Oh, hey Rachel Maddow… are you on the Clock tonight?

Madam, Speaker:

For the record.

From Regulus to The House of Lords

From Regulus to The House of Lords .:. 2D762442-5021-4F6A-BB4E-D78689D029AE 📐 Aussi, don’t forget D.A.T. D.A.R.E. is a Straight line from Leo’s humerus to The Albert Hall.

Don’t break the mirror, but YES. For the past Three Years the U.S. of A. has been, a banana republic*. It’s the cycle that the gentlemen from Kentucky, both of them, have put u.s. on. On a banana boat that was voted for. Debbie from the Florida crowd is to blame, and that Lady Brazile is in part complicit, Aussi (punto y coma) which is why she’s in Hell, or as the French say: FOX News and Friends.

* .:. per your rhetorical question on the MorJo Show regarding The President of The United States clearing Lafayette Park in order to head on over to The Church with the Three CUBEs as a Beacon of Light.

The Helicopter over the Nation’s Capital Incident
Just like Fuckin', Somalia

—. Just like Fuckin’, Somalia, eh, Slick?
—. I was in Junior High, dickhead.

Yup, that maneuver was taken straight out of “Bunker Boy’s” bible, which as Eye told you this morning yesterday morning, You may reference, IT!, on the U.S. Army FM 100-5 [unlimited copies]; and if you saw how the Nakatomi Tower was breeched then you know what follows.

So, Cousin Joe:
how’bout them Yankees_
… from The School of The Americas,

Deer, Mika Brzezinski

Deer, Mika Brzezinski .::. 37A2F955-008D-48ED-9996-F2A59010513F 📻 As fip . fr is my witness (monitor and observer) please relay to Mike Barnicle and Sen. Claire McCaskill that perhaps it was a bad IDEA in 2016 to abandon Oddball at The Bridge when you, madame, went shopping to Nice.

Do, Say hello to the Buzzfeed crowd, Aussi, LOKI sends his regards to Peter Baker from the New York Times (punto y coma) öüï met after the Biarritz affair on his —and his producers— way to CDG or maybe Orly.

Anyhow, can’t do nothing about things and events in the past, the only thing that matters is now… and remember, Bob Costa (punto y coma) the next time Eye tells you that Australia is the enemy, please remember that like that song, which you bottled, Aussi, in 2016, the message is only a reflection of things to come (coma y repita) and no Cousin Joe, it is not prophecy it’s more as Bill Karens would say, “an always Dependable European” stationed ex-pat forecast. Not a prophecy, but an informed forward observation report, so keep on rocking in Neil Young’s World, and continue to break the mirror. And then, Bob Costa, “Pick Up the Pieces”, bottle’em up with Joan Manuel Serrat and wrap-it up with a nice bow (color of your choice) and give it to your boss, Saint Ignatius de Los David WaPos.

The Paladin” was a fag


1, 2, 3, x 7 .:.

1, 2, 3, x 7 .:. E62FCED9-AC1C-426E-80B8-6930859F51B2 ⌛️ Jump Street… Chateau.

Meanwhile in Winnipeg, it’s one color for every Second (punto y coma) the Record Stands at 21 for every protestor WHO jumped [in] the street.

It was about THYME! Brother, Brian!

Fire and crackers, Seattle Edition.

https ://old .reddit .com /r /Seattle /comments /gv0ru3 /this_is_the_moment_it_all_happened/

AirLand Battle change 3
Eminence FRONT

Eminence FRONT .::. E315F474-DF5D-4F82-BCDF-4931F4E2CC11 🥋It’s a Put ON! —_”¡”_— WHO is on FOist? AirLand Battle on the HomeLand Streets, that’s W.H.O.

It was Twenty Years ago today, when Dr. Cornell West showed his face. Now if Chomsky is allowed on the stage, then we will know that The Nation will be spared… shoes are optional, according to Old Flat Top.

Over at the Seth Meyers set, Michael Che is making a movie… for the Playboy Channel.

Meanwhile over at burner N°2:

Chocolate wheels - Cuéntale las muelas a Cantinflas

Chocolate wheelsCuéntale Las Muelas a Cantinflas .::. 15BFA88A-DA28-4F27-BCC3-82D3549898FD 🚘 Dear, John Mill Ackerman it’s too bad you don’t have Keyleigh McEnany’s cute sexy ass, Eye means… you sure are one fuckable propagandists 🚙 “Luxury vehicles” mis pelotas, —John Mill Ackerman— more like Salvaged vehicles a.k.a., NAFTA’s vehicular consolation prize for the extinct Mexican middle class”.

¡Oiga usted, mi profesor! no me levante la voz, because aquí y en China (Nuevo León), “I’m Your Huckleberry”, Chato.

https ://www .elsiglodetorreon .com .mx /noticia /1474662 .onappafa-se-une-a-morena .html

TimeStamp: 11h45 in Central NATO Times

Here's your visual

Mr. president… here’s your Visual, ya’CUNT! .::. C59892DC-45D4-433F-9C3B-327E3ECF41E7 🖕🏾 For the visually impaired, Donald John Trump has a throat tumor in the shape of a mini donald john trump bending over and spreading his cheeks, quite noticeable is a dangling mushroom-shaped penis and a pair of tiny Chinchilla nuts.

Deer, John Meacham, is D.A.T. a Gulf of Cortéz map? Or are you just happy 2–SEA–MÍ‽

Thing ONE: Dear, Early Jaz… wanna know when it Ends? Wait For thing Three, and please stop crossing your ARMS, you make feel like a pervert, Eye likes porn but not the kind that you think.

Anyhow, Professor West, the good thing about this most non-consequential blog is that your colleagues at The Nation and, especially Professor John Mill Ackerman and all of his “beautiful” in–laws working for the federal Mexican government, —from the beautiful Sea of Cortéz (La Rumorosa) to el hermoso Istmo de Tehuantepec (Gulf of México, casi esquina con « el 🚂-tren•e•cito » de La Riviera Maya) is that Katrina Vanden Huevel won’t read, IT! And neither will you… But the Administrative Tribunal in Paris, Home to the Picpus “square” where @therealLafayette lays, probably will, because in due-time The President of that Court will get a BING translated copy of this riff. It’s part of the process… K?

Ladies and Gentleman: The President of The United States of America

Congratulations sir, you ALONE, did it.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/06/01/cartones/3

… Live from the White House garden, POTUS steps out from his bunker and true to his form Donald is one step closer to deploy the U.S. military (in addition to weekend warriors) onto American streets. Eye hate to invoke Debbie Downer, but the November General Election is in the bag.

Happy Monday!

Earlier in the programming, before the president deployed federally controlled horseback police forces on Washington D.C., Dr. Fauci said, “Hasta la Vista Baby” and moved to France. Naturally, the French welcomed the epidemiologist, but Dr. Fauci’s credentials could not be recognized, so with the help of the Pôle-Emploi (unemployment office) Dr. Fauci became mr. Fauci, underground rail network administrator (apprentice).

The Trade Files

The Trade Files… starring: Mr. Fauci .::. BE73ACDF-279D-4290-959D-72A8328A2708 👷🏻‍♂️context and, “the rest of the story” follows. —_•!•_— Meanwhile, in the United States of America, The Nation stopped focusing on a contagion that might reach 200,000 deaths by the END OF SUMMER.

Let Them Eat TWINkies®️— June 1st, 2020

Psst: We never thought that we’d make it this Far.

Make your lay a way

Make your Lay–A–Way… no payments until the Nation breaks, Martial Law instills or, Civil War begins. —_•!•_— THE SPORTS AUTHORITY et. al.  for CONTEXT: don’t expect a marginalized population to understand CIVICS and Politics when the Secondary and Higher Education budget is directed at building a more perfect sports ALL AMERICAN “Champions of The World” team, while teacher salaries are lower than a bag of Premium Dog and/or Cat food (punto y coma) not to mention the budget for the lobby–guided curricula for thekidsclassrooms. A.P. Courses logic is just another form  of racism  of segregationHAPPY FESTEVUS, Jerry Stiller 🃏.

Dear, Cousin Joe… you know them AIR Exhausts in big metropolitan cities with an Underground rail system? You know —motherfucker— the kind that gave us this image:

“You don't spit into the wind“

Imagine spiting into the wind… now imagine trickle-pissing into an underground exhaust vent. Yup! youse gonna feel that Trickle where the sun don’t usually shines. —_•!•_— Uso justo de todos los medios con fines educativos/Fair use of all “Mornings in Amerika”, please don’t shoot the mirror.

trickle–up economics

… of course Early Jaz, under the current political climate, when the fan lifts the skirt, the ones to blame are the ones on the left, and the neo-White Supremacist movement who know nothing about the Boogaloo or Guaguancó, mind you, are the ‘patriots’ and ‘the good people’ of the Rumba on the strip.

And, Oh Julianna, when the batuta is on the Democratic side, the Blue Team no canta tan mal las rancheras, because when the looting is from the inside out, es decir, Tatelbaum, from Wall Street to the cul-de-sac’s, it is the Big portfolios deserve a bail–out.

Amerika y sus manchados

Amérika y sus manchados .:. B7A95675-71A5-4001-A1C4-59F12BAC0A29 🛰 Manchado, verbo ind. (slang, MX not Latinx) as in:¡te manchaste con la rapiña güey!… fair use of msnbc.


—. T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S:  Tests With Inorganic Noxious Kakes In Extreme Situations, via: Rice University.
___http ://www .thebluegrassspecial .com/archive /2010 /april10 /twinkies-project .php


3…2…1… pepper spray in Ken•Tu•Kee

And as the Space X Force tries to reach a Higher Ground (in an empty space full of satellites) The Land of the free and the Home of the brave se descose como Tamal Mal Amarrado… and it only took An Electorate College.

Happy Cake Day

Happy GREY Day —_•!•_— C373C122-DC2D-42B2-A104-0A14C8920549 🛰 Live from Space

🎼🎹🥁🎸🎟 🎶 It’s been a long time since The Klu Klux Klan 🎶🎶🎶🎶


Lift–off .::. 7F8612D3-F96B-4C2F-8A69-0661B4B85525 🚀 Indeed, the difference between the rockets of the Civil Rights Movement Era and the Reel Time lynching of a Black Man in America is the THRUST of a Dragon in Charge.

Good Times — Bad Times

History imitates ART follows.

“C’mon VOguE”, move your body to the Music… o algo así.


This is not an spaceman

This is not an spaceman… uso justo de TODOS los Misfits and Heros under copyWrite.

The Mexicans sent Two Space Suits into Space Orbit, and you are not foolin’ anyone Jose Fernandez, Eye know that you also play the Piano for that guy on the Colbert Report at the Ed Sullivan Theater.

https ://www .vogue .mx /estilo-de-vida /articulo /jose-fernandez-disenador-mexicano-que-hizo-trajes-de-astronautas-para-spacex

Zodiaco Report

The Zodiac Report… Our News from Down Under forward observation post reports that Jon Batiste was kidnapped by an X-Con. Batiste, who moonlights as a Mexican fashion designer and Gremlins collaborator became a “Mark” for the kidnapping gang after the French leader of D.A.T.  outfit learned that Batiste was shape-shifting into a lighter shade of chocolate in order to design costumes for the stars without The Very French ‘seal of approval’. In the screengrab ⬆️ above, The X-Comic Con in charge is forcing a smile from Jon Batiste in order to show the world that Jon Batiste is without harm. —_•!•_— ISSY, Australia is the enemy.

Jump To Page One; Section “J”.

… [A]nd oh by the way — The Freaks come out at Night

Minority blog… don’t break the mirror!

It's not appropriation when they do it to you

“It’s not appropriation when they do it to you.” .::. A61E890A-7114-4405-8F38-B63DC35490E5 🎧 “Lay down and let it happen.”

Dear, Maggie Naird… please relay to Lisa Kudrow that we don’t choose the Scripts, öüï just Echo’em.

“Can’t We All just get along?

A quick reminder that this time around, Police Chiefs and City Councils don’t have a survivor of the most recently known (3) victims of systemic racism, as opposed to the the time when Ice-T went all Suicidal Tendencies on the Hip-Hop scene.

Gonna take a nap now. See you at Launch Time… Tlāloc, please take Maggi’s friend’s advice.

Social Distancing Be Damned

R.I.P. Mark Zuckerberg… it was algorithmically propagated by Facebook, that the social media titan died from Coronavirus.

It was reported

It was reported… D.A.T. in San Francisco, California, a warehouse full of Mark Zuckerberg clones were being guarded by Mercenaries from the Erick Prince Blackwater Korporation.

https ://old .reddit .com /r /brasil /comments /gsw4p6/mark_zuckerberg_morto_aos_36_anos_diz_que_redes/

In París, France, it’s 14h30 (punto y coma) and in New York, New York, social distancing be damned. We [the staff] are not glorifying and or promoting after hours social reckonings, öüï only partake in social commentary and like Eye told the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. crew: we didn’t chose the Fires we just looked at’em.

La Mosca Tse-Tse got ahold of the entire staff and the last thing that we [the Staff] heard was that A.M. Joy had to change her Script on account of The Melvins next door, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Happening now, Alicia Menendez is deconstructing Aliens from other states mixing between Anarchists and Provocateurs. As öüï wrote this paragraph, Donald Trump’s personal Attorney General made a statement about charging these out-of-states actors with what Maya Wiley (a busy legal bee) calls the Klu-Klux-Klan Act; no word from William Barr if the federal government will charge Racists C.O.P.S. in real time.

Indeed, Avi Velshi… “It’s symbolic, —of course”

HAPPY Friday In Reel Time, Donald John Trump now threatens to TAKE OVER his first American City (by military force), waving the use of his personal Attorney GENERAL to charge the real (bad cops) culprits of the Minneapolis blaze and instead, taking over the powers of the governor (Minnesota) and commandeering “weekend warriors”…

Eye is telling you, Donald John Trump is going to sabotage the November General Election.

Nevermind this most non-consequential blog.

Eye can see for Miles and Miles

Eye can see for Miles and Miles .::. 78D28321-B47A-4B71-83FE-025B1E833C55 ⌛️ St. Paul weeps for his Minne.

… [Y]ou, Willie Geist network, keep telling Buzzfeed (fr) to keep on breaking the mirror: HAPPY Friday! Our Gang, follows… but FOist:

It’s Wraslin’ With WaPos

Title fight:

Rabbi and Russell


Nick and Rick

Nicolle Wallace is tonight’s Round Girl

Based on a Fake Tweet

Based on a Fake Tweet, starring Milka Darling, Pepito Nalgadas, and of course, Pastojo.

Musical Guest:

It's a Re-Run

It’s a Re-Run .::. C5E394E5-3281-47A1-B0F7-AEF9354C5C52 🔊Higher Ground. GLOBAL WATCH PARTY.

No usaras el nombre de “El Che” en Vano

Page 3, Nº 12120 Libération

Make America Great Again

Make America Great Again .::. 6C1BF1D2-6AC9-4867-AC9A-F8FBA3DD99EB 💨 BIG BERTHA follows… the only “tag” that matters for Donald John Trump’s tweets is on his coat’s lapel.


… [A]nd in Marseille, « Raoult is a Che Guevara at our place », aseguran los marselleses y las marsellesas de Marsella, ciudad porteña como la “Heroica” Veracruz y capital mundial de La Legión Extranjera del ejercito francés en ultramar, y en donde el fútbol se lleva en la piel, literalmente. Según la nota, el Profe Raoult ya es más popular que John Lennon y Los Beatles (forget Jesus) en la segunda metrópolis (13000) en Francia después de Paname (75000) y por eso es lógico que las manifestaciones de apoyo (que digo apoyo—de amor) por el investigador inmunológico corran a cargo de “Los Super Winners”, tal vez la barra de hinchas mas grande y desmadrosa del EQUIPO DE FÚTBOL FRANCÉS mas americano en El Mediterráneo: The Olympians de Marseilleinteresting factoid for Willie Geist from the Pasteur Institute in Paris is D.A.T. the current owner of the BLUE CROSS flag that the “Super Winners” wave to support the renegade doctor in the old Port City of Marseille used to hold the KEYS to a little STADIUM at the top of CHAVEZ RAVINE, in Los Ángeles, Californiaand that fucker is a despicable Bostonian,  —probably a stinky Red “Socks” fan.

Yup... Willie Geist is Louis Pasteur

Yup… Willie Geist is Louis Pasteur .::. 37E0E5B0-4D01-464C-9833-B83DE1421957 ⚗️ Willie is a time traveler, and he hates l’Olympique de Marseille (punto y coma) Willie is a fervent Qatar supporter.

https:// fr .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Frank_McCourt_ (homme_d%27affaires)

Page 14, teaser:
Les Américaines remontent au ciel
22h30 CET — postponed

Dear, Tlaloc

Dear, Tlaloc… please relay to Bertha to clear the Sky… Bertha is being a bitch. Launch is NIXed; next window into orbit on Saturday afternoon.

… Jump back to PAGE 1 ➡️

Hey, Lenard… Page Two

It’s 16h in Central NATO Times

And blessings to you too

… and Blessings to you too, Sir. For the record, now that the Joy interview is over, those were good questions that Biden’s Staff interrupted; having stated D.A.T. .::. 3A514BF9-E88F-48D2-9395-C339EA8E44D4 ✊🏽 … let Mí address that Jonathan Capehart fellow, you know, —for context, even though Michael Harriot and Them Roots will never read  IT! —_•!•_— … [A]nd Negrita, you were not missing the text on your teleprompter. Eye gave Tha God a chance to speak.

… So, Mr, Capehart; for contrast —not context— here’s a little homework if only to set the stage for what is about to be broken down, NOW, because this little ditty goes back to October of 2010, and it coincides with the time when I was trying to CALL attention to an issue that as of today has killed more people than the Coronavirus and all of the recent American foreign wars (since we are celebrating MEMORIAL Day Weekend) be advised that part of it will be used in a French Court of administrative law as an argument for my defense in a DEPORTATION order. Not because i, armando segovia, wish to remain among the Frogs, truth be told, Eye thinks that The Very French despise Mí, but fuck’em, Eye is not going out like That, but instead of going on–and–on and on about Sabotage, let’s take it suavecito (mi negra) for the rest of this Quadrant of Tierra’s Sunday night…

So, with the permission of Eli Stokols of the LOS Angeles Times (featured in the dentils of the screengrab above ⬆️ next to Velshi) please compare the issues that El Piolín de Univision is complaining about to President Obama (punto y coma) and then Eye will Type–for—No-one, the Contrast for my nigga’s at The Root. And since El Piolin would have  never played the following on his show (at the time in 2010) we [the staff of this most non consequential blog] pay tribute to the guy who brought you one of the most beautiful anthems of the Chicano Culture, as the SinEmbargo* crew in México pointed out:

https ://latimesblogs .latimes .com /washington /2010/10/ transcript-of-president-barack-obama-with-univision.html

It’s 4 p.m. in Eastern Standard Time

… so, Reparations. Alicia Menendez and her panel are not going to hate Mí for this, because they will never read this; check it out, Eye has seen this movie too, somewhere on the files of this wordpress there is the exchange that Eye had with a Mexican lawyer, from Acapulco, no less. who told me about the long, long, long – long trail to recuperate what could never be an analogy of reparations for Braceros, no sir, but in the contrast of this One–sided conversation it’s spot on what happens if the African diaspora to America (sin Acento) ever gets them D.A.R.E. reparations. Anywhen? Charlamagne, let’s flip it over to Page Three to resume where this motherfucking one-side conversation left off, OUTFRONT.

Give this man a medal

Give this man a medal, period — he’s a porn star lover, aussi. —_•!•_— For the Record, Blaise Pascal just manifested to Mí that spending a segment on POLITICS Nation with the Reverend Al Sharpton* counts for going to Church on Sunday… A—Men!

P.S.: Mr. Capehart, we [the staff] will be cooking on three burners to accommodate your plate but, motherfucker, Eye will not take his GadDamned chanclas off. No Sir, the chanclas stay on… do you Fancy canary, Mr. Capehart, we’ll be having Piolines enchayotados with Collard greens.


* … for the record Charlemagne, The Rev. Al is an honorary Mexican, “Here, There, and Everywhere”, and if you get this reference, then you’ll know that that this is not my first rodeo; just ask Bill Picket.  I wonder if you know the Art of the bullfight, Charlemagne, check it out, Let Mí, introduce you to: LA Veronica… “What can BROWN do for you?”.

Hey, Lenard… what’s up nigga!

So, A.M. Joy suits you all up an makes you look all dapper looking and all of a sudden you got a point to motherfucking make!

If Eye was a Pimp

If Eye was a nigga … wait for it, WAIT.

Nigga, it better be a recollection. Eye is going to take a nap now, wake up–then masturbate (to clear the pipes) and Eye Will Be Listening to your rap, nigga. So, sleep tight (motherfucker), because it’s just Nine o’Clock in New York, New York… at the Paris underground (Sir) it’s 3 in Tha Mow’r–ning.

It’s Two o’Clock, in Central Europe Time.

First, the News.

As the United States quickly approaches another milestone, the 100,000 deaths from the COVID–19 pandemic, Donald John Trump, the 45th President of The United States spent part of Saturday playing golf in Virginia, while the “merchants of doubt*” begin to cue the MAGA cult about fake Coronavirus deaths… or something like that.

In-house Advertorial.

Oh, hey Jack Dorsey, you French bobo-looking sonofavitch! Happy Memorial Day Weekend. You know what the good thing about this most non–consequential blog is? Of course you don’t, —motherfucker— because the fip Sirens don’t read this blog,

[hey Suzy, my heart still belongs to you even if you went ahead and cut MONTY Alexander on the third copla of Bob Marley’s “Stir it up” last night before the start of Club Jazzàfip… way to Scratch D.A.T. Up! mi negra]

anygüey, Mr. Dorsey (Sir, S.V.P.) Eye was thinking that a most excellent way to spend the Spare Change that Twitter™️ makes from every motherfucking Donald John Trump it, would be by purchasing THE ENTIRE SECTION “A” of the national newspaper of your choice and print THE Entire “First 100,000” victims of the COVID–19 pandemic and dedicate it to The Entire STAFF (not the workers, but the sycophantic Staff) at The White House.

COME ON, nigga! Think About, IT!… it will be like an “indelible tattoo” for the Administration’s worst FAILURE.

We now return to our regular programming…