It’s 10 am in Hawaii — and in Sidney, Aussie, it’s already mañana

In Paris, France, it’s 22h and Louise Michel is at the plate, Louise hails from The Paris Commune and she has a 150 batting average. Madame Mayor, Anne Hidalgo is on the mound and it’s a God Damn Beautiful Day (globally) at the Pershing Memorial Baseball Complex in Vincennes.

Playball ⚾️ .:. 3B720710-12DD-4A1B-9C25-2FBD92FB40AF 📐

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Stade_Pershing

Jump to page 3 for context on the 150th Softball Commemorative Tournament of Communards between France’s Historical Characters mash-up and Today’s Elected Officials and Leaders of The Fifth Republic.

Witt that in M.I.N.D., please join Brigitte Bardot and The Sea Shepard in the singing of France (Gall’s) National Anthem: Aux Armes! Serge Gainsbourg is Third on The Batting Order and the official French National Anthem will not be played in this tournament on account that a Quartet of Rosbifs kidnapped La Marseillaise for a Satellite PPV* Transmission of All you need is…? anyone, Willie Geist, All you need is?

Les chiens aboient, Charlie Hebdo, parce que les enfants de Sanchez me voient passer*

Dear, Charlie Hebdo, meet L’Union:

“The dogs are barking, Charlie Hebdo, because Sánchez’ children see me passing by ».

Orson Wells via Goethe,
Someone that i used to Know.

* The Children of Sánchez = Oscar Lewis

Tuesday, March 2nd 2021

They (the riverains) probably thought that the newspaper people were cops.

Hoy no hubo noticias. See you mañana.


Dear, Charlie Hebdo… Knock, knock —

Previously on… i bet you thought that i was talking about you!

In Local news… freedom loving censors. .:. 519A547D-7576-4BAD-B149-AD8BE16D271D .:. It’s funny when it happens to a Pot Smoking GI, “emotional” when it happens to your own, and like i told you last night before 20 minutes went out into the Parisian Metro racks: if you use terrorists tactics to teach me a lesson, then you are no different than Coulibaly, or that Venezuelan specter, Luis Posada Carriles and Carlos ‘the jackal’. So, go ahead keep shooting the messenger.

Anyhow, Rachel Maddow, ‘member the days when the entire news cycle of talking head from John Stewart to say… Ewe, would cover relevantly important French news on the opening monologue? Of course you don’t, why would the American news sphere relay a monumental decision like convicting a former president?

Personally, i can’t comment on this particular news bomb because it would be A CONFLICT OF INTEREST for me because the same charges that the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy got convicted for (offering cushy jobs to insiders in Nice) were eerily similar to the entire Year of Mexico in France favors that the Hollande administration extended to Los Amigos de PORFIRIO DÍAZ en Francia for the release of Florence Marie Cassez, and other assorted ‘energy’ deals.


We now return to 21 Grams con los del Toro:

Tell you what, professor, i’ll let you put the Context on this one. 🏨 with one CORRECTION, the address number on the police report is not 22, as officer Arno recorded it, the number is 32.

21 intermezzos con, “Y tu mamá también”, el señor Alejandro Cuarón was describing the color scheme that he used to give Memphis, Tennessee, the warm to cool splash on the screen. With that in mind, the picture below continues with a brief dialogue (for context) that we had with the “invisible” essential workers that keep The Cochin Hospital sanitized.

— Hey, pretty vest, what’s with all of the ruckus?
— They don’t pay us enough.
— S’dat a fact?
— Yup!
— What about them security cops over across the line?
— They broke too!

And SIREN, you are not going to believe me but that blue on the snapshot is the product of the siren on top of an ambulance that was on its way out of the gates. If you need proof just ask the most informed cop in France to show you the CCTV feed, the timestamp as always: is included in the Middle of it All.

This is the Sound of Mexico, without Sony Music involved… and in Radio news, well wadda ya’Know, not to be outdone by the sixth addition at the Melle. Pitch Awards & Company, the fip freq’s are extending their little photo contest for one mo’Week. The Gall of them freq’s.


And in Russia, Vladimir Putin refuses to call Alexei Navalny by his name, and in Washington, Claire McCaskill is starting to use that strategy with Mathilda’s former favorite son… for those on this side of La Seine who don’t get the joke, don’t worry, in the United States nobody except for Talents and Skills Visa awardees know who Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is. At Heidi’s house, the infants are restless, and it’s driving Przybyla NUTS!!! The affront from the kids prompts Nicole to bring out the ‘salt peter’ reference, and if you’ve ever been tortured ‘down there’ then you know why the pundit is obsessed with Would. And witt DAT in mind… Johnson & Johnson joins the Wacky Races.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Would %3F

Dear, Charlie Hebdo… if it is good for the gander, it’s good for Big Bird.

Hello, France,

Yeah, Buddy!

Do you know the difference between a Munich Beer Hall and a public toilette on Port Royale? Ask Big Bird, or not, in any case Marianne, if you turn a blind eye to what is about to happen then the next time that a BATACLAN happens, and the masses go and light candles at La Place de La République you are going to look like the Virginia tiki lamps card carrying “proud boys”.

And here’s why: what’s weed have to do with it?

Just don’t tell a Communist in France, because like Pablo Gleason and the Zapatistas en Rose, well… they love la llamada Liberté.

Anyhow, Bill Krystol, as you were telling Yazmin V. your Bières INTERNATIONALes théorie at La Académie de la Bière on Port Royale; caddy-corner with La Place de Cochinous on la rue de Faubourg de Saint-Jacques on the Quinto Patio de París a un lado de su bendita Vecindad, i was getting ready to WELCOME the FO’ist African Manifestation for better wages in the Hospital trades; i said trades, not “professions”, —profesores.

And as i type this paragraph, in Hilo, Hawaii, it’s still Black History Month, and in Paris, well in Paris it’s MARS 1, o como dicen los marcianos: Uno de marzo, 2021.

Dear, France… you know what’s really sad? Well, MRS. GALL, i’ll tell you what is really sad, and that’s the fact that i don’t even have to try (i repeat) i don’t even have to try to bring you what the fuck is happening in Paris. And this is against all odds and an pride of paid crackheads and heroine shooters chasing me around the most beautiful city in the Ile-de-France. 🇺🇸 74DED7F7-4CAF-4A1B-B423-50B741474A31 🏗 Dialogue with the African Sista in the orange vest follows when i pass a Los del Toro by. For the record, i can only be in one space at a time and that other guy in the Cloud is not me… as i told you Johnny Halliday, the only way you can beat me is:
— When i fall asleep
— When you cheat
— and when i have to recharge my Battery.

21 intermezzos con tu mamá también — Conformity

Previously on:

We’ve taken care of everything
the songs you hear… yada, yada, yada

it’s the little things that count.


Alejandro González Iñarritu: I wasn’t worried about the chronological order of the events. Mr. González then tells Mr. Wood [The Faber book of Mexican Cinema, 2006] that as a director he likes to obligate his viewers to judge something that you have already judged a first time—for a second time again, and then adjust your prejudice, or something like that; except between Mexicans. Mexicans don’t have that luxury, porque en México el/la que se mueve no sale en la foto… y menos en París.

… “we have no time to waste”, President Joe Biden, some asshole in Mexico painted Apollo Creed in Rocky 3, in Donald Trump Au, and got all of the hired extras of President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho‘s speeches to gather in Comic Con numbers in Orlando’s beach.


Ignored just like Starship Troopers (1997) historicity lesson. -_!_- Terry Crews and Mike Judge close out Black History Month 2021.

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2021/feb/28 /new-haircuts-old-ideology-film-warns-of-shifting-far-right-strategy-in-europe

http ://www .asahi .com /sp /ajw /articles /14225951

“The issue of school regulations covering hair color is one that has come before the courts and stirred international interest in the rigid system that governs Japanese schools to encourage conformity.”

I Want a Bucket of Mehdi Hassan! Said the Crowned Prince

Page 27, link from page 33 on, the practical and theoretical implications of:

Torture and other degrading and inhumane sentences, (page in-transit).

Sources close to the current Acapulco “siesta” Times reveal, that it is neither the violence in that particular Mexican part of that federation, nor the SIX rape allegations against the Mexican President candidate for the role of governor in that Mexican State (Guerrero) that are keeping Mr. Nadal out of Mexico, nope, it’s just a bad back…

But FO’ist… Lindsey Reiser is up for a game of Tennis and Rafa is not going to México.

https ://www .informador .mx /deportes /Rafael-Nadal-descarta-jugar-el-Abierto-Mexicano-de-Tenis– 2021-20210226-0053 .html

… Still to come, Billy sings the blues to Freddy Cats (93100) and here is why, Mr. Cats, it’s nothing personal and because i know that you wouldn’t be caught… what’s the word? What’s the word? Dang On It! I forgot what the word is but i’d be a sonovabitch if it doesn’t rhyme with the Mexican themed content of the portrait below, —if you get caught trying to make sense of the context at hand.

With all due respect to the good people of the Georges Méliès barrio in Montreuil-s-Bois, on account that i will be un–Earth[a]ing 2011/12 “Noche de Los Muertos… y las estupidas calaveritas* de Freddy Cats”, because last night (Thursday) someone who works for the most informed cop in France (2021, not 1900) asked me the right question:
– – How is it, in the homeless conditions that you have been living in for the past four years, that you are able to do investigative journalism, and why would someone be harassing you in Paris? .:. Les Invisibles is being brought to you by, CAUSETTE, the magazine that pulled an NPR (National Public Radio) move on “bottom-line funding*”

It’s relevant in 2021, ten years after the Mexican effervescence of The Year of Mexico in France, and since you are not going to read this you might not remember that i used to park my bike next to yours on the VINCENNES border of la rue de La Solidarité just in front of rue Carnot on the Montreuil side of the plan.

And to the good people of Metro Stop Croix de Chavaux, don’t pin this on an anti-Día de Los Muertos trip, because just around the Bend of rue Kleber i moved the “calaveras” used in 2011 at La Bellevilloise (burlesque show) for the 2012 Día de Los Muertos at Jour et Nuit (75015)… along with a South Korean and five Mexicans (all women) we set the stage that weekend and there hasn’t been a Day of The Dead celebration that can’t be matched, not yet—not in Paris, France, anyway.

Anyhow, Mr. Cats, i really like your work and the issue is not your action figures, the question At-the-Time was a lead into finding out how the suffering of surviving families of those recently plotted feminicidios were going to be used in the political world of Mexican leaders in France, but i guess you only speak to “official Mexican Zapatistas” from Mexico’s ambassador to France and other official channels.

… gonna sign out now, for a while, because it’s cold outside. Good night.


Va de nuez, Mr. Cats, this post is not about you or about the Grosse Mignone. This post is part of what i do when someone, ANYONE, asks me about the process/technique that i use to do my thing. 9E75A1D6-CB92-431C-B408-1934772411A6 🏨 In other Words, Montreuil–Sous–Bois, i am the messenger, i deliver the content, and when asked i usher in the motherfucking context, and IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, i did all of my motherfucking LEG WORK from 2009-2015, what you are seeing in the Mexican portrait is the KNOTTING of plots that Bruno and Stephanie Menou at the Prefecture de Police à Cité were order not to allow to come to life, metaphorically speaking, ARNO, i guess “that i shot the sheriff and the motherfucking deputy,” Aussie.

Good morning Mr. Cats, in Hilo, Hawaii, the minute hand on the dial is nearing the 19h in HST, here in Paris, Wonder Woman is having a wonder baby; and if the most informed Cop in France checks the Camera of my position last night right before The Reverend Al Sharpton finished his Madam Vice-President Harris edition show, and then follow the fellow who asked me for directions, then you’ll know that the baby is Pakistani and that’s a beautiful mix, here in France. Congratulations to the father if the baby popped out of her momma by now.

The Faber book of Mexican Cinema meets Melle. Pitch

Continued from pg. 33

[Must be read in a Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger voice]

Feeling more Mexican than a lot of corrupt politicians or bureaucrats, Alejandro Cuarón leaves his country, his house, his company and other assorted commodities to accept a self-imposed challenge en el extranjero.

Page 142, Woods, ibid.

But first!

Context follows… because that pretty picture don’t tell me a God damned thing, and of course, by pretty picture we mean Archimedes Screw feeding the ink for that drawing.

The practical and theoretical implications of a pitch as interpreted by the dialogue between international jurisdictions. This pitch (musical key) examines the challenge posed by a secular cleric on one cold February morning in 1954, and it is juxtaposed with the spiral pitch*🧬of our present world. The story takes off after the last chiseled call on a plaque outside of the house that “El Patrón¹” built:

Contre le misère et ses causes

“What else can I say…”


In the communication business, the targets are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the press who investigate issues, situations, procedures, negligence, collusions and crimes, and the advertising firms who sanitize the offenders … and to quote Law & Order SVU: these are their stories.

In Hilo, Hawaii, hoy no hubo volcanes… jump to page 27, where Angelina Jolie is playing the síncopa (anticipated link) to Silviana Cocan’s French Classic: la qualification de la agression et la RespOnsaBiliTy des Etats (en conflictos armados), knot in the States that weaponize said conflicts.


1. El Patrón = L’Abbé Pierre.


What would L’Abbé do? — Mlle Pitch Awards Submission

Please stand-by for Context in the Contest.

How to get to Sesame Street .:. 42282857-480C-43E6-9C72-F26B89C98AA3 … en fin.

If you happen to be in Paris you might have noticed that the advertisement campaign for the Abbé Pierre started back in the month of December, perhaps as far back as November of 2020. But in all of the tunnel walking that i have done since the month of September of last year and yesterday’s late afternoon stroll, i can assure you that i must have missed Made•mois•elle Pitch’s Awards convocation along the underground as the above advertisement (it seems) did not make it north of the Luxembourg Garden or beyond the route that starts from Les Halles and all the way Saint Ouen or Saint Denis.

ONE DAY UPDATE ON THE above-written paragraph:

From the Top, who are you going to believe, the local authorities or the Anal swabbed elements of the story? .:. 28DE3B72-C4CC-41A9-A74C-380D31301111 .:. Coming up: the Silviana Cocan Connection, the Florence Cassez  “Law and Order” episode, “y tú mamá también”, con Jason Wood.

It is now Friday, February the 26th of 2021 and following my observation about the Metro Poster Files at Melle. Pitch’s house of content, the creative Monkees there updated their site to note that the publicity campaign for the contest for THOSE WITHOUT A VOICE is back on the underground billboards.

You are welcome, artists, now do that thing that you do with the voodoo that you do.

Previously on: The Funkadelic is not an Executive but he is a PARLIAMENTARIAN, but i will get to that after los SPOTS•AUREOS FEATURE al Chivo en Francés) 26/01/2021

Ladies in Gemini who are Knot joining the transmission, i ask that you don’t pay pay attention to the the HYPE, in other words, (no pun intended) “a picture might be worth a THOuSAND words”, in French mind EWE, but i can tell you that without CANTINFLAS, Coluche is just a clown.

The Funkadelic is not an Executive but he is a PARLIAMENTARIAN:

Fire Woman, you’re to blame:

French Science .:. 03753FDD-3DFC-4D2C-A69D-F766C5674915 📰 Paris, France_ Feb. 24, 1900, Porte de Issy-les-Moulineaux. Police in Paris are detailing the latest doppelgänger scandal at BFM’er TV.
A new science dubbed “PHRENOLOGY”, a process that involves observing and/or feeling the skull to determine an individual’s psychological attributes is the new Tool that Franz Joseph, that motherfucker!, had the GALL to use in France to reveal that Apolline Matin (pictured in Black) is the ILLEGITIMATE grand daughter of the one-and-only, Ian ASTBURY, a known CULTist and founder of what else… a Band called The Cult.


Mika’s yearly South of France vacation

Our network continues to experience technical contradictions, context on the previous symmetrical collusions is marinating with subtitles for Katy Kay. Hilarity ensues when The Mighty Mighty Mika traveling entourage arrives to the Brezezinski’s Villa overlooking the Mediterranean at the Cliffs of Fréjus.

https ://francetvinfo .fr/societe /video-islamo-gauchisme-le-gouvernement-a-raison-de-reclamer-une-enquete-a-l-universite-estime-jordan-bardella _4307833 .html

Insider elitists at the CFR report that Mika fled the U.S. when Professor of Political Contrasts at the University Of Texas, Victoria Defrancisco Fresco, informed The Nation on The MorJo Show that children literally froze on/in their mommies backyards in Texas. Mika could not believe that she actually lived in a shithole country for at least the past 4 years. Upon arrival, Donnie Deutsch (bad acting mayordomo) discovered that the Villa had been ransacked by the vagrant sons of the Very French, a violent gang known by the The French Connection as « les Fréjusiens ».

Internal time-delay phenomenon. It happens. — It could happen to you, if you confuse the The French Touch with French Bashing or WO’ist, The French Hate.

Over at FranceInfo, it’s GOP TV for the masses; starring everybody’s favorite cult of personality: The Trump Show.

For the record, shame on you if you confuse the inverted (¥) Japanese Eiffel Tower with the Identity Generation cut-off peace sign.