Intermedio en la procession — I don’t select the winged horses

I swear, that I have been here before, but the CUBE 🕋 does not match the bricks ⛪.

Previously on Born In East L.A… Rudy y Sus Huevos Rancheros drove Clooney’s CAR 🚨🚨🚨. Viva THE LIFE OF BRIAN!!!

And, padre, don’t get your naguas up in a bunch, and neither your neighbor doña Yuridia* at rue des Bernardins (Anahuacalli) nor doña Vilma de las Tres Puertas en La Maub me pueden dejar mentir…

Una disculpa por MALesCREver su nombre… pero no solo de PAN (acción nacional) se nutre a los clochards de SciencesPo

La Jornada para principiantes, starring morena–francia.

Sous Les Jupons de fip ()

¿En qué pinche barrio de París va a andar un pinche:

pocho/chicano/beaner/wetback/chuntaro/naco—sin escuela…

acomodando a Los Astros ⚾ y los cuadrantes con l’ocassion?

Are Ewe Not Entertained? Fuck The Gladiators, they are all fags. Paid for by Le Promenade des Anglais en Nice, France. Bola de putos–pues.

Answer: At the UNESCO Siege with the Editor of ZETA in Tijuana, even though, it is now CLEAR that nobody in that room, except for a Brazilian researcher from CUNY and my old friend, from the Venezuelan Embassy in France, was supposed to get near little ol’ ME.

My friend Gustavo in the frame… pinche ‘greñuda’ can’t let Mí tell a tale, but that’s in another chapter. Suffice to write, Gustavo is the intersection between AP LeMire at Morning Joe and of course, Led Zeppelin.
LOKI is the god of mischief.

And, Sirène… Eye hates to say, IT!, but them cunts³ are probably talking about Juanito Guanabacoa 🛩️ y los Amigos de Pegasus at La MAL217 ⚽ PSG.

³~. Yuriria Iturriaga y Vilma Fuentes.

Any how, padre, please be advised that The American Priest in Paris is like all the Parisian fags, on Holiday like la prima Donna. But let us not bring this ephemeral intersection go to waste even though La France took my toolz’Man! France took my toolz’ away from Mí.

Never the less, you’ve heard 🙉 about The Monkees, this is:


The Running of The Bulls is for fags.

The Papal Bulls on Parade ♉

Centering the accuracy of “las mantas” de morena-francia since 2011

But first: The Legend of Torquemada.

From our correspondent at The Hubble Space Telescope 🔭
Josephus: Damn, this a hip crowd!
King Louis XVI: It’s good to be the king.
Count de Monet: Don’t get saucy with me, Bearnaise!

King Louis XVI: Ah, the Count Da Money!

Count de Monet: It’s “De Mon… ”

King Louis XVI: DON’T correct me!

On the level, do not try to adjust the settings on the geometry of the displacement of the prism.

Do not try to adjust your settings… Goooooo, Mets!


{and} OCDE at SciencesPo, if you are monitoring with your Pegasus microphones outside of the window of La Radio del Pueblo: chinguen a su madre ustedes también, dice El Tambor, but only if you qualify as un hijo o una hija de doña Marina Cortes de Borbón. Emperatríz de Tlaxcala, Estado de México en Churubusco via el periférico del Ajusco. “Haz Patria Mata a Un Chilango”.

Liverpool Hooligans-at-Work. Live from Marseille.


Across The Atlantic, a French Beast did the Daily Prayer for those in the cult, and DEERLY Bee Loved, is it Just Mi — {or} — is that French fellow the OLDER version of that British guy who pretends to work (in a blazer) and does the MLS ⚽  report for Cousin Joe? You know the guy, he fell in love with Mika and called America his chosen time-delay Liverpool at the msnbc’$.

Ya llegó 🎶 ya llego… ya llego Sergio “el bailador”… Ahora con bocina chicha en RFPP.

With that in mind, Öüï now return to morenafrancia the most FASCIST supporter of narco-criminales en Les Vernissages de Francia.

Las Mantas de “el sergio”… y Georgina “la cubana”, with musical guest, « Baila Como Juana La Cubana » con “el bailador” de Macuspana.


In Poland, The Brzezinski’s are poisoning les poissons… with MERCURY, Freddy, with MERCURY.

La Radio Del Pueblo — en vacaciones

A fail-safe method to yada yada yada:

“Do you come from a land down under
Where women glow and men plunder?
Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder?
You better run, you better take cover”

En Hilo, Hawaii, it’s Primetime.
En Lourdes, Francia,
es el día de
La Asunción de la mamá del Superstar.

… per Signs of The Times logic, Mother Mary’s trip got delayed.

Morena y sus MANTAS en FRANCIA… derecho de plaza: On a They like To They, MOTHER MARY’S words of wisdom uttered their last breath and she ascended to heaven, or so Öüï thought, it turns out that Alice Cooper removed the elevator and its housing just-in-time to keep that bitch in Purgatory (beaubourg) on account that Jésus did not pay “las cuotas” de morena y su tía Juana.

En Contexto: morenafrancia, FPP 106.3, y el día international de la Izquierda en Francia.

Fernando Buen Abad, doctor en letras, o algo así, lo debe de tener presente antés de que El Alternativo ignore la existencia de un breve correo de intercambio electrónico con el buen doctor en el 2011, semanas antes de que la conferencia programada en París con la CELAC (Playa del Carmen) fuese cancelada…

Note to editors, items ² and ³ will ascend to today’s posting, above the horizon, or High Noon, at La OCDE en Paris.

Yada Lorem ip sum, “Ya Chole con tu RFPP!!!

³~. La Nueva Izquierda en La CEPAL del Tec de Monterrey en la Emisión Américas con Juanito en Buen Abad con barbacoa.

but seriously, mister Macron, ¿qué pedo con el caballo?

Hey, Sirène… I don’t need Trump’s Classified files:

My favorite dog hunts Lions and it has a Ridge on top of the backbone, but it has nothing to do with Rhodesia… and don’t call me Pitbull, dale boy

Emmanuel Macron is a fag, and here is why:

because I don’t need a fucking Croix to know where the nails go ♥️ Ciudad Juárez is Número UNO, now if you really believe what you tweet, monsieur Gas Giant, your minions would stop fucking with Me and return the Last Three Years of my CCT, —you fag, stop protecting Los Amigos corruptos de México en Francia.

Ahora En RFPP 106.3 fm

El Alternativo reloaded… A message to Arroyo Seco, Estado de México, i was a wetback before your pinche Paisano program. Juanito… ya sabía que eras Madrina, pero ahora, —¿chayotero, cabrón??? Neta que no semos 🦧 simios.

With that in mind, let’s listen to JUANITO GUANABACOA on Replay (12 de diciembre, 2021 Exposición de Transformaciones). Juanito is filling in as a Cuban Veterinarian at el I.S.S.T.E., el isste is the Social Security System for State Workers in Mexico.

Note to Emmanuel Macron, citizen of La France:

La infantilización de la infancia pobre en Uruguay”… vis a vis, Finlandia, con Mónica de Perú vis a vis la UNESCO y la Coca~Cola en Femsa OXXO (Monterrey, Nuevo León).

La infantlización de rfpp… for context Öüï need to invoke a La CEPAL and Dr. Fernando Buen Abad in Venezuela; time reference Amandititititita’s cancellation at the 2011 edition of Les Femmes s’en Mêlent.

Musical guest: Le Tambour 🧅🥣.

The following ‘enlace’ preceeds your time as Bus Lines Coordinator at Le Élysée, mister Macron, this particular amarre dates back to the first trimester of 2011, and this is what “el decano” Alejandro Poiré was saying about Vin Diesel’s rôle as Groot:

REMESAS — Elektra ate Telegraph Sam.

“Desconocía el Gobierno
‘Rápido y Furioso’:

https ://www .noroeste .com .mx /nacional /desconocia-el-gobierno-rapido-y-furioso-poire –GENO365210

Wah, wah, wah, and Eye quotes, Wah!< /p>

I’m romancing the stone (Q.E.P.D.)

Ay, qué Carajo Calor Hace.


Me verás volar 🛩️
Por la ciudad de la furia

Día Internacional de La Siniestra Izquierda… en El Perú.

Sponsored by,

https ://www .glencoreperu .pe/

No Hay Derecho — Otra repetición, lo mismo de siempre. Ahora con los Zurdos… Conveniencia política en las tiendas del Cuzco. Próximamente en el Parlamento Europeo… ¡Abajo Las Minas!


Soda Stereo en Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México.

In local news, good news for Freddy Cats and his Noche de Los Muertos 🎹🎹🎹 en Montreuil-sur-Croix de Caballos, porque Ciudad Juárez just circled back to pre-iPhone levels and with impune carnage. But, hey! Just remember the holy grail of life:

American CALCO: Tiendas de “conveniencia”, only en el Festival de Cine Mariachi México en Re encuentro con Viva le Cinéma Mexicaine del Servicio Exterior de La Espada de Bolívar en Longchamps.

Always Look On The Brighter Side Of Death ☠️

No pun intended, but you are going to be needing a lot of coffins for the next segment.

Adventures in Translation and Interpretation presents:

How Convenient. Context is light Years behind. One thing is for sure, Mayor Gotham, en el amor y en la guerra. En el amor y en la guerra la Lucha Libre Is King, and of course, The King needs a manager, make it a Kentucky colonel.

Don’t shoot the Messenger ☿ 🐍 ☀️


Apollo news 📰 in Paris, France… HERMÈS Chronicle in Hilo, Hawaii.

And, Donna Perino… The Guy Was Shot Dead, “animals are great”, nobody got hurt because of the paperwork on the frame, said That guy on the Pirro Show. Note to The Five: the JUDGE will be recovering from a wild night in Ohio. She got nailed, or something like that, anyhow: Stare At The Sun as much as you feel like.

Wet moccasins, Marbles Gargles got Cottonmouth breath.

That’s not a pantufla, Jesus! That there is a moccasin on My Pillow 🇺🇲

Alphard Rushdie

And, Katie Benner…

Previously on Jesus on Safari: animal taxidermists are great.


Viva El Paso on the rocks 🥃

…  Bring Mí the Q.

You say tomato 🍅, Eye says tómate esta botella con Ming Oh.

Judge Pirro’s muffin🧁joins Morning Joe

Previously on The Inland Empire 🇬🇹, CaNaDa 🇨🇦got in on the action and like the Spaniards 🇪🇦from a long ⛵ long ⛵ time ⛵ ago, the CaNuCs got a return profit on their investment with the First Three containers carrying the loot from La Sierrita 🇲🇽 to their excellion vaults.

🎶 Como a las once s’embarca Pundita, se va’Enbarcar en un buque de Vapor… Los Cadetes de Linares, with special guest, Carlos y José.

But First!!!

The Peoples Republic of The New York Times

It’s right there in front of your EYES, you dumb country-fried hijo de Martín Lutero 🇩🇪, Katie Benner is a deep undercover Deli dealer working for the Communist 🇨🇳 Party!!!! I mean if I had gone to Venezuela following that snapshot that I took of Luis Posada Carriles, I could have saved a Circumnavigation Voyage in Nice, France, take a closer look, the resemblance between Malinches is uncanny, sorry Pomona, but Öüï’s talking about “having zero idea” on what to do next:

And, Katie Benner… is it Trou 🕳️ that “The Monk Bought Lunch? »

https ://en .wikipediawikipedia .org /wiki /Katie_Benner

While there, she wrote freelance for the Beijing Review,[1] a publication controlled by the Chinese Communist Party,[3] about everything from monks to music.[4]


Señor Felipe El Sentado, I would ask you to Tell Me a Tale about cowboys, but even The Legend of Zorro is based on MURRIETA’S COUNTY, en Sonora, México, not from Chile 🇨🇱 like that puto Neruda 🧐 claimed, that Joaquín Murrieta hailed from.

Nailed it!

Come sail a guey… On The Hindenburg because Zeppelin goes here 🔥🔥🔥


What’s new pussycat? Whoa, whoa, whoa
What’s new pussycat? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Pussycat, pussycat
I’ve got flowers and lots of hours to spend with you


Make Love knot Gwar… and give Peas a chance and the auto-correct is MEA culpa. Mi Agüita Amarilla follows, LIVE from the MONUMENTAL PLAZA DE TOROS Mar-a-Lago, is it a Mar (sea) or a Lago (lake)? Who knows! It could be a swamp for All Öüï knows. Lock-Him-Up!, Lock-Him-Up!, Lock-Him-Up!…

And now, a Word from the Dallas Set. JR is the good guy now and BJ McKay just spanked Bear Bryant, his pet [monkey] from The University of AlaBama.

Deer, Fox faggot… and don’t ask Mí anything more

Here’s your intent… Donald Trump is not above the JUDGE!!!

Here’s your Thyme-delayed birthday present, Judge: Mika Brzezinski just admitted that the Election Was Stolen!



Hey, Judge Pirro, do you like cunniligus? Eye loves it.  Let Mí show you, eh?

Hey Judge, Pirro… You are looking sexy Tonight, fuck the affidavit, let’s eat each other Judge, it’s circular you know what!!!

That red tie fellow is knot good for you, Judge… Let’s exchange juices.

Let me hunt you, Judge!!! You know you want me to… What with those punditz  next to Donna…

I want my face in your MUFFIN

Cum on JUDGE…

Four Eyes included, Donna may join… Wanna see the Frame?

I Want You… I want you so bad it’s driving Mí wild.


Let me use you, Judge, without Kapital.. let me be your Whole Fud!

¡Oye, Geraldo, jingo this jingle-LO-ba-lo: Animals are great

A They In The Life:

Love for birdie 😙🏸… That’s like an entire Rock an Roll Circus from The Rolling Stones after a Hard Day’s NIGHT and Day at The Cavern.

The GAP on  the argument: fuck you ChinaNuevo León.

Shut’em Down.


Jesús en Safari… aquéllas pequeñas cosas

Young People are 🌱

note to Editors, with regards to the lead:  Öüï decided to change the ORDER of the ExcLAmation sign from down and out to up and Fuck You!

Como un gaviota, doña Anne, haga usted de cuenta, any how the Moon is in Full Phase. Time now.

_not to be confused with El Bajari de la 16 casi esquina con las tres cruces, not Las Cruces al otro lado del Cruce en Sta. Teresa y Lomas deL poLEO.

Intermedio con los vibra-mecs:

Chapman can only stand the story time en La Generación Pop for Five minutes at The Dakota… “don’t you know Öüï’$ talking about a Revolution on Sunday Bloody Sunday? STUPIDOS!

For context, since there won’t be a “podcast” for posterity, on today’s date, the station above retransmitted Sunday’s show before noon, yada, yada, yada, the Mecs closed with Tracey Chapman and followed wit You Tú.

Shut’em down follows!


Note to Geraldo Rivera:

Hola, Boricua! Now you might be wondering how “Imagine a Dragoon” fits on this Barbie, well, you empty-safebox-broadcasting foo, You, of all the cock sucker’s at FOX News walked next to Lennon, and these are my Credentials:

32 Flavors, and then some 🍦

It has nothing to do with the faggety French Foreign Legion, if you should need further references, go to Olympia, Washington, and ask for Axl’s Patch, the 32nd AR Regiment to be precise, it’s the same one from Friedberg, Kräutsland, you know, ELVIS’S patch. In case youse a Young American who needs to be reminded what a 5.56 NATO Round is supposed to do. Not a funny sight to see.

Not to be outdone by Joan, Jean that motherfucker— pulled out “Ces petits choses”, Sin embargo, la « génération pop ” anda de vacaciones EN LAS Colonias del imperio de l’Académie française.

La Belle Époque des 2020'$

La Belle Époque des 2020’$… The Roaring Twenties