Gnomes are fags!!! – dijo un Duende con “la Doña”

Chorizo 🍕

Frontside³ to the revolution, that’s for arm-chair socialists from la —ñ— en , en el ruedo los quiero ver… bola de putos!



³~. “frontside” is a Temp-holder because right now don Lorca me’agarraó a de las KERSCHOVAS. Es decir, ese, que no me acuerdo del título del tomo del heredero de la gaso ⛽ Libre Ria en El Segundo del Chico… ejem! De el tiroteo en El Chuco, —señorr. Roco².

En fin, aquí en las calles de don Hausmann®… allow Mí to pull this trademark out, Öüï is going to direct you to your seats. RELAX! radio Franche (rƒ) has got it all engineered ✴️ 🚂…

²… La Maldita de Duncan Bridgeman en Siempre son Los de Lilas en el 20eme de Cascades y el Studio del Ermitaño.

¡Luuuuuuuu-Chaaaaa_rHan! — Dedos at rescaídas


LADIES and germs! It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, and in PANAMÆ, Franche, it’s Thyme for the Tent 🎪 edition of 🇨🇵 National Sports They… and deer doG all mighty, Denisa KERSCHOVAS!!! Here comes The Clowns!

At La Maison de La Radio (not that one) Emily Munera has just been Violated by Chi Chi the little Latin fag, and in the process, that fello’ with the phallus standing next to her has been relegated (per request by the Publisher of Pedro Navajas) to stand in the role of, wait fo’, IT!:

La Hija de Tony Curtis… ¡SANCHO PANZA!

In Local WEBS… little ol’Eye saw “Nobody” coming, but then again,… ah, fuck it, i give up, just give l’assemblée nationale française, pro-russian hackers, their Early Retirement and their monthly R.S.A., RFPP is hiring bénévoles anyhow.

https ://www .huffingtonpost .fr /politique /article /le-site-de-l-assemblee-nationale-attaque-par-des-hackers-russes-anti-macron _215795 .html

RUSSIAN nazies: if you are monitoring, i need my file folder that Manuel Valls at Le Dépôt de Cité censuré in 2013 ~ 2014.

Any güey, Benito Bodoque from “The Bronx”, en Ponce 🇵🇷… Ewe got’s to rrrrrrhol your erres, —ese. In this section of your G.E.D.¹ pilot test, Eye is going to be your “Are-assistant” coach and the MSNbePeacocks hope that by the end of your first season, Öüï can get Ewe son’s o’biches in Ponce de León to stop treating the 21st* letter in the Spanish alphabet like she’s 13th.

So, c’mon Chi Chi, —VIDA is waiting:

F.Y.I.: Noxeema Jackson used to play for The Tribe 🪶, Willie Mays Hayes ⚾ was his name.

¹~. https ://usahello .org /fr /leducation /diplome-ged /qu-est-ce-que-ged /#gref

*~. If you include the two digraphs (ch / ll) in the R.A.E. abecedario and off-COURSE la bendita eñe, anyhow even in the Anglobecedario de los gringos de gringolandia, the aforementioned ERRE is already 18th on the timeline, so Rrrrrroll that sexy bitch like the friend of the boyfriend on the BORDERLINE of lady MADONNA (1984) did.


Indiana vía el INAH. For context please read the “little” six below.


“If GLR and me were populists, perhaps a prominent successor to Ismael Rodríguez would film a second version of « We the poor », and GLR and me would appear as brothers of “La Guayaba” and “La Tostada.””

~. Hombres G. “Indiana“, track 2 of “You fucked up, Burt Lancaster », Warner Music for spics from The Bronx; 1986.
Over in Manhattan, Benito Blanco from “The Bronx” goes on a “PACHANGA” tour across Am[?]ica (not sure if it’s the show about the continent with LA CARRETERA de MANU CHAO or the country made of exterminated tribes, yet).

Goya (not that one, KachunKachun RaRa) sazón.


https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2023/03/26 /opinion /013a2pol?


The Mexican Left and the Gilbertian Hurricane
by: Francisco Xavier Guerrero. La Jornada.


The only truth in life is inside of a lucha libre ring, » according to Alan Kardec en Père Lachaise, en face à Apollinaire.

With that in mind, Charlie 🐘 Sykes,  fuck you, The Bullwark ⛵, and of course, Donald John Trump. Anyhow, here’s an inverted “T” from what you just said on the Morjo Show… on the DL, you do have a point, but yours has no SaZón, because yours talks about Cracker Barrel politics, while Eye, you son of a bitch, am at The Forum.

Eighty eight, why Knot³, eh Willie Geist!

 https ://twitter .com /SegoArma /Bully Magnets y Mini Minuteman –vS– David Icke y Ancient Aliens /s=20 

~. Chabelo contra los monstros de rfpp. In this section Willie Geist stars as CHABELO, because why not? But mostly, because the trademark overall-shorts that Xavier leaves behind can only be filled by Willie Geist. And besides, he’s the one that noted Mikaela’s total wins (as of last week) with an ironic “why knot”, look it up! I’ve already traced the route for you lazy sons of Juanito Guanabacoa around the World del Mundo de la AFP.

Ewe can’t be Sirius? Are you telling Mí that you are the connection to Edgar Cayce, Fco. I. Madero, El Gran Señor Zopilote, El Alacrán, Jeff Goldblum, and “la catafixia“?

Nombre record de livres censurés aux États-Unis: https ://www. jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/03/25 /cultura /record-de-libros-censurados-en-estados-unidos

March 18th, 2023:

Freddi Rojas°: Osler, could you give us a Condorito eye-view of El Perú after the December 7th arrest of President Castillo y las manifestaciones que de allí siguierón?

°~. Freddi’s question is paraphrased on account that la Émission Americas does not provide transcripts or podcasts to hold them accountable for what they say over the airwaves or the internet, remember now, tout au long de 2022, and all the way to Lennon’s murder anniversary of that year, Osler and Freddi’s spiel called for the removal of the democratically-elected CASTILLO de El Perúy de Botzaris también.

— Osler Amaro°: Aquí en la provincia (en Perú) todo se ha vuelto MÚSICA, MÚSICA y más Música, un especie de PAN y CIRCO para tapar el ojo al macho o, tapar el sol con un dedo.

For context, once Juanito Guanavacoa (Francisco Belmont) finished his independent investigator task for THE PREFECTURE de POLICE and the Mexican Foreign Service in France (2013 ~ 2022) la llamada “FINCA LA PENSADA” de Juanito Guanavacoa shifted the format from left-leaning latin American news to a RAUL VELASCO (Siempre en Domingo²) show, an eight_hour weekly marathon of popular music in Spanish.

https ://juanitoguanabacoa .wordpress .com /2013/06/
https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0290289/

²~. El opio del pueblo via la télévision mexicana de UNIVISION,

In this section, OSLER AMARO (last week Yesterday in El Perú) will serve as a motherfucking prop to cross-connect the following circles of collective, BOBOpopulist or, followers dissonance in the same threads, narratives or propaganda on both sides of the political spectrum of Ancient Aliens and Viejos Pedos⁸⁸.

⁸⁸~. TBC

La San Ah'oria, ruega por su alme.

La San Ah’oria, ruega por su alma, y tráenos una PINCHE PULQUERÍA al treSíeme.


× 88 in context y que chingue a su madre Adolfo Hitler en WACO, Texas (punto y coma) dicho eso… in VAIL, COLORADO, the world greatest skier Mikaela Shiffrin ends the 20222023 World Series of Wins with 88 total Au’s (gold, Jerry, Gold!) in competition.

— Over at rfpp, Xavier López Rodríguez decided to get some tacos for his 88th vela at Robespierre on the Metro Line 9 en Montreuil-sous-Vincennes, before heading over to the other side, —en Romainville.

🍾 All things con cider

https ://www .nprnpr .org /2023/03/25 /1166042636 /pennsylvania-chocolate-factory-explosion

PANAMÆ ! — Late… from La Parole Errante

Loaded 45… el otro extremo de “La Internacional”, y para muestra, un perucho como botón:


With that audio from Freddy Rojas en Américas Errantes por el 93 de la Île-de-France, o algo así, arrancamos desde el año 1968 en Churubusco-Bienvenüe.

The Most Disturbing Performance ofChabeloin a Bizarre Ghost Movie
October 9, 2020

Chicago, Il-y-Noice  Route 66
Well it winds from Chicago to L.A.
More than 2000 miles all the way…

En-route³, ladies and Gemini at La Paloma Errante de Osler Amaro allá por la región del Cuzco-sous-Bagnolet, La Catrina en Auriol, allí en face a chez-GLEASON, was the chosen place by Macario López Tarso and La Tigresa Serrano in order to wait for that motorcycle ridin’ Foo, Xavier López, dit « Chabelo » to arrive 🪶.

³~. Es decir, Juanito GUANAVACOA and Christophe à Mains Libres, on the way, San Bernardino and Cucamonga are a must see attraction 🧲.

Pah! Z’a—JEROS!

Pero mientras eso pasa por la noche del sábado 25 en Hilo, Hawaii—⌛—mañana del domingo 26 en París ⏳, here’s a thought for your bolony sandwich, o como dice Mel Blanc en Cucamonga : thoughts for your little copperton Lincoln’s.

Miguel Gleason… el próximo toro le corresponde al presidente del Segundo Imperio Congreso de Federaciones de mexicanos en la Ciudad Universitaria del 14eme de Alésia.

In Montreuil-sous-Bois, Freddo Santa Croix popped the champagne cork 30 minutes late, en décalage con 🇫🇷 Petro y Francia 🇨🇴.

Go ahead, Alicia. Go right ahead and misunderstand what Ewe sees, it’s getting hard to be Nobody but it all squares out It doesn’t matter much to Mí.


La Émission Américas se puso las pilas luego de nuestra cobertura a ese teatro en enero, y sin embargo, la frequencia 106.3 no logra estar en internet, la señal se CALLÓ, del verbo caer.

Once la señal returned, Freddo Santa Crux is marching with Chairman MAO, he ain’t gonna make it with Freddy Cats —anyhow— because Freddy Cats is a Capitalist entreprise for the Dead.

En tanto regresa la señal, pasemos pues al plato principal en Texas:

[For the record, 20 minutos después la señal de Freddy Santa Te minúscula regresa al 106.3 de fm]

Tell, Mí More. Tell, Mí More. Tell, Mí More. Tell, Mí More… but Eye 🤹 ain’t got a Centenary 🎪 to give.


The “Hey Jude” / “Revolution” single was issued on 26 August 1968 in the US, with the UK release taking place on 30 August. Two days after the record’s US release, violent scenes occurred at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, as police and National Guardsmen were filmed clubbing Vietnam War protestors. 

Happiness is a Warm Culture Wako.
https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Revolution_(Beatles_song)


Sans Öüï, the year of Mexico in France would have been a hitch. That’s all that I am hammering here for, Ag, SILVER, kimozabi.

https ://www .c-span .org/video /?526950-1 /president-biden-prime-minister-trudeau-joint-news-conference

Opposition viewpoints: salon anticoloniale et antiraciste, La Parole Errante – Montreuil, 25 – 26 de marzo 2023.




The one after number 9, number 9, number 9,…


In this section, Alicia will show up in places where even the White Rabbit dare not go, which is to say, Rocky Point is just a shot away from Haiti.

La Rumorosa, B.C., Camp Alaska (México)_ https ://www .rfi .fr /fr /Amériques /20230324-l-immigration-et-Haïti-au-cœur-des-discussion-entre-Joe-Biden-et-Justin-Trudeau

United Miners of North America.


Say what you want, but if your name is Karl, at a media enterprise in front of La Adelita on la rue de Crozatier, just behind the APHP messhall with the pornographic orgy scene fresco at Saint-Antoine, then you might be?


Survey/Enquête says:

A. Judas
B. on the Side of Editorial Darwinism
C. A fellow from CAºBORºCA

Answer: … para la eternidad, Judas, para la eternidad.

The Ville is Real, the clown names have been exchanged for credit at some pretentious Canadian University in Ontario.

And here’s why, J.R. (el hartista que’s-que puso los “ojos” en Tecate™, eyeEye!), because if you, sir… believe los comensales de l’adelita en Saint-Antoine, then by all means don’t follow the yella’Belly road to Médecines du Monde because all that youse gonna find is a motherfucking ReVolving door ushering you to Amnesty International à Belleville, which coincidentally is just a shot away from BOTZARIS and la Fréquence Paris Plurielle, but far from being in-pitch with la fréquence 110 hZ.

Two U’s (pronounced: Tú Ewe’s)

Jump to mañana.

Phuck you, STEVE Rattner — Give Some

Over at « Il est 5 heures »… It’s papas á la francesa, thyme.

Ladies in Gemini of Flight 747 with a connection to Memphis, Atlantis, and Georgia (not that one, sweet Carolina) our next stop is Boulder followed by Little Rock and then of course, the FOcken’ Stones, mate!

Phuck you pig, I’m with the Mel’s³, and please be advised that this flight started in Hilo, Hawaii, where Aurélie Masagua of Franche Musique is welcoming the Platters, at Twilight Time.

 ³~. Brooks 🗡️ and Blanc 🐰

And, Phuck your perontis desidratado banana…

Long live Kornaki and his board 🛹.

Hard Rock Café is for fags!

Previously on, “Oh, my Lucky Day!”: it’s Bip, le clown du Mans

100 Años de ¡Silencio!!!

CATSUP is code for? —Anyone? Ketch-up is code for? — WESTERN UNION? — VIGO?… any one of you SonsOfBitches? CATSUP is code for? REMESAS of course, ¡HIJOS DE LA CHINGADA? ★remesas Bip~bip.

Ok, in the first place, what were you doing at a dark corner of a French café, and as a matter a fact…

At the Umpire’s abode, Mrs. Umpératrise is throwing heat at Mr. Umpire.

Flore Umpératrise

— Yeah, I saw you earlier today! 👮🏻‍♀️

Marcel… Flip the page.

Nancy Umpire

— You don’t say. Hey, your lips are salty 🧏

Efémeride for a SOUVENIR, starting Chabela  Huppert as the boxer’s main MILF.

In World Series News:

abanicar :

According to the Real Academia Española, abanicar extends beyond the four definitions below, but a good example in real time is the above screen-grab of congressperson Scarborough STRIKING OUT with Mika after the Floribama lawyer whoop his love letter to Eddie Murphy* out on the set. The behavioral reaction of Cousin Joe was worthy of a Napoleon Dynamite même🤹.

*~. https ://www .imdb .com /video /vi683391513 /?playlistId =tt0086465&ref_ =tt_ov_vi

💃🏻. tr. Hacer aire a alguien o a algo con el abanico u otra cosaU. m. c. prnl.

2tr. Taurom. Agitar ante el toro el capotede un lado a otro.

Sympathique… Pink Martini 🐸 is knot a muse.

3intr. Cuba, Méx., Nic., P. Rico y Ven. Dans le jeu de baseball, ne pas frapper la balle après avoir fait un effort.

4. prnl. No hacer casomostrar indiferencia ante algo 🇫🇷

★World Champions, as in THE ASTROS (Houston) are, per the logic of The American Priest in Paris, the North America ⚾pennant holders, where as Japan’s national baseball team is the 2023 World Champions.


Don’t Shoot the mime 🤹, it’s not his fault; instead here’s an American Version of a French piñata, which of course Ewe all know, the piñatas were invented by The French at 🦁 SciencesPo 🦊, those motherfuckers!

From the top 🎪 🎩

🎼 … In other words 🎶

In this Section of Thee BAC, the student should not confuse La Gymnastique with Les Gymnopédies.

Travlin’ Band — mime version 🤹 🃏🎭


But FO’ist!
In this section of The BAC(H), the 18 year-olds will demonstrate their Physical Training and Sex Ed know how… “Gymtimidation” will not be tolerated on the excercise machines or, in the gadget and/or tool sheds.

Subject: Tarahumara Cisco League

In this section the student will DO THE HOMEWORK for JUANITO GUANABACOA’s son and in the process, sacrifice a 2-years of their pension to fund Juanito Guanavacoa’s retirement in France.


Ils trouvent “El Chueco” sans vie, le meurtrier présumé des jésuites à Chihuahua

naturally, the elected Mexican cultist who moonlights early in the mornings as the Executive of that enterprise took all of the credit for the self-policing or, as French people say, “le président s’est attribué le mérite du maintien de l’ordre dans la région

The student will explain how baseball is played in the Sierra Madre regions of La Chingada and provide an example of what an “OUT” is code for when the umpires of the game cover the tracks and sweep the homeplate:

https ://www .liberation .fr /international /amerique /au-mexique-trois-morts-dont-deux-pretres-apres-un-match-de-baseball20220624

Material… because what else is a fucking Mexican in FRANCE good for if not to carry your fucking load, unless he’s or she is enrolled at SciencesPo or la bendita SORBONNE. With this in mind, Ari Shapiro… please do not, EYE SAY AGAIN, please do not confuse your Melle. Pitch award TYPES with the PITCH Black political elements of Évry motherfucking benevolent enterprise* in FRANCE, but that is only because SOLIDARITE on the SPOTLIGHT of BFMer TV has not discovered and/or invented whistle blowers yet, but then again, EYE already explained how the COOKIE MONSTER (7) lost his way for the love of DOUGH.

*~. Keyword “enterprise“.

Sinaloa Cartel Leader Hunted After Killing Priests, Baseball Players and US Tourist

Extra Credit: Provide an example of how MEDIAPART is now into the tales of “El Libro Vaquero”. Warning: must have receipts, or the President of the Court will sentence THEE to, —death by Guillotine™.

A good-faith piñata and a plethora of Clash!

Le BAC de AL

The Election wasn’t STALIN!

C’mon Évry-body (Eddie Cochran)

https ://twitter .com /SegoArma /status /1638445370383425538? s=20

Still to come, Mikaela jumps the cow.


In this section of your BAC, the student will triangulate and explain why a former henchman and, United States’ Senator from Minnesota needs a limo like a Lame-O.

º BAC:

https ://www .tf1info .fr /education /bac-2023the subject and the answer key for the mathematics track test -2251494 .html

If you prefer… Ewe may draw Mí a picture and head over to La Médiathèque de la Canopée and audition for a chance to play music for the RATP at one of their “sets” where i sleep. The event is peddled by fip dot fr, so there’s that… where do you think that Sirène steals her chants and melodies from, the Music Conservatory?


º BAC:

Who’s gonna fix your wild 🐗 bac?

(unité de police)
French Anti-Crime Squad.

º BAC :

In this section, Emily Munera will explain why la hache en “Bach” es muda 🎻, pero no sorda 🎹.

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0077147 /characters /Decline’s henchman -Al Franken

Over at the Peacock’s house, the first piñata on the set was a Mika Fest over the slopes 🎿, but of course it is, of course it was! But that has nothing to do with Mí because there is no Bridge there, and even if there was, “a confounded bridge” D.A.R.E., then Öüï would just fly over that arc.

On the same set, Mika shot her video operator monkee after the media editor failed to erase Serial eater and former Reaganist-Floribama congressperson, Joseph Charles Scarborough the Third, from the split screen on her Morjo Show.


R.I.P. “TJ” the live-feed video editor monkee.

All Your Need Is Cash

All Your Need Is Cash.


Here’s what the Morjo papers are saying:

Scarborough had the audacity to stuff his pie-hole with the cereal prop on that set, —a big NO on live-reruns.

Any Karni is live from the Bodega where Scarborough staches the Cereal from the set. Take it away, Annie.

How Mara Gay’s parents met.

Oh, my Lucky Day! … told y’all that it was an L.A. Story

THREE AMIGOS!, follows:

Previously on “Romancing The Stone”, Esmeralda was looking up Roxanne’s Quarks on the Wikipedias:
Jefe: I have put many beautiful piñatas in the storeroom, each of them filled with little sup’rises.
El Guapo: Many piñatas?
Jefe: Oh yes, many!
El Guapo: Would you say I have a plethora of piñatas?
Jefe: A what?
El Guapo: A *plethora*.
Jefe: Oh yes, you have a plethora.
El Guapo: Jefe, what is a plethora?
Jefe: Why, El Guapo?
El Guapo: Well, you told me I have a plethora. And I just would like to know if you know what a plethora is. I would not like to think that a person would tell someone he has a plethora, and then find out that that person has *no idea* what it means to have a plethora.
Jefe: Forgive me, El Guapo. I know that I, Jefe, do not have your superior intellect and education. But could it be that once again, you are angry at something else, and are looking to take it out on me?


And in Paris, France, it’s night of the leprechauns part Tú, to celebrate the occasion, a Special Nighttime Edition of National Sports They is in effect, if you are currently making your way to the Louvre access to the shitty American mall at La Bourse de Pinault, please be advised that “da’Man” just locked the gates and the Kids are alright, on their way to la Place de La République on account that the Place de La Concorde is sealed like a pornstar at a Trump party…

Tonight i get to have a fireplace. It’s not cozy, but look at those optics.

… Good night, and good luck because in Hilo, Hawaii, La Kerschovas just sealed Last Week To They with spackling on them Frosted Snowflakes Charms, talk about Lucky leprechauns en l’Allegreto dans une Tati™ bah… bag full of piñas, piñatas y piñones. A whole PLETHORA OF Ñ’es-ese.

And starting as Spring’s Eve, la condesa de Gia: Mona Lisa…

I am Sirius:

and you are not.

..And, Andrew R. Sorkin : please relay to Mika Brzezinski that “Big Daddy -See” has rung the bell, now you cocksucker motherfuckes, nevermind, —Rungis, because The Hudson told you about them NANCY’ a looooooong time ago. 


Well, well, well… Ronald Wilson Reagan, we now know, cheated his way to “morning in America” on account of the hostages of the late seventies—early 1980, that his “fixer” arranged for the Ayatollahs in Persia…

So, we know know, Father James, that CENTRAL AMERICA is right next to the River of Babylon.

Oh, the humanity.


Dot, dot, dot.


…  This space for rent!

For the record, Nic Sarkozy is a “French pinto league” manager, and it’s the bottom of who gives a fuck and the Belleville Belles are on the mound, all of Em#!

Muddy WaWa is at the Scene, and Öüï find La KERSCHOVAS in Dublin drinking SAKE, that fucking Tati-bag-tottin Commie! Drink Guinness, you Bavarian leprechaun!