The Testing Roulette — on Deadline, with Dr. Lippy Roy

Full Disclaimer:
Eye is no doctor, but he did sleep with one at a Holiday Inn. With that in mind, this is, Adventures in Paraphrasing.

Testing is a diagnostic tool (🌡) not a preventive recourse (💉💊🧼) to treat COVID-19, with D.A.T. in mind…

A Closer Look

A Closer Look .:. 28D07618-1F5E-4FC5-AE00-63CEB388F4A3 ⚒🛠🔨🛠⚒🔧⚒🛠⛏⚒🛠🔎

if, you are the leader of an organization that employs and/or contract at least one person in addition to your immediate family members and…

Re encuentros Cinematográficos Viva Gael García Bernal

Re encuentros Cinematográficos Viva Gael García Bernal en la casa de Cuarón en Montmartre 🎥 27D4D8E0-14E5-4DAD-9780-6D2261E022BA 📽 Never mind the financial times, John Mill Ackerman, because you know that on the VERY DAY that you started your 2014 Fall/Spring 2015 semester at the Higher Learning Institute of Latin American Studies at Saint Germain-des-Prés and SciencesPo, Mister Jean-Luc Berjon was complementing your classrooms with doña Barbara Carol de Obeso’s volunteers for her Mexican Foreign Service film outreach in France.

Caveat emptor: the source is a paywall… https ://www .ft .com /content /ae1f61d8-d421-4b70-97a1-891a5e9d34b1

if, you are depending on the most recent Coronavirus test as a strategy for next week’s work week, then…

you might be playing Russian Roulette with your payroll.

“I put a bullet in the Chamber, six-to-one I’m gonna Make It, one-in-six I’m gonna die.”

Great moments in: Eye was Shocked that would Happen!

LIVE from the Oklahoma Governor’s Mansion, but FOist! Dear, Edward LUCE, don’t be a bitch, don’t pussyfoot around the issue, Sir: fuck the Gâteau, Let Them Eat Frijoles!!!

Layer CAKE

From the Archives:
It’s what some, at the Latin-American Higher Learning Institute (IHEAL for it’s French initiates) at Saint Germain-des-Prés (75007) might call, a “flashback” .:. 2B23CDD5-8979-453C-A4C2-F1FC100E0E09 🌬

… [A]nd dearest, Mika: don’t run throught D.A.T., but rather, Run With D.A.T..

And Zeppelin goes here

And Zeppelin goes here .::. 9B7AD594-41B5-45AC-BA03-8A859A6791F3 🎂 The Layers CAKE effect.

Here’s your snapshot, Willie Geist… enjoy!

Them POLES are talking

Deer, AP LeMire, glad you’ve got your LeAudio back, listen up dick weed, please forward the following warning to Monsieur Le Président du Tribunal Administrative à Paris:

Televisa Presenta

Televisa Presenta .:. 59F3B803-CFEE-447F-A097-0DAB1D1A7931 💨 a Pantelion Films production from Santa Monica, California. — Music arreglos  by: Ry Cooder.

NOW that you grammar nazis figured out D.A.T. the U.S. President’s son–in–law is running the 2020 Republican Presidential Campaign, please let The Nation on the other side of The Atlantic know that “la mano de BERNARDO GÓMEZ” is not far sous les jupes de Ivanka Trump… and nevermind D.A.T. image on your LeBrain because John Donald The First said D.A.T. it WAS FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! Yeah, buddy.

https  ://www .lapoliticaonline .com .mx /nota /124795 –exclusivo-los-acuerdos-de-bernardo-gomez-con-la-4t-que-detonaron-la-salida-de-loret-de-televisa/

After the break, it’s Dangling Participles at The Rachel Maddow Show.

Deer, Cousin Joe: Eye really hopes that your sniffles are rescinding by now and, that you are not one of the Blind Alabama Choir Boys who sent bit coins to the Russians; but, if you are –indeed– one of them kind-hearted sucker souls don’t you forget Cousin Joe, that öüï are still awaiting D.A.T. iPhone 11… —motherfucker.

« It is knot dying »

« It is knot dyeing — It is Knot Dyeing ” .:. It’s just “the Color of Change,” Bay-bee.

It’s “Two of U.S.” in Central NATO Times
and in Washington
son las Ocho del Mañana
on Do, IT! Again, —Jack.

🎶 Sweet Masked ALABAMA
Where the COVIDs are Real
Sweet Masked Alabama
Lord The Hindenburg goes HERE.

Weekend Edition: a SIX-day Musical Interlude Update

por: staff

Caminando por Balard
me platicaba una fresa
“Pedro Infante está vivo”… y ameniza cada 16,
al filo de la media noche —en Issy-les-Molineaux.

“If my feet could fit a railroad track…¹”
Shaver, W.J., in: Ain’t no God in Mexico.
Versión Ricardo Arjona…. of course.

DEAR JOHN ACKERMAN_ some of the people who 'paraded' you around in Paris were politically aligned with EL GODINAZGO INSTITUCIONALIZADO. | Go Ahead, you may use the terminology that asegovia3 coined at the IHEAL and at a bar near Sciences Po. —G'ahead Johnny. It's o.k.

DEAR JOHN ACKERMAN_ some of the people who ‘paraded’ you around in Paris were politically aligned with EL GODINAZGO INSTITUCIONALIZADO.  |  Go Ahead, you may use the terminology that the staff of asegovia3 coined at the IHEAL and at a bar near Sciences Po. —G’ahead Johnny. It’s o.k. || Fair use of a British guard, and Uso Justo of The Front Page of the Internet; this is not a drill—this is not a “Blogspam,” the above ↑ is visual analysis and support for the continuing story of: [1] Los hilos de Sasha, [2] La tesis de un fracaso. ||| En otras palabras Federico: Fair Use of Media… Next time that you are in town, please say ¡Hola!!! to Brontis at the Préfecture.

Regresamos con las imagenes … después de un tequila ]
TimeStamp: 4-20 something CET.

iWonder [Context follows... with your host: Katy Tur].

iWonder [Context follows… with your host: Katy Tur].

Coming Up: Eek-A-Mouse ends up in Tijuana, vía “Vancouver, coming from Jamaica…” Hilarity ensues when the Mouse meets ‘Pancho Vila’.

Later in the show: Mika goes to Portland. She rallies for Main lobsters’ rightsin Sweden².

A new report from the mighty-mighty Associated Press warns of a possible Main lobstermen Swedish “boat engine party” along the Kittery’s factory outlet… near the mighty Piscatiqua River —on I-95).

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