That’s right, Cousin Joe… Skidaddle out of the Jazmin set


And please, you hydrocephalus talking monkey, don’t pretend that you and Mika weren’t holding the Big Kat behind the “Güey too early” set.

Breaking News...

0300 hours in El Ey Time is also acceptable for the release deadline, that’s when the Energy comes and when Meacham talks to the dead; the brain dead. •_!_• The Brain Dead, by the way, is a Lounge where Meacham moonlights as a bartender in Bumfuck, Tennessee. –•^_!!_^•– In this frame, Katty Kay is catching-up with the “Boys Club” laughing at Donald Trump back in her home turf, Land of bad teeth and shape-shifting lizards.

C’mon MAN!!! Who you two think you are foolin’, it’s definitely not the Poles because as the Washington early morning volunteer cross guard and Pulitzer Prize winner, Eugene Robinson knows: the Poles are Talking… especially in Wisconsin, land of bad cheese, MAN!!!

All bandidos are beasts.:.

All bandidos are beasts.:.A27F5F1C-D8F1-48B0-9183-AA3553C89395 •-_¥_-• Yet, not all beasts are bandidos, take for instance, them Mapaches, 

And there it is… the fucking Bad Mexican, Sam Stein in the set; lemme’ Guess, Katty Kay was not missing, she was on a Hot Air Balloon with Bono and You Too, eh, Cousin Joe‽ Get your alibis right, JACK.

Across The Atlantic, PROGRESSIVE C.F.R. recognizes the mistakes of The Houston Astros School of the Americas in Punta Cana.

Yes it is

Yes it is… Gaaaaaaaahn—Well don’t you know that happiness, Yes it is: gun. •_!!_• The Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al SAUD, just called the unsecured cellphone of Vladimir Putin’s little bitchMBS just ordered Donald Trump to stand-down on the “Terrorist” lead. Sources close to the President of the United States of America confirm that the Crowned Prince suggested that the matter was to be blamed on a “Work Place” love triangle. TimeStamp: 19h20 in Central NATO Time.

Meanwhile, at the U.S. Senate, ARMENIA never happened, by way of an American sponsored “resolution”… in order to satisfy an Ottoman “stuffed” Turkey. Ever wonder why Donald Trump skipped the traditional Benjamin Franklin “Original” national bird? It was out of respect to Erdogân, MAN!!! C’mon, period

In other news, the White House answered yesterday’s announcement from the Pelusa (10) at the House of Representatives, and in Washington, Nicolle Wallace is glad that öüï don’t use a Blackberry gadget. Even f she still won’t call us by our N.A.M.E.

All Eye wants for X-mas is more Y-mas

All Eye wants for X-mas is.:.B00A05EE-2C72-485E-845B-856C7165ADDD •|•
… [A] Y–mas, and if you are a Yaqui you’ll get it.

Armando Segovia à Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris (Exhibit « M » ; ii)

Dear, Marianne:

El Alternativo

El Alternativo.:.338DE3CB-82BE-493C-9FAF-BACA65B1F51B `-•_!!_•-‘ “Con el estilo « Lamentablemente Inconfundible », de Banderilla, Veracruz.

Thank you for your very ROMAN ways of inclusion, for your nourishment, for your municipal baths, and for your Liberty.

Thank you also for the Greek in you, which for our most insignificant taste and with U.S., not having that Bostonian accent that your ENArquist and Sciences Po pencil-pushers put on a pedestal, keeps on keeping U.S. [lowly chicanos] DOWN for a FAIR share of RESEARCH that the very FRENCH get to do all over THE GLOBE.

Come Tuesday morning, December 10th at 10h00 in CET, the staff of this most inconsequential blog will be before an Administrative Tribunal that will try to convince me, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto, that my life started on 2017, the year when a “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” between the organizers of The Year of Mexico in FRANCE and The Préfecture de Police at Cité, spilled-over all of the repercussions of the past 14 years; EIGHT OF which started with a simple request from the Mexican Foreign Service in France:

Chéquenme a ese cabrón

El mejor Melón es de Bermejillo

El mejor Melón es de Bermejillo, casi esquina con San José de Las Panochas, Municipio de Mapimí — Zona del Silencio.:. y, Viva Villa, Cabrones.


It’s Weekend Edition and, Cousin Joe, does anybody remember Katty Kay?

Tomorrow Never Gknows

Tomorrow [Day 1052 of King Trump, and his Queen Mattress Wife] Never Gknows.:. But Today, “Right Gknow” the 45th President of the United States will be the THIRD executive to be turned into a PEACH. Eat D.A.T. ❄️ [flake].

Release the Kay, Joe… RE•LEA_se the Big Big Kat “Today”… you have until High Noon in Central NATO Thyme.

“Don’t mess with Mí on This,” Cousin Joe.

What can Brown do for you

“What can Brown do for you”… paint your house, of course •_!!_• Öüï DO our own Carpentry work, also.

[B]ut FOist, The Lawrence O’Donnell is such a Fag Show, with your host, Ari Velshi.

Previously on: A hate for S.N.O.W.

Don’t mess with Nancy, it will have a snowball effect.

The good stream

The good stream show. •—_!!_—• CANDID as SNOW.

Season 3; Episode 1:
Candid as Snow, but without the “flaky stuff”.

Synopsis: a mud-slinging leader of the free world who peddles in hate, sends a messenger to the Declaration of Impeachment and gets the Saint Bartholomew treatment.

Musical track:
Armenia — City in The Sky

National Sports Day Update

15h40… Sin Novedad.

Rêve Generale

Rêve Générale.:.09A183BE-B103-477A-B99C-5290606B57C6 •|• So, now ¥ouse “dreamers”, eh‽ _-•!•-_ First “They” took “our” feminicidios and translated these onto the “French Touch”, and now all Les Miserables are “soñadores” Aussi… “Oh, the humanity”.  Sponsored by l’Eau de París and the smell of spent polvora on the streets. [What’s next, ¡SÍ SE PUEDE!]… D.E.R. TAKING OUR GÜOURrrrds!

En République no pasa rien… it’s only a smoke screen, “and D.A.R.E.’s no Rain.”

When I’m 64

Who could ask for more

Who could ask for more, dijo el apóstol Paul and ¥€$, Paul’s broken a glass, a glass he broke.

Adventures en calcos and Transliteration

🎼Beefour you accuse Mì… 🎶

Well... at least there's maths

We’ll always have MATHS.:.973CF338-7E65-4733-AF87-1B0E6ED471AF •|• and Science… “Does anybody remember [science?] Laughter” track follows; because that’s the way of the 5 o’Clock “working class hero” TV dinner-eating , blue collar stiff who just got home [like the night before] to see a fast talking cattle sales-person on the Streams defending the King of Them United States.

en contexto; a play on words
does not make
1/100 OF A £
(Sterling, for remedial stu’s.)

The classics

The classics for rednecks.

If you are going to enlist, enlist mosquito wing privates, mr. Heinz: World War Zero

Estas son las golondrinas...

Estas son las golondrinas.:.B87860F9-944F-4414-B400-890E480821AE •_¥_• …[Q]ue cantaba El Rey David… hoy por ser (fill in the blank).


If i ever got an interest in ROME or Greece, it’s because of un catalán, just ask Penélope repasando las Lecciones de Urbanidad.

It’s BLACK Jeudi — Shop GNOW!!!

And in France, jueves is JUPITER’s T.H.E.Y. Day.

People Who GKNOW

People Who GKNOW.:.E17DD966-FED9-46F2-962C-0940044B8523 •_¥_•  {Let’s play HardBall

Dear, Marianne, öüï [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] don’t chose the days, we just get on the bus, ¥eah, the “Magic Bus”.

Travelers to Père Lachaise here’s your itinerary:

1. Start at Le BnF.
2. Look for the RATP Brown Square
with a 71 in the center.
3. Enter into the 71.
4. FLIP THE number FROM 71 to 17.
5. Remember the 17; that is the
number of stops from Jupiter to
The Doors of Père Lachaise


Dear, MABM: ³*

Con respecto a ese reto tuyo, ése que vos postulaste hace apenas unas horas en tu espacio en dónde te dedicas a eso que los franceses de Philippe Labró llaman {el dedicarse a tocar Violines de Ingres ¹*» o algo así , el staff de este tan intrascendente blog—los últimos de tus seguidores [porque tienes Cantidad] surcamos en un Globo aerostático desde el Cementerio de Belleville, en Télégraphe, 75020—pegadito con la rue Borrégo, hasta el Panteón Francés de la CDMX—casi esquina con las Fuentes de doña Vilma en La Jornada, para darte una vuelta al mundo en 80 horas, hasta nuestro segmento al que nosotros en el staff llamamos:

Adventures in calcos

IMPECHEAR“… as in:

“Si no podemos impeachear ²*a un presidente que usa su poder para ventaja personal, ya no vivimos en una democracia”, advirtió Noah « The Republican 357 PM Silencer » Feldman, profesor de Harvard

Las fuentes para doña Vilma y su amiga doña Poni:

³* Tejiendo Las Palabras con MABM:

¹* página 6 de 33 edición de
las Llaves de Eddie Gloude, Junior;
en La Semana que
Phiippe Labra:
https ://rss .cnews .fr/

²* Brooks, D.: “Formulan cargos en SPANGLISH; yada-yada-yada…”, vía la llamada telefónica de “SARITA”, la hija chicana de El Principe de La Canción”, José José. Vía: https ://www .jornada .com .mx/ultimas/mundo/2019/12/04/formulan-cargos-contra-donald-trump-en-el-congreso