Next on Muller Reports uncovers the plot to name Bernardo Gómez ambassador —to— F.R.A.N.C.E.?

La Segunda República de François Soitoux
18 de marzo, 1848

Aquí falta un M.A.C.H.O.:BADB0661-584A-4407-A4F8-57B8C933509A •|• El Arabe Tapatío interpreta el jarabe de Ravel al Son de tu S.A.R.A.hmmm.P.I.Ó.N.

Tenga su Rayo de S.O.L.

“Let Mí, tell Ewe’bout the Güey she looked”:57A4864A-B323-40BE-9365-E8E5F94AE7FD… an the color of her hair.

Lucky to bee three

page 398; second column, first paragraph
from The Workshop Bleus, Nº 2.

Ce n’est pas, d’autre part, sans raisons profondes que le rythme basé sur le nombre 3 sert à annoncer le commencement d’un spectacle, etc., etc., ETC.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to
Thelma Galaxia Galaxia’s GALAXY…
∴ A.K.A. ∴
Les compagnons en France et en Europe…
or :

Inglés Sin Barreras:F42D6B46-0713-44F2-90D1-1C604CB1C9E4

Les La pose de la dernière pierre:
o cómo dicen los muy franceses-es_ese;
« Richtfest »
Fête de Bouquet
p.265, ibid.

Carta a Diego Luna. Musical Guest: The Go Team.

Go, as in:

Los negros, al igual que los mexicanos en Costa Rica, “nacemos…:0BE47972-CB6C-4411-90DE-EE401A17998E .:. El respeto al derecho ajeno.

Please relay to the “sabandijas” that arranged for the « circumstances, de cómo se dierón las cosas para que tu P.A.T.R.ö.N. (pinche narqueta de fliXred on Netflix) invocara a Salma Hayek (in the R.O.L.E. of motherfucking S.E.R.E.N.D.I.P.I.T.Y)  para deleitar a Jared Kushner en la casa del N.U.E.V.O. amigo del excelentísimo* don Andrés Manolo L🖤pez Obravariamos.

* superaltive  D.E.G.R.E.E.
( 💩 LOL on AOL 💩)
∴ excelente 

The Great Architect of the Universe is officialy on Spring Break in Matamoros… finally, Billy Joe Shaver, Eye can now relay to you that there is a de-facto god in Mec’S.I.C.O.   

And, Diego; dieguito, de los televisos en R.O.M.A.,  en San Diego aún no hay Dios para tus “paisas”, güeón. Wë•Ön, o te guiso un hüevö boludo, wey?

What if the Muller Reports uncovers the plot to name Bernardo Gómez ambassador –to– F.R.A.N.C.E.?

This is not an automated
“Vortex wisdom” dispenser… Öüï believe Mme. Aristegui is on to something.


This is the building site for a new Catedral.

While that vessel is put together, for your entertainment, please catch-up on the News from the Outer Spaces of Lorne.

The Muller Report and The Super Moon Jazz Ensamble:66D5D2FA-B7BD-42C9-A75A-A58DB44F34CE —!— BLT timewarp with Bob Muller.

∑ of all TROUTS!!!

… and then of course, Sen. Klobuchat, Klobuchar Rachel es bien t.r.u.c.h.a., heck she’s like the Aristegui de los gringos; no word if Rachel is carriying Caviar.

Coming up on “Fish Stories” with Amy Klobuchat Klobuchar:AE81D1EF-97D5-4166-9E78-F599F1BB7C58  •!•  File photo of a a pair of basic truchas before le batobus jumped the shark.

}-~~~\,,,*> J

File photo via:

And now, The Last Word.

BREAKING THE NEWS: IDOLATRY and the S.O.U.L. of Columbia

It’s official.
The Second Coming of our Lord, the superstar, is here.
Direct snapshots from A Mexican Mansion are available at the WhatsUp with Golan Heights C-SPAN edition of Jeopardy with Alejandro Trebek.


In birthday NEWS:
The Benito Juárez Hall at La Maison du Mexique á La Ciudad Universitaria de París is having a Maranatha ESPN-Ocho béisbol marathon. Moi Camacho, reports from le siege at Le PMU, where the ODDS are a Million to One in a million.

Will you be ordering the Peanuts standard package for your commercial airliner or, will your “shithole*” nation fork out the H.O.N.D.O. to upgrade to the super dupper delux safety instructions package, which are printed at O.U.R. affiliated Golondrinas workshop in Beto O’Rourke’s backyard?:C3C54CFB-8095-42E8-B529-ABB83A9F2EE7

“Next to all of the French Mullah riding on the Patrimoine LOTTO, the MARANATHA sweepstakes are really C.L.O.U.D. breaking”, dijo Moi Camacho desde su Torreón el La Comarca de ELLA.


French bashin’ iii — Jugüemos al Béis, güey

That’s Hardball if you play Cricket en Inglés, which is the sport of Grillos en Espagnol. C’est a dire Le Roi du Spotrs.


Dear, Rachel Maddow, do you know what the good thing about this B.l.og. is?

That neither you, Madam, nor Mr. Manuel Valls will ever read it.

VOX de España
Les Echos del Generalissimo Franco

… wait for it, Chrissy Haynes, wait.

These people had SEX with their parents”:324E5292-6315-4DFA-8E12-47AABFE0CD66 —|— Sex with their papás and their mamás. •|• The following is a Copy/Pasta for Jared Kushner: Los medios galos son de hecho los que más se hacen eco de la noticia y resaltan que Ciudadanos, el partido que apoya a Manuel Valls y que quiere aliarse con En Marche, forma parte de la colaciónand Jared, Your BeauPapá had sex with your W.I.F.E..

In Rachel Maddow news, there’s something about Rachel’s hair, —must be the Super Moon.

TimeStamp: 02.43 in Central NATO Times

So… about that V.I.S.A:052A50F0-DA32-4BEE-8F47-BFA49624943E •!• Why exactly is it that Brontis wants me to voluntarily WALK INTO A POLICE STATION, before France, the country —not the singer— decides what it is that it will do with my Dossier à la préfecture de Cité; room 1511. Are you guys at Dêpot turning Japanese? Or, (motherfuckers) is this part of The Métamorphose of the (motherfucking) Process?

Today in History, a few hours ago, but in 1804 Napoléon “dale por su” Buenaparte, promulgó el llamado C.I.V.I.L. CODE (motherfuckers)… oh, the waste of paper.

Did you know that it was a very French devil, who went ahead and invented “the political pacts”; cosas del C.h.a.m.u.c.o., vía La BBC, El WaPo, and the lovely Amy Goodman; what a beautiful nom, Bonhomme:

French bashin’ part ii — Hubris en Espagnol: Fuck You François and Catalàn Boy.

ALL In, on Beggars Day.

There’s Something About El Peje:84C13A72-38DA-4958-A4B1-AD27DB79FD21 — Starring Diego [en] la Luna, as a W.Ö.R.M.

Gary and G.L.Ö.R.I.A. Sanchez productions

Musical Guest:
Sebastian Bach and Skid Row

Dear, Rachel Maddow:D89C6253-FCA0-498D-BB9F-2690E9C23461 •!• You are “the” MSNBC’s specialist on all things Uranium, right? We [the staff] understand that you and a squad of Richard Angles extracted all remaining Uranium in Toluca; but Öüï are not squared away on the intel that shows if you tried the local dish while engaged on that expeditionary coverage. BTW, Raquielito, you look great inside of a Plan Merida issued Hummer,

Starring: La Mano de Bernardo Gómez, in the R.OL.E. of Dick Cheney, and a V.E.R.Y. sedated Donald Rumsfeld orchestrating the Executive Position of Mexican President, Andrés Manuel L♥pez Obraveremos.

Act Önë: Le Ban des Indiens
Location: Mabillon ∴
inspired from the L.I.V.E. pages of
Roger Garry 1973’s Editon of:
Les Compagnons en France et en Europe
[for those TIMES when intentions get torn apart
brick by brick]

Please refer to Octubre Tenía Que Ser, and Una Comedia de Enredos on this most inconsequential blog.

… SEBASTIAN BACH told you so:

Faith healin’, superstition
Cold blooded criminal mind
Getting off on high position
Hey brother can you spare a dime
To get me off this slaughter line

Fourth verse after the 2nd Chorus Line of:
Skid Row’s 1991 Irak representation of
OPERATION DESERT FAREWELL/ operation desert calm
Livin’ on a Chain Gang
as interpreted by a fucking mexican on that fucking f.r.o.n.t.
so go ahead, “HUNT my HOUSE OF PAIN
and feed my Psycho L.O.V.E.”…
TOP SECRET: for your jeepers only,
Eye piss Depleated Uranium
before breakfast.

Ladies in Gemni,
Johann Sebastien Bach:

French bashing: patrimoine culturel immatériel de los Siete Mares

… and of course, patrimonio de l’humanite, or something like that.

How to see the ‘super worm equinox moon,’ the last supermoon of 2019:0BF8AE6B-1685-4B45-BD97-8022CEFAB42C •|• En Direct de Le G.R.O.S.S. Pomme aux Nantes

Anygüey, Suzi, previously on:
Las palomas de París.

It turns out that Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, the right-wing conservative pseudo pundit who, [along with a known cannibal and drummer boy on the Jon Batiste Jazz ensamble without a 📎] hijacked the real, Stephen T. Colbert, a debout meat-eating catholic on the Colbert Report, it turns out that Stephen a.k.a. “the lent meater
” didn’t get the N.O.T.E. on the scoop on Las Palomas de París and other birds of a’feather.

Famed cookie and the best worker on the face of the Globe, Joël Robuchon, is disgusted that stupid americans still call fried papas « French Fries”.

“It’s a fucking pomme, like your fucking Babylon 2, but in French, of course,” said Robuchon, who was breaking bread at Mabillon during an interview this afternoon.

Enter the Tactical “Polo”
and per
The Rachel Maddow Show request
Polo is wearing his trademark
Tan Suit…
pura puta providencia de Compagnon,
Just check out that Ops*

Things did not end there, dijo Polo, whose call sign is, Polo, of course, and proceeded to say the following about the Paloma ‘Sac–a–Dos’ experience, “es una puta abominación”, evidentemente, comenta el pinche viejo chistoso, esas pinches palomas estan algo tiesas del A.L.A. pero el Camu-Flash si les quedó chingón como el de mis jirafas,

CamusFlash:BDB27664-FD11-490A-94DA-F92D2A54D1A4   Ops, according to page 398 of, Connaissances des Hommes: Les Compagnons en France et en Europe; TOME PREMIER of the 1973 edition by Roger Garry & Cie., is part of the root found in Upsal, a Scandinavian city that is Sacred because it’s part of the happiest block on G.L.O.B.E..

¿a ver?, pregunta Polo, whose call S.I.G.N. is Polo, of course: let’s hear that fucking D.O.V.E. go, “Cu-cu-ru-cu-cu” sin echar pedos carnavaleros.

For Reference Use Only:E5F1970F-6A0F-4054-87C7-0D4607263166 •|• Tactical POLO

… gonna take a nap now.