In my humble opinion, Prague won the War³

Paris, Texas, Four Star Hotel… Rosecrans 🇺🇸 Baldwin told you about Cinéma State Subsides, donc, A LLORAR A Tu Tierra 🇲🇽 Lagunero, que estas entre 🇨🇵 hipócritas.

Just call Me, Angel… Dr. Death.


³~. France was too busy catering to Nazis at Champs Elysées.

And, Ambassador Grenouille en el lago de mis ajolotes, nevermind the alleged sexual déviances of your current Ministro del Interior, Granadino Darmanino (that’s his spic name) because if you ask your colleague at the Cinito Mexicano Film Festival, mister Jean–Christophe Berjon, about how Bruno at the préfecture de Cité was tasked with rejecting MY U.S. Medical Insurance and instead demand that I “walk across” the Seine to get a job and thus, be eligible (as a guest) for your carte Vitale, mister Berjon will keep his barba en PROCESO de remojo and directed the question to Jim Cohen at the IHESS, who will off-course wash his hands to keep his French Tenure and C.I.A. credentials among the intelligent French.

{and} as Dr. Poisson is my witness, 🚶🏼‍♂️i did, and a job 🧑‍🔧 i found, and La’Rent Nugnez’es 👮🏿‍♂️ thughs still found a reason to cut Mí down. To say that I, Armando Segovia feel like that little fellow on BFM’ER TV weekend, who got shot after calling the Emergency Number 17 does no JUSTICE and does not even rhyme with RIMA at the Ministère de Malraux.

What Did I Do Wrong?

Issy, RIMA… I am the Malox® for yer’ flabbergasted ass.

®~. Look it up, it’ll do your sexy ass good, Nena.

and Eye Quotes… Eye like big butts and Eye cannot lie — Mí Séjourné, and horny Aussie.


A Closer Luc, that motherfucker.

“I Want To Have Big Fucking Failures and still rise³”

Oh, my Deer, precious.

Cannes abajo.

³~. John Leguizamo, $eason Won; EP 6. Los Ángeles de HollyWoudn’t Wood, Gwenn.

https ://www .telemundo48elpaso .com /noticias /local /arrestan-a-presunto-reponsable-de-lanzar-bombas-molotov-en-centros-comerciales-de-ciudad-juarez

Flics arrêtent une personne présumée responsable d’avoir lancé des cocktails Molotov dans des centres commerciaux à Ciudad Juárez, XiWaWa. No baguettes, nor panes franceces-ese, were found around “el puente al réves”. Sources close to Les Nazis à Mexique relay that the so-called, “Killgore,” is in no way associated with Oddball 🎱

La Nuit Blanche… I’d tell yoU, Brayant, but you would not understand, the parody was cast in la PUTA lengua de Molière en Montreuil-sous-Bois in 2011 for La Noche de Los Putos Muertos,  o algo así, an Hartist who PEN his name “Freddy Cats” thought that his art would look swell on a bakery shelf, on top’O macaron, and next to the Tradition 🥖.


Un homme accusé d’avoir placé des cocktails Molotov dans un cinéma de Chihuahua a laissé un message avec un symbole nazi, sources close to, 🥖🥖🥖 nevermind.

… but whatever Ewe dew, do put some cheese on that quesadilla, don’t be stingy at Robespierre ((M-9)).

Last Week To They — Compared to what, Salma*?

 La Jornada Artificial… after the break 💔 Öüï take a sneak-peak at Pandora’s Box 🎁, ISSY… I’ve seen them chones on Princess’s aussi. 

Los Hilos artificiales de Tam-tam 👙🪢🔬

*~. Madame FIGARO nº2022; 26~27 de mayo.

Please be forewarned that … whatever wherever you think this is going to lead to, it is not. In any case Thomas de Corbillón, chinga tu madre, you are now like the good Rev. Al Sharp’n, an honorary jalapeño!

I literally can’t pull la teibolera de pandora. That the French call it La Nuit Blanche es porque la doña está cubierta 🎶 de Pilares de {Au y Ag}.

Note to Marie-Ange Schiltz:

what kind of Mexican covering las noticias transnacionales de la Cultura de encuentros encuerados entre la filosofía del “objetivismo” y la cultura de “la pobreza” would I be if I ignore, that which Univision (34) and Telemundo (52) on the UHF DIAL call, « lo nuestro »?

~. Ayn Rand.

La Nuit Blanche… get a LOAD of this, mister French Ambassador to Xochimilco. I Am, the axolotl.

~. Oscar Lewis

For the record doña Schiltz, the correlations between what don Leoncio Orellana : . from the Latin American House in Paris Saint-Germain 217 and, la Fundación Televisa is in and of itself an entire universe where Ely Guerra y Natalia Labifurcada intersect with don Leo’s bendición:

Go ahead, I commend you, but! There is one condition, (this is Spring 2011) and that is that it is not always about the poor. 

And no, there is no Causality there.

Page 68, coverstory Salma HAYEK: 
Une seule VIE me paraît trop COURTE”. par Genone-Matray’etta.


Any how, what better way to segue onto the Schiltz’ périphériques underpass-es-es on skid row in France and merge onto Oscar Lewis’ take on the “culture of poverty”, because “como el viejo decía…”, chin 🥃.

And now, La Duda de Mel ♒ Los Hijos de Emmaüs by Oscar Leguas

Ok… On three. TWO tree FO’:

Wot do soldiers die for? Let US ask the French.

Devil in a sleeping bag.

Pente-cost A Lot… and yer’ First-born Evangelical Normand de La Manche.



Siete Lenguas, el caballo 🐎 que AMLO más Es-Timaba.

Today is your Birthday! Happy 100th to El Amigo de todos los niños chilenos, el padrino de Augusto, and the inventor of Love Potion nº9, the one and only, Dr. StrangeKissInLoverGer.

Cualquier parecido con Antony Quinn is on account of Mr. Sánchez CARRYING ITALIAN CINEMA on his big bare Raramuri back.

Heck, ask Los Hijos de AMLO, su pinche padre is the reason Benito Mussolini liked those beautiful remesas so much… in The 1940’s they where were called “braceros”.


“Potential difference multiplied by Coulombs equals The Ultimate Aphrodisiac”.

Henry Kissinger.

And if Armandine at Emmaüs is familiar with The Anarchist Cookbook, then maybe, just maybe, she will get what Agent Vazquez in Waco was all “giddy” about, but please remember that causation, Armandine, does not equal any subsequent correlations, but thanks for the Bolony Sandwich and the Domiciliations, nomas no tem’Exaltes, Nena. One step at a time. Tell you what, it’s Memory’Al Weekend:

Adolf Hitler believed that Kilroy could be the name or codename of a high-level Allied spy.

🎶 Let Mí take Ewe Down, ‘cus I’m going to… The Grand Palais, where the 2nd Salon de l’outre-mer has just been SCRAPPED by Phillip Petain to make way to The Evangelists European de France… 🍓

Over at Stravinsky’s Fountain shop, concordia no necesariamente es armonía, or something like that, but harmony always has melody 😁… The first is a French invention called diplomacy and the second one is a John Lennon song.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/05/25 /politica /recibe-amlo-cartas

The Day The Music Died 🎶🪞… over in Chapultepec, AMLO receives credential letters from Zhang Run the new Chinese ambassador to Mexico.


It didn’t take long after the ‘maistro was on his way back to El Ey, vía Maracaibo, for mister Nuñez La’Rent to round-up the Usual Suspects, our most discreet copy editor, Fenster, was there and our most esteemed Boricua witnessed first hand how the Paris Tourism Board’s photographer sent the tortellini thugs to get him off of the Beaubourg steel cross beams as he recorded, “The Caging of Kerschovas and the Passion of the Clé de Sol”.

Objects in cage are closer than your mirror image

In local news.




And Starring as El Niño Luc… Igüanna Be Napolitano

Ladies in Gemini, check you exaltations and there you should find your domiciliations of the Stars.

You need schoolin’… Tu abball’ o’ rock’n’roll
Tu gioch’ a baseball
Ma ‘e sorde p’ è camel
Chi te li dà
La borsetta di mammà


Blame it on You Too. It’s not like Bono didn’t spark the anger of Don Goyo at the Puebla Pavillón en BOTZARIS, The Cliff warned that faggety Edge 🎸 about updating to the Times. What was Clay thinking when the drummer tapped to a different beat than what actually happened on Bloody Sunday?

Un garçon de 11 ans du Mississippi qui a été abattu par un policier après avoir appelé le 911 est sorti de l’hôpital

And so… Now Öüï’s gonna have to update 🕖

911’s A Joke In Jo’s Town 

We did not miss the big elephant … I simply chose not to cover its positioning.

Surprise : Gustavo Dudamel quitte l’Opéra de Paris, sources close to Maracaibo (emoji flag not available, it’s basically the Russian Federation flag with Las Tres Calaveras Cara-Bellas logo on its upper-Mast side) relay that if Mr. Duda Mel wanted to be listened, watched and oggled All Day and All of The Night, Mr. Duda Mel would have had his nuts cracked in Caracas 🇻🇪, period or anywhere in the quadrant of La Colonia Juárez.

🎲… entonces, pues, don Nuñez la’Rent, never mind the missing ewe


FUCK your R.A.M., you daft punks motherfuckers! This is READ ONLY MEMORY in a Yellow Submarine

ARTICLE 3: Orientation et programmation du ministère de la justice 20232027

French Senate wants to regulate the activation, by investigators, of cell phones remotely…

https ://www .publicsenat .fr /actualites /societe /le-senat-veut-encadrer-lactivation-des-telephones-portables-a-distance-par-les-enqueteurs

~.https ://www .jmp .com /en_au /statistics-knowledge-portal /what-is-correlation /correlation-vs-causation.

So… mister Head of the National Center of Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism, apparently (if Öüï can trust your wiki page) youse a fellow Aquarius, a WaWa-Bearer. From the cutline it also appears that you just made the cut, arriving on DEADLINE on the 18th¹, one more day and you would have been a fucking fish. I myself arrived on the 1st and my DOMICILE³ is SATURN, the traditional. Your public file says that you arrived to your Cité cabinet in 2012, so if you missed me at the dépôt SIX and SEVEN sections it is probably because your Sign Ruler³ is UR-Anus, the modern one. It’s true that Saturn or Chronos eats his children, but UR-Anus (that incestious motherfucker) fucks Em#. Heck, if you listen to Lou Reed he even made a song just for the Exaltations of the Modern water-bearers like yourself, it’s like a BADGE from P[l]uto; the Traditional aguadores on the other HAND don’t need no-fucking EXALTATIONS, nor badges. Close your i’s and listen to the Music. The Music as Ewe knows sounds better with a Doobie, brother.

¹~. In Hilo, Hawaii, time in 1964. https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Laurent_Nuñez-Belda
³~. https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Domicile_ (astrology)
³~. https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Exaltation_ (astrology)

En Core?
SEKTA Core if you insist, this is: BFM’er TV’s Casualties and Coincidences

https ://www .bfmtv .com /policejustice /infirmiere-tuee-a-reims-l-avocat-du-suspect-estime-que-son-client-souffre-d-un-delire-de-persecution _AV-202305250613.html


El Fantasma de La Rana

Una noche en la colonia Juárez

Macron says images of police beating Black man shameful for France
By: Sudip Kar-Gupta, Dominique Vidalon

https ://www .reuters .com /article /us-france-security –idUSKBN2870UQ

Agua pasa por mi casa cate de mi corazón
Aquí termina el corrido de la extraña maldición
El fantasma de la rana.

CA-chu-Cha, CA-chu-Cha , CA-chu-Cha, …


If Ewe insist… The Police is listening 🎧 to Every-Breath-You-Take and watching Every-Move-You Make, and I am not making this shit up.

After the break 💔 it’s, 🎶 Well you’ve HO’id about The U.K. Subs, it’s not one of those… this are, The Transylvanian Submarines, it’s the latest scam from the the same 🇫🇷 engineers who made those re-jected Aussie Submarines.

and in Local News, FUTURAMA is back, BAY-Bee!

https ://www .defenseromania .ro /romania-intends-to-buy-two-french-scorpène-submarines-for-2-billion-euros_622746 .html

I’ll Be Watching Ewe. The Turner Diaries… más “tumbado” nomas los corridos de Peso Pluma.

Now you know how many ROMS it takes to make France Cultures Spin on it’s own AXIS like P.P. Long Vichy did in the year of 39, ask MAY.

The Turner Diaries y AMLOCALIPTO en Max


Use Macroⁿ on this one… and you might want to use yer’ Peripheral vision if you’ve got one; Eye has 32 flavors and then some. Así que como dice la canción, “Squint yer’ i’s a little closer… ».

Right now, newsrooms across the Rolling Stone reino are scrambling to Ketch-up.

It’s 1987

Afterglow para corazones rotos.

It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii, and 9 am at Km. Zero en Cité y esto es:

Lamentablemente in-imitable en Bac(h).

… Who needs a heart when a heart can be Broken, o “quebrado” como dice SALAZAR en la Embajada de Los Estados Unidos en América ⁿMéxico.

I believe that the colloquialism en locución verbal that your 🪶 Wambo-Jambo-Red Mexican-Greaser ass is looking for is, roto 💔, dijo un Chucho³ del Sol Azteca.

³~. Alejandro Encinas de Los 🐶https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/05/24 /politica/sistema-de-migracion-en-eu-esta-quebrado-ken-salazar /?from =homeonline&block =primeraOREJA

C’mon Ken, Eye has known for over a DECADE that you know what the Frequency is, a Man on the Moon told Mí so during an R.E.M. siesta with a Swiss 🇨🇭 Sista’… used to be “American” before 2013.

Deer, LORDE!!! … Get off that Horse, Kerschovas

In Paris, Denisa Kerschovas went Mid-Evil on Tim (not That One, Burton):

Uneaten cupcakes with the Batman logo could still be seen on the ground inside police tape hours after the shooting.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP)… I told y’all that it would be in Burton’s style, –ask Hombres G.


An starring as El Hingenioso Idalgo, in Le Mans de La Mancha (urbana), Denisa Kerschovas… back then they just call Em# sacks, Jeffrey.


Happiness is a warm gun 🙃

This of course if you are new to this diatribe, is an INTER°MISSION for a Memorial in Texas and a reminder that with the support of ELON MUSK, the Brooklyn Bridge can be the beautiful bridge to a better CHINESE DEMOCRACY on both sides of the ATLANTIC… heck, we’ll have that Ken Burns motherfucker shoot a pretentious documentary for the Sacre Beaubourg, as the good people on the MorJo Show catch-up to our YESTERDAY triangulation with FLORENCE en la LUNA of ARTS et MÉTIERS (Métro Line 3 and 11) during our one-güey communication ex-change with Satan’s lover, the one and only, Senator Claire McCaskill³… look it up, it’s under the tag, “Lucifer”

And oh, the impetus of Susana Poveda@ fip dot Mingus Mangos Mandas para Mando, who knot to be outdone by the Disneyland Tokio 🗼, she rolled out her word Kamasutra on-air.

Eye will tell Ewe this, though … Audio with Musk smells like a demagogic possession “BATMAN”… are you gonna eat that cup cake?

³~. https ://www .nytimes .com /2023/05/24 /nyregion /brooklyn-bridge140years.html

Originally posted on 21/09/21… pleased to meet you, hope Ewe guessed my métier in Arts. It’s a High School Diploma from the University of Texas at El Paso. Goooooo, Miners.

And, Susana PUBeda… NO INSISTAS!!! Mí Cucharón belongs to Natalie Piole… hang on, NAT_A_LIE… gotta’ juxtapose the motherfucking humanity on the Knews. Hang on, womaN, i’m coming.

School shooter asks for mercy from life sentence; teacher, principal want him to stay in prison, period!

Jeffrey Collins
May 23, 2023

https ://apnews .com /article /townville-school-shooting-jesse-osborne