But speaking of “Deep” undercover investigative reports

L.I.N.D.A. is the Ex-rated version of G.L.O.R.EYE, Ey!

ESMERALDA Traffiking

BREAKING THE BFM… rfpp calls FRAUD IN THE COLOMBIAN election… coq Suckers that they are for John Mill Ackerman “El Pacto Historico” celebrates a los NAIPES del Nupes en Mélenchon.


Breaking Ruhle 34… Knot to be outdone by The Fox News Network, MSNBC relEASes their own Deepthroat anniversary version for Wokies.

All the news that fit in Linda’s Throat.

But, FO’ist Fréquence Paris Plurielle goes to COLOMBIA por lo que “El Pacto Historico” llama, una verdadera MAMADA de segunda vuelta en las législatives de allá, y mañana veremos aquí en Francia.

Vendo en una cesta el agua y El Humo te lo regalo. La nieve está en la hoguera de las vanidades de La SORBONNA en rfpp.

Populism, like in Mexico is running for the “El Pueblo Bueno” tag. CONSERVATIVES in Guayaquil, are worried with Francia, Márquez on the other hand is the Carbon Copy of Andy Garcia in the role of Steve Martin con Ropa Vieja.

Privileged Endings

Over at FOX Props Central… Chad Hegseth gets a blow job from his Harvard Diploma. Rachel Champs-Duffy stars as the new VAUGHT NEWS super hero, The Green Blower… The Green Blower’s Uniform is always White because she can take like Fifty of her, according to the Kong Cooler on that set.

Goooooo, Avalanches!

Over at the Saint-Eustache annex… COLBERT is Under a Rest.

Travel Advisory for Puebla de Zaragoza — It could have not happened to a better person

El Fondo:

Chacha means girl in Puebla.

Human Behavior and political parties… “It’s bullshit!”, said the former lawyer for President Trump, speaking on the Loser president’s big lie about a stolen election. And true to form, “Bullshit Barr” himself, said that he would vote for his former ‘client’ if Donald was the Big Fucking elephant on the 2024 Olympic’s High Graft competition at the federal level.

La universidad mexicana que está entre las 50 instituciones que más millonarios “producen” a nivel mundial²


Los Pueblos Mágicos de Castañeda³

Congresswoman Johanna Torress said Mr. Picazo had beena talented, dedicated young man, committed to his country and with big dreams in life”.

… FYI, mister Picazo was getting ready to come to Europa, Madrid specifically, to get his Doctorate in “how to fuck MEXICO… and not lose any Sleep in El Tec de Monterrey, —Campus Guadalajara.

² ~. https ://www .infobae .com /america /mexico /2022/06/12 /la-universidad-mexicana-que-esta-entre-las-50-instituciones-que-mas-millonarios-producen-a-nivel-mundial/
~. Vía Proméxico—en La Sorbonne.

Versión brUTEP por Xavier Siria de Levario de Ravel del Passos-ese.

Ce soir, vous allez tous danser
Avec les filles que vous aimez
Et bien vous amuser
Tandis que moi
Je reste là
A travailler
Sans jamais m’arrêter

Primera vuelta, tercer párrafo, by

Xavier Passos

Don’t go to Mexico, period! But if you are still skeptical never mind the drought up in the North, the wonton violence of it’s South or, for the fact that there is no Taco Bell south of Tijuana, from See to shining Gulf Stream, —in Reynosa.

Any how, quick recap (no pun intended) I, Armando Segovia, re-loaded the once-upon-a-Time memories in El Monte, de Fort Bliss, on account of, asparagus!!! Silly Barr.

Deer, Le Van Esparza, you have to be French to ‘relax’, you stage-aire peddler. Pay your interns, you SonoVabitch!!! With real money not that fucking radio france bon-coin certificate.

In Local News: Heat Wave follows.

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Live from The New York Rib Eye Riviera

Tu mari-nada me sane sabe a hiel, y tu bilis a camembert.

It’s the Belmont Stakes

Viejas FEAS!!! and Labor Rights… pay your taxes.


On the list:

1 La maman

2 La Putain

L’Ike Eye said, “I bet you think this song is about you”, eh?

3 To be continued…

4 People Ridiculed for Their Piety

5 Hundred Year Gwar

6 The Captives

7 TBD³

8 The Judge

Race starts after the mandatory ceremony of the burning of Judas feet.

After the break, how Radio France (FIP .fr) uses African American Music and some fucking doctor (literally, a fucking doctor with a sex addiction) to taunt, torture and bully prison rape victims.

… And, france musique, if you are listening:


Flip N⁰ 9, N⁰ 9, N⁰ 9… That’s a Six, sponsored by THE LETTER ARE ®️

SINCERELY, The Captives!!!!

Intermission at the polls

French kiss:

Just like seeing her the first time-again

… For the record, if you know how to play the xylophone, meet me at Issy-les-Moulineaux… take heed to Thomas Courbillon and that bitch on the microphone. I don’t have a life because of France, but Katie Phang is right, people should shut the fuck up, unless DAY HAVE A JOB.

https ://www .radiofrance 
.fr /fip /podcasts 

I jerked-off last night, so whatever happens tonight mister Macron, the next five years are going to be… Let’s switch it over to a comedian who wants to get paid before HE ANSWERS TO good WILL SMITH.

Fuck You,  and God bless Charles Manson.

In DURANGO, Mother’s Day —Willie Geist…

Ma’ is always celebrated on May the 10th… Tuesday, to be exact this year. Anyhow, Willie Geist, CONGRATULATIONS you SonoVabitch! New Jersey is officially feeling like A Rolling STONE!

Évry body must get Stoned… 🌬️🎼

Hemp for Victory, y un soldado en CADA Toque pagó.


…You lucky, Okie… Flesh reporting in reel time.

Paris, France_ Viewers of last night debate might be forgiven if they did not noticed that even after 15 hours from the ringing bell of last night’s political spectacle of the MSNBC’s French Arcs, Kier Simmons didn’t bother to change wardrobe, Kier, Ewe dirty Chucho!… What are you? Assigned to an MSNBC M.A.S.H Unit?

Here’s your correspondence, son… PRÉSIDENT Emmanuel Macron is not a “centrist”, but then again Öüï lives in a zoo where RED is BLUE {and} the political Right is remains the same. Derecha La Flecha.

I Know It’s Only Rock and Roll — but I like it

The RING = π(R + r) (R – r)


Must show Avi Velshi

A multi-billion USD investment by “Big r” to “little ARE”

Previously on, I Saved Andy Warhol…

Signed, sealed, deliver us from Le PN. Followed by “Pop” music… and, Cerf-panthère, you might think that the ‘straight’ snaking between 1968 and 2347 is missing the 5, but then you would have to factor in what’s at play (punto y coma) The V République, or something like that.

… Let’s do the math


Youse gonna need a NEW FORMULA.

194 turns to FIVE | ✔️🏀🗑️
Don’t forget to add ONE

Shuby Doobie Doobie Bop Bop Thee Wa… pop 🎶 music.

5 + 1 = SIX