Sorbonne Nouvelle… 50 ans de pipes culturelles

Just ask John Mill Ackerman and the Cohen clan.

Is that a ‘don Julio’ reposado you got there, Architect?

In this section, John Mill Ackerman is portrayed as what Eye told morena-francia that he was, once it became clear that as a ‘captain’ Johnny boy is a pussilanimus leader who hid behind a Julio Iglesias hug and Les JUPES DE su señora esposa, dicho de otra puta manera, John Mill Ackerman is a fucking Real Estate Speculator, here’s a file quote from that son of a bitch:

Buddy Kane: In order to be successful, one must project an image of success at all times

Nos vienen [o sea yo como reportero] a desprestigiar“.
Alicia Leos, tesorera (2014/2015)
Associación de Ley 1901 Gilberto Bosques Paris 

International Cotton-picking Pickers Day

Cotton-picking Pickers Day… with musical guest: METALLICA

In Hilo, Hawaii, son las diez de la Noche, which can only mean one thing en El Ruedo del Golfo de Mexico en la barrera de La Isla del Padre son ya, las Tres de la mañana en Central Daylight Time.

Now before, the good PERUVIAN posse from rfpp get thier empanadas up in a bunch, I ask you gentlemen… SAY, whatever happened to John Mill Ackerman? And how come when privileged Gringos like him take a handout (grant and/or funds) from GEORGE SOROS it is not —I REPEAT— it is not an abomination like with the rest of the mortals outside [or rather inside, if you are looking from the terrace of the CINEMA LILAS] of La Porte des Lilas do… that’s where the Left meets, right? And… how come when they (the Ackerman Sandoval, —famila) are in power the demands that they SCREAMED a trávers diffèrent arrondissements de Paris and ghettos in Bruxells, like say revealing all of their properties in real time and not in ‘DON’T LOOK in My WATCH‘ time, because of course they are representing a “El Pueblo Bueno” and they [la izquierda buena] are above reproach.

And starring as professor John Mill Ackerman… Peter Gallagher. And of course never ever, Ever Ever, criticize a dear leader in our Realty Firm of morena-francia, especially those who live next to THE ALAMO in San Antonio or, in Houston, Texas, or on Houston Street in Manhattan.

Nota a los elejidos de la erudita diaspora colombiana en La Emission Américas de Fréquence Paris Plurielle 106.3

El contexto de Ackerman y Cohen se presenta como una CONTESTACIÓN al comentario arribista de [Freddy*] en cuanto a las elecciones de mañana (por la mañana) en la sucursal de la OTAN en el cono Sur del patío trasero de los EEUU. Y no, mis queridos seminaristas de la Cité Universitaire de Paris, 75014, no es nada contra la democracia en Colombia, sino todo lo contrario.

*~. Or was it OSLER, i can’t fucking tell since there is no archive provided by your show. De cualquier forma, de aquí a cuando han tolerado el espíritu crítico (Frankfurt School, o chisme caliente?) y con qué AGUACATES van a exigir ese platillo en la NUEVA SORBONA del Jardín de Plantas en París?

Note to Montaigne and his fagetty slippers outside of the Sorbonne [proper]:
Emission Américas does not provide an archive of their conversations on the 106.3 of Parisian fm radio’s website. For this reason, our non-readers will have to take our ‘paraphrase’ of one of the statements made by one of the “HISTORIC PACT” mouvement spokespersons on today’s transmission.

Es la primera vez que una propuesta salida del pueblo va a triunfar, pero de antemano sabemos [o sea la IZQUERDA colombina de Francia Márquez] que el proceso está ya arreglado.

Sorry, Baby Blue 💙… There’s no rain 🐝

All the ‘pipes’ that fit

Rue Santeuil, en face à n⁰ 8, where investigative reporting goes to die. In a cultural way, of course… sponsored by some Association of Law, from 1901.

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