A Closer Luc* — I am the Fifth Axolotl

El niño Luc was always a son-of-a-bitch… This is not a photo-copy, this is a negative in yo’Face… Nevermind the exclamation.


*~. Luc is a fag… with D.A.T. in mind, Dr. Harmodio, Jorge, one-each, Ph.D., el siguiente tepocate va por su patrón en el Instituto Cervantes de Iéna en París, el Secretario de Relaciones Exteriores Marcelo Ebrard… y de Paso, que chingue a su madre la mamá de Claudia Sheinbaum en La Paz, Baja California.

¿Sabía usted qué?… Maydeeeees in Gemini, asegovia3 is honored to have been given the opportunity to re-intruduce to y’all our favorite section of this draft: A Closer Look.

You wanted “sources” and names, here is Öüï Will rock Ewe… the champions are flags, aussi 🏴‍☠️ 🏆

Conflict of Interest for Brontis de la préfecture 🇲🇫 at the 🐜 Allée de Shakespeare and CIA.

Claudia Sheinbaum

Ma mère Annie Pardo a ouvert une brèche pour de nombreux scientifiques du pays : Sheinbaum


« Je suis très fière de ma mère et, comme elle, comme moi, comme mes frères, comme ses petits-enfants et ses arrière-petites-filles et arrière-petit-fils, il y a beaucoup d’élèves, car elle a formé des milliers et des milliers et des milliers de jeunes. qui, j’en suis sûr, sont fiers d’elle », a déclaré le chef de la capitale.


Weekend Update: UCSC Alumna update (Irma)

Previously on, “la pendeja nacional”:

Adventures in hypocoristics (pet names) 🎯 0D2BF1B9-65B7-44EF-8AFB-D56E1319AD5F 🛰 Indeed, Jeli-Pilla, indeed, that distinguishable pair of incisors that you have for chompers should have set-off a lot of Sirens 🚨 or, as THEY say in Chilangolandia: focos rojos.

Quick re-cap for Cecily Strong:

Dear, Cecily:

Your return to SNL brought a ray of alignment to our galactic neighbors, even Saturn and Jupiter (the biggest and the most gaseous on our neck of The Milky Way were put into motion to line up and look as a bright Hole–in–One, by year’s end. The last time that these two coincided on a near perfect point-of-view was during the CONSTRUCTION 808 years ago of Our Lady of Notre Dame in Paris, France.

La Prima Desobediente… y dice así: 🎶🎶🎶 Fe–Liiiiiiii_pa——fuuuuuuu_eh, DES_gra_CIA—da.

https ://www .cbsnews .com /news /jupiter-saturn-double-planet-great-conjunction-december-21/

Sadly, but feeling strong, Cecily, i regret to inform you that during your long convalescent leave The Committee to INSTALL La Concha de Catherine Deneuve at the top of La Flecha de Notre Dame de Paris lost the bid to place a cast-replica of your Concha at the top of The Virgin’s Holy House.

Still to come, “No hay chile que les embone¹”, starring El Partido Revolucionario Institucional.

Long story short, Jupiter decided to go with Le Duc’s old cock and do away with the competition on account of current events including, but KNOT limited to French national security contingencies with Sophia, in Turkey land, and of course, the fucking pandemic in addition to the Black Blocks, Yellow Vests, and fundamentalists from the Muslim WORLDS.

De cualquier manera, Cecily Strong, i will never forget Cathy Anne.

Yours truly,
Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo

P.S.: Is Lorde Lorne so uninspired that he would dare recycle the material from the KYLO REN EPISODES and then talk all about Melissa Villasegnior’s rag-tagged gate! C’mon now.


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1. “Marrying the ketchups”. SNL 45, E11_ Adam Driver, Cecily Strong, Jan, 25, 2020.


Dear, Jennifer McNulty — Share this update on your UCSC Alumna story

30 de Abril, 2020
Día del Niño (México)
Plaza Se Sebó.

It's the impunity, stupid

It’s the political impunity, stupid! .::. A05DA529-C270-4DBC-88C2-5FB2DBEF57A7 🏰 Sure, political corruption is a problem, but because we’ve seen nepotism at all levels, and in practically all sectors of an economy (on both sides of The Atlantic) it is easier to control a vermin infestation (in the PUBLIC SERVANT/Lobbyist sector) than to eradicate the corruption of RATAS. It’s not symbolic, it’s not sarcastic, it is Visceral (of course) Eddie Gloude, Jr..

Digression for Princeton University, La Sorbonne, and El Paso Community College:

Anyhow, professor Gloude, there is a reason why your name is invoked, but this is not the Act nor the scene to spill the beans…. spoil the beans on that trope, instead, if you ever make it to The Rachel Maddow Show, please relay to her that Eye kind of get goose bumps when she covers the meat processing stories coming out of the places where more than HALF of the population of little Mexican towns such as, San José de Las Panochas, Durango, (por decir) emigrated to, but then Eye remembers that Tyson, in Gómez Palacio, Durango was, in the early 2000 using the soil where COTTON FIELDS once rotated and flourished along with GRAPE, cantaloupe and watermelon fields, to dump the chicken blood and used chemicals that were spent in the industrialization of Chicken Nuggets, and other assorted chlorinated poultry. ANYHOW, Eddie Gloude, Eye cannot, öüï repeat, Eye cannot summarize 80 years of systematic deterioration of the Mexican (time and space) fabric; let alone explain all of the Quarks … explain all of the Quirks and dangling particles that have delivered this most tragic scene on that dare South of The Border terrain, and for the Record, don Leo, this is what the very French call, “de-constructive criticism”:

Coming up en la pendeja....

Coming up en “la pendeja” .::. 5B86DB9A-186D-400B-84BB-DA211C5AB1B6 🚂✈️🏍🔫
—_•!_•— 🎵🎶🎵🎶
Esto es un asalto chido
Saquen las carteras ya
Bajense los pantalones,
Pues los vamos a “basculear”

El profeta de el nopal.

https ://old. reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /gaee5h/trabajadores_que_entregaban_despensas_en_irapuato/


This section is reserved for University of California (system) students who might come to Paris, France, (like in 2012) to study “Mexican Calaveras” and other assorted CHICANO rarities abroad (Night and Day, baby; Jour et Nuit —75015)…

Issy, OCTUBRE tenía que ser

PAGO EN ESPECIE —Issy, negro Corazón, OCTUBRE tenía que ser… Santa Cruz (The Lost Boys) la tenía que exportar: SANTA MUERTE meets Surfer Calavera! Heck, Showtime even did a mash–up of the CHÁVEZ Ravine struggle with “La Santa Muerte”; antropólogos de la Universidad de Moreno Valley (Kalifornia) trazaron los “hilos” d’ese show a un estaquillo de parafernalia de “La Niña Blanca”.

RELAPSO A LAS “Estupidas Calaveritas” (2011-2012) de Freddy Cats, en Montreuil–s/Bois (93100) y el “alcance” del brazo de los agentes de la Embajada de México en Francía.