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It’s 19 hundred hours in Cuba, y en Paname:

Mientras tanto en el Malecón del Arq.:. Miterrand

Mientras tanto en el Malecón del Arq.:. Mitterrand ¿Que horas Son?

Breaking News

Al costado del ChoChotte

En la sala Iv: Las Carretas del jinete del FMI

In Paris, the French invented La Rumba, and in Washington, the question for Ari Melver is the following:

1. If President [Trump] gets impeached and,
2. If president Trump gets removed from office and,
3. If Donald Trump goes to jail, does mr. Trump still get a library with his name on it.

Sección C

Las Pundits Parlanchinas

Las Pundits Parlanchinas.:.3A4CBFA3-CB62-42EE-A43B-A464D55351AA

El Clima en Cuba
RAFALES pal’Partido de las ocho y 45


FFF 1  —   The Young Turks 1

Meanwhile, to add insult to injury, Portugal slaps the 700th Club to The Ukraine.


And in local news

And in local news.:.CB5336C2-C3A3-4129-8143-89F1C98DC1D0… WWJD,eh?

In local news: Sports

Aujourd’hui, 20:45 in la segunda parte de El Tratado de Sèvres.

La Seguridad de la UEFA

La Seguridad de la UEFA está entre “comillas” luego de que el Parlamento Europeo, en Bruselas, suspendió la venta de balones de fútbol a la nueva version del Imperio Otomano.

Mehmet “el quinto” sigue exaltando a los Jóvenes Turcos (Jön Türkler) tras una victoria de 2 por 0, el pasado 8 de junio, en contra de la Federación Francesa de Fútbol.

Mientras tanto en VENEZIA

EU seeks Italian support for Turkey arms embargo

Italy, of course said: fuck you Europa, that’s like a $50 million deal, and My Cousin Vinny is the main pusherthe main vendor.

Whatch out, Steph… there’s a « chicano » in that Esquat

HisPanic studies fall semester

Reference dossier follows

Reference dossier follows…  Breaking the News, Fox fires Sheppard, Cristina Aristegui reports.

There’s a Cookie Monster in that fork’s background.

Everybody gknows

Hey everybody, EVRY respectable bum gknows that one kneads a Spoon to eat a Soup Sandwich. Fucking, forks… son puros CUATROS.

… congratulations to the Washington Metropolitan Sector.

this segment is brought to you by:
Pence is a Tree landscaping services

In other news,
Oh, Hey Hallie Jackson:
Sam Stein would look swell in a Donnie Deutsch costume, period

Dear, cousin Joe’s wife:

…,”with Sugar on top”, NO.
If it’s good for Chile,
(the “underacheiver” 9–11)
then, –it SHOULD BE good for dumb fucking redneck values, SO:

Trump’s crime is not “meddlin'”, it is treason. Under U.S. Law he should be either:

This frame is being planted for you courtesy of "LA Pecsi Cº"

This frame is being planted for you courtesy of “LA Pecsi Cº”

… anyone? Anyone?

Coming up on NBC:

Lana Sube....

Lana Sube… lana baja‽

Bollywood para andinos… according to Fatima Bhutto on Mika’s show.

  Guillotine Island
… wait for it, wait… Catch!

Dear, cousin Joe’s wife guest:

BOLLYWOOD... presents

Bollywood presents: Midnight Melanomia… in a Turkish prison. Starring Bud Spencer without “Nobody”. And in the role of Donnie Deutsh: Adolf Hitler.

Fuck You, Eye saved Campbell’s Soup, via La Soupe Populaire. So–Up e POPulaire, get it?

— And Uma goes, Catch-Up‽ Get it?

Oh, François Hollande, youse such a Righter!

Today Eye discovered that…

Today in LA

Today in (the key of) LA: Psycho Head Killer weed sans pesticides —[•]~[•]… in the frame, The Purple Pundit sports a Special Limited Edition of Bill Clinton’s broken spectacles. Retail €300.99 SHOP GNOW!

Line 70 (RATP) from HdV to Radio France has a Secret Garden route, vía Longchamp.

… and in Cousin Joe‘s teleprompter, the Script has no TEXT and The president of Vladimir Putin’s United States of Trump Castle[s], Donald Trump, is using the Rising Sun flag (2–Each) as a pair of Balls for his Old Glory guideon.

The 700 hundred perfect club

Fuck Jesus Christ and Kingdom Come, here comes the Young Turks, thanks to “them” Young Americans… only on the The 700 hundred perfect club… Dear, Ellen DeGeneEres: Please Inform Nicolle Wallace that her former boss said the following, “Nicole, brain farting at the end of a spectacle segment is no way to greet Chuck Todd,” that will bee 5 Hail Mary’s and one Our Lorde’s prayer iced tea, Aussi.

That trip was 12 hours ago, right now, well right now Jonathan Swan [2] is just opening his spectacled eyes to the fact that the 45th president of the United States of the Peoples Republic of the Putinesque Empire lets his helicopter (paid for by The Peoples taxes) do the talking for him.

Les Danglin’ Towers on the Conflict of Interest (hasteRisk), in other words, “Eye does not search, Eye finds,” dijo Picasso.

Reminder: Trump Has a Massive Conflict of Interest in Turkey

2. Twelve hours ahead in Central Europe Time, both Yesterday and, of course, Today, period

Oh, boy

Oh, boy! Did Jud’ol gknow that it was the French who invented the Martial Arts in Brasil, indeed. •|• Thyme Gnow: it’s the 11th Hour in Grown–up clocks… catch you laters’ at the 22h; and for Jamaica’s sake, Wallace, take some Purple Beeno for your brain. 

Premiere Rockets made in CHYNA!

Live from Fort Cartoon Colorado.


Meanwhile… at Paris Premiere Headquarters, Turkey’s despot called the movie magazine and complained about the Sista’s Squad Movie poster on their 500th Edition. Tha magazine’s Web content editor immediately followed the Example of the Houston Rockets Corporate Team and followed suit.

And in South Park Colorado

Following the self-censored tregua with Donald Trump, the fuckers from Southpark got punked by Winnie the Poo, in CHYNA!!!

Sin Comentarios

Sin Comentarios.:. America: land of the free, home of Little Rocket Men

The eternal fifth-graders can’t play the martyr card in CHYNA if, motherfuckers, you two cocksuckers threw the towel when Trump got elected. Fucking, fags.

Meanwhile at fip central station…

“Del árbol caído,
todos sacan Duendes »,

6th Arrt. à Cloud Nine.

… or SOMETHING like that, punto y Let It Bee! Maaaaaan !

You never gave Mí your Money

“You never gave Mí your Money…” you, only gave mí your funny “ViSa” papers, punto y ven y JÁLALE, aquí en el Perímetro.

For the Record:

The IMS (Mexican Institute of Sound) in his B.E.S.T. « barquito musical » wished that he had the RubberFunking elasticity of this most non Consequential tribute… y de paso, desde Juaritos y El Chuco:

Que Chingue A Su Madre Alejandro TOPOrowski.

Oh, the humanity… the arrogance of the French, at an opera venue, of all places, what’s next, Monterey Jazz Festival à Nuevo Lyon, Francia? And then what? A motherfucking show about Doctors!?

… text follows after La Carga, God-damned French just invented Cali, o ALGO así. La cosa es de que hasta el chingado Limón de Merengue pusieron en el menu del aperitivo de l’Opera nacional de fip.




Happy Birthday, Mr. President (26 de septiembre, 2019)

Upon hearing of the passing of former French President, Jacques Chirac, the replacement U.S. President, Michael “Dick” Pence, quickly dressed up as Marylin Monroe and sang “Thank God I Am A Country Boy” as a gesture of Goodwill on such a momentous occasion.

32 Degrees of The Dark Horse and a Country Boy

32 Degrees of The Dark Horse and a Country Boy .:. https :// i.pinimg .com/736x/d0/9e/bd/d09ebdc2cc408129512bdf37f6b240c2–george-harrison-cowboy-hats .jpg

The ARTIST “JR” dedicated a métisse memento for the occasion, and French Chef Marc Veyrat, who just got FUCKED by the MICHELIN MAN, prepared a CHEDDAR souffle to send the ex French President in “True” SAVOYARD Style, because, PURPLE PUNDIT, Chirac told your Cowboy boss to stay OUT OF IRAQ‘member that memorable speech by de Villepin?

… today’s segment of ABBY’s imagination is being brought to you by the color PURPLE, —of course:

TRACK 9 Abbey Road

TRACK 9 Abbey Road, before The End, and of course, “God Save The Queen’s” belly full of Wine.