Issy, an “apple” à They, keeps the doctor a güey.

🌬️🎶 And Eye Ran 🇮🇷, I Ran Is Going back Home.


This post is not political ATOL… Öüï is only here to ZOMBIE-OUT with the SPIC-tackles. In local news, The Filthy French remain an obstacle.

God bless the group leader.


Goooooo, Shepples.

¡En la madre! », over at the Elena Poniatowska channel at La Jornada, GEORGINA MORENO, portavoz de morenafrancia is:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2022/11/28 /cultura /a08n1cul

Yup! That Dere is a Carrousel, Joan Manuel, y Trae todos los tordillos de vuestras estrofas.


https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2022/11/28 /opinion /024a2pol

“There are at least five antidotes against the communication manias of individualism and mercantilism infiltrated in some of the “left”, or progressivism”:

Fernando Buen Abad.

Strawberry remittances for Eva.


1. ¿Nuestra más grande debilidad?
Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez*

Lasso ➰ this, Wonder Wimen’.

2. Notre plus gros point faible ?
Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez*


3. From five US states, 60% of remittances; California is in the lead
Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez*.

*~. Talía OLVERA. “Los mexicanos que se van a los EEUU no son como los mexicanos que se vienen en La Francia.

Normal Politics

Eye is not engaged, Öüï is shifting one gear up on a downhill 🛷… I never owned a Radio Flyer™️ and yet I miss it. I even have nostalgia for one of #Em, though.

La Barbie is in Qatar enjoying the MATCHES, tan chulo güero, the kind of NuEro that Évry Chihuahuense parents wish for their daughters. The saying in Chihuahua and MORELOS is that the “bloodline” se mejora, or something like that.

And, in Georgia, USA, not in the former Stalinist Régime, it’s time for the last Election before BABYLON is in theaters… Mexicans and dogs are not allowed.

Take Five, until Mardi Gras.


APPLE DAILY in France, not in Hong Kong, follows.

This is how it starts, first, THE WHITE PEOPLE complain about the Mexicans and THEN, THE assembly takes the power chords away, and then The Red Cross becomes Catholic and racist like in the early 1940’s at Le Grand Palais in Paname ⚽.


Long-story parallel:

The crime of not having a “press badge” like Juanito Guanavacoa during the government of Mexico in 1986, but in PARIS, FRANCE, in 2022.

Pomme de Fa Fa… Croissant.


Porque me da la Ghana… tú times.

There’s something about NANCY.

Clear and Present Friday, on a Monday night SALE. Buy Now.

Them Kims and them Songs 🇰🇷 are out! Ghana se queda  because GHANARÓN 

Sure, fine, –ok. Reagan single handedly defeated the U.S.S.R., but he is also responsible for the ‘maras’ and Miami Vice.

But, Eye tells you what, Cousin Joe, Eye will acknowledge that Fidel was a son-of-a-bitch, if you admit that Ronnie was a tool for the Gordon Gekkos of The Wall.

Go West!

Deer, Madame Hidalgo… did you instruct your minions to engage in Plan 5 from Outer Space?

Goooo Mika!

I’d like to think that you, Madam, have more güevos than that little fuck, VALLS. So, as a favor to París, la ville, not the fellow who Brad Pitt killed… Eye will pin this latest affront on the usual suspects, those COQ Suckers at The Paris Tourism Board. This is to say, Madame Hidalgo, Eye loves you, but your tourism board is bringing Mí down.

Just the facts, Thom.


Thom, youse so French, you probably think this post is about the 🇲🇦 raclette!

— ¡Qué belga!

Hoy no hubo Kerschova. Montmartre es el arrondissement que más odio en un Caracol Bolivariano… de Paname.


Garçon! Áux Armes.

Puro pinche molino rojo y es más fácil exprimir una piedra de Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, en Rungis-sur-Halles

“Un laurel parta ti, de Victoria…”

Bolivarianicamente speaking, consider this un Sin Embargo 🇨🇺

Full circle on the square dance:

No insistas, Susana PubEda… mi cucharón es d’esta güera en F24 👅, pero no se lo vayas a mencionar a Natalia.

You might recall, Ricardo’s first rueda de prensa, with a newly installed, présidente López Obrador, skip that to a gentler time in Churubusco songs.

What a feeling, —eh, Puto!

Dialogue :

https ://elchavo .fandom .com /es /wiki /H%C3%A9ctor_ Bonilla_visita_la_vecindad_1

It’s gold, Jerry!


Héctor Bonilla walks into a vecindad, hilarity ensues cuándo “Benito Bodoque” asks for his “Cocol”, la Criada Bien Criada 🇦🇷 follows after the tent REVIVAL of the cult 🇲🇽 de López Obrador.

AMLO avanza por, Madero. Of course he is.

Rabo y Concha para La Argentina 🐂

Que no te haga bobo Jacobo y que no te cargue el Halcón…


Over at the Meseta (🇦🇷), The Meat Puppets, were covering Juantanamera en la rue Hidalgo, casi esquina con Wanitobacoa en Botzaris.

For those who arrived to France, after 2013 (practically Yesterday) 🕵🏻‍♂️ General Carrillo Olea, founded El CISEN, (Alejandro Poiré en Sciences Po) which was the home of PEGASUS in the golden years of CINÉMA MEXIQUE en la Porte des Lilas.

https ://military-history .fandom .com /wiki /Jorge_Carrillo_Olea

2013, by the way, was a GLORIOUS year for Mexican spooks (orejas del gobierno, pues) in France, not only did they began to take their masks off, but ideologies of both the left and the right joined together at galleries, cinémas, theater, at CHURCH (to celebrate the NIÑA BLANCA, no less) to line up with the WISHES of French President François Hollande and his boy wonder, Manuel Valls.

https ://www .liberation .fr /politique /elections /manuel-valls-condamne-a-verser-277-000-euros-pour-financement-irregulier-de-sa-campagne-a-barcelone-

Hilarity ensues when Maximiliano goes to Germany in search for better fellations. Maximilian chose a little ditty titled “Good Morning, America; Eye Am your favorite SON” but in French.


Meanwhile at the Lido, Camilo Lara (Sony Music / ISM) is covering Kurt Cobain’s rendition of 🌬️🎶 Who needs action when you got words 


La concha en el copete

Ladies in Gemini, the following is an AAR (after Action revista) of last night’s alternativa de novillero, –a matador.

Argentina – México

Chicarito Hernández n’ira pas à la Coupe du monde Qatar 2022 pour avoir amené des prostituées dans l’équipe nationale du Mexique… Eh, PUTOOOOO.




Uso Justo de Todos los Messis-esos.


Congratulations to LEO ♌ Messi for carrying The Entire Argentina to the next phase.

Just the facts, ma’am:

Spain can let US lie pM Sánchez could not believe his ears, but Whoop, dere IT!, Is.


gooooo DENMARK 18:19” … So it Goes… France remains an obstacle, those motherfuckers!

1/2 full  Empty. Eye pity the fool who cut Les CHICHARITOS 🇲🇽  from the ⚽ menu.


Españolerias de loca juventud

A los toros

… Eye hates getting old, people around, IT!, Become frenchier by the minute at la Sale Pleyel.

Dear, La France… did your exceptional sweet sexy cunt think that the NARCOS would stay in Freddy Cats figment of creativity in Montreuil-sous-Bois?


Buena Vista en el Ringside de La Monumental Plaza de Toros en Qué Amargó, Camargo.




Context follows… Animal Femme, Ewe Sleuth.

Yo no busco, encuentro… messer chupa~Chups 🐂

… el Entronque es en RODEO y el rumbo a San Pedro del Gallo.

You ain’t in San Luis del Cordero, evermore, ad infinitum 🍍

Tale of The Tape — ATTAL v. HIDALGO

“Vamos pues, a construir una escalera”… ¡Sancho Panza, —Los Maderos!


La biblioteca pública de La Información de. Georges Pompidou does not allow “social media” sites such as, YouTube or, the pain in the ass Facebook or It’s pimple–in–the nutsack pop-up, Twitter.

The reason, i been told, it is on account of the “fake news” and disinformation technology farms, or something like that.

Truth be told, the Paris Tourism Board has never been known for originality, let alone, vision. If they want to hear 🙉 Españolerias en tiempo real, coja usted UN tour de los patrimonios de París, en Castellano 🇪🇸,  y note usted mismo la proposición española en Francia (¿pochos, pues?) de el porqué hay mucha renovación de edificios en todo París, y luego vaya a visitar a Patti Smith en el SOCLE del Beaubourg.

Now the key here is, after the answer comes ( whatever the answer might be) the espontaneo will ask, if s/he dares, to ASK the following snippet:

— And where might the funds to fund such endeavor come from, the coffees of Colonialism, or the gross from the movie about Notre Dame on fire?

A Closer look


¡gRrrraBiel! Ese es el nombre que más odio en un pela’o.

El Chis-Chas at Ringside.

La tradicional pelea de Acción de Gracias a sus Mercedes is not a figment of Our imagination, just ask Saskia, she just came by accident!

Here’s how that improvisation went:

The 4 Seasons ain’t nuttin’ but a TimeStamp next to ShyWaWa.


— [ΩΩΩ… ] It’s not Greek! It’s interference on the RESISTANCE!!!

Publicité :

Producciones Pura Pantalla y Pablo Gleason present, a su Hartista exclusivo, Gael Luna Bernal del Diego García, en la continuación de la manifestación del documental de Natalia Aldama, “El General” — Y tú mamá también en Le Socle de Zacatecas.

Sunday! Sunday, Sunday! Los Acarreados del Socle y Los Franchutes de La Meseta en el Zócalo. Los Tigres del Norte no podrán asistir a razón de que el llamado “jefe de jefes” tendrá que reTacharSe a su celda.

Publicité :

Dear, Nathalie Piolé… I don’t know who Mozart in The Jungle is but he can go stick an ARIEL up his DESIERTO con Jon Stewart.

Interference… no knock down, FO’ist Down!

FIRST Round_Draft One
First and TEN.

Ladies in Gemini… “Let’s get ready to M


Note to editors, please pay no attention to the Portuguese truck driver dere, he’s just a reflection of Flip on the Netflix, I am Sirius, and if you are knot, then Eye guess you are just gonna have to come to Paris, France, to verify this Tale, however, you must say these magik words FO’ist:

It’s a modern Western film

Two, one, too, tree—for
🎶 🌬️ On the road a-gain…


Tale of the tape



— Live from the Hilo Hawaii Memorial Coliseum in Las Vegas-$ur-Sables en décalage. It’s the maiden edition of Thanksgiving night fights, brought to you by “Eeeeeeel JA!Bon! Del ¡Perro AghhhrrrrahhhDecido!

This bout is sanctified by la Maison de la radio and Cadillac Ranch on le boulevard de los Kennedy, and BY the Paris Tourism Board.

Oh, that dere is Bad🧟


La tradicional pelea de Acción de Gracias a sus Mercedes is product of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and la Maison de l’Amérique la tina 🪣³

³~. The Meat Puppets also, or too si vous voulez, did warned all of Ewes that there was “nothing at the top but a BUCKET and a Mop(head)…” and a book with a Black Bird.

The Merchant under the Arc

¡Ay, ShyWaWa! Larry Merchant is at Ringside 🦷

The Stukey kind of bad.