🎺da-da-da—Da-da-da•Da-da-da•DAH—Da-Da-Da- TA-Da-Dahhh-CHARGE!!

🎺 🥎 TA-Da-Dahhh- 🐎 da-DAH-DA CHARGE!!

Please kneel for the singing of The National Anthem

TELEVISA PRESENTA: “It was necessary to ‘invent the nations beyond an anthem, a flag, and a currency’ ». So we re-invented The Year of México in France at the House that The Second Empire built in Puebla (on rue Bolivar, 75018). 📰 Fair Use of N° 31 of Usbek & Rica, “PANIQUE DANS LA PUB”; dépôt légal: Janvier 2021. Note to editors: the name of the empires have been changed to protect the Umpires.

🎺TA-Da-Dahhh- 🐎 da-da—DAH CHARGE!!

I’m SIRIUS, please kneel for the singing of the National Anthem… puto el/la que no cante en su Chante… because of the Coronas et. al.

Veuillez vous agenouiller pour le chant de l’hymne national 🌬 11C19473-F20E-43CF-A87B-05E7720FD8E5 🥎 “More cowbell! ».

Welcome, to the first 150 Year Anniversary Softball Tournament commemorating the first Metropolitan War in recent historicity. Home team advantage is awarded by default to some, Knot all, of the French luminaries that form part of the illustrated pictures at every elementary school in France. The Away team is composed of the current political figures that WHO, for better or WO’ist–are part of history in the making (punto y coma) with all due respect here is the line-up:

Centerfield: Serge “Lucien” Gainsbourg
Right field:
Left field:
Third Base: General Charles “Chuck” de Gaulle
Short stop: Vincingetorix
Second Base: José* Napolèon III
First Base:
Pitcher: Louise Michel
Catcher: Napoléon Bonaparte

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Napoleon_III

And… in TROU French fashion, WHO’s on First is waiting to find out What party is going to fill the Left and Right Field, while that gets settled please welcome the honorary “first throw Pitch” celebrity hero into the Pershing Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes, ladies in Gemini, straight out of Alesia,  Heeeeeeere’s Julius Cæsar!

The First 150th Anniversary of The Paris Commune Softball Tornament Tournament is brought to you by NIKE for those who speak Greek and, by Victoria if you are in La Colonia ROMA.

WHO is Afraid of THE PUB?

🎺TA-Da-Dahhh- 🐎 Da-da—DAH CHARGE!!

It’s Three Post Meridiem in Hilo, and 3 a.m. in Paris

Silly frog… [E]verybody inside of the grid of the IdF, is?
Anyone? Ah, fuck it, everyone (except Vilma Fuentes) is part of the bourgeoise. And i mean, everyone, except the aforementioned dama.

Where was i… where was i, ah—Yes!

For the record, add to our count on the CET front, what appears to be actual physical violence… so much for eradicating misery, but most important, the elements in a society that causes misery in the First Place… Anyway, Lawrence O’Donnell, i am happy that little “Layla” will be alright, and that President Biden will look after su mamá también (la mamá de little Layla, not the president’s mom).

“I did not come here to amuse (entertain) your family…”

https ://www .lefigaro¹ .fr /faits-divers /l-ambassade-du-japon-a-paris-met-en-garde-ses-ressortissants-apres-une-attaque-a-l-acide20210215

Fito Páez
Circo Beat, o algo así.
PSG 4 – Barça 1

We had arrived to the Westfield Cinéma Library* only to find one of the good people who work there posting a notice on the entrance door, which informed the library-goers that a break-in had been perpetrated at that brick, glass, and mortar site and that the Westfield Cinéma Library would be closed that fucken Friday, translation: i missed a week of investigative research about this, that, “Y tu mamá también.”

So there was only one thing for me to do, and that was to return on that week’s Sunday (my next scheduled reservation) and try to Ketch-up, which i could have if only those damn library burglars hadn’t also given Jason Wood’s “The Faber book of Mexican cinema” a « home » in another section (parking space) of the library catalogue WOO’s. It took me some time to find that tome considering that it wasn’t signed-out by another library user, but by the time that I did find that dang-on Faber book of Mexican cinema, there would be no time left to get into the soundtrack of “Y tu mamá también”, hence our Stylist coverage of Gulf’s, whales, and of course the theft of pre-hispanic artifacts coordinated by French auction enterprises.


1. To the good people of the militant 13éme the following translation was made possible using an app called “DeeMple”, or something like that:

I hope that you find it in the bottom of that most perfect heart of yours (collectively speaking) but most important, in that big superior and most intelligent brain of yours, THAT I KNOW and UNDERSTAND, that Le Figaro’s color scheme is Blue. Indeed.
However, i pray that the committee, or the people in charge understand that our non-reading target here is El Paso, Texas.
That is to say, professors, that for that particular market, if i were to color the Word “Liberal » in red, the Entire STATE of Texas would short-out. Because as every good Capitalist pig knows, BLEU is the color that most resembles “the left” over there.
We ask that your leader considers this small detail at your next Junta, with Pablo Gleason and the now extinct Pro-Mexico remnants at Libération.

https ://www .independent .co .uk /news /world /americas /exas-mayor-power-outage-facebook-b1803181 .html?utm_source =reddit .com

J’espère que vous trouverez au fond de votre cœur le plus parfait (collectivement parlant), mais surtout, dans votre grand cerveau supérieur et le plus intelligent, que je SAIS et que je COMPRENDS, que la palette de couleurs du Figaro est le bleu. En effet. Cependant, je prie pour que le comité, ou les responsables, comprennent que notre cible de non-lecteurs est El Paso, au Texas.

C’est-à-dire, chers professeurs, que pour ce marché particulier, si je devais colorier le mot “libéral” en rouge, l’État du Texas tout entier serait en déficit. Car comme tout bon porc capitaliste le sait, BLEU est la couleur qui ressemble le plus à “la gauche” là-bas.

Nous demandons à votre chef d’envisager ce petit détail lors de votre prochaine junte, avec Pablo Gleason et les restes de Pro-Mexique aujourd’hui disparus à Libération.

* « We », is used here not as a pun of Öüï but as a gathering of card-carring members of what used to be called the François Truffaut Cinéma Library.

Dear, David Icke, meet John Mill Ackerman

TimeStamp: 1000 hours in Central Europe Time

Hey Ewe:

It’s not the Cities, it’s the wether We love”… eh!

 Sleater Kinney

1400 hours en La Europa Central, mientras tanto, en Israel La mudanza de Trump a Jerusalem se consuma, y ni señas del Super Estrells redentor, únicamente de un demonio de mierda que se apellida Trump.

Anygüey, mientras la “trump—eta” suena, nosotros [los del staff] nos regresamos con Miss Tory y doña Tati, quienes discuten cuales son los chiles que le dan sabor al caldo, y a una que otra Salsa.

“What’s that Ewe said, Mrs. Robinson, Joltin Joe has left and gone away”… The Lemonheads.

…where have You gone ‘Moi* Camacho” our Nation tuned it’s misguided eyes to You.

* MOY for the francophonies.

Play ball!

… we now continue con la efeméride del #YoSoy132, o lo que es lo mismo: al César lo que es del César, y a la Verga las mamadas.

Tres en Una… ninguno, ni incluso la candidata han sido estrella para una película de guerra de Sean Penn, —not yet.

En México… en México no pasa nada. Bueno, a lo mejor en México si pasó algo, pero aquí en París el efecto manada (casi igual que en el video de la “Universidad” cultural de Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua) envolvió a “las fuerzas vivas” de una manera algo pragmática, selectiva y porqué no denunciarlo, convenenciera y hasta lambiscona.

Hubo algunos que aprovecharon la ocasión para desembotellar un odio y una ira irracional contra todo aquél o aquella que cuestionara sus “más puras” intenciones intelectuales, y hubo otros (los más vivos entre “Las Fuerzas Vivas”, que aprovecharon la ocasión para mover rebaños conforme a la fecha en el calendario; 18 de marzo por decir, o la tragedia o resbalón del presidente en turno que se fuera sucitando, pero ESO SÍ, cuando se trató de poner sus nombres en las invitaciones para congresos de mexicanos en el “exterior”, o en festivales de cine, o en expuestas de cuadros pintados, en estatuas de barro, debronce o de piedra, auspiciadas por el Servicio Exterior Mexicano de Enrique Peña Nieto; o mismo, de convivir en pachangas de “bobo” de Montmartre, allí si, amigo Gustavo, como tú comprenderás, la CremA y NatA mexicana se agasajaba como si fuera la pasta batida para confeccionar un puto pastel de tres leches.

…TimeStamp: 2300 hours in CET

Militar, tecnócrata… ratero,  ¿cuál es la puta diferencía doña Tati?

Anygüey, David Icke, we’ll continue to follow up with Miss Story’s “exclusive” softball game coverage of Miss Tati and in the next couple of entries we’ll get to Johnny “mis en scene,” in the mean time, here’s Simon and Garfunkel: