Sorbonne Nouvelle… 50 ans de pipes culturelles

Just ask John Mill Ackerman and the Cohen clan.

Is that a ‘don Julio’ reposado you got there, Architect?

In this section, John Mill Ackerman is portrayed as what Eye told morena-francia that he was, once it became clear that as a ‘captain’ Johnny boy is a pussilanimus leader who hid behind a Julio Iglesias hug and Les JUPES DE su señora esposa, dicho de otra puta manera, John Mill Ackerman is a fucking Real Estate Speculator, here’s a file quote from that son of a bitch:

Buddy Kane: In order to be successful, one must project an image of success at all times

Nos vienen [o sea yo como reportero] a desprestigiar“.
Alicia Leos, tesorera (2014/2015)
Associación de Ley 1901 Gilberto Bosques Paris 

International Cotton-picking Pickers Day

Cotton-picking Pickers Day… with musical guest: METALLICA

In Hilo, Hawaii, son las diez de la Noche, which can only mean one thing en El Ruedo del Golfo de Mexico en la barrera de La Isla del Padre son ya, las Tres de la mañana en Central Daylight Time.

Now before, the good PERUVIAN posse from rfpp get thier empanadas up in a bunch, I ask you gentlemen… SAY, whatever happened to John Mill Ackerman? And how come when privileged Gringos like him take a handout (grant and/or funds) from GEORGE SOROS it is not —I REPEAT— it is not an abomination like with the rest of the mortals outside [or rather inside, if you are looking from the terrace of the CINEMA LILAS] of La Porte des Lilas do… that’s where the Left meets, right? And… how come when they (the Ackerman Sandoval, —famila) are in power the demands that they SCREAMED a trávers diffèrent arrondissements de Paris and ghettos in Bruxells, like say revealing all of their properties in real time and not in ‘DON’T LOOK in My WATCH‘ time, because of course they are representing a “El Pueblo Bueno” and they [la izquierda buena] are above reproach.

And starring as professor John Mill Ackerman… Peter Gallagher. And of course never ever, Ever Ever, criticize a dear leader in our Realty Firm of morena-francia, especially those who live next to THE ALAMO in San Antonio or, in Houston, Texas, or on Houston Street in Manhattan.

Nota a los elejidos de la erudita diaspora colombiana en La Emission Américas de Fréquence Paris Plurielle 106.3

El contexto de Ackerman y Cohen se presenta como una CONTESTACIÓN al comentario arribista de [Freddy*] en cuanto a las elecciones de mañana (por la mañana) en la sucursal de la OTAN en el cono Sur del patío trasero de los EEUU. Y no, mis queridos seminaristas de la Cité Universitaire de Paris, 75014, no es nada contra la democracia en Colombia, sino todo lo contrario.

*~. Or was it OSLER, i can’t fucking tell since there is no archive provided by your show. De cualquier forma, de aquí a cuando han tolerado el espíritu crítico (Frankfurt School, o chisme caliente?) y con qué AGUACATES van a exigir ese platillo en la NUEVA SORBONA del Jardín de Plantas en París?

Note to Montaigne and his fagetty slippers outside of the Sorbonne [proper]:
Emission Américas does not provide an archive of their conversations on the 106.3 of Parisian fm radio’s website. For this reason, our non-readers will have to take our ‘paraphrase’ of one of the statements made by one of the “HISTORIC PACT” mouvement spokespersons on today’s transmission.

Es la primera vez que una propuesta salida del pueblo va a triunfar, pero de antemano sabemos [o sea la IZQUERDA colombina de Francia Márquez] que el proceso está ya arreglado.

Sorry, Baby Blue 💙… There’s no rain 🐝

All the ‘pipes’ that fit

Rue Santeuil, en face à n⁰ 8, where investigative reporting goes to die. In a cultural way, of course… sponsored by some Association of Law, from 1901.

Dear, Ben Smith… the media equation was solved at the Unesco in 2016

Must show Media Function, motherfucker, and then solve for time.

This is why we Watch

This is why we Watch .:. 699B73ED-C8A7-40BA-8FC9-4A3F911C02B9 .:. Just to keep Track, Steph, nada más pa’Ver lo que dicen y lo que hicieron… dedicated to my Friend Gustavo, at the Associated Press… vía El CUNY.

Hoy no hubo Buzzfeed… because the “little journalist” school at Sciences Po is closed, the cadre at that former Printshop is drinking Coronas with the Mexican Mission at the Unesco and with The Ambassador of Mexico in La France.

WITH THAT in Mind, Peter Baker, please give my regards to Brian Williams and Fuck The New York Buzz(feed) in France.

For those keeping Track of our programming, tonight Öüï reserves two hours for “Staff Duty” at a very exclusively open club, where “everybody knows your name”.

Deer Aldous Harding, meet Dick Hertz

I am Thirteen (original colonies) and this is Reddit for Mí.

Deer, Seth Meyers...

Deer, Cousin Joe… Sir, do you and Mike Barnicle think that after Peter Baker reflects on the White Guilt for the African diaspora, that the MorJo Vice Squad can say a little prayer for me. Sincerely, Evo, yes I am—Eye am Man!

https ://theintercept .com /2020 /06 /08 /the-nyt-admits-key-falsehoods-that-drove-last-years-coup-in-bolivia-falsehoods-peddled-by-the-u-s-its-media-and-the-nyt/

Anyhow Rachel Maddow, you didn’t think your producers would get off easy for last Friday’s tantrum, now did ya’?… of Corse you did. Any how, this is still a Law & Order episode, but we are now going to dive–in into the syndication realm, you know: the re-runs.


It’s 3 o’Clock in Camden, New Jersey, and this an inter•mission for Leslie Jones.


No pun intended

No pun intended … but, deer Charlamagne Tha God, “Take Five” then BREATHE, —motherfucker— and call my Agent in the morning on PST. .::. 39339D4D-47F7-414E-9082-7F60647C5C52 🏄🏽‍♂️ Jumping to conclusions is so… trumpian. —_•!•_— In Context: Earlier in the transmission before “Tuesday was Gone” with the wind, Ari Melber had the day off and Stephanie “La Pundita” Ruhle filled in the “Fall the fuck back” section of The BEAT. During the “Fall Back” segment, a known radio host (of this most non–consequential blog) was summoned by The Producers of that show, to give his remarks on the final respects to the fallen George Floyd, who as the entire world, except the good people from the great state of Missouri know that his life was Snuffed on youtube for all to see. Mr. McKelvey, the off–stage name of Charlemagne The God, suggested during a heated exchange with Ms. Ruhle, that the Trump administration didn’t have any African Americans in it’s close circle; suggesting in one breath (no pun intended) that Joe Biden was right when he told the entire nation, except the great State of South Carolina, that if youse Black and vote for Trump you ain’t from WAKANDA!

It’s 1 a..m. in New York, New York and 7 p.m. in Central Europe At the BEAT with Stephanie Ruhle, Charlamagne “Lenard” Tha God just confirmed that the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is not Black… giving Biden a free ghetto pass. Any güey, Ms. Ruhle, your eyes are going to roll off’them beautiful jeepers sockets. 

Meanwhile, Brian Williams, what is up with that walk of shame, and where, please TELL MÍ WHERE can Eye score one of those portable “Eddy Currents” police band scramblers?

https ://www .bbc .com /news /52984295 Reality Check, Donald Trump’s police scanner tweet fact-checked

One thing for sure Michael Steele is that the branding of the President of them united states of america and the parallel events South of The Border make for some “beautiful” Venn Diagrams.

And, Brian, here’s a SAMPLE that Eye wish D.A.T. the United States of America does not take as a cue from the Mexican United States and which, Michael Steele, loops u.s. back to The Rachel Maddow Show, check it out Cousin Joe here’s the breakdown for the All–American peacock team:

Now you’ve heard about the A.A.R. acronym, [Law & Order sound effect goes here] it’s K.N.O.T. one of those (punto y coma) it’s more of a “backwards stepping” reconstruction of the events.

And, as we “Indian foot-step it” like the young Danny Torrence at the Overlook Hotel’s labyrinth please take this Egyptian coincidence Vase (⚱️) and place, IT!, in the back-burner.

… Breaking the news follows.

Hey, Lenard… what’s up nigga!

So, A.M. Joy suits you all up an makes you look all dapper looking and all of a sudden you got a point to motherfucking make!

If Eye was a Pimp

If Eye was a nigga … wait for it, WAIT.

Nigga, it better be a recollection. Eye is going to take a nap now, wake up–then masturbate (to clear the pipes) and Eye Will Be Listening to your rap, nigga. So, sleep tight (motherfucker), because it’s just Nine o’Clock in New York, New York… at the Paris underground (Sir) it’s 3 in Tha Mow’r–ning.

It’s Two o’Clock, in Central Europe Time.

First, the News.

As the United States quickly approaches another milestone, the 100,000 deaths from the COVID–19 pandemic, Donald John Trump, the 45th President of The United States spent part of Saturday playing golf in Virginia, while the “merchants of doubt*” begin to cue the MAGA cult about fake Coronavirus deaths… or something like that.

In-house Advertorial.

Oh, hey Jack Dorsey, you French bobo-looking sonofavitch! Happy Memorial Day Weekend. You know what the good thing about this most non–consequential blog is? Of course you don’t, —motherfucker— because the fip Sirens don’t read this blog,

[hey Suzy, my heart still belongs to you even if you went ahead and cut MONTY Alexander on the third copla of Bob Marley’s “Stir it up” last night before the start of Club Jazzàfip… way to Scratch D.A.T. Up! mi negra]

anygüey, Mr. Dorsey (Sir, S.V.P.) Eye was thinking that a most excellent way to spend the Spare Change that Twitter™️ makes from every motherfucking Donald John Trump it, would be by purchasing THE ENTIRE SECTION “A” of the national newspaper of your choice and print THE Entire “First 100,000” victims of the COVID–19 pandemic and dedicate it to The Entire STAFF (not the workers, but the sycophantic Staff) at The White House.

COME ON, nigga! Think About, IT!… it will be like an “indelible tattoo” for the Administration’s worst FAILURE.

We now return to our regular programming…

Eh… I am an and Fuck The New York Times.

Full Disclosure,
we [the staff]
love dancing with MARIANNE in PANAME,
but El EY, well—L.A…
L.A. is my Lady.

Raif is the kind of Red Blooded American with a Viking last name who would miss the R.T.D. with a transfer ticket on his pretty priviledged manicured finger tips. Send him, please, to a FAVELA, or to Tepito next time…. PLEASE RABBIT HUNTER, please!


FUCK Reif Larsen, but mostly, F.U.C.K. Ewe, you—Fucking New York Times for paying the tab on this condescending prick so that he could highbrow Olvera Street, and other assorted Angelino spots.

Now before we [the staff] begin with our original 3 a.m. Rant [Donald Trump stole the idea from us, the STAFF], we reckon that the following must be read in a Slim Pickins, voice:

Hell, “Rabbit Hunter*,” i am willing to bet Sam Rockwell’s Fuck-Bomb on S.N.L. that Gabriel García Márquez is not really one of that, New York, “Ono Yoker” influences”.

*Maureen Dowd

Now this is the story, Ladies in Gemeni, of Mr Richard Smoker [El Ey version]. By: Segoviaspixes.

The following must be read in a Yosemite Sam voice:

Full Disclosure, on the double, i personally loved Jean–Pierre Jeunet’s adaptation of The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet, on the other hand, Reif Larsen’s Angelino review is a prime example of the ELITIST bullshit that seated a Queens cuck-old on Vladimir Putin’s lap.

We now return to a Slim Pickens voice:

Next time that Ewe, “The” New York Times, pay a dude like Reif Larsen to funny walk his way out of a Train Station and then write about its surroundings, please make sure that Mr. Larsen knows about the history and the dang–on economy of the place before he goes around making a fool of himself re-adjusting his monocle and stroking his cravat in front of people who only the likes of a deranged millionaire like say, John Hodgman, would deem inferior to the intellectual baggage inside of  Hodgman’s counterfeit suitcase.

To put it bluntly, Reif Larson gives Bugs Bunny, Bernie Sanders, and Brooklyn —a bad name.

‘nuff typed.

If Los Angeles is a traffic nightmare, it’s in part because Madison Avenue “chayoteo” the sale of private vS. public transportation to stupid Americans after World War Two… fake soldiers like John Wayne needed big roads in order to drive his big Detroit cars, or something like that.

SHATKIN, E., via:

Breaking the NEWS of the NYT

No, no, no, no, –NO!

You don’t Understand, look here, when the New York Times does it, then it’s not an attack on the political soverengty of the Back Yard extension of the House that Columbia built.

El elevador de la Casa de Maureen Dowd, en Nueva York, no marcha… PAS! }—~~~~*> Ni modo Pepe Meade, va usted a tener que subir por las escaleras.

Ain’t that right, Professor Jon Meachum?


In other news, Alejandro Trebek, en el rol de Gael García Bernal, se receta unos tragos de Ginebra en Suiza para pedir a la ONU y a los gobiernos de todo el mundo que le aprieten las tuercas al gobierno de México para terminar con LA PUTA IMPUNIDAD… pero como EUROPA ahorita anda mas OKUPADA por Rusia, misma que dizque anda envenenando a espias… o algo así, y luego por si faltara más, San Dieguito, ya ves como va todo el gran pedo con Syria.

Neta que no… ¡así no se puede!

En Fin, bravo por el esfuerzo en LA GRAN PANTALLA POLÍTICA MUNDIAL.

Mexican fools and their money. ¡VIVA MÉXICO!

Actualización 2017 — El Sismo de Stephanie Rhule

Feb. 14th to Dec. 31st
Le watching ton poste***

Happy New Year, REVOLUTION.

… edición limitada. The original of this particular image capture is available for viewing down at the other City of Lights, Lyon, until the middle of January 2018. •~|~• Metro L1 Bastille, salida a l’Opera.

En México tembló, y como de costumbre, Frida fue el centro de atención, —por 15 minutos Stephanie Rhule, la más carísmatica de las 9 de la mañana en Nueva York no pudo contener las de cocodrilo en televisión; la pequeña Frida yacía por debajo de una d’esas mesas de marmól que la directora de una escuela privada usaba en un apartamento de lujo mal construido, y por encima de los códigos de construccion, fincado directamente en el techo de las aulas en dónde los niños toman sus Cariño$a$ lecciones.

La historia de la pequeña Frida María… o algo así, resultó ser falsa como la ayuda de Washington D.C. y Donald Trump para con los Boricuas; sin embargo, pasados otros 15 minutos, entre los escombros las camaras de televisión captaron a otra Frida, una perrita rescatista que restoró el nombre más emblematico para Los Amigos de Mexico en Francia y de El Servicio Exterior Mexicano.


The narrative in this time-frame picks up after the surreal inauguration of the 45th President of The United States of America, and it is set against the backdrop of bizarre political discourses, partisan punditry, corrupt government institutions, sycophantic bureaucrats, general purpose toadies, lukewarm activists and, a daily dose of heterogeneous vignettes that strategically keeps the tale–of–the–tape up–to–date on an array of tangential topics that deal with current events.

Pareidolia: one eyed cyborg with an Electric Crown… o el número 3 consolando a un corazón agujerado… si en el cuadro ves una esposa, eso es solo tu imaginación… •_|_• Fair use of Michal Batory, and #STANDUP4HUMANRIGHTS en La Torre de Saint-Jacques; 75001. Foto captura del poster de Michal Batory por: armando segovia / segoviaspixes… Uso justo de todos los derechos por todos los medios.

[Signal interference]

Mientras tanto en Veracruz, las secciones de sociales de todos los periódicos del Estado, celebran la mudanza de la Familia Duarte Macias a El Reino Unido… porque en verdad, ellos si “se lo merecen”.

🎶🎵🎶…where’s the Shade that You’ ve got it made? To me it’s just Monkey Business… according to the Gospel of Skid Row.

With that in mind, once again, do remember that we are just beginning to scratch the Mexican surface of a multilayered transnational chronicle, which started out with the premise of a six-year reportage that was to follow the events of The Year of Mexico in France (2011) as a collective ensemble of “opening acts” in the run-up to the 2012 Mexican presidential election, which as luck would have, Mexico’s suffrage excercise was coincidentally sandwiched on the same calendar year between the election processes of La France and The United States.

Sophia Loren: Signore, come si dice, carta da imballaggio per la carne fredde in spagnolo? –•_!_~  Anthony Quinn*: Si traduce nello stesso modo in cui si pronuncia la parola, Giornale, alla fine, Signora, servono la stessa cosa. — Translation Services brought to you by Bing!

* Anuncio:

“Si las cosas que valen la PENA, se hicieran facilmente, cualquiera las haría.”… now, watch Donald Trump steal Anthony Quinn’s, quinntessential quote.

[Signal interference cleared]

…as a matter of record, and as we [the staff] type this yearly update, the political experiment called the United States of America is now facing its toughest trial as the elected few try to figure out if the U.S. Constitution is as hallowed as the Republicans made it out to be when a White House intern sucked-off the Commander-in—Chief in his hour of need or, if Washington D.C. is once and for all going to test the burning quality of that hemp paper that the American Magna Carta was written on, once Red-Blooded Americans finally realized that on The Chinese “Year of The Fire Duck,” their 45th President turned the United States of America into a BANANA REPUBLIC… much like the ones that the U.S. Department of State has installed —year after year — after year, after year, AFTER YEAR following the post–Manifest Destiny Doctrine around strategic parts of The Globe… like say, most recently in Israel.

El colmo de los COLMEX es de que México, “aun sin TLCAN” sigue siendo el patio trasero para los “tickers” de la bolsa de valores en Wall Street •—_¡_—• La fuente de los colmos llega por cortesía del periódico La Jornada, Viernes 29 de diciembre de 2017, p. 3; y la foto del barandal negro del #217 de la Saint Germain–des–Pres, por el staff / segoviaspixes 2017.


Meanwhile, at Le Élysée and under President Emmanuel Macron, La France is a Work–in–Progress

Dimanche, Dimanche, DIMANCHE!!! It’s Jupiter’s LIQUIDATION SALE. ⚡️—_¡_— ⚡️ SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY… our guess is that the United Arab Emirates will be owning the rest of Paris, and perhaps even a big chunk of La Défense, as well.

From our angle, we [the staff] have noticed that Mr. Macron is fixated on at least two things that we’ve made arcs of in the span of our journey to France, number one are the Scott Onstott’s observations about how the French capital continues to have a multi-generational obsession with Hermetic symbolism and specifically with the Cult of Isis, as per the the lore of “Thrice–greatest”, Hermes Trismegistus; and number two, Mr. Macron’s steadfast intent to catch-up with the de-regulated United States and a brave new Keynesian World. Mr. M’s first presidential moves were first picked up by our radars when he single–handedly fired up a lightning bolt and got his old boss, François Hollande, to deregulate the intercity motor coach industry; since then, the young Sciences-Polita has moved up in the Universe and he is now on track to reform labor, education, the Fucking Olympics, and of course just to fuck with the labor unions: unemployment benefits laws, by-God, he even wants to resuscitate Latin from the Dead–Languages Pantheon… our guess is that this is why the press don’t call him Zeus, and stick with the Romans reference, to refer to His Excellency, and YES, this information will be on the re-structured BAC.

… anygüey, did you happen to catch a glimpse at the asteroid that zipped a few nights ago straight through the Central Europe DarkTime Zone? What a near-miss, eh.

We now return to our regular review about México.

Breaking the News

TOP CUTLINE: “… se preveía”, ¿pues qué creían? ¿Que el PRI iba a desaprovechar la “cruda” navideña y no encontrar la manera de que los Doctores Magistrados fallaran en favor de la ignominia? Viva México, y El Reino Unido que alberga a saqueadores como a JaviDu. #GiveMeThePower #QueMinguenSuChadreLosDeMoLoTov –>>_¡_<<–  LOWER CUTLINE: … and then of course, as a new Global Warming Trend, big fucking hurricanes happened, and the tale–of–the–tape revealed that both President Trump and President Macron were a bit slow in responding to their protectorate territories in the Caribbean, leaving thousands of people to fend for themselves in the middle of unprecedented devastation. —•_!_•— Double Entry capture is courtesy of the Pop-ads on “the” PubliMetro.  Fair use of all media.

Next, on FRANCE 24 en Espagnol
La alianza hidrocálida,
en concubinato con:
Canal Once TV…

Comprando cigarros en Hong Kong, con “El Piporro”.

Synopsis: El Piporro visita Francia.

[Man’s voice:
Mr. Eulalío “Lalo” González melodically describes in his trademarked neoleonense style à La Legión Extranjera de la Explanada de Trocadéro — Yann Tiersen is in charge of the musical track that serves “El Piporro’s” voice as background; for this commission, YANN enlists DAFT PUNK to collaborate on an Alsace style Polka, featuring Al Yankovic.]

… meanwhile in the Franco–Mexican bubble, the local Francilien Cuernavaquense, —o mismo— el parisino sinaloense–coahuilense–campechano, o mismo, from that particular place in Las Lomas_near–”chilangolandia,” now ex-Distrito Federal; without forgetting, —ah, pero cómo no…¡faltara menos¡ The rest of the Mexican state entities que–componen_à—La Federación—raza, el PRI ahora hasta quiere censurar y meterte a la celda que desocupó Lencha Cassaz, si tú decides decirle sus verdades a politicos como JaviDu, o el mismísimo Humberto Moreira— ¡Ajúa! Y es que “el PRI sí sabe como gobernar“, dijo un señor profesor de nombre Alain Rouquie, en el cierre de las jornadas del Colmex, allá en Sciences-Po, y por supueesto en Saint Germain–des–Pres; 1 de febrero, 2013.

#LosHijosDeSuChingadaMadre #LoHicieronPorTi –>>_!_<<– Synopsis: La ya identificada Dictadura Perfecta por el perucho (Vargas Llosa) se perfila para hacerle comparsa a lo sucedido en estos ULTIMOS 3 DÍAS EN IRAN… context continues to develop, stick around.

Because when it comes to rallying a group of elites that can band together and block anyone or any group “who dares disturb their idilic status,” (Linares /1) nobody can co-opt or make turn–coats out of left–of–center activists any better than the wealth hogs operators and spies who at the stroke of a signed invitation to become a ‘cultural ambassador‘, or an opportunity to headline an MODERN ART exposition they successfully seduce artists, writers, —film makers— students and (we hope that Rachel Maddow can forgive us for typing the following) Community Organizers; YES, you read the latter RIGHT: Community Organizers, to raise one fist in anger against a governments trespasses, and extend the other below the waist when they think that no one is looking, palm–up and all five fingers pointing outwards to receive commissions and prizes from the same public servants that they are rallying against.

[Frequency Hop interference]

IRÁN: Fuerzas de Seguridad Interior abren fuego en dirección de manifestantes. Gobierno promete “puño de hierro” si las protestas no cesan. En el tercer día de descontento social el periódico The Telegraph reportó dos muertes de bala de rifles de El Estado. }-––~\•>   Dear NYT: cualquier parecido, paralelo, o similitud a lo que puede pasar el próximo 2 de junio en Mexico será pura coincidencía. — Screen-grab is courtesy of Frances Rivera de MSNBC.

[UNAUTHORIZED Frequency hop cleared]

Take it from, say… Professor Victor Quintana Silveyra, whose pretty
mug is on the high list to grace the reference picture of el Instituto Federal Electoral brochure on how to become a better Political Chapulín. That’s right, folks, squeeze your living abroad experience to the maximum. Profit from your long–hours of community organizing and political activism to overthrow el PRI’s legacy of corruption, its long list of institutionalized ineptitude and, nepotism’s favorite cousins: The Cronies; don’t think twice, become an infiltrated turncoat for the good of The Federation and the supreme party… for further information please contact the offices of the Mexican Foreign Service, or reach out to one of the many associations of Los Amigos de México en Francia®.

[Man’s voice: El Piporro]

Porque en México
solo brincando como un Chapulín, raza,
se puede llegar al Cielo:


Apophenia…Dear, non- readers of this most inconsequential blog, any similarities or hints that the above Hopscotch sketch resembles the fuselage of an AIRPLANE is purely coincidental, because the image clearly resembles a Capped Hex nut on a Threaded Set bolt with a loose Heavy Hex nut.

And if you ever played hopscotch you know that if you touch any parts of the sketched outline on the ground, or if you can’t keep your balance on the way to ‘heaven’ and you fall out of the path, then you have to start from scratch all over again.

… Señoras y señores: Las Fuentes de doña Vilma y los bobó del VoBo de La Vie en Rose à Paris. }––~~\•> Theme melody: Duke Ellington’s “Springtime in Paris”… uso justo de todos los bobos.

And for some reason, as Mexicans get ready to endure the most difficult of General Elections since Carlos Salinas de Gortari usurped the 1998 election of from Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, it seems eerily strange that the very same issue that competed for headlines with narco related executions in 2011 (previous) to the Presidential race of 2012 involved ex President Felipe Calderón’s executive decision to deploy Mexican troops, to do police work on the streets of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua; back then “Juaritos” held the Heavyweight Title of Reporters Without Borders: Murder Capital of The World.

Whomever becomes the next president of Mexico on that 1st of December of 2018 (Chinese Year of The Brown Dog) is going to have to set his two pretty bureaucrat feet on the ground and start from Scratch.

por ejemplo, apreciada Panchita Rivera:

… “and so it goes”.

Because normally, in countries where citizens don’t have to fear little inconveniences like looking at or, rubbing a soldier the wrong way, and then getting sodomized for that transgression with the barrel of a rifle in the hands of say, a a squad of Mexican soldiers; it would seem rather logical to get the Executive branch of the government to sign off on an Legislative order to complement the tasks of local cops (and gendarmes, when applicable) in order to approach such formidable enemies of the civilian population, like say, narcos or terrorists; however, in banana republics, where power usually goes unchecked, this avenue of approach tends to add to the collective psychosis and it’s fertile ground for the start of a Beautiful and Perfect Dictatorship.

Now maybe it’s because of the lack of an enforceable Code of Military Justice, or because if there is in fact one in place, the military code is usually above any civil code, think of it as something kin to “diplomatic immunity” when transgressions to the law from the ranks take place and thus, impunity reigns and abuse of power goes wild, —literally.

Y ahora con ustedes:

“Turn on the TV, ’cause I got nowhere to go
Seems that there’s a little trouble down in Mexico
A 13-year-old boy robs a store so he can eat
And they got him doing time while killers walk the streets”.

Las fuentes para los Bobo’s, de doña Vilma, y sin ningún orden en particular y como regalo para Paco Ignacio Taibo 2: de quien se sabe que odia las reglas de anotación y los pie de páginas.

— Crépel, S., “SUNDAY, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!, vía: Ohhhh, the humanity;

— Steels, E. “200,000 Morts Au Mexique: La ley del narco”. Vía: Libération;

Men-at-Work… Business as Usual; “…to me it’s just Monkey Busines”, dijo Skid Row.

— Thompson Reuters… 1. Reporting by Lizbeth Diaz and 2. Christine Murray; 3. writing by Julia Love; 4. editing by Dave Graham and 5. Leslie Adler… Reporting by Lizbeth Diaz and Christine Murray; writing by Julia Love; editing by Dave Graham and Leslie Adler… and a bag-load of uncredited Santa’s Little Helpers whose identities Business Insider promised to protect:

— Fuentes, V., “La risa”, en La Jornada de los VoBo’s de la Embajada Mexicana en París:

— Poy, S.L., “El Colmo de los COLMEX”, via:

Sanchez, R

Información llega por REDDIT .com /r/worldnews; vía: http ://www .telegraph .co .uk /news /2017 /12 /30/ iranian-students-clash-police-tehran-protests-enter-third-day/

… and of course, Frances Rivera: Happy New Year, Chula, Feliz Año Nuevo 2018:

ISSY, Steph Rhule bien puede ser la más carísmatica de La Barra de Mr. Peacock, pero Frances, tú eres La Más Chula.