Entonces, doña Cesca (de la rue) Rigoles

Note to programmers. Corsican coodies are a hell-Ova sting. On/In another edition i might talk it over con El Sapo, relay it over to León and then maybe, —maybe— at San Severino, Eye will relay IT!, to Frida.

Los Hilos de Sasha • en colaboración con El Gato Enhuarachado presentan… another of Sun Tzu’s chapter at La Brasserie… now y’all have probably heard of “el gato volador”, ISSY Willie Geist it’s Knot One of Dos. AND Sam Stein, as a bullfighter yourself (check the scroll) Ewe, Of all Ugly Mexicans should know that it was the very Catalanes (knot Belmondo at Val de Marne) who in 1985 invented FACEBOOK!!! IT’S TROU YOU FOOL! Watch Antoni Ribas’ “El Primer Torero Porno” which–by–the–way is Spain’s doppelgänger version of Neil Israel’s “Bachelor’s Party*”. The Spanish comedy (unjustly relegated to pornsites)  foretells the arrival of a device that can sense and register when a person is in THE PROCESS OF READING A NEWSPAPER (punto y coma) the “device” also logs which page/section D.A.T. the newspaper reader is contemplating.

* If you look beyond the title of Antoni Ribas’ film parody of a period of post-Francoist Spain, you will find that the “tropes and gags” with Israel’s “Bachelor Party” stop at the following:

  1. Oversexed/overdosed donkey (🙈) … probably imported from Tijuana.
  2. An erotic nightclub (sans penis ni vulva) puro show. 🙉
  3. Brest-es-ES, TiTis, Boobies and, of course Bum-bumbs. 🙊

🎶 Bar, visite nuestro bar (MASKedition)

https ://www .theguardian .com /film /2016 /jan/16 /what-orson-welles-really-thought-about-ernest-hemingway

short of that, Adrianne Elrod, the Spanish reel (not to be confused with El Real in Madrid) tackles issues of unemployment, feminism, ABORTION, political Technocrats infatuated by-the-then recent nostalgia of a by-gone Fascist regime in Catalunya, work-ploxtaition by nightclub empresarios, and immigrant “niñeras” from where else, but La France del BelMondo de Val de Marne… check the posters at the scene of “el camerino”… (not to be confused with Canal 26 de Aguascalientes TV).

Right now, our most esteemed (character) Fenster the copy editor is going to review Last Week to They and FO’D.A.T. Öüï Switch IT! over to El Chuco where Mister Voto Latino himself transliterated Sun Tzu’s Cuarta Transformación of Chapter 4 in the Art of RAW.

••• Don’t

Ya Hay Marcha en Nueva York, Nacho, and here is why:

Pussy, not a nut sack is now the norm when streaking the Baseball Field. And fans seem to be OK with it. Evil Empire loyalists from the disgusting Yankees even came up with a kind of, sort ah, relative cántico honoring the brave pussy:

Brave cats know that “Transparency will lead to rejection”, but when right matters nevermind The Evil Umpire.

Let’s Go CAT! Let’s Go CAT!

••• Go

Y como dicen en El Paso, Texas: TE LO DIJE, and here is why Nicolle:

Mexican Foreign Relations Honcho, and the former best mayor in latin America, Marcelo Ebrard saw the opportunity and he took it. And i did tell you that Texas was going the way of México (punto y coma) and here’s how the PRESUNTO Alcalde CULPABLE of the recent Metro line 12 disaster in Mexico City did it:

MARCELLO Ebrard (the Mexican Mike Pence) not only understood the 4th Chapter of the Transformación de López Obrador, but also the importance of Texas democrats defending their existing positions, which they could not do because they are currently engaged on another Front in front of Capitol Hill in WaWa Land.

••• Anywhere!

After the break, bouncer (cadenero) expert, and Babylon II Mayor, Bill De Blasio explains the next scene in the voice of Orson Wells…. wait for it, wait, in the mean time the student may, if s/he pleases review Héctor Lechuga’s classic “Adios Guayabera Mia”, which will segue onto El Palacio de Tokio en París (2012) where a “Cañonazo de $50,000 U.S.” was seen written on The Wall. Blue Demon was “El Maestro de Ceremonias” y JoLoPo ’76 the star of that gallery.

From page 188/9 of Le Peuple du Toro*) an excerpt of Orson Wells in Spain —_•!•_— Parasitismo Émotionnel:
Une espèce de gens [qui] vivent des combats de toros. Económica y también emocionalmente parce qu’il y a maintenant une nouvelle génération entière d’étrangers qui aussi bien que d’Espagnols passe un été entier pour aller de place en place assister à ces corridas



1985… El próximo toro le corresponde al Primer Torero porno (Ribas, A.)

Please stand-by FO’ VENEZIA records from Los Hombres G, vía, El Chanilillo Sánchez en BADARIGUATO, ¡SinAloha, —ja, ja, ja!

In this our final sprint to the Gift Shop [Amnesty International] Yazmin Vassoughian stars as Lindsey Reiser in “Bob Sinclair’s” Mexican extravaganza in Saint-Torpez “Chalinillo’s Marlin scene”.

With that in mind, a young Umberto Eco is going to play the role of a young Guillermo del Toro in the making of the “El primer torero porno”, and REVEREND AL, you literally can’t make this shit up, it all started with those two perverts from Lyon, The Lumière Bros. Indeed, Salma Hayek, indeed, it was the very French who invented the concept of PAN y TOROS. They just called it the Circus Maximus in Rome. and the toreros (muertos) were gladiators; ask Javier.

Lorem ipsum Y Tu Mamá También follows… hello governor!

Producciones Le Peuple du Toro, in collaboration with Robert Rodríguez*es Cucarachas Enojadas a part productions in 3-D. In 3-D! Salma—in Three Dee plus LA MANO DE BERNARDO GÓMEZ:

AMLO: Badiraguato es un pueblo que tiene mucha suerte; siembra de drogas va en decadencia

🎶 Venezia. and Reverend of the Po’ Peeps in AUSTIN, Texas, please relay to Willie Nelson that, Eye, is an honorary Okie from Muskoogie, OK? Beto. Check, Salinas CA.

But FO’ist, Once Upon A Time in México!

Where Salma Hayek knows that there is No goD in Nuevo Laredo… ask “el ete” de Rockdrigo. It’s all noted on the archives del colectivo Rupestres de los “petroglyphs” from HUECO, TANKS in El Chuco.

… Cha-cha-cha : Eye saved Andy Warhol with a .223 Granada launcher (granadina if youse an Éspontaneo).


Over at The Chuy Scarborough Show, Victoria Escobar is at the Plate

And, Mr. Pinault-Hayek, please stand-by for Sun Tzu point 7.33 (Maneuvering on an uphill) Knives Out!!!

In any self-Respecting republic, little are, it would be a matter of public record; in Paris-Texas it is a matter of… what’s the Word? What’s the worD¿*… Ask, Los Amigos de México en Francia… i’m retiring.

Juanito Lemire reports:

But FO’ist! We switch, IT!, over to the Règie at the Plages de Paris where Godzilla and King Kong are scrambling over The Scene of The Seine (punto y coma) hilarity ensues when Hydra shows up and 3 of the five heads on that dragon split from the beast to intervene on behalf of Kong who, BTW Madame Hidalgo, was minding his own fucking business listening to Mott (the Wet) Hopple.

And, former BBC Washington Correspondent now, Ozzy Media Editor, Katty Kay, we’d like to give the Régie a shout-out now that his graffiti crew finally called one 24 hours before the an event in front of them before it happened. With this in mind, we now return to Pablo’s Studio on top of a KFC at La Place de l’Italie.

[flashback] Hey, Jonathan Capeheart… ‘member When THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS rolled out the red carpet on them Talibans?

One can’t literally make the Godfather up.

TEXAS needs to be dismantled and then returned to Mexico. Texas, like short people have 🎶 no reason to live.

Don Corleone: Tom, I advised Michael. I never thought you were a bad Consigliari. I thought Santino was a bad Don, rest in peace. Michael has all my confidence as do you. But there are reasons why you must have nothing to do with what’s going to happen.

Santino: Whatcha go to college? To get stupid? You’re really stupid!

And with this FINAL segment Salma Hayek, Öüï hopes that the staff can clear-out, separate, archive, and most importantly, Madame CESCA Giggles-Rigole, differentiate between events and their context; and Mika Brezezinski, perhaps it would help to use the anology of today’s Morning Chuy Show regarding the Republicans having their “hippie” moment, with a look like Sid Viscious (to the tune of Benny 🕊 Hinn) or some Punk like that.

For the record, Carolina, some McDo’s (not all) back in 2018 tried the same reactionary reaction with the WordPress “server”, eventually the Web provider ceased or desisted from cock blocking the site.

Entonces Kitty Softpaws… The JOpez POrtillo statement, directed en aquél entonces al dueño de la revista en dónde el reportero de radiofrance internacional, Raphaël Moran, labora también es en referencia a la movida del ahora sí, AVI VELSHI, del méndigo Switch y del puto RoUtEr-er_er.

Aguascalientes TV26 y France24, en colaboración con el canal Once y DW TV, presenta a Salma-Pinault Collection of holes in The Albert Hall jockey hat of La Bourse de Comerse a Les Halles, casi esquina con el Louvre.

In local news, it’s The Godfather part II, VF* con subtitulos en Espagnol.

Santino: Say, what do you think of the nerve of them japs, them slanty-eyed bastards, eh? Dropping bombs on our own backyard on Pop’s birthday here.

Page 15: Inmensa desilución por el JUDOKA  Teddy Riner

Fredo Corleone: They didn’t know it was Pop’s birthday.


https ://asegovia3 .com /2020/11/27 /black-friday-come-get-your-nigger-lessons/

EN CONTEXTO for The ARTIST at La Place de l’Italie:

Issy, i understand why the word processor of choice for this most non-consequential blog would be blocked after Two or Three weeks of linking on to your WiFi Mr. Pinault-Hayek; sin embargo, Pablo Gleason, i am taking it one floor, at-a-fucking time. And i am going to get to that motherfucking top, NOT for fame, but to bring you a Kinder, more Gentler, —Hitler.

Necessary for this segment, Monsieur le Règie is:
What Sun Tzu said on Chapter 7.
sections 33 and 34

So, if you have been living, visiting or touristing (like a Chilean National in three-months intervals at a time with an Exit in between… ¡así hasta yo!) then you know that opposite to the Rue de Lobau (33 Hôtel de Ville) right next to El Malecón del Hôtel de Ville está la entrada a un puente peatonal (pont piétonnier if youse French) que desciende al local de mis amigos at Tartines en Seine (free advertising for Pomona, California man) y por su puesto al espacio que la Ciudad de París le dedicó a un tal Federico García Lorca (FGL).


Entonces pues, if youse flip the direction on that bridge, then from the FGL square point of reference, El Malecón del Hôtel de Ville is at an uphill so with this information in mind, little ol’Eye was in the process of rolling my sleeping bag just below the center of the aforementioned (susmentionné) footbridge, and as previously mentioned, i was listening to Mott The Hopple on a loop, — on a loop!!! Cousin Joe! On a Loop! — and out of nowhere with clear sky above here comes un chingazo de agua… or so i thought in the instant, it was actually apple juice with Jack Daniels. Hey, this people, the French, they mix beer and tequila in a bottle, so there’s that.

As i looked up (had my headphones on) i saw this young Corsican (he screamed it at me, that’s how i know that he was Corse) trying to empty his plastic-filled bottle on me, as i looked up at the little fucker.

Naturally, being a dick myself i was not about to let this little Corsican fucker be all elitist and shit, it’s not as if that son of bitch was marking his territory like the bobo with the ukelele who told his girlfriend to take a leak next to me (true story), after all, he is one of the locals, he is entitled to shit if he pleases to on all of lesser beings who dare to get close to his domain, but the Corsican prince? Fuck him.

Session at the Mairie de Paris computer is about to expire and so i will pick this up from another section of the City… please stand-by for more annotations of Sun Tzu en tiempos de hambre, Rita Escobar. Time now is 16h22 in CET.

… and We Are Back: it’s High Noon in Hilo Hawaii, and You Are Going To Like The Way You Look. Even if you HAVE to go with the flow and hate me, “i guarantee it.”

B.O.N.E.S. via La Grange to Old Segovia Rd.

And, segnor François Pinault-Hayek, page 43 (ibid. Eco) spells it out perfectly, and if your Mercedes are lost in translation, Salmita can trasliterate the hypotenuse:


It’s rather simple, I simply don’t select the frames. I simply can’t. That would be like asking MACARIO to switch ends on the bed (please reference “a  qué huelen tus pies”, which it is not a question but a Sobredosis De Cemento reference from a few theys ago.

Ask Esmeralda, Billy, —she’ll tell you! Dusty’s trademark hat looked sort of, kind ah, remotely close to the dome de la mentada Bourse de Comerse Hayek-Pinault.

In Local News, The Siren said fuck it, it's Diva Knight To Nite! Total disregard for check-in time... over at the Maub, “El Mil Máscaras” is betting that this one is going to be late for her own funeral—oh! The Humanity.

Previously on last night’s Ping Pong match against los Super Rudos de fip . fr:


Öüï are talking Lucha Libre royalty here, people!

Error: Loading CSS chunk 2 failed. (/static/css/default~Article~Article-Article~Expression~Expression-Expression~Tracklist~Tracklist-Tracklist.55e76858.chunk.css)

R.I.P. Super Cochon!


….10*. L’élitisme est un aspect type de l’ideologie réactionnaire, en tant que fondamentalement  aristocratique [de Coatzacoalcos].


Robbing Peter to pay Paul, it’s symbolic, off~course…

Y no, no doña Vilma. No es’que se le sacara la vuelta, “and you know what I’m talkin’bout”, diría Billy, pero de seguir con la flecha derecha por La Grange en dirección con René-Viviani retrasaría la hora de llegar con Salma (punto y coma) it’s symbolic and The Artist is going to explain why; but FO’ist, The Road to 🌀 The TiTi Twister 🌀leads to Mí.

Lorem Ipsum times Yada, yada, Ding dong, over r X Pi … let’s do The Math, and as usual the student must show the shortest route to the College de France.

And Katy Kay… you have never looked younger, did you do something to your wardrobe?

And, Katty Kay… Ewe don’t look [six months] older than 2021 years.

And Kashmir goes here.

Show it again Joe… gas works

“Oh, that’s just another They in New York City,” as explained by Mayor Bill De Blasio on the Morjo Show… “Wet Teddy Backs!”—Wet teddy bears.

What are you going to do next, RAPE me — like Catholic priests do? It has been EIGHT months since i filed a complaint against police abuse here in France, AND SALMA HAYEK (p.74, PARIS MATCH du 22 au 28 juillet 2021)… let me go get a picture of Sebas across the French NBA satellite à Paris 13éme, and if your husband doesn’t block the wordpress site from the PINAULT Centre, i will show you what Kennedy looked before Ted Cruz dad shot his head to smithereens. Just the facts, even if my name is not OLIVER Stone — although i do recall the night when the Director and me crossed paths^, precisely outside of the Soup Line at Saint Eustache. Check the record.

Do you play PING PONG, Mr. Stone?

* I was ascending from one of the 665 movie halls inside of what used to be Les Halles, and nothing but a mall (punto y coma) Mr. Stone was on his way down to the main theater of them other 665 movie halls of what is now nothing more than just another American brandwith the French Touch, of course.

In conTexto, para Pablo y El Agente OSS 117 (75013 entre Le Temps des Cerises and “a bucket of chicken”:

Lorem Ipsum… wait fo’IT. Wait… and i’m back, and before fip . fr brings out the Summer wine, y pues ValgArma la Serendipia, Salma Hayek, but and before i establish how a Fishbone album connects to Claire McCaskill’s cloakroom connection at La Bourse in front of Pablo’s studio, which overlooked the Eiffel tower from the top of a Kentucky Fried Chicken at Place de l’Italie check this out.

Forrest Gump was a FAG!

The first thing that you need to know about a very exclusively open place where Evry body knows your name (Paris) is that if you are in on the joke (from the beginning, knot Yesterday) then you would know that you are never more than 3 degrees (not 6) of separation from a place, person or institution that is linked to La rue Borrègo (75020)…

__ which ValgArma la redundancia, Salma Hayek, if the idiot should ever be in on the joke, like say the SECuRITY detail guarding the former Catherine de Medici tower IS then you would know that the EmerGency exit at the former commodity (agro) exchange is linked to THE DOGMA section of this PAGE then Kamila, let me tell you that La Bourse enfrente de la AFP está a tan solo unos pasos de la ventanilla de STEPHANIE MENOU at the Prefectura de Paris-Cité (2015).

https ://imdb .com /title /tt1640718 /?ref_ =m_nm_knf_ act_i17

Page loading… 🔃🔄

With that in mind, Salma Hayek, ValgArma el recordatorio necesario para poder participar en este corrido… musico-y-literalmente relevante is that EWE must be in on the joke, period, otherwise you fall into one of two categories:

1. You are a hitman or Black Widow

That’s right, Dimitru—my friend, “no money no Cry”, said The Count Marley… And Mr. Pinault, because you can transcend prefectures, gobernaturas, and Even (dare Eye Say) The Presidents, you can may review the logs from the most informed Cop in Paname, i know that you can be in on the joke with a Truman Burbank sense of omnipotence*

2. A 🙈French 🙉 Benevole 🙊

*In the movie, and Eye is not making this up Miss Pantimonio (del PATRImonio) transliterates to Ed Harris.


Fuckkkkkkkk, Eye didn’t think

Over at Le Figurines “entre Guillemets*” del Mundo de Le Figaro, goD taketh away The Bach, Jean-Sebastien —Back!

* Pg. 19 Opinions… Le Figaro Nº 23 929.

Jump to La Grange where Billy is Welcoming Pablo onto the Stage… “Yeah, Buddy! »… B.O.N.E.S. follows, it’s an Old Segovia Road Extravaganza que ni en Cannes, SALMA HAYEK, —ni en Cannes.

And President Biden… Woof–woof!

Dear, Joe Biden, —president. It is Oh-Nine and a ¼ on the pm in Hilo, Hawaii time and, Mr. Présidente (punto y coma) maYor gremlins are strategically hindering the Benevolent WiFi (paris/bourse de commerce) connection to our [asegovia3.com] word processor site on the opposite side of that SandClock ⏳⌛️. Shop at am/pm… and fuck the WaWa.

Traduit de l’italien par M. Bou•z’aher (Myriam Bouzaher… and Roger, yo no puedo inventar este trabalenguas; ask Umberto). —_•¡•_—  Barrio 71 follows… RECONNAÎTRE le fascisme (punto y coma) ©️Éditions Grasset & Fasquelle, (Essai tiré de Cinque Scritti Morali) 2010.

https ://portswigger .net /daily-swig /interview-patchstacks-oliver-sild-on-securing-wordpress-one-plugin-vulnerability-at-a-time

You literally already tried this with Vin Diesel’s Fast and Furious… the outcome was the death of Paul when HE DIDN’t NOTICED THAT THE LIGHT HAD CHANGED:

Ofrece EU a la FGR (MEXICO’s Préfecture) ‘software’ de “espionaje controlado”

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/07/27 /politica /ofrece-eu-a-la-fgr-software-de-espionaje-controlado/

The Face of God*

What’s next, Joe? Youse gonna shoot Charlie?

If your Administration can end the George Bush War in Irak, and leave essential workers stranded in Afghanistan to be killed by the Taliban, why? —Why can’t you lift the embargo on Cuba and see what happens, eh? Heck, Mr. Biden, come-on Man!

You [Sir] make Jeb Bush’s son look like a Bush Family loyalist, even after that little Florida fucker—turned Texan to run for office there (Lone Star State) seeking the endorsement of your predecessor, aka Nicolle Wallace’s former guy, “el Don”, o algo así… but i, armando segovia, wouldn’t know on account that I Voted for you to “Build it back better”… i did not know that this is what your Administration meant ⤵️

Lorem ipsum… pasa la Rocha.

Querido Pablo… los Ecos de Pat Robertson and A New World Order

And Cousin Joe… i took a deliberate break this morning to hover over Point Nº4 (of Umberto’s echos of fascism) and of course, to rediscover Pablito’s masterpiece: YOLANDA.

AND NICOLLE WALLACE... a pandemic among the un-vaccinated is exactly—EXACTLY how zombie land populates. Which brings me back to PABLO, who just put out a new Album called “DONDA”, ¿donde? you ask, in Yo' Land A*.

* America sin acento.

Keep On Rocking in the Looney Tunes Bin 🏀.

And Claire McCaskill… lose the collar, keep the Ale, many-many Ale. And Claire, that room just doesn’t match the Tranquility Base transmission pod of your neighbor to my Right–your Left. And Claire McCaskill… it’s Knot the RouterS, it’s them SwitcheS. And Claire, you see that guy in the corner, opposite to Nicolle? That’s Charlie, and he just jumped on “The Guardians” bandwagon by renaming his dog “Modem” from “Moulder”. Charlie, a staunch Republican, shamed his adult children into immigrating to France, KNOT BECAUSE OF HIS POLITICS, but because of the Ex-Files “crazy Jewish lasers” who stole The Ancient Aliens 2022 mid-term elections. Charlie has a sick sense of humor, the fucker named his cat, “Mouse”. And Claire, “Don’t Go Eh•NY•Where!

And in Paris… Luc Frelon is of course, a fag.

https: //www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/07/25 /cultura /pablo-milanes-se-suma-a-artistas-que-apoyan-protestas-en-cuba/

Now before i switch, IT!, off for the duration of my weekly compromise with An Establishment where Evry Body knows Your name, i am going to remind your dumb-Alabama Country lawyer-ass that i am not jumping on any of the Nueva Trova bandwagon, and Mika, please remind that fetus looking fellow (Mike Barnicle) that Eye did tell his Bostonian ass that TEENY TINY CAT WAS RE•TI•RED from the political fight in Cuba… but that CAT never surrender his conviction that in order to bring a new sense of freedom in that Island, Willie Geist, Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-C. is on the right side of History.

In Local news:

Joke’s on the Polynesians, Marianne sent Présidente Macron’s doppelgänger, our Friend in Normandy (75th Anniversary March) Seth Macron.

And not to be outdone by Mexican usos y costumbres, French présidente Emmanuel Macron turns into a flower stand. Agent Angle reports.

Meanwhile in Polynesia… it was a consensus agreement, a unanimous decision from the judges, frog legs do indeed taste like chicken… and this one was evidently a free-range cock.


Previously on, So You Draw Portraits of Presidents

Fuck’em… fuck EM# ALL, Eye can draw the face of God, sin celery, Field Marshal Carlin.

Fuck you Matt Damon! Context follows on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, because That COLBERT guy is a fucking asshole.

Of course, in order to know what Eye is referring to you have to be current with your Dogma—Fuck-oh.


Of course, you also have to be  current with all the Prophets, not just The Rock, Rufus.

And Alice… this is a kind reminder that the fip . fr portrait contest is open to all nationalities but You Have Got to Be French to WIN, could-have-been-CONTENDERS need not apply, —Stella.

And Yasmin V… before you accuse me of jumping on the Basketball bandwagon, do recall that just like The Chinese stole Tocqueville from the Frogs, and the Russians the Champagne… i did tell Lester Holt that the French had a B-Ball academy at Olympiades M-14, turns out that the French had sent a spy to the San Antonio Spurs… all those years ago. 

https ://www .lequipe .fr /Basket /Actualites /La-france-domine-les-etats-unis-pour-son-premier-match-des-jo /1273011

After The Nation with the politics of the Reverend Al Sharpton, Alicia will dive into a holding pattern in Texas where schools districts everywhere will begin to teach the origins story of Walker Texas Ranger.

Literally, can’t make this shit up.

For the occasion, independent school districts across the Lone Star state will hold a vote concerning the new revisionist book covers for the newly revised curricula on the Southern’s version of European Code Noir.


Inter💋medio con La MABM (Nº2.71)

Grrrrr… 👄 Dear, Debbie “bacardi”… It is you, former Rep. who is wrong on the EMBARGO, and it is HER, the Current U.S. Representative from Queens (N.Y.) who is on the correct side of Humanitarian History, more on that after the Olympic Moment with Tiffany -time delayed- Cross town traffic.

Microcuento #271 ©by mabm

Sexiest man alive… Fuck You George Clooney!

In local news, never mind the anti-covid protests at LA GARE de Saint LAZARE, Metro Line 14 (the purple line) that’s just the RIGHT WING of the frogs being idiots, pay close attention however to the following INFRASTRUCTURE Public Service Announcement regarding the aforementioned line; M14 will be closed from TODAY, July 25th all the way until AUGUST 8th but it only involves the stops from the GARE de LYON to OLYMPIADES (same goes for the RER Cthe Yellow Lead Better line) as this line, M-14 (∴my favorite line∴) is currently being connected to the ORLY International Airport. The delay is really not that bad considering the options available to move around this Olympic Villa.

Em#botella—miento… Contexte pour Cousin Joe via AVI VELSHI en IRAN, con ESCALA en La Havana* (l‘amour est dans l’AIR) — Fuck The Olympics (punto y coma) The Guardian*: “The quixotic notion that the Olympics could be a champion of human rights – and that staging the Games would open up authoritarian hosts to international norms and scrutinywas completely undermined by Beijing 2008, then rendered risible by the Sochi Winter Games in 2014… 

Je ne parle pas Espagnol … Lingua Franca es InglÉs, SVP

* Dear, President Joe Biden:

https ://www .reuters .com /world /americas /mexico-preparing-shipment-food-medicine-cuba-mexican-official- 2021-07-22/

Your counterpart in México is making you look like a Ur-fascist¹, or as George Clooney would call you at an Italian get together, an ETERNAL PRIMITIVE (primate). In Texas, Mr. President, you look like a TWO-faced Ronald Reagan.

¹ ibid… https ://www .openculture .com /2016/11 /umberto-eco-makes-a-list-of-the-14-common-features-of-fascism .html

2 de Octubre, 1968: “Salió el sol” according to Mexican nightly news and, the International Olympic Committee president, “was at the ballet”. The GUARDIAN* goes on to highlight that, << He then reacted to the greatest ever display of athlete activism at the games – the black power salutes – by destroying the careers of Tommie Smith and John Carlos. The IOC’s history is one of genuflecting before power and violence, and bullying the athletes it claims to revere >>.

Thank you for THE CHARITY; but JUSTICE is a better Deal, señor(es) Presidente. Call me… or KNOT.

Jimmy “Popeye“ Doyle was a fag — The language is Castellano knot Spanish, Carlos


En contexto para el artista Roger Pérez y los ad-joints de Madame Mayor Anne Hidalgo… and Roger, the first thing that you need to know about the Radio sounds from this morning, is that “The writing [is] on the Wall”… Ask EDDIE—_•¡•_— And Former “little habana” representative in WASHINGTON, i agree with your counter argument to the Panamanian pundit regarding the ethnic identifier/denominator, “LatinX », but Congressman, the language that EWE are referring to is CASTELLANO, if you really-really want to get to the “mother language” of « latino culture », which as Evry fucking Roman in Parigi knows, is ITALIAN, of course.

Óscar Emilio Californio de Kikapoo, he used to go by Emilio “el indio” Fernández.

https ://www .si .com /mlb/2021/07/23 /cleveland-guardians-name-change-decision-explained

Previously on, Octubre Tenía Que Ser:
Fair use notice... The image of Trois Couleurs from 5 February to 4 March 2014 is used for critical purposes in the analysis of news, pop-culture, and marketing discourse. ANALOGIES are reasoned AS THESE RELATE to Mexican historical markers and milestones, while juxtaposed with GLOBAL CURRENT EVENTS from CLEVELAND 🛶... Go GUARDIANS.

In this section, the student will review « son bac » avec El Mundo de Le Monde. 20th Century conflicts and the government of France previous to the first 😷 of the 21st Century global pandemics are covered.

For this section, the student must have an understanding of the terminal philosophy of

South Park’s season 13 • episode 12, “The F Word”.
— Alejandro Jodorowski’s DUNE project revised as a comparative draft of a French Talents and Skills bleuprint. https ://asegovia3 .com /2016/03/23 /bfv-benjamin-franklin-village/
— … TBD

The French Connected _—•!•—_ Context on Feb. 2017/2021 follows… [B]ut first, let’s get one thing straight, and in this section Avi Velshi must explain how “his Baldness” squared all of them Venn Diagrams (punto y coma) additionally, the student may subtract from the dentils in order to circumvent the radius of the radio.

_ [A]nd, Brother Sanches Riuvo Ruivo, the following must be read in the inalienable voice of Human RIGHT…s activist, Florence MARIE Cassez.

Lorem ipsum…

Anne with an “E”.

Anyhow, Madame Mayor, i hope that your ad-joints don’t interpret this post as jumping on the “Anne Hidalgo for présidente” bandwagon, and as a matter of fact, Madame Mayor, if i was to look back at the days when you were Mayor Bertrand Delanoë’s urbanism and architecture intermediary with the good people of Jour et Nuit Culture, i could perhaps pull a couple of posts where Ramón Quintana Woodstock (in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua) rooted for your Spanish Eyes to become the first Ovaries at the Élysée.

Sin Embargo ⛹🏽‍♂️, Hermano Sanches Ruivo, Eye said it once, The Paris Tourism Board thinks that they have an imagination, but earlier today i asked the artist, Roger Pérez, what would happen if one of the taggers working the Walls of the Federico García Lorca square de Paris Plages tagged them Walls with an Emmanuel Macron re-elected, or Valérie Pécresse for Office de Tourism Coordinator? His answer when The Guardians rebrand The Indians in Major ⚾️ League.

And Baby Blue… you can call me any THING you Want… just don’t call Mí, collect. And Tiffy Cee, before Avi Velshi squares the radio of the radius, be advised that Short-Wave has the longest Range 🏀🗑… los pollos 🇵🇦 hermanos, y las pollas 🇪🇸también? In this section, Öüï bastardize the LatinX segment of The Cross Connection, and Alex Witt, the ANSWER is always, PA•NA•ME 🛶, period.