El error de Karol Józef Wojtyła — Part 2

Tell you what, before you get your Rosary all up in a bunch, consider what would have happened to the order of Legionnaires (✝️) if Ioannes Paulus did not have to compromise the SOUL of Karol Józef just to save the good name of (politics within) the Catholic Church.

Now, don’t you go forgetting that one of the requirements of this blog before i go and dig up the skeletons of Las Momias de Guanajuato involves a news cycle, an equivalent (or analogous) subject/theme, and of course the connection to a place called Mexico [where there is no such thing as God].

The News Cycle:

White Phosphorus in Irak (rules of engagement)… stay with me, Reverend Capehart. context follows.


Crímenes de lesa humanidad as punishment or torture (in times of peace or in times of war)…

And of course: Acapulco

Ain’t no god in Mexico, but at least the president there is laying the tracks for a train.


El error de Karol Józef Wojtyła — Part 1

… Context follows, but it shouldn’t be necessary: because if tomorrow’s CGT observance of women’s day, is only about Megan and Oprah—then you bitches are going to miss the point, especially with all of the incest and rape at your highest and “most” noble of institutions.

Previously on what’s weed got to do with it, …

… Across the pond, please don’t blame the neanderthals for all of humanity’s fuck ups, lest you forget your intro to Anthropology (101), we [humans] are the predators, not the exception.


I do declare, the resemblance to Paley Phillip is… like that lost part of our Eviloutionary development.

https ://imdb .com /name /nm0657626 /?ref_=m_tt_cl_i4

Dear, Ali VELSHI… meet me on the other side of the Internet Movie dataBase for the latest on the Cult of Florence Cassez and the rolling of Alejandro González Iñarritú’s upcoming movie: LIMBO, o como dicen allá en La Sierra Morena… purgatorio.

‘Zat Ewe Bunny Wailer?

Intermission with Jason Johnson (PhD)

Note to La Mairie de Paris, Dr. Jason Johnson is not a psychiatrist, and the frame below is a comparative analysis of international guests on the advertising kiosks of bi-lateral collaborations in France. Aussie, please note that today’s dentils will support the by-gone (otrora en Español del bueno) Year of México in France.

And just like the store sign says, the “essential” objective here is to compare two bi-national events in the interest of a thing called « contrast » between natural resources and geopolítica motivators; which should NEVER BE CONFUSED with motivations for resources because motivations are tainted with bias and other assorted “shiny bead objects” o mismo, un pantalón de €150.

That was then ⬇️ this is now ⬆️

https ://asegovia3 .com /2015/07/15 /15-de-julio-la-placa-de-gilberto-bosques/

Context on today’s dentils, as SUPPORT ARGUMENT for the impunity of ProMexico during the Peña Nieto administration in México, follows.

Placa = Badge... argot for dirty cop in México

And in Washington… en Washington no pasa nada, except for the fact that Texas Governor Greg Abbott just proved that being a cripple (such as he is, no need for euphemisms like “handicap”) is no sign of virtue or righteousness.

I state the above paragraph in digital form considering that the Trump Party executive is lifting the safeguards to prevent the spread of what western continental democracy calls a deadly pandemic (for some) and at the same time puts the blame on those damn immigrants for spreading coronas* everywhere.

🎶 Knot complaining just something i want to say: today is National Sports Day in Paris. For the occasion, the bank responsible for ferrying the Roland Garros participants from Manu Chao’s backyard, through la rue Jeannine Elaine–Garreau (or behind Technicolor) and to the BFM TV building, has (since Friday night) INSTALLED the necessary plywood boards in order to protect their institution’s storefront and to prevent WINDOW FITTERS the chance to earn an honest Euro.

coronas = flower arrangement with a 3.1416radius² at funeral homes.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /sin-fronteras /2021/03/04 /gobernador-de-texas-acusa-a-inmigrantes-de-propagar-el-covid -2231 .html


Selma, Selma, Selma… Ewe Two

Of course,… the Irish think that this song is about them.

Moments ago after Joe broke a glass, Francis Uno landed in the area that had NOTHING to with the downing of a jet airliner on the same WALL of then Secretary of WAR, Donald Rumsfeld, at the Pentagone (punto y coma) the Pope’s visit to Iraq comes after President Joseph R. Biden [U.S.A.] full-filled the God-given destiny in the Manifest of the first 100 days in office, which of course is the “testing” of the Boom-Bang. It’s the CHRIST and IAN thing to DEW!!!🎷🎷🎺🎷🥁

And, The Edge shreds: if you look at the record, our (European) potatoes are analogous to your (Southern) watermelons.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Sunday_Bloody_Sunday [please scroll-down to THE RECEPTION section for non-sectarian glorification].

Dear, Chivo Lubezki… unforeseen, yet expected circum-navigations will prevent me from covering the photography of Gabriel Figueroa’s opening shot for Anthony Quinn’s rendition of Jesús Sánchez in Oscar Lewis-es “AVOCADO” opinion, delivered WAY-Guey–Way before the Super Bowl Half-Time Show was a thing on abc’s World Wide of Sports.

Based on the screen version of “Los hijos de Sánchez” opening shot and transition to the mass rite .:. D6214EF4-7464-4BF8-975E-0C4A3A9FBA2A 🎚 Paper trail is part of the Editoral board at the « revue » STYLIST . fr (N° 296) on the SITE of the statue of some guy named Haussmann Boulevard, or something like that.

https ://mozzoviewer .publishingcenter .net /dist/ [link to Stylist]

…Still to come, Ayn Rand, Oscar Lewis, and Joseph Gobbles walk into bar, hilarity ensues when Mel Brooks orders a Tequiza®️

… Context for another They goes here.

When in ROMA… diles que “no hay”.


Nº 2580 Cles du jour: rape can be funny lyrics 🔬

Tenga su pinche foto:

Full-disclousure: Everything in this blog is a Fair Use of Media for educational and research purposes. All media that is not part of asegovia3.com original content belongs to their respective owners and asegovia3.com strives to provide the reference/link to those owners. With that in M.I.N.D…

https ://genius .com /amp /George-carlin-rape-can-be-funny-annotated

… Context goes here

Reference goes here:

P.A.S.S. cutline goes here…

Observatoire de l’accès aux droits et aux soins
Dans les programmes de Médecines du Monde en France

AVEC LE SOUTIEN de la Direction générale de la santé (DGS) et de la Direction générale de la cohésion sociale (DGCS).

ISSN : 1776-2510
Dépôt légal : octobre 2020

RÉSUMÉ / pg. 9



https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/03/03 /cultura /tina-turner-revela-unos-de-sus-secretos-mas-intimos-en-cinta-presentada-en-la-berlinale/

(Based on the creation of a thing called CMU, or Universal Sickness Coverture, or something like that; and REVIEWED under the UNIVERSAL CLAUSE OF “if you break it—You Buy IT, period).

Yada, yada (y Si Nos Dejan) all that Jazz follows (punto y coma) but FO’ist!!! Öüï switches it over to Washington, where Alicia Melendez worked the Purple 1/2 Shift, the next period will be covered by Jason “Doctor” Johnson.

First off, it is incumbent on this blog to disclose the continuing Logistical and Commo challenges, which have hindered and left us behind a few cycles in the media sphere, so yes, the next segment is our turn to play catch-up on the ketch-up.

Witt that as a predicate… be on the lookout for a Humpty Hump lookalike who also happens to be a Big Republican Honcho on Deadline. The “perp” was spotted last Tuesday smacking lipstick on George Orwell’s farm animals, particularly on the snout of them honchos who run the backyard.

It’s 10 am in Hawaii — and in Sidney, Aussie, it’s already mañana

In Paris, France, it’s 22h and Louise Michel is at the plate, Louise hails from The Paris Commune and she has a 150 batting average. Madame Mayor, Anne Hidalgo is on the mound and it’s a God Damn Beautiful Day (globally) at the Pershing Memorial Baseball Complex in Vincennes.

Playball ⚾️ .:. 3B720710-12DD-4A1B-9C25-2FBD92FB40AF 📐

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Stade_Pershing

Jump to page 3 for context on the 150th Softball Commemorative Tournament of Communards between France’s Historical Characters mash-up and Today’s Elected Officials and Leaders of The Fifth Republic.

Witt that in M.I.N.D., please join Brigitte Bardot and The Sea Shepard in the singing of France (Gall’s) National Anthem: Aux Armes! Serge Gainsbourg is Third on The Batting Order and the official French National Anthem will not be played in this tournament on account that a Quartet of Rosbifs kidnapped La Marseillaise for a Satellite PPV* Transmission of All you need is…? anyone, Willie Geist, All you need is?

Les chiens aboient, Charlie Hebdo, parce que les enfants de Sanchez me voient passer*

Dear, Charlie Hebdo, meet L’Union:

“The dogs are barking, Charlie Hebdo, because Sánchez’ children see me passing by ».

Orson Wells via Goethe,
Someone that i used to Know.

* The Children of Sánchez = Oscar Lewis

Tuesday, March 2nd 2021

They (the riverains) probably thought that the newspaper people were cops.

Hoy no hubo noticias. See you mañana.


Dear, Charlie Hebdo… Knock, knock —

Previously on… i bet you thought that i was talking about you!

In Local news… freedom loving censors. .:. 519A547D-7576-4BAD-B149-AD8BE16D271D .:. It’s funny when it happens to a Pot Smoking GI, “emotional” when it happens to your own, and like i told you last night before 20 minutes went out into the Parisian Metro racks: if you use terrorists tactics to teach me a lesson, then you are no different than Coulibaly, or that Venezuelan specter, Luis Posada Carriles and Carlos ‘the jackal’. So, go ahead keep shooting the messenger.

Anyhow, Rachel Maddow, ‘member the days when the entire news cycle of talking head from John Stewart to say… Ewe, would cover relevantly important French news on the opening monologue? Of course you don’t, why would the American news sphere relay a monumental decision like convicting a former president?

Personally, i can’t comment on this particular news bomb because it would be A CONFLICT OF INTEREST for me because the same charges that the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy got convicted for (offering cushy jobs to insiders in Nice) were eerily similar to the entire Year of Mexico in France favors that the Hollande administration extended to Los Amigos de PORFIRIO DÍAZ en Francia for the release of Florence Marie Cassez, and other assorted ‘energy’ deals.


We now return to 21 Grams con los del Toro:

Tell you what, professor, i’ll let you put the Context on this one. 🏨 with one CORRECTION, the address number on the police report is not 22, as officer Arno recorded it, the number is 32.

21 intermezzos con, “Y tu mamá también”, el señor Alejandro Cuarón was describing the color scheme that he used to give Memphis, Tennessee, the warm to cool splash on the screen. With that in mind, the picture below continues with a brief dialogue (for context) that we had with the “invisible” essential workers that keep The Cochin Hospital sanitized.

— Hey, pretty vest, what’s with all of the ruckus?
— They don’t pay us enough.
— S’dat a fact?
— Yup!
— What about them security cops over across the line?
— They broke too!

And SIREN, you are not going to believe me but that blue on the snapshot is the product of the siren on top of an ambulance that was on its way out of the gates. If you need proof just ask the most informed cop in France to show you the CCTV feed, the timestamp as always: is included in the Middle of it All.

This is the Sound of Mexico, without Sony Music involved… and in Radio news, well wadda ya’Know, not to be outdone by the sixth addition at the Melle. Pitch Awards & Company, the fip freq’s are extending their little photo contest for one mo’Week. The Gall of them freq’s.


And in Russia, Vladimir Putin refuses to call Alexei Navalny by his name, and in Washington, Claire McCaskill is starting to use that strategy with Mathilda’s former favorite son… for those on this side of La Seine who don’t get the joke, don’t worry, in the United States nobody except for Talents and Skills Visa awardees know who Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is. At Heidi’s house, the infants are restless, and it’s driving Przybyla NUTS!!! The affront from the kids prompts Nicole to bring out the ‘salt peter’ reference, and if you’ve ever been tortured ‘down there’ then you know why the pundit is obsessed with Would. And witt DAT in mind… Johnson & Johnson joins the Wacky Races.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Would %3F

Dear, Charlie Hebdo… if it is good for the gander, it’s good for Big Bird.

Hello, France,

Yeah, Buddy!

Do you know the difference between a Munich Beer Hall and a public toilette on Port Royale? Ask Big Bird, or not, in any case Marianne, if you turn a blind eye to what is about to happen then the next time that a BATACLAN happens, and the masses go and light candles at La Place de La République you are going to look like the Virginia tiki lamps card carrying “proud boys”.

And here’s why: what’s weed have to do with it?

Just don’t tell a Communist in France, because like Pablo Gleason and the Zapatistas en Rose, well… they love la llamada Liberté.

Anyhow, Bill Krystol, as you were telling Yazmin V. your Bières INTERNATIONALes théorie at La Académie de la Bière on Port Royale; caddy-corner with La Place de Cochinous on la rue de Faubourg de Saint-Jacques on the Quinto Patio de París a un lado de su bendita Vecindad, i was getting ready to WELCOME the FO’ist African Manifestation for better wages in the Hospital trades; i said trades, not “professions”, —profesores.

And as i type this paragraph, in Hilo, Hawaii, it’s still Black History Month, and in Paris, well in Paris it’s MARS 1, o como dicen los marcianos: Uno de marzo, 2021.

Dear, France… you know what’s really sad? Well, MRS. GALL, i’ll tell you what is really sad, and that’s the fact that i don’t even have to try (i repeat) i don’t even have to try to bring you what the fuck is happening in Paris. And this is against all odds and an pride of paid crackheads and heroine shooters chasing me around the most beautiful city in the Ile-de-France. 🇺🇸 74DED7F7-4CAF-4A1B-B423-50B741474A31 🏗 Dialogue with the African Sista in the orange vest follows when i pass a Los del Toro by. For the record, i can only be in one space at a time and that other guy in the Cloud is not me… as i told you Johnny Halliday, the only way you can beat me is:
— When i fall asleep
— When you cheat
— and when i have to recharge my Battery.

21 intermezzos con tu mamá también — Conformity

Previously on:

We’ve taken care of everything
the songs you hear… yada, yada, yada

it’s the little things that count.


Alejandro González Iñarritu: I wasn’t worried about the chronological order of the events. Mr. González then tells Mr. Wood [The Faber book of Mexican Cinema, 2006] that as a director he likes to obligate his viewers to judge something that you have already judged a first time—for a second time again, and then adjust your prejudice, or something like that; except between Mexicans. Mexicans don’t have that luxury, porque en México el/la que se mueve no sale en la foto… y menos en París.

… “we have no time to waste”, President Joe Biden, some asshole in Mexico painted Apollo Creed in Rocky 3, in Donald Trump Au, and got all of the hired extras of President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho‘s speeches to gather in Comic Con numbers in Orlando’s beach.


Ignored just like Starship Troopers (1997) historicity lesson. -_!_- Terry Crews and Mike Judge close out Black History Month 2021.

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2021/feb/28 /new-haircuts-old-ideology-film-warns-of-shifting-far-right-strategy-in-europe

http ://www .asahi .com /sp /ajw /articles /14225951

“The issue of school regulations covering hair color is one that has come before the courts and stirred international interest in the rigid system that governs Japanese schools to encourage conformity.”