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14 de septiembre, 2019

Wild Horses

Wild Horses

Nueve de la mañana:

For the record...

For the recordFUCK MR. Dickey at “The Daily BEAST”… atentaMENTE: an American in París, —a reprise— now thru San Silvestre Day at the “FAKE VISA” Theater à Châtelet… Eye did tell y’all about that « lindo gatito », dijo PIOLÍN.

Acto n° 44

Articles 33 et suivants du decret n° 91 – 1266 du 19 décembre 1991… Happy MxMás, period

Movin' Along

Movin’ Along.

“The death of democracy, with Brian Williams and an Ivy Sciences Po leaguer from Nantucket, in Cousin Joe’s “neck of Mika Brzezinski’s WOULDS, period”.

An evening with Los Apsons

An evening with Los Apsons… and other assorted “love songs”, with Rick James.

… tell mí more, tell mí more.

d'eso no voy a'blar

d’eso no voy a’blar, san punto ISSY’acaVO. La Catafixia ; a slight return, what a difference a They makes… cualquier parecido CON Africa, Sra. Brzezinski, es pura Salma Hayek (Serendipia).

Cinco de Warhol — 5 de BriWi

Six of …

Los andenes

Los andenes

For the record, the Paris (crystal) TRIbunal closes at 18h00 in CET… but all of the InformaTION WINDOWS de La Chanson Française shut their windows FAT32 systems before Eighteen hundred hours in Central CineMASCOpe Thymes.

La Grave es Greve

La Grave es Greve

Fuchi–Güacala, mejor ni hablar de Eso, period

Na na na na

Na na na na, D.A.T. Cat ain’t gonna Nap and that Dog ain’t gonna Hunt. Niño Luc! Stop giving John Schofield the God Damn G.P.S.!!!

… [A]nd for the record, Niño Luc, you don’t GkNoW ZORB∀!!! Here, Niño Luc, meet MANKIND:

Los COSTAlazos

Los COSTAlazos de La Lucha Libre. Fuck Western Democracy!!! Of course, when WHITE PEOPLE from the Rockefeller Center tell you this little Nugget FOUR years after the fact, it’s called “journalism”, when an Independent Mexican-American sends the same signal to THE NEW YORK TIMES à SCIENCES PO in real time the entire apparatus goes: LET HIM EAT CAKE, period. MR. Dickey, SHOW YOUR WORK!!! Show your work before you return to La Promenade de les anglais EN NICE, motherfucker.

Your Daily Beast: Christopher Dickey is “Tagging” The Death of French Culture!!!!

No es lo mismo

Dear, fip.fr:
Raphaël Morán (Radio France International) and the Mexican Embassy (Servicio Exterior de Bernardo Gómez y Jared Kushner) are going to kill the guy who brought you this most NON–Consequential blog. THANK YOU, Rachel, and give our REGARDS to Bill Sanders in “that West Texas town of El Paso,” period

Of course, what happened outside of Angela Merkel’s HOUSE does not happen outside of MSNBC correspondent, CHRISTOPHER DICKEY’S “petit palais”  à  Champs Elysées, eh!

VIVA méxico

Previously, on “a show about nothing”… Elaine walks into a

Elaine walks into a West Texas Town of El Paso cantina, hilarity ensues when El WAPO (Costa The Greek) motions to Kramer, who’s trying to steal 2nd.

But FOist. In local news:
Mme. Hidalgo’s efforts to bring pollution levels Down at the metroPOLE are scrapped by an almost full stop of the Underground System, except for the PURPLE and YELLOW lines ; one takes the peoples to La Défense, while the other takes the travelers to the Architect’s National Library. 

Sección T to the Spaghetti–oh’s, —on the Mr. Noa Noa Show:

Benemerito Apetito tengan todas Sus Mercedes!!!

Benemérito Apetito tengan todas Sus Mercedes!!!

Oh, Jabouki Young–White… you are Ah–DORA_ble! … any güey:

4 de...

Deer, mr. Yang:

IT WAS YOUR MOMENT!!! You promised spectacles! And you go and open your arms for all… WTF?

Later on: Old Peoples News:

Old people

Old people have no reason, period… fucking Heilemann, trying to pull a Meacham con el fondo de Maher… get a Dress, you spectacle.

Mr. Noa Noa steals this Young MC’s gig

Producciones Chayo y Chelo presentan…

In collaboration with Mindful Machos…

"hey boy where ewe coming from

“hey boy where ewe coming from… where you get that POV?” Wanna know how to spot a Fictitious Feminist in a TEXAS court room: DIVORCE LAWYERS get paid in blow-JOBS, and then those lawyers go on the County Judge MARY–GO–around the bench election. For the record, there is an archive in El Paso “Ethics Commission” filed by yours truly and, Joe Old, —if he still Lives, can’t let me lie on this, he was my Journalism 101 instructor and a “friend of the Court” in El Paso on this one pivoting issue for this particular EUROPEAN “vacation”, mr. Old he stayed out of the review panel BECAUSE as he put it, it was a “conflict of interest”,  period

Quentin Tarantino in collaboration with R.O.M.A. Films and Zorba the Beaner:

Canal 34

SIN Uni Visión 34 — Track 2, Nice Boys don’t Sing Rock and Roll, period (Geffen Records).

A. B. B. A c.
Over the SCRIPTures
and Behind the Teleprompter


Simón, “This is a song about your fucking Mamacitas”… Hear Mí Out Frank! Reel Thyme joins The Alabama Blind BoyA capella.

A documentary about men without a cunt
A documentary about men without a country, period

1 of...

One of .:. DEER, JERRY SEINFELD, Eye feels your pain.  Fucken WAPO, taking “The Process” from Time in a Bottle, de Joan Manuel Serrat. The nerve of them ENGLISH majors. Ivy League is calling’em inn. Fucking American Journalism, only like Three–Years behind the INTERMEZZO del 2016. What’s next CHILD alienNATION. Men, are the enemy. KILL them all, including Jesus Fucking Christ, period

Deadline WaWa… a show about our Template/Draft, period

The ceremony begins with JimBo instructing the Pensacola, Florida ( Red Neck Riviera) deep South ideologues that the SALAMANDER does not want any Sor prizes, eh! Jim expresses that

De dos a Tres caídas

De dos a Tres caídas:  NEWSFLASH, NEWSFLASH:  TEXAS LAWYERS HAVE NO ETHICS especially in El Paso— and that’s a FACT.  Eye never thought to say this, but CASTRO just told a BIG lie: Bill Maher sings “I used to love her” and Cousin Joe croons “… [B]ut Eye had to kill her”, period

Improvisation is FAR–FAR_far from a mere Mis–en–Scene put–on bee cause Ewe fuckers already know, that Who’s on First and, that the rest of the Stage, and the rest of their Stories ain’t nothing more than Political Advertising (U.S.)Dollars for the coffers of Donnie Deutsch and FOX news; “it’s an Eminece Front.”

Relevos Australianos

Relevos Australianos, “El Brazo” — 3 de …

Pura Vida y “gallo pinto” — 10 de la mañana

12 de septiembre (“setiembre” en Costa Rica) 2019



You get a line and Eye gets the “huevos rancheros” p.5 ; Recetas de doña Chelo

… but FOist:

Plank, what?

Plank, what?… feminism, it’s the toys that they play with, stupid!!!

The Angelus

La muela del juicio

La muela del juicio .:.  —_•|•_— El papa Francisco desafía a sus críticos dentro de la Iglesia católica: “Rezo para que no haya un cisma, pero no tengo miedo”

11 septiembre 2019 — Rue Garancière, 75006.

Where faith goes to die, it’s like “Vegas” for seminaristas, and where then they get recycled, and for the record, we [the staff] don’t choose the pages, the thin-red lines nor, the order of recurrent Ray Misterios.

Later in the programming en mero 6 de octubre en pigs hall, "el reparto del Can Can", sí se puede puede.

Once de “Call Me Mañana“.

La catafixia

La catafixia — Le Quid en el Pro Qvo.

Breaking the News At Rockefeller Center, "Chopper Talk" brought Space Brownies with BuckStars. It's all "shit's & giggles" at Studio "3A"; hilarity ensues when... HOLD IT!!! is that a FUCKING HoBO Werewolf at Stdio "3A"???
COUSIN JOE, you SAID NO SOR presas. WTF???

On the other side of the Gnomon, por debajo del zaguán de Eugenio de La Cruz, o sea en La Cripta de Chayo (rue Palatine; casi esquina con Saint–Estauche) The Sisters of Mercy —A NON-PROFIT Association Loi 1901cleared that lobby of old Dogmas to make room to Les Petit Bagages de Amour for toddlers.



Première Interrogation
de Dieu… con Adela Micha

¿De dónde surgió la palabra “catafixia”?



Intermezzo entre dos torres, dos alfiles, dos POTRILLOS, dos…

Roberto goes to R.O.M.A.

"Vamos juntos...

“Vamos juntos…

… [M]ean, while Donald John Trump plays “The Güizzard of Ooze at The Swampiest House in the Free World, Nicolle was cooled–off by Houston, ADRIANNE el Rod’s “Voto Latino” go–to–Guy, is turned into “alambre” by La Cocina de Trump… “Chiiiiiiiii—charrón de puerco y puerca”. « ¡CHIIIIIII–charrón de Puerco y Puerca!!!

Eli Guerra à La Maison de...

Spring Semester 2011
Eli Guerra à La Maison de l’Amérique latrine… à La Maison de l’Amérique latine, Latina; –not LATRINA– because eso está puesto en ESCENA en otro lado.  .:. Sources: INSTITUTO Cervantes, Jorge Harmodio, Mr. Leoncio Orellana, and of course,  The Secretary of Foreign Relations for México, el Doctor Marcelo L. Ebrard Casaubón.

Dear, Nicolle Wallace, 911 was an INSIDE JOB. Just ask Dick Cheney. ¡No te HAGAS!!! Michael Moore, the director told U.S., ISSY, Chuck Todd, it is Not rocket man Science.