And in the role of HER, presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg

Synopsis: Joaquin Phoenix voices The Joker®️ while reading Mike Bloomberg’s advertisement outreach. The former three–time Gotham mayor is baking–in the theory of Mexican “caudillo” president, Plutarco Elías Calles, “ningún negro en Chicago y South Carolina, [at least the influencing boomers] can resist a $50K Cannonball paycheck”.

Meanwhile en salas de El Teatro de El Pueblo [pendejo], producciones Lagrimas y Risas presenta:


Protagonizada por el primer actorazo, Andrés Manuel López Obrador y el elenco de La Cuarta Transformación.

Olmeca Fantoche

AMLO es .:. B91C0208-6728-4EA9-8B66-DBDE8A9A765D 💩^ Olmeca F•A•N•T•O•C•H•E 🎼 ORIGINAL SCORE SOUNDTRACK by: Banda “Pobreza” y Grupo « La Mentira ».

Capituló Uno… 2nda Entrada
Sinopsis, el pueblo bueno siempre en vigilia a lo que el tlatloani de Macuspana diga en su escenario; sin embargo, LA FALSEDAD DE LOS NUEVOS PODERES radica en la misma chingadera de siempre:


^ The origins of los Super KaKas en la tierra de el nopal.

Foreward: Télérecourse Citoyens — réponse au rappel concernant la requête non finalisée

To Whom it may concern*:

* A la atención de
https ://www .wordreference .com /fren /


* Comparer [verbe transitif: verbe qui s’utilise avec un complément d’objet direct] .:. DEA3DC76-2DD1-4FBD-863D-D3706DC9888D Il s’agit ici de comparer les copies avec les originaux, de s’assurer qu’elles sont conformes aux documents originaux.

Pour éviter la suppression de notre requête de ce procès, Armando Segovia [Armando Serrano Prieto] nous faisons une demande à l’administrateur des archives du site « Télérecourse citoyens » afin que notre brouillon ne disparaisse pas du portail administratif de la Ville de Paris.

post-scriptum* :

Il reste à voir si mon avocat nommé par le tribunal plaidera ma cause jusqu’à la fin de l’audience, ou s’il partira avant que le juge me dicte sa décision, en tout cas, un juriste et un avocat m’ont dit qu’il n’est pas inhabituel de faire la connaissance d’un avocat le matin avant le procès, donc pour ceci et d’autres raisons que je peux essayer d’expliquer à un professionnel du droit dans le temps qu’il faut remplir un formulaire; Je demande que l’administrateur d’archives et / ou greffier du leTribunal Administratif ne me dérange pas les erreurs orthographiques et d’accepter cette traduction internet au lieu de la loi Allgood (Toubon, loi 94-665 of 4 août 1994) et une fois de plus, s’il vous plaît ne pas effacer mon projet. S’il y a autre chose dont j’ai besoin d’être mis au courant, n’hésitez pas à me le faire savoir.

* For the record, “o como dicen los franceses”:

It remains to be seen if my court appointed lawyer will argue my case until the end of the audience, or if he or she will leave before the judge dictates his decision, in any case, both a jurist and a lawyer have told me that it is not unusual to make the acquaintence of a legal counsel on the morning before trial, so for this and other reasons which I can try to explain to a law Professional in the time that it takes to fill a formulaire; I ask that the archive administrator and/or clerk don’t mind the orthographic errors and accept this internet-based translation in lieu of the Allgood Law (Toubon, Law 94-665 of August 4, 1994) and, once again, please don’t erase my draft. If there is something else that I need to be made aware of, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

For WHAT is Worth / Pour ce que ça vaut: I might have lost  « le contrôle » of the means, but never the means to a thing called, "agency".

The following must be read in an Eddie “Buckweed” Murphy voice

Deer, Reverend Jackson, we [the staff of this most non-consequential blog] would like to remind you that we don’t chose the headlines, or the current events that intersect with “What’s Happening” today, por ejemplo, —Vicente Fox.

Check it out, Rev., why go fishing if you are going to throw the fish back into the water! Think about it, Eye does not want to even begin to figure out how many hours go into extraditing a Mexican that dares to provide the SUPPLY that Americans DEMAND for their recreational activities (mariguana) and their adrenaline needs in Wall Street (cocaine), that money would be better spent fixing our failing prison system.

And why? Why use little fishes like “El Chapo” Guzmán to squeeze the publicity for the War on Drugs, why not –instead– use mr. Guzmán’s (work history and testimony) as a witness against the last three administrations of Mexican Presidents (Peña/Calderón/Fox), i mean “the buck stops with them” when it comes to being the intermediaries of at least one American president who used cocaine to fund a war in a foreign land.


Just in Thyme Gaumont Cinema Known News Reels… presents:

If you know the folklore
then you will know who
« dropped the system »
in Real Time.

The Draft before Chiapas

The Draft before Chiapas .:. 0D6BB7EA-CA48-48FC-90C9-68083F353208 —_•!•_— meets the biggest “Junkie” with a CAPITOL “J” on The Hill, and a financial investment FIRM called CITY BANK, of course, until the French write Season 3 of Narcos Mexico, it’s all hearsay. Of course for Americans born during the great white hype of “it’s morning in America”, or something like that hype, the last obstacle for “their” new century trade agreement is in the form of Donald Trump’s spring cure for them Corona’s in Las Vegas. In the mean time, as Americans celebrate their presidents, the Peacocks at Rockefeller Plaza have a quota on the word of the Week: BAKED IN, as in… Americans have a mattress sale Baked-In for every federal holiday  in  on the calendar, or, another example might be, THE PUNDITS Baked–in the fact that presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg, is currently playing the role of HER.

Sueltan a El Rey Zambada y narcodiputada tras testificar contra El Chapo


¿A poco sí, primo?

¿A poco sí, primo‽ El Tío Sam soltó “the most wanted”, what a D.E.A.L., no wonder the U.S. of A. is a Beacon of Justice around the known world, what a güey to “rehabilitate” those responsible for hundreds of thousands of “killings”. Kate del Castillo and Sean Penn should receive the Medal of Freedom from the hands of Eric Trump, the smart prince [next to his cretin brother] in the Trump Kingdom of them United States .:. Attention Mexicans: To all the people who are still missing the innocent victims who were COLLATERAL DAMAGE from these two, WE THE PEOPLE OF THE USA, commend you for your grief. Keep sending those “remesas” back to Mexico, and give WESTERN UNION and CARLOS SLIM ELIU a NICE BIG CHUNK of your hard earned LOW WAGES (legal or not) while MSNBC and a very nice (activist) chef from Asturias prepares tonight’s feast, in the mean time, öüï the staff are going to masturbate.

Meanwhile in Wawa Land, the justice department is redistributing your hard earned Income Taxes on criminal hide–a–ways; En México, en México no pasa nada, güey.

Advertisement — Two young 2 Die

Yup, some Jews supported the National Party, and that is all that i am going to point out.

Black Panther meats Minority Whip

Black Panther meats Minority Whip on MAGA and other assorted Stocks Exchange on the “Ey” Train .:. 8C562747-B056-4082-BDB3-2FB638E63332

Any güey, Reverend Sharpton, do you really believe that Cousin and Mrs. Brzezinski really–really plan their early evening weekends in Nantucket, around your Nation‽ Nigga’PLEASE.

“Eye know You — You know Mí”

“One and one and one is:

“One and one and one is .:. FBBDA598-1C84-4EF2-8CCD-F7847AEE6622 🙋🏽‍♂️Three‽


The Source: it figures that fo’Presidents They weekend, our Lorde Lorne lanzara la llamada que anuncia este C•A•R•N•A•V•A•L and that Isoglossa Woodii demanded his “barbas” porque “los morenos” están por llegar.

40 Acres and a Mule

40 Acres and a mule, works for film, however .:. 8C83FFEF-A96E-41CF-99D1-218BF04AD908 🎬 Brother Panther, it must be Chicago, that town does strange things to people in politics, just ask Rahm Emanuel and his version of “The Nation City”, he too Brother Rush* knows damn well, like the Reverend Al Sharpton and Bibi^ what “stop and frisk” means. ♟ Now, Brother Man, not to put mister Mike Bloomberg on the same auction platform but if you are chasing in the 21st Century City for a “House” for them 19th Century-promises… [T]hen the Distinguished Whip from the Great State of South Carolina needs not tell the Nation who he will be voting for, the question is in what neighborhood would he be wanting that House to Burn on next Week’s Saturday Night Live with a Talking Head, eh?

* Brother Rush. https ://www .politico .com /newsletters /illinoisplaybook /2020/01/22/ bloombergsnagsrushrogerschicagosdiversityrankingnot-so-subtle-dis-488124



FOREWARD: Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris; casi esquina con el Impasse Putigneux

Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris, j’ai reçu un message me demandant de finaliser une requête au « télérecourse citoyens »

Carlos Slim's buddies

Los Amigos de México en Francia .:. 113BE431-8352-4585-8B1D-714216769C64 🇲🇽 Versión “netflix”. Of course, if you did not go to “el KINDER” with them, or if you did not wash dishes for them, or if you did not “adhere” to the Rules of “decorum” at  “La Casa de México” en la Ciudad Universitaria de París —and most important— if you did not do “los mandados” for La Confederación de mexicanos en Europa durante los años 2012–13–14-15–16–17–y, XVIII, then it followed that you, as an « outsider » must be a SPY… today, those same fat cats, who pledged a political oath of silence during the years of EL AÑO DE MÉXICO en Francia (Versión Peña Nieto / Hollande) in exchange for getting their names as “organizers and/or producers” on an “artistic event” in France just shifted their NOMENKLATURA to the political party that we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] ORIGINALLY came in 2011 to document, for that particular audacity, the leaders of Morena–Francia labeled me a spy, because of course, only THEY and only them had the Sorbonne literary criticism  degrees and the SciencesPo Seal of Approval to speak about FLORENCE CASSEZ on BFM TV (por decir*) on the third week of January of 2012. ⚖️ So, no, Mme. Juriste at 32 rue des Bourdonnais (75001) my so-called “non–integration” to your French Culture and Economy extends beyond the month of December of 2017, which the French prosecution wants to seal, as my start in the city of lights; FOR THE ARCHIVES, I lost my job here in Paris because I dared to ask questions about Mexican politics when El PRESIDENTE François “flamby” HOLLANDE and his lap-dog MANUEL VALLS used to have a MEXICAN ARMY as an official “communication / P.R.[i]” squad… [IBID^]

* … [P]or decir:
https ://asegovia3 .com /2020/01/25 /aplazan-audiencia-en-el-proceso-de-el-amante-de-florence-cassez/
André, A., Rissouli, K., “Conversations privées avec le président“. Chapter Seven ; pp, 48-53. «The Mexican Army », 2016 Éditions Albin Michel.

Jazz, Monsieur le président de la court is in full effect, and if you know the folcklore, you don’t need the French only law to make sense of what follows, but—öüï will comply, per the interwebs translators, et. al.



Hold the line .:. 2C5CFC10-0602-46EE-9AE5-CE676BE356DE 💾 Personne n’est en train d’effacer une putain de chose.

Conscients qu’il y a une grève générale qui met un frein à tous les services publics en France, on peut comprendre que notre demande d’aide juridictionnelle en cours pour la même affaire est au point mort ; en attendant, nous demandons que votre administrateur du télérecourse citoyens, et/ou le système n’efface pas notre brouillon pour ce processus entre la Prèfecture de Police et Bibi*.


* Bibi, https ://www .wordreference .com /enfr/yours%20truly

… [A]nd in the role of Diego Luna, General Michael Flynn

14 de febrero, 2014… Deer, Rick Wilson: you (motherfucker) look like a caricature of my Right-side ball (testicle), and them Vans that you are wearing with that Johnatan Lemire “tie” is for the “age–es–Ese”.

Watch’em folks, the guy with the ugly tie has a pattern of waking up after a holiday weekend with a “dead hooker in his truck”, check the MorJo files, It’s all D.A.R.E. in black and white for the Purple Pundit’s eyes .:. FAF529C6-C8D2-49EC-B668-8655FEE18194 🧶 In context, for Mister Larry David in Yada, yada, yada LAnd, it is a good thing that our Lorde Lorne took and/or sent the “subjects“ —ALCAHUETES— by any-other–name (andavedile… for the ASTURIAS chefs) on a holiday weekend just in time For CARNIVAL Cruises, otherwise Mister Rick “i hang a shotgun on the back seat of my pick-up truck” Wilson would get away with being a “PepsiLight” version (on the MSNBC’s) of “COKE ClassicRUSH” on the « Make America GrEAT AgaIN”. That is to say, tune in —join former Sen. Claire Mcacaskill on the professional Ronald Reagan punditry circuit, which happens to be just in front of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and just one step–behind The Fountain of Miss RAND.

We begin in WaWa land, where President Trump has vowed to “cuddle” any Department of Justice findings (trumped–up or otherwise) and use these to benefit his “romance” with despotism in the land of the FREE; Happy President’s Day, Senator Susan Collins, you, madam, are the MainE sex blow–up doll in the 45th Administration of them United States.

Alcahueta principalE

Alcahueta principalE .:. D11C69A4-9B17-42D1-9604-C6E0FDDE39F4—_•!•_— I am Armando Segovia, and Eye approve this message… Bernie Bros. friendly… as long as Millionaires, just like NARCOS and MEXICAN politicians can buy votes with COLD–HARD–CASH and with PAGO EN ESPECIE (In-kind payments for those in The Liberal Arts Fields).

Moving on…

Over on the Deadline hour, the Purple Pundit is fixated on patterns. Now, because Nicole Wallace is color blind, our trademarked tridimensional Venn Diagrams would do wonders for our favorite pundit, next to Rachel, and Mika, and Elise, and Stephanie, and Joyce, and Alex, and of course Jasmin.

in other news, Ugly Mexicans should not be allowed on Television/Streams; especially the ones from Connec•i•cut, or Del•A•where, or Balt•y•Moore, or one of the Yankee states.

Meanwhile, on the Rachel Maddow Show, a Federal Judge admits that We The People are living in the Realm of a Banana Republic.

Previously on: Hold it now — The Americanization of a French election

Dear, Marianne:
You have really gotta give it to them Russians; dissident, —or not.
They (the Ruskies) really know how to rattle an election process.

For the record

For the record .:. E9B64D71-0CAA-4402-ACB8-0FEC34F158A5 —_•!•_— We [the staff] as reporters, bloggers, communicators, heck; even clowns, have never PRIed into other peoples private lives to drive our message across a non–reading public. ⚖️ We have, however, as them “Hamburgers in Paradise” show in real-time on this most non–consequential blog, have been the target of institutions going through every aspect of our lives; and those of our significant ex’s. So yes, i feel for this frog. Post Script: we, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto, have never burned a host country’s door to make our case, we’ve pissed near one, but never burned one, but for some reason, Marianne, Mariannita de las marionetas, Eye is the “BAD Feller” here in Paname.

Page 25, section “L”, Today in History
Valentine’s Day 2020:
The French invent Yellow Journalism

Deer, Florence Cassez, don’t be a pussy cunt

Bee a “Tiger” cunt… Narcos Mexico, season 2; episode 3 ( The “art” collector).

La Enciclopedia de Meacham

La Enciclopedia de Meacham .:. 33A2E3C4-4779-4198-850A-69E6199280FF 🐅 InDeed, doña Lencha, Lenchita de las flores del día de San Valentín (Elizalde), no se pierda usted, ¡SEÑORA!!! la oportunidad de columpiarse de la racha de “capturas” de funcionarios corruptos del primero y segundo de los dos gobiernosmediatizadospor la Fundación Televisa, los mismos, Mme., Cassez, que “exprimieron” como JUMEX, ese controvertido Año de Calderón en Sarkozy; y por supuesto, aquél lamentable Año de Enrique en François. Aproveche los para-lelos de Diego Luna en Netflix para “balconear” al coleccionista de “arte” más influyente de México (y de Santa Monica, CA)… or did you really think that Carlos Loret de Mola had the influence to ignore her field-producer’s CALL–for–FIRE, when she was sent to re-enact your ex–lover’s capture? C’mon Bitch!  Be a Tiger , scratch D.A.T…. BEE a TigrESA, —not a pussy.

In context, my name is Armando Segovia, and Eye approves this message.

Coming up on the Morning Mika Show:

Just the fact, Mme.

Just the facts, Mme. .:. B544F354-6D12-4925-B34D-E983188E8833 🎬 You say Lutece, Beaner says Lettuce… this message is brought to you by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, bunch of beaners, now sending their SOCKS to EL EY… and we thank you for it.



San Valentín ya no tiene enemigos, and if you know the folklore you know what this means:

Hold it NOW — Aloha

In Local News, Nº 3 (LREM) abdicates the run for the Municipal seat and Nº 5 (Villani) is now Nº 4.

Anything you can cover Eye can cover better

The Americanization of a French election .:. DCB4BA63-9636-4709-9641-4F08404F1F0E 🇫🇷Edouard Philippe speaks at Le Havre .:. 🇺🇸 Now, because way back in 2013/14 we [Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto] warned Bruno at the 7éme bureau dépôt at Cité (Metro line 4) about not wanting to publish our findings before the 2018 Mexican presidential election [so as to not MEDDLE IN IT] we, the staff of this most non–consequential blog are covering the Death of the French (municipal) Elections in REEL THYME… ¡SAZÓN! Post Script: don’t even get Mí started on the Hospital Strike going on right now in Paname and the rest of La France; Eye does not want tomeddle in it”. 💐🏹 Coming Up on the Morjo Show: San Valentín y sus pAjaros en los Arboles; Lunes–Viernes y sAbado yo los uso pa’LA cruda HIEL domingo me dedico nada mas pa’descanZAR.

The good thing about this most non–consequential blog is that Hilo, Hawaii, is not part of our coverage, with that in mind, Tulsi G., please relay to Judicial Committee member, Senator Mazie Hirono, that pretending and/or hoping that Donald Trump’s personal government appointed lawyer (the attorney general Barr) has an honorable legal past because he was part of the “bushy” administration, AFTER what the entire world has witnessed in THE PAST TWO MONTHS, is to pretend and/or hope that a wolf in sheeple’s clothing is not going to “test the limits” if given access to the Animal Farm. [Laughter track goes here]

Previously on, First They Came For
The Blues

Colors! Colors!

Colors! Colors! .:. 454D7A4A-1EE2-4462-8604-F9ECB0742EC6 🧶 Eye Yam a Knight Mare walking… and Ice-T goes, “silly pundit, nobody Walks in EL EY, Ese!”.

Anygüey, editors, the following “Yada, yada,” segment must be loaded with a Nicole Wallace laugh track.

Rule N° 3 of Fight Club, Annex 2 — You must save Institutions

Previously on,

First they came for the jerk–offs

First they came for the jerk–offs .:. 438F86F2-F5F6-4E23-A682-07E057AA59FF ~ But because Air America no longer existed, yada-yada-yada,…

The Holy Book of Armaments, chapter ii; verses 9 to 21… King Arthur insisted on calling Nº FIVE, —Number Three. When asked why by some bloke called Brian, King Arthur could only quote a feller from The Washington Post called Eugene Robinson saying,  “I’ve been to the Southern Part of América and seen a TYRANNY or TWO”, so Eye covered it. To which Brian replied, “What the fuck is a Washington Post, and what kind Donkey did Eugene Robinson rode into town WITT?”.


TIMMY! .:.

Intrigued, a bloke named Brian followed up with, “now your majesty, what is this Southern Part of América that you speak of, and are you saying that U812?”, please do tell, said Brian.

King Arthur then said that he tried, but that he was skeptical about the menu, which for $20 million Aztec quids, and a “pledge” to buy (in voluntary, form) a lottery ticket for a Flying Circus Fortress, that it kind of gave the Warrior King a case of “The Revenge of « Montezuma »” even before the Hot Tamales de Chipilín were prepared.

Deer, TIMMY!

Deer, TIMMY! .:. 61A0B51F-3EEF-4A4D-85A3-87E700213C11 🧮 Tommy sends his 🕶 regards: 🖕🏼

… [A]nd people forget, that every circus has more than one ACT, ISSY ¡que t’estoy Echando el Ojo a ti España! Vaya manera de servir el plato principal al estilo de El nuevo  patrón  Emperador del Patio Trasero; ISSY’n sarcasmo esta vez, a ver cuándo, John Mill Ackerman “atrapan” a Los Moreira en Saltillo, pa’ver si deveras es “integral” la cenita esa con buches d’AGUAS para los empresarios de Salinas de Gortari; a.k.a. LA EX mafia de El Poder, eh‽

¿Misión Cumplida?

¿Misión Cumplida? .:. 32DD3056-4466-4FBC-BB73-F7D462FDE076 —_•!•_— Lozoya Austin es el Chivo expiatorio de Romero Deschamps.