La Última Hora (AD”)

If “surmonter” is French for, to seat on top (of the Cabin, Thom)… What happens when Ewe adds a « De » to the Verb in Transition?

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /club-jazzafip-du-mardi-25-janvier-2022

Previously on the tale about a waitress from Natchez working at a biker roadhouse in the Great State of Mississippi…

Let’s ask Leonardo DiCaprio… that motherfucker! That dumb sumbitch is like the current “expert” in all things FINAL, just look what he did to La Vaquita Marina in Cabo Wabo, San Lucas. Leo ate the last Mexican Vaquita de Mar. Indeed he did.

In Local Motion News, fip fired Alexandre Desurmont. Fuck You Denis Soula, you fuckin’ Mexican!!! Have you no Soul?

Alexandre Desurmont began his career as a Radio DeeJay delivering baguettes to Pete Best in Hamburg.

Desourmont kept the sirens (them sluts) in line, and to celebrate the axing of the jazz spinner, Radio France is having an all-out orgie at la rue Saint-Opportune… the humanity.

“Hasta La Vista, Baby”… You’ve been Terminated.

Live from The Pershing Memorial Sports Complex Headquarters and HHC à Vincennes Prison in Paris Foxtrot Romeo

ISSY, Eye is more indian Than You, Eye’s lineage dates back to LOS TOBOSOS de CUATROCIENEGAS, how’bout yours, PROSPECTor? And/Or, as a matter of fact, Öüï’s grampa used to chop suey APACHES for breakfast, TROU 🕳️ Story 🪐. Ask any Chichimeca del SOL AZTECA.

https ://www .msnbc .com /morning-joe /watch /wajahat-ali-releases-an-elegy-for-the-rest-of-us-who-are-still-not-considered-american -131638341635

East side Parc Floral_ 25 d’enero, 2012

Basket case from Scarborough Fair.

In Florida, the illegitimate bastard child of Robert DiNero, Mark Caputo, just confirmed that Florida is really nothing more than an extension of AlaBamA.

And to commemorate the Eve of Black History Month, a seamless relay between The Eastern Pennsylvania Girls and The Western Pennsylvania Girls is in effect.

In NYC, “wine on my shoes” is CODE for MadDogXX-XX march. The Gotham City Mayor likes to Party All The Time


Hey D.A.R.E., Little Tigers…

Still to come on fip at Le Théâtre de Los Dos Pueblos:


Journée défense et citoyenneté. Camp Neuf .

Starring, Tom Cruz as: Bambina

Cher FIP, sachez que le refuge pendant les heures de fermeture est une toilette, pas votre putain de tanière.

Told y’ALL D.A.T. Eye is Blacker than YOU, Supreme negro in The Supreme Court of The House of Prescott Bush… and, Ginny, you are wearing Janus color, and you make it look like the colour of Grey Poupon from Dee Yon.


Translated from Trafamadorian using DEEPL™

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki/Tralfamadore

From the makers of “Jazz is for fags” and “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

Well, you’ve HO’id about the Summer of Soul… It’s kind’a like that, but for younger roots.

… If Questlove is going to do like Willie Geist and stay in bed, Öüï has no choice but to bring out The Kids in The Hall, —güey.

And here’s why, Mr. Quest, you don’t get to criticize a Tux on Stage just because Mongo Santamaría is dressed for the occasion, and the Family of Sly Jones dressed like they’ve just got out of a Salvation Army second-hand store.

It’s like THIS, if you can’t even get out of your Scooby-Doo jammies to promote the so-called Black Woodstock, then you need to plan your promos on MIKA Standard Time, which is High Noon on The Jimmy Fallon Show… in Hawaii, 18h in Pompeii.

2 min pause

And, Cousin Joe, please don’t show your big ugly mug on Deadline, right now it’s time for your Nantucket siesta.

Pasa la rocha!

Aquí y en China, la cucaracha ya no puede caminar… Cuál parade, ni que ocho Fat Tuesday’s!

And, starring as Eddie Gloude Jr.:




Intermedio con page Tú — Jazz is for fags

Chano Pozo walks into a bar

RT France 24 janv. 2022, 14:06- Avec la colaboración de “la bendita” Agence France Presse. Eye is a FAUCIST, and Fauci is star… you circus animals. GOT Yer’ Horse dewormer medecine yet? Don’t forget to SPRINKLE your favorite fishbowl supplements on your RONALD RAOULT french fries.

_ [H]ilarity ensues when La MEP³ sends him to The Congo
instead of delivering him to Las Congas.
ISSYEye is blacker than Ewe.

³.~ https ://www .mep-fr .org /event /swinguerra/

Domingo en Kalifas!

Over in Eastern Pennsylvania, Mika is covering all things OTAN.

https ://francais .rt .com /international /95080-otan-envoie-bateaux-avions-supplementaires-europe-est

Peskov does not approve,
and Willie Geist don’t care
Willie followed Cerf-panthére’s advice

And in WaWa land, an HisToric FO’ist!

15 microphones and a 40°, according to the Root on a ReRun of a morning Late night show. —!—_—¨
Fakir n° 97, page Tú “Les Petites Mains”, ibid.

Ahmir Khalib Thompson, dit Questlove, or something like that,
becomes the FO’ist Philadelphian to be featured on the MORJO SHOW sans noir… it’s an all Blanche panel in Western Philadelphia.

Previously on “The History of Social Control” on the JDD

con información de Le Journal de La Mancha

Autoformation: road signs.


All we are sayin’, is that all of a sudden, the good frogs at Le Journal du Dimanche are anticipating explanations to [catch Ewe] by surprise… but only if you don’t know the one about José de Las Fuentes Rodríguez (en el fondo de la forma de CUBA).

Sor presa y Sus Ananas Puvedas

https ://elpais .com /mexico /2022-01-20 /porfirio-munoz-ledo-asegura-haber-sido-propuesto-como-nuevo-embajador-de-mexico-en-cuba .html

Jump to Intermedio con page Tú.

Memo to Memo [Brut media] : go to Lagrange near the Oldest árbol on the 5éme

The first quaestor of the Assembly has finally enlightened us : the boss would run a multinational company underwater… [in Australia, later during the Fall of 2021, maybe.]

No such thing as “redemption songs” for fallen Swan Songs, nonetheless Öüï has to fullfil the book… and CLEO LAINE (1957 via Cerf-panthére N° 3699), regarding your REAL GONE label and your song, “T’ain’t what you do (It’s the way that Cha do it)” on the Sunday afternoon fip dot ef er programming, please be advised that La Ruffin Corporation Inc., is aware of your persuassion² to encourage your janitors to be motivated by “Passion” rather than “that slippery slope” called « greed ».

².~ Fakir n° 97, page Tú “Les Petites Mains“, via Le SPMF, short for: small handed mother fakirs. Fev. 2021.

In Local news, LA CATEDRAL del JAZZ en París, TSF JAZZ 89.9 just jammed with The Floyd in Pompeii, en horario nocturno de Hawaii… it Ain’t Over till IT IS Over.

https ://www.tsfjazz .com /programmes /chateau-gardot /2022-01-17 /18-00

To celebrate the occasion, Ewe Tú, motherfucker, are going to have to Ketch-Up with ROCKY and his Picture Show at La Maub.

But FO’ist!

It’s another edition of WHO IS MOVING TO PARIS?

Yup, it was just a matter of time, Ari Melber, of “The Ari Melber Show” is moving to Paris and that sumbitch just changed his name to KALIFA en Domingo, or something like that.

https ://www .hollywoodreporter .com /wp-content /uploads /2017/07 /charlamagne_tha_god_and_ari_melber_-_split_-_

The Beat with Émily Lonesome. Avi Velshi reports.

For the record, Öüï does not select the doppelgängers, Eye simply shows you La Jornada de L’Aurore on ‘the beat’.

—- And now, a new segment, Climate Change Stole Avi Velshi’s Nostalgia for Tornados, Shitty Weather and National Parks.

Anybody got popcorn?

With THAT! In mind, amigo Guillaume de Brut media, it was a real treat to see you shoe leathering³ the place Where Évry body knows your name, KNOT to mention [your mentioning] that you are in no way associated with l’Âme des Camps [version] Melle. Pitch Awards during El Año de Hidalgo de La FRENCH election of 2022. Nice to know that LOS OLVIDADOS remains the top LIENZO when it comes to a thing that little ol’Armando Serrano-Prieto dropped on the porno-loving aristocrats 🎩 de Saint-Vincent-de-Paul en el 6éme.

as HO’id on fip dot ef er, « bon week-end à tous »

BPI stock

… bola de putos, se los he dicho chingo de versos, es La y luego Él… Y así en viceversa de ah-Veinte arrondissements, comenzando con la Salsa del Ermitage o algo así.


Thank you Jeff Parker… R and G will take las pistolas from here.

… Falsificadores del Grand Palais en la Embajada de México en San Salvador³, Mesías, follows (punto y coma, now wipe your fucking knees pinches fieles) hoy no hubo Saint-Euxpéry, puro estuche ⚰️⚰️⚰️ en Saint- Eustaquio de las estacas 🎚️🎚️🎚️ de Los Sicomoros🪡.

¡Háblele¡ ISSY, Eye knows about Big Brother. I am from L.A. in 1984.

En Castellano, Checo, it means: me la pellizcan.

Welcome home, Eddie… Rocky is just around l’Hôtel-Colbert et rue Lagrange

No sé en dónde quedó la cabeza

And, Agent Angle, can you imagine if The Peacock sent you on your way to Kyiv all by your lonesome, just you and a Sennheisser Levalier mic?

Occupational hazard número uNo… stingy bosses.

That’s the root of the problem Mr. Berstein, stingy editors (como usted comprendera) who cut vital jobs from the industry, Fo’Fuchs Sake!!! A sniper still needs a spotter.

https ://www .nytimes .com /2022/01/20 /us /reporter-hit-by-car [Striking Nerve With TV Journalists] .html

En Varsovia faltan cinco para la Una. And Live from New YORK, not to be outdone by the fake character “guy with a boat”  SNL’s Weekend Edition bought a motherfuckin’ boat.

And, Eddie Gloude, Jr. Öüï is going to have to move your segment over to Last Week Today. In the meantime please enjoy a memo to Memo, —from Brut media. It’s a trou segment and you need at least, Eye SAY, at least a Liberal Arts degree from the University of Maryland to enter the blog.

But don’t take it from Mí, ask “Tootsie” over here, she’s like an expert on everything “deepthroat” at the WaWaGate Hotel³.

³.~ Note to Dustin Hoffman:
Last week today Carl Berstein was [rightfully] bitching about reporters who get  thier news sources from ‘aggregators’ such as BUZZFEED. Last week today Öüï learnt that following THE DEATH OF BUZZFEED, newspapers in Mexico looked south towards reddit (MEXICO) in order to meet the deadline and feature a fake “social interest” story on their ‘benditas’ pages.
https ://eldeforma .com /2022/01/17 /

Comida Corrida and a BAR out of HELL

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Les_Hommes_du_pr%C3%A9sident_(film)

Hoy no hubo jazz — DAFC (punk)

Page 25, Dictionnaire de psychologie et de psychopathologie des religions.

https ://edition .cnn .com /2022/01/20 /europe /pope-benedict-xvi-munich-abuse-report-catholic-church-intl /index .html

VLégion du ChristATICAN CITY, VATICAN – MARCH 30: Pope Benedict XVI waves to the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square during his weekly audience on March 30, 2011 in Vatican City, Vatican. (Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

Sigles et Abréviations
sponsored by

N° 5 Dictionnaire apologétique de la foi catholique… yada, yada, and i quote, “yada”.

—— It can happen to you, if youse young at heart.

Buzzfeed is DEAD!!!

Sin Embargo, at the School of Journalism at SciencesPo, the Buzzfeed is still a thing. Armchair reporting with “crowd sourcing” de PYLÔNE.

Yes!!! And, Willie Geist, remember you sonavabitch, Loki is the god of mischievous reporters. Sadly, like with the Catholic church, or a certain urban refuge for the homeless in Paris, the cadre responsible for keeping anomalies transparent got a promotion, a pay raise, and a fucking Legion of Honor. “It’s a political issue,” they always say when they sweep all their conflicts of interests under the rug.