Évariste Galois, literally a victim of his own success

“This pupil is sometimes obscure in expressing his ideas, but he is intelligent and shows a remarkable spirit of research.”

Hermès was just another figment of Homer’s Imagination.

Galois’ maths instructor at the prepa.

For context, or lack-there-off, please refrain from making one or many logical leaps of this draft as these might just baffle you and then Ewe (that motherfucker) will hold, IT!, against Mí… Issy Alicia Leos, I am looking at Jorge Harmodio.

One more again, I neither select the psycho-history nor the ‘psycho-news’ of the day and I continue to affirm that there is no such thing as a Mexican state called BCS or Baja California Sur, and you can take that to Texcoco, the most imaginary of all of the Aztec states. 

Pycho-history… fast-forward to October, 2014. That’s around the time when the Mexican (chose your favorite injustice) manifestation popularity shifted from Javier Sicilia’s son and “Las Muertas de Juárez” to the mother of all Mexican political manifestations in France: la bendita Noche de Iguala. And here’s the thing about that “siniestro”, I wonder where the different leaders of all of those different groups, which formed their own off-shoot of the Mexican protest scene (again, in France) are right now. I know where at least on of them is at, mister EXCMO. Asvazourian, as for the rest you might ask, mister Ambassador? —Well, let’s just say that Stephanie Menou’s supervisors (all the way up to minister Valls) wanted to make sure that I could not keep up³.

³~. Not that I would do it all over again, but if I had just been a little more “vivo”, I would have followed Pablo Gleason’s advice to join or start-up a Law of 1901 Association in France, —that’s the way you do it, let Mí tell you! Them guys ain’t dumb.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Psychohistory _(fictional)

The roots, you ask? I know a guy, wait one… but don’t tell that Abbott fellow, the Cardinals ♦️ won’t appreciate it, but that is only because The Monk keeps insisting that he can double (³√2) The Cube (1) using only a compas 🧭 and a straight edge 📏.

Yup, that there is a synthetic diamond 💎 and it’s time for the 7th-inning stretch.

Jump to los HILOS DE KATE y los mecos de SEAN PENN

https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2023/9/20 / amlo-se-rendra-a-badiraguato-apres-l-extradition-d-ovidio-guzman

To paraphrase the psychohistory of former President of the U.S.in A., Donald John Trump, but in the voice of the current Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López de la O:

Yoya Hubiera Ya Sol°Uzi°O’nado lo de los 43.

But FIRST, the president has to go and pay his respects to to “el ratón’s” grandmother in BA°Di°RA°Guato de Mota.

Last Week To They — Full-circle on the Andalusians at rfpp . net

De las lunas, las de octubre.

And Zeppelin, my dear Comte Pâris, goes here:

— 1916: en La Franche ―over the stage at The Globe, German Zeppelins bomb the shit out of Paris.

https ://today-in-wwi .tumblr .com /post /138319852493 /zeppelin-raid-on-paris-injures-30-kills-24


Hola guapa… I have news for your battle strategy, for starters, I come from a land where sadly, las lechuzas are censored like the fans of the Velsho Banned Book Club, it’s trou. North of the Zacatecas region, las lechuzas are worth less than a chilango, and Eye is not going to repeat what Öüï already relayed without caviardage, I must add, what happens to chilangos cuando pasan por la patria. So, with that in mind, today’s strategy will be to turn your Chouette into a blackbird, ready? Seth—G’eau!

— 1845 – “The Raven” is published in The Evening Mirror in New York, the first publication with the name of the author, Edgar Allan Poe.

Lorem ipsum seremus sumeres music merol…


En fin, let Mí drink my breakfast and I’ll get back to Anda Lucía, love Tú Times en version flamenca con un Duende al’Ao 🦉🪶… in the meantime have some CROW with your Blackbird, love fool:

— 1595: London, Leonardo DiCaprio and a Claire Danes are selected by Shakes Pirito to play the roles of Romeo y Julieta, Leonardo of course plays Julieta.

Répétition, répétition, and of course, répétition, — 🇪🇸Motherfuckers!

Y para cerrar, los invitados de hoy no llegaron [domingo 29 de enero], al parecer a FRANCIA, como la invitada de la semana pasada a la cabina de Botzaris, gracias a una boda, o quinceañera o algo así.

Lo cierto PENNY LEY en Futuro Media, es de que no todos los inmigrantes chilenos, de Chile, salieron de su país, por culpa de Pinochet; por mucho que Juanito Guanavacoa los empuje a decir que sí [domingo 22 de enero]. And it’s all right. Boda or not.

Entonces, ni modo de pintar el mismo cuadro, ya no se puede. El compromiso de Juanito Guanabacoa con el fotógrafo del ’68 en la sala de invitados, o algo así; ya no es igual, y no lo llamen “JUAN”, es Juanito y es puro teatro. And here is why:

not only did Juanito shifted his PsyNoptic analysis from Israel Vallarta and other assorted CERESinos³ in Mexico to some fucking piano bar at Metro Stop LEMOINE.

³~. Mexican jailbirds.

No! Not only did Juanito got his cake, he also picked up the pace that Osler Amaro, his old captain, dropped, now Juanito is analysing ‘El Azar‘ de Castillo en El Perú.

2020COVID-19 pandemic: The Trump administration establishes the White House Coronavirus Task Force under Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar.

In the meantime, NOTHING! Nothing about the Genaro García Luna trial or its implications to that so-called “Mexique-Ranch” that Juanito so much denounced before he got … cut-off of his ‘lado del Sur’. But isn’t that the way this things go? You play the guitar on the rfpp and you jam at gigs for pago-en-especie.

Arrose les fleurs una vez por semana.

Anyhow mister ‘RG’ this concludes my coverage of The Juanito Guanavacoa Show, now I am going to occupy myself on watering plants or agriculture, or something like that, como mi tocayo Lenin².


²~. Salgado.

Athena, is that an arm youse missing, or are you just happy to see my Battle plan?

And, Katie Thang, i missed your show today but I liked that green dress that you wore on set.

La Marcha del profeta solitario

Nancy, France_ lt was bound to happen, an end of un chingo d’Eras came to an end, kind of. Nancy Pelosi gave up her role as La Más Cabrona, but she ain’t going anywhere, at least until the Cows come Home.

One step up and Two She’s down… and, Alicia Menéndez, i think that the camera person really-really likes your back.

South of The Border, the fact that natura gave Claudia a concha [¡coño!] does not mean that she automatically gets a “get out of The Obrador cult” card, what it does SIGNIFY, is that like the high-ranking Mexican presidential cabinet member, WHO OVERSAW THE TORURE AND SUBSEQUENT MURDER OF an unauthorized/undercover D.E.A. agent, Claudia Sheinbaum gets to have the deeds to the most “landed” spaces on the “land lord” board game known as El Registro Catastral de Monopoly™️, but has no right for the trains stations or airports, as those properties have already been reserved for The Exclusive Use of the Mexican Armed Forces, but not The Mexican Navy, because they are a bola de Putos¹, !The Whole Vessel of the lot!

Yada, yada, yada…

Cosa fácil …

Mexican-Polish fight in Gdynia:
Two charged over attack


¹~. https ://www .bbc .com /news /world-latin-americaworld-latin-america– 23766759


And, Alicia Menéndez… Have, Eye, got the role for your “voices”.

And, Alicia Menéndez…


Full Stop.

Page Vous: Todos tus blindados⁶ 🇪🇸

W.A.D.R. (Florence 🇫🇷):

Anubis a Notre Dame de Paris Sites, follows, las quimeras no me pueden dejar mentir, Ask The Gargoyles there looking South to ISSY-les-Molineros.

« No chores por Mí, Argentina 🇦🇷 ».

La hache es muda:

https ://dw .com /es/defensa-de-cristina-fern%C3%A1ndez –pide-definir-ataque-como-intento-de-feminicidio /a-63013273

What’s good for Christina is good for Pelosi, and Florence at AURORA, here’s what Eye means… but first, madame, i, Armando Segovia, am not a “doctor”, but my French VISA was awarded because at THE TIME, my input was from the terrain (field), not from a fucking PEDESTAL at the College de France, en LETRAS.

It fucking figures… BANANAS!


CaMaRaDa, Florence, if you are going to casually bring “satanism” into the French indirectas…


AS Eye says in “Mexican”, —pedradas…

Técnico en mantenimiento, ISSY, Eye can clear your InterTubes.

Please relay to them Gillet Jaunes that it’s Symbolic, of course, but then again, when it comes to ‘innuendos’, i, Armando Segovia, have a feeling that you cocksuckers don’t know how to Rock and Roll 🥐😋.

Any how, madame Florence, All Öüï is sayin’, is that what is good for La Juventud Bolivariana de Paco Ignacio Taibo II y Venezuela en Francia (la indignación, pues!) también se la merece The Voice of America. Violence is only acceptable in WAR, and even then, señora, there are rules and “guard rails”.

Fantasy Island 🏝️ The Trane! The Trane!

Les objets à Kynopolis
sont plus proches
qu’il n’y paraît.

Yesterday in San Francisco, was Halloween, hoy en París, is la Toussaint.


And, GO’ill deNiza, le point zéro des routes de France might be at the explanada de Nuestra Señora de París, but the starting point of Route 66 es “El Pasito Duranguense³ », the one which inspired David Guetta to party like it was 1999, look it up.

Grúas El Perro Agradecido, te levantan, porque te levantán.


⁶~. El Chupacabras, CSdG 🇲🇽.

For reference, doña Florence (at AURORA):

Just one year ago, the COLLEGE of France was installing this lucky charm onto your precious little FRENCH PRIDE, his name is Mario, and yes, all of the Peruvians (including the socialists) get a Warm Fuzzy when they hear his name, —now pay attention, doña Florence— because this is going to be the link 🖇️ and your introduction to BASEBALL ⚾, DEER.

Playball, Bitch!

Now, madame, Florence, you are old enough to have witness the RAMPANT incest that went on in France, preVIOus to the arrival of “The Architect ∴” to Le Elysée, and since you wanted me, Armando Segovia, to hear your “indirectas” YESTERDAY, about the “Stuck Up” Mexicans in France, your old ASS should begin to understand that the reason why I eat chesse burgers at McDo after dark, like you and your Clochard Panel do, is because those fucking Mexican Nobles (Ciméma Étoile Lilas y El Primer Encuentro Cinématographique VIVA MEXICO 2013; Nosotros Los Nobles) had a hand in my peregrinage†.

Tomorrow in Mexico, day 2 of November is reserved for the CHILDREN that went the way of ANUBIS…

Yada, yada, and Eye says: YADA!


Chicago es la ciudad de las dos necesidades, and L.A., El Ey is my Lady, señora.

Dear, Media Part… you French cocksuckers, madddafuckers

And, Madame Hidalgo, Zeppelin goes here, and Ewe know My Heart Would Know that Hawaii is always blue 💙 ask The King, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss .. Goooooo, Dodgers.

Viva Las Vegas. En cartelera… Los Misterios de Iberia a un lado de Barcelona, en la rue de Temple, off–Course.

Now, in the previous segment Eye relayed to y’all motherfuckers that this was going to be a double header, and with that in mind…

Dedicated to Fey (sorry if I misspelled your name) at Emmaüs… I know that you want my Dick in You.

Fey, by the Way, is short for Viejas FEYas!

This chapter is called, pena ajena, or how I Learned to love Misha y sus mexicanos en Saint Merry…

En contexto, México is burning… It’s February of 2011 (Spring to be exact in time-delayed magic 🪄) and the Barbara Carol de Obeso’s show had just been scratched. Tunisia, was effervescent, but most importantly, Phat Basterd, a fellow by the nomenclature of “Juanito Guanabacoa”, of faggety FPP fame was not in the Seine.

Your pussy, my rod… bring Melle. Pitch.

First Sunday in Paris. It’s cold as fuck, and not a god-damned supermarket is opened, and the Arab shops don’t accept credit cards, just like the taco shop at Cinéma Mexique. To make things worst, I’ve just ran out of Tramadol®️ and the weed is a pipe dream in Montreuil, hash is plenty, but fuck, nigga! Where’s the grass? Are you not Like the COOLIO³ of this motherfuck? Long story short, it took nearly a year to secure good weed, and when I ran out, the dealer grew a revolutionary heart and he flew back to Mali. I never heard from him again. But if you are in on the JOKE, IN 2015, Dr. Poisson’s colleague from the LAB moved next to that cat’s studio in Levallois. Of course you have had to be getting stoned that night with me, in order to appreciate the funk that would grow out of that soirée.

³~. To The Moon 🌚 gangsta, to da Mun… 👻

Got Coke?

Across The Atlantic, Dario Moreno lost weight in Ukraine, the phenomenon is known as a reverse Chappelle. Send your contributions on Deadline, to Avi Velshi cycles and garden. Avi Velshi needs his baby fat, please contribute.

Buongiorno, yo sono il greco Zorba³


Over at The Cinéma Luxor, it’s “Mexican Prietos”.

³~. En México, mis hijos son Sánchez… Ricardo el de los tobosos (Tlahualilo, DGO.) es el padre de los de Monte Albán, Ricardo’s tribe used to have Apaches for breakfast.

With all due respect. I don’t select the events, only the spin, and senora LeGrand, if the Paris Tourism Board (/S) does in fact get that Mexican Filmos all up and running, please be advised that I will be on the lookout for Mr. Rodriguez² and his Mariachi; in case you are not versed in the Theory of Bacon, the degree of this spin stops at Canal Once en México, with Emilio Maille².


But enough about, Mí, what’s up Doc?

And by Doc, of course I am referring to this section of Les Rencontres Cinématographiques Viva Juanito Guanabacoa en La Porte de Lilas, an integral part of a healthy breakfast.

https ://www .viva-mexico-cinema .org /edition-2013 /manifestations /le-metier-de-chef-operateur-2

Cinéma Mexico in France presents:

Dangling participles y Los Gerundios de Gerónimo (Arizpe, Sonora; 16 de junio de 1829)

²~. When asked about Robert Rodriguez during a workshop about Gabriel Figueroa by either Mr. Battista or Mister Garcia, at the mulligan run of the Year of Mexico in France film festival in 2013, two years after it’s its cancellation, señor Maillé (no link available, ironic, I know) señor Maillé shrugged with cringe.

When señor Maillé was reminded that like him (with my limited French that’s what I understood) Mister Rodriguez was a Mexican también, mister Maillé shrugged again, as if saying, it’s not the same; the implication here, of course, el mestizaje de ambos cineastas.

If you don’t believe me, ask this handsome frog²ª to review the Tale-of the-Tape of that taller.

²ª~. https ://www .viva-mexico-cinema .org /edition-2013 /invites /jean-christophe-berjon

Fletch, for fantasy… 🏀  It’s the Story of a ravine ⛰️ that became a Police Academy 👮🏻‍♀️ and a fucking Baseball Field ⚾, “my great-great Uncle used to live where Third Base is at!”, don’t believe me? Ask the Buena Vista Santa Monica Cooder Click, —for certification.

Objects on bookshelfs are closer than THEY appear.


An update from Elisabeth LaGrande
Legrand… sorry if I misspelt your name.

And LIVE from Paris, el 13éme de Emma! It’s Denisa Kerschova in New York 🎉

Uso justo de París — Not sponsored by The Paris Tourism Board, nor Pare de Sufrir.

Sorbonne Nouvelle… 50 ans de pipes culturelles

Just ask John Mill Ackerman and the Cohen clan.

Is that a ‘don Julio’ reposado you got there, Architect?

In this section, John Mill Ackerman is portrayed as what Eye told morena-francia that he was, once it became clear that as a ‘captain’ Johnny boy is a pussilanimus leader who hid behind a Julio Iglesias hug and Les JUPES DE su señora esposa, dicho de otra puta manera, John Mill Ackerman is a fucking Real Estate Speculator, here’s a file quote from that son of a bitch:

Buddy Kane: In order to be successful, one must project an image of success at all times

Nos vienen [o sea yo como reportero] a desprestigiar“.
Alicia Leos, tesorera (2014/2015)
Associación de Ley 1901 Gilberto Bosques Paris 

International Cotton-picking Pickers Day

Cotton-picking Pickers Day… with musical guest: METALLICA

In Hilo, Hawaii, son las diez de la Noche, which can only mean one thing en El Ruedo del Golfo de Mexico en la barrera de La Isla del Padre son ya, las Tres de la mañana en Central Daylight Time.

Now before, the good PERUVIAN posse from rfpp get thier empanadas up in a bunch, I ask you gentlemen… SAY, whatever happened to John Mill Ackerman? And how come when privileged Gringos like him take a handout (grant and/or funds) from GEORGE SOROS it is not —I REPEAT— it is not an abomination like with the rest of the mortals outside [or rather inside, if you are looking from the terrace of the CINEMA LILAS] of La Porte des Lilas do… that’s where the Left meets, right? And… how come when they (the Ackerman Sandoval, —famila) are in power the demands that they SCREAMED a trávers diffèrent arrondissements de Paris and ghettos in Bruxells, like say revealing all of their properties in real time and not in ‘DON’T LOOK in My WATCH‘ time, because of course they are representing a “El Pueblo Bueno” and they [la izquierda buena] are above reproach.

And starring as professor John Mill Ackerman… Peter Gallagher. And of course never ever, Ever Ever, criticize a dear leader in our Realty Firm of morena-francia, especially those who live next to THE ALAMO in San Antonio or, in Houston, Texas, or on Houston Street in Manhattan.

Nota a los elejidos de la erudita diaspora colombiana en La Emission Américas de Fréquence Paris Plurielle 106.3

El contexto de Ackerman y Cohen se presenta como una CONTESTACIÓN al comentario arribista de [Freddy*] en cuanto a las elecciones de mañana (por la mañana) en la sucursal de la OTAN en el cono Sur del patío trasero de los EEUU. Y no, mis queridos seminaristas de la Cité Universitaire de Paris, 75014, no es nada contra la democracia en Colombia, sino todo lo contrario.

*~. Or was it OSLER, i can’t fucking tell since there is no archive provided by your show. De cualquier forma, de aquí a cuando han tolerado el espíritu crítico (Frankfurt School, o chisme caliente?) y con qué AGUACATES van a exigir ese platillo en la NUEVA SORBONA del Jardín de Plantas en París?

Note to Montaigne and his fagetty slippers outside of the Sorbonne [proper]:
Emission Américas does not provide an archive of their conversations on the 106.3 of Parisian fm radio’s website. For this reason, our non-readers will have to take our ‘paraphrase’ of one of the statements made by one of the “HISTORIC PACT” mouvement spokespersons on today’s transmission.

Es la primera vez que una propuesta salida del pueblo va a triunfar, pero de antemano sabemos [o sea la IZQUERDA colombina de Francia Márquez] que el proceso está ya arreglado.

Sorry, Baby Blue 💙… There’s no rain 🐝

All the ‘pipes’ that fit

Rue Santeuil, en face à n⁰ 8, where investigative reporting goes to die. In a cultural way, of course… sponsored by some Association of Law, from 1901.