Indeed, Avi Velshi… “It’s symbolic, —of course”

HAPPY FridayIn Reel Time, Donald John Trump now threatens to TAKE OVER his first American City (by military force), waving the use of his personal Attorney GENERAL to charge the real (bad cops) culprits of the Minneapolis blaze and instead, taking over the powers of the governor (Minnesota) and commandeering “weekend warriors”…

Eye is telling you, Donald John Trump is going to sabotage the November General Election.

Nevermind this most non-consequential blog.

Eye can see for Miles and Miles

Eye can see for Miles and Miles .::. 78D28321-B47A-4B71-83FE-025B1E833C55 ⌛️ St. Paul weeps for his Minne.

… [Y]ou, Willie Geist network, keep telling Buzzfeed (fr) to keep on breaking the mirror: HAPPY Friday! Our Gang, follows:

The dictator’s playbook … when History rhymes

If Donald John Trump could burn certain sites, he’d  be a Klu Klux Klansman burning “Love Me Do” after a “Hard’s Day Night” of making Jack Dorsey even richer with every Tweet.

The Only Ones who benefited from all of the Fab Four records thrown into the bonfire — were — the French Wine industry after NIXing the Current U.S. Secretary of Education (Betsy DeVos) brother, from committing lots, and lots, and lots of CASUALTIES of War in the Third (U.S.) Installment of the Wars in Irak.

And as the 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis burns tonight, in California it’s the last ticks of the Eleventh Hour… go to sleep Avi Velshi, go to sleep, and Marq Claxton of The Black Police Allegience, please don’t mix anarchists and ‘provocateurs’ in the same batch, technically, sir, that’s like bundling REPUBLICANS and totalitarians in the same F.B.I. Press Conference.

Adventures in Transliteration : vi ola, viola, y —Voila!

Deer, Ari Melber, this one is dedicated to Cassandra.

Pretérito perfecto

Pretérito perfecto .::. D7E7837A-D437-4907-BEBD-6866E90C5C53 ⛓ or… SIMPLE PAST: YO VI, Tú vistes, Él vio, Ella vio, Ellos vieron, Ellas vieron, Ustedes vieron, Nosotros vimos… ISSY hasta VOSOTROS/VOSOTRAS visteis

Previously on, “If I was a Nigga”

If Eye was a nigga

If Eye was a nigga .::. DCE2C113-6D80-4488-B599-014DE56C021C 🥇 Eye would go to Mexico City in 1968 y VIOLARÍA los protocolos de la comisión… Viola! Which is a sort of violin, a fiddle of sorts to go with the tragedy. ViOlA on the other hand could be an acronym for Voice Of America (il)  with a little “i” and little “l” a REFERENCE TO: him.


VIOLÀ pour vous:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /cultura /2020/05/23 /inolvidable-chaneca-2875.html

Los Ojos de doña Vilma…. una pena que los oídos de esta otra doña no frecuentara al ahora extinto, “Bobar”, igual, a lo mejor habría que contar con una puta boleta del CONACyT o de los fabulosos Amigos de México en Francia; and for those who do not read this most non–consequential blog, you’ll remember that Eye told you (last week) that öüï are going to Cook on Three burners. 

Distinguished professor at Willie Geist’s private institute, Jon Meacham, has the morning off

… because HISTORY rhymes;
ISSY, Cousin Joe,
even in French:

Don't shoot the mirror

Just in time news-padding (en contexto) we were running low on multi–purpose paper for hasty mattress padding. Merci, monsieur Labro, and remember, that öüï don’t choose the news, we just match the “Today in history” part of the page.

https: //rss .cnews .fr /pdf /NEP /20200528

Page 4, Well, Eye just looked in the mirror, and things aren’t looking so good Eye is looking at California, Issy mis negros… Eye is Feeling Minnesota.

Seattle via Soundgarden

Dear, White House Press Secretary, Keyleigh McEnany, good news —you hot spinster piece of Ass— check it out, THE SWISS just approved two positions so that you and Mí can f.u.c.k. in PEACE! Indeed, Keyleigh, we could either RAWDOG paddle-style or, you could do the REVERSE Cowgirl while i spray paint an American Graffiti on your ridiculous Century 21©️ real estate blazers that you sport while you tap dance the U.S. president’s lies. Anyhow, Keyleigh, in the meantime, DO send nudes!

https ://www .dailymail .co .uk /news /article-8358109 /Swiss-brothels-draw-list-coronavirus-safe-sex-positions.html

… Coming up in Adventures in Translation:

Vanilla Sky with a Cherry on Top

Tweet This

From The Front Page of The Internet .::. TWEET THIS .::.
White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told reporters that Trump is expected to sign an executive order aimed at social media companies on Thursday. No details were given about what form it may take.”

https ://old .reddit .com /r /Keep_Track /comments /grxxaj /trump_to_sign_executive_order_limiting_social/

Page ONE, Saudi Arabia is barred from buying the Olympiens de Marseille

Aussi, « €£ Matador » number 9 Ednison Cavani is going to Spain where he will have an opportunity to follow in Hugo Sánchez steps. Qatar let the Charrúa go following the 200th goal mark … y como dicen en Paraguay: ¿y lo baila’o, quién te lo quita?

https ://www .france24 .com /en /20200527 –trump-planning-new-arms-sale-to-saudi-arabia-says-senator

Previously en...

Previously en… Los Héroes de doña Vilma .::. BE28D06C-077F-4278-87E4-D02E0761A1DF 💱💊

No usaras el nombre de “El Che” en Vano

Page 3, Nº 12120 Libération

Make America Great Again

Make America Great Again .::. 6C1BF1D2-6AC9-4867-AC9A-F8FBA3DD99EB 💨 BIG BERTHA follows… the only “tag” that matters for Donald John Trump’s tweets is on his coat’s lapel.


… [A]nd in Marseille, « Raoult is a Che Guevara at our place », aseguran los marselleses y las marsellesas de Marsella, ciudad porteña como la “Heroica” Veracruz y capital mundial de La Legión Extranjera del ejercito francés en ultramar, y en donde el fútbol se lleva en la piel, literalmente. Según la nota, el Profe Raoult ya es más popular que John Lennon y Los Beatles (forget Jesus) en la segunda metrópolis (13000) en Francia después de Paname (75000) y por eso es lógico que las manifestaciones de apoyo (que digo apoyo—de amor) por el investigador inmunológico corran a cargo de “Los Super Winners”, tal vez la barra de hinchas mas grande y desmadrosa del EQUIPO DE FÚTBOL FRANCÉS mas americano en El Mediterráneo: The Olympians de Marseilleinteresting factoid for Willie Geist from the Pasteur Institute in Paris is D.A.T. the current owner of the BLUE CROSS flag that the “Super Winners” wave to support the renegade doctor in the old Port City of Marseille used to hold the KEYS to a little STADIUM at the top of CHAVEZ RAVINE, in Los Ángeles, Californiaand that fucker is a despicable Bostonian,  —probably a stinky Red “Socks” fan.

Yup... Willie Geist is Louis Pasteur

Yup… Willie Geist is Louis Pasteur .::. 37E0E5B0-4D01-464C-9833-B83DE1421957 ⚗️ Willie is a time traveler, and he hates l’Olympique de Marseille (punto y coma) Willie is a fervent Qatar supporter.

https:// fr .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Frank_McCourt_ (homme_d%27affaires)

Page 14, teaser:
Les Américaines remontent au ciel
22h30 CET — postponed

Dear, Tlaloc

Dear, Tlaloc… please relay to Bertha to clear the Sky… Bertha is being a bitch. Launch is NIXed; next window into orbit on Saturday afternoon.

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Page 3, « El Bote » / Dedicated to

Foreword to my favorite French Gendarme:
Louis de Funès

Fall Semester 2020

Fall Semester 2020 .::. B5BD6CD7-DC9F-4964-90EE-6BB0E8117C85 🐤 BRANDING 101 with: professor Tom Friedman… don’t bee late.

For the record, as stated on the « Fiche de Mise a Disposition » with a timestamp of May 25, 2010 at 16h10 in Central Europe Time, please be advised that i, Armando Segovia, (California, U.S.A.) never set foot on La Place de La Concorde; no Sir and/or Madame. The exact place where the gendarme from the 45th Regiment 7th Platoon handcuffed me was at the corner of The United States Embassy 2 rue Gabriel (75008).

Dear, Mr. Dorsey

Dear, Mr. Dorsey… fip called, they want their Logo back!

Technically, La Place de La Concord begins when one sets foot and/or wheels on the traffic circle which, AS EYE HAVE stated previously on this most non–consequential blog, was designed to MIRROR our Solar System in The Milky Way (ref. Scott Onstott) with the traffic mimicking the planets going around Louis XV. This little piece of annotated evidence is important (for the arrest record) given that my CALL TO ATTENTION TO the mocking that Donald John Trump made on Memorial Day weekend of All WHO Made The Ultimate Sacrifice in all of the different fields of battle, including the ones that might be forgotten, like the little SPANISH incident which inspired Mika Brzezinski to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, and Metallica to write FOR WHOM THE BELLS [A]TOLL, was made on AMERICAN SOIL and not on French grounds.

Dear, Jack Dorsey

Dear, Jack Dorsey… stop acting like HENRY FORD, your blind EYE towards Donald John Trump (the citizen) is analogous to Mr. Ford’s support of the Third Reich; and you give my favorite radio station a bad name, you Son of A BItch! Please place a burning piece of Iron where you tagged “fip” on your body and scar yo’self… motherfucker.


Must show Bright Side of Life section:

… “People who know,” know BDU’s

So how’bout it? Mister Jack Dorsey, CEO [One–each] will you buy a Section “A” of the National Newspaper of your CHOICE?

Sur tout circonstances

Sur tout circonstancesfip RadiU.S. .::. 0243CD87-7136-4C57-A2DA-DD084B2B793F ⚰️ Dear, fip freaq’s, this one is dedicated to all WHO cannot wear a black “hoodie” with the Freedom that the Twiiter CEO , Jack Dorsey, does.

32.62 USD +0.28 Closed: May 22, 19:59 EDT • After hours 32.65 +0.030 (0.092%) ⬆️

Just for SHO

Just fo’SHO

Musical Guest: BOSTON

The Brown Album

The Brown Album

The Brown Album — Let U.S. Play

Hey, Katy Kur, what a Day!

Before we get into it, i, armando segovia, leave you with “the” Unknown Soldier… in French, of course. The Site was closed, but for contrast, be advised that Eye has friends in Low Places, check it out:

Context for my nigga Tha God, follows… Eye, know that it is a different context, but the concept is the same, and if you where alive in 1998, then you know what a hell I am talking about, because donald john Trump (with every swing of his golf club) just pissed on the Tomb of our  Unknown Soldier… just like the the SONS of the Mexican politicians that i, armando segovia, originally came [here] to FRANCE to interview, and if given the opportunity, Eye will show you fuckers how it all went down… but FOist, Eye must get drunk, so with your permission: ¡SALUD! We’ll see tomorrow.


El Bote

“El Bote”… jump to page 3, for the rest of the Story. This is a Time–Delayed snapshot from Yesterday; today is Tuesday, May 26th 2020.

Dedicated to the 45th Regiment (or squadron) 7th Platoon of the French Gendarmerie tasked with guarding Donald Trump’s front garden (punto y coma) right next to the Big ol’French Automobile Club.

Intermedio… You are not fooling anyone Fred Armisen

No sir, that Whiter Shade of Pale on your hair does not fool u.s., öüï know it’s you! ISSY, we want more CowBell!!! More Cowbell on Section “A” of The NYT!

… of course you know, the above must be read in a George Carlin voice.


Capitalisme : une histoire d'amour

Capitalisme : une histoire d’amour .::. 3141D328-A72F-48CA-9337-22BCF8423C89 🐃 In collaboration with: Laboratorios Camacho en La Calle Stanton de El Paso, Tejas… “It’s the Economy, Stupide

Narrator: Michael Moore
Client: Chingaderas Quelque Chose

In Sports News:

After Joe Biden selection of VP

Following Joe Biden’s 2020 Ticket choice for running mate, —former Alaska governor, Tina Fey— Political Strategist, James Carvile had no choice but to stick his head on a hole in John Heilemann’s backyard… Would you let him in?

Gooooooooo, Jaguars!

Deer, Jon Meacham:

What James Carvile can’t possibly know is that as a teen, Eye was a Jaguar (punto y coma) across town, at Chaffey H.S., their mascot was a Tiger. So  if you think that the above ⬆️ KC~DC screen “capture” is not in jest, then you need to lighten up, no pun intended, mis negros… para muestra, Alicia Menendez, un cartucho below ⬇️:

se dice afromexicano

Se dice mi hermano afromexicano”, dice en uno de los comentarios (HijuePuta) .::. E94FF47A-C1F8-4B05-9221-BF9066A11A5D ✊🏽 Once again Joshua Johnson: Don’t—Shoot—The—Mirror.

…https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /gpvf44/cuando_en_la_plaza_de_la_computacióny_no_sé_si/

Hey, Lenard… Page Two

It’s 16h in Central NATO Times

And blessings to you too

… and Blessings to you too, Sir. For the record, now that the Joy interview is over, those were good questions that Biden’s Staff interrupted; having stated D.A.T. .::. 3A514BF9-E88F-48D2-9395-C339EA8E44D4 ✊🏽 … let Mí address that Jonathan Capehart fellow, you know, —for context, even though Michael Harriot and Them Roots will never read  IT! —_•!•_— … [A]nd Negrita, you were not missing the text on your teleprompter. Eye gave Tha God a chance to speak.

… So, Mr, Capehart; for contrast —not context— here’s a little homework if only to set the stage for what is about to be broken down, NOW, because this little ditty goes back to October of 2010, and it coincides with the time when I was trying to CALL attention to an issue that as of today has killed more people than the Coronavirus and all of the recent American foreign wars (since we are celebrating MEMORIAL Day Weekend) be advised that part of it will be used in a French Court of administrative law as an argument for my defense in a DEPORTATION order. Not because i, armando segovia, wish to remain among the Frogs, truth be told, Eye thinks that The Very French despise Mí, but fuck’em, Eye is not going out like That, but instead of going on–and–on and on about Sabotage, let’s take it suavecito (mi negra) for the rest of this Quadrant of Tierra’s Sunday night…

So, with the permission of Eli Stokols of the LOS Angeles Times (featured in the dentils of the screengrab above ⬆️ next to Velshi) please compare the issues that El Piolín de Univision is complaining about to President Obama (punto y coma) and then Eye will Type–for—No-one, the Contrast for my nigga’s at The Root. And since El Piolin would have  never played the following on his show (at the time in 2010) we [the staff of this most non consequential blog] pay tribute to the guy who brought you one of the most beautiful anthems of the Chicano Culture, as the SinEmbargo* crew in México pointed out:

https ://latimesblogs .latimes .com /washington /2010/10/ transcript-of-president-barack-obama-with-univision.html

It’s 4 p.m. in Eastern Standard Time

… so, Reparations. Alicia Menendez and her panel are not going to hate Mí for this, because they will never read this; check it out, Eye has seen this movie too, somewhere on the files of this wordpress there is the exchange that Eye had with a Mexican lawyer, from Acapulco, no less. who told me about the long, long, long – long trail to recuperate what could never be an analogy of reparations for Braceros, no sir, but in the contrast of this One–sided conversation it’s spot on what happens if the African diaspora to America (sin Acento) ever gets them D.A.R.E. reparations. Anywhen? Charlamagne, let’s flip it over to Page Three to resume where this motherfucking one-side conversation left off, OUTFRONT.

Give this man a medal

Give this man a medal, period — he’s a porn star lover, aussi. —_•!•_— For the Record, Blaise Pascal just manifested to Mí that spending a segment on POLITICS Nation with the Reverend Al Sharpton* counts for going to Church on Sunday… A—Men!

P.S.: Mr. Capehart, we [the staff] will be cooking on three burners to accommodate your plate but, motherfucker, Eye will not take his GadDamned chanclas off. No Sir, the chanclas stay on… do you Fancy canary, Mr. Capehart, we’ll be having Piolines enchayotados with Collard greens.

* … for the record Charlemagne, The Rev. Al is an honorary Mexican, “Here, There, and Everywhere”, and if you get this reference, then you’ll know that that this is not my first rodeo; just ask Bill Picket.  I wonder if you know the Art of the bullfight, Charlemagne, check it out, Let Mí, introduce you to: LA Veronica… “What can BROWN do for you?”.