Deer, Avi Velshi — “Por eso son reyes”.

Lorem Ipsum: ¿porqué no le salpicas GOYA a tu sazón J.C.? Al fin que como dicen tus hijos los mejicanos: ¡comes y te vas!

Hable Sr. Gonzalez, ¡Hable!

Y hay hasta para llevar

Aquí hay hasta para llevar .:. 99A07E4E-9D96-4AFF-AEDC-D4C7EA4C33E0 .:. Starting con:

Now, Fantastic Negrita on the AM Joy, take a deep breath (no pun intended) and carry on. Nevermind u.s. because aside from the fact that you will not read this, neither will the human pet of Buddy the former executive dog, [it was a tragedy the way that Socks treated that po’Chocolate labrador] but if they did, they would sense beyond a doubt that we don’t select the current events of the week, but being D.A.T.:

In the last week, which in dog years is like three months or so, former Attorney General of the United States under George W. Bush made a cameo on the circuitry of the Talking Heads.

Dangling participle

We must relay to former U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch D.A.T. it is not cool to go on National cable TV and take the fifth.

https ://monoaureo .com /2020/08/05/beirut/

Now, i don’t know what it is about the former Attorney General that makes me (little ol’ Armando Segovia) feel uneasy about him, wait, I got it, ah-ha!!! I remember now, he looks like a cunt, but that shouldn’t disqualify him from working or being benevolent just because he’s got a bullet point on his curriculum that credits him as working for Bush 43.

No, Secretary Clinton, Sr. Gonzalez’ mug should not be the reason for criticizing his appearance on the morning shows, but his reluctance to answer a simple question about his field of expertise, is! Because being the personal attorney of a former u.s. president, and i (little ol’ Mando) is not talking about Nicolle’s former boss; but the DAD! George Herbert Walker Bush 41 should make of mitten face (Gonzalez) the perfect pundit to talk about Attorney General William Barr and his expeditious way to follow the LAW in the way that his number one client, “individual one”, which the world knows as the President of the united states of america, interprets ityeah, Buddy!

https ://www .msnbc .com /morning-joe /watch /fmr-u-s-ag-s-co-chair-new-covid-19-criminal-justice-commission– 89573445633

Dangling participle2

Our apologies to professor at Princeton, Eddie Gloude Jr. .:. C7F9F30B-92F5-481D-B473-B0414565A2D5 ⚖️ We regret to pospone Jimmy’s anecdotes from you recent best-seller but, darn it! Professor, the Atty’s in the frames next to your reading material in the background decided to hit the mute button when asked about the minute-by-minute shenanigans happening at their former 9-to-5. _—•!•—_ First it was AG Lynch who declined to cast aspersions on the Barr, and then Mr. Gonzalez went hiding under Ms. Lynch’s faldas.

And so, for Mr. Gonsalitos, to not talk about a fundamental question about the Executive Power (specifically about your current counterpart, William H. Cunt… wait scratch D.A.T…. William Barr) in real time, sounds a lot a like like Robert DeNiro not wanting to write a summary of his motherfucking report in Real Reality Time, but in the Privileged Reasonable Time that the Nation wished that it still had.

Indeed, Alicia Menendez, indeed… them Eddy Currents are at an all time high, and they are probably gonna bee getting in the Air tonight. So nevermind them dangling participles, we’ll cut’em off at The Pass.

Still to come: Fake pinto sack de feijão

But first, In an effort to not fuck-up Democracy, so pena de ser clausurado, we the staff are now going to suspend our temporal awareness and hit the self-censor blackout drive switch and try not to bring up any tangent that might hurt the election of the next president of the United States. So, nevermind, Mr. Gonzalez… carry–on, we are not going to ask you if now that you are no longer in the Empire building business, would you in good-faith tell is if Luis Posada Carriles was a terrorist or not?.


“Hombre rústico y Elemental” — La soberbia y la rabia

Dear, former congressman Joseph Charles Scarborough III, and professor John Mill Ackerman (PhD.): Foreward to don Epigmenio Carlos Ibarra Almada. 

Don Taibo ii

Señor don Taibo ii, si sabe usted porqué el detective Héctor Belascoaran Shayne dice que la historia tiene rima? .:. 8228314C-ED0F-4D5C-9D19-4C6B08FA03E1 🕵🏼‍♂️ Sidelined por “la bastilla mexicana”… [A]unque usted, Pedro Salmerón Sanguinés, no nos lea!

¡Pelotero a la bola!

Hola, par de putos, hay les va un retrato y su contexto abajo. Issy, Johnny Mí’Boy, esto no es un ataque, y como dice don Epi: a Armando Segovia nadie le paga por, (número uno) haber ido a escuchar tu evangelio de Amlo (hombre rústico y Elemental), y (número dos) a Armando Serrano Prieto lo vetaron y lo censuraron el equipo Morena-Francia*/Servicio Exterior Mexicano* en Francia por querer ver el nacimiento —en tiempo real— de lo que hoy es un régimen Ciego, Sordo y número Tres en el mundo por los muertos (y muertas) de la desinformación de “Las mañaneras”.

* Sergio Ávalos / * Pablo Gleason

Yosemite Sam reports from a parallel universe at the James Brady Press Briefing Room inside of The White House, where President Trump holds his telenovela, which of course is called: “la meriendera*

* D.A.R.E. is a Venn Diagram for D.A.T template en “la mañanera” de Chapultepec.

Still to come:
Les Atty’s Generales, singing their number one hit, “Eye take a pass at D.A.T.”. Indeed you will Counselor, indeed youse will.

But FO’ist! Y’all heard about “La Pundita”… it’s just like one of those but in Chocolate, DAY calls her: La Welkita. In•deed.


Profesor, John Mill Ackerman: le recordamos que aquí en Francia, la pena de muerte fue abolida, SinEmbargo, la calumnia amerita la guillotina…

Funky people

Funky people .:. DF0E4530-2ADE-45CD-8092-34DDA52D82E8

Sin más. You know my names—pick up the number.

“It is what it is” starring Donald Rumsfeld

Pilot Episode, where Elise Jordan challenges the audience to think of a time when Americans wouldn’t take, IT!, from The White House, and The Air America crew went, “you go to war with the Army you have… it is what it is”.


My fellow Australians, living in the United States of America —off course— please inform your fellow expat convicts from Mutt Island, D.A.T.: Mail-in Voting is not a Crime, putting a Shrimp on a Barbie, is.

Try again, there is a Pandemic out there, and if you are going to rope–a–dope with the 90’s section of the Countdown until Election Day almost gone, you better have a superb hook.

Still to come, it’s the 80’s countdown on 99 Bottles of Beer on The Wall; like the 90’s, them theys are going to disappear magically, like Jesus-es pet dinosaur.

Dear, Elise Jordan… Cc: David Ignatius, Robert Costa, Joe Scarborough…

Hola, Elise!

https ://old .reddit .com /r /politics /comments /hz54ew /the_world_is_realizing_the_us_is_no_longer/

That's all folks!

That’s all folks!

Very briefly, heck you could reframe this and just say, in briefs, please stop scaring Nicolle Wallace on Deadline because deep down beneath that Stockholm Superstream–rinsed brown mane that The Wallace sports on the msnbc set at her laundry room in Manhattan, there is a blond living in that Orange County, California head of hers.

So, Elise, you have to be really-really bee careful when you point-blank start a question with, “when was the last time that The Bush (43) Administration,” yada, yada, yada.

The Eagles Wings

The Eagle’s wings .:. 39B54918-68F6-4ADC-96C9-A57DDBB65B13 🛂 Wanna know how “trickle down economics” morphed into a funneled through Pinto League? D.A.T.’s a Major League reference, and if you want the rest of that KURWA, you are going to have to subscribe.

You just don’t go doing D.A.T. to Nicolle on Deadline just out of the blue because God knows what sort of human rights and civil liberties trespasses might be Coming Up , in the form of a question, —of course.

Still to come: how to start a war, with Mika Brzezinski. In this episode Willie Geist goes over the basics of how the U.S got into Iraq, the answer? It must come in the form of a question, eh!

With that in mind Cousin Joe, fuck the Reagan Foundation and all of the Republicans that slowly but surely would overreach their authority with items like this:


Ibid… Sociology is a combat sport. These are their stories on: Stand-up, special bigots unit.

Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism [A]ct


Bcc: Eugene Robinson’s desk:

HOY NO HUBO « LIVE » Talent a Jazzafip during Set One… [L]et u.s. Hope that on the Second Set, Charlie Parker grows some, wait scratch D.A.T. Siren, let u.s. Hope  that on the 2nd Set, Charlie gets some.

They have Rocks for Brains

They have Rocks for Brains .:. 22FFF0B4-3734-48FD-8ACF-1DA99BD43378 .::. Lucky for them poor ignorant grunts D.A.R.E. is always a dependable Armor unit full of Distinguished Armor Technicians for T.H.A.T., eh!

ISSY, Ladies in Gemini, foreward path(ogen)finders report that a sort of piano “desafinado” along with two other characters on the rhythm section duo of the ensamble did not play any Jazz along the Seine waves.

Noisy Frogs 👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾, and 👏🏻 from Noisy–le–Grand (93051) a “New Suburb” that spawned next of La Marne, following the collapse of a thing called N.a.t.o, which Eye is sure you used to like, croaked in protest in their own particular way 👏, period!

Dun–Dun sound goes here

Law and Order Criminal Intent 786FEAA8-8486-4411-9878-8AEA466752BA .:. The names of the innocent have been changed ⚖️ Dun–Dun (Law & Order) sound goes here¹, [enter] Arizona Republican Representative Lebbie Desko from the Judiciary Committee at Capitol Hill in the Washington, D.C. District.

https ://www /emissions /club-jazzafip /speciale-festival-pianissimo-volume-xv-2-5

Sadly, öüï regret to inform the rest of the listening posts around the Complex, que Hoy No Hubo Jazz.

WFEiK the sound of the sirens on the Hilo a.m. dial returns after a word from DOLE and Mite your choice in pineapples since the Fall of Saigon.

… and now, The Knews.

Right Now

Right Now .:. 966C2FA2-E7D7-4A0F-B489-E4F5567229BA .::. Right now, Donald Trump’s personal Attorney General just told the Nation that he was not aware of the “Trumpists” that threaten to kill a democratic sitting governor of Michigan, “the woman!” whom his boss, John Donald the first, clearly feels threaten by.

“This is my Time, and I Control IT!”
Ms. Pramile Jayamal¹ (D)
7th Congressional District
Washington D.C. District.

Previously on: America, love it or leave it.

Deer, Cousin Joe, Eye knows, heck as a matter of fact Everybody Knows that youse just a dumb country lawyer, and isn’t that the real essence of what lawyering is all about, dumb country law? Anyhow, Eye has told you plenty of times before that Eye does not select the topics, so don’t be yapping tomorrow morning that Eye did not warned you about, IT!, in last week’s teasers about the most patriotic thing that Russia supporter can say when his inner “bear” is challenged.

Have your girls play nakid

Might as well have “your” girls play nakid’… yeah, buddy.


One Hundred Theys en Pel⚾️tas with Kayleigh McEnany

Welcome, to another Edition of:
The Countdown [en pelotas] con Kayleigh McEnany

For starters, the Donald Trump revival tent just fizzed-out and its main pole just came down after learning that attendance to his Republican party nomination (party) was threatening even lower numbers of DIE hard fans than the idiots who attended his post–Juneteenth rally in Okie Town.

Previously on:
Pago En Especie

South of Tijuana, a new generation is doing their own thing, and from the same extreme Catholic ralea that brought you “Pole Dancing for Cristo” y “Los Dipu–Tables” comes: Las Tangas de La Reforma de Peña Nieto en el Parque de La Villette. Aquí todos ganan, In•deed.

Farine para La Boulangerie

Baking with Sirens .:. 1EDFAD96-8261-4DE7-9D71-C446C2EE6323 🥖Farine para La Boulangerie, — yeah Buddy!

Adventures in transliteration, Babel’s Tower Edition on Cross Talk only on: A.M. Joy .tiff

En contexto, Tiffany Cross, you’d bee forgiven if your producers are not acquainted with The Hindenburg because, Morenaza, ZEPPELIN Goes Here:

Now Andy did you hear about this one

🎶 Now Andy did you hear about this one .:. 9E198D64-1061-4A77-A0BF-E1898062748B 🚀 Shoot the mirror! Shot the mirror before it’s too late.

Este güey se sube a un ladrillo y se marea, o como dicen en la N.A.S.A.:

If you believe, THEY Put a Man on the Moon, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /mundo /2020/07/25 /elon-musk-sugiere-golpe-de-estado-en-bolivia-por-litio-9647.html

Guess we now know what Neil Armstrong was talking about when the commander pierced the tear sacs on Elon’s eyes. So, the next time that you feel like geeking–out on Deadline, Brian Williams, please make a full–disclosure to all impressionable minds that, THE FOLLOWING LAUNCH is not for the benefit of mankind, but for the exclusive click at the Industrial Military Complex.


Factorization on Emission Contols… Check; Factorization on Human Rights abuses on indigenous peoples and environmental impact on the Amazonian jungle… not available/not important; it’s a TESLA, now with proprietary software to prevent owner transfership.

If the correlation between Henry Ford and his support of Adolf Hitler, and the car maker ‘s contractual relation with a wanna–be king don’t cause Historicity to Rhyme, than let’s wait and see what colonization under this these sets of relationships start to look like in the third decade of the 21st century… we’ve got time, go ahead. Find out.

[B]ut what the chicharras (cicadas) in Arizona want to know Katy Tur is What Would Biden do as President–Elect with a comment like the one that Elon Musk was cavalierly throwing around on social media with the Plebs (con Los Plebes, pues)?
ISSY, doña Bedingfield

ISSY, doña Bedingfield .:. 76D79FB6-5600-40C7-8BFF-35012422C2BD 👨🏾‍🎤 In•Deed, AM Joy’s house is on fire and they will worry about re-arranging a WORLD IN DISARRAY later in the transmission, but just what kind of re-arrangement will, IT!, be? Eye Means, just below PIMA County in Arizona, there is a new settlement of Lithium just waiting to be “exploited”.

Would a President–Elect Biden encourage mamacitas, y abuelitas también, Aussie, getting teared gassed in Africa and in South America like the Trump Administration is doing right now in Portland, Oregon and, most terrorifically encourage picking-up people from the streets just like the Customs and Border Protection desert–boot camouflaged goons are doing on American soil right now?

Still to come at the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room

It’s Kayleigh’s News Extravaganza… starring The 45th President of The United States of America

Something Öüï Can all Re-Late Two:

And just like the Black Diplomats say

And just like the Black Diplomats across The Atlantic Re–Late .:. 8F198B65-94DB-41C1-AB3A-8B43E842E933 🗞 You can see America better from Abroad.

In today’s episode, Kayleigh fixes the “numbers” for the Cognitively Übermensch and main White Suprematist in charge… “you’re not in Kansas anymore, tonton”.

Anyhow, Kayleigh McEnany, you playmate centerfold material YOU, you wanna know what a proper got your shit together place looks like, ask the best Mayor in on God’s Green Earth, Anne Hidalgo, of course. Check it out, Monday to Sunday and, just in case you are in Liverpool Time, D.A.T.s Eight Days A Week that Eye want to fornicate with you, you podium of lies goddess you.

La Hache Es Muda… just like you sHould bee, Kayleigh McEnany!

… Jazz fo’Yo sexy Ho’ass follows, yeah Buddy! In the voice of the one and only: Niño Luc, yeah, Buddy! Now, Kayleigh, Eye is not here to tell no lies, or SpickUlate, but did you know that the name Luc in French is one “K” removed from getting LucKy with you, yeah, Buddy.

La Historia behind that myth is D.A.T. the French stole the K from the Devil himself, because Luc means Light, or something like D.A.T., afterglow… in-deed. Dr. In•Deed.

Anyhow, Keyleigh, have you heard the latest Fake News out of the White House, V.45? DAY sound a little something like this:

In Hilo, Hawaii it's Stormy Weather

In Hilo and Kamuela Hawaii it’s Tropical Stormy Weather Times .:. D89A3646-2AD1-4068-9F8F-34D4E8B4511E 💨⛈🌊 The National Weather Service (KeyWord D.A.R.E. is SERVICE) has NOT, öüï REPEAT, HAASS KNOT named this HURACÁN RAMÍREZ WATCH, so in the STYLO of the 45th President of them united states, öüï is committed to SNATCH that same motherfucking Sharpie™️ that President Trump used to draw a phallus–looking curve onto El Huracán Dorian in Sept. of 2019, when he insisted that after his trip to the Bahamas, Dorian should also fuck Alabama… ’member D.A.T., Stephen Miller?  —“Well DO’ya, punK?”  Because, motherfucker, öüï is naming that weather system over 🌋, Hawaii: The Daniels Tropical Storm 🍍🍍🍍 Ananas for all, courtesy of The Lincoln Project’s Hell Kitchens. … Club Jazzafip du vendredi 24 juillet 2020

The presidents powers will not be questioned, and my nana did not die from the Coronavirus, said Stephen Miller, from the Jared Kushner section of the Advisors realm.

Anyway, Kayleigh McEnany, at the club jazz-a-fip Avishai Cohen shed a tear for that misguided Jew. And, Kayleigh McEnany, judging from his Uncle in Long Beach, California, the Millers seem to be an alright bunch, except for that Evil fuck, Stephen.


God help you all… gonna run out of battery now–you–know, catch you fuckers on Deadline.

22h Central Franco Time

… [A]nd, öüï are back.

TimeStamp: 22h  Central Europe Time

Oh, Kayleigh… Kayleigh, you know what?… It’s Weekend Edition, and youse the host… mamacita!

“Hay en donde se paro el águila parientes de Hernan colón”

—No que no—

Qué bonito es Chihuahua

🎶 Qué bonito es Chihuahua… hiel gran Ganado, “cara blanca” de chihuahuita—qué bonito es Chihuahua.

… hay jijos de la llorona,
hay jijos de “Shayne” Dos!

No Habrá Final Feliz
https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /cultura /2020/07/22 /REGRESA-A-LAS-ANDADAS-EL-DETECTIVE-HECTOR-BELASCOARAN-SHAYNE -6840 .html

Meanwhile north of El Río Bravo, well, north of Matamoros no pasa nada.

That’s the new philosophy of the Trump administration following the visit of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the current president south of the Rio Grande river… it is tautologically stupid but that’s the name of that ‘little charco’.

One thing is for sure, Saint David Ignatius de Los WaPos, America sin acento is most definitely starting to look like América con cedilla given the NEW Junta-style tactics in Portland, Oregon. Mayor Lori Lightfoot, from Chicago, where Donald John Trump is planning on doing his both “necesidades” is up next after the “little green gremlins” on The MorJo Show, if you need help learning about La Ciudad de las dos necesidades, just ask a Mexican for directions; it is usually “al fondo a la DERECHA”.

After the break, Los Marcianos Llegaron Ya.

Undercover [up] of the Knight — Hey, Ho

Previously on “I bet you think this post is about you”…


“The race militia has got itchy fingers » C8D176D8-AF4C-47C3-8FE8-F75D2ED360D7 … For Full-credit, the student must show his/her WORK.

Hey, Kayleigh McEnany, the Scammer–in–Chief was warned, and Dr. BRIX knows it.

Eye got the fever

Eye got the fever .:. 11F200B7-CA3D-4E37-849D-8481D96D97D2 .:. And You’ve Got The FEVER — All Knight… She was the Young American(a), raised on provincias… off-course.

Issy, even before you came into the Scene, Kayleigh McEnany, August(o) was always on my mind, dicho de otra (putita) manera: DINA’ (and a movie) with you Were Always On My Mind… “Law and order!”, just like The Roger Stones twitted earlier tonight…


Hear the screams of Center 42
Loud enough to bust your brains out
The opposition’s tongue is cut in two
Keep off the street ’cause you’re in danger
One hundred thousand disparus
Lost in the jails in South America


Track 2

Deer, Brian Williams: please give our regards to Peter Baker, just in case he was cognitively D.A.R.E. (on the Paris Underground) on his way back from Biarritz.

Intermedio with the BriWi’s — Surf’s Up, Charlie

It’s the 11th Hour at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, New York, and in Portland, Oregon:

“America as I see, IT!”

“America as I see, IT!”

Cualquier parecido con las madres de La Plaza de Mayo, en Buenos Aires Argentina es pura CAUSALIDAD, Eugene Robinson, nothing but a rhyme–in–time.

In the words of Lt. General Honoré:

— “What kind of bullshit is this?”
[And the waiter replies]
— A Quilmes, Sir.
— Pabst Blue Ribbon, I ordered a Pabst Blue Ribbon.