And starring as Florence Cassez : Cléopâtre Bordello del Rex

Did ‘ya “borrow” or « steal »… What are you, hijos of the Paris Craiglist Tourism Board? da’Phuck outta here.

Let’s re-cap, in the next segment I am going to revisit the use of the word RENDITION, from El Chuco – Texas no less, because that is where this tangent (Agence France Presse) touches MIAMI, La Calle Ocho, and of course, that place called ‘little Havana’, in the meantime I challenge each and any of you cocksuckers at La Sorbonne’s Annex to come up with the antonym of that noun, ‘rendition‘ because “rendition” in the way that ANTONIO GONZALEZ interpreted that legal concept for the U.S. in América court system is not really accurate, rendition is a close cousin of SURRENDER, and if HISTORY is going to remember the Bush Dynasty in all of it’s “verdigris” glory, then the word KIDNAP, ABDUCTION, or even CAPTURE would have perhaps been a better suit for that TEXAS HOLDEm# stunt that THE CIA pulled all over EUROPE, only to end up TORTURING people in POLAND³ until the HAGUE probably told Secretary Rumsfeld to find another place to practice what he preached.

³~. How convenient, did President BUSH (R43) use the actual concentration camps there, or only their méthodologies?

Pied Noire reject in « vert-de-Carte_gris ».

º~. https ://www .msnbc .com /morningjoe /watch /chris-cillizza-connects-sports-politics-and-the-u-s-presidency

all Δ

https ://www .stripes .com /theaters /us /2023-04-20 /guantanamo-prisoners-terrorists /US-sends-Guantanamo-detainee-to-Africa-saying-he’s-no-longer-a_threat

(1765) De l’italien patina (« vert-de-gris »), apparenté à patène et ainsi dit probablement parce que les patines (plats) antiques sont maintenant revêtues de ce sel².  

Say HELL-oh Tu MAY Little Friend!!!”
Tony Montana in Brian de Palma’s “cara rayada”.

Former Attorney General of The U.S. in América, Alberto Gonzalez, should not be able to lie in a court of law, but for, The BANANA TRIALS in the Federal Circuit Courts, and that is only because failed tyrannical refugees like Luis Posada Carriles might flee to “Little Havana”, sin embargo, Juanito Leguizamo from Queens, TAMAULIPAS is the border that American terrorists such as “Bambi” chose as their crossing point to turn into « wetbacks » but only after they are caught plotting an “anti-communist” freedom blast.


²~. Color that time or human action gives to ancient objects , statues , paintings , ivories , etc.


Here, however, shit is an object of worship. The patina is nothing but rubbish that time accumulates on buildings, objects, furniture, etc.

Salvador Dalí in,
Yes : the Paranoid-critical revolution, Vol. 1;
Denoël/Gonthier Ed. 1979, p. 76.


Cleopatra Jones meets Indiana Jones in an episode of Ancient Icke’s Aliens of The Apocalypse en la Universidad.
Catalonio Barcelonetto de Peralvillo in,
The European Tour
Tercer Milenio, Fifth French Republic; París, FRANCIA. Freelance Editions for Faggots.

²~. https ://fr .wiktionary .org /wiki /patine


Previously on Línea 3 del Universo de Los Indios Verdes, Rockdrigo González was watching the world turn around at Balderas, where Alfonso Reyes’ dad is about to go full traitor.

Una de vaqueros… and as requested by former Republican Congressman form from the Great State of Florida, Joseph Charles Scarborough, here’s the Zimmerman Letter with Turkish subtitles, you son of a bitch!


Hilarity ensues when 100 years later, an American political science Carpet-bagger named JOHN Mill Ackermann arrivés to the Sorbonne’s annex at the IHEAL (Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la América latina por sus siglos en Francés) to procelatalize the gospel of El Mesías Tropical.

Sun They the 13th, 2019 — Told you so, Brontis à la Prèfecture³

Dr. Enrique Luis Graue Wiechers, please be advised that La Ministra is not, a “producto de la SEP°” como yo. 

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip /le-jazz-voyageur-de-gabi-hartmann -3545700

🥃 Spirits and 👻 spirits Ltd. S.A. de C.V.

°~. Secretaría de Educación Pública

De antemano, señor RECTOR de la RECTORIA de John Mill Ackermann y su señora esposa (la de Ackermann, no la de su señoria) I might have been a “C” average student at la bendita SEP, but it was MY SEE and nobody elses 10 on the grading curve, Ewe C? And Évry body at the Préfecture de Paris know that that very SEA translates to 7.5, but that’s only because the History teacher was a RED COMMIE BASTERD’ who hated pochos like, Mí; lucky for me, I got an Ey! On my own at Western Technical Institute in the Year 2000, ISSY, as an intern at General Electric, I installed the update to the Y2KBUG, so believe Mí when Eye tells you, I know what I speak about.

But was the boîte 🐎 inside the confines of PENN University a garage 🪤?

³~. {and}

mister Brontis à la Prèfecture de Cité (2015)

Context follows


Do say Ah-l’eauAh-l’eau a la lovely Stéphanie Menou and les altérités de Cinéma Gleason en París… rue de La VerreRie, Paname Centro.

But FO’ist! “At the moo-vies”.

“Eye tell y’all, it’s sabotage!”


We’re gonna need more, “¡pollos, Hermanos!!!”.


It’s like Starship Troopers (1997), but with incompetent leadership and definitely, no boîte de couture de Jean-Paul Gauthier, in any case, Who Could Have Known, that La Luna from La Jornada de ayer, would be a Happy Moon… didn’t you get my message, tocayo Armando Tejada en 🇪🇸 Madrid² 🇪🇸, ¡come’on Bato! It was a BLUE MOON, not a happy one.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2023/01/08 /intermissionluna-sets-west-on-la-defense/

Got Wood, Holly?
And Holly responds:
Ewe got the Wrong Babylon, Hun… GO WEST.

For the record, if you are a non-reader of this blog, like Juanito Guanavacoa’s son in CANADA is, you might have wondered why Venus was riding on Mercury, and if you ask the Stylecaster below, then Definitely Maybe you’ll find out the answer but only if you don’t need a fucking Picture to draw it to y’all.

For the Record, I don’t select the Knews of the They, I only put the footnotes and references here.

²~. A place Eye has never been, do say Ah-l’eau Al-l’eau to Ana Anabitarte.
https ://stylecaster .com /what-happened-lisa-marie-presley/

Live from PARIS. It’s (just) another they for Ewe and Mí in paradise.

… and in WaWa Land, it turns out that a contractor, a graduate of thee ITT Technical Institute, with a Masters in DeVry College and a Doctorate from the University of Phoenix, —no less— was the motherfucker responsible for not PROPERLY UPDATING the Y2KBUG on the whatchamacallit SOFTWARE that runs the MotherFucking Transportation and SECURITY Administration in motherfucking NEVERLAND.

And Susana PUBEDA, what’s on SUNDAY’s Certains L’Aiment whatchamacallit show Sous Les Jupes de Gabi Hartmann…?

And Susana PUVEDA, Eye has, IT!, on good authority to relay to y’all, motherfuckers, that Gabi HArtmann is the illegitimate polyGOAT spawn of Joaquin Phoenix and… Her.

Issy, the Singularity is here, but you wouldn’t understand such event in the Horizon even if it sucked you right out of your orbit, because unlike a RAT in A CAGE, Nicholas, Ewe is nothing but a Goldfish in a jar.

But speaking of “Deep” undercover investigative reports

L.I.N.D.A. is the Ex-rated version of G.L.O.R.EYE, Ey!

ESMERALDA Traffiking

BREAKING THE BFM… rfpp calls FRAUD IN THE COLOMBIAN election… coq Suckers that they are for John Mill Ackerman “El Pacto Historico” celebrates a los NAIPES del Nupes en Mélenchon.


Breaking Ruhle 34… Knot to be outdone by The Fox News Network, MSNBC relEASes their own Deepthroat anniversary version for Wokies.

All the news that fit in Linda’s Throat.

But, FO’ist Fréquence Paris Plurielle goes to COLOMBIA por lo que “El Pacto Historico” llama, una verdadera MAMADA de segunda vuelta en las législatives de allá, y mañana veremos aquí en Francia.

Vendo en una cesta el agua y El Humo te lo regalo. La nieve está en la hoguera de las vanidades de La SORBONNA en rfpp.

Populism, like in Mexico is running for the “El Pueblo Bueno” tag. CONSERVATIVES in Guayaquil, are worried with Francia, Márquez on the other hand is the Carbon Copy of Andy Garcia in the role of Steve Martin con Ropa Vieja.

Privileged Endings

Over at FOX Props Central… Chad Hegseth gets a blow job from his Harvard Diploma. Rachel Champs-Duffy stars as the new VAUGHT NEWS super hero, The Green Blower… The Green Blower’s Uniform is always White because she can take like Fifty of her, according to the Kong Cooler on that set.

Goooooo, Avalanches!

Over at the Saint-Eustache annex… COLBERT is Under a Rest.

Ladies in Gemini: Olga Br(z)Nski

And, still to come…

solo por chingar, con Jorge Saldaña y las embajadoras de Tatiana Clouthier en París.

They Seven…

https ://www .theguardian .com /us-news /2022/mar/02 /ron-desantis-france-fold-invaded-by-russia

The Problem with John Mill Ackerman… Meet, Mi, at Camera nº Three at the UNESCO HAÜS.

Following the all-out attack by the 13éme Arrd the 15th Arrd responded with with a carpet bombing… Little did They know that nothing sticks to a Brazilian.

En Piste…s-ese The FLORIDA GOVERNOR, and his remarks to France: I’ve Seen That Moo-vie, Aussi(es).


https ://www .reuters .com /world /bolsonaro-wont-condemn-putin-says-brazil-will-remain-neutral-over-invasion -2022-02-27/

And, Cousin Joe… how’s the “take out in Taiwan?”

In this section³ the student is advised to go for “Cigarros A Hong Kong” vía la ruta NorDaka en Matamoros, Quintana Roo.

3. Ironía situacional²

³.~ AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL placeholder N°6:  https ://estamosaqui .mx /2021/11/10 /wendy-galarza-parte-a-europa-invitada-por-amnistia-internacional-para-exponer-represion-policiaca-en- {PARIS}-cancun-el-9n/

².~ Situational irony {Jagged little pill, 1995} not to be confused with its evil cousin, Jerry SineFeld; with chance or what’s worst, a bad case of bad luck… however, if someone at the Amnesty International MEXICO outlet should accuse me of jumping on Ms. Galarza’s bandwagon, Eye would point that the very definition of SITUATIONAL Irony is when someone (like say little ol’Mí) writes about police abuse and repression and then Amnesty International {LONDRES} goes to Narco Paradise to talk about, IT!; debate about, IT!; and then design{s} a tote bag and an entry on the STORE CATALOGUE to go with the donation. THAT, that would be ironic, — 🇨🇦 Alanisknot the fucking Fly on your chardonnay.

https ://www .bbc .com /mundo/noticias-america-latina…turismo de fiesta y narcomenudeo

With That In Mind: la fiesta brava returns to 🇵🇪 El Peru y EL PRÓXIMO TORO le corresponde a 🇫🇷 Médecines du Monde

That there is a novillo not a toro, but if the student can name ese Pase¹ you get an EY!, ese.

https ://www .thejakartapost .com /culture /2021/11/14 /ole-bullfights-return-in-peru-after-lengthy-pandemic-pause .html


Now that the COP Twenty-something is over and done with, what’s for lunch?

— Manna, according to Flynn…

N° V
Control information at home; misinform abroad


Michael Flynn says America needs ‘one religion under God’

Does it come in halal?

— Not in 🇭🇺 Hongrie.

But what about the profits?

— There’s a network for that… Flock to 🇮🇷 IRAN

N° X…
Learn and share « autocratic learning at LA Sorbonne », for matriculation register at the gift shop next to the IHEAL en Sciences PO. Mention the CODE John Mill Ackermann and get a 10% discount at the CROUS en Mabillion.

¿Is there a menu for that which explains The Platters… EWE great pretender, EWE!

https ://theconversation .com /so-you-want-to-be-an-autocratheres-the-10-point-checklist -125908

— Start with N° Five as an apértif and chase it down with a N° TEN… del verbo “tener”.

And, Cousin Joe, that is all for Tú They… over on our Twitter crutch Öüï ate an apostrophe out of the Wallace-es loins.

https ://www .rawstory .com /josh-hawley-plays-victim-savior/

“… [A]t one point, he {Senator Josh Hawley} gave a speech to a group of ministers where he talked about that it was the birth control pill and women discovering sexuality that caused sex trafficking,” said former Senator form Missouri, and current traveling cupcake sales person, Claire McCaskill.

And, Jonathan LeMire… what the hell do you know about Jokes at The White House and Infra°struct°u°ration Week! You son of a bitch!… Go, Dodgers.

El gran campeón mexicano {es} gato de Slim… pero sí: CMB, AMB, OMB y FIB,

But really, how broke is too low and how high is too po‘… Let’s ask, LEO. And FYI, hoy no hubo jazz.

https ://mxpolitico .com /nacional /cada-vez-se-parece-mas-al-pri-john-ackerman-critica-a-mario-delgado-y-morena/

Así, o más, “te lo dije ALICIA LEOS“,
no por nada pero se me hace que Ackerman y su señora Doctora esposa (la de SANTA CRUZ UC) ya no los van a “desPRIstegiar” aqui en Saint-Germain-des-Belleville.

Ahora cuéntame una of your brother-in-law, —cuñado. Next thing you know, John Mill Ackerman is going to be a CANELO fan.

Con el permiso de sus mercedes allá en LA JORNADA this ‘stropha hooks like so and swings from the Top Down, en LILAS², (knot LILLE).

Diego Luna stars as a prop for Televisa Deportes in this section, and nothing more.

— ¿Cómo que a, Ay!¹, se le escapó la pelea del CAN°E.L.O. contra Plant? … pues que no se supone que Ay! debe estar al tanto de todo lo que pasa en México y su conexión con El Año de México en LILLE… puta madre!

And Eye responde in the voice of Fenster The Copy Editor…

Sorry, yo no LEO*, yo Armando, Diego.

* For non-AQUARIANS, armando is a gerund… Di es “decir” plus ego.

Dedicated to Nicaragua en La Jornada…
Ondulated dentils en forma de TEJAS

¹.~Pronounced like EYE at {the} Paris in {Las} Vegas.

El “Canelo” is in the dentils (punto y coma) no bandwagon here. In French this translates as taking care of the home work, not to be confused with homework… Moore on that after the break, right now it’s time for another edition of, Sorry Eye Missed That. This week’s edition features one of only two combat sports that Öüï follows, the other (off-course) being Boxing.

Gennady — Canelo… and Sun worshiping in Paris on a cloudy day

So… “motherfucker”, eh!, “concha tu madre” diría a lo mejor el gran Messi desde la banca³

Canelo, Canelo, ra, ra, ra. (Wakala… sabe a Slim{e}, but it had to be done) Canelo is on top. The fucker is a G.O.A.T. [in his class].
I have to pay… here is my TACO de SAPO de LA SORBONA como castigo:

“Cada vez se parece más al PRI”: John Ackerman critica a Mario Delgado y Morena 

https ://www .football-espana .net /2021/11/04 /lionel-messi-barcelona-madrid-injury

³.~ Shape-shifting term that can either mean a financial institution, like say a bank, or the bench from where Leonel is cashing in ‘cus he’s a broke dick.

And Messi (30), sorry if Eye made a Mess {see} of your NOM [Norma d’Origen Mexicano]

Dear, Olivier Compagnon*, are you hiring?


Hola, profesor. You probably don’t remember me, i’m the asshole that kept the secretaries busy when Dr. John Mill Ackerman (Ph.D.) and his Mexican Cabinet-level wife, Dr. Irma Eréndira Sandoval graced your students on how to be the perfect Mexican, or something like that. I stopped going to Dr. Ackerman’s classes after the first three sessions because i didn’t think that the secretaries deserved being treated like “viles halcones” at a Mexican ghetto every time that i walked in (punto y coma) i mean, to have them stop what they were doing and run into the classroom to whistle-in un, “Ay’ viene” was just not worth the hassle (for them, not me). Anyhow, profe, regurgito:

Carlos Romero Deschamps, dirigeant du syndicat des travailleurs du pétrole de la République mexicaine, a annoncé hier sa retraite, ce qui signifie qu’il n’est plus un ouvrier… Vía: el monoaureo (punto y chinguen a su madre🏀 👋🏼) Uso Justo de Todos los Medios y de todas sus mañas.

🏀 En Mexico, todo/a persona que vive y transa allí, por decreto presidencial es hijo de la finca del Señor don Andrés López de Santa Anna en Chapultepec o, en tiempos corrientes (for current cartoons) del Señor Pastor, don Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Are you hiring? Because if you are i have the perfect candidate to lecture all of the future political class of Mexican politics.

* Professor Oliver Compagnon is no longer (according to the director of The Higher Learning Institute of Latin-American Studies in Paris. In 2015 he helped the laborer depicted in the cartoon secure at least 26 Ferrari’s and a fortune to last for at least three iterations of French Republics… allow me to explain.

Jump 🏐 to page 153


https ://www .franceculture .fr /personne-olivier-compagnon .html

Dangling Participle: John Mill Ackerman, situational opportunist

Note to editors:
Although the following are branches from the same tree, there are nuances that separate a “Los Amigos de México en Francia” from the « Mexican Bananero Club in Paris », so know your chicken, Cibo Mato.

Coming up on the PBS “Smooth Ruckus” Hour, with Yamice Alcindoor… Claire McCass sits on the edge of Peach and eats a Seat!!! _—•!•—_ GEORGIA, Georgia,  Georgia 🎻 And in Washington, at the BIG BOARD, i shot you Knot, the World learnt that from the very beginning it has been, Adam and Steve. It’s called intelligent design and it’s only on the Peacock Brand. Check local listings for BriWi.

“🎶 Here they Come—the beautiful ones,
the beautiful ones, ya’ ya’ ya’—yea”

The London Suede… not to be confused with The Swede del don.


To synch–in with the Panafricanism in France, the police in Kenosha, Wisconsin (just below Canada) cleared the police officer who crippled a black man to a life-on-wheels.

https ://www .fox6now .com /news /wi-national-guard-mobilized-to-preserve-public-safety-in-kenosha

For the record, i don’t have the pleasure of knowing Estefanía Veloz, Gibran Ramírez, and Lorenzo Meyer, but I do know John Mill Ackerman, and I don’t care what the Mexican Bananero Club in Paris (morenaFrancia) say or not say about my time as an independent reporter in France (2011-2015) because i did tell you all that PROFESSOR John Mill Ackerman was getting paid “under the table”, in a certain kind of way, and now that The World of Le Monde at La Sorbonne is aware that he is an “organic intellectual” or, « SITUATIONAL OPPORTUNIST » with a Ph.D in populist propaganda courtesy of The REPUBLIC OF FRANCE, i am going to explain to JULIAN ASSANGE why he should accept Mexico’s offer to go live the rest of his life in the NUDE paradise known as Zipolite, Oaxaca.

But first, señor Julián, i have to explain to my counselor at El Patron’s house why.

And here is why, counselor:

Lorem Ipsum … there are many, many, many, —muchos, pues— ways for which a person might get trapped in the situations that the benevolent class in France call, misery, which should not be confused with homelessness, vagrancy, substance abuse and/or dependency, and all of the things that get attached to what La Jornada’s Paris contributor, Vilma Fuentes describes to her readers around the world, as las idiosincrasias and/or QUIRKS de « los clochards ».

Misery, i would suggest is at a different depth and it is very specific. You could find yourself without a home or minus a roof over your head and not be miserable. Your stomach might growl at you, or behave in very strange and sometimes explosive way (literally) and still not be miserable. Rain, cold, heat, humidity might catch you outdoors without the proper gear and still, —not make you miserable.

In other words, all of the above conditions might make you mad, uncomfortable, or can even put you in pain; but miserable, well miserable is when you cross a certain threshold after a certain period and/or seasons of living under mitigating circumstances and conditions and, (this is important) you have a shift in the way that you used to think.

It’s when your purpose and ideals (if one ever had any to begin with) go to shit not for decisions made under the auspices of a thing called AGENCY, but because of the agencies who protect corrupt so-called “Organic Intellectuals” or bonafide soft-dictatorships like the one that i was writing about from 2012 to 2017 just before i really–really, really, really got to know the Streets of Bakersfield in Paris, France… if you are into Country music and all those miserable themes.


Novena anti Carismática — The French invent The Olmecs

Note to editors:

The last time that we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog-presse] tried to dance está DANZA en el Branly, on October 2014 with The Mayas, both Armando Segovia, and Armando Serrano Prieto were sidetracked by two events, the first being the revocation of our French Talents and Skills visa, while the second involved a grand manifestation on account of a student called Julio César Mondragón, 42 of his classmates, and off-course, of course, a little league fútbol team. AUSSI, on that DAY at the Tokio Palace we had the opportunity to meet the one and only, John Mill Ackerman and his wife, plus we also secured an interview wit RAPHAËL Moran from Radio France International and the APRO (proceso) in México.

With D.A.T. in mind, ÖÜÏ begin the plegaria in Ottowa where the nun, Alanis Morrissette. In•Deed, for those keeping score of our segment, “Misheard Lyrics”, Sister Morrissette had a little trouble arranging Irony and otherwise unfortunate or untimely events into one of her spells, “and isn’t, IT, ironic?”, dearly Bee Lovers, D.A.T. the Empire that gave the World the “War On Drugs” has a doped-up tax-evading, pussy-grabbing, and liar-in-charge with the codes to blow up the Earth?

Ladies in Gemini: The Back of a RATP Bus

Ladies in Gemini: The Back of a RATP Bus 🇺🇸 8EE13144-A237-4198-9D87-B4952A9CD348 🇫🇷 It’s a hybrid, just like this year’s chemistry Nobel. —_!_— And Cousin Joe, right now the Cardinal  Brzezinski, —your first love— is on the Karaoke Machina singing something about that frame D.A.R.E. being a little on, como dicen en Amsterdam: a little THICK in the Bottom, but still is looking alright

Right now, Reverend Al, it is incumbent on the United Nations National Security Council to demand that The President of The United States, Donald John Trump be given a “time-out” under the provisions instilled in the chapter that covers “when the president goes bat-shit crazy”, so-pena de recibir los mismos putos embargos a los que Los EEUU han estado acostumbrados a girar desde el World Bank.

https ://www .nytimes .com/2020/10/08 /us /iran-sanctions-banks-united-states .html

O como dicen los franceses

O como dicen los franceses 🗯 E3FD7409-9684-499D-833C-4800CA269212 ☢️ A La Malagueña.


Meanwhile in WaWa Land, the CAT Signal has been activated and so D.A.R.E. was only one thing D.A.T. Teeny Tiny Cat could do… find out what that Thing is after the break.

Remember now, Cousin Joe...

Remember now, Cousin Joe, you must suspend reality .:. B49B4FB1-26F9-432D-B06E-D1D71223D7EB 🎬 Fidel is running the Market in Wall Street, and El Che is now El Bacán at The Vatican.

Gooooooooo, Yankees!

The Los Ángeles Times must apologize for this propaganda: https ://www .latimes .com /espanol /deportes /articulo /2020-10-05 /dodgers-y-astros-favoritos-de-amlo-para-serie-mundial

Previously on The Rock that shaded Mars

Deer, Chris Rock:



Take a closer look, Sir… you know what else ne marche pas le mardi?

— Bars in France.

To which a bunch of Rosbifs (and some Scots) suggested that they change (convert) the name of all Frog dives to P.S.I..

This has BEAN a CaramBAR joke.


What would Jimmy do?

Efeméride para Juan Pablo

Efeméride para Juan Pablo — IT’s an Ideology, not a CULT  .:. 88EA0399-B879-4FE7-8965-EB5FB0333EEC 🎥 D.A.T. D.A.R.E. is quite a COIN•Sí•DANCE, Rolo Lamire, what’s D.A.T.? Last Tango on your Wall‽

It was 40 years ago, the show that asks Mika Brzezinski what the 39th President of the United States would do if instead of a Pole, a Gaucho had visited Washington, “all those years ago”.

Misheard quotes over the known news.

Maybe I’m a muse”, said Donald John Trump upon learning that Jimmy Page is immune to any copyright lawsuit.

— COINcidently on that STAIRWAY (which now has been named after Herr Goebbles) to the Truman Balcony, at “the peoples house” in Washington, D.C., and where Donald gave the entire Universe a Masters Class in Propaganda, “There’s a (first) Lady WHOs sure, all that glitters is Gold,” and she SURE IS fighting The COVID’s on account that if she goes, she’s not getting anywhere near the gates of heaven… Yeah Buddy.

And Kasie DC, must öüï remind thee that Zeppelin goes here‽.

Y En Chiapas

Y En Chiapas .:. BFC54581-857F-491A-9A08-015A75F6A183 👞🥾👟👠🥿👡 Los ZAPATIsTAS se ponen flamencos con La Unión Europea.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /politica /2020/10/06 /iremos-a-europa-a-encontrar-lo-que-nos-hace-iguales-ezln -7445 .html

[COINcidence, Cousin Joe?… only if it’s Joe Cuba, from el barrio, just ask our Left–of–CNBC representative in the eastern part of the Bronx, portions of northcentral Queens, and Rikers Island in New York City]


With D.A.T. in mind, öüï now return to the FT’s accurate assessment of Latin America’s newest strongarm. But to be fair, the proposal for a referendum that asks the Mexican electorate if past presidents of “the backyard”, as “the company” calls Tamaulipas and the rest of the federation that makes up “El Plan Mérida” and other assorted “dirty wars”, should be subject to accountability under a Mexican court of law, —which, by that güey— in the case of Mexico that particular referendum is not necessarily a despot’s move, again, in the case of México, what was strange about that whole incentive was the wording concocted by John Mill Ackerman and delivered by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, WHO, by that güey happens to be the Ackerman household maternal unit’s spiritual leader and, boss…