So, Donald John Trump, chief. What are you going to do?

Are you, mr. president, done making america great again? You’ve done it, mr. president, america is number one. It’s too bad that The Great State of Georgia won’t get the news for at least another month.

Young at heart

Fairy tales can come true
It can happen to you
If you’re young at heart…

In Central Europe Time it is:

In the NAVY


The Eleventh Hour, indeed.

And in Nantucket… Cousin Joe is securing the Mansion

Cousin Joe’s National
Lampoon’s Pandemic Vacation

At Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, the prohibitively and tragically rich, are locking up the New American Castles. And of course, they (the rich fat cats) are depressed about it, while they haggle the wages of their unpaid gardeners and landscapers.

The Sole of America

The Sole of America is out of thread .::. 3924E658-BF80-4BE1-9BBD-CEED594CC708 🦠

In Military news, the U.S. Navy crucifies actual leaders and REWARDS psychopathic NAVY Seals for committing WAR CRIMES.

The Thread from Madrid

Dear, Acting Secretary of the Navy. Hon. Thomas B. Moldy …. Thomas B. Modly from O.H.I.O, please be advised that the following opinion paragraph must be read in a Captain Jack Sparrow’s father voice, and yes, —sir— D.A.T. D.A.R.E motherfucker is an actual Rolling Stone.


Indeed, “Qué bonitos son los hombres,” dijo el General Francisco Villa… independientemente del uniforme que ellos porten, and that is something that a toy soldier in boarding school will never understand or get; even if he was installed as Commander–in–Chief.

Now, then Mr. Moldy … Modly,  no one here at staff is questioning your service to the country, you sir, unlike that incompetent POTUS you call ‘boss’ are a former  U.S. Navy pilot, however, sir, let’s not forget the  spotlight incident that got you the position that you are currently warming the chair for, and by this we mean the next ACTUAL secretary of them floating fortresses that DONALD JOHN TRUMP, and you, sir, just compromised.

We [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] are, however, questioning WHAT EVER HAPPENED to them “wheelbarrows full of cold hard cash, that Paul Bremer (N° 3) lost while toppling Saddam Hussein. You were the … wait for it, Eye is going to take a nap…

Man! that was one long nap. As we woke we heard D.A.T D.A.R.E. ‘black spy’, hey There, Nance, long time no see. How ’bout them pentagon boys, eh!? Sycophants at their best.

Meanwhile across The Atlantic, Dr. Jon Meachum is only slightly out of tune, here’s how:

It is not that the COVID–19 recognizes a “republican” governor across them Southern states, but rather, professor Meachum, D.A.T. the DEATH CULT of theUltra Rich” want the very—very poor dead. Why, sir, do you think that the MEGA churches are allowed to stay open? it’s a perfect opportunity for The preachers that hire Kanye West, to get them old nanas and grandpaws infected so that they (los fieles) send their money to Kenneth Copeland so that ‘he’ not Baby Jesus, anoint their Stay in Heaven.

Eat a peach and shut the FUCK UP

Motherfuckers! This is GEORGIA.
Georgians are God fearing people!
Why would God give Corona’s to Georgians?
Why, president Trump? Why?

[EAT A PEACH — In The Navy]

In the NAVY

We’re living in a bad dream
They’ve forgotten all about mankind
And you were the one they backed up to the wall .::. A04E23D8-7434-462C-B2F3-F0C5A2FA308A ⚓️🦠 “In the NAVY”.

Why? President Trump, why? You told u.s. that the COVID-19 was a hoax… Why, president Trump? Why?

Dear, Senator Gillibrand (D–NY):
Are öüï saying that domestic violence does not exist?

Unless you are Johnny Depp

Unless you are Johnny Depp .::. CD4DFC19-4024-429B-94DE-1756E8D71F59 ⚖️ The blind bitch of justice will hang you by–the–nuts. BY THE NUTS! Willie Geist.

— of course not,
All öüï are sayin’ is that the law of the land in Texas says that the only proof to get rid of a significant other from the family Album is to be the FIRST ONE to make the claim; after that, SENATOR GILLIBRAND, the accused will be treated under the GEORGE BUSH era terrorists laws.

Please, president Trump, address this betrayal on your next WHITE HOUSE press briefing RALLY, —you SonOfA Bitch!!!

For the record Wonder Woman, öüï can’t IMAGINE shit

Öüï does not know what eclectic 🐰 means.

Santo encadenado

Suplex japonés para “tod@s l@s que wuieren y aman el pancracio".

Lucha Libre! .::. A8E45EFD-2011-4C45-9075-E17795A3AD03 😇 You are not foolin’ anybody Demon, el Santo’s eyes are irreplaceable, that is you know: you cannot replace’em with your MASK.

In local news, El Hijo de “Santo” a sido secuestrado. Pistas preliminares apuntan a que “el” Blue Demon lo apañó. Reportes periciales arrojan datos de que el siniestro fue tramado en un Puto cinito mexicano en Les Lilas (casi esqina con el Veinte de París) y la guarida para guardar al Santo (el enmascarado de plata) se dio en un chingado “Hotel de Dios”, al lado del EsQuat de un tal, Quasimodo.

And now: stupid human tricks from New York 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Issy, Mujer Maravilla, esto es un méndigo intermedio en technicolor®️.

Fuck'n Cucamonga

Fuck’n Cucamonga

Rumors and a “master’s class” in American exceptionality

Hey, Mr. Schmitty, ‘member them wheelbarrow Theys in Irak part ii? If your floppy disc is cloudy, worry not, Los Hilos de Armando will thread the souls of U.S. Army issued combat desert boots to go with your kakis and rolled-up dress shirt.

D.A.T.'s the Power of Lub

D.A.T.’s the Power of Lub ($) .::. 17987B2C-E813-4760-9DA5-341AD8977367 🍟 Some assholes call it “the hand of the invisible market”. Donald John Trump, in his failure as president of them united states of america claimed last night during his MOB BOSS rally, that it is “a beautiful racket” —_• !_— And, lest(er Holt) you forget, FUCK You, Mike Barnicle.

Note to editors, BFMers, and of course, former REPUBLICAN congressman Charles Joseph Scarborough:
the following is follow-up to a BFM TV report that we (Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto) witnessed in real-time on a “Thompson assembled” flat screen hanging inside of a Kebab shop, which reported claimed that France was “making” several tens of thousands of “cubre bocas”, as the online version of La Jornada (en México) calls these. In context, the AFP reported yesterday that « The U.S.A. » was deploying the former leader of the 2003 Iraq Coalition Provisional Authority Lewis Paul Bremer III, STRATEGY, in order to “hijack” the French shipments of face masks from Chinese manufacturers.

“Day don't act with much Honesty”

“Day don’t act with much Honesty” .::. 2B0BED75-DBDD-4434-BBE5-9B5FBE89509E 🖕🏼Fuck the average American, WHO do DAY think D.A.T. DAY are, Mesopotamians‽

We, the staff of this most non–consequential blog, « pray » that all you motherfuckers don’t shoot the messenger and instead ask the leaders of the free world how it is that your motherfucking first responders came to depend on China to save their asses‽Provided, of course, D.A.T. the AFP’s wheelbarrow loaded–with–cash rumor report is true.

And at Nicolle’s Basement — Still to come, The Hawaiian Pistoleros


Thank God!

Nicolle goes Commando on deadline .::. CD650A12-600A-4B34-97EC-AFC6D80FCF0B 🚿

The Nicolle’s husband household scored a Commando 450 from “the” USPS!!! Yeah. Meanwhile in Washington, the lack of preparedness from the Donald John Trump administration is now turning the American Image of “exceptionalism” into a GOODFELLAS scene at La Guardia Airport, in SHYNA! IN SHYNA!!!

Capitalismo Salvaje 101

Capitalismo Salvaje 101 .::. E5D4B0EC-A5CC-49D8-B4B7-D801EC7BF31F 🦆 Stop lying, Mr. Trump. Stop saying that, “the free market is a wonderful thing.”

Wet market, free market, heck any unregulated market, it is just bull puckey… Dear, AFP: nice prop that the AP sold you there.

Time now in Hilo, Hawaii is the 22 hundred hour of the They and according to sources close to them Hello Goodbye’s, D.a.R.e. are more Clouds than Sun for the Day ahead, but D.A.T.’s ok because, “Survey Says”:

Indeed, hombre

Indeed hombre! BEACHHHHHH! .::. 53B99917-D8DA-4741-88FB-14BECD3F7473 🏇🏼“Sombras nada mas”. •

Jack Nicholson is a fag, dijo “El Guasón”. 

April 1st, 2005 — The Dirty French cure COVID–19


D.A.T. is not a mask

D.A.T. is not a mask.

Good morning, America. The following must be read in a Brian Williams voice.

Page Wan:

CANADA DROPS AN ATOMIC BOMB ON the state of Florida. It was a bold move and the rest of the Western world applauded the initiative to close all of the “sandbars” and party joints in that fucking state. It killed many, many, —many— nanas and grandPAWS but they were going to die, anyhow. Merci, Canada.

Section Bee Ey, Advertorial (Homes and Chantes*) pg. 34

The Roots of the Beatles and other Mutts

The Roots of the Beatles and other Mutts .::. 1C7E3DB4-16CE-447C-A91B-74DCB0104DFF 🏄🏽‍♂️ That D.A.R.E. Music from the Gulf Of México, — of course.

Tired of having to go to “chez lui” or « chez la », the very French have banded in solidarity to once–and–for–all know the feeling of what those damn Hispanos and Latinos (not the same group of animals), and the good people of Michoacán and Monterrey (an entire separate set of beasts altogether –Now) mean when they utter “I’m going home”, the Entire French nation, including some of their little Frogs, have all sheltered in place, Chez ‘lui’ and Chez ‘la’ in hopes that like falling in love, which the very French invented but have no idea what it feels like To Fall in love, at all, can arrive at knowing what it feels like to have A Home, hommie (and if you are French, the first two letters of HOmmie is bee pronounced as if one was calling a la puta de Josefina, and not Josephine (pariente de Cousin Joe), a fine girl from the great State of O•H•I•O.

* Chante = /haʊs/ noun. Sinónimo de hogar para los Vatos y las Rucas en dónde existe un núcleo familiar, for the Very–very French, it’s what the Anglos across the Chunnel and/or the Atlantic call a home; Aussi, it could be, the place where “E.T.” called and ran, —that motherfucker— an Astronomical long-distance bill.

In Local (predictable) News:

And then what happened?

And then what happened? .::. 2FBE3DFA-73BF-4D44-965B-526B9165856B 🥊🗣🤺

Radio French Interdepartamental reports from La République, that the initial get-to-know your family nucleus, in an attempt to figure out what IT Means, To Call your « place » a home, is running into an initial brick wall. In a swift response to the problem, the French government is considering prohibiting the sale of Alcohol, yes ladies in germs, Alcohol is now becoming a problem in French places trying to feel what it feels to be a Home and, (oh, the humanity) having to deal with one’s own Children and/or Significant Other on a 24/7 basis in a non–vacation in an exotic land scenario.

Eye has The Feelies D.A.T., Jon Bon Jovi* is a fag… Groucho Marx

Anagram con teclas mecánicas:


It’s from ANONYMOUS .::. FB6F919D-7740-416B-9AE8-582D84E4BF05 🚶🏽‍♂️ «SHE », being la puta máquina de escribir, of course… and not, “the one D.A.T. you are with,” as heard from The Flaming Lips of Cousin Joe on The MoreJo Show^

… [M]eanwhile in Washington, Donald John Trump, is holding the nightly National Rally with “the” doctors as the opening act. In the European Theater of Pain it’s already “FISH” day and in EL EY it’s the 1600 hours in Pacific Stranded Time.

Over at Mr. Schmitty’s living room, Steve is trying on a different look, but he’s not FOOLING anybody, stop it, Steve! You are only encouraging Ali Velshi to start sporting that Disco Stu afro in the next segment. And besides, you should not shower with you wig on, Mr. Schmitty.

C'mon, Steve!

C’mon, Steve .::. 9887AB8E-31DB-4E87-A6F5-F2F0D9E04C38 🚿 You are not fooling anybody, Steve. Öüï all know that you took a no pressure shower on D.A.T. D.A.R.E afro wig that you are covering your noggin with. Admit it! Mr. Schmitty, you are guilty as charged.

… timestamp in Hilo, Hawaii is
TUESDAY, March 31st of 2020
at the 20th hour of the THEY,

Earlier in the transmission:

Deconstructed American Anagram

Deconstructed American Anagram .::. 1ECCB979-2F37-4E51-8FF9-2D6EA36720A5 📈 Assume, says you? Ass (out of) U (and) Me, provided Little Havana has a say on the “Stay–the–fuck out of la Calle Ocho”.

the devil is in the dentils,
Rachel Maddow is going to,
“Survey says?”

Porta italiana estrema

“He’s a well respected man about town…

… [N]ot to mention, mr. Sambora, “A dedicated follower of Fashion”.

Öüï loves them heretic republicans

Öüï loves them heretic republicans .::. B549B00F-FC45-4F00-ACA8-22AA8E459466


And over at AXIOS TV, HoBO TV is keeping woman in the kitchen, no word if they get to wear shoes to–goat it! Barefooted.

Virgin Kitchens

It’s another edition of: Virgin Kitchens on Axios TV .::. A5C35091-96FE-4148-9ED0-EBEE10763E3F 🚰 Nice carnations after the break, —Aussi.


https ://www .theguardian .com /world/2020/mar/28 /JOE-BIDEN-SEXUAL-ASSAULT-ALLEGATIONS-WHY-HAS-MEDIA-IGNORED-CLAIMS

And in other Nine–Eleven para lelos, Cousin Joe, here’s another “I’ll be there for you” moment from the personal Attorney General of Donald John Trump; so listen up Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and don’t pretend that you don’t Give Love a Bad name, —enabler.

• Are we advocating domestic violence against woman?

– NO. No we are not, we are just asking that any claim made against a “guy”, that it is not railroaded in the family court circuit just so that a County Judge Does Not, —we repeat— so that a county judge does not lose an election because of the women, but not necessarily the Soccer Mom, vote.

• Are we saying that in the military, female soldiers are not abused?

— NO. No we are not, all we are pointing to, Sen. Gillibrand, is that the same S.O.P. at county courts transfers to the chain of concern, for the benefit of some, in the chain–of–command; all we are opining on, ma’am, and to flip a quote of a democratic candidate for the Commander–in–Chief:

If you are going to start off with the presumption that what a woman is claiming is true, then you better be prepared to punish with the SAME ZEAL when those same claims are proven to be false, especially if there is a paper trail of evidence that proves them claims otherwise.

Anygüey, Senator Gillibrand, if you ever would care to take the time to not read this most non–consequential blog, then you would not find out why i, armando segovia (not armando serrano prieto) get a hard–on when issues like these are up for a vote (for punishment against men) to become law [that is to say] the law of the land. But Eye will tell you, about D.A.T. on the next episode of: The Ozarks.

First time in the kitchen

With the stay–in–place suggestion from New York’s governor (Matilda’s favorite son), former Sen. McCass finally listened to Rodney Dangerfield’s advice (given to her husband) and she went on VACATION to her Kitchen, —a place she had never been to. .::. ”Eye tells you, Willie Geist, Eye gets no respect around msnbc! Why the other day Eye asked Nicolle Wallace for a tip, and she wouldn’t even call Mí, by me name! No Respect, Eye tell ya.



Indeed .::. 56F671FD-1DBE-4DA1-8707-9B44994515B6 ☠️ You can just say “Thank you” to « el kommander–in–chief », Donald John Trump: the arsonist who started the fire and wants credit for the piss in the bucket to try to extinguish it out.

In Entertainment news, Radio Times suggests that if you mix them American Narcos with a Kick Ass soundtrack, you might begin to understand what a Mexican Radio programming was all about before la chingada “quebradita” began to compete with “Siempre en Domingo”, that is to say, tune in to get the latest on The Ozarks from the least visited site in the Whole Wide Web: us!