🎶 Monday, Monday… deer, Ashley at BFM’er

Please Standby for « petit ceinture » …

“Don’t turn your back on me, baby
You just might pick up my magic sticks ».

Key word is Of course, les 🥖’ettes, period.


It’s Black History Month… only on the BBC. 😉 82E928C9-FB75-4772-BC56-1376B336A36A 🛰 Well, well, well… look who just rode in on a cha•riot of white horses, tell you what, Mme. Chevalier, i didn’t expect you to pop-up at the start of the Last Holiday Monday of the Trump administration; what a surprise, and it just so happens that today is Martin Luther Jr., Observance Day (all They–and all of the Knight), but since Serendipity put you in on today’s script please relay to the weekend regular, Mme. Storme, that a bunch of loops without a belt is no way to Hitchhike one’s way across a galaxy; if Perrine was not going to wear her belt on Sunday morning, she should have called and i could have suspended (with suspenders) her animation. Jeez-Whizz.

Previously on, The Stay Up Late version of The Piggly Wiggly in CaNaDa:

France reminds Canada that food sovereignty for the French is not Mexican sub-soil goodies to stick their filthy pied de cochon on the monopoly of violence… wait, scratch that “the monopoly of prices”.

https ://www .bloomberg .com /news /articles /2021-01-17 /couche-tard-faces-investor-grilling-after-aborted-carrefour-deal


Tell Saint Peter at The Golden Gate
That he’s gonna have to wait
ˋCus i just gotta smack James CarVile in the head 🗯 E5A60408-BD7F-4632-BC70-F0017A2E2723 🤾🏽‍♂️ Thank You for smoking… and please don’t panic on  LIVE ON THE “Hey, Hallie Jackson Show”, it’s just the Outoors Soggy Bottoms Bums… yeah, Buddy, there’s a new Shelter Dog in Town.

Mr. Laske @ Mediapart, i am almost there; approaching hypotenuse at Technicolor… Wait 2, because in WAWA Land, James CarVile is trying to sabotage the color line, it’s not as bad as dressing up like Donnie Deutsch-es-es Dental Cleaning bureau secretary (please refer to Perrine belt-less polyester pants loops) but dear doG!!!

—_~!~_— They Call It Riding the Gravy Train

48 Hours for Trump to cease being a part of Air Force ONE. “It’s 5 o’Clock… somewhere”, or as the troops in-and-around WaWa Land relay: it’s 17 hundred hours in Central Nato Times—and in Russia, well, in Russia no pasa nada. Right now it’s time for The Melvins on Dateline, so check the date because today Öüï looped through Perrine Storme’s-es belt-£€$$ loopholes to Thursday, January 14th of 2021… Nº 23717, check the date—Mate!

Of Course She Is… “that wild bitch”… [I]n all Sí-Rius_Ness, Mme. Storme, you make 1976 look swell with that no compromise Riviera-Disco shirt.

You Are Going To Like The Way You Look, period!

Couche-Tard with them Canucks… it’s a « No Go » zone

“goD has a Word for that³ »:

They are going to tell you that the monopoly of prices (Monoprix en Brasil) and the Canadian version of the Piggly Wiggly (Couche Tard) PACS* is both a financial and sanitary restrictions cooperative…

And still to come, if she so desires on or at around noon, the Front National guide-on Marine La Pluma… for the occasion, BFM’er TV prepared an opposites-parallels capsule showcasing the one thing that Them United States of America guarantees with Liberty and Fuscas¹ for all… titled:

Oh, the fuck’n IROny, Yasmin!
is it just the Circle of spots²?

The good thing is that one of Donald Trump’s executive legacies will include the reduction in troops in the territories where Liz Cheney’s dad made a lot of bucks. 🐇 In context, the good U.S. Representative-at-Large for the same state where her dad used to lay telephone line (Why-oh-ming) is probably atoning for her father’s excursions; or maybe Madame Representative is the King Slayer that motivated Mayor Giuliani to call “trial by combat”… I mean, this people have Sex With Their Parents³.

But FO’ist it’s another edition (for the FO’ist time) of, “What The Fuck, Yasmin Vassoughian?”… WTF, Yas? Starring Yassmin Vassoughian.

We begin WTF, Yas? With our favorite Saturday and Sunday morning cartoon of Lindsey Reiser… LINDSEY!!!, HEY, LINDSEY… meet me at the corner of Marvin and Gaye for Military Vehicle Identification refresher course, but FO’ist, let’s take a closer look at our favorite Generals, over—

[Radio Silence, or Listening Silence Fa-Fa-Follows]

“Esta’z laïs—toria DEA-un Gato (punto y coma) está el Gato Tom, está Don Gato… pero todo el Mundo Quiere Ver?”… Anyone?, anyone?, David Jolly? Anyone? Which Cat does the world wishes to see? — Anyone?

—_*_— Cienfuegos update

Lorem ipsum Dolores Hidalgo Chingue A Su Madre El/La que deje Algo

Say there Mª Teresa Kumar what ever happened to the former Mexican president, Enrique de Jesús Peña Nieto’s, military bodyguard? M’ember him? You know who i mean, right? The one that Minister Ebrard succeeded to get a PARDON for; m’ember him? He was nabbed in El Ey by the D.E.A. while he (the military guarda espaldas) was shopping for this and that. Man, that Marcelo Ebrard is a heck of a diplomat, proving that Mexico, like the Very French, never leave a political picke in a foreign jail.

💯🔥 🆙📆 —_*_—

🗣 Medhi Hassan built my Hot-Rod… it’s a love affair, mainly Medhi and my Hot Rod… [Yeah, fuck it].

… and then Black Spy’s boss-man, Jim Cavanaugh, sends the ol’Irish “nick-o’the thumb on the lower lip signal”, tell me Sir, who does good in prison? The privileged crooks that’s who. How many of those did you frame into a cell?

Heck the only individual that love prisons are the same MotherFuckers who have the monopoly of confiscation on the highway, Junior Brown, you know the kind, these unionized thugs with a badge will confiscate the tuition CASH of anyone who does not look like a full-grown trust fund baby, especially in the South… How Do You Think, Lindsey Riser, that them HOT WHEELS in police regalia comes from Tax Paying Dollars?… Silly, Wabbit, tax paying Dollars are reserved for the most Violent Political Party in God’s dying Earth and they go by the name: The Republicans. And yes, check the TALE of The Tape; pound for pound the most Wars on Record since the IV F.R. was dissolved and later occupied; ask Ah-nold Corn[s] from “The Church of Man Love”, Ah-Nold will tell produce a video for ya’. This is WHO öüï Are.

On a serious note: HEY, LINDSEY! That last interview that you and your sidekick just finished, was a Ray of Light on your last Trump Era Talking Head post. Good comeback on that advertorial for a failed prison system, in the form of experts from a former failed system cop.


1. Fuscas: Let’s ask the Diccionario de Mexicanismos Mexicanos de La Academia Mexicana de la Lengua Mexicana de los mexicanos… De Aztlán. De arranque, Raquelito, you can CHECK with Pulitzer Prize Winner, Eugene Robinson, —he will tell you that in Sao Paulo, a FUSCA is a German Beetle.

2. Spots: This of course are the Television spots; The Evil Television spots; for mor on that, here’s El Gato Volador, and the tale of “Don Gato y su pandilla”.

3. “It’s, Hey Motherfucker! »: según Lou Reed.


Deer, Anand Giridharadas… Day 4 Ehécatl (Wind) is in progress

Another They at The Wacky Races

Advertisement: 2020 F1 Tyres specs
Classification: Full Wet Tyres
Nomenclature: Cinturato BLUE Wet
Technical trivia: This babies can evacuate 85 litres of water per second per tyre at 300kph, period!

Pacheco nm Last name that probably means THEM who smoke Marihuana; pronounced: Pa’Checo.

Breaking the races on Day 4 Olín (Movement) on the BFM TV racing team. Sadly, the operator-end of the inter tubes providers placed a HEX on the race currently unfolding on the hypotenuse of the aforementioned Technicolor Block where Issy meets Paris; in the middle, un perro en el periférico, mi “Pancha”, me lo dijo El Profeta del Nopal.

Mythos has it, that a Gray Wabbit jumped out of the La Luna when Georges Méliès stuck a pod on the Right-Eye of The Man on The Moon; LEGEND (n°3) told Mí that the waskaly wabbit was last seen marauding along the tracks of La Porte de Versailles. .:. D1A60732-80CA-4300-9392-EB6A364AE999 🐇

Of course you know… this means GWAR!!!

Page 2: For context… So, mr. BFM’er controller, you may be able to shut the Stream up, that’s a fact… but have you realized that less reputable sites than yours, get it? Less reputable than the RTL* signal actually show the entire BFM.FR box, not just the part above the sub-header strip; and WHY, why is it that all of the other media in your arsenal is working fine, except for your LIVE-EVIL stream, Perrine, Why? Do you want Mí to head over to KISS TV? Because you know that Eye will take you there, —if you D.A.R.E., Ms. Storme.

Now, you’ve heard about La Ficha Amarilla, La Ficha Verde, and now Ladies in Gemini in the synodic revolution of the Planet Venus, BEHOLD:

La Ficha Azul Vs. La Ficha Blanca

But FO’ist, we switch it over the Atlantic where Lindsey Reiser, (La Ficha Blanca) punished Ted Cruz’es-ese Harvard professor on account of churning that sonovabitch out onto Kay Street and into the TEXAS abyss of backasswardness called the “G.O.P.. Issy, professor Billy EskRidge ii, just lost his chair. Professor Willy E.R. Jr., now has to conduct all interviews standing up… because if the Watchers of “The Temple” can’t sit down (until an authorized by law smoke break) they’ll be damned if they let the condemned bum(s) have a rest.

This section is sponsored by The Swiss Watch…

The Swiss, more neutral than a Panama Papers Jack.

Meanwhile in WaWa Land, progress is beginning to take baby steps, in an unprecedented curve an Attorney General sues the Police Department; will the Courts follow?

Over at a very dark part of the Sideral timeframe Black Spy is relaying to International Triple “Asymmetric” Track broadcaster, Avi Velshi, the conditions of the closed CCTV circuit; this can only mean one thing, find out about it after La Curva de las TRES (in CET).

… AND OH, Snap! There goes another Euzkadi Radial, the asphalt just got hot. Team Black has entered the race, and Tiff Cross just got sponsored by John Player Special, smoke’em if you got’em.

Okie Dohkie, Anand Giridharadas, it’s time to make sense of all of today’s frames and never forget why the Scalextric®️ triangulation on the Carrera®️ track is set at the BFM’er TV siege, —on the Technicolor®️circuit.

It’s curfew crunch-time so i will loop again after the PIT STOP to make sense of not all, but definitely some of y’all… so, Witt that in mind, TIFF•any•CROSS Mitt R•G•B, period, CMYK is on another track.


What’s with the grillos, Chuck? Where were/was the Capitol brass during the conference?

In Context, CongresSenatoraldermanManager O’Donnell, LAWrence, one-each… our Lorde Chuck Todd was interviewing an inter-tubes expert (the kind that studies the user-end section of the content within the intertubes, not the Legacy nuts and bolts of the machines). Or as Giridharadas says, the Mike Barnicles of infrastructures.

And did you just do a somersault over the Clinton Church pipe anecdote from like 48 hours ago?

Anyhow, in New York, New York is Five Theys before a new Circle of “güeys” takes over Chuck Todd’s Republic while in Evry, Île-de-France the count is at T-minus 4 Theys to Close a Circle and start a new scroll.

In any case, Peter Baker, do give our regards to Susan Page on The BriWi Show.

With D.A.T. in Mind, this the last of the Trump Era Weekend Editions… Yeah, Buddy.

PostData: is the “My Pillow” guy still paying the bills of NBC by way of advertisement for “the american dream”, you know, the one that you have to be asleep at the wheel to rig.

Etched in STONE WORDS never resonated louder and MOORE true, and let the record show that we agree with the cop who nearly got shot with his own government-issued hand gun:

If you helped me, Thank You; but if you were [in on it*] there, FUCK YOU.

* [Caged lettering] emphasis is mine, and mine only.

15 de enero, 2021 — To They, it’s your birthday

🎶 Yes we’re going to a party party
Yes we’re going to a party party
Yes we’re going to a party party

The Rutles

Previously on, “Son molinos, no te oyen, —don Quijote”.

So, about Mr. Robinette, eh‽ For the record, the man does have the “fontanería” connection in Ireland, m’ember his cousin the plumber? So that may begin to explain why the “GRIFA” in the middle of Joseph -and- Biden was chosen as his middle initial; in this blog, a “joint” or connection of that degree merits the use of a Tesseract or, a hypercube, not a Venn Diagram. Now the question that needs answering (to show just how ridiculous a gender-neutral neologism really is, neta que sí) … anyhow, Dra. Muñiz, a mi lo que me para los pelos de mi calva cabellera es el hecho de que yo no tengo lecho; pero eso es otro rollo, ahorita lo que yo quiero saber, es PORQUÉ Xingados no aparecen los grifos ni las grifas (o en su Chingado defecto, grifx, en ese mentado diccionario de “Mexicanismos” mexicanos, particularmente ahora que México está por convertirse en el mayor exportador de GRIFA para los GRIFOS en el exterior, eh? A ver, porqué no haber Grifos en su nueva institución??? FUENTE de l’actualité para poder TRIANGULAR la relevancia de mis marihuanadas va por aquí Ayman Mohyeldin: https ://www .aljazeera .com /economy /2021 /1 /12 /mexico-moves-to-create-worlds-largest-legal-cannabis-market

Robinet: m grifo, llave. DONC(key)… Robinette, because of the suffix “ette” must be the female equivalent in the form of a “canilla”, look it up. And thank you for SMOKING IN THE BOYS ROOM.

Source: Gran Diccionario [Español-Francés Français-Espagnol] LAROUSSE 2005. Larousse Paris. Page 598 from Robert (Roberto) to ROM (Read Only Memory), period!

Pues bien, o quizás tal vez mal pero de cualquier manera “Las fuentes y derivaciones de las raíces de las ramas », o algo así, nos sincronizó con la noticia salida desde Flint, Michigan, y pues ahora voy a tener que encestar, (no confundir con ‘incestar’ porque esa palabra aún se desconoce por SciencesPo) un grifo en la Academia de Mexicanismos mexicanos, para la nueva sacerdotisa de esa institución, la profesora Angelina MuñizHuberman… con su permiso, Doctora.


“A mountain to climb for Joe Biden,” according to London, and “Little Havana” hit-man Steve Schmidt wants to make The President-elect backpack heavier with every fucking step. Nice. Very nice, Mr. Schmitty. Nice.

Deer, David Aronberg… do you really want to go there? And Willie Geist, did Donnie Deutsch’s friend (Michael Dean Cohen) get to have Whole Foods®️ while at the Country Club? Try again Mr. West Palm Beach, try again, “law man” unless you are saying that Florida correctional facilities are kin to Turkey’s prisons. If it’s good for the convicted bankers and the sentenced “good felons” it should be good for the incongruent vegans who wear dead animal heads as props.

In Context: the guy dressed as Davy Crockett with little bull horns during the January 6th storming of Capitol Hill was arrested for trespassing into the Nation’s Capitol. That guy, according to The Mor-Jo Show is requesting vegan food. A Florida State Attorney mocks the prisoner telling the audience that in prison there is no “Whole Foods” (only fractions of scraps, mr. Atty. Gral.?) thus pissing at the same time on the grave of every POW or prisoner in a gulag-style or AMERICAN PRIVATELY OPERATED/owned prison. BECAUSE THAT GUY IS NOW a captured “enemy combatant”, right? It’s BY-The-NUMBERS processing or, put that sumbitch in front of a firing squad.

Tell you what, Cousin Joe, go ahead and misinterpret the following screen-capture, go ahead BANG and BlaME; i will say again, blame me for the other news of The They.

And, Mika Bee… it is ONE THING when your co-host Screams the rhetoric about whatever is ailing him, it’s quite another when the guy with the Monopoly of Violence puts out a statement that supports cruel and unusual punishment; otherwise The Viet Cong wins, and you lounge on The Maverick’s grave… but Yeah, Willie Geist (with a Capital “Y”) shoot’em all and let Uncle Sam sort’em out. Remember, now Kasie Hunt, i am just a guy with a Reddit account and a stupid blog, not the guy who can lock some deplorable “du jour” quack and then throw away the key… “[S]ome men you just can’t reach, so you get what we had [here] Last Week; which is the WAY he WANTSSO He Gets! I don’t like it, anymore than you do,” Axl Rose.

Or, when it comes to the insurrectos del Día de Reyes, just shoot’em. Fuck’em, and fuck the process. Kill them all as soon as you round them all in. You, Mr. Aronberg are today’s recipiente for the Hillary Clinton deplorables award, congratulations, sir.


GRIFX for the LatinX potheads: https ://www .aljazeera .com /economy /2021/1/12 /mexico-moves-to-create-worlds-largest-legal-cannabis-market

We now return to: las pencas nuevas que al maguey le broten, —my Brother

Kiicking ass while kickin’ it to the beat »…

Hello! if you are just tuning in, know that it is not, i repeat, this is not:
– “a” facebook
– “a” Twitter
– “a” Tumbler
– “a” Snapchat
– or any encrypted social media application…
🚰 C4848F85-873B-4EE1-8091-DCA8C450E049 ♒️ This here, my dear BFM TV and CNEWS Matin consumers is a Blog. It is not a GoDaddy blog, it’s a WordPress®️ Blog. And for the record, the expressed written opinions are mine. All of this these expressions (👺) are based on anecdotal and documented evidence… of course, to get away with IT, one must be from Boston, from Oxford, or just plain OLD French. In other words if the horse you rode strides on a different trot, no amount of treaties, accords, or plain old Government Instructions between NATIONS is a match to municipal clerk WHO IS JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS from the NATIONAL Police. Talk (buzz–buzzz) about it like little fucking working bees, or ASK me about itin other words, Counselor, don’t work your imagination if you don’t know how to tie a knot on a Venn Diagram or criss-cross the faces on a Hypercube.

https ://imdb .com /TITLE /tt1764272/

For the record, i stopped asking why a few months ago, especially when it comes to the themes and wherever these take us. Por ejemplo, Raquelito:

Unless you have a LEAK on your staff pipeline, you have to explain to Congressman Lawerence O’Connell how it is that your theme in three-hours time is going to feature a Michigan “G•R•I•F•O,” and from Moore•Town, —no less.

But, Rachel, nevermind the SOURCE, the Venn Diagram here deals with that COUNTY COURT HOUSE case THAT STARTED it, all. It was KNOT family court, but stay with me (in a few you’ll be able to make heads from tails so that the msnbc monkees can beef-up their content… for FREE), and Cousin Joe, about those WaWa Cooler bets with Willie Geist, you better pay the “bookie” before his imagination runs-out.

Now about the Screen-grab of Natasha Bertrand enjoying a Chinese bearded pony ride, you must cross The Atlantic to decipher that.

Take el ocho de la Paz, or as Vilma Fuentes used to call him, don Octavio Paz y su rodeo « etched in Stone », y por eso let’s take a ride on The Interstate and listen to this song in your PODs.

[Circle Jerk etched in stone goes here… mañana]

… [I]t is Wan in the Moore’ning, and Deer Joy Anne Reed, Öüï’s going to switch it over to Class Six, if you know Morale[S] and Welfare… but before we go, know that we were NOT INVITED HERE, we asked for permission FO’ist, which happens to be different than a Word in the Wind… i actually have the paper trail to sing Joaquín Murrieta’s song where er Eye Goes.

To celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s., Birthday, the GOOGLE DOODLE properly featured the Inventor of a game called Basketcase.

For those who don’t know, Joaquín Murrieta no era chileno—ni extraño… SERRANO sí, chileno no.

P.S. For Shizzle, Natasha. FO’shizzle.

🎼🎹 Whatever Mitch McConnell wantS, Mitch McConnell deGETte

Jueves, 14 d’Enero, 2021

Deer, Rep. Adam Schiff, please be advised that cualquier parecido con nuestra triste realidad, is probably because unlike the Trump Republican guard i was a Pathfinder in Representative Cheney’s dad original “petit coup”, o como dicen Les Franglais-es-esos, the one and only “Robinette*”  … Issy, gaD#Em—it! Eye always said that them National Guards weekend-warriors had no fucking discipline, and even less imagination to catch some Z’zzzs. 🚰 Well, you’ve HO’id about the Commando 450, 🗯… it’s Knot one of those, and please, Congressman, don’t shut the Tap just because you don’t like the Water Boy .:. Going to California (French Consulate 2010) goes here.

Adventures in Translation for the LatinX impaired.

But FO’ist!!!
The BrïWï checks in at the
Shannon Pettypiece Hypnosis Clinic
hilarity ensues when Shannon tells BrïWhy
Eyes Above The Shoulder,
You Helicopter polizón–you.

El grifo de Biden

Hola, Kasie! i am going to let you figure it out (all on your lonesome) what the grifo on the Swimming Pool means, Issy, the Stoner is the good guy and the poatriot pat… riot is, well you know. For the record, Kasie, Clinton’s Church is currently in the process of blowing the “dust bunnies out of the Organ pipes, i got there when the fingers where on the “agudos” Ivory keyboards… by 11 am, in Saint Germain Photo Expo 2021 (left ((behind)) bank) were moaning with the very “graves” moaning of the deep tone of Ebony chiming in… just the Facts Ma’am.

Season 4 End / Inauguration Episode 1

Good Morning World, did you happen to catch how Donald John Trump got away with a clean slate, WHO knows, perhaps the Commonwealth of Kentucky will house the Donald John Trump presidential library. Witt this in mind, the only thing uglier than this foundation pouring is Republican hitman Rick Wilson… an ugly sonovabitch who stole Teeny Tiny Cat’s portrait from the Louvre, The LOUvre, —Omar Lupin! The fucking LOUvre… or, maybe just as horrific are the « lovely » American nazis at the Walmart on aisle 6 with all of them made in china patio Torches… you’ve come a long way, West Virginia; just like West “Pompeo” Point and, “Thank you for smoking* ».

* Thank you for smoking was Donnie Deutsch's-es-es defense for the tobacco industry Camel Toe Camel Joe advertisement campaign directed toward teens in the 1980´s... [I]t was the parents responsibility to educate their kind, said the msnbc walking adVert.

Note to California Foreign (legion) Intelligence Representative Adam Schiff… please don’t mix Aquarius into the Billy Madison repertoire, Sir. Now because, i happen to be of no consequence please be advised that if, and only if—you believe that WaWa gets no enemy, according to The President of Africa (ibid), then you cannot blame the water carrier, because if you do, then you are shooting the messenger (in another world) WHO brings you the news of the noose.

Now because i did factor in the Wild G.O.A.T. on LSD* (just scroll down this same rabbit-blog) Eye is knot going to hold it against you but watch your ass, Congressman Shiff, or Governor Le Petomane will be forced to cut your Hollywoodland contract… “at The Pass”, Congressperson**, —at the pass.

The Watch List and The List Watchers… don’t kid yourself, Nicole Wallace, you of all people should know that the only one that touches Ivanka and Jarred is Donald John Trump; and Witt that in mind… you know that when the “watch lists” were initially beef-up, the watchers filled it with Family court cases… and there was a reason for it, it kind of resembles the tuna/atún fisheries that indiscriminately trapped whatever fell prey to the MAN’s sirens and their nets. Issy, Jason Johnson, inform that Nick Confessori that this is being written for an audience of Wan.  .:.  Keep shooting the messenger, please. Go ahead, re-load.

Still to ride:
A Band of Horses
DILLY… 🐎 … [I]t really took a Tall one to see it*, Two to believe it, Three to JUST Get In The Way.

* James Comey


And in WaWa Land, Ayman Mohyeldin discovers Venn Diagrams. It’s true, as sure as 10 motherfuckers testing positive every 10 minutes SIX minutes for COVID-19 just as Paris is getting ready to cover the flame at 18h starting on Saturday Night, live.

Right now it is 2112 in CET, and Tom Sawyer, was a mean-mean warrior id•deed.

Still to come .:. Test 1, Test 2, Test 3… The student must show his or her WO’ik. 📐 Issy, that light is shining direction East, y la doña Me Dici qui Nostradamus, —was a fag, period!

* Capricorn for those out of the loop with an Ah’Nold Cornucopia church of manlove.

** Corrected for the LatinX impaired.

https ://www .wordreference .com /enfr /faucet

Agüita Amarilla — that’s What Javier said

👨🏽‍🚀 Let’s dance
Put on your red shoes and dance the blues 🎵

Well, how ´bout that, space-aged wine, what will the Frogs think of next!

And to paraphrase la Casablanca, now that Öüï know that Mel Brooks is out of the bottle, here’s a celebre quote to show La Fuente; m’ember now, “se hacía grandote–se hacía chiquito”:

“Of All The Ginned-up GOLFOS In All The Towns 7 mares In All The World, She Makes A Big Splash Into Mine.”

But wait! That crash-landing on our lovely Golfo de México didn’t even reach the radar; knot like that other time when wine was drained down the gutters, literally, Rachel Maddow.

Por ejemplo, Raquelito, not to be outdone by a recent Revelation on the Güey Too Early wave about the Dee•En•Ey of Michigan’s Democrat Representative, Elissa Slotkin, Kasie Hunt revealed that Mars grand-daddy on the madre side is none other than Gorge Thorogood. Issy, KC-DC drinks alone, all they–and–all of the knight.

And in WaWa Land, it’s another edition of MoBrooks, Mo’ Brooks, and —¡más trucha d’arroyo, mi general! Las sardinas (troops) are catching some much needed R.E.M. maintenance… because WHO is keeping track, right? Or could you really-really write this shit up in advance, eh?

Rodeo, del verbo rodear 🤠 EF554FB7-3D01-427A-92B4-D61A8C8491F6 🧶 Still to come en este jaripeo is “The hand-off”, starring Claire McCaskill.


What came FO’ist, LARIAT o La RIATA?

TAN–ta Riata TE-ntra
TEN-tre Tan-ta Riata
TAN–ta Riata TE-ntra
TEN-tre Tan-ta Riata .:. DD106C38-C5E9-4AF7-8A04-A3EE7803CF84 .: 🎶🗣 Cuándo me traes a Mí Negra que la quiero Ver Aquí… con su RE-VOZoh de seda que le traje de TE•Pick.

The Revolution will KNOT be Televised!!!

On Replay. Will Knot be televised. Will Knot be televised. Will Knot be televised. Will Knot be televised. Will Knot be televised. Will Knot be televised, Will Knot be televised. Will Knot be televised…

And still to come: Maradona did not die, he just multiplied, just LIKE el Che.

Sleep Well, my Siren… Toi•di Ayer•Pr, o como dice Nick à la cave: it’s an anagram at the Galleon Ship… 🍷👩🏻‍🚀👨‍🚀