🎶🗣 Shockolate Au Lait… mum, mum, mum—mum, ummm

Quartz12… Chocolate au lait, indeed.

Still to come… French presidents say Da’DARNnnnn–dest things.

But FO’ist!!!

Musical Guest: POISON

Over in Miss’Ourra… Claire McCaskill brought out her lazy chair because she wants Mí to paint her as a French Whore… It’s a Titanic proposition, but what a heck… Kansas City here I Come.


Quick programming note:
Deer-sirene, Eye wishes to remind yo’Silly ass that Karl’s soul in the form of a Bichon Fraise remains by our side; and Aussi, you seductive cunt, Larry King —WHO just settled in as he awaits his transfer— remains an optimist and, Denis Soula should know that GLORIA is a fucking Trophy Wife… Issy, Charlotte BibRING, Eye loves it when your sultry voice talks Dirty to Mí, you provocative twat. Wanna try again?

And, —Cousin Joe… did i happen to mentioned that Republican honcho and Maryland Seminary school-lad, Michael Steele is at the mound? For the record, i didn’t want him on our side of the line-up, but Camilo Cienfuegos remains “incomunicado” because of a recent embargo. It’s the bottom of the FO’ist and The BLADERUNNER MEMORIAL Stadium is hosting a sold-out crowd.

The previous hit is still in play and there is one out on the scheduled Triple play… And,—AP LaMire, what’s with that Saudi Arabian crematorium set that yo’ass is transmitting from, you are not fooling anybody with that formaldehyde bottle behind you.

Previously on los aretes de María Hinojosa

Nicole was showing a lot of leg, and Mathilda’s favorite son would not tell her she is wrong, and neither would Rick Wilson… that fucken’ perv!!! Meanwhile, at the Fauci Universe, The VP just showed the entire Mundo de Le Monde how to play with words… can you hear Mí yet?

Is it in yet?”

“That’s what she said”, and Ashley, “Wild Horses” on a rearview mirror cannot Ketch-up to the three days that i gave your “travel agents” on the NEWS OUT OF HONG KONG 🚬🚬🚬 and my own personal Frankenstein (pronounced FrankenBrooks… get it?), that’s the FO’ist on the chronicle of an announced Triple Play… Juanita Bonita, —reports! BUT WAIT!!! Jennifer Lopez just broke into the Ari Melver Beat… preliminary scout reports relay that she is going by the Alias of Emily Ballon… or something like that on a New York Magazine… those dang-on Puerto Ricans.

Y como dice SCHoPUNhAUER:

A Mí, las cuentas claras y El Shock-Oh-Latte… anyone? El Shock-Oh-Latte cómo? anyone, El Shock-Oh-Latte HOW… SHA-Bello? El Chocolate cómo?

Gina Montes

Programming note: any break from the Breaking Podiums on Deadline will be deducted from The Beat, by our COUNT… Ari Melver can mope around the WaWa cooler for like 20 minutes… and Nicole, pull that skirt down because doG forbids that “Grammy Award” Mexican cinematographer winner, Emmanuel LUZBEKI, interprets your show as La Carabina d’Ambrosio…

About a girl — No tiene talento

Track 9: Coolo
Artist: Illya Kuryaki and The Valderramas
Flic: Amores Perros (meets BLACKXPLOITATION)

🐐 … or the fact that in most cases the sound was awful that just made them very hard to watch … what really bothered me were the films of the 1970’s.” .:. 7CE3F3BB-D8EC-40E2-85CA-F8FFA6605190 ✍🏼 Dice el pinchie–Chivo… a quick programming note to IMDB; “El Negro” does not translate to “Blackie”, El Negro is simply The Black One, “Mr. Black” is more appropriate a nickname for Mr. Alejandro González Iñarritu, but i guess SEAN PENN’s virgin fucking ears could not handle lo prieto que’sta ese Cabrón; FOR THE RECORD “Cerf-panthére” let me remind the Very French that aside from being Serrano, i am also PRIETO on my Naná Side, so yes, yo también soy “negro”, by Mexican Standards… ya’Cunts.

… [A]nd Willy Colón, if you were in on the joke, Pedro Navajas would tell you that this rollo is about a girl, and Mac The Knife would agree; this project was always about a girl, her name is Florence Marie Cassez, and this section covers her Mexican fairy madrina:

Olga Sánchez Cordero (juris-docta)

Píntame Funk-elitos Negros, Chavo del Toro .:. 1C918525-2342-4049-8817-73864A58141C .:. From the “A handful of themes… in the bush, in the bush, in the bush.

Synopsis: Mexico’s populist president got a case of the COVID-19. Necessary for the survival of the president’s popularity among his followers (like with any cult) is a daily sermon session which the Mexican president disguises as a “daily « Press Briefing » show”, and since he cannot deliver his political mass in person, the Mexican President, who happens to be a religiously devout baseball fan went ahead and designated Florence Cassez’es Mexican Fairy godmother, doña Judge Olga Cordero as the pinchie-hitter. Hilarity ensues when…

https ://www .elfinanciero .com .mx /opinion /salvador-camarena /sanchez-cordero-a-su-casa

No pudo en la escena donde había PREGUNTAS pues no CONVENCIÓ
No cantó en la escena donde había canto, solo dobló
Y a pesar de todo sigue cobrando mucho mejor

Yeah, on a related note to Monoaureo . Com (George Clinton, does exist, you silly mono; granted, The Funkadelic is not an Executive but he is a PARLIAMENTARIAN, but i will get to that after los SPOTS•AUREOS FEATURE al Chivo en Francés), look it up MONOAUREO and expand your latitude.

https ://www .milenio .com /politica /olga-sanchez-cordero-dara-conferencias-matutinas-ate-covid-19-amlo

Page 2 – Don’t ride the White Horse

What’s on Tuesday?” Asked, Chuck D.
on the former Rachel Maddow radio show.

Meanwhile at Planet Ashley… it’s all the pretty ponies. Anyhow, Mme. Chevallier, how’bout them diabolique bobos, eh? And i never thought that i would see the Flaming Lips on a penis masturbating on a bubble so early in the morning, but hey, if it’s a story about incest Oklahoma is KNOT far behind…

and please, you Republican honcho mule rider—don’t tell me that i didn’t tell foreshadow you (OMBREh) about a ring around the Sun; i just didn’t tell you which star: check it out, you conservative excuse to do the Humpty Dance on the msnbc’s, let Ashley show you how the new Humpty Dump is done; numero uno, you grab a piece of paper and write, “I have to Pi”, numero dos, you get the fucken’ idea.

HOW–Eva’, you failed muppet on The Daily Show (look it up BFM’ers… it’s trou!) let my man Ay-Ay-Ayman Mohyeldin show you how to properly piss in an Olympic Pool, or something like that… it’s kind of like pissing in a bottle, but a lot more fun, just look at that fucker smile.

There it is…

Anyhoot, fuckers—that’s CABRONEx, for the LATIN xers— did you happen to CATCH THE UPPER PART OF MY OWN Mary Shelley, on BFM’er TV… you literally can’t make this shit up, Pénelopé… LUC BESSON!!! In his wildest WET DREAMS COULDN’t dream A Fifth Elemento like me. Like ME, Fuckers, like me. I just need Las Pompis d’Eau and i am Seth, Isis… fuck Osiris.

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2021 /jan /26 /ageing-pompidou-centre-in-paris-to-close-for-four-years-for-renovation

Talents and competences visas in FRANCE are for FAGS!!! “POR LA LIBRE”, sr. Cuarón se hace mejor… bola de putos. And FIP Sirens… here’s why, get some popcorn and get Raphaël Moran and his friend Pablo Gleason on the set, i know that i won’t win. I know that nothing will change. I know that nobody is reading; except for the most informed cop in France, but for the record, the score is an acquitted child kidnapper (from Lille) and a journalist that puts “friendship” over the corruption of your institutions to Make A Former Mexican president look good in your 2015 Bastille Day Parade… and PEOPLE THAT GOT RAPED BY THEIR PARENTS AT SciencesPo.

Rodrigo’s fictional character in the aforementioned Classroom flic:

You fucked our aunt!

https ://imdb .com /title /tt0262698/

And,… [S]tarring as Rodrigo’s auntie:

KATY KAY, with a special cameo on the progressive Sinema screen by Mika Brzezinski.

Anyhow, Mr. MACRON, you see this soul ⤵️ below? I was that little-boy (inside of the face of the Tesseract already explained before), but you know what Mr. Macron, Manuel Valls y los Amigos de México en la Unesco y La OCDE might have crushed my Spirit, but never my Soul.

Previously on, « Merci pour ce moment » .:. 8986787A-8C7B-41CF-9511-07FF75CF82DD .:. With All Due Respect.

With all due respect, the ⤴️ above is submitted for your consideration; and SWEET PERRA* OF MINE, it is nothing more than “un Uso Justo de todas las Medias parts” in the adaptation draft for the next BFM’er “Dateline-like” series.

Karma Police — Los Hilos de Sasha and the crotchless speedo de Lubezki

Horse meat and a Deer-panthére goes here:

Reminded me of that time that Homer Simpson gave “pinchie” a hot bath 🦌319876A3-755C-42A1-9DAF-87020FF91773 🐴  Does ANYBODY remember Pinchie? Because if Michael Steele (that Republican honcho) doesn’t then ROCK LOBSTER goes here 🦞 🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎸🎸🎸🎸🎬

https ://old .reddit .com /r/ facepalm /comments /l4gby2 /new_york_times_already_set_for_facepalm_of_2021/

But FO’ist!!! — Can you dig it, and Ma’am… can you please pass The Grey Poupon?

In Ontario (CA) they call these culottes Chaffey High Girls, as for mí, i am nothing but a JaGuaR-do… ISSY, that’s an Anagram… And PARIS, you KNOW—that I make that cold–ass “DAME de FER” look good, period 🐆 FB19BE20-E18A-4147-A34E-7B634AF093A7 🐅 ISSY, Mary Shelley, this is just another addition of that fuck doll that i told you that EYE was going to piece to-get-her.

✍🏼 the following was written on toilette toallas de papel… courtesy of the best shopping mall in the entire universe, de Paris (Centre I – IV).

The same was said about “Mexican Tacos” by Mexicans Abroad in the 70’s – 80’s and part of the 90’s; HEIDI PRZYBYLA, of peacock fame, described the same phenomenon with her Polish roots; in other words… they were ashamed of where they came from. In those THEYS, in El-Ey, and because i wore cowboy boots i was nothing more than “a chuntaro”, and i still am MIGUEL Gleason, just like you are Chichimeca del estado de Cuernavaca en Saltillo…💋 MEXICANOS EN EL EXTRANJERO follows.

Now, Claire (in the commercial) you probably think that i am being a complete PIG with Perrine, but then you are new here, so i’ll progressively let you settle in as i do another Triple Play, check it out; because in the role of progressive Claire is of course, her doppelgänger on the weekend beat; meanwhile Claire McCaskill is on Second, and Michael Steele is at the mound… that motherfucker! He just got out of Seminary school… Mitch McConnell is at the Plate… and Cerf-panthére, Öüï is Knot sure if youse a Boy or a Girl ⚡️but you are not going to guess who is playing CATCH-er:

La más cabrona, my AUNTIE Irma… yeah Buddy!

Y como dice Schopenhauer: HUSSERL was a fag.

In Hilo, Hawaii it’s 3 pm and on playback, Rachel Glasses is out of uniform, and if you are a viewer of that Show then you know that outside of the Studio, Machel Raddow (pronounced MAY•Shell RÀ•d’Eau) must wear eye glasses least KEnt CLarkson’s secret is revealed.

Head over to page 2 for “the rest of the story” with Paul Harvey, “Good They”.

And in the role of Dave Chappelle: BLINKEN

Come get your Kung-Fu lessons… with las Más Cabronas.

De carton piedra… here mi out Ali Vitali, meet me at the gym… and please Jennifer López* no DANGLING parties, eh! —_*!*_— And Ali Vittalli, are you going to be the one to tell me that Mary Shelley did not create a male monster, la muy Cabrona? … well, are you?

HOLA-la_la Lindsey, what’s happening around the WO’ild?

I tell you what, i don’t know what kind of Yazz youse playing but your eyes last night matched that big Ol’ring around Selene (una CORONA, pues), and if the right moisture touches the cumulus up above the sky, where Zopilotes only dare to fly; that’s about a mile higher than any Eagle you will see a ring around the Sun, i guarantee it.

In the meantime, the President of all of the lerdos in Mexico just got the COVID-19, which goes to prove (Philippe Labro) that no Détente or Magic Charm can prevent the virus from spreading, now if the President of México only had a big Ol’aeroplane to contain himself in quarantine that would be like Chepo’s nieve on the cake.

ISSY, Michael Moore, LOS TIGRES DEL NORTE son Tres Veces Mojados… y yo soy TWICE a Laker; literally, figuratively and by my roots, Heck!!! If you count the Legend of AZTLÁN it could might kind of sort be said DAT EYE is Three Times a lagunero, DONC (key) i bet that neither of John Mill Ackerman nor Víctor Quintana Silveyra^ could weave a story that starts like that.

^ on account that Professor Quintana criticized the ability to store a lot of information on one’s noggin —on account of the information available on the inter webs— the good doctor (Ph.D. in la teología de la liberación) argued before his French, and Latin American students, the WHY FACTOR of reading as much of the General Culture, for what purpose?

— And little ol’ i responded: to challenge the erudite that sits on an IVORY TOWER, of course, profe.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/01/24 /politica /el-presidente-andres-manuel-lopez-obrador-da-positivo-a-covid/

🐰 * la del Estero, knot the one from Around the block.

Issy, Isis will tell you… la mejor nieve de El Mundo se hace en Lerdo

Deer, SUSANA PUBeda… David Lynch is a fag! Period, said an EXTRA!!!

Daniel told me so.

Wicked Game at The REX follows.

For the record, Milenio will not allow me to lie, the French might have invented aviation, and the French might have been the FO’ist to fly over The Atlantic, and the French might have discovered Supersonic booms, but let me tell you Perrine… that i am no stranger to the history of aeroplanos, KNOT by a long-shot… just ask Fco. Sarabia  🍧

Talent… Knot at all

Amores Perros goes here. BUT FO’ist! What pirouette do you fuckers at the ISSY FREQ’s got for MÍ? Una puta DANZA Napolitana—Fuck DAT! Let’s GO TO ROMA. That is where the FAO IS at.

FRANC.:.Maçons are a bunch of Fags, period! Some of the Lodges names have been changed to protect the Assholes.

https ://www .milenio .com /estados /coronavirus-durango-clausuran-nieve-chepo-lerdo-contingencia

And with that in mind, Jonathan Capeheart, let me knot los aretes de María Hinojosa con las arracadas de TiffAny  Cross, it’s a toon we’d like to call

 Longevity goes the Extra Mile (high club)

En Contexto for you fuckers follows… but i really don’t think that Tiffany Cross could handle the Layers and Layers that have KNOT been told.

I told you so… dijo Larry King when he was sucker punched by the haters, and that’s why Ese CABRÓN was acquitted —on the SPOT— when he went to RT, unlike John Mill Ackerman, who is nothing more than a pusillanimous prick in power. ISSY, that there is a triple PLAY IN WOR…d.

My Man: The King — Deer, Ashley Etienne

Told you Perrine, that if you were in KNEAD of suspenders, you should have called, period.

The biggest lesson that i learned from a man that Eye did Knot Know is:

And still to come, Las Más Cabronas.

Deer, Ashley Etienne,

Eye to eat NO! for breakfast! But really i like felines best. And I know that María Hinojosa knows the difference between, Golden Earrings and, Las Arracadas… and Oh, SNAP, MEDHI IS ON!!!

Deer, Jonathan Capeheart… i don’t think that Baby Blue Cross could handle a video from Paris 🗣 FE4E02D5-F224-4D8D-BBE5-EE07A58FFDCD 🎙Pero sí Deer-panthère on page PAUSE 12 of the Friday, January 22 edition of 20 Minutes . fr … i already told YOU fuckers that YO SOY Serrano, “head over to the footnotes (2015), that’s where all of the interesting stuff is at,” just like The Rachel Maddow Plug says in the msnbc’s peacock advertorial.

Quick programming note, gremlins once again got in the middle of our programming, BUT EXTRA EXTRA—REED ALL ABOUT it!

Deer, Perrine Storme: so yeah, my transmitter went dead and i couldn’t Frame You, ATOLL this morning, but i do want you to know that i had nothing to do with those fuckers blocking the T-line from la Porte de Versailles a la Porte de Issy. Regardless, mamacita… you look swell in Scottish fabric aussi. Rock on you sexy motherfucker.



Dear, Fip = you are WonderFull

KALMUS, Kalmus, qué no Panda El?… Anyone, Perrine, Anyone?

Some Girls laughed when i suggested that the facemask would add D.A.T. “Tickle your Ass with a Feather” felling on the G-spot… [l]ook at #Em now, all quiet on the underground. Can’t even answer the Good-Good GUUUUUD Vibrations. Oh, the humanity. In the frame, Ashley Parker is going down on Perrine.

Y las antenitas de VYNIL 33 mexicano re vibran:

cunnilingus, profe.

Señora Sasha Montenegro, o como le decían en Los Coniferous de Chapultepec, Александра Аћимовић Поповић… los próximos hilos (EnCuaronados) van por usted.

El Corrido de Montemorelos, N.L. va aquí, para “La Tía Tati » en San peDro GArza GArcía; allí no’mas cruzando traslomita por La Fundidora del Obispado, en Monterey, California (UCSantaCruz^), a güevo que sí.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sasha_Montenegro 💋

El Chivo Lubezki is a fag, and here is why… lemme get that page about Jorge Rivero… wait for it, wait…


In Local News 🇫🇷: Spread #Em… 🦠 the mall is full, but i am the fucking problem, eh‽ AnyGüey, this place used to be called the François Roland Truffaut biblioteca, Jon Stewart, today it’s just another Young American’$ hangout 🇺🇸… this fuckers are just asking for the Nelson Mandela strain 🇿🇦… but i’m the fucking problem.

And in WaWa Land, Black Spy is wearing my favorite Shirt… DAT Motherfucker!

Now i told you fuckers (cabrones en Español del bueno) about Bikini Atoll, and Siren—it’s Knot one of those; this is Live from El Banco Chinchorro:
DangOnIT!  —_*!*_—  Anyway, Tiff Cross that bitch in the frame may or may not be the former FO’ist Lady Melania Trump, and that may or may KNOT be MAR-o-LAGO in La muy puta Florida. If you squint like a Japanese manga still you might be able to spot IVANKA at a distance enjoying the Sacrifice.

Still to come… Re qui?

Ladies in Gemini, the following is a kind reminder to all youse who are in on the Joke that way WAY güey before France24 made its move on Aguascalientes TV26, i was already explaining to SHARON there (during the Enrique Peña Nieto administration) what sort of tangas matched her earings.


^ USA School of Foreign and Domestic Lenguas; DOD, certified… par correspondance, indeed (1994)… ISSY, Dr. (Ph.D.) Ackerman, John Mill [One-each] i too know where The Lost Boys are from, as a member of The NEW Mexican Cinema del Estado Mayor de don Andrés en La Jornada de Tabasco… do you Doctor John, remember Andrés? The one that answered the question about Osorio CHONG during your first day at l’IHEAL because you didn’t do your Homework that particular WEEK of OCTUBRE—como tenía que haber sido, Câbrónsìsïmø cabrón.

Any güey, fip

… if you fuck with Mi, i’ll fuck you, eh!

Allá por Chicago, tú.

To the Tune of Love Unlimited’s 1974 1973 POPULAR hit, el himno nacional francés, o como dice Barry White: Love’s Theme; And Perrine…

He’s on Cloud 9 .:. 323447CB-5441-405F-B13C-74B22229BFD4 .:. A Dark Horse told me so, Siren… ISSY, i’m Down Here for your Soul.

The following is an adaptation of
The Shock Doctrine”…
m’ember the shock doctrine,
well let’s ask Mateo au Pied de Sacre-Cour.

🗣 Don’t-don’t—DON’T Don’t believe La Academia Mexicana de “lenguas” à l’IHEAL.

And this is why, you sexy ONCA on the BFM’er screen—you:


Because como dicen por allá en ROMA, DGO…
🐯 esa piel de Big Cat te va bien… 🐅
te ves Bien Perrona¹, Cabrona!
Neta que sí.

Are you a Tigr–essa, Jaguar–ette, o una Oceloteta?

anyhoot….  i love all cats, and PERRINE, did you eat the Wabbit ears that i etched last week on your desk?

But FO’ist… you are Knot Foolin’ anybody Luka Karamatic, because we know that youse the long-long-Loin Lost illegitimate son of James Coburn in the ROLE of Justin FAIRfax in the adaptation of The Hunter, ISSY, Mel Gibson, APOCALYPTO IS A FAIR representation of Los Amigos de Mexico en Francia y su escuelita  El Tecnologico de Monterrey—Campus Unesco/OCDE ».

Issy, Melle. Storme, ha’bout them Rafa’s corsicos, nada que ver con La Pérsica de Lencho de por allá en Cuéncame, DGO… pronounced “Doggo” and if you know who Doroteo Arango is, [DANGLING PARTICIPLE GOES HERE—and ZEPPELIN tú] los mexicanos del Cine De La “llamada” época de ORO* (🎥) le llaman a ese Estado, DUR•AN•GO, ALEJANDRO JODOROSKI became a CONTINENTAL GENTLEMAN there, en SAN JOSÉ de Las Panochas, —no less— and PAUL NEWMAN blew up  THE FIRST TEST of Phatman and Le Petit Garçon.

*nada que ver con el cinito mexicano en elDorado de SciencesPo


Previously on Luzbeki’s Evil Anagram*

* Some of the letters have been shifted to protect Bernardo Gómez, y a un puesto de Agua para Chocolate.

The following is a Special Weekend Presentation of, you guessed it, WEEKEND Edition, with your host:
Emmanuel “Cabrón*“ LUBEZKI…
With Musical Guest:
The baterista MÁS cabrón del Momento:
Antonio “Get Shorty” Sánchez… yeah Buddy!

* Because Luzbeki is a G.O.A.T., get it?
Chécale las corvas (hamstrings) es sátiro romano, y como Cousin Joe knows ROMA ES AMOR… and if you are in on today’s MORNING JOE’s tribute to BARRY White, then child, your mother should know that Love’s Theme goes here.

Televisa presenta: ustedes los bobos y un par por 200 €.

In this section, Kevin Williamson of The National Review links pages 4, 7, 10, 20, and Zissou on 22, of N° 2573 of La Semana que Philippe Labró. Of course, Kevin cheated and he just went ahead and pulled a Strauss out of Levy’s ass on page XVIII.

¡Q-vo Cabrón‽

Temp holder… this is a snapshot in progress… and Nevermid Jimi, really nevermind him because FIP.Fr his dad was sweeping the steps of the Empire, and that janitor never saw  UNA ROSA DE SU JARDÍN, because of assholes like you, period! Wanna try again, BECAUSE IN SCIENCES PO little NEWS, yada, yada, yada. Transmission WAS GARBBLRD —you fucks!

¡No sea culotte francés y fume mota!

… what Wall, Siren? Do you really–REULLIY WANT TO talk about walls? FUCK!!!

… the good thing iz that you are Knot reading this, period.