Happy Birthday Captain Louis Renault

Today’s lucky Ween’er of the birthday suit Laguna edition of the Captain Louis Renault Award for the Year of the Wabbit 🐇 is none other than our favorite pundit, Stephanie Ruhle and the producers of the post-BriWi Show 🎹🥃

1939Ray Manzarek, American singer-songwriter, keyboard player, and producer ( 2013)

Turístico en décalage a Compostela.

But, first, Los Hijos de Andrés Manolopez el obrador, move to Arteaga², Coahuila (en la Madre Patria… Madre Patria es un oxímoron natural, la Madre Patria is the quintessential “Bull Dyke” de los países bajos), any how, los Hijos del Peje, nobles que son esos hijos de puta, se trasladan a un albergue turístico para ver cómo chingados plantar cacao en una zona árida.

²~. No confundir con Ar°Ti°eda° porque eso es aragonés, not from SPAIN, o como diría Juanito Guanabacoa, “La Madre Pat, ría.”

La idea no es nueva, esos hijos de puta, es decir los hijos de la primera esposa del presidente de México, no el hijo de la presidenta nacional del D.I.F., porque los niños no se tocan, esos cabrones ya habían echado a perder una selva con sus pinches mamadas empresariales, así son los nobles.

[Witty zinger remark 🕳️ goes here]

1502Isabella I 🇪🇸 issues an edict outlawing Islam 🕋 in the Crown 👑 of Castile 🏰, forcing virtually all her Muslim ☪️ subjects ♟️ to convert to Christianity ✝️. Over in Santiago, 🇨🇱 Chile gets a capital, and 🇪🇨Ecuador quitó en Quito el derecho a los 🇵🇪 peruchos de negarle a 🧬 CHARLES DARWIN 🇬🇧 el derecho de ⚓ merodear 🦤 en la Provincia 🗿 de 🐢 Galapagos.

Across The He Atlantic, it’s pigskin blues 💙

Ya se me olvidó el tema… any how, México para Chile y chile para Juanito Guanabacoa

Breaking Bat y Can

Seasoning: 4; Old EP: Ate

Ta’ Pelona… Have a seat, señor Gallina. 🦗🦗🦗🦗


Hoy, as promised, no hubo SoFy Velasco en rfpp… Los 🦗 Bitchos 🦗 de 🦗 Juárez 🦗 follows, 🤠 Yee-haw!

Mientras tanto ayer en el 3éme del Tercero y porqué no decirlo; del Tercer Milenio in The Blue 🔵 planet.

Peace Crown llegó en un caballo volador.


… Una de vaqueros contra GERONIMO en rfpp 106.3 de fm, de arranque ahorita en el 19⁰ de la rue Botzaris en rfpp, Juanito Guanavacoa va a “negrear” a un Negro, así son los Judiciales de Vicente Fox. Chocolate Jesus is the opening act.

¡Qué feo hablan!
Bananarama en la mano de Amandititita for size.



Juanito Guanabacoa, tú y China, chinguen a su Madre!

That was then…
https ://www .france24 .com /en /20200726man-questioned-over-france-s-nantes-cathedral-fire-arrested-again

The follwing is a time-delayed continuation on Yesterday’s post, and before any EX-PAT at la Colonia Roma and/or La Condesa gets their LATTE in bunch, know that ALL Mexicans by pure heritage, knot race, are/somos y seremos HIJOS de La Chingada.

This is now:
https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2022 /jul /
29 /firefighter-chasing-adrenaline-hit-started-french-wildfires-say-prosecutors

[Y] de antemano, sorry if i misspelt your name … que chingue a su madre Russia en Porte des Lilas también; junto con RFPP.


La historia de la entrevista entre el periodista más prestigioso de México y el capo narco más buscado.

https ://www .infobae .com /america /mexico /2018/09/01 /la-historia-de-la-entrevista-entre-el-periodista-mas-prestigioso-de-mexico-y-el-capo-narco-mas-buscado/

la voz del pueblo [Peru flag goes here]

… and Madame Hidalgo, the fact that “LA” francE, will issue a refugee card to Death Squad “intermédiaires” on accout of making LA FRANCE harmony be in tune with “diplomacy” just goes to show why FRENCH BASHING is a very clear and present danger.

But given that the current LEADER of Energy in MEXICO was COMPLICIT in making RAFAEL CARO QUINTERO the myth that he is now, it only goes to show why CHARLES de GAULLE is spinning in his 3rd Base position… pleybol—PUTOS, play ball.

God Bless Champagne.
and the GESTAPO legacy at CITé.

106.7 fm PARIS


AkorDaoZ d’eso 🇦🇷 … no tiene nombre, y saben qué? Es su culpa de vos, BOLUDOS… ¡Pinches perfumados!

In Local News:

El Cinco de Mayo

¡Haz PATRIA!!! Mata a un chilango… En Paris.

The Swap… are you experienced?

Veronica is Winona Ryder 💃🏻

And, yes, yes. God is great, but “isn’t it con-ven-ient”, Alanis Morrissette, that the Jan. 6 hearings are a parallélogramme to Heathers?
Issy-sí-sí, sí, Representative Cheney, Hillary Clinton appreciates your candor when you started that little pep-rally at the REAGAN room.

For The Record, Friday presented Cousin Joe Scarborough with the opportunity to suck on one those Salvador Dalí suckers to praise “the gipper”, and if you are new to this blog then Ewe have to review President Reagan’s Farewell Address to the Graduating Class of 1989, and all that Eye is going to drop here is the notion, that while it is TRUE that Ronnie was an “amnesty” president, please consider that if Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North had not gotten caught inventing the whole CRACK epidemic of my freshman’s year near Chino, California, —ese, NANCY REAGAN would have not felt compelled to go through with that Amnesty plan, but much like with Ukranians now-a-THEYs, the casualties of that WAR prompted a, “SANA SANA colita de RANA” on the private war of George Herbert Walker Bush… of course I could be wrong.

Did Eye mentioned that Dalí was a Fag?

And here is the context… but first, i need some heroine.


Now this is not the first time that Pablo gets used as the backdrop to grandiosity, and on the next segment…

That is why he was outraged to see published the photograph of the couples of the leaders gathered in Madrid in front of the Picasso painting and headed by Queen Letizia.Especially when at “this summit, held days after the massacre that took the lives of at least 37 migrants, many of them from territories at war and who were murdered in cold blood on the Spanish border in a collaboration operation between the Spanish and Moroccan security forces, the Spanish government presided over by Pedro Sánchez, has managed to get NATO to incorporate the so-called migratory flows as a hybrid threat, a decision that will strengthen the militarization of the border and the deadly violence against the migrant population”.


La Forma follows, from the pages of El Granma de Santiago.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/07/02 /cultura /protesta-pintora-por-uso-del-guernica-para-promover-a-la-otan/

Cum On Feel The Noize…fuck you FIP!

https ://imdb .com /title /tt0097493/

Have you ever been Experienced…

Well, have you? Punk

What’s Says Ewe, Reverend Al Sharpton?
Is SHE Worth the asparagus?

… Arré, putos!

Con el aval deL VatiCano en El Ecuador, o algo así, según Santacruz en rfpp . fr


But speaking of “Deep” undercover investigative reports

L.I.N.D.A. is the Ex-rated version of G.L.O.R.EYE, Ey!

ESMERALDA Traffiking

BREAKING THE BFM… rfpp calls FRAUD IN THE COLOMBIAN election… coq Suckers that they are for John Mill Ackerman “El Pacto Historico” celebrates a los NAIPES del Nupes en Mélenchon.


Breaking Ruhle 34… Knot to be outdone by The Fox News Network, MSNBC relEASes their own Deepthroat anniversary version for Wokies.

All the news that fit in Linda’s Throat.

But, FO’ist Fréquence Paris Plurielle goes to COLOMBIA por lo que “El Pacto Historico” llama, una verdadera MAMADA de segunda vuelta en las législatives de allá, y mañana veremos aquí en Francia.

Vendo en una cesta el agua y El Humo te lo regalo. La nieve está en la hoguera de las vanidades de La SORBONNA en rfpp.

Populism, like in Mexico is running for the “El Pueblo Bueno” tag. CONSERVATIVES in Guayaquil, are worried with Francia, Márquez on the other hand is the Carbon Copy of Andy Garcia in the role of Steve Martin con Ropa Vieja.

Privileged Endings

Over at FOX Props Central… Chad Hegseth gets a blow job from his Harvard Diploma. Rachel Champs-Duffy stars as the new VAUGHT NEWS super hero, The Green Blower… The Green Blower’s Uniform is always White because she can take like Fifty of her, according to the Kong Cooler on that set.

Goooooo, Avalanches!

Over at the Saint-Eustache annex… COLBERT is Under a Rest.

And, GO’ill de Niza… Ewe love Mí. Ewe really–Reuilly love Mí

Prime Time, our own Universal Expo. In the frame, knot to be undone by Venezuela, la hermana República de 🇵🇪 El Perú 🇵🇪 sent 14 MINERS³ KILL EACH OTHER FOR A GOLD AND COPPER DEPOSIT

In Local News, La Cumbre de Las Américas — N⁰ 9, n⁰ 9, n⁰ 9… “somewhere in Los Angeles, California”, with special guest, the GO’ill With Faraway Eyes, Andréa Mitchell 💋.

And Radio Fréquence Paris Plurielle
Te apuesto a Juanito Guanabacoa, a que…
yo sé de que van a hablar los señores de la  Émission ⛏️ Américas
este sábado en París .

³~. No relation to the University of Texas at El Paso
https ://www .bfmtv .com /international /amerique-latine /perou-14-mineurs-s-entretuent-pour-un-gisement-d-or-et-de-cuivre _AD-202206080635 .html

After the break, Allegreto goes Full-Gonzo on Bolivia in El Ey…

¡Viejas Feas!!!
If only the Paris Tourism Board had the imagination, don Quijote.

but first, “It’s A View To a Quill”, at the International Universal radio station in a “dwarf galaxie” near you, mention the promo code Grand Palais and you can go fuck yourself.

Georges Auric
Moulin rouge : Moulin rouge
Album BOF / Moulin rouge / La fête à Henriette (1962)
Label RIVIERA (RM 9 030)

https ://edition .cnn .com /2022 /06/08 /world /repeating-fast-radio-burst-detection-scn /index .html

In the mean while, the Staff at asegovia3 really–Reuilly would like to know, what would happen if the Paris Tourism Board had a little imagination like the good Frogs of the Universal Pictures in Montréal.

Much like the Paris Expo (1900)
Les Expos de Montréal are now a by-gone E.R.A.
ISSY-1968 to 2004
https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Expos_de_Montr%C3%A9al

Sort’ah, kind’ah, así más o menos…
como la vie politique de Manuel Valls
quien ahora se dedica a hacer puñetas —
siendo pues en esta entrada un gran poeta
—in the ‘Gram.

https ://www .parismatch .com /Actu /Politique /Manuel-Valls-remercie-les-messages-d-affection -1810660

Playball motherfuckers, pleybol.

For the record:
Goooooo Celtics ☘️ 75 🏀