Couche-Tard with them Canucks… it’s a « No Go » zone

“goD has a Word for that³ »:

They are going to tell you that the monopoly of prices (Monoprix en Brasil) and the Canadian version of the Piggly Wiggly (Couche Tard) PACS* is both a financial and sanitary restrictions cooperative…

And still to come, if she so desires on or at around noon, the Front National guide-on Marine La Pluma… for the occasion, BFM’er TV prepared an opposites-parallels capsule showcasing the one thing that Them United States of America guarantees with Liberty and Fuscas¹ for all… titled:

Oh, the fuck’n IROny, Yasmin!
is it just the Circle of spots²?

The good thing is that one of Donald Trump’s executive legacies will include the reduction in troops in the territories where Liz Cheney’s dad made a lot of bucks. 🐇 In context, the good U.S. Representative-at-Large for the same state where her dad used to lay telephone line (Why-oh-ming) is probably atoning for her father’s excursions; or maybe Madame Representative is the King Slayer that motivated Mayor Giuliani to call “trial by combat”… I mean, this people have Sex With Their Parents³.

But FO’ist it’s another edition (for the FO’ist time) of, “What The Fuck, Yasmin Vassoughian?”… WTF, Yas? Starring Yassmin Vassoughian.

We begin WTF, Yas? With our favorite Saturday and Sunday morning cartoon of Lindsey Reiser… LINDSEY!!!, HEY, LINDSEY… meet me at the corner of Marvin and Gaye for Military Vehicle Identification refresher course, but FO’ist, let’s take a closer look at our favorite Generals, over—

[Radio Silence, or Listening Silence Fa-Fa-Follows]

“Esta’z laïs—toria DEA-un Gato (punto y coma) está el Gato Tom, está Don Gato… pero todo el Mundo Quiere Ver?”… Anyone?, anyone?, David Jolly? Anyone? Which Cat does the world wishes to see? — Anyone?

—_*_— Cienfuegos update

Lorem ipsum Dolores Hidalgo Chingue A Su Madre El/La que deje Algo

Say there Mª Teresa Kumar what ever happened to the former Mexican president, Enrique de Jesús Peña Nieto’s, military bodyguard? M’ember him? You know who i mean, right? The one that Minister Ebrard succeeded to get a PARDON for; m’ember him? He was nabbed in El Ey by the D.E.A. while he (the military guarda espaldas) was shopping for this and that. Man, that Marcelo Ebrard is a heck of a diplomat, proving that Mexico, like the Very French, never leave a political picke in a foreign jail.

💯🔥 🆙📆 —_*_—

🗣 Medhi Hassan built my Hot-Rod… it’s a love affair, mainly Medhi and my Hot Rod… [Yeah, fuck it].

… and then Black Spy’s boss-man, Jim Cavanaugh, sends the ol’Irish “nick-o’the thumb on the lower lip signal”, tell me Sir, who does good in prison? The privileged crooks that’s who. How many of those did you frame into a cell?

Heck the only individual that love prisons are the same MotherFuckers who have the monopoly of confiscation on the highway, Junior Brown, you know the kind, these unionized thugs with a badge will confiscate the tuition CASH of anyone who does not look like a full-grown trust fund baby, especially in the South… How Do You Think, Lindsey Riser, that them HOT WHEELS in police regalia comes from Tax Paying Dollars?… Silly, Wabbit, tax paying Dollars are reserved for the most Violent Political Party in God’s dying Earth and they go by the name: The Republicans. And yes, check the TALE of The Tape; pound for pound the most Wars on Record since the IV F.R. was dissolved and later occupied; ask Ah-nold Corn[s] from “The Church of Man Love”, Ah-Nold will tell produce a video for ya’. This is WHO öüï Are.

On a serious note: HEY, LINDSEY! That last interview that you and your sidekick just finished, was a Ray of Light on your last Trump Era Talking Head post. Good comeback on that advertorial for a failed prison system, in the form of experts from a former failed system cop.


1. Fuscas: Let’s ask the Diccionario de Mexicanismos Mexicanos de La Academia Mexicana de la Lengua Mexicana de los mexicanos… De Aztlán. De arranque, Raquelito, you can CHECK with Pulitzer Prize Winner, Eugene Robinson, —he will tell you that in Sao Paulo, a FUSCA is a German Beetle.

2. Spots: This of course are the Television spots; The Evil Television spots; for mor on that, here’s El Gato Volador, and the tale of “Don Gato y su pandilla”.

3. “It’s, Hey Motherfucker! »: según Lou Reed.



What’s with the grillos, Chuck? Where were/was the Capitol brass during the conference?

In Context, CongresSenatoraldermanManager O’Donnell, LAWrence, one-each… our Lorde Chuck Todd was interviewing an inter-tubes expert (the kind that studies the user-end section of the content within the intertubes, not the Legacy nuts and bolts of the machines). Or as Giridharadas says, the Mike Barnicles of infrastructures.

And did you just do a somersault over the Clinton Church pipe anecdote from like 48 hours ago?

Anyhow, in New York, New York is Five Theys before a new Circle of “güeys” takes over Chuck Todd’s Republic while in Evry, Île-de-France the count is at T-minus 4 Theys to Close a Circle and start a new scroll.

In any case, Peter Baker, do give our regards to Susan Page on The BriWi Show.

With D.A.T. in Mind, this the last of the Trump Era Weekend Editions… Yeah, Buddy.

PostData: is the “My Pillow” guy still paying the bills of NBC by way of advertisement for “the american dream”, you know, the one that you have to be asleep at the wheel to rig.

Etched in STONE WORDS never resonated louder and MOORE true, and let the record show that we agree with the cop who nearly got shot with his own government-issued hand gun:

If you helped me, Thank You; but if you were [in on it*] there, FUCK YOU.

* [Caged lettering] emphasis is mine, and mine only.

We now return to: las pencas nuevas que al maguey le broten, —my Brother

Kiicking ass while kickin’ it to the beat »…

Hello! if you are just tuning in, know that it is not, i repeat, this is not:
– “a” facebook
– “a” Twitter
– “a” Tumbler
– “a” Snapchat
– or any encrypted social media application…
🚰 C4848F85-873B-4EE1-8091-DCA8C450E049 ♒️ This here, my dear BFM TV and CNEWS Matin consumers is a Blog. It is not a GoDaddy blog, it’s a WordPress®️ Blog. And for the record, the expressed written opinions are mine. All of this these expressions (👺) are based on anecdotal and documented evidence… of course, to get away with IT, one must be from Boston, from Oxford, or just plain OLD French. In other words if the horse you rode strides on a different trot, no amount of treaties, accords, or plain old Government Instructions between NATIONS is a match to municipal clerk WHO IS JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS from the NATIONAL Police. Talk (buzz–buzzz) about it like little fucking working bees, or ASK me about itin other words, Counselor, don’t work your imagination if you don’t know how to tie a knot on a Venn Diagram or criss-cross the faces on a Hypercube.

https ://imdb .com /TITLE /tt1764272/

For the record, i stopped asking why a few months ago, especially when it comes to the themes and wherever these take us. Por ejemplo, Raquelito:

Unless you have a LEAK on your staff pipeline, you have to explain to Congressman Lawerence O’Connell how it is that your theme in three-hours time is going to feature a Michigan “G•R•I•F•O,” and from Moore•Town, —no less.

But, Rachel, nevermind the SOURCE, the Venn Diagram here deals with that COUNTY COURT HOUSE case THAT STARTED it, all. It was KNOT family court, but stay with me (in a few you’ll be able to make heads from tails so that the msnbc monkees can beef-up their content… for FREE), and Cousin Joe, about those WaWa Cooler bets with Willie Geist, you better pay the “bookie” before his imagination runs-out.

Now about the Screen-grab of Natasha Bertrand enjoying a Chinese bearded pony ride, you must cross The Atlantic to decipher that.

Take el ocho de la Paz, or as Vilma Fuentes used to call him, don Octavio Paz y su rodeo « etched in Stone », y por eso let’s take a ride on The Interstate and listen to this song in your PODs.

[Circle Jerk etched in stone goes here… mañana]

… [I]t is Wan in the Moore’ning, and Deer Joy Anne Reed, Öüï’s going to switch it over to Class Six, if you know Morale[S] and Welfare… but before we go, know that we were NOT INVITED HERE, we asked for permission FO’ist, which happens to be different than a Word in the Wind… i actually have the paper trail to sing Joaquín Murrieta’s song where er Eye Goes.

To celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s., Birthday, the GOOGLE DOODLE properly featured the Inventor of a game called Basketcase.

For those who don’t know, Joaquín Murrieta no era chileno—ni extraño… SERRANO sí, chileno no.

P.S. For Shizzle, Natasha. FO’shizzle.

Agüita Amarilla — that’s What Javier said

👨🏽‍🚀 Let’s dance
Put on your red shoes and dance the blues 🎵

Well, how ´bout that, space-aged wine, what will the Frogs think of next!

And to paraphrase la Casablanca, now that Öüï know that Mel Brooks is out of the bottle, here’s a celebre quote to show La Fuente; m’ember now, “se hacía grandote–se hacía chiquito”:

“Of All The Ginned-up GOLFOS In All The Towns 7 mares In All The World, She Makes A Big Splash Into Mine.”

But wait! That crash-landing on our lovely Golfo de México didn’t even reach the radar; knot like that other time when wine was drained down the gutters, literally, Rachel Maddow.

Por ejemplo, Raquelito, not to be outdone by a recent Revelation on the Güey Too Early wave about the Dee•En•Ey of Michigan’s Democrat Representative, Elissa Slotkin, Kasie Hunt revealed that Mars grand-daddy on the madre side is none other than Gorge Thorogood. Issy, KC-DC drinks alone, all they–and–all of the knight.

And in WaWa Land, it’s another edition of MoBrooks, Mo’ Brooks, and —¡más trucha d’arroyo, mi general! Las sardinas (troops) are catching some much needed R.E.M. maintenance… because WHO is keeping track, right? Or could you really-really write this shit up in advance, eh?

Rodeo, del verbo rodear 🤠 EF554FB7-3D01-427A-92B4-D61A8C8491F6 🧶 Still to come en este jaripeo is “The hand-off”, starring Claire McCaskill.


What came FO’ist, LARIAT o La RIATA?

TAN–ta Riata TE-ntra
TEN-tre Tan-ta Riata
TAN–ta Riata TE-ntra
TEN-tre Tan-ta Riata .:. DD106C38-C5E9-4AF7-8A04-A3EE7803CF84 .: 🎶🗣 Cuándo me traes a Mí Negra que la quiero Ver Aquí… con su RE-VOZoh de seda que le traje de TE•Pick.

The Revolution will KNOT be Televised!!!

On Replay. Will Knot be televised. Will Knot be televised. Will Knot be televised. Will Knot be televised. Will Knot be televised. Will Knot be televised, Will Knot be televised. Will Knot be televised…

And still to come: Maradona did not die, he just multiplied, just LIKE el Che.

Sleep Well, my Siren… Toi•di Ayer•Pr, o como dice Nick à la cave: it’s an anagram at the Galleon Ship… 🍷👩🏻‍🚀👨‍🚀

AY-Ay–Ay_ayian Elchopo había un… anyone? anyone? Perrine? Anyone

Goooooooood MOWrning BALARD!  Tune in/to BFM TV Marseille to see the match between Les Expatriés y los immigrants. For one, Les rosbifs y los americanos de Boston y Canada son « expats », expat. Kind of has a knight sound to it; as in: give this expat a horse, he’s got good credit. Whereas, the immigrant, well… tune in to BFM’er TV after a word from our sponsors.

https ://uk .sports .yahoo .com /news /marseille-offer-stadium-covid-vaccinations-091443546 .html

¡Aguas! Or as some might say East of the Thessaloniki: It’s the Sunday after Epiphany, and today is the end of Christmas and the celebration of the WAWA for Chuy’s baptism… Eye knows, because Eye is the WaWa Carrier.

ISSY, mi buen conecte Quintana/Woodstock…

SeLeiZo facíl, lo cierto es de que el intermedio musical de BFM TV en la web de seguro le pondría la piel de gallina a Wagner y su Vuelo de los ValKyRies, as in:

yo ValE que Rio
tú ValE que Ries
El/Ella/Ustedes/Aquellos—los otros y ellos por si sobrara menos, o faltara más,  ¡háganle!…

We are coming live from the Citroën Park casi esquina con Javel, o como dicen en BFM TV el Parque del Cärrito panadero allí chocando con Cloralex en Francés—ese.

BUT FO’ist!!! i am going to throw a double-play for France Info 105.5 FM (just as an exercise before Spring Training)… and Cousin Joe, go home you sonovabitch, what are you doing? Let Honcho Steele do his thing, and Claire McCaskill, wait for it, wait… you are going to like the way You look. Witt that in mind, Ali Vittali, i told you that it was going to be a Sunny Afternoon, eh!

1st Base: January 1st, 20h… Erasmus and Brexit

“That’s Mí in the [upper Left corner] and on the other side is none other than the one with the Jade Skirt, Chalchiuhtlicue, o como dice Tlaloc: goddess of running WAWA.

7th inning stretch: January 7th, 20h.. Are you fucking blind? Or do you just like to navel-gaze into your belly-button and read the fabric-bunnies that cluster there. Long-drive to Shortstop, a panel from an assortment of newspaper-persons* debated what lessons if any did the storming of Capitol Hill revealed to the French. The question that caught my deaf eyes was about populism, they pondered if populism had reached France like it has across the pond? the answer of course, “does the Pope piss in Rome, and does a Bear pray in the woods?

So… Brigitte is running a pizza shop, eh? The reasoning (to them is obvious) i shit-you-not, she’s a teacher and she dated her students. I hope, Michael Steele at msnbc, that you don’t reverse-tape my fingerprints on that bat-shit crazy accusation, i just relay the news of (check it out Cousin Joe) The They… get it? It’s what they said; i just relay… you sonovabitch.

* newspaper-men, really, but this is a SalvoShot to the LatinX Crowd to drive a point.

Mientras tanto en CEMEX LAND:

I am happy to relay a La Raza del Horizonte allí mero en la Silla de La Sultana, that through extensive Di-En-Ey güasa, that 𓂀 (se pronuncia en Inglés con el sonido estéreo de AY) figured out who that guy… that Jerry Lewis for the French on Motorcycle is, and ladies in Gemini, that tall handsome fellow cannot be Cantinflas, ni tampoco Germán Genaro Cipriano Gómez Valdés. 

Ecce homo, diría Pilates, “has nice glutes” to dance El Taconazo, y por eso Perrine, you Jean Genie you, Coluche es pariente de El Piporro… tu paisana (la perrina de Lille, Florence Cassez) can may probably could perhaps quizás peut-être , explain to your non–viewing audience why.

However, Lenchita is busy preparing una Charreada para la Premier Vecindad et les fils del Vº Patio en Technicolor… off-course.

Gad #Em it, Stefan!!! I am trying to relay to the Latin X cluster that it is ridiculous to accommodate the filles into the sentence when the Rulhes permit. C'mon, Frenchy! Ketch-up! Tsing-gao*!!!

Oh, hey pretty woman — Sunny Afternoon, eh.

Good morning, it’s just after midnight in Hora Central de La Otan, and if you know what that means in UTC then you understand ZULU Time.

Welcome! To another edition of: 82000B1E-CB7D-46C8-A60F-7BF7F50900B3 ➿ Where Were You when it all went down? I will tell you where I was… and the most informed cop on France could match the freq’s, on account that he has access to the police scanner at the Underground… ISSY, Lieutenant,  you may keep the needle nose pliers this time, and thank you for not tasing me, but EYE sure as fuck is curious why you stopped your “tactical” search once you reached my location, I am just glad that “chance”, as luck would have IT!, pulled me out of the capsule/shelter. Anyhow, once your squad debriefs you, Sir… anyhow, do  tell that sexy cop at the bottom of the stairs that it would not work out, she seems nice and I saw the look in her eyes, but it wouldn’t work out; what with my lifestyle and her modus operandi, but the capsule/shelter is still available for the time being—But not for a long-term compromise. Do-drop-inor Knot, the offer stands the choice is yours.

Previously on, “At Least Dorsey has a fip (dot) fr tattoo on his beautiful skin”… here’s part two:

Fuck You Donald Trump, and your Cocaine Addicted son Don, aussi… not that there is anything WRONG WITH THE COCA LEAF, it’s consumers like your son and the BANKS (HSBC, et. al.) who made of that energy supplement the evil currency to fund American WARS.

BUT FO’ist, Monsieur, Macron… watch this space ⤵️

ISSY, “las pencas nuevas que al maguey le brotan, vienen marcadas”, anyone?, anyone?, Malcolm? Anyone?

Survey says: they arrive etched in Stone.

Antoine (BFM TV) Forrestiere, meet Joy Anne (msnbc) Reed

Breaking the new news… You are welcome Stephanie Rulhe, but please don’t blame Hallie Jackson for moving in on your territory, it was not her decision to make. WITT that in mind and on the SAME CONSULTING TRACK check this out:

Señor, Macron, Presidente de la República Francesa

The French Mistake .:. With all due respect i don’t select the news, i just shuffle’em, and Sir, perhaps you’ve heard of Eddie Gloude Jr.? I ask the question to the most-informed cop in La France on account that your statement directed to your friends and allies in the United States of America (punto y coma) in particular that there section or paragraph of your prepared speech where you claim that what happened at Capitol Hill on January the 6th of 2021 was not a representation of what America is. I have News for you Sir, it is. That is the representation of America. The one that has dominated the land for most of it’s 244 red hot minutes on the pages of History… yeah, Buddy!

With the above ⤴️ in mind it does not please me to quote Steely Dan to your Executive Ass, but “only a fool would say that”, and if you ever heard of a Banana Republic called “Parador” then you’ll KNOW that them racist-white supremacists-Holocaust denying–RED—BLOODED americans are in fact, as Professor Eddie Gloude Junior, states, “they are our uncles, our fathers, our friends,” and yes, MARIANNE, “our children and our brothers”, because That Is What the Story of Them United States of America has been, a story of racist snowflakes who still have a lot of influence with the strong-side of the law.

So, Monsieur le Président de La République Française (así con mayusculas)  🎶🗣 Don’t–don’t–don’t don’t Believe “The Pledge of allegiance—in God We Trust” hype, because as el monoaureo will show you on another entry, when tyranny and fascism arrives it arrives wrapped in a flag and quoting “la biblia”.

Furthermore, Mr. Macron, only in America, the saying goes: is where Hitler’s youth would be welcomed with (relatively) open arms to STORME (no pun intended Filomena) the halls where THE LAW is Made.

Anyhow, having stated that, think about that MARIANNE, the next time you invite another despot like Donald John Trump to your 14 July Celebration like your predecessor did with a Enrique Peña Nieto, who may or may not be a racist, but he sure is surrounded by classists motherfuckers, which is just a notch to the side of racism.


In BFM’er Update news:

Not only did they correct for the opening ads upon u.s. KNOCKING on their virtual doors, but AUSSIE, check this out:

With All Due Respect .:. 7AC7AF71-7CEC-451D-90F7-FAFC3D07DF40 🌍 Your producers need to get new b-roll from your “children” abroad, repeating last week’s images from “the backyard” is like phoning it in. In  oder  other words, reporting on The Situation as if youse were Throwing Your Hands Up in The Air, And Swinging these like you just don’t care.

Not to be outdone by France Info 105.5 FM, BFM TV starts simultaneous transmission of it’s WEEKEND content [🎶Oh, oh oh—oh oh, On The Radio]… go ahead, i dare you, “say anything”.

— Anything? Asked la yegua blanca de Napoleón, named “Storme”.

— In•Deed, güerita, you can say anything you want, responds “Siete Leguas”.


La güerita goes on to say 🗣

… [A]nd someone please give that poor weather man in MADRID a beanie cap… YeeZu.s. Christ, Monsieur EtcheBerry!!!  You fuckers at RTL* are mean! Mean Eye tell you. In Context, please refer to the treatment that the reporter on “Thank You for Smoking” got after the STORME passed, or rather, when IT!, arrived.

*  Mr. EtcheBerry, please be advised that some of the Radio Stations nomenclatures have been Scrambled to protect the Freq's on La Seine. STOP WINEing.


Anyhow Mr. Forrestiere, as Eye was breaking IT!, down for Joy Anne Reed, mare named after the legendary journalist WHO rode with along the the Eastern skirts of La Sierra Madre Occidental with EL GENERAL ARROYO under the callsign Old Gringo » during the Mexican Revolution… yeah, Buddy, it’s TROU!

It would be the “type” of credentials that would allow a President Marine Le Pen the opportunity to award Elaine Chao the highest accessory on the French Touch arsenal.

Rocket man was a fag… sincerely Starman; and fuck you too, Tommy ⚡️rod… pronounced Thomas Alva “white” Lightning Rod motherfucking Edison, according to Sacramento Bee: the one and only, TESLA.

Salvation for dummies

En contexto, Neil Katyal, earlier in the programming BFM TV casually informed their morning show viewers about the Trump administration’s ministers abandoning their LEGACY (or quitting) one paycheck before Trump presses the Nuke Button.

I note this, Rachel Maddow, on account of giving Jack Dorsey a pat  in  on the back, an atta’Boy for the soul because that Sonovabitch finally decided to shut Trump’s account, would be like praising the “We Only Did as We Were Told” crowd for denouncing their messiah or chosen one two weeks before Russia (USSR) put an end to the Great Big (knot the longest) War before Vietnam. Now, to be fair, the almighty Dollar is not a Godwin reference to Hitler, but then the CULT of Dorsey is money-money-money.

But hey, at least Dorsey has a fip . fr tattoo inked on his beautiful skin. Eye only have a letter arriving from RENNES… fuck it, it’s Weekend Edition, i’ll open the envelope on Monday on account that just like nobody Walks in El Ey, Evrybody gets off on the Weekend… but speaking of Canadians, Joy Anne Reid:

“Nothing is off the table” on The Rachel Maddow Show .:. F77D8225-7B13-4EDC-A03A-3DA136FFF522 .:. Happening right now, on the SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS, BFM’er TV plays Ketch-up with TRMS sewage news and how the WASTE WAWA Güeys are excellent fortune tellers for the COVID–fighters.

has anybody noticed if the Mexican President ever got to condemn the assault on The Hill, like his partner-in-Trade and Workforce Conditions, Justin Trudeau has?


Is Mr. López gloating like Comrade Putin is doing in Turkey right now, via Zoom®️.

And in the role of El Chavo del Ocho… Sam Stein


DEAR, A.B. Stoddard, i’m Chevy Chase and i love you!!!
Eye would ask you to marry Mí, but Eye is not into stealing from Peter to borrow from Paul.

And, Willie Geist… [D]o you know who else made a lot of money on the back of humanity, —yeah, Buddy, —Sam Stein’s wife (at Facebook)… [B]ut that’s fine and peachy as long as Sam Stein discloses the real bread winner while at the Coffee Bar.

REGULATE Sam Stein’s Wife (job), and the Silicone (industry) too, Aussie!

After the 14 hundred re-hash hour, Shannon Pettypiece hypnotizes Rep. Elissa Slottkin (D-WI) and the former combat helicopter pilot regresses to the pre-9/11 era to reveal that she is the long lost illegitimate daughter of super San Antonio (TX) son, Gibby Haynes.

… It’s just a SPUR on the loins,
a SPUR on the loins,
a SPUR on the loins.

Meanwhile in France… at the 21 hundred hour, BFMer TV is reviewing the DONALD JOHN TRUMP directed siege on The Hill, AUSSI —_\•¡•/_— The Top Lawman on the rolodex at The Élysée is caught between a claim and WAIT for IT!, NEIL Katyal*, a motherfucking ConFlicT of Interest which up to today’s DATE (at France Info 105.5 FM) was unheard of at La Sorbonne and the French Halls of Power.

And The Cover Girls go:

TIMMY!!! — C40B22CF-9075-46BF-AF68-51AD2D79C744 — Dialing for blowjobs. Only on Deadline.

Well Slap some lipstick on Mí and call IT!!!, a Son of a Bitch, Eva Longoria!!! Aussie, you may go ahead and excuse yourself while Eye Kiss(es) The SKY.

* Georgetown law professor and a better-than-average IQ contributor on the Purple Pundit Show, not to mention a Nostradamus aficionado on The Beat.

Ketching-up in radio silence… [K]eep your squelch on

So, this guy… The Jerry Lewis on a motorcycle, for the French, i am not sure (yet) if this fellow is a Cantinflas or a Tin Tan. Now Mr. George Will, fuck you and keep the letter “ese”, out of the condemned alphabet soup of WASPian justice.

Let’s Play Hardball, there’s an opening for Capitol Police “top cop”… Goooooooo, Chris Matthews!

Now, Mr. Will, please be advised that right now i am writing you this in Hilo, Hawaii, time where it’s Oh-five 33′ in the early evening, you know Mr. Will, as those dangOn peacocks say in New York/New Jersey: on the Other Side of the CLOCK.

NOTE TO BFM’er TV and Radio 105.5 FM France Info:

My deer, motherfuckers… about that U.S. Transportation Secretary that you non-conspicuously mentioned on your conspicuos stationary news tickers of your FO’ist Edition.

_—\•!•/—_  Cher Antoine Forrestiere, regardez vato,  je dois retourner sur el terreno de Technicolor®️, donc please refer aux épisodes d’Elaine Benes [/] Ashley Chevalier of just a few days ago. En d’autres termes, M. Forrestiere, ne le prenez pas personnellement, ne pensez pas que ce cri vous concerne. Ashley l’a cru pendant une brève minute et où se trouve Ashley maintenant, M. Forresteire ? Probablement au Kansas, mais c’est besides de The Yellow Brick Road et d’autres assorted chatos.

So, yeah, Mr. Forrestiere, when your news compilers get on the Donald Trump “gravy train” by reporting on the last of the Mo’hick-annes (pronounced Mo•He•Cannes) departing  like RATS on a sinking ship and your producers fail the mention the pedigree of said rats, you cheat the French people of vital information that correlates the causation that sunk the afore-alluded imaginary OVAL vessel.

Now i am not placing the MANUFACTURE of CONSENT for the wife of the former Leader of The Senate, Moscow Mitch McConnell on you Mr. Forrestiere, —knot at all— i blame the REPTILIAN nature of FOX News en Française,  after all, you Sir; or rather Bonhomme, were engaged during The Way Too Early hour at The Old Fucker’s Oak Lodge Bar and Grill and you sir may or may not have been aware of Manu Chao’s aunt.

Now about those freq’s on the 105.5 wave on La Seine, please give me Three Steps and Eye knows, that there’s [but] One Way Out, and this is LAST WEEK TODAY.

Over at the Bri-Why stream, Jimmy CarVile just ran over Pepe LePew… preliminary reports suggests that CarVile, who rose to fame plotting pranks with Socks the Cat against the Valiant, Loyal and humblE “Buddy”, the chocolate Labrador at the 42nd edition of The White House, was caught listening to a little figurine with wings whispering orders into his left ear canal.

Ladies in Gemini, Today is Día de Reyes, —Eve!

Quinto d’Enero, 2021.

Epiphany’s eve

🎶 Si au milieu de la guerre je devais mourir
avec un ami cher, je vous ferai part
Si au milieu de la guerre, je me fais tuer
avec un ami cher, je vous ferai part

Previously on, Steal The Word —word.

Dolly Parton, period! Y’all OUGHT TO KNOW that Dolly Parton relieved Alanis MoRieSette starring role in DOGMA, and in a parallel universe Silvester Stallone was about to rhinestone “the hype” out of Flavor Flav and 911 has literally, and parenthetically!!! Turned into a Joke in yo’town!!! THE Humanité

Deer, President-elect Biden,

Pease be advised that your parenthetical accusation of Mr. Messier (N° 45) not wanting to do the job is skewed at best, completely misinformed on account that Mr. Messier (N° 45) “will [parenthetically] WO’ik all They”, making MANY phone calls and TALKING at many meetings … parenthetically enunciating, off-course.

… [A]nd Ashley, no insistas, stick to your Damian’s (colas) at The Pentagone, Brasserie (at la Porte de ISSY casí esquina con el Equinoxe de COLAS à Balard).

https ://www .europe1 .fr /international /le-mexique-offre-lasile-politique-a-julian-assange -4016220

🎵 Colás, Colás, Colás y Nicolás
Lo mucho que te quiere y lo poco me das
Si quieres, si puedes, si no, tú me dirás
¡Ay, qué bonito baila la mujer de Nicolás!

🗣 ´Inche Andrés López Manuel Obrador
quién te viera tan Donald John Trump!
Ahora diga, Serenísima “criaturita”…
[D]e qué sabor va usted a querer
sus chingadas Swedish Meatballs, eh‽

… [O]ff-course, situational opportunist and President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, could not pass by LA OCASIÓN created by a Queen’s Court of Parliament regarding the extradition of Julian Assange.