The smallest fiction on Denisa’s pulp

From the makers of Stein’s Burnt Champagne Cork comes a new product:

call in the next 36 hours
and get a cookie chewed-up by Griezmann.

STEIN’S BURNT MESQUITE… Brown 🟤 up, fuckers.

O como dicen en CrOAsia:

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /la-quatre-saisons-n-est-pas-qu-une-pizza /souad-massi-6939936

Philadelphia: We Fell Love in a hopeless place, now is a homeless shelter, or something like that.


The smallest violin crying for that bass… 🎻 + 1

In local news, the prosecution in the U.S. v. Genaro GarCIA Luna has called their last witness and that’s it, The Chief’s celebrated as expected in Disneyland, because for all the bullshit about American jurisprudence, “membership” has it’s benefits.

Gooooo Navy! Sponsored by the Jeffersons in Paris…


In the mean time, Mercury wishes that her HighNess Dora don’t take this the wrong way, Öüï kindly remind you, bitches, that I am only a Messenger, Roger that?

Over at Franche-Musique… Those fucks go on strike for the right to play, “Fuck Your 64″, and Öüï déclare our love for pizza, but that’s only because Saskia went skinny-dipping’ in a Castillian aqueduct.


Any thing you can play … I can skip like a fucking puddle.


🎵I remember when rock was young — Benny and The Jets

En Hilo, Hawaii, es el día de Los Cocos, los cocos saurios, no Los Cocos de la Ama’ Pola.

To Live and Let Die part Won.

En Paris, Francia… no hay cocodrilos, puros Cocos y caviar de beluga en El Sena, lo que me recuerda… bon appétit, Juancho, en TaMauLipas³!!!

https ://www .bbc .com /mundo /noticias-internacional -62496865… French Coq Sucker’s sacrifice the beluga whale stranded in the Seine river after rescuing it, those motherfuckers.


If you think he went swimming of his own volition, then Eye has a cute little train 🚂 in Yucatán for sale. Call now and Öüï will throw in a leg in Raymundo (Comarca Lagunera del Nazas)

I remember when rock was young
Me and Susie had so much fun
Holding hands and skimming stones…

and then the crocodile arrived and how should Eye put this, Sir?

Well, Crocodile Rocking is something shocking
When your feet just can’t keep still…

Guadalajara en un llano México en una laguna

Source: El Real Diccionarios panhispánico de Dudas (knot Deudas).

Note to Joe:

Our condolences to Morning Mika for the recent annihilation of Morning Joe by the Department of Transportation. It is clear that the Secy. leads from the front and doesn’t let NBC send a jet for the Set… like a, BLOODY MARY-sippin’, Private Corporate Jet Traveling pundit with a blonde for-a-wife does.

In the words of Saint Pete: to the people of France, I would like to say that Morning Joe was like a gift to the human race. We share in the pain but we also thank you for this gift to civilization… The Secy. of Transportation.

Deer, Congressperson Scarborough, your rabid dog analogy is stupid, the last thing that a RABID dog is thinking honing of in on when that canine is MAD, is food. Same goes for a Drunk Spending Socialist… Joe, Joey 🦘, !Pepé!!! For Crying out loud, a drunken Socialist is probably the most extreme example of a tightwad, next to a Jew in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Évry body knows that CEMEX no ‘dispara’ ni En Defensa Propia.

Here, let me Square your Alabama-latte-moonshine with a full moon…

Wait for it, wait…

And starring as the Black Knight ♟️, Congressperson Joseph Charles Scarborough, Comte de la vache d’Orleans… Any how, Reverend Al: And, Pete, NBC will figure it out, alas, on the BC part, not sure about the Nuclear part.

But FO’ist!!! We ketch-up with Katty Kay, and Adrienne Elrod is ‘dressed in Black,’ and Eye’s feeling Blue, tell Mí, Virgo, what can Eye do, tell me, Oh what can Eye do. Eye is not an astrologist because that’s as legit as a Knight at the Movies.

… and Katty Kay, Florence is above the Law when it comes to Israel. I’m Sirius, by Franco-Mexican standards, Florence is above Israel. But then Öüï is talking about a Colonial power and a Banana Republic, any how, Katty Kay I love the way you always line up your wardrobe with my frames.

Live from the ISS, it’s when the Moon hits your Ays like-ah big ol’gad fly, that’s a-more eh.

1.1.2. Las palabras llanas ( acento, 1.2b) llevan tilde cuando no terminan en -n, en -s o en vocal: clímax, hábil, tándem. También se acentúan cuando terminan en -s precedida de otra consonante: bíceps, cómics, fórceps; y cuando terminan en -y, pues esta letra se considera consonante a efectos de acentuación: póney, yóquey.

Range equals Llano.

Ringo… You are not going to believe where Lucie got her Diamonds from?

But first, the news, a pet beluga escaped from a Russian oligarch’s private Sea World in Le Havre. At a breakfast meeting with a pair of honeymooners down by the Seine, Amnesty International was not available for comment.

Sources close to the Bolivian receptionist at the Paris Siège en La Villette relay that Amnesty International are all–hands–on–deck at Parentis-en-Born dans les Landes, looking out for the espontáneos charged by the Bull ♉ between Venus and The Beaubourg.

https ://www .lemonde .fr /planete /article /2022/08/06 /le-beluga-repere-dans-la-seine-va-recevoir-des-vitamines _6137383_3244 .html

Previously on Colonial solidarity at The Bpi

Well… You’ve ho’ID about the Sunday mornings radio program, “Breakfast With The Beatles”.

It’s Knot One of Dos.

Saturn 🪐 is Knot 🪢 what you think, and today he turned little Neptune into a fish that looks like a mammal.

Dear, mister Xavier Rey, please be advised that the following is a reference point of the coordinates used in the methodology FOR WHICH APPARENTLY, I was banned FOR LIFE from your biblioteca, —according to the security detail there.

Centre Pompidou Picks Up-and-Comer Xavier Rey for Director Post


Mr. Rey, I remind you that I am Sirius and you are not. With that in mind, if you, or your Monkees at the Bpi could please focus your jeepers on the little Yellow dot below Alnath, KNOW THAT IN REAL TIME, last night a Bright Red Dot was directly at 180° of Venus. Said red dot on top of The Center that you run was… wait for it, and prepare to Present Arms, because it is a Military astro.

Context follows, but Señor Rey, if you please could review your security camera feed, perhaps you could guess what I was trying to line up, it was not Mars, nor that Gas Giant, Emmanuel Macron.

22/11/2021 at 17h28 in CET… EXIT 2036 Périph Interior

The Road to Boulogne-sur-Mer

If the maths are correct, then in 2021 the French went ahead and invented the Autobahn del Interior… [Hear Mí Out, Franck] if the maths are correct then by 2036 The French Périph will become lo que el hijo de don Porfirio Muñoz-Ledo y Lazo de la Vega,  Porfirio Thierry Muñoz- Ledo Chevannier denominaría por allá en los años del “PEÑATO³” como un Patrimonio de La Fiesta de La Humanidad, asi como Patty Smith, ~pues… «iel» est classé Monument historique, c’est de la PROspective.

³.~ Porfirio es un excelente partido {Representante Permanente de México ante la UNESCO}… [A] día de hoy, es uno de los niños mimados del partido que gobernara Enrique Peña Nieto… todo un portento para una jovencísima Genoveva.
04/12/2014 23:40 CET
©2021 Europa Press
USO justo de todos los chismes.

https ://www .europapress .es /chance /gente /noticia-porfirio-munoz-ledo-antiguo-amor-genoveva-casanova -20140111165342 .html

And Ewe knows Eye got{s} SOUL —_!_—
If i was a dancer (dance part. 2)
The Rolling Stones (1979)
Rarities 1971-2003 (1979)

Anyhow, FRANCK, you remember this, right around the bend of 2014 a quasi-spaniard² with the legs of lego® doll was the SUPERINTENDENT of of all things related to the peripheric avenues along:

².~ Let the FO’ist « hijo de la chingada » en las filas de PROMéXICO who denies that don MANUEL “Carlos” VALLS is from BARCELONA throw the FO’ist STONE, because BARCELONA ladies in Gemini, as Évry body knows is CATALUNYA y no es ESPAÑA. Now about those lego™ legs, Président Hollande declared these a state secret©.


El canal de la Mancha de Jordan 23… NIKE has no SOUL, that is why they CALL her VICTORIA.

BREAKING THE NEWS, not to be outdone by THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR, The International New York Times [ISSUE Number No. 43,135] France edition € 4.00. is re~inventing the INTERNATIONAL BRIGADES with a CALL to ARMS in THAILAND where the PEOPLES’s DEFENSE FORCE, according to the AFP and GETTY Images (those motherfuclkers) say that the resistance opposes the Myanmar’s regime.


WILLA JEAN reporting from The Combo Stop at Route 66 where Willa is talking to a French tourist who calls himself Luc Fregón… and The REVEREND Al Sharpton and 300 Ministes say, “fregón, eh!!! Will, put that motherfucker to the test“, On Route, ~66.

Mr. Fregón according to the 4db band is a Urban traffic controller for the RER, which like him in the 1960’s was nothing more that a little tadpole in his daddy’s loins. Anyhow Mr. Fregón, if that is even his real name, introduces us to this —EXPRESSO DRINKING, red wine sippin’, GOAT-TEE SPORTIN’ 32° hipster— named Pierre¹ Vivien.

¹.~ Thereby throwing the FO’ist stonethat motherfucker!

On The Bad Plus… R U 4 REEL? FISH SCALES for lunch, what is this 2017?

Évry body with short Lego Legs® wants to Rule The World.

El gran campeón mexicano {es} gato de Slim… pero sí: CMB, AMB, OMB y FIB,

But really, how broke is too low and how high is too po‘… Let’s ask, LEO. And FYI, hoy no hubo jazz.

https ://mxpolitico .com /nacional /cada-vez-se-parece-mas-al-pri-john-ackerman-critica-a-mario-delgado-y-morena/

Así, o más, “te lo dije ALICIA LEOS“,
no por nada pero se me hace que Ackerman y su señora Doctora esposa (la de SANTA CRUZ UC) ya no los van a “desPRIstegiar” aqui en Saint-Germain-des-Belleville.

Ahora cuéntame una of your brother-in-law, —cuñado. Next thing you know, John Mill Ackerman is going to be a CANELO fan.

Con el permiso de sus mercedes allá en LA JORNADA this ‘stropha hooks like so and swings from the Top Down, en LILAS², (knot LILLE).

Diego Luna stars as a prop for Televisa Deportes in this section, and nothing more.

— ¿Cómo que a, Ay!¹, se le escapó la pelea del CAN°E.L.O. contra Plant? … pues que no se supone que Ay! debe estar al tanto de todo lo que pasa en México y su conexión con El Año de México en LILLE… puta madre!

And Eye responde in the voice of Fenster The Copy Editor…

Sorry, yo no LEO*, yo Armando, Diego.

* For non-AQUARIANS, armando is a gerund… Di es “decir” plus ego.

Dedicated to Nicaragua en La Jornada…
Ondulated dentils en forma de TEJAS

¹.~Pronounced like EYE at {the} Paris in {Las} Vegas.

El “Canelo” is in the dentils (punto y coma) no bandwagon here. In French this translates as taking care of the home work, not to be confused with homework… Moore on that after the break, right now it’s time for another edition of, Sorry Eye Missed That. This week’s edition features one of only two combat sports that Öüï follows, the other (off-course) being Boxing.

Gennady — Canelo… and Sun worshiping in Paris on a cloudy day

So… “motherfucker”, eh!, “concha tu madre” diría a lo mejor el gran Messi desde la banca³

Canelo, Canelo, ra, ra, ra. (Wakala… sabe a Slim{e}, but it had to be done) Canelo is on top. The fucker is a G.O.A.T. [in his class].
I have to pay… here is my TACO de SAPO de LA SORBONA como castigo:

“Cada vez se parece más al PRI”: John Ackerman critica a Mario Delgado y Morena 

https ://www .football-espana .net /2021/11/04 /lionel-messi-barcelona-madrid-injury

³.~ Shape-shifting term that can either mean a financial institution, like say a bank, or the bench from where Leonel is cashing in ‘cus he’s a broke dick.

And Messi (30), sorry if Eye made a Mess {see} of your NOM [Norma d’Origen Mexicano]

Intermedio {en} Improvisation in Jazz, by Bill Evans

Legacy Edition³

https ://www .fip .fr /musiques-du-monde /afrobeat /fela-kuti-celebre-avec-plusieurs-reeditions -19498

And still to come: AFROBEAT, Fela Kuti might be celebrated in a number of re-editions, but in Oh_Hi_Oh, Fela Kuti can go fuck-a-duck because BLACK LIVES don’t matter over yonder; ask Ginger and that Baker fellow at the London Scene.

Based on a true Freeloader, Freddie… ask Davis, he can see for Miles and, —Ewe know the song: miles and miles and miles.

Dear, Library manager or*, whatever your official title is, check it out {Sir and/or Madam}, the Paris Tourism board might think that they have the perfect Miles Davis collection at the Alice Cooper {knot Gee Pee’s Bpi’s²} Center of the Beaubourg’s depression in front of Stravinski’s fuente… but they don’t.

*.~ Let U.S. just call you SMITH{s}
.~ Georges Pompidou’s bibliothèque d’information publique

Over at the Grand Ole Opryit’s Paris City LimitsTonight’s firmament of stars brings you Amalia Rodrigues and Dolly Parton in ah sort of, kind-ah Lynchburg Tennessee FADO with a Twist of TWANG… Yeah Buddy!!!

And here is why la biblioteca de información pública de La República de Francia no tiene la colección perfecta de Miles Davis on the Third Floor, because the{mmm} racks {👙} that house Miles Davis there don’t have {with} in its catalogue the alternate takes of, So What (punto y coma) or Fran-Dance.

The Miles Davis Quintet — RESCUE edition (2021)

and Eye quotes:

There is a Japanese visual art in which the artist is forced to be spontaneous.

{ if less than 1984 then

add an S to a bracketed H


S[he]must paint on a thin stretched parchement with a special brush and black…

{ if more than 2007 then

replace h2o with a registered trademark


[WaWa] paint in such a way that an unnatural or interrupted stroke will destroy the line or break through the parchment.

Yada, yada — and Eye might add— yada.

Any how, Mr. and/or Mlle. Smith{s}… Eye knows this Cherokee fucker who knows a guy… IN WASHINGTON, of course, who is willing to let go of It! {free of charge} benevolamente because I know the kind of Freeloaders Ewe French people are when it comes to ART¹

Wolfman Jack at the mic:
And if you didn’t see or heard that song on that DVD, check the Blues For PABLO, the song is: Come And Get It (Anthology Version 3).

CD 1 — Track 8 – Freddie Freeloader – False Start
En contexto, maybe i am Paranoid, maybe i am just annoyed, but what Eye can relay is that more and more a certain kind of musical genre is being thrown out on Green Dolphin Street, and Eye reckons that the “abuelitos” y las “abuelitas” de todas y todos los Cerf-panthères of la Île-de-Pécresse are going on to better pastures and those ingrates are just dumping the Masterpieces like Christmas Pandemic Mascots after all THE MASKS ARE GONE.

¹.~ Ask a Mexican, a real Mexican, not that fellow at the Orange County Register in Anaheim, California or those fuckers in the Amigos de México club à la bNf, period.

Six minutes, six minutes ~ Gil Scott-Heron you’re on… Gil Scott-Heron youse on

Take, IT!, —from Mí— Miss Turner:

Lyrics continue:
… Mountains sit in a line, Leonard Bernstein
Leonid Brezhnev, Lenny Bruce and Lester Bangs
Birthday party, cheesecake, jellybean, boom
You symbiotic, patriotic, slam but neck, right, right

My REM relay did say that “it starts with an earthquake

And, Lindsey Reiser, that kid on the Cross Talk with Tiffany Cross is not Tiffany.
— Hey kid!

Get off the set Kid! Öüï is about to wordpress a horror movie but before Öüï cross the line the staff would like to relay that no “petit moutons d’Ouessant” were harmed in the making of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Circus.

From The New York Times… don’t go pretending like you (Bush 43/Nicolle Wallace) didn’t know where THE BUCK $🎚Ø₽€D, back when Vice-President Cheney was savoring the HALLIBURTON contracts in Baghdad.

U.S. Signals It Will Release Some Still-Secret Files on Saudi Arabia and 9/11

But Speaking of AIR AMERICARandy Rhodes, the follow-up TALK Radio HOST to The Al Franken Show and, the pre-cursor to The Rachel Maddow (previous to her career as a COMCAST OverlordE pundit on the MSNBC’s shows), that Randy Rhodes! Is getting inducted in OCTOBER (tenía que ser) into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I personally did KNOT know back in 2001, that Radio Randy played the AX, on the OZ[z]Y Beat.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Randi_Rhodes

“More COWBELL!!!” — La vache!

It takes a real Buffon to put Lamarck [ah] del Zorro on the Local News in París… [A]nd Perrine, i found your Tequiza®️ poppy fields in a Jardín de Plantas… you are not fooling anyone by changing the name to “YUNCANTAN”, Öüí knows that fip . fr supports “Rape and Murder” since 1971. ASK “El Güero”, Beck, and please, Denis Soula (vacationing motherfucker) don’t go blaming “The French Tequila” on the BBC and Their Satanic Majesty ($€cret) Request on Sky TV.

When it comes to President Biden’s “get off my Pentagon lawn” approach on the formally U.S. backed Afghan government :

It’s Urbanis… not ubris

this is a note to Linsey Reiser, call it what it is, Lindsey Reiser, it’s a BLITZKRIEG, not a “lightning” takeover.

To put the biology angle in perspective, Öüï is going to require the services of The Fly on account that Count Buffon did not think that insects should hold the interest of a naturalist… https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Jeff_Goldblum dicho de otra manera la doctrina de Buffon, según wikipedia’s footnotes, https ://fr.wikipedia .org /wiki /Georges-Louis_Leclerc_de_Buffon #cite_note -:0-17 focused on degenerations whereas Charles doctrine observed the evolution of the species… cuestión de enfoque, o como dice Rick STENGEL on Deadline: it’s an OPTICS thing, Katty Kay.

End of week 32º, 2021 (punto y coma… 🎚) Friday The 13th en el Weekend de l’Ascension de el Jr.

Which is why Öüï is going to request the services of la silhouette of a Young Catherine Deneuve and the head of little Coco d’Ouessan at les jardins du Luxembourg.

Over on the PBS-es, our hero Groot stars as a “Large-leaf tree intoxicating fish,” hilarity ensues, Gwen, after an “Orange-eye butterfly Pompadouris introduced by Padre Armand[o] David in 1869 at le jardin du Vincennes. Trou Story!

And, Sirene Claire… Ewe knows what else it’s —yes it IS— Trou 🕳, Catherine Deneuve es una vil AGROpecuaria.HORTIculista, period!

Over at The Chuy Scarborough Show, Victoria Escobar is at the Plate

And, Mr. Pinault-Hayek, please stand-by for Sun Tzu point 7.33 (Maneuvering on an uphill) Knives Out!!!

In any self-Respecting republic, little are, it would be a matter of public record; in Paris-Texas it is a matter of… what’s the Word? What’s the worD¿*… Ask, Los Amigos de México en Francia… i’m retiring.

Juanito Lemire reports:

But FO’ist! We switch, IT!, over to the Règie at the Plages de Paris where Godzilla and King Kong are scrambling over The Scene of The Seine (punto y coma) hilarity ensues when Hydra shows up and 3 of the five heads on that dragon split from the beast to intervene on behalf of Kong who, BTW Madame Hidalgo, was minding his own fucking business listening to Mott (the Wet) Hopple.

And, former BBC Washington Correspondent now, Ozzy Media Editor, Katty Kay, we’d like to give the Régie a shout-out now that his graffiti crew finally called one 24 hours before the an event in front of them before it happened. With this in mind, we now return to Pablo’s Studio on top of a KFC at La Place de l’Italie.

[flashback] Hey, Jonathan Capeheart… ‘member When THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS rolled out the red carpet on them Talibans?

One can’t literally make the Godfather up.

TEXAS needs to be dismantled and then returned to Mexico. Texas, like short people have 🎶 no reason to live.

Don Corleone: Tom, I advised Michael. I never thought you were a bad Consigliari. I thought Santino was a bad Don, rest in peace. Michael has all my confidence as do you. But there are reasons why you must have nothing to do with what’s going to happen.

Santino: Whatcha go to college? To get stupid? You’re really stupid!

And with this FINAL segment Salma Hayek, Öüï hopes that the staff can clear-out, separate, archive, and most importantly, Madame CESCA Giggles-Rigole, differentiate between events and their context; and Mika Brezezinski, perhaps it would help to use the anology of today’s Morning Chuy Show regarding the Republicans having their “hippie” moment, with a look like Sid Viscious (to the tune of Benny 🕊 Hinn) or some Punk like that.

For the record, Carolina, some McDo’s (not all) back in 2018 tried the same reactionary reaction with the WordPress “server”, eventually the Web provider ceased or desisted from cock blocking the site.

Entonces Kitty Softpaws… The JOpez POrtillo statement, directed en aquél entonces al dueño de la revista en dónde el reportero de radiofrance internacional, Raphaël Moran, labora también es en referencia a la movida del ahora sí, AVI VELSHI, del méndigo Switch y del puto RoUtEr-er_er.

Aguascalientes TV26 y France24, en colaboración con el canal Once y DW TV, presenta a Salma-Pinault Collection of holes in The Albert Hall jockey hat of La Bourse de Comerse a Les Halles, casi esquina con el Louvre.

In local news, it’s The Godfather part II, VF* con subtitulos en Espagnol.

Santino: Say, what do you think of the nerve of them japs, them slanty-eyed bastards, eh? Dropping bombs on our own backyard on Pop’s birthday here.

Page 15: Inmensa desilución por el JUDOKA  Teddy Riner

Fredo Corleone: They didn’t know it was Pop’s birthday.


https ://asegovia3 .com /2020/11/27 /black-friday-come-get-your-nigger-lessons/

EN CONTEXTO for The ARTIST at La Place de l’Italie:

Issy, i understand why the word processor of choice for this most non-consequential blog would be blocked after Two or Three weeks of linking on to your WiFi Mr. Pinault-Hayek; sin embargo, Pablo Gleason, i am taking it one floor, at-a-fucking time. And i am going to get to that motherfucking top, NOT for fame, but to bring you a Kinder, more Gentler, —Hitler.

Necessary for this segment, Monsieur le Règie is:
What Sun Tzu said on Chapter 7.
sections 33 and 34

So, if you have been living, visiting or touristing (like a Chilean National in three-months intervals at a time with an Exit in between… ¡así hasta yo!) then you know that opposite to the Rue de Lobau (33 Hôtel de Ville) right next to El Malecón del Hôtel de Ville está la entrada a un puente peatonal (pont piétonnier if youse French) que desciende al local de mis amigos at Tartines en Seine (free advertising for Pomona, California man) y por su puesto al espacio que la Ciudad de París le dedicó a un tal Federico García Lorca (FGL).,2.352855,130m/data=!3m1!1e3

Entonces pues, if youse flip the direction on that bridge, then from the FGL square point of reference, El Malecón del Hôtel de Ville is at an uphill so with this information in mind, little ol’Eye was in the process of rolling my sleeping bag just below the center of the aforementioned (susmentionné) footbridge, and as previously mentioned, i was listening to Mott The Hopple on a loop, — on a loop!!! Cousin Joe! On a Loop! — and out of nowhere with clear sky above here comes un chingazo de agua… or so i thought in the instant, it was actually apple juice with Jack Daniels. Hey, this people, the French, they mix beer and tequila in a bottle, so there’s that.

As i looked up (had my headphones on) i saw this young Corsican (he screamed it at me, that’s how i know that he was Corse) trying to empty his plastic-filled bottle on me, as i looked up at the little fucker.

Naturally, being a dick myself i was not about to let this little Corsican fucker be all elitist and shit, it’s not as if that son of bitch was marking his territory like the bobo with the ukelele who told his girlfriend to take a leak next to me (true story), after all, he is one of the locals, he is entitled to shit if he pleases to on all of lesser beings who dare to get close to his domain, but the Corsican prince? Fuck him.

Session at the Mairie de Paris computer is about to expire and so i will pick this up from another section of the City… please stand-by for more annotations of Sun Tzu en tiempos de hambre, Rita Escobar. Time now is 16h22 in CET.

… and We Are Back: it’s High Noon in Hilo Hawaii, and You Are Going To Like The Way You Look. Even if you HAVE to go with the flow and hate me, “i guarantee it.”