What if I was Romeo with a suit case?

Some time from now you’ll bow to pressureSome things in life you cannot measure by degreesI’m between the poles and the equatorDon’t send no private investigator to find me please‘Less he speaks ChineseAnd can dance like Astaire overseas(Okay)

No Myth
Chanson de Michael Penn

Las Noticias de México vistas desde Estrasburgo… con esos Primos, no se necesitan Tan°Gentes.

Ils trouvent le corps du Dr Ali Jasel dans une valise à BCS ; le collectif prépare des marches

FEMINICIDIO en proceso.

… https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /estados /2023/9/19 /hallan-el-cuerpo-de-la-doctora-ali-jasel-dentro-de-una-maleta-en-bcs-colectiva-alista-marchas

The Police report stated that:

I’d invite you back to my placeIt’s only mine because it holds my suitcaseIt looks home to me alrightBut it’s a hundred miles from yesterday night

Freddy Cats from Montreuil-sous-Bois has already been comissioned by the Maison des Associations to whip-out an action-sized figure inside of a Suitcase in the middle of a Queen-size bed.

¡Viva México, ratones!

Évariste Galois, literally a victim of his own success

“This pupil is sometimes obscure in expressing his ideas, but he is intelligent and shows a remarkable spirit of research.”

Hermès was just another figment of Homer’s Imagination.

Galois’ maths instructor at the prepa.

For context, or lack-there-off, please refrain from making one or many logical leaps of this draft as these might just baffle you and then Ewe (that motherfucker) will hold, IT!, against Mí… Issy Alicia Leos, I am looking at Jorge Harmodio.

One more again, I neither select the psycho-history nor the ‘psycho-news’ of the day and I continue to affirm that there is no such thing as a Mexican state called BCS or Baja California Sur, and you can take that to Texcoco, the most imaginary of all of the Aztec states. 

Pycho-history… fast-forward to October, 2014. That’s around the time when the Mexican (chose your favorite injustice) manifestation popularity shifted from Javier Sicilia’s son and “Las Muertas de Juárez” to the mother of all Mexican political manifestations in France: la bendita Noche de Iguala. And here’s the thing about that “siniestro”, I wonder where the different leaders of all of those different groups, which formed their own off-shoot of the Mexican protest scene (again, in France) are right now. I know where at least on of them is at, mister EXCMO. Asvazourian, as for the rest you might ask, mister Ambassador? —Well, let’s just say that Stephanie Menou’s supervisors (all the way up to minister Valls) wanted to make sure that I could not keep up³.

³~. Not that I would do it all over again, but if I had just been a little more “vivo”, I would have followed Pablo Gleason’s advice to join or start-up a Law of 1901 Association in France, —that’s the way you do it, let Mí tell you! Them guys ain’t dumb.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Psychohistory _(fictional)

The roots, you ask? I know a guy, wait one… but don’t tell that Abbott fellow, the Cardinals ♦️ won’t appreciate it, but that is only because The Monk keeps insisting that he can double (³√2) The Cube (1) using only a compas 🧭 and a straight edge 📏.

Yup, that there is a synthetic diamond 💎 and it’s time for the 7th-inning stretch.

Jump to los HILOS DE KATE y los mecos de SEAN PENN

https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2023/9/20 / amlo-se-rendra-a-badiraguato-apres-l-extradition-d-ovidio-guzman

To paraphrase the psychohistory of former President of the U.S.in A., Donald John Trump, but in the voice of the current Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López de la O:

Yoya Hubiera Ya Sol°Uzi°O’nado lo de los 43.

But FIRST, the president has to go and pay his respects to to “el ratón’s” grandmother in BA°Di°RA°Guato de Mota.

Nobody sleep — This Riddle is an inter°mission !!?

Yer’ As Cold As Ay’s. l’Étranger VOSTF (Foreigner)

I’ll win at dawn… 😲 Vincerò (3X).

“to decipher all this mess” (“déchiffrer tout ce gâchis”) is on the second to the last line ».

Spoiler Alert… it is the precursor of “group theory”, which just so happens to be code for a Nombre


Eye Am The Count!

Gooooooo, Dodgers! ☄️

… 🧛


Here’s another thing, 🇨🇱 El Conde 🇨🇱 era Elizabeth’s favorite.

Nobody sleep, nobody gets hurt.


El Conde no sabe contar 🧮 y por eso se enamoró de una contadora Cunt’essa de Francia. Issy, estás son las me°mo°rrias de Larraín Matte de Santiago.

We now return to Marie—Ange’s “little hole on the wall”

Monday, 18 de septiembre del 2023:

Eye’m PopEye the sailor,  man;  and Eye’m an Antichrist 🇬🇧

The 🧷 Safety 🧷 Pins 🧷


For the benefit of King Rey Charles III.

Painted Black 🖤.


Famous Veteran: George Carlin… happy 76th Birthday U.S. Air Force, —you fags! https://www.military.com/veteran-jobs

“BULLSHIT, Cornhole!”
Air Marshall George Carlin

Here’s the CATCH from ROME:

Notre volonté, c’est d’accueillir ceux qui doivent l’être, les persécutés politiques. But we absolutely must send home those who have nothing to do in Europe³.

Gérald Darmanin, Ministro del Interior en Europe 1Cnews, earlier To They, Monday, September 18th

Chips… she used to be called COLETTE.


Note to Mika Brezesinski… Mika, you don’t look a They over 40. Just sayin’. For a Polish vampire going-on her Third century youse looking Absolutely Fabulous, Dhag’ling.

In local news, French President, Emmanual Macron will not be bothering with the U.N. and it’s their silly little General Assembly summit, instead, Mister Macron will instead be kissing the ass of an irrelevant king, not sure if Camilla played a motivation on the president’s… como se dice, como se dice? Geriatric love for pomp and circoncision.

¶ 4, page 181:

Oh, boy!


Peut-être y retrouverai-je Liêm, frêle vietnamien, récemment rencontré dans une supérette du côté de la rue du Louvre. Les nouvelles sont ternes. Il n’a pas bougé de l’hébergement social dans le quartier. Mine du vaincu, un peu comme toujours déprimé, Liêm ne rêve plus d’un retour à une vie ordinaire, un boulot, un logement individuel, une famille, il fait aller en poussant les jours les uns après les autres. Liêm est un bouliste passionné, je ne l’ai jamais vu aussi heureux que lorsqu’il organise, au nom de la Bagagerie, dans l’ancien jardin des Halles, les concours de pétanque. J’espère le retrouver souriant, le jour où j’irai errer du côté des boulistes.

Marie-Ange Schiltz
WFA (whoof’Ah) — W/OFA (güo’FA)

On the menu, estofado 🍲 de Socle y Olive’s 🫒 Oil en su tinta con chile 🌶️ capeado al estilo Beaugrenelle con Citroën Squeeze.

Previously on, The unity of the Abbé d’Aubignac’s time of Homer’s place and the culture of the action on the Streets in Seventeenth-Century Paris*.

Page 79…
FRANCE 1632, reports reach Paris that Ursuline nuns were being possessed by demons in Loudun. Richelieu sent JEAN MARTIN, baron de Laubardemont, to oversee the trials that lead to the 1634 buning of

Page 80…
[P]riest Urbain Grandier for witchcraft. In 1637, Richelieu’s niece Marie Madeleine de Vignero, the dutches of Augillon, decamped from Paris to observe the spectacle of the possession for herself, She brought d’Aubignac along and commissioned from him a short manuscript report on the possessions… YADA, YADA, YADA, La NONNE Tú was re-hashed in REEL TIME.

Is Horror Back? ‘The Nun II’ and ‘A Haunting in Venice’ Exorcise the Box Office

*~.The Journal of the History of Ideas,
Volume 84, Number 1 (January 2023)

… submitted for your approval, you are entering the Bagagerie through Dr. Johanna’s fire exit door, and if the hook-up bracket of the fire extinguisher🧯on the first floor is any indication that something “fishy” went on last night after La Bagagerie was closed, just know that Le Socle may wrap up Pandora’s Box in with the tarp, but the love-flow is visible with a purple 💎 light and oh-boy 💜… please stand-by for a “shamanistic intervention” on-the-go.

¹~. Over on channel YOUNG, it’s bright Women:

Word of the They for 09/18/2023:
eggcorn, it’s like a word salad when you sing the misheard lyrics to Purple Haze, Medival Woman, or the Miami Sound Machina, “Dr. Fish”. Up next is the Talking Chimeras and their number Won Hit, “Psycho Thriller”.

https ://www .dictionary .com /e /word-of-the-day /eggcorn -2023-09-18/

Charm guarantees a visa in FRANCE, which is why the preferred method for securing, first the visa, then social security and finally the keys to you very own studio (or apartment if you are not a radio D.J.) is to book a European Vacation, the n° One Trick (and this is 180° from a Catch-22) is to arrive through Barajas in Spain, or from Fiumicino in Rome; spend a week or two in either of the two capitals and then make your way to Paris. The rest is up to the Associations that are in place since 1901 in France for you.

En revanche, as the French like to say; being a bona fidēs cantankerous observer of modern culture, such as the late FIELD MARSHALL George Carlin, well then that will only get you a locker room without a door and if you are a good-boy (or girl) two meal cards for the Restos de Marianne.

Not that I would ever repeat this experience again, ever, but IF I HAD KNOWN that I could have come to mister DARMANIN’s EUROPE as a mala fidēs charming boot-licking, eyes wide-shut and, willing ‘colabo’, and have access to all of the pussy that is willing to fuck, well then that would have been a different trip, but I am a journalist (string reporter) and if mister Interior Minister thinks that “CRITICAL Contestataire THINKING” is anti-French Republic, well then send me on another trip. I can go dark, and 180° on a bona fidē “talents et compétences” promise. 

Salle de garde — la permanence

Duc de Colla-quién-sabe-qué y de Sangü—ya-se-me-olvido… BORRADOR!!!

This is only a draft. All situations, places, characters/voice impersonations and, story-lines (bad ones at that) are fictional.

Note to editors:
hello, if you are just joining us on this most non-consequential site please be advised that the ex-tweets from my X account are a collection of collages of a preliminary draft of a work-in-progress, —en otro proceso.

https ://twitter .com /SegoArma /what-is-the status-pussycat/

Orgía… Eye bets Ewe think this post is about youse.


Los borradores por eso son buenos… because upon further inquiring from them gods, it turns out that it’s not a Duc but a Count, and it’s not Colla-quién-sabe-qué y Sangü—ya-se-me yada, yada, yada. It’s Collagudo y Singüenza, (cojonudo y sinvergüenza) en la región de GUADALAJARA (a place of stones, or something like that) but not the one where the mariachi stems from, but the one in Spain, where I’ve never been.

https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Victor_Hugo


🎶 Las capas nuevas que al mesón l’Embarres se vienen marcadas con intern’s mecos… 🎺

Grabé en el muro de un mesón tu nombre unido a un pene

… and Oh, the humanity, knot “The Story of O,”, precursor to Em#Manuela.

Any how, we began the hook-up with los Hills de Sasha en Hawaii wit a classic mariachi “Classic”, popularized by Alicia Leo’s in 1975. It’s called La Ley de Mendès³².

Trixie? Zat’ Ewe, bitch?

Pay attention Sirène, si yo fuera Lionel Messi, pasaría Por la GAMBETA³² y perfilaría un shootazo entre la lona y el sol y por encima de la barrera del Luc d’Orleans, —That Motherfucker!!! Dick still owes Mí Five bucks.

God made me Funky
∴ ° 👁️° Em#°

And if you erase them frescos at the hospital fuck-room y’all are denying your own perverse history, just like the City of Nantes does, with their Colbert Report on the memoria del código negro.

I guess that Mr. Compagnon³ was right all along, French Culture is dying, after all. I just thought that on this Sunday morning as I celebrate and I discover the so-called French “patrimoine”, the forbidden interns under 18 years of age at the salle de garde want their orgies erased from the bufet wall.

Pay no attention, it is a WO’ik in progress, just a draft, a doodle, —gobbledygook…

Jump to Les Miserables y la fonda d’Esmeralda

Club Jazz à fip… is for fags 🌹— Gary’s gone

🌹~. and Évry body in Europe is a motherfucking fag, bunch of Preverts. It’s « Patrimoine ».

Viva México, ratones.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts/club-jazzafip/carte-blanche-a-raphael-mezrahi-le-passionne-du-son-

But seriously Volks, in Hilo, Hawaii, it’s still don Porfi’s Birthday 🎈, but over at La Crypte Archéologique del Km. Zero de la Île de La Cité, ya es 16 de septiembre and later in the programming Öüï is going to be looking at a vulgar display of clay, rocks, and other assorted stones.

And Aya Cissoko 🥊… ‘member her, she is currently gracing the fence of the park de Saint-Jacques along la ridiculously named rue de RAVIOLI*, any how the pugilistic artist ran into us (the staff, Yesterday) as we were getting high during our annual visit to don Porfi’s resting place.

But seriously, Volks…

In récapitulation it was a most excellent afternoon and Eye had an opportunity to listen to PAISAS visiting don Porfi’s. New this year, I did not burn a Mexican flag, but I did keep the good General moist with my beer ration waste-liquid. You are welcome don Porfi, youse certainly bienvenido en Bienvenue.

Where were you while we were getting high?

And, Sirène… fuck The Pink Panther, Popeye, and Ewe tú, Mozart.


Leave, Gary 🎸 Alone!!!


Ewe basterds.

Happy Birthday don Porfirio — patrimonio de Alicia

Fuck you Paris, and Jupiter aussi

15 de septiembre (Twelve years ago)… Issy-les-Moulineaux; Metro 🚇 Ballard. I parked the Blue Pill³, precisely in front of Dr. Poisson’s ground-floor flat, and next to the Technicolor building on la rue Eliane Jeannin-Garreau just before 📍 BFM’er📍TV.

³~. 2005 Ford Ka.

El placer de los dioses — l’ennoblissement du vulgaire.


… 12h, I had to take a dump before heading over to our favorite despot’s tomb en Montparnasse, as I entered el toledo (WC) I could faintly hear a solitary voice singing Las Mañanitas… on my way heading West to the 15éme Division on the aptly named Avenue d’Ouest I encountered a handsome chap dressed in full-charrería regalia del campo, not in the traditional black Rayo de Jalisco suit. We exchanged salutations but I didn’t feel like taking the snapshot.

https ://diario .mx /deportes /jefe-de-red-bull-se-disculpo-con-checo-perez-por-discriminacion-20230914


It’s all Greek to Mí, Morresey. 🎶 The More Ewe Ig°Nor°Mí, the closer Rue gets.

From the East (looking from), Taurus is right behind the upright resting place as if the Bull 🐂 was looking at The Mexican from the top of the that ugly eyesore on the Boulevard de Depart, but if you happen to be looking from the West (rear of tomb) Virgo has both The Moon and The Sun on top 🎩 of the dictator’s spot.

I am the son, I am the heir,
Of a shyness that is criminally vulgar,
I am the son and heir,
Of nothing in particular…
It’s just another set of misheard lyrics: The Air of a shyness that is criminally vulgar

I’m a dreamer, bay-bee… so why don’t you kill me.

Viva, La Raza and artistas like Tamayo.
Viva el Cinco de Mayo…

El Vez… (Soy Un Pocho).

… What she said.