The Ninja Scroll is not even a trou 🕳️ translation

Previously on Desperate Housewives… Roc°Paper°Scissoring°

https ://asegovia3 .com /2017/04/18 /contribuidores-notas-y-la-postproduccion/


« Con su permiso, señor presidente (de La Madrid), “gracias por su ‘benevolence’… »
“los muertos que a gritos quereis matar, gozan de cabal salud”, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo parafraseando a “El Mentiroso” de Pierre Corneille.


Radio Televisión Pública Española… presenta:

La Pasión del Primo de Rivera mirando CARA  AL SOL

Ewe and Mí… The Ballad of Co-optations and Interpretations.

“Ya llegó Niki Lauda”

Parchís 🇪🇦 chis, chis.

https ://www .slate .fr /story /228109 /in-spain-the-far-right-is-using-the-drought-to-campaign

Ultras españoles logran que himno franquista se emita en cadena nacional… JOAN MANUEL SERRAT lo interpreta mejor que Miguel Rios, Miguel Bose y el mismísimo Manuel Valls*.

*~. Don Diablo

🌫️ nebulosa, tu chingada madre, Juanito Guanabacoa… SIX SIGMA en la máquila de procesos INTEGRADOS de conTrol de Thompson bicicletero de Amsterdam XXX.


.. we know we now return to our first Heineken® sponsored translation of Schiltz’ bum wrap. And for that we touch base with Alicia Leo’s and El Mariachi ARRIERAS (del Francés, arrière) en el parvis de NESTLÉ en BOTZARIS.


“Caminante no hay camino… ∇ Do Not Try to Adjust Your Programming, you ALL had that opportunity during the François Hollande/Enrique Peña Nieto presidencies (respectably) but you were all too busy BEEFING-UP your *hartistic curricula vitae while wearing a CHE GUEVARA costume that made you ALL look like “el payasito de la tele” CEPILLÍN, en SciencesPo, campus PARIS ».

But, first, here’s a little background for today’s sponsors of the JUANITO GUANAVACO “informática advertorial” Show, mister Juan Valdéz and Laboratorios del bebé agradecido en el Nidal-de-Guigoz en BOUÉ,  Francia… la ciudad más bonita de l’Ainse en Normandie.

Miss Informations follows…  sponsored by Nestlé “Tiger’s Milk Formula”.

De piedra de ser la cama, de piedra las cartulinas… 🎶 la mujer que a mi me quiera — registrará su merca en perpetuidad® 



Over at the Juanito Guanavacoa Show, it’s how to squeeze el presupuesto del consumidor. Reflexiones empresariales de los Amigos de México en Ámstérdäm, o algo así.  


Jardín 21 en la rue Ormesson-del-Ocho, with musical guest, La Tigresa de Los And-Es 🍤🥑 en El Orienté de los Bravos.

Sector BFMTV en TéléCaracol…

https ://www .indiatoday .in /world /story /colombian-rebel-commander-ivan-marquez-killed-in-venezuela

No bathroom breaks.

Of course knot, no cafecito, Tampico.


Moving on… Eddie Gloude Jr., is out of order

Ladies in Gemini, the following section is a direct link to January 12, 2011 and the birth of Armando Serrano~Prieto en San Bernardino, California, Issy-it-must be read in a Sarah Silverman voice, and here is why, because:



C4 is the biggest pussy of Em# all

And, Angela Davis, professor… your’Black fr’Oh ‘members Juanito Guanavacoa at rfpp? This is fo’ the benefit of his son in that pretentious Canadian university and the future of all COLLABORATIONISTs in France.


En contexto, we the staff of this most non-consequential blog have no way of controlling the tangents crossing paths on el plan 🗺️, I mean the only missing ingredient on this platter is that ‘Malcolm equis” de Oakland, or maybe he hailed from Bakersfield…

And, Angie, I hope that former Republican Party honcho, M. Steele don’t deconstruct this narrative… I mean, never mind the high school issue with the Île-de-France, trifle-truffles, really, compared to the narrative of one of your former university students (Miguel Ángel Suárez Meza) who graced the microphones of the Juanito Guanavacoa’s radio show just a few vacations ago.

Por partes, Jack.

Long-story short the take-a-güey of that particular edition of “Aquí somos, aquí estamos” (25/12/2022) was the part about affirmative action being central in mister Suárez’s higher learning opportunities. And I will circle back to that plan on the next segment, right now it’s time for our first asymptotic analysis just for shits and giggles and to check the limits of behavior. And that’s no hyperbola 🪃 that’s a boomerang, bay-Bee.

Admiral Stradivarius, reports:

Jump to Schiltz’ page 178, ¶’s 5 and 6.

Jam On It, Juanito Guanavacoa… jam on it³.

En contexto para Miles Davis con Marjolena en S’il-en-Zio.

Previously on, “Tu vuo’ fa’ l’americano”…
~. Eye told Ewe’ol that I could see The INSEE for Miles.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /certains-l-aiment-fip /rencontre-avec-purse_snatchin-karmitz-autour-du-cinema-NAPOLITANO-louvre

“We’ve used text-to-speech technology to translate these questionnaires, but we’d like to test these translations to see if they’re good enough and intelligible enough, and I’d like to know if it would be possible to… yada, yada, yada …

Full Buck Moon on the 4th of July… and if you buy D.A.T. you will get a mattress for our 4th of July edition of: Baby You’re a Rich man’s girl.

[Informations Mains Libres: Enquête Sans Domicile ; Insee]

https ://www .insee .fr /fr /metadonnees /source /serie /s1002

To Serve and Protect, from L.A. with love… I’ve seen this episode of The Streets of Bakersfield too and it goes like this, “I came here looking for something, I couldn’t find anywhere else ” :

En France, la carte de séjour compétences et talents était un titre de séjour qui a été créé par une loi du 24 juillet 2006, avant d’être supprimé en 2016³.

³~. I have it on good authority to release the following and arc da’Fuck out of the Plan Merida of 2007 and my visit in the Fall of 2010 to the French Consulate on Highway 66 in El Ey: that the “compétences” part of the iniciative was NIXED with Mí in mind*.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Carte_de_sejour_competences_et_talents

It will be issued to Indian computer scientists, but not to Beninese doctors, because their country needs them.

Elle a été remplacée par la carte de séjour Passeport Talent.

… and thus, The Masked Singer was created for the good people of France.

El Jam de las Causas de Juanito Guanavacoa
ad hoc chilango para Tierra Caliente en décalage… but that is just the Mexican president speaking about Hípolito’s murder under HIS NARCO ESTADO, which he (Francisco Belmont) inherited and is now OVERSEEING, en Apatzingán… just like CALDRÓN, in the years of SARKOZY did.

Light my voice recognition translator.
Well Ewe know that it would be untrue, 🔥💃🏻

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Ad_hoc_hypothesis

It’s the What IF, we get lucky in France refugee defense.

³~. Qué sería de Alain Rouquié sin ex~policias judiciales como usted². Gracias a ustedes, los movimientos franceses le dieron la versión Amerigo Vespucci a las “auto defensas” de Miranda, y ya para el 3er Festival de Cinito Mexicano en Paris, Juanito y Pablo se hicieron para el lado del Nopal en la zona de tolerancia de Pigalle.

Hoy, 2 de Julio del 2023, Franciso Belmont se indigna con la muerte del Che Guevara. Al mismo tiempo, recibe su MOCHADA de la cámara de comercio en la américa latina del IHEAL (Sorbonne, annexo¹), and to quote Chucho Salinas, of Luis Echeverria fame at “El Blanquita⁸”, “en El frontón a eso se le llama “ chayote en especie”.

¹~. À la Porte de Issy-les-Moulineaux en Versailles.

But First, let the record show that JUANITO Guanavacoa is pandering to Alain Rouquié on his show and he just bumped SoFy Velasco to the second hour of his apologiste spectacle for the Blues Men en Andalusia y Montpellier.

And, Martin at the Bagagerie del bendito instituto de estadísticas francesas de los franceses en francia… have you ever been to Torreón? Not nécessairement to the watchtower, all along la colonia Roma de tu embajador en México?

Oh, say can you fuckers see?

²~. Y que chingue a su madre Maxin aussi… but let the décalage fellow alone, Brasil is already fucked, so let’s switch it over to LA PORTE DES LILAS where Juanito Guanavacoa is clowning around with music that his harmonica does not understand.

Now, then… with this being Summer in Paris, Juanito Guanavacoa is going to slowly turn his propaganda into the news d’actualité en su pinche rancho de Méxique, but like they say in Botzaris, “when the cats go on vacation, a las ratas les brotan alas como alacranes de Oberkamfpt.”

The following event is sponsored by PROMéXICO and La Chambre de Comercio de América latina en La Porte de Versailles. ELITISMO vende PATRIA.


as President Sarkozy once said on wikipedia tv:

… It is a question of organizing not a brain drain but a circulation of $kill$.

or maybe it was his Immigration Tsar who said that.

And as that takes place, Juanito talks MEXICO narco-news, under pressure. Meanwhile, his Franchute audicene is living the dream in all of the VAcations SPots around their colonies, including OAXACA y MICHOACAN.

NAturally, Juanito will focus on “the viagras” just like President Emmanuel Macron focused on video games to bottle-up the latest police incident avec un POC with issues. And please, Susanita, don’t even get me started with “los templarios”.

The Birth of TALKIE, and of course, The Kid

And, Reverend Al… Do Catho Tubes count as spiritual gospel, or as revival gumbo‽


[This Space For Rent]

And, Reverend Al, the Selenites at Tranquility Base Hôtel & Casino wish to express without the explicit consent of DOMINO records, or Major League Baseball, that Öüï literally could not make this shit up.

1858 In Mexico, BENITO JUÁREZ becomes president and a National They of Mourning follows para 🇫🇷 La Legión Extranjera de Botzaris ⚜️, casí esquina con 🇲🇽 Hidalgo al cruzar 🇻🇪 Bolívar.


Mientras tanto en El Perú, en El Perú es la hora de la historia de un indio “no permitido” en comfort on the Eve of the new lunar year of The Rabbit 🐇 2023:

1858: en México, Ignacio Comonfort, luego de disolver el Congreso y desconocer la Constitución, abandona la presidencia y sale de la Ciudad de México rumbo al exilio hacia Estados Unidos.

En la cabina de Osler Amaro en rfpp, “los cuatro suyos” de Lourdes Guanca reclaman encarcelar a Juan Lázaro de rfpp . net por haber coordinado con Juanito Guanabacoa el apaño³ de Flechas en Botzaris 🪶… en retroceso, hoy sábado 21 de enero, Osler y su pandilla se están dando cuenta de la problemática minera que nos une (hijo de la Pachamama…), te lo dice un hijo de la chingada que ha estado tratando de decírtelo desde el 2011, pero así como se queja Lulú Guanca (tu invitada de hoy) que de “terruca” no la bajan, así han hecho con tu servidor… o sea el que aquí mal escribe, no los programas de computadora en ejecución que atienden las peticiones de otros programas, como por ejemplo, “as a client I ask your Server at rfpp . net for a link, or a SENDERO to ‘a reproducción’ of today’s show with Lulú.

– Response from the Server 🖥️ at La Emisión Américas en el 106.3 fm de la Place-des-Fêtes:

Request Timed Out

Synopsis del Show de Osler Amaro 21de enero del año en curso (Hoy se va Tigre 🐅 sigue Conejo en LUNA, which for tonight happens to be on a Chivo called Capricornio.) Any how…

Hoy No Hubo Jazz

Y por si Juanito Guanabacoa no lo recuerda, no dudes Osler Amaro en revisar, el triste episodio de Alicia Leos y los “43 de Ayotzinapa” en la Maire del XXème durante El Año de John Mill Ackermann y su familia en Francia… o sea, la familia del Jefe de Tesinas en la llamada, “máxima casa de estudios” en Chilangolandia, casí caída del METRO 🚇 Satélite, en La CDMX, no su familia suya, don Osler.

You, there with the feather in your FRENTE, you sir, Ewe make poop smell like Florence, —en Lille, France. —_– Tú The Moon, Alicia. Tú The Moon.

³~. Confiscación de las “armas” tradicionales de los pueblos originarios… EN INTROSPECCIÓN, don Osler y Rojas, si así como con las “armas largas” de los indios “bravos” de las manifestaciones capitalinas, las autoridades en Lima, utilizarán su IMAGINACIÓN para confiscar de los galeones en el fondo del Atlántico, esos tesoros que según dice La Corona de España, les pertenece (a la corona) y no a los pueblos originales, ni mucho menos, —al pueblo de El Perú.

April 🐠 in Paris 👼 — Poisson des Innocents


STILL TO COME, “Kerschovas” 9th Dream en el patín del diablo of The Dark Horse³… It’s a FESTEVUS Cunt-Auch and a Ghinni TestaRossa FOURTH THEY of CHRISTmás miracle on la rue des 🔔 Bourdonnais 🔔.

For context, Kerschovas dreamt of “Home Sweet Home” on yesterday’s “Allegretto-de–Aujourd’hui”, which is a normal 12-step episode for coping with a recent life-changing experience, such as homelessness.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /allegretto /home-sweet-home -3516369

On This They today.

However, o, COMO LO PLAGIAN en la Universidad Nacional Autónoma JOHN MILL ACKERMAN de México†, Kerschovas awoke in a Roman Circus and discovered the skeletons 🩻 of last week’s Allegretto Junior Show in the Lion’s THEN… of all places,  ISSY, Denis Soula had them “hard pipe-hittin’ niggas » killed. Denis Soula has no SOUL.

†~. https ://www .elfinanciero .com .mx /nacional /2022/12/26 /plagio-de-tesis-de-ministra-yasmin-esquivel-amlo-asegura-que-respaldara-veredicto-de-la-unam/

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /allegretto /en-route-pour-le-cirque -1546684

Yup, that Dere is a Hitchcock Silhouette 🗣️… SILENZIO… Must Be THIS 🍼 TALL 🍼 to Ride 🛝🎠🛴 🎪.

³~. The Quiet Beatle.

Of course, as with Évry thing, the VF don’t recognize King Putin’sKing Herod’s order to MO’ider all children under two, born in Belén. As the Very French tradition dictates, El Día de Los Inocentes is observed on the FO’ist THEY of April, when baby Jesus fed the 🔔 clochards 🔔 of la rue des Bourdonnais, un boîte de PILCHARDS to the Hungarianmasses.

†~. 1941World War II: 🎡 Operation 🕸️ Anthropoid 🕸️, the plot to assassinate high-ranking Nazi officer Reinhard Heydrich, commences 

El Circo de Kerschovas… Boulevard de Rochechouart 75000—CEDEX… 🤸🤹🏻‍♀️🤸🫵

And in Paris, Öüï now Ketchesup with a SuperStar Student on The Juanito Guanabacoa JUNIOR in 🇨🇦 CANADA 🇨🇦, 🎶 Oh, Canada SHOW :

🏎️ Copy-Pasta, ENZO 🏎️ … 🚜 COPY-Pasta 🚜, that’s the way Ewe do it, 🎶 you Play The Guitar on the RFPP¹the little faggot with the Earring and the MakeUp, —yeah, Buddy! That’s his own Radio Show.

Oh, Canada.

¹~. Money for Winos… Dire Streets.

~. Pronounced with a Greek, not Latin “i” accent, as in… Wynton, Wings, and Wine .

🌬️… based on a TROU 🕳️ radio 📻 show en AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL… sponsored by STARBUCKS and the Home DEPOT en Los Santos de Mythos-sur-Leroy Merlin 🛠️⚒️🛠️⚒️🛠️⚒️🪚⛏️🧰📏📐🪣🥽…🩻

Eweish peoples are the WO’ist, especially the Ewes from AMERICA.

La Coalition juive républicaine dénonce Santos pour des mensonges sur ses références

https ://www .politico .com /news /2022/12/27 /republican-jewish-coalition-denounces-santos-for-lies-about-his-credentials -00075625


Juanito Junior (en CANADA)…


Youse gonna’ copy my DRAFTS, Eye asks, motherfucker, TO KNOT BE LIKE THE FRENCH CHILDREN WHO HAVE SEX WITH THEIR PARENTS, and please RESPECT the CREATIVE COMMONS 🎅🏽CLAUSE that says the following:

Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

~. Like RFPP does with Juanito Guanabacoa Sr., In-so-far as allowing the use of the RFPP facilities for the production of “Aquí somos, aquí estamos” show, but not taking on the responsibility of loading up a podcast version, of Francisco Belmont’s program on the RFPP (dot) NET site.

Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format.

Happy Birthday, Lemmy!

Un homme incarcéré à Toulouse pour avoir violé sa fille et filmé les faits

Un homme incarcéré à Toulouse pour avoir violé sa fille et filmé les faits (

Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for Non-Commercial purposes.