16 de septiembre, 2016 ∴ hoy marchan

Les frescos de la salle de garde, secret Patrimonio in plain sight, today Öüï begin to by re-visiting Saint–Louis, 1 Av. Claude Vellefaux, 75010 — CED_EX, for more reasons than the orgy which, began to take shape on a tour bus that departed from there, —no less.

Ma sorcière bien aimée, ISSY, ¡Viva México, ratones!

“They’re just the interns”

Meanwhile at Longchamp, I’ve seen that movie Aussi, Alix.

Gaviota, el son de Georgina y Alix.

Si yo fuera Lionel Messi, metería de materia un gol por la puerta de Dios.

Hoy no hubo cafecito on the Katie Phangs Show

Segovia y Serrano


“So it goes”… of butchers and nazies. And contrary to what Mister Asvazadourian ⚜️ says about the Parisian weather report, it’s fucking raining, fucking Sun King ain’t doing shit right now, that bum is lollygagging around sleeping on the job, “dock that frog an EON’s pay for nappin’ on the Orbit”. Öüï had to go to the Opus (they) to cut GarcíaDIEGO at the PASS 🤠.

Lola y La Ciencia… no tiene arte.

https ://twitter .com /AsvazadourianJP /status / En este día soleado en París 🇲🇫, les deseo un excelente domingo ☕️🥐 /s=20

There is a Mingus Among U.S., period!

… and Reverend Al, even the IMER weekend edition hostess agrees, “It’s not a VACATION, it’s a Sabbatical if youse Kosher and a Hiatus if you practice what you preach.

Meanwhile, the very fellow that wants to unearth Nancy Reagan’s “I pity the fool who just says no to drugs campaign” (G. Darmanin) is predicting that MARINE Le Pen is going to win the next French elections, tough call for a Current Secretary of The Interior to make, especially when your boss, the motherfucking President of France is trying to make his point on the magazine Racks of Marianne. Suffice to say Ambassador Asvazadourian, this tale reads like a Tijuana Bibles for the land that worships the flashing boob, ALSO, aussi, no “Arabia dresses” on school grounds, you can smoke all you want, or fuck your teachers brains out, but no “Arabia dresses” in the classroom.

Persiana americana.
The Cherif is a Widow. Banda Sonora by Count Basie.

Armando a Segovia y Serrano — You Are Welcome

Saturn is the opposition.


8—⬆️… Luis I. Rodríguez, Winston Churchill y Francis Bacon³ are in bar, hilarity ensues when Alfonso Reyes pomps his bombo-ass into the joint holding General De Gaulle’s hand.

³~. Weststeijn, A., in the “J.O.T.H.O.I.,” January 2011, Vol. 72 ; N° 1.

Personally, and with all-due respect, La Nueve did her part, but Hidalgo’s place (for now anyhow) would be nothing, but for La Operación Antropoide, en Praga; not PRADA, and especially (k)not the one in MARFA, because this here, well this is, the TIJUANA BIBLES, bey-bee.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Tijuana Bibles

The Tijuana Bibles, like a mix-tape for your eyes and it’s not like you can get Mad at history, the TJ Bibles were the working class youporn of the 1930’s. According to Art Spiegleman, the fellow with the MAUS comic book under his belt, the TJ Bibles:

These books could have been christened TJ Bibles either as a gleefully blasphemous insult to Mexicans, or as a distant preamble to the North American Free Trade Agreement, or else to throw the FBI off thier tracks, or because the West Coast border towns were places of perdition.

Page six of “Tijuana Bibles : Art and Wit in Americas Forbidden Funnies 1930s ~ 1950s”
Simon & Schuster Ed’s., Rockefeller Center, 1230 Avenue of The Americas, NY-NY.


En Praga hay dos personas que representan el exterminio. Es el líder sudeto-alemán Karl Hermann Frank y el recién llegado Heydrich. Es necesario que uno de ellos pague por ello».
Palabras del coronel Frantisek Moravec, jefe del servicio de inteligencia checoslovaco, a Jozef Gabcík, en octubre de 1941.



Executive Declassification

Canada 🌽 Dry : AEUMC or how I learned to love Vicky Carr… Canada joins the USMCA panel against Mexico on transgenic corn.

Sámara Joy y La Placa de Gilberto Bosques en Marseille

La Doble U {W}

Bitches’ Brew Bolt

And, Charlotte Bee-Bring, Denis Soula can go fuck himself, Aussie. It’s the Five Continents sessions, no sub-divisions allowed.


Sorry if I misspelt your name, I’m Mexican and all I want is Taco 🐕 Bell, and here is why.


But before Öüï brings out τhe sixth letter in the alphabet { ζ } Eye regrets to inform you that don GiBo is not going to make it to that O’l Port in the Ségobridges de Massalia, in don GiBo’s place Öüï summoned another Gil, this one from Brazil, pas de La Plata because that’s another thing in l’Argentina.

La Concha de Saint Jacques and a Connecticut Yankee en-route to Galicia.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip/marseille-jazz-des-cinq-continents-avec-samara-joy-et-gilberto-gil

And without further, ADO here’s an excercise in the magnesium del museo de la gymnopédie del día del PERRO en la Colonia Miguel Hidalgo del Excelentísimo Embajador de Francia en México y el Kinder de Frida Kahlo en “el Cinito mexicano”… Films Sans Image e Ideotas sin imaginación:


Speaker Kevin is to Iggy what Pop is to The Weasel, and The Whistle is blown by Trump. The Whistle—The Weasel.


( ͡° ͜ζ °͡ )… Degenerate dog abusers should rot in hell, unless they happen to be in Bibi Netanyahu’s army of Torah preachers, if that is the case, then they should go back to Poland in the pre-atomic age, —Oppie.

And, James (not that one) the following time-delayed link is nothing more than pure co-incidence, and I swear that I am not now, nor have ever been a member of the “last letter” organization.


Florence Cassez Strikes A-Gain 🖖 Mano Manu

Tommy Thom, Baby Small and middle-of-the-road tactial members del Club de La Mano Pachona; Pointer, Tall, and Ringo… meet our Muppets syndic Mano Manu and his wife Mais-non Mais-non.


https ://www .politico .eu /un-doigt-coupe-a-ete-envoye-au-domicile-de-macron-selon-le-procureur

And Starring As Thom Hanks, el présidente Macron.


Ladies in Gemini, with the annual mandatory vacations at France Public Radio and the on-going Hollywood Land strike, Öüï the staff have no other course of action than to look up into the dark sky and, watch the Zodíacos do their thing in the confines of, The motherfucking Twilight Zone.


But first, Eye wants to touch base with Marie-Louise’s coke, Eye has some weed, perhaps Öüï could roll a primo. It’s a pushpull kind of high, or 👇 if youse know what Eye means. Personally, They say that Frosted Flakes is where it’s At, Beck.

At the same time, but in another institute, other pendejadas were taking over the stage. I mean, how can I compete with those three little witches? They are fucking adorable you son of a bitch, —but not in a Donald Trump/Ivanka way, o.Kay?

³~. July 12, 2023, @AsvazadourianJP… say hello to Diego, nice Pussy you’ve got there J-P.

Must be the season of the Witch, pues, mister Embajador Azvazadourian.

Marie-Ange continues:
Dans le jardin des Halles, il y a une vieille dame effrontée et facétieuse, Marie-Louise, je la connais bien. Elle verse son rouge dans une bouteille de Coca, goguenarde : « les passants sont plus gentils », dit-elle. Je les croise souvent, elle et son « Coca ». Par un jour lumineux, je la sens inquiète. Après plusieurs hospitalisations suivies de mises à l’abri temporaires en maison de repos dans la région parisienne, les services sociaux lui proposent un hébergement, loin, du côté de Compiègne, le transfert est imminent. Entre inquiétude et soulagement, elle a sur elle les photos du lieu, une grande bâtisse dans un parc. C’est majestueux, il y a de l’espace, mais que deviendra sa vie sans son « Coca » et le secteur des Halles, qu’elle écume mollement pour répondre aux besoins du jour. Dernier échange, havre, liberté, perte d’autonomie, je ne sais, l’histoire s’arrête.

BREAKING KNEWS… wait for’Em#

Ladies in Gemini, as the good mechanic in the Role of a Life Time in the Asteroid City quadrant of our Milky Way Galaxy, “Évry thing is connected but nothing is working”, JUANITO GUANAVACOA is projecting his “estado fallido”, ahora hasta con MOTONETOS, and considering that it was with “motorcycles” that Juanito Belmont “alias” Guanavacoa started his career as a goon for old CHARROS in Mexico it’s not unusal that he gets a FRENCH RETIREMENT and a performers VISApaid for by that FRENCH “I.V.A.” and Euro-taxes.

MORALEJA, Excellentissime ambassadeur, and to quote McCartney’s lyrics, “no es lo mismo, no seas mamun-IA, que AI-mamón”:

The next time you see L.A. raincloudsDon’t complain it rains for you and Mí.

And starring as Cantinflas — Johnny Depp

Transliteration in Cannes… it’s next to Juan, nigga!

Play Ball! ⚾

… y Cañas también!

But FO’ist I switch Mí over to Santos-Senoux-de las-Boobies, where sources close to FOX NEWS en Frejus relay that upon hearing that Chi Chi Rodríguez was holding a lecture at a small bibliothèque de Là France de Macri*, Steven Segal sent a pelotón de Vichy Fascists to interrupt the former protège of Snipes and Swayze.

El Sol Azteca se murio, don Mario, y resucite usted al tercer día, o algo así.

*~. That was Julie Newmar’s pet name to a young Emmanuel Macron, and that is all that Eye is going to say 💋!

En fin, It seems like only Yesterday, that Sophie y su CGT had warned the Film Festive Crowd that if the big bad King didn’t stop talking to his little finger thumb (Pulgarcito, pues) that Los Rieleros de Nantes would then, as a consequence, turn off the lights at Le Cinéma.

But you know what they (those motherfuckers) say , “If youse gonna hit al Gorrión de los Sparrows,” then you better know how to navigate the Siete Leguas on The Seven Seas.

Sneak peek.

Lo sentimos, pero su princesa está con otro chato, Chato.


Merci, Mario.

This is the exact moment when La Kerschovas dropped her Tati™ bags like she just don’t care and put a whoop-ass on them Mushroom-headed toad guards at the park 🏞️… hilarity ensues when Sodexo® confuses a judo 🥋 champ for Kanye West.

Knoting Knews in The Güest.


Synopsis: Florence Cassez scores a gig as an executive with Sodexo™

Note to Juanito Guanavacoa y los hijos del quinto Patio de Perón y Gilberto Bosques en Marseille… :

lo más culero* dice La Juventud venezolana de Guadalajara en Jalisco, es de que Cronos³, sí Saturnino, ese mero, el mismo de los anillos 👁️ confunde a La Peda en La Logía con La Gimnasia de La Magnesia.

*~. Look it up, Deer.

³~. ⌛ Pedagogically framed, my deer-panther, if Jo’dumb ass follows conspiracy Tories in the House of Lords, then you can begin to equate The Astros, but be-aware, for the Blue Jay Güey, takes you to Adan Jodorowski’s girlfriend garden in Veracruz, while The Long and Winding Rhodes will take you to Pershing Field à Vincennes y, pues ESO ya es otro rollo.

Bitch came from Planet Claire!

pinches EnCuerados de Plata.