Complément de Affaire — CERFA n° 13473*01

Good morning Marianne:

Let’s dance,
shall we?

El proceso… context follows. Stick Around!

Shall we start, 3 hours after 4h20 “with the very thought of You”?

… and, Sweetie, wadda’Ya say if we [the staff] start at the beginning, which of course, fucken of course, on Your itinerary is « the last –item– in Line ». Now Baby, You, of all the free—swinging bosoms in the Free World know that “I’m a man of Means by no Means”… and that this situation was brought upon by your man: Brontis à La Préfecture; allow me to recapitulate… because Mari:

”What we’ve got here is failure to communicate”, and understand beteween the two of us what a “Catch–22” starring Jim Carrey looks like.

Así que ahorita que “calienta el sol” aquí en lo que próximamente seran las playas de París, could You believe that the very trade that brought me here is keeping me from filling up a CERFA form?

Yes, indeed—yes indeed. Of course for You to triangulate the paraghraph above with concrete references concerning my case, You—precious darling— of all Icons would have to go back to MY INITIAL REQUEST FOR a French VISA, —because it was from San Bernardino (my birthplace) Baby, from where I opened up that last Stretch of Route 66 to arrive to Your Consulate General satellite in Los Angeles, California in order to request that God-forsaken visa that would allow me —an aspiring journalist— a crack at taking a look at Mexican Corruption from abroad… “oh how i laughed” (internally, and to quote Ziggy, at that moment) when a Consulate Employee asked me: what business does a Californian have, wanting to take a look at Mexican corruption? In her defense, it was in the context of my request, which was a Skill and Talents visa, a sort of LONG TERM immigration MECHANISM that France offers to “developing” countries or something like that., and here you have a U.S. passport holder asking for that sort of “special” and privileged visa.

Long story short, on that initial request i mention a hypothesis that it’s probably similar to the thesis of the current (three times running) and leading Mexican presidential candidate, Andres Manuel López Obrador, regarding his thesis (According to The New Yorker Magazine*) “about the political formation of the Mexican state, in the nineteenth century.”

TimeStamp: on this Dance… “you think that jamming was a thing of the past” Bob Marley— in fip Central Station Time… y lo bueno es de que Francia no tiene un National Public Radio, eh… diez para las 21h20.

… Anygüey, Mari, along those archaic and supposedly “ quiet villages” of the nineteenth century “i put forth the proposition” in so many words that up to 2010 (an emblematic year for Mexicans) the French Civil Code and it’s constitution was a mirror image of how “el godínazgo INSTITUCIONALIZADO” ran things in modern Mexico, but with the particularity of having Washington’s (D.C) interest rammed up the country’s ass and all the way up the so-called “horn of plenty shaped country” neck’s in the YUCATAN PENINSULA… remember, Marianne, what Mafalda found out about THE MAP OF THE WORLD ACTUALLY BEING UP-SIDE DOWN**.

A QUE VOY, regarding the voucher for CREDIT from a BANK OR CREDIT INSTITUTION… or something like that (HAAAAA JAAAA HAAAA)… en voz baja—¡no me hagas reir Marianne!

If your préfecture reviewers at LE 6ème BUREAU à CITÉ wanted me to be able to properly complete A GOD-DAMNED CERFA Form for small entrepreneurs (freelance Journalist) then they should have instructed me back in March of 2011 about « LA PUTA CEDULA PROFESIONAL NECESARIA”, para ejercer como periodista en Francia—INSTEAD OF HAVING ME RUN AROUND THE PARISIAN MEXICAN MUCK— with a “talents et compétences Card”… MARIANNE, “my fickle friend”, You gave me a « carte blanche » to operate and when the it turned out that i figured out that the roosting chickens came from Your motherfucking coop—YOU PULLED THE MOTHERFUCKING RUG FROM UNDER ME.

Glosario para Stephanie y Brontis à La Préfecture:

a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions. [Sounds familiar, Ewe’all?].

Jim Carrey:
Actor, painter
… in the role of Truman Burbank, he happens to be the star of the most popular live show in television history. The only problem is, he doesn’t know it!

Give a Monkee a mask, and…

He Will Sell Ewe a 50 Thousand Euro Suitcase…

Dear Marianne, this is an intermission before we [the staff] return to the “segundo piso” and play another round of “hardball”.   •—_!_—•  PIERRE HUYGNE, untitled, (Human Mask), 2014 —ESPLANADE DES INVALIDES / M–12 — Courtesy the artist. Marian Goodman Gallery – New York, Houser & Wirth – London, Esther Shipper – Berlin and Anna Lena Films – Paris.

—With Nothing Inside.

Pack up your Suitcase… Baggage not included.


Fuck the Salamander—Yo soy el aJoLoTe (written with an X, but with el dejo de la jota que le cuelga a TeJaS… Ewe’all know what we [the staff] mean… bola de putos!).


TimeStamp: May 25th and June 29 of 1974.

Those were the days, Henry — those were THE DAYS. The days when NIXON Threathen L’Europa.

it took TWO YEARS to bring NIXON Down.

According to talking heads on the Morjo Show: today is a moment in history that rhymes with what is going on — and that it’s taking place today… “a daily duplicity” that now is on an HOURLY BASIS, so says Mike BarnicleThe TimeLine, echos the wife* of the boss** of a former police beat reporter (Alfred Friendly 1911-1983) at El WaPo who happened to have had his Squelch On, and because of it he was able to pick up the “scoop” of the break-in at The Watergate Hotel.

En vivo… ¡y a todo color! 44 años después de los efectos colaterales del atraco fallido en el Hotel Watergate.

And now Ladies in Gemeni, it’s time for another Lighning Round of JEOPARDY, with your host Alejandro Trebek.

Gael García Bernal en el rol de Alejandro Trebeck:

Welcome, to another edition of JEOPARDY; I am your host, Alejandro Trebek. Let’s Meet our contestants:

She’s a former librarian and the 43rd former First Lady of The United States of America, please welcome First Lady Laura Bush.

Next to her we have a Southern Baptist who lies —on a daily basis— for a living, and she’s actually proud of this fact.  Please give a hand to White House Press Handler Sarah Elizabeth Huckabee Sanders.

Complementing this lightning Jeopardy “match” is what seems to be developing into a permanent fixture on our show, please say hello to Armando Álvarez playing the role of Will Farrell.

Family portrait et un Héros du feuilleton.

… TimeStamp: por debajo de las faldas de fip… it’s 20H00 in Siren Central Time

Alejandro Trebeck en el rol de Óscar Peluchonneau:

— Great, after a word from our sponsors here are your categories:

  • Internment camps
  • Work Program Camps
  • Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Hungry…
  • Give me your displaced contra-revolutionaries and I will give you
    and finally:
  • Se Baila Así—Se Goza Más


Dear, Ivanka Trump: in all seriousness —pretty please!

Where are you on this issue? Why are you so quiet on this “New Formula” from THE WHITE HOUSE on separating children from their parents? Was it not you, princess, who took charge over family issues and motherhood? At least, that is what Mika at Studio 3A at Rockefelon Plaza claimed on streaming T.V., anygüey.

By The Güey, princess— we [the staff] sincerely hope that your precious little bundles of joy gave your “expendable” husband a most memorable Father’s Day. }-—-~~~\*> Happy together—Unhappy together.

TimeStamp: 12h43 in Central Europe Time.

¡Si se puede, Princess—Yes, your big fat lying father can end that cruel and unusual punishment of separating asylum seeking families for the sole purpose of POLITICAL GAIN! Si se puede, Ivanka—Yes you can… make it happen.

Corazón de vidrio…

TimeStamp: Río Collective, with Barbara Monica María Alejandra, quien tuvo la fortuna de haber nacido en Trump Tower y nunca en su puta vida se hizo ni un puto té… featuring Blondie at 14h35 in Siren Central Time.

Mo_news from nowhere at 15hours in CET

TimeStamp: 21h33 CET

Sad sight Under The Skirts of « La Dama de Hierro » porque ya no se puede cruzar libremente por debajo de sus putas cuatro patas… Los putos terroristas han ganado.

Baby… i’m coming up!

« All i need is a little Patience »… gotta keep those, vibrations, vibrations — etcetera, etcetera. ETCETERA.

« Patience—just a little patience ». TimeStamp: “Yam Yam”, NO VACATION. 22h06 CET.

In the mean time, The Monkees are rambling something about opportunistic princessesess’ or something like that. And Baby, the good thing about this blog is that the Frogs don’t have a NATIONAL Public Radio, eh… puro AU TOUR DE ROCK.

Nope, no Flavor Flav inside this cover Brigitte Nielsen… puros changos, eh!

“PATIENCE… just a little patience.”

Just a little patience.

… TimeStamp: The 11th Hour in CET.

El Segundo Piso…

Se aproxima la hora de la verdad — Ehhhhh, Puuuuutin

it’s 15 hundred hours in Central Europe Time.

En Castellano, bola de putos quiere decir que son las tres de la tarde.

¡Arré! A ganar — “que se ocupa“.

En París son las tres de la tarde, y esto es un Uso Justo de todos los Medios.

… Televisa Deportes, Presenta:

Francia vS. Italia

Minuto 90:

Francia 45 — Italia 4

TimeStamp: E Ye YEeeeee (Radio Edit) 6 minutos para las 4 y Veinte.

Llegó la hora ShiNwengüenshona… A Black Bird, told me.

Minuto 13’ a las 17h13 en La Europa Central … Le Galant (bistrot chic) y La Brasserie Aux Trois Maillets es una Ola Verde, si Francia fuese Japón, señor Macron recibiria una medalla de honor. entrando al minuto 12: ¡que chingue a su madre Donald Trump!… sinceramente: Angela Merkel.

Minuto 30’ — México jugando como nunca!

Y allí está Minuto 34’ GOOOOOLLLLLL!

El grito y el canto el Les Halles: ¡MEMO! MEMO!! MEMO!!!

… puto el que no grite, eh!

Minuto 45’

Rue de La Cossonnerie casi esquina con Rue Saint–Denis.

Minuto 45’ arranca el segundo tiempo: 18h02 en Châtelet…

Ahora, las noticias (malas) Pop Song:

Pop Life! Minuto 51’ « Everybody needs a Thrill ».

Minuto 65… México no baja el nivel, Memo es el C7 del Arco… Lozano sale.


HASTA LA VICTORIA— siempre… bola de Putos! Viva México!

Minuto 90 + 2’: Gana México!!!

Nota del staff: por primera vez, « el Cielito lindo » se escucha bien, el coro que sale de un lado es con el « Ole—olé—OLÈ_olé », o algo así!… bola de putos! El canto despues del partido ahorita, en París es: Vamos a La Torre—oh—oH—oh, oh_OH!

TimeStamp: 18:59 in Siren Central Time… jazz follows.


¡Si se PUEDE!!! Bola de putos—Let’s flip this fucken flag around.