Symfony for the Devil (3) — ¡Señora!!!

Cherche pas j’ai raison… dijo Jorge Saldaña desde la Sociéte pour l’instruction élémentaíre en el FRAMEwork del Aniversario del MATCH que Philippe Labró.

And if the plane is a Lease — No'lease

And if the plane is a Lease, Tonto?
— No’lease, Kimozabe.
Sell. Sell. Sell.

But first, ¿qué chingados es un frameWORK?

« Hello World ! »

… and so we [the staff] switch it over to Fabien Potentiometer, commonly referred to as simply the motherfunking “pot”.

Je t'interdis de m'oublier, Jon Stewart

Je t’interdis de m’oublier, Jon Stewart.

En résumé, les bases de Symfony para un Chamuco (part 3): Before you launch your first page, bee adviced that “collusion” is now a registered clothing trademark en la Ciudad de Las Luces.

But first: 📎, more 📎 and yes Cousin Joe, more 📎…

👁‍🗨  Si vous ne maîtrisez pas ces trois points, je vous invite vraiment à les apprendre avant de commencer la lecture de ces cours. Symfony (para el Diablo 3) requiert ces bases et, si vois ne les avez pas, vous risquez de mettre plus de temps pour assimiler ce cours. C’est comme acheter un A380 sans savoir piloter : c’est joli mais vous n’irez pas bien loin. 

“Développez votre site web avec le Framework SYMFONY3”,
by: Fabien Potencier.
Éditions Eyrolles;
Saint-Germain, Paris.


Monsieur, Le President François Hollande à BFM’er TV

En París, Francia (75006)
Son las Nueve del mañana.

VainVille and Urban Development OREOS

While Ewe were sleepin’… the Dep’t of VainVille and Urban Development OREOS has spoken. No New Biscuits!!!

Wait for it, S.V.P. wait.

In the mean time, while the world of Gordo* keeps going round, we [the original talents et compétences staff of January 29, of 2011] remind yo’Ass that, in effect motherfucker, we tried to bring humanity to the Year of Mexico in France; and when i, motherfucker, say or mention “We, the staff” it is because there are two Mexican Niggas all up in this Bitch, es decir pinche Flamby, i am talking about Armando Segovia, y el niño que acaba de cumplir OCHO años mejor maldecido como Armando Serrano–Prieto (así con “guiôcito » pa’que amarre con la pinche Cónsul Peyorativa de la delegación mexicana en la puta comisión Europea).

Au fil de l'eau

Au fil de l’eau… “vers le prestige et le divertissement”, with A new PAGE of history that won’t reach news stands in Paname today.

Across the Atlantic, the Foxes from vainville’s fair relay that Hicks at the White House have Hope that the Commo Bombshell does not, Oüï repeat, does not Trade in her “peanas” for peanuts.

La longevidad de las zorras

La longevidad de las zorras, and other assorted fauna on DeadLine.

Sinceramente, yours truly, bissus:
Yo’motherfucking Mexican Nigga in Paris, Bitch.

P.S.: Merci pour ce moment en Match; and Gordo, monsieur Le President is being brought to you by S.T.I.N.G. and the police. Fuck the Issy Police.

Lorne, Ewe rascal Ü, guess what? ► el memoREX está lleno

Dear, Marianne, please note that this here entry is a follow-up to that short test-burst, which as you might remember followed the “cotejado” from el pasado 9 de enero del año de Sean Penn (2019) en la Casa de la América Gràphika de VeneVientosLatinoamericanos en París.

[debat de memo in progress goes here]

Anygüey, coming up on whatever is left of the brown magnetic Line on that tape, wadda’ya say you bring your bare-boob over to my basement tonight, and if you wantwe fuck and if you want, Öüï dance! But if you want to, we could do it instead; it’s your call, really.

¿De qué color es el tono de tus aguacates verdes?:468F353C-82D8-4878-A747-6CE5BC5A3CE2 — Fuck your micro–ondes, my Revolt needs ah—Chargin’.

Coming up in the programming:
My Nigga dans le 6ème arrondissement:


Previously on the thin red line:C5A3EF01-ABFE-4188-B254-0B58456632C2 •|• >>> UNIQUE >>>.

Please stand-by for TimeShift, and dear mister Brontis, the process es–es–Esos that your S.U.P.E.R.I.O.R.S wanted to hear from my mandatory convocations and interviews of 2013/2014 were way too fantastical to reveal, and not because i [armando segovia / armando serrano prieto] would know what events would be developing as a consequence of the Mexican Election of 2012, nope, it’s not because of that.

As a PRINT MEDIA major [c’est a dire Marianne] a reporter by QUALIFICATION with the added bonus of having the spirit of a MASS MEDIA student, and a passion for General History i only knew that one thing was going to be fo’Sure, and fo’Certain following the MEXICAN ELECTION OF 2012, corruption was going to become transparent given the rise of the Social Media “App’s” and “Widgets”.

Go ahead, Marianne, go ahead and check that dossier of M.I.N.E., in those archives that mister Brontis à la préfecture insisted to me [armando segovia] on one occassion, “that France did not keep”. Now that little piece of revelation D.A.R.E.!!! Is fantastical, ain’t it?

In MÉXICO we call it: dar atole con el puto dedo, and in this here Docket in the form of a most inconsequential ITENERANT BLOG, el puto dedo is Pablo Gleason and the hit squad is made up of the C.A.S.T. of Les Amis du Mexique à France… Sponsored no less, by LA PUTA MANO DE BERNARDO GÓMEZ y, el ciudadano G.E.S.T.P.O. de La Polanco en R.O.M.A.: GENARO GARCÍA LUNA.

Please Stand-by fo’P.I.E.:745A4914-4BBF-40FD-A3E2-B0D7CEEE72D5

3.14.2019, it’s 10 o’Clock in Central Europe Times; and in Delaware, son las Cinco de la mañana.

Lorne, Ewe rascal Ü.

You shouldn’t have,
but öüï thank you for it.

MARIO ALMADA en:1F7E95A8-4B1F-4EAC-BDE9-C522296F1D58 •!• Aquí falta uno.

And  Marianne, here’s why it matters:

Nº Ünö:
no horses were hurt during the making of this process,

Information de Tournage*:B009335E-838A-4D4E-B4CE-96161CE79712 •!• A film by Roman Polanski. Starring Michael Jackson in: J’Accuse.

—but not yet, anyway, because a time–delay Bri–Wi “Check the timeline moment is UP!”.

ÖÜÏ n.o.w. know why:B341764D-5919-4778-88CB-A58B2673FE92

Now, about that nº Dos matter: öüï need to go all the way back to “El Cotejado” del pasado 9 de enero del año en cursio.

Eye don’t need your S.E.A.L. anymore:EA4A6EFC-A34F-40B4-A5D1-3FFD4C54127F •!• para la memoria, ” Si Paris Nous Etait Conté”.

… and this is what we, —the staff— MARIANNE, are talking about: the news CYCLES and the T.I.M.E. Z.O.N.E.S. are getting way too crossed in the making of this MOST INCONSEQUENTIAL response to your September 26th of 2014 decision to Y.A.N.K. my French-Issued Talents and Skills Resident’s permit (card and/or V.I.S.A.).

Por ejemplo, Marianita, check this “crossed reference” that we [the staff] are F.O.R.C.E.D. to c.u.t. & p.a.s.t.e. because it deals with, or it’s a direct consequence of the original identified problematics, which in 2010 framed the foundation or the b.a.s.e. for the questions that we [the staff] wanted to F.O.L.L.O.W. U.P. in our original line of sight… in our initial line of questioning for our then, intended six–year R.E.P.O.R.T.A.G.E., HOWEVER, Marianne, and as we [the staff] had mentioned just a few days ago, (when CNEWS published a picture of a jet-airliner’s approach for landing at C.D.G.) our field was mired with landmines (minas, para los ‘wehones chilenos), M.A.D.R.I.N.A.S. (de Acapulco), A.R.T.I.S.T.A.S. (institucionalizados) de las E.M.B.A.J.A.D.A.S. “lambisconas” como la de México, la de Colombia y la de Venezuela; in addition of course, to the dirty french-people working under the orders of then Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, who was trying to clear the M.E.X.I.C.A.N. protests at Trocadéro Plaza, which had lingered in France following the 2012 general election cycles, which at the time, prestented a perfect storm of presidential candidates in La FRANCE, Los E.E.U.U. y su patío trasero mejor conocido por “babosos” como la tierra del N.O.P.A.L.

Bri-Wi Thumb-Up screen–grab follows.

We apologize to our non-readers:A7170E7D-7E19-4015-AA68-4F60367B1695 •|• Öüï are not 💯percent sure if La Rue Casette is having radioconductivity problems with our Coherers, or if it’s the other way around when it comes to dealing with the wave interference and the loss of our in-coming feedback signal, all-day long.

In the meanwhile, the following is a short T.E.S.T. burst:

Dear Siren, no sueñes con gatos porque araña [ n ] cuando los despiertas. [Can Ü hear mí Now!?]

T.E.S.T. önë.

… y no, Siren.


No es que la balada siga, sino que el corrido es una balade.

T.E.S.T. twö.

Now, Siren… you’ve heard about the “Paris” Hilton.

—It’s not önë of those.

¡Oye! Escucha.

¿Y qué?:CC8CF2C2-370F-4E22-8A82-D85963A7D3BF •|•
[Y ya sabén la cola con la que las Sirenas se mueven, comenta Whitey “Greenleaf” Pickard, which is almost that cat’s real prenom, N.E.T.A. que sí.


* Season 44 ep. 13 • Braceless Bunnies Edition… and Panties Too, also to–the–side—Productions_Please!

Post Puns with Willie Geist:75192A8A-DEE0-43BF-9C53-DC62717F3F6A —”__€ Eddie Gloud guest stars.

— Who da’Fuck is We?

Asks, Sinatra.

and The Black Crows go:

Another clear trespass on the Civil Liberties of Ladybugs in KASHMIR:225B0926-B814-45D5-9231-DF477141A9B2 •~• MOROCCAN Ketchup. How do you sat Tomate en R O M A?

“What’s the Use of Anything
Leave me Alone,
Mrs. Washington”.

… Centerfold Kath goes here.

Can Eye Pet your Wolverine?:F9EEACF7-EDBD-492D-87FB-4F8A3DDC9F6A —_!_—  Now, Susan, in accordance to the University of Calypso… it’s $6 dollars a-Head , and that is not all, Susan. Here is thing Önë: Phish is like a billion dollars, —and that’s a catch!– so we [the staff, Mr. Sinatra]  been told. Anygüey, Mrs. del Percio, we reckon that according to the rhules of engagement, your desire is to by-pass the events that lead to the 2008/2010 subprime mortgage  crisis, eh? Tell, U.S. where the nickle and dime bail-out money come from?… dot, dot, dot, hold that thought.

Twelve noonan at the forum.

C O T E J A D O:181E1B97-D386-4DBB-8BC2-102387AFF219 ||| 4 + 4 (season = 8) 1 + 3 = 4 (Episode) DONK, hey Dick!!! BATMAN… and Michael Keaton goes: are you trying to PUN the Kath in French, Robin? ||| And Robin, goes: Trés Bien y con pinche acento, Mí–Mur_Cie—galo.

dot, dot, dot:
and the grand ol’Painter told Paul, a former 4-stringer who made the Big Time, but then crashed his Über-Triumph when he didn’t noticed that the light had changed, and WHO, once he was recycled through the BeetleJuice—BeetleJuice—BeetleJUICE carnival ride, found a job at Chipotle in the mid’ 90’s, except of course, in the mid nine-ties, Chipotle was called Tijuas, or Xicali, or AGUA PRIETA, or Juaritos, or Ojinaga, or PIEDRAS NEGRAS y así, hasta llegar a la linea de BROWNsVille luego de visitar a RIGO EN REYNOSA POR SER LA WEEKEND EDITION DEL AMOR, and sweet braceless Kath, RIGO ES AMOR. Aquí, en Babilonia ii, y por supuesto, Mr. Michaels:
¡En R O M A cabrón!

PS.: Nice Tito Bridge you got going there “Don”. Chido tu ritmo, that’s the way you do it when they don’t remember your name.

Live on Screen-grabs:


Day 30, 2011 — It’s High Noon at the Tarmac with Jon Stewart

Inside of Jon’s Watch, however, las putas locas are still pointing to the hours before all’Dis motherfucking Circus with Donald J. Trump and, his personal “Jésus”, Vladimir Putin, became an “app” on John Heilemann’s (and others*****) “KetchuP” detail.

El gallito inglés:1826a455-dfdf-4175-b1ea-1cb843bd7b07

others*****… Mark Halperin, who’s now living inside of André The Giant’s miniature genie’s Water Tower (which doubles as DRUM BOY’s black coffee percolator KP Duty, at The Ed Sullivan Theater—of course) where the Colbert Report meets The Daily Show.

That is a High Hat with a Low Wood Block (Not Ivory, Paul) crashing on an Open Triangle :d49484a3-b4ca-4ad9-8a5c-37c5d4fea000… Would Ewe like « Black Coffée,” with that plug, Cousin Joe?

Willie Geist has all of the Swim and Birthday Suits details, from the AXIOS formas, que también, Cousin Joe, son FOND@S para tu FORMAT — …can you please  re-interpret that for the people at Sciences Po, mr. Compagnon… with S.V.P. on top, dijo The Young Lieutenant, Paul Harvey.


Cock Gobbler:8132dee9-7972-4c0a-b3a0-2256156719cc… cock-ah-DOODLE-doo, Sir, Nice tie.





Earlier in the transmission:603f2776-79d3-4881-8daf-03926c1e7ec2 ••• A plug for Tortillas and Honey Nut Milka  with Cheerios, and of course: KATTY KAY. ••• Apparently, the folks at AXIOS are fucking color blind. According to this centerfold, the background on his Honey Combs are candid and brighter than white… right.

Anuncio: Border Wall Entertainement Solutions
Prospective Client: The White House
Domicilio: CONOCIDO.
Pitch: black, of course.
MEDIA: Center (fold) Page, the intern at
El WaPo.

Is your irrational fear of running out of room for that “border wall” keeping you up all night?

Öüï have the perfect compromise. Check it out:

Stock Photo Sponsored by StarBucks:ab3ce100-6431-4d5c-a6a7-4cca2e1ede40 … Source: FACEBOOK, it’s an OPEN TRIANGLE.

The kids will love it!

The following is a PSA on tortilla prices at the Cheerios®️ Grocery for tiny manitas de
Tyranosaurus Rex-es-es, Mr. BRONTIS á La Préfecture.

AND at least ONE RÉCÉPISSÉ… A funny Jerk happened on the Way to Cité:5a2b4644-c092-474d-b6c1-da2148fa51d3

(Ewe had to have been there
to get this Renegado M.C. reference, Junior).

This plug on Mika and Joe is sponsored by Nescafé. Nescafé, the stuff General Gaddafi used on the Stones and their fanzine base…

And no, Sirens. No Öüï CAN’T bee Kool Moe Dee, but Öüï know that the Freaks break things at Night. TimeStamp: Trombone and Paper Clips at Fip Central Time 19:20.

Dear, Mika Brzezinski de Scarbourough,

Here’s your double-shot.
Just exactly what sort of “empowering” answer were you expecting from the Ronald Reagan candidate this morning on Your Husband’s Show?

Oh the monogamy … The Mahogany!!! Not the monogamy on the AXIOS book shelves; MAHOGANY:389ac8fc-4389-4f1c-9cd2-25c8810e5842

A stupid Mike Barnicle, gutsy, however LowBall answer to the price on Cereal? Which if you think about it, and considering that his significant other Runs a motherfucking bank “OF AMERICA, » no less, one has to wonder, why would Mike Barnicle bee going around morning shows with the latest quote on Tortilla News; Right, International New York Times!?

Who does the shopping in your house, Mike? Siri, Alexa, La Sirvienta de R O M A.???

TO WHICH WE armando segovia / armando serrano–prieto say to Brontis á La Prefecture:

Can, you, MARIANNE, understand the importance of John Goodman and his musical monologue chairs, now?… o te lo desartículo para los Amigos de México en France (ProMéxico).


It’s important because by the time the Spotlight is pointing at Things We Said Before, all of our references, all of our NOTES; all of this and more, Marianita, are on the three burners cooking the big Fucking dish that i always told you that it needed to be seasoned in Your BackYard: Mexico Sq∴

And still to come [Pariente] on The Circus:

The App

Next on the Kung-Fu channel:9bc12e80-19c4-4b13-a6cf-09dc43a2dc99

Boom! He’s not even on the runGüey, yet. Let’s see this Landing on the Bronx, and then; and only then, said an an educated semi-colón on Mika’s early morning tumbona premier, with The Guy who split tails on the Mermaids, —we’ll check the motherfucking Circus App.

And Cousin Joe vented his Venti Venti:
—”Are Ewe not Entertained!!!”

And, Bufford T. Justice went to Alice:
—Tooooooooo Da’Moon, Alice!
To the Moon!

And Alice replied:
—To The Who, Keith?

And the Drunk on Da’ Wall at Rockridge goes:
—No, dang-on it Alice, just stare at Yoko’s ass. Ewe Loon.

The Man on the Moon:b04cc332-908f-431a-b931-31377e2550e2… Edison was RIGHT (along with the Gaumonts and the what’s their faces namesakes, in Stealing Géorges crazy propositions for the big Screen: hence, COPYRIGHT; now go home, and copy Yoko’s Ass.

Coming this Mx—Más:

The Drunk on Da’Wall at Rockridge, starring Georges Méliès, and narrated by Brian Williams on a Special “Rapid Fire” engagement for the Mornin’ Joe pusher at way too early on MSNBC.