The smile of Val Resnick – The Re-Count

And Lindsey Riser, wait one and Eye will show you that El Caballo de Troya no es como lo pintan.

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“Güil Guork For FUD”…
Of course you know, it was The Very French who invented Capitalism, right?

Over on our Twitter parking space, STAFF is currently going over Paco “El Reforma’s” Calderón anti-Cuban spiel… y como dice Funky Ella, and Paul McCartney quotes, “One, and one, and one is”, anyone, “one, and one, and one is”, Johnny? “One, and one, and one” is? Anyone… Ringo “One, and one, and one is”, Harrison, “One, and one, and one is?”… and Mick Jagger (that motherfucker) goes: El Tri.

Blackbird learned to RIDE.
Öüï saw him horse whispering them horses with LAS CALACAS back in 2011.

And staring as the SMILE of VAL RESNICK: POTUS 46

😉 ³ Hubba hubba hubba !

Payback (1999)…
Porter is bad, but his neighbours are worse. Street-wise and tough, an ex-marine, he is betrayed by a one-time partner, and shot in the back by his junkie wife.

Over on our social media crutch, it’s  NAPOLÉON 1er (no less) in another edition of La Belle Histoire de La France.

In this episode of « Je repère les Fake news » the staff of this most NON-CONSEQUENTIAL investigative effort in the form of a WordPress® blog, Öüï takes a moment to THANK the bibliothécaires of the Bpi ²  for keeping up with the BROWSER updates (punto y coma) by our count, only the Bibliothèque du cinéma du WESTFIELD MALL (formally the François Truffautis the only other library in PARIS that allows our BLOG to navigate the WaWas of Le Seine.

².) https ://agenda .bpi .fr / 🇨🇳 evenement 🇨🇳

— WADR (with all due respect), this is why youse not GOING to get elected as president of LA FRANCE, Madame HIDALGO (punto y aparte) your SUPER HIGHWAYs are getting bottlenecked, and MADAME MAYOR, it’s KNOT just Mí saying it, just take the time to read the best pillow-stuffing paper in the whole wide world, CNEWS matinées:

Anne Hidalgo imagine abaisser la limitation de vitesse sur autoroute à 110 km/h.

Page 2, N° 2611

en revanche“, como dicen los franceses, at least your AGENDA, Madame Hidalgo, does not call on the frogs to name all of their little tadpoles, LOUIS “if the gonads are solid, dark circles—MARIE if the gonads are ring-shaped_¹.”

¹… https ://www .cuteness .com /article

StegmanYou know what, Val, this one’s on me. OK?

Val Resnick ³Do you see me reaching for my fucking wallet?



Can you imagine a world without Mick Jagger (Feyd-Rautha)?

The fkn Canucks did. And dang’on it, Eye was really looking forward to seeing what muscian-actor was going to deliver the churro’s³ cherry in the role of the antagonist with the evil face², the money for nothing¹

https ://www .allocine .fr /diaporamas /cinema /diaporama- 18702653/

https ://dune .fandom .com /wiki /Feyd-Rautha_Harkonnen

³._ In the México of Churubusco Studios era (previous to Rockdrigo’s “Sobredosis de Cemento”, un churro was a term used to describe a film, and that is all that Eye is going to type [cast].

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /1985_Mexico_City_earthquake

²._ The dude from A Clockwork Orange would have worked best but by 1981 the fucker was to old for the MTV. Gordo (Sting), was picked for the role after Billy Idol declined the offer because he was auditioning for The Return of The Jedi, or something like that.

¹._ and Yer chicks fo’Free. Trou story, ask don Jodo, little Brontis was supposed to kill Mick… Instead, the Hollywood industry turned its back on Jodorowski’s submarineno wait! that’s YESTERDAY’s News…  Eye meant to say SHIP, —a ship, SIRENE, a ship— knot a submarine, either GÜEY, both the Ship and the Sub sank like LED… and Zeppelin, goes here.

@segoviaspixes (@SegoArma) / Twitter

Previously on, “Como México no hay deux”… DUNE 1984 ~ Blue Velvet 1985

Page 55 ~ 71 “The Complete Lynch” by David Huges and if you are wondering what this has to do with Salma Hayek’s World, be ready to be Rachel Madd-ified… Let’s Go Sailin’

Having turned down Return of The Jedi, and failed to find a home at Francis Ford Coppola’s world, yada, yada, yada… Lynch accepted to direct DUNE.
Filming began at Estudios Churubusco in México on 30 March 1983, with Herbert himself present to clap the first slate.

Our systems are down but take it from Mí, Bliss is an arm-chair social justice avatar.

If youse gonna blame IT§ on something, blame it on the Air.

Herbert also spoke of the problems that plagued the film: the necessity to bribe Mexican officials before you could work or ship your film, shoddy equipment and the worst air in the world.


@segoviaspixes (@SegoArma) / Twitter

Indeed, Saint David Ignatus… indeed, why would the Admin treat friends like that

Ladies in Gemini, the plane has landed.
Please remain seated while the plane makes its way to the EM•barca•Dero en Trocadero.

And Bob Costa… if you could save time in a bottle, what would you talk about when you open it up, —you Sum’bitch?

Eye tells you what Mika Brezezninski would talk about, if she would be like say, be chillin’ à la Côte d’Azur… she’d be talking about the SYNDROME Cannabinoïde:

https ://www .cnews .fr /monde /2021-09-19 /syndrome-cannabinoide-quel-est-ce-mal-qui-touche-les-fumeurs-de-cannabis -1127773

or some po’American Girl missing (RIP)in the USA. Word in MARS is that the po’bitch turned into a Cow, or Mickey Mouse. In WORLD KNEWS, if you believe that the Marines who expired at an airport in Kabul, died protecting children then DISNEY most definetly needs to make a feel-good movie about it, and leave out all of the context in that plot. YOUNG AMERICANS.

In local news, NANCY REAGAN’s “Just Say No” campaign is making a comeback at the TWO Théâtres del Pueblo de París³ (en Châtelet), of course, to get the details on this fucking musical rfi International needs to stop shooting at Mí, the messenger.

³… backward difference, page 2, N°2608, Friday, September 17, 2012; CNEWS matin:
L’Œil de Praud

…[L]e 18e arrondissement, est un
symbole de ce qu’est la France
aujourd’hui : Yada, Yada, Yada. Les
Jardins d’Eole sont un scandale
français. Il renferme tous les maux
de notre société : immigration,
violence, drogue, mais, surtout,
je le redis, impossibilité, impuissance à régler le problème.

In other words (literally): COMO México no hay DEUX

https ://kiosque .cnews .fr /player /?q =NEP&d =2021-09-17&c =CNEWS

… [E]l distrito 18 es un
símbolo de lo que Francia es
hoy: Yada, Yada, Yada. Los jardines de Eole son un
escándalo. Contiene todos los males
de [su] sociedad: la inmigración,
la violencia, las drogas, pero sobre todo,
Repito, la imposibilidad e impotencia de resolver el problema.

Over at Telemundo… Cousin Joe is reviewing a new show called “Las Más Cabronas” starring Kamala Harris.

Breaking the News At the Emmys:
Stephanie Ruhle won All Of The Daytime Emmys.

Deer, Stephanie Ruhle… Öüï has already established that the Vice-president is not going to touch HAITI in Del Rio (Texas) with a 10-foot pole (punto y coma) the VIP is busy with Doña TATI² in BAJA!!!

².) Mexican secretary of the economy

Jimmy Fallon is stupid, he only knows Timberlake

Fixed: How Goodfellas Bought Boston College³ Basketball

Jimmy Fallon is So Stupid… he makes The Roots look like weeds:

Do You Want More?!!!??! has been considered by critics as a classic of hip hop jazz.

https ://www .vulture .com /2021/09 /jimmy-fallon-ignites-feud-with-jazz-artist-on-tonight-show .html

Jimmy Fallon is So Stupid… he makes Australia look cool… and Australia is the Enemy, bunch of deported ex-cons in Anglais, and CurrenT Cons in French. Trou fact.

Jimmy Fallon is So Stupid… Eye can go on all night but why waste the Band—WiiDth, MANNNN!

One for the Road:
Jimmy FALLON is SO STUPID… he makes Jay Leno sound like an erudite at Boston College. Trou story one time the Cadre at Boston College asked Jimmy Fallon to show his work on an Extra-Credit assignment, it was a simple assignment, the professor asked Jimmy to print Boston College’s slogan³ and Jimmy, as always, used MS WORD instead of EVER to ExCel.

³∴ https ://www .publishersweekly .com /978-0-87833-192-5

In Local news… not to be outdone by Mika Brzezinski’s legendary trips to Frejus in the South of France, SUSANA PUVEDA is currently eating tacos (REAL #tacos) in EAST EL EY… FALL•ON — D.A.T. Jimmy, fall on that.


Page 6 _ The U.K. Subs

Dear, WordPress “Happines Geniuses,” if you are not reading, I have a problem with my publishing ship. My BROWSER continues to be JAMMED on all (except this undisclosed location at the Villejuif Underground sublet squat) browsers. Öüï suspects foul play from the Paris Tourism Board and the Melle. Pitch Awards.

Anyhow our apologies to Mr. Alejandro Jodorowski because RIGHT ABOUT NOW, little ol’Eye was supposed to be in the middle of the  KNIFE IN THE BACK episode of a DUNE ride³ (1973 – 1977) denied*.

Australia is the concurrence – Aussi… and before i forget que se nos olvida: Viva México, cabrones.

³.} Dune (Alejandro Jodorowsky) — Wikipédia (
* “Cotejado… ».

Instead, i am left to CATCH up and review the Frida-Hayek diet-shroom churro called “BLISS” in where ISABEL or, rather, the “ugly world” version of a mad scientist that leaves his her “SOUL MATE” out-and-out in Beverly Ville (75020). It’s based on a TROU story.

After the break and, whenever the Paris Tourism Board allows the expat part of the U.S. in Paname, our Mexican ass is going to bring you the DARK side of Ringo STARR:

We All Live In a Biden Submarine, and Eye quotes:

A Biden Submarine

Please don’t shoot the Messenger, remember now, Austraila is the Enemy. Ask yourself, Madame Hidalgo:

Do you think that it is a coincidence that The Motor Bike of that fellow Johnny Holliday went up on the same day that the UK Subs demanded a “Contract” from « La Compañia ? »… C’mon—MANNNNN!!! Didn’t you watch the BON SCOTT interview? Scott lays it all out on the French and Eye quotes, “their rock and roll,” and he is not too kind with that other fellow from the Knights In Satan Service, from New York City… bunch of clowns who really hail from the Motor City.

@segoarma “we don’t need no hashtags”

Break on through (to the Pompidou)

Ladies in Gemini, Öüï has a percée…

Jump to PAGE 6 where a smirky Richard Hass explains BLACK MEXICAN Emmanuel Macron’s rage against THE UK SUBS.

And, Siren… slow your French down
and please, don’t shoot the messenger.

Page 311, Chapter 31
What do you do for your money honey, in "The Last Highway; BonScott", by Jesse Fink. « Castor Music » Le Castor Astral                                              

and for the Record, @segoarma is keeping up with the DENTILS, and Ewe already know what an AntiDenti Eye is.

the DENTILS, ‘cus Ewe know, it’s FRIDAY’s Eve at the Rachel MaddoW ShoW.

… and Fellows, do remember, your sorry ass can only beat me if you:

Rhythmstick (1991) Dizzy G.

  1.  CHEAT
  2. CHEAT
  3. and of course… hold the monopoly of power.
  4. Not an “entry” but how does it feel?

Modelo de gestión de residuos culturales de aplicación, L.L.C.

We continue to experience difficulties with our iPhone, the good thing is that the MSNBC’s are on it, and Rachel Maddow, if i am laying on the ground is in part because of BUZZFEED at the Unesco and Morning Joe, in New York.

@segoarma for updates in REEL TIME, for Mika.

Please stand-by as i jump through the hoops…

Modelo de gestión de residuos culturales de aplicación, S.A. de C.V.

PRE-req reading for this course :
AOCs greatest Hits:

https ://www .pinknews .co .uk /2021/09/09 /alexandria-ocasio-cortez-transgender/

It’s only natural, and Governor Abbot (R-TX) Eye can assure your mentally crippled soul that by, or no-later-than the first official cigarette break in France, which usually happens at around Ohhhh, 21h in Hawaïï Standard Time, the cobblestones (pavés) are free of nucleic acid sequences and other assorted mec'(os).

Sur la voie publique, on ne jette pas masques, gants et mouchoirs !

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Section: Paris Propreté à La Lavandière
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Note to Lawrence O’Donnell @thelastword… THIS IS A TIME DELAYED ENTRY… iPhone is down-iPhone is down go to @segoarma for update

And still to come… Évry body is talking about BOXING now, c’mon KEN, —burn the fucking BandWagon! And, Reverend Al… is it true that ALI is, was, and will always be prettier than Paul?

WHO cares, that’s YESterday’s news all Öüï know is that Magnum was, is, and will forevermore be a fag (punto y coma) never mind The Mexican Suitcase and follow’me fuckos to where the streets no tienen madre. Sponsored by Achtung Sud.

It’s 1964 and if it’s Sunday the 13th, then Martin Luther is telling, IT!, —like it is— in Berlin. Trou STORY. It’s a story in part about Walls, the people who climb them, and the migras who shoot’EM.

https ://catalogue .bpi .fr /fr /document /ark :/34201 /nptfl0001693177

https ://time .com /5504826 /martin-luther-king-wall-history/