As promised, page Tú from the RT Set

Hey, Larry (Bird)… youse wearing my number 🏀🗑 and in Manchester, The Devils are now answering to King James.

That’s quite an “ese” you got there, if Eye may say so.

In local news, No Extras on the set 📎📎📎

https ://francais .rt .com /france /85319 –homme-a-tente-sintroduire-dans-enceinte-elysee-avec-bouteille-enflammee


And in Washington, it’s Breaking News… and pundit, “Jesus, built my car; it’s a love affair, mainly Jesus and my …”.

… The power went out on TRMS at 03:02 CET, jump to Saturday’s morning car-tunes.

Last month to They: exit through the Registry*


Hola, if you are reading this and you are one of the artists that i, armando segovia, have spoken to in the previous month of MARCH, please make a mental note to remind yourself that the VLF³ screen grab from EL HERALDO de México [vía El Monoaureo] is not about you, it is however, about a developing concept that i personally learned in grade school, and it goes a little something like this:

Yeah, Buddy!

https ://monoaureo .com /2021/04/01 /el-interes/

Monkey see, monkey do.

³ Very Low Frequency

* https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Bridal _registry

Previously on “cuero de rana”… no confundas a las ranas con los sapos.

Indeed, Thomas Liard, indeed, Eye couldn’t agree more with the WaWa Bearer on Nº 2385 of last Friday’s edition of your CNEWS matin.

Anyhow, CANAL Plus Brand Solutions, thank you for referencing 2 of my musings on your “Bon a savoir² and “C’est arrive¹” sections in the same Friday on Nº 2584 edition of MY favorite PILLOW filling^, ISSY, i also feel sorry for Ronaldo’s hairstyle on Les Clés du Jour of 2002… Eye blames the fucking “nain de jardin” on that page for Ronaldo’s coiffure misadventures.


https ://asegovia3 .com /2021/03/24 /isabel-allende-tatiana-clouthier-and-agnes-callamard-walk-into-a-bar/

La TNT est lancée en France (2005).
¹https ://asegovia3 .com /2021/03/29

^ I’m telling you Mr. Jean-Christophe Thierry, it’s a damn shame that your Direct matines don’t get the credit that they deserve for the pillow stuffing that they can become (punto y coma) there’s technique and know-how to properly paper fill any given bag with your CNEWS matines, but once you get the hang of it there’s really nothing to it.

Intermedio before the bottom of the first

V I C T O R I A … follows (Thanatos).


Mean, while in Acapulco, the Minneapolis, Quintana Roo record to beat gets a review and Ladies in Gemini, the actual record for the recently murdered Salvadorian is 9’29” not 8’46”, but wait! Not to be outdone by Joe “the buffalo”, or whatever his stage name is, just made an instant parallel in the Mexican State of Guerrero, the strategy was laid out yesterday when Julius César sent Eugenio Derbez to storm La Porte de Lilas where Serge Gainsbourg was “ticket punching” or at least trying to 🎟 (No se aceptan devoluciones, Stephanie Menou³… if you break it, you buy it, period! 🏀🗑)

https ://www .viva-mexico-cinema .org/aiovg_videos/entretien-eugenio-derbez/

“Monkey see, monkey do”, o algo así, dijo Manolo Fabregas in this past Sunday’s PALM Offering to monoaureo . com, which of course you will see in the dentils below this frame. Anyhow Stephanie Menou, in case you don’t know who Manolo Fabregas was, just ask your former Mexican Foreign Service associate Barbara Carol de Obeso or, Mexican director/producer and Mexican Foreign Service “brat” (analogous to a “military brat” in the U.S. military; look it up) EMILIO MAILLE (punto y coma) anyhow, Stephanie, don Manolo was a great actor—the thing is Stephanie that those same things that YOUR intelligence services are worried/concerned about right now in MARCH of 2021¹ are the same reasons why i could not follow Raphael Moran’s (rfi) advice to release all of my sources in 2013/14/15, but most importantly, Stephanie Menou, why i could not publish the report that i was preparing during the years that Enrique Peña Nieto and François Hollande were “honeymooning down by the bay”.




And in Tulum, Nicole Wallace’s Black Shirt reports

Yup, it could be argued that the murder of a Salvadoreña in Tulum, Minnesota, is a case of “monkey see, monkey do”, however, i can guarantee you that if there was no similar parallel going on in a trial inside a Minneapolis, Quintana Roo, court room, the Mexican cops would be going-on about their normal extortion business as usual.

… good night, Nicole—i don’t know where to start so i’ll do like Cerf-panthère and PAUSE, say hello to Claire. “Wave so Öüï can see you”.

Deer, Tiffany Cross… hoy no hubo noticias

Witt that in M.I.N.D., this is last week To They, again.

Michael Eric Dyson (Ph.D) stars as:
Dr. Benjamin Hawkeye Pierce

Listen up, Mr. Biden, President [One-Each]… never mind Tijuana, Öüï needs some Chinos de Mexicali on that Dang-on Administration of Kamala Harris, eh! .:. ############# 🥢🥡 Why from Xicali? Ask anybody from The Imperial Valley who is not a white supremacist there, Mexicali has the best Egg Rolls south of The Frisco Bay—Maaaan! That’s Why, Mr. President.

Attention, C.A.M.P., the following section must be read in a Corporal “Radar” O’Rilley’s voice (punto y coma) for those not in the know… let Mí, explain before you send in the doggs.

M.A.S.H. was a television show depicting a very particular view on the Korean War (punto y coma) part of the FICTIONAL characters include a black American Football player. The writer of that script—again—the writer of that STORY calls that black CHARACTER, “Spearchucker Jones”. So please spare me the indignation if you are not going to “string” the context.

De re vote (punto y coma) that means a rebound 🛎 F113F106-0DAE-48F1-8B7C-0F896A379597 🌬 And because Eye is Live, and not re-hashed: Deer, Jason “Doc’ta” Johnson… youse a bit muffled on the Cross…get it? And Dr. Johnson, that ray of light on your nose, that’s Mí in the corner.

https ://www .rfi .fr /en /france /20210325 –french-trial-opens-over-anti-asian-covid-tweets-paris-racism

In local news, we post it, it, and Oh [with a capital, O] France responded in-step, coincidence? You-betcha! I’m just a stringer of known news with no talent whatsoever, just an itsy bitsy teenie knack to improvise the events of the next few Theys, that’s all. If i knew what the term “projection” meant, i would probably string a sentence or maybe, Cerf-panthère, maybe Tú.

Dear, Tiffany Cross, now that You have established that Dr. Michael Eric Dyson is not, Eye repeats, KNOT!— dropping Dangling Participles on the “Cross Connections”, have a SANGRIA SUNRISE on Mí… jump to Sunday, March 22nd 2021.


Deer, Nicole Wallace… take an extra month off

Witt Alex in mind… this is: Last Week To They

I hate to say it, Gordon Sullivan, but if Ted Cruz is going to dress up as Steve Irwin, Eye is going to have to cosplay Beto O’Rourke.

We begin in Paris, France, where book shelfs at a yellow store continue to hold the counters on Strike. The bookshelves at the aforementioned yellow store decided to hit the street on account of the assault by the cancel-culture and the passive aggressive non-essential measures in the midst of what promises to be the mother of all vaccines WARS in Europe, according to today’s edition of the Front Cover of El Mundo de Le Monde.

Ladies in Gemini:

With all due respect: to THE memory of Marcial Maciel Degollado (LC) y Karol Józef Wojtyła. 
Frère Jacques,
Dormez-vous ?
Sonnez les matines !
Ding, daing, dong!
Frère Jacques,
Levez-vous !
Sonnez les DIRECT matines,
Bing, Bong, Bong !
» 🦌🐆

Jacques Pervert

And over on the side of el rio Grande del Río Bravo, Texas Republicans and other assorted assholes are playing border patrol with The Crocodile Hunter script. The scene is a clear and present rip-off of The Trailer Park Boys, and to make things worst they suck at it.

Jacques D’Orsey (Papa Bear), El Niño Luc, and Charlotte Bibring.

Mean while at fip . fr central, app whiz and fip . fr ‘sugar daddy’ and Democracy hater, Jack Dorsey [Stock price: TWTR (NYSE) $61.26 +0.07 (+0.11%)
Mar 26, 16:03 EDT – Disclaimer] showed the world what his kitchen looks like and confirmed before a Congressional hearing that he doesn’t have a spine. 

Isabel Allende, Tatiana Clouthier and, Agnès Callamard walk into a BAR

Musical guest: Los Beneméritos de España
[La Guardia Nacional] aka: The G-Men

Note to the good people at a place where Evry body knows your name:
I have been covering the inverse relation between ROMA and Mexico through the lens of Alfonso Cuarón’s Academy Award Film of the same name. So please, IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU… it’s about context 🇮🇹1791BB33-D5E4-481E-8554-EC91D3062AA7 🇲🇽
Io sono il capone della mafia
Io sono il figlio della mia mamma
Tu sei uno stronzo di merda
E un figlio di troia… Venezia (quiero Spaghetti)

*To the memory of Víctor Jara and Jamal Khashoggi who suffered the same faith (a Wave of mutilation) in a Public Building.

Hilarity ensues when U.S. Secretary of Commerce Katherine Tai orders a bucket of chicken… ISSY, this Inter-mission is made possible by the co-opt operations of “Los Pollos Hermanos” and by…


PAGE 71///Manière de Voir///
Par La Bande Une question de style

“Je n’utilise PAS de Story-board, je construis les histoires scène après scene. Je prends [un chingo de tiempo] pour me documenter… », etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

And Claire McCass, you'll think you're in the moo-bees .:.

And Claire McCass, you’ll think you’re in the moo-bees .:. B2466D86-77D7-4B0B-BE2D-29D4FE1C5F43 .:. yada, yada, yada, i did tell you that Those damn “long-haulers” participating in the Wacky Races where crazy. 🕶 una Questione di Stile¹.

^ Pronounced Mechanics… and please, don’t try to make sense of it in one sitting (punto y coma) and i am not about to scroll back to the time when all of the NEWS CYCLE (race) hanged loose outside of the Big Pharma warehouses in Kentucky to bring a captive audience the image of what a *Long-Haul* 18-Wheeler loading dock looked like, but because i have to deal with all kinds of different shades… get it, ShAdEs [?] of Czechs and other assorted Eastern Europeans on the daily bases, PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT I AM putting a little context into the Time-Frame of what was airing on the TV screen as Pablo Neruda and Augusto Pinochet were about to make a name for themselves in the files of the Wacky Intelligence Files of the Washington Papers. AS A BONUS, the Anthill MOB pays a little homage to a SOFTBALL Game THAT IS BEING HELD UP… get it? Held Up! By a Roman General who won’t THROW THE FIRST BALL PITCH until THE SHORTSTOP,  Vincingetorix accepts defeat; check it out:


* This Inter-mission must be read in a Governor Ronald Reagan’s (R-CA) voice… [B]ut read by Congressman Joseph Charles Scarborough (R-FL) and if you are into Orthodoxy worshiping don’t forget that March used to be the first month of the ROMAN calendar, way back when San José “EARNED” his place in the current Gregorian They counter.

1. Barou, G., Une question du style. Creation originale de Lorena Canottiere pour MANIÉRE DE VOIR du Le Monde Diplomatique, Nº 176 Avril-MAI:


Monday, March 22th 2021 — Jump from Cerf-panthére’s musings

Ladies in Gemini: The Gravy Train on a £ear Jet:

Yada, yada, ding-dong goes here…

Playball!!! 🗣 ⚾️⚾️

Lorem Loera follows with a dash of GiBo-París… but FO’ist, i inform Donnie Deutsch (that motherfucker), that a Rubiks’es Cube has a solution (punto y coma)…

and after the break, The Reverend Kasie Hunt explains to Le Figaro (today’s front cover) that objects are closer than they appear (tome y repita) and Jeremy Peters, please relay to your editorial board that el mundo de Le Monde has no appetite for today’s side column about how POTUS 46 should stop telling China: come caca y no me des*… and like that, a Rosbif (⚽️) turns The Reverend Kasie Hunt into the church of Mheee, a cult of Soccer Moms from Ohio hellbent on synchronizing Jan. 6, 2021 with a Softball game that is just about to start the bottom of the FO’ist!

While that brews for tea time with a fake Alabama blind choir Situation Room jock, over at La Place de Saint-Michel, bookshelves are Protesting the lack of reading material on a New York Times reportes personal library. Empty Racks, Mr. Scmidt is no way to deliver all the Knowns That Fit.

After the Gravy Train on a Lear Jet [ £ ] it’s Papers in Cages, starring The New York Times International Edition .:. C1FE0D96-2A9D-460D-8E2A-DD8511758203 .:. ISSY, donPalabrasde la Premier League across the pond, that Mug of yours most ZO’itanly screams “mind guerrilla” in “The Situation” shore… jeez whiz, mr. Govn’r you sure is a naughty one making Mika blush behind the COI’tans.

And in Washington, Professor at Princeton, Eddie Gloude Junior, is hoarding all of Jimmy’s books,—The Humanity!!!

But WAIT!!! Geoff Benice put LA PUNDITA back into the toothpaste container, ahhhhhhh!!! C’mon, Man! You’re not even a morning person and you most ZO’irtanly don’t fit the New Jersey type, you sir look more like an Ohio’an-ese.

This pundit has not been rated, yet .:. DC02870C-4645-4B31-9F50-35ACAF888307 .:. Squeeze her out, Benice, squeeze La Pundita out of that toothpaste tube 🧞‍♀️And, Cousin Joe, it’s one thing to have, “Oh, Hey Hallie Jackson, duke it out with La Pundita on the same time-slot, but Benice!? Come’on Man!

But speaking of RACKs… NIKE unveils it’s new Spring Break sports Bra, bro! Check it out, its a LIFT-er-Upper, “and One, and One, and WAN is TREE”, yeah, Buddy.

Who’s afraid of The Pub? .:. F2EF8D8A-B6AD-4364-AD3E-937DBD336D76 .:. KNOT Mí, D.A.T.’s WHO, ese.


One Nine : One Five… El Chuco forever (area code), period!

Dear, Charlie Hebdo… if it is good for the gander, it’s good for Big Bird.

Hello, France,

Yeah, Buddy!

Do you know the difference between a Munich Beer Hall and a public toilette on Port Royale? Ask Big Bird, or not, in any case Marianne, if you turn a blind eye to what is about to happen then the next time that a BATACLAN happens, and the masses go and light candles at La Place de La République you are going to look like the Virginia tiki lamps card carrying “proud boys”.

And here’s why: what’s weed have to do with it?

Just don’t tell a Communist in France, because like Pablo Gleason and the Zapatistas en Rose, well… they love la llamada Liberté.

Anyhow, Bill Krystol, as you were telling Yazmin V. your Bières INTERNATIONALes théorie at La Académie de la Bière on Port Royale; caddy-corner with La Place de Cochinous on la rue de Faubourg de Saint-Jacques on the Quinto Patio de París a un lado de su bendita Vecindad, i was getting ready to WELCOME the FO’ist African Manifestation for better wages in the Hospital trades; i said trades, not “professions”, —profesores.

And as i type this paragraph, in Hilo, Hawaii, it’s still Black History Month, and in Paris, well in Paris it’s MARS 1, o como dicen los marcianos: Uno de marzo, 2021.

Dear, France… you know what’s really sad? Well, MRS. GALL, i’ll tell you what is really sad, and that’s the fact that i don’t even have to try (i repeat) i don’t even have to try to bring you what the fuck is happening in Paris. And this is against all odds and an pride of paid crackheads and heroine shooters chasing me around the most beautiful city in the Ile-de-France. 🇺🇸 74DED7F7-4CAF-4A1B-B423-50B741474A31 🏗 Dialogue with the African Sista in the orange vest follows when i pass a Los del Toro by. For the record, i can only be in one space at a time and that other guy in the Cloud is not me… as i told you Johnny Halliday, the only way you can beat me is:
— When i fall asleep
— When you cheat
— and when i have to recharge my Battery.

What would L’Abbé do? — Mlle Pitch Awards Submission

Please stand-by for Context in the Contest.

How to get to Sesame Street .:. 42282857-480C-43E6-9C72-F26B89C98AA3 … en fin.

If you happen to be in Paris you might have noticed that the advertisement campaign for the Abbé Pierre started back in the month of December, perhaps as far back as November of 2020. But in all of the tunnel walking that i have done since the month of September of last year and yesterday’s late afternoon stroll, i can assure you that i must have missed Made•mois•elle Pitch’s Awards convocation along the underground as the above advertisement (it seems) did not make it north of the Luxembourg Garden or beyond the route that starts from Les Halles and all the way Saint Ouen or Saint Denis.

ONE DAY UPDATE ON THE above-written paragraph:

From the Top, who are you going to believe, the local authorities or the Anal swabbed elements of the story? .:. 28DE3B72-C4CC-41A9-A74C-380D31301111 .:. Coming up: the Silviana Cocan Connection, the Florence Cassez  “Law and Order” episode, “y tú mamá también”, con Jason Wood.

It is now Friday, February the 26th of 2021 and following my observation about the Metro Poster Files at Melle. Pitch’s house of content, the creative Monkees there updated their site to note that the publicity campaign for the contest for THOSE WITHOUT A VOICE is back on the underground billboards.

You are welcome, artists, now do that thing that you do with the voodoo that you do.