In Washington, Mitt Romney and Donald Trump have lunch at the White House

On the menu:

Ancas de Rana

Ancas de Rana y kool-AID for the fast & furious.

Main Entry:
Frog legs, according to the MorJo coffee shop show.

Meanwhile, on the Wallace-a-thon, Former Senator Claire McCass is spilling the beans on how they (KloubuChar and her) got away with alimony from the thousands of boyfriends that they squeezed on the CAMPaign trail (Volumes 1 through 9). On set, Nicole is showing signs of serious fatigue, it seems that “skittles and coffee” are dragging the Purple Pundit down, way down; two chairs down, to Nicolle’s right is Ari Melver, clean-shaven y como dijera Bumble Bee Man on the Simpsons (from Springfield, Ohio) “más fresco que una lechuga”. Ari Melber is a lawyer, the Seattle Sounder makes a lot of “lechugas”, which is C.O.D.E. for the Federal Reserve Board “greenbacks“, SO, there is only one explanation that can account for the Hip-Hop pundit’s vitality, that motherfucker is High on cocaine, just like every motherfucking Lawyer in the United States. So g’ahead Wallace, we know that you don’t lie, you don’t lie — lie on the ground, have some cocaine.

She's so tired...

She’s so tired… she just Glitched a Meachum in the Matrix.:.8AE009E8-A1A1-4339-A2D5-6F25FD809E45 •|• Over in Hilo, Hawaii, Mr. Cool Breeze Over The Mountains Reeves*, takes on the role of Senator Romney, and turns into a Mexican Bandido.

* There–there:

https ://imdb .com/name/nm0000206/bio?

COCAINE, make your impeachment experience of 2019 be like the one when Nixon got caught robbing a Bank:

La quebrada en tabla

La quebrada en tabla

Dessert… to “clear the Table“:
Panqué (moulleux) fourré au caramel
BEURRE sale, and Ketchup à volonté.

A Year in l’Historia
November 2019 follows

22h20CET 21-11-2019

22h20 CET on 21-11-2019.:.4C199476-07F6-410B-AEC4-87CB2BFB4AA8 •|• Rep. (CA) Adam Schiff, “We Are Better Than That”. It’s Turkey Time.

During the lunch session, it was agreed that “los comensales” would adopt an identity, Mitt Romney said, “I will be Johnny Utah”.

The sheep counting urges on Nicolle, quantum leaped her to Capitol Hill and her fatigue even Matrixed the Brave Fiona and that dude Mr. Holmes. Awestrucking. Meanwhile, Ari Melver is donating Cocaine to the rest of the LawYers on the Purple Pundit’s Show.

Purple Spiced Tang®️

Purple Spiced Tang®️.:.FB686B39-7118-4553-899C-038B65CAFCD9 •|• Sabor uva.

Things got back to normal when el Niño Luc showed up, the french spinner was supposed to DJ, but Americans sin acento can’t resist a French dude in a fancy setting so Devin Nunes, the rankiest member at the lunch settin’ dressed Mr. Luc as a “Maître D’Hôtel de la Capitol Records Police… Oh, the humanity. It was at this precise moment, when Mr. Nunes was giving Mr. Niño Luc his suit that the Trump apologiste decided what his identity for the lunch would be. Mr. Nunes saw el Niño Luc’s presentation card. It had a Siren Den logo, so Mr. Nunes woul be the Starbucks Siren… on Motherfucking LSD!!! Everyone at the table agreed, the identity fit his sorry two–face cheekily cheeks purrfect.


Edición vespertina — Bump[er] Cars with Wallace

And in Washington, Nicolle plays the role of La Ficha Amarilla while Maddow is getting ready to eat  La Ficha Verde… wait scratch D.A.T., while Maddow is getting ready to eat UP the role, not munch on La Ficha Verde.

Crosstown Debate bumps with the big top

Crosstown Debate bumps with the big top, what a ride… if you are a political junkie, if you are a Young American, you probably only care about ASAP Rocky, or some performer like that.

It’s 23h in CET and the Big Top is giving the political animals a break after a teeth pulling session with the “Ambassador of Europe” for Donald Trump. In the mean time, Captain Pompeo is the first bumper car to get knocked the fuck out of “la pista”, for taking artistic liberties with his role of Benedict Arnold.

And for the first time on live TV, a Trump appointed ambassador —of Europe, no less— reveals that the White House chain of command is sketched in the same fashion that the fictional feds on The Godfather Trilogy drew don Vitto Corleone’s Olive Oil Export Company “assets”.


Nicolle keeps bumping on telephone pole, on a telephone pole, on a telephone pole… and then “the ambassador of Europe” goes, “hey, lady, you of all people know that the White House can get ANY phone number that they want.”

The big question now is if the próxima corrida is going to bump into the democratic debate.

"but it's gonna take Money"

“but it’s gonna take Money”… [A]nd Bernie responds: Our economy is rigged. -_!_- And they are off, Mayor Pete is at the point of No Return.

“Senator Warren”, asks Rachel Maddow, and The Mighty Mighty Bosstonne goes: read the Mueller Report and follow the money.

Trump re-election update… is a 🖤 by-pass

Breaking the Reed’s with Walter
With Musical Guest:
The 3MDupontBig Pharma Triad

Smoke'em if you bong'em

Smoke’em if you bong’em.:.C1C29B31-AF0F-4100-976D-9C291B8CFFAD •|• Later on D.A.T. same Ball of YARN, the railway commuter revealed, what is perhaps one of the biggest U.S. of America hypocrisies, the one that “delegates” to each of the STATES represented en el trapo de “las barras* y las estrellas” the “responsibility” to OK or NIX their  marihuana and guns laws. Õ!Ô FOR THE RECORD Mr. Biden, it was during the so-called “Silent Generation” (that period between the Normandy and the TORA, TORA, TORA generation  and the Beach Boys coming of age) that a company called Dupont and several other Big Pharma interests lobbied the Eisenhower’s of the day to go ahead and “bundle” Cannabis with them other “hard drugs” that for the annals of Presidential hisSTORY sake, financed ILLEGAL WARS and kept sovereign countries like Colombia and México with a “revolving policy” of C.I.A. ruling despots… Now (and) then, America, sin Acento, don’t get Mí started on Bolivia being a Sinaloa Cartel “partner”, when your ATF,  —motherfuckers—  supplied all of the Mexican Cartels with MILITARY GRADE FIRE POWER in order to create chaos, havoc and MILITARY GRADE deaths in OUR own fucking backyard. SHAME ON YOU, Joe BIDEN. And please don’t ever get  behind the wheel of a Jay Leno “money laundering” collectionIST ve•hi•CLE again, PERIOD

Running on the “fumes” of the « reefer madness » runaway station wagon, former vice-president, Joe Biden, single-handedly split the democratic ticket and thus, gave president Trump a second (and possibly a permanent) term at The White House.

Old people kill lives

Old people IN CARS kill lives. Don’t let your grandparents drive, PERIOD

Reports from The Hill quote Mr. Biden’s negative rationalization, on marihuana legalization, because on The Merits that he (the former V.P.) wants science to assure his old ass that pot is not a “gateway” to other legally distributed DRUGS, such as OXYCONTIN, Percocet, or even the .10 cent per pound Tramadol.

Asked if weed was a “gateway” drug, former President of The United States of America, Barack Hussain Obama, said that YES!

Oh, the humanity

Oh, the humanity.:.07525BE0-693B-4125-A98F-C019E393C0ED •|• Breaking the news: In WaWa Land, Cousin Joe’s big head turned into a Big Tabloid, not a “tablet”, —nooooh— an actual dead tree. |•| HECK, even The Washington Examiner got pulled into the Scarborough Orbit, and viewers can now blame the Goat Milk Latte avocado spiced brownies for that Freudian slip about Cousin Joe taking over for Vice-president Joe… the nerve of that Starbucks®️ plug.

“Marihuana was a gateway to the Executive Branch of Government,”, said n° 44.

In other news, the entire States of Colorado, Oregon, and even scattered counties in California started a petition to put a HALT on driver licences issued to anyone over the age of 75, until more research is done on whether anyone over a certain age is not going to BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE of a farmers market, and/or other public place of gathering.

“They want to tarnish us” Bolivar’s sword in Paris (2da parte)

In Hawaii, it’s just bee-four Mid’Night.

...[A]nd in Paris

[A]nd in Paris, it is the FOist of two, —11th Houstons … of two, Eleventh HOURS.

What’s the Frequency, ?
—and Saturn goes:

3rd General Order

3rd General Order.:.042A830A-C22A-43B6-9076-D657475D19BB •|• “I will report violations of my special orders, emergencies, and anything not covered in my instructions, to the commander of the relief.” -_- Captain Pompeo forgot how the chain of command works.

It is not a Freq.

—what is it then, Chronos?
Asked “el principito”

It is a Page.
Noted the child eater.

Time after TIME

EN MÉXICO Y EN EL MUNDO, Time after TIME.:.996667BF-7363-43EC-BD61-9F2360F83A85 |•| Justice only SERVES THOSE WITH GOLD AND POWER, is Eye wrong, Mason Vincent?

This is part two of:

Entre aura sabanera y pterodáctilo

Entre aura sabanera y pterodáctilo.:.1AF8A421-5E75-4E3A-8E81-AC7BEFA89F05

tanto pedo durante la campaña presidencial del 2012 (de Morena en México) y mira el mojón que pusieron al cargo de los Derechos Humanos… ¡Alerta, alerta! la espada de Boliviar [Simón que oui, of coursecon demagogia y palancas se [a]mella.

But FOist…

PAGE 778¹ (signability)

Eye Gknew IT!!!!!!
The Astros cheat,
Mercury was in fact,
receiving SIGNALS from Saturn*

sign stealing:
A tactic by which a team spots and deciphers its opponent’s signs.

Por ejemplo, Comadre Letty, check the dark side of the Ancient Aliens history files it goes like this:

1. The Sound Creates the Frequency
2. The Frequency Creates The Symbol
3. The Symbol [then] Represents Both
The Sound and, The Motherfucking

*The Evil planet, according to David Icke.

The dark lorde saturn~DAY NIGHT~LIVE

In other knew news, the departing MoJoe set coordinator has just spilled the Beans; Cousin Joe’s big head (and it’s strong starr–sucking gravitational field) is in fact a repeater node front for Saturn.

Elise Jordan’s Friday Night Red Lights Knew Show has all of the details… [W]ith Musical guest:
The Louisiana Goat Milk Suckers, featuring Kanye West and Republican Senator, Joe Kneely K…

Mercury is the god of COMMUNICATION

Mercury is the god of COMMUNICATION .:. 1748A75F-C6E4-4263-9D73-968534A437BF •|• SATURN is the god of CORPORATIONS… and Republican Senator from the Mormon STATE, Mitt Romney goes, “corporations, my friend, are PEOPLE too.”

Check local listings for programming. Only on The Fountain Network [msnbc’s premium service OnDemand].


¹ The Dickson Baseball Dictionary, Third [motherfucking] Edition.
   Featuring, Skip McAfee. An W.W. Norton & Company production.

Get Shorty Season 3; EP6 — Roman Polanski

10h50 in Central Siren knew News
The French, [them people] sure love those affairs“… they just call’em something Else, said Jay Gatsby.

"In the morning don't say you love mí

Faces: In The Morning don’t say you love Mí.:.DAFDE796-795B-4CC9-BA88-C920C14CAF1F •|• “Sit down, get up, get Out“. -_- “…[B]ut then (that bitch) looked mí in the EYE“, said Agent Pettypiece, on the msnbc’s audio mic’s.

Jesus built my car
It's a love affair
Mainly Jesus and my hot rod

Yeah, fuck it!

Ladies in Gemini:
Roman Polanski directs
The Great Gatsby – a new breed

courtesy of Ministrydon’t bee EVIL
🎶🎶Ding a ding a dang
a dong dong ding dong

Every where I go🎶🎶

Mean while, the Great impeachment hearings continue in Reel–Thyme at Capitol Records, [them federales de la oficina] move in like a General Pershing’s perra on the “bad hombres… y hembras”, that the DEA helped to criminally organize in the backyard that [them gringos] call The Merida Plan, o algo así.

Military Factory

Military Factory.:.2DC79A82-A52F-4172-996F-1D3EED3CC2F4 •|• Over at the Newest Border in the World (Turkish/Syrian) Agent Angle could not confirm the nationality of that D.A.R.E. bird with fire throwing capabilities; was it an Airbus « Super Puma »? Perhaps a Canadian “Freedom Fighter”? Or maybe a Lockheed Martin “Fighting Falcon”… or was it a Phantom too?

Now to be fair, one cannot serioulsy compare the General Pershing punitive incursion into la Sierra de Chihuahua in 1916, with the “consigliere” role of the F.B.I. in 2019.

Por ejemplo, Raquelito, if a Doroteo Arango surged from the betrayed ranks of the U.S.- Kurdish Strategic Allience, would you really hold it against them? The Kurds, not us

Perrita Mongrel de la OEA

Perrita Mongrel de la OEA.:.582EEB74-9FFD-41B5-B07A-D8379BEE096A •|• 6° of canine breeding; it pretty much happens when a Breeder takes “un perro mezcla” and “a pure breed” and lets them two fuck for giggles, the resulting “perritos”, or “crías” cannot be determined until the day that “los cachorros” arrive. SOURCE: “von~ferriz~haus . com”, Metodología para la Crianza Canina.

Entonces, pues, Cousin Joe, it’s not as if the Mormon family of Galeana, [Chihuahua] of 2019 has anything to do with the Mormon splinter cell of San Diego [California] of 1972. Two different matters, completamente. Now then, is the Fi.Bi.Is. presence in Mexico justified and  within the scope of a nations so-called sovereignty? The answer Willie Geist rests upon a single message heard in 2016, it goes like this and it must be read in an Alec Baldwin (Jack Ryan) voice:

Russia, if you’re listening…

because if “the” president extends the invitation then it’s not a blunder, o como dicen los franceses, un faux pas.

Over at the MoJo Show:

Vexed  by agent Haass yesterday, and left rickety baffled by the current soul of America [sin acento] TODAY, Mika’s decorative statue outside of 30 Rock shrugged, “it seems that Erdogan and the Kurds have a Love Affair in the Way That Jesus built my Hot Rod,” explained in a digression, Gibby Haynes outside of Capitol Records.

…[B]ack at the embassy — on the Chuck Todd telenovela

Jack Ryan, Season 2; EP 2
“La quinceañera”

Press One to activate

Press One to activate Art.:.EFA37B0E-13C4-4ACE-8B0E-D6EF0A0A30A1 •|•

[The following must be read in a Brian Williams voice]


— “November yells for a doctor…”