In California It’s 40 min after midnight,

And to Celebrate the first ever 45th president of THEM United States of America, The Day of the Serpent took a Supreme Court Justice with her.

Eye got 59 renderings

Eye got 59 renderings, but that rendition of Osiris PhallU.S. on Rocket Man is not ÖNË of Ursula’s minor on a detention center in Arizona, Mr. Pence. —•, ,•– AND MIKE PENCE RESPONDS:
TO ME, ALL OF THOSE LITTLE “dippers*” appear the same to me.  —•,,•— HONDURAS, by the GUEY*, mr. president, means a “place” where thera are “DIPS” or depressions on a level terrain.

Happy First 45th president They day, mr. Trump.

And Matt Dæmon goes:
Bailando con Verga y Llamando a El Santo ; and Val Kilmer responds, “Dæemon” ya no es luchador, ahora “el manotas” vende tacos en La Avenida Lincoln de Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

Dear, Tiffany Cross… you are right

“We can’t let the Poles dictate who we are,” and now Donald Trump gets to NoMiNaTe another Supreme Court Trumpist… Supreme Court Justice, not trumpist ; everybody in RUSSIA knows that Supreme Court Justices are aPoliTICKal.

…[A]nd thought the WHOLES were rather small, they had to COUNT them all. The Walrus dix it.

There is no God. Right now i am going to masturbate. Abandon hope. Impeach. Have a CSPAN Orgy with Supreme Court selection hearings on CSPAN1 and Send Trump to Jail Reality Show on CSPAN3.

To the Munnnnnnnnnnn

Houston: Stand–by for sitrep:

Ladies in Gemini, La Munn on La Seine.

Öüï just had the Eclipse for Clearance ; engage.
— Over

Live from Saint-Opportune

Live from Saint-Opportune… casi esquina con los inocentes.

Parece que fue ayer, y yo aún ni era californiano. Yo soy del ’71, Houston ; de BRDO, para SER exacto.



Dear, Ari Melber,
Please bee adviced that at 00h10* The Sun has finally stopped munching on our Munn. RELEASE THE HEIDI!!!

Are we (the U.S)
Striking the Truth
at Caesar Palace.

lets play hardball

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, “Go back where Ewe came from,” dijo CALIFORNIA.

By the People and for Eric.


It’s a DATE!!!

It’s the 45th president (viper) They. It’s the Trump underbelly of donald trump’s loins. It’s the ConWay’s ethnicity (against brown people) war.

Call Mí!!!

Call Mí!!!

Coming up on Deadline with Veronica:

Let's do it, Mala.

Let’s do it, Mala.

… let’s clean Donald Trump’s mess.

In Paris, there is an Eclipse passing by. Hey, Sun!!! What gives you the right to take a byte out of MY Munn‽ RELEASE THE HEIDI!!!

Dear, Purple Pundit,

Jesus fucking Cristo! Nicolle!!! Donald Trump already spilled Brown Blood, which is B+, of course… that spill on the frame, Nicolle, is where the so-called SQUAD dropped their pumps and laced their paratrooper Airborne Tanker motherfucking boots.

In other, Eclipse news, Donald Trump is also responsible for other “ethnicities” blood, including white peoples blood.

… coming up on MSNBC (July 24th) Robert Mueller testifies (with William Barr’s dick in his mouth), because Robert Mueller is a Double-Dipping department of defense BOY scout.

In New York, Steve Kornaki has a Heart of Glass:
It’s the 23 hundred hours set in Central NATO Times. Yeah, Buddy.

Dear, God!!! Sam Stein hates our Country (music)

Mean, while Trumpism is on the rise, Sam Stein is ugly, but at least he is not Senator Linsey Buckingham, or something like a southern lady like her tell mí lies Tell ME lies donald trump… of course, when “Jon Stewart” says this, Cousin Joe says it’s exhausting, et al…

And Louie Prima goes:

Strings attached

Strings attached… 📎

In math news, trapezoids are squares.

Joey second piece

Joey, how do you PRIORITIZE the line, hear me out, and never mind Sam Stein, he’s ugly, but seriously, what do EYE do if Mike Barnicle is behind a “young buck” like SAM Stein? Joey, what if  Barnicle is a crippled foucault? Eye am looking at you, Eloy “Sanders” Vallina, dijo doña Pony Poniatowska.

… Damn It, Barnacle hacked the two minuted delayed stream… y por si sobrara menos, la 4G se fue de vacaciones al Luc de Lombards, where Billy Joe, —An American Idiot— tried to beat a bridge, o algo así. It was not clear, dijo Claire speaking from the Ozarks (on anonymity) why Billy Joe left A Perfectly good Green Day, behind.

Sin comentarios

Sin comentarios: A695EE4D-5B50-425E-8102-FF449E393DF0 •|•

In Local news: Luc Fregón does not select our decks ; the MSN in ISSY do.

¡Violaaa, por la TanGente!!! 10/4

Eye love you París, but you are bringing me DowN:


KYS de LYS: fucking Chris Matthews thinks that the NBC archives are SÍNikkkal, he ain’t seen Los Legionarios De Cristo en la Embajada de los “Pare de Sufrir”. It’s The 11th Hour in Paris… AVEC UN 2nd delay.

In supermarket (Capitalism) nEwes, fuck your turtles, dicen Los Tres Mosqueteros. EN BARBES: mientras Argelia celebra su “campeonato fifi”, TATI SE MUERE. Viván los fifi’s de Argelia en París. No offense Mon Ami Kabil, porqué yosé que Monte Carlo knows what Eye am talking about.

In Local news: un saludo a los Normandos de normandía que tienen que soportar a tanto puto aguerrido en su Región viKINGa.

You give love a BAD name

You give love a BAD name.:9724DF4C-8C84-4377-8F86-FDC44D7F4F05 •|• SLIPPERY WHEN SHE’s wet.

Isla de “San Luis”,  Oye cómo limitán las duchas públicas a tan sólo 20 minutos por baño. Estos franceses no tienen ALMA porque los muy azules sabén muy bien que estando adentro, la regadera pide venirse por CUARENTA MINUTOS, —de Perdis.

… pero tocando base con la Lengua de Doc:
The Student will Dee-construct a plastic knoose around a Green Chela Polaka.

Make America Great for the First Time Ever


Desafinado como un Tango en favela

Desafinado como un Tango en favela.:AAEE0B6F-EBB2-4C4A-AE54-38B05E45057A •|• —–/-{


Ladies in Gemini, with all due respect to Quetzalcoatl y “La Boa”, it’s time for the first edition of The 45th president of the United States They–Day.


… y con todo respeto a:
Sasha Montenegro

Esto es:

Mí 🖤 es para toi

Hiss, hiss… Capitalism won. Just like racism is winning right now. In Nazi germany the raids of children from schools was normalized, just like the big dead cow in little pieces that i am eating right now.

French Insurance

French insurance influencer

Hear me out mr. matthews, as an american from mexican parents the french don’t consider me an ex-pat, mostly because i don’t have a john fitzgerald kennedy “accent”, [por decir] ; i am sure the french will get over that trip (ex-pat / “ETRANGER”) once they figure out that california is more than brian wilson and the talent of silicon valley, in the mean time, brontis à la préfecture is not kicking me out of france because “eye” try to EMULATE Charlie hebdo and make fun of “Flamby”, nope, The préfecture de police has me on notice for calling out mexican political corruption in a political cycle, which is kind of ironic considering the news of Jaime bonilla (from 2012), which bloomed just a few days ago. Anyway, this most inconsequential digression is a live and on–the– spot apunte to today’s « signal ” from Hardball with the rockefeller center.

If campaigning for office was limited to six months, or less, then perhaps there wouldn’t be enough time for snake oil salespersons, such as Kelly–Anne Sanders trump, to  collect dividends from the  “make amerikkka great again” tv spots.


Con la participación de entes víperinas como el senador morenista de Dick Cheney: Jaime Bonilla y el gabinete de Donald Trump.