La Munera Santanera — en pista, para Siempre en Domingo³

Fucking Australians, Ewe can never depend on those motherfuckers, reminds Mí of Messi at Dodger Stadium 🏟️…

From the makers of, “Las Más Cabronas” and “The Vagina Monologues ”, radiofrance en tsf presentan, a su Hartista ex[c]lusivo, Nacho Cano en el rol de Carmen de Bizet, en pista, Ana Torroja canta para el público de Raúl Velasco³ en « Siempre en Domingo ».

El Circo

In ancient Rome, munera were public works and entertainments provided for the benefit of the Roman people by individuals of high status and wealth.


Sept. 44 no hubo mundial, but Öüï did liberate NANCY, en la France… in ’79 La Argentina was the Champion 🏆 of El Mundo de Le Monde, just like the ol’República Federal Germans rhuled the Stadiums during them Kissinger Water Fronts. The little ringamagigit 🛎️ is El Paso, al paso, o como diría Buendía, “Lo dicho, dicho está”.

https ://en  .wikipedia .org /wiki/Munera _(colonia_Roma)

Como por ejemplo, el ya de‘por[tado]

Cotejado 🇲🇽

LoREM ipΣ… Our apologies for missing YesterTheys show with Denisa Kerschovas, but I don’t know how many times Eye has to twinkle Ewe, los párpados en Morse Code: I’ll never go back to Georgia, Savannah! No insistas.

Cotejado 🇫🇷

Rayuela… no es lo mismo, y no sea mamón en La Jornada

Mhmmm… La Argentina.

Si yo fuese, Maradona, le diría a Manu Chao que la Izquierda, está fuera de lugar³.

False equivalency con las Madres de La Plaza de Mayo.

Mira que organizar una manifestación, así como la que Luis Echeverría ordenó para quitarle los clavos a Chorpus Christi,  esos si que son aguacates. Estoy casi seguro que don Luis ha de estar regodeándose con los detalles de la manifestación de don Andrés en el Zócalo.

da’Fuck do ewe know about Peyote, Patti? Carla munches on it with her Nutella®️ Évry They 🪄

³~. Except, maybe… In Lula, with Brasil.

Over at FIP central station it’s…

‘Skiüs Mí, but in this humble bubbly Blog, San Martín de Porres is a Knight in Her Majesty’s Service and Jimi Hendrix is a producer on Steve’s jobs apple pharma.

Make Jimi, great again… pinchi George!

While Eye Kizz The Ska’is.


And in this corner. Fighting out of the Eye told you cocksuckers SO corner. It’s of course, Juanito Guanabacoa, because why the fuck Knot!

Öüï interrupts this transmission to bring you the latest on the Crosstown ho’s and the upward ladder with an Air France concession trust fund and an… I better shut my blog before Poseidon sends his clochards.

Nah, i know where the octopusses are buried.

Plus… Eye buried Titus 🙀

… Tu chingada madre, it means fuck you in Eastern European… in french it means “no fucking Back Bone” , or as Denisa Kerschova learned today, it means espina dorsal para Tus SacaDos.

Keep on rocking at The Red Cross ❌

Time-stamp : Sunset 4-Theys Before Armistice

Capitalismo efímero en décalage

Roadhouse Trucking… shithouse is at the end of the River, under a bridge 🌉.

The fuck you faggots know about Change?

Hocus what?

Vilma Fuentes, La Jornada, 10 julio, 2022:

Let’s check the numbers on that date, that 10/07/2022 must be from the new « epístolas » of Vilma Fuentes, that Waterloo episode sounds like an Old Regime entry in, “Nosotros ya no somos los mismos”, Pacheco.


https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/10/02 /politica /mar-de-historias-nieve-en-primavera/

https :// youtube .com/watch?v=52_3VCnKI8Y

And here is why, anybody can pick up the 1968 flag, particularly the Mexican edition of that year; I present as documented evidence, Dr. John Mill Ackerman and his nepotistic wife, generational social justice racketeers who in on October 02, 2014, tore their robes off to denounce La Matanza de Tlatelolco to a Parisian university audience, long story short, when López Obrador became president of The Mexican United States, Mrs. Ackerman was positioned in a cabinet position. The first thing that she did was to exonerate the “top federal cop”, currently in charge of the COAL INDUSTRY in Mexico, for his involvement in the torture and death of a Drug Enforcement Administration spook in Jalisco.

In Technicolor

And then of course, doña Eréndira Sandoval proceeded to appoint extended members of the SANDOVAL clan from Veracruz, to key positions in the Obrador regime.

https ://mexico .as .com /mexico /2021/06/21 /actualidad /1624304249_900211 .html


Sin embargo: this is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT, the store is hiring. La “suspención de garantias” no aplicán en Pôle Emploi, ask Florence Cassez, she took an ElBow Grease job with The Zodiacos in The México of Fox 🇲🇽, and she still got RSA en Puerto Vallarta when she was Johanna Gallo, en Cuernavaca de San Ángel.

Any how, HERE is the low-down on today’s programming during The Juanito Guanabacoa Show, but before that Spiel arrives, Öüï urges the good people in México, to go ahead and KILL A CHILANGO, I am Sirius, kill a fucking Chilango y haz patria, hijo de la chingada.

Long story short, the assassination of Mexican students in 1968, and as Johnny Guanavacoa mentioned on the Juanito Canales Show, in 1971 that tragedy would not have turned into a Palmolive™️ soap opera if those “little mexicans” would not have tried to be French in the first place.

As doña Vilma Fuentes, so fucking solemnly states: Only the French are allowed to have Liberty and happiness, developing Shithole countries should just be grateful for Tú Dollar/Euro/Yen discount stores. Note to editors, in recent weeks, the Sterling Pound has gone the way of Acapulco. In other words, The U.K. is about to start World War III once the owner of the Manchester United 👹 realizes that his precious Premier League ⚽ is about to have the same purchasing power as Los Gallo’s Blancos 🤌🏽 de Puebla (Querétaro, pues).



Un minuto de Silencio… Fuck The 4th of July


Holiday for Fortunate Sons… of KEMET.


I, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto, am with Eddie Gloude Douglass Jr., on this one… and furthermore, you Cocksuckers, I do declare that the Leader of El Cuarteto PATRIA 🇨🇺 is a direct descendant of Frederick Douglass, just place a Stetson on that guajiro and the resemblance is uncanny… AND FUCK SHAKIRA$$$ on Weight Watchers.

Requiem for Ice Scream, Ewe Scream, Öüï All Scream Ah for Tunas…
Bienvenida Guayabera Pantone 1805, period!

Hey, AP LeMire… On your flight back across The Atlantic please pay attention just below the Greenland marker on your LCD Screen in front of you, once you see it, open the sunscreen on your Window seat and snap a picture of Lady Liberty covering ALFONSINA Y EL MAR… in case you missed it, Lady Liberty is Walking back To Egypt, which is where She was supposed to go but got rejected by the Sons of KEMET there. Look It Up! Or ask Indi(o) Juanes* at La Baggagerie à Les Halles.


*~. Indi(o) Juanes is what Mike The Dog (Matisse) calls me when he is feeling inadequate about his Patriot Holiday here in France, the French call it, TOM SAWYER THEY.

¿A Quién ShingaDos Se Le Ocurre?

Sure, if like Jose López Portillo¹, your piggy bank is in the habit of walking in abundance, and the body of water next to your territory is saltier than salt then yes, by all means, turn your coastlines into a parking lot, but if …

Freedom Of 76
Living on Bananas and Coke



an entourage arrives to a body of buried water, and your Petrol Industry is having to to SHELL out millions of dollars for a bucket of ICE…


Please don’t be like Poderoso Víctoria.

Context for Geraldo Rivera 🇵🇷 follows

Guadalajara en un Llano, México en una Laguna de desechos pre-colombinos.

Nota a don Calderón… De ninguna manera, señor mocho

Don Calderón, la pieza teatral se llama:

Starring : HÉCTOR LECHUGA, LEONORINDA OCHOA… MUSICAL GUEST: LOS BABIES… And, señor Calderón, de gracias a Dios que no me fijé que el profe era “POLtier” y no Poitier.

ADIÓS GUAYABERA MÍA… no se haga usted pendejo. Viejo Mamón!

— Si necesita usted un BANCO DE AHORROS… ($eñor Delgado) confíe en El Halconazo de SERFIN.

Katastroff… Starring Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, dit Molino.

— En Hilo, Hawaii, son [ya] las Nueve de la noche.

Let’s turn Murder into art… with Gordon Sullivan at Le Panthéon

UTOPIA’S FICTION desde El Plato-ese de Grecia
And the French Minister of Culture
at Cinéma Christine

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /les-annees-fip /les-annees-fip-2018

Off-course, if youse just joining in on the Guadalupana celebrations, please be advised that this segment is a continuation of a conversation interrupted by Georgina Moreno³ during a conference for Climate Change and a question dealing with {and Eye shit-Ewe-not} un Encuentro de los Pueblos separados por El Espinazo del Diablo… en París

https ://travesiasdigital .com /mexico /el-espinazo-del-diablo-una-de-las-carreteras-mas-peligrosas

Submarinos need knot apply. Screen~grab comes courstesy of Marinela, which off~course is of course a Registered Trademark that the Mexican President nationalized.

And, Abel Leyva Castellanos,² o mismo ni Dominique Gay Sylvestre… both profes de Limoges, a lo mejor ya no lo recuerd~en pero, estoy seguro de que doña Geo, —ella— y el corito de “la espada de Bolívar” si lo recuerdan… “iels” a huevo que sí lo recuerdan,¹ como fieles GANSITOS Mari-marca registrada por BIMBO.

¹.~ https ://www .contrapesociudadano .com /lopez-obrador-repartira-gansitos-en-proximas-consultas/
².~ Les universités latino-américaines aujourd’hui : expressions locales (DIRE N° 7 | 2015)

³.~ In the role of “La Maestra de Ceremonias” en “Le Chantier³

I know it’s only Rock and Roll but i like potato chips.
Aussie, il s’agit également de l’utilisation équitable de todos los putos medios.

But FO’ist! Avi Velshi is going to talk about the “objects” without getting all into the “subject”… predicate this, you didn’t think that Öüï were done with Sting, now did ya’!? 

Strawberry Fields For Guantanamo
La Higuera de La Chingada

https ://monoaureo .com /2021/12/03 /ni-se-crea-ni-se-destruye/
Track #4 : Bring On The Night
de Blanc
The Police {Version : Guardia Nacional de AMLO}

BUT most of all, BREAKING Paul McCartney’s and Roger WaWas’ record of attendance at EL Zócalo de México.

ISSY la CIA killed “El Che”… but it was solidarity {in BOLIVIA} that drove la estocada down, and Cousin Joe, Eye knows that it’s the Weekend and that youse in Nantucket enjoying the company of Mika’s big hairy pussy… {burp} and Cousin Joe, deep down in that empty {hollow} chest of yours you know, goddamn-it, that if you don’t denounce the TRICKLE-down politics of Ronald Reagan that you are going to HELL. Straight to hell, Scarborough, HELL. Repent MotherfuckerREPENT.

https ://english .elpais .com /society /2021-12-03 /spain-approves-new-law-recognizing-animals-as-sentient-beings .html

With that in mind, el próximo toro le corresponde a “El Gibo³“… and there is nothing that morena-Francia can do about it, because LA EXPERIENCIA de MORENA FRANCIA en México es {por de] abajo de las FALDAS de una ASOCIACIÓN 1901 abajo de La PUTA torre Eiffel. Just like with the Wizard of Oz and how ART imitates political OBJECTS at CRETEIL.

Gilberto Bosques was a fag.

https ://lafranceinsoumise .fr/2019/09/02 /lexperience-de-morena-au-mexique/

And, Katty Key… sorry that Eye mispelled your name, “La Xingada” follows

Ladies in Gemini, this is a Time delayed overview of Caracas

And in Hollywood,

https ://asegovia3 .com /2021/04/19 /downtown-inset-scheduled-stops/

Where’d ya’say that Quinta was located at?
Le Mexique est un pays d’une classe modeste très foutue […] qui ne va pas s’en sortir. Pour la télévision, c’est une obligation d’apporter du divertissement à ces personnes et de les sortir de leur triste réalité et de leur avenir difficile. La classe moyenne, la classe moyenne inférieure, la classe moyenne supérieure. Les gens riches comme moi ne sont pas des clients, parce que nous, les riches, nous nous n’achetons rien”, Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, El Tigre.
Traduit avec (version gratuite)

“See what happens when a dirty bum meets the filthy rich.”
https ://www .infobae .com /america /mexico /2021/05/07 /el-dia-que-emilio-azcarraga-dijo-que-hacia-television-para-jodidos/

And, Katty Kay, meet Lucía, Anda, meet Lucía, why don’t you, y de Paso, here’s another name for Aristegui:

I Told you so, pinche Frida.
https ://monoaureo .com /2021/11/30 /andy-y-su-fabrica-de-chocolate/… Ketch~Up, kid.

In Local News, Spain brings the Flamenco to Les Halles and there is nothing that THE PARIS TOURISM BOARD can do about it.

Anyhow, Adrienne Elrod, KNOT to be outdone by Antonio Banderas and the Andalucía Tourism Board next to Frida’s Tangas Shop at Châtelet on La Rue de Cinéma, Willie Geist (hello Sir) is bringing out don jamón~jamón in the Role of Lucie’s crutch for his Little League Sunday Show.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt4995540/ Being The Ricardos

Or… as Noelia Gregorio Fernández in LA RIOJA says:
Knot another pinche CHOLO con una pinche GÜERA moovie

Just like the good’Ol THEYS of La GUAYABERA Blanca… Horacio-en-milenio comes courtesy of el monoaureo _ ese.

The news of Bardem playing the Cuban card on the Mambo Kings channel threw Banderas off the charts and so Antonio had only one thing that he could do and that was to squat the dang-on Rotunda of The American Style Mall in Saint Eustache and now po’SANTA is outside in the Cold-Cold Quad.

The gypsie caravan released a flyer stating that “El Duende” would be appearing next to LOS HILOS de ARIANNE for like the next two days. And that Pablo Picasso would be manifesting sometime before dinner time on the aforementioned Rotunda. And he did… that motherfucker passed right next to Los Hilos de Arianne.

With that in Mind, let Mí remind Monica AlBa that Eye is not Xicano… but according to La Rioja, Ewe is³additionally Öüï should never-ever-ever call Mí “His~panic”, and Chuck Todd better not call “cholo”.

1 to 8
3 .Bandit Mexicain.
4 . Equivalent a bandido
5 . Fait ici référence aux bandits mexicains installés à la frontière entre les États-Unis et Le Mexique
6 . Jeune Mexicain venant d’un milieu pauvre et vivant aux États-Unis à la fin des années 1950, souvent rejeté par la société à cause de sa manier de parler, ses coutumes ou encore ses habitudes vestimentaires.
7³ . Terme péjoratif identifiant une personne d’origine mexicaine vivant aux États-Unis.

Cinémas d’Amérique latine #29

El humor en el cine chicano contemporáneoParodia y transnacionalismo en la trilogía de El Mariachi de Robert Rodriguez
By: Noelia Gregorio Fernández (universidad de Alcalá, docente investigadora de La Rioja).
Witt special mention to PAGE 119;
and of course Raphaël Morán’s neighbor, the one and only, Freddy Cats

Originally published on 22 Nov, 2015: —!— Arte plástico en Montreuil-sous-Bois, 2012. Exposición adentro de una “panadería de pan”. En el contexto del tiempo y del espacio, se tienen que considerar dos puntos de vista, uno siendo el del artista plástico y su manifiesto sobre el concepto artístico, ‘Noche de los Muertos #3’; y dos, la de las noticias que salían de Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua durante el sexenio de Felipe Calderón Hinojosa. || Foto de la calle, capturada por armando segovia / segoviaspixes… you can keep the photo, no license is being claimed.

3 . Mexican bandit.
4 . Equivalent to bandido … {and isn’t that redundant, pues}
5 . Refers to the Mexican bandits living on the border between the United States and Mexico… {like FREDDY CATS-es-ese figurines???}
6 . Young Mexican from a poor background living in the United States at the end of the 1950s, often rejected by society because of his way of speaking, his customs or his clothing habits. {Ah, for FuCkS sake, if you change Young for Old that is Mí in Paris, France!}
7³ . Pejorative term identifying a person of Mexican origin living in the United States. {Let’s stop for a second here and Let ALICIA MENENDEZ deconstruct this one for both of us, Eye don’t think that that word means what you think it means}.

Translated with (free version)

Notes de Traductrices de Master 2 du CETIM de l’université de Toulouse Jean Jaurès sous direction de CAROLE FILLIÈRE
Pg. 114Éléments Parodiques Dans La Trilogie El MAriachi : Le Personnage Masculin En Tant Que “Bandido/Greaser
La notion de masculinité latina sera, yada, yada, yada… 3 stéréotypes liés a cette masculinité parodiée (et la criminalilté) chicanal mexicaine : le bandido fronterizo5, le pachuco6 et le cholo7(3), tous ces clichés associés d’une façon ou d’une autre à l’archétype du bandido latino.

https ://www .theolivepress .es /spain-news /2020/06/05 /andalucian-government-invests- e22 – 5- million -in-promotional-campaigns-to-attract-tourists-featuring-hollywood-star-antonio-banderas/

Still to come, Ancient Mikas and the Aliens who love’em

C’mon now, it’s ok-Katty, jump in on the Band-WaWa Wagon. What’s next Cousin Joe… Porn for Floribama Jones?

After the 14h Re-hash… the Poles are talking.

Poland pays homage to Elena Poniatowska and Ancient Aliens go, meh…kzikans?

ATLAS shrugged, but still, Saturn continued with his task. Olympuss and his band of privileged kin had defeated the The Tennessee Titans… bunch of fags. Both the Titans and the lower-case “G” odds.

Any hoot, “Oh, captain my Captain” yo no soy marinero an’D.A.T. kneads know Quotes only “una poca de Gracia y’otra Cosita” — Ay, Europa 🇪🇺, remember — d’Ewe remember when it was Ewe they wanted to evict — yo no soy marinero, ni tampoco Capitán. Ay, arriba y arriba.

*Pronounced: Ey•Belle or Ey-Bol, o como dicen “allá en el Rancho Grande” o en El Fondo Monetario Internacional “able” (pun-to y coma) as in Cain did nothing wrong, all he did was his thing (hunt) and his LAZY fair skin brother was ABLE to fuck him out of his land. Check the scriptures, it’s all in there.

En Veracruz, a Polish princess is about to dance La Bamba like the Filipinos have never seen it, let alone heard before. Es el mes de mayo, and that means that for the ‘gringos’ it’s Mexican Independence They. Nothing can change that, they have the Dollars, or the Euros, sometimes the motherfuckers feel Japanese and they pay with the Japan-ease Why.

Note to Filipinos: Legalese clauses and the Navigation of His-story forces us, ese, to inform Lou Diamond Phillips that it checks out, and that his role as Ricardo Valenzuela is within the range of tolerance to fill an ethnic role at The Golden Globes on account that ALL FILIPINOS are part of the ACAPULCO—MANILA galleons (https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Manila_galleon) which is why The Philippines cannot, Öüï repeats, CANNOT be part of the AAPI Celebrations in WaWa Land (on Deadline).


The East LA Delegation Claims The Philippines as their own…

HEAR Ye! Hear Ye! A congressional organized grab-ass session found that were it KNOT for the Filipinos on the above mentioned Acapulco-Pineapple Route, LOS LOBOS would probably wear faggety cowboy shirts, instead of the Trademark GUAYABERAS on stage.

With that in mind, please don’t forget to factor-in the political Weight, Simbolismo, and the influence of Chucho Salinas en “Adios Guayabera Mia”.

My Heros have always been Drummers

Ladies in Gemini, el nombre no hace al villano…

Exhibit ONE: Salinas

Flam Jam

Flam Jam # .::. 44D7AC45-5B38-4204-BF3C-46993856DF87 … Roll and Crash # it does not matter! El enlace a la Obra Maestra d’estos dos (y la Ochoa) fue fustigado. Fuck it, let’s make another one.

Señoras y señores, si la risa es la mejor medicina, pues entonces don Chucho es la panacea para sus males en tiempos de AHORA SÍ (porqué no decirlo MonaLisa) en tiempos de Mesías Tropicales, eh?

Anyway Ari Melver, you are right… it’s 5 o’Clock somewhere. Glad to hear your SMILE is back. Catch you at the Deadline safe zone hour, eh! In the mean while, please inform the BriWi D.A.T the chain of command agrees, 2nd grade Science is the way to go, öüï happen to have the DATA to go with them imploding Stars.


Anaheim, it’s the Florida of The Golden State .::. 624867AB-DA85-462C-B51B-4C0AAD129EB7 🏄🏽‍♂️ Why do you think Disneylandia is in that plot, Quarantina? The answer at the Eleventh Hour.

… We now return to Weekend Edition, Seattle Tribute.

Quick recap, our hero, Agent Angle time traveled from the Inland Empire to the L.A. County limits with the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Agent Angle was to shoot from The San Fernando Valley (at Magick Mountain) to the Lake Washington quadrant  in order to See About A Girl; while hovering over Mount Saint Helens, the Time Machine controls experienced some jamming and agent angle initially troubleshot the gremlin in the system with the Plutonium Reserve Rod calibrator (see diagram at the “show your work section of this entry), however, after watching the Mt. Saint Helens Laser Lava Show Extravaganza, it became clear that the U. S. Space Force was beginning to scramble the Space/Time fabric with an old “antena parabólica,” which Agent Angle cleared with the help of an emulator and a Direct TV Hex–C.O.D.E.

Space Cadets

Space Cadet University now accepting applications for its 2020 Fall Semester; Governor Jesse Ventura (I –Minnesota) will be the honorary dean.

https ://jalopnik .com /the-u-s-space-force-gets-its-first-offensive-weapon-w– 1843111759



Show work section of the T.E.S.T.

1º. En fin doña Vilma, veo —sin confirmar— que ‘ay la lleva de gane con su pata. ¡Qué bueno! sin embargo, siendo que usted —sin comprobar estamos seguros de— que no nos lee, presiento pues, que está sección se la pasará usted, o el mismísimo Jacques (“no Jacks”, como me lo aclaró el caballero en la terraza del Bobo Bar, quizás pensando que su seguro servidor lo iría a « angloSajonear ») por desapercibido o, tantito “pior” como decía Jorge Saldaña: por El Arco del TRIunfo. 

Beyond the Bleu Horizon

Beyond the Bleu Horizon .::. 5B8F6800-6DF8-4EA6-9F11-73B4997457D0 ⚖️ Juan Derecho (el charro preferido de Emilio, la saluda)… 🎸 Aunque, por supuesto, doña Vilma, habrá que factorizar y luego restar los años para que la narrativa “que obliga el sistema” se acople a las temporalidades de cuando “Los Baby’s” eran considerados como una banda de “rocanroleros”.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2020/03/19 /20h00-in-central-europe-time/

En fin doña Vilma, así como sin querer–queriendo, ya nos cayó el martes, eso quiere decir que en Hilo, Hawaii son las nueve de la noche en San Lunes, y pues la llamada para darle una vuelta virtual a nuestra página.