven’t said a word, and yet I know he’s as pleased as I about this unexpected encounter.
¶1, page 182.


https ://asegovia3 .com /2017/04/03 /glosario-y-campo-lexico-spectacles/

*~. Sorry if I dismembered your jingle… got Ketchup?

After the break, it’s The Exorcist, ISSY, your mother sucks Coq at La Maub del Cardenal Elmonje de Lemoine en El Anahuacalli… HOY POR SER, día del reparto de tierras del Tata Cárdenas, te venimos a cantar. Ejido Sies de Octobre, —presente.

It used to be Le Maubert, now it’s just another place to suck Coq. Rumor°Osa calims that the coq is not even French, Kosher or dare EYE say, Halāl! Sources close to Vilma Fuentes en las Tres Puertas de La Maub relay that el gallo is none other than the infamous “GALLITO INGLÉS”, aunque usted no lo crea.

Eye say Do Ewe SPIKA my language?

My dear, fellas, here’s the sequence for context, say Cheese 🧀  Mighty Mouse.

Who’s Siciliano now?


The events and characters depicted in this [blog] are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Now Mighty Mouse, my dear Fellas …

Time 😎 , “you need me on that wall », Mr. Nichols, my name is Macario, and please don’t touch my Turkey 🦃 .

The FO’ist Rhule of the MorJo Sho’ Fight Club is that Y’er sorry ass is not to mix Apples with Oranges, because Öüï is an SFR traveler…

… in HALE~Bopp We Trust 🔔 ☄️

Walk like an Egyptian on an mechanical escalator (sans piss) as if it was a MaRiMba.

And Cousin Joe, never mind the Minority Leader and menstrual periods, Earth is a planet Rhuled by the rhythm of The Moon. THE MOON!!! But most importantly do you know what those Monkees are doing to them TO’itolls?

Any how, this entire sequence is not even about the AiDF employees and their vulgar display of vanity, believing for an Île-de-France minute that the picture snapped at la rue de Verrerie was about them. The gall of them fellas, eh!

I sincerely wonder if those two fellas would have reacted in the same way if a white tourist walking out of Saint-Merri would have snapped a picture of the second-hand garment store in front of them, I honestly think that the fella on FRAME 1, the one who is getting ready to receive the wood beam which he will cross into a “T” on FRAME 2, before he looks in my direction, on FRAME 3, and eventually lead, seconds later, into the incident with the two BLACK fellas in front of the all-you-can-eat (3-plate limit) buffet, THAT fella, I do believe that he would not have said a motherfucking thing, ese.

In all actuality this sequence is a thing I’d like to call, Arbitrary Solidarity and Other Assorted Cult-like Behavior.

2 de febrero… from The Mercury Theater

What if Tyre had not run into them fellas who murdered him like a piñata?

Black History Month — “The question of time, present, past, future, is fundamental both in our daily existence and in our mental perception.” Writes Paris correspondent, Vilma Fuentes in the role of  Albert Einstein 🇺🇸, details at 9 when Öüï shows you how to listen to the SILENCING of them Words.

In this section, the student will fit La HuesudaPatas de CatreCatrinaNiña Blanca, o simplemente, muerte.

— 1851 – José Guadalupe Posada, Mexican illustrator and engraver (1913)

Answer: Mr. Nichols would probably be celebrating New Amsterdam’s Birthday, Hic!


Maybe Mr. Nichols would be weeping at El Chamizal Skate Park.

1848MexicanAmerican War: The Treaty of Guadalupe~Hidalgo is signed.

And with that in mind, let me unscroll the part where Eye tells y’er sorry-ass how to navigate this bitch.

For starters, Willie Geist, to avoid any further insult to the injury and vice-versa, please be advised that the phrase “this here nigga” will be superimposed with the indignez vous–la vie en Rose friendly:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/08/09 /cultura /el-silencio-de-las-palabras

these/this/those/them “fellas ».

Following the I Told yo’ sorry-ass clause, Öüï would like to continue with the following segue:

« C’était “Can You Dig It?” de Georgie Wood. Et maintenant nous aimerions jouer “Hark, The Angels Come” »

At the movies

At the Movies, it’s “I’ve Seen This Movie Too”, it’s the one when the 🇨🇵 French form the 🇲🇽 Rencontres Cinématographique Viva 🇬🇧 Mexico à 👄 Paris (2013).

Never mind, Mother Mary, here. Let It Be is not an option, because the LP is Rotten.

1909The Paris Film Congress opens, an attempt by European faggots to form an equivalent to the MPCC cartel in the United States.

… and Mr. Jodorowski, senior, not the one from the fip . fr “generation” if your old-ass is keeping the score, that there date is the One-after-909, by the aforementioned Georgie Would.

… and niño Luc, you know the drill: Phuck Ewe Tú!
Enjoy your crêpe, you sonobavitch!

Verbatim from Mom: it’s an assignment from God.


And Reverend Al… Please inform Willie Geist that La Kerschovas was abducted in the Vicinity of MADONNA’S Empire Records shack at Saint-Merri on la rue de la Verrerie.

When he’s 64… Double Retirement from The FOX.


Preliminary feedback from the Eye in the sky next to the Thai massage parlor and the all-you-can-eat (3 plate limit) Chinese buffet, show 🛸 that the abductors came from a Black Planet. The Fear is imminent.

… [A]nd Eye quotes:

un flux littéraire limpide et brûlant


De la terrasse d’un café de la place Maubert, nous l’avons vue accomplir les deux pas qui la séparaient de son logis. Souriante et vive, oeil et cheveux noirs, graphiques, comme échappée d’une toile de Kirchner dans le Berlin expressionniste.

via: “Être soi est déjà un miracle » en
https ://www .humanite .fr /node /413312


Sources close to Vilma Fuentes, along with them Usual Suspects, are rounded-up and context should follow.

But first, here’s an update on Them Monkees, the Church Lady found this mustachioed changos hidden in a closet. SOURCES close to Bernardo Gómez and Pantelion films en El Netflix relay a clear infringement on the son-in-law of Don Porfirio and them other 41 Monkees of The Fight Club on the MoreJo Show. Donnie Deutsch stars as Mafalda on Fifth Avenue.


And just to show you that I’ve Got The Moohs¹ Like Jagger, here’s Mick celebrating his 84th birthday, by the look of them granites, Mick don’t look a THEY older than the Light arriving to Cambridge² from a White Draft, details at 9, with La Kerschova’s who just shacked inside of a fucking Tesla playing Life On Mars on a mothefucking loop.

²~. https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/02/01 /cultura /el-inah-con-84-anos-de-cuidar-el-legado-cultural

¹~. https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/02/02 / astronomers measure mass of white dwarf directly for the first time



DOFC meets TCFH³

Charlie Update:

… and, Charlie Sykes, you’re so French, you probably think this post is about You, at the Bullwark, but it’s not.

The Bullwark in French.

It’s about Eye Ran.

In Sports News, the year is 532 in Constantinople… 🐴

Timeloop in real time


TAILED, TRACKED and HARASSED by the FBI, Aaron Swartz marked the history of the Internet. Four years after his suicide, a book bringing together his writings was published (in 2017) in France. Swartz was 26.

https ://www .lemonde .fr /pixels /article /2017/03/23 /quatre-ans-apres-son-suicide-l-esprit-d-aaron-swartz-plane-toujours-sur-le-web_5099539_4408996.html

🎺 🏇🏿🏇🏾🏇🏽🏇🏼🏇🏻🏇⚽🛬🛫


2013Aaron Swartz, American programmer and activist commits suicide after an overzealous Frank Figliuzzi (of MSNBC 🦚 fame) and his F.B.I. “buddies” bullied Swartz to an early grave 🪦 (b. 1986)

En revancha, Mister Swartz is wreaking havoc at The Federal Aviation CLAN “Notice To Air Missions” 🛬🛬🛬. And can Ewe, blame mister Swartz? Not when nepotism and cronyism has plagued the High Brass and its federal commissioners.

Over at The New York Times, depression is making the rounds, more on that when Öüï square the VENN DIAGRAM that the Unesco, Morning Joe, and La Juventud Bolivariana de Botzaris en Cité is.

https ://nypost .com /2023/01/10 /new-york-times-columnist-blake-hounshell-dead-at-44/

Yup, Öüï told you so… it’s primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, and in Local News, CAVAILLON Hospital is manifesting syncopated episodes of ras-le-bol with The New York Nurses Union, meanwhile, Bigotes Martínez is about to whistle the first National Sports THEY.

³~. Pantera, “Cowboys From Hell”, Album (1990), Groove Metal.

Brief recapitulación de cotejados, pormenores, y por supuesto, antecedentes:

Lorem ipsum, but FO’ist! Please be advised that following the SLAUGHTER of all Them Juniors in Nazareth, today’s procession will not be slotted for die Kinder, instead, Kerschovas is about to open up a Box of Animal Crackers™ at 🎺 Grabiel’s 🎺  version of The Cave³ in Ciudad Juárez ¿Vamos al Noah~Noah?

David might be an Alligator 🐊, but Kerschovas is a the Mother of all Giraffes. Musical Guest, The Walrus et Les Prolétaires.

³~. Really a “Room Full Of Goys” en El Puerto de Liverpool, Scotland.

Of course, non- readers will note that the “no-me-diga” regarding Vilma Fuentes opinion column’s remark is in no way challenging Madame Fuenteses opinion column about Donald Morrison thesis, which were featured in La Jornada, all that I am saying is that 10 years ago, when I brought it up (under the auspices of a professional immigration visa) i was ridiculed, banned and eventually stripped of whatever dignity that I never had.

For the record, and as much as I am the un-official Clochard of los Amigos de Francia en CHILANGOLANDIA, Vilma Fuentes is the official Mexican Correspondent of a thing called, México Siglo XX, but with the mannerism of the attaché delegation of the French Second Incursion into Veracruz, and Vilma Fuentes, you can take that to La Batalla de Camarón… I happened to have lived on that street, way back when Évry thing was closed on Sundays in Paris (except for churches and whorehouses… such as the now extinct Bobar at the MAUB).

Lucky for me, I can pass the mirror test, and that’s more dignifying than what passes for dignity in this place that is called ⚜️ France Culture 🚽.

And Zeppelin Goes Here

Cambio de Tercio

La festa dei tricolori — La felicità è un caldo fucile d’assalto

Happy Birthday, CHARLIE HEBDO… You are not at la rue de Las Tres Puertas¹⁰ en La Maub del antiguo BoBar de Vilma Fuentes, anymore. As a matter of fact, Charlie, right now your editorial board moved to a remote work expat playground in 🇲🇽 México 🇲🇽 called Comala.

1986Juan Rulfo, Mexican author, screenwriter, and photographer (b. 1917)

It Won’t Be Longer… 🇮🇱 Land grabs, homophobia, radicalized police 🇮🇱  brought to you by the Promise made by a sadistic and capricious Burning 🔥 🇮🇱 🔥 Bush to a guy who was willing to kill his FIRSTBORN.


¹⁰~. Le no 10 cette rue a longtemps été le siège de Hara-Kiri et Charlie Hebdo 

Of course, nobody remembers that anymore, as a matter of Phact, you may ask Vilma Fuentes at Actes Sud, the publisher there at Actes Sud, Françoise Nyssen won’t allow me to ✍🏻 WRITE ✍🏻 a lie, she also used to run the Culture Shack at FrancheCulture at la rue de La Banque before Ministresses ROSELYNE Bachelot whipped La Ópera National de La Franche into a Wild West Saloon, complete with it’s own version of “The Teutonic Titwillow”, a lark who went by the stage name of, “L’Alouette Alésienne ».

👻 1912Charles Addams, American cartoonist, created The Addams Family (d. 1988)


To celebrate the bloodshed, the Calvados Sunset Jazz Club at la Place Saint-Opportune (París, Centre) is offering “tombolas nocturnales” during their candle-light club parties…

If you insist “A.I.”, If you insist, and IF in fact you are really «artificial », like the Very French… Eye sees your “EDDIE” rip-off of IRON MAIDEN and Eye re-interprets “AMERICA’$ Oldest Ally” during the 2ème Expédition du Mexique.


_initiation ceremonies “à la bougie” really, a trivial note, it is with these ceremonies that el club de Los Amigos de México en Francia have been initiating thier operatives around the World, but especially at Botzaris, en la rue de La Solidarité.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /franceinter /des-concerts-a-la-bougie-et-ecolos-lances-par-un-club-de-jazz-parisien -3297315

White Smoke at CAPITOL RECORDS LTD. _—_—- 1954 – Georgetown-IBM experiment: The first public demonstration of a machine translation system is held in New York at the head office of IBM.


1610Galileo Galilei makes his first INTERMISSION while observing the four Galilean moons: Ganymede, Callisto, [y] Io [en] Europa.

Anyhow, on a They like today, Galileo Galilei identified the 4 (full) Moons of a little latin style called THE BOSSA No Va… but it’s KNOT really the Bossa Nova, anyhow… although the 7th They of the first Gregorian calendar month etched the discovery of the above-mentioned moons, Galileo identified only on the 7th and the other Too, on the following day they, which AS Évry “chavo” at the PUEBLA PAVILLION on top of la rue de Bolívar knows, falls on the 🎱🕣. Eye did not select the numbERology, I am simply pointing out that the ‘running of the bulls’ is now in session.

Now, with this being La Fiesta del Tricolor (copión) 🇮🇹 d’Italie 🇮🇹, I am going to switch, IT!, to one of the founding members of El Club de Los Amigos de México en Francia, MIGUEL MIRAMÓN whose wondering soul is celebrating at the Eastern section of a client-state of 🇫🇷 France called 🇮🇹 Trieste 🇮🇹.

1768 – 🇨🇵 Joseph Bonaparte🇨🇵 , 🇮🇹 Italian king 🇮🇹 (d. 1844)

 —1797Mariano Paredes, 🇲🇽 Mexican general and 16th president 🇲🇽 (1845-1846) (d. 1849)

I swear, no fucking imagination… a Sans-Papiers “detective”… Let Mí guess, the fucking job doesn’t PAY or is “En Lo Negro” ? así como dicen los franceses en La Francia.



Capitalismo efímero en décalage

Roadhouse Trucking… shithouse is at the end of the River, under a bridge 🌉.

The fuck you faggots know about Change?

Hocus what?

Vilma Fuentes, La Jornada, 10 julio, 2022:

Let’s check the numbers on that date, that 10/07/2022 must be from the new « epístolas » of Vilma Fuentes, that Waterloo episode sounds like an Old Regime entry in, “Nosotros ya no somos los mismos”, Pacheco.


https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/10/02 /politica /mar-de-historias-nieve-en-primavera/

https :// youtube .com/watch?v=52_3VCnKI8Y

And here is why, anybody can pick up the 1968 flag, particularly the Mexican edition of that year; I present as documented evidence, Dr. John Mill Ackerman and his nepotistic wife, generational social justice racketeers who in on October 02, 2014, tore their robes off to denounce La Matanza de Tlatelolco to a Parisian university audience, long story short, when López Obrador became president of The Mexican United States, Mrs. Ackerman was positioned in a cabinet position. The first thing that she did was to exonerate the “top federal cop”, currently in charge of the COAL INDUSTRY in Mexico, for his involvement in the torture and death of a Drug Enforcement Administration spook in Jalisco.

In Technicolor

And then of course, doña Eréndira Sandoval proceeded to appoint extended members of the SANDOVAL clan from Veracruz, to key positions in the Obrador regime.

https ://mexico .as .com /mexico /2021/06/21 /actualidad /1624304249_900211 .html


Sin embargo: this is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT, the store is hiring. La “suspención de garantias” no aplicán en Pôle Emploi, ask Florence Cassez, she took an ElBow Grease job with The Zodiacos in The México of Fox 🇲🇽, and she still got RSA en Puerto Vallarta when she was Johanna Gallo, en Cuernavaca de San Ángel.

Any how, HERE is the low-down on today’s programming during The Juanito Guanabacoa Show, but before that Spiel arrives, Öüï urges the good people in México, to go ahead and KILL A CHILANGO, I am Sirius, kill a fucking Chilango y haz patria, hijo de la chingada.

Long story short, the assassination of Mexican students in 1968, and as Johnny Guanavacoa mentioned on the Juanito Canales Show, in 1971 that tragedy would not have turned into a Palmolive™️ soap opera if those “little mexicans” would not have tried to be French in the first place.

As doña Vilma Fuentes, so fucking solemnly states: Only the French are allowed to have Liberty and happiness, developing Shithole countries should just be grateful for Tú Dollar/Euro/Yen discount stores. Note to editors, in recent weeks, the Sterling Pound has gone the way of Acapulco. In other words, The U.K. is about to start World War III once the owner of the Manchester United 👹 realizes that his precious Premier League ⚽ is about to have the same purchasing power as Los Gallo’s Blancos 🤌🏽 de Puebla (Querétaro, pues).



Dangling Participle: John Mill Ackerman, situational opportunist

Note to editors:
Although the following are branches from the same tree, there are nuances that separate a “Los Amigos de México en Francia” from the « Mexican Bananero Club in Paris », so know your chicken, Cibo Mato.

Coming up on the PBS “Smooth Ruckus” Hour, with Yamice Alcindoor… Claire McCass sits on the edge of Peach and eats a Seat!!! _—•!•—_ GEORGIA, Georgia,  Georgia 🎻 And in Washington, at the BIG BOARD, i shot you Knot, the World learnt that from the very beginning it has been, Adam and Steve. It’s called intelligent design and it’s only on the Peacock Brand. Check local listings for BriWi.

“🎶 Here they Come—the beautiful ones,
the beautiful ones, ya’ ya’ ya’—yea”

The London Suede… not to be confused with The Swede del don.


To synch–in with the Panafricanism in France, the police in Kenosha, Wisconsin (just below Canada) cleared the police officer who crippled a black man to a life-on-wheels.

https ://www .fox6now .com /news /wi-national-guard-mobilized-to-preserve-public-safety-in-kenosha

For the record, i don’t have the pleasure of knowing Estefanía Veloz, Gibran Ramírez, and Lorenzo Meyer, but I do know John Mill Ackerman, and I don’t care what the Mexican Bananero Club in Paris (morenaFrancia) say or not say about my time as an independent reporter in France (2011-2015) because i did tell you all that PROFESSOR John Mill Ackerman was getting paid “under the table”, in a certain kind of way, and now that The World of Le Monde at La Sorbonne is aware that he is an “organic intellectual” or, « SITUATIONAL OPPORTUNIST » with a Ph.D in populist propaganda courtesy of The REPUBLIC OF FRANCE, i am going to explain to JULIAN ASSANGE why he should accept Mexico’s offer to go live the rest of his life in the NUDE paradise known as Zipolite, Oaxaca.

But first, señor Julián, i have to explain to my counselor at El Patron’s house why.

And here is why, counselor:

Lorem Ipsum … there are many, many, many, —muchos, pues— ways for which a person might get trapped in the situations that the benevolent class in France call, misery, which should not be confused with homelessness, vagrancy, substance abuse and/or dependency, and all of the things that get attached to what La Jornada’s Paris contributor, Vilma Fuentes describes to her readers around the world, as las idiosincrasias and/or QUIRKS de « los clochards ».

Misery, i would suggest is at a different depth and it is very specific. You could find yourself without a home or minus a roof over your head and not be miserable. Your stomach might growl at you, or behave in very strange and sometimes explosive way (literally) and still not be miserable. Rain, cold, heat, humidity might catch you outdoors without the proper gear and still, —not make you miserable.

In other words, all of the above conditions might make you mad, uncomfortable, or can even put you in pain; but miserable, well miserable is when you cross a certain threshold after a certain period and/or seasons of living under mitigating circumstances and conditions and, (this is important) you have a shift in the way that you used to think.

It’s when your purpose and ideals (if one ever had any to begin with) go to shit not for decisions made under the auspices of a thing called AGENCY, but because of the agencies who protect corrupt so-called “Organic Intellectuals” or bonafide soft-dictatorships like the one that i was writing about from 2012 to 2017 just before i really–really, really, really got to know the Streets of Bakersfield in Paris, France… if you are into Country music and all those miserable themes.


Armando Segovia à Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris (Exhibit « M » ; ii)

Dear, Marianne:

El Alternativo

El Alternativo.:.338DE3CB-82BE-493C-9FAF-BACA65B1F51B `-•_!!_•-‘ “Con el estilo « Lamentablemente Inconfundible », de Banderilla, Veracruz.

Thank you for your very ROMAN ways of inclusion, for your nourishment, for your municipal baths, and for your Liberty.

Thank you also for the Greek in you, which for our most insignificant taste and with U.S., not having that Bostonian accent that your ENArquist and Sciences Po pencil-pushers put on a pedestal, keeps on keeping U.S. [lowly chicanos] DOWN for a FAIR share of RESEARCH that the very FRENCH get to do all over THE GLOBE.

Come Tuesday morning, December 10th at 10h00 in CET, the staff of this most inconsequential blog will be before an Administrative Tribunal that will try to convince me, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto, that my life started on 2017, the year when a “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” between the organizers of The Year of Mexico in FRANCE and The Préfecture de Police at Cité, spilled-over all of the repercussions of the past 14 years; EIGHT OF which started with a simple request from the Mexican Foreign Service in France:

Chéquenme a ese cabrón

El mejor Melón es de Bermejillo

El mejor Melón es de Bermejillo, casi esquina con San José de Las Panochas, Municipio de Mapimí — Zona del Silencio.:. y, Viva Villa, Cabrones.

Capturas: Presidenciales [+33] 2017

Martes 25 de abril 2017
París, Francia… Métro L3

Al filo de las 13h [tiempo local] se supo que las Izquierdas no iban a realizar, o más bien no proyectan por el momento fusionar a las huestes del sindicalismo que tradicionalmente las une cada 1 de mayo para abarrotar el trayecto que conecta a los monumentos de La Bastilla y el de La Nación… la fuente de ese chisme llega desde los “news tickers” de BFM TV, cadena oficial de [casi] todos los restaurantes, cafés, bistros, expendios de tabaco y billetes de la Lotería Nacional, de bares y me imagino que de los salones de masajes también. Doña Vilma Fuentes¹, por cierto colega del escritor Pedro Miguel en La Jornada, una vez escribió una reseña de esos lugares donde se practica la relajación, pero lo malo de este blog [y por eso es bueno] viene siendo el hecho de que doña Vilma nunca lo cotejó. 

En los alrededores del Museo de Louvre, al pié de las pezuñas del monumento al caballo de Juana de Arco, aún no se sabe como se van a poner las cosas para el desfile del Día del Trabajo*, allí en ese punto es en donde se juntan los del  Partido Acción Nacional  Partido del Frente Nacional… Front National; Acción Nacional es otra cosa pero si los partidos políticos fueran pejumenes las dos marcas hiederían más o menos igual.

*  Did you know that it was the French  who invented the International Holiday for Labor… a long while ago on the first day of May, in Chicago,  Illinois —of all places…

[The more you knew, baby…
The more you knew].

News Porn /r/. —|— Uso justo de todos los medios.

1. Fuentes, V., “Los barrios de París”.

<< Si hay ladrones son de cuello blanco. Y si hay prostitutas, no son peripatéticas. Cierto, desde hace tres o cuatro años, han surgido, en callecillas discretas, establecimientos acogedores de masaje chino. Como anunciaban un masaje baratísimo, me decidí a ir. El pago por adelantado me hizo dudar. Sin insistir, una chica me indicó la salida. A mi marido, en cambio, le ofrecieron insistentes, por un precio más alto, masaje cuerpo a cuerpo. >>

Fragmento vía:
http ://www .jornada .unam .mx /2013 /05/ 23 /opinion/a06a1cul