Hey Evry body, it’s 4 O’clock in New York — Hellooooooo, Mike Memoli.

It’s far from being a “premature” primera comunión for the 40 year–old Virgin doppelgänger on “the” msnbc’s, after all, Evry body knows that the U.S. Presidential Political Stump Show it’s been kept alive for far too long, are öüï happy with Bernie’s drop? Fuck no. We [the staff] are not. And that is all D.A.T. Eye is going to say about that.

So have at it, Cousin Joe. Rejoice at victory of Biden on the democratic ticket. As for you, America sin acento, enjoy that “used car” smell on the Road to The White House.

Señor, Jean–Luc Mélenchon, « Peut-être n’est qu’un simple hasard… », Maíz! usted tiene que ver esto

“It Don’t Mean a Thing…

Deer, Chris Hayes

Deer, Chris Hayes .::. 00E4E839-1E60-477E-B37A-A83CC66FC7B4 🌚 You know, Willie Geist, it’s a good thing that the All In crowd FINALLY understands the role of D.A.T. “dead chunk of rock” that it’s up D.A.R.E. in the sky; that is to say, Chris Hayes, öüï are glad that your network is finally FOLLOWING on Ozzy’s instructions: BARK at The Moon! — Motherfucker!

_if it ain’t got the Sioux (Anishinaabe).

Brief context, I, armando segovia/armando serrano prieto know that you remember me*, Mr. Mélenchon, y como un cambio de tercio, le aseguro que mi pedo no es con usted, as a matter of fact Eye likes you, it is just that among your “pueblo parisino” y algunos negritos, there seems to be the RACIST notion that they are immune to the COVID–19 spread, which öüï [the staff of este puto y tan intranscendente blog] believe that it is a ridiculous notion, just like the John Mill Ackerman nation.

* Jean–Luc Detonando:
« Descending angel
NSFW pero,
la lumière est Capitale »

Previously on: Aventures in interpretations

Previously on: Aventures in interpretations .::. E4F200D2-A7FA-4B85-A4D4-75BE4C770300 🗺 « It is said that the cries of children playing in this square wake up tiny larvae of sleeping insects in this wall of their holein this hole in their wall and go in search of the RUCKUS that gave them back their life. Perhaps it is merely a coincidence, but generally, the path they travel form letters which, if pronounced loud enough, would strangely prolong the SHOUTS and Songs of the children ».

Now, Mr. Mélenchon, with regards to this motherfucking context, nosotros aquí en el staff rogamos que su antiguo representante latinoamericano en su antiguo partido antes de transformarse en un insumiso, tenga en cuenta de que nuestro tan intrascendente contenido en este puto borrador al que la Prefectura de París nos relegó abarca desde el mes de febrero del 2011 hasta el mes de septiembre del 2015.


Dreams .::. 0034EFD8-D5EE-48A3-B97C-6BB5D915967A 🎧 Don’t Dream it’s over.

Breaking the news. Destiny drops Bernie out of the Race, and Trump’s future despite all of his failures gets the All Clear for another four more years. The Rockefeller Center is now in celebration mode since no matter who wins in November of 2020 Wall Street and Big Business WINS. Reached for comment, former Florida congressman, Charles Joseph Scarborough said that, “the Bernie Sanders blackout on the Networks paid off big time for my bottom line”, adding that the 40 year-old virgin and, BIDEN Whisperer, Mike Memoli was finally going to get to attend his first communion, “after tonight’s Deadline Washington with Nicolle Wallace, Mike Memoli will no longer be known as the 40 year-old virgin”, said an exuberant Cousin Joe to a giddy Willie Geist.

WHO Watches The Watchmen?

WHO Watches The Watchmen? .::. 1570F43F-2A9F-4FB8-ADBA-94D4B6247D23 🗳 The wives club, of course¹.

Context will continue to follow, but FOist! It’s 4 O’clock in New York, and Mike Memoli is having his “primera comunión”.

1. Juvenal Satires. https ://en.wikipedia.org /wiki /Quis_custodiet_ipsos_custodes

« Peut-être n’est qu’un simple hasard… » — It’s The 11th Hour

Paris, France_ Place de Goldoni, right next to the Pathway of D.A.T. Deer Stag, 75002. And in case you accuse me of misinformation, the “Fake” Marie Stuart would not let mí lie.

En castellano quiere decir hola

En castellano quiere decir hola .::. 2C688527-8A73-4CDE-8B9F-B9BC40796ABA 🌞 O algo así.

Puede que sea una simple coincidencia, pero en Hilo Hawaii son las 23 horas del lunes 6 de abril del 2020 y, existen 12 horas de diferencia con París, Francia… dicho de otra puta manera, Brian Williams, Eye can See for Miles and Miles*.

* The WHO.

Breaking the Kube’s: 

We the staff knew that he had it in him, (the honorable thomas modly*) and maybe with coincidence being the theme of the day we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] agree with prof. meacham’s take about normal human (partisan) relations and the greek tragedy that is unfolding on the 45th presidential administration of the united states; this is to say, that under pressure a normal person will make 20% of the right corrections for the good of the order, something that Donald John Trump in not capable of doing. Coincidence or not, it takes guts to APOLOGIze and, most important Huevos (for men) or almendras (for las feminas) to resign after dropping the ball

* Acting Secretary of The U.S. Navy.

… [B]ut speaking of “pelotas” and “how the shutdown is affecting the planet” of El Mundo de Le Monde (at 11 pm in no particular Time Zone) here’s another edition of Adventures in Translations and reading the signs on a wall at this green space ⤵️


Raíces .::. 514D003B-3A3D-405B-842E-2AF84327123D ⚽️ On raconte que les vibrations des aux ballons lancés contre ce mur peuvent réveiller des racines d’arbustes qui sommeillaient sous la terre depuis parfois des siècles.
Puet–être n’est-ce qu’un simple hasard, mais lorsqu’ils atteignent les traces laissées par les ballons qui leur taille adulte.
Certains, au contraire, cherchent d’autres points de repère pour avoir une raison de grandir encore un peu.

Se dice que las VIBRACIONES de las pelotas lanzadas contra esta pared (del espacio verde de goldini) pueden despertar raíces de arbustos que han estado latentes reposando bajo el suelo durante siglos.
puede que sólo sea una coincidencia, pero llegan a los hilos (marcas) dejados por las pelotas que las hacen crecer.
Algunas, por otro lado, están buscando otros puntos de referencia para tener una razón para crecer un poco más.

And in Washington, it might might be a small coincidence, but Donald John Trump sure the fuck sounds a lot (true to form) like a guy who sold grown up Jesus for 30 shares of a Big Pharma hydroxichloroquine maker. Every time someone resigns or gets fired the president of them united states of america tells THE WORLD that he (alone) is selling in reel time.

In Local Motion News, it’s Nice to know, yet hard to realize, that Charlie Sheen’s blood is not —ÖÜÏ Repeat— it is not immune to the batshit crazy maladie!

https ://www.nicematin.com/sante/coronavirus-nous-avons-deja-du-interrompre-le-traitement-de-hydroxychloroquine-azithromycine-au-chu-de-nice-489118

It's official now

It’s official now .::. 0E61146A-C445-4993-A3CA-D5459228F1B8 🦇🐅🗣😷 America bought a Zoo(ological) curse. 🏄🏽‍♂️ Meanwhile, at BFM’er central, SANOFI, the maker of the panacea that Donald John Trump is trying to sell to the world claims that the blood sucking empresarios are ready to roll out little doses of hydroxychloroquine*… conditions apply. DEER NICEMATIN, the screen grab above ⤴️—motherfuckers— es un uso justo de todos los medios, in the style (you could say) of all of the rich mega yatch owners that dock at your port for that “beautiful” free health care that Marianne offers them, without charging them (too, also) a fucking Euro.

And inside of the four walls that hold the acoustic ceiling of the press room at the White House, it might be a small coincidence but that there nose of Donald John Trump sure the fuck (comme d’habitude il va sourire) grows by the letter like a little Italian fantasy wooden boy air intake branch.

Texto anónimo, snapshot by Segoviaspixes — CopyLeft and fuck The French Gauche

Texto anónimo, snapshot by Segoviaspixes — CopyLeft and fuck The French Gauche .::. B468EC8D-ACA9-4BEC-BFFC-2B377E8466AE 🥑 Señor Jean–Luc Mélenchon, por favor mantenga su línea abierta para el contexto, de arranque, MORENA–Francia y los latinoamericanos que los acompañan, la mayoría son unos RACISTAS.

Back at the Goldoni green space, we [the staff] insist on juxtaposing a SIGN ON THE WALL with the news IN the language of some guy named Molière:

On raconte que le cris des enfants jouant sur cette place (GOLDONI; 75002) peuvent réveiller de minuscule larves d’insects endormies dans ce mur de leur trou et partent à la recherche du cri qui leur a rendu la vie. Peut-être n’est qu’un simple hasard, mais généralement, le chemin qu’elles parcourent forme des lettres qui, si on les prononçait suffisamment fort, prolongeraient étrangement les cris et les Chants des enfants

El Otro Necio — Deer, Mr. Haass meet John Mill Ackerman (Lorde of the AMLO Ring)

“Felizmente,” which transliterates as « blissfully foolish », the unofficial spokesperson and wife of the current Public Functions Secretary of the government of Mexico explains that the president of that D.A.R.E. nation continues to engage in the activities that his populist counterpart across the Rio Bravo (Donald John Trump) can only wish he could continue to engage in, which is to say engage in demagogic rallies that John Mill Ackerman’s counterpart in the nazi regime, Joseph Goebbles, would certainly give an “Ey–Plus” if the nazi propagandist was a Distinguished Visiting Professor at The Sorbonne in Paris, like John Mill Ackerman was.

El hombre perfecto

“En lugar de declarar toques de queda y esconderse atrás de cuatro paredes, sigue viajando por el país, supervisando obras, animando a la población y dialogando con la prensa en su mañanera.” .::. FCBC36D9-DA83-4102-905B-2B84578B647F 🥑 JOHN Mill ACKERMAN: el puto perfecto, porque ese hombre es bien MACHO… con la salud de su prójimo, of course.

Breaking the News… we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] interrupt the one–sided and unanswered conversation with the Stars of “the msnbc” in order to cover Agent Angle’s scoop on the Brexit Prime Minister, Boris “the spartan” Johnson:

Bolsonaro's youth

Jair’s youth .::. 4040D484-0197-46C5-94FD-9904A916BE37 ⚒🛠 “We don’t Knead Know Education”.

D.A.T. ⤴️ was last weekend’s edition (Sunday 29 – Monday 30 of Mars; N° 23396) of El Mundo de Le Monde « géopolitique », page 21/22.
This is this week’s Sunday 5 – Monday 6 of April; N° 23402) of the same diario ⤵️

Ejemplo o excepción

Ejemplo o excepción .::. 59FCCF65-BB3F-4954-A9CB-6511910D3F22 📰 Page 34.


Anyhow Mr. Haass, öüï did not take a nap today. Unforeseen circumstances forced us out of our bunker and we [the staff] had to do a mini “get a fuck out of Dodge” exercise. So, please stand–by while we try to take a Siesta and hopefully (if the working Poles don’t get in the way) we will be up and at #Em at the bottom of The Rachel Maddow Show… don’t forget to eat your meat, or you can’t have any pudding; yes you! Behind the respirator, “stand still laddy¹”.

… TimeStamp: 23h22 in CET
(They 1173 of the Potus

Meanwhile on ay 1174

Meanwhile on Day 1174 in the great State of Wisconsin, under President Trump, the Conservative Controlled Courts rule that you (motherfuckers) either get out and vote for TODAY’s Democrat primary —in person— or you SHUT THE FUCK UP in November .::. C0BF0B30-F8C0-482B-829E-C3DC6159C2FB 🗳🦠🏇🏼🗣✍🏼🙏🏼😈⚰️

Well, Will, you look at

1. Pink Floyd another brick in the wall (part 2) lyrics

Slim Virginia smokes Faros®️ — One One : ONE ONE

A Brief history of The United States Navy in the voice of Captain Jack Sparrow’s dad… [B]ut FOist, Queen Elizabeth the First gave her “We’ll meet again” address to the Brexit crowd [in a Monty Phyton voice] while Boris the lover of Greeks is admitted into the hospital and taken out of N° 10 street.

Attention Series Soundtrack Coordinators

Attention Streaming Series Soundtrack Coordinators .::. 49504EF5-654E-420D-A4EA-96D1EBE1C0C0 🎙The following is a mashup of La Prima Vera [Lynn] “We’ll meet Again” and Gene Kelly’s  “Singing in the rain”, as performed by An American [railroaded by The Paris Préfecture de Police in 2015 and 2017] in Paris, indeed, —we’ll meet again.

In Premier League solidarity news, it’s good to know that the “oldest profession in the world”, next to PIRACY, of course is being taken care of; it’s no wonder D.A.T. the tax relief of Mutt Island is paying up to 80% of the Premiere League and other Industries employee salaries, while the owners of them industries and SPORTS organizations get to go to Nice, France and/or Southeastern Asia and spend the COVID-19 pandemic on a mega super rich yatch and/or mansion. 

Do as Trump says and not like I do: https ://edition .cnn .com /2020/04/06 /sport /kyle-walker-coronavirus-party-apology

[What’s D.A.T., AP News guy?… what’s that that you are pointing to? Latin America and Africa?… Jonathan, Lemire is coming in Broken on top of El WaPo]… TimeStamp is 13h25 in Central NATO Times.

All Purpose AP Knew News

… [Y]ou know Bob, it’s a good thing that the Préfecture de Police à Paris does not keep “tabs” on u.s., otherwise the motherfucker assigned to that post would send in the Working Poles to shut-u.s. out of the Squat D.A.T. we are occupying right now, which it is SAD, because when it suited La Ville de Paris (under certain circumstances that favored the POLITICAL RHETORIC of the Mexican Embassy and the Government of François Hollande) the council awarded PRIMO real estate to snitches of the Enrique Peña Nieto artists syndicate… [A]nd, motherfuckers, ustedes saben muy bien quienes son por El Día y por La Noche. COME FINISH THE JOB, all we [the staff] is asking is that you don’t strike when we are sleeping, después de todo no somos “tiburones” como ustedes, sus mercedes.

Mezquino como un chileno de Pinochet

El presidente que es un mezquino, como un chileno de Pinochet .::. ECB6BC53-F4F7-4F9D-A27E-1092C02698C7 ⏳ In context, Richard Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, and student who always raised his hand and sat at the front row seats of Dr. Zbigniew Brzeziński’s classroom gets a sticky-star for his kitchen refrigerator because as the very French say, the man with an avocado name “is not silly”, and Cousin Joe, here’s why: you —motherfucker— might remember how just a few Super Bowls ago the demand of Doritos®️ most popular dip strained the supply-and-demand dynamics of that particular fruit; ISSY, motherfuckers, los aguacates son frutas y no vegetales, anyhow, Willie Geist, D.A.T. D.A.R.E. observation brought forward by Dickey Haass on Morning Joe is almost right ON–SPOT, and Eye says that It Is Almost right on SPOT because Mr. HAASS forgot to include the most important factor about the COVID–19 in that there “Latin América”, con acento of course, in any case, BOB (you sexy motherfucker) meet me on the next entry of this most non–consequential blog and, motherfucker’ don’t forget your huevos on that there avocado snack for the 11th Hour.

https ://www .cfr .org /expert /richard-n-haass

… “Don’t stop Mí now”.

“por tu salud”

“Por tu salud“ .::. 364DA509-814B-4819-98D5-312657C5BBC9 🥑 Nada como un aguacate, acompañado por huevos por la mañana; it’s the breakfast of Champions. — Club Jazz —sin fip   SIN FIN!

FAROS A LA DISTANCIA — relapso a las cavernas

The “Silver lining in this,” is that hand sanitizer is being used.
En México no pasa nada.

En México no pasa nada .::. F0D62F97-29B4-451D-8F57-B23A47B9A60C 🧮 Today’s front page photo of La Jornada. According to PELÁEZ, BOLAÑOS, GONZÁLEZ y QUINTERO the man with subdued hands and his mouth covered by a dirty rag is a person in a homeless situation WHO, despite his social stratus takes the precaution of using “hand sanitizer” before he becomes yet another statistic of the NARCO Violence that NEVER ceases to cede in its astronomical numbers of victims; breaking yet, another record from last year war on crime collateral deaths. 🦠 Aussi, Australians have snatched yet another DISCOVERY from The French, according to the expelled nation of Rosbif ex-cons, AUSTRALIA just discovered THE MAGIC ELIXIR OF THE AGAVE plant: TEQUILA for cars! VIVA MÉXICO, cabrones.

VIVA méxico.

Lo bueno de la temporada es de que México finally Catches up with The Times. Spring forward started today at 02h Mexico Time. The mentality of president Andrés Manuel López Obrador however is in PAR with the Donald Trump administration’s to deregulate environmental protections and who instead of taking advantage of the CLEAR BLUE SKIES which resulted from the past month–long work–from–home and subsequent empty roads across mayor cities in the world wants to put carbon emissions back to the pre–Barack Obama days, just to show Melania that he [Donald John Trump] can.

Ray Bones

“They say the Fucking smog is the Fucking reason you have such beautiful Fucking sunsets.” .::. 457371E1-3658-40B2-B9A9-3BB598A9E03C 🕶
Ray Bones (Dennis Farina) in Get Shorty.

… [B]ecause Trump can’t drive: FIFTY FIVE!

In theaters November 2020.


Slim Virgina… you’ve regressed long time, bay–bee

Musical Guest:
SIMONUCI and Funklegarbe

SIMONuci & Funklegarble

El zopilote pasa .::. FD5AAF0D-694C-4825-996D-C893E2001DAE 🗺⚰️

A Brief history of The United States Navy in the voice of Captain Jack Sparrow’s dad, and yes, Sparrow’s dad likes big butts and he cannot lie.

— Now this might seem ironic, but the U.S Navy was born out of a need to defend against the Tripoli Pirates in the late 18th Century and here öüï is, in the 21st Century not only acting but behaving and engaging like pandemic profiteering pirates, hijacking medical supplies from U.S. allies and, acting like complete savages with the people of Cuba.

https ://www .ctvnews .ca /health /coronavirus /cuba-u-s-embargo-blocks-coronavirus-aid-shipment-from-asia-1.4881479


En el ruedo

🎵 Marchando una de piratas…
Larga vida y gloria eterna.
Para hincarles de rodillas
Hay que cortarles las piernas.

Joan Manuel Serrat

[Right now, 16h in CET, it’s Siesta Time… please check listings]

… [Yawn]

EPA* honcho

As an EPA* honcho, Thomas Moldy… Modly was an inspiration to former Texas governor Rick Perry before taking the reigns of Donald John Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency.

It’s 4 O’clock in New York and not that we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] wish to listen to what the entire news business (including FOX) industry call, “The daily Donald Trump word salad complement in the U.S., to the Mexican huevos rancheros breakfast briefing of López Obrador”, but the motherfucker, (o sea Donald John Trump) can’t even be punctual to his own fucking Sporths Authority fantasy show. In any case, we now return to, A Brief History of The U.S. Navy.

Cast of characters:

Pedos tristes y Soplados blandos

Pedos tristes y soplados blandos .::. B92D8A72-5A8A-4DA2-AF1A-F1419AD4CED8 🌫 For the Castilian speaking market Sean Hannity is, PEDOS TRISTES and Jesse Watters is SOPLADOS BLANDOS. “—LET IT RIP!.

Thomas Jefferson is portrayed by “The Red Rocker”, Sammy Hagar.

Una de piratas

Por un quitame esas pajas te pasan por la quilla.
Pero en el fondo son unos sentimentales
Que se graban en la piel
A la reina del burdel
Y se la llevan puesta a recorrer los mares.
… “Una de piratas”.

• The Acting Secretary of The United States Navy, the honorable Thomas Moldy… Modly is represented by Walter Peck (William Atherton), a pompous EPA delegate in New York City c. 1984.

So, Donald John Trump, chief. What are you going to do?

Are you, mr. president, done making america great again? You’ve done it, mr. president, america is number one. It’s too bad that The Great State of Georgia won’t get the news for at least another month.

Young at heart

Fairy tales can come true
It can happen to you
If you’re young at heart…

In Central Europe Time it is:

In the NAVY


The Eleventh Hour, indeed.

And in Nantucket… Cousin Joe is securing the Mansion

Cousin Joe’s National
Lampoon’s Pandemic Vacation

At Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, the prohibitively and tragically rich, are locking up the New American Castles. And of course, they (the rich fat cats) are depressed about it, while they haggle the wages of their unpaid gardeners and landscapers.

The Sole of America

The Sole of America is out of thread .::. 3924E658-BF80-4BE1-9BBD-CEED594CC708 🦠

In Military news, the U.S. Navy crucifies actual leaders and REWARDS psychopathic NAVY Seals for committing WAR CRIMES.

The Thread from Madrid

Dear, Acting Secretary of the Navy. Hon. Thomas B. Moldy …. Thomas B. Modly from O.H.I.O, please be advised that the following opinion paragraph must be read in a Captain Jack Sparrow’s father voice, and yes, —sir— D.A.T. D.A.R.E motherfucker is an actual Rolling Stone.


Indeed, “Qué bonitos son los hombres,” dijo el General Francisco Villa… independientemente del uniforme que ellos porten, and that is something that a toy soldier in boarding school will never understand or get; even if he was installed as Commander–in–Chief.

Now, then Mr. Moldy … Modly,  no one here at staff is questioning your service to the country, you sir, unlike that incompetent POTUS you call ‘boss’ are a former  U.S. Navy pilot, however, sir, let’s not forget the  spotlight incident that got you the position that you are currently warming the chair for, and by this we mean the next ACTUAL secretary of them floating fortresses that DONALD JOHN TRUMP, and you, sir, just compromised.

We [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] are, however, questioning WHAT EVER HAPPENED to them “wheelbarrows full of cold hard cash, that Paul Bremer (N° 3) lost while toppling Saddam Hussein. You were the … wait for it, Eye is going to take a nap…

Man! that was one long nap. As we woke we heard D.A.T D.A.R.E. ‘black spy’, hey There, Nance, long time no see. How ’bout them pentagon boys, eh!? Sycophants at their best.

Meanwhile across The Atlantic, Dr. Jon Meachum is only slightly out of tune, here’s how:

It is not that the COVID–19 recognizes a “republican” governor across them Southern states, but rather, professor Meachum, D.A.T. the DEATH CULT of theUltra Rich” want the very—very poor dead. Why, sir, do you think that the MEGA churches are allowed to stay open? it’s a perfect opportunity for The preachers that hire Kanye West, to get them old nanas and grandpaws infected so that they (los fieles) send their money to Kenneth Copeland so that ‘he’ not Baby Jesus, anoint their Stay in Heaven.