No llores por Mí, —Allegreto… Eye is a short-stop knot a snare playa

Banzzzzz Ay!

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique/podcasts /la-quatre-saisons-n-est-pas-qu-une-pizza / pierre-herme-lorsqu-on-ecrit-une-recette-on-ecrit-la-partition -4527657

It’s the top of the Ninth and Camilo Cienfuegos is at the mound.
And isn’t IT!, convenient…
The GREVE is nothing but a rotation before the Vacation.

Wrong Phases… Eye don’t wanna know if Ewe don’t want a show. Dear, PixlePhonia, the dark fellows on the next frame, PolyMorphia, think that you ain’t nuttin’ but fairy dust with C₁₁H₁₅NO₂, or MDMA

I tell you what though, if you’se gonna call it that, let’s call THAT journey:

on a FRIDAY from FORT HOOD, period!

https ://www .nbcnews .com /news /us-news /proposal-teach-slavery-involuntary-relocation-sent-texas-educationboa -rcna36273


Dalí goes Banzaii

Hey! Motherfuckers, that’s my IDEA for RWANDA.

[It’s part of the Collective Bargianing Agreement]

To Quote Dire Straits, “That’s the Way Ewe do’It”
… and the Paris Tourism Board is not foolin’ any WON,
and here is GÜAY.

“Gracias ¡totales!³

Pablo Picasso is nothing but an EVAporaTED piss.

Pito Pérez.

But wait, D.A.R.E. is Moore, Benny. D.A.R.E. is Moore on les Arabesques-esos, according to Dudamel de Venezuela, Revueltas de México dice que Dalí, will be D.A.R.E. too! Franck Black 🖤 HO’id it from some fucking twins playing with The Cannonball… bunch’Oh Breeders, Eye Tell Éwe!

sic… Amy, Amy, Amy!
{and} Katty Kay, the Gervais Kid is having her patisserie, and eating it, Aussi!

Lorem ipsum wrapped in a little “free bird”:

But seriously, Suzanne, who the fuck drives without music? This Sealed Rock, Pierre Hermé—you’re not fooling anyone, Mick Jagger, that fucking pâtissier was high on his own levadura.

Eye personally don’t care for Madeleines who care not about the rock 🥧, period! What kind of mantecada is that!

Hear all about it here:

… .fr

… In Hilo, Hawaii, Jackie Quartz says that it is Thursday Night Primetime, in Paris, France, it’s What’s Going One, hey.

But first:


I can only count 4 non-Blondes

Los HILOS de Sasha Montenegro, have caught up with la Fibra de las Guayaberas de la Cuarta Transformación (de Stalin, en Cuernavaca).

Un minuto de Silencio… Fuck The 4th of July


Holiday for Fortunate Sons… of KEMET.


I, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto, am with Eddie Gloude Douglass Jr., on this one… and furthermore, you Cocksuckers, I do declare that the Leader of El Cuarteto PATRIA 🇨🇺 is a direct descendant of Frederick Douglass, just place a Stetson on that guajiro and the resemblance is uncanny… AND FUCK SHAKIRA$$$ on Weight Watchers.

Requiem for Ice Scream, Ewe Scream, Öüï All Scream Ah for Tunas…
Bienvenida Guayabera Pantone 1805, period!

Hey, AP LeMire… On your flight back across The Atlantic please pay attention just below the Greenland marker on your LCD Screen in front of you, once you see it, open the sunscreen on your Window seat and snap a picture of Lady Liberty covering ALFONSINA Y EL MAR… in case you missed it, Lady Liberty is Walking back To Egypt, which is where She was supposed to go but got rejected by the Sons of KEMET there. Look It Up! Or ask Indi(o) Juanes* at La Baggagerie à Les Halles.


*~. Indi(o) Juanes is what Mike The Dog (Matisse) calls me when he is feeling inadequate about his Patriot Holiday here in France, the French call it, TOM SAWYER THEY.

¿A Quién ShingaDos Se Le Ocurre?

Sure, if like Jose López Portillo¹, your piggy bank is in the habit of walking in abundance, and the body of water next to your territory is saltier than salt then yes, by all means, turn your coastlines into a parking lot, but if …

Freedom Of 76
Living on Bananas and Coke



an entourage arrives to a body of buried water, and your Petrol Industry is having to to SHELL out millions of dollars for a bucket of ICE…


Please don’t be like Poderoso Víctoria.

Context for Geraldo Rivera 🇵🇷 follows

Guadalajara en un Llano, México en una Laguna de desechos pre-colombinos.

A Minute of Silence before Helio shines — In the Mean Time Kelly O’Donnell renders Yellow Submarine in a Shade of Green

And now, “The Rest of The Story”.

All the Fits That make news.

Kier Simmons, got in on the mix and proceeded to tone the Lime hue into an avocado shade of dark Olive, while that beacon of hope developed, the Supreme Court of them United States started the 6-hour countdown to see the face of the Wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, as the SECOND African American Supreme Court Justice gets sworn in into the Highest Court of Yellowstone Park and the Rest of The LAND of Those United States of America.

… And starring as, a NATHAN HOT DOG:

We’ll put a Turkey on Évry flag pole and make Judge Pirro’s lick Janice’s Weiner.

Vice Chair Representative from Why Oh Ming? (WY) 🌭🌭🌭

End of Season… in Oh, about 6 hours time, Jimmy’s little Justice³ is going on a PERMANENT VACATION. Congressman Scarborough will be issuing Mojito Subpeonas to the jury. ELEVEN hours later, a FRIDAY if the Lake does not catches FIRE, Allegretto is going on hiatus… to Yellowstone 

³~. https ://abcnews .go .com /US /supreme-court-justice-stephen-breyer-officially-retire-thursday /story?id =85935832

It’s Oh-Six hundred hours at the United Nations building, pissin’ distance from The Dakota’s next to Central Park.


… Right Now, it’s Midnight in Maui .

Le pusierón Jorge al niño.

🎶 Mi Matamoros querido
Nunca Te POUDRE olvidar.

Tuesday’s Gone, what’s on Wednesday, Addams?… and Denisa Kerschova responds: Mary Poppins, off–Corse.

Tuesday’s Gone…
at París, CDG.
À Hilo—Hawaii
it’s Primetime

It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii. And now, Yesterday’s nEws.

A-lah Turca!!! Finland is in.

Hutch Cassidy and The Sunshine Laws

The United Nations have confirmed that Javier Bardem is going to be donning Mel. Brooks skin in the up coming documentary: When The Grauman’s Chinese Theatre was the shit!


https ://news .un .org /en /story /2022/06 /1121522

And just below, @Latex… caught the moment when a Russian missile hit a, WTF!!! That’s not a missile landing, that’s an African being toss like a life-size skinny doll on the pavement, with the same kinetic energy of a wooden pallet hitting the hot-ass pavement.

Isn’t any body going to help that poor wooden pallet?

From: Sillas de montar calientes

But first, Ricky Ricardo takes on the role of, El Buen Patrón.

« Effort, équilibre, fidélite »… because,
La Justicia Usa Básculas, en BLANCO“.

Page 75
by Olivier De Bruyn
Marianne N° 1319
23 au 29 juin 2022
Madrid, España.

Still to come, the F-Naco Fest in Douglas, Arizona live from Agua Prieta, Sonora.

Now, on a previous post I seem to have attempted to illustrate to y’all how an old-time standard Dual on a Kenworth Semi 🚛 worked, here’s another SHOT at it:

Don Gerardoº y El Mariachi de París², no me podrian dejar MENTIR, Denisa Deep Purple 💜, the First FNAC[o] … featured a POP Mexican Banda called YS132académicos/Paris a movement that would morph into morena-francia and other assorted amalgams of 1901 Associations in France.

Back en Vacaciones‘inches franchutes!!!
https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /allegretto /Bach part en vacances ( -3801081

Image illustrative de l’article Festival Fnac Live

º~. …


Full disclousre, I was not at the explanada of the París Ayuntamiento to watch Brigitte³ show her pantaletas to everybody on that Parvis, I was there to speak with the fellow in charge of the YS132académicos/paris, Sergio Ávalos, the same fellow in charge of the Frente Amplio mexicano en París; and later, when that gig got to hard to handle, was the founding co-ordintator of EL PUEBLO BUENO en Francia, known as El Movimiento de Regeneración NACIONAL a.k.a. the current ruling party in México… for the record, el movimiento de “Los 43 de Ayotzinapa” and los amigos de Javier Sicilia en el antiguo lugar del Théâtre de Verre en la rue de la Chapelle (2011) had particular reservations about mixing their piñatas during the “kermeses”, CARMEN.

³~. https:// fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Festival_Fnac_Live# /media /Fichier :Brigitte _23_juillet_2011 _Paris_Plage_01 .jpg


Page 50, “Comment devient–on « diplo » chez les autres?

Interpretation before the RACE
incurs a professional fee.

But first, a message to Marinelarena Gallego à La Compagnie de LIMA: Hola, señor representante, I trust that you can cuss en Castellano and not just in the FRANCO language of the maricones en Santa Cruz, La Paz and of course, what used to be 2nd District…. anyhow mister Rep., this CUTLINE is not big enough to relay an appropriate ping-back to your, “stop being the little ATM Machine” for yada yada yada and, doing the political beat por LA LIBRE, so I am going to request of you to jump to the next screen frame capture to respond in Trou Prog. fashion.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /speciales-fip /la-chaleur-de-cuba-avec-eliades-ochoa-legende-vivante-du-son– 970521

Affaires étrangères

Butch met Cassidy in The Hutchinson.Meadows


Previously on the Phat Basterd with a funny Jazz hour hat showRicardo Montalbán was putting on the skin of Jean-François Kahn (Légion de Honfleur) for the 25th anniversary interview of the other ‘regards’ on Le Point.


No more than anyone else, no more perhaps than Marine Le Pen herself, I had not seen the National Rally coming, its success reveals the unthinking of the Republic in regal ways (immigration, insecurity). It’s necessary to give the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen this justice that she did not vary throughout the electoral sequence that we (sic) have just lived…

Jacques Julliard
page 4, Marianne 1319
CMI Publishing
23-29 juin, 2022


_contra todo pronóstico, contra Zemmour, contra el propio Macron, ha perseguido (Le Pen) sin descanso la operación de “desprestigiar” que se había propuesto llevar a cabo.

Énfasis Añadido para manterner el lenguaje local de los movimientos profesionales de mexicanos en les Alliances françaises.

page 49, N° 1319

Anyhow, mister JULLIARD, my little un-documented and un-paid self, could have told you that! If you* just weren’t such a fucking SNOB like REPRESENTATIVE GALLEGO dans le 7e.

*~. When i refer to “you”, i am not talking aboutyou“, but the Ideas thatyou“, and your fans say that y’all espouse, like say the GOOD Pueblo Bueno en Francia, o sea, los amigos de Mélenchon en la Casa de latino America en Saint-Germain-des-Près.

Por eso bien dice el profesor Alain Rouquie en el IHEAL y SciencesPo: EL PRI SI SABE como mandar a gobernar en FRANCE.

After the HUELGA —✊🏼, Jane de La Villette tells a Social Club Boy, que ya deje de JODER con “La Cachucha”… AHZuk—Ahhhh!

El hijo de AMLO n’est pas qu’une Mexicain 🍕

sometimes called a scab, blackleg, or knobstick.

Tin Soldiers and Nixon’s deeptroath
Four sliced in Oh hi, Oh.

El Sindicato se llevó a mi güera from The 11th Hour, in standard NATO time.

Made in China.

Lucky for U.S., Rosbif was on today’s menu at rue Buadricourt.

… Any questions, ask my girlfriend Ellison Barber.

The Parking Lot scene… 🔥 GOODFELLAS.

This just in, IVG’s are harder to obtain in European Hospitals*

*~. Selon Judge Pirro’s poop-boy on the PsychoCinq on Fox News…

Eye will put Fox News to the BFM test.

And here’s another thing that the French don’t know, and that is, that The Judge is Ginned up, and that’s the thing, if poop-boy’z daughter gets knocked-up at a


https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/06/26 /politica /amlo-reprueba-ataques-contra-su-hijo-jesus-ernesto/

party, she’ll just fly to Europe and use the weekend to get her nails done… after she goes Surfing 🌊 in TIJUANA.

For the record, this WordPress blog is only a Draft down your throat, the whole throat, and down your vocal chords.

And… there she is right on time… la faena.

In case Ewe missed, it!… Cheech Marin Moved to Paris

Cheech Marin Moved to Paris, in case Éwe missed, It! With special guest:

Elides Ochoa, and in WaWa Land, Jackie Alemany just trans-morphed her kitchen counter into a peyote and tequila nursery 🌵

Apréndete bien el paso
Baila y canta el estribillo
Es el son, mi amigo
Que nunca pierde su brillo
Y como si fuera poco yo
Te lo canto a ti



IRONY does knot give a Fudge

https ://www .lefigaro .fr /flash-eco /ecoutes-telephoniques-massives-au-venezuela-20220627

Inspired, quizas, by the Marielitos from scar ⚡ Face and the recent retrograde of “The Land of The Free”, Whitehouse Press Secretary, Karine_Jean-Pierre, skipped España and moved with Yazzmin Vassoughian, to Paris…

The Whitehouse blames the Cuban Syndrome… but seriously, if I was to tell you that THE MADURO REGIME from VENEZUELA, wire-tapped my living quarters in 2012-2015 you would say that it could never happen at Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Karine is capitalizing on her Last Name, and she is covering the songs that The Rollings Stones can no longer sing because of the Signs of The Times… It appears that Brown Shugga, was not on Mick’s time… You’re Outta Time!!! Fuckin’ Mick even appropriated Marty McFly. Fuckin’ Cunt.

Back to Cheech’s news:

Cheech will be adapting the “El Chavo del Ocho” series for a French audience.

Time-travel takes about 20 years of your mug, but there have been cases of traveling fellows shitting their pants and in some extreme scenarios, the hair turns like really-Reuily white. Do not try this at home.

Eric Dutilh is giving out tickets for the performance at Denisa Kerschova’s booth.