Hibiscus 🌺 with Mika — Por si esto o por si l’OTRO

1~. The Rachel López Show, tonight’s tangent is Florida, Florida, Florida y su ley SB 1718, episode 1; Season 12:

Río Va Vel… dijo “el chino” de Pyongyang.

Baby it’s cold outside… Correction: It is alright to be white, o como dicen los bretones, « a rien  race power, period! ».

https ://www .lanacion .com .ar /estadosunidos /quien-es-el-mexicano-que-fue-detenido-en-florida-por-transportar-indocumentados-en-una-van

It’s knot the tint darkness of your windows, it’s the HEX of your pantone that which, motivated the Florida cop, —to put you away.


Still to come:
Las°Tima Marcelino
She°IN°go a tu Madre,
One More Time.

https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2023/9/6 /claudia-sheinbaumclaudia-sheinbaumsera-la-candidata-de-morena-la-presidencia-en-2024

It’s called the Hail Mary in ovalball (it used to be called ‘football’) and Charon calls, IT!, something else over The River Styx, but that’s all Greek to Mí.

Any how, Raquelito, here’s an instant re-play of how Jimmy Buffett was spared from the bowels of HADES, it was glorious. Literally. Motherfucking Bill Richardson manifested his ass next to the river bank and PRO-ceeded to whip out his big ol’ diplomatic scroll and there was only one thing for Charon to do, and that was to relase Jimmy from having to cover the songs of Paul McCartney in hell. The REAL winner here is not Jimmy Buffett, but the REAL Paul McCartney who as people who know, know, that the REAL Paul McCartney is a waiter at the Dew Drop Inn, which is kind-of, sort-ish, like the Hotel California but for Redneck Riviera customers. Can you IMAGINE having to serve Lennon while Harrison introduces the opening act for GARY WRIGHT who (by-the-way) plays a mean bass line for “DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE“.

Someone is going to make you pay your fare.


Entre Títeres y Objetos

https ://old .reddit .com /r /beatles /bonzo_dog_doodah_band/

Mariposa Tecknicolor… caras de resignación.

Lo Bueno de Adolfo Hitler es de que él, si sabe como gobernar

Putschista vitalicio de Chile
en La Maison de l’Amérique latine°


Hoy si hubo UN BUEN DÍA en Yucatán!

Los Amigos de Javier* en Champs Elysées.

Jump to Paragraph Five Paraphrasing of proceso’s editorial about the Things We Said Today on, Ernesto Villanueva‘s editorial regarding The Pulitzer Prize del 09/04/2023 

Eye Double-Dog Dare Ewe.


*~. Sicilia, y los Amigos de México en París 8.

Breaking the news: La délice du Ministère est déshabillé

In Hollywood land, it’s The Triumph of The Automatons, starring Denisa Kerschovas 🦎

But first, it’s Phat Basterd’ dans le courtage, check it out:

Write me a postcard – drop me a line …

Mr. Poisson, i don’t select the news, nor the cycles, not even the events. After the break i promise that i will never mention your ShitBag™ again, but in the next 36 hours or so, i will try to explain to you how the little mermaid got into this blog.

And then you can do what French people do.

Glass Onion meets Layers Cake…


And in Palestine, OhHi, Oh… Train Derailment Units are measured in optimism snapshots on the Morning Mika Sho’… The Hace of ♠️’s, la ache es muda.

With this in mind… Mr. Poisson 🐟, the last time you pointed your camera 🤳 at me… your excellency wanted to know what your little princess identification card was doing in my prefecture “sleep-cover” folder 📁 at the Prefecture.


It’s rather really simple, and never mind that from Day One of the French Talents and Skills Visa (Dec. 2010) a certain Nice address that you might know was used as, shall we say, ‘the anchoring’ address to secure A CERTAIN “six-year investigative project” orbiting around, The Year of Mexico in France; Mexicans in France, and/or Mexican corruption in Europe; and the monitoring of a then triple presidential process, which as you might remember in 2012, lined up France (Hollande), U.S. (Obama) and, Them (El P.R.I. in Mexico).

∴ underneath those pillars ∴, I had already cemented a foundation, which in 2017 culminated, or rather coincided with, the announcement of the start of the journalistic and publishing career of one of the main characters in my investigation, and no, Mr. Poisson, it is not Johanne of whom I am referring to, but rather, —Florence Cassez.

Any how…


_ by the time Öüï got to Jurançon (Eye forgot the year) the man and/or∨ woman in charge of Stephanie Menou’s chain-of-command at the préfecture Cité had already sealed my fate for that September day of 2014…

∧ if ∧ only if 

You remember September, love… You would not have been in this picture 🖼️ BUT FOR the fact that it was you who insisted that our correspondence (from me to you, and viceversa) be turned over for review by ‘the reviewing’ authorities at the Dépôt section of the Ministry of The Interior at Cité.


lest you forget, it was also you, love, who insisted that “we” should forget about the first (of several) 60-day notice to appeal the dépôt section’s décision, in lieu of what Bruno³ recommended as a recourse, after his superior offered you an apology in the hallway outside of the dépôt section employee’s doorway.

³~. … hacer un, ¿cómo se DiCheee, cómo se DiCheee? You know, that sort of contract concluded between two physical persons who have reached the age of majority, for the purposes of organizing their life in common.

And finally, Mr. Poisson, there was a time-period between 2012 and 2013, when yours truly, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto, had the means, the opportunity and, the resources, which is not the same as ‘the means’, to move-out and conduct my research outside of your precious Octopus Garden (sort of speak), but you are not going to believe who developed a case of “you can’t move-out, love! There are way to many nymphos at Jour-et-Nuit!”… and isn’t that ironic 😼, my dear Titus?

Haderslev, Denmark. AS3_ From the Vikingos who brought you “The Little Mermaid” and “Only a Fiddler would say that to Neptune », comes the story of Your Cheese ain’t Shit, —en Venezia! It’s TROU 🕳️, ask, “il Capone de la mafia”, it’s right there in them Ombres G tracks from Madrid, if Ewe should need directions ask Burt Lancaster, he knows how to get to Rome from Antony.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki ~ wiki /The_🐧_New_Clothes

🧭 “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is based on a true Folk Tale, the names of las ⚽ putas ⚽ however, have been changed in Order to protect 🇧🇷 Progreso.

∴ ; for the record:

It takes Tú to be in ❣️ Solitaire ♠️… unless youse like “Rainman”.

∧ here is “Y”.

And Raphaël Morán… it’s IRONIC because you are such a smooth journalist

“When French journalists come back to France the first thing that they do is TALK to THE PRÉFECTURE… by the way Pablo is my friend and I don’t like the way that you do your reporting,” ‘member Mí, motherfucker?

What a Messi, eh, Raphä… in part I owe, IT!, all to that “smooth Journalismthat you do for the Paris Préfecture your WORDS not Mine. Sue me.

and As your COUSINS at Radio FarceFrance, perdón; Rafa, as usual, ya’ndo en’IVRY (JANE says HI!)… Let It Ride, Bitch.

Las fuentes para tu amiga de PROCESO:


Avi Velshi is turning Japanese. I really think, —so…

And Jonathan Lemire (AP Lemire/ Rolo) because Eye knows that you are in, like a Capitol Hill TOURIST   in on this joke, listen up you SumBitch, take it from Pete the Rooster and don’t TRUST the AFP, if the Radio France International source (Raphael Morán de la APRO aussi) is correct, French roosters are required BY THE CIVIL CODE to keep an open channel with The Prefecture de Cité (Punto ¥ Coma) and as EVRY Body at the PARIS, France AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL [A.I. placeholder] Siege knows, The Préfecture de Police à Cité favors the GOVERNMENT OF ISRAELand the AFP is in cahoots with The Mexican Government Foreign Service at The Hôtel Colbert.

Don’t Worry, B⊕… Bee Happy.

https ://kfor .com /news /teens-civil-war-reenacting-roosterfound-in-alabama-after-escaping-at-a-cracker-barrel/

B Pos.

No relation to the Sheen brand or, that Mar-a-Lago crap.

Primera Caída sponsored by Midnight Bourbon 15-year special Grand Reserve.

Avi Velshi joins forces with El Solitario y se van por Cigarros a Hong Kong… hilarity ensues when the Agence France Press offers SANCTUARY to the Associated Press in GAZA

Tale of The Tape

Coff—Coff… now Evry body knows that Avi Velshi is an International Spy-master, but very few initiates realize where “The MAN” recruited Avi Velshi from (punto y coma) here is a list of the timeline from when Avi (real name: SATORO SAYAMA) was just a lovable cub, before Velshi reached his sexual preakness… and turned into a Killing Machine, although Avi’s biographer would add that Velshi was not to proud of his stint as Sammy Lee with them Brits.

Attention Camp:

The following must be read in an Andrew Yang voice:

It’s INTERNATIONAL World Super Bo Bun Bowl Weekend at the Avi Velshi Show in Hong Kong…  Now I know that the Filipinos are not going to agree but, believe me when Eye tells you that “Pac-Man” is with Canelo Álvarez on this one… THE THRILLA IN MANILA cannot, EYE says A Gain: cannot be a part of the INTERNATIONAL World Super Bo Bun Bowl Weekend at the Avi Velshi Show in Hong Kong because Imelda Marcos (FRAMES—… get it?) marcos… is His Panic, period.

Satoru Sayama (debut – 81)
Sammy Lee (Inglaterra, 80)
Tiger Mask (04/81 – 08/83)
Tigre Enmascarado (México, 11/82 – 06/83)
El tigre (UWF-Japón-, 07/84)
Súper Tiger (UWF-Japón-, 08/84 – 09/85)
Satoru Sayama (94 -)
Original Tiger Mask (94 -)
King Tiger (97 -)
Súper Tiger (2005)


Pabst Blue Ribbon is for fags, BIBI’s got the “Evian Gel Ikæs”… or something like that, King James 🏀 hook 33 🛒

Salty French Fries and Kentucky Bourbon… the Vest. It’s funny because the Sirens are working overtime.

http ://luchalibreespectacular .blogspot .com /2012/12 /satoro-sayama-tiger-mask .html?m=1

Monday, March 22th 2021 — Jump from Cerf-panthére’s musings

Ladies in Gemini: The Gravy Train on a £ear Jet:

Yada, yada, ding-dong goes here…

Playball!!! 🗣 ⚾️⚾️

Lorem Loera follows with a dash of GiBo-París… but FO’ist, i inform Donnie Deutsch (that motherfucker), that a Rubiks’es Cube has a solution (punto y coma)…

and after the break, The Reverend Kasie Hunt explains to Le Figaro (today’s front cover) that objects are closer than they appear (tome y repita) and Jeremy Peters, please relay to your editorial board that el mundo de Le Monde has no appetite for today’s side column about how POTUS 46 should stop telling China: come caca y no me des*… and like that, a Rosbif (⚽️) turns The Reverend Kasie Hunt into the church of Mheee, a cult of Soccer Moms from Ohio hellbent on synchronizing Jan. 6, 2021 with a Softball game that is just about to start the bottom of the FO’ist!

While that brews for tea time with a fake Alabama blind choir Situation Room jock, over at La Place de Saint-Michel, bookshelves are Protesting the lack of reading material on a New York Times reportes personal library. Empty Racks, Mr. Scmidt is no way to deliver all the Knowns That Fit.

After the Gravy Train on a Lear Jet [ £ ] it’s Papers in Cages, starring The New York Times International Edition .:. C1FE0D96-2A9D-460D-8E2A-DD8511758203 .:. ISSY, donPalabrasde la Premier League across the pond, that Mug of yours most ZO’itanly screams “mind guerrilla” in “The Situation” shore… jeez whiz, mr. Govn’r you sure is a naughty one making Mika blush behind the COI’tans.

And in Washington, Professor at Princeton, Eddie Gloude Junior, is hoarding all of Jimmy’s books,—The Humanity!!!

But WAIT!!! Geoff Benice put LA PUNDITA back into the toothpaste container, ahhhhhhh!!! C’mon, Man! You’re not even a morning person and you most ZO’irtanly don’t fit the New Jersey type, you sir look more like an Ohio’an-ese.

This pundit has not been rated, yet .:. DC02870C-4645-4B31-9F50-35ACAF888307 .:. Squeeze her out, Benice, squeeze La Pundita out of that toothpaste tube 🧞‍♀️And, Cousin Joe, it’s one thing to have, “Oh, Hey Hallie Jackson, duke it out with La Pundita on the same time-slot, but Benice!? Come’on Man!

But speaking of RACKs… NIKE unveils it’s new Spring Break sports Bra, bro! Check it out, its a LIFT-er-Upper, “and One, and One, and WAN is TREE”, yeah, Buddy.

Who’s afraid of The Pub? .:. F2EF8D8A-B6AD-4364-AD3E-937DBD336D76 .:. KNOT Mí, D.A.T.’s WHO, ese.


One Nine : One Five… El Chuco forever (area code), period!

Never mind Benito [Bodoque] Sebastian… la Malinche Americana

On top of Italia… previously known as ROMA… Dear, Cerf-panthére, hello precious, this is a Time-Delayed screen grab of another screen grab that makes A FAIR USE OF MEDIA for educational and investigative CROWD SOURCED information over the Interwebs; with that in mind i, Armando Segovia, am going to answer in a most notorious and non-solicited manner both your March 19th and [today’s] March 22nd musings of your “PAUSE” page: The answer for the 19th is NO. No, i was KNOT a viking in a previous life… and i have never been to Minnesota (as a matter of fact, Cerf-panthère, the only PREVIOUS LIFE for any human (homosapiens) is that of a motherfucking Neanderthal, which BEGS THE QUESTION, did God have a separate place (up or down) for all of the upright monkees that followed “LUCY”? I do however, know a VIKINGO and if he is still alive, that gentleman hails from the BIRTHPLACE of EL Solitario, which happens to be the same grounds where the Morena-Francia candidate (16th October 2015) came from (Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua–México). So no, Cerf-panthére, i was KNOT a viking in a previous life; i did not exist in a previous life, as a matter of SCIENCE. I exist now. For Cerf-panthēre’s musing for Monday, March 22nd 2021 📖 “Turn the page”.

https ://lopezobrador .org .mx /2015/10/16 /conferencia-de-lopez-obrador-en-la-casa-de-america-latina-paris/

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /570 /reader /reader .html#!preferred /0 /package /570 /pub /457 /page /14

Hola, hoy es 21 de marzo y en el siguiente segmento rendimos homenaje al bombero más famoso del repertorio de don Manuel Valdés-ese.

🎶🗣 “A hungry politician is the wolf that’s at the door
Hell-bent submission and feedin’ on the poor
We could stare into the sun if we would open up your eyes
But we paint ourselves into a corner colored in white lies…”, must be screamed with CONTRAPUNTO y con Clave de Johann Sebastien Bach who is filling in for the Skid Row’s vocalist.

Y siguiendo con el tema de los ídolos del Olimpo, una DIANA 🏹 por favor para “Bomberito Juárez”, public enemy number one of the 2nd French UMPIRE… 🎺

Smile… 👣

ISSY, los Amigos de Valencia are now part of the éphémère moments at the Cluny Gardens and the accents on the letter “e” on la rue de Saint Michel. And because they [don Pichi and don Avo] will never read this blog they will never Knot the circular diagrams that could perhaps maybe, why not lend themselves for one helluva COMPARATIVE analysis between the Art Space at la Place Saint Michel (Jour et Nuit^) and what promises to be something that might kind of sort of morph the efforts of artists and the mecenazgo [patronage] of the private sector, Eye tell you what, Diego Rivera and Nelson Rockefeller would like to see this goddamned movie, Aussie.

^. Context on a place where foreign service agents (ambassadors) send their loved ones to paint shit, “Gold”, follows.

They are also Harley Davidson ®️ Sunday riders… D0F15B2A-6E5F-438D-8A73-6E3AC78F3F24 🚂
1. Responsible for sending 60% of Mexican mined gold to CaNaDa, his name is Napoleón (Lives in Canada when Senate session is out).
2. This fucker is also a Gerund, a very bad one as in not a good gerund, and i’ll leave it at that, because he is very close—too close for comfort en La Laguna.
3. Manuel is an old buddy of Mr. Alain Rouquie (MAL217 /IHEAL) and he [Manuel Bartlett] is probably going to give Master classes on Mexican History at La Sorbonne after he gets the Romero Deschamps retirement package from Los HIJOS DE LA MALDITA VECINDAD… no pun intended, Roco, pero don Manuel, una vez instalado en PARÍS, enviará a su novia a Jour et Nuit para que pinte chingaderas con ORO.

With that out of the güey, Ricardo Arjona is going to interpret an unused demo of “Si el norte fuera sur” which by the above mentioned “güey” had the title: “If La Malintzin* was born in Matoaka, she would have been Baptized as POCAHONTAS”.

* Knot to be confused with the VOLCANO in Tlaxcala, because Tlaxcala is just as imaginary as a Cluny Garden Unicorn.

https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /La_Malinche


Born in 1685  https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /Johann_Sebastian_Bach

… [A]nd now you KNOW— The Rest of the Colors on that Flag 🇮🇹

Buried on a day like today, but of 1617 https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Pocahontas

Australia is the enemy, “authorities can hack, take over, and add incriminating data to your computer”.

And just to keep up with the trend for dystopian police-states, Australia wants to jail journalist[s]for up to 5-years if they don’t reveal their sources.

🎶 If you buy that I’ll throw the Bercy Bridge in, gratuit.

Knock on would:
https ://thenewdaily .com .au /life /tech /2020/12/10 /dutton-surveillance-bill-australia/

Pg. 12, Nº 2567, FRANCE ⚡️ BD2E098B-D1C4-4754-8971-476B329D156F .:. Manifestations contre la loi sécurité globale, “l’article 24 ne passe pas”. CNEWS 11/12/2020.

It’s a Mediapart weekend update and when we return it’s, “desde el cielo una hermosa mañana” with Lupita Lastweek Toudey.

🎶 It was twenty years ago TOUDEY…

Indeed, it was 20 years ago this Weekend Edition, when The Supreme Court of the united states of America CEMENTED Nicole Wallace’s commentary gig on the alphabet soup of punditry on the C-SPAN* trust fund.

* C-SPAN created by cable in the USA as a non-profit.

Indeed, Brian Williams, indeed… on a Guadalupana Eve The SCOtus decided that Al Gore could head back to Tennessee, —and open up a media channel— and for Nicole Wallace the GO-Light to march her twisted little smile to the White House Communication cadre.

To celebrate Phil Griffin came up with the excellent idea to have a recently rejected Saturday Night Live comedienne troll the MSNBC’s with uncle-Bob-style captured video and the novel idea of providing her “commentary” for The Rachel Maddow Show.

Insiders suggests that Seth Meyers is actually the asshole who came up with the idea to have Leslie Jones copy our most non-consequential Draft/Content (time-stamps) which accounted for an incident that happened at the UNESCO way back in 2016… does anybody remember 2016‽

Tijuana’s ZETA was there… we spoke briefly but after locking eyes with the publisher of that Mexican newspaper it was clear that the Mexican Delegation at the Unesco had placed a 10-foot stay-away-from this prick ring at that particular gathering. Buzzfeed was the Australian in that bunch.

COURAGE! Raphaël Morán — happening now

Paris, France__ From the wires


APRO .:. 41D8C91E-86FF-42C8-9988-C8783D6EBB2B ✍🏽
Proceso Semanario de información y análisis, y habla con Anne Marie Mergier, she got tapped by the Son of a Mexican President from PUEBLA, of all places, and she has the Monopoly of Hiring at “el” proceso; or, Comadre Letty, you may find doña Vilma Fuentes al La Maub next to a fish restaurant; Ms. Fuentes is the Capa de Tutti (frutti) en La Jornada. Now, Comadre Letty, if all else fails, meet me at la Mairie du 1er. The TV diners are fine! And don’t forget to bring your TEXAS DEAPEAU: 🇨🇱

Radio France employees are protesting outside of La Casa de La Radio on account of a wave of “The Bobs” full-frontal attack on their job posts.

… [O]ver at the Siren Den, the situation is getting D.I.R.E., te diré, le Mur Mur (Boulevard Garibaldi, no page available, yet; 92130) reports that the Frenchy who handled the “C’était quoi cet TITRE? just walked out, Alone Together with “el” Niño Luc… oh, the humanity.

Los Artistas Asesinos

Los Artistas Asesinos .:. 5B34D6B7-E3BD-40E6-8071-C154BB655C35 🌷Hoy no hubo Jazz. —_•!•_— To save I.N.K. at The rfi Office, MGMT HAS INSTRUCTED the graphics department to start “merging” characters in all forms and advertisments, here in this F.R.A.M.E. Dracula has transformed as follows: Dr. ac. kula; if the cunt… sctatch D.A.T. D.A.R.E if the COUNT is a Princesse of darknes, then the title for her Groom will bee: Dr. ac. KULO. Now, if the Dracula blood sucking family clan suck-seeds (succeeds, get it… MDR, CARAMBA[r])  in procreating a little blood-sucker his title, of course, will bee: Dr. ac. Kulito, or Dr. ac. Kulita.

The Vampires have taken over Radio France, after the break, they will walk to Santiago de  Compostela to pay penance and drink some Sangria and Bloody Mary’s for a “clearing” well-done.

Coming up on La Semana que Philippe Labró

“How does it feel?”

http ://www .rfi .fr/en/france/20191227-paris-summons-iran-envoy-academics-detention-Adelkhah-moore-gilbert-marchal

Context follows

Context on Brontis, Raphaël, and Pablo Gleason, follows —oh, but Öüï!. —_!_— Looking back, mi querido corresponsal del “proceso”, I, Armando Segovia sure is glad that my LIFE in France starts in Los Angeles, California — and not from Irán.

Seriously, Mr. Yannick à la préfecture de París (redaction), before you (by order of your Superiors) pLAy the Nanterre card, remember that it is the Methods Used, not the “regime”, be it here in Paris, or in Teheran.

Hidalgo 79019 follows

Hidalgo 75019 follows .:. ACDF4A97-C619-462C-AFCA-F55D1B896F64

Qui sont–elles? — ¿Where’s the Beast?

Previously on The Jim Cohen & Oliver Compagnon *Show: Amores Llevados, o algo así, de Arturo González “procesando” Villaseñor (Octubre, 2015) IHEAL.

Las patronas

Las Patronas.:.20E98642-DACD-4254-A4F7-4CE500B6ED0B •|• Context follows, because in Paris, en París la bestia está en huelga.

But F.O.ist, öüï Switch it over to VISEUR y los amigos de Enrique Peña Nieto en Cinema Lilas, (75020)

Sr. Arturo González Villaseñor, lo bueno de este su, “tan” intrascendente blog, se divide en dos partes; la primera es de que el muy pluma y ColaBorAdor suyo en “proceso” y, ni más ni menos, de FIP Radio Station, Raphaël Morán, no lo lee, mientras que la segunda


Al DIABLO CON LA SELVA.:.681F226D-41D5-4B83-8C90-411B76210C0C •|• In Local Knew News, The OCDE* convinced the Unesco that the “Vanity” TRAIN project of the new, and EVANGELICAL president of the United States of Mexico will not ALTER the “Paris Agreements” of the Year of Mexico in France, now in it’s THIRD iteration, but with another Nomenclature.

* Forum génération d’égalité

_consiste en que Usted, —hijo de la chingada— haga memoria sobre la pregunta que yo, Armando Serrano Prieto, le hice en el IHEAL en Octubre del 2015, ¿la recuerda‽ a huevo que no. Pero sé, de antemano de que el IHEAL e INC.France (Association Loi 1901) tienen la reproducción de ese ruedo… de esa Rueda; es más…

La Casa de los representantes

La Casa de los representantes.:.64221487-9AFB-4D49-BD2C-4711CCF0FFE5 •|• Context follows for the Editor at the Prefecture de Paris.

_hasta hubo una chiquilla de ROJO allí gritando, pero no por las mismas razones de la niña ya inmortalizada por las políticas de ley de Stephen Miller firmadas por Donald “Impeached” Trump.