Last Week To They — Full-circle on the Andalusians at rfpp . net

De las lunas, las de octubre.

And Zeppelin, my dear Comte Pâris, goes here:

— 1916: en La Franche ―over the stage at The Globe, German Zeppelins bomb the shit out of Paris.

https ://today-in-wwi .tumblr .com /post /138319852493 /zeppelin-raid-on-paris-injures-30-kills-24


Hola guapa… I have news for your battle strategy, for starters, I come from a land where sadly, las lechuzas are censored like the fans of the Velsho Banned Book Club, it’s trou. North of the Zacatecas region, las lechuzas are worth less than a chilango, and Eye is not going to repeat what Öüï already relayed without caviardage, I must add, what happens to chilangos cuando pasan por la patria. So, with that in mind, today’s strategy will be to turn your Chouette into a blackbird, ready? Seth—G’eau!

— 1845 – “The Raven” is published in The Evening Mirror in New York, the first publication with the name of the author, Edgar Allan Poe.

Lorem ipsum seremus sumeres music merol…


En fin, let Mí drink my breakfast and I’ll get back to Anda Lucía, love Tú Times en version flamenca con un Duende al’Ao 🦉🪶… in the meantime have some CROW with your Blackbird, love fool:

— 1595: London, Leonardo DiCaprio and a Claire Danes are selected by Shakes Pirito to play the roles of Romeo y Julieta, Leonardo of course plays Julieta.

Répétition, répétition, and of course, répétition, — 🇪🇸Motherfuckers!

Y para cerrar, los invitados de hoy no llegaron [domingo 29 de enero], al parecer a FRANCIA, como la invitada de la semana pasada a la cabina de Botzaris, gracias a una boda, o quinceañera o algo así.

Lo cierto PENNY LEY en Futuro Media, es de que no todos los inmigrantes chilenos, de Chile, salieron de su país, por culpa de Pinochet; por mucho que Juanito Guanavacoa los empuje a decir que sí [domingo 22 de enero]. And it’s all right. Boda or not.

Entonces, ni modo de pintar el mismo cuadro, ya no se puede. El compromiso de Juanito Guanabacoa con el fotógrafo del ’68 en la sala de invitados, o algo así; ya no es igual, y no lo llamen “JUAN”, es Juanito y es puro teatro. And here is why:

not only did Juanito shifted his PsyNoptic analysis from Israel Vallarta and other assorted CERESinos³ in Mexico to some fucking piano bar at Metro Stop LEMOINE.

³~. Mexican jailbirds.

No! Not only did Juanito got his cake, he also picked up the pace that Osler Amaro, his old captain, dropped, now Juanito is analysing ‘El Azar‘ de Castillo en El Perú.

2020COVID-19 pandemic: The Trump administration establishes the White House Coronavirus Task Force under Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar.

In the meantime, NOTHING! Nothing about the Genaro García Luna trial or its implications to that so-called “Mexique-Ranch” that Juanito so much denounced before he got … cut-off of his ‘lado del Sur’. But isn’t that the way this things go? You play the guitar on the rfpp and you jam at gigs for pago-en-especie.

Arrose les fleurs una vez por semana.

Anyhow mister ‘RG’ this concludes my coverage of The Juanito Guanavacoa Show, now I am going to occupy myself on watering plants or agriculture, or something like that, como mi tocayo Lenin².


²~. Salgado.

Athena, is that an arm youse missing, or are you just happy to see my Battle plan?

And, Katie Thang, i missed your show today but I liked that green dress that you wore on set.

In Extremis w/Phat Basterd’ — FG page 80-82 n° 560

2023Protests begin after The Police beat and murder Tyre Nichols. Nichols was apparently caught speeding, but the five African-American peace officers who appear to have extinguished Nichols life found him guilty of being just another nigger behind the wheel of an automobile.

1896Walter Arnold of East Peckham, Kent, becomes the first person to be convicted of speeding. He was fined one shilling, plus costs, for speeding at 8 mph (13 km/h), thereby exceeding the contemporary speed limit of 2 mph !!! (3.2 km/h)…

Notable recent inductions is former 🇲🇽 Mexican United States president, Felipe 💩 de Jesús 🥀 Calderón 🩸HINOJOSA ☠️ (no relation to 🇲🇽 María Hinojosa 🇺🇸 of Futuro 📻 Media 🎙️ that Öüï know of).

Previously on Franche Musique, Phat Basterd’ in the role of a certain parisino named Léon (with acento on the WRONG vowel) was caught peddling Tea, on the label Black & Blue.

1938The World Land Speed Record on a public road is broken by Rudolf Caracciola in a Mercedes-Benz W125 Rekordwagen at a speed of 432.7 kilometres per hour (268.9 mph).

50 Hz in Radio Freq’s and nothing’s on
Pollution, love, pollution is in the air… indeed!

1956Elvis Presley makes his 📺 first 🇺🇸 national television appearance.

Fluide Glacial n⁰ 560 —Tea For Three I don’t think so.


Over at RFPP . NET, Osler Amaro and the gang took the weekend off, in that grill today, the platter is a show about “consumation electric” and how to cope with “LINKY” le compteur communicant… to observe the occasion under Article 8 of the 🇪🇺 European Convention on Human Rights, Juan Lozano is spying on all peruchos in París, using the ol’ fashion “socialitos network de Botzaris ».

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Data_Privacy_Day

814The death of Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor, brings about the accession of his son Louis the Pious as ruler of the Frankish Empire.

1871FrancoPrussian War: The Siege of Paris ends in French defeat and an armistice.

Ewe Kneed Mí On THAT WALL!!! »

1909United States troops leave Cuba, with the exception of Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, after being there since the SpanishAmerican War.

🇨🇺 Penny Lane Ramírez… the Inspiration came from another “Dylan”, not Zimmerman, but Thomas of “Fern Hill” infamy and also, 🇦🇺 Aussie, of the VELSHO Banned Book Gangster fame.


†1986Space Shuttle program: STS-51-L mission: Space Shuttle Challenger 💥 disintegrates after liftoff, killing SIX  astronauts 🧑‍🚀 and a 👩🏻‍🏫 school teacher³ on board.

³~. Christa McAuliffe, 👩🏻‍🏫 American educator and 🧑‍🚀astronaut (b. 1948)

In Extremis w/Phat Basterd’ – …

That was Mí, landing here:

AgRain, or Silver🌧️?

2011 – Within Ursa Minor, H1504+65, a white dwarf with the hottest known surface temperature in the universe at 200,000 K, was documented.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, please be advised that Rosecrans Baldwin was right all along, —seriously, as right as any Rosbif promenading on the way to Cannes ever is.

And, María Hinojosa, this is where were my, ¿A Poco, —sí?, from my Theys as a “Conquistador”, true story, as true as Joe is Old at EPCC. It’s a coincidence, it has to be, Eye means:

Who in their Helter Skelter mind could have Predicted that Rod Stewart would turn out to be “A Working Class Hero”, 2343 years later, after the arrest of that Chap, man!

Penny Laine in Miami reporting… 👮🏿‍♂️ Black 👮🏿‍♂️ Cops 👮🏿‍♂️ Matter.

Exhibit One, from the crossword puzzle 🧩 next to Cerf-panthère (that motherfucker)… The Answer on the Vertical question is a “nakid” answer.

Now, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the following is going to require that Ewe too (motherfuckers) can too see for Miles, and miles. So gh’ahead, close your i’s. Shut them lids wide open. Are EWE ready?


In Extremis : 🎶 Free Improvisation Day³!


On a THEY LIKE TODAY, but of 1880,  Thomas Alba Edison (that motherfucker) receives a patent for his incandescent lamp, setting the stage for the OBLITERATION of “Candilejas”, which would prompt Charlie Chaplin to summon the inner composer in him, and PEN ✍️ a little ditty called “LIMELIGHT”, which is not to be confused with the Blue Jay güey from 🇨🇦 RUSH, who also wrote about the limelight , but in a different way, and for a much different audience, and a very different Holocaust.

Like a dilapidated Piazzolla — ESCUALO in fip . fr times


Page 22, N°560 Février 2023
Title: Oh Non!

Female is in the cunnilingus position on a bed with sheets and pillow casing in GREEN, male partner is under the covers, in the throes of passion, near Nirvana, the following exchange between the two lovers is taken Verbatim from the Fluide Glacial BD:

Femina topless:
— Oh, OUIIII! ♥ ♥♥♥

Male partner:

Ft:— ?


Ft:— ??

— NAZI,,,

Ft terrified pushes the Mp away from her business:

Mp still with a stoked look on his face :
— ADOLF,,,

It takes tú:
—1939 – 🇪🇸 Spanish Civil War: Catalonia Offensive: Troops loyal to nationalist General Francisco Franco and aided by  🇮🇹 Italy take Barcelona… that was YESTERDAY, today is HOLOCAUST REMEMBERENCE DAY1825The U.S. Congress approves Indian Territory (in what is present-day 🪶 Oklahoma), clearing the way for forced relocation of the Eastern Indians on the “Trail of Tears“.


— HITLER?,,,

Ft now wearing a PURPLE bra carry-folds the rest of her garments on her right forearm and her high heels on her left hand as she leaves the room :

The last panoramic frame finds the Male Partner sitting in what appears to suggest, is a shrink’s place of business, greco-roman wrestling art is above Mp, female shrink has her Diplomas above her.



From the producers of the Rocky Mountain Classic, “Bananas & Coke”, comes the story of “Pretzel and Mustard” and “A Polish Dog… with no Mayo”.

2023First recorded Suplex on an alligator… and, GO’ill de Niza,  “Polk Salad Annie” ain’t got nothing on La Kerschovas, but speak of The Devil, Cerf-panthère is a salad-tossing fool at 20minutes . fr, and you may check with Phillipe Labró, at CNEWS Détente . fr, Cerf-panthère is not sure if his Reno 🦌 Ass is a boy or a girl… kind of like that Holy WaWa in that cuadro behind Kerschova’s newly RE-FURBISHED alligator skin Tati® bags… maybe it’s not 💦 “holy” 💦, maybe that PoDevil doesn’t like to shower and his Evil Ass is comfortable with his funk!… after all, he does leave Ewe’s nostrils with a signature whiff of Poop 💩 and Florence 🇫🇷.


Öüï caught up with La Kerschova en la rue de La Solidarité in la Franja Fronteriza between Montreuil-sous-Bois and Vincennes–del–Roi, Kerschovas was about to run into an Alligator 🐊 as she crossed the gates of Papa Poule’s Park.

In 🇨🇵 20minutes, Cerf-panthère is, and Eye is Knot 🪢 Making this up, 👯 “Fast-fucking” 👯 her way through an internship at The Centre de Recherche Scientifique at The Georges Pompidou’s Européenne Hospital.

The Ghetto, talkin’ bout the Ghetto.

A Moor Es Perros and a road trip song

Have a Nice weekend:

The following is a kind reminder that tomorrow is Kill A Jew observation THEY, and that today at La Rue Des Bourdonnais, it’s International Solidarity Day.

1564The Council of Trent establishes an official distinction between 🇻🇦 Roman Catholicism and 🤐 Protestantism.

2023 – A rash of fundamentalists attacks en contra de la 🇫🇷 Catholique church sparks a mass apostasy that can only be described as a suplex on the Ex-Comunicado powers vested by Chuy to Peter who then transmitted said superpower to the 🇻🇦 Pope in 🇮🇹 Rome.

Give a bum a doughnut, or deliver that fucker an Abrams crew, fuck the tank! This war needs IMPROV, not a fucking jam!

Especially one, with the monopoly of conformity… Get It While You Can!

La desfachates de Belmont follows:

Fuck Ewe RFPP dot co-opt

To celebrate the commemoration… Uncle Sam is sending 31 Abrams to E°UR°opa, but that’s only because Eye is 32º Flavas, and then some, Eye told y’all that Eye was a spearhead.

Encontramos a La Kerschovas, ahora en Gambetta, haciéndola de Charlie Chaplin en 🇧🇷 Portugués al lado de unas 🚇 Candilejas con Roberto ⚽ Carlos, quién por supuesto, María 🇲🇽 Hinojosa 🇺🇸, “usted no me lo va a creer”, pero el cacharro de Roberto 🎤 Carlos levanta más 🇨🇦 minas que sus Mercedes en el garaje de Vicky Carr.

The Tanker’s Creed… Can’t have a Ballroom Blitz without Em#, eh! 💃🏻

¡Total! If you need the reference for the Ferraris and the Jaguars at la Place des Vosges, ask Dr. Poisson, she held the door as I performed the operación.

TROU 🕳️ STORY… and it was all caught on tape 📼.

1942World War II: The first United States forces arrive in Europe, landing in Northern 🇬🇧 Ireland.

But first, Öüï now continue with a road 🛣️ trip from Nice to Perpignan and up to un Île 🦪 llamada d’Oléron 🦪 en Saint-Georges 🦪, o algo así, 🥐 Poitiers was on the way, but then so was a place named after the Spirit of Cognac 🥃… and that’s no lie.


1915The Rocky Mountain National Park is established by an act of the U.S. Congress.

… I’ll follow you down, but not that far.


It’s Mo’ornin in America, with Eddie Gloude Princeton


Y como dice Curtis Mayfield, mi querida SoFy Velasco:

Alain Bauer of the criminal trades and métier-es-es is with MALHERBES in reel-time.

Give Me Your Love, but FO’ist, Eye must first disclose that your are not the first floosy from The Voix Sans Voix booth to come along my güey, Juanito Guanavacoa, that’s right SoFy Velasco, before your sexy ass came through here with your micro-orgasms and other assorted cuentos, the GO’ill from Issy-les-Moulineaux, the one and only, Michelle Saldaña, used to project herself on Mí; although to be perfectly accurate, Michelle (my 🔔) came courtesy of Osler Amaro and the rest of 🇵🇪 los peruchos de Botzaris 🇨🇵, not from 🇲🇽 Juantio Guanavacoa🇨🇦 Productions.

Ojos abiertamente cerrados (Revisited)

This is to say, SoFy Velasco, that your cold-ass rendition of the cuentos que ya no REMember of last Sunday’s show, leave no other option than to continue with my proxi-conversation with los andaluzes del “Jam” de Juanito Guanabacoa, because according to Salvador, el andaluz que giraba de hartista en Portugal, píntando cuadros que según él, en sus propias palabras, “eran cuadros originales, sin repeticion », porque de acuerdo a Chava*, ahora en paráfrasis de mi parte:

[E]s-que no vale la pena mirar hacía atras, mejor siempre mirar hacia adelante, y por eso nunca píntaba cuadros que de alguna manera yo (o sea Salvador) ya había producido, —before.

*~. hipocorístico de Salvador, no las 👯 chavas 💃🏻 de hoy porque esas dos son Michelle y SoFy.

And, SoFy | Michele, it’s important to bring this up in a Synopsis del resumén de El Show de Juanito Guanavacoa, on account that immediatly after that statement the segment that followed was a so-called Blues jam, which of course, as TOTALITARIAN REGIMES in 🇨🇱 CHILE and in 🇵🇪 PERU know, that a 🌍 Blues jam 🌎 (my friends) has no elements of re-pe-ti-tion whatsoever at all, y para COLMO en Colmars, Juanito had the audacity of dissin’ the STAND-UP 🎤 form, calling that form style of delivery as, “solitary” and not pretty like an Orgy or a so-called “jam » en rfpp . net : get it while you can!

It’s the 50th Anniversary of the real SUPERFLY, with that in mind, please relay to your audio files that Öüï now return to la  Synopsis de “aquí somos aquí estamos » del pasado domingo 22 del Año del Conejo de la suerte, espero, querida SoFy Velasco, que ya hayas recibido la pata que les metí en tiempo real a ‘el jam’ de Juanito y su pinche harmonica.

With that in mind, and in la lengua de “Shakes Pirito », Öüï caught up with La Kerschovas, who as luck would have it, Denisa joined the Carnival, that’s right SoFy Velasco, La Kerschohvas is now strolling her way up and down the Ravioli parallel between the Louvre and and motherfucking Concorde, sporting a motherfucking beard. The Paris Tourism Board even hooked her up with a open locker at particular Club Where Évrybody Knows Your Name.


After the break at Los Pirineos it’s another edition of The Soundtrack to “A Moor Es Perros » on the Mediterráneo freqs, with a road trip through the  Royalist Side of The Hexagone in France.

Musical guest, “El Buki Mayor” and that daft punk without a helmet on the French Touch scene.



Track 1, Free Fallin’ : Synopsis de “aquí somos aquí estamos », cont’d from Sunday

In local news, in an unprecedented first, the Olympic Torch will not be lit in a ceremonial rite 🔥 to Helios 🌞 in Athens 🇬🇷  because for the first time in their long list of failures and snafus-es, the Paris Tourism Board did something right.

⁶Repetition en rfpp. net… Get It While You Can!
(Context en el siguiente cuadro para los andaluzes de Guanabacoa).

Page 65 revisited :

I was lucky (after working in radio) … I received the support from Miguel Alemán —W fm boss— to create a CORPORATE image of a HUGE TV corporation.


Alejandro G. Iñárritu
in, Wood, J. ibid

According to sources close to the Royal Spanish Charters, a tourism firm, the nat sounds that can be heard next to the reconstruction chante de la catedral de Nuestra Señora de París, is the sound of “el derrame de donaciones” that almost immediately began to pour for the reconstruction of the structure’s spire.

With variations, but certainly with repetition⁶ the conspiracists jingle is delivered to to the traveling group, “from this place, ladies and gentlemen from the jury,” says the tour guide in full stand-up comedy mode:

… the future olympic flame 🔥 for the 2024 Games will be lit by another flame, which Öüï been told, will be lit with the tizón (ember) of a cigarette end which is currently (as Ewe reads) kept lit by a Chain of smoking foo’s and who been sucking at, It! Since April 25th of 2019.

Preliminary disqualification for all occasions, indeed. It’s like backwards-planning for pessimists who think “that all work and no play make Jacques a dull boy ».


“What I wanna know is who gave this Chunky Basterd’ a Double-Double🍔”.

Sean Penn at the Golden Avocados.

A Petty classic, it’s a Nocturne — “Here’s side Tú! »


THE FABER BOOK OF MEXICAN CINEMA (REVISITED), and the « sans » SOUL commercials de El Negro² de Sean Penn.

Page 65, “I was lucky”, the making of tu Chingada Madre también.

²~. Alejandro González Iñarri-tu-mamá también.

Page 44, n⁰ 1681, Courrier International
Jan 25, 2023
360⁰ plein ecran
via: De Standard (Belgique)

https ://www .courrierinternational .com /article /serie-a-la-television-publique-flamande-l-histoire-de-la-flandre-n-est-plus-une-histoire-belge

For historical context, earlier in the Peacock programming, Mika Bee commemorated the assassination of Bob “Caligula” Guccione, founder of her Penthouse floor at the house that Ayn Rand built.


“Hello, CD listeners … », Öüï is going to give a few minutes to our non-readers in 🏄🏽 Hilo, Hawaii, to Ketch-Up with los andaluzes “Paco RG” and Salvador from this past Sunday’s “Juanito Guanabacoa Show”, but that’s only because in Hilo, Hawaii, it’s a Happy Monday Primetime night, and former F.B.I. agent Frank Figluzzi, of Aaron Schwartz demise infamy, he just received the CAPTAIN LOUIS RENAULT, “I am shocked! Shocked! To learn that there is a SPIE among U.S.! », award.

In the mean time, Katty Kay, here’s Mike Pompeo celebratory Valentine for Riyadh 🇸🇦, an orgy for The America that Pompeii loved, under Caligula’s régime.

… and Cousin Joe, you sonova—bitch. “There you go again,” thinking that the revisionist state-by-state trend of the Fifty States, is an American Original, but it is not. Why just check out how how los belgas 🇧🇪 se pasan de 🇨🇵galos 🇨🇵 en la télévision de PAL, if you even remember or knew what a CD or its visual twin, the DVD 📀 worked in the geography of TV… the HIStory of NTSC is so pedestrian, mate, it makes Mí 🪐 want to Stream on a pirate link.

All The Knews that d.a.t.* fit, on a Marjorie Taylor Green bullshit bible.

*~. dumb ass tank operator

 41 – Caligula, Roman emperor (b. 12)


Ask, Phat Basterd’ at Franche-Musique in his faggety Le Clerc, I am an Anti-Christ but most of all, I am a Distinguished ARMOR Technician.

Note to editors, today’s WO’id of the They is F.D.R., as in: The French people, all of #Em, the whole LOT, got a New Deal yesterday, on the 49.3 freq. of le Palais de l’Elysée. To celebrate, here’s the “Cute One” singing the acoustic version of Vera’s Nocturne, “When I’m Sixty Four ».

Spies compuestos: SPIE, (third-person singular simple present spies, present participle spying, simple past and past participle spied)
Obsolete form of spy.


But, FO’ist, it’s another rotation of “Adventures in Translations », with your host, Alejandro González Iñárritu as el amigo del perro agradecido de la calle Stanton, “El Perro Andaluz³

³~. Sean Penn stars as el perro de Andalucía.

Deer, Rachel Maddow, 🕰️ SALVADOR 👁️ DALÍ 🐘³ called…

³~. Dalí wants his Surrealism back, because in California, paisanita, a ½ MOON gets Ewe DOUBLE Horror-FY’ing Vision.

Those damn immi’Grants, nevermind them Yankees.

1989: Salvador Dalí, pintor español (n. 1904).

… and, 17h Sirène in CET, in HILO, Hawaii, it’s Monday, deer… TUESDAY’S GONE, baby. Tuesday’s Gone done it again.

1956 Geena Davis, American actress and producer 🤡… 🌬️🎶 Sapo Verde–to–Ewe (2X in CrescenDO), followed by grandioso ¡Sapo Verdedeer_Geena! Happy Birthday 🎂 to You.

… It’s Trou ¡🕳️¡ It’s Trou!

Lorem Ipsum dolor

Hello, CD listeners. We’ve come to the point in this album where those listening on cassette, or record, will have to stand up, or sit down, and turn over the record, or tape. In fairness to those listeners, we’ll now take a few seconds before we begin side two. [pause] Thank you. Here’s side two.