ROBB BASE… It~It~It—It Takes Tú 👮


… I’m not internationally known
But I’m known to rock the microphone


https ://www /faits-divers /paris-un-homme-tue-a-lambassade-du-qatar-un-suspect-interpelle– 23-05-2022- EYVRH742AZAHVDFQLAXCCHXHPA.php


Eye wanna R O C K
right Now

https ://www .thedailybeast .com /police-stayed-outside-as-robb-elementary-school-killer-salvador-ramos-stormed-school-witnesses-tell– ap

Meanwhile in KENTUCKY, no arrest warrant is needed to STORM a black Taylor’s duplex.


Ballistic Lockers — “It’s a mental INDUSTRY problem³ »

Breaking News… The Texas Rangers just received a wire from the governor there stating that former congressman Robert Francis O’Rourke is officially a mental case.

Fuera de Lugar — Bienvenidos.

³~. Said the governor speaking from a wheelchair, adding, “and Sit Down, BETO!!! You are offside ⚽ CONGRESSMAN”.

Fox Force Five, get it? TIRO LIBRE INDIRECTO

In local news, Öüï now knows that the failure to launch The Grouprama youth center on Boulevard Saint Michel and la rue Serpent happened because “the cousin of Lady Polanco”, who is currently on a shopping spree semester at SciencesPo, filed a complaint with Lady Unicorn at The Cluny, next to La Sorbonne, warning of a future bombastic nuisance in that section of the 6th District, and the chamber of commerce agreed, issuing a recommendation to Poseidon to vacate the 20th Block of the Boulevard Saint Michel. Poseidon then transformed himself into a seahorse and joined the ranks of the Undocumented migratory fish front and took on a heroine addiction.

No. 20 Blvd. de Saint Michel is now protected with ballistic fencing for it’s near-future Ballistic Basketballs.

Donkey Kong Logic. 👠 Woman on Gameboy®️ wants BIGGER MILITARY-grade weapons for cops… because MILITARY-grade bullets at WAL-MART ®️ COST .50 CENTS with no restrictions, all that the store will ask is that the purchasers are old enough to GO TO WAR, —after recess period on a school playground. 🔁🔀▶️📳📲🚸

Deer, Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy

See how easy it is to divert the attention from your dead. All it takes is …


…. Make that “sandrovych” with no pickles, Eye likes his LONCHES with… Strawberry Fields workers, of course.

Coming this Saturday at Madame Hidalgo’s parvis, the UEFA store, and later this Summer of 2022, the NBA Store.

En fin señora Ministro, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, Eye hopes that your little Olympic Tourism Board takes the NBA a little bit more seriously than Grouprama. Why just look what happened to Neptune and his Nereids, their Lake dried up.


Bioshop graded

Do you fresas do Cumbias?

Previously on, La Rideau est Tombé

Ay ya CHOLE con tu fiesta.
GOEY, en Polanco de Insurgentes… Turn the page, 🦊… dice CELAYA de Les Brioches

It used to be, that you had to be 21 to drink and 18 to go to War … The Moore things change in Columbine the more Michael stays the same… You Phat Basterd.

Ballistic Curtains, because Freedom isn’t Free. You faggots.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /francemusique /podcasts /allegretto /allegretto-du-mercredi-25-mai-2022 -8471951

I was practically born next to Big Bear, in Cucamonga, trou ♠️ Story. Ask the Saint Bernard à Route 66 near Arrowhead, instead of Baby Formula damn dog 🐶 gave me liquor 🥃, but hey, it worked for Bogart while filming Casablanca… don’t drink the water.

Öüï don’t need no stinkin’ Bach’s… We are already Wet!

“A todos Los que quieren y amán a Denisa Kerschova… »

QuéSeco… Dedicated to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade playground Soccer stars in Uvalde, with LoVe from Valencia, España en Saint- Germain-des-Prés

From a Fav 🍓  Fourth grader

NIKENique —  Victoria
Boulevard St. Michel y la rue Serpente, Paris 06.

Remember, PichiAvo, I know where the bodies are buried, ISSY, I would do anything for a ticket 🎫… “but Eye won’t do that »

“Ay, mírame, mírame, mírame”
Said the lesser-half of the duo Pa’ella Valenciano Pichiavo, as the little man with the aerosol canister sucked GROUPRAMA’S COQ 🐓.

American Graffiti… Check with McDonald’s ®️ at La Place d’Italie, . I know that I foretold y’all about a Slam Dunk 🏀 🗑️ a Saint-Germain-des-Prés… Playball!!!


Si mal no Recuerdo,
Nº 20 Boulevard Saint Michel
was to be a community center for talented teens or, something like that.

Ladies in Gemini: the gun lobby

“Let’s invest in our children”.

ketch up on aisle 6… https ://www .newsweek .com /ballistic-blankets-children-shot-maureen-oconnell-fox-news-school-uvalde-texas-1709955

Here’s your duckie, Heilemann. Any other request you might crave?

Now is the time to invest in ballistic blankets four classrooms. And don’t forget to invest also in threat assessment seminars for your INDEPDNDENT  School District.

Forget a budget for the Arts, tell your school board council that there are thousands of ways that our Brand could turn your KINDERGARTEN and/or ELEMENTARY institutions into fortresses.

Rocking in the USA — “Why are you in Congress?”


Austin City Limits follows after the lista más perra de todas las manchas urbanas en Uvalde.

“So it goes… Kilgore was here” Kurt Vonnegut.

Thé Mexican president sends his condolences, to the dead shooter’s family.

And, Nicolle, if you think that I am an asshole, Eye am Eye, but it is still Stranger than Fiction, for translation ask Any of The Castro’s in San Antonio.

The Luis Posada Carriles backstory… If you have ever wonder why the C.I.A. called him “BAMBI”. AMERICAN terrorists.

… The most dangerous place in Texas, said The Governor of that state speaking from a wheelchair as he rolled up an access ramp 📐🦼 are Elementary schools, 🔫, period!

Can you put a graph on that?

Sponsored by the Gun Lobby and Deutsch Industries … “Recuérdame



Nevermind the catnip, Joe Scarborough is a Son of A Bitch!

Ahora cuéntame una de vaqueros, Maverick.

Still to come, Dave Mustaine stars as The Barber from Savannah, Georgia. And, oh what a coincidence, the minute that former president George W. Bush slips on Sigmund Freud’s dick, the F.B.I. releases a Top-Secret plan to kill that sumvitch. Here’s wisdom, it was not an Iraqi dissident who plotted the hit, it WAS the ghost of former Arizona Cardinals #40, and U.S. Army Specialist, Patrick Tillman.

And Katty Kay… I am below the pissers, so nevermind the next segment of Line 12 à Concordia. But what is the deal with Cousin Joe not feeding Mika’s Pussy cat? Deer, Lorde, bring in That recently laid-off SNL character.


But first, Öüï can’t reververate this enough, Joe Scarborough is a Son of a bitch. And here is why:


Because he (the former FloriBama congressman) continues to trickle down on the little man, man!!!

I can’t remember what Mika’s big fat Pussy cat’s name is, suffice to say, Mika’s Pussy cat 🐈 is a rescue, which explains Évry thing.

Cousin Joe just doesn’t know how to hear the Blues, man! To him, and his Evangelical ways every lick is a kiss from the Devil. Sanctimonious sonovabitch!

And, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo… la Palma no murió, IT!, Never did.

GLORIETA IS NUTTIN BUT A ’round Ah-ahhhhhhhhhhhhh bout.

… Endless Money is for oligarchs.

Take for instance Joe Scarborough’$ Nantucket cabana, why the ‘icebox’ alone has enough meat to feed the entire Russian army and the prison population of Georgia.

But dare a cute little Pussy cat meow next  to that carpetbagger, Long Island Iced Tea sippin’, Cockadoodledoo sucker’s ear and the, so-called former ‘distinguished’ gentleman from the Redneck Riviera, immediately—EYE SAY!— Will Immediately scream “that Pussy needs to go on a diet”.

Pelos güeros, Pelosi!!! Pelos Wueros!!?

It’s been done before, PANTERA called it: VD in A

Go back to Wisconsin, STACEY!

Eat a Peach 🍑 with Cheese 🧀.

¿Heine qué?

Cualquiera parecido con Biden y Zelinski

Cualquiera parecido con Biden (U.S.A.) y Zelinski… or whatever the John Stewart in The Ukraine is called, es pura CoINsíDenCIA.


GO’ill de Niza LISZT’en Up, here it goes, en LA Major League Bass Bowl, for Donnie Deutsch… THAT MOTHERFUCKER !!!


… Ed Barney’s* memory is sponsored by that “OPEN BAR” fellow, Beer Belly Dutilh.

Edward Louis Bernays approves this message… and live from Election Central on the peacock brand is, another midterm election is in the BOX…

*~. Sorry if I misspelt your patron saint’s BRAND, Donnie.


In théâtres now, at The Castro.

Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

El tipo este… Una hora con los cadetes

Can you 💋 even ride a horse?


Anuncio ate Public Service Announcement

Hi! Ewe might remember Mi from the classic Spaghetti Western, “Personne es Trinity” and Bud Spenser is a fag, anyhow, as EYE was telling Luc Frelon, ‘fuck you ; Seth!

THE Outcome. It’s TROU 🕳️! It’s TROU!!! Babies come from Paris. It’s right there in bold letters just above Mika’s thread.

I was on my way to Australia, when all of a sudden, the Ukraine went the way of Los Tábiques that give The Boulogne Forest such beautiful sunsets.

Vál-ga-me SanTo Ni-ñito
Ya’gar-rar-ón ah—José.

The first tacha [❌] for Mme. Prime

There’s an election for a Free France in PENNSILVANIA… fuck the Eeeeeh GREC.

The American dream for insomniacs.

But, FO’ist, Avocado Haass needs to Ketch-the-Fuck up, indeed.

And Mann City is the 💣

Baby formula from a crisis follows. Angle Dick follows.

Six-Sigma SAMSUNG institute call this phenomena “Justin‘s Time”


Football baby

Tacha 💊 = Rave drug (Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua / Tijuana, Baja California).
Tacha ❌ = fault in academic papers.
Tacha🧏🏾‍♀️ = diminutif de Ignacia en Pau.

Los Cadetes de la rue Cadet.

Allegretto’s traveling Monday budget was cut by MGMT… MGMT cites that among the reasons for cancelling the travel budget was due to Vladimir Putin being a dick, but Évry body at the 5ème Circonscription de La République knows that MGMT needs to score heroine in order to fuck with the Stars.

Siendo MULA, [la muy Deniza] she hopped on a cargo train from Pornic to Espelette, Jacques !!! Desoula, not amused ordered a Fantwa con Shawarma law, extra persil on that sliced onion.