In Krispy Knews… WATTabbottisms?

Tuesday’s Gone (Free-Form Wednesday follows)

Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn is at the mound and it’s insane and uncanny at the same time just how much the batter at the plate looks a lot like Charlie Sheen.

https ://www .npr .org /2023/08/08 /1191679261 /ohio-election-results-issue1-abortion-state-constitution-amendment-ballot-voters

Over at Guardians 🪶 territory, The Cleveland Indians just scalped the CARITAS crowd in MAGA-evangelist island.


Deer, Amb.J-P Asvazadourian, in Paris, France, the Kat’s already been skinned, chewed and, spitted-out on Second base, in Hilo, Hawaii, however, your most very best excellent pussy cat Diego is being all phunny with the 12-year old ardillita de Nuts the squirrel 🐿️.

Los Aristopedophiles, based on the debased story of “Don Gato y su pandilla” y “Los kittens de Siamese Sánchez”…

It’s only 22 days until the next Blue Moon in the Sky Gig and 138 24-hour periods until Christmas and in to theys Krispy Knews (Ho, Ho, Jo!), American Dogs got fat and went the way of Rome. And across Ventimiglia Hills and over la Promenade des Rosbifs…

Any how, on today’s editon of Mika’s Shawl, Mika went over Menton and Monaco and found the Cap d’Ail the perfect place to go over Cousin Joe’s big noggin and she invited (all by her lonesome) Governor Krispy into the Rockefeller set. The routine played like an Abbott and Costello sketch, and in the spirit of a Christmas countdown discount on a lay-a-way plan, Cousin Joe opened up the piggy bank and splurged on the treats.

Across The Atlantic, the new Public Broadcast Service moderator for Washington Weekly can’t be bothered on the Morjo Show when asked to explain how the Republican Party got to it’s current MAGA cult conditioning format relaying that bucket of AMERICANA over to former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton… Secretary Clinton for her part blamed it on Eleanor Rigby’s so-called lonely peoples, but father McKenzie could not confirm Ms. Rigby’s involvement with “The Loners”, in response to Secretry Clinton’s comments, Father McKenzie brought up the WATTabbottism of the “Hillary’s Honduran holiday” in 2009 when “Billy’s wife” failed to call a SPADE a COUP and instead called a CLUB a KIDNAPPING in “pura vida³” mode.

³~. Costa Rica & Usbek

And Hillary R.C., I blame Rachel Maddow’s “Hamburgers in Paradise” at 3 a.m. in the morning (no less) and Joe Scarborough’s Unesco’s connection at Buzzfeed dot France for all the loneliness of the month of August in Paris, France. But that’s on the préfecture de police catalogue, at ODeon place.

Context on “Oh, hi Oh!” follows… Abort, abort, abort…


Over at Progressive Field in Columbus guardians 🪶 territoires abortion is on the ballot 🗳️ box. And in Paris, I take my milk with café cargado con miel… cafecito is on Saturday mornings car°tunes with Miami’s favorite Korean, Katy Phangs.

But seriously… who let Costello in, —Fredo Corleone?

The loneliest Trinity residents.


Previously on, her farts smelt of Oñions 🧅

Synopsis: Kris Kryspy is running for sainthood en Tegucigalpa.

By-the-güey, hoy no hubo IMER noticias, but that is ok because mister Nájar don’t CARE when his correspondents are in BELÉM, BRAZIL. It’s the last summit on world climate before the ALIENS that ZANE ZELINSKY warned the world about back in 1995 and 1996 take over the world… thanks, OBAMA! 

WaWa Segment from LA Canopée, et vualá!

Nicolle Wallace, is that aqua-cock³ that youse wearing, or is Caroline Lening just happy to C-Mí

³~. R 3 ; G 171 ; B 171 — # 03abab  

Schiltz’ Schlitz-es-es.
I can still hear Geronimo 🪶 telling us: “When I’m ass-on-the floor at the Forum⁸, I’m nothing, people walk by without seeing me; when I’m at the Bagagerie, I’m Goyaałé² .” With his friend Kevin, and his girlfriend Aurélie, they daydream of a surveillance business. Equipped with walkie-talkies entrusted to them by the organizing association, they keep watch over the parties before the renovation at Les Halles’ “Jardin 🐍 extraordinaire”. They looked great in their dark uniforms. At the time, for a year or two, they provided security for the many events taking place in the neighborhood, at. Everyone loves Teddy’s smile, known as Ficelle. Teddy is a Pierrot lunaire, very attached to his tricycle full of odds and ends. Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know. Him, it’s prison. He’ll be expelled, I don’t know what for. Two lovebirds get married in front of the mayor of the 1st arrondissement and their friends from Mains libres. They leave for the provinces, to take up jobs as handlers in supermarkets near Agen. The young people leave us quickly – a way out, we say. Some come back, then disappear again. I hope the best for them, but the hard law of social statistics prevents me from believing in fairy tales. ¶ 5
Schlitz Shiltz Waltz follows… but FO’ist! It’s ¶ 6: right? V-low ⬇️

Fortunately, there aren’t too many of them,  like them, and social intervention focuses on offering them a future, a way in, sooner or later. More neglected by social action are those who have been disaffiliated for a long time, those who have a long experience of the street, or those who have reached the end of a pathway that has seen a succession of shelters, hospitalizations, revalidations – all the temporary stays that punctuate the daily life of uncertain people³.


³~. I personally would have preferred using “nowhere they”, sitting on their nowhere ass, —or something like that.


Ewe dropped a bomb on Mí
Ewe dropped a bomb on Mí


Shecagó Blues.

… and the turd looks just like a “little boy”

Anyhow, it looks swell…ing from the other end of the teleprompter.



And, Ari Melver, it’s Ringo’s Birthday, here’s yo’Ring madafaka: with shugga on top. You know the deal, Richard Steele Starr’s as The Humpty Dumpty Gap Band dancing Foo, and Caroline goes digitally 🚇 underground to Jamaica in search of Dexter… in Hilo, Hawaii.

They put that nigga in da’moovies. 🕶️ 🥁⚙️®️

The Misfits — I Turn Into A Martian

Meanwhile en CATALUNYA, Manuel Valls shoots his COOL~ARROWS:


Number ONE, Cul Héros: What has undermined the left in recent years?

Manuel Valls: “The laziness“… pinches SIN DIENTES! – a lo mejor diría su antíguo patrón.

La Saeta, de J.M. Serrat inspired by the Ponce Pilatus Barcelona Fútbol Chambers in Évry, France.


Now before Eye gets to the Month of May and the scrolls that would shift from the berrinche ensangrentado del Año de México en Francia, que según la Profe. Christine Brookes, nunca fue, and over to the long and winding roadthat leads to the Occitan gardens de “Tu mamá también” en Cannes, no less, Öüï has to touch base with a Mexican State that exists only in the outer limits of El Puerto de Guaymas and Sammy Hagar’s joint in B.C.S.

³~. Quivy, V. Incroyables mais faux ! : histoires de complots : de JFK au Covid-19. Éditions du Seuil. Paris. 2020.

~. https ://www .ledevoir .com /opinion /idees /320524 /-portrait-d-une-violence-inouie-au-mexique

~. https ://www .rottentomatoes .com /m /sicario _2015


Pg. 33
Paul in the sky without diamonds… via Lac Tica and La Jornada universitaria Michigan Daily in 1966³.


²~. https ://www .ladepeche .fr /2023/03/16 /manuel-valls-retour-en-politique-accident-espagne-quedevient-lancien-premier-ministre -11065467 .php

“And some even go on and say, that morena has all of the MAR_kings of a cult”

PEDRO from Baja California Sur.

March 25th, 2012³

³~. Context follows, suffice to say, 4 days earlier, a cyber-security contractor for the then governor of the State of Chihuahua, Mexico, was in town. He was my guest, turned out his then girlfriend was a campaign officer for morena in Chihuahua. How fitting, that the first of a STRING of Judas Iscariots on this passion, just took his life jumping off from a BRIDGE 🌉🧱🧱🧱🌉.

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Sponsored by The Melle. Pitch Award and LòReal:

Devil Woman on  the Banzai Show starring some guy who’s In with The Rolling Stones. The banquet will be at the Watts memorial. Beggars welcome.

Simón(e) que sí.

Eye likes your clothes line… got room for a pair of boxers?

Sympathy for Devil (1968)
Hope you don’t guess my name in vain, Mr. Tribe called QwEst.


Synopsis, Magali Faget  of the Melle. Pitch communication engagement agency, or something like thatstars as Lydia Rodarte-Quayle 🕵🏻‍♀️, Vieja Fea en el Pancracio with a Six-Sigma Más Cabrona Belt and, the head of Logistics at Madrigal Electromotive GmbH.

See How They Run… “they smile like pigs in a sty, see how they snide,” noted a frustrated Semolina Pilchard and a Mexican elementary penguin singing Hare Krishna.
Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allen Poe’s Ravens.


Previously on, “of course you Should Know, this means GWAR »:

… wait for it, by now our non-readers mother’s should Know that Eye would like to have at least 3 word bricks 🧱 between Snapshots for an optimal column.

Entonces, para no decepcionar a Juanito Guanavacoa en rfpp del 106.3 de internet en frecuencia de maquillaje. Cámara, —acción!

… Chingue a su madre Serge Gainsbourg y su café para cons. Chin-chin El que no DiGa: ¡Salud! And, Magali RodarteQuiero como Quayle en olla 🫕 para mole con chocolate… I am not a fucking ‘passenger’, I am a messenger, pass the biscuits, Madeleine.

Al regresar… Los Tigres del Norte — y su jefe de diegos, “Machete 🐢 Amellado”.

South of Fox 🇲🇽 to Fujimori 🇵🇪 … NE to Hijo de Bush 🇺🇸

Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord Lucifer in vain. And in Washington, President Biden vows to take Cancer out of the Cosmos. No word if the Jerry’s, George’s or, the Veep, will be included in The Deal, or if Seinfeld, Costanza will be left to rot, Dryfus is a Johnson and Johnson card carrying client so Benes has nothing to dry–fuss about.

And… well—will’ya look at that, a King from the land of ME (Maine), complementary Corn on the plate. How many Kings are those; let’s see:

The vacuum fixer drew tú, Lobster 🦞 boy drew Won and, Northern Ireland makes for four, fabulous, and of course you know that Betelgeuse is the Joker, so… Fuck your aces high!

“He has very kind eyes,”


…. just like Diego Obrador Lopez Luna’s in Star GWARS, 

      — NoAd9581

Just like that Okie in love with Melle. Pitch at MADRIGAL.


“This could be the beginning of a beautiful Vernissage »

Jour et Nuit…

Artificial Intelligence Free… Our Snapshots are free-range. In this frame: La Musa de Tizoc Infante.

We interrupt this farewell to bring you the latest on Ringo STARR’s missing chair. It turns out that George “it’s always the quiet one” Harrison sold the artifact to Robert Plant, Who in turn lost it on a wager at The Needles in VEGA’s.

Nice, we’ll always have Vega, I’m SiRIUS and you are not.

Any how, the effects were immediate but it was not as if SciencesPo incomunicado Donald Morrison y “su cosa loca” about the death of French culture, did not foretold this week in the French Presse, heck, the Sign–Off of Jan de La Ville Net from France Culture was coordinated, media wise, just as Rosecrans Baldwin had illustrated in his book about Parisian real estate agents, and how they love to test the matelas for “bounciness”.

Sisyphus may have cheated death, but not The Taxman. With them lines in mind, “let Mi, tell Ewe, how it will be”.

That’s Why goD made the Beach Boys 📻.

— There’s one of SIXTO’S frames for Le Monde nº 24143 , Samedi 20 AOUT 2022. Sixto is like Bob Dylan without the Old Gringo Desperado look {or} in Tamaulipas, he could pass for a Chilango postizo such as Amandititititita’s dad, El Sacerdote Rupestre… nada que ver with The American Priest in Paris.

Don’t Tread on Flo’… In Local news at proceso news network, the Irony is lost en El Montaje de la série El Caso Florence Cassez y LOS ZODIACO.

— Nineteen from Madison Ave., for Le Figaro , nº 24264: I Am 32 Flavors, and then some, ISSY! Ou-ou Ou-ou—OU, qué feo estás.

[Supporting video evidence of Sisyphus at the Jan de Ville Net farewell Bach Canal …


goes here.]

— Somewhere in the middle is the portrait of the PERFECT American, according to some chick named Jan Juego Verde (in pink), “Elvis Presley et le cinéma” on Ediciones ROUGE profond. 2021_Aix-en-Provincia, or Something like that.

To Sit and Let Rest


A todo negro presente… El Puma called: ha’Ya like them apples?

Platypussies… earlier at chez Saint–Louis, a kind reminder that Thanksgiving is just around La Pinta.

🎵 Numerao’, numerao’¡Viva la numeración!¿Quién ha visto matrimonio?¿Sin correr amonestación?


Resisting The Present : El Año de México en Francia.


José Luis Rodríguez, “Pavorreal”

Any how, latitudes and platitudes had a baby, poor thing looks like an ugly duck, sin embargo it does feel like a big brown beaver, “Viejas Feas” follow, only on TeleUniMundoVision.

Öüï begins of course with the platypus.

Franklin, our first ambassador to Babylon, wanted a turkey as the national symbol, instead we got a bald eagle. In Constantinople, Erdoğan wanted to change the image of the first thing that comes to mind 🦃 when this flag 🇹🇷 pops up… and all that Türkiye got, [drum roll followed by badum-tisch]…. A GREC Kebab.


From Yesterday’s nEws — Three: All That and a Cross to bear³

³~. X marks the spot on a bag of chips on Cloud Nine with “My Sweet Lord”

Still to come, the Oxymoron of the They on The Avi Velshi research show, here’s a sneek peak:

Heather Long from the Jeff Bezos Washington Post Economic forum walks into a La Chrècherie, hilarity ensues when she orders a cake and then tries to eat it.

Note to editors, the following statement is paraphrased, precisamente paraPhresas de EL UNIVERSAL:

https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /us1xkb /rompimiento_de_la_cuarta_pared_por_el_cuarto_poder/

The ideal scenario would have been to import baby formula from countries with similar standards like ours [U.S.] and who really-really—REALLY-REALLY-REALLY-really, feed and take care of their kindergartens and foresee their maternity leave issues.

https ://sammlung .staedelmuseum .de /en /work /bishop-julians-finding-of-the-true-child

Page 131, L’art du Diable.
Martino de Bartolomeo, La Découverte de saint Étienne, from the 7 Scenes de una Leyenda llamada “SANTO” El Enmascarado de SIMILAC®️.

But first, across The Atlantic, the Great State of Delaware is undergoing a shortage of baby formula, and over at the National Cathedral, Bishop Julian (from “Hey Jude” fame) found a way to feed the “True Child“. It’s a method that dates back to the Jeer of our Lord of 1390.

En contexto para espontáneos:

First off, I, Armando Segovia, have not decided to whom I should direct this entry, which I would hope that not one single motherfucker among our non-readers goes on and confuses ‘la magnesia de morena‘ con el comité de Gimnasia à Château de Vincennes.

La Guadeloupe Ana, will bring THE CHIPS.

For starters, señora Ministro de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche, and for the sake of the Scientific Method you, of all WaWaRetails* should know that the difference between the opinion of a bellybutton and the abstract of an asshole are numbers and CERTIFIED documentation… at the UNIVERSITY of SUD Corea, the PERMANENT^ ajumma’s at the Six-Sigma SAMSUNG institute call this phenomena “Justins Time” at the Dépôt desks… and “Delay’s Shortages” at the IHESS ivory towers.

*~. Madame Ministro Sylvie Retailleau
https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Sylvie_Retailleau

^~. https ://smart-ajumma .com /tag /ajumma-perm/

First the cloud:

Time’s up, you are going to need a bigger ring on That 🏃🏾‍♀️🔥

In Local News of the They, the Olympics logo and its handicapable counterpart got EVICTED from the Parvis de Mme. Hidalgo, details are developing, and all that the Paris Tourism Board can do is to have their minions on the artists front of collusion and backstabbers, follow my steps and seek the inspiration that NATURA en Salamanca les negó, mi negro.

Théâtre du Tourtour… Paloma.

¡Ay, No-Mames!!!

“Nos fuimos juntos a volar, con un solo GOLDEN PARACHU-TOTE »…

Mice killer. Lo’Réàl salutes you.


Andrés 🦑🐙🦀🦞🦐s

And, señora Primer Ministro BORNE, you of all people with access to the files of the Préfecture de Police (dépôt cubicles) have the ability to verify the contents in the subtext.

…over at La Salpêtrière Cardiologie section of THE ATLANTIC, if you can play shortstop youse SET!

Goooooo, DODGERS!

I’m not a doctor, but BRONTIS and Stéphanie Menou at the Salpêtrière Préfecture can’t allow me to lie, i got Royalty Fucked by one.

Hoy no hubo Deadline in WaWa Land

¡Viejas Feas! After the break, El UNIVERSAL breaks the Shark on the 4th Wall of Happy Theys at an AMALGAM that Öüï likes to call, the AP~Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou, casi esquina con los pollos hermanos at LA PEÑA en Saint Germain-des-Prés {and} le boulevard des Frères-Voisin, on Metro Line 12… ISSY, Dr. Poisson 🎏, El próximo waiter, le corresponde a usted 💃🏽.

Ok… Évry body, back in The Cave. Stéphanie Ruhle just moved to Paris, Évry body go home, Yankee, you with the habit, go home.

A Republic… Syphilis not included, unless we the sheeple go back to the Dark Ages… and if Mme. Hidalgo visited the Anne Franck park she would probably ‘see’ what Eye is talkin’ about. It rhymes with pissin’ in the Dark.


According to Aristotle on the Morjo Show

Not the Alamo, more like an Evangelist’s belief that a certain tribe is supposed to fight the Apocalypse after « sweet baby Jesus” sweeps em’ up and away into a Tornado 🌪️ to get to Heaven {and} Zeppelin goes here.

https ://www .dailymail .co .uk /news /article-10782259 /Biden-Putin-Doomsday-Planes-flying-nuclear-war .html

As crazy as a shit house Wa???³

Settle down, Congressman, take a deep breath 🫁… now just how big was this “so called” rat? And are you sure it wasn’t one of those invasive baby albino capybaras smuggled into Florida through the Little Havana baseball league?


Greek navel-gazing BUZZ, starring LOKI, our Man of Mischief.


Oh-oh… somebody is blowing kisses at the pundit, and it’s not even your birthday, Mr. Scarborough.

Oh, the etiquette!