Dear, Marianne, this here is an Instant replay

… [A]nd in the role of Roberto Clemente, “El Beto” Fonseca, and yes… Yuri Orlov’s uncle is, a fag.

There's a trumpet in that frame

There’s a trumpet in that frame… and Los Clochardos de doña Vilma, Aussi.

La bande originale des vampires

N° 69 _ page 89

N° 69 _ page 89; “le goût des mots”, HORS SÉRIE • INEDIT of: Jean-Loup Chiflet’s « 99 mots et expressions à foutre à la poubelle » (Les gens ne respectent plus rein) o algo así.

It’s « Jupiter » you fucking idiot, and the Samaritan is your neighbor à Concorde.:. “On est sur Paris”.

… al regresar, Philippe Labra la nostalgia de La “Maub”, o algo así afuera de un FranCprix.

Oye, “aguas” con las fuentes desde el malecón: de Mitterrand.

Previously, on the Steve Bannon Chow — Fake news

It’s 19 hundred hours in Cuba, y en Paname:

Mientras tanto en el Malecón del Arq.:. Miterrand

Mientras tanto en el Malecón del Arq.:. Mitterrand ¿Que horas Son?

Breaking News

Al costado del ChoChotte

En la sala Iv: Las Carretas del jinete del FMI

In Paris, the French invented La Rumba, and in Washington, the question for Ari Melver is the following:

1. If President [Trump] gets impeached and,
2. If president Trump gets removed from office and,
3. If Donald Trump goes to jail, does mr. Trump still get a library with his name on it.

Sección C

Las Pundits Parlanchinas

Las Pundits Parlanchinas.:.3A4CBFA3-CB62-42EE-A43B-A464D55351AA

El Clima en Cuba
RAFALES pal’Partido de las ocho y 45


FFF 1  —   The Young Turks 1

Meanwhile, to add insult to injury, Portugal slaps the 700th Club to The Ukraine.


And in local news

And in local news.:.CB5336C2-C3A3-4129-8143-89F1C98DC1D0… WWJD,eh?

In local news: Sports

Aujourd’hui, 20:45 in la segunda parte de El Tratado de Sèvres.

La Seguridad de la UEFA

La Seguridad de la UEFA está entre “comillas” luego de que el Parlamento Europeo, en Bruselas, suspendió la venta de balones de fútbol a la nueva version del Imperio Otomano.

Mehmet “el quinto” sigue exaltando a los Jóvenes Turcos (Jön Türkler) tras una victoria de 2 por 0, el pasado 8 de junio, en contra de la Federación Francesa de Fútbol.

Mientras tanto en VENEZIA

EU seeks Italian support for Turkey arms embargo

Italy, of course said: fuck you Europa, that’s like a $50 million deal, and My Cousin Vinny is the main pusherthe main vendor.

Susana… it’s a brand new Count.

Take a trip on The Wild Side.


… we’ll have assholes à la mode de Caen, for breakfast with Lemon on top. Eye pro•Maíz

Polanski is a fag

Polanski is a fag.:.00D99530-E136-41C5-88A1-73D10D2FD100… sincerely Christopher Lee.

… for lunch we’ll dissect some fascist Gini and barf on Bannon. Hey! It’s what Romans did.

Any güey, Suzi, to really, really, REALLY appreciate your voice tonight one must walk up la rue Chuck Schmidt (Resistant fusilado por los Nazis) á Saint–Ouen and staring STARE at Sacré Cœur… Eye bets that you don’t even Gknow your Île.

INDEED… Eye is a survivor… even if you kill Mí.

Dear, Isma1700 — Equatorian PORN

€300 Thank You, Marianne, and fuck all the Rest. Vive, La France (even if your Justice System kicks Mí out), period

Viva Les Frogs!

Viva Les Frogs!

… we’ll pay it back when the Shit hits the Fan, –and it will.

DEAR, David Ghuppta, don’t step-it-BACK, fuck Disney… now Eat Your CAKE… sorry Eye could not “paint your frame” yesterday, i was jerking–off.

All Blacks have no reason

All Blacks have no reason

Compañero, Isma1700:



( Who are you, who–Who?)

Un saludo fraternal y, el staff de este tu tan intrascendente blog te recuerda que la edad del Porn arranca desde la inseminación (artificial, or otherwise), la cosa es lo que tú hagas con dicha enajenación.

Happy Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day.

postdata: Isma1700, mi machismo supone que el “Isma” es por la tribu de los … mejor ya no [digo] nada.

In other Waves:

Capitalist guest

Capitalist guest on the David Ghuptta Show… this is my bus stop, let me get off. — BOOM IS COMING TO YOUR DOORS.

From delicious dissonance to Virtuous MoonWalks, or something like that, o sea: Dumb philosophy 101 wit David Ghutta, the Samoan Newsman.

Young African Americans, 2da Parte — Whitecolor productions

Eye told y’all that this here, issue, of an InterMission, was to bee an Early Edition.

The Paper General

El General de Papel*, transliterated context for Whitecolor Productions follow.

“There is no Leadership when corrupt leaders are not held accountable”,
dijo un negro.

…[B]ut FOist, it’s Saturday Night Live. Whatch out Gknome, put your Broken Bill Clinton’s glasses on beecause tonight Mr. Che is on the frame.

Underrated Sista

Underrated Sista… sincerely: underrated sista’s mom.

Meanwhile in Sinaloa, the Mexican president is putting his Mexican pesos on the Houston Astros… Gooooooooo, Algo–don–Eros.

So we covered it... beeCause öüï seen a Cosa or two.

So we covered it… beeCause öüï–2 has seen a Cosa or two. Oakley, however, Öüï hates to say it, failed the “hinge test”, which of course, is a mesmerizing thing to Whatch.:. EYE SAVED ANDY WARHOL, period

Mean, while Lorne Michaels spilled the beans on Elmo, Bleu was right D.A.R.E. waiting to Knabb’em… ‘er; Knabb Her.

Lorne Michaels is a snitch

Lorne Michaels is a snitch! And, sir, Evry bum in Vero Beach Gknows your name, you fucking P.A.G.E., U.

Elmo did nothing Wrong, Lorne Michaels!

Meanwhile, across the Venezia skyline’s Rearview Mirror (retroVISOR), StateFarm was a Liberty, Liberty, Liberty busy BEE.


BRANNNNNNNA!!!.:.20AA896E-FA64-41BF-BA95-0EAE98495832… wake the Fuck-up!!!

Bonus track:

Rachel Glasses looks like Buddy Holly

Rachel Glasses looks like Buddy Holly.:.326D4391-1BE7-468E-A0CC-787DD14473DF period