But speaking of “Deep” undercover investigative reports

L.I.N.D.A. is the Ex-rated version of G.L.O.R.EYE, Ey!

ESMERALDA Traffiking

BREAKING THE BFM… rfpp calls FRAUD IN THE COLOMBIAN election… coq Suckers that they are for John Mill Ackerman “El Pacto Historico” celebrates a los NAIPES del Nupes en Mélenchon.


Breaking Ruhle 34… Knot to be outdone by The Fox News Network, MSNBC relEASes their own Deepthroat anniversary version for Wokies.

All the news that fit in Linda’s Throat.

But, FO’ist Fréquence Paris Plurielle goes to COLOMBIA por lo que “El Pacto Historico” llama, una verdadera MAMADA de segunda vuelta en las législatives de allá, y mañana veremos aquí en Francia.

Vendo en una cesta el agua y El Humo te lo regalo. La nieve está en la hoguera de las vanidades de La SORBONNA en rfpp.

Populism, like in Mexico is running for the “El Pueblo Bueno” tag. CONSERVATIVES in Guayaquil, are worried with Francia, Márquez on the other hand is the Carbon Copy of Andy Garcia in the role of Steve Martin con Ropa Vieja.

Privileged Endings

Over at FOX Props Central… Chad Hegseth gets a blow job from his Harvard Diploma. Rachel Champs-Duffy stars as the new VAUGHT NEWS super hero, The Green Blower… The Green Blower’s Uniform is always White because she can take like Fifty of her, according to the Kong Cooler on that set.

Goooooo, Avalanches!

Over at the Saint-Eustache annex… COLBERT is Under a Rest.

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