Over on our twitter feed: no habrá perdon para Powell

Got a problem with D.A.T.?

Collin Powell was Washington’s Dog, so says 5-foot-five inches Charlemagne at MSNBC, General Stradivarius*… or Something like that… and they can say whatever they want about the Good General, at least he was not an Iguana.

*Admiral J. George Stavridis, who was caught quoting General Powell views on canines and in particular, his “friends” at The Capital… look it up, it’s part of The Matrix.

“En 36, si nous avions eu le même matériel, nous aurions écrase FRANCO [in 2016].”

Los Hilos de FILS
Let Mí tell Ewe how it Will Bee:
the FO’ist thing about the aitch is that LA HACHE es MUDA, just like the Artificial Intelligence of the “ele“, —ese— of Los Hijos de Fils.

Guadalajara, Guadalajara
https ://www .24-aout-1944 .org /Des-tanks-aux-noms-de…
hueles a puras dunas mojadas
starring El Hijo de Alejandro Jodorowski and Dhani Harrison

INSTRUCTIONS… walk over to the North-Star Entrance of Perè Lachaise, which as Gambetta knows RUnS parallel with la rue des {Help Mí} Rondeaux and it is perpendicular to la avenue du Perè Lachaise.

@alagraphy… calling ALAgrApHY… Öüï is wondering if your “CHILDREN of The Cloud” are on the same MATRIX (rows and columns) as CLOUD NINE at Père Lachaise?… Eye know that if you take THAT TRIP you will find that to George’s left is a WINGED one and to Harrison’s upper end is ROBIN.

https ://alagraphy .com/

And Cerf-panthère… if you break, IT!… FRANCE buys it. But that is another story (punto y coma). RIGHT NOW you might be wondering what George Harrison has to do with the passing of General Colin Powell, well… let’s start with Nicaragua³ and PUNDITA {}… that tune is over on the Rolling Stones channel, and here is the Tangent for the CNRS Advance Systems:

³. Esa Morena Blanca es medio Bri{🇬🇧}TANicara{🇳🇮}Güey~enEN{🇬🇾}se, ese.
≅. https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /Olivia_Harrison

  1. “All we are saying,” is give PEAS a chance. And say what you will about General Powell but Eye’s guess is that you rise through a position of power with THE RUMSFELDS that your are assigned and KNOT the Cheneys that come with STINGERS attached.

Dear, David Icke… big fan of “Rowdie” Roddy Piper here

Mermafrodito… context follows, eh:



The good thing about this blog is that the Benevolent Pharmacist does Knot read, IT!

And, Jon Batiste, all of a sudden Willie Geist wants to get on the Carmela and the Au Pied de Cochon gravy train, and as that sexy sax player that tailed that tuba in front of the sushi shop at Rue des Lombards will note, there is a WAR going on. Last night the thugs from the Baiser Salé crowd showed you just how far they (those motherfuckers) will go to keep the good folks of the Luc des Lombards from the fucking Tijuana ghetto à Paris. Carmela, should know… y tu mamá también, Diego Luna—Tu Mamá También.

Knot to be confused with The Wolf from the Tenor Family in Nantucket.

Hello, i Love You… won’t you tell Mí your name?

https ://www .nytimes .com/2021/10/13 /us /politics /kyrsten-sinema-fundraising-europe .html

It’s Weekend Editon (motherfuckerS)

… [G]oce la posibilidad de alborotar el barrio.
Por tres pesetas puede ser bombero voluntario
O galopar en sube y baja el mundo en un potrillo.
Dos colorados tengo y uno tordillo.

Coming up Jimbo reviews how music would be put into a machine through Algo-de-ritmo and art through Ones~and~Ceros at the CNRS à Duc des Lombards and Tangents suspensivas… but really, aren’t all Tangents suspensivas? Otherwise them motherfuckerS would be nothing but a straight line through Route 66, periodΩ

Gooooo, Dodgers.


Over at The Whiteness of Wealth Channel, it’s Death and Taxes, Cutie!

“The Mouse is family”… Walt Disney, French entrepreneur and creator of The Beatles.

And in Washington it‘s NATIONAL New Jersey THEY!
Narrated by Stephanie Ruhle in the Role of Elvira, Mistress of pundits.

Paul’s broken a glass… a glass that fucking Mouse, broke… and Willie Geist, how’s the Freaky Feedback in REEL TIME? “You need Mí on THAT WALL! »…

For the record… on The Underground Garage© it’s the story of Mojitos on The Run… The Lost Havana Sessions of The Beatles. SILVIO DANTE, head consiglieri at AU PIED du COCHON, a joint at THE BORDER LIMITS of Les Halles and Montorgeuil acquired by Carmela Soprano.

You’ve been had! Bamboozeled! Suckered into the Theme Park beliving “that The Walrus was Paul »… YOU FOOLS!!! The Walrus is a Mouse dressed for The Halloween Mystery Tour at Disneyland® Paris™.

The View

And over at the Yesterday channel… 19:17 to be, it’s Cherokee, Nation… as seen by The Epic / Volume 3
https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /club-jazzafip-du-mercredi-13-octobre-2021

Previously on The Havana Syndrome… Just-in-Time Fury for Versailles, via la “13e Lettre” de Le Monde

Happy 78th  Birthday to Mike Barnicle, that motherfucker, he makes Willliam Shatner (Capt. Kirk, 90) look like a 49’er…

Anyhow, before we switch, IT!, over to Le M del Mundo de Le Monde, Öüï is going to see WHAT in THE FUCK Cerf-panthère is talking about APRES MIDI in her 20minutes slot:

Nouveau signe, le cerf-panthère devient le SERPENT de terre.

Cerf-panthère PAS AVANT MIDI

Columbus genocide They eve

PAGE   9

N° 3667
20 minutes (Grand Paris)

Lunes 11 de octubre 2021

L’inhumation de Colbert…
Only the LEGS of the Slave Trader are stored inside of the burial shrine of the man WHO MADE FRANCE GREAT back then… All Those Years ago. And BENEVOLE PHARMACIST, ‘member how I told you that I don’t select the news of the THEY and about how EYE only threads the needle on this French Quilt?
Well, if you ever research what CAR TALK on the ARCHIVES of National Public Radio in Washington, D.C., then you will probably be able to attach a patch for HAPPY DAYS (TV Series) and American Graffiti (The Movie), Ron Howard was the STAR in both, anyhow the BLACK PLYMOUTH on Le M Mag is CHRONOLOGICALLY ACURATE with what the fictional characters in American Graffiti would drive in the 1970’s, the HOT RODS in American Graffiti BTW are set in CENTRAL CALIFORNIA in the 1950’s right before the INDOCHINA leftovers from VIETNAM, so Öüï reckons that by the TIME that President Nixon was on the SCENE the Conservative faction of RONALD REAGAN was driving UNMARKED Vehicles like the one representing Jean-Baptiste Colbert’s final resting place at the Church of Saint Eustache in Paris, a un lado de La pinche Westfield Mall.

DEER Cerf-panthère je suis comme Thomas, voir c’est croire, manifeste-toi, je ne crois pas un seul iota de cette Magdalena y menos del pinche CHUY.


Cerf-panthère PAS AVANT MIDI

Message au conducteur de train « perturbé » par une question, qui nous a contactés lundi : oui, le cerf-panthère existe. Ouvrez l’œil.

PAGE   17

N° 3668
20 minutes (Grand Paris)

Miércoles 13 de octubre 2021

And, Melle. Pitch (ad award) meet The Benevolent Pharmacist changing the world one Carrot at a time, and Melle. Pitch, i know that you probably think that i am talking about golden Karats here (punto y coma) why with you being from the Madison Avenue Doctrine world at L’avenue Montaigne (part of the Paris Golden Triangle) and Mí, that handsome dude, always playing with the double-triple… an dare Eye say, Fourth meaning beyond the War of The WORDS, your staff probably thinks that them Carrots are some sort of Golden Parachute, but no, like the “better tomato” envisioned by Van Halen in Cabo San Lucas, sometimes a carrot is just a carrot and a Tomato will always be KETCH-up!

And as, IT! Happens… i’m with Prof. Gloude Jr. on this one: Two Things Can Be True At The Same Time. And if PHARMACIES in San Francisco are closing at 17h because people are stealing tooth paste from the Anti-Dentite section of the drug dispensaires, then SAN FRANCISCO should stop passing out the Candy. It’s TROU!!! Por Ejemplo, Denis Soula:

You can play “Dueling Banjos” and Deliver Support for RAPE and, —Murder… check the log… go ahead play the guy holding the CAT who looks like the perp in the POLICE report. C’mon Denis, stoke the fire, see Mí light Your fire! You son of a bitch.

Anyhow, Mick Jagger… you know you should be glad

And here’s why:

Mick en Las Lomas de Hayek… Les Éternels

Imagine that you are one of them sponsors of “the original” Rencontrés Cinématographiques Viva Mexico (sin acento) à Lilas, casi esquina con “Dirty old River must Ewe keep Rollin’? »…

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/10/11 /politica/inmoral-y-provocadora-la-conducta-de-lozoya-amlo/


And, Cousin Joe… who’s on first? KYLIAN MBAPPÉ

From L’Equipe at Le Parisien:

https ://www .20minutes .fr /sport /3144839-20211011 -france- espagne-comprend-comment-pourquoi-but-kylian-mbappe-pu-etre-valide

La remontada de France… it’s like when the U.S. Cavalry was spotted being FUERA DE LUGAR at the Pahá Sápa* in South Dakota. C’est l’Honte!!!

It’s called Video Assistant or Assisted Referee, but the French have not invented that technology yet, so it’s not compatible with the CANAL PLUS / BeIn Sports C.G.I. animated monitos and the result of a match in favor of La France.

In Historical terms that’s like Spain claiming that the Inquisition was not UN FUERA DE LUGAR, coño!!!

Soup Sandwich, nah… it’s been done before.
And Cousin Joe replies:

Ok. Ok, ok, ok!
How about a peanut butter sandwich… in CYRILIC!

Is that it, Cousin Joe? Is that all youse got?
And Cousin Joe, scratches his balls, carefully keeping from the edges of the Lou Costello autograph.

Ok. Ok. Ok, ok, ok!
How about if Alex throws in a few Egg Rolls, but no spaghetti!!!

https ://finance .yahoo .com /news /1-biden-failed-secure-summit-222623725 .html?

I don’t know, Cousin Joe… Yve’s (pronounced like Hives without the letter aitch, which happens to be la hache y la h es muda) is wondering if Peanut Butter Noodles are in the menu…

Profeco warns that it could withdraw Maruchan-type soups and the internet responds with memes

And the Mexican President butts in outlawing “Chinese Noodles” for having no nutritional value so, KNOW! No noodles for you, AUSSIE, true to form AMLO takes full-credit for the Dodgers 9-2 victory over the GIGANTES de San FRAN… Gooooooo, Dodgers!

And KATTY KAY… stay away from THE TRIBE, and at the RISK of BEING GUILLOTINED by the VERY ULTRAS en PARIS:

FRENCH 101… Mick mettre en scène une scène, and just like the one AFTER 9 oh, NINE!!! Nobody paid any attention to “el fuera del lugar”, which in this case is of course THE FUCKING BAR, Charlie

https ://www.insider .com /mick-jagger-unrecognized-at-charlotte-bar-before-rolling-stones-concert -2021-10

Mick Jagger was caught being OFF-SIDE at a dive in THE SOUTH. Stop it Mick! McCa and that UFO Fighter already staged the incongnito outside of a bar.

For the record, The Beatles always had that EYE DON’T KNOW WATT in their act. It’s Trou.

Paul McCartney was turned away from a club. He should be glad
by: Luke Holland
HOLLAND!!! Eye smells a Mexican Staged Act: NO FUE PENAL.
As heard on TATTOO YOU: you’re such an actress you don’t need no acting school, Mick. Sin Celery: “Blackbird“.

Previously on, “Ahora Cuéntame una de OMBREs”

https ://www .wordreference .com /enfr /shadow

Reach for it Ombre.

WADR³ to the NATIONs around The BLACK HILLS in Toulouse…
for the record, this Special Edition of el Día de La Raza is running para-lelos at our media crutch:

Previously on, “Ahora Cuéntame Una de Vaqueros”

This film has Knot been rated, yet… Sin Embargo, in an effort to extend our outreach to Cerf-panthère at the 20minutes dot France Fake-Off Editorial Desk, Öüï would like to dismiss the CLAIM that ENRIQUE PEÑA NIETO was not purchasing burritos at the Mexican Taco Shop at Les Halles (Rue de Cinéma, Level -3, 75001… just below Au Pied Du Cochon)… non-readers of 20minutes.fr FAKE-OFF may request the VIDEO FEED from the authorites at The American-Style Mall framing the FEED from FRIDAY, OCTOBER the 8TH.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/10/10 /politica /pillan-a-lozoya-en-restaurante-de-las-lomas/

Coincidence??? Ask the Mexican Film Fest organizers to confirm… And here is why(¿NO?): Fake Knews and Knowns relay that the best president that PROmexico ever had was enjoying a French Chimichanga in front of Le Forum des Images, now known as The Westfield MAll Image ForumAsk “les fibres (not las fiebres) de ARIANNE, that cyber-bitch recorded Mr. Peña Nieto fibers (sans perruche or blonde bombshell from Bruxells).

The WESTFIELD MALL has a 72-hour policy that states that you (any French Citizen, regardless if you are an Indian or not) can review the CLOSED-CIRCUIT SECURITY FEED from any of the comercial areas in the formerly François TRUFFAUT concession stands. TimeStamp to look for the former BERNARDO Gómez gallo is between Noon and Three in the afternoon of Octubre del Ocho, chavo del toro.