Today in History (2015) — Sean Penn saved Paris and Madonna celebrates

And starring as Sean Penn, Bernard–Henri Lévy. Featuring, Joaquín Guzmán as Romeo in a Chemise Barocco in Silk from Versace and, Kate del Castillo as the woman who was looking for Some narco to dance 🩰 with. Musical track, No Myth by Michael Penn, no relation to William from Philly, but his blood is tainted by Madonna’s ex.

“Well, I’ll be damned, the sheriff is, a nigger!”

Louis Pasteur 🇫🇷 enjoying one of 32 Ice Cream flavors at a Howard Johnson’s Hôtel in Rockridge, U.S. in A.

From the producers of, “A Room Full of Goy”, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Formally a Trump racketeering inc.

It’s Eye 10, if and only if Ewe is heading East. If, however, you are heading West, then yes it’s The I-10 but only after entering the El Monte RTD mile-marker at the RATP next to Père Lachaise, where Nohemi González just heard the news, Oh-boy…

For context, who was the French president who called on the niggas in Paris to usher in, El PRI en 2015? :

Answer : Holland(e), Frank.

and furthermore… la cónsul peyorativa could not deNY, that (…) Talía Olvera is going to take U.S. back to Saint-Mande… but Ewe had to be there, but don’t worry, if Ewe was Knot, — Eye will take Ewe, dare.

… if the artist Roger Pérez and Juanito Guanabacoa can pull out a GALLery space from drawing a fucking president, how about Öüï puts some Ketch-up on yer’Fucking fries.

and, Johanne Grazia Poisson’s cousin can’t let me lie, he was an exchange entrepreneur in Long Beach, CA, dealing on with the pallet racket, cock Sucker is probably sharing his training at some Puteaux bistro.

Krispy Cream™ announces new huitlacoche filled doughnuts



Page 181, Schiltz ibid.

L’imposant Félix traverse les Halles de nord en sud. Je traverse de sud en nord. La rencontre est inévitable. Guilleret, il s’en va rejoindre ses amis boulistes aux Tuileries. Il m’invite à venir jouer avec eux quand je veux. Il va bien, très bien, semble-t-il. Félix est peut-être la seule personne parmi celles que j’ai rencontrées vivant à la rue qui a eu, à plusieurs reprises, des possibilités d’en sortir avec un métier, des compétences et qui est toujours revenu à la rue. Félix ne supporte aucune contrainte, surtout pas la sensation d’être enfermé. Lorsqu’il décroche un travail en plein air, dans le Sud, près de chez sa fille, je pense que, cette fois-ci, je ne le reverrai plus. Erreur de jugement, il ne supporte pas, il lâche tout. La pétanque provençale a été impuissante à le retenir. Aujourd’hui,
il est pressé, je n’en saurai pas plus. Un jour, j’irai faire un tour aux Tuileries. Je sais où trouver les boulistes.

I’ve read this story before, watched the movie and even warmed the popcorn à la mode de Medhi Hasan.

14h35 in CET —NEWS FLASH:
The Instituto Mexicano de la Radio signal is down… sources close to a surfing abuelita relay that on the occassion of La Semana Internacional de El Agua, la CDMX is under WaWa.
En Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, gracias a radio stations usa . Miguel Mateos está tocando a un chico de la calle con sus pinches amores lejanos y unos chaparros inmaduros.

Also, Hurricaine Hilary is now a CAT IV
heading over to CABO WABO, where Mika Brzezinski
is drinking mimosas with the fake Joe Scarborough from the SNL… now we know, Donnie Deutsch, how Moffet get’s it up, eh!




🎼 Sobre Las Olas, mouvement tú, Macho Man intro. Rest. Followed with Green Corn with NOFX 🌽💅

No such number: 111, period.
The history of ideas has a graveyard 🪦 … Flaubert enterró la idea de que HOMERO no existió. « Homère: N’a jaMAÏS existé ».”


Ladies in Gemini, the following must be read in the voice of Johathan Quayle Higgins III.

Howard Johnson [chairman of Rockridge’s welcoming committee] :
They say that now, in Paris, France, even as we speak, Gustave Flaubert has devised a new latte for liberals that will obliterate kombucha once and for all. Think of it, gentlemen, “drinking coffee without sugar is « trés chic »³
Olson Johnson: Never mind that shit! Here comes Homer³!

³~. Theiss,William. “The Abbé d’Aubignac’s Homer and the culture of the Streets in Seventeenth-Century Paris“.
The Journal of the History of Ideas, Volume 84, Number 1 (January 2023)

Where’s is the huitlacoche, mister? This looks just like that Trans Korn shit! Take that to the Lido, Meatloaf is on the bill there.



Gonna take a nap now, wake Mí up before you go, Ho.

Previously on RAYUELA:
… of-Course it’s all Bullshit, Mr. President, wanna know how I know, because “La Mala” told Mí, so—check it out mister Robinette³, La Wallace is not going to believe this but that is what she gets for coaching Sarah Palin to play the role of a Vip in the back of bullet-proof Suburban™, anyhow, I am about to break Cardinal Richelieu’s ruhles,  which got Pedro Corneille in trouble with l’Académie française and thier silly little « classical unities of time, place, and action* ».

³~. Who in their right mind names thier chirrin’ after a ‘grifo‘, Mr. President, who? —A leprechaun, Mr. President, that’s WHO. 

*~. Being For The Benefit of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar:

¹ Unity of Time; that all the action in a play must take place within a 24-hour time-frame.
² Unity of Place; that there must be only one setting for the action.
³ Unity of Action; that the plot must be centred on a single conflict or problem.


Ladies in Gemini:

True anecdotes, Mr. President, I’ve been lucky enough to have travel to all of the six corners of France and every-fucking-place where I was asked what my diet back home consisted of, Mr. President, I always came up with corn on the top three choices, on account of a process that results in NIXTAMAL, crucial for the production of la Tortilla de Maíz. The comeback from my hosts never disappointed, Mr. President, it was always, “corn! Ah yes, We feed that to our pigs.”



Technical difficulties on the other side of los cerros del “Chinero” en Xicali, on The Pacific side, prevented u.s. from wrapping the WHOLE ENCHILADA IN ONE shot… so—como dijo Princess Palatine:

Fair Use of all Media, o como dice Katie Phangs, “Flautas con crema for all ¡ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Jump To Mañana.

Los hilos de Mariana X. Rivera segunda parte

Let the Muhhh 🐮 Psyche play ▶️

And, Father James… don’t be a stranger, next time just step into the Penthouse de cartón. C’mon, Padre, it’s unbecoming of thée hArtista mesenas that Ewe is

In Paris, France, Rodolfo Bruneau-Boulmier is searching for Sugarman, and in Hilo, Hawaii 🍍 A.I. is like light-years away delivering the Brookz to France muhhh 🐮 Psyche. Aussie, some guy with GraBiela in the morning matinale de la maison de la radio se la está rifando con un riffin’ del Tri de Lora 🎸 y un “niño sin amor”… Y’know, Just a Gigolo.

And, Niño Luc, this is no time to get stoned, you son-of-a-bitch! We gotta circle the Wagners!

Bonjour en Aix. Circumstances de causa mayor prevented us from following-up with the Le Pen Club translation in adaptation, we (the staff) apologize for that, and so, we now return to los hilos de Mika Brzesinski en los huipiles de la llanura de Xochistlahuaca, palabras graves, —o algo así.

https ://www .cinelatino .fr /film /flores-de-la-llanura

Hot chili peppers in the blistering sun 🦂



It’s a thread between the Know Your Value in Abu Dhabi and the cost of an Isabel Marant design.

https ://www .bbc .com /news /world-latin-america/ isabel-marant–la creatrice-s-excuse-pour-l-appropriation-mexicaine

After the break… It’s Alfredo Jalife-Rahme.


— Entonces, never mind Vincennes, after yesterday’s results in l’europa, La Kerschovas wasted no time in plunging onto the back of the bus to “reach out and touch” them Catholic GO’ills 👯, and summoning Simmons summon the Tchec resistance.

For those in the great state of New Mexico just joining U.S., in Aix-en-Provincia, please be advised that the Bavarians are the only ones that can counter, effectively, the wannabee Bavarians in Europe. It’s a calco of “Fight fire with Fire, ”  {🔥} sort of a Suicidal Tendency. Which is why Frank Zappa is alive and well in the Austro-Hungarian Empire of le Pavillon de Puebla en BOTZARIS y Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, —en La France.


Ania comes courtesy of la RATP and the Museum of Immigration in Paris France… los huipiles son de Zara y de Anthropologie and Patowl.

Not really, Mika Brzezinski, last week today we [the staff] were reminding Marie-Ange Schiltz at the Communications Revue that ‘correlation’ does not equal ‘causation’, and ten years ago Eye reminded the good people of the ITESM at SciencesPo, that ‘la forma’ es ‘fondo’. What are the odds that 90 secondsñ after the 400-year Lakota Nation plea was made on The Mika Brzezinski Show, the cry was shrunk into a two-hour documentary, and then Alex at the controls of The Mika Brzezinski the aforementioned show, payed the guests honorary-fees with an advertisement of the Ruffalo 🦬 coin.

Neal Young was not a muse and Springfield is a generic cartoon on syndication.

Ahora cuéntame una de Mel Brookz!


Pretencioso pues, only if youse Ruse.