Subliminal chicanery — “La forma es fondo”

But FO’ist, Cerf-panthére (Nº 3525) walks into an elevator, Hilarity ensues when “sixteen candles” melts from one speaker and shapes into a big Bottle of “Jesus Juice »…

and COUsin Joe… can you fix Mí a bucket of ChiKen?


Elevating spirits since 1871.

For reference, Öüï, as Aymen Mohyeldin explained behind the fog-of-Gwar, “there’s a pre-text for this,” and around this neck of the Woulds it’s called Con-texto y toda la cosa:

Wordreference y Las Tangas de Sasha

fondo nm MX, VE
(combinación, enagua) (robefond de robe  
(haut et bas

Spanglish: Ese vestido se transparenta, tienes que usarlo con fondo.
Franglish*Cette robe est transparente, il faut la porter avec un fond de robe.

* Franglais is reserved for the Rosbifs and their kin[d].

And Cousin Joe…

…[A]nd Juanita Bonita, Eye did tell y’all about that “Hidden Stash¹”

ISSY, Juanita Bonita:

Dear, John Mill Ackerman (Ph.D.): hasta con re-integro… 21 de Mayo, los muy franceses–esos inventan la Lotería Nacional para la dependencia pública. CORRE Y SE VA, Alicia—se va!¡

Never mind the “white walkers”… what’s up with Two-Each flying saucers on Alicia’s fondo? Ra’Chida!!! You don’t have to compete with BFM TV… 🎶 Those Theys are overyou don’t have sell your petticoat to the Knight!

¹ https ://www .bbc .com /sport /horse-racing /57049450

ISSY, “Baby you can drive my engine, or my car”, your choice.

🚂 🏎 🏇🏼📸

[Game already in PROgress… let’s diGRESS] 🗼 22D21957-0C5A-4292-9DD9-D4A0EAD43258 🗼 Hidalgo just patented a new pitch for the ages. The maneuver is an elemental spin, Eye wonders why Öüï never thought of it (that motherfucker). The throw is a standard wind mill delivery but just as one might think that The Ball is going to do its thing, Hidalgo’s action-figure detachable shoulder flips the axila snap-on on the whatchamacallit and the windmill turns into a figure eight at about the 6 O’clock of the spin [💪🏼🎡〰️➿♾🥎]… Joseph Napoléon III swings, —grounder to Shortstop👉🏻 Pesquet is there to make the transfer to FO’ist where Franco Lollia* is waiting to put the TAG and issue the One-Finger Salute to Colbert [20minutes . fr Nº 3625] who is hanging out with his one black friend on the right-field bleachers.

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /971 /reader /reader .html#!preferred /0 /package /971 /pub /858 /page /2

Say no to fake Fondos!¡

The following is approved by The Reverend Al Sharpie and of course, the lovely Juanita Bonita…and if it is Knot, then them two better curb their Black Lives Matters, at the French Quarter.


This week on The Colbert Report, Cerf–panthère and Dave Chappelle discuss Chris Rock’s future.

There can be Solo one space noodle!¡

… [A]nd over at the dungeons of The Vincennes Municipal Castle, the Fouquets are rejoicing at the news that exposed a pivotal point in French history and its relation with the Colonias (punto y coma) The Academy calls this stage « colbertisme » ISSY: it started with a Big Fucking Lie… Just like “The Colbert Report”.

Coïncidence? Only if you think of a chocolate bar when you hear Three Musketeers.

“Colbert, a minister jealous of Fouquet, denounced to the king his ‘malpractices‘ and warned him against ‘his power‘. The king is indignant “that a man can make himself the sovereign arbiter of the state ». Source: Herodote . net (paywall).

https ://www .herodote .net /5_septembre_1661-evenement -16610905 .php —D’Artagnan arrête le surintendant Fouquet

The cousin of The King of Rome is at the plate

Special Bulletin… sponsored by:

EYE EM Groot .:. D08BF998-9E39-461B-BF6F-12D40D5789A4 .:. Clorofila, the only thing that a Root needs to kick a guru’s ass.


Deer, Lorne Michael,

I started to deconstruct your silly well-paid writers skit between Michael Che and Baby Yoda, when i was taking a piss next to where an Emperor was supposed to be laid to REST, aussi, today is National Monuments weekend, so find the nearest ALAMO and water that fuck. Adult Groot aproves this message… and don’t forget to eat Alice… wait,  scratch that… Don’t forget to Eat AT Alice’s.

Tens of thousands of Frogs came out today (along the river Seine) to celebrate the instantaneous victory of Baby Groot over Baby Yoda.

What kept you fuckers? I was waiting for y’all 24 hrs. ago 🌬💨 By my count it was TENS of thousands, not a million but an important amount of amphibians.  

Quick game recap:

People WHO know will tell you, “Marianne let Jim Drown”, ask around, that faithful trip will take you all the way to “The Handi-capables”, which happens to be the final resting place (for now) of Napoléon BuenaParte… the next time you watch Val Kilmer die in Paris, inquire about the plate the place where Bonaparte wanted to rest.

The score is 3 and Oh! One Out and it’s the top of the FO’ist… President Macron could not help riding away on Napoléon’s Chestnut saino, which prompted the Emperor to go chasing after Mr. Macron at the Vincennes racetrack. So as to knot keep holding up the game, and since he is already dressed for the occasion, Joseph Napoléon III takes his uncle’s place at THE PLATE (next to Jim Morrison’s grave at Père Lachaise), SQUATTING in front of The Umpire an up-and-coming rookie, Jordan Bardella from The National Rally’s—Hidalgo lanza

SANDERS… it takes a Revolution, and then some

🎶 Mala vida

And we have lift-off… but time-delay is a Mother Theys Fucker, just like Michael Che.

Stick around for the breakdown and Viva MalesHERBes-ese… it means HierbasMalas… igualito a la que fumaba Camelia “la texana”… Eye got nothing [except for the elementary formula to find out if Lin Mai Psyrus (with a Why, griega¹) is going to birth a martian].

1). … [O] como dicen los muy franceces-esos: la i grec

At The Greek bar and grill, Fenster (the copy editor) was overheard saying, “Cecily, will you be my girlfriend?”

https ://www .msnbc .com /transcripts /transcript-rachel-maddow-show -5-7-21 –n1266754

“The Hick from French Lick”
ANCHIA: Right. And are you aware of the history behind that provision of World Migratory Bird Day?
CAIN: I`m — I`m not.
ANCHIA: What was your motivation for using that term “purity at the ballot box,” because that`s a specific set of words that has a lot of meaning in state history?
Jost: I’m — I was immediately relegated to zhe German Purity Law… where do you think Pabst Blue Ribbon come from? Anhauser-Busch?

https ://whc .unesco .org /en /news/ 2285

Under normal speed*-dating circumstances it was difficult to decipher the puertorro gibberish of our great communicator, but this being one of the most important bouts of Fight Night at Cæsars Plaza in the year of our Lorde 2021 just made it impossible for Cecily (or anyone dropping-Eve’s) to cross-reference Fenster’s delivery line.


Baby Groot don’t Fuck around… This is a time-delayed picture, 100 years into the future and this is how Baby Yoda’s tomb looks like in the year 2021. The trauma from Baby Groot’s uppercut uprooted out of the right earlobe of Baby Yoda’s Skeleton. Emperor Joseph Napoleon the 3rd issued a French “Hear Yea, hear yeah” and declared this a Unesco site.

TO THE MOON, Michael Che—To The Moon!!!

Strong and Musk walk into a bar…

HAPPY MOTHER’s They Weekend in Nantucket, y’all.


Brian Williams stars as the bartender (that motherfucker) hilarity ensues when a crippled righteous opportunistic racist guy who happens to moonlight as Texas Governor, since Governor Perry was tagged to run the Energy Department for Big Oil and the anti-environment lobby on K street is asked by the BriWi, “what’s your poisson,” with a French accent and the crippled righteous opportunistic racist guy responds:

Over at the BLAZING SADDLES Channel, HOWARD “Higgins-Magnum” Johnson stars as, The Brisco Kid… with subtitles in French.

Дайте мне техасскую “рюмку чистоты” в дополнение к Pabst Blue Ribbon™ в Пенсильвании¹.

In another neck of the Woulds, inquiring minds want to know if this pretty-fellow ⤵️ below would look the same under one of them pretty memorials for the Shoah outside of the Prefecture de Police.

“Antifa… if you are knot reading”, yada yada yada.


1). Heineken?… fuck that! Give Mí a Blue Velvet.

Norwegian would — Dear, Ambassador Power

Context on AI [place holder] follows… in the mean while Öüï hopes that the Unesco helmet is comprehensive enough to talk about how them huevos ortodoxos and that watermelon got on the photo widget of the “aiFon”.

Anyhow Cerf-panthère, never mind the sports section that follows, have a seat and disregard the “gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields” on your (Nº 3624) Friday National Edition, instead let’s focus on what the afro-sporting 36-year old woman on page 3 has to say about chance encounters with the Law and let’s overlap that scene with what the Mexican president is saying about diffamation.

🇬🇧 ⚽️ bayrak ⚽️ 🇬🇧

Yup… still holds the “silverware” that really matters.

Previously on, “The empire on which the sun never sets”… Henry Kissinger arranges la Copa Libertadores of 1973 (punto y coma) fast forward to 2021, ANTONY J. Blinken arranges the Armenian “G-word” question against all Turks and establishes that indeed, Australia is the Enemy.

https ://www .nytimes .com /2021/05/06 /us /politics /blinken-ukraine-russia .html

It’s the Top of the FO’ist and at the Plate is non other than the father of “The King of ROME », Anne Hidalgo is pitching a perfect game and President Macron just stole a horse… that madafucka!!!

Over at Centerfield, Willie Mays screams at the top of his 90-year old MENTHOL BnH’s smoking lungs:

HEY There _madafakas_ somebody has to explain to these Frogs that they are supposed to steal the BASES, not the horseys!!!

Let’s check the numbers before Öüï “Let it be”… 9FC36C8A-39D2-4EDD-8916-11FD4186DDBB 🥎 YUP!!! That fucking peace-loving Grunt is on sale A Gain! €3.99. Needles to say: operators are standing by.

… [A]nd Loss of Signal, we have to stop meeting this way, —why way out here in The Atlantic— with your: of course I still love you, in French.

In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s Friday’s Eve 🍎

Deer, Elon Musk… don’t you D.A.R.E. mess around with Cecily Strong, unless you want your next Dragon go the way of a falling Chinese hunk of polluted metal, with that in mind, please follow BriWi’s recommendation (KNOT really) and, “look! Up in the Sky!”

CHELUDO Motors, Lima—OHIO.

In Paname: it’s SATURDAY‘s NIGHT EVE¹ 🍏

With Musical Guest:

THEY TRIPPIN IN ESTAMBUL and The Sun Also Rises with The Mescalero Rubber Soul Woulds

Track 3:
🎶 Sure, Eye lit the fire,
and Mick rode a Tank in a Général’s Rank


1). Saturday, by Rome’s wiki-standards was a syndicated CLOCKWORK version for the Greek speaking markets and, Saturday’s consort was his sister “special” Ops (punto y coma) it could be argued that Saturn Theys are as follows: Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Juno, Ceres and Vesta.

Say, hey there Willie… who that is?

And Hallie Jackson goes, “hey there kid” that’s my tag!

But FO’ist!!! American Democracy (in Arizona) is tripping on bamboo-laced acid paper. Later, Old Jersey is being taunted by the French, not the ‘very French’, just your regular run of the mill filthy French.

Over at the Pershing Memorial Field:

https ://www .thelondoneconomic .com /news /french-official-says-were-ready-for-war-as-police-vessels-arrive-in-jersey -268278/

Up Next on, The Umpire Strikes A Gain :
KYLIAN (7) … [J]e suis ton père !

Oh, you mean that “brown-eyed handsome Citizen —A-roundin’ third and headed for home,” with all them Woulds? Why that’s Mr. Mays; the Romans named a month just for him. It’s a TROU Story, fo’reel!!! Julius César learned about Mr. Mays when he held Centerfield under siege and Serge Gainsbourg was getting how-to-properly-sport a baseball glove lessons from Mr. Mayos.

In Texas… The Poles are watching!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! Rated PG-13.

Synopsis: Against their best political interest, the State of Texas goes to the ballots to vote on a “pecker-checker” bill that would allow election officials to watch voters (over the voting booth) as if the voters were going Pi-Pi*… you figure out the radius on that!

[Correct pronunciation of π-π for the Commonwealth of the Dixon-Mason Line, goes here]


https ://imdb .com /title /tt5478478 /fullcredits /cast?ref_=m_tt_cl_sc

Over at FRANCE INFO (Morning edition) the acoustic ceilings at that there cabin fell like a big blue Wyoming sky after some pundit there proposed that Joe Biden is the Standard Bearer of The INTERNATIONAL Socialista.

TROU to form [Öüï’s talking French people here, people] the Bernie Sanders BLOCK broke everything within Pee-pee range at that station as they made their rebuttal on-air.

An unidentified Frog complained that thinking tank bubbles like these (live on-air) are the reason that NBC News thought that President Macron was a centrist during the 2017 Election of The Ancienne Regime (Fifth period).

https ://apnews .com /article /europe-government-and-politics -e498277a5968b9c8d1 ee87d0aa8337b8

En octubre [12] tenía que ser… pages 11 and 8 of 16

… [A]nd señora Balanza* if el señor Acuario is, AS el Détente de Philippe Labró writes, “irritable and impossible to ‘compose with’, it is probably because Eye told you so (or tried to, anyhow) when “los amigos de México en Francia” decían estar hasta el “RAS d’ÁrBOL”, o algo así.

All the Known Knews fit to print.

¡VIVA México!, ‘inches Canucks 🇨🇦.

In Hilo, Hawaii, there are Five minutes remaining of Cinco de mayo

And, Loss of Signal…

Öüï now returns to the top of the FO’ist — Deer, Defendente Génolini, “how dare you?”

Must be read in a sort of, kind ah, Swedish teen Voice (you fucking sheeple) on account that Öüï is Knot Sure if youse a Boy or a G’Oil.

Page XV… Napoleón is dead. Long live el sindicato de minas, o algo así:

“Vous êtes trop irritable et il est bien difficile de composer avec vous »…


and then Puebla goes, “chula, pues”.

Over at The Pershing Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes, Anne Hidalgo just received a standing ovation from the empty stands.

Time-delayed Instant Ramen Review

Hidalgo’s low-rising curve ball docked on the limited edition aluminum bat* of Georges Méliès’es–ese Louisville Slugger at the CORRECT Angle and sent Michael Collins to the Right Side of the moon, where Commander Collins is now Walking On The Moon.

… [A]nd Loss of Signal: 👁🖤🐑 F4682F53-5179-4A59-8005-C3DB0D143077 🚀
1*). Normally, in soft-speak aluminum bats are the norm, however, Mika Brzezinski… [T]he First 150th Anniversary Softball Tournament at The Pershing Memorial Baseball field à Vincennes offensive operations (innings) were supposed to slugged using specifically turned bats carved from a single Big Would, do keep in mind that for this tournament each of the historical athletes participating at The Plate was issued five bats, and each team was allotted an additional 150 bats for commercial and commemorative purposes, so that’s a lot of Big Would acreage (hectarage around this neck of the woods). Hilarity —if Eye may call IT, D.A.T.) develops when Major League Baseball finds out that Madam Brzezinski (Mika’s mom) had taken all of the Big Woulds (and then some) in order to run a little gallery show in Nantucket, or The Hamptons, or Camp David… the details of the Brzezinski Big Would Extravaganza remain classified.

Now if there are any DANGLING PARTICIPLES, speak now (motherfuckers) or, FOREVER live on pages 11 and 8 of 16 in this Week’s edition en la vecindad de Philippe Labrador, N° 2586.