Tropic Thunder, starring: Josephus desde la « Basse–Cour » del Dolby en LA, y en FA!

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Bitch! He buried Titus.
Sarah was fucking Matt Damon.

Coming up on C-SPAN:9C608F8C-DA44-46FA-8E06-7AEFEBE312C8 —•— It’s the R O M A Awards.

Anygüey, Marianne, Eye just want to make L.O.V.E. To Y.O.U.

Implies;   therefore;   más o menos, pues. THAT:

Any similarity to our Special Series on Sand Clocks and Cheap Mexican FAROS A LA DISTANCIA para sus Gauloises en R.O.M.A., , es mera chingadera del supuesto destino:87078220-D036-4389-A5D3-50C368592A18… Algo así cómo pasó con doña Georgina Moreno, tesorera de La Asociación Gilberto Bosques París,  durante La COP 21.

Viva Mejico y la mejor de la suerte para Mateo, y su Tio en ROMA.

Did Ewe Stage that too, Emilio?
Ladies in Penetentiary Penitentiary:
Carlitos “T” Carlson de Mola Martínez de La Garza…
Y Arriba Las Chivas!

Don’t know if Carlitos should get a Gendarme Razzito, o un simple Oscarín.

… y ya sabén cómo es de metiche el pinche César, comenta, La Rana Rene.

“Donnez à ce cabrón LA une médaille”.

Y el méndigo burro rebuzna, “¿Medallas?”

… y por eso MARIANNE, Marianita, de las Santas Préfecturas, mi pinche relato era, es, —y seguira siendo Relevante— aún así, fragmentado.

Anygüey, Marianne. Susana y los sepultureros are on the RedCarpet with the Mexican Army Band, who make their Brand Spankin’ debut in France [under New MGMT] let’s see what in World has changed at Longchamps (75016).

Dear, Mike Barnicle: please stop fucking Anne Finucane.

Artificial Red meets The Spaghetti Incident
Central Siren Den.

September 1st, 2018
FAUX* Labor Day Weekend in the U.S. of A.
America’s fake workers day celebration

*The real Labor Day
is on May the 1st…
just ask Chicago.

Dear, Mike... may we [the staff] call you Mike? Of course we can!

Anygüey, Mike, here’s an urgent request:

Please STOP, —we repeat— PLEASE stop fucking your wife, the vice–Chairperson of BANK OF AMERICA, Anne Finucane.

Mrs. Finucane, dear Mike, can go fuck herself and in the company of all of the sitting members of Bank of America.

Here’s the thing, Barnicle, you sir cannot go on the Morjo Show and rant about the Treasonous Asshole–in–Chief, Donald J. Trump, for making life a living nightmare for foreigners (documented or not) in the land of Bruce Springsteen and Bobby McGee, and then share the Executive Outhouse with a decision maker like YOUR WIFE, who might we [the staff] add that out of a financial institution like Bank of America is conveniently confiscating —or freezing— money from non–U.S. citizens… NOW that, Barnicle, that’s a very NAZI gesture of her and the rest of the board.

We [the staff] wonder if those foreign frozen assets that Bank of America seized are also barred from generating COMPOUND INTEREST for the institution that your wife co–chairs, —because if the banking institution that pays the bills in your household is also BANKING on the confiscated money of their customers, then that is a pretty shitty thing to bank on… don’t ya Think?

On the rebound, and just for shits & giggles, please tell Mika Brezezinski that she cannot be outraged about Harvey Weinstein without calling out her employer NBC for being assholes with the guy who dropped the dime on Winestein in the first place.

🎵🎵🎵 Oh, Say — can EWE SEE?… }-—-\*> En show business, diría don Jesús Reyes Heroles: MK ULTRA and “the” L’Oréal files, —are background.

Sin más, mr. Barnicle,
Do say hello to Willie Gueist and the rest of the gang.

[the staff]

Bottom-feeding sources for the msnbc’s and all of the Daily Beasts in between.

  1. Haymarket and May Day in ChiCago:
  2. Gacy Bunch Disinformation

    TimeStamp: 15 o’Three in CET

  3. Mad Season on an Echo Chamber

1 de septiembre… día y mes de los informes

Stick around because Weekend Edition is—ah—gonna last All Month Long!

mientras tanto en Roma, el papa Pancho hace un llamado para salvaguardar el medio ambiente de las sirenas y los Sponge Bob’s.

Bank Of America, MSNBC, Ayotzinapa para espontaneos, Los Hilos de Sasha en el tendedero de doña Chole, CANELO vS. GGG!!!

… and more from ROMA,
—of course.

14 hundred hours in:

… Bobby McGee [by–the–güey] Rachel Maddow, is making his/her way from LA… s/he got stuck in Baton Rouge—again!

Dear, Kevin Sieff at El WaPo… it’s 08–hundred hours in CET

Hello, Mr. Sieff, two things:
The first thing relates to autocrats, these assholes, all of’em must be eradicated from the face of the Earth.

… yes, yes—La Frontera méxico–gringa must be the Place. Wait One for Thing TWO—in The “Americas”.

TimeNow, paloma, it’s a quarter after eight in the morning in Central NATO Time… and the following is a Time–Delayed screen–grab made possible by the Mobile Post, —earlier in the programming.

So, Mr. Sieff, “the americas”, eh!
it’s a good thing that America (sin acento)
a.k.a. The United States of America
does not have colonies, —only ‘territories’,
which brings us [the staff] to ponder with the following observation:

Las américas de El WaPo.

Shouldn’t your article, about U.S. passports be tagged, or rather nested under your newspaper’s “National” section instead of publishing it on “The Americas” files?

Perhaps we [the staff] are confused but, your article titled, “U.S. is denying passports to Americans along the border, throwing their citizenship into question” is about U.S. passports, right?

So, Mr. Sieff, why bury this story on an IM•AG•I•NAR•Y continent. Your editors at El WaPo should know, Mr. Sieff, that América is, and it has always been one continent… next thing Ewe know, The Atlantic is going to turn into a magazine and The Nation, of all things into a periodical.

Anygüey, in other nEwes, Cousin Joe has the morning off, apparently he is taking care of Mika’s MK–Ultra “mind control” little piggies, or something like that. One thing is for sure, El WaPo likes to play lip service to the colonial and imperial minds that enjoy ‘drawing lines’ in the sand in order to arrange the geography of an entire continent to suit their needs, and on today’s edition of the Morjo Show,  Mika Brezezinski just shifted an Equinox 23 days early (in EST) and declared August the 31st as the end of the Summer season of 2018… one must really—really—really be on “pig therapy” in order to be conditioned in such a güey, eh!

The Fall is Coming… but not today, Mika—not today.

and another thing Cousin Joe Scarborough: F.U.C.K. college football, if U.S. universities invested the salaries and the funds that go into running a scholastic sport program that makes its players brain dead, on research and investigation, tuitions, and room and board, instead, maybe a God Damned Aspirin®️inside of a U.S. hospital delivery room wouldn’t be in the HUNDREDS of U.S. dollars, and maybe, just maybe [pinche Barack Obama and Donald J. Trump] people along the U.S./Mexico border wouldn’t need to go to a midwife to get their babies delivered… sometimes, Cousin Joe, we [the staff] really—really hate the U.S. of A., and so today we [the staff] will focus our hate and start in alphabetical order: F.U.C.K. A•LA•BA•MA… fuck Alabama all day—and all of the night.

Bottom–feeding sources and other assorted fuck–ups:

1. Puerto Rico:

2. Passports:

3. Calendar Joe:


Ahhh, yes… part 2 with the Leaker–in–Chief

We [the staff] continue to get the runaround from the Chicago bureau, please stand–by for something Steve Kornacki doesn’t know.

Please stand–by for context…

… coming up:
“The Maverick’s” white gloved one–finger salute to Donald J. Trump from the other side, but first, the U.S.P.S. finally arrived.

It’s 4h20 in Central Europe Time… Karaoke on npr follows

The good thing about this most inconsequential blog,
is that France does not have a National Public Radio,
but they did inspire the creation of a cozy little place called:
The Hanoi Hilton, eh!

Captain John Sidney McCain, N°3.
29 août 1936 – 25 août 2018

For the record, On The Issues:

Hispanics serve our country, like every wave of immigrants… question [to Tancredo]:
Would you advertise for your campaign in Spanish? Specifically, I’m referring to the highly publicized comment you recently made that Miami was like a third world country.

TANCREDO: No, I would not advertise in Spanish. English is the glue that keeps a country together, any country. McCain’s immigration bill codifies Pres. Clinton’s executive order that said all papers produced by the government have to be in various languages.

McCAIN: Well, first of all, muchas gracias. We have to stop the illegal immigration, but we’ve had waves throughout our history. Hispanics is what we’re talking about, a different culture, a different language, which has enriched my state where Spanish was spoken before English was. In Washington DC, go to the Vietnam War Memorial and look at the names engraved in black granite. You’ll find a whole lot of Hispanic names. They must come into country legally, but they have enriched our culture and our nation as every generation of immigrants before them.

Source: 2007 GOP debate at Saint Anselm College , Jun 3, 2007

… according to a statement relayed by The New York Times in Arizona MST, “Mr. McCain died at 4:28 p.m. local time.” A statement from the late Senator’s office blamed the cause of death on a brain tumor.

Now then, here’s a little ditty dedicated to Toy Soldiers
in High Places…
we [the staff] don’t have to Post Itto Prove It,
Donald John Trump
like Hô Chi Minh

is also a Son of A Bitch.

Not to mention,
a coward with a capital “C”…
because during his time to Serve like McCain
to Protest like Muhammad Ali
Donald opted instead to be a Big Ol’ military academy Cunt.

Yes you did, mr. president
— Yes you did,
Ewe spineless cunt, you did
and you, of all people, don’t deserve the title:

Las fuentes en Español, vía los ‘interwebs’… y de paso, ojalá que “el maverick” se encuentre en una sala Karaoke en dónde él pueda ejecutar sus grandes hits sin tener que lanzar un ‘carpet bomb’ a menos de que esa alfombra sea una canción entonada a duo, con el Kennedy que falleció del mismo pinche tumor.

https :// www. nytimes .com/2018/08/25/obituaries/john-mccain-dead.html

At the time, a report in the Washington Post revealed that while then-Lieutenant Commander McCain was suffering from disease, malnourishment, and a number of gruesome wounds in a bleak Vietnamese prison, Mr Trump was living a glamorous life at an Ivy League University and later in exclusive Manhattan nightclubs.”

Chiara Palazzo
2 August, 2016
on The Telegraph.

Previously on the programming…

20 de agosto, 2018

Once again, we [the staff] insist that No Cucarachas [we repeat] No Cucarachas Were Harmed in the making of this most inconsequential blog, however, The Truth—and nothing but—The Truth was eviscerated by the legal counsel of the president of The United States of America.

Next on Meet The Press
Chuck Todd gets a Sir David Frost moment
on an associate of the latest

In Central Europe
it’s One Forty-five…
and Mika has the morning off.

Parlez vous pop? Mee likee da’ Tutti–Frutti del Italo–americano au cœur de l’Amérique.

When we [the staff] return we’ll digress back to why going back to Reagan’s “morning in America*” should not be a Focus on the development of the current American Spectacle… and no Bill Maher, we [the staff] would not trade a reddit front–page for any version of The Bible on your show.

TimeNow for the DayTime part of the 4:20 hour on the Central Europe Time.