Deer, President Obama (44) this PLAN has no name, yet!

Let U.S. Call it:

El Plan SLIM chance in HELL (OHIO) that things will change

Yada, yada, DIng-dong follows, with Cinnamon Spice for CHECO Pérez, don Carlos protégée… Brrrmmm, brrrrmmm, Cabrones!!!

R.I.P. ~ C.O.P.S. (1989-2020)

Season 33, Episode 1
Stolen Cars and Firearms… CANCELLED
The Televisa Foundation however, picks up the reality show in a new LATIN US TV titled:

Autos Chocolate on the Fast & Furious Track.

Dear, Adrienne ElRod

Dear, Adrienne Elrod, please inform The Lincoln’s Project, Steve Schmitt, that we [the staff] don’t mind him using our lingo to bash on Corrupt cops, have at it… nice touch on the pineapples by the sink, say D.A.R.E. Mr. Schmitty, are you a Sponge Bob fan or are you just happy to take a cue from Mí.

🎶 Bad cops bad cops
Whatcha’gonna do
whatcha’gonna do
when they come for you
Bad cops bad cops…

How About YOU, MSNBC,
will you be reconsidering your weekend LOCK-UP programming BARR? Or, will you, Phil Griffith* move your Reality Answer To C.O.P.S. on FOX, to your new Peacock on-demand… AND on DeadLINE.

* La Hache, Seth Meyers… es muda
We'll always have Tillicum, WA

We’ll always have Tillicum, WA .:. 1EA5847F-C533-4D60-B348-7BE252AC7558 👮🏻‍♂️

And for the record, Mr. L.L. McKelvey, if you follow the T.R.A.I.L. of tears, perhaps you will discover that the REPUBLICAN STRATEGY to counter the democratic side of the aisle with regards to a police reform bill following the death of Brother Floyd, is a dude by the name of Tim Scott (R–S.C.), Eye is wondering, Mr. Tha God, if that motherfucker is Black, charred or just toasted–on–top, since you seem to be the authority on this matter.

https ://www .npr .org /2020/06/09 /873356229 /led-by-tim-scott-senate-republicans-begin-drafting-their-own-police-reform-plan?t=1591784921356

Time now for The Last Word before the Oh Five Hundred hours in Central Nato Times. Happening right now, Eddie Gloude Jr., is framing a new book which explains why Cristòfor Colom‘s statues in the United States ended up charred, headless and, submerged in lakes. Según, el profe Eduardo Gloude Junior, la historia hasta este preciso punto en la tierra anglosajona que por ser excepcional decidió acaparar todo territorio hasta llegar a HAWAII, ha sido una mentira, which brings us to our staple Public Service Announcement:

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /opinions /five-myths-about-christopher-columbus /2015/10/08 /3e80f358-6d23-11e5-b31c-d80d62b53e28 _story .html

Coming up in the programming

Coming up in the programming .:. 92065F8F-8CC1-4DC9-995D-321C4D4FDCB0 🍍 Michael Moore joins the anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics, known as Furries, at the Seth Meyers attic… perverts. • Deer, Keyleigh McEnany, wanna crash an orgie? Eye know a place and you can “undergirth” all you want à volonté.

… so, Mr. Meyer, squirrels in the attic, eh‽ Is D.A.T. what you are calling your Sexual Speakeasy? Check it out Sethy Boy, Eye knows “Three Cool Cat’s”:

Well up came that first cool cat,
He said: man look at that.
Man do you see what I see?
Well I want that middle chick,
I want that little chick.
Hey man, save one chick for me.

Over, at The DeadLine after hours Saloon, The Wallace is rendering the Sheik of Araby with the aid if Incubus… and for some unexplainable reason Peter Baker from The New York Times is not amused.

Mantequilla's delirium

Mantequilla’s Delirium .::. 1C373F36-E2B6-4ADB-B3BD-90150234297E 🏄🏽‍♂️ 🌋 Dear, Steve Schmitt; don’t look now but the totem Stitch behind you just found a place on a pundit’s neck.

At The Auction • Part Three, featuring The Fast and Furious thorns–es—ese.

Page 2,

Musical guest: GWar
Hit: Why can’t öüï be friends?


Republican senator, and MAINE Trump apologist, Susan Collins urged The Nation, that after four months the Virus has learned “its” lesson and Americans should listen to “our” dear leader, Donald John Trump.

Mel Ramos

Item 278
MEL RAMOS (B. 1935)
Flicka (2010)
£ 10,000 – 15,000
from: 100 Drawings, p.117.

meanwhile in kentucky, sheltered pablo neruda aficionado, and republican senator, Rand Paul continues to swing his dick on the youngest scale of the most vulnerable among the nation by declaring himself (like donald john trump) a swedish lover of Ruhles and then, as if to reference ‘El Siglo de Oro’ at El Chamizal National parking lot, Mr. Paul mused like a gringo follower of nero en “la colonia roma” clamoring for the children to get back to school, as news of a newly discovered virus D.A.T. targets children, which are currently being plotted, as the Purple Pundit speaks, on the casualties map of the ‘msnbc’s’.

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At the Auction • Part Two

Previously, on Local Motion News…

Enter the Austrian Bundeskanleramt

We love the all the all of you

“We love the all the all of you…” .::. 33CFA90E-D97C-4760-B248-DFD498B7F9A5 🦠💋

The French started to re–integrate the circulation of The Mighty Mighty Euro. Aussi, on the balconies and at corners in Paname, the athmosphere resembles an MTV set from the 1980’s with a PR flair. Indeed, plots on the map at different intervals this past VE Day Weekend Edition noted and documented the ADF’s¹ state of being on the last 3 days before The French opened the streets for everyone; the only thing D.A.T. is missing in this sketch are the fire hydrants moisturizing the revelers and their children calling them back home for supper.

[Over the speakers, as Cousin Joe explains that he is actually recuperating Item *227, to Mrs. Brzezinski, the auctioneer was heard bloating the medical performance of the previos purchasers. Cousin Joe’s voice is accentuated by a collective gasp after another “outstandingly stupid” claim made by the auctioneer.

— “It’s negative in a positive way”, claimed the auctioneer.

It's a known constant

It’s a known constant, the past two generations of “Americans” (the exceptional kind anyhow) have been thought to study for the test, as opposed to develop the necessary critical thinking to question HOG SHIT when it comes from
the asshole who holds all of the guns. .::. C7F0ECEB-FC99-47FF-A995-825C6B0800E7 ⚾️ or… from the billionaire who pretends that he is motherfucking IRONMAN with a Rocket to leave the Earth, which the Man at the CFR is re–introducing, and snatching from the Very French… 🏄🏽‍♂️🤺🥊 Oh, the humanity.

— “Of course, öüï both agreed that immediately after the ceremony Item *227 would be returned to the collection,” blabbered Cousin Joe over the Auctioneer’s laughable claims of superior performance’ and shady benchmarks.

In the meanwhile, at the Angelino section of New York City, the flower arrangement on John Heilemann countertop is not D.A.R.E. by accident, as a remote bidder, Heilemann is sending a signal to The Marfa Lights Prada outlet; the message, “Public Crisis are the prize of a banana/pineapple smoothie”].

The overthrow will not be televised

They don’t make the CARRILES like D.A.Y. used to at the School of The Americas, why with all this BETSY DE VOSS family ties (Blackwater) private-mercenary sector contracting, the Kissinger allure is being flushed down the loo… change the channel Cousin Joe, well come on! Change, IT!


And over at the Bronx (in Washington, D.C.), Americans are putting an Asterisk on yet another French invention: The World.

Indeed, Richard Haass grabs the spotlight from The Very French and projects the role of giving “the” introduction of Le Monde on a Global Stage. It appears that Professor (a Bohemian Grove honorary title) Haass is in cahoots with “the” Heileman, that fruit next to them oranges was not placed there by Serendipity² (Heilemann’s Mexican m.a.i.d.). Keen–eyed viewers of “What’s Wrong With This Picture” will immediately note that the cantaloupe to the Left of Heilemann’s shoulder is what El Mercado Mexicano catalogues as “melón CHINO” and that next to that pineapple, the “Manila Mangoes” are nowhere to BEE Seen, —Honey Pie.

The Thorn Etiquette

The Book of Thorn Etiquette and other assorted Ruhles .::. 6FA6BD66-51DE-4808-B7DF-FC7855C47CBE 🐝 Lorde Lorne Loyalist? Find out at the 11th hour.


Over at the Seth Meyers set, Tina Fey just confirmed that she does not read this most non–consequential blog; it’s a good thing that öüï the staff of this most non–consequential blog are not with them “colonial” Loyalists (punto y coma) because historically, the Loyalists are with “King George” and King George is not fit for office, as a consolador prize… wait scratch D.A.T. — as a consolation prize, not a consolador prize (LOL)  you get the rest of eternity off for having such a nice metal bookshelf as a backdrop. That other güera, “la Pohler”, we really don’t get her recreational güeys, and so Eye want’s u.s. to skip that E.R.A. of the sketch line. Öüï could not agree more.

All In For The Record

All In For The Record .::. 2F336BC9-267F-4BAF-A7B3-C6DE006144C7 … So, yeah, Chris Hayes, please relay to Brian Williams that we [the staff] don’t do the backgrounds, we only relay what’s on the menu, and as previously mentioned, we can see that el melón no faltó, a Honeydew variety no less. Again, we report that at the Heileman kitchen, Serendipity skipped the Manila mangos. —_•!•_— In any case, FAST & Furious, with a special dedication to The President of the admin Tribunal in Paris, follows. And as promised, From The TOP.

² https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /sociedad /2020/05/11 /empleadas-domesticas-demandan-seguro-desempleo-frente-a-crisis-por-covid-19