Deer, Eddie Gloude, Jr… nice key you got D.A.R.E.

Have you seen the latest Tomb of the “Unknown writer”, it came with a forced-entry and a broken DOOR… oh, the parallels, for that fucking “Mémoire”.

Access Berger

Eye gots the key

Eye gots the key.:.DFB87BAE-6E79-4D2A-AAA6-4D80F2B198F7 •|• 🎼 To the hallway 🎶

Please wait for context, in the mean time, consider the following: Cousin Joe, Eye knew Abouthot*, and that dandy feller at Les Halles underground is no Abouthot*.

Once again, nice key you got D.A.R.E. professor.

As good as it gets… Siren’s den broke rank

Play Ball

Play Ball

Happy Turkey Day, Flamby…

For the memory

Para la memoria.:.8F708ED8-2159-4D16-A9CA-01AD09BE9F05 •|• Context for Peña Nieto follows, punto y aparte

and never forget,

Chapter One

Chapter One: PARANOID!!! Feuded with my LADY, etc., etc,. etc…. For the record, the next time that a French window clerk asks Mí, “what does a Californian have to do with Mexican politics?” Remember what Joaquín Murrieta said:

de México es California, period y A VEINTE, señor Valls, A VEINTE.

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar.:.73A76421-9F9F-4A95-B297-39F4F398938A •|• “You go to my head”.

Young African Americans, 2da Parte — Whitecolor productions

Eye told y’all that this here, issue, of an InterMission, was to bee an Early Edition.

The Paper General

El General de Papel*, transliterated context for Whitecolor Productions follow.

“There is no Leadership when corrupt leaders are not held accountable”,
dijo un negro.

…[B]ut FOist, it’s Saturday Night Live. Whatch out Gknome, put your Broken Bill Clinton’s glasses on beecause tonight Mr. Che is on the frame.

Underrated Sista

Underrated Sista… sincerely: underrated sista’s mom.

Meanwhile in Sinaloa, the Mexican president is putting his Mexican pesos on the Houston Astros… Gooooooooo, Algo–don–Eros.

So we covered it... beeCause öüï seen a Cosa or two.

So we covered it… beeCause öüï–2 has seen a Cosa or two. Oakley, however, Öüï hates to say it, failed the “hinge test”, which of course, is a mesmerizing thing to Whatch.:. EYE SAVED ANDY WARHOL, period

Mean, while Lorne Michaels spilled the beans on Elmo, Bleu was right D.A.R.E. waiting to Knabb’em… ‘er; Knabb Her.

Lorne Michaels is a snitch

Lorne Michaels is a snitch! And, sir, Evry bum in Vero Beach Gknows your name, you fucking P.A.G.E., U.

Elmo did nothing Wrong, Lorne Michaels!

Meanwhile, across the Venezia skyline’s Rearview Mirror (retroVISOR), StateFarm was a Liberty, Liberty, Liberty busy BEE.


BRANNNNNNNA!!!.:.20AA896E-FA64-41BF-BA95-0EAE98495832… wake the Fuck-up!!!

Bonus track:

Rachel Glasses looks like Buddy Holly

Rachel Glasses looks like Buddy Holly.:.326D4391-1BE7-468E-A0CC-787DD14473DF period

Muerte súbita à Chavez Ravine vía Ebb[ETS]s field

Gooooooo, Dodgers.

Republican dad jokes

Republican dad jokes:
ISIS. ISIS. ISIS… anyone seen ISIS?
– and Ferris Buller replies:
The 45th president of them United States of America send sent them fuckers to Europa.

3 — 1 (Gnats go home)

TimeStamp: The half of the Rachel Maddow set, bring the Cardenales over, “the WaWa is Fine”, former Senator Claire McCass, bring’em over. BLUE has got the perfect pipe organ for your byrds, as öüï head over to the Fourth.

Previously on las maracas del tractor:

No le disparen al mensajero.

“No success without effort or error”… or something like that, said this former DODGER, putain!!! After sending the Washington Nationals to the play ball con Los Cardenales de la ex senadora Claire McCass de Missouri.

Congratulations to the Nats

Congratulations to the Nationals, blood well sucked… ¡Pley Bol!!! •|• …[A]nd little Rocket Man says, “and I guess that’s why THEY call it The Blues,” punto y aparte.

Congratulations to The Washington Nationals.

Final score (as seen from a ghost couch on third base):

Dear, Susana Sepulveda;
Eye knows that you don’t read us,
Might you or any of the Sepultureros
have the date of “transmission”
of the Ry Cooder, Certains l’aiment
… or was that a “sur les jupes de fip

from 2016?

08 11 2016

The date coincides, or rather,
is as you French people say:
s’accordent con el chingado episodio
on The Rachel Maddow Show
titled: Hamburgers in Paradise.

Nationals 7 — 3 Dodgers

Normandy and the Kurds

Normandy and the Kurds, eh? For the record, Raquelito, remember that time when you “thanked” the god of gold for granting you a space from where to work on your current book, “Blowout”? Remember how you were grateful because you didn’t have to bother (by waking up) your significant other at 3 a.m. en la mañana?… them were the days, eh! Lemme’ tell you, ever since crossing roads with the Good People at Buzzfeed at the Unesco Headquarters in Paris, it feels as though you (or your significant other) read this most inconsequential BLOG, pero… déjame que te cuente Morena (Francia) you, Madam, are just about to become an INTEGRAL part of a Mémoire for the Tribunal de Paris. And of course, by “YOU”, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto means the entire Evil Empire of them Rockefeller Center Yanks. Y como de costumbre, USO JUSTO DE TODOS LOS MEDIOS.


Dodgers stay home… monitos follow.

Entre Colón y La Guadalupana existe una raya roja

File type at brontis à la prefecture de Cité:

Eye saved Andy Warhol

Eye saved Andy Warhol, in Berlin.

Las postales milagrosas de Los Ciudadanos de Pablo Gleason en la iglesia de Ozanam

Dear, Emmanuel Macron

Dear, President of France, is it true that you, Sir, are Vice–president Mike Pence’s bitch?… “desde el cielo una hermosa mañana”, an American Patriot fell from the Sky(net), period •|• EDWARD SNOWDEN for President of The United States of América.

Locación: Little Mallorca
Juxtaposition: Los disfraces de Peña y Valls

Ayotzinapa para espontáneos

Ayotzinapa para espontáneos (Revisited)… With Special Guest: Cia. La Resentida, desde Santiago de Chile, tierra en dónde el cassette de La MEMOREX®️ reproduce únicamente de Bachelet y  PA’CA, o sea de Piñeira en adelante porque el Pasado de Chile, pues dicen los SIMPSONS ®️ que Inglaterra y Pinochet se lo borraron con pura Televisión desde Viña del Mar.

Nota para el Servicio Exterior Mexicano en Nueva York:

Señores, señoras y señoritas:

Neta que teniendo en sus contactos a grandes directores , productores, y hasta Chivos que son fotógrafos, sus pinches achichincles aún no le han podido dar al CLAVO a “eso” de « Los Montajes del Gobierno Mexicano ».

Gonzalitos Gelatino PR(i) News

Gonzalitos Gelatino PR(i) News.:.77DFD5A9-D393-4B68-B075-D4A1557562A9

Miren hijos de la chingada tiznada que los echó al mundo de la lambisconería institucionalizada:  los dientes del fulano haciendo sandwich con la tetona están más blancos y alineados que el Fondo « Azul » de SNOWden, ¿de cuál producción sacaron a ese galán, from a fucking LIBERTY, LIBERTY, LIBERTY mattress sale commercial lineup ? ¡bola de PUTOS!!!

Mundial de acomodados

Mundial de príncipes para acomodados, punto

y por aquello de la “llamada” memoria, se les extiende un recordatorio que durante La “llamada” noche de Iguala un equipo de fútbol juvenil también fueasechado. Así que PUTOs los y las que NO LO CANTEN, punto

… [Y] a parte,
por si faltara menos!?

NO INSISTAS COMADRE LETTTTTYYYYY, mi corazón es de Susana, aunque existan ciertos (tipos) que l’aiment… them fucking Elf’s maaaan. Them fucking Elf’s; at least THEY are not Evil gknomes.

Dear, presidente de Francia

Dear, presidente de Francia… [D]arkmannnnn!… “Kill The Rolling Stones”, we (the staff) have A motherfucking LANDSLIDE… Quick, Florence Cassez! Get Lisa Simpson in the Winnibagoo.

Any güey, el martes no hay embarques, Huelga de Transporte y alza de “moléculas partículadas” a razón del paro de transportes en Paname,

TimeStamp: 07:15 a.m. at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, justo enfrente de La Fuente where ATLAS SHREGGED; 12h on Megan Merkel’s watch and One o’Clock at fip Jazz Central

Whatch doin'?

— Whatch doin’?
… chewing chocolate.
—Wher’d ya’Get it?
… doggie drafted.


Hey, Negritas… it’s Black Saturday ( in French)

Dear, Ben Harper (motherfucker):

The quickest way to The Ene Mí, is precisely (motherfucker) to work your way… you Gnkow (motherfucker), period:

Text mí

Text mí

Ever wonder where them FAIR TRADE coffee beans END UP? Stick around, especially if you are a FAN of Seattle’s Pumpkin Spiked SPAM, wait for it, wait…

Previously on Marks & Spensers

Previously on Marks & Spensers… [P]ass the Chuck (stakes) please, no APPLE piece–of–the π, period .:. Dear, Ari Melber, the good thing about the African Sista’s that work à Brioche Doréè de ElDorado on the way to the FORUM is the they won’t read this most non-consequential blog; so we [the staff] WILL NEVER KNOW, if the logic of spreading the spent George Clooney ground coffee beans on them SAM’iches on top of the BEST TRASH RECEPTACLES IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, which did not sell, is a COMPANY policy, or if them Sista’s just do it out of Sprite®️

In the mean time, while Donald Trump sends troops to his best CASH–PAYING customer, the House of Saud goes: Aleluya, Hal, —Hallelujah— vamos a La casa de Saud.

Líricamente of of course

« Quote:
By order of the prophet
We ban that boogie sound
Degenerate the faithful
With that crazy Casbah sound
But the Bedouin they brought out
The electric camel drum
The local guitar picker
Got his guitar picking thumb
As soon as the Shareef
Had cleared the square
They began to wail.
Unquote », period

… activities to ring-in the 45th Act of National Sports Day in France, where the Frogs are playing a Triple Header celebration of the masses, Team Yellow Jackets are already in position and while the Green Hornets are sitting at the DUG Out, Los REtirados del montón sabrá Santo Giroud por dónde IRAN a saltar.

silly fortinet

silly fortinet… everybody knows that All Sirens are insecure… [W]hy DO you think that they Wail and Cry when pressed, eh‽

12h20 CET

No insistas, Comadre LETY!!!! Christine Lagarde is at the Plate

Aquí nomas sus chicharrones truenan

Aquí nomas sus chicharrones truenan.:.EFE8E58D-2BAE-4A32-BCF0-3C0DC2648EA6 •|• in Cinco de Mayo news, el embajador de America de los estados unidos Henry Lane Wilson felicitó a Eugenia León.

It’s the middle of the Eight and Camilo Cienfuegos is at the mound, y en esta esquina, por el bando de los técnicos (sin protocolo) figuran El Perro Aguayo, The Iranian Sheik y “Borolas“…

It's Will Good Hunting season

It’s Will Good Hunting season…

I don’t know who sent the three amigos to the opposite corner, but we [the staff, in a Vince Scully with intermittent observations AND/OR objections for the JUDGE by Humberto Luna y sus Lunáticos] suspect que son Los Rudos (con S.O.P. !A huevo!!!) y que el sobrino de un tal “El Santo” envió a un Ultimate Aníbal flanqueado por Roddy Piper y “Lou Costello”… Tinieblas es el UMPire, y “Alushe” es el REeFeree.

Dear, Stephanie Rhule, no fighting

Dear, Stephanie Rhule, no fighting, but let Mí tell your, FEMME, you lied, Bitch!!! — Check it out, señora Rhule, don’t you go on the Ari Melver show and pretend that the MEDIA MATTERS crew did not HEAR esa boquita de pundit decir that YOU, señora Rhule, would “show you (o sea enseñar a los de su distinguida AUDIENCIA, señora Rhule) how to DRINK straight from a cup.” Heck, señora Rhule, you grabbed the cup to enhance your Pike Place manifesto. —_•|•_— STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE would direct any SCIENCES PO mashable mind to Chris Matthews because he, and only he, has access to the media that matters on the msnbc’s, period

This event is sponsored by LOS PIPOTES DE STEPHANIE RHULE, on Mika’s desk; LOS PIPOTES DE STEPHANIE RHULE available at Sewers, Rivers and for the next millenium, on every fucking Sushi Roll you get to eat.

It’s the bottom of the EIGHT and Madame Christine Lagarde is at the plate, AGUSTIN CARSTENS is the coach at Third and I don’t know is standing next to Carlos Slim at the owners box.

America de los estados unidos

America de los estados unidos is in fact a Non-welcoming country for communicators like Mí.

Hey, Marianne: I Object to le Préfet du Police, “Article Three”, amigos, eh!