It’s Three Post Meridiem in Hilo, and 3 a.m. in Paris

Silly frog… [E]verybody inside of the grid of the IdF, is?
Anyone? Ah, fuck it, everyone (except Vilma Fuentes) is part of the bourgeoise. And i mean, everyone, except the aforementioned dama.

Where was i… where was i, ah—Yes!

For the record, add to our count on the CET front, what appears to be actual physical violence… so much for eradicating misery, but most important, the elements in a society that causes misery in the First Place… Anyway, Lawrence O’Donnell, i am happy that little “Layla” will be alright, and that President Biden will look after su mamá también (la mamá de little Layla, not the president’s mom).

“I did not come here to amuse (entertain) your family…”

https ://www .lefigaro¹ .fr /faits-divers /l-ambassade-du-japon-a-paris-met-en-garde-ses-ressortissants-apres-une-attaque-a-l-acide20210215

Fito Páez
Circo Beat, o algo así.
PSG 4 – Barça 1

We had arrived to the Westfield Cinéma Library* only to find one of the good people who work there posting a notice on the entrance door, which informed the library-goers that a break-in had been perpetrated at that brick, glass, and mortar site and that the Westfield Cinéma Library would be closed that fucken Friday, translation: i missed a week of investigative research about this, that, “Y tu mamá también.”

So there was only one thing for me to do, and that was to return on that week’s Sunday (my next scheduled reservation) and try to Ketch-up, which i could have if only those damn library burglars hadn’t also given Jason Wood’s “The Faber book of Mexican cinema” a « home » in another section (parking space) of the library catalogue WOO’s. It took me some time to find that tome considering that it wasn’t signed-out by another library user, but by the time that I did find that dang-on Faber book of Mexican cinema, there would be no time left to get into the soundtrack of “Y tu mamá también”, hence our Stylist coverage of Gulf’s, whales, and of course the theft of pre-hispanic artifacts coordinated by French auction enterprises.


1. To the good people of the militant 13éme the following translation was made possible using an app called “DeeMple”, or something like that:

I hope that you find it in the bottom of that most perfect heart of yours (collectively speaking) but most important, in that big superior and most intelligent brain of yours, THAT I KNOW and UNDERSTAND, that Le Figaro’s color scheme is Blue. Indeed.
However, i pray that the committee, or the people in charge understand that our non-reading target here is El Paso, Texas.
That is to say, professors, that for that particular market, if i were to color the Word “Liberal » in red, the Entire STATE of Texas would short-out. Because as every good Capitalist pig knows, BLEU is the color that most resembles “the left” over there.
We ask that your leader considers this small detail at your next Junta, with Pablo Gleason and the now extinct Pro-Mexico remnants at Libération.

https ://www .independent .co .uk /news /world /americas /exas-mayor-power-outage-facebook-b1803181 .html?utm_source =reddit .com

J’espère que vous trouverez au fond de votre cœur le plus parfait (collectivement parlant), mais surtout, dans votre grand cerveau supérieur et le plus intelligent, que je SAIS et que je COMPRENDS, que la palette de couleurs du Figaro est le bleu. En effet. Cependant, je prie pour que le comité, ou les responsables, comprennent que notre cible de non-lecteurs est El Paso, au Texas.

C’est-à-dire, chers professeurs, que pour ce marché particulier, si je devais colorier le mot “libéral” en rouge, l’État du Texas tout entier serait en déficit. Car comme tout bon porc capitaliste le sait, BLEU est la couleur qui ressemble le plus à “la gauche” là-bas.

Nous demandons à votre chef d’envisager ce petit détail lors de votre prochaine junte, avec Pablo Gleason et les restes de Pro-Mexique aujourd’hui disparus à Libération.

* « We », is used here not as a pun of Öüï but as a gathering of card-carring members of what used to be called the François Truffaut Cinéma Library.

Dear, Ben Smith… the media equation was solved at the Unesco in 2016

Must show Media Function, motherfucker, and then solve for time.

This is why we Watch

This is why we Watch .:. 699B73ED-C8A7-40BA-8FC9-4A3F911C02B9 .:. Just to keep Track, Steph, nada más pa’Ver lo que dicen y lo que hicieron… dedicated to my Friend Gustavo, at the Associated Press… vía El CUNY.

Hoy no hubo Buzzfeed… because the “little journalist” school at Sciences Po is closed, the cadre at that former Printshop is drinking Coronas with the Mexican Mission at the Unesco and with The Ambassador of Mexico in La France.

WITH THAT in Mind, Peter Baker, please give my regards to Brian Williams and Fuck The New York Buzz(feed) in France.

For those keeping Track of our programming, tonight Öüï reserves two hours for “Staff Duty” at a very exclusively open club, where “everybody knows your name”.

Oh, hey Rachel Maddow… are you on the Clock tonight?

Madam, Speaker:

For the record.

From Regulus to The House of Lords

From Regulus to The House of Lords .:. 2D762442-5021-4F6A-BB4E-D78689D029AE 📐 Aussi, don’t forget D.A.T. D.A.R.E. is a Straight line from Leo’s humerus to The Albert Hall.

Don’t break the mirror, but YES. For the past Three Years the U.S. of A. has been, a banana republic*. It’s the cycle that the gentlemen from Kentucky, both of them, have put u.s. on. On a banana boat that was voted for. Debbie from the Florida crowd is to blame, and that Lady Brazile is in part complicit, Aussi (punto y coma) which is why she’s in Hell, or as the French say: FOX News and Friends.

* .:. per your rhetorical question on the MorJo Show regarding The President of The United States clearing Lafayette Park in order to head on over to The Church with the Three CUBEs as a Beacon of Light.

The Helicopter over the Nation’s Capital Incident
Just like Fuckin', Somalia

—. Just like Fuckin’, Somalia, eh, Slick?
—. I was in Junior High, dickhead.

Yup, that maneuver was taken straight out of “Bunker Boy’s” bible, which as Eye told you this morning yesterday morning, You may reference, IT!, on the U.S. Army FM 100-5 [unlimited copies]; and if you saw how the Nakatomi Tower was breeched breached then you know what follows.

So, Cousin Joe:
how’bout them Yankees_
… from The School of The Americas,

Deer, Mika Brzezinski

Deer, Mika Brzezinski .::. 37A2F955-008D-48ED-9996-F2A59010513F 📻 As fip . fr is my witness (monitor and observer) please relay to Mike Barnicle and Sen. Claire McCaskill that perhaps it was a bad IDEA in 2016 to abandon Oddball at The Bridge when you, madame, went shopping to Nice.

Do, Say hello to the Buzzfeed crowd, Aussi, LOKI sends his regards to Peter Baker from the New York Times (punto y coma) öüï met after the Biarritz affair on his —and his producers— way to CDG or maybe Orly.

Anyhow, can’t do nothing about things and events in the past, the only thing that matters is now… and remember, Bob Costa (punto y coma) the next time Eye tells you that Australia is the enemy, please remember that like that song, which you bottled, Aussi, in 2016, the message is only a reflection of things to come (coma y repita) and no Cousin Joe, it is not prophecy it’s more as Bill Karens would say, “an always Dependable European” stationed ex-pat forecast. Not a prophecy, but an informed forward observation report, so keep on rocking in Neil Young’s World, and continue to break the mirror. And then, Bob Costa, “Pick Up the Pieces”, bottle’em up with Joan Manuel Serrat and wrap-it up with a nice bow (color of your choice) and give it to your boss, Saint Ignatius de Los David WaPos.

The Paladin” was a fag


1, 2, 3, x 7 .:.

1, 2, 3, x 7 .:. E62FCED9-AC1C-426E-80B8-6930859F51B2 ⌛️ Jump Street… Chateau.

Meanwhile in Winnipeg, it’s one color for every Second (punto y coma) the Record Stands at 21 for every protestor WHO jumped [in] the street.

Previously on Subliminal Messages with Nick Confessore

Good morning, Mr. Meyer, it’s a good thing that there is no Late Night on Fridays as it allows the staff of this most non–consequential blog to catch up on other targets.

Play it again, Ace–Eh

“Play it again,” Ace–Eh .::. 3796D369-83D5-47A2-9657-671366816A6F 🎻 ISSY, ese, if you are wondering what this screengrab has to do con las noticias de México vistas por un transnacional californiano, producto de la S.E.P., look no further than Acapulco, because Elvis Presley did a version of Narciso Serradell’s  “La Golondrina” (but with different lyrics arranged for the “King’s”  melody)… just sayin’ because, (motherfuckers) the song is not credited at the next to last frame of the credits of this extraordinary flick that serves as COMPLEMENTARY VIEWING for “The MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE”, and if you understand the alternate universe plot in that made–for–small screen series, then Mr. Seth Meyers, you will understand why the good doctor, Doogie Howser M.D. is dressed in full alternate universe NAZI regalia… complementary reading for THE BUZZFEED CROWD (so that Mr. Stanton can have his media monkeys do an online article on these trivia bits) is The Case of COLONIA DIGNIDAD, in Chile, and the historical records from all of the nazi criminals of war who settled in the late 1940’s and 1950’s in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and of course The Great state of Michigan in the U.S. of A… so yeah, Eye can see why Denise Richards would have a Hispanic name in this alternate universe.

https ://www .semana .com /mundo /articulo /el-hitler-del-sur /33644-3

And for the record, Sir, Eye sees what you did D.A.R.E. with the recommendation to watch Starship Troopers, one of the most underrated movies of all times; next to Edge of Tomorrow, of course. Anyhow, Mr. Meyer, ghee-whiz the nuances of that story, my favorite part is when Romeo (pilot #1) gets the Vlad The Impaler treatment from one of the bugs (punto y coma) before revisiting the movie my favorite part of the flick was hearing all of the Hispanic names of characters played by people whiter than that “Friends” sitcom, but hey, for historical reference and/or a capsule of that time (the 1990’s) it makes sense that the people sharing a hip loft in New York City be white, as their rich parents probably paid the fucking rent for them, except for Joey, and that’s all that Eye will say about D.A.T. for fear of being forced to “sleep with the fishes”, and because you, Sir, don’t read this most non-consequential blog, we are sure that you know exactly what öüï is talking about.


L’Equipe que Philippe Labró .::. BE5065BD-77C7-47AD-9598-C82278F6C0C2 🛰 Thanatos vía Satellite


Anyhow, John Oliver, this time NEXT WEEK, when you will be enjoying your day off, you Ferris Bueller you, there will bee* over 100,000 American deaths because the president of them united states LOST all of his fucking marbles. Heck, “His” majesty is now (Eye did knot know if a simple country lawyer might have noticed, D.A.T.) having the White House Press Club ‘bow down’ to a BOOM microphone if they want to ask the “King” of the Rosen GARTEN a fucking question. Eye tell you AP guy; the president of them united states has turned you into his own personal Audioslave corps.

And Cousin Joe, Eddy Currents below —the underground of— the old National Center for Space Exploration are at a MAX now that activities in Paris (at least along the common public places) are back to normal, sort of. It seems that way along the Seine anyhow, where the beautiful ones have adopted, it seems, a Donald John Trump’s attitude towards wearing a fucking Cubre Bocas.

Time–delayed Sunday edition

Time–delayed Sunday edition. After a nap, it’s Mano Negra vS. Rob Zombie.

And why wouldn’t THEY, L’Equipe de Le Parisien is working hard to slowly but surely, Cousin Joe, to turn All The Young Frogs into Vince McMahon’s army of one–round CATCH fans. Anyhow, MONSIEUR Brontis à la préfecture de Cité (Metro Line 4) don’t mind shooting the messenger, we [the staff] are already dead. Go ahead and finish the job.

Dock D.A.T. pundit a day’s pay for leaving BriWi on his own

When öüï return, Agent Angle is going to give Rosie O’Donnell the night off, in the mean time, Mr. Meyer, you are not fooling anybody, we have it on good authority that Annie Karni is your fraternal twin, and you are the Prime suspect in the case of the fragmented dentils of D.A.T. D.A.R.E. dame, but first, we are going to take a nap. “Take it a güey” on deadline, Nicolle!!!

Lorem Ipsum

LOREM IPSUM .::. FE9BADA0-F0AB-4C7A-9F34-103E23171EE6 🕰 “Many years ago, around 1987, I put forward some equations that I thought might become my thesis in the Harvard department of mathematics and they were disallowed for a variety of reasons…


April's fool

We say goodbye to April 2020 with a scene from Oxford (2013) and a theory of parallels’ universe, and wait for it, wait… providing resources to starved academia departments. .::. 09DCEDE5-BACF-47A8-AB41-756C54E9AB19 🏫 April’s fool and the fire that starts itself.

Two Minutes Frenchy.

… para tod@s aquell@s
que lo dieron todo,
y ni siquiera las gracias les dieron.

fernando delgadillo

“no me pidas ser tu amigo”.

—Intro to a 36-hour day 101:

This is not a watch

This is not a watch .::. 0558BE12-2CD4-4695-AF34-835D2A3C0F36 🕛 Not to be outdone by Bill Gates composite marble chimney, Donald John Trump went Bigger and Blacker to give his version of the pandemic situation in the United States of Corporate America.

… oh, hello, Mr. Meyers, in all seriousness, before we [the staff of this most non consequential blog] continue with the sketch parody of your show, in which you are the star (of course) we would like to reveal the portal that lead us to your show; and it has to do with a recent interview that you gave to a pundit on the MSNBC network, and where your kids came running out of a pantry in your simulated studio attic, that particular sequence of the sketch served as a gravity assist or “slingshot effect” to propel our most non–consequential narrative (of the TIME MACHINE) onto “the kids” table, which is where the Institute of Latin American Studies in Paris (IHEAL), sent us when i, Armando Segovia, began to cross-examine the actors in a play called: The Year of Mexico in France (2011).


Los llamados “3rd” spaces del New York Times — Courtesy of Buzzfeed and Sciences Po

Dear, Nicolle Wallace:

Gustavo Martínez me la pela

Gustavo Martínez me la pela Surveying Services .::. 337DD2B5-B966-4DEE-9573-2D45AA9681CE 🧶

You, Madame,
will want to turn the Volume Up on this…
them bee the Ruhles.

What Eye means to say, is that there was a time that long walks between 3 and 5 o’Clock in the morning were a way to cope with the daily Parisian bullshit that a stranger to this land of monuments often (not all) gets to experience. Empty Lutetien  fucking streets, that is definitely the most beautiful thing in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, except for empty streets in Prague, maybe.


The current pandemic is a sort of bonanza for shutterbugs who wish to capture that empty “feeling” of a city perceived by tourists as “full of life*”, be it Rome, or New York City… never El Ey, it’s full of Mexicans and nothing, —nothing— keeps us contained as this old convalescent ‘dame’ claims D.A.T. we do just because she broke a fucking leg:

* It is not as if these fuckers called “Parisians” or “Romans”, or “new yorkers”, would not be dying for the month of August to arrive so that they (the beautiful ones) can set sail to exotic lands… or something like that.

Ahora bien, doña Vilma, lo bueno de este tan intrascendente blog es de que Gustavo Martínez no lo visita, ¡y qué bueno¡ porque estos no son tiempos de andar de socialitos ni de parrandas colectivas… pero lo que si está patas pa’rriba ahorita en París y los ciudadanos ahora saben hasta cierto punto lo que se siente andar por las calles “sin papeles” de circulación.

Aún con eso, las bici’s no mienten y al filo de las 19h45 (in local news) Eugène Viollet–Le-Duc* no me puede dejar mentir, más de mil almas circularon por la Rue de Rivoli entre el Ayuntamiento principal (de 20 en la ciudad) y la gran tienda que se llama BHV.

Cuentos Chinos

Cuentos Chinos and a HILL .::. A6870B21-C7A0-46DA-9AEF-A84CC578F22A 📈📉📊🧮📶🔊

* https ://fr .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Liste_des_statues_des_façades_de_l%27hôtel_de_ville_de_Paris

En fin doña Vilma,

… “Soy un Perro, negro y callejero”, y en los cinco minutos que he tenido la oportunidad de Vivir en París, jamás había visto a los parisinos y parisinas como las estatuas del Hôtel de Ville en sus ventanas y como pajaritos en sus balcones, con excepción de los ciclistas, por supuesto.


“Turn It Up”…

Russia is now a Fast & Furious partner

Breaking news, El Pais breaks with the French mold and calls Mexicans, “norteamericanos”.

There goes the backyard

There goes the backyard .:. 5DFAB68B-1630-4786-85CC-9F31E03A429D ✈️

Reached for comment a beginning French part-time instructor insists that for mandatory French language courses for immigrants, the curriculum will continue to center Mexico in South America, adding, “the Spaniards don’t know what they are talking about, they act as if they discovered el mole poblano”.

Meanwhile, the minister of foreign affairs for the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov, focuses instead on the FACT that next to BRAZIL, “México Lindo y Querido” is the 2nd most important and largest partner of Latin American countries, and he reflected on the FACT that Russian tourism in Mexico is up, but, AS CHRIS MATTHEWS SAID BEFORE THE NEW HAMPSHIRE DEMOCRATIC DEBATE, “what follows after the but in any conversation in Washington is the most important part”, and that parenthetical but followed by a comma, reads as follows:

Aspersions on Sen. Willie Gohmer

Aspersions on Cyrillicasparagus” .:. 0B8C229F-04CE-4AA8-979C-320B447A7D56 🚂🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇺🇸🇨🇦🇨🇳🇷🇺 —_•!•_— « De vuelta a los asuntos mexicanos, Lavrov ha mencionado las “buenas perspectivas energéticas” y la colaboración en “la construcción, barcos, farmacia, ferrocarriles, agricultura” y avances en el terrenotécnico militar”. Para sellar todas estas buenas perspectivas, los rusos mandarán una buena representación de su país al festival cervantino de Guanajuato que se celebrará en OCTUBRE*. Y Marcelo Ebrard también ha sido invitado a visitar Rusia. »

* Deer Kate McKinnon; Columbus day of your Freshman Year in College, SIMON said, Simón, mamacita. (Reference: the fuckable dad sketch on last week’s SNL Season 45, Episode 11.

Arbitrary Date

Arbitrary conquest .:. 14613884-9FF1-418D-B018-229FD94306C5 🃏 Dear, Lorde Lorne, did your script monkees  came come up with that shoutout to 2015/16 or are you just happy to not read this most non–consequential blog. 🗯 This message is sponsored by Vania®️ —_•!•_— In context, for those not versed in the Trilateral Commission against this most non–consequential blog, Columbus Day celebration marks an important date in the developing of this WordPress®️ blog; Buzzfeed, Morning Joe, and Lorne Michaels are the “rudos” in this Lucha Libre match that began at the Unesco Headquarters in Paris, France on a cold MEXICAN CONSTITUTION Day morning in 2016.

https ://youtu .be/ tzQLYKSVwRI arbitrary conquest


You would be forgiven if, in 2016, you would raise an eyebrow on “some guy” claiming that as an independent journalist, he was BLACKLISTED in the very city where Christiane Amanpour put the spotlight on “security issues” for journalists; key word D.A.R.E. : security blacklist.

Hellooooooo, Andrea Mitchell — “V” is for Virtual Virtue

¡SOMBRAS nada mas!
Diebold was for amateurs.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Hursti_Hack
DIEBOLD voting machines

It’s not the end of an Error at 17h EST; it IS the end of an ERA, Ms. Fed Wife, the End of Exceptionality. It has been maniFESTed.

David Jolly, celebrates; after the State of The Union, —of Course. So PENA of getting « trumped » and getting RENDitioned to Venezuela.

Let Mí Bee

Let Mí Bee .:. 27C92915-1E3B-4F70-8BC0-2263FD781C7B — your S.H.A.D.O.W., and never-mind the application. VIVA LE BUZFEED & Morning Joe (2015/16).

https ://www .commondreams .org /news /2020/02/04/ trump-reportedly-compiling-nixonian-enemies-list-he-seeks-revenge-impeachment


And in México news:

It’s Toilette Paper Day; or, as Donald Trump re-election CAMP say, it’s CONSTITUTION Day, Magna Carta, —MY ASS!!!

it’s Time for another edition of
The State of The Union Address
scratch D.A.T., Jimmy.
The State of The Federations Rally.


Steely HACK:

“This test demonstrated that Diebold Election Systems made misrepresentations to Secretaries of State across the nation when the company claimed votes could not be changed on the memory card…”

Faros con filtro a la distancia… Hallmark’s Day

son en la realidad mexicana,

de los parisinos,

Delicados con otro nombre… y

              a una de cada tres —politólogas—

le gusta robar mandado.

Faros con Filtro

Las  consecuencias  de las  circunstancias  a  veces  son  La  SalvaciónUso  justo  de  la  parodia  de  una  marca  de  cigarros  mexicanos.  ||  Uso  justo  también,  de  un  comercial  para la materia de  HISTORIA  y  PROCESOS  de  la COMUNICACIÓN  en  los  llamados  ESTADOS  UNIDOS  MEXICANOS  (de México II)… cortesía de un estudiante de la UNAM, y la CALLE que se llama  Manu Chao.  |||   Si  usted   fuma, no fume faroles domingueros ¡mejor fume mota!—que es más sana y a lo mejor pue’que nos salve de la deuda externa que don JoLoPo le heredó al papá del actual Secretario de Turismo en México —precisamente— con los GANCHOS de la mafia del llamado Banco Mundial y el muy refinado Fondo Monetario Internacional.

¡Híjole Chole, tú y tus Ganchos

¿Pos’esque… ni por’onde_mpezar?

      Cantidad de no-ticas, noticias y propaganda que te tengo que re-cortar, pero sin lana —dijo un cimarrón— pues sí está cabrón. Así que Konfupanda™ te las voy a tener que ir topando como el pago de la deuda externa —a la larga.   ¿Te cuadra?.

  1. Se registró en la junta del Acuerdo Estratégico Francia-México del mes de febrero, que Marianne y La República Francesa serán las invitadas de Honor en Guanajuato.  Gracias Florence CassezGracias Genaro García Luna…  y  gracias  a  también  a  T E L E V I S A.  El  resulto  de  esas  —sus—   circunstancias  que dieron  pauta  entre otras cosas (¡A YOT ZI NA PA!!!)… y a  la  fuga  también de  dineros  Estatales  en  Coahuila.   Gracias   a   ustedes,   en  el mes de octubre  de  2012 se  pudo  triangular  (¿a  poco  no‽)  la  Salvación  de  el  Partido  Revolucionario  Institucional. O  sea  que  nada  nuevo  bajo  El  Sol,  eso  ya  se  esperaba  después  de  que la antigua Compañía de las Indias y del Medio Oriente (hoy Reino Unido) hubiese mandado —a través de su filial en Churubusco:  PantelionFilms—a rodar  por  todo  México  un musi-documental que  complementase  El  Vive  Latino  en  Porte  des  Lilas  (versión  por  supuesto reencuentros de cine en el IHEAL).

    Entonces apreciados  rieleros de utilería, revolucionarios de la pantalla, lo siguiente:  no  ha  de  ser  por  magnaminidad,  que la isla de la ex suegra de  Princess  Di (y de LondonTown, también) pasará  la  estafeta  de  cordialidades  en  Guadalajara al siguiente relevo: América Latina, aunque eso sí mi estimado Konfupanda™, no sin antes haber amarrado ese Acuerdo Transpacífico de Cooperación Económica. En la linea del tiempo, tal vez sería oportuno (por el bien del record) tener en cuenta que a principios del 2011, “Francia lamento [mucho] el desplante del entonces embajador mexicano ante el caso Cassez.”

    En  aquél  mes  de  febrero  de  2011,  Carlos  de  Icaza  le hizo el feo “al discurso INTEGRO y de AMISTAD hacia América Latina, eso sucedió en una sesión adentro del Senado francés. Ese día, 16 de febrero según Vilma Fuentes, Francia [como  nación  soberana] le otorgaba el 31 de mayo a toda La América Latina, y El Caribe que la acompaña.

    Acaba de trascender que este año, Guadalajara  tendrá la oportunidad de salvar lo que JELIPE DE FESÚS CALDERÓN HINOJOSA pretendió echar a perder, la amplísima cultura de América Latina.

    En el 2016 pues, los guadalajarenses podrán retomar el discurso INTEGRO y de AMISTAD hacía América Latina. Discurso que se perturbó debido a un patrioterismo sangrietno y mocho que caracterizo a los dos primeros inquilinos del Partido Acción Nacional (en Chapultepec, Suite. Los Pinos).  A los  asegunes de John “El Molino” Ackerman —talento de la WWF— todo lo que no sea MORENA, ya no funciona.

    La Bataille de Zacatecas —en Paris. Vista a traves de un aparador en una librería.

    La Bataille de Zacatuercas —en Paris. Vista a traves del aparador en una librería. Doroteo en Francia cada día se ve más y más. Aunque para ser parejo, yo siempre he tenido los ojos vendados,  y  a  lo  mejor   —Doroteo  siempre  ha  estado  allí.  |  Foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes.  Copy-left.  ||  La  captura  de  El  Centauro  y sus Dorados, de La Vaquita QuinQuin de Commun, y de las otras ediciones en el aparador cuenta ya, con una Licencia (bien chingona) Internacional 4.0 de los Creative Commons  diseñada  para  que  la  compartas,  por  que te comento que la foto  paisano,  extranjero  y nativos  del  lugar: NO ES COMERCIAL. Si decides hacer uso de la foto, solo te pido una cosa: NO LUCRES con mi LABOR… ni digas que tú capturaste el reportaje en forma de rollo que aquí te cuento. CC 4.0 / By/SA/NC.


  2. En tándem con una junta que se rodaba en la UNESCO, o sea al mismo tiempo que Christiana Amanpour engalanaba El  Programa  por  el  Desarrollo  de  la  Comunicación de dicha institución, en el Estado de VERACRUZ, se registraba otro ingreso a las arcas de la industria que atiende a los recortados del El Oficio de La Comunicación Informativa

    …Boletín No. 2016: El  pronóstico del tiempo —sin bubis en la pantalla— desde  allá  en los ranchos y puertos en dónde de seguro Agustín Lara le compuso las canciones a Toña La Negra, para que en los años 80’s Don Jorge Saldaña, en su nostalgia las rememorara… ènygüeys—anyways, allá en Veracruz, se pronostica neblina.  Mucha  bruma  se  espera  todavía  pues,  para  el  Estado de los Presidentes más políticos de México [Después de Coahuila], [y de Chihuahua], [y de Tamaulipas]… los expertos de Ultramar aseguran que por muy potente que sean los Faros que se confiscaron como regalo de Egipto, —a la bruma no se le ve el fin. Y para colmo, se supo que Ignacio López Tarso estaba actuando de cantante cuando de su voz se le oyó salir: Despierta Ya Mexicano… y lo que son las cosas, Macario me dijo en un sueño que no fuera zonzo, que tocara ese mismo disco al revés, escucha detrás lo que invoca: Te invito a no Despertar: mexicano.

    En Catemaco se supo que los brujos hicieron otra limpia para tratar de despejar la niebla que día tras día se esparce a otros Estados, sin embargo los  escépticos  en  Banderilla aseguran que mientras las investigaciones sigan atolondradas, las evidencias seguirán ofuscadas también.

  3. En  dos  diarios  parisinos  del  pasado  fin  de  semana los  titulares  preguntaban: ¿En dónde están las mujeres? Doña Vilma Fuentes, la cronista oficial de La Jornada (en París) escribió de “Feminicidios en Francia,” sin comparar por supuesto los de aquí con los de allá; aquellos que por la impunidad que escurre de los que quieren sentar al mismo ALCALDE por tercera ocasión*, siguen siendo parte de la mala nota en La Ciudad del Puente al Revés.

    *… para los que no saben de que México es un país de leyes, las ocasiones en las que Hector  “el  tetillo”  Murguía Lardizábal  compró    se robó   alquiló   ¡èsküatèo!!!! El Ayuntamiento de Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua, no fueron en sucesión consecutiva. NO. Eso sería constitucionalmente para Ignacio López Tarso y para “Bob” el Mexicano, algo criminal.


    L’Observador… Titulares y Fuentes a granel. París en tiempos del Zika.

  4. … regresamos al rato, Aujourd’hui voy a ver un juego de luces a un lado del  monumento   más   antiguo  en  la  ciudad,  triangulado —o but of course, Sr. Sicily con  un  Hôtel  que  hasta  hace  poco fue ocupado por marineros. El imponente edificio en forma de obra de arte, se alineó hace apenas unos meses con el Espectro Rotulado de James Bond… Anuncio que sirvió de fachada al Club de Automóviles de Francia… allí precisamente en un lugar —de La Concordia: Feliz fin de $emana diseñado en los Estadous Unidous para consumir gastar ; y antes de que aerrice, Feliz Día de el Amor y de La Amistad.
Uso justo de la Frontera Norte, El Vaticano y de un despertador.

Uso justo de la Frontera Norte, El Vaticano y de un despertador.

Cigarros Faros:

Delicados. Comercial vía: https ://www .youtube .com /watch?v =CaMNbp2qajM

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