Ketching-up with Wallace… Say my name

Per your request, Ladies in Gemini ♊ Eye bring Ewe, the Q~vo, cabrones, told y’all that the Cue is knot 🪢 what Ewe thinks, D.A.T. IT!, is son… ask the Redd Fox, “Elizabeth, oh Elizabeth.”

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /quincy-jones-give-me-the-q

This is totally unrelated to Kier Simmons’ grief. Seriously. I’m Sirius and are you are knot 🪢.

How conVENNient, Évry body wants to be a Spearhead. Meanwhile at The Louvre, LADY BALANCE is on VACATION.

… And Justice For All (1979)

Say hello to my little friend

Al Pacino.

Nothing can save you
Justice is lostjustice is raped, justice is gone


The Cloak Room

The ultimate in vanity
Exploiting their supremacy
I can’t believe the things you say
I can’t believe
I can’t believe the price you pay
Nothing can save you

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Oh, hey, Nicolle… ha’bout that, remember when you used to scream at your teleprompter, “delete your account!”, Eye knows, Eye knows, your recommendation was directed at the then candidate Donald John Trump, but are you going to continue to deny that your Google monkees came to this blog to get you Amp’d up?


Öüï knows, Öüï knows, allow me to explain, IT!, to Katie Benner. It all started with Joe Scarborough when he found a nude sketch of Mika smoking in “the boys room”, indeed. Fast ⏩ too, to to they, and the “dark web” consultant on the Peacock’s payroll who is describing the new MAGA mouvement outreach on the inner webs as a musical review of Gregorian Chants, or something like a church service led by David Icke and the abominable beer gut.

And pundit, if you are in on the JOKE, like the Dépôt bureau at the Cité Préfecture, then you might remember what I told the people close to me before the Ayotzinapa students incident… happened at the Gate de Lyon:

~. Some might say it looks 🚂 like a high-speed 🚬 low-drag 🕳️ train ‡‡‡‡ station .

If I write ✍️ my stuff before the Election I am going to give political opportunists a playbook on how to troll the opposition. 

So, no, Cerf-panthère (i know that you copypasta today’s horoscope while thinking of Mí) it’s not like that, and i am definitely not trying to keep my project a secret, the Administration of Manuel Valls did.

Αny hoot 🦉… if your name is Sergio Ávalos y usted es el líder del Frente Amplio de Izquierda mexicana en el mes de febrero del 2012 (en La cocina del Salón Juárez en La Casa de México en Cité Universitaire de Paris 75014) then you might recall when Pedro from ENSENADA and his lover Mauro, mocked me, Armando Segovia, for suggesting that among one my lines of questioning, WAS the cult-like fervor of the Mexican protests in France, against EVERY body that was not a Javier Sicilia or Andrés Manuel López OBRADOR supporter in EUROPE. Don Ávalos…

¡Bola de putos!

Here’s the rest of that chapter at the Desk of the bureau of Stephanie Menou’s [👮] supervisor BRUNO³ at the Préfecture de Cité 75001 and 04, but Évry body among the stars knows that is the Cité, is the Cradle of Paris, known as L°U°T°E°C°E°

³~. Officer Bruno would not tell me his name during our titre du séjour renewal interviews, but Dr. Johanne Poisson MD of the Geriatric school of nurses at Marie et Pierre Curie section of The IHEAL does, in fact there is a paper trail of that exchange (via e-mails) which were logged on the system on the day after the Ayotzinapa students and a little league soccer team was gunned down in Iguala, cradle of the Mexican Independence mouvement for Criollos y Criollas de l’ Ancien Régime de La Nueva España, —hoy Le Mexique.



So… doigt d’honneur (the Ladi Byrd) or the plumber’s furet?

You fuckn’ Sirene!

For those just tuning in, el staff d’este pinchurriento blog está en ProCeSo de exprimir* una parodia of the upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2021 induction ceremony. Right now it’s time to bring in The Foo Fighters… 🚀🚀🚀 those motherfuckers!!!! 🛸🛸🛸


Note to programming thinkerers:
Please pay no attention to Mr. Roarke de Montealban on our last segment, and here is why, Mr. Villechaize de Montauban
Mr. Roarke was just reminding Johnny Lamira that if he still doubts that, IT!, “started out with an earthquake“, well then the Next time that Mika is in Paris just have her pretty little shoes exit through the Mediterranean Restaurant’s exit of Mr. Buffon’s Jardin des Plantes [on Rue Cuvier] in order to position herself on the Philippine section of Johnny Cash’s 7.1 on the “Ring of Fire” scale quake of LAST WEEK TO THEY!.

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2021 /aug /11 /earthquake-philippines-triggers-tsunami-warning

Ewe ever heard of Johnny Cash? Eye can put in a good word for you.

https ://www .google .com /maps /place/Institut+de+Physique+du+Globe+de+Parisyada, yada, hypertext and all that jazz/

Now, Io no está para contarla… ni Europa para escucharla and, as Willie Geist knows, with David Icke’s “SATURN is not what you think it is” censorship, and the TALIBAN welcoming the French Oppressed (true fake story) it kind of leaves us with a big ol’Existential cruda because NO FUCKING HOLLYWOOD script can make this shit up:


Anyhow, Mike Barnicle, Eye agrees with your input this morning on The MorJo segment:
Trump is not What you Think… and yes, please stop consuming the Trump Brand (punto y coma) instead, and to complement “today’s classic mainstream science [magazines³]” might Öüï suggest the Universal Construct* of David Ike’s Cymatics… UnCut!

 🎵 🥁 Don’t wanna’ 🐝 no 🐒 🔧

Issy–les-NIRvARNAS are a French Grunge band and unlike Johnny Hallyday who could never make it in El Ey, The NIRvARNAS  re-invented themselves in Seattle, and the rest is as THEY SAY, es un molino in The Sky… no WAIT, it’s KNOT A WINDMILL, it’s a fucking Foo!!! Shoot IT—Shoot IT to Villejuif!!! (94800)

Eye is 100.1% sure, for certain, that if Johnny would have moved to Arizona and changed his name to Jon HOLIDAY, Johnny would have been like the Grandfather of bad rock and roll, A.K.A. Country music from New ⚜️ Orleans.

³ https ://www .space .com /jupiter-moon-io-radio-signal-juno-spacecraft


Dear, David Icke, meet John Mill Ackerman

TimeStamp: 1000 hours in Central Europe Time

Hey Ewe:

It’s not the Cities, it’s the wether We love”… eh!

 Sleater Kinney

1400 hours en La Europa Central, mientras tanto, en Israel La mudanza de Trump a Jerusalem se consuma, y ni señas del Super Estrells redentor, únicamente de un demonio de mierda que se apellida Trump.

Anygüey, mientras la “trump—eta” suena, nosotros [los del staff] nos regresamos con Miss Tory y doña Tati, quienes discuten cuales son los chiles que le dan sabor al caldo, y a una que otra Salsa.

“What’s that Ewe said, Mrs. Robinson, Joltin Joe has left and gone away”… The Lemonheads.

…where have You gone ‘Moi* Camacho” our Nation tuned it’s misguided eyes to You.

* MOY for the francophonies.

Play ball!

… we now continue con la efeméride del #YoSoy132, o lo que es lo mismo: al César lo que es del César, y a la Verga las mamadas.

Tres en Una… ninguno, ni incluso la candidata han sido estrella para una película de guerra de Sean Penn, —not yet.

En México… en México no pasa nada. Bueno, a lo mejor en México si pasó algo, pero aquí en París el efecto manada (casi igual que en el video de la “Universidad” cultural de Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua) envolvió a “las fuerzas vivas” de una manera algo pragmática, selectiva y porqué no denunciarlo, convenenciera y hasta lambiscona.

Hubo algunos que aprovecharon la ocasión para desembotellar un odio y una ira irracional contra todo aquél o aquella que cuestionara sus “más puras” intenciones intelectuales, y hubo otros (los más vivos entre “Las Fuerzas Vivas”, que aprovecharon la ocasión para mover rebaños conforme a la fecha en el calendario; 18 de marzo por decir, o la tragedia o resbalón del presidente en turno que se fuera sucitando, pero ESO SÍ, cuando se trató de poner sus nombres en las invitaciones para congresos de mexicanos en el “exterior”, o en festivales de cine, o en expuestas de cuadros pintados, en estatuas de barro, debronce o de piedra, auspiciadas por el Servicio Exterior Mexicano de Enrique Peña Nieto; o mismo, de convivir en pachangas de “bobo” de Montmartre, allí si, amigo Gustavo, como tú comprenderás, la CremA y NatA mexicana se agasajaba como si fuera la pasta batida para confeccionar un puto pastel de tres leches.

…TimeStamp: 2300 hours in CET

Militar, tecnócrata… ratero,  ¿cuál es la puta diferencía doña Tati?

Anygüey, David Icke, we’ll continue to follow up with Miss Story’s “exclusive” softball game coverage of Miss Tati and in the next couple of entries we’ll get to Johnny “mis en scene,” in the mean time, here’s Simon and Garfunkel: