No Insistas Susana Pubeda, the Cardinal’s ❤️ belongs to Marjolaine

[ Clears throat]

This being mariachi weekend in Nantes, have-at-it.


— What are the odds that George Harrison will Save Susana Puveda’s show? The answer, well the answer is relative to Denis Soula going directly to fuck himself, them are the odds.

— Ahem… behold:

entonces, in sticking with western-style UNITY please be advised that the only reason that [up to this point] the city walls of Loudon stayed up was on account that Louie the 13 promised the chaplain’s mecenas that he would keep ‘Ol Phillips-es defences-es in Loudun Town up, but then the Chaplain’s sponsor died and so the walls, well these went down 👎, period!

Now the reason why the wall of Loudoun Town had to come down was precisely to prevent The Protestant on the opposite side of la rue de Rivoli y esa pinche calle du Louvre from taking over Le Fumoir³ next to the New and Improved Paris Centre Maire… and that fucking church where the Peruvians keep their causa next to La Guadalupana.

³~. de Guadeloupe, not to be confused with El Tepeyac-iri-Jacques!

Richelieu’s strategy off-Course, of course was the epitome of an upside-down Isosceles Triangle with baron Haussmanns-ses and which for all intents and purposes Öüï identifies on this blog as this:

whereas Richelieu’s démolition prevented them Protestants from pulling a Vercingétorix on Loudun, Haussmannien strategy triangulated the city blocks, literally, in order to enclose the fortification from the inside-out. A labyrinth which strangles mob-mouvement and benefits police strangleholds… but that’s another story for O’this They to sing.

Año de Hidalgo à Le Fumoir (01/02/2018).



🎶 Take out the 🗞️’s and the Trash

 The Cardinals ♦️ Richelieu, Ximénez and Pedro Guerrero are at a bar, hilarity ensues when Cardinal Glick walks in from Jersey.

https ://www .baseball-almanac .com /players /player / pedro guerrero

Hoy no hubo Phangs — The unity of the Abbé d’Aubignac’s time of Homer’s place and the culture of the action on the Streets in Seventeenth-Century Paris

Unity :

PSA from PUB-3-MUS-016 at the Bpi


‘member now time now is the 1600’s in Paris, France, and in Loudun Town, Cardinal Richelieu starts the hunt of a chaplain by the name of Urbanus Grandier for the high crime of criticizing the good cardinal. Of course King Louis XIII could not just send in the dogs for an issue of FREEDOM of SPEECH (which didn’t exist yet, if you get my point) so the good Cardinal Ximénez, who was in France at the time to oversee the Pope’s visit to Marseille, where strong anti-monarchy vibes are taking place, suggested Witchcraft meets Downtown; now to make matters worse for The Crown, The Pontif is in Marseille to visit a boatload of Donatis°tes from Africa.

https ://www .huffingtonpost .fr /france /video /migrants-in-marseille-pope-francis-denounces-the–fanaticism-of-indifference–



Place :

Hola, guapos…

To celebrate Mexican Independence They³ (in Nantes, hoy²) at the Bpi, da’Man, José Lopes re-constituted the dang-on système des tickets at The Doors. Plan accordingly and remember: Big Brother, Julio Pirés, is watching you.

with that in mind and, with the proper references not necessarily the « FIDELIO » password, Öüï the staff now return to The Ursulin’s convent in Loudon Town where one of their own is acting up like  ‘a cat in heat : on a grey oyster’s shell’ , o como dicen en ROMA, « La Gatta in calore : Grigioperla », The Pope had his own man keeping an Aye!, on Richelieu and his name was Vincent Dæmon Furnier, of ALICE COOPER’s notoriety.

Papa Poule at rue Carnot recommended the inn. Cardinal Ximénez was already having supper at the mesón next door.

³~. 16/09/2023

https ://www .bpi .fr /reprise-des-tickets-pour-entrer-a-la-bpi/

²~. 23/09/2023

https ://www .helloasso .com /associations /comal /evenements /fiesta-del-grito-nantes-2023

A Child With A Noose… ONE KNIGHT ONLY with special guest Erika Voodoo.


Where were you while We Were Playing Sax 🎷

Musical Background, Third Eye Foundation, and mister Matt Elliott, don’t shed a tear 🎷, I do not chose the angles, I just relay the Dun Dun Dun – Dhunnn ! (1X).

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.


And… Marjolaine Portier-Kältenbach*, are you busy tonight (?)

*Chilled Creek, if you would like to be an injun… in any case, Nicole Wallace does not look swell in Black, said Justice Thomas. Look it up! It’s trou! Justice Thomas is French’s Man and he Pitti the Foo’ who buys Heinz  🍅.

No, no, no… it doesn’t work like that 🪄 Take it off, Nicole, take it off!


Interference 🏴

Any how, Excmo., I’ve seen that swine before.



I can see, for Miles 🎺… Achis, hashish los mariachis.


… and Matt Elliott, don’t cry, Bay-bee 🎷  🎭 🎬 🎫 porque FLAUTAS, nada más ➕ las d’El Canario en Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México. Carretera Panamericana.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip-flautas-del-perro-agradecido

Y por eso, Manu Chau, si yo fuese Lionel Messi, sería tu pinche Cristo Redentor. Fuck Neymar, Viva 🇧🇷 Socrates (🎱), period!

Bienvenida, Tijuana.

Fuck you, Matt Dæmon! Now that youse in Marseille head over to Nantes³

Not That I Would Do It Again… but if Eye ever did do it A-Gain, Yoya no en°GRAS°hARIA los ejes de tu Carreta. Al fin que Ami, pues a Mí le gusta que suenen, —pa’que los quiero En°Graciados.

³~. You son of a bitch! The Poles are blocking and the grain 🌾 keeps a’Rollin all night long!

Top 🎩 o’The Morning, Mika. And mister Avocado Hass, never mind the Smoke in The Water, it’s all about them mines on the WaWa. Admiral Stradivarius reports.

Thanks, Obama… A-Gain!


Across The Seine, King Chuckles III visited the French Assembly Line and word from Bordello is that The King is going to be talking about Ketching-Up with global warming. Lucky for U.S., French journalist Ariane Lavrilleux, I have the right ingredient for this skillet, and that’s Kerry’s 57 Var°i.e.°Ties Ketchup.

And with that, Britannia said farewell to Marianne, it’s ∴ symbolik ∴ of course. The most relevant image from this three-THEY trip came at 15h18 when the king drank red-red wine; fucker got tipsy and then his Highness was forced, precisely at 14h46, to take the tram. Camilla Queen was not a Muse(d). I’d tell Ewe all more about the rosbif/frog affaire…

But first, it’s the exorcism of French Culture and the apostasy of François a Là Patate. Remember now, it’s the XVII Century in France and yesterday was Ground Hog Day!

Continued from page 82… “— Phil!

The comparison of nuns to traveling Italian acrobats, [or mexican mariachis³] meanwhile, alienated d’Aubignac from church officials. On the last day of his visit, a document circulated, allegedly a letter written by one of the demons. According to d’Aubignac’s own account:

³~. Emphasis on the mariachi is mine.


[T]his letter asserted that Madame the duchess of Aiguillon had with her a magician, and though it did not name him it described him well enough that it was easy for all who knew me, or had seen me in Loudun, to realize that it was me.

“— Told you, call me Bronco

https ://www .google .com /search?q=bill+murray+birthday&rlz=1C1GCEB_enFR1076&oq=bill+murray+birthday&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i19i512l3j0i19i22i30l6.7035j1j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

“— Sorry, Bronco

The magic that d’Aubignac was accused of performing was in fact a form of disenchantment: THE EXORCISM OF DEMONS THROUGH THE COMPARISON OF SACRED AND PROFANE BODIES³. When d’Aubignac exorcised the corpus of Homeric poetry from the priesthood of scholars, change the scenery to that of the street [MANIFESTATION], and the demon—the author³— vanishes.

³~. Clearly, d’Aubignac was a fan of Ricardo Garibay y su estilo lamentablemente inconfundible para enoblecer lo vulgar.
https ://data .bnf .fr /fr /11904147 /ricardo_garibay/

³~. O mismo un mariachipffft!

Warm up your lertover popcorn, Medhi… you ISIRI… are my favorite Devil, next to  Avi Velshi, off-course, but don’t quote Mí on, IT!, because like Lavrilleux, Eye does not like to disclose the sources, it’s not only unbecoming for a journalist, it’s kind of fascist for a POLICE INSTITUTION to demand these. Especialmente, y como TU, Alicia Leos, comprenderás cuando los sapos¹ de la administracion ( HOLLANDE y luego MACRON) eran los de la manifestación.

¹~. Informants if they have a SciencePo connection, snitches if they were GOY.

French police release journalist arrested for reporting on alleged France-Egypt spy operation

Amnesty International’s secretary general Agnes Callamard said: “It is deeply chilling that, almost two years after the revelations that France was allegedly complicit in the extrajudicial executions of hundreds of people in Egypt, it is the journalist who exposed these atrocities that is being targeted, rather than those [Juanito Guanavacoas*] responsible.”

Agence France Presse, vía France 24 . fr

*~. Emphasis from the staff.

If youse just joining the transmission,

Nobody seemed to know Mí, Évry’s body passed Mí by 🖕🏼


🥔 🤡 🍟🎈

Breaking News … the Moon just collided with Antares path 🦂

Ladies in Gemini the following post is best enjoyed super imposed over Marjolaine Portier-Kaltenbach with a bowl of Chili 🇨🇱, but if youse the kind of nigga who likes to warm-up the popcorn 🍿 like Medhi Hasan does, well then head over to the most pompous pompelouse program of them ‘Ol at la Maison de La Radio 📻 “jizz-à-fap”, but that’s just the Dirty Lowdown.

https ://www.radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /comme-a-la-radio /jizz-a-fap-face-b-con-chilly-quebeçois

¡No sea culo y fume mota!


https ://www.radiofrance .fr/fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip /tout-nouveau-tout-chaud-les-tresors-jazz-de-la-rentree

A cross the universe … bass 🎸 sound provided by:
Jaco’s Al-Pastourious 🥙
— 1987 Jaco Pastorius,
American bass player, composer, and producer.

nuttin is going to change my World.

Casio times is for fags who love Pandas, sin ganja, en lancha 🚤…


It was inevitable, Öüï caught a light polluted snapshot of Selene kissing Saint Jacques right in the mouth, it’s the middle of the half in the poles before heading on a collision 💥 course with Antares in Scorpio.

Here’s the breakdown of that doomsday trajectory 🌌

Antares never had a chance… because Évry body is living in a Material World, on a flat disc made of Stars of 45… Video killed the radio Stella de Citlali en El Cosmos de Nueva York… on a Chilli Bowl.


Ophiuchus is not just a Canadian porn actor… but yes, Barbie cut that Snake right out of them loins. Fuck, Mary Kill was there! She’s a grizzly from Vancouver, but Évry body thinks that the bitch is from Ontario.

Happy birthday mister Terror 👑 “Do you remember the 21st night of September?”

Fuck Chucky III… the meaning of a performance depended almost entirely on its BACKDROP 🎤 , period.

🌗… Mr. Moonlight.

Synopsis: It’s a terrible flic… and in 1961 a different kind of horror was brewing from the L’Olympia, but for now let’s get back to September of 1637 in Loudon Town in France where the motherfucking abbé d’Aubignac is about to ask the demons Levia°Than and Lo°rou if there are more Pelagians in Hell, or Donatists.

~. Ibid., but fuck it let Mí drop a ref. for the un-initiated:
Theiss, W., p. 80_82 in The Journal of The History of Ideas, Vol. 84 – n° 1, January 2023.

½  Autumnal equinox observances in the Northern Hemisphere, vernERal equinox observances in the Southern Hemisphere ½

³~. GYPSY WimeN …
🎶 La da Dee la Dee da (5X) 🎹📺📻
… Previously on the body of the lay widdow Marie Beaulieu, d’Aubignac tried to converse with the demons (no less than SEVEN) inside of that po’WidoW, “♦ Oh, The Humanity ♦” and that ³Sorcellerie et politique sous Richelieu ³. Page 80, ibid.


« Hence, on that occasion the Pontiff referred to two of them: the Pelagian temptation and the temptation of Gnosticism. Thus it is that Francis told them, with regard to the first one, that the Pelagian temptationpushes the Church not to be humble, disinterested and blessed. And it does so under the guise of a good“. Because Pelagianismleads us to put our trust in structures, in organizations, in perfect planning, being abstract“. »

Translated with (free version)

— 1947 Stephen King, American author and screenwriter

https ://www .vaticannews .va /es /papa /news /2018-03 /carta-placuit-deo-pelagianismo-y-gnosticismo-segun-el-papa

Page 81He later studied her body with more of the same scrutiny:

Rolling Stone Magazine présents: never mind the Negro, JANN WENNER,, and DUST MY BROOM before Donatus comes in from Libya.

When, in her exorcism on MONDAY 15 SEPTEMBER, sister Claire performed her contortions slowly and with languid mouvements, she found herself with her legs extended in a straight line, touching the EARTH with her two thighs. This is certainly difficult and painful, but not impossible. Many people even do this easily, once they PRACTICE… as an ITALIAN dancer did a hundred times in the THEATERS of PARIS, where one could observe that he had his son there, aged ten or twelve, to get him used to it.

— 1961 : Johnny Hallyday, qui vient d’avoir 18 ans, fait salle comble lors de son deuxième concert à l’Olympia

The concert hall would remain hunted by terrible rock and roll until the arrival of Trini López and some up-and-coming rosbifs who had just dropped the Silver part of Hamburg back at Capitol Records. Those chaps would of course inspire A Champagne Supernova in Lucy’s Sky or something like that! —And That’s The Way It Is, eh.

And in 1978, 🕖 Flavor Flav 🕗 sampled the 21st of September on an EARTH, WIND and FIRE beat. It soon became the official track of the infamous Virgil’s Dantenesque Purgatory tours.

! People who know, know that the abovementioned tours are guided by former employees of the Paris Tourism Board, and if you know who Stéphen Bern is, then you know that said frog has a special tour bus waiting for him just outside of the gate.

Los Hilos de Caro y la empresa de Alicia en el Paris 2

Hippo Crits, behold:

Thanks, Obama.

Across the Atlantic


Katia ROUX of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL is shocked, Alicia Leos, shocked³!!!


The trick(le) Alicia… is to show your Work.

³~. That there’s gambling going on in the HOUSE.

Yes, Öüï knew this, know that staff knew.

Disclose said that French authorities under the presidencies of President François Hollande and President Emmanuel Macron were “constantly informed” of the developments by staff at “several military departments”, but that their concerns were ignored.

French reporter arrested over leaked secrets

4 hours ago

The count is Three and Oh!


And, Ayman Moelhaldi³ it’s another Édition of the Captain Louis Renault Award.

³~. Sorry if I dismembered your last name

And here’s another thing that is conspicuously curious at el bendito Boulevard de Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Alicia Leo’s, not that someone who told Ana Anabitarte that she, meaning you was a journalist in the great state of Chihuahua, México, would care 💅…

That place that used to benefit from the Gutenberg Press(e) mile marker in Paris, France (knot the one Texas) is about to turn its internal bowels into a “networking” store, and Alicia Leos, not that you would care 💅, but that corner del Boulevard de las putas viejas de Gabo used to be called The SciencesPo School of Journalism, and here’s the kicker Mike Barnicle, —you son of a bitch! That used to be The New York Times Ivory Tower for their Paris correspondents. Haw’Bout that, COLUMBIA University, how about that! You coq sucking Sons of Bitches.

What if I was Romeo with a suit case?

Some time from now you’ll bow to pressureSome things in life you cannot measure by degreesI’m between the poles and the equatorDon’t send no private investigator to find me please‘Less he speaks ChineseAnd can dance like Astaire overseas(Okay)

No Myth
Chanson de Michael Penn

Las Noticias de México vistas desde Estrasburgo… con esos Primos, no se necesitan Tan°Gentes.

Ils trouvent le corps du Dr Ali Jasel dans une valise à BCS ; le collectif prépare des marches

FEMINICIDIO en proceso.

… https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /estados /2023/9/19 /hallan-el-cuerpo-de-la-doctora-ali-jasel-dentro-de-una-maleta-en-bcs-colectiva-alista-marchas

The Police report stated that:

I’d invite you back to my placeIt’s only mine because it holds my suitcaseIt looks home to me alrightBut it’s a hundred miles from yesterday night

Freddy Cats from Montreuil-sous-Bois has already been comissioned by the Maison des Associations to whip-out an action-sized figure inside of a Suitcase in the middle of a Queen-size bed.

¡Viva México, ratones!

Évariste Galois, literally a victim of his own success

“This pupil is sometimes obscure in expressing his ideas, but he is intelligent and shows a remarkable spirit of research.”

Hermès was just another figment of Homer’s Imagination.

Galois’ maths instructor at the prepa.

For context, or lack-there-off, please refrain from making one or many logical leaps of this draft as these might just baffle you and then Ewe (that motherfucker) will hold, IT!, against Mí… Issy Alicia Leos, I am looking at Jorge Harmodio.

One more again, I neither select the psycho-history nor the ‘psycho-news’ of the day and I continue to affirm that there is no such thing as a Mexican state called BCS or Baja California Sur, and you can take that to Texcoco, the most imaginary of all of the Aztec states. 

Pycho-history… fast-forward to October, 2014. That’s around the time when the Mexican (chose your favorite injustice) manifestation popularity shifted from Javier Sicilia’s son and “Las Muertas de Juárez” to the mother of all Mexican political manifestations in France: la bendita Noche de Iguala. And here’s the thing about that “siniestro”, I wonder where the different leaders of all of those different groups, which formed their own off-shoot of the Mexican protest scene (again, in France) are right now. I know where at least on of them is at, mister EXCMO. Asvazourian, as for the rest you might ask, mister Ambassador? —Well, let’s just say that Stephanie Menou’s supervisors (all the way up to minister Valls) wanted to make sure that I could not keep up³.

³~. Not that I would do it all over again, but if I had just been a little more “vivo”, I would have followed Pablo Gleason’s advice to join or start-up a Law of 1901 Association in France, —that’s the way you do it, let Mí tell you! Them guys ain’t dumb.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Psychohistory _(fictional)

The roots, you ask? I know a guy, wait one… but don’t tell that Abbott fellow, the Cardinals ♦️ won’t appreciate it, but that is only because The Monk keeps insisting that he can double (³√2) The Cube (1) using only a compas 🧭 and a straight edge 📏.

Yup, that there is a synthetic diamond 💎 and it’s time for the 7th-inning stretch.

Jump to los HILOS DE KATE y los mecos de SEAN PENN

https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2023/9/20 / amlo-se-rendra-a-badiraguato-apres-l-extradition-d-ovidio-guzman

To paraphrase the psychohistory of former President of the A., Donald John Trump, but in the voice of the current Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López de la O:

Yoya Hubiera Ya Sol°Uzi°O’nado lo de los 43.

But FIRST, the president has to go and pay his respects to to “el ratón’s” grandmother in BA°Di°RA°Guato de Mota.

Nobody sleep — This Riddle is an inter°mission !!?

Yer’ As Cold As Ay’s. l’Étranger VOSTF (Foreigner)

I’ll win at dawn… 😲 Vincerò (3X).

“to decipher all this mess” (“déchiffrer tout ce gâchis”) is on the second to the last line ».

Spoiler Alert… it is the precursor of “group theory”, which just so happens to be code for a Nombre


Eye Am The Count!

Gooooooo, Dodgers! ☄️

… 🧛


Here’s another thing, 🇨🇱 El Conde 🇨🇱 era Elizabeth’s favorite.

Nobody sleep, nobody gets hurt.


El Conde no sabe contar 🧮 y por eso se enamoró de una contadora Cunt’essa de Francia. Issy, estás son las me°mo°rrias de Larraín Matte de Santiago.