Hoy no hubo Deadline in WaWa Land

¡Viejas Feas! After the break, El UNIVERSAL breaks the Shark on the 4th Wall of Happy Theys at an AMALGAM that Öüï likes to called, the AP~Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou, casi esquina con los pollos hermanos {and} le boulevard des Frères-Voisin, on Metro Line 12

Ok… Évry body, back in The Cave. Stéphanie Ruhle just moved to Paris, Évry body go home, Yankee, you with the habit, go home.

A Republic… Syphilis not included, unless we the sheeple go back to the Dark Ages… and if Mme. Hidalgo visited the Anne Franck park she would probably ‘see’ what Eye is talkin’ about. It rhymes with pissin’ in the Dark.


Relevos australianos — CATCH!!!

A Republic… Syphilis not included, unless we the sheeple go back to the Dark Ages… and if Mme. Hidalgo visited the Anne Franck park she would probably ‘see’ what Eye is talkin’ about. It rhymes with pissin’ in the Dark.

Tale of The Tape

On the “RUDOS” corner:

OJO: más pupila nomas en los tiempos de Sor Juana… Pay no attention to Adam, in Paris, if that coq sucker had not bitten the Apple, Öüï all would be running naked in Paradise, not so SAGE after all, eh, Adam? If that is even a real fig leaf on your Speedo ®️… and youse not foolin’ anyone mister LUDOVICO “marin”, Eye 👁️ has a fixed reticle ❌ inside the IRIS. I can see for Miles, and in Real-time Aussie.

…Lizzy and The Vag’s, blurred by Ludovic on the above screengrab, hail from the Îlle–de–Paradis on Chapter III of Arturo Graf’s Débil Art.

Evil Woman.

On the opposite, complementary corner, are the “Técnicos” of Hate.

And just in case Ewe is thinking of calling our research “cookie” or WO’ist! “Étrange” please be adviced that Öüï has, IT!, IT!!! Motherfuckers! in good AUTHORITY to relay to y’all that Éric and the Phallocrats have their roots deeply amalgamed in French dentistry. IN LILLE!!! No less. It’s no wonder that Lille is the Lucha Libre Capital of “los levantones”.

Hoy no hubo fillings.


Y su sombrero de Philadelphia, en qué ton lo va usted a querer, Mr. Oz?

“A Republic?”, not if the Republicans can help it.

… but, FO’ist, the Pizza Place at France Musi…qué??? Burned La Alliance française, nomas por SER CONTRERAS in a CROSSTOWN TRAFFIC EN TIJUANA.

Manu Chao is a fag!
But only por la panámericana.

It’s the Mother of All Oximorons. Can’t make this shit up, not even in TsShécoslovaquie.

¿Sueño de ti‽
¿Sueño de que?
¡suEgno de Rien!

This film is beyond Bohemian rhapsodies.


Smile 😁, youse on fagRADIOgraphies…

Over at france musique, Denisa KersSHova is all wet, ISSY, she’s dancing in the rain, in Naples (Florida—no less)…

It’s Raining Narcos

And, Denisa Kerschova, how-ah’Bout that bandwagon of Viejas Feas from CNEWS matin, Eye tells Ewe, de Niza, thèse people mustha’ve graduated from the Paris Tourism Board at the Matamoros chapter of La France Alliance in Antony, Nueva Espagna… feudo de CEMEX y de Qatar.

Tengo orgullo de Ser del Norte
del mero San Luisito
porque d’Ay es — San José³

https ://distancem .com /from-hong-kong-hk-to-monterrey- mx

Luchaaaaaaaar᪪ªªªn, dedos caidas a très Éric and the phallocrats versus Lizzy and the Vag’s.
This bout is sanctioned by Les Arènes del Coliseum {and} is SanCtioNed as Always®️, by the Nevada State Commission {not} Vania®️… Vania is barred from getting anywhere near “SNOW” on account of her Crack conviction.

Cigarros a Hong Kong, on account that in Australia 🦘 unos FAROS, a la distancia Will set you back an ARM, a LEG, and your Kidney Stones.

https ://www .lexology .com /library /detail.aspx?g =645089c4-d6d9-4b5e-810d-34ac2fe985c7

³~. de Las Panochas, Mpio. de La Zona del Silencio en Ceballos.

And, Mme. Prime… Eye swears that Öüï is not making this up

Ingeniosos los cerros…

Reynolds 🌯… Recycle.

And, Hallie Jackson, “I Nearly Missed You », period! And, in Spain, you could take vacation for your cramps… REPLACE THAT, in American English.

https ://www .nytimes .com /2022/05/17 /world /europe /spain-time-off-period-pain .html


Charlotte Bibring… Take a shower, your Jazz is nuttin’ but funk. Eye can smell your tail all the way to Havre, and the motherfucking wind is caressing The Seine in the opposite way. 💋 if the Seine was a cat the motherfucker would hiss, but WaWa has no Enemy. Por ejemplo, at The 11th Hour with Stephanie Pundita, if one loses his shirt, Steph is hoping that the unfortunate SOUL has a ‘six-pack’, this being France, 12 dirty brassballs is the Standard.

 Smile 😁, youse on fagRADIOgraphies.

For the record, man… Eye does not know how to spell Oh-de°shin in Hangul, but señor..  one bowl of Kegogi Cheese Ramen to go with my “Perro Agradecido”.

… and as a graduate of the people’s republic pupil program, Eye will skip the round abouts and go for a full 360°.

Do Your Know How to Spell 🪄 a(nrevolution?

C’est Ironique, Eye knows, but here Öüï is, —again.

And, Mme. Prime… 🛸 If they only knew that Les Moulins are a front


And, over at Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, Adrianne Elrod just dropped a bomb on The “A” RER… bitch is going on a retreat and SHE is dumping all her chips (in Monopoly®️ money) on the Blue Line to ROBINSON.

When all else fails, bring in the Aliens.

Just the F.A.K. ma’am, ISSY, YOU ARE WELCOME.

And, mister Lin (marín) Manuel Miranda, STOP IT, you Portorican sonovabitch! Ain’t no way your Hamiltonian ass is GREEK!!! And here is why:


Eye can understand all of the boricua lingo exiting out of your belfo.


Pivot in a sky with Diamonds.

…Eye, Says… PLAYBALL! Motherfuckers!

Yo! Ajoomma… this are my CredEnTÍAls

The Four Seasons is a pizza… and Henry was a pompous ass.

Efemérides… Vivaldi played way to fast and he was, of course, a silifag®️² user… which is why his chompers were tight, MAN!

This is not a SEAL.



… [A]nd, GO’ill de Niza, Öüï reckons that as long as mister Jaggard doesn’t Kiss his Own ass, Évry thing in Matignon is honky-Dory 🐡.

Go, Johnny—GO!
Go, go, go, Johnny—GO!
Johnny be good.

https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Troy_McClure # :~:text= Phil%20Hartman %20was %20murdered %20in, which %20was %20dedicated %20to %20Hartman.

But speaking of “celebrities” kissing their own ass, El Festival de Cannes arranca hoy.

It’s called the Napólëòn Syndrome, and it’s the leading cause of chronic navel~gazing, the cure is of course, masturbation.

Oh, “Hi, [yada, yada, yada]… you may remember me from such docudrama films as Viejas Feas: Eww! and SEALs vs. Otters: The Road to Victory.”

In local news, David S. Jaggard ate Madame Borne’s pancakes with his thumbs

Previously on, “hilarity ensues”…

Beagle’s Bagels… El Perro Agradecido.

David Jaggard walks into the Culture Rapide and a door is opened to the Mogadishu Multiplex Theater of Operations where a Cougar is going down just like a Blackhawk on a DvD. Jason Borne’s mom stars as the new Prime in town.

And in Washington, D. C., true to form, Nicolle Wallace replaced RNC Steele.

Cadillac Ranch at La Porte de Versailles… according to BFM’ER TV


Note to editors, Öüï does not get lost in translation, and Eye doesn’t need no stinkin’ Braces!

Mama Fiera 🇪🇸 y la paja voladora 🇲🇽 presenta:

Hey, Greece!!! Stop pandering. Fuck LOVE!


Never mind Turkey because relatively speaking, Ankara is what EL PARTIDO REVOLUCIONARIO INSTITUCIONAL in Mexico is to these handsome fellows³ in FRANCE.

³~. https ://www .internationalesocialiste .org/

Hey, Mika… this is what Frida Kahlo looked like before she turned into a puta*

*~. Frida, has, become a commercial INVESTMENT, right? Or, am I threading on MADISON Ave., and should tell Maria Hinojosa to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Una producción de Machete Amellado y El Piolín por La Magnana de La  Culture Rapide à Belleville

Orages en Orange.


Now before, Denisa Kerschova départs for ROMA, Öüï (that motherfucker) asks for a little Axl 🌹and a lot of ammo 🥃 because in Sonora one can’t really trust the WaWa.

Roman jokes:

Support your SHARIFF… Eye guarantee that SHARIFF will like it.

Ombres seulement… The musical.

La paciencia is nuttin’ but a cold Alesian pizza 🍕

… Metro 🚇 XIV, then take The NATIONAL route to Bretagne… TALIA OLVERA y los amigos de Gilberto Bosques en la ciudad universitaria de Paris will direct you to the Consul.

“Two minutes Turkish”… In the mean time Bugger-Off!

David Jaggard walks into La Bellevilloise all Lit Up and swallows a diamond, hilarity ensues when he… wait for it, wait…


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… Sponsored by “El Jabón del Perro Agradecido de la Calle Stanton,” del Segundo Barrio en El Chuco… and if you silifag®️ users knew what that Pancho Villa frame on your silly little stage meant then, maybe—just maybe, María Sabina would not mind gracing your MErCeDes en La Renault.