In local news, Eye swears that, IT!, is knot making this up

(2014) — Répétition in comédie

El Chavo del Jojo from mexico


Dear, Susana Puveda, que dice don Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, que tanto Molière así como Shakespirito, vayan y chinguen a su madre.

Los borradores. | Uso justo de una nota que se borró.

Monsieur Molière even wrote a Series in télénovela format for Chespirito… here’s an extract from ese pinche drama:

«Se sentía intocable y se puso pior que el subjefe Diego alegando que era el Moliere mexicano. En la Comedie française lloraron. Así me pasó con Krauze. Hay mucho Tartufo suelto», escribió.

https ://www .24-horas .mx /2021 /10 /26 /se-sentia-intocable-es-como-vargas-llosa-las-reacciones-virales-sobre-ballarta-y-chespirito/

Over at the msnbc’s, the blame delimiter of 2021, that, “two things can be trou at the same time” is now etched on the Prometheus outside of the Comcast® Building overlords in New York, município de Manhattan.

Over at the Ministry of Justice, not to be outdone by the Law & Order (franchise), Mr. Ministre Dupond-Moretti is about to ah-Frenchize the “cold case files” of the Hexagone.

Sources close to Sergent Hélène, relay that the SERIES is set to start parallel with Fat Tuesday, in Orleans, which happens to be 43 THEYS from now in Louisiana.

https ://journal .20minutes .fr/data/1974 /reader/reader.html#!preferred /0 /package /1974 /pub/1861 /page /6 /alb /57828

Meanwhile at the OCDE in Longchamp, here’s the “skinny” on why Armando Serrano-Prieto (2011-2015) was prematurely killed by The Préfecture de Police (Cité):

Objects in mirror are in the Closet of SCIENCESPO

(2015) — Répétition in Comedy … pero sí, la “Crónica del Poder punto com” tiene razón, Andrés Manuel López Obrador debe de renunciar.

… y bueno, la nota del cuadro de arriba —en su integridad— sí aparece en un google search por los interwebs. | Uso justo de los medios, y de la Crónica del Poder [punto] com. | Vía: http ://cronicadelpoder .com /columnas /linea-politica /cordova-debe-renunciar

Año de Hidalgo at the very Berri-Champs—Élysées O.C.D.E. de MEXI…¿qué‽

Allow Mí, to show you the way to BAPSA Street.

Dear, fip dot fr, listen up Siren, EYE, ÖÜÏ and the most FILOSOphical among our « All Apologies » bureau at Le Grand Palais Foreign Press Headquarters, the Great Willie Nelson, remind Ewe all for the 60th time for Èvry Jeer in France, that I am knot Drifting 🛩️, I am DRAFTING a Knew Known Bible🐰.

And, Lindsey Reiser, is that a Julie Tee playing the role of a Mexican Twitty Bird?

Julie Tee in, “A Tale of Two Kays”.

—That’s gold, Lindsey. Gold!!!

And in Washington, Öüï now knows that Mika is not a trou blonde. Mike Lupica, reports from the Longchamps Racetrack, Roland Garros is on the spot.



Año de Hidalgo — “Happiest girl in the graveyard… » ³

³.~ N° 24068, samedi 15 janvier, 2022
Happiest girl in the graveyard refers to Nina’s version of this melody.
https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /Love_Me_or_Leave_Me_(canci%C3%B3n_de_1928)

Hash tag yada yada yada

Le Parisien

Où placer son argent en 2022…

nitrus oxide, of course.

Page 2, World News

In Tonga, (near Bikini Atol) Avi Velshi just passed some gas. Blame it on the Oaths that Mika’s horse KURWA, stole from Avi’s luchbox. The event was captured by the Webb Space Telescope, and digitalized for posterity and beyond.

But FO’ist! People in Alabama want to know if Molière was the Jon Stewart of his time? … hear Mí out, FRANCK, provided that the French had invented comedie in the first Arrondisement. Semolina Pilchard followed the trail left behind by Mr. Poquelin and the snoop brings us this report.

Eye fckn knew it!

— Yes, sadly, Molière was the Daily Show of his comedy central station.
And considering what Bassem Youssef reflected on his likeness to the Jon Stewart, [if Jon Stewart had walked a mile like an Egyptian in 2011] of course… IT!, all adds up, Colbert is behind this, “The Report” on The Daily Show was just a mascarade, Colbert orchestrated Évry thing. IT!, all adds up, with Witt

Page 2, Arrondissements

15/16th… French recipes with Rosa Parks, Issy, her farts smell of Green Onion Soup and she moved to the XIX barrio, Ese.

Javier Bardem is the perfect Cuban, Tiffany, just like Ritchie Valens is the perfect Filipino {and Selena is from the Bronx}. Heck! Dario Moreno is from Canada! Ask Avi Velshi, Avi is a closeted Young Turk from Istanbul on the msnbc’s.




Previously on “Señor Presidente, j’ai vu ce film aussi[e]…”, Redoutable³

In the mean time, Mr. Président, take a walk down to Saint Eustache, where Poquelin (that motherfucker) was relegated with the duties of RED°ACTEUR en chef de “Une Journée Dans La Vie.”

Año de Hidalgo it is not what my fellow Mexicans are thinking, in France, El Año de Hidalgo finally updated the computers at Melville’s Olympiades mediashack, and that’s a good thing, now Mme. Mayor, you just have to change the headphone JACKS because thesethose fuckers are corroded to the core.

³.~ Temible, formidable… algo así como quién dice, “Oh no, qué bruto, qué bárbaro, Djoko es un arma formidable”… pero no es gerundio, such as the sampling³³ below which, as you can see by the math, matches the cover because it is what bohemians from Guatemala en Garibaldi² call, la forma de El Verbo como un sujeto Sustantivo. Très, très, très formidable.

Ladies in Gemini:

« The Centerfold »

¿Vive La France, en un Yellow Submarine? Page 41,  LÉGENDE  N° 7, Janvier 2022.

².~ México. Track 14 of “Sí el Norte, fuera El Sur” de Ricardo Arjona.
https ://www .discogs .com /fr /master /841453- Ricardo-Arjona-Si-El-Norte-Fuera-El-Sur


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Extra credit, what is the visual complement of a Hawaiian ⏳  Twilight Zone’s episode  in CET?

Only in théâtres: Mika had a little horse… Kurwa was his name-oh

Mika had a little horse is the brainchild of Mike Lupica and some old fucker, “Mika had a little horse” is being brought to you by Heinz Ketch-up.

Corruption information library

And Katty Kay, would Greta work as the rebellious re-interpretation version of a young 007 franchise? And what Eye means to say is that El Mundo de Le Monde is fed up, FED UP, EYE say!!!, of the old re-invention of James Bond.

Don’t get U.S. wrong, Katty Kay, Öüï is certain that your 50 over 50 narrative is delightful, but Mí (that motherfucker) pictures this Benjamin Button re-gression to “the origins” version of a Rosbif tale.

And just to provide ornamental contrast to the pitch, the first of the New 007 saga is titled: Mika’s Buzz Kill… synopsis, Mika goes to the Amazon® with a chainsaw for luggage. It’s MOW TOWN BITCHES!

Over at the Georges Pompidou Match Libary©, Stephanie Ruhle dares to put vocal chords on that writing on THE WALL™:

— Nothing, it’s just a rack for the books.

Hoy no hubo Jazz…


Señor Presidente, j’ai vu ce film aussi[e]… now about that Centerfold

Who’s on Third? Un théoricien de chars, D.A.T.’s who, a pre-cursor to the Air-Land Doctrine FM. It’s a 🕳️ thing, look it up or, « Be All That You  can Be ».

And, Louka… off course you have to have “el fondo” of what Jorge Saldaña in Acapulco called, “Remplacement des importations” and aware of Luis Mariano’s visit to La Colonia Roma in Barcelonnette, knot to mention read this blog like a manga magazine from JAPAN.

La forma es fondo.
Recycled history.
Assembled in Mexico.

Now, about “la forma”… it’s a new format, but you have to be on the loop of this IRONY in reel time in order to begin to KNOT the elements of this story:

https ://www .bbc .co .uk /iplayer /episode /m0013fmz /hardtalk-bassem-youssef-comedian-and-writer

Over at the BBC

L.A. Persons who WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN in San Fernando Valley
it’s part of the Bpi “Magic Mountain” snub of Alejandro Jodorowski
on their divination arts* shrine in front of the
sorriest, saddest, limited,
and off-limits
in Paris,

Meanwhile in Lima, Ohio… it’s fire-fire pork barrel treaties… and Excellentissime Ambassador Blinken, i SWEAR that EYE is Knot Making This Shit Up, sir. Last night Öüï HO’id a strange acute sound, the sound emminated from the front of the CNES building, the one next to the Poquelin’s Indiana Tropical Fruit Paradise next to this fucking “Au” Chien Qui Fume. It was fuckinig annoying,the strange sound, not the fuming dog it was the sound of a shitty car with its ignition key left in the “ON” position, not to mention the dang’ON driver’s door wide-open. So I screamed some very bad French obscenities such as « KURWA », or « PUTAIN de LA SACRE VACHE » at the motherfucker standing next to the trunk of the abovementioned vehicle, and kindly asked the driver of said ride to close his fucking door, (S.V.P.) and AbrAcAdAbrA, problem solved.  

https ://www .dailymail .co .uk /news /article-10388087 /Australia-spends-3-5billion-purchase-120-tanks-United-States .html

Page 10 Tú Cero Tú Tú — Weekend at Boris with the BBC

“Like some cat from Japan”, El hijo de Mil Máscaras y La British Geisha, KATRIX KAY.

And, Annitta Chiquita, you might be wondering what in Sherlock’s knickers brings me to the Rosbiff Broadcasting Buffet, and by the power vested in Mí by the legendary geisha, Katty Kay, Eye reminds your producers that this is UN USO JUSTO DE todos Los Fueros.

Top Speed Avocado edition… [B]ut FO’ist, Öüï catches up with La Mairie de Paris and their TOP List of baby names in Paris, over on the last week today, Öüï, relayed to the rest of our non-reading public that GABRIEL (WATTAGE) or the 3rd in the order of ANGELS and executioner among other things of les épouses indociles, the bastards, the reprobates,  and just to close the STAR of DAVID in a FULL CIRCLE, the children of fornication (WTF???³) was on the top of the “machitos” on the list, over on the FEMINA side the most popular name was that of a little ol’French heroine called Louise³³.

³.~ What in the Wild World of Sports!!! Aren’t we all the sons and daughters of fornication?
https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Grabiel
³³.~ Over on our Special Coverage of the 150 Anniversary of the Paris Commune, non-readers can catch up with how Louise Michel was snatched by the New York Yankees franchise to work the gutterlines of a baseball field as a “BALL GIRL“. Louise, worked her way out of the “FOUL LINES” and in no time made “THE PLATE” where she took the position of “BAT GO’il” and redefined the role of CAT WOMAN when the former French medic, journalist, sports broadcaster for the BBC nemesis, —therfi“— and, lest Öüï forgetsVersailles BABY BURNER”  was promoted to GENERAL MANAGER of the minors.

https ://www .fox29 .com /news /he-was-going-down-doorbell-footage-shows-helicopter-crash-in-drexel-hill

Calle Tumbao n° 10

Sources close to the SMITHS at the Bpi, suggest that the ASTROLOGY section of The Georges Pompidou Centre sees “A HELICOPTER-style” of coaching for them minors, especially when meeting the Philly Phanatic.

And if you are into Cricket, you are not going to enjoy what follows.


Spring Training is for fags… And you are not fooling anybody, Thierry Raphet, Öüï knows that you are the ILLEGITIMATE basterd’ doppelganger of David Crosby with a modest ‘stache.

Eiffel, in his wildest dreams could knot write this shit up on Edison’s desk at the top of his version of The Iron Lady, a “BAT BOY” position with the Evil Empire, but then again, Eiffel did not have to go through the biggest snub in military sales and exchange services (DOWNUNDER), which is where our news byte of “Happiness is a warm Smooth-Bore 120mm Main Gun” comes into the picture.


You see, GABRIEL (that motherfucker) just happens to be the patron saint of Telecommunication workers, radio broadcasters, messengers, postal workers, clerics, diplomats, stamp collectors AND, —AmBASSadors!!! So it’s no coincidence that a compromise would be reached with the PERSHING Field INDIANS and the Salaried players of the MLB in BOSTON.