But speaking of “Deep” undercover investigative reports

L.I.N.D.A. is the Ex-rated version of G.L.O.R.EYE, Ey!

ESMERALDA Traffiking

BREAKING THE BFM… rfpp calls FRAUD IN THE COLOMBIAN election… coq Suckers that they are for John Mill Ackerman “El Pacto Historico” celebrates a los NAIPES del Nupes en Mélenchon.


Breaking Ruhle 34… Knot to be outdone by The Fox News Network, MSNBC relEASes their own Deepthroat anniversary version for Wokies.

All the news that fit in Linda’s Throat.

But, FO’ist Fréquence Paris Plurielle goes to COLOMBIA por lo que “El Pacto Historico” llama, una verdadera MAMADA de segunda vuelta en las législatives de allá, y mañana veremos aquí en Francia.

Vendo en una cesta el agua y El Humo te lo regalo. La nieve está en la hoguera de las vanidades de La SORBONNA en rfpp.

Populism, like in Mexico is running for the “El Pueblo Bueno” tag. CONSERVATIVES in Guayaquil, are worried with Francia, Márquez on the other hand is the Carbon Copy of Andy Garcia in the role of Steve Martin con Ropa Vieja.

Privileged Endings

Over at FOX Props Central… Chad Hegseth gets a blow job from his Harvard Diploma. Rachel Champs-Duffy stars as the new VAUGHT NEWS super hero, The Green Blower… The Green Blower’s Uniform is always White because she can take like Fifty of her, according to the Kong Cooler on that set.

Goooooo, Avalanches!

Over at the Saint-Eustache annex… COLBERT is Under a Rest.

Previously on, To Aim… er, is to get High

And, Mr. Martinez (sin acento) Philippe, i know that the following snapshot is going to IRK the fuck out of your co-horts, because they are going to interpret that this post is about You.

And, Mr. Martinez, lemme’Tell you why:

And, Mr. Martinez, i can dig that diamonds are a girl’s best friend (just cross check with Governor Cuomo (D-NY)), but just to level the PAYING field, President Biden, why KNOT ISSUE YOUR FIRST EXECUTIVE ORDER raising the minimum wage to like 10 € per hour and see if the god damn Republicans repeal your John Hancock on that piece of paper, eh! 🎞 Or, Vice-President Harris, the Democrats can drag this issue with Moscow Mitch and waste very important congressional time on pecuniary stamps instead of focusing on the START OF THE BASEBALL SEASON.

1. Because god (a secular god, anyway) forbids that a dumb undocumented American Citizen dares to attempt—ya’hear— ATTEMPT to compare social issues without first applying for a fucking trade union card.


2. Because what better stepping-stone to cement and claim your place at The Beggars’ Banquet table than to instigate an affront against the usual Yank* among Frogs, eh!? Just ask the old Latinamerican faction of the Melenchon ticket of 2011-2012… [R]egurguito, Professor Cohen (IHESS/Casa Poblana à Montreuil-sous-Bois) you must have a “fairy” godfather to be able function as an Independent journalist in “La Commune” del Siglo XXI, and other assorted Left-wings in France.

* En contexto, the term “Yank” is used figuratively on account that, TO THE REGULAR French people, that is You Know the Frogs outside of the political and cultural hemispheres of public relations, a “Yankee” is typically someone that has the looks and the charm of a Bing Crosby, and KNOT the rudimentary ethnicTICITY rose (rub) of ZORBA the Greek.

“Si las cosas que Valen(cia) la pena se pintaran fácilmente, cualquiera las plasmaría »… and if you are a lefty at The Pershing Memorial Baseball Field in Vincennes, then you probably are going to think that (Valen)cia is the code for Laurent Deutsch to write a book about SPYs like EWE! And KNOT one about tags on the boards of Saint-Michel.

https ://forum .wordreference .com /threads /marchepied-figurative .2988323/

Señor, Jean–Luc Mélenchon, « Peut-être n’est qu’un simple hasard… », Maíz! usted tiene que ver esto

“It Don’t Mean a Thing…

Deer, Chris Hayes

Deer, Chris Hayes .::. 00E4E839-1E60-477E-B37A-A83CC66FC7B4 🌚 You know, Willie Geist, it’s a good thing that the All In crowd FINALLY understands the role of D.A.T. “dead chunk of rock” that it’s up D.A.R.E. in the sky; that is to say, Chris Hayes, öüï are glad that your network is finally FOLLOWING on Ozzy’s instructions: BARK at The Moon! — Motherfucker!

_if it ain’t got the Sioux (Anishinaabe).

Brief context, I, armando segovia/armando serrano prieto know that you remember me*, Mr. Mélenchon, y como un cambio de tercio, le aseguro que mi pedo no es con usted, as a matter of fact Eye likes you, it is just that among your “pueblo parisino” y algunos negritos, there seems to be the RACIST notion that they are immune to the COVID–19 spread, which öüï [the staff of este puto y tan intranscendente blog] believe that it is a ridiculous notion, just like the John Mill Ackerman nation.

* Jean–Luc Detonando:
« Descending angel
NSFW pero,
la lumière est Capitale »

Previously on: Aventures in interpretations

Previously on: Aventures in interpretations .::. E4F200D2-A7FA-4B85-A4D4-75BE4C770300 🗺 « It is said that the cries of children playing in this square wake up tiny larvae of sleeping insects in this wall of their holein this hole in their wall and go in search of the RUCKUS that gave them back their life. Perhaps it is merely a coincidence, but generally, the path they travel form letters which, if pronounced loud enough, would strangely prolong the SHOUTS and Songs of the children ».

Now, Mr. Mélenchon, with regards to this motherfucking context, nosotros aquí en el staff rogamos que su antiguo representante latinoamericano en su antiguo partido antes de transformarse en un insumiso, tenga en cuenta de que nuestro tan intrascendente contenido en este puto borrador al que la Prefectura de París nos relegó abarca desde el mes de febrero del 2011 hasta el mes de septiembre del 2015.


Dreams .::. 0034EFD8-D5EE-48A3-B97C-6BB5D915967A 🎧 Don’t Dream it’s over.

Breaking the news. Destiny drops Bernie out of the Race, and Trump’s future despite all of his failures gets the All Clear for another four more years. The Rockefeller Center is now in celebration mode since no matter who wins in November of 2020 Wall Street and Big Business WINS. Reached for comment, former Florida congressman, Charles Joseph Scarborough said that, “the Bernie Sanders blackout on the Networks paid off big time for my bottom line”, adding that the 40 year-old virgin and, BIDEN Whisperer, Mike Memoli was finally going to get to attend his first communion, “after tonight’s Deadline Washington with Nicolle Wallace, Mike Memoli will no longer be known as the 40 year-old virgin”, said an exuberant Cousin Joe to a giddy Willie Geist.

WHO Watches The Watchmen?

WHO Watches The Watchmen? .::. 1570F43F-2A9F-4FB8-ADBA-94D4B6247D23 🗳 The wives club, of course¹.

Context will continue to follow, but FOist! It’s 4 O’clock in New York, and Mike Memoli is having his “primera comunión”.

1. Juvenal Satires. https ://en.wikipedia.org /wiki /Quis_custodiet_ipsos_custodes

« Peut-être n’est qu’un simple hasard… » — It’s The 11th Hour

Paris, France_ Place de Goldoni, right next to the Pathway of D.A.T. Deer Stag, 75002. And in case you accuse me of misinformation, the “Fake” Marie Stuart would not let mí lie.

En castellano quiere decir hola

En castellano quiere decir hola .::. 2C688527-8A73-4CDE-8B9F-B9BC40796ABA 🌞 O algo así.

Puede que sea una simple coincidencia, pero en Hilo Hawaii son las 23 horas del lunes 6 de abril del 2020 y, existen 12 horas de diferencia con París, Francia… dicho de otra puta manera, Brian Williams, Eye can See for Miles and Miles*.

* The WHO.

Breaking the Kube’s: 

We the staff knew that he had it in him, (the honorable thomas modly*) and maybe with coincidence being the theme of the day we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] agree with prof. meacham’s take about normal human (partisan) relations and the greek tragedy that is unfolding on the 45th presidential administration of the united states; this is to say, that under pressure a normal person will make 20% of the right corrections for the good of the order, something that Donald John Trump in not capable of doing. Coincidence or not, it takes guts to APOLOGIze and, most important Huevos (for men) or almendras (for las feminas) to resign after dropping the ball

* Acting Secretary of The U.S. Navy.

… [B]ut speaking of “pelotas” and “how the shutdown is affecting the planet” of El Mundo de Le Monde (at 11 pm in no particular Time Zone) here’s another edition of Adventures in Translations and reading the signs on a wall at this green space ⤵️


Raíces .::. 514D003B-3A3D-405B-842E-2AF84327123D ⚽️ On raconte que les vibrations des aux ballons lancés contre ce mur peuvent réveiller des racines d’arbustes qui sommeillaient sous la terre depuis parfois des siècles.
Puet–être n’est-ce qu’un simple hasard, mais lorsqu’ils atteignent les traces laissées par les ballons qui leur taille adulte.
Certains, au contraire, cherchent d’autres points de repère pour avoir une raison de grandir encore un peu.

Se dice que las VIBRACIONES de las pelotas lanzadas contra esta pared (del espacio verde de goldini) pueden despertar raíces de arbustos que han estado latentes reposando bajo el suelo durante siglos.
puede que sólo sea una coincidencia, pero llegan a los hilos (marcas) dejados por las pelotas que las hacen crecer.
Algunas, por otro lado, están buscando otros puntos de referencia para tener una razón para crecer un poco más.

And in Washington, it might might be a small coincidence, but Donald John Trump sure the fuck sounds a lot (true to form) like a guy who sold grown up Jesus for 30 shares of a Big Pharma hydroxichloroquine maker. Every time someone resigns or gets fired the president of them united states of america tells THE WORLD that he (alone) is selling in reel time.

In Local Motion News, it’s Nice to know, yet hard to realize, that Charlie Sheen’s blood is not —ÖÜÏ Repeat— it is not immune to the batshit crazy maladie!

https ://www.nicematin.com/sante/coronavirus-nous-avons-deja-du-interrompre-le-traitement-de-hydroxychloroquine-azithromycine-au-chu-de-nice-489118

It's official now

It’s official now .::. 0E61146A-C445-4993-A3CA-D5459228F1B8 🦇🐅🗣😷 America bought a Zoo(ological) curse. 🏄🏽‍♂️ Meanwhile, at BFM’er central, SANOFI, the maker of the panacea that Donald John Trump is trying to sell to the world claims that the blood sucking empresarios are ready to roll out little doses of hydroxychloroquine*… conditions apply. DEER NICEMATIN, the screen grab above ⤴️—motherfuckers— es un uso justo de todos los medios, in the style (you could say) of all of the rich mega yatch owners that dock at your port for that “beautiful” free health care that Marianne offers them, without charging them (too, also) a fucking Euro.

And inside of the four walls that hold the acoustic ceiling of the press room at the White House, it might be a small coincidence but that there nose of Donald John Trump sure the fuck (comme d’habitude il va sourire) grows by the letter like a little Italian fantasy wooden boy air intake branch.

Texto anónimo, snapshot by Segoviaspixes — CopyLeft and fuck The French Gauche

Texto anónimo, snapshot by Segoviaspixes — CopyLeft and fuck The French Gauche .::. B468EC8D-ACA9-4BEC-BFFC-2B377E8466AE 🥑 Señor Jean–Luc Mélenchon, por favor mantenga su línea abierta para el contexto, de arranque, MORENA–Francia y los latinoamericanos que los acompañan, la mayoría son unos RACISTAS.

Back at the Goldoni green space, we [the staff] insist on juxtaposing a SIGN ON THE WALL with the news IN the language of some guy named Molière:

On raconte que le cris des enfants jouant sur cette place (GOLDONI; 75002) peuvent réveiller de minuscule larves d’insects endormies dans ce mur de leur trou et partent à la recherche du cri qui leur a rendu la vie. Peut-être n’est qu’un simple hasard, mais généralement, le chemin qu’elles parcourent forme des lettres qui, si on les prononçait suffisamment fort, prolongeraient étrangement les cris et les Chants des enfants

W.E… Page 3 – “Raging Sunset”

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017
Stack Nº 791.434 (SCO).
Bibliothèque du Cinéma F. Truffau
Rue du Cinéma; 75001.




LAMOTTA falleció hace unos días y me gustaría rendirle un tributo en el blog en dónde yo colaboro como editor de deportes.


… Jake LaMotta. (July 10th, 1922 – September 19th, 2017) 95 years old, and way past the 15th Round, it would be “Patas de Catre” who would be tasked with the mission to put the ‘Raging Bull’ on the ground. One of the greatest in the Middlewheight Division… Rest in Peace.


Swing!     La sangre le escurre a JAKE del ojo izquierdo y el flash de una cámara fotográfica logra capturar para la eternidad el último “upper-cut” de LAMOTTA hacía el igual de ensangrentado rostro de Laurent DAUTHUILLE, quien en 1949 se llevó la primera de dos batallas contra LAMOTTA por la vía de la decisión de los jueces, en un combate de 10 asaltos. Esa noche, el llamado “TARZAN DE BUZENVAL” le arrebató la pelea a LAMOTTA; sin embargo, al año siguiente, en un 13 de septiembre, allá en lo que una vez fue “MoTOWN–Michigan” ambos gladiadores pondrían al respetable público en éxtasis con la que fue catalogada como “La Pelea del Año” de 1950… LAMOTTA ganó, y ganó con la furía que lo distingió como un “RAGING BULL”, adentro y afuera del ring.


… Ahhhh, those were the fights, “MY FRIEND”— THOSE WERE THE FIGHTS, MY FRIEND [1].

1. https ://m .youtube .com /watch?v=hirXwciTQsM

W.E…. Page 3-b

Popurrí de contenidos rebeldes… Uso justo de todos los medios.

In France, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the leader of La France Insoumise, (Untamed France) is about to take control of his own political message by branching out of the French medias way, and turning on his own YouTube channel, there’s even talk about going in for the whole-nine-yards, and putting the plug on his own television channel. The news of a new media option for the left in France, comes on the heels of a three-day protest on different sectors of the streets of Paris.

Fair use of all media.

“The manif’s,” or protests are brought about because of the French President, Emmanuel Macron, labor code reform

“RAGING BULL”.  Scene Nº 88, page 101… The End

W.E… page 4: La Cartelera

KARL MARX… Forever 21:

El Cine y La Calle… un pequeño manifesto visual. Es el siglo 21º, y los que físicamente hacen el producto, aún no se emparejan con los que compran la prenda del anaquel, mucho menos con el patrimonio del PEQUEÑO FABRICANTE al que LA EMPRESA TRANSNACIONAL le paga por destajo; o mismo por CONTENEDOR y por lo que ese cabrón (o cabrona) tendría que remunerar por hora, y no por DÍA. Do You Know What i Mean, Cousin Joe: merry fucking X-Mas!


Dear, John Mill Ackerman… Dr. (PhD) One-Each.

Dear, John Mill Ackerman… Dr. (PhD) One-Each.

Happy 4th of July. You Ol’Gringo—You! —|— Fragmento de un derecho a réplica… Uso justo de todos los medios; context follows.

… a 3 minute story is still to come, full-disclosure, it’s really nothing more than a review of a “short edition” romance that we [the staff] recently picked up (we shit–you–not) in receipt paper format at the waiting area of La Gare d’Austerlitz (right before the SNCF security detail kindly asked us [the staff] and a Roma tribe to vacate the premises).

This “short edition” romance in receipt paper format, is courtesy of La Gare d’Austerlitz and shortédition… at shor-edition . com —|— Fair use of all available forms of Comunication.

Anyway, John, the 3 minute story is really a romance novel about the imaginary nostalgia of an Ol’Vespa scooter reminiscing about the love affair of an express delivery guy and his Ol’Flame… oh, the memories of that first ride together.

A bust of a “little princess,” and the “new” reflection of where Jour et Nuit (a free-form mixed cultural space, and squat) used to be. Rue de Saint Charles, vicinity Métro Line 10 [75015]. Foto por Armando Segovia… te la regalo, Princesa, desde lo más profundo de mi corazón.

So, Johnny, while we [the staff] buffer up that trip into a post, we need to ask: have we mentioned —yet?— that the French flags, which usually —all by their lonesome— decorate the main windows at l’Hôtel de Ville [75004] have, for the past few days, been flanked by a bunch of Stars and Stripes?… GOOD THING Marianne stills considers the U.S. of A. a friend, because apparently the Party of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, no longer does.

Mixed signals… or something like that. —|— Uso justo de Mme. Sinclaire and her HuffPost at Le Monde.

We [the staff] think that we’ve made that observation already; but just in case, let it be known that the main square of the Parisian City Hall, along with its all-purpose garage, which we might add it is Also Known As ‘the’ Pavillon Circulaire, both are practically littered with standing Coca-Cola refrigerators right behind what seems to be draft beer dispensing bars; or something like that… the only thing in terms of Americana paraphernalia that is missing there right now, apreciado Juan Molino Campos-Hombre, is some Good Ol’Fashioned Rock and Roll music, but we reckon that that is why the big all-purpose stage is there for.

Our guess is that any day now the Anhauser-Busch or the Coors Brewing Co., or maybe even Walmart (why not?) are going to be sponsoring all kinds of community outings here in France.

Of course, John, as recently as six years (and six months) ago, when we [the staff] would note to francophiles everywhere (and to the French people, too) about the rapid growth of chez Ronald McDonald’s [1], or about the wide spread of Seattle’s own [2] “twin tailed mermaid,” overtaking the French bistros or those famed cafes along the Left Bank, we [the staff] would get a bunch of One—Eyed raised eyebrows with a side of puffed up lips spouting ‘petit’ farting sounds, garnished with a graceful Red scarf*, as a reward for our observations regarding the future landscape of business establishments [popping up] in front of the perimeter, of say, Le Cluny Muséum or along the cafes and comptoirs along the district known as Beaugrenelle.

* these accessory items are worn around here in much the same way that dudes in Tennessee don a Resistol or a Stetson cowboy hat… sometime, but not always, the good folks in Tennessee, they can even ride a horse.

AnyGüey, professor Ackerman, as the MORENA high-brass militant, which You have clearly claimed to be, our guess is that in order for You to get the full whiff of what we [the staff] here are trying to pass, as far as this opinion post goes, You [my friend] would first have to reference our previous observations on social and political happenings at Le Cinema Christine or at The Trocadero Plaza, and especially the one about the tale of Víctor Quintana Silveyra, Dr. (PhD); One-Each** when he, as a member of Morena, and with instructions from the big boss (AMLO himself) Dr. Quintana legally constituted and integrated the Parisian chapter of El Frente Amplio Mexicano into ‘the’ Morena-Francia branched hierarchy of Ándres Manuel López Obrador’s politically trademarked tribe.

**… One—Víctor Quintana Silveyra for El PRD; One—Víctor Quintana Silveyra for Morena and, One—Víctor Quintana Silveyra for El Partido Acción Nacional… as a side note, Dr. Quintana arrived to France in 2013 being the equal of the (hard Leftist) Jean-Luc Mélenchon, and he exited France, later that same year from La Sorbonne, only to arrive to his home State (in Chihuahua, Northern Mexico) as a cabrón, perdón—perdón, quisimos escriBir CARBÓN Copy, not CABRÓN copy, of France’s (hard Right politician from La Sarthe)  François Fillon.

Any which way you want, John, what i am trying to say is that when we [the staff] tried to have a conversation or an interaction with your lemmings at El Frente Amplio Mexicano en Francia,  in order to transparently discuss ideological inconsistencies —or JUST PLAIN CONFLICTS OF INTERESTS— within the political Left of Mexicans in France, all that we [the staff] got from your militants were a bunch of One—Eyed raised eyebrows with a side of puffed up lips spouting ‘petit’ farting sounds, garnished with a graceful Red scarf*** with a side of GTFO (of here).

*** these (at times) pretentious clothing items are worn around here in much the same way that “cheros in Chihuahuita” don a “güaripa” of the Resistol or Stetson brand, and sometimes, on rare occasions, them folks, too —much like the dudes in Tennessee— they also know how to ride a horse.

So, Johnny, it is not that we [the staff] wish to side with the New Macronian France, but when you try to pair Enrique and Emmanuel in the same dissing of your La Jornada OpEd, you just might be reminded (like right now, You Ol’Gringo—You) that maybe it was the ‘close ranks’ strategy, as opposed to an ‘open door policy of independent discourse’ in that so-called “Frente Amplio Mexicano” that ended up giving EPN the win in 2012; and in a parallel universe, similar strategies were used by the Democrats in the U.S.,  or here at Trocadero with the Socialists in France, giving both Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron a clear victory over Bernie Sanders and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, respectively.

Context continues to follow. —|— Fair Use of Media and of all the French New[s] Stands.

In any case, Yes, John. You Ol’Gringo—You:

¡Zapata Vive!… la lucha, on the other hand, ustedes mismos la apagan…

Neta que sí.

Recibe un saludo, Juan.
Atte: El Staff.

Full diclusure: this post was written using a Starbucks hotspot, and latter (somewhat edited at Forum Les Halles… our equipment remains confiscated and or locked up at our former hide-out at Issy-Les-Mx… so, hurray for Globalization… fuck it.

Ackerman Source follows:

“French Girls Blowing Trumpets”

Saturday, April 29th 2017


Paris, France_ A reader who never followed this blog recently told us [the staff] that “in a time when media manipulation is rife with political agendas,” we [the staff] should take a position  on  the  non-linear*  content featured on the virtual pages of this blog.

*  Shout-out to Duncan Bridgeman…
y como dijo Phillipe Marinez:
“La tercera guerra mundial será Social ²

So here it goes. We [the staff] are not French; so we [the staff] won’t be voting in the up coming election, however, we [the staff] agree with Monsieur Jean Luc Mélenchon when he declares that “he is not a guru¹“. We [the staff] believe that if he, as the bonafide guidon bearer of the French Left, does not want to give “his blessing” to any of the Right Wing candidates, then the political pundits [in France] should praise his resolve. Back in 2012, we [the staff] received a lot [and we mean, a lot] of flack from French voters at the polls when we [the staff] asked who they were going to vote for. Personally, we [the staff] found out that it was easier getting to know when someone lost their virginity than finding out who they voted for.

…but anyway, al regresar:

Ladies & gentlemen:

Les Muses Tanguent.

  La  Marcha  de  los  Ni-Ni’s  via youtube.

TimeStamp 08h30 CET.

Context in the form of a video [for Fact Check 101 purposes] follows —|— Uso justo de Ezra Klein… this melody sounds a bit like what Jim Morrison said about going to seminary school… You Cannot Petition the Left with a Rotschild [period]

Red line sources:

  1. Source follows…
  2. Source follows… wait for it.