And President Biden… Woof–woof!

Dear, Joe Biden, —president.

You literally already tried this with Vin Diesel’s Fast and Furious… the outcome was the death of Paul when HE DIDN’t NOTICED THAT THE LIGHT HAD CHANGED:

Ofrece EU a la FGR (MEXICO’s Préfecture) ‘software’ de “espionaje controlado”

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/07/27 /politica /ofrece-eu-a-la-fgr-software-de-espionaje-controlado/

The Face of God*

What’s next, Joe? Youse gonna shoot Charlie?

If your Administration can end the George Bush War in Irak, and leave essential workers stranded in Afghanistan to be killed by the Taliban, why? —Why can’t you lift the embargo on Cuba and see what happens, eh? Heck, Mr. Biden, come-on Man!

You [Sir] make Jeb Bush’s son look like a Bush Family loyalist, even after that little Florida fucker—turned Texan to run for office there (Lone Star State) seeking the endorsement of your predecessor, aka Nicolle Wallace’s former guy, “el Don”, o algo así… but i, armando segovia, wouldn’t know on account that I Voted for you to “Build it back better”… i did not know that this is what your Administration meant ⤵️

Lorem ipsum… pasa la Rocha.

🎶 It’s a Charade… it’s a Charade — it’s a Charade


Previously on The Rachel Maddow ‘craiglist’ gigs… the thing is… The Real Charade is going on inside the Nave… where ironically, like the fake French Arnaque Signal (it turned out to be a real call FOR EXTRAS) reads, inside of the Church you find an IDEAL PARIS, a PARIS THAT MAKES Evry Body in the WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS DREAM and where all PARISIANS including women, are pretty, chic and elegant, multicultural, etc,… you KNOW, like on Morning Joe and at Jazz à Fip

Fkn’ Brisbane…
Australia is the Enemy to beat in 2032…
“We got five years », fuck-oh’s
HODO, HODO… pronounced JODO
by 2032 it will all be DUNE

The poles are talking.

🎶 Tell us commander, what do you think?
Cause we know that you love all that power

¡Belgas!!! Maria Madeleine de Scudéry—ya no respetan ni la rue Victoria (Paris, Centre). Infra•Estructur•Ey•Shion attack, probably.

Is it on then, are we on the brink?
We wish you’d all throw in the towel

Privilège… here’s a Ripley in case D.A.T. Ewe ⚽️ missed IT!

/  I  I  I  \

Where are they now?, section of the blog, The Orange County, California is having their 30th Anniversary Class Reunion and this is the runner-up for the invitation propaganda. 

Over at Siren Central, Denis Soula is feeling like the last Fettuccini Alfredo [plate] at the radio france Salad bar. In the mean while, The Prince and wife are celebrating something, something in Deutsh. Last Öüï heard from the crowd is that the price of Rosbif is 1 2 higher than Schnitzel-grübens… sorry schatzis.

And at Grand Central Station, 20 decades equals… Nice racism, of course. En Contexto, for U.S. Secretary of Transportation and “cadeau” pour Les Compagnons du Devoir at the University of Notre Dame (pronounced They’m fightin’ Irish) the one and only, Perter Pedro Buttigieg, as told by the most Australian of all Spaniards, Russell “are you not entertained?” Crowe. Guest starring the most French of Italian explotadores, Charles de Batz de Castelmore d’Artagnan, in the role of Gerard Depardieu… It’s the Top of the Second, Louise Michel has been ejected by The Empire from the mound, there’s no runner on base and Julien Bayou is at the Plate.

Time ow in Hilo, Hawaii is the exact opposite of Las Arenas en París:

Mean while in China, Nuevo León, los tacos orientales de Cuernavaca, Morelos, saben a QUESADILLAS SIN FROMAGE del bueno.

Deer, Mayor Pete:

All roads lead to ROMA, and off-Course, La Rue Berger

So yeah, Mayor Pete, with 20 decades under her book cases, “Nice racist” writer but also, “White fragility” author, Dr[a]. Robin DiAngelo would probably agree with Bill Maher (that motherfucker!) because the secret for a top notch infrastructure is to have a history of colonies, as opposed to ‘back yards’.

Por ejemplo, Raquelito, you might not be wondering what this rollo has to do with la rue de Sauval (75001) and The FORMER Mexico City Metro DIRECTOR, FLORENCIA SERRANÍA, who will of course tell you que “NADA”.

La Florida, siendo parte de la raíz cuadrada de Florence, naturalmente no será culpable del desplome de un edificio en Miami. AND IN México, it’s Nice that Grupo CARSO is going to pay for the “repairs” needed for a failed above-ground metro line THAT GRUPO CARSO (Slim) BUILT, in the first place! But Mister EBRARD, who is going to be the “CHIVO” who is going to go to jail for all of the fallen ones in a Land where there is no God, because it’s Méjico?

En México todas las Florencias son “buenas” y nunca hicieron: ¡NADA!


Sin embargo, Mayor Pete, the good monos at don Calderon’s funnies (el monoaureo) kind of sort-ah are edging towards a CrossConnection between the collapse of Metro L12 in Mexico City and La Estación Châtelet-Les Halles. It’s a triangulation that puts Salt in the Cement and adobo on the Day of The Music (ed. 2014)… precisamente por los alrededores de una SAMARITAINE en plena etapa de re construcción.

Dentils follow, but first Bridges and Tunnels walk into a Bar, hilarity ensues when Metro Line Gold is feeling kind of, sort’ah… like a sexy Samaritaine.

And in Gorilla news… 🌬💨 All Quiet on the Étang de Thau, Sét[e].

It’s always the “kind-er, gent-ler” luke-warm machine guns in Neutral colors, like say… Eye don’t know, —A 🇨🇭 Army knife— peut-être?

… [something, something, French]

Baya, Bah-yia vaya… Cibo Mato stole a Black Dog, and this is why it is important to know your chicken—Ewe got to know your chicken.
🛰 In Local news, a Chicken They Trader filed a complaint with the referees because “Black Dog” kept fraternizing with his free-range poultry.

… [Yada³]

🛰 Keep on rocking in the Free-range FaRm

Would you believe?” that it’s 10h in CET

And, Major Thom…
Eye did warn Tranquility Base about how “Ewe need Mí on that WALL ie… look back at the writing shaped by the BLOCKS of la rue Sauval, Paris-Centre, formally Nº 1.

After the break it’s:

Adventures in translation,
calcos and off-Corse,
False Friends.

Attention all Units, Kasie Hunt’s weekend went missing

Le Tour de France is rounding up the usual Suspects, in Lille, Florence Cassez says she’s never even met The Weekend, and over at Israel’s cell, the forgotten “Clyde” of French docu-dramas dice, “que la esculquen, nobody throws a fucking french fry on the streets without Florence having a finger in that Grec style kebab.


… a preliminary check-up reveals that along with Kasie’s weekend disappearance, Roberto Costa, of El WaPo and PaBSt fame was also AWOL, AP LeMire (that fucker) was heard screaming, and Eye quotes, “does anybody remembers, BOB Costa?”


Over at the Pershing Memorial Baseball Field Senator McCain finally settled down and things kind of quiet down after Denis Soula (that Cock soccer) sent the Ball out of the Park with a California “serafín” jersey on, out in the stands the empty seats wondered how Denis got into the batting line-up (long story short) ‘member that fip tattoo on the little blue-bird man? Well, it turns out that Denis Soula lost a bet and he had to play the kettle part as The Tweeter guru, “Tweety McTweety” tea bagged his nut sac on Mr. Soula’s MUG!!!

If you missed Denis Soula’s homer you can get multiple repleys if you tune in to yesterdays match between the despicable Red Soxs and the evil empire of Them Yankees en Nueva Yol’.

Anyhow, it’s the top of the second Empire and Louise Michel just got ejected from La Commune.  

https ://asegovia3 .com /2021/06/09 /previously-on-the-frogs-at-the-poquelin-lounge-bar-and-grill/

“Just the facts, ma’am »


In a plot twist, it turns out that yes, Ewe guess it. Bob Costa moved to France, and with that in mind Öüï now returns to The Little Sewing Shop in Paris, where / |  |  | \ is “Weaving » los hilos on that storefront on what used to be a mill on the block.

Upon careful consideration, Catherine Deneuve realized that Ripley was correct, it would be a Sin if you are a believer, a Crime if youse into the Prometheus arc, in any case, a sign on that shop would be like installing a “Castle” enseigne (señor) in front of Versailles.

Asi con ese estilo, lamentablemente inconfundible, WHO needs a plot… las fábulas de don Poquelin y tata Colbert

… Lorem ipSum and gilded trades with an assortments of French ‘devoirs’ 📐 follow

“It’s symbolic, of course », but the answer is always HOUSES OF THE HOLY. And if you’ve never been to Spain, then you know that at PASO DEL NORTE is where the the Child Separation program followed, in any case this is Last Week To They

In local news, District 3 of the 1er Arrt. trickled only a minuscule number of voters as opposed to the shoppers gracing the most recent return of the Samaritan’s elaborate Guilded Metro stop.

In Cleveland, Ali Vittali let her hair down, Ali is covering the Glam Rock scene with The New York Times, Peter Baker, who is framing the Scene in full Stryper regalia, and if you know who these Glamorous Monkees are then you know that Peter Baker is in full-Stripe-Spandex looking like a Zebra just like Senator Sinema, allá por “La Panamericana*

*.)_ OUT-fucking-STANDING! it seems that the ViP’s entourage to La Chingada en Guatemala finally read between the sheets… Wait that’s the wrong set of K’s… finally read between THE LINES, knot the sheets.

You might recall that Öüï pulled little Manu Chao’s ears for not paying attention during the Caminos y Puentes section of the class, where Eye told the class about the two Trajectories of La Carretera Panamericana… long route made Short, Little Manu Chao got extra-credit for explaining that he needed to add a New “panamericana” to make, IT!, rhyme WITT the San Diego… padre_s–es–Ese! ⚾️

Short people are known to gather here. The ratio of big people to short people on any school day is completely coincidental on voting They in, day. 📏 A Fr.Bleu* preliminary reports from All of The Short People joints RELAY that Adrianne ElRod is running circles on the Triple Threat allegiance of the Greens. 📐 Trou fact, a little short Frog named Poquelin (artistic name Molè ire… or something like that) invented the first Ballet Comedie there on a rush when Little “Molière” forgot to do his HOMEWORK the Night Before.

*.{ A Type of cheese:

https ://www .francebleu .fr /infos /elections /elections-regionales-et-departementales-en-ile-de-france-taux-de-participation-en-legere-hausse-a– 1624806873

…ISSY, Camus was a fag! 🏳️‍🌈 and Öüï find Sisyphus outside The Stonewall with Lindsey Reiser who is wearing Jean’s Jeans. Over at Studio 3A of the Rainbow Room, Alex Witt was heard saying that Lindsey could get used to all of the ruckus if need be, any how, Hilarity (with a Capital hache) ensues when GROOT walks into the Bar on “Leaving Las Vegas” Karaoke Night and heads over To New Orleans where Susana Poveda is feeling like a Cajun Ing’un Queen… SINGING, Hey🌶 Ho-Alina

Eye Am Groot! People who know, know that this place is Tranquility Base. Look it up, Madame Hidalgo’s tourism monkees think that they have an exceptional imagination, they don’t, it’s actually pretty damn over-rated… And ELVIS sports an afro in the after-life.

… Öüï’ll Scream-ah for 🍦, Ewe 🗣, Öüï all 🗣 Ma’ for Eye 🗣 Ma’4🍧 https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /certains-l-aiment-fip/les-musiques-de-la-nouvelle-orleans

In Hilo, Hawaii, the needle in the sand ⏳ is about about to sweep the 11th hour, and in Paris it’s the 10 o’Clock hour and it appears that the Orleans ⚜️ version of Adrianne Elrod (V. Pecrésse) is leading in the top 40’some percent of yesterday’s Regional vote at La RATP (punto y coma) Steve-Oh and the “Neapolitan” duo of Alexis and Elise are left-out holding a 🍰. Let’s see what happens next.

YESTERday —Infra struct uration

• No se dio el giro que Biden prometió

Chapingo can Wait… Agro•pecua•rio 🇨🇺
From La Jornada:
La mayoría de países 🗺 denunciaron en la Asamblea General 🕊 esta política injustificable, sobre todo durante una emergencia de salud mundial 🏥

Repudio casi unánime en la ONU al bloqueo estadunidense a Cuba

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2021/06/24 /mundo /021n1mun

... Now Wait A Minute Jazz-Ah-fip, don't go digging that pinky finger of yours on that pretty dimple chic of Yours. You are Knot, Eye repeats, Ewe are Knot the Last Coca Cola at La URUZA. You keep that tempo up y como dicen en Miami: the Rhythm is gonna get you. Alas, Öüï hope is not to soon.

“Something  something, English…* for starters, Matt Damon’s illegitimate long-lost twin sister is opening a Zoo. Be vegui vegui quiet, it’s Pink Zebra season, over at The Ozarks, Claire McCass just called Mayor Bill de Blasio incompetente reported un residentetete, and over at Hidalgo’s headquarters on la rue Rivoli…

_the Mayor in charge there asked Gotham City what’s taking so GotDamn long with the ballot count, Mayor Anne reverberates the former Missouri Senator’s sentiments adding that, “when it comes to vote count, the NYC election board is looking like a bunch of circus animals (from Boston).”

WHY? 🇮🇱, What INTEREST could drive your exiled land-grabbing government to vote against the 🇨🇺embargo?
But more CONCRETE and to the point, is this the NEW FACE OF YOUR IRON WALL SYSTEM after ousting the Donald Trump version of the Jews? [Come’on Man!, in Yiddish goes here]

With a stiff upper lip, Claire started an office pool on what will be solved first by the press, the New York City mayoral race or, the collapse of the 40-year old building in Miami-Dade County.

Later on DeutschWelle TV: The Shock Doctrine sin CUARÓN

En Contexto…
because a picture without, IT!
got’s no Swing.

te manda un Saludo vía Manu Chao

Page 23
Nº 2598; 25/06/2021
CNEWS Détente (¡Cabrón!)

D’Angelo is right, and to paraphrase Ari Melber on The peacock Beat, « This ain’t no underground, it’s a basement and YOU have Mí chained to an icon, —Marianne ».

STAY! —_•¡•_— B1B84327-9519-4919-8D77-AC1C5DEA31DB ⌛️
The year is 2011, and before The Year of Mexico in France had it’s first unfortunate encounter with cancellations on the scene de La Seine and engagements were WAS less of a National Mandate or, as in the Case of The Mexican Embassy in France (un berrinche) a tantrum on l’Assemblée National on account of dedicating a Cultural [bi-national] event in the IMAGE of FLORENCE, but KNOT ISRAEL (Vallarta, knot Puerto) i, armando segovia, had the opportunity to take this same picture without the campground enthusiasts’ but with the very rusted chains that Öüï now reconstructs with the aid of a sequence of Emojis… para ‘el personal’, period

In Local news, Utopia56 is opening the Parvis de Madame Hidalgo à le BHV Gardens to all outdoors enthusiasts… more SPecifically the brothers, sisters, and of course, the “the mini me” version of all’them migrants from the Subsaharan regions of mama-africa* who only stopped playing fútbol  [it seems] in order to count sheep, and maybe rest a bit.

* Pintor de santos de alcoba
Si tienes alma en el cuerpo
Por qué al pintar en tus cuadros
Te olvidaste de los negros


Angelitos negros lyrics © Editorial Mexicana De Musica Int. S.A. (emmi) ironically written by, “El Hoy BLANCO ».

The whole gang is here, AFP, Reuters, those fuckers whose signals propagate from le Boulevard Aquatic a Balard, casi esquina con el Equinoxe en Issy-Les-yada yada yada

Starring Eddie Mitchell as the original Maverick from The Rockford Files. Because Fuck Johnny Halliday.

“A todos los que quieren y aman al futból” — El Sur también existe

Note to the LatinEx Crew, No. No Öüï’s knot gonna accommodate .es or esses, o mismo a aquellas, I quote Ángel as he was, knot as Ewe wished he was. And please don’t Fuck with the DiaCritic Accent en el fut, —Luc!

*CORRECTION… Michael Eric Dyson (Ph.D.) is the sexiest thing on Deadline. The Good General ain’t got time for snowFLakes. And, Ari Melver—Fuk Ewe Tú… in the voice of Jason Johnson.

Minuto 13

🇫🇷 0 a 0 🇵🇹

And here is where Öüï stops, France is playing as if them fuckers already qualified!

Min 15

Merci Nº 10, almost Goal, but knot famous, SILENZIO,  🎬

Min 28… follows

🎙 and Eye quotes:

So it’s time to leave you a preview
So you too can review what we do
20 years in this business,
“How You Sell Soul?”
yada, yada, yada, ibid
So don’t mind me if I repeat myself
yada, yada, yada, told ya’ll
Five thousand leaders never scared
“Bring the Noise, ”
it’s ‘the moment they feared
Get up! Still a beautiful idea

By my law, ESPN OWES ME.

Anyhow, speaking about what goes around comes around. Fucking Penalty when Loss of Signal made a CAMEO.

HALF TIME TIE ONE TO ONE. would you like me to draw you a picture of D.A.T., Sir?


Öüï joins the transmission just when Ronaldo (Portugueses Maradonis) scores the 2nd penalty against France’s-es previos one; time uk own time fr = 20h29

Not to rub it on The Netherlands, pero aquí en éste  partido hay muchos penales… García Luna.

Time remains unSynched, 66′ or 67′ —pero qué bonita jugada!!! Para Los Franchutes.

And, Öüï is back, watch out ESPN, 22h35 CET

— Now i hate to manipulate the Action, but you two are back to Diva mode.

And this why The Filthy Dutch have a chance, and as Öüï speaks, (a young) Kasie Hunt is being hunted to lead that Ad campaign. Team Parkesuuu! Is Knot, we repeat—knot happy!!!

TU-tu/tu-tuTUTUTU 🇭🇺 2—2 🇩🇪

The Fkn’ Ef Line:

Knot, to be undone: Welcome Back, ¡par de putas!

It’s Oh-kee-Dho, Qui*?

With Subtitles: The Singer 🎙64F5D44C-A09F-402B-AAF7-4EF1427D0CB1 🛰 🎵 Every time that he saw a weed he said, “Kill, IT!, before IT! grows ».

Advertorial [Les Inrockuptibles… your cover of Nevermind said “Venez comme vous êtes », and tonight’s feature of The Twilight Zone brings us the Sold-Out extravaganza of “El Cantante”… Hilarity ensues when Kanye Ou Est walks onto the Ari Melver Show with FRANÇOIS HOLLANDE and busts out quoting, “My Singers in Paris”*

June 22, 2021_ Paris, FR. From the wires

https ://www .vanityfair .com /news /2021 /06 /donald-trump-coronavirus-guantanamo-bay

One ticket to Guantanamo Bay, —Pigs… S.V.P. with Four Years in of your beautiful streets on my BACK. — Sometimes Eye feels like a Motherless Update.
—_*!*_— All together now, 🎹🎹🎹🎼 PARANOID, as arranged for Guitar-playing Zappa’s on “the MTV”… Ah One- Ah Two-🌳—FO’ :
Finished with my woman ’cause
She couldn’t help me with my mind
People think I’m insane because
I am frowning all the time

Eye Gknew, IT!… SR. Roberto Fonseca, Öüï knows YESU is a Fan on account D.A.T., NOUS (them motherfuckers) heard that you too are a “Remember The Alamo” on a torrential ‘sunny’ They like the one that Paris is having right now (punto y coma) the Locals call, IT! the “Noah’s Arc” app•roach 🥁 Silvio lo llama, “un aguacero en venganza”.

p. 93

Next to Knew Years Eve, The Knight Before [Today] is perhaps, maybe, quiSAS❗️The morning after when the very French cannot, Eye repeats, cannot blame the lovely piss smell next to the bugambilia or that there shrub on under Senator Mazie Hirono‘s (D-Hi) on the hobos de Paris, Texas (punto y coma) Senator Hinoro, EWE might recall, was caught dancing on top of a Bush (punto y repita) what you might have missed is the factoid from a distance that showed Mazie in the middle of a dance with a drunk baby version of Arizona Senator John “The Maverick” McCaine, ISSY, “McCaine” with an ¿eh!, on account that it is just a hand, and Eye quotes, “in the BUSCH ».

* And, Katty Kay, IT IS AN APPROXIMATION of The Maverick, but where did you ever get that beautiful smile! You can’t possibly be a true Blonde… wait, What? ¥ou can’t possibly be a true Brit, eh! Eye bets youse Japanese, what with them almond-shaped jeepers on your mug.

The empty stands at the Pershing Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes are passed-out next to the lovely Château D.A.R.E.

A University used to stand there, it was structured and constructed by the SPIRIT of 1968, but Charles de Batz “D’Artagnan” CastleMoRe and Colbert ⚜️ deconstructed that Project and literally, sent IT!, next to the projects near the RATP Sector of the Saint-Denis Cathedral. Trou Story… this is why all of the Empty Stands of the Sherman Memorial Baseball Field are still crashed next to The Castle that was once a personal GUANTANAMO cell for the Minister of Finances of the King living à Versailles.

The sad part of that Trou Story is that by 2011, when former candidate and then, French President of La Quinta Via was pirating Jay-Z’ and that other Singer, “My Singers in Paris” , the Zapatista’s over at Paris XIII had just gotten the Earl Schibe’s 19.95 paint job, and then they added a neo’n Sign.

Still to Come: These Queers fight back. Just ask Ice T. “800–SEVEN_five oh… the humanity.

Pour la Pride, le bar gay de Stonewall boycotte la bière Budweiser et Stella Artois

Meanwhile, over the waves at La Seine [that floosy], La Chapelle got wind of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s (D-NYC) counterfeit Chappelle rendering at Madison’s very 📐 Garden.

Yoko, come Quick! It’s another Edition of:


Reve 17: ONE through 18ème. — Shallow WaWa?

Dead As Disco

Eye is a Creep…

Ladies in Gemini, disturbing news from California

Issy—the Exodus continues and Gov. Newsom… do you really think a set of spectacles and a new haircut from Claire’s contacts are going to hide that mug of yours?

Spin-Tumble-Dry: La Lavandería, is the rue in Paris and, a fancy restaurant in Clint Eastwood’s Carmel by the see:

Governor Newsom is running for President of La Île-de-France… who’s next? Let’s hope that it is not Mike Barnicle, —that motherfucker!