It was about THYME! Brother, Brian!

Fire and crackers, Seattle Edition.

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AirLand Battle change 3
Eminence FRONT

Eminence FRONT .::. E315F474-DF5D-4F82-BCDF-4931F4E2CC11 🥋It’s a Put ON! —_”¡”_— WHO is on FOist? AirLand Battle on the HomeLand Streets, that’s W.H.O.

It was Twenty Years ago today, when Dr. Cornell West showed his face. Now if Chomsky is allowed on the stage, then we will know that The Nation will be spared… shoes are optional, according to Old Flat Top.

Over at the Seth Meyers set, Michael Che is making a movie… for the Playboy Channel.

Meanwhile over at burner N°2:

Chocolate wheels - Cuéntale las muelas a Cantinflas

Chocolate wheelsCuéntale Las Muelas a Cantinflas .::. 15BFA88A-DA28-4F27-BCC3-82D3549898FD 🚘 Dear, John Mill Ackerman it’s too bad you don’t have Keyleigh McEnany’s cute sexy ass, Eye means… you sure are one fuckable propagandists 🚙 “Luxury vehicles” mis pelotas, —John Mill Ackerman— more like Salvaged vehicles a.k.a., NAFTA’s vehicular consolation prize for the extinct Mexican middle class”.

¡Oiga usted, mi profesor! no me levante la voz, because aquí y en China (Nuevo León), “I’m Your Huckleberry”, Chato.

https ://www .elsiglodetorreon .com .mx /noticia /1474662 .onappafa-se-une-a-morena .html

TimeStamp: 11h45 in Central NATO Times

Here's your visual

Mr. president… here’s your Visual, ya’CUNT! .::. C59892DC-45D4-433F-9C3B-327E3ECF41E7 🖕🏾 For the visually impaired, Donald John Trump has a throat tumor in the shape of a mini donald john trump bending over and spreading his cheeks, quite noticeable is a dangling mushroom-shaped penis and a pair of tiny Chinchilla nuts.

Deer, John Meacham, is D.A.T. a Gulf of Cortéz map? Or are you just happy 2–SEA–MÍ‽

Thing ONE: Dear, Early Jaz… wanna know when it Ends? Wait For thing Three, and please stop crossing your ARMS, you make feel like a pervert, Eye likes porn but not the kind that you think.

Anyhow, Professor West, the good thing about this most non-consequential blog is that your colleagues at The Nation and, especially Professor John Mill Ackerman and all of his “beautiful” in–laws working for the federal Mexican government, —from the beautiful Sea of Cortéz (La Rumorosa) to el hermoso Istmo de Tehuantepec (Gulf of México, casi esquina con « el 🚂-tren•e•cito » de La Riviera Maya) is that Katrina Vanden Huevel won’t read, IT! And neither will you… But the Administrative Tribunal in Paris, Home to the Picpus “square” where @therealLafayette lays, probably will, because in due-time The President of that Court will get a BING translated copy of this riff. It’s part of the process… K?

Dear, Seth Meyers… meet Susana Poveda

Text, context, subtext… did ya’ get all D.A.T.?


The Student will

SECTion 3 .::. 5AB3C7E7-09B7-4022-92DF-78B2CAD5B235 🛎 In this section of the TEST, the IHEAL Student will find the gathering where Professor John Mill Ackerman assumed that everyone in that SEMINAR, knew who his “cuñado” was; AUSSI… to celebrate 4/20/20 Extra credit will be added if the student provides Professor’s Ackerman views during that same seminar regarding pot smokers in France.

[Moore to come] https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/04/21 /cartones/2

SHEET = Pliego; as in: todos los pliegos de papel de envoltura para regalos de navidad (en esta foto) no serán suficientes para envolver las Coronas del COVID-19 en el Invierno 2020/2021.

Dear, Susana Poveda, meet Seth Meyers, and to quote that Tweeter fellow who tagged himself with a fip logo tattoo, mr. Meyers just pulled one of them I was just thinking about that, and there you go playing a song to go with that vibe; of course, i, armando segovia just paraphrased one of the biggest Donald Trump’s enablers, but then somewhere in your (fip) archives, mr. Dorsey is on the record saying something like D.A.T.

This is a frame in progress

This is a frame in progress…

 Case in point, mr. Meyers, and to paraphrase the voice of Brian Williams on last night’s The 11th Hour in New York, New York (05h i Paris, France), how does it feel, to be relegated to the Kids room*? For the record, in Hilo, Hawaii, it is still EARTH DAY, and to observe the occasion please be advised that —indeed— Eye plated a seed, heck to put it metaphorically, Eye spread several hundreds of thousands of seeds on the ground! An that is “thing one”, but before we [the staff] move on, öüï are going to take a nap. 

Dear, Susana Poveda — This is an interMission

La Terraza mexicana… sponsored by:

El oriente de Sophie

El oriente de Sophie está por supuesto, al otro lado del poniente .::. 07DA4FD4-F9AF-483E-92B4-14FAEEE1FAB1 🗣 Dear, Susana Poveda, por favor comunica al “maistro” Soula, que agradecemos el hecho de que su colega Raphaël Morán (Radio Francia Internacional) no nos lea, porque de leernos, he could reconstruct from the clips on this most non–consequential blog that, he can go and fuck PABLO GLEASON y a los “neo zapatistas de París”, y viceversa; THAT IS TO SAY, tune in but it’s alright, that is EYE THINKS that PABLO GLEASON can go fuck Raphaël Morán y a sus ”Amigos de México en Francia”… bola de putos, punto

El Nopal*

Dedicado a la secretaria de La Función Publica en México, y a su esposa: John Mill Ackerman.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas/cultura/2020/04/20 /indigna-a-artistas-el-triunfalismo-de-funcionarias-ante-futuro-del-fonca-639 .html


The student will prepare a CAMPECHANA using as ingredients “los caminos de la Libertad” de las diferentes Asociaciones civiles y Movimientos políticos y sociales de mexicanos (and of Mexican lovers) in France. This exercise will count for 1% of the final grade, however for it!, to be able and be added to the other 99% of the grade, which consisted of SHOWING UP to the actual gatherings of said « chemins de La Liberté », the student must show his work, —including the scratches and drafts. 

Por Ejemplo, you (the student) do not have to do clippings, as it might upset some, instead, you (the student) could present a Link and ScreenGrab for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES (on Deadline).


la terrasse de la france

la terrasse de la france .::. C4C9FA32-378C-4D31-AED3-6CD25C3668D2 📰 https ://www .journal-laterrasse .fr/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/la_terrasse_285 .pdf


* Teaser: extrait; algo así Susana Poveda como quien dice en Francés, d’un film, d’une série, vidéo.

* El Nopal:  if you (not you Susana) are Mexican then ya saben que todos y todas (siendo hijos e hijas de La Chingada) llevamos un Nopal en la frente; ¿o a poco no, Salma Hayek?

« It’s the Same Old Song » pero con un sabor diferente desde que tú te jüites, güero


La cuarta ( span* ):

🎶 We'll meet AGAIN...

🎶 We’ll meet AGAIN .:. C904E6EE-744E-43EA-8896-E9BD4A3AB273 🕉 … 🎵 don’t know When, don’t know Where—but we’ll meet again SOME day. —_•!•_— And, if you understand the parallel between “un mundo raro” and “un mundo de AMLO” is probably because if you, as a MEXICAN GOVERNMENT pitchman, are going to push fairy tales about moving to a “democratic change”, without holding the last President of México accountable for the corruption that you, as a newly elected Mexican president, then there really isn’t a real democratic change; EVEN IF, professor Ackerman, your wife’s boss sends a New Year gift to Florence Cassez in the form of Genaro García Luna, courtesy of the (backroom deal) for the NAFTA replacement capricious trade deal, where México sold the maquila workers to “GRINGO” work inspectors with diplomatic badges… or something like that. 💩 P.S.: Profesor Salmerón Sanguinés, ¿cuál pinche Revolución? pues.

Y sigue la yunta andando

Previously on, “A ver qué dice el marido”, con Juan Molino Campos–hombre:

Nuestro heroe, —sin acento— le dijo a la mujer, “vieja, tira paro y dile al pueblo —güeno— que el día 9 de marzo, me dan ganas de tirar güeva,” a lo que la ‘ñora del hombre responde, “’ora pues, viejo, nada más una cosa, ¿se las dejo ca’e de jilo, o suavecito?”

MSNBC 02/23/2020; Via The Guardian:

Cheap Trick!

Cheap Trick! .:. E5CE6455-53C2-4C60-AD69-0336C4CEE803 —^•..•^— La 🐄… Surrender but don’t “jump to conclussions” in your office space. 🧶 Hold it now, because we [the staff] have used Godwin’s Law with the frogs (a time or two) öüï are going to play Devils Advocate for the MAD Catholic  on our favorite punditry source, Phil Graham’s msnbc’s; once we [the staff] are done advocating for this rich Irish sonavabitch ÖÛÏ are going to go full Men–At–Work on the 19 hundred hour timeslot in Eastern Standard Time, so WITT D.A.T. in mind, “hang on to yourself” here comes “The Blitzkreig”  ISSY, —motherfuckers— it will be Dictated in “Oddball’s” woof’s! 🤠

Say it Ain’t So… “Let’s Play Hardball

🎶 Now, now, settle down my boy
eat your peas and gravy
settle down…
(Men at Work / Ron Strykert)

Teeny Tiny Cat approves

Teeny Tiny Cat approves .:. 8D98C017-3A7B-4D7B-812B-13A0AC799E94 —^. .^— The Cat Abides. Yesterday applies to 02/24/2020 in the Continental U.S., because in Hilo, Hawaii it is still Monday, February 24, 2020. Today is Feb. 25th, 2020.

But FOist,

Dearest, Heidi Przybyla, nevermind Bernie’s heart, nobody is perfect and nobody lives forever, and besides, that is what the Vice and the Speaker are for. By your standard, Christopher Reeve would have been a great president… until he got on a horse, eh!

Any güey, mr. Matthews, “as far back as Eye can remember,” the All Seeing Eye on the back of the U.S. Dollar bill has been the Cult that the republican party has Literally Worshiped, and now you are worried that someone who actually wants to walk closer to that imaginary GOD that you preach to, and stop Him (Your American Lord Jesus) from commanding little old ladies (like Cousin Joe’s mom in Alabama) to send in their money to the televangelist church so that the preacher man can buy a new jet airplane, you —motherfuckers— want to scare the Dick Van Dyke fans from voting for the candidate who wants to give that money back to the health care system that aunt Scarborough so desperately needs, really highlights what interests you are cable casting/streaming to, eh‽

Now that you have no choice but to talk about Senator Sanders, you chose to play the Senator McCarthy “red scare” card, c’mon now.

P.S.: Fuck strategist Rick Wilson and say hello, aussi, to James Carville in Louisiana.


Las fuentes de doña Vilma:

No Ti-Mec_tas:

El barzón (readjusted):
span = 22.86 centimeters
https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /cultura /2020/02/23 /john-m-ackerman-presenta-2018el-cambio-democratico2019-en-fil-de-mineria-8327 .html

ChrishardballMatthews: https ://www .theguardian .com /us-news /2020/feb/23 /msnbc-chris-matthews-sanders-nevada-win-nazi-invasion


Memo¹ (pp. 15*/318^) To: Mme. la alcaldesa de París, Francia

“Mas que nada”… Hoy no hubo Jazz!

Desde 1686

BLAMING THE JOYSTICK – Desde 1686 .:. DBEBE463-7E47-45B8-943F-68C989B378B9 🕹  It wasn’t until LOS TEEN TOPS introdujeran “la plaga en 1720, when the French went ahead and invented the TALISMAN in Marseille para LOS FIELES… or something like that!

* Vía: La Jornada en El Siglo de Torreón: DETENTE, “Today is the day”, period, —Full Stop by the Agence France Presse.

Estimada, Señora Hidalgo;


Una vez más el staff de este tan intrascendente blog le pide una disculpa por tener que posponer una vez más la cróniquesca historieta de gacetilla sobre el llamado “multi•lateral•ismo eficaz” entre los gobiernos de Francia y México, resulta, Sra. alcaldesa, que [AQUÍ] se puede hacer un copia/pega del memo² that öüï sent just a few hours ago to Professor Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, over at the LBJ School of Public Policy, however, doña Anne, eso sería una falta de respeto a la pro•xi•midad de esa magnanimidad que usted nos ofrece [a los « Clochardos de Vilma Fuentes »] cada noche invernal de las cuales 1 de cada 5 se vuelve más y más tropical; aunque no por las mismas razones de Lat•IT•udes y Lon•GI•tu•des [🍌] sino más bien por cuestiones Cli•ma•to•ló•gi•cas [🌬🌪🌊].

AMIGos del Chingado MONOAUREO 
(en La Jornada):
Me encanta su manera de cortar con ironía histérica, ese pedazo de pastel llamado MEGXIT...
https ://monoaureo .com /2020/01/10/harry-y-meghan/2020/01/10/harry-y-meghan/
... “Muchos dicen que es porque Megan es plebeya; a pesar de que Meghan, Duquesa de Sussex, es descendiente del rey Eduardo III de Inglaterra y por tanto de casi todos los reyes Plantagenet, además de Felipe IV de Francia y todos los reyes Capeto. También de Fernando III de Castilla y los reyes de León, Portugal, Galicia y Asturias. Y no se cree princesa o indigna de seguir trabajando como actriz...”

En fin, Mme, Hidalgo… entre la triangulación con el ex patrón de la Ali•an•za Nissan-Renault, la caída de un avión a causa de la reacción Iraní contra un “Vendedor” de mercenarios (idiots in Uniform, under Emperor Don John Trump) un niño de primaria en EL NAZAS reaped on the “benefits” of a “Fast and Furious” program; An Exchange that among other AXIS, such as the Florence Cassez (Zodiaco) scoop, and the Ins•ti•tu•tion•AL•ized nepotism of la “Tierra” del profe. John Mill Ackerman y su esposa, la Duquesa de Perote, Veracruz, Irma Eréndira Sandoval Ballesteros de Santa Barbara y Berkley. , deposited me, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto, inside of an “archive” en LOS Sótanos de Cité, Metro Line IV,  [donc, Mme. Hidalgo] nosotros en el staff de este tan intrascendente blog tuvimos que postponer ese mentado multilateralismo “eficaz” en las duchas municipales, —una vez más³.

So, Mme. Hidalgo, we hope to catch-up with you after you decide (or not) to run for the Leadership of the most beautiful city in the world even when seen from the Ratatouille supply side of the dumpsters. Personally, Mme. Hidalgo, you should just say fuck it and run for The Élysée. But what do öüï know, we never EVEN visited SiencesPo.


Las fuentes de doña Vilma sin pies ni cabeza:

From the desk of John Mill Ackerman, unofficial spin doctor (Ph.D) to the Mexican president’s desk:
https ://www .jornada .com .mx/ultimas/politica/2020/01/11/rapido-y-furioso-operativo-de-los-sotanos-de-eu-y-mexico-amlo-1781.html

³ El patrón de todas las “cancelaciones” de último minuto: James “the man show” Kimmel… BRING BACK THE TRAMPOLINE!!! … context; « La “querelle” de 13 ans entre Jimmy Kimmel et Matt Damon est de plus en plus drôle »

Felicidades al prof. John Mill Ackerman – Lithium

I’m so happy, ‘cus today“, CHINA found a friend, in SONORA, of all places. And like a good neighbor, guess who is MEXICO’s biggest “vendedor” (amigo Óscar Chávez), here’s a hint, doña Vilma FUENTES:
ya no es el culero de “la casita”,

For Toi Mec

For–Toi Mec.:.BA0B8F9E-4B1D-438B-8FE8-B8D7230FB117

ahora es El Señor de La Chingada
y valga la “gerundiada”, que,
hasta mi tocayo Manzanero
ahora también le hace a la

I'm so ugly

“I’m so ugly, that’s OK…”


Felíz, felíz, que ni siquiera
Dr. Cueli,
Disfrutan de ese tipo de

Oh no, not mí

Oh no, not MÍ.:.2CC41742-92AE-4B22-ADC7-53ABFDBB81AF
–_•¥•_– …[Ö]üï never LOST CONTROL,” said The Man Who SOLD THE WORLD.