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Ladies in Gemini who are Knot joining the transmission, i ask that you don’t pay pay attention to the the HYPE, in other words, (no pun intended) “a picture might be worth a THOuSAND words”, in French mind EWE, but i can tell you that without CANTINFLAS, Coluche is just a clown.

The Funkadelic is not an Executive but he is a PARLIAMENTARIAN:

Fire Woman, you’re to blame:

French Science .:. 03753FDD-3DFC-4D2C-A69D-F766C5674915 📰 Paris, France_ Feb. 24, 1900, Porte de Issy-les-Moulineaux. Police in Paris are detailing the latest doppelgänger scandal at BFM’er TV.
A new science dubbed “PHRENOLOGY”, a process that involves observing and/or feeling the skull to determine an individual’s psychological attributes is the new Tool that Franz Joseph, that motherfucker!, had the GALL to use in France to reveal that Apolline Matin (pictured in Black) is the ILLEGITIMATE grand daughter of the one-and-only, Ian ASTBURY, a known CULTist and founder of what else… a Band called The Cult.


Mika’s yearly South of France vacation

Our network continues to experience technical contradictions, context on the previous symmetrical collusions is marinating with subtitles for Katy Kay. Hilarity ensues when The Mighty Mighty Mika traveling entourage arrives to the Brezezinski’s Villa overlooking the Mediterranean at the Cliffs of Fréjus.

https ://francetvinfo .fr/societe /video-islamo-gauchisme-le-gouvernement-a-raison-de-reclamer-une-enquete-a-l-universite-estime-jordan-bardella _4307833 .html

Insider elitists at the CFR report that Mika fled the U.S. when Professor of Political Contrasts at the University Of Texas, Victoria Defrancisco Fresco, informed The Nation on The MorJo Show that children literally froze on/in their mommies backyards in Texas. Mika could not believe that she actually lived in a shithole country for at least the past 4 years. Upon arrival, Donnie Deutsch (bad acting mayordomo) discovered that the Villa had been ransacked by the vagrant sons of the Very French, a violent gang known by the The French Connection as « les Fréjusiens ».

Internal time-delay phenomenon. It happens. — It could happen to you, if you confuse the The French Touch with French Bashing or WO’ist, The French Hate.

Over at FranceInfo, it’s GOP TV for the masses; starring everybody’s favorite cult of personality: The Trump Show.

For the record, shame on you if you confuse the inverted (¥) Japanese Eiffel Tower with the Identity Generation cut-off peace sign.

Y tu mamá también, set in Memphis

Continued from page 33 ∴

Ibid. c.2017. But with a different name: Olympiades

Mary and Paul’s relationship was over a long time ago. The sad thing was that they were both together because both of them were sick… [one had a troubled heart and the other had this consuming loneliness, or something like that].

Guillermo Arriaga
21 Grams
[paraphrased summary]

Please stand-by for context… or not, it doesn’t matter anymore. Long story short, the troubled heart got fixed with Money and the consuming loneliness was actually pretty fucking awesome, until the Father of The Bride section of the wedding scene. That part of the play was by-invitation only and that is where i heard the Last Song that i was expecting to hear on the skirts of the Alpes Maritimes overlooking Nice, y sí, it was TRACK 13 for the soundtrack of, “Y Tu Mamá También”, Mateo García; aunque usted—no lo crea.

Track 13 “The Wedding Song” 🧶 345FE29F-4DE1-4C72-B1CB-E50DED47988A 🎶 If you are a non-reader of this blog you might have missed the beat that i kept for a brief while in the form of my weekend mornings interludes with Perrine, Lindsey and Ashley (from Ashley’s World… or something like that) and i do declare that among the unsolicited affection dispersed in a whole bunch of arcs and twists, and weather reports on that section of the blog, them weekend intermezzos are among my favorites in this rag that i call a blog.

Sin embargo, muchachas, and to continue with the above written cutline ⤴️, tactical challenges and logistical disturbances have (as expected) obliterated my defenses, and so for that matter don’t–keep–on ignoring the fact that the triangulation behind the Technicolor block was not about you. 

The hypothenuse of them coordinates will always and forever be* about establishing a key character in my ten-year permanence in France. And it is nothing personal.

* or for as long as there is a Fifth French Republic.

It is not, i repeat, it is not about judging the character in the scene, as Alejandro Cuarón (or is it Alfonso González?) stated on chapter 7 of The Faber Book of Mexican Cinema. It is not, i re-type, it-is-not-personal. And, as Mr. Iñárritu stated in that particular section of the book, and i am paraphrasing here, ‘you have to read from whose point of the script the context is coming from‘, and in this particular case the context is coming from Bruno, the supervisor of Stephanie Menou at one of the dépôt sections of the Paris Prefecture, and that is because that public fonctionnaire received an e-mail from a former partner of this blog, a medical doctor who scolded (Bruno) the government employee for telling me, at the time when he removed my first 3-year residence permit card from my hand and then proceeded to tell me that “i had no rights in France.” There is more context to that incident, but you have to look it up since that particular page has turned.

And that, my sweet Saturday/Sunday morning car-tunes is the reason why BFM’er TV’s transmission hub is in the picture, because i used to live on the other end of the street named after that Rebel-rouser at The Paris Commune, but for some reason i can’t remember the compete name of Jeannine-Elaine-Garreau.

Right now, however, i have to do like las ruedas–que rápido ​ruedan, and catch Metro line 3 to Levallois; where this whole homeless experience began… ah, the memories, “it’s like starting over” again Madam Hidalgo, because four years ago today, American pundits were begging the French electorate not to elect Marine Le Pen, and lo and behold, isn’t that fear what Nancy (FR) was all about?

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« Fip Prize: Listeners’ Portraits »

Organizing company hereafter referred to as “Radio France ”:

21 Grams was originally written in Spanish and set in Mexico but it wasn’t difficult for me to relocate it. I think the film deals with very primary and universal themes: love, hate, revenge, death and life. What the characters go through can happen to anyone in the world¹.

Guillermo Arriaga

https ://www .fip .fr /contest-rules-fip-listeners-portraits

En contexto, el Inspector Héctor Belascoarán Taibo lo advirtió en los años previos a la llegada de Coronel Gilberto Bosques a Marsella, and with that in mind, Madam Alcaldesa, i sincerely hope that you know and understand (o comprenda, pues) that i share the same fears that you happen to harbor (no pun intended) about the Nazis, but if you must shoot the messenger, Let It Be, the Genie at the top of La Bastilla first.

“The Contribution”:

The Contest involves taking one or several photo(s) (hereafter referred to as the “Contribution”) of yourself listening to Fip.

With that in mind, pues…
Submitted for your approval, etc., etc., etcetera.

Take what you like, i did not choose the moments, and the fip . fr screenshots are nothing more than a Clock on the wall, hereafter referred to as « timestamps », full disclosure, Radio France might have to specify what the rules mean by the following:

Participation in the Contest is free of charge and with no purchase obligation, and the costs involved in participation can be reimbursed in the conditions defined in article 10 of these Rules.

Indeed, free of charge… now, because F24 is a place that we used to follow since like before fip and F24 were neighbors at ISSY-Les-Moulineaux, and because the lower frame of the featured screengrab below is in perfect step with yesterday’s manifestation outside of Metro Stop Olympiads at Paris’ 13 District, we  i am Knot going to say: i told you so.


1. Jump to Page 144 of The Faber Book of Cinema by respected author, Jason Wood. It’s the 7th chapter of that book; it deals with Sean Penn and 21 (grams) con Los del Toro.

Page 33 ∴ or Something like that

This section is about Torture and, Human Rights in Paris and it should not be confused with a Pizza joint in Washington, D.C..

Of course, o como dicen los franceses, por supuesto, Señor gobernador… [R]ubén FIGUEROA FIGUEROA.

Musical Guest:
The Pretenders
Track List: Hate for sale

Context follows; 50 € per MERCEnary.

🔊🎵🎶💲 Page 379, HYMNE NATIONAL (HYPO; end of section §3.) Canto que simboliza a un país en ceremonias oficiales FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR. KITE, most national anthems were written in the XIX Century and usually after a revolution period, BUT NOT ALWAYS, some himnos nacionales ARE THE PRODUCT OF A SPONSORED COMPETITION (PEROU 1821, HONGRIE 1842, o España 1870) Dictionnaire du musicien, by Honeeger, M., Larousse/VEUF. Premier impression Italy, 2002.

It’s One O’Clock in CET.

And in Paris, Spring made an early STAND, coincidentally, the day coincides with the Century (XXIst) and like i just told you, ONE day earlier than the 21st of next month, which of course TRANSLATES to? Anyone? Happy Gilmore? Anyone?… a fuck it: MARS!!! You circus animals.

But seriously, Madame Anne Hidalgo³, and i really-really, really-really mean vraiment seriously, however, because this blog has been since day one, a draft for a 10-year account of my permanence in France, i believe that it would sound a lot funnier if you read the following statement in a Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Kindergarden Cop) voice, so with that in mind, i can’t trust the Paris Police and so i am sounding another alarm —with all due respect—directly to you via this post, and on Monday the 22nd through an official mailed-in registered letter:

I turned 50 years of age as a homeless man in the city that you run. As of last night i started sheltering at the annex of the 4th District; rue du Pont Louis Philippe.

And Madam Mayor, this is not about internet access, far from it.

Statement follows

Yada, yada, yada, the rest of the content is for whomever  might have the privilege of screening the mail that arrives to your official mailbox at the Hôtel de Ville… HOWEVER, if you should read this before that happens, Madam Mayor, you may ask the director of the establishment at 32 rue des Bourdonnais what this paragraph is in reference to.

Or, you can call the programmers at fip .fr, as they seem to be aware of what is going on with my situation, i reference this on account that they seem to be playing all of the Hits that could quite possibly qualify as the runners-up of the musical score/soundtrack competition of what i have been going through in the past two weeks.

In other news…

By the standards of the past three months, Jonah, or Jonas (en Castellano) must have been the only one in the picture that was not a fag, Eye says again, Jonah —or Jason— if the previous statement is Greek to you:

It’s Greek to me from europe

Jonah must have been the only one in the picture
that was not a fag, period¹

https ://www .20minutes .fr /politique /2981243-20210219 -presidentielle -2022 –anne-hidalgo-tres-peur-issue-duel-entre-emmanuel-macron-marine-pen

Any HOW, in  Paris, Nancy, France, it’s Nine O’Clock on the a.m. dial of February 21; but in Hilo, Hawaii, it is still the 20th day of the Second month of 2021, so i reckon that this can only mean one thing, Madam Mayor, that in one short month, (28 days) Springtime will make it’s scheduled rotation, and based on your fears, which were expressed upon in a recent interview, let us hope that Hitler, is only a Mel Brooks dream.

The belly of the beast… step on down.


1. This period is of course, is being sponsored by Vania®️

Matrimonio a la francesa — o Algo así

Oh, hey there, Dave Chappelle.

Context on BFM TV’s coverage of a One Million (with a B) Euro parking ticket.

Last month, i saw you parked in the vicinity of the Saint Germain-des-Près parking space, right there, on the other extreme of the “nits mobile” parked in front of La Soupe Populaire at Mabillon. Then i saw you parked near Saint-Sulpice about a week or so after that. For the past couple of days you have been parking in front of the “Seize The Day” Café on La Rue des Bourdonnais next to the proprietary bike rack from La Ville de Paris. And no, for the moment i will not show you the picture because that is what robot (dumb robots) do. But i’ll tell you what i am going to do for you, i am going to let BFM TV put the context to this pitch. Are you ready? Here it goes.

Dumb Robots on Cars

[Quick de-programming note]

The “Home Button” on the device used to write this blog stopped working just a few seconds ago ({Update on the Stituation}( please jump to page 33 for the rest of this post.


page 32∴ Add insult to injury, with the President of the French Republic, Mr. Emmanuel Macron

Deer, Republican Michael Steele, please refer to the Southpark, Harley Riders episode for Moxie and, of course some motherfucking context, because the real FAGs are not in the following picture:

Go ahead, say it. Here, Republican Michael Steele, i will do the first part; violeurs are fags… but one good thing about today’s news is that Joe Biden is President of The United States of America; in Paris, Madame Hidalgo is worried that Mr. Macron might get to could maybe face-off against Marine Le Pen.

It’s funny how Communication in the plausible deniability mode finds it’s place on a Tetris®️ LCD. Por ejemplo, Susana Poveda, i now know what you meant last night on the Jazz Wave by, “CHOW-down*” the Saint-Eustache night soup. Can’t say that Mr. Rosbif “the waiter dog” did not announce the Outdoor Gala outside of the place that i call, « The Situation » place, just in front of Geronimo’s joint, at the Indiana Café, in the Parisian sector of The Westfield American Style mall.

Chow-down = Eat a meal on the move, or very fast.

FOR THE RECORD: Any violence brought on my well-being, or my Human Rights in France, including but not limited to Rape, Blows To My Head, Stabbings, or if i am killed here, it will be on you Mr. Macron, not your predecessor or his LatinAmerican connection at La Peña de Saint Germain-des-Pres, or in Nice (06200).

In human-to-human terms, as TRMS pointed out last night in a different context for the Houston We Have A Problem CREW (EST), or, early this morning at the opposite side of the Passage des Lingères (75001) for the good CNES fellas connection, them sort of communications (lower case and plural) are nearly impossible to break through.

Context follows… maybe.

So to evaluate last night’s question, as far as it goes, France seems to use almost the same intimidation tactics that “los países no alineados**” used during the Jimmy Carter (Valéry René Marie Georges Giscard d’Estaing y CIA***) and Ronald Reagan (François Mitterrand Y CIA***) epochs.

** Los países no alineados = Le mouvement des non-alignés, or NAM por sus siglas en Inglés.
*** Y CIA = and company (lower case here)

Anyhow, Ashley Chevalier, have you met Dave Chappelle, yet? I will assume that for all intents and PURPOSES you’ve had the opportunity to review his post-election SNL monologue, and i’ll leave it at that.

So WITT that in mind, let’s see what happens next, all i can say is that if what is happening to me right now was happening to a person of the so-called weaker sex, Mother Teresa herself would summon her presence at La Rue Des Bourdonnais, in less than a New York minute.

Up Next: Weekend Edition… maybe.

But FO’ist, Dear, Yoko, i am not one to cut anybody from the Historicity of Paul McCartney, SO! WITT D.A.T. and a glass of Moxie, i know it’s a day late but in keeping with the theme of “el chivo” Lubezki, here’s # 9, n° 9, N° 9, number 9:

SAPO verde to EWE.

Ancient Microbes with Aymen Helicopter

Rachel Glasses, reports (now with RealAudio).

Mean while in Cancun … it’s the hunt for little fuckers, first on the reticle: Senator (R-TX) Ted Cruz. 🚀  Over in Atlantic City, New Jersey, it was a despicable scene. Millions (actually Billions) of Mexicans rejoiced on the streets when The Trump Tower fell to the ground; TO-The-GROUND. The scene was reminiscent of the time when Donald Trump rejoiced on account that his Trump Tower in Manhattan became the tallest building in that SkyLine. In other news, Chris Cuomo just became Mathilda’s favorite son. Mrs. Cuomo gave Gov. Cuomo the Willie Geist bubble-head stare.

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