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TimeStamp: GRÈVE TIME… Thirty.

Before you take FIVE, take FOUR OF THIS and sleep on IT! }—-~~~\*>  Composition by segoviaspixes / armando segovia 2018… Context Follows.

TimeStamp: 12 15 à La Gare de l’Est… BOOM Boom!

Cheminot context follows…

… casi esquina con la Place Madeleine Braun: RÉSISTANTE… no confundir con El “Residente” porque ese es otro GüeY!… CopyLeft Putos!!!

Que tu Dios me perdone, pero me Encanta el olor à Pólvora à l’Apres Midi… Robert Duval, or some baldheaded bad ass like that!

Context continues to FOLLOW.

Pólvora, Marianne, te dicen y con mucha RAZÓN!

”Sendingd out an S.O.S.”

… F…..k the P…lice!

Coming straight from DEE Underground! Gustavo, You Hear Me? DEE Underground!… say hello to La Familia.

O como dicen Los Franceses: Fuck Da Police!

TimeStamp: 13h in CET

”you gotta fight, for you right to Party!”

Tocayo en LA EQUIS, te manda saludos Romain, desde la Estación del Este, 75010…

Serendipity reloaded!

TimeStamp: 14 hundred HOURS… avec un Motive… o algo así entre Louis Attack y los Rieleros de Francia.

Ladies and Gentlemen…

Jean–Luc Mélenchon:

Jean-Luc detonando… o algo así. TimeStamp: 14:30 in East Central Station Time.


Your Attention, Please — It‘s a Grave[s] celebration when the Seasons shift

… y mañana hay Gran pachanga de
Grèves Transportistas Nacional…

Welcome, to today’s edition of la Prima Vera’s seasonal post. Today’s entry is a double whammy en la barra del trémolo Estacional de nuestro globo terráqueo.

Hoy el staff hace Fusión de las efemérides y acontecimientos del 20 y 21 de marzo… EQUINOCCIO FOLLOWS from la otra guarida de Mr. Delacroix en Saint Sulpice, 75006:

La porte est ouverte, part II

Happy Birthday Michael. Happy Birthday Globalization, Happy Birthday Benito “bomberito” Juárez, and Happy Birthhday Civil Code.

… because, of course you know that it was the French who went ahead and invented The [off]Spring and all of the Mad Season ensemble, The East Indies for the dirty Dutch —no fue penal—, and the legend of El Benemérito de las Americas… not to mention: The Civil Code, eh!

y por eso en México, y en el mundo, se suele decir que febrero esta bien loco, pero que marzo también lo está, Otro Pinche Poco.

Los Hijos del Chango bang on da Drum all Day! }—-~~~\*> Foto por segoviaspixes / armando segovia 2018.

As a matter of fact, Colin Jost, —and after you say hello to your “abuelitas” daughter— Context will continue to follow…

TimeStamp, Brian Williams: it’s the actual 11th Hour in Central Europe Time; Equinox follows.


TimeStamp: ” Can you Dig It? ”

Can You Dig It… question mark at 12h00 in Central Siren Time

Coming up… another reason to CAN the facebook

Cousin Joe has the morning off… Mika is in control and the Big Kat is on board:

… uso justo de La Jornada en Inglés. We’re back in Three Minutes, and of course Mika, we [the staff] are Talking about The New York Minute—Kind… “everything changes.

Hey there Big Kat, you know what ‘Darling’, the good thing about this blog is that you are never going to read it. Angüey, Big Kat, i kind of got burned out on the whole Donald vs. Muller affair so we [the staff] are just going to let things fall where they need to crumble. One thing that we can really—Really—REALLY relate to, is the feeling that the “fired G-man” must have had when something that he had worked for—and for so long— got snatched away by a single fickle whim from a silver-spooned character.

El ataque de Donald Trump contra los Hombres G… say there, Big Kat, how come during Cousin’s Joe MorJo Show you don’t sport them sexy Spectacles that you often wear in the afternoon with what’s her name?… }—-~~~\*> Fair use of the BBC on the MSNBC… Happy Saint Joseph’s day, Cousin Joe.

… por aquello de los Hombres G y las Mujeres de Bandera:

“… tus deltoides, y esos musculos en las tetas, que han hecho de ti: Una Mujer de Bandera”.

Coming up later in the week…

[Woman’s voice
Rita, as Andie MacDowell]

“I’ve got you…Crazy Little thing called Love!”

En tiempos de despotas oKupando sexenios como si fuesen dictaduras a credito y “sin intereses”, resulta muy oportuno que Algunas Sirenas invoquen el espíritu de uno de estos genios del Séptimo Arte…

… for now, “the times they are [a] changing”

TimeStamp: a Quarter to the Actual Eleventh Hour in Central Europe Currency, and yes Brontis à la Préfecture, this paragraph must be read in a Brian Williams voice.

Up and at’em…