And in Nantucket… Cousin Joe is securing the Mansion

Cousin Joe’s National
Lampoon’s Pandemic Vacation

At Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, the prohibitively and tragically rich, are locking up the New American Castles. And of course, they (the rich fat cats) are depressed about it, while they haggle the wages of their unpaid gardeners and landscapers.

The Sole of America

The Sole of America is out of thread .::. 3924E658-BF80-4BE1-9BBD-CEED594CC708 🦠

In Military news, the U.S. Navy crucifies actual leaders and REWARDS psychopathic NAVY Seals for committing WAR CRIMES.

The Thread from Madrid

Dear, Acting Secretary of the Navy. Hon. Thomas B. Moldy …. Thomas B. Modly from O.H.I.O, please be advised that the following opinion paragraph must be read in a Captain Jack Sparrow’s father voice, and yes, —sir— D.A.T. D.A.R.E motherfucker is an actual Rolling Stone.


Indeed, “Qué bonitos son los hombres,” dijo el General Francisco Villa… independientemente del uniforme que ellos porten, and that is something that a toy soldier in boarding school will never understand or get; even if he was installed as Commander–in–Chief.

Now, then Mr. Moldy … Modly,  no one here at staff is questioning your service to the country, you sir, unlike that incompetent POTUS you call ‘boss’ are a former  U.S. Navy pilot, however, sir, let’s not forget the  spotlight incident that got you the position that you are currently warming the chair for, and by this we mean the next ACTUAL secretary of them floating fortresses that DONALD JOHN TRUMP, and you, sir, just compromised.

We [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] are, however, questioning WHAT EVER HAPPENED to them “wheelbarrows full of cold hard cash, that Paul Bremer (N° 3) lost while toppling Saddam Hussein. You were the … wait for it, Eye is going to take a nap…

Man! that was one long nap. As we woke we heard D.A.T D.A.R.E. ‘black spy’, hey There, Nance, long time no see. How ’bout them pentagon boys, eh!? Sycophants at their best.

Meanwhile across The Atlantic, Dr. Jon Meachum is only slightly out of tune, here’s how:

It is not that the COVID–19 recognizes a “republican” governor across them Southern states, but rather, professor Meachum, D.A.T. the DEATH CULT of theUltra Rich” want the very—very poor dead. Why, sir, do you think that the MEGA churches are allowed to stay open? it’s a perfect opportunity for The preachers that hire Kanye West, to get them old nanas and grandpaws infected so that they (los fieles) send their money to Kenneth Copeland so that ‘he’ not Baby Jesus, anoint their Stay in Heaven.

April 1st, 2005 — The Dirty French cure COVID–19


D.A.T. is not a mask

D.A.T. is not a mask.

Good morning, America. The following must be read in a Brian Williams voice.

Page Wan:

CANADA DROPS AN ATOMIC BOMB ON the state of Florida. It was a bold move and the rest of the Western world applauded the initiative to close all of the “sandbars” and party joints in that fucking state. It killed many, many, —many— nanas and grandPAWS but they were going to die, anyhow. Merci, Canada.

Section Bee Ey, Advertorial (Homes and Chantes*) pg. 34

The Roots of the Beatles and other Mutts

The Roots of the Beatles and other Mutts .::. 1C7E3DB4-16CE-447C-A91B-74DCB0104DFF 🏄🏽‍♂️ That D.A.R.E. Music from the Gulf Of México, — of course.

Tired of having to go to “chez lui” or « chez la », the very French have banded in solidarity to once–and–for–all know the feeling of what those damn Hispanos and Latinos (not the same group of animals), and the good people of Michoacán and Monterrey (an entire separate set of beasts altogether –Now) mean when they utter “I’m going home”, the Entire French nation, including some of their little Frogs, have all sheltered in place, Chez ‘lui’ and Chez ‘la’ in hopes that like falling in love, which the very French invented but have no idea what it feels like To Fall in love, at all, can arrive at knowing what it feels like to have A Home, hommie (and if you are French, the first two letters of HOmmie is bee pronounced as if one was calling a la puta de Josefina, and not Josephine (pariente de Cousin Joe), a fine girl from the great State of O•H•I•O.

* Chante = /haʊs/ noun. Sinónimo de hogar para los Vatos y las Rucas en dónde existe un núcleo familiar, for the Very–very French, it’s what the Anglos across the Chunnel and/or the Atlantic call a home; Aussi, it could be, the place where “E.T.” called and ran, —that motherfucker— an Astronomical long-distance bill.

In Local (predictable) News:

And then what happened?

And then what happened? .::. 2FBE3DFA-73BF-4D44-965B-526B9165856B 🥊🗣🤺

Radio French Interdepartamental reports from La République, that the initial get-to-know your family nucleus, in an attempt to figure out what IT Means, To Call your « place » a home, is running into an initial brick wall. In a swift response to the problem, the French government is considering prohibiting the sale of Alcohol, yes ladies in germs, Alcohol is now becoming a problem in French places trying to feel what it feels to be a Home and, (oh, the humanity) having to deal with one’s own Children and/or Significant Other on a 24/7 basis in a non–vacation in an exotic land scenario.

Mientras tanto en México… Chocolate abuelita o, agüita de limón

Maybe there’s a guey to let the alligator play inside the bathtub
Maybe there’s a way that öüï can play inside
the bathtub too
Maybe there’s a song that you and Eye can sing along about the bathtub
But if there is it’s just a song about the THEY
that öüï were alligators too

Eye hates to say it

Eye hates to say it .::. 2E601751-63DE-4F64-AF9E-149130F55256 🎧 Coming up in the Programming, the ”Lethal Weapon 3” soundtrack in the Voice of Leo Getz; “get it?”… ok, ok, ok; Leo Gets It! Get it?

A is for Lagarto
Ben Sidran
Blue Camus (2014)


Sayonara, Jaa ne, o Mata ne
https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/03/29 /opinion /026a1cap (El parque japonés)


Urbanohistorias .::. 75845A44-7BC2-4A85-80FC-AF2A928D5A73 🎼
If the night turned cold and the stars looked down
And you hug yourself on the cold cold ground
You wake the morning in a stranger’s coat…

Eye hates to say it
https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/03/29 /espectaculos /a04n1esp


Enough said • TRIBUTO

Siendo este [tan intrascendente] blog, en cierto grado un “producto de la SEP” y de nuestra raquítica y carente educación (digna de un transnacional californiano) es justo y hasta tal vez necesario relatar que los primeros « flashbacks », if Eye may call’em D.A.T., of France and EUROPA, dId not arrive from the free textbooks that the Mexican federation provided in the mid-1970’s, at a school named “Guadalupe Victoria”, nor, in the pages of the California elementary versions provided to every child in a school called “Mariposa”, located on the foothills of Mount Baldy, near Cucamonga.

From — The Guardian (U.K.)

From — The Guardian (U.K.), byline: Allison Flood .::. BDD05E43-CA8A-4337-8D28-D5809126548E 🐗 🍽 🍷Continued from the screen-capture up above … [G]oscinny, dies at home ‘from a heart attack unrelated to the coronavirus’.
• A world of joyful innocence in the aftermath of war. 📰 https ://www .theguardian .com /books/2020/mar/24/asterix-creator-albert-uderzo-dies-at-92

https ://www .theguardian .com /books /2020 /mar/24 /asterix-creator-albert-uderzo-dies-at-92

ISSY, Mr. Sarkozy, because we’ve seen a few GALOs or TWO, we covered it.

… Coming up in the programming, Groove holmes interviews Richie Cunningham (in the role of Steve, a Modesto, California, insurance sales representative turned Ronald Reagan supporter) on how Curt (in the role of Richard Dreyfuss) always knew that “Minnie Mouse” would turn into a cow, which is why Curt ended up in Canada, as a writer.

The Modesto Examiner

From the wires, via The Modesto Examiner .::. 241A1828-9055-404F-9943-C2F407F09ACE 🛵 The Modesto Examiner, “All The Quotes D.A.T. Fit to Print!”:
Curt Henderson: You know Toby Juarez? Toby Juarez, he’s a Pharaoh isn’t he?
Joe: Toby Juarez? Sure, we [The Pharaohs] know Toby. We killed him last night. Tied him to a car and dragged him… [gleefully] Rome wasn’t burned in a night.

Where were you, in 1979?

En fin don Calderón, 1978/79, lo recuerdo en borrosos detalles, pero de lo que si estoy seguro es de que mientras los tíos que me cuidaron del lado mexicano hacían las compras en una tienda de Gómez Palacio, DGO, (Soriana) yo solía entretenerme con los monitos de Astérix el galo, y luego, para extensión de ese viaje, porque nuestro hogar estaba a unos 45 minutos de carretera siendo que, San José de Las Panochas, estaba por aquéllos tiempos (hoy existe una autopista) en lo que se consideraban “rancherias”, o ejidos; para que el profe John Mill Ackerman, me entienda mejor. Hoy ya no existen los ejidos porque “el goat killer” o « chupacabras » se los entregó al Neoliberalismo de los años 1990, o algo así… como dijo Joe “El Faraón”, en American Graffiti: ROMA (ejido en la Comarca Lagunera) no lo quemaron en una noche; pasaron varias lunas y sequías para que eso tuviese lugar.


And at Nicolle’s Basement… Saul Goodman makes a cameo

Battlestations! Battlestations:

Bee vegüï vegüï Careful, Eight year–old’s coodies are at an all thyme hi. Yo-yo’s are circling the Purple pundit’s basement and if Eye would had told you last year D.A.T., Robert Costa would be telecasting from the bottle where he stored Joan Manuel Serrat’s “Pare” (it’s in the archives), Figluzzi would have asked “Black Spy” what kind of Ket•chup he wanted on his Hamburgers (for delivery) in Paradise.

Susana W.H.O.?

Susana W.H.O.? .::. 34BB178B-81F5-46AD-A5EC-2243CF8ECCF6 🧶 Next thing you know, Zeppelin is going to crash here, Aussi. Fuentes cercanas a Horacio le oyeron gritar: ¡DETÉNTE!!! LIEBRE del demonio de Wuhan. ¡Deténte, ya!!! —_•!•_— Uso justo de todos los medios, para propositos del tratado de Libre Intercambio de Información.

And over at Heidi’s walk-in closet, rumor is spreading like a rapid raving rabid wabbit, that the Trump administration is working a deal to replace Dr. Anthony Fugazi with Paul Simon. Sources close to Pryzbyla say, D.A.T… the Make America Great Again crowd won’t realize the switch, considering that Dr. Fugazi is about the same size as Simon.

Over at Nicolle’s basement, gremlins just breached the W.I.R.E…. Ö.Ü.Ï repeat, gremlins have breached the W.I.R.E., insiders at the front blame an Eight year–old trying to get trough that basement’s White House canvas; oh, the humanity.

Sra. Carmen Lira Saade; Elenita Poniatowska; don Calderón Francisco… y l@s que me faltan

Cc: MORENA-Francia, OCDE México, UNESCO Delegación mexiquito (2012-2018).


Oversight and a great idea .::. 0AEDA75F-F5F7-4272-A60A-3BA67A8A015D 🙏🏼👙Odorless HOs, cualquier parecido con el Corona “latino” Fest es coincidencia pura, y nada mas… coma frutas y verduras y no se acerque usted a Susana.

Foreward to: Los Amigos de México en Francia (mail-list[en]ing); Radio La Nueva República, Agence France Presse (Latinamerican bureau à París).

One second of foresight .::. 35A788D9-3D9A-4894-B871-52163B9F758F 🏄🏼‍♂️ … is worth more than: “7,000 entradas”, vistas a un ritmo de “230 al día”, lo que tomaría [según “el” monoaureo] un mes. ⏳⏱🛎 https ://monoaureo .com /2020 /03 /22 /dias-de-guardar-se/

Subject: EL MONOAUREO me la pela, period

https ://monoaureo .com /2020/03/22/dias-de-guardar-se/

P.S.A. from the Producers — in France

2nd Round postponed, SOL Cerveza reports:

Round Girl Geneviève de Paris

Round Girl Geneviève de Paris is on it .::. 16849D55-78B2-46D0-8528-B753FC3DF317 📐 And, “les compagnons de Notre Dame” are keeping the score on the bout, Round One showed a decline of voters at the polls, but then Again, the Sun was out last Sunday and nothing, EYE Said NOTHING, can get in between los Panamegnos y su Sol. 🌞

… Meanwhile in Savannah, Georgia, “What’d EYE say”, said “Buddy” the congressman: don’t worry Senator Paul, [we, the Capitol Hill gang] have the best medical system in the world, — next to T.H.E.M. players of the NBA, of course. Besides, senator, Paul (R–KY jelly) youse like a Super Über Mensch Man, or something like that! Enjoy yo’self senator you’is from Kentucky, AND THAT D.A.T., MOTHERFUCKER, is Moscow Mitch Territory. So you, Senator Paul, Rand [one–each] have nothing to worry about, as a matter of fact, keep holding the relief trillion$$$ for the good people who sit on them DELTA airlines executive boards, and fuck the rest of the people who don’t read PABLO NERUDA  like your fine self¹.

Anyhow, Alicia Menendez, please don’t drown in a pool of coodies like the Purple Pundit did, we couldn’t stand Curly Circus Clown taking over your show. Now don’t get u.s. wrong and please, please, please, PLEASE; please don’t let Mí bee misunderstood, öüï like Curly Heilemann, but still, don’t go getting coodies in the coming days, besides, the programming gods found a güey to fit in the “Waiting Room”, and in « yellow » no less, what follows, a bunch of Mexicans waiting on a court decision just so that they won’t stop dreaming? Now that, would be a heck of a parallèle.

Do it again

Do it again .::. BB431667-CD62-4B53-A31B-9FB825CB57B2 ⚖️ For the record, this will be the second time since December (when a general strike CANCELLED our audience at the Admin Tribunal of Paris) that we have had to make sure that our “mémoire draft” is not trashed by the system; in addition, we are arguing that this audience would not have had to be present in our [Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto] life, if the Préfecture at Cité would have provided an official seal stating that my professional credentials (which were stolen) are a true copy of the original documents, —initially presented at The French Consulate in Los Angeles, California. 📐 So yeah, quite a parallel with them Dreamers in El Ey, wouldn’t you say? Florence Cassez.


NOTE to Editors at POLITICS NATION and The Joe Scarborough Show, please bee advised that the following recap of today’s Presidential COVID-19 Victory Tour at The White House is a follow-up from yesterday’s (for entertainment purposes SATUR[N]THEYS) Evening Post.

Llamas are being evacuated by The Trump Administration from LIMA, PERU; Alpacas in Lima, O•H•I•O• are perplexed on how this will affect the alpaca wool sweater sales people who work on commission (next to the Peruvian flute playing ensembles across Chuck Todd’s Nation) and will not be seeing any donations for the cover hits that the Peruvian flute playing ensembles play at the markets where alpaca wool products are sold. America, what a country, you are so easy to forecast; and we [the staff] are not even trying.

Time Now, it is 23h30 in Central NATO Times.

And in Babylon 2, Nicolle Wallace made a cameo appearance on the Ali Velshi Show, of course, this happened after midnight (in CET) and the pundit appeared… with a Whiter Shade of Pale than her usual self, but after drowning in a pool of coodies what else could the viewers expect. The alternative version of this news-bite is that Nicolle is now a Vampire and she needs to bring her blood supply to a higher dose, so… if you have it, DONATE; and if you are undocumented in the U.S. and have symptoms of the “war time flu”, get checked, it’s o.k. because The Surgeon General of The United States reassured the immigrant population that the I.C.E. goons won’t be there to harass you, or your loved ones. Other than D.A.T., the daily Donald Trump “my pussy hurts” show was as usual, “a word salad”, just like Ali Velshi « channeled ».

Deer, Matt Bradley — Executive Criminal negligence is no way to run a country (AMLOVE)

So, according to peacock Bradley, Joe Biden was blowing facts out of his ass when he told Bernard Sanders that THE ITALIAN medicaid for all was not efficient [before] the Curse of “the bat soup” struck with a vengeance, the Lombardi section of that boot.


ROMA es AMOR .::. C0F56E17-E0CB-4210-9132-3954DD136848 🦠⚱️🗺🧮 Don’t shoot tomatoes at mí. Öüï did projected CARMEN (for those with Eyes to see).. What MORE do you want from Mí? To draw you a picture? C’mon, Willie Geist!


This, little piece of information tells us one thing, and it reveals another; the first is that AMERICANS don’t know what they are voting for, because as Matt Bradley mentioned, the medical sector in ITALY was very robust, heck Cousin Joe, ITALY HAD MORE BEDS FOR INTENSIVE CARE UNITS than the “greatest country” of Donald Trump; and two… [W]ith all of the factories shutting down, karaoke lofts will be a good INVESTMENT for VoBo’s¹ in New York City, at $125 U.S. per hour and millennials stuck between a Tri-State entertainment industry shutdown and their expendable income it’s a Win–Win situation.

Trump cannot Lie a Tale

Trump cannot Lie a Tale .::. 859CD51F-4286-4710-86A1-87E5AD8A4FFA 👺🦠☣️ OUR little president’s nose grows with every death in our GREAT country.

¹ Vistos Buenos

Now, monsieur Philippe Labro, CNEWS might have Defendente Génolini to go ahead and « cross words » on the next–to-last page of them Direct matinees that Canal Plus provides to u.s. SDF’s as multi-purpose magic tissue, and insulator, and floor matting, etc., etc,. ETC, period… but mr. Labro, can you match amlove’s wallet?

What's in your wallet, guey? .::.

What’s in your wallet, guey? .::. 8A5F0AAF-DB65-48D1-BF4A-8ACA3ED3EC24 🌊🗺🔊 In apocalyptic times beware of SCAMS. —_•!•_— Drink té de Tila.

♒️ N° 2542 (lundi 16 MARS 2020)
AMOUR: Ça va vous étonner, mais on pense souvent à vous, mais en silence.

Oh, THE Humanity… let’s talk about the weather

… [A]nd BFM’er TV goes:

Dedicado a La Regla

Dedicado a La Regla, period .::. ISSY .::. DE0ABB60-7D63-4030-A8EE-29189213C517🥋Expand your Latitude — motherfuckers! period — as Always®️. COMING UP in the programming: The Cure (to kill an Arab) meets The Stranger

NonnonNo, no, no!

Breaking soon to be known news

Breaking soon–to–be known news .:. 41676935-67BB-47F1-93C4-4373410B9556 👶 In nine months the world will debate what to call the FACE of a Knew Generation. MATERNITY WARDS will be competing with COVID-19 beds.

Parlons d’Amour
AMLOve y Té de Tila!!!

Espejismo no more… Donald John Trump always knew D.A.T. Le Zimmer was ALWAYS®️ next to the Théâtre du Châtelet, where An American in Paris has been squatting the Place, ever since he (it’s a boy) tried to Talk about his « mexicanidad ». For the record, our usual sponsor, VANIA®️ is on lock-down (Nice) and so Always has become La Regle.

Dear, Senator Susan Collins (MAINE)

Dear, Senator Susan Collins (MAINE) .:. F972C93C-42D1-46EF-B698-BD8C2A1EB83A 🎀 Do you, madame, think that the Third Impeached President of The United States might find it in his GOOD CONSCIENCE, after the lessons that he learned from your VOTE to keep him in–office, to now DO THE RIGHT THING and resign?

March Madness Day 2  – The Hall* Pass

We [the staff, of this most NON–CONSEQUENTIAL blog] did not want to believe it Yesterday, but it appears that in order to roam the trash cans looking for food to eat, öüï the SDF’s (homeless en Inglés del bueno, y no chingaderas de La U.K.) must now show a Street Pass, printed from home, which —motherfuckers— as mentioned before, the French don’t have, in their “petit Robert”, we however, have a feeling that D.A.T. is about to change now that the FIFTH REPUBLIC has ordered all the the population to stay indoors. And to quote WHAT Gil Scott Heron once said: them D.A.R.E. rats have never looked so “consumable”, at least not since “the rat–on–a–stick” sold in South Korea outside of Camp Casey; and if you’ve ever been on a DMZ Zone, you will know what Eye, motherfuckers, is talking about.

We must protect the Norwegians in Liberia

We must protect the Norwegians in Liberia, QUICK! Get me the Airline CEO’s and Corporate Restauranteurs on the Line! — DEAR, Vice-president Joseph Biden: ACCORDING TO STEPHANIE RUHLE, the bail-outs to Wall Street and the airline industry were paid “with interest”, but the INTEREST was never on behalf of the working-class ZEROS. SENATOR BIDEN, what’s in your –motherfucking– WALLET‽ Eh?

In Rock Ridge News:

Season V; Episode V.
Everybody loves Jimi
Better Call Saul.

As the U.S. reaches the FOist 100 Corona’s* in the land of Mirages, District Attorney Hedy Hedley Lamar just gave away the REAL REASON why Donald John Trump wanted only Scandinavian immigrants to beef up the Census in them u.s., IT WAS TO BAIL–OUT THE Norwegian Cruise Ship Industry, which  brings US to another misrepresentation made by Joe Biden during the no–audience debate… can you guess what it is Cousin Joe, if not ask the little bird behind Gov. Hogan (Maryland) or, ASK the Steph and her take on the latest American bail–outs D.A.T. did not “trickle down” to the regular blokes and instead, floated like CACA for the CEO’s and CFO’s who ate all that SHIT UP like corrupt MEXICAN officials now living around the world.

* Corona’s are also the flower arrangements sent to funerals, —EWE Know— the ones that are circle shaped and usually sent from Business Folks who could not make it to the WAKE.

Jazz is on Hallyday, literalmente, Johnny

16 de marzo, 2020

The Day La Île Stood Still


— Alemania (1935)
Adolf breaks Versailles and gives every german his GUNS.

And in Music News, James Hetfield can continue with his recovery, changes in priorities have afforded the Metal Monster the opportunity to rest and recover, (you lucky dog), on the flip-side, Axl Rose is a fucking Asshole, in Castilian (del Bueno) that transliterates to —Muere (abuelito) Latino fest.

Over at the Rockefeller pundit centers, D.A.T. outfit that Katy Tur is wearing is swell, a bunch of little brown squares, it matches her hair. Nice.

… Dear, Senator Warren, welcome back. The Senate is where you Shine. Time Now: 01h40 on Tuesday morning in Central Europe Times. Dear, Gov. Cuomo, congratulations on spotting the Wave; now, have you spotted the tumbleweed yet?

… Deer, Tom Perez (sin acento) Tommy One Note is right, the safest place for The COVID-19 is at the ballots, mostly because young fuckers are to busy not voting. So have at it ‘gramps’ vote a güey.