And Lindsey Reiser… is that all there is to a Summit? BRING ON THE REDS

Deer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (33)… Shaquille O’Neil is right, just call it “Contrast” Therapy because Jesus never criticized any Ewe!… but he did arrive on top of a burro… wait! BURRITO HAS a better RING TO, IT!

BUT FO’ist, a CONFLICT of INTEREST prevents u.s. from joining the French National Team in Bern, where HUNGARY is tied with Les Bleus, one score and eleven players on the field ago… yada yada yada, it’s Juneteenth in The Great Mexican State of Coahuila de Zaragoza, where people who know, “know que know” FUE PENAL!!!

NOW it’s time for the current champions and Ronaldo CR7, who take over the Lufthansa Friendly Skies… AND ZEPPELIN GOES HERE!

CHAMPAGNE OR SPARKLING fizzy FUZZY bubbles, Mesdames/Messieurs,  Ah—OUIS! ⚡️Attention, lightening and thunder follows at the 18:15 quadrant… CET What a difference a They makes, eh!


And, Lindsey, did you go to Acapulco during the Biden European Vacation, “¿y no me invitaste? », Aliens report that youse still in Puerto Vallarta, —en la azotea.

Johnny Knoxfield and the Jackass crew are fags! •_🏀❗️🏀_• And BABY BLUE Cross, before the LatinX community center on the opposite side of PIEDRAS NEGRAS gets all “cringy” about a pair of pink tacos, be advised that GROOT calls them ‘shoots’ (punto y coma) don’t believe Mí? ask Rudo and Cursi… 🎬

And Cory Coffin… what in the Whole Wide World of Sports are you talking about? But since, Kendis-is-is is bragging about your early-morning Sports Center deHighLIGhT‘s (Nº 3 S.V.P.) please relay to former FORUM resident Kareem (33) that he, and Larry are wearing my number.

And Tiff’Croshere’s a free set-up from The Guardian himself, for your “producers” from ITT Ivory (tower) Prep:


“Don’t talk to me about a revolution until you are prepared to eat rat on-a-stick” or, until you are willing to deflect a direct hit to GOAL with your upstair noggin and stop that motherfucker with your “down stairs” thinking buddy, and a pair of basketball-size cojones.

https ://www .theguardian .com /football /2021 /jun /18 /matthijs-de-ligt-cool-and-powerful-shows-netherlands-the-way-forward

Ladies in Gemini, disturbing news from California

Issy—the Exodus continues and Gov. Newsom… do you really think a set of spectacles and a new haircut from Claire’s contacts are going to hide that mug of yours?

Spin-Tumble-Dry: La Lavandería, is the rue in Paris and, a fancy restaurant in Clint Eastwood’s Carmel by the see:

Governor Newsom is running for President of La Île-de-France… who’s next? Let’s hope that it is not Mike Barnicle, —that motherfucker!

Knot to be outdone by Claire’s new look, Nicolle goes to Earl Scheib* for the 19.95 paint job

In Orange County, Pays-Bas, SINGER introduces its new line of Sewing machines, order now and receive a complementary Cher.

And, Eddie Gloude Jr., “Do They know it’s Juneteenth? », because if you use the code Tennessee you get a Dolly! —_•!•_— Operators are standing by, literally they’re right down on the corner with Willy and the po’boys.

Scheib, credited as being the first spokesperson for his own company, and he’s been around since like the time of The Flintstones. And that’s why Nicolle is looking like a Porschæ…🚘 trou story, google, IT! (punto y coma) Claire by the way, has that VA VW love bug farfenugen fuzzy-dice decorated lowrider.

AND Sonny Boy, here’s your cake… ISSY, you can also have a bite of that POUNDCAKE in AMSTERDAM (76′ 🇳🇱 2 — 0 🇦🇹 in the Battle of the Horizontal Flags*

And in Washington, The NYT skipped a step on one of the bases of Metro Line 12

…[P]reviously on, Marcus MillerEwe Sun ov-Ah Bitch! Come At Mí with a boomerang full of Tickets to Jazz a Juan, (Sir*

And, Siren, Öüï kissed the good life away a long time ago… is that all there is 🔝 to “Ambición?”,  Let’s ask Morena-Francia and los amigos de López Obrador at The Bourse de Paris… so don’t make Mí crash The Arenas at Cardinale Lemoine.

Mika closes the post-cold war era tensions with a perfect impersonation of a “grown-ass” and soon-to-be unemployed Kate McKinnon, Cousin Joe on the opposite end of Mika’s left shoulder is getting better all the time at pegging the stupid face of the “Guy with a boat” character on SNL.

Fuck Ironman… Eye Am Groot!
🎵 Give peace a chance.

And still to come:

Badges!!! “I’m with Mel Brooks, Öüï don’t need no’stinkin Badges!

Over at The New York Times, the ol’ newspaper of record in the U.S. of A. is at it again, The NYT is taking “KurBall’s” information regarding Mexico’s Foreign Relations Secretary, Marcelo Ebrard, and his role in the collapse of an elevated metro line segment on a Mexican street… and his time while being exiled on Paris more « exclusive » Main Streets. This is going to get ugly.

Holy fuck! Donna Edwards is (a* Republican strategist in France

WordPress, if you are listening, be advised that i, armando segovia, did not request a color change so, Eye is going to assume that Foreign Gremlins are being facetious with our writ-ah-magi-git, period

“Do not try to adjust your settings… the Halie Jackson musical score on the Stephanie Ruhle Show is “macho” in English and “patriotic” in Cyrilic. Kind of makes every action movie score sound like a Super Mario Bros. musical background. In Mí’s humble opinion The Foo Fighters, PAUL MCCARTNEY ‘RAM‘ commercials would be a Superior choice. Bananas and Coke by Fort Cartoon’s WEEN remains a worthy follow-up act.

Not to be outdone by Babylon Two, Babylon One is, AS OF TOMORROW, doing away with mask requirements while outdoors (with the exception of crowded places... whatever that means), as a bonus to counter Mayor Bill De Blasio's firework extravaganza France is abolishing the 11 pm curfew, as of Sunday the 19th, right before Monday the 20th.

At the 90′ mark of the meeting/knot summit in Geneva, Kier Simmons relays that the noise that it  is blaring from the Swiss Army House is in fact track two on the 12 Golden (corrals) Country Greats, “Like a Japanese Cowboy”, and judging from The Biden Predictability clause, what should follow is Track 3: Piss up a rope… it appears that the opening Track of the Swiss Army Frat House at Geneve the was, and Eye quotes, “I’m holding you” but neither side of the NUCLEAR ARSENAL turned up the volume while offering the opening shot of what appears to be a library or a study room.

But FO’ist, it’s Last Week to THEY!

Nº 2595, pg. 2, “C’est arrive »:
Elementary school (1881* begins the school cycle without charging a cent per periods. Recess, however, remained murky ground with the bullies on the playground, however , that got fixed in 1882 when the 3rd Republic (no relation to the Republicans) made elementary education mandatory.

Across The Atlantic, the Black Experience is about to get the “Remember The Alamo” glorified criminals theory that Mexicans have been served since The Santa Anna (winds) Theys.

And, Cerfie-p, Dhawg_ling, you can call me Lisa, —Mona! So long as you pay the TAB, and Eye is going to take your iBrow-less reference as a compliment. Nº 3637, 16 June 2021 (EURO 2020), page 13 (Pause*

PSA for El Patron’s House at Paris CENTRE.
I shit you not, a conflict of interest prevents me,
Armando Segovia, from covering tonight’s match between La 📐azure and Ah’Nolds motherland; Italy is winning and that’s all that Eye is going to say.

400 kilometers above Geneve, the French national hour is changing a solar panel; it buys an 🎵eight by 12 four-bit room…

In Paris, Texas, “Edwards” sounded way to English, so the Canucks suggested that the former Congresswoman from a state in Disneyland®️, called Maryland, to go ‘with’ what’s safe, and so fip . fr consultants were summoned for the Cover lift with an Anthology in the mix.

And, Willie Geist, you know she’s alright because she’s a Fern (punto y coma) and Öüï knows this because (Fern* is the implant on the gerund; just like (Arm* is for Mí, period…

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Donna_Edwards# /languages

By the way, Republican honcho, Michael Steele, please be advised that this is an intermission.

Text taken from the first TEXAS Slave-trading revisionist curricula at public schools from Odessa to New Boston in the Great State of Texas.

And Congresswoman, i know that you would not be caught dead reading this post (even with binoculars attached to a 10-meter Pole🇵🇱* but if the Kurwa Kripple Fuck who sits at the Governor’s desk gets away with his revisionist bullshit, then the ocean trip of your ancestors might get “an edit” and then turned into a Carnival Cruise®️ holiday on The 4th of July.

And Alicia… please remind Kasie that The Queen has 5 impossible things before breakfast

And in Missouri, a disgruntled former former U.S. senator for the Donkeys over in Saint Louis, Missouri, Claire McCaskill, just cut her carrot cake with a “Swiss Army Knife… », the only surprise there was a little mouse that got caught nibbling on Claire’s trademark treat for her viewers at The Ozarks.

Deer, Cerf-panthère, would you like Lucien to close the quotation MARK on the ⬆️ above (COTEJADO* ?

Cutting a fucking cake with her weapon of Choice is a regular rite of passage at the Tea Thyme Brasserie bar & grill, so Know, cutting a cake with a sword is Knot one of Em#.

In Local news, now that Evry body is happy in Paris, France, the toons at el mundo de Le Monde were caught pan-handling for votes at La Place de les innocentes, a section of the Paris Centre block that got notorious after a King lost his life.

The question is, will the Mexican midterm election¹ or WO’ist! The New Mexico State record-breaking turnout outshine a los hijos de Poquelin in next week’s French Regional elections?

¹)._ With it’s 99 bottles of beer on the wall and it’s 99 Red Luftballons remembering the 90’some politicians – 35 of these listed on the midterm ballot – who were dispatched or disappeared by rivals in the now concluded election where The Left lost the Capital city (sort of*

L’image manquante: les contradictions in progress, or as the French say, “in reel time”.

Over the Waves, Zhe Germans’ (those motherfuckers* jammed the Siren Server, and you are Knot gonna going to believe what happens next.

https ://edition .cnn .com /2021/06/13 /asia /new-zealand-houseplant-trademe-auction-trnd /index .html

Cory Coffin in the role of a tripod and an ambience noise mic™️ reports from the heart of Paris where 🥩 Walker is playing over the Seine (punto y coma) and if you transliterate the melody it seems that it told the story of doña Vilma Fuentes-es-ese best friend, a bloke named Whitman next to a very very Very old tree. PALMY on the right, an exotic transplant from somewhere where there’s a beach was picked-up complaining that Parisian plantas just suffered a blow to the ego with that 20 Thousand €uros Plus price tag for a Kiwi shrub. Bushy on the Left expressed concern for that “Global Tax” talks over the waves.

🇩🇪 — 🇫🇷

          *0 – 1 ) 9’20”

(Hernandez* to Hummel and that’s fratricide!

Second Half from a German Antiques Road Show, or something like that! Over on ESPN 8 (El Ocho* it’s La FRANCE vS. The Netherlands in Volleyball.

Ohhhhhh, Exquisite Denial!!! What a Touch but it’s OffSide!!! TWICE!!!! The HUMANITY!!!

Fair Use of an Offside

— At 22h30 Zhe Germans are bringing in reinforcements.

— France is playing in the same way that they fought after the “beaches landings”.

And that’s a Wrap, on Deadline.

IKEA™️ placeholder for the A.I. crowd goes here ⬇️

They call that “clase media” en las mañaneras de AMLO (🇲🇽*

KASIE HUNT is running for president of The Île-de-France, and the head of the Interior of France approves… [S]teve Kornacki ⬆️ (🇵🇱* , is not amussed, period

Deer, Mothers of Invention 🇫🇷, page 2 (Supplement*


“Just the facts, ma’am », por ejemplo, the fact that on account that one can’t literally make this stuff up, the image above ⬆️ is a fair use of media to show, —not tale (Dr. Ruth* on page 4…. And Cerfie-p, never forget that this here blog is nothing but a draft, the whole Draft, —and nothing but the DRaft*

Sponsored by Claire McCaskill’s Super Cuts™️
—And Senator Claire, please relay to Eugene Robinson to not get all “batty” about what seems like an obsession with Kasie on Way Too Early. It is not. If, Alex Witt or, Lewis Burgdorff, or Yasmin Vassoughian was “manning” the « fountain » they would be the ones in Mom Mars Mars-es-es Mom place, ese.

“Just the facts, ma’am », por ejemplo, the fact that on account that one can’t literally make this stuff up, the image above ⬆️ is a fair use of media to show, —not tale (Dr. Ruth on page 4 (punto y coma) and Cerfie-p, Dr. Ruth is of off-course, in a MEXICAN imaginary place called BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR, better known as Bette (pronounced ‘Betty’, as in Ve-ti a la Xingada) Mildred, but Evryone Knew her as SAMMY. KNoT to be confused with Bette (Pronounced ‘Vete a la Chingada) Midler because that Rose is The ROCKET Queen on the LA Guns scene*

And Cerf-panthère,
the « P » in my Cerfie-p is a closed parenthesis, Ewe just have to think, move, and transfigure yourself between dimension, but yes, Cerfie-p, i dig cunnilingus… and Claire, it’s good to see you wearing your “therapist” glasses (sincerely… Lucifer*

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /1218 /reader /reader .html#! preferred /0 /package /1218 /pub /1105 /page /18

Tensions are high in at the Snack Machine Wars where Kasie and The Fantanas™️ are set to meet with the « spiritual père » of the haters club, Leny Parskeuuu!!!

🇳🇱 v. 🇺🇦

3️⃣       2️⃣

… “[O]h, The Humanity!*


Like the last Coca Cola™️ in the Fanta vending machine. When asked FOR COMMENT, “La Pecsi” shrugged (IT! off like a motherfucker * saying only, “what are you talking about?” in Cyrilic.

And in Brussels…


_ the Canadian Prime Minister is kissing-up to General Mark R. Naird of Space Farce fame on the msnbc’s… [L]ooks like Justin is trying to make a move on a young Kasie Hunt at the NATO Fanta™️ vending machines. For Context, this is part of season 6 where a Young Kasie Hunt is 23 and she is now the SODEXO®️ European Operations General Manager.

… Kasie secured the Fanta account after a successful merger with the Orange Crush™️ and now Prime Minister Trudeau wants to boost the Canada Dry brand with an orange boost.

Dear, Frank Zappa… Eye[s] beg to differ

Off-course, Mr. Mother of Invention, EWE of all the “Calaveras y Diablitos » should meet Rodrigo González, best known as Rockdrigo or El profeta del nopal, Rockdrigo died at age 35 from a CEMEX overdose.

Joe’s Garage remastered, featuring Katty Kay as a Catholic Girl. —_•¡•_— And Dweezil, be advised that the Tempo here is set to CHOSI, and in a few Eye will explain on account that Loss of Signal keeps cutting the cord on our Draft… [B]ut as a *place holder* not everybody has a blind Al Pacino in the role of  Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slate looking out for “Charlie” at prep school. Por Ejemplo, take Alex Lora, who in their “CHEMO-frying” mind (FZ-10) would have thought at Avandaro that THAT weasel would be ARRANGING “Estación Balderas” with a Symphony Orchestra? WHO?

And Moon, go ahead and pretend that you are not deconstructing yesterday’s re-interpretation of the Classic Album Cover of JOE’s GARAGE at Saint-Eustache’s Southern facing Wall… the one with The Stag 🦌 below The Superstar ✝️.

Nice touch with Joe’s “Saying Goodbye” as the soundtrack to Jimmy and Buddy [22’32”] but Eye is willing to bet Luc Frelon’s bubble-gum wrapper collection that regardless of whatever Hendrix was occupying his time on/or with, like ROCKDRIGO, (Estación Metro Balderas —original version which is about an autochthonous couple becoming separated at a metro station, and NOT stolen version for Les Nuls rendered by El TRI de Lora, knot El TRI de Deschamps, Didier), HENDRIX didn’t have time to change his life on account that he died from a Cement Overdose.

And if you are just joining our G7/Euro coverage please scroll down a few hours on this blog to find that Ewe cannot adjust the settings (punto y coma) Witt that in Mind, DO NOT TRY TO ADJUST YOUR SETTINGS*****—–~ This is a Psycho Chicken Update:

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /les-annees-fip /les-annees-fip-1993

AND RUSSIA, “if you are listening »:

Josef Talin is Knot a Happy Camper en el mundo de Le Monde (Friday, 11 June edition), on account that Russian ‘Groots’ had a sort-of, kind-ah, seems-like a Nostalgia party in the Woulds.

The ina . fr just took Boris’ ‘WHY’ Priviledges from Russian revisionists… George H.W. Bush is laughing his ass-off along with Senator McCain in Vincennes.

“IT!, sounds corny, —but IT! is Knot in Cornwall,” where the score is 120 Theys… give Joe a Break.

In Local news, Joe Manchin is OUT.

Abra-CAD-CLAP this

This book has knot yet been rated.

Marcus Miller, you son-ovabitch, Eye is waiting, don’t make me CRASH the Arenas and remind a El Niño Luc, quién es su padre 🏄🏽‍♂️💀

… Fu¡! Di$c£o$ur€:

And Vania®️, “It’s Expensive being poor,” and Mika darling, Katty Kay is going to get a kick out of this. Quick story short… Mika Brzezinski, are you a Cougar? Or are you a lioness-es?  Philippe Labró wants to know, that’s all (Nº 2694; page 6, 30 factures… or as Antoine Compagnon once said, “here’s looking at you, Kid🍾”

🍾Donald Morrison

“Faites-nous réver », pages 3 ; 10-12… Reid all about, IT!, period. Or, you can switch it over to what used to be Nelson Mandela’s backyard, now it’s just A Monop®️ version of the “golden” corral… check it out.

Whatever might be the arrangement, take Eisenstein, please, take him to the parade¹ happening now (punto y coma) Sin Embargo, looking at Queen Elizabeth [the Seconds’] jolly COMMAND OF SOCIAL SIGNIFICATION, President Vladimir Putin could take a cue. And here is why:

Issy, before anything happens we are glad to announce that this portion of the They is being laundered by Saba™️Intima, pequeñin™️,Regio™️ and of course the good people at Essity, starring in A Band In Parts production of this SUMMER CINEMATIC caper de Cape Cod[o]:

And Congressman Scarborough, Eye bets your “dumb country-Lawy’r » script thought that THIS DRAFT WAS ABOUT YOU, eh!

Esto-es-El Colmo de un Clochard.

Featuring Vilma Fuentes, our favorite veteran from The “nosotras™️” clan of 1968, as the Crosseyed Connection between The Mexican Consulate situated just around the quadrant’s bend of to the left right anca of Ludovico Magno’s horses ass and The Préfecture de París, TEXAS… ask Major Pesquet, he’s got a clear-eyed view of The Red Cross between La AFP and Salma Hayek’s Bourse. Trou Story, wey!


¹.)_ “Happening now” Eisenstein uses “typography, the word “но” (but) is added to the title of the chapter (on the MSNBC…BS) which then animates and dissolves into an image of machinery in motion.[3][8] The administration is spying on the workers, reviewing a list of agents with vivid code names.

Say what’ever happened to that jet from the other They… [L]et’s pick up where with The Dutch going to Kuala Lampur were turned into smithereens.

And Cory Coffin… nevermind “el realismo mágico”, here comes “Le realismo psychologique de los Tolstöi’s-es y los DOStoïevski’s-es-es… “una disociación entre ACCÍON y CONCIENCIA². [Page 284, Dans La Production… The Birth and Life of Film. “Du Formalism ».

².)_ Chklovski, V., Textes Sur Le Cinéma ; Collection “Historia y estética del cine”, en colaboración con la Série « TRAVAUX ». 2011, Ed. L’Age d’Homme. Lausanne, Suisse.

After the break, Laurent Jullier asks WHY? [Pourqoui en Fránces] en tanto a las interpretaciones, especially the cultural ones, por ejemplo AVI VELSHI, page 184 of L’Analyse de Séquences (5th edition) asks:


2.2 ¿Hace falta hablar Japonés para analizar un film Japonés?