PANAMÆ ! — Late… from La Parole Errante

Loaded 45… el otro extremo de “La Internacional”, y para muestra, un perucho como botón:


In Montreuil-sous-Bois, Freddo Santa Croix popped the champagne cork 30 minutes late, en décalage con 🇫🇷 Petro y Francia 🇨🇴.

La Émission Américas se puso las pilas luego de nuestra cobertura a ese teatro en enero, y sin embargo, la frequencia 106.3 no logra estar en internet, la senal se CALLÓ, del verbo caer.

Once la señal returned, Freddo Santa Crux is marching with Chairman MAO, he ain’t gonna make it with Freddy Cats —anyhow— because Freddy Cats is a Capitalist entreprise for the Dead.

En tanto regresa la señal, pasemos pues al plato principal en Texas:

[For the record, 20 minutos después la señal de Freddy Santa Te minúscula regresa al 106.3 de fm]

Tell, Mí More. Tell, Mí More. Tell, Mí More. Tell, Mí More… but Eye 🤹 ain’t got a Centenary 🎪 to give.

The “Hey Jude” / “Revolution” single was issued on 26 August 1968 in the US, with the UK release taking place on 30 August. Two days after the record’s US release, violent scenes occurred at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, as police and National Guardsmen were filmed clubbing Vietnam War protestors. 

Happiness is a Warm Culture Wako.
https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Revolution_(Beatles_song)


Sans Öüï, the year of Mexico in France would have been a hitch.





The one after number 9, number 9, number 9,…


In this section, Alicia will show up in places where even the White Rabbit dare not go, which is to say, Rocky Point is just a shot away from Haiti.

La Rumorosa, B.C., Camp Alaska (México)_ https ://www .rfi .fr /fr /Amériques /20230324-l-immigration-et-Haïti-au-cœur-des-discussion-entre-Joe-Biden-et-Justin-Trudeau

United Miners of North America.


Say what you want, but if your name is Karl, at a media enterprise in front of La Adelita on la rue de Crozatier, just behind the APHP messhall with the pornographic orgy scene fresco at Saint-Antoine, then you might be?


Survey/Enquête says:

A. Judas
B. on the Side of Editorial Darwinism
C. A fellow from CAºBORºCA

Answer: … para la eternidad, Judas, para la eternidad.

The Ville is Real, the clown names have been exchanged for credit at some pretentious Canadian University in Ontario.

And here’s why, J.R. (el hartista que’s-que puso los “ojos” en Tecate™, eyeEye!), because if you, sir… believe los comensales de l’adelita en Saint-Antoine, then by all means don’t follow the yella’Belly road to Médecines du Monde because all that youse gonna find is a motherfucking ReVolving door ushering you to Amnesty International à Belleville, which coincidentally is just a shot away from BOTZARIS and la Fréquence Paris Plurielle, but far from being in-pitch with la fréquence 110 hZ.

Two U’s (pronounced: Tú Ewe’s)

Jump to mañana.

Phuck you, STEVE Rattner — Give Some

Over at « Il est 5 heures »… It’s papas á la francesa, thyme.

Ladies in Gemini of Flight 747 with a connection to Memphis, Atlantis, and Georgia (not that one, sweet Carolina) our next stop is Boulder followed by Little Rock and then of course, the FOcken’ Stones, mate!

Phuck you pig, I’m with the Mel’s³, and please be advised that this flight started in Hilo, Hawaii, where Aurélie Masagua of Franche Musique is welcoming the Platters, at Twilight Time.

 ³~. Brooks 🗡️ and Blanc 🐰

And, Phuck your perontis desidratado banana…

Long live Kornaki and his board 🛹.

Hard Rock Café is for fags!

Previously on, “Oh, my Lucky Day!”: it’s Bip, le clown du Mans

100 Años de ¡Silencio!!!

CATSUP is code for? —Anyone? Ketch-up is code for? — WESTERN UNION? — VIGO?… any one of you SonsOfBitches? CATSUP is code for? REMESAS of course, ¡HIJOS DE LA CHINGADA? ★remesas Bip~bip.

Ok, in the first place, what were you doing at a dark corner of a French café, and as a matter a fact…

At the Umpire’s abode, Mrs. Umpératrise is throwing heat at Mr. Umpire.

Flore Umpératrise

— Yeah, I saw you earlier today! 👮🏻‍♀️

Marcel… Flip the page.

Nancy Umpire

— You don’t say. Hey, your lips are salty 🧏

Efémeride for a SOUVENIR, starting Chabela  Huppert as the boxer’s main MILF.

In World Series News:

abanicar :

According to the Real Academia Española, abanicar extends beyond the four definitions below, but a good example in real time is the above screen-grab of congressperson Scarborough STRIKING OUT with Mika after the Floribama lawyer whoop his love letter to Eddie Murphy* out on the set. The behavioral reaction of Cousin Joe was worthy of a Napoleon Dynamite même🤹.

*~. https ://www .imdb .com /video /vi683391513 /?playlistId =tt0086465&ref_ =tt_ov_vi

💃🏻. tr. Hacer aire a alguien o a algo con el abanico u otra cosaU. m. c. prnl.

2tr. Taurom. Agitar ante el toro el capotede un lado a otro.

Sympathique… Pink Martini 🐸 is knot a muse.

3intr. Cuba, Méx., Nic., P. Rico y Ven. Dans le jeu de baseball, ne pas frapper la balle après avoir fait un effort.

4. prnl. No hacer casomostrar indiferencia ante algo 🇫🇷

★World Champions, as in THE ASTROS (Houston) are, per the logic of The American Priest in Paris, the North America ⚾pennant holders, where as Japan’s national baseball team is the 2023 World Champions.


Don’t Shoot the mime 🤹, it’s not his fault; instead here’s an American Version of a French piñata, which of course Ewe all know, the piñatas were invented by The French at 🦁 SciencesPo 🦊, those motherfuckers!

From the top 🎪 🎩

🎼 … In other words 🎶

In this Section of Thee BAC, the student should not confuse La Gymnastique with Les Gymnopédies.

Travlin’ Band — mime version 🤹 🃏🎭


But FO’ist!
In this section of The BAC(H), the 18 year-olds will demonstrate their Physical Training and Sex Ed know how… “Gymtimidation” will not be tolerated on the excercise machines or, in the gadget and/or tool sheds.

Subject: Tarahumara Cisco League

In this section the student will DO THE HOMEWORK for JUANITO GUANABACOA’s son and in the process, sacrifice a 2-years of their pension to fund Juanito Guanavacoa’s retirement in France.


Ils trouvent “El Chueco” sans vie, le meurtrier présumé des jésuites à Chihuahua

naturally, the elected Mexican cultist who moonlights early in the mornings as the Executive of that enterprise took all of the credit for the self-policing or, as French people say, “le président s’est attribué le mérite du maintien de l’ordre dans la région

The student will explain how baseball is played in the Sierra Madre regions of La Chingada and provide an example of what an “OUT” is code for when the umpires of the game cover the tracks and sweep the homeplate:

https ://www .liberation .fr /international /amerique /au-mexique-trois-morts-dont-deux-pretres-apres-un-match-de-baseball20220624

Material… because what else is a fucking Mexican in FRANCE good for if not to carry your fucking load, unless he’s or she is enrolled at SciencesPo or la bendita SORBONNE. With this in mind, Ari Shapiro… please do not, EYE SAY AGAIN, please do not confuse your Melle. Pitch award TYPES with the PITCH Black political elements of Évry motherfucking benevolent enterprise* in FRANCE, but that is only because SOLIDARITE on the SPOTLIGHT of BFMer TV has not discovered and/or invented whistle blowers yet, but then again, EYE already explained how the COOKIE MONSTER (7) lost his way for the love of DOUGH.

*~. Keyword “enterprise“.

Sinaloa Cartel Leader Hunted After Killing Priests, Baseball Players and US Tourist

Extra Credit: Provide an example of how MEDIAPART is now into the tales of “El Libro Vaquero”. Warning: must have receipts, or the President of the Court will sentence THEE to, —death by Guillotine™.

A good-faith piñata and a plethora of Clash!

Le BAC de AL

The Election wasn’t STALIN!

C’mon Évry-body (Eddie Cochran)

https ://twitter .com /SegoArma /status /1638445370383425538? s=20

Still to come, Mikaela jumps the cow.


In this section of your BAC, the student will triangulate and explain why a former henchman and, United States’ Senator from Minnesota needs a limo like a Lame-O.

º BAC:

https ://www .tf1info .fr /education /bac-2023the subject and the answer key for the mathematics track test -2251494 .html

If you prefer… Ewe may draw Mí a picture and head over to La Médiathèque de la Canopée and audition for a chance to play music for the RATP at one of their “sets” where i sleep. The event is peddled by fip dot fr, so there’s that… where do you think that Sirène steals her chants and melodies from, the Music Conservatory?


º BAC:

Who’s gonna fix your wild 🐗 bac?

(unité de police)
French Anti-Crime Squad.

º BAC :

In this section, Emily Munera will explain why la hache en “Bach” es muda 🎻, pero no sorda 🎹.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0077147 /characters /Decline’s henchman -Al Franken

Over at the Peacock’s house, the first piñata on the set was a Mika Fest over the slopes 🎿, but of course it is, of course it was! But that has nothing to do with Mí because there is no Bridge there, and even if there was, “a confounded bridge” D.A.R.E., then Öüï would just fly over that arc.

On the same set, Mika shot her video operator monkee after the media editor failed to erase Serial eater and former Reaganist-Floribama congressperson, Joseph Charles Scarborough the Third, from the split screen on her Morjo Show.


R.I.P. “TJ” the live-feed video editor monkee.

All Your Need Is Cash

All Your Need Is Cash.


Here’s what the Morjo papers are saying:

Scarborough had the audacity to stuff his pie-hole with the cereal prop on that set, —a big NO on live-reruns.

Any Karni is live from the Bodega where Scarborough staches the Cereal from the set. Take it away, Annie.

How Mara Gay’s parents met.

And starting as Spring’s Eve, la condesa de Gia: Mona Lisa…

I am Sirius:

and you are not.

..And, Andrew R. Sorkin : please relay to Mika Brzezinski that “Big Daddy -See” has rung the bell, now you cocksucker motherfuckes, nevermind, —Rungis, because The Hudson told you about them NANCY’ a looooooong time ago. 


Well, well, well… Ronald Wilson Reagan, we now know, cheated his way to “morning in America” on account of the hostages of the late seventies—early 1980, that his “fixer” arranged for the Ayatollahs in Persia…

So, we know know, Father James, that CENTRAL AMERICA is right next to the River of Babylon.

Oh, the humanity.


Dot, dot, dot.


…  This space for rent!

For the record, Nic Sarkozy is a “French pinto league” manager, and it’s the bottom of who gives a fuck and the Belleville Belles are on the mound, all of Em#!

Muddy WaWa is at the Scene, and Öüï find La KERSCHOVAS in Dublin drinking SAKE, that fucking Tati-bag-tottin Commie! Drink Guinness, you Bavarian leprechaun!

The West, is the best — Mount Baldy League

« La mellieure OPINION de soi-même est quand on a mellieure opinion des autres ».

A COW… 🐄

Riech Chancellor ⛸️  Adolf Hitler to le Maréchal 🩰 Philippe Pétain, según el mayordomo de🩱 Eva Braun Hitler, on Le Point, nº 2640; jeudi 9 mars.

Michigan 1881:

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Etiwanda,_Rancho_Cucamonga,_California

Next Stop: MURRIETA’s Grove


Eye was on my way from ONTARIO to Lake Superior where Eye was supposed to Ketch-up with a White House leprechaun who coincidentally was riding on top of a GREYHOUND 🚍 en-route to meet with the mitten-shaped governor of that watery Union State baptized as MiChiGan, —when all of a sudden! I took the wrong motherfucking left in FONTANA, and Eye needlessly ended up in ETIWANDA.

¡Viejas FEAS!!!… SAY CHEESE 🐐 🧀 this is Django’s SWING de París.


And, Marouane (not that one), “Thanks for going ARMY”, in a few frames 🎞️ Donnie Deutsch-France, a subsidiary of World Media in YOUR Casablanca mug at Châtelet and of course, The Paris Tourism Board, will re-interpret that maroon P.T. sweatshirt to the lovely Roxanne and Father James.

… Over at The Easter décalage with Francisco Belmont: Öüï continue with SAN JOSÉ, Costa Rica 🇨🇷, but that’s only because FATHER James knows that it is a Saint Joseph Weekend at the O’Kbras pub en SAINT-MICHEL 🗡️.

Ahora sí, Negra:

Sambo Leprechauns with Fuscas from Senegal.

Sambo Leprechauns with Fuscas from Senegal, BATMAN! SoFy Velasco is sailing en un barquito de papel, y yo quisiera ser un pez en origami entre un carnaval.

¿Dónde están mis barbas…?
¿Mi galera de felpa…? ¿Mi largo bastón…?


¿Dónde están mis lentes,
mi camisa a rayas y mi frac pintón…?

Deer, Katie Phangs… Forget Donald Trump

¿Dónde la escondes, Felipe?

Unlike Ewe, Eye wants Évry single U.S. President Arrested and put through a deposition, let The Dominos, fall where they MAY!  And here is why, José* (pronounced Yo Sé), because what GUANTANAMO BAY is to the George W. Bush presidency, so too is NAYIB BUKELE‘s 🇸🇻 “aikido” mega 18th Street Pinto league prison. And here is why, Osler Perucho, but first let Mí ask you (cocksuckers) how is that French Vacation in 🇵🇪 El Cusco 🇵🇪, fucker?

*~. Jose is a fellow from the most exclusively open club in Paris, France, and he requested from me a few weeks ago to address the Mara Salvatrucha’s new housing facilities in That part of the 🌎 that FATHER JAMES argues that it is in [SouthCentral América.

Just the facts, fire for adjust, 3 clicks SouthEast, direction Corona/Riverside.

Meanwhile at the OCDE in BOULOGNE 75000 CEDEX, it’s viva la revolución institucionalizada en FRANCIA.

Todo En Todos Lados

https ://www .swissinfo .ch /spa /ocde-francia_L’OCDE-demande-à-la-France-de-relever l’âge-de-la-retraite-au-delà-de-62-ans /47121660

Come to “El Niño”

🇵🇪 Mientras tanto en los márgenes de El Perú… Allá en Botzaris, Osler Amaro se encuentra en el ojo de don Ciclón, mientras INTI se va derechito a LA VERGA. Pero no sé lo vayas a decir a Equador 🇪🇨

… however, Eye would be satisfied with this here .45 put through the melting process.

O’kbras, Carlos Salinas de O’Kbras

uh-ah uh ah ah uh ah ah

uh-ah uh ah ah uh ah ah… You’ve been THUNDER STRUCK ⚡

In Local pubs, it’s FAKE in-dignation and champagne to drown las apariencias

Oblah Odin o’Valhalles de Normandy, —Batman!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/03/17 /opinion /macron-affront-antidémocratique

Vilma Fuentes goes in-cognito en La Jornada, but Évry body can see her COL-ONIA Con-Desa péjorativisms criticizing the technocrats* that are about to install (or so it seems) France’s SIXTH REPUBLIC.

Previously on VOSTB ( Version Original sous-titres In Between).

Now then, as JUANITO GUANABACOA prepares his Sunday Show, and Sophie Velasco narrates her little fucking “cuentos”… now again, Eye tells Ewe that if you think that the ONLY thing! or, that the only tangent that a little ol’country called the Mexican United States has with ol’éIRE are the GLEASONS and that batallion that fought the ol’gringos en CHURUBUSCO, then you clearly have never heard about a man that was once as “un-mentionable” as St. Nic at a White House Easter Egg hunt.

*~. It doesn’t matter if these so-called “camarillas” are, as this week’s opinion column without the by-line at La Jornada, an affront en contra de CARLOS SALINAS de GORTARI¹, because you may trace doña Vilma’s indignation all the way back to the Mexican President that gave proceso magazine’s correspondent in France, Anne-Marie Mergier, her first break in the 1950’s, or maybe it was them “Indignez-vous” Sixties, which as I have mentioned a time or two before, I HAPPEN TO HATE, starting with those fucking TAX-Evading RUTLES!

North – South corridor of Renard… and Cousin Joe, are foxes Irish?


It was part of the curse that The Saint Patrick Battalion en el estado de Cuernavaca brought durante el Segundo Imperio Francés. Some say that on this particular weekend, the French Foreign Legion forces deployed on the outskirts of Tecate, CALIFORNIA (hey, it’s 1847 and califas remains part of Santa Anna and check this out) got a leprechaun to fuck a goat and thus, El Chupacabras was spawned from the belly of an banshee on holiday, drunk on Carta Blancas en Calexico.

There Ewe Go Again… JOE. You know, the Poles are talking.

Baby Blue’s out – Green Psaki gets a pass on at the peacock bar

… Over at the Ari Melver Show… It’s the men show



Man City… Nevermind Abu Dabhi (Dab Hi)

Réservoir Tanks from The Pundita Bonita‘s Yankees Season Ticket holders … 🚒 in New Jersey. “Let’s get some tacos, Mr. Pink, and then maybe a Margarita in Juárez.

Évry thing will be alright.


France’s President Macron overrides parliament to pass retirement age bill from worldnews

May they, May They!!!

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip /club-jazzafip-du-jeudi-16-mars-2023club-jazzafip-du-jeudi-16-mars-2023-1900761

Please be advised that from LIMOGES to BORDEAUX la Su on fip is sprayin’ gas on the Dronne… eye witnesses on that frame relay that even the Black Limousin got a whiff out of Su’s gas. Intel reports reveal that Su’s pedos had a hint of Su’s last vacation at the Infamous Rivera Maya, where Su had a daily dose of Sargassum, and chicken eggs past their expiration date, MAY THEY! MAY THEY!

https ://www .palmbeachpost .com /picture-gallery /news /2023/02/14 /sargassum-palm-beach-county/

Gas Lighting in Cyrillic…


Ladies in Gemini: Robinette the plumber visits the Leprechaun 🍀… what are the odds?

In this section, MARÍA Hinojosa, María Teresa Kumar, that Chilenean chick who takes care of Mika Brzezinski’s, Rolodex 📇, and of course the Dominican sista’ from Axios TV on HoBO TV, will draw a parallel (if any) between 1st and 2nd generation wetbacks* and the “TRANSPORTATION” rejects from ol’Éire.

*~. And, Daniela-Pierre Bravo 🇨🇱, please be advised that for ol’Gringo 🇺🇸, all people south of the Río Bravo are “wetbacks”, consequently, all people’s north of the Río Grande (except for the natives) are “French Frontier people”.

And, bitches… nevermind the BREW 🎺, Ewe better show your work, complete with scratch paper drafts, scrolls, or in the case of Daniela, the motherfucking Rolodex®️, period!

San Patricio was of course… 🍻 a fag 🇮🇪


… 🎤 don’t call, IT!, a come back 🎚️

and, SOUTH BEACH, fuck you too… Enjoy my Schacasm 👻🥚

No Manches: Manchester Lepe’Auchan


Goooooooo Dodgers.

⚾ DiazAster ☄️follows… and Zeppelin goes here.


Over at La Place de La Concord, it’s already Friday, March 17th, or as they say at Chochrans pub, “LEPRECHAUNS EVE”, and both the sans-dents and thee former President Hollande’s “niggas” in Toulouse are staging a skirmish against Le Palace du l’Élysée following the current president, Emmanuel Macron recognition that CARLOS GARDEL (Gardés) was in fact born under a URUGAYAN 🇺🇾 drape.