And in Washington, under The 45th president of them united states of amËrica

It’s time for another milestone on them headstones, knot to bee confused Cousin Joe, with the stone heads from Miles tones, because that’s a different TRUMPet, right now it’s Tú–tú-tú, tú–tú, and that One.


COIN•sí•dence? .:. 6477BF1E-ACD8-455E-8449-7D8FDABC262A ⚰️ “You betcha,” Purple Pundit, and you are not fooling anyONE, Cousin Joe, the Pact between Rachel Maddow and Phil Griffin is that you –motherfucker– shall remain an active Vampire in the a.m. section of the afternoon and Rachel shall be the Lorde of Darkness on the PM side of the Markets. THAT’s the LAW.

If it’s Eerie, it’s probably because it’s Pennsylvania, a close relative of Transylvania… indeed, Mika just ask them POLES over D.A.R.E.

Meanwhile, at The Washington Post, Joyce Vance and some other broad are musing about the charges that could be brought against Donald John Trump if, he should cede The White‘s House comes January of 2021, but that’s not the NEWS with DEM teasers, nope! The REEL NEWS Willie Geist, is that El WaPo seems to have learned from the mistakes of the Democratic Latino outreach program from 2016 and those motherfuckers are now using “monitos” or political cartoons to deliver the punch-line as soon as eyes meet the Front Page.

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /outlook /rap-sheet-trump-crimes /2020/10/16 /c6a539da-0e61-11eb-8a35-237ef1eb2ef7 _story .html

Courtesy of Joyce Vance White

Courtesy of Joyce Vance White 🎙862A21E9-BA21-4713-8C88-C99EF660F9D5 📻 Meanwhile in Paris, fip.siren is transmitting in MONO, get it? Mono.

Finally, DEM motherfuckers understand that Americans can’t fucking read unless you draw a motherfucking picture for DEM.

You know what, Beto O’Rourke, fuck it. I hope Donald Trump Wins. I voted for Biden, because the other option was Kanye West, as Vice-president, so yes, I prefer Kamala instead of Pence, or Mr. Kardashian, but to tell you the truth, maybe it’s time for America to «implode».

It’s 13 THEYS out until the start of a new Prologue, regardless of WHO wins, cheats, or dictates sentence on the next General Election of The United States. Maybe in the short span of what’s left of the political campaign of 2020 Paola Ramos can draw u.s. a sketch of what the face of Latino USA in America will look like, come Black History month in 2021.

If anyone should be blamed for SPLITTING America, it should be the good people of the USA Today… Gannet—yeah, buddy. And now they want to be all high and mighty with an “endorsement”, let Mí draw, IT!, for you Paola, in letters para que tu papá me entienda mejor:


(full-disclosure… the Interwebs gods are being dicks right now and Eddy Currents are at an all time high, with this in mind it’s best to take a nap and wait it out until Curfew time when Traffic comes to a stand still and the the WiFi quarters have a longer lasting bang.)

Catch you at 7 pm… but only if THEY let u.s., Paola, only si nos dejan… while Öüï waits, Mr. Ramos, why Knot flip the Front Page on that adorable Rosbif (madafaka) on the HoBO TV screen, eh‽ Check, IT!, out John Oliver this here is what Öüï calls:

Tomorrow’s Week Today…

Jeudi, 22 Octobre 2020

O como dicen los franceses

O como dicen los franceses: La Mairie.

Jueves, 22 de octubre, 2020

Americans once again put Philippe Labró through another madrugada de reality tv desde el CURB side Recycling Center in Nashville, Tennessee, en donde el presidente de los estados unidos americanos entretuvo con su peculiar estilo de luchador rudo del pancracio estadounidense al afamado cronista de los direct news matines, o algo así.

https ://fr .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Pancrace

In God, Öüï trusts — Yeah, fuck it*

Now playing, at the American Baseball Championship, on planet Earth:

Verde aguacate

Verde aguacate .:. F7985F53-80F0-45AF-A005-4310C0D74ED0

Goooooo, Farmer John!

Meanwhile at the French Open, Bradley Cooper is on the loose, —d.A.t. motherfucker!!!

So, Mr. Bradley, hanging around with little “flics” at the Place Goldoni right next to the DEER PASSAGE, eh‽ Eye could see d.a.t. allegiance forge before you left les Champs-Élysées… 🎶 What now, what’s next, where to? », c’mon Mr. Bradley, if that is your real name, —ketch-up!

… must show WO’ik:

https ://asegovia3 .com /2020/04/07 /peut-etre-nest-quun-simple-hasard-its-the-11th-hour

In La France, no farce intended

In La France, no farce intended… the police syndicate controls the narrative, but then again, Bradley Cooper, Öüï has seen d.a.t. movie too.


Meanwhile at the Latin Paradise in Paris…

Bradley Cooper is breaking the windows at the Louis Funès satellite store of an infamous purse peddler.

Stay out of Saint Germain-des-Pres

Stay out of Saint Germain-des-Près, Gringo!

Preliminary reports from the Luis Funès police station reveal that the NBC correspondent was fed-up with the new curfew, especially when the new Bird review at le Paradis Latin promises a Napoleonic YAZZ Review… yeah, Buddy!

Remember now, according to The National Lampoon Revue, the following ad is considered part of French Culture (with capital letters), it’s like part of HISTORY, and öüï dig it… and if you can’t or are not able to get, IT!, it’s probably because it’s a little Latin thing that we like to call the Boss–a–Nova:

Uso justo de todos los paraísos

Uso justo de todos los paraísos .:. EEDDFB36-3A9C-4E44-8A0A-B4CB2BDDD8BC 🇫🇷

After the break, Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo reviews the first night of curfew, for starters a watchful Mars remained vigil on u.s. looking down from the SW nightsky of Paname and maybe it was the news coming out of the Supreme Court in Spain but the fast-food industry did not shut their grills off, and the munchies pushers did not stop pedaling their bicycles or riding their scooters, and the sex workers (if you know where to look) did not stop hookin’… Aussi, the private clubs seem to be mimicking the “Speak Easy” of the American “Roaring 20’s”, because you have to get really–really close to the door to hear the ruckus in the Caves.


Gooooooo, Dodgers.

Gooooooo, Dodgers.

Meanwhile… after a nap, The Dodgers force a Game 7 thanks to a Betts!!! — and in New York City, the writers of SNL must Show their W’oik… WHAT’s The 411?

The history of God… the only thing that changes is the language — Hoy no hubo Jazz

got His•story?

DUST for reference

DUST for reference 🃏541EDCF6-5627-433F-92FC-4A74E6B9A5CD .:. Please consult the Twilight Zone’s episode starring Mike Pompeo as a rope–selling huckster, and Knot, öüï repeats, K.N.O.T. the Outer Limits of the D.E.A., eh?

… or just a concept¹ by which SOME, measure their pain?

After the break, it’s Adventures in transliteration with Avi Velshi…

… [Y] lo que resulte
Crimes for another THEY

Interesting pickle to garnish with what happens to “individual One” should he, the 45th president of the united states, get an eviction notice from la plebe.

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /outlook /rap-sheet-trump-crimes /2020/10/16 /c6a539da-0e61-11eb-8a35-237ef1eb2ef7 _story .html

Joyce Vance and some other broad from Jeff Bezos-es WaPo put forth the proposition of how to separate the criminal acts of the Trump Administration FROM the political aspects of his personality cult over the bits and bytes of the Avi Velshi Show.


IN GOD ÖÜÏ TRUST 🎙56D26E6D-83A5-4C77-AA3F-923E489C467D 👶👧🗣 At the Hague, —in THE NETHER REGIONS— that court D.A.R.E. judge Amy, calls your deflections CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

Criminal acts include, but are not limited to, charging the secret service high premium rates for “the three meals and a cot” to the account of the Marines that have become accessories for the president of them united states of America during his exchanges with the press, and for the times that he needs a med-evac to save his sorry–ass.


Cualquier parecido with the Michigan separatist cult...

Cualquier parecido with the Michigan separatist cult… 🕋 E4DF0F48-A4A1-42F0-B63B-107871DB4A90 ⛪️ no es mas que un reflejo de la realidad.

It’s high Noon in London Town, and today’s feature at L’Elysée is a double header (no farce intended) starting with the Spy Casper: From Russia With Love (in Arab, with French subtitles).

Y por si faltara un suplemento

Y por si faltara un suplemento 📰 5703A951-806B-4393-998F-E10FAFD57F33 🇺🇸 el sueño podrido… or something like that.

1. Some bloke named Lennon.

Edición vespertina: chingue a su madre quien no vote, punto

Las cartas fenemenológicas

Step One: Open the door…

It’s no biggie, period… unless you happen to bee an “APP BASED DRIVER” in California, because:

Please refer to what El País in Spain told Jeff Bezos… in other words, Billionaires that are profiting from the ever growing pandemic don’t feel the need to recognize the “knock on the doors” that makes those Start-Up’s credit card charges chirp like R2-D2. This is the bubble for MEASURE 22, which STATES and Eye quotes, “EXEMPTS APP BASED TRANSPORTATION AND DELIVERY COMPANIES FROM PROVIDING EMPLOYEE BENEFITS TO CERTAIN DRIVERS”.

He allí la falsedad

He allí la falsedad .:. FE6FCF9B-1B8B-4F10-BBEC-32D75A86B1FB 🎙 If it is a “government by the people and for the people”, or something like that, WHY? Why, is this even a question! It’s a given, employees that make you rich deserve employee benefits.

… [S]o, an interesting play developed on the International Post, the arrival of my Riverside ballot coincided with tonight’s midnight extravaganza at the French Post (Louvre). Indeed, tomorrow night at this same timestamp the streets of Paris will be gloriously empty, again, and so for an EXCEPTIONAL night, Öüï will probably get to mail our vote at The Midnight Hour, give or take the 15 minutes to clear the premises.

Y por si sobrara menos, if you are an “App-Based” delivery driver chances are that you might be a Senior in high school, MEASURE 18 amends the State Constitution to allow your ass to vote provided that you turn 18 before the next election… too bad you have no say so in that decision, eh‽ Eye got your back, kid.

Deer, Ms. Guthrie… Friday Mo’rning QAnon-back

With all due respect, no other Network has done more for POTUS 45 than NBC, regardless if you hold the arsonist WHO set the Savannah on fire to account.

En la semana que Philippe Labrará

En la semana que Philippe Labrará 🗺 B57C2228-980A-4A24-BCCA-A93DE128674B 🚀 Our hero of the French, Philippe Labró, swears that he will never swim by the Banks of a river, if Donald John Trump is elected as the sovereign ruler of them united states… aussi, Erasmus was a fag!

Later in the programming, Mika Brzezinski uses her Habrá–cad–abrá powers to give Kasie Hunt the ability to juggle Mars between TWO boobies, and have the professional fortitude to get up Way Too Early. 🎶 It’s Easy—all you need is Love—love—Love is all you need.

A Stung bass player told The Police, in their report that juggling Mars was 🎶 As easy as your Ey–Bee–See–Dí… and of course “Y” [pronounced  as an American “e”].

Page 8 in 20 minutes
Jeudi, 15 octobre 2020
Airbus en mission pour rapporter un peu de Mars sur l’Hexagon

Upon hearing those news, The Dirty French —immediately— got together and set the Plans to send an AIRBUS to the Red Planet to get a piece of that. WHILE in an UnKnown quadrant of a Holiday Inn Express, John Heinemann ran out of Quarters for his bed, or something like D.A.T..

Numero Uno:
if Donald John Trump really–really was against pedophilia, he would not have arranged Jefferey Epstein’s escape from a N.Y.C. holding tank… not to mention killing mr. Epstein’s doppelgänger to turn his SOUL into a bodybag double.

Previously on a previously posted post

“Los de Molotov… chinguen a su madre.”

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /special-nancy-jazz-festival-avec-helenesaintaime-et-jonathan-jurion

ISO rated

ISO rated — RSS fed

It’s October the 8th. Eye recons that today is the perfect day for Seminarist Spicolli to fill the board up with “8bre” in the same fashion that “El Barto” did on the back of an RATP bus. No le cambie, “aun hay más”.

But FO’ist, Mr. Schmitty just called Jeff Goldblum “the devil”, and Satan said, “youse welcome, Schmitty, you are welcome.”

For context, Ari Melver and republican hit-man Steve Schmidt (who rose to fame on an Alaskan goose ride during the 2012 General Election) were talking shop just around the midnight hour following the post-debate deconstruction at the 30 Rock avian coop in New York City. Steve Schmidt, who during the last election went ahead and made a deal with the devil by way of doing a Reverse Mortgage on his soul in exchange for the ability to command his face muscles to be able to deliver a smile (even under forced conditions) on whim, began to riff on some Jazz about how a fly resting on you means that the devil is using you as a rest stop on his way to Australia, which is where El Chamuco calls home whenever he is not riding on a tank.

Meanwhile in Monterrey…



French Bastard follows

French Bastard —le boulanger– follows 🎶 7E22BB89-EC78-4C33-BE7F-5DD9EAA2F4CB 📎

Sources at “The Horny Frog”, a popular dive with the militias in that state, relayed that “FLO”, a pet name given to the French ring leader, had been heard plotting* a scheme to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

* Told y’all yesterday that Eye does not select the plots.

Authorities in charge of the investigation released a statement, saying that “FLO” might be traveling under the hypocoristic “Lencha” in any of the 73 Mexican cities where the French Embassy at Chapultepec is currently peddling films about Serge Gainsbourg’s stupid dog, and other assorted “Churros” en la proyección 📽…

At The Concession Stand:

“Fundado por la embajada de Francia en México, además de Nueva Era Films y Cinépolis, tiene el propósito de promover la cinematografía gala.”

Novena anti carismática — El–Oh-El–Oh LOLA*

Dearly, Bee Lovers!

Death toll numbers Knot withstanding

Death toll numbers Knot withstanding .:. 65D6615F-A664-4BAC-A337-AA5DE6F2DF9B .:. said a fly on the Pence.

As you find your way along the Salt Lake City watch tower, please note that “Lola” is the hypocorism of PAINS (plural), which as EVRY Chien Andalusian knows is an ANAgram for SPAIN (singular).

Exit Through the charismatic shop

Exit Through the charismatic shop 🎁 4B91FE48-3F16-4355-A9E3-100BF470C435 .:. And like Philippe Labró explained on his Direct Matinée, “it’s a play on Words,” d’or (plural).

Indeed, The Reverend Ray hails from The Original Rock and Roll Circus, before —way before— the Eruption that gave one of the most recognizable riffs of All Time, girl, which really–really GOT Mí NOW a big set of BALLS… yeah Buddy. D.A.T. riff has the distinction of being the perfect “street kids love song”, according to its creator, the Brother Dave AND, a place in TWO debut albums in two consecutive decades.

Sure, Eye is sure that Eddie could have chosen any SONG to follow Eruption on that 1978 self-titled album, perhaps a BEATLE song, but it was 1978 and Eye does not know if y’all were keeping score but on D.A.T. particular year, KEMPES kept the Cup at the home base, which perhaps (‘member now Purple Pundit, you’ve got to suspend reality) relayed to Eddie what QUINO was saying before that fateful day of Dec. 8th, when a guy (perhaps a pre-cursor to the current nativists there now) from Hawaii shot Old Flat Top dead.

Must Eye Draw You a Picture?

Must Eye Draw You a Picture? .:. 6EE36CBA-FB81-4AA1-9873-F454DE0C8063 ✍🏼 8bre is INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS MONTH, including LAOS… after the debate in Salt Lake City, it’s Cardinal Brzezinski’s take from the other side of D.A.T. d’or (singular). When asked WHY, President Jimmy Carter said, “Kurwa, it’s Polish appreciation month, that’s why”.

… [i]n Australia, it’s BANDana Day, when asked why, an Axios TV correspondent replied, “because handkerchiefs are for fags, that’s why”. Australia Is The Enemy!!!

Note to editors: it's the end of the first week of October 2020, and our voter registration request has gone unanswered, as a matter of fact, it has not arrived to Riverside, California, it has been a month. It is clear that we are going to be denied our chance to vote. No biggie.


Novena anti Carismática — Jeff Spicolli weeps, at Seminary School

Willie Guiest leads the plegaria, and correctly notes that he and Eye were to young to have that orgasmic experience of listening to a new way to shred la Lira, but öüï, In•Deed we will always have “HOT FOR TEACHER”.

To all Van Halen VANS®️ wearers rest assured that Kasie Hunt has, IT, on good authority to relay to that po’country lawyer from The Beatles side of the fence, that Eddie used California State Highway 65 to be with his Favorite Martian at Ridgemont High, in Mars, answering the age old question, “Is There Life on MARS?”, the answer when Seminarist Spicolli gives his eulogy.

House of Pain ...... 3:18

House of Pain …… 3:18
Rest In Power
Over at a West Texas Town, dubbed “El Paso”, children needed to be taken young, how young? Asked a fifth-generation El Pasoan from Canutillo, and the Station chief at the Ruidoso checkpoint replies, “pull them little fuckers from their mommies titty if you have to.”
This message is approved by Deutsch Inc., y la industria TABACALERA moderna.


For the record, the month of Octopussy… wait, what??? Scratch that SPIColli, it’s OCT•Tú•Bre Spicolli!!! You’re not at Ridgemont High in Pasadena anymore, young man! This here is Seminary School, said Father Monseigneur Morrison, suggesting to the absent-minded Jeff, to use a mnemonic, like French hippies do, to stay focused on the theme. And so Father Monseigneur Morrison put forth the proposition to instead go with « 8bre », which of course would then adapt to:

For the record, the month of 8bre is also Rosary month, así que un saludo, beso y si nos dejan, pues hasta un afectuoso abrazo a todas Las y los CHAYOS!!!

Intermedio with The ConWays — Pilot episode : My mother gives me the COVIDS

Later in the programming:

Three Olympic depth pools

Hear Mí out, Joe 🧜🏻‍♀️ 777D86EB-0A49-4C3B-A956-379F85E48A93 🐊 Three Olympic depth pools will Do, Eye guarantee D.A.T. it will bee the greatest scuba diving learning experience since Atlantis.

Are you a medical professional?”
Kellyanne Conway’s rebuttal to a reporter asking about her boss‘ response to a then growing number of reported COVID-19 mortalities.

Eat your pancakes, child

Eat your pancakes, child .:. D35C278D-40AC-4E7F-A5A9-73018146F8CF 🎢 MARCH 6, 2020… and did ÖÜÏ mention that the Third month of Twelve is named Santiago, James? But don’t worry about D.A.T., Rocky, ‘cus EVRYone knew him as Mars.

Synopsis: Kellyanne Conway gets exasperated and gives a c – span . org reporter the Eye that she wished she could give to Claudia back home when the issue of “containment” develops at the kitchen table.

https ://www .cspan .org /video /?470121 -1 /kellyanne-conway-coronavirus-contained

Just the facts, ma'am

“Just the facts, ma’am .:. CB5B3AFF-7C93-4303-BB35-9ED984CC6F73 ”, period!

Coming attractions:

Kayleigh Got Ran Over by The COVID, and she don’t care. People close to the set outside of a military hospital, obviously being ran by a bunch of “losers” according to the V.I.P. patient at the Executive suite of Walter Reed’s Medical Center at The Potomac, said that Kayleigh has got a Ticket To RIDE, and she don’t C.A.R.E.

Fair Use of Nato in the form of Europe 1:
https ://www .europe1 .fr /international /la-porte-parole-de-donald-trump-testee-positive-au-covid-19 -3996397