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Aspersions on my cilantro

From the burritos that brought you .: 5F6192A0-B564-4841-B9A1-E8300027C182:. Aspersions On My Cilantro and, MENUDO, comes this ensamble de La Nonna del Claustro.

 * Vide… del verbo “ voir ”, not to bee confused with the sense of sound, which as the good people of the Festival Internacional del Norte, Poesía en Tránsito (pero por los interwebs) know que tiene que ver con synapses que detonan a partir de La Oreja de Van Gogh. Y ya mejor ni nos metemos con los sentires transitivos del olfato porque doña Vilma se nos puede poner excited.

Yo lo vide
¿Tú lo vitez?
Ella y Él lobieron
Nosotros semos ciegos
Ustedes sordos’tan
Ellos y Ellas ni cuenta

And oh, Snap! Over at the 10 am in EST Baby Blue Cross’ got a Yellow Maxwell on her tail. On that circuit, a Siren screamer is casting spells on Cassandra… you are not foolin’ anybody Dr. Garret, Eye saw them hand gestures at le théâtre de la Ville in Arthur Miller’s Les Sorcières de Salem.

Hey, Jimmy vAxios… It’s only a once in a lifetime pandemic if?

— Answer: you have to go to 🦵🏻land, or “Thighland” to find out, because you would have to survive the pandemic first, to call, IT!, a once in century plague… or, you can just follow the yellow brick Kool Aid Route to Guyana Park and chill for life… in an ISO-2020 Lavadora Cardboard Box, made in Fhucket, of course.

The Secret D.A.T. the holiday mattress weekend sale industry doesn't want you to know

The Secret D.A.T. the holiday mattress weekend sale industry doesn’t want you to know .:. 9B4AE018-5267-4443-8E38-191A76B5173F ⚰️ Donald John Trump has the details, from Baby Jesus himself, —no less.

STILL to come:
Kayleigh McEnany on Top of Spaghetti with Musical guest: Republican and independent Immigrants… Commies bee damned!!!

Sadly, for all of the Jazz lovin’ crowd, hoy no hubo Jazz, a 50-Foot Claire stomped on, IT!, as she tried to do the Twist. It’s a slow start to weekend edition, but we’ll get D.A.R.E., give u.s. a New York Mile and öüï’ll Iron Out the Soul out them ol’Brown Soles.

File Photo:

Previously on The Beat

Previously on The Beat…  The Claire clones were being drilled* by an Officer maker and a gentlemen shaper. It’s the End of The world, but not before getting a pint at the Last Bar Before The End of this Beat

* Foley Fire Eater Club:
https ://imdb .com /title /tt0084434/

Moving on…

Deer, Alicia Menendez, please relay to the Purple Pundit D.A.T.: D.A.R.E. is a fake P.I.N.T.O. beaner on the frames, and young lady, you are missing a flower on that Cuba Libre noggin of yours, wait one so D.A.T. staff can fix, IT!, for you.

Shoulder pads???

Shoulder pads??? .:. 2173E828-05D3-4B92-B1EB-492F836EF068 .::. Öüï don’t knead no stinkin’ shoulderpads!

But, it’s Breaking The Ashleys with Bash.

Page 1:
The country that brought the world the annoying “win win situation” is now re-framing that notion into a lose–lose scenario. And no, it is not Vladimir Putin’s fault but it sure does help his Russian “investment” in Caracas, Venezuela. Reports from Russian Wires and propaganda outreach from the Rose Garden relay that the “me me” doctrine is in full implosion mode.

Sunday funnies draft:
Weren’t you fired?
… [a]nd James CarVile said to that other guy on Crossfire, or something like that:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /cultura /2020/08/07 /festival-reflexiona-sobre-la-traduccion-traicion-o-revelacion -534.html

Ya la vistes?

¿Ya la vistes?… [A] talking monkey pries away a pistol from The National Rifle Association’s most famous propagandist. .:. 81DA7476-8124-48C9-9018-D377603BF5FA 🐵🙈🙉🙊🐒 En México: Expertos reflexionan sobre la traducción, ¿traición o revelación?

Don’t be silly, I was in a wealthier neighborhood campaigning for Sarah Palin for V.P..

Cutline: a rare snapshot of James Carvile in a well lit tea room. Sources close to Bengala say that once in a sturgeon moon, even the creatures of the deep need a ray of light… and Madge said: what?

The They D.A.T. Day Stood Steele: BOUM!

… [W]ith musical guest Phat Bry and Eye Have a Little Boy.

Ocean Front Property in Amarillo

What’s the story Ambassador Story? … and Ambassador Story begins to hum, 🎶 I’ve got some Ocean Front Property in Amarillo .:. EEFAB757-A4FA-4C96-8CB0-B9DEC6B8A52F ⚓️ 🎵 From the prow you can see a shotgun rack… Meanwhile in Venezuela, MADURO has entered the Lucha Libre Ring, and our newly appointed ambassador to the Maracaibo region just threaten RUSSIA in the way that Fort Bliss and Fort Hood soldiers wished D.A.T. their commander–in–chief did. —_•!•_— Oh, the hypocrisy of this 45th Edition of “Give me Liberty… or that mega big boat over there ».

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /mundo /2020/08/06 /futuro-embajador-de-eu-apoya-sanciones-contra-complices-de-maduro-9455.html

Live, from the Former Woodrow Wilson Center cancelled World Series League. It’s time to revisit what people W.H.O. Know claim to be the world’s second* greatest achievement that the power stations D.A.T. BEE around The Globe have BEAN able to pull: NOT MUTUALLY ASSURING DESTRUCTION FOR ALL for the past 75 years since the AXI[o]S of Control challenged the sitting president of The United Allies Complexes of the World.

Still to come on the Orson Wells Knews of the World, it’s the pilot episode of:

The Manhattan Project

75 years later… The Manhattan Project is still inflating the atmosphere. And wouldn’t you know it, Willie Geist, German pretzels are still accounting for the crumbs… —_•!•_—

The Attack of The 50~Foot Wi’men from PLANET CLAIRE!!!… Willie Geist stars as GODZILLA and Former FloriBama congressdude Joe Scarborough stars as Emperor Hirohito’s Ambassador at The U.K.’s Scottish [subs] fueling station.


… [A]nd people who are still not eligible to vote, please be advised that IT IS NOT FAKE NEWS, if the events and names can be SHAPED-SHIFTED into pure unadulterated parody directed at Da’Motherfucking Man—BOYE!… [A]bducted pundit and campaign strategist Tim O’Brian in the role of Ancient Alien Commentator David Childress. Nick Confessore moonlights as a 50–Foot Prop Steely Dan.

Hey, Negrita! Welcome to my World

🎶 Here comes a bikini (atoll) whale!

🎶 Here comes a Bikini (Atoll) whale! .:. CC08B769-C1A7-4F0B-A686-8C041CDE437B 🛰 Later on the MorJo Show, Jon Meacham bounces a check at Studio 57, and Willie Geist bounces Cousin Joe at the He-Bee Jeeves.

Oh, sweet Agent Modem over my Ancestral SCSI Standard… Lou Dobbs followed by a Kanye segment, now D.A.T.’s Entertainment!


The Lencho O'Donnell

The Lencho O’Donnell Show .:. B5D374C3-CD19-4518-BCA9-AF15B58D6DBB 🌀

The Rachel Maddow Show now comes with a Warning:

The names of the hosts on the other side of The Brady-style frame on the picture might be changed to protect the gremlin’s thoughts on Rachel’s mind.

You've heard of Rock Lobster

Well, you’ve heard of Rock Lobster… it’s Knot one of Those .:. FB1DEFA0-9AA4-4916-9FD1-121C88CA984F 🛸 Filmed on K O D A K chrome, off–course with PanameVision.

“Is it possible?”… « Could, IT!, BEE? », find out after Moth Boy gets his Vice-on… In México:

In Context:
Drawing Corruption
“In Crayons*”

To catch up with his neglect of the COVID–19 pandemic during the first trimester of the year of our Lorde 2020, the president of México, “Juanito Trump”, solved the problem that it is keeping the Purple Pundit (in Yellow) up at night and, in a genius (live–evil genius) guey, “Juanito Trump” delegated the backtoschool syllabus to the programming Tzars that he, as a populist presidential candidate, singled–out as being the ROOT-Command of all the problems of Uncle Sam’s backyard: TELEVISION… yeah, buddy.

https ://www .pri .org /stories /2020-08-05 /negligence-blamed-huge-beirut-chemical-blast

... productos de la SEP

¿Me van a decir que no les advertí de que estas son las noticias de México, vistas por un transnacional californiano producto De La S.E.P.? .:. 576E0374-5DD1-45C7-AD71-C1D7F2770C45 *as heard on The Rachel Maddow Show Crayon Edition… [O]n the menu for Lunch Recess: SANDWICH A LA CHICHONA.

In related scholastic matters, the good thing about this most non-consequential blog, is that don Ándres Manuel López Obrador (W.H.O… oh, by–the–way, moonlights as “Juanito Trump” to the delight of oligarchs in the most corrupt place on Earth, next to Beirut in Lebanon, of course) does not read u.s., and John Mill Ackerman is WAY too Chicken Shit to “Say Anything!” ✈️🚂🛸📻.

Just the SCAN, the whole SCAN, and nothing but the SCAN

A.S.O.Te. Defense

A.S.O.Te. Defense .:. 61CADFE7-5970-4259-B56F-C08B28B98958

Deer, Katy Tur: The Answer is, because America.

In Context:  Chuck Todd’s wing-person closed her Wednesday afternoon segment asking what would make someone (a peace officer) handcuff a child and then lay her on the ground face-down at gun point (mind you).

The Shrimp in Trump's Barbie

The Shrimp in Trump’s Barbie .:. 42F027B5-66AD-4E44-B123-8CFDE8F929FF — ÖÜÏ Want The Aussie as a moderator… motherfuckers.

Now, we [the staff of this most non-consequential blog] have arrived to the moment when öüï begin the beguine and start our revolutions (in 33 1/3 r.p.m.) and repeat like a smooth record playing:

Bill Barr's Greatest Hits

Bill Barr’s Greatest Hits .:. 36964C0B-3F5D-41D4-B912-234F6E6675E2 🎚Darkest of The White House Thickets presents: the annunciation of John Donald The First.

Ladies in Gemini, please be advised that we don’t select the transparencies for the news… öüï just overlap these, like in la gran causalidad de este mono en el Sello de Aurora, en Colorado.



“Hombre rústico y Elemental” — La soberbia y la rabia

Dear, former congressman Joseph Charles Scarborough III, and professor John Mill Ackerman (PhD.): Foreward to don Epigmenio Carlos Ibarra Almada. 

Don Taibo ii

Señor don Taibo ii, si sabe usted porqué el detective Héctor Belascoaran Shayne dice que la historia tiene rima? .:. 8228314C-ED0F-4D5C-9D19-4C6B08FA03E1 🕵🏼‍♂️ Sidelined por “la bastilla mexicana”… [A]unque usted, Pedro Salmerón Sanguinés, no nos lea!

¡Pelotero a la bola!

Hola, par de putos, hay les va un retrato y su contexto abajo. Issy, Johnny Mí’Boy, esto no es un ataque, y como dice don Epi: a Armando Segovia nadie le paga por, (número uno) haber ido a escuchar tu evangelio de Amlo (hombre rústico y Elemental), y (número dos) a Armando Serrano Prieto lo vetaron y lo censuraron el equipo Morena-Francia*/Servicio Exterior Mexicano* en Francia por querer ver el nacimiento —en tiempo real— de lo que hoy es un régimen Ciego, Sordo y número Tres en el mundo por los muertos (y muertas) de la desinformación de “Las mañaneras”.

* Sergio Ávalos / * Pablo Gleason

Yosemite Sam reports from a parallel universe at the James Brady Press Briefing Room inside of The White House, where President Trump holds his telenovela, which of course is called: “la meriendera*

* D.A.R.E. is a Venn Diagram for D.A.T template en “la mañanera” de Chapultepec.

Still to come:
Les Atty’s Generales, singing their number one hit, “Eye take a pass at D.A.T.”. Indeed you will Counselor, indeed youse will.

But FO’ist! Y’all heard about “La Pundita”… it’s just like one of those but in Chocolate, DAY calls her: La Welkita. In•deed.


Profesor, John Mill Ackerman: le recordamos que aquí en Francia, la pena de muerte fue abolida, SinEmbargo, la calumnia amerita la guillotina…

Funky people

Funky people .:. DF0E4530-2ADE-45CD-8092-34DDA52D82E8

Sin más. You know my names—pick up the number.

“Öüï don’t need know —education” / When pigs fly

The following is a public service announcement that won’t be read.

Or Knot!

Or knot! .:. 4F1685F6-96E2-4CAA-B8BF-033B0599746D 🎩👑

Aurora, you put the Colorado on Morning Star’s face.

Say D.A.R.E. is D.A.T. an avocado green coat youse wearing, or are you happy to see Mí?

*Party review

* Pirate Party magazine, your number one Source for Knots in your Stomach .:. 33F09B63-96CB-4500-848E-EEE024AFF4AE 🦠 Why is this happening, Chris, why? The Undertaker did not get the tip of where the next *Rave is going to spread.

In local news… hoy no hubo Jazz

Nothing follows… hoy no hubo Jazz, no insistan.

and eye will tell you why

El mundo de Le Monde .:. 9BA3A18B-1E4C-40AB-9F4E-33F23F72ABB2 “And I’ll tell you why!”

The fip programmers are jerkin-off.., or something like that. In other words, Denis Soula, o Zula… or something like D.A.T. called the show in.

Like warm gazpacho, a fucking TV dinner in copla. Good Night!… [T]his has been your telenovela en Notre Dame TV. Hoy no hubo Jazz.

Televisa presenta

Televisa presenta .:. 8A33A45E-8690-41A2-A060-F9BA5383073F .:. FAKE EDUCATORS after school special. 📺 Watch and Learn how “the pro’s” tell their HisTory.

… anyway, Hoy no hubo Jazz, maybe tomorrow, Charlie Brown. But not if it’s Miami Sweat shop Sound Machine… FANIA!!! Moore FANIA, please.

Australia is the enemy

Australia is the enemy

Gaddamned “Princess Bride” musical score* is worst than any Eddy Currets attack! Heck, One million times worst. IN•DEED.

Siren, the new owners of Les Halles have better elevator music… kill Mí Now!

This has BEAN, your TELENOVELA de los fips.

FUR get It! Sista. I’m going to South America.

“It is what it is” starring Donald Rumsfeld

Pilot Episode, where Elise Jordan challenges the audience to think of a time when Americans wouldn’t take, IT!, from The White House, and The Air America crew went, “you go to war with the Army you have… it is what it is”.


My fellow Australians, living in the United States of America —off course— please inform your fellow expat convicts from Mutt Island, D.A.T.: Mail-in Voting is not a Crime, putting a Shrimp on a Barbie, is.

Try again, there is a Pandemic out there, and if you are going to rope–a–dope with the 90’s section of the Countdown until Election Day almost gone, you better have a superb hook.

Still to come, it’s the 80’s countdown on 99 Bottles of Beer on The Wall; like the 90’s, them theys are going to disappear magically, like Jesus-es pet dinosaur.

Page 4 / The name of the telenovela is

The Jason Moore you knew

“A bad They in Texas is still better than any good They anywhere else in the world,” 🔫 749B90E8-6F01-4886-AB28-CDFC3C0E67EA 🗽 The Moore you knew and the American Exceptionalism at Ozzy’s piss-stop shop.

The State that brought you, “Two years a slave, longer than necessary!” and the ABC after school special, “Do your chores, don’t be a lazy n i g g e r” by Oswley, Stewart, Chappell, and Lee Atwater. Yup! The same Lee Atwater of Ronnie and Bush 41 fame.

Jump to conclusions

Jump to conclusions .:. D88B9067-DE03-4BF6-B4C5-4DB890D4632B 🕳 D.A.T.’s right, you’re not from Texas, but Texas wants you anyway. It’s a bit simple, but for the record and in a factual way, if! You get upset by the “don’t be a lazy n i g g e r” reference in the Last Week Tonight’s mash-up, then B r o t h e r, you have not been paying attention to just how A b s t r a c t  Donald John Trump has become when it comes to L o w  I n c o m e  H o u s i n g  during his Make A * * * * * *  Great Again rallys.

Over in Washington, Avi Velshi had the night off, and Nicolle Wallace is covering TRMS, technically, D.A.T. just made her:

La Señora de La Casa

Naturally, Avi Velshi, actually loves his job and he told Nicolle, “La Señora de La Casa”, that he would have The Last Word on D.A.T.! And so Avi just kept a-rollin’ all night long. And then Avi Velshi brought out The Darkest Side of The White House Thickets. Stuff everybody already knew, but now with I.C.E. live-action “heroes”.

But FO’ist: it’s “Don’t Kill The Messenger”

The Moore you knew

The Moore you knew .:. 3EE35DCE-E0FE-4DB1-A316-04E12BE1B419 📰 En La Jornada del primo lejano de la Chron . com, in other words, el USA Today, El Paso, Texas, conmemoró un año de los asesinatos de odio en un centro comercial.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /mundo /2020/08/03 /el-paso-un-ano-despues -9464 .html

In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s still Monday going on the .22 hundred hours in pineapple time. Over at aisle 1 it’s a Roll-Back Blow-Out on all sporting goods and outdoors equipment.

Told you there was a Moore in the picture

Told y’all D.A.T. D.A.R.E. was a Moore in the picture, Kid .:. 24D087A6-1D0B-4FE6-AE5C-B4F7C647516D 📽 … [A]nd Eye bets that you think that this screen grab is about a Fat Boy… 🛵