Dear thank you for going Stasi* — Reach out touch Faith

*~. But most importantly, because this ain’t no disco, no C.B.G.B’s. (punto y coma) Eye ain’t gots Thyme for that now, —Ewe know.

It’s “like a Japanese CAT”, knot like a fucking horse.

In local news, The Our Lady of Los Ángeles ☄️⚾  Philharmonique is playing next to Marie-Ange’s Bagagerie, it’s a West(side)Story Engagement, nothing to see here, move along… and nevermind them police barriers at Sarah’s Théâtre.

The Devil is in a Sharp dressed man 👞 , never mind the details or las bienvenues et départs when Youse down and out near Montparnasse, and dear Marie-Ange Schiltz this is the slot where the dearly departed are always welcome, and where the “Mini-Madrina” snapshot from the other day comes in, unfortunately Denis Soula and Susana Pubeda hijacked my British-Queen bitch segment… any how here’s the TEA on that walkabout session that closes the Month of September. ENTER Alexander.

… continued from Schiltz’ « Daily homeless (W/OFA (güo’FA) » :

Alexander, mon cher Alexander, aux raisonnements incertains, au débit saccadé mâtiné d’un fort accent britannique, quasi incompréhensible. Anglais, je lui
trouve de la classe. Il fut professeur, dit-on. Alexander écume Paris, je marche
beaucoup. Nous nous sommes plusieurs fois reconnus du côté de Montparnasse.

¶5,  p.181

Fin de page

Stop making sativa sensi, sensei!

Is this not the Python moment you All were waiting for?

Très british, il tient la distance. Notre surprise explose joyeuse et sincère sur le trottoir. Comme toujours, nos interactions s’arrêtent aussi brusquement qu’elles ont commencé. Alexander reprend son chemin, moi le mien. On se retourne, on se salue. Nous n’avons rien verbalisé, et pourtant, je sais qu’il est aussi heureux que moi de la rencontre inopinée.
¶1, p. 182

Note to whomEva’ gots’ the control of fip dot fr right now:

Jesus will fix, IT!, for you.
Just like Jesus fixed
Louis “the just’s” 13th Hot Rod.

Enter the Rhapsodes… knot to be tied to°get°her° {nor} confused with Snoop Dogg’s rendition of Freddy Mercury’s “Murder Was The Case That They Gave Mí” because, d’Aubignac’s (and I quote) « [H]istory of archaic Greek performances justified his theory of THE STICHED-To°Get°Her° corpus³ ». In this sense, Sensei, the Iliad was a sort-of-middle-of-the-road, Frank Zappa kind of quilt in the form of ‘little poem tragedies’, not DRAMAS performed by actors but “hymns or canticles” that Greek princes had performed (JUST like the Just King at the beginning of Ken Russell’s THE DEVILS film) at their feasts³³.”


“And since they did not always have poets on hand for new works, they decided to take the episodes or detached pieces from those who had some reputation, and those who plied this trade were called Rhapsodes—they not only sang, but also danced gracefully and artfully expressing with their bodies the sense of the verse. …”,
Theiss, p. 85



I know where you get yer’ Chinks from now.

Armando Segovia, bringing you to theys ghosts of Tomorrow

³~. Based on a ballad by M. Peyroux and Mu°ham°mad° Ali

Día Mundial contra la Rabia, de la rage que da ravia contra rabiem

Do Knot Attempt Stop-motion at home(less).

°1932 : Víctor Jara, auteur-compositeur-interprète, professeur, directeur de théâtre chilien ( 13 septembre 1973).

Howard Johnson:

[1895They say that now, in Paris, France, even as we speak, Louis Pasteur has devised a new vaccine that will obliterate Rabis once and for all. Think of it, gentlemen, mad bitches and deadly bites, a thing of the past.  

Let’s recap³!

Theiss-es thesis pp. 82-83: d’Aubignac hasterisks*
* The abbé removed the poetry from Seminary School and changed the scenery to SKID ROW, and thus killed Matt Daemon.
* The abbé delivers a speech at the current Siege of the Ministère de l’intérieur and properly gets a rejection letter from Richelieu’s Immortals Académie. Before engaging in such public act, d’Aubignac had to clear the road of misinformation and fake news surrounding the controversy surrounding Cleopatra’s skin color and her racial background. The abbé however, was not the first to have disputed Homer and with that winning the political disfavor that followed, enter Zoilus of Amphipolis, a Cynic but not like “el perro immortal” and Académicien, Mario Vargas Llosa, Zoilus was a Rolling Stone and his Number One New York Times best-seller was aptly titled, “Fuck Homer and the poetry of hobos”, also known simply as, “Against The Poetry of Homer“, Theiss-es argues, that his anti-Homeric engagement at the Alexandria Public Library made  of Zoilus the laughing stock of the Alexandrian court of Ptolemy Philadelphius. Zoilus was stoned to death for dissing Alexander The Great’s number one poet hero.

It’s 1634 and I hope that I am wrong, but Governor, it seems that the objects that are stenciled on the ground are closer than La Mancha than mister Collection Pinault might think that these symbols are.

Öüï (that motherfucker) is celebrating the birthday extravaganza celebration of the killer of ‘blackbirds’, the one-and-only Louie XIII, and as is customary on The Road To Hell jamboree of this caliber, today’s JOUST is between:

Pannonica Vesica — La Justa medida.


Team Die Toten Stahlhelm  (White Évry thing)
Team La Mancha (Ingenioso hidalgo on Rosinante)

This joust is not a jest…


Jump to mañana, I’m Sirius and you are not.

Mi amigo “el tordillo”… that’s a nice chink you got there


I pitty the Fo’ who thinks that this trip is about Cocaine… Sally.


Go ahead, Jerry Brown… rebound this Governor and disrupt the snare and bass with an ♪-ball and riders on 32nd Street. I tell you what though, in local news, with that stencil on the ground I reckon that Stephanie (Gavotte) is going to be needing a different BOWto hammer them strokes into a martellato

Les nouveaux croisés : symbolisme et rhétorique d’extrême droite contemporaine


Now I don’t want the intelligentzia peruana del CROUS de la 3 rue de Mabillon (2011-2015), en especial a los admiradores de Mario Vargas Llosa, to think that I am playing a different tune. It’s the same if your “excellencies” factor in the FACT, that Évry thing from La Comedie to l’Académie française was conceived by the imagination of the devil of Loudun, the good ♦ Cardinal Richelieu. So bear with me que yo no soy un pinche ‘literato’.

What are the odds that Life is what happens to you while… Christine Carrier censored Baseball at the Bpi

https ://www .bpi .fr /a-lire-sur-bpi-pro/

Electric LADYRACKS and a Boob.

But First, on a day like today, but of 1821, after 11 years of bullshit, the Mexican War of Independence comes to an end, and instead of going with the Greek model (pirateado primero por los EEUU y luego por Francia) Mexico instead follows the way of the European emperors. In Mexico there was only one and his name was Agustin and that is all that I am going to say about that. Except for the curious fact that the first Mexican president, which followed an ousted Agustin was from DURANGO.

🎶 so… Hot Chili Peppers in the blistering pyre.

But seriously Volks… there used to be an “Encyclopédie of Baseball” on the racks of the 2nd floor, heck I took a few snapshots of them pages and then, well, and then the world changed. COVID-19 became a thing. Long story short, when the library opened back up, the Baseball literature was gone. Sources close to “el bicho” de Saint~Merri relay that Christine Carrier burned said Baseball “encyclopédie” to make room for yet another fucking book about rugby.

Any how, photography was not around the time that the CIA had it’s its official blessing… the Right-leaning padres mock The Church of Satan by mocking the Pentagram or “up-side down star” with a seal called theChristogram”, which looks a lot like the Argentina national seal on the albiceleste. Coincidence, don Francisco? I don’t think so.

https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Jesuits

There has got to be an economic value to this. But one has to be French to exploit the angles like Magnum does, bunch of fags 📸.


Now the catalogue at the Bpi will return a querry with plenty of books about baseball, and yet, for the past year and a half these tomes must be ghosts of their own diamond because I have yet to see one single book that deals with baseball, there are however, 20 racks of books dedicated to rugby.

Here’s the visual formula:

Secrets in Plain Sight, re-visited, and to Just to celebrate the Just king of LOUDUN TOWN Jamboree, there will be a Joust tonight, Henry the Horse 🐴 will moonlight as Rosinante 🆚 the White Power Knights of La Canopée à Chato-Let.

The sum of all racks (nakid brestes-es-ese on the Electric LADYRACKS album + Nicole “empty rack” Wallace =’s 20) if you add the Mitch boob factor then Ewe coq suckers have a 21♠️

Over on the Abbé d’Aubignac channel:

On a THEY like today, but of 1601 nace Louis XIII, le juste, rey de Francia de 1610 à 1643. On the streets of Paris and especially around the Pont Neuf, Louie the 13 is known as the “BLACKBIRD Killer”.

Now I can [personally] understand that rugby, next to le sacre pétanque ball of course, is like the national sport for them Frogs, but considering that you have your young and now even old Frenchies wearing Major League Baseball paraphernalia on your PARIS FASHION SHOWS, should it not be the incumbent upon your racks³, to at least have the type of material that can explain to your peripheric, or rather peripheral masses that you cannot, YOU CANNOT mix a Cardinal’s cap (or casquette as you fuckers call the headgear) with a Padres jersey! It’s just sacrilege, Christine Carrier, visual blasphemy. It’s like wearing an OM shirt with the PSG shorts. It’s foul ball to right-field, mister Le Bon.

https ://www .centrepompidou .fr /fr /programme /agenda /evenement /public-service-snapshot /with-a-slight-double-screen-grab

Eye tells you Christine Carrier, it’s pre-poste°rous, ab°Zurdo and inconspicuous, to say the LIST, that your professional hit-squad of book worms would ban baseball from those racks of yours.

And here’s another thing mister Le Bon, if that is even your real name, and to paraphrase REY Bones in “get shorty”:

The reason that you have such beautiful architecture under them sunsets is because of the Pershing Baseball Field in Vincennes.

Last slob’s today week with Mike Barnicle — No Baseball today

Context follows…

It’s Fashion Week at BFM’er TV and Évry body is wearing Victoria’s Known Facts, except the Women for that would be considered sexual get-it to-get-her, or something like that, and I reckon that that is the way it is.

“Yeah, I only wish that the prince wouldn’t show up on the stage of Denmark’s Théâtre de La Ville looking like a slob! »

Anne Finucane’s husband, and Morning Mika tag-along resident “get off my yard” pundit, Mike Barnicle.

And, Willie Geist, is Charlie Sykes starting a cult in his basement? What’s with them black curtains is Charlie building a mystery or is that coq sucker just another Sarah McLachlan closeted Franc maçon?

Don’t bother answering…

Saying the quiet part out loud 📢



¿Boleros psiCOdelicos? Solo los de Cantinflas³ empeyotado 👞

 “Are You Not Entertained?”

Proximo priest, he used to be a Roman slave turned Gladiator, later a circus owner, and then he died… for To They’s Daily Double, what is Australia famous for besides dingo dogs, syphilitic koalas, or platitudes that look like the unholy union between a duck and beaver?

… How does it feel, Denis Soula? How does it feel you son of a, and Eye quotes, “son of a bitch”.

³~. Raquel’s Shoeshine boy

For those not current, like little ol’Mí, on the happenings at La Maison de l’Amérique latine (MAL217-SGP) I’ll save you the scrolling down into the bowels of another era, an era when Évry thing convenient ceased to operate on Sundays in France, why in those days being spotted inside of a McDo (McDonalds if you’ve never been to Spain) would get you banned from the neighborhood bistro and/or dive.

Any how, Denis Soula, you son of a bitch, it was the Month of April in Paris, and if you don’t believe Mî well you can just send your programming monkees to La Mal217 and ask for Lioncio Ornella, an architect who moonlights as the mayordomo d’Alain Rouquie³² (ex-ambassador of France for Latin America in the years of the G.A.T.T.) there about the little pasquín that I wanted to make an enterprise of (it was sacrilege, of course³) and the warning that don Leo issued to me as he shook my hand and gave me his blessing to go ahead and cover the events that happened there, (in what was a stale Year of Mexico in France of 2011) was that, “It’s not always about the poor”.

Over at the BBC, Paul’s broken a glass and now he’s fixing a hole in the wall.

Historical Beatle Theory suggests that Ken Russell’s vision of Huxley’s “Devils of Loudun” was saved by the hidden hand of Lennon, on the condition that there would be a BLACKBIRD exécution with, wait for it… A Warm Gun.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s operator’s would use that slogan later during his regime in Texcoco. Look it up, it’s public record, and if you copy and paste without showing context or actual work, then you are a Prime Candidate for the Amnesty International ex-police officer from a SHIT HOLE NATION refugee program in France, you just have to make your flight schedule from whatever Shit Hole Nation that you are arriving from fit a landing strip in Barajas, an airport in Spain, where I’ve never been.

I reckon that it is those type of immigrants that Mister Macron and his boy-wonder Darmanino  are referring to when it comes to filling-in all of those new MADRINA French program jobs at a supermarket near you (in France) which are now opened on Sundays, or at a McDo entrance (now that The 🍟 Clown is MARIANNE’S biggest employer and commercial building renter in France).

WARNING ⚠️ THE FOLLOWING IS KNOT, Öüï repeats! IT IS KNOT just another “Hunchbacks’” story, está joroba si que joroba, joder!

Ancient Beatlemania and I’m-a-phoney productions présent: Ya Chole Con Tu Joroba, Jodorowski.


Now ladies in Gemini, I am only saying, or rather finger-banging it on a mobile téléphone azerty “kdyboard*” because unlike other Zorro’s, I know that JOAQUIN “phoenix” MURRIETA was from Sonora, and not from Chile, I don’t care what Pablo Neruda said. Fuck him, and COMODUS Aussie.

*~. Can you imagine Sergeant Marjolaine Portier-Kaltenbach, if pianos came in QWERTY/AZERT and other assorted glyphs?

What would Tres Palabras say, but most importantly, would these get lost in Translation? Ewe bee the judge, Maya…🌹


The big test period for that private security program starts upon arrival of the first Olympic Games delegations to France.


Ibid… Susana Pubeda walks into a bar

[Susana screams at the top of her lungs as she kicks the cantina’s Doors open]

— 15’s my limit on schnitzels groovin!

— Cut!!! Who let Susana in?

Cardinal Phang! Fetch The Comfy Chair…

But seriously, what are the odds that Denis Soula would fit Terry Gilliam into the MINI that I was about to deliver on Sunday night (to close the mariachi weekend and kiss Mexican Monolith Month 2023 into the books) and but with a vulgar display of French tauntiness Denis Soula proceeded to celebrate her Flying Circuses Mass. The GALL, France, —The Gall!!!

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /certains-l-aiment-fip /rencontre-avec-cardinalefang-inquisitor-visionnaire

Check the date, Susana! Check the date bay-bee. I had a MADRINA³ set to deliver the limo 🇬🇧 sine at the 11th Hour on Sunday Night, but mister Soula just had to contact Torquemada, himself.

Mini – Madrina³, not to be confused with mini madrinas de la policia judicial mexicana.

³~. Car hauler / transporter or góndola madrina, but don’t take my leg-work or worst, mi mexicanidad for, IT!: https ://www2 .proz .com /kudoz /spanish-to-english /automotive-cars-trucks /gondola-madrina

From the Anne Sinclair 1989 files en l’Emission Sept sur sept , but in the voice of French president Emmanuel Macron last night on the Rugby Channel de France, dit TF1:

Ya chole con tu pinche miseria… o algo así

No Insistas, Susana!

It’s what Donald Trump calls shithole countries.

Öüï now ketch-up with Victor Hugo as he was moon lighting as one of the Two Gurus in Drag at the Amsterdam Hilton. Susana Puveda stars as Yoko Ono.

 “Now, get seven million, five hundred thousand votes to declare that two-and-two-make-five, that the straight line is the longest road, that the whole is less than its part; get it declared by eight millions, by ten millions, by a hundred millions of votes, you will not have advanced a step.”

Victor Hugo in,  NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, and other assorted love songs.

If you are just joining U.S. it’s the 1870’s 1850’s and Victor Hugo discovers spiritism while kicking it in Jersey, dude even had like a weekly special on the local colored radio station where he talked-to-the-dead. Victor Hugo would contact Macario and then talk to a range of luminaries such as Diderot, Jeanne d’Arc, and of course Shakespirito Santo.

And starring as… James Patterson, Augusto Pinochet…

Long-story short, Victor Hugo would go on to criticize don Louis Napo°kitten³ III for supporting the war in CRIMEA and for visiting London Town. But the thing that got them Rosbifs mad was Victor Hugo’s criticism of Queen Victoria’s relation with El Conde, AUGUSTO PIONCHET… remember now, Pablo (i hate that fucking name*) Larraín brought forth the proposition that Augusto was a fucking vampire, which EYE MIGHT ADD, such proposition was released during “LA NOCHE DEL GRITO” on 15 September of Last Week To They… en Balard, coincidence, you betcha!

³~. His actual name was Napoléon Le Petit, but let’s not forget that don Napo III was also a pussy.

*~. https ://www .diverto .tv /actualites /cinema /el-conde-cest-quoi-cette-comedie-insolite-qui-debarque-sur-la-promenade-des-anglais

No Insistas Susana Pubeda, the Cardinal’s ❤️ belongs to Marjolaine

[ Clears throat]

The Fall of Venus, Issy, that diver there is the very same Herculean muncher that Cardinal Colbert expropriated from King Louis XIV’s finances superintendant, el buen Nicolas Fouquet. And in case Mother Mary at Apple Records hasn’t noticed there seems to be a theme going on here with them French Cardinals ♦️.


This being mariachi weekend in Nantes, have-at-it.


— What are the odds that George Harrison will Save Susana Puveda’s show? The answer, well the answer is relative to Denis Soula going directly to fuck himself, them are the odds.

— Ahem… behold:

entonces, in sticking with western-style UNITY please be advised that the only reason that [up to this point] the city walls of Loudon stayed up was on account that Louie the 13 promised the chaplain’s mecenas that he would keep ‘Ol Phillips-es defences-es in Loudun Town up, but then the Chaplain’s sponsor died and so the walls, well these went down 👎, period!

Now the reason why the wall of Loudoun Town had to come down was precisely to prevent The Protestant on the opposite side of la rue de Rivoli y esa pinche calle du Louvre from taking over Le Fumoir³ next to the New and Improved Paris Centre Maire… and that fucking church where the Peruvians keep their causa next to La Guadalupana.

³~. de Guadeloupe, not to be confused with El Tepeyac-iri-Jacques!

Richelieu’s strategy off-Course, of course was the epitome of an upside-down Isosceles Triangle with baron Haussmanns-ses and which for all intents and purposes Öüï identifies on this blog as this:

whereas Richelieu’s démolition prevented them Protestants from pulling a Vercingétorix on Loudun, Haussmannien strategy triangulated the city blocks, literally, in order to enclose the fortification from the inside-out. A labyrinth which strangles mob-mouvement and benefits police strangleholds… but that’s another story for O’this They to sing.

Año de Hidalgo à Le Fumoir (01/02/2018).



🎶 Take out the 🗞️’s and the Trash

 The Cardinals ♦️ Richelieu, Ximénez and Pedro Guerrero are at a bar, hilarity ensues when Cardinal Glick walks in from Jersey.

And in Paris, France… “Even as Öüï, speaks³,” Victor Hugo is being declared by The Préfecture de Police at La Promenade des Rosbifs à Nice, as a Persona Non-Grata in JERSEY on account of criticizing Queen Victoria and her silly little castle on top of the Pessicart Quartier, just around the corner from where that priest, Father Christophe at the Saint-Pierre d’Arenes church, was stabbed while celebrating mass.

https ://www .baseball-almanac .com /players /player / pedro guerrero


It’s the Eleventh Hour in Hilo, Hawaii, and in Paris, France, Susana Puveda just couldn’t resist joining-in on the Exorcism of Loudun, at The Pompidou.

Hoy no hubo Phangs — The unity of the Abbé d’Aubignac’s time of Homer’s place and the culture of the action on the Streets in Seventeenth-Century Paris

Unity :

PSA from PUB-3-MUS-016 at the Bpi


‘member now time now is the 1600’s in Paris, France, and in Loudun Town, Cardinal Richelieu starts the hunt of a chaplain by the name of Urbanus Grandier for the high crime of criticizing the good cardinal. Of course King Louis XIII could not just send in the dogs for an issue of FREEDOM of SPEECH (which didn’t exist yet, if you get my point) so the good Cardinal Ximénez, who was in France at the time to oversee the Pope’s visit to Marseille, where strong anti-monarchy vibes are taking place, suggested Witchcraft meets Downtown; now to make matters worse for The Crown, The Pontif is in Marseille to visit a boatload of Donatis°tes from Africa.

https ://www .huffingtonpost .fr /france /video /migrants-in-marseille-pope-francis-denounces-the–fanaticism-of-indifference–



Place :

Hola, guapos…

To celebrate Mexican Independence They³ (in Nantes, hoy²) at the Bpi, da’Man, José Lopes re-constituted the dang-on système des tickets at The Doors. Plan accordingly and remember: Big Brother, Julio Pirés, is watching you.

with that in mind and, with the proper references not necessarily the « FIDELIO » password, Öüï the staff now return to The Ursulin’s convent in Loudon Town where one of their own is acting up like  ‘a cat in heat : on a grey oyster’s shell’ , o como dicen en ROMA, « La Gatta in calore : Grigioperla », The Pope had his own man keeping an Aye!, on Richelieu and his name was Vincent Dæmon Furnier, of ALICE COOPER’s notoriety.

Papa Poule at rue Carnot recommended the inn. Cardinal Ximénez was already having supper at the mesón next door.

³~. 16/09/2023

https ://www .bpi .fr /reprise-des-tickets-pour-entrer-a-la-bpi/

²~. 23/09/2023

https ://www .helloasso .com /associations /comal /evenements /fiesta-del-grito-nantes-2023

A Child With A Noose… ONE KNIGHT ONLY with special guest Erika Voodoo.


Where were you while We Were Playing Sax 🎷

Musical Background, Third Eye Foundation, and mister Matt Elliott, don’t shed a tear 🎷, I do not chose the angles, I just relay the Dun Dun Dun – Dhunnn ! (1X).

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.