Dear, Abbé Pierre (Patrón) have an Apple

It’s the Eve of the most metal of all the RATT’s, — The Corona Rat!

Ahhhh, Chucky Shaky!!!

Ahhhh, Chucky Shaky!!! Shifty Shacky is one B.A.D. Mothe—shut yo’Mouth— Trump ain’t got nothing on the Right Write.

BUT FOist, dear Patrón,
It’s a special Edition of
National Sports Day.
The Arena at Châtelet – Les Halles
is now Sanitized and ready to blow.
La Guardia Nacional (gendarmes)
have made full–use of
LORDE Haussmann’s strategic funneling
along every possible avenue of approach from
Les MisérablesVer. 5.0,
scrimmage has been corded and barricaded–off; SIRENS are wailing and if youse a tourist in Paris, France, right NOW, this (motherfuckers) is the best SHOW in town. It’s like the RUNNING OF THE BULLS, with a hint of Rage Against The Machine

Anyway, Senator HAKEEM JEFFERIES, you D.A.R.E. ask “What is M.O.R.E. American than Baseball and Apple P.I.E.?” Why, Mí, of course… but seriously the only thing more American than those two Avatars, ⚾️ and 🍏 π is this:

2 and a Quarter

2 and a Quarter, in Central NATO Times, motherfucker!!!


Two-minute warning — Chief! — Day 1100

Happening right now on C-SPAN:

Take a knee

Show your SPINE, “prospector” and take a knee .:. 5779209B-5F47-45A8-8DD6-4ADBFC6EF9F7 🗣

Democrats present evidence on
“Abuse of power”
Take a knee, “Commander–in-Chief”
Collateral damage follows

Withholding for Smears .:.

Withholding for Smears .:. ADD7BB1C-153B-4A82-B2D5- AF363E40E344 🏦 Meanwhile at the FED, the United States of America just realized without learning, or even trying to know, that President Trump’s golf trips and extravagant expenditures from his Cabinet have just set the U.S. Foreign Debt in the TRILLIONS, but who cares? As long as the sheeple get their own red MAGA hat it’s all good. Have another Corona, and never mind the virus, by the time when the strain hits the Continental U.S. the Trump zombies will already be braindead, and the Idea of a “shining city upon a hill”, D.E.A.D..

Official review: illegal hold! Ten Yards. First Down.


Record will show, that the call to the Ukraine is choppier than a G.T.A. on Fifth Avenue, and the truth is that right does not matter under President Trump.


Der•SHOW•witz, literally: The•SHOW•joke .:. 420EE642-C7EF-444B-A4A1-2D1100E75A1D 🧤It’s a little tiny glove, COUNSELOR, it fits like a glove, literally! On Donald John Trump’s little hands. IF THE GLOVE FITS, you must convict. ALL TOGETHER NOW: 🎶 if the glove fits 🎵 you must convict.


1–2–3, Check Önë — Oh, hey Hallie Jackson

234, Check Two… [O]h, Ari Melber. Youse such a pimp; Noonan noonanUn, Dos ~ Tres Check again.

Los decálogos de Python

Los decálogos de Python… D’errrrr taking our gods!!! — Thank you MEGxit!!!

Previously on: No Jurarás el nombre de El Señor, —Lord Brian— en vano.

Hello, Elise, say D.A.R.E. Southern Belle, the Reverend Sharpton wont let mí lie (with you) but Eye did promise y’All Three Knights, here’s the FOist, it’s the Templar kind, or somthing like D.A.T..


Fuck the Police!

Sacré  Vache — Fuck the Police! .:. AAE68E2F-E434-404C-81E0-68608071A799 🤺 There’s som.:.thing about Anne.

Emmanuel Macron: “I’m sorry, but we know the rules. Nobody has to provoke nobody”

In other news, “Always look on the bright side of [Idle] Life”.

Time now for the new Knews

Time now for the new Knews .:. E9076C9B-3001-445F-A709-721D90797AE6 🔦 on you Crazy 💎; even the Siren Den is doing a minute of Silence tonight.

Number 8th in the Chamber, request

“Drug deal” request… “He Knows Too Much”.

If, and only IF

{If, and only IF Chief Justice Roberts does not use the Constitutional ACE under his gavel ball-pin striking end, then Chief Justice Roberts SUCKS a golf ball through Vladimir Putin’s dick} .:. EFDD5C04-5D29-49F1-AF99-4EF68BA54D04 🍌

Former Senator Barbara Boxer (D–CA) is told by Brian Williams to stand–by as Chief Justice Roberts reads the tally for “the” Amendment n° 7 request, which as expected, sucked a golf ball through Vladimir Putin’s little tiny dick…

“Oh say 🎶 can you see"

“Oh say 🎶 can you see”, the failure of that HYPOCRITICAL “Pledge of Allegince” .:. A51B3E77-099E-44C1-A74C-3693C439771C —_•!•_— President Trump Flooded the SWAMP with golf balls sucked by his pretty little mouth through Vladimir Putin’s Dick.

“Tiny”, by–the–güey is Vladimir Putin dick’s pet name.

Lat/Long:  19°42'N / 155°05'W

In HILO, HI {Lat/Long: 19°42‘N / 155°05‘W} .:. 16B29FE2-F9C0-4421-943E-C93943BD4FD3 🏄🏽‍♂️ in HST it’s 8 p.m. on a still, Tuesday night.

And in Babylon 2, over at the Rainbow Room, Brian Williams just said, “Oh, to hell with it; take over Baldy, and give my regards to « the Buzzfeed »”.

Intermedio before the First Witness “request”

Ladies in Gemini,
as promised, the meat is scheduled to arrive to the Senators cena by the time Morning Maddow gets her make-up on, which happens to be when Chris Hayes is about ready to wipe his make-up off.

Page 3

Page 3 .:. FEA77908-0E8C-41EE-86F2-65B051F51D4F 🍽 “FUNDAMENTAL fairness,” said the Senator from Brooklyn, — no less.

For the uninitiated, we [the staff] would like to kindly make a note and remind all of our non–readers, that during the impeachment process of the worst liar who ever set foot at The Oval Office, there is no such thing as a “congressman and/or congress person/woman”, no ma’am, right now, all U.S. Representatives are Senators, so with that in mind, öüï have it on good authority and have been cleared for relay:

President Nixon, as compared to the guy representing the White Building at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, in Washington D.C., was a motherfucking Soprano, while Donald (that motherfucker) is deprived from ever hitting a high-note; Donald can’t even blow a whistle, —but BOY, can that sonovabitch suck a golf ball through Vladimir Putin’s dick, just like the 53 Republican Senators who might vote against* the FOist witness in the Donald John Trump impeachment process.



HIGHnoon update*
The 53 Republican senators all voted to make a mockery of High School level History/Government/Civics curriculum in the United States of “BetsyDeVos.

Remember "the alamo"

Remember “the alamo” you stupid motherfuckers, this man HELD funds for first responders during the American smack in the face, by n°43’s business partners in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; and if that does not sink–in, this man is advocating for the New York mayor who went around the world profiting from that same tragedy, that the “ARBUSTO” stake-holders perpetrated on the Tallest Building in New York, ahead of Trump’s tower, of course.


“Con 🎶 el Tiempo 🎵 y un Cachito”

Ladies in Gemini…
The Third Impeachment is in
Let Mitch Mcconnell’s FARCE

Le Direct

… [S]ay D.A.R.E. Senator Claire McKass, the following must be read in an Armando Segovia voice:

It's no coincidence

It’s no coincidence .:. 6D7FBB04-C0AC-4FB5-A0B5-716A3A27CE1E 🔢 Todos los coeficientes están allí, doña Tati; A.L.L. of ’em! It’s the purrrfect Bitches Brew! … Wait, what? Wrong album; it’s the puuuurrrrfect Witches Brew!

So, for the record, the Beef will be served during opening hours. Got it, —that is to say, TUNE In, between 2 and Three a.m. in Morning Maddow time, well Sista’, in The Voice of the Reverend Al Sharpton:


But seriously, Rev. Al,, “bootleg preachers”, eh‽ Who kneads them? Probably a masseuse at one of those Corporate spa’s where Ted Danson spends most of his T.H.E.Y., and Eye is very sorry, Sen. Claire McCass, for respectfully disagreeing with you on one of your talking points; that is to say, it’s not too ridiculous for Prime Rib Thyme to start after Midnight, it’s not like the rejected (after Christmas) puppy bowl Spokesperson “Sarah MacLachlan” didn’t warn you about it during the Clinton blow-job of an Impeachement:

D.A.Y. Come out at Knight,
D.A.T’s, when the Energy Comes

As a matter of fact, Reverend, Eye was just mentioning “a couple of hours ago,” just as Cousin Joe was blabbering Meachum’s footnotes, that the poetic part about Moscow Mitch’s scheduling for the evidence part of the T.R.I.A.L. is in fact part of a larger Mystery that has to do with January the 20th, —as a particular {Seth} in the calendar_


… [B]ut, before öüï go any further… g’Ahead, BFM TV, use this Angle if you D.A.R.E., and as a matter of fact, you too  at La Sorbonne, or the IHAEL, even the SciencesPo quad, it’s lunch time so do dig in, just as we [the staff] do at 19h00 in Fip Central Time. For the Record at 22h35 in Central Europe Time:

Party Hot-line

Party Hot-line .:. 57471F10-C7CA-4A53-80DA-15C1F39CBE99 🥫Dear, Purple Pundit, stay away from the “Energy Drinks”, stick to Black Coffee, your “jeepers” are brighter with black coffee, energy drinks make your upper eye lids look down.

DONALD John Trump is not a King

So, getting back to the Mystery Machine and the coincidence of breaking the 2nd Commandment (no jurarás) specifically on January the 20th, every four years, provided that The Senate does not allow Donald John Trump another term in office, because it the “53” allow Trump another go-at the Executive, then it will surely be the last TIME that a U.S. President will break the “swear in” ceremony, after the Tuesday that follows the FOist Monday of the 11th month; that’s November, for those living in an Animal Farm or in a land covered by Oceanía’s ruhles.

If you must...

If you must, get some “Wings” .:. EB948E08-3BED-4E12-9BBA-54F721D84A3D —_•!•_— The more you Knew.

… Page 2 follows.

We now come Full-circle with Kasie — CJNG

To: Tatiana Clouthier
CC: Victoria DeFrancesco-Soto
Bcc: Dan Crenshaw

Subject: There's an Ugly Mexican driving that Bradley Fighting Vehicle

Despistadísima, Tati;

Estimada, doña Tati

Estimada, doña Tati; please meet u.s. at our “Time–delayed entry” from 13/01/2020 week-long Special: 11 de el mañana en Central Otan~MO Times… at the bottom of that PAGE .:. 8878642C-0C27-48F5-9752-799EEF2B4ABA 📷 In the meanwhile, we here in C.E.T. (proper) switch it over to Studio 3–A, who insist on placing a « palanca » on the Uncle Joe by spilling oil on the track, where Bernie is right on the VP’s tail… dicho de otra manera Adrieene Elrod, Morjo m’sta “chicaneando” el circuito… COUSIN Joe, Eye knows that you are a Roadrunner / Willey E. Coyote derby fan, but your programming is resembling an ACME whatchamagigit BHV wholesaler for the ‘Cheating’ kind. And, you blind checkered flag setter boy 🏁 the NYT no canta tan mal las rancheras playing “LukeWarm” with the féminas on the race, AMY and Sanders, Mika; or, BERNIE and Kloubuchar, Senator Warren can’t cash, –as them INDIANA boys— say, cash her last pit-stop rubber & fuel check.

De arranque, señora diputada, ni modo que niegue usted que no se lo advertimos, that is to say you know provided that you would take the time to read this most non-consequential blog, because then you would remember that in our Week–long, Mars Mom is back at work special edition, we [the staff] did warn you about a “Smoke Signal” looking right at you in that FEDERAL Seat that you currently occupy, así que el hecho de no saber quién es quién en cuestión de Bandas Mexicanas no es excusa como para no saber qué o quién, es un M–2.

There's a Mexican stealing signals in that frame

There’s a Mexican stealing signals in that frame .:. CC29AE81-8E89-4CA8-BA42-9D997E25ABE6 ⚾️ Not shown inside the frame is a despicable Boston Red Socks signal snatcher, Bostonians, who needs them? The Astros, that’s WHO.

Any güey, qué se puede esperar en tiempos cuándo los Estados Unidos ahora adopta la misma  política protocolaria de CHINA y Corea del Norte, o mismo Irán siendo que la transmisión televisiva del chingado juicio de destitución de Donald Trump, será controlado por un Senado empeñado en tapar el Sol con un “sólo” índice.

TimeStamp: 13h40 CET

Iowa, Iowa, Iowa. It has the ring of a bad (not good) Brady Bros re-hash. For the record, the staff of this most non–consequential blog remains non–committed to any particular candidate on the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election. Dicho de otra manera, “el” Rod… Eye still has the bad taste of that “Glorious episode” when Buzzfeed triangulated with the receptors at the Morjo Show and at “the” Radio Farce for a « Take out » of Hamburgers in Paradise, in that sense, doña Tati, aquí es en dónde la bola del pie Izquierdo engrana el clutch, sets–off the afterburner and thank god for kerbs because it’s see you later on the thing ugly Mexicans refer to, as: el retrovisor, it’s part of the ruhles, “el” Rod, so long as the rubber stays on the track, and off the gravel. Por ejemplo, “el” Rod, let’s bring in POLITICS to Mr. David French’s, Tennessee Gospel experience, which the Reverend Al Sharpton just happened to be weighing in, so, with that in mind, Mr. Bardella, (i’m pretty sure it’s your real name) meet u.s. ⤵️

Hear me out, Rev

Hear me out, Rev., and please read the following in a Graffen* not Griffin^ voice .:. 780189E6-A8BE-4967-B8B6-8FD7F7F006A5… Eddy Currents are at a peak, please excuse the delay; time now 22h22 CET

… So, by this Standard, es decir, Doña Tatiana Clouthier, tocando el tema de “el” EQUIPAZO de abogados de Donald Trump en el proceso de su Des•ti•tu•CIÓN, (teóricamente) el difunto SUEGRO de Kanye West sería uno de los abogados “made for T.V.” del presidente 45 revoluciones.por.minuto en Washington.

However, Reverend Sharpton, you know what is poetic about the THIRD WEEK of January? Meet me on Our Next Post and you’ll find out.

La Gloria es Excepcional

La Gloria es Excepcional .:. 64DB980F-9F82-43C3-8731-FB14126838D5 🌬💨🌊➡️🧘🏽‍♂️🐾⚾️🍏📷🏁📸 —_•!•_— La Greta meets the mighty–mighty Davos.

The Civil Code as read by Mel Blanc on: THE PRODUCERS

A Brooks apart, n’importe quoi
production company

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /mundo /2020/01/17/ destituye-brasil-a-su-secretario-de-cultura-por-citar-a-goebbels-4549

Dear, Marianne

Dear, Marianne .:. 42C2A471-CA64-44A4-930E-7A248ADFC457 ⚖️ Perhaps, Marianne, your Rédacteurs at la préfecture de police à Paris forgot that inside of one of the paragraphs of my Proposal Letter to the French General Consulate at Los Angeles, California, the “impersonated” voice of God himself (Mel Brooks) could be heard telling you about the paralleled motions (think 🎢) that we observed at the time (2010) between the French Civil Code and Mexico’s interpretation of the LAW, and boy! Oh–boy! Would you look at that Gilligan’s Island “S.O.S.” sign to the right of Annie Karni’s fraternal twin brother at BFM’er Central. Oh, the humanity.  Where are all the “Men in Tights” when you need’em, Robin? — … [A]nd the Hood(ie) goes: On Strike, motherfucker, on Strike.

Over on the Opera front, Motherfucking Molière just crossed the picket line, reached for comment, a French “producer” said that he is banking on Broadway to come and scoop the Opera lovers purchasing power, Cinema could care less about the strike, “popcorn is Cinema’s business, and business is, meh‽”, said the owner of Detente Cinéma, Marcel Génolini. (Source: Nº 2514 CN~16012020)

SCABS!!! Imported from Broadway

They tagged along with D.A.T. American

They tagged along with D.A.T. American “in”
Paris, you know‽ .:. FA9ACD7F-7822-453F-83D3-830A8848D62E —_•!•_— Sources close to La Place Colette, (fidedignas de doña Vilma Fuentes) reportan que MISMO un brasileño, MINISTRO de cultura gritaba a los 4 vientos torcidos de Dios, frases de Herr Goebbles para celebrar la Misa En Sena*

https ://www .cnews .fr/culture/2020-01-14/alexis-michalik-va-mettre-en-scene-le-musical-culte-de-mel-brooks-les-producteurs


Copy-right .:. F694CD19-2513-48AB-938F-BDB8E8F99241 —_•!•_— “Good night, and good luck”.

Breaking News — Interception

Previously on Blaming the joystick:

L'Île Cthulhu says

L’île Cthulhu says .:. FA2F289B-B6DB-4531-AD51-06FE2EC130C9 🦑 No haga O.L.A.S.

https ://www .msnbc .com/morning-joe/watch/iranians-not-suddenly-on-the-side-of-hardliners-rep-crenshaw-76412485614

“Adelaido Flores 🕵🏼‍♂️ no descartó la posibilidad que el menor conociera cada 👈🏼 arma 👉🏼 mediante algún video 🕹”

We don't choose the blagues

We [the staff] don’t Choose les blagues, don Calderón, simplemente las trazamos, and D.A.R.E. to show our work, —for the record .:. 024DCB71-F764-4083-9D0B-21EF7632C04A 📓Dictionnaire des noms de rues by Bernard Stéphane, 6ª Edición,  Mengès 75002; impreso en Italia.

🕵🏼‍♂️ Public Safety
🕹 Insert juguete del diablo ( 🎮 )

Entre el medio — Roquefort

In Persia and The Mesopotamia it’s  07  08 hundred hours, and in Babylon TWO it’s the  11th   12th Hour on a Civilian’s anchor Rolex.

Sur un plage

Sur un plage .:. 3DD3005A-E1DC-4931-9A52-5B8E0257305F 🗯 Sur un plage, deux grains de sable se promènent, uno le dice al otro: mais que nada, don’t look back! I think that öüï are being followed. 🃏 BLAGOUNetas courtesy of the BODY BAG (wrapper) of a CARAMBAR “mystery” edition War… scratch D.A.T…. CARAMBAR “mystery” edition BARR.

And in Paris, to celebrate the sound of metals in the Sky, and the arrival of ArmagedDon Trump[ets], the Church of Saint Estauche at Les Halles is having their yearly “Pig’s Feet” onion soup after mass (11h30’ish) on Sunday; France’s most celebrated cheese will be available à ‘Volonté’ at the bottom of the bowl. Event open to all.

Sponsored by Vilma Fuentes

Sponsored by las Fuentes de “El Extranjero” de doña Vilma y, Au Pied De Cochon .:. D686E4B8-3021-4EA1-BF93-A4F798BBB548 🐽 “Moraleja: nunca se desconfía bastante de sus editores,” dice este enlace: https ://www .jornada .com .mx/2020/01/08/opinion/a06a1cul

El Extranjero 60 años

Over at the Rockefeller Center, The Rainbow Room is working overtime as the 11th Hour goes into overdrive and cablecast a 2nd hour of the BriWi report as they [the American Networks] wait for word from a now napping Donald Trump on what his —and only His… and Mike Pompeo, and Mike Pence, and VLAD’s— response to a missile attack on American Idiots [called G.I. Joes] and a fallen Ukrainian Big Ol’Jet Airliner in I-RAN will BE.

Shop Gnow!!!

You are entering into a dimension of cash register sounds and signs with up to 70% off the retail tag .:. B3E9734F-9709-4E45-BE2A-740FC5929932 🛍 Do not adjust your apps.

BTW: Happy BirthDAY Fip... you fucking, Siren you. Just wanted to put this here while YOU StRIKE.
https ://rss .cnews .fr /pdf /NEP /20200108 "La Quinta"

Efeméride: 1971, French President Charles de Gaulle takes time from the Pantheon where he was transmitting from a Galaxy far-far away* to descend on La Seine and pop the Champagne on them Sirens maiden voyage onto the WAVES. GIVEN THE DISTANCE, the CNEWS matines are just receiving the SIGNAL, however, because the French have yet to invent the Wave Decoder, all that they will be able to make out of it, is a Quiet Riot that transliterates to ‘Cum on feel the Noise, or something like that… https ://www .cnews .fr/monde/2020-01-08/espace-lorigine-dun-mysterieux-signal-radio-localisee-dans-une-galaxie-proche-de-LA


High-Noon in Central Europe Time

Dear, Jasmin V, the “Markets” at la rue de Rivoli (p. 633) are fine, as the French capital of the world woke up to the yearly back–to–work SALES Event. Transnational shops with made in Taiwan sweatshops tags began to see the franciliens inside stores as soon as the “bell” rang at Oh–nine hundred hours. As La Jornada mexicana reported earlier in the programming: The Water is Fine.

18h30 in CET Update

The Water is Sooooo Fine, that former President Barack Obama paid for the Ocean Front Property in Central Irak. And if you Buy THAT at 150 billion dollars you get a grain of S.A.L.T. for your Rice, the good Rice, not the Wallace cupboard ConD.O.L.E.esa Rice. That’s one grain of salt, Suzi, and if you call now you get a NO SUBROGATION CLAUSE for them 80 dead Americans en La Playa, “oh–Oh–oh Oh-oh”.

ESPN Wraslin'

ESPN Wraslin’ .:. 2C996E8D-CD38-4C85-8D08-488E5DF43BA6 🤠Wrestling classics: The Iranian Sheik vS. Rodney “Roddy” Pipper… It’s The “Happy Win” for the pipper; as usual, the Sheik eats it up. Andre The Giant narrates.

Meanwhile in Paris, Jupiter’s moons have adviced the big One to not get involved in the pickle between Dumb-ass Trump and the State Television in I–Ran.

In other news, the Fed’s wife is looking Hot in Blue,  Alan GREENspan is going to have to look out, Eye just bought an Ocean Front Property in Central I-Rak… Öüï have it on good authority that the fed’s wife would make a purrrrrfect Senior Harem correspondent for Eye’s new Cable News Racket; sources close to the ocean front property in central Eye-rac reveal that Eye is going to bank on the wave of presidential political ads between The current president of them United States and the former Mayor of Babylon TWO.

And over at Fip Central Station, “el” Niño Luc just returned from a 70% off, 30-day vacation at the beautiful ocean front property beaches of Timbuctoo. And if you happen to have noticed that I-Rak’s situational map looks like the long lost sibling of Mal-i, you too, motherfucker, get a Grain of Salt; the bad rice, the ConD.O.L.E.esa variety of Rice for your “Album” of the W.E.A.K. —CALL GNOW!!! And you will also get tickets for a granny-style House Party.