Dear, Kasie…

… that sweater does you no Justice.

… but  we [the staff]
still love your brand.

2nd Hour—You are ON!… give me some screengrabs,

Here’s the thing…

Generals, such as Kasie, get to choose their wardrobe.
Supreme Court Justices, get to choose what WE dress like for the rest of our lives..

A SCOTUS justice is for life. FOR LIFE!

Well… fuck!

Spent Tires in the Mediterranean pollute:

Starbucks plantations in Brazil are
prone to slavry:

Medical cannabis DOES NOT, we [the staff] repeat, does not lead to higher rates in crime…
a friend of the staff confirmed it.

Hey Kasie D.C., what you got for us tonight?

Take it Away, Maestro*! — ORANGE is the new NIXON

Hey, Donald,

One thing for sure is that your stupid skin hue is the right tone for the season. Orange is the new NIXON.

You sorry excuse for the so-called Leader of the Free World,

Coming up:
Alma de otro color

United Colors against Donald Trump… and yes, political animals and Beastie Boys are welcome in the Mix.

TimeStamp: diez para las 4:20 pm in Central Siren Time

Fucking Bill Maher… Michael Jackson’s documentary is not about a werewolf…

—Don’t try to adjust Ewe’r settings—

… and no, Mr. Bojangles Davis, Jr.
FIP is wrong (this time around at 2 o’Clock)
context follows…

… ewe know, if worst come to rest on you and a big dark cloud is raining on EWE… entre fip and fap you got yourself some lube y una puñeta mental… o algo así.

Coming up:
The French conductor stops at Phillies to shoot the breeze with the Nighthawks.

… but before we turn it over to Marianne,
The King of Pop was not a werewolf…
The King of Pop was a Wolverin–oide;
a third (political cousin) of the Reptilians.
The More Ewe Knew

Manière de V…oir, part II — the left boobie.

TimeStamp: The Jazz Hour in Central Siren Time
Stick around, because it’s another Weekend Edition.

Advertisement… from the innovators over at Solid [maleable] State comes a new way to hum along your favorite LP’s. —Colibri–Fi ®️™️©️ }–—-~~~\*> Colibri–Fi ®️™️©️ wireless systems. Forget Bluetooth, Colibri–Fi ®️™️©️is the way of the new wave of the future.

… previously on asegovia3:
“Everyone deserves a second chance,” even Jane Fonda, but definetly not that Kavanaugh judge, fuck him and the fickle fuck president that nominated him to swing the decisions at the Supreme Court of the U.S., eh!