Intermedio con la RATP —

Hoy no hubo Jazz,
no–matter what!

j  nDear, Marianne; F.Y.I. .:. 895D9BDB-BDE8-45AA-B8F0-BDB9CFE242C3 —_•!•_— As we [the staff] wait for a resolution from The Admin Tribunal at rur Jouy, öüï will continue to keep our options open and our spaces wide, de cualquier manera doña Anne, merci pour les repas.

No matter, what?

At any frame rate, Madame Hidalgo, once again another week starts and another rabbit-hole is exposed on our realm, right now there is nothing that we [the staff] would like better to do than to finish up the dialog with Dexter (in the voice of Eddie Murphy), however; new developments, or rather requirements from the Paris Administrative Tribunal staff, have our copywriters jumping through hoops in order to provide an answer to « the » MAN’s requests before they can set up a date for the cancelled trial, can you dig it? We can only hope that your non–reading staff at City Hall has the patience to wait until next week to see about the development of that dialog between Dexter and Armando Serrano Prieto at les douches municipales. Sin Embargo, for a Lefty you are always right (pg. 4 n°2520; Grand Paris):

that, a 3 month-old baby be shacking-it next to a commuters highway, in an encampment, now that, « c’est inadmissible » … unless the baby is Dutch.



Previously on: “What’s M.O.R.E. American than Baseball and Apple Pie?”

Attention, editors; the narration of Society’s BD on this most non-consequential blog continues to correspond  to Phil McClure.


So•cie•tie .:. 8709F97A-47E8-4584-A288-CB07DFFFDC3A 📓 EFEMÉRIDES: viernes 24 de enero, 2020: Francia inventa el baloncesto, y el mundo de Le Monde descubre a una nueva especie de “sidewinder”, the French, making use of a newly installed decree that imposes the French Language as the official language (in 1794) they take it upon themselves to classify it, “The Black Mamba”; reached for comment,  Donald Trump sent his condolences to Mr. Mambo when he learnt of the tragic demise of the best baller of el tercer milenio.

… and now, it’s time to play Ketchup, or as martial artists in that “Old West Texas town of El Paso” say it: Catch-up, “Get it?”

Starring Flip Zimmerman

Starring Flip Zimmerman as “Fat Heinz Bastard” and Cecily Strong as “The Bride”… Chapter 8, when Eye mentions the Zimmerman “letter” .:. 80257792-BA77-4BC0-A7D8-8CBB3D586C29 ☝🏿 Dad jokes provided by JULES y Corona (Expand your Latitude) and Nike (bringing you Speed, Strength and Victory since the fall of them Titans). 🏀 CALIFORNIA.


Previously on, La Venganza de “el bolillo”

Bcc: Victoria DeFrancesco–Soto
Cc: Tatiana Clouthier, Carmen Lira Saade, Los amigos de México en Francia (2011–2016)

Feathered sandals provided by

Feathered sandals provided by .:. 1558367E-CF10-4031-97EA-6D2DE8214DE9 💬 Zapaterias Blue Jay Way, footwear cut from the Source, and Rutles Records; music that will take your soul, —back in time,  presents; in collaboration with “A band a partir de Marvel Comics” and “Regional Geographic Docs,: La Venganza de “el bolillo”

Basada en las historietas reales de,
“El Zorrillo”…
Capítulo 6, where our hero
“El Zorrillo” grita:

Ne pas tirer sur les huaraches ailées

Hoy no hubo Agua

Hoy no hubo agua… pastis is optional .:.

Entonces pues, doña Tati, lamento tener que incluir al “buen aliado” de don Andrés en cuestión de cuestiones migratorias, el señor Miguelito Pompeyo (ya sé, ustedes prefieren “pompeo”), pero aunado a los pormenores con los “settings” detrás de bambalinas de este tan intrascendente blog, se juntan las actualidades, —o cómo dicen los franceses*— las chingadas noticias, como la de el pasado viernes y misma que, en su momento no se pudo actualizar, ni pex, sabrá Dios porque doña Olga “la suprema” de Gobernación no pudo observar en su momento, las mismas observaciones y extender su chingado fallo ofrecido a la francesa, para el amante de la chica poster del Año de México en Francia, Florence Cassez. Dicho d’otra manera, o todos coludos o TODAS rabonas; independientemente de las acusaciones, esas son (o más bien eran para los peritos) de cualquier manera, que CAUSAlidad q’esto finalmente sale a flote 14 años después, y una vez que El Que Los Encarceló (a la francesa y al mexicano) ahora es un “Prisionero Privilegiado” de Donald Trump.

Became an immigration enforcer

Se Convirtió en un “CADENERO” Migratorio Para Donald John Trump .:. 9D2CD35F-667E-4481-96DA-36CA021383F1 —_•!•_— Please, please, please don’t Be Long, please don’t belong.



— Hi, I’m Phil McClure and you might remember me from Sources like the Tribunal de Grande Instance at The Palais de justice à Nanterre, The Préfecture de Police à París, and documentary REELS such as Panic at the Disco of la Rue des Bourdonnais 75001.

TimeStamp in Hilo, Hawaii is
Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020 p.m.; 7 p.m.

Dear, Ari Melver

Dear, Ari Melver, since you volunteered, why don’t you do the honors and read the following in a Jim Lehrer Voice.:. 0AA99573-F61A-474B-87D2-BC7E15680C1E 🏀 The staff does not select the Knights, but here it is, Knight n° 3.


“How long is too Long” — Happy New Lunar Year…

Happy New Lunar Year…
“You filthy RAT”
and by RAT Eye Mean
You Metal Rat

Let's face the music

“Let’s Face The Music and Dance » .:. 971127C4-AA34-4569-A357-2399E8BA59CC 🐁 « Round and round
With love we’ll find a way just give it time
Round and round
What comes around goes around
… ”.

Forget the “Spear through the Head”
« You put an ARROW through my Heart », in spite of the continuing RE Directions D.A.T. your gremlins keep throwing at us in REAL TIME, we [the staff] can take the re starts and do–overs.


The Dictator (reloaded)

The Dictator (reloaded) .:. 079A0027-9CE5-4274-87CE-4681C72F25B6 A Chaplin Chuckles Production. Starring: Hallie Jackson as “the staffer”.

EXTRA, EXTRA!!! The Rachel Maddow Last Word with special guest ( a metal Rat ) just dropped a BOMB from “Dee Ey Bee Seas”:

Televisa Deportes

Televisa Deportes .:. 9BC4A6BD-54E2-412C-8B9E-725439DCAFBE 🐓 al regresar, “Cierren las puertas Señores, yo mismo voy a amarrar”.

But FOist: Deer BriWhy,
Don’t lose your voice and,
please give my regards to
Miss Jordan.

Y las causas lo fueron cercando

Öüï got caught, no harm no FAULT,” Televisa Deportes… La francesa sale, ¡pero ISRAEL se queda! La justicia “parejera*” de la actual SECRETARIA DE GOBERNACIÓN del actual presidente de México, Andrés Manuel López Obrador no aplica cuando EN SU MOMENTO, va de premio una posible LEGIÓN DE HONOR de las manos del ex presidente francés FRANÇOIS HOLLANDE  .:.  5EA15E48-7FE1-42AB-9FCA-73F40004B9C6 🐁 Señora, Vilma Fuentes, por favor exprima usted a doña Saade que, fuentes cercanas a FIP . fr (El Tipo Este / Roberto Fonseca) nos comentan que las francesas (esas) en el extranjero no tienen novios, OCUPAN “amantes”… And FAT JUDY, goes: A–Men fo’That D.A.R.E. HO!

It’s Hi-noon in Babylon 2, and in Central Europe it’s 6 p.m. ISSY, Nanterre, Hautes-de–Seine, because we’ve been on the Short–end of a Split-cause in front of a President de la Court, —we covered it. Context to an “Algerian cock*” and her lover follows, right now, it’s Weekend Edition, SPECIAL COVERAGE of ISRAEL, ISRAEL, ISRAEL.

En enero del 2013, la Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación concedió a la francesa Florence Cassez un amparo directo que le permitió recuperar su libertad, pues se demostró que hubo violaciones durante el proceso y que toda la imputación fue producto de un montaje orquestado por Genero García Luna.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /estados /2020/01/24/ difieren-audiencia-en-proceso-de-ex-novio-de-florence-cassez-8820.html

Israel Vallarta se quedó en prisión, pues los abogados de Cassez decidieron separar las causas penales y los beneficios solo aplicaron a la francesa.

Dear, Abbé Pierre (Patrón) have an Apple

It’s the Eve of the most metal of all the RATT’s, — The Corona Rat!

Ahhhh, Chucky Shaky!!!

Ahhhh, Chucky Shaky!!! Shifty Shacky is one B.A.D. Mothe—shut yo’Mouth— Trump ain’t got nothing on the Right Write.

BUT FOist, dear Patrón,
It’s a special Edition of
National Sports Day.
The Arena at Châtelet – Les Halles
is now Sanitized and ready to blow.
La Guardia Nacional (gendarmes)
have made full–use of
LORDE Haussmann’s strategic funneling
along every possible avenue of approach from
Les MisérablesVer. 5.0,
scrimmage has been corded and barricaded–off; SIRENS are wailing and if youse a tourist in Paris, France, right NOW, this (motherfuckers) is the best SHOW in town. It’s like the RUNNING OF THE BULLS, with a hint of Rage Against The Machine

Anyway, Senator HAKEEM JEFFERIES, you D.A.R.E. ask “What is M.O.R.E. American than Baseball and Apple P.I.E.?” Why, Mí, of course… but seriously the only thing more American than those two Avatars, ⚾️ and 🍏 π is this:

2 and a Quarter

2 and a Quarter, in Central NATO Times, motherfucker!!!


Bcc: Victoria DeFrancesco–Soto — La Venganza de “el bolillo”

Time Now: 3 a.m.’ish in Pennsylvania Avenue
20500 Time (CEDEX)

En fin doña Tati:

"Válgame Dios"

“¡Válgame Dios!” … ¿Quién lo diría? context from La Casa de México en CU (París) febrero 2012; follows, y ni modo que mi A.M.I.G.A. Berenice lo vaya a negar…

Dear, Jon Meacham, bee advised that this is Split-Screen, that is to say, you’ve got to go to the entry up–⤴️ to get the full-dinner menu for Cousin Joe’s “white Cloth” supper. meet us at Abbe Road; 32 rue des Bourdonnais. So with that in mind, professor dearest, Eye needs to address some—NOT ALL— of the staff at “el patroni” Agora at the 75001.

Look here mis Negros, —you know who you are— you can’t play the cordial card one day, and the dismissive Silent–you–stink NAIPE the next… to put it bluntly, you of all of the 1901 Clubs in France who had the pleasure of shutting–this VIAJE down KNOW why your Vessel became my Vedette de La Seine, so, with that en LA muy gastada MEMORIA:… and against the advice of my Legal Assistant (by appointment on Mondays, when the STRIKE does not get in the Güey) be advised that on the same week when the Jewish people have their time to remember it is somewhat dissonant that some in the Abbé’s staff would push me not once, not twice, but Three times of of the Internet machine when:

The re–directores




Two-minute warning — Chief! — Day 1100

Happening right now on C-SPAN:

Take a knee

Show your SPINE, “prospector” and take a knee .:. 5779209B-5F47-45A8-8DD6-4ADBFC6EF9F7 🗣

Democrats present evidence on
“Abuse of power”
Take a knee, “Commander–in-Chief”
Collateral damage follows

Withholding for Smears .:.

Withholding for Smears .:. ADD7BB1C-153B-4A82-B2D5- AF363E40E344 🏦 Meanwhile at the FED, the United States of America just realized without learning, or even trying to know, that President Trump’s golf trips and extravagant expenditures from his Cabinet have just set the U.S. Foreign Debt in the TRILLIONS, but who cares? As long as the sheeple get their own red MAGA hat it’s all good. Have another Corona, and never mind the virus, by the time when the strain hits the Continental U.S. the Trump zombies will already be braindead, and the Idea of a “shining city upon a hill”, D.E.A.D..

Official review: illegal hold! Ten Yards. First Down.


Record will show, that the call to the Ukraine is choppier than a G.T.A. on Fifth Avenue, and the truth is that right does not matter under President Trump.


Der•SHOW•witz, literally: The•SHOW•joke .:. 420EE642-C7EF-444B-A4A1-2D1100E75A1D 🧤It’s a little tiny glove, COUNSELOR, it fits like a glove, literally! On Donald John Trump’s little hands. IF THE GLOVE FITS, you must convict. ALL TOGETHER NOW: 🎶 if the glove fits 🎵 you must convict.


Bcc: Tatiana Clouthier —La venganza de “el bolillo”

PREVIAMENTE en: Thou shalt not take the name of the lord in vain; especially on a city upon a shining hill… alors:

If you must "cheat", then CHEAT for the good of The Order.
Record the jurors for U.S.

Record the jurors for U.S. — Wear a “Spy Camera” if you must, or bring the old CAMcorder if you are B.O.L.D. .:. 099BD381-6ADF-4D20-9D6C-84D9AEADC714 Take a SELFIE when the republicans are going into private “rooms” while the “freshman” Manager for the Congressional Team, makes his or her presentation. But most of All, motherfuckers, be original.


This is not a Slaughter House

This is not a Slaughter House .:. 929E0FD7-6863-4931-86A9-CF97E4F398A8 ✍🏽👁 Dear, Radio France: is this all that we (the staff) are to you? CIRCUS FLEAS? That is to say, you know, so “Egalitarian” of youse, giving u.s. “sound bytes” and « double entendres »  as the “food and lodging” provided by “The Animal Trainer” in Charlie Chaplin’s voice. Let me, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto remind you that when Bruno at the 7th Dêpot Group confiscated my  Talents and Competence card, it was because I would not give  you  them a list of the people in France whom I had interviewed with regards to Mexican “institutionalized” corruption, as VIEWED FROM FRENCH soil and, the effects that this would have on the Mexican presidential elections of 2018*. I know that somewhere on the postings of this most non-consequential blog i went ahead and ‘noted’, that on that sunny September   of   afternoon of 2015, when I became (for the first time in France) a SANS PAPIERS, the outside walls of the Préfecture de Police à Cité; Metro Line 4, were “accessorized” with snapshots of « notes » taken from the Jewish people that the French at the Préfecture in those dark days had collected from regular French citizens who had happen to be neighbors, or with proximity to the people that CNEWS is commemorating today. Now D.A.T., Reverend Al Sharpton, is what the competent Gypsies call: Poetic Reverence, because in REEL TIME, there is hardly any justice to celebrate.  🎛 AUSSI, Monsieur, Philippe Labro, to MATCH©️ the Disneyland®️ Advertising of today’s CNEWS™️ in France, be advised that if you ZOOM on the “brightest” WINDOWS on the cover of n° 2518, Mickey Mouse©️ can be seen waiting by them TRACKS… COINCIDENCE, only if you take out the 67,000 French visitors who went ahead and visited the “site”; my source you ask? PAGE 3 en Plus.

📜 Hear Ye! Hear Ye
Our Lorde, Pluto (area code 714; formally of Ontario, —Aussi) hereby declares that; despite the Age of Camelot in Anaheim, which is rumored to top Mike Barnicle’s candles on his most recent birthday cake; and the unfortunate breaking of “la Lame” de Excalibur, Disneyland Paris reserves the right to recognize “the improvised” ( Sam ) mentioned on page 2 of Cheesy–Chessy’s Direct CNEWS BFM’er Matines, as THE SECOND KNIGHT, promised by, say, a most non–consequential blog. 📯


BRIAN! Here’s an HasteRISK for what Eye means; in REEL Time: Check it out, Purple Pundit, Thyme Now in Bob Costa’s stolen Joan Manuel Serrat’s bottle is, 18h23 in Central NATO Times… of course, when we tell you T.H.I.S. in Real Time, we are always given the Bruce Hornsby lyrics…

Must be read in a

Must be read in a .:. 4E03363A-FB51-43D3-AA36-3486FEF0FADF ⚖️ Raphaël Morán, Anne Marie Mergier, Vilma Fuentes choir voice:  🎶 Say hey little kid you can’t play where the OTHER kids play 🎵…” —_•!•_— …[B]ecause you are not part of their C.L.U.B. —_•¡•_— Pictured above the media dentils: Puro TALENTO apto para el Instituto Francés en la CDMX, en SciencesPo París y, por supuesto en el “bendito” IHEAL (el sótano) de La Sorbona en Saint Germain–des–Pres; casi esquina con el “Studio” de Mr. Johansen, Colin, —one each.

Here’s a Time Stamp, para la memoria de los Encuentros Cinematográficos Viva México en el IHEAL.

Tenga su MeloTone

Tenga su MeloTone, coming to theaters in 2040; here’s an excerpt:
— What are you doing the rest of your life?
— Waiting for Death Cab, cutie; what else is D.A.R.E.?

https ://www .reddit .com /r/mexico/comments/escr7v/cuando_te_preguntes_cómo_se_coluden_los/

N° 2517 CLES DU JOUR — L’ŒIL de Derek Zoolander

Thought of the T.H.E.Y.:
Pg. 15 … [E]ye never met a Vin, that Eye, never liked, —except one.


https ://rss .cnews .fr /pdf/NEP/20200122


Mannequins are human, Aussi

Mannequins are human, Aussi .:. 7F92E5B6-86C3-4B3B-9970-EE96A885EB80 💋 Not content with appropriating all sorts of indigenous people’s cultural patrimony for the “exclusive” benefit of SWEATSHOP owners in “shit hole” places like New York City in the United States of Ivanka Trump, the very French took it upon themselves to appropriate the sad situation of  the  her “daddy’s” asylum detention Centers along the Mexico/U.S. border.

In an unprecedented move not seen since the invention of the number three, the French take it upon themselves to invent the « Trifecta », and of course gambling addictions would never be the same; also, on a day like today, the Swiss arrange the security detail for the Pope in Rome.

En Hilo, Hawaii (96720) es Una antes de la medianoche, and on the Russian part of that archipiélago, doña Tati, —It’s the 11th Hour of Wednesday the 22nd of January, n°2517 of CNEWS-matin. In LOCAL Motion news, Eddy Currents are expecting a low flux beginning tomorrow, Thursday, January 23 beginning at 02h00 in Central Siren Times. Sources close to Oliver Benkemoun report a BLACK FRIDAY on both the Metro 🎱 and RER 🚆 network of rails of the Panamenian underground.

Meanwhile, at the American Embassy in Jerusalem

Meanwhile, at the American Embassy in Jerusalem .:. 36285F56-8EF0-4527-9C13-B0E4D0406D41 🕍🛤⌛️⚒ Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo sends news from SAN JOSÉ, Dylan’s Telegram reads: Tocayo, please relay to Vampire One that Mexico is in the bag. Good news, for the Trump administration, Mexico (under AMLO y su Karnal MARCELO) is now our greatest Migration Policy Proxi.
P.S. Tell the big Golf Ball sucker that the non–invite for the Shoah commémoration is a “blessing” in disguise as it gives the Supreme Vampire, Our Lorde Vlad, the opportunity to Shine in the Spotlight.


* The sources of Robert Zimmerman’s telegram to–state/israel/jerusalem:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/01/22/politica/004n2pol

1–2–3, Check Önë — Oh, hey Hallie Jackson

234, Check Two… [O]h, Ari Melber. Youse such a pimp; Noonan noonanUn, Dos ~ Tres Check again.

Los decálogos de Python

Los decálogos de Python… D’errrrr taking our gods!!! — Thank you MEGxit!!!

Previously on: No Jurarás el nombre de El Señor, —Lord Brian— en vano.

Hello, Elise, say D.A.R.E. Southern Belle, the Reverend Sharpton wont let mí lie (with you) but Eye did promise y’All Three Knights, here’s the FOist, it’s the Templar kind, or somthing like D.A.T..


Fuck the Police!

Sacré  Vache — Fuck the Police! .:. AAE68E2F-E434-404C-81E0-68608071A799 🤺 There’s som.:.thing about Anne.

Emmanuel Macron: “I’m sorry, but we know the rules. Nobody has to provoke nobody”

In other news, “Always look on the bright side of [Idle] Life”.

Time now for the new Knews

Time now for the new Knews .:. E9076C9B-3001-445F-A709-721D90797AE6 🔦 on you Crazy 💎; even the Siren Den is doing a minute of Silence tonight.