C’mon, MAN!!! Now JFK’s nephews want to get on the Sherrod Brown bandwagon

And in VIRGINIA… it’s Monica Alba, finally!

Full Solo and Milk Boy presents: “Los Betos” del WaPo’s-ese

WHEN IN ROME… fly to DALLAS and blame it on CASTRO

Famous Monster {s} Jobs like you’ve never seen them before, I’m Sirius… and Cousin Joe is not.

https ://news .jobsvacancy .in /latest-news /an-outrage-against-democracy-jfks-nephews-urge-biden-to-reveal-assassination-records-politico/

And, Cousin Joe, how is that Alebrije {aleˈβɾixes} behaving but most importantly, how is Chronos taking the sit-in at 30 ROCK…

{🚪} knock-knock 🚪🚪🚪
— Who’s there?
… Ale.
— Ale, who?
Ale needs just a PINT a THEY!!! 

Deer, BOB WouldWard… that Coka Kola fire Engine Truck {to the right³ of BOB Kosta} is just FAKE ADVERTISEMENT at ITS WO’ist, @ITs WO’ist!!!

³.(… And, Stephanie Ruhle, that right is of course, Deepthroat Bob’s left.


Alebrijes en Nueva York – #NYC #artesaniasmexicanas

I’m telling you, Cousin Joe, you let those fucking squattors from Oaxaca take the PLAZA and sooner than Eugene Daniels can throw his underwear on the desk that imaginary creature is going to be at Mika’s penthouse. Ewe been warned.

… [A]nd, Chris Hayes, i hope that it’s not too soon, but Eye was wondering if Bob Costa knows what happens when you let an Mexican Alebrije “out in the cold”?


That’s right, Cousin Joe, “Los Amigos de México en Nueva York” put a HEX{à}GONE in New Mexico… vía 30 ROCK.

La Santa Fe y El Santo Plomo, starring Penelope Cruz as New Jersey’s Own, Stephanie Ruhle, period… No insistas Jennifer López, the theme is about Las Cruces del Día de Finados (R.I.P.).

… this segment is sponsored by, Tom CRUZ, an actor who knows how to shoot 🔫 a film.

Goooooo, Dodgers. — La Honte, Mika Brzezinski!!! La Honte (5-0)

Dear, AP Lemire, i tried to be nice with that Bridge that i promised you when LA dropped SF, but what Mika foresaw at the close of the Friday edition of The Morjo Show, D.A.T. was just cutthroat. Ouch!

https ://www .lequipe .fr /Baseball /Actualites /Houston-qualifie-pour-les-world-series-en-mlb /1294008

Moving on…  HoDO’… HOdo’ ADD ah Nom… ADD AH NOM!!!
And make it REAL…

NOW, I don’t know if Médecins du Monde realize the following, after all, AVI VELSHI, the hardest realization that has assured my failure in FRANCE in the lapse of this Investigative Report on Mexican Corruption in FRance is that  Everybody knows EVRY one and everyone goes to bed with each other smelling the VAPORS at what the French call “Le Vernissage,” or something like that.

Deer, Tara Palmeri at Politico… nice plant you got there. I am Sirius and Avi Velshi is a Bald Supremacist. Clear “Warning Signs” of an international spymaster “who vacations in Mississippi,” with the Nazis from Natchez. And people WHO color outside of the lines claim that AVI VELSHI is a Houston Astros fan. Avi learned to play baseball in a golf course, that’s how Avi Velshi rolls. Avi Velshi still calls baseball “Cricket”, but that’s because he’s from like Vancouver or, some Canadian hellhole like that.

http  ://www .subzin .com /quotes /M106811c5d /Fletch+Lives /We%27re+the+Nazis+from+Natchez%21

GOT MY Orange crush… REM is not good enough for Morning Joe*

C’mon, SIREN… show Mí, the Man holding The Motherfucking Pussy. DeNoêl, 1967 par Fallet.

Merci-merci-merSEE… « L’infortune du Cocu » , or something like that.

♫ BANG, bang, bang… and then blame. In Antigua, CHINA is starting their own Académie Française. And all the BLAME on this Chinese Belt falls on TOCQUEVILLE and the IMFand it’s all General Colin Powell’s fault.

* La Honte, Mika Brzezinski!!! La Honte. That PIMP, Joe Scarborough has you, of all Brezezinskis!!! peddling all of the musical guests that can’t make it into the segments of THE WILLIE GEIST SHOW.

In ConTexto… Stacey Abrams, GEORGIA deserves every FUCKING thing that voter supression is going to deliver, but that’s another dream for latin people in the U.S.A… because we are in the same fucking boat.

And in EUROPE, more specifically in PARIS:

The inner city blues are like The California Pinto League in the film American History X. The French benevolent ignore and Hilarity in The French version of The Producers… reloads.

It’s funny because on page 9 of CNEWS N°2620, Alexei Navalny receives the Señorito « SAKHAROV » Award, heck just a few editons ago²… wait for it Benitez, La Nebula is around the corner… Sing: “Nah, nah, nah, NAH.

².) N°2615 Oct. 8, 2021:

REPORTERS sans FRontiers… according to that Editon, capital i, Defendente Génolini was promoting the ONG for the Nobel PEAce Prize (punto y coma) the reason, because that would be a Good Way to put a “shining light” on journalism.

Hail SATAN!!! That the prize was directly AWARDED to TWO Journalists and not to an INTERMEDIARY like an Organização Não-Governamental, and HERE IS {WHY’no}… in the words of the CADRE at the SIEGE of Emmaüs in Paris, it turns the ASSOCIATION into a POLITICAL ENTITY¹.

¹. For reference please refer to …  Wait for signal.

And In New Mexico: Alec Baldwin just woke up from a TERRIBLE NIGHTMARE, it seems that he will forever be typecasted into the role of an old dude speaking to a cellphone:

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Bruno_Wolkowitch #Doublage

Stephen Baldwin’s brother
was of course, Bruno WOLKOWITCH in la VF.

Over at Au Pied du Cochon… Carmela diversifies her portfolio

Season 885, Episode ONE {MASS* with The BEATLES… Let It Be³}

Sponsored by The Soggy Bottom Claire’s,
The Official Kiss XX22 Européen Tour
HERE, THERE, and of course EVRY Güera can depend on

Claire’s Soggy Bottom CHONES
so dependable
you can forget about the Rules (la regla).

I’m Still Loving Ewe… True-to-Form CERF-Panthère uses the CODE used by gangsters all over the WORLD del Mundo de LE MONDE to issue the “FRENCH VERSION” of a journalistic FATWA on our blog: il est inutile de douter de tes capacités, d’autres s’en chargent volontiers… exactly WHO are these so-called VOLUNTEERS², Cerf Panthère?

².— Translation of CERF-panthère’s CHANTAGE on page 6 of N° 3671 of 20minutes dot France:

There is no need to doubt your abilities, others will gladly take care of it.


Synopsis: Carmela gets in on the organ trafficking gravy train. Having complete control of the CDG booty headquartered at the Aulnay-sous-Bois corridor, Carmela struck a partnership with the Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal Robert Ballanger {boule de colère}, the “dispensary” as the Au Pied de Cochon gang called it is where la Île-de-France runs conducts its ventilator benchmark trial runs tests (punto y coma) the hospital uses the CLOSEST human genomic DOPPELGÄNGER, Nicolas Cage {PIG} as the, —PARDON la redondancele COCHON d’Inde.

I’m Sirius! Ask Al Gore.

https:// www .nytimes .com /2021/10/19 /health /kidney-transplant-pig-human .html

“Leave the chitterlings take the pig’s kidney.”

Louka Brassi

³.( Over on our Twitter crutch Mika connects the classic Let It Be cover and bridges the gap with the White Album)

*.¡ Mass will feature the Little Piggies squeeling choir, lead of course, by Father Donnie Deutsch, “Happiness is a Warm Hallelujah… or some mass tragedy like that ».

And, Jon{without the aitch}atan Lemire, “me quito la camisa…”

But F.O.ist! it’s, Getting to Know Ewe… or something like that. As this develops, i {asegovia”.com} would like to disclose that my cell phone is possesed, Right Now, General Colin Powell is trying to get out of, IT! but like Öüï told Ewe, “Ich Bin Ein BERLINale ³»… many, many ALE, Nightman.

³. Internationally known as the “Ballad of a White Cow“, but over in Eye Ran for Ewe everybody CENSORED, IT! as… wait for it, wait:
https ://asegovia3 .com /2020/07/27 /time-time-time-see-whats-become-of-me/
Le pardon or, LA VACHE! Yasmin Vasoughian,

Arriba, GIGNAC!!! Bola de TECOS§

VIRGINA is appalled THAT Thom Jefferson… “the” Thom Jefferson was evicted from the Mairie de New York… Those fucking Yankees!!! This means CIVIL WAR, The FRENCH DISPATCH has contacted WONDER WOMAN à FRÉJUS, Kirsten Sinéma… she’s taking over CANNES and changinig the “c” for and ESE, vatos.

https ://www .liberation .fr /international /amerique /new-york-se-debarrasse-de-la-statue-de-thomas-jefferson-et-de-son-passe-esclavagiste-20211019_VQXAQ3GJAVF3DHBCL25E2V53QE/

Papaya Republic and a Band in parts productions presents

Senator {D~AZ} Kirsten La Pétomane Cinéma in the Role of “La Mujer Mara Villa »…


https ://www .rfi .fr /en /international /20211019- former-inmate-who-exposed-torture-in-russian-jail-seeks-asylum-in-france

Based on a TROU story and a stolen police report… in colaboration with The 885th Edition of The Melle. Pitch Awards and… Live From New York Eye is SERIOUS and BALZAC was a FAG!!!


PARIS-BASED COSMOPOLITAN ARTIST… i store my shit right behind your alley, this is TROU. Anyhow i know that you won’t read this blog©… still, my étílica profesional requires FULL DIISCLOSURE and Sir, a few days ago I challenged your ass to a DUEL (duelo en espagnol)…


Your “Stare at the old women” to see small pictures frames, against what i call the DENTILS.

If I win i get to RENAME France KNOT as a “republica bananera”, but a PAPAYA REPUBLIC… brand that with Donnie Deutsh.

Dear, Presi Emmy McRon: Eye hears that you are feeling JAPANESE

FOR THE RECORD: IHEAL means “BOY”, ask Dr. Alain Rouquie at The latinamerican CASA en Saint~Germain-des-Près.

5 de octubre – Armando Segovia (asegovia3.com)

“Facing clear evidence of peril {MEXICAN WINDPOWER} from « La Rumorosa », we cannot wait for the final proof – the smoking gun – that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud, {GUST of WIND²… nevermind the Fire³, —Earth¹}.” Et°cet°era°, et°cet°era°, et°cet°era°,…

Toma Choco~latte at the IHEAL… go ahead, CHECK “SEPTEMBER”, el llamado “mes de la patria”.

¹²³. Earth, Wind & Fire – Boogie Wonderland (Official Video) – YouTube

… una de re°integro from Yesterday’s draft:

And When AT LAST the OIL DRILLING is DONE, when fossil fuels have gone the way of Les Dinos, DON’T SIT DOWNmotherfuckerIt’s Time to DIG another PLANET!!!

Over on our twitter feed: no habrá perdon para Powell

Got a problem with D.A.T.?

Collin Powell was Washington’s Dog, so says 5-foot-five inches Charlemagne at MSNBC, General Stradivarius*… or Something like that… and they can say whatever they want about the Good General, at least he was not an Iguana.

*Admiral J. George Stavridis, who was caught quoting General Powell views on canines and in particular, his “friends” at The Capital… look it up, it’s part of The Matrix.

“En 36, si nous avions eu le même matériel, nous aurions écrase FRANCO [in 2016].”

Los Hilos de FILS
Let Mí tell Ewe how it Will Bee:
the FO’ist thing about the aitch is that LA HACHE es MUDA, just like the Artificial Intelligence of the “ele“, —ese— of Los Hijos de Fils.

Guadalajara, Guadalajara
https ://www .24-aout-1944 .org /Des-tanks-aux-noms-de…
hueles a puras dunas mojadas
starring El Hijo de Alejandro Jodorowski and Dhani Harrison

INSTRUCTIONS… walk over to the North-Star Entrance of Perè Lachaise, which as Gambetta knows RUnS parallel with la rue des {Help Mí} Rondeaux and it is perpendicular to la avenue du Perè Lachaise.

@alagraphy… calling ALAgrApHY… Öüï is wondering if your “CHILDREN of The Cloud” are on the same MATRIX (rows and columns) as CLOUD NINE at Père Lachaise?… Eye know that if you take THAT TRIP you will find that to George’s left is a WINGED one and to Harrison’s upper end is ROBIN.

https ://alagraphy .com/

And Cerf-panthère… if you break, IT!… FRANCE buys it. But that is another story (punto y coma). RIGHT NOW you might be wondering what George Harrison has to do with the passing of General Colin Powell, well… let’s start with Nicaragua³ and PUNDITA {}… that tune is over on the Rolling Stones channel, and here is the Tangent for the CNRS Advance Systems:

³. Esa Morena Blanca es medio Bri{🇬🇧}TANicara{🇳🇮}Güey~enEN{🇬🇾}se, ese.
≅. https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /Olivia_Harrison

  1. “All we are saying,” is give PEAS a chance. And say what you will about General Powell but Eye’s guess is that you rise through a position of power with THE RUMSFELDS that your are assigned and KNOT the Cheneys that come with STINGERS attached.

Dear, David Icke… big fan of “Rowdie” Roddy Piper here

Mermafrodito… context follows, eh: