Se aproxima la hora de la verdad — Ehhhhh, Puuuuutin

it’s 15 hundred hours in Central Europe Time.

En Castellano, bola de putos quiere decir que son las tres de la tarde.

¡Arré! A ganar — “que se ocupa“.

En París son las tres de la tarde, y esto es un Uso Justo de todos los Medios.

… Televisa Deportes, Presenta:

Francia vS. Italia

Minuto 90:

Francia 45 — Italia 4

TimeStamp: E Ye YEeeeee (Radio Edit) 6 minutos para las 4 y Veinte.

Llegó la hora ShiNwengüenshona… A Black Bird, told me.

Minuto 13’ a las 17h13 en La Europa Central … Le Galant (bistrot chic) y La Brasserie Aux Trois Maillets es una Ola Verde, si Francia fuese Japón, señor Macron recibiria una medalla de honor. entrando al minuto 12: ¡que chingue a su madre Donald Trump!… sinceramente: Angela Merkel.

Minuto 30’ — México jugando como nunca!

Y allí está Minuto 34’ GOOOOOLLLLLL!

El grito y el canto el Les Halles: ¡MEMO! MEMO!! MEMO!!!

… puto el que no grite, eh!

Minuto 45’

Rue de La Cossonnerie casi esquina con Rue Saint–Denis.

Minuto 45’ arranca el segundo tiempo: 18h02 en Châtelet…

Ahora, las noticias (malas) Pop Song:

Pop Life! Minuto 51’ « Everybody needs a Thrill ».

Minuto 65… México no baja el nivel, Memo es el C7 del Arco… Lozano sale.


HASTA LA VICTORIA— siempre… bola de Putos! Viva México!

Minuto 90 + 2’: Gana México!!!

Nota del staff: por primera vez, « el Cielito lindo » se escucha bien, el coro que sale de un lado es con el « Ole—olé—OLÈ_olé », o algo así!… bola de putos! El canto despues del partido ahorita, en París es: Vamos a La Torre—oh—oH—oh, oh_OH!

TimeStamp: 18:59 in Siren Central Time… jazz follows.


¡Si se PUEDE!!! Bola de putos—Let’s flip this fucken flag around.

Tell me something I don’t know—“Let’s play Hardball”

You are welcome Ari… “i’m Jealous again”.

Right now, the flute in  “Howling For Judy” sure gives Snatch a new spin… “sure shot” with a tounge for a tie think’s he’s got a deal going with Kim, but what Every KATUSA at Camp Casey wants to know from you, is where’s the Beef mr, president? Over on the Iran side you cleared the way for that regime to continue with a Big-Bang developing program when you scrapped an on-going deal that guaranteed nuke inspectors on Persian sands, and unlike Carroll O’Connor in the role of Chris Matthews up above i’m no expert, but wasn’t Jung–Il the main nuke material supplier to Iran? Anygüey, the good thing about all of this is that the World Cup starts shortly, just in time for the European Parlament to re-arrange our ability to graphically show what’s behind the current PUTUSwhat’s behind the current POTUS long ties, we [the staff] now realize that those stupid fucking ties are the design of Russian technology to better hide Donald John Trump’s  mother fucking lying tounge.

Zero One Hundred Hours in Central NATO time.

… The greatest show ln Earth, according to General “Colt” Matthews, follows—stick around and keep it Real.

Even that Jennifer Lovett at United States Forces (Command) Korea, what’s her rank, Lieutenant Colonel? What do they know? They’re just a glorified Major; tell ‘em Rudy, tell ‘em how i was the greatest American Football player at the toy soldier private military academy where my mom sent me for basically being a total asshole with everybody around me—tell ‘em Rudy! It’s an order.

Fuck, might as well swing over to Raquelitos pad, it’s Oh Three Hundred Hours in Central Nato Time—and it Feel’s Fine… really. It feels Fine.

Oh… the humanity. The Korean Peninsula, sold with no money down and no interest for the rest of Trump’s political Big Top,—sold like a condemned hurricane damaged Hyundai Sonata.

“Robocopyrighting” with the Big Kat and her BBC

“Can I get a witness!”… before “they” start charging for Breaking the News.

Breaking the EuroNews… this is a time-delayed entrance… context follows.

… next thing Ewe know, they’ll take my Meme’s away!

People will believe me more if Ewe call me doctor.

ISSY, corazón, en la cueva de Las Sirenas, la “Comadre Lety” y “un tal” de La Fuente on the programming controls at fip punto fr no nos pueden dejar mentir sobre las propiedades de la propaganda, concepto que Las Sirenas suguieren que descubras por conducto de “arte” tv este jueves.

The thing —cheeky bum’s— is that informed listeners like the ones that listen to the Siren’s wails should already know who the father of crowd manipulation and propaganda is, this suggested programming that the Den is pitchig out into the airwaves —and over the interwebs— would better serve the 96,4 BeFeMer’s crowd, the 100,3 NRJayers (es lo mismo que  exa fm  es para los mexicanos, the 101,5 NOVA the fake fip, the 102,3 OUÏ …don’t think so, (FM) unless of course Ewe take your clothes off, the 103,5 Virgin Radio… ni de las putas bocinas, if Ewe know what we [the staff] mean, and of course, Juanito Guanabacoa, amigo—no creas ni por un puto minuto que se nos pasó la frecuencia 99 FM Latina la casa de Talía y el reggaeton en París, ni mucho menos Francisco, nos olvidamos del 106.3 Fréquence Paris Pluriel pero eso sí Osler Amaro lo de FPP es única y exclusivamente los domingos de las 10 de la mañana al medio día.

Anygüey, sirenas, i [armando segovia, not the staff] am bringing this up because later this month the Europeean Legal Affairs Committee will vote on changes that Public Relation Firms and Propaganda Farms wish to have when it comes to issues dealing with restrictions designed by “los hijos de Edward Bernays” to change the ways of a free and open Internet; these fuckers wish to put a tap on the flow of information and how independent thinkers (not the pre-fabricated Hit after Hit consumers like the ones on the NRJ and Latina FM) use and SHARE THAT INFORMATION to Stick it to The Man!

… now about David Letterman:

… can Ewe imagine if this “Robocopyright” law comes into effect? Who? I ask EWE—Who is going to highlight in $GR€€N$ the fact that Vettel–Bottas–Vestappen took the Canadian Grand Prix, eh?

Wait for it, wait. Because there seems to be a Carnaval flowing through the airwaves.

TimeStamp: 18h45 à Sebastopol 75001/75004

… coming up:


Breaking the news, a fleet of B-52’s has been spotted over la Île–de–France, early reports suggest that they are dropping a payload of sugarcubes over Paris. Stay tuned for details.

The following must be read in a Brian Williams Voice.

We can’t tell for sure, it was another era, another set of issues and a whole wide range of censorship in the air, but given the opportunity we wonder—we really, really wonder if our own (NBC) David Letterman would have nixed the father of all Stand Up comedians, the great Lenny Bruce, anygüey, we know for a fact that Letterman cut Bill Hicks in half, and that later Ol’Dave apologized… so it went, eh. This, as Bjork once Screamed it: wasn’t supposed to happen but that is the way that censorship rolls.

Brian Williams:

Reconnaissance report suggests that an Army of dreamers commandeered by a renagade Bush, and the Dragonhead Squadron from the Pixies Division is in fact dropping “Politically Kkkkorrrekkkttt,” screaming riots.

… still to come on the BBC:
Indeed, Sir: your Queen is a Reptile, but we[the staff] don’t hold that against you.


TimeStamp on the “Slow Hand” is one one minute for ‘till the middle of the hour before the 11th Hour in Central Europe Time.

Uso justo de la BBC… all content in this frame, including Katy Kay in the form of a lock under chains is property of the BBC., and Getty Images.

Right now, however, time kept moving on and now it’s After Midnight… and what a perfect timing for this “copyright directive” to fly under the radar while Trump and a brutal dictator distract the world from this afront on free speech. Well played Illuminati  well played ∴ 

Let’s Play Hardball


Ladies in Gemeni, Ewer attention, please:

Please be advised that as your most inconsequential source for news, dark humor and of course cross-media « “informayion,” our Sunday Night Jazz Entry (from the night before) was REARRANGED for DANGLING PARTICIPLES —just a few missing beats and notes— here and there that needed a bar to rest in some of the paragraphs.

Do keep in mind that we type this most inconsequential blog in almost three similar yet very different languages, and on two different styles of keyboard; one being the dreaded “azerty” and the other, ladies in Gemeni being the one invented by The French: the celebrated « qwerty »… or something like that.

There is however, one silver lining to this written post and it revolves around the fact that neither:

Media Pi !, Walter Ryce, Aude Favre, Clint « motherfucking Eastwood, John Oliver, the one and only Madame Hidalgo à La Mairie de Paris, and Tipper « P Motherfucking RC » Gore

are ever going to read this most inconsequential blog, eh!

TimeStamp: Cinco para las Once in Central Europe Time.

Dear, John Heilemann,

In the words of Jimmy Kimmel: I can’t believe that Ewe are fucking Matt Damon! —No, wait, that’s for a different ho… ho… Host! Yes, that last statement is for a different host; anygüey, we are sorry, very sorry that Oui, oh but yes—Heilemann— that we [the staff] ran out of dangling participles to include Ewer take in Real Time with ‘werewolf’ Maher.

Sorry, we’ll fit Ewe in next time, nice duo mic on your Sonny Crocket lapel, though, Anygüey catch Ewe at a French Bistro or at another patrimony site for humanity according to the UNESCO, or some .org like that, eh!

TimeStamp: Fleetwood Mac or some Guardian of « our » Galaxie, eh!

…but right now, Heilemann, we [the staff] must turn into werewolfs: Valerie is over La Seine Airwaves.

TimeStamp: 4h20 in C.E.T. — mean While, it’s the 11th Hour in Korean Standard Time

La Gallerie and “therestricted news weekly from Monterey (casi esquina con Clint Eastwood à Carmel By The Sea) dear Walter Ryce: is now open, Govenor on H[o]BOwait for it, WAIT!

Domingo 10 de junio de 2018
“Trump se llevó el balón y dijo: ya no juegan…”
La Jornada.

Dear, Mairie de Paris (I.T. section) perhaps, Rachel Maddow didn’t stress (back when Vlad “el” Putin was rigging the 2016 election) the importance that a little internet site, a growing repository of information —actually!!!— has in the age of misinformation; i mean —Mayor Hidalgo— i get it, i really—really do, if the French didn’t invent it or had a hand in shaping it then it doesn’t exist, but just for the show–and–tell properties of the next screen-capture and the Cross–Media–Tangents* that arrived via the Merkel Team at the Canadian Grand Prix that arrived via Chancellor Angela Merkel’s staff at the G7 Summit in Canada, please do consider the words of  the mother of the American President as relayed by a source at Vanity Fair before she died; AND, the body language of a now infamous petulant pose of Donald Trump in front of the German Chancellor and the rest of his pollitically charged equals; additionally, factor in the unintended NON-Political statement  of an American Icon currently on display at one of your city’s gallerys on the 6ème Arrondissement. I mean Ms. Hidalgo (sure, i could address you as Madman, o mismo, bien me pudiese dirijir a usted como Señora alcaldeza) but may i keep this informal? Of course i can. My point is that your computers at las Bibliotecas de París shouldn’t be hi-jacking; or worst, censuring the flow of genuine archival information. So please don’t make me find the hidden key that every lock has in it’s inventory when i have the need to do my job (even if i don’t get paid). Sorry, Mr,. Macron for opening a gallery that is normally closed on Sunday’s, but we took this avenue of approach in-so-far as to arrive, or rather  for the sake of knowing what your American colleague’s Mother thought of that son of Fred Christ Trump (…in all of our blasphemous trips) we [the staff] never thought that CHRIST WOULD BECOME —in this context— worst than The SON OF a Trump (or a Bitch) we [the staff] note this because the MacCleod’s seem to be alright… FUCK The Trumps and their fucking lineage! }—-—~~~\*>  NOTE FROM STAFF: The Cutline in this frame  has been REDACTADA for DANGLING PARTICIPLES, at 09h50  on a Monday morning of June the 11th 2018… in C.E.T.

Dear, Govner: context follows!

… Right now it’s time for Sunday Night Jazz and the good thing about it is that the Frogs don’t have a National Public Radio. TimeStamp: 19h00 in Central Europe Time (from a biblioteca)…

And Now
Selecciones del Reader’s Digress
A Case in Point for Madame La Alcaldesa de Las Bibliotecas de París:

Forward: the good thing about this most inconsequential blog is that Media Pi! nor, Aude Favre, an indie journo —Ewe’all— monitors this most non–consequential blog, because if they ever would, they would have to consider if the Wayback Machine is a worthy archival tool available over the WWW intertubes, and which definetly doesn’t need nor deserve the Tipper Gore treatment from La Mairie de Paris Bibliothèques cyber police.

Fake News or Neta Info à La Fontaine de Les Halles?

… and now, without futher to do, a bit of visual context… remember Govner, all of this started when the First Daughter published a most amazing, a most fabuleuse picture of her motherly blessings and pleasures outings with her baby just as the world was learning of 1500 children that had gone missing because the Federal Goverment in National Public Radio land — lost TRACK of them… sorry NPR, i really do dig you, you are right there next to “the” C-SPANS, but you kind of handed the country away to Chicken Hawks and Right Wing Pundits; and in the words of the most iconic idiot in American Films “that is all that i’m going to say”.

TimeStamp: 4h20 in CET and right now it’s the 11th Hour in Korean Standard Time.

ONCE AGAIN GOVENOR, this Sunday Night Jazz Entry was REARRANGED for DANGLING PARTICIPLES —just a few missing beats and notes— that needed a bar in some of the paragraphs… Do keep in mind that we type this most inconsequential blog in almost three languages, and two different styles of keyboard; one being the dreaded “azerty” and the other the one invented by The French: the celebrated « qwerty »… or something like that.

… and the beat goes on — We are glad Ewe made it into the Den

TimeStamp: 19h03 in fip Central Time

Issy… it’s Time—baby! 1910, pero en las urnas y si eso no funciona: a Chingar A Su Madre Caborca y los Hijos de Plutarco Elias Calles. ¡Viva Villa, Cabrones!

Bajita la mano… it’s all About the BASS.

Cliff, would approve.

Almost live, desde la Sierra Tarahumara: Sabina Berman y los choferes de los empresarios mexicanos que trabajan por los intereses de las MINERAS CANADIENSES, eh!

TimeStamp: Adelita… i want YOU back— fuck the Ms. Dior’s Escaramuzas and the Firda Kahlo’s con la “princesa’ que se decora con tam-tam®️.

Right Now: Penelope… follows.

Wait 4 Her, Jack! Wait, just Wait!

… in the mean time, the Sirens are axing the fuck out of la Seine in reel—time and with minimal blabber::: COUSIN Joe, with minimal BLABBER!!!

TimeStamp: CANELO Vs TRIPLE G… a 7 Army, brother — prove Carlos Salinas y el Güero de los moneros—Güey, can save MÉXICO—puto!